The Guardian- Season One

Episode: 20

Production #: 120

First Air Date: May 7, 2002



Guest Stars:

Johnny Sneed as Brian Olson
Brian Casey as Denny
Valerie Giocondo as 15-year-old girlfriend
Pat Skipper as Wade Meyers
Kathleen Chalfant .... Laurie Solt
Robert Curtis-Brown .... ?
Denise Y. Dowse .... Judge Rebecca Damsen
Courtenay J. Stevens .... Kate Shaw

Fan Rating: 10/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


Nick and Lulu (Simon Baker, Wendy Moniz) are drawn closer together while working with a homeless teen couple in this pivotal hour.

During a visit to a house that Lulu and her fiancé, Brian (Johnny Sneed), may buy, the couple and Nick find a 16-year-old boy (Brian Casey) living there as a squatter with his 15-year-old girlfriend (Valerie Giocondo), who's about to give birth. While Brian must take off on business, Nick and Lulu get busy representing the teens, who want to get married and care for the child. The odds are against the new parents, but their genuine love moves Nick and Lulu to fight to keep them together. It's a mission that creates an even deeper bond between the colleagues, one difficult to ignore.

Nick and Lulu discover a homeless teenage boy and his pregnant girlfriend squatting in the soon-to-be home of Brian and Lulu. Meanwhile at Fallin & Associates, Nick discovers pleasing Burton's clients isn't as easy as he thought.

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