The Guardian- Season One
The Chinese Wall

Episode: 21

Production #: 121

First Air Date: May 14, 2002



Guest Stars:

John Rubinstein as Sen. Nathan Caldwell
Evan Handler as ?
Patience Cleveland as Rose Valent
Pat Skipper as Wade Meyers
Bob Morrisey as Kenneth Van Gergen
Kathleen Chalfant .... Laurie Solt
Evan Handler .... Mitchell Lichtman
Dorothea Harahan .... Gretchen
Bob Morrisey .... Kenneth Van Gergen
Adrian Ricard as ?
Pat Skipper .... Wade Meyers
Marc Vann as ?
Karl T. Wright as ?

Fan Rating: 8/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


As Burton prepares to become a Federal judge, he passes the reigns of the firm to Sen. Nathan Caldwell (John Rubinstein) and his assistant (Evan Handler), whom Nick dislikes. Meanwhile, Lulu thinks her grandmother is being abused in a nursing home. Rose Valent: Patience Cleveland. Wade Meyers: Pat Skipper. Kenneth Van Gergen: Bob Morrisey.

Much to Nick's displeasure, Burton announces a new senior partner and associate at Fallin & Associates. Meanwhile, Lulu asks for Nick's help in investigating her grandmother's allegations of abuse in her senior facility.

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