The Guardian- Season 2

Episode: 24

Production #: 224

First Air Date: October 1, 2002

Writer: David Hollander & Anne McGrail

Director: Steve Gomer

Guest Stars:

Denise Dowse as Judge Rebecca Damsen
Andrew Lawrence as Ronny Wagner
Katherine LaNasa as Kim McPherson
Michael Dorn as Jerry Stevens
Michael Dorn as ?
Mack Dryden .... Judge Franklin
Christopher Gehrman .... Wallace Novicki
Frank John Hughes .... Lafferty
Steven Kozlowski .... Charlie McPherson
Dane Northcutt .... Paul Butler
Adina Porter .... Assistant D. A.

Fan Rating: 10/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


Nick represents a 13-year-old charged with raping and murdering his mother who could be tried for first-degree murder unless Nick can get him sent to juvenile court. Lulu: Wendy Moniz. Laurie Solt: Kathleen Chalfant. Alvin: Alan Rosenberg.

(From Sony)
After Nick successfully avoids being charged in Mandy Gressler’s death, he is immediately thrown back into the thick of things. For Legal Services of Pittsburgh (L.S.P.), Nick is drawn into a case where he is assigned as Guardian ad Litem for a 13-year-old boy Ronnie Wagner. Wagner is charged with his mother’s murder and is being tried as an adult, which leaves the possibility that Ronnie could receive the death penalty. His lawyer Vic Lafferty is fighting to have Ronnie’s trial transferred to juvenile court. As Nick digs deeper into the case, he discovers information that could prove Ronnie would benefit from future therapy, which is one of the criteria for moving the case back to juvenile court. However, in order to provide the necessary evidence, a sacrifice will have to be made by Ronnie’s case worker Laurie Solt. Meanwhile, Jake Straka and James Mooney are trying to get Fallin & Straka set up but Nick is unhappy about the kinds of clients that Jake is choosing to sign.

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