The Guardian- Season 2
Assuming the Position

Episode: 27

Production #: 227

First Air Date: October 22, 2002

Writer: David Hollander & Nick Santora

Director: Mel Damski

Guest Stars:

Kathleen York as Janine Crane
Myles Mason as ?
Francis V. Guinan as Seth
Charles Esten as Mark Hanson
Johnny Sneed as Brian Olson
Denise Dowse as Judge Rebecca Damsen
Daniel Hagen as ?
Chane't Johnson .... Mrs. Wilcox
Eric Jungmann .... Ignatius J Reilly
Peter Kevoian .... Judge Tonelli
Myles Mason .... Bryant Wilcox
Florence Regina .... Cheryl Wilcox

Fan Rating: 10/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


Privacy issues are examined in this episode, in which Alvin's job as head of Legal Services of Pittsburgh is threatened after he is arrested in a “massage” parlor.

Nick is in bed with a one-night stand and Lulu is fending off her oversexed husband when they see Alvin (Alan Rosenberg) on the TV news being led away in handcuffs from the illegal establishment. Because of a moral-turpitude clause in his contract, Alvin is, for now, removed from his job. He's replaced by Lulu, whom he directs to represent the prostitute (Kathleen York) he was with when it appears that she may lose custody of her child. Meanwhile, Nick represents a boy who should be in a shelter rather than with his mother.

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Alvin Masterson gets caught in a situation that compromises his position at Legal Services when he is arrested at a massage parlor. Claiming innocence, Alvin calls on Louisa “Lulu” Archer to help bail him out, as well as his lady friend, Janine Crane. Alvin has been friends with Janine for years and knows that she makes a living as a prostitute but money has never been an issue between them. At the same time, Nick Fallin is thrust into the middle of a case where he becomes the medical guardian for Bryant Ramirez, a child suffering from the effects of lead poisoning. As Nick delves further into medical records and the history of the civil case against the landlords, he uncovers some information that causes him to become suspicious about the timing of Bryant’s exposure to the lead.

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