The Guardian- Season 2
The Innocent

Episode: 29

Production #: 229

First Air Date: November 12, 2002

Writer: Anne McGrail

Director: Juan Campanella

Guest Stars:

Hallee Hirsh as Andrea Caffe
Celeste Hope as child
Tate Donovan as Lou Caffey
Brent Sexton as Tom Burke
Bruce A. Young as Albert Gregg
Geraldine Hughes as Joyce Burke
J. Grant Albrecht as ?
Greg Dohanic as Kenny
Cynthia Graham as Assistant DA Lynette Ross
Joyce Guy as Janet Gregg
Karen Hensel as Judge Haring
Dennis Lipscomb as Judge
Robert Maffia as Tom Nichols
Alan Polonsky as Harold Levine
Charles David Richards as Detective
Brent Sexton as Tom Burke

Fan Rating: 10/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


(From TV Guide)
Nick represents two children (Hallee Hirsh, Celeste Hope) in a custody case after their brother dies as a result of their heroin-addicted father's neglect. Meanwhile, Lulu helps a man who was wrongfully imprisoned for 21 years prevent his wife from divorcing him. Lou Caffey: Tate Donovan. Tom Burke: Brent Sexton. Jake: Raphael Sbarge.

(From Sony)
A child's death in one of Nick Fallin's old cases reunites him with another child who was deeply affected by her relationship with him. Andrea Coffey's little brother Brendan was killed when he was attacked by a dog guarding a junkyard. Although the state goes after their father Lou for negligence, Andrea believes there is more to the story and implores Nick to help her discover the truth. As Nick digs deeper, he discovers that there may be a way to help Andrea both financially and with the custody issues at hand. Meanwhile, Lulu Archer finds herself helping a man recently released from serving a prison term for murder in a divorce hearing. And though she puts forth a good faith effort to help, his own self-destructive behavior works against him in the end.

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