The Guardian- Season 2
The Dark

Episode: 31

Production #: 231

First Air Date: November 26, 2002



Guest Stars:

Lee Thompson Young as Levi
Paul Gleason as Scott Kolbrenner
Al Ruscio as Albert "Sparky" Walters
Nick Jameson as ?
Cedric Pendleton as Winston Veers
Dierdre Holder as Janet Helfer
Peter Kevoian as Judge Tonelli
Austin Priester as Hooded Guy #1
Cliff Weissman as Jerry the bartender

Fan Rating: 9.6/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


(From TV Guide)
James asks Nick to represent Levi (Lee Thompson Young), who is threatened with a expulsion from school for refusing to name the gang members who beat him up for leaving the gang. Meanwhile, Burton stays at Nick's while recuperating from temporary loss of sight in one eye. Scott Kolbrenner: Paul Gleason. Albert “Sparky” Walters: Al Ruscio.

(From Sony)
In this heart-wrenching episode, James Mooney strives to protect his nephew Levi from being sent back into the juvenile detention system. When matters become complicated, James enlists Alvin Masterson’s help. Alvin is overcome by guilt when it becomes apparent that there is nothing he can do to help Levi. In the end, Alvin’s demons come back to haunt him. Meanwhile, Burton Fallin must entrust a loyal client’s case to Jake Straka and his son Nick because of an impending eye surgery. When problems arise after the surgery, Burton is forced to bed rest, leaving Nick and Jake scrambling to save the client’s deal when certain situations go awry.

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