The Guardian- Season 2
Understand Your Man

Episode: 36

Production #: 236

First Air Date: February 4, 2003



Guest Stars:

Johnny Sneed as Brian
Clay Adkins as Sam Farrell
Cyia Batten as Amy Heckt
Rob Brownstein as Mel Lavin
Cynthia Cervini as Woman
Denise Y. Dowse as Judge Rebecca Damsen
Farrah Fawcett as Mary Gressler
Kurt Fuller as Frank DeScala
Todd Kimsey as Hank Silber
Andy Kreiss as Daniel Birge
Michael Sabatino as Man
Courtenay J. Stevens as Kate Shaw

Fan Rating: 9/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


(From TV Guide)
Nick helps a transvestite in a child-custody case involving the son of the man's former lover, who recently died and whose wife died nine years earlier. Meanwhile, Jake discovers that a woman who won the L.S.P. Acheiver Award is using drugs and neglecting her child. Lulu: Wendy Moniz. Brian: Johnny Sneed. Jake: Raphael Sbarge.

(From Sony)
At the annual L.S.P. fundraiser, many things are not what they seem. Nick Fallin is intrigued by a tall, blonde waitress who enlists his help to obtain custody of a deceased partner's son. Jake Straka falls for a reformed drug addict and single mother who is now the poster child for L.S.P. fundraising. However, the so-called achiever gets Jake and L.S.P into more trouble than they bargained for. Meanwhile, Burton Fallin tries to win Mary Gressler's affection.

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