The Guardian- Season 2
Back in the Ring

Episode: 41

Production #: 241

First Air Date: April 1, 2003

Writer: Anne McGrail

Director: Jeremy Kagan

Guest Stars:

Rita Moreno as Caroline Novak
Taylor Sheridan as Tim Dohanic
Zena Grey as Ashley
P.B. Hutton as Mrs. Webber
Madison Mason as ?
Dakota Floeter as Oscar Dohanic
Steve Lanza as Ted

Fan Rating: 9/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


(From TV Guide)
Nick represents a once-famous boxer (Taylor Sheridan) who has been released from prison and is fighting for custody of his son. Meanwhile, Fallin and Fallin advise Caroline Novak (Rita Moreno) who's been subpoenaed by a grand jury for business crimes. Ashley: Zena Grey. Mrs. Webber: P.B. Hutton.

(From Sony)
Nick Fallin's new client at L.S.P. is a former boxer looking to regain his glory ­ and custody of his young son. Back at work after her car accident, Lulu Olsen is met with a mountain of cases and severe budget crisis at L.S.P. When she is forced to turn down a woman and her daughter who want to sue a local high school, Lulu surprisingly turns to Jake Straka for help. Meanwhile, Nick helps Luluąs mother Caroline when she learns she is under federal investigation for bribery, but Caroline makes matters worse when she is reluctant to share the whole truth about her situation.

(From Zap2it)
"Back in the Ring" – When a professional boxer is released from prison, he asks Burton and Nick to help him regain custody of his son, on THE GUARDIAN, Tuesday, April 1 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Jeremy Kagan directed the episode written by Anne McGrail. Rita Moreno returns as Lulu's mother. Burton is star-struck when Tim "The Mechanic" Dohanic asks Fallin & Fallin for their help in regaining custody of his son from his in-laws, who were watching the boy while Tim was in prison. However, when Tim begins to revive his boxing career, an important match could become the deciding factor in whether or not he'll win custody. Meanwhile, as Lulu recovers, she tries to have a relationship with Nick who is afraid that she's too fragile from the car accident.

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