The Guardian- Season 2
All the Rage

Episode: 45

Production #: 245

First Air Date: May 13, 2003

Writer: David Hollander & Rick Eid

Director: David Hollander

Guest Stars:

Will Ferrell as Larry Flood
Amanda Michalka as Shannon Gressler
Vicellous Shannon as Taliek
Courtney Gains as Roy Cantwell
Mark Kiely as ?
Denise Dowse as ?
Joseph J. Dawson as Prospective Client
Dorothea Harahan as Gretchen
Larry Weissman as Mike Salerno
Barry Wiggins as Detective Jim Teller

Fan Rating: 10/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


(From TV Guide)
Situations that have been simmering during the second season boil over in the finale into stories of rage, ranging from simple outbursts to cold-blooded violence.

James, who has been overcome with guilt for attacking an innocent Taliek (Vicellous Shannon), decides to confess and make restitution. He's advised not to by Nick, who has his own problems. The idea of being separated from Lulu if she takes the job in California leaves the normally articulate counselor unable to express himself. His frustration erupts in a courtroom outburst that prompts the judge to order him into anger-management sessions. Meanwhile, Shannon's father (Courtney Gains) shows up and wants custody of his daughter.

(From Sony)
Burton Fallin is shocked when Shannon Gresslerąs biological father shows up and asks for custody of his daughter. Concerned for Shannon, Burton turns to his son Nick for help in keeping her away from her dad. James Mooney confesses to his former client Taliek Allen about his role in the attack that left Taliek disfigured, causing Taliek to seek revenge. Lulu Archer ponders accepting a job offer on the West Coast, prompting Nick to make a surprising confession to her.

(From Zap2it)
"All The Rage" – Nick loses control in the courtroom, due to the fact that he may be losing Lulu forever, and is sentenced to take anger management sessions, on the season finale of THE GUARDIAN, Tuesday, May 13 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. David Hollander, one of the series' executive producers, directed the episode from a script by Hollander and Rick Eid. Lulu tells Nick that she has accepted the job in California, which forces Nick to make a startling confession. Meanwhile, Burton faces losing Shannon when her father appears and persuades Shannon to make statements about Burton being sexually inappropriate with the young girl. Also, James confesses to the young man he beat senseless and vows to help him regain custody of his child, which backfires horribly.

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