The Guardian- Season 3
The Carnival

Episode: 46

Production #: 346

First Air Date: Sept 23, 2003



Guest Stars:

Amanda Michalka as Shannon Gressler
Courtney Gains as Roy Cantwell
Angela Featherstone as Suzanne
Vicellous Shannon
Denise Dowse
John Thaddeus
Dorothea Harahan
Joe Bucaro

Fan Rating: 10/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


Nick represents a young boy living with a traveling circus who claims he was molested by the owner; Burton attempts to bribe the man he and Nick beat up.

(From TV Guide)
In the third-season opener, Nick deals with the aftermath of Taliek's shooting of James and handles a custody case involving a boy whose mother works at a traveling carnival. Meanwhile, Burton confronts the man whom he and Nick assaulted. Roy Cantwell: Courtney Gains. Shannon Gressler: Amanda Michalka.

(From Sony)
The episode begins where last season’s finale left of. Nick and Burton just finished pummeling a guy bloody and James is dead. Burton is unable to shake what went down and begins following the man he beat up. When it looks like the man may make trouble, which in turn could hurt Nick’s probation, Burton takes steps to make sure it all goes away. Nick represents a young boy who has literally run away from the circus when he accuses the man in charge of molesting him. Lulu is ready to leave town, which is driving Nick crazy, while Alvin is asking of more time from Nick at LSP.

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