The Guardian- Season 3
The Line

Episode: 48

Production #: 348

First Air Date: Oct 7, 2003



Guest Stars:

Scout Taylor-Compton as ?
Carmine Giovinazzi as Glen Lightstone
Angela Featherstone as Suzanne

Fan Rating: 10/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


Alvin goes behind Lulu's back in order to delay her move to Berkeley; Nick gets caught in the middle, when a father and son seek a merger of the family department store.

(From TV Guide)
Alvin crosses too many lines, interfering in Nick's case involving a teen (Scout Taylor-Compton) arrested for solicitation; and trying to prevent Lulu from leaving. Meanwhile, Nick has problems with a merger case. Glen Lightstone: Carmine Giovinazzi. Lulu: Wendy Moniz.

(From Sony)
Nick and Burton represent a clothing company in the midst of a million-dollar deal that may collapse if Nick can’t square up a discrimination lawsuit that suddenly surfaces. At Legal Services, Lulu and Alvin bump heads over Lulu’s new job in Berkeley.

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