The Guardian- Season 3
The Father-Daughter Dance

Episode: 49

Production #: 349

First Air Date: Oct 14, 2003



Guest Stars:

Amanda Michalka as Shannon Gressler
Danielle Panabaker as blind girl
Julie Hagerty as nanny
Michael Tighe as Jim Gray
Raymond Baker as Albert Aaronson
Rod Britt as ?
Lisa Rotondi as ?

Fan Rating: 10/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


A white couple wants to sue the fertility clinic when their baby is born black; Nick represents a man who seeks custody of his blind 12-year-old daughter.

(From TV Guide)
The Fallins represent a white couple suing their fertility clinic because their child was born black; and Nick represents a blind girl (Danielle Panabaker) in a custody case. Meanwhile, Burton hires a nanny (Julie Hagerty) for Shannon. Jim Gray: Michael Tighe. Albert Aaronson: Raymond Baker.

(From Sony)
As Nick represents Samantha Gray, a twelve-year-old blind girl whose former addict father wishes to regain custody of her, Lulu gets swept into her first day as director of Legal Services.

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