The Guardian- Season 3
Hazel Park

Episode: 52

Production #: 352

First Air Date: Nov 4, 2003


Director: Emilio Estevez

Guest Stars:

Amanda Michalka as Shannon Gressler
Chris Pine
Tracy Lynn Middendorf as Laura Donnellon
Erich Anderson as Hal
Courtney Gains
Judith Hoag
Sylva Kelegian

Fan Rating: 9/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


Nick tries to help a former client who is down on his luck after being assigned to help clean up an inner-city park as part of his community service; Burton considers adopting Shannon. Actor Emilio Estevez directs the episode.

(From TV Guide)
As part of his community service, Nick is told to help in a Hazel Park cleanup project, where he runs into a former client (Chris Pine) who asks Nick to help him turn his life around after some unfortunate events. Meanwhile, Fallin & Fallin hosts an adoption day, and Burton considers adopting Shannon. Laura Donnellon: Tracy Lynn Middendorf. Hal: Erich Anderson.

(From Sony)
As part of his probation, the city assigns Nick and several other probationers clean up duty at Hazel Park, an urban nightmare dominated by drug addicts, homeless people and graffiti. What Nick didn’t expect was to work alongside Lonnie Grandy, an eighteen-year-old foster care case, he helped out a few years prior. At Fallin & Fallin, Burton donates the offices for Legal Service’s "Adoption Day" program but gets more then he or Lulu bargained for.

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