The Guardian- Season 3
Let God Sort 'Em Out

Episode: 54

Production #: 354

First Air Date: Nov 25, 2003



Guest Stars:

Francis Capra
Steve Eastin as Ron Hassey
Corey Reynolds as Robert Bridge
Joseph Campanella
Tom Bower
Michael Olifiers

Fan Rating: 8.5/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


Nick must evict homeless people from a client's warehouse, but the assignment gets complicated when Lulu discovers they might legally own the abandoned building because they have lived there for years.

Nick represents a teenager who wants to live with his homeless grandfather rather than go to a foster home; an elderly drug addict claims to have known Alvin's father.

(From TV Guide)
Nick represents a teen (Francis Capra) who wants to live with his sick, homeless grandfather (Joseph Campanella), who Lulu represents in a case that has her battling Burton. Meanwhile, Alvin meets a man who claims he knew Alvin's father in high school. Ron Hassey: Steve Eastin. Robert Bridge: Corey Reynolds.

(From Sony)
Fallin & Fallin clash with Legal Services when a housing developer, repped by Burton and Nick, kicks out a group of homeless people who have been squatting on his land.

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