The Guardian- Season 3

Episode: 55

Production #: 355

First Air Date: Dec 16, 2003



Guest Stars:

Angela Featherstone as Suzanne
Amanda Michalka as Shannon Gressler
Josh Peck as Christopher Rapp
Amy Higgins as Carol Rapp
Donna Bullock as Penny Hannaway
Stanley Kamel
Lew Dauber
Lisa Darr
Rod Britt
Adolphus Ambrose Ward
Doug Sinclair
Susan Marsten

Fan Rating: 10/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


While Burton undergoes heart surgery, Nick must oversee a crucial case for the firm; Nick and Lulu temporarily take in Shannon; Nick and a social worker help a boy who was locked in a closet for disciplinary reasons at a teen boot camp.

Nick must oversee an important case while his father undergoes heart surgery; Nick and a social worker help a victim of extreme disciplinary measures at a teen boot camp.

(From TV Guide)
While Burton undergoes heart surgery, Nick is left to handle an important case at Fallin & Fallin, and, with Lulu's help, care for Shannon (Amanda Michalka). Meanwhile, at LSP, Nick and Suzanne represent an unruly teen. Christopher Rapp: Josh Peck. Carol Rapp: Amy Higgins. Penny Hannaway: Donna Bullock.

(From Sony)
As Nick and Lulu begin the arduous process of house hunting, Burton puts off major surgery to work duties.

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