The Guardian- Season 3

Episode: 58

Production #: 358

First Air Date: Jan 27, 2004



Guest Stars:

Angela Featherstone as Suzanne
Brent Jennings as bus driver
Denise Dowse
Jamai Fisher as Norah
Alex Buck
Sean Marquette as Connor Adams
James Howell
Keith Brunsman

Fan Rating: 8/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


Nick represents a black bus driver whose crash may have been caused by his reaction to a racist passenger; Alvin accuses Nick of rushing through his recovery program.

(From TV Guide)
Nick represents a bus driver (Brent Jennings) who could be responsible for negligent homicide following an accident that caused fatalities. Meanwhile, Nick tries, as part of his recovery, to apologize to those he wronged while addicted. Connor Adams: Sean Marquette. Norah: Jamai Fisher.

(From Sony)
As Nick seeks closure with the demons of his past, a city bus crash opens new problems at Fallin & Fallin

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