The Guardian- Season 3
Without Consent

Episode: 60

Production #: 360

First Air Date: Feb 17, 2004



Guest Stars:

Angela Featherstone as Suzanne
J. Patrick McCormack
Zac Efron
Steven Flynn
Finn Carter
Jeff Austin
William Stanford Davis
Stephen Ramsey
Douglas Smith
Brant Cotton
Dorothea Harahan

Fan Rating: 10/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


Unless Nick can help, a teenage boy, who beat his mother after she slept with his friend, will be sent to a foster home; Jake confesses he is gay to Burton and his mother.

(From TV Guide)
Jake (Raphael Sbarge) is assaulted during a homosexual liaison and, out of embarrassment, tells everyone he's been mugged. Meanwhile, Nick represents a boy who wants to live with his estranged dad after he discovers his mother kissing his friend. Burton: Dabney Coleman.

(From Sony)
A late night encounter at a seedy motel exposes Jake’s lifestyle to his firm and his family.

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