The Guardian- Season 3

Episode: 64

Production #: 364

First Air Date: Apr 6, 2004



Guest Stars:

Fan Rating: 10/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


Nick defends a sexually abused teenager who seems to be protecting his father from being implicated in the crime. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh police hope that by forcing Alvin to turn over files from past child clients, they will be able to solve a string of murders involving convicted pedophiles.

(From TV Guide)
Nick represents a boy whose father has been charged with sexual abuse, but the boy, who wants to be with his father, can't remember what happened to him. Meanwhile, a judge orders Alvin to turn over confidential files to assist in a serial-murder case. Laurie Solt: Kathleen Chalfant. Jake: Raphael Sbarge.

(From Sony)
When the police get a tip that a local serial killer may have spent time in a treatment center for sexually abused boys as a child, they force Legal Services to turn over the records of all clients placed in the White Oak Group home in 1985. After contacting these former clients, Alvin finds he is still very concerned for their welfare, and even goes so far as to hire one of the guys to do some handy work around the office. Simultaneously, Nick takes on a child molestation case of a thirteen year-old boy who was sexually assaulted in his own home. The boy claims not to remember his attacker, but with no signs of a forced entry, the authorities list his father as the key suspect. A shocking turn of events causes the two cases to converge.

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