Eric 'The Fox' Carr
KISS Biography

    Real Name: Paul Charles Caravello
    Character: "The Fox"
    Birthday: July 12, 1950
    Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
    Instrument: Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Harmonica
    Early Bands: Salt & Pepper, Cellarmen, Flasher
    First Live KISS Gig: July 25, 1980 at the Palladium, New York
    First KISS Album: The Music From "The Elder"
    Former Girlfriend: Carrie Stevens (Playboy Model)
    Children: None
    Favorite Hobby: Cartoons (Rockheads), Pratical Jokes, Producer
    KISS Tenure: 1980-1991
    Death Date: November 24, 1991
    Death Place: Bellvue Hospital, New York City, NY

    Pre-KISS Employment:
    Delivery Man
    Gas Oven Repair Man

    Pre-KISS Bands:
    The Allures
    The Cellarmen
    Things That Go Bump In The Night
    Salt 'N Pepper
    Mother Nature / Father Time (a.k.a. Bionic Boogie & Lightning)