Paul 'The Starchild' Stanley
KISS Biography

    Real Name: Stanley Harvey Eisen
    Character: "The Starchild"
    KISS Tenure: 1972 - Present
    Birthday: January 20, 1952
    Birthplace: Queens, New York
    Parents: William & Eva Eisen
    Instruments: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Lead Guitar
    Height: Six Feet
    First Guitar: $16 Japanese Folk Guitar with nylon strings
    Early Groups: Post War Baby Boom, Rainbow ,Wicked Lester
    Marital Status: Erin Sutton (November 19, 2005 to present); Pamela Bowen (Divorced 2001)
    Children: Evan Shane Stanley (June 6, 1994), Colin Michael Stanley (September 6, 2006) Sarah Brianna (January 28, 2009), Emily Grace (August 9, 2011)
    Favorite Hobbies: Song-writer, Producer, Actor, Living To The Max

    Pre-KISS Employment:
    Taxi Driver
    Kosher Deli Worker

    Pre-KISS Bands:
    Uncle Joe
    Postwar Baby-Boom
    Wicked Lester