Peter 'The Cat' Criss
KISS Biography

    Real Name: George Peter John Criscuola
    Character: "The Catman"
    KISS Tenure: 1972-1980; 1996-2001, 2003
    Birthday: December 20, 1945
    Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
    Instrument: Drums (Pearl Kit with Zildjian cymbols), Vocals, Precussion
    Height: Five Feet, Nine inches
    Early Groups: Lips, Chelsea
    Favorite Collaborator: Stan Pendridge
    Idol: Gene Krupa (Big Band Drummer)
    Spouses/Partner: Lydia "Beth" Di Leonardo (Jan. 31, 1970); Debra Svensk (Dec '79); Gigi (May '98)
    Children: Jenilee (Apr. 7, 1981) (with Debra)
    Favorite Hobby: Gigi, Jazz

    Pre-KISS Employment:
    Men's Clothing Store Salesman

    Pre-KISS Bands:
    Joey Greco & The In Crowd
    Sounds Of Soul
    The Brotherhood
    Wicked Lester

    Post-KISS Bands: Solo (1980-1983)
    The Alliance (1984-5)
    Balls Of Fire (1986)
    The Tree/Keep (1989-91)
    Criss (1992-1995)