Presidents' Trophy

The Presidents' Trophy is an award presented by the National Hockey League (NHL) to the team that finishes with the most points in the league during the regular season. If two teams tie for the most points, then the trophy goes to the team with the most wins. The winning team is also awarded C$350,000 in cash bonuses.

198586 	Edmonton Oilers
198687 	Edmonton Oilers
198788 	Calgary Flames
198889 	Calgary Flames
198990 	Boston Bruins
199091 	Chicago Blackhawks
199192 	New York Rangers
199293 	Pittsburgh Penguins
199394 	New York Rangers
199495 	Detroit Red Wings
199596 	Detroit Red Wings
199697 	Colorado Avalanche
199798 	Dallas Stars
199899 	Dallas Stars
19992000 St. Louis Blues
200001 	Colorado Avalanche
200102 	Detroit Red Wings
200203 	Ottawa Senators
200304 	Detroit Red Wings
200405 	No winner because of the NHL lockout
200506 	Detroit Red Wings
200607 	Buffalo Sabres
200708 	Detroit Red Wings
200809 	San Jose Sharks
200910 	Washington Capitals
201011 	Vancouver Canucks
201112 	Vancouver Canucks
201213 	Chicago Blackhawks
201314 	Boston Bruins
201415 	New York Rangers
201516 	Washington Capitals
201617 	Washington Capitals
201718 	Nashville Predators
2018-19   Tampa Bay Lightning
2019-20   Boston Bruins
2020-21   Colorado Avalanche
2021-22   Florida Panthers