Daytime Soap Opera Actor Of The Week

Daytime Soap Opera
Actor Of The Week

Thorsten Kaye (Ridge, The Bold and The Beautiful)

(Week Ending September 13, 2019)

It makes zero sense to me how Ridge, who did not have his baby stolen somehow had the final say on Floís punishment for that crime. But as much as that does not compute, at least Thorsten Kaye is finally getting something substantial to play after ever so long on the back-burner. Admittedly, Thorsten Kaye has never and likely will never be the right fit for Ridge, so that might explain why the writers seem to struggle to find story for this character post Ronn Moss, but if you watched Kaye on OLTL, PC, or AMC, you do know what a strong actor and strong presence he is, and so itís gratifying when weeks like this one come along, when heís actually presented with some material thatís challenging and meaty, where heís conflicted and tortured over his son, where his anger and frustration with Brooke flares up to the point where heís struggling to contain it and has to storm out of the house, and where he does a more believable drunk than most with all that surly slurring. Itís not the actorís fault that the show cast him more for name recognition rather than for having qualities that match up well with the character, but Thorsten achieved that name recognition because of his talent and that was on full display this week, whether or not you agree with Ridgeís actions, keep in mind that most of us rarely agree with Billís actions either, but that doesnít stop him from being the most interesting person on the show.

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