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Daytime Soap Opera
Actor Of The Week

Annika Noelle (Hope, The Bold And The Beautiful)

(Week Ending January 11, 2019)

Unfortunately for The Bold And The Beautiful’s Hope, her somewhat passive personality tends to pale in comparison to Steffy’s in your face independence, but fortunately for actress Annika Noelle, the “loss” of Hope’s baby has finally given her a story that allows her to dive deeper into Hope’s emotions than lamenting over the love of her life usually does. It’s easy enough to overlook an actor’s ability when they’re stuck in a story where basically they’re just waiting around to be the chosen love interest as has been Hope’s thankless position on the show far too often, so it’s been great to finally see what this actress can really do, convincingly portraying Hope’s agony and heartbreak, especially in those moments of questioning why. Hopefully B&B will send more challenging material Annika Noelle’s way in the future now that she’s had the opportunity to prove she’s capable of handling it.

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