Daytime Soap Opera Actor Of The Week

Daytime Soap Opera
Actor Of The Week

General Hospital Nursesí Ball

(Week Ending May 24, 2019)

While it feels like there are fewer performances than ever (maybe stretching this over three episodes is too much?) I do still very much love this time of year on General Hospital and I hope it never goes away again, itís so much fun to see the dresses and see these actors show off altogether different talents. While I applaud every single actor who got up on that stage and for many of them out of their comfort zone, my three favorite performances of this yearís Nursesí Ball were all ones that tied into story. Obrecht and Franco didnít necessarily have my favorite song in the world, but these two characters singing that they having nothing to be guilty of, that was classic cheekiness. It would have been enough for me just to see Cameron having the heart to heart with that Llama, one of my favorite weird scenes of the year (or maybe ever), but as an added bonus he got up on the stage and did this impressive Shawn Mendes type of thing with photos of family and friends in the background, which was perhaps a bit more sincere and open than Iíd expect from this surly/secretly vulnerable teen, but he was just so good that Iíll forgive it seeming not entirely in character. Lastly, when Chase first arrived in town, I was kind of worried that he seemed a little too close to being a Nathan clone, but along the way, the actor has developed his own brand of adorable, and this year, with his rendition of Coldplayís poppiest tune, not only did he deliver the same uptempo fun factor as his performance from last year, there was an added twist when he plucked Willow out of the audience to join him on stage, their romance and his desire to protect her just gets sweeter by the day.

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