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Career Day (General Hospital)

(Week Ending November 16, 2018)

The crazy tends to grab most of the soap headlines, characters buried alive, back from the dead, replaced by their evil twin, itís all exceedingly fun stuff and I will never tire of it, but sometimes in this genre, the most refreshing turn a show can take is to actually do something incredibly normal like General Hospital did with their third grade career day. This hour had it all, heart, humor, and drama. First off, the scenes in Elizabethís house, trying to get her son in gear when he very much does not want to go to school, had such a ring of truth to it, itís good to see parents on a soap struggling with issues that could happen to anyone, thereís a really great slice of life quality to the storytelling. Speaking of commendable storytelling, I believe Iíve mentioned before how I appreciate the show for taking their time with Chase, I like that weíre very slowly getting to know him better as opposed to shoving him down our throats like certain other soaps are currently doing with their newbies, and this episode added yet another layer of endearing to him as he tried to bail out Finn during the presentation, and in asking out Willow. Chaseís brother really shone in this hour as well, poor Finn, first Franco hilariously sent him in the wrong direction, so not only did Finn end up late to class and out of breath, you see him grow increasingly uncomfortable when each career day presentation was more impressive than the next, and certainly more impressive than the nothing heíd planned for his. It was such fun to see the comedic side of Michael Easton as he had Finn squirm and cringe and totally flummoxed by third-grader Charlotteís heckling. Lastly, I want to talk about Charlotte, obviously no one advocates bullying, but frankly weíve seen a million syrupy sweet girls on the soaps, so why not go a different way and this little actress has the talent to play a kid who struggles to keep her firebrand nature under control, plus itís not exactly impossible to believe that a child raised by Valentin, Lulu, and Nina might have something of a forceful personality and not necessarily know where to draw the line, just as all three of her parents have at times. This has the potential to turn into a really fascinating story to see a kid trying to figure out the fine line between advocating for herself and abuse of power, itís not only a timely topic, but a personality trait plenty of real-life adults donít have a firm grasp on, either. Iíve never understood why so often on soaps, kids are either babies or teenagers and we often miss out on the difficulties of the years in between when there is so much good story to be mined, this episode is proof of that.

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