Daytime Soap Opera Actor Of The Week,

Daytime Soap Opera
Actor Of The Week

Eric Martsolf (Brady, Days Of Our Lives)

(Week Ending July 20, 2018)

While it’s questionable that either parent would have received custody what with all the drug and murder accusations bandied about in the hearing, Brady’s loss ended up being the viewers’ gain, you don’t want to wish bad things for Brady, but Eric Martsolf is just so good at playing torn up inside. Martsolf did a standout job in the scene where Brady had to hand his son over to Theresa, I loved the layered emotions, how you see Brady swallow his anger, the way he put on an enthusiastic voice and expression for his boy’s sake only to break down devastated after Tate went home with Theresa. With the big reveal of the part Eve played in all this still to come, it seems like Eric Martsolf will have a bounty of riches to choose from when the time for Emmy reels rolls around.

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