Daytime Soap Opera Actor Of The Week

Daytime Soap Opera
Actor Of The Week

Casey Moss (J.J., Days Of Our Lives)

(Week Ending November 15, 2019)

Itís a hugely distressing week to be a Days Of Our Lives fan, however, on the bright side, itís also been a truly invigorating week to watch the show. It turns out this time jump thing was actually (so far at least) a pretty brilliant game-changing idea for this genre, I mean, I donít love some of the deaths and Iím not sure yet how I feel about some of the romantic pairings, but I do love how unpredictable Days is right now, how there are reveals every single episode. Even more than the surprises, I am loving that Casey Moss is being heavily featured and in the kind of story that heís proven in the past (accidentally shooting Theo) that he excels at, the deep dark emotionally gutting stuff. Everything about his performance this week has felt so committed, J.J., a good looking guy is not looking so good right now, he is this disheveled ball of anger hopped up on pills, waves of volatility and despair rolling off of him, itís outstanding acting. I so wish that some of those articles (understandably) speculating on Daysí future had also taken the time to point out what great, risk taking work the show is putting on the air at the moment, I wish they had encouraged people to tune in, less because this soapís fate hangs in the balance and more because content-wise, Days is thriving right now.

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