Daytime Soap Opera Actor Of The Week

Daytime Soap Opera
Actor Of The Week

Casey Moss (J.J., Days Of Our Lives)

(Week Ending February 21, 2020)

The soaps offered up a plethora of goodness this week, Victorís fortieth anniversary on Y&R (including a stabbing), Dougís fiftieth anniversary on Days (where for some random reason they killed off Bill), and GHís baby switch reveal overflowed with outstanding performances, but given that this was possibly (hopefully not) the last time weíll see Casey Moss as J.J. on Days Of Our Lives, actor of the week honors had to go to him. J.J.ís exit didnít come with a whole lot of fanfare, he supported Lani in exposing Gabi and had a really nice moment when his dad told J.J. he was proud of him. The last bit of him walking out did feel like an indelible image which Iím happy they included yet at the same time that episode didnít quite feel like the goodbye the character or the actor deserved. I know there are some viewers who craved a lighter version of the character, but I loved that throughout Casey Mossís run on the show Days played to his considerable strengths, why indulge in fluffy stories when you have an actor who does drama as jaw droppingly well as Moss does? From his bad choices with Eve and Theresa to his suicidal Christmas and his recent drug-addled grieving process, I can think of very few actors in any medium who do messy intensity as well as Casey Moss does. I donít know if leaving was Casey Mossís decision, but if he isnít looking to move on to movies or primetime or to focus on music, if he still has a desire to be in daytime, Iíd suggest GH scoop him up as a back from the dead Morgan, he possesses all the qualities in his acting that made Morgan such an endearing disaster and he would totally hold his own opposite Maurice Benard.

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