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Sasha (Phoenix, AZ USA)

  1. alison will fall in love with jack

Dolores (Miami, FL USA)

  1. I think Dr Rachel Locke and Julie are somehow related. I think somehow Dr Locke had a baby that was taken from her and she sees herself in Julie. Perhaps Ellen Burgess treated Dr Locke and thats why she was anxious to get rid of her..

Evelyn (USA)

  1. Lucy will learn that she is unable to have a child, and Kevin will offer her support through her crisis.
  2. The child on Jasmine Island was actually Julie's "half brother", Buddy. Julie thought that Buddy committed suicide because of her father's actions, but after reading Kevin's book, she blames Kevin for her brother's death. I believe Julie is the General Homocide killer.
  3. Lucy will fall into a deep depression after learning that she cannot bear a child. Kevin will offer his help to her, and they will fall into each other's arms once again.
  4. Eve and Lucy will reconcile their differences. Lucy will confide to Eve that she is still deeply in love with Kevin and always will be

Dawn (Gallatin, TN USA)

  1. Lucy will learn that she is pregnant,but is she carrying Scott's baby or Kevin's?
  2. The General Homocide killer will strike out at Kevin by trying to kill Lucy
  3. Garcia will be revealed as the General Homocide killer
  4. Eve and Lucy will once again find themselves at each other's throats & Lucy's pregnancy will be jeapordized as a result
  5. Kevin will finally become tired of Lucy and Eve's constant rivalry & refuse to see Eve any more

Brian (USA)

  1. I actually have two theories on who the next victim of the General Homicide Killer is going to be:
  2. John Canellos. If he was killed this would solve many problems. Courtney would have full custody and would not have to fight to keep Neil in her custody. Neil would be devestated, but Joe would be there for him. This would allow Joe to take the foremost role as Neil's father. Joe would not have to play second fiddle to anyone.
  3. Matt Harmon. The killer could be angry that he did not succeed in getting Matt, and tries again succesfully. Ellen is devestated by the loss of another man she loves, and comes to the conclusion that she can no longer stay in Port Charles. This next victim would open up a story for ellen's departure.

Rebecca (Gallatin, TN USA)

  1. The killer will stalk Lucy, and Scott & Kevin will unite to protect her
  2. The baby on Jasmine Island when Marsia was killed is the General Homocide killer
  3. The killer will kidnap Lucy, finally revealing his/her identity
  4. Kevin will decide to fight for Lucy, but it may be too late

Karen (Philadelphia, PA USA)


Kara (Stone Mountain, GA USA)

  1. lucy & scott will stay together and she will be pregnant with scotty's baby. serena will be happy to have a brother or sister and then get her vision back
  2. Kevin will turn into another ryan & will be arrested as the killer
  3. karen & joe will finally get married & on with their life together

Rebecca Loftis (Gallatin, TN USA)

  1. My prediction is that Scott & Lucy will make love while trying to overt tragedy. Once they are rescued, however, Lucy will return to her true love, Kevin. Lucy will later realize that she is carrying Scott's baby

Karen (Philadelphia, PA USA)

  1. Kevin & Eve start dating then Kevin finds out that Eve & Chris are the killers, Then Kevin goes back to Lucy but she will not take him back because she can not trust him. Then they start to see Gail to work thing out.
  2. Serena gets her sight back
  3. Joe & Karen find out that Frank is still using DL56 and check him back into the GH. They personly take blood from him
  4. Neil ends up being Frank's son.

Diane Ordway (Hollis, NH USA)

  1. Lucy will date the ballet teacher and then claim that she was raped by Kevin

GH1981 (Mesa, AZ USA)

  1. Kevin and Lucy get back together and get married
  2. Scott takes Eve back and Lucy leaves them alone
  3. Scott forgives Lucy
  4. Lucy changes back to her sweet self

Tricia (Deland, FL USA)

  1. Dr. Boardman is the killer

Veronica (Tunkhannock, PA USA)

  1. Frank is the killer
  2. The little boy who is dying is Joe's son
  3. Scotty and Eve get married
  4. Lucy gets raped
  5. Lark and Jake will get back together. For real this time
  6. Lucy and Kevin break up. For good