Daytime's Best & Worst of 1998

  1. Best New Character- Selena, GL
  2. Best Recast- Nadine Stenovich (Josie, AW)
  3. Worst New Male Character- A.J., SB
  4. Worst New Female Character- Camille, AMC
  5. Best Wedding- Lily & Holden, ATWT
  6. Most Disapponiting Wedding- Harley & Phillip, GL
  7. Best Mother- Emma Snyder, ATWT
  8. Best Father/Step Father- Jake McKinnon, AW
  9. Biggest Waste Of Talent- Monti Sharp (Justus, GH)
  10. Best Mystery- Who Shot Carl?, GL
  11. Most Improved Show- Another World
  12. Best Show- Guiding Light
  13. Worst Show- Port Charles
  14. Most Entertaining Couple- Tad & Dixie, AMC
  15. Most Boring Couple- Joe & Karen, PC
  16. Couple that makes you gag- Nikolas & Katherine, GH
  17. Most Preposterous Plot- The Plague, PC
  18. Worst Neverending Story- General Homicide, PC
  19. Best Tearjerker- Dinah loses her baby, GL
  20. Best Bickering- Cass & Lila, AW
  21. Best Triangle- Brad/Camille/Ben, ATWT
  22. Worst Triangle- Tom/Margo/Eddie, ATWT
  23. Best Psycho- David, ATWT
  24. Most Shocking Twist- Teri is Annie, GL
  25. Funniest Story- Mike Roy the spy, AMC
  26. Most Improved Character- Marley, AW
  27. Most Ruined Character- Ned, GH
  28. Best Quadrangle- Carrie/Austin/Mike/Allie, Days
  29. Worst Quadrangle- Victoria/Neil/Cole/ashley, Y&R
  30. Best Actor- Roger Howarth (Todd, OLTL)
  31. Best Actress- Wendy Monif (Dinah, GL)
  32. Worst Actor- Jacob Young (Rick, B&B)
  33. Worst Actress- Adrienne Frantz (Amber, B&B)
  34. Best Child Character- Lizzie, GL
  35. Best Teen Character- Jessie, OLTL
  36. Best Family- The Snyders, ATWT
  37. Worst Family- The Scanlons, PC
  38. Best Smarmy Con Man- Max, OLTL
  39. Riskiest Plot that worked- Cloning, GL
  40. Riskiest Plot that didn't- Supernatural Jewels, SB

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