The Year That Was: Daytime's Best & Worst of 1999

  1. Most Convoluted Baton-hogging Plot: GL's The many love's of Reva. All Reva all the time. Freak blizzard hits tropical spanish inhabited isle ruled by two accent-challenged British Princes.

  2. Deja-vous, redo: How many times can GH have Katherine plummet to her death, Faison obsess over a commish's wife, & a teen couple hiding out? Apparently infintismal.

  3. Best Bait & Switch Technique: NBC uncermoniously cancels our beloved AW family but assures us a lifetime of Sunset Beach. How many of us only had 6 months to live? Honorable mention: ATWT hiring AW alums & backburning them.

  4. So Entertaining We'd Rather Watch An Empty Fish Tank: Port Charles.

  5. Best Newcomer In The Wave Of Boy Crazy Britneys: Theresa Lopze-Fitzgerald of Passions (Lindsay Korman).

  6. Worst Exit In The Wave Of Boy Crazy Britneys: Guiding Light's Ben Warren (Hunt Block). Daytime's best villian since the legendary Roger Thorpe.

  7. Worst Trends Than Repeating Your Character's Name Five Times In A Single Scene: Infant death's. Ever-so uplifting to watch.

  8. Better Trend Those Icky I Could Be Your Mother/Father Instead I'm Your Lover Couples: the mother and child reunions. AW's Paulina & Remy. Days' Nancy & Chloe. GL's Selena & Drew.

  9. Most Improved Show Drenched In True Soapiness: Days. Emerging super couple (Eric & Greta, Belle & Shawn), return of a great villian (Victor) and the constant sense of family ties (The Bradys & The Hortons).

  10. Scariest Tip-off That Soaps Will Become Extinct: Ignoring Passions; a glaring lack of compelling new characters with staying power. See ATWT's Alec, OLTL's Grace, nearly anyone on AMC & GH.

  11. Actress Most Destine To Steal Roles From Angelina Jolie: Tammy Blanchard GL's Drew, headed for greatness.

  12. Actor Most Destine To Steal Roles From Angel's David Boreanaz: Timothy Gibbs as OLTL's Kevin, a gifted dark brooder who should have been in primetime eons ago.

  13. Scenes So Romantic/Sizzling They Could be Leftovers "From Shakespeare In Love": Sunset Beach. Micheal proposes to Vanessa in a park full of music & twinkling lights. Anytime Gabi & her wayward priest Antonio locked eyes.

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