The Year That Was: Daytime's Best & Worst of 2000

  1. Most overused plot devise that even the characters are bored with: Coming back from the dead (Sheridan, PS/Suart & Dimitri {about 80 times}, AMC). All returned and only one person was surprised enough to faint

  2. Best steal of an actor that GL was too blind to keep: Hunt Block as ATWT's smarmy Craig; Runner-up Y&R's Matt, Rick Hearst

  3. Most creative way to keep a secret: Morgan had a python strangle Clarke so he couldn't speak

  4. Most Realistic Teens: Days. Everybody's jealous of everybody else & every other day they get in a shouting match with their screwed up parents

  5. Most Unrealistic Teens: Passions. They all attended the same prom. They never seemed to go back to school in the fall. Chad & Ethan are even older than the "boys' in boybands, & that's not a reason the parents don't like them. Speaking of parents, do they even have parents on this soap?

  6. Worst character destruction to create a super couple: Carly on GH. She barely does anything mean ever since hooking up with a dangerous guy. Isn't that Laura's role, to stand by your man?

  7. Reason GL is ailing: Easy. Too many new characters, leaving only about three members in each core family. The history of Another World need not repeat itself. BRing back Alan-MIcheal, Ed, Dylan etc...

  8. Most Rewritten History: On One Life To Live, Rae's child was at one time old enough to be (amoung others)- Max, Sophia & PC's Eve. Huh? I think I see an age difference there.

  9. Most Promising New Couples For The New Year: AMC's Leo & Greenlee, PC's Allison & Jamal, Days' Belle & Shawn

  10. Plots that show it's alright not to kill off every baby: GL"s James made the Beth/Phillip/Harley triangle even stronger. The baby switch on Days is heartbreaking genius

  11. Wedding Of The Year: Days' Bo & Hope. Very eighties. Very extravagant. Very memorable. That'll happen when characters don't have a two second ceremony in a hospital or courtroom.

  12. Most improved soap despite an island occupied by the only Australian man ever to induce yawning: As The World Turns. Martha Byrne owns this show. The rest are just window dressing.

  13. Soap slipsliding away despite having the most exciting character ever (Todd): OLTL. Find some continuity. Find a story that takes less than ten months to tell. No more attics or basements.

  14. Edgiest story without needing to be edgy: AMC's Bianca is a lesbian & now she'll be kissing in the closet regardless of her mama because she's on daytime Network TV

  15. Actress Most Ready For Her Close-up: Arianne Zuker (Nicole, Days)

  16. Actor destine to be a Vanity Fair cover boy: Josh Duhamel (Leo, AMC)

  17. Soaps Biggest Regrets Of 2000: The sea of predominantly white faces. Month-long days in Haymony. No one will ever one-up Victor Newman. "Fate" has proven gimmicks aren't the quick fix at PC.

  18. Most Memorable Moments of 2000: GL's Jim dropping the baby out the window to save him from the fire. Days' Tom appears at tree trimming. ATWT's Jake revisits Lassiter & the swing set. That so many experianced soap viewers actually believed Passions' Sheridan was dead.

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