The Awe-Inspiring and The Appalling

The Year That Was:
Daytime Soap Opera's Best & Worst of 2003

Most Tragically Perfect Family:

Erica, Kendall, & Bianca of All My Children. A stormy night, brutality, & a shattered wedding day took our admiration of these actresses to the highest of heights.

Most Guilty of Character Assassination:

Last winter As The World Turns aired a pair of old episodes to reintroduce Dusty, what was the point? They’re nothing alike. Paul’s gone loopy. Rosanna once a Snyder farm fanatic wouldn’t own a pair of jeans if her life depended on it. Oh, and then there’s Barbara, Marshall, Bonnie, Rose, Mitzi...

Dreamiest Romance:

As The World Turn’s Mike & Katie are all things lovely and natural. Soaps are romance novels come to life, Katie buttoning Mike’s shirt is right in every way that slow motion showers of bullets are wrong.

Proof Actors Over 35 Still Have The Elusive "It":

  • Tamara Tunie (Jessica, As The World Turns).
  • Anna Stuart (Mary, All My Children).
  • Jack Wagner (Nick, Bold & The Beautiful).
  • Judi Evans (Bonnie, Days of Our Lives).
  • Jane Elliott (Tracey, General Hospital).
  • Robert Newman (Josh, Guiding Light).
  • Robin Strasser (Dorian, One Life To Live).
  • Ben Masters (Julian, Passions).
  • Lynn Herring (Lucy, Port Charles).
  • Eileen Davidson (Ashley, Young & The Restless).
  • Absolute Worst Trend Ever:

    Firing anyone born before the 1970’s, firing a 90 year old woman must give that deep down warm feeling.

    The Fun Stuff:

    Passions’ Precious and Tabby’s bewitched brood.
    Guiding Light’s Alan loving Harley’s mac & cheese.
    As The World Turn’s Jack, Craig, & Mike sleeping on the porch.

    The EWW! Stuff:

    Young & The Restless’ Lauren kissing Raul.
    Days of Our Lives’ Rex dancing in his underwear.
    Bold & The Beautiful’s Ridge kisses sometime daughter/sister Bridget.
    General Hospital’s loses her virginity live on the net.
    All My Children’s Sexiest Man Alive contest, yes, the guy worthy of that title would totally enter.


    [Not the kind Ms. Ripa gets when anyone from Vin Diesel to Charo does her show] One Life To Live’s Kathy Brier (Marcie) singing "America The Beautiful" and "Iris".

    The Guy Everyone Should Watch:

    Guiding Light’s Phillip in the throes of mental illness. If the Emmys don’t reward Grant Aleksander the voters need to paint themselves with scarlet "C" for Corrupt.

    And then There Were Nine:

    Port Charles said goodbye somewhere around 2 a.m. in very few markets and daytime got a little less daring.

    Wishes For The New Year:

    All My Children, that Bianca can kiss Lena without the hoopla anytime she feels like it.
    As The World Turns, that Holden not Dusty, helps Lily with her grief.
    Bold & The Beautiful, that a couple dates longer than a week before getting engaged.
    Days of Our Lives, that any new family members were actually born and not whipped out of thin air.
    General Hospital, that they remember that 2nd word in their title.
    Guiding Light, that Reva be konked on her head and lose the psychic powers.
    One Life To Live, that fans give Heather Tom a chance before demanding her head.
    Passions, that the days pass a little more quickly.
    Young & The Restless, that they not let any more Heather Tom’s slip through their fingers.

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