The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Daytime Soap Opera's Best & Worst of 2005

Best Female Find

Jennifer Landon as As the World Turns’ Gwen. It’s not every day-player who not only earns a contract, but also becomes a fan favorite and one half of a burgeoning super couple. Quirky, tough, and emotional, Gwen’s a breath of fresh air compared to the airhead tarts other shows are offering teen fans, such as AMC’s Amanda and DAYS’ Chelsea.

Best Male Find

Robert Bogue as Guiding Light’s Mallet. Having appeared in HBO’s brilliant Oz, it’s no surprise Bogue has the chops for drama, comedy, and romance, all necessary attributes to fill Mark Derwin’s shoes. Whether pining for Harley, being adored as "The Hammer" or flirting Tracy/Hepburn style with Dinah, the man commands attention. Add to that, his friendship with Frank and antagonism with Buzz and Gus in small scenes, as entertaining as any you’ll ever see.

Unfortunate Typecasting

Roscoe Borne as Young and the Restless’ Tom. The man’s a great actor, especially as an alcoholic on The City, so quit casting him as disposable psychopaths, how about a turn as Carly and Gwen’s "dead" father instead, something long term.

Lamman Rucker as All My Children’s Garrett. July 4th, he displayed an interesting, intelligent chemistry in conversation with Brooke (the forgotten woman) next thing you know they make him a sexual predator, the same mistake ATWT made with him. Here’s a thought, let’s all pretend we never met Garrett and rehire Lammon as Adrian, Tad’s half-brother and explore that spark with Brooke, sibling rivalry and small town racism. Once upon a time AMC did issue stories.

Best Platonic Couple

One Life to Live’s Robert Woods and John-Paul Lavoisier as Rex. Whether trading snarky one-liners, infiltrating gay bars as a "couple," or their father/son moments, especially during the prison riot and Christmas, these two are by far one of daytimes’ most entertaining pairs.

Hottest Related Couple

Yes, this category is creepy, as is the term kissing cousins, but give Guiding Light’s combustible Jonathan and sweet Tammy ten minutes and against your better judgment and ever moral fiber you’ll find yourself won over by their aching, forbidden chemistry.

Stories That Need PSA's

AMC: Jonathan’s a more likeable character now but women have a hard enough time leaving men who beat them, they don’t need this preposterous brain tumor excuse added to the list - odds are their guy isn’t a deep down sweet little boy.

DAYS: Trivializing a very real war. Either do something goofy or something realistic, if you try to blend the two and fail miserably, apologize. And if you’re going to imply teen Chelsea performed oral sex on Max without hardly knowing him, do a whole lot more than mentioning AIDS in Africa on only one episode and definitely don’t brag about your young demos watching this.

PS: Rape is a constant in Harmony with no one ever reporting it, a fine example for all the teenage fans.

Most Creative

Passions may be one of television’s most morally challenged shows, but they have the guts to try anything. Endorra’s thought bubbles. Surfing a Tsunami. Must-see Thanksgiving complete with flying turkeys. The annual Christmas visit from "Psycho" Norma. Endorra’s animated storybook. Floating through the front door on a coffin. Law and Order spoof. And while this shouldn’t be at this point, considered creative or daring, Simone came fully out of the closet (to the viewers) by dropping her robe and climbing into bed with her girlfriend, showing the very content AMC chickened out on with Bianca.

Best Returns

DAYS: Billy Warlock slipped seamlessly into his Frankie Brady shoes the chemistry with Jen as sweet as their Stand by Me days, and a viable friendly rival to Jack.

GL: Phillip. Though only one episode, seeing Phil off his rocker wearing pajamas, believing he runs Spaulding perfectly wrapped up one mystery and set up another - where is Phillip and when will he be back?

B&B: Felicia. Though Lesli Kay did not originate this role, any fan of ATWT can tell you what a world-class crier she is, more than capable of becoming the kind of heroine this show needs. Her cancer and unrequited love for her baby’s father are just icing on the cake; as long as B&B doesn’t screw up with her like GH did.

Worst Returns

AMC: Love Sydney Penny. Hate that they brought Julia back via the ill-conceived Dragon plot and have yet to fully integrate her back into Pine Valley.

GL: Alan-Michael. With a new actor playing this beloved part, wouldn’t it have been better advised to re-establish all his past relationships, really explain what went wrong with Lucy rather than dive into a romance with Marina, who at one point, could’ve been A-M’s daughter?

YR: Sheila. Haven’t we all had enough by now?

Most Memorable Scenes

AMC: Three generations of Kane women looking in the mirror. Lily counting cards. JR asks Babe teach him CPR when their son almost drowns. Zach confesses his love to Kendall.

ATWT: Mike in anguish at Katie and Henry’s wedding. Barbara and Jen bond over their lost babies. Carly tells Gwen her baby’s dead.

B&B: Hope’s near drowning. Stephanie begs Brooke to shoot her.

DAYS: Sami and Lucas break up. Jack realizes he never said goodbye to Abby. Belle’s meltdown in her apartment after giving birth. Austin sees Carrie on the jumbo tron at The Stones’ concert.

GL: Lizzie in the garden shed where she killed Carl. Billy’s drunken hooker montage. Every Jonathan and Nate confrontation.

GH: Carly’s reaction to Michael’s "death." Luke and Tracy wake up married. Alcazar changes his shirt in front of Skye.

OLTL: Kevin and Kelly’s funeral for their son. Marci vomits on Hugh’s shoes. Kevin and Kelly in the shower. David’s bachelor party poker night.

PS: See most creative.

YR: The Winters save Devon at the zoo. Nick chases Daniel on the beach. Nikki’s breakdown prior to the Il Divo cure.

New Year’s Wishes

AMC: Brooke finds love or some purpose that leads to story.

ATWT: Andy comes home and Paul’s actions make sense.

B&B: Bridget finds a man who’d never look twice at her mom and isn’t related in any way to the Forresters or Marones.

DAYS: The old Phillip returns.

GL: Tammy was switched at birth and is really Lizzie Spalding taking the ick from the Jonathan romance but blowing everything up at the same time.

GH: Tony Geary takes shorter vacations so we can see more of his awkward relationship with chip off the old block, Lulu.

OLTL: Nora wakes up when Bo plants a kiss on her.

PS: Someone gets the better of Alistair and no more raping.

YR: Someone points out that Brad was almost Victoria’s stepfather and Neil gets involved with the company scheming.

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