2008 The Year That Was


Breakthrough Performance

Though Guiding Light fans always knew Lawrence St. Victor could act, it wasnít until this year when he and Ava lost their baby that he really got the chance to show it.

Best New Female

Guiding Lightís Christina. The most adorable adult on daytime. Rarely has a character or an actress been so endearing so quickly.

Best New Male

All My Childrenís Brot. Brooding, self-sacrificing, and not a himbo like a certain star of the show, what more could you ask for?

Most Appalling Turn of Events

As The World Turns lets Martha Byrne go, then Holden beds his cousinís/best friendís true love. Way to ruin your greatest couples.

Most Appalling Turn of Events II

NBC slashes DAYSí budget to such an extreme that Deirdre Hall and Drake Hogestyn are out, and Bo, Hope, Steve, and Kayla are basically glorified extras.

Most Embarrassing Love Story That Refuses To Die Even Though the Bride has

On Y&R, Sabrina was Victorís pathetic, mid-life crisis, not the love of his life as he keeps insisting. Montages in modern art museums make for nauseatingly pretentious TV, not great love stories. Only chemistry can do that, and they had zero.

Most Horrifying Yet Riveting

Todd raped Marty. No one in their right mind wants to see them in a love story. Yet at the same time, the more tangled and twisted their story becomes, the bigger and better showcase it is for Trevor St. John and Susan Haskellís immense talents.

Best Return

Days of Our Livesí Nicole. Bells and whistles and splashy ad campaigns followed by fizzle were the story for most of this yearís returns (AMCís Greenlee, OLTLís Tina, etc.) Arianne Zucker, however, has been a bottomless source of fun, drama, and always riveting moments.

Should Be Cast As Carrie Bradshaw, The Early Years

Not only does General Hospitalís Kirsten Storm (Maxie) wear everything and anything well, but this year sheís stolen scenes from everyone, even Maurice Benard. She can turn from comedy to drama on a dime and more than deserves some primetime exposure.

Most Entertaining Villain

Bold and the Beautifulís Alley Mills (Pam). Thereís nothing more delicious than Kevin Arnoldís mom poisoning lemon bars and coating Donna in honey to attract a bear.

Most Entertaining, Period

One Life to Liveís David Vickers. He married Addie. A dog was named after him. He became a monk. Desperate Housewives has a comic genius in their midst and irritatingly havenít got a clue.

Screen Melting Kiss

The juryís still out on their storyline, but when General Hospitalís Nikolas told Nadine that he wasnít any good for her and tried to prove his point by pulling her into an angry kiss, there wasnít a knee that didnít buckle. If only the writers could figure out a way to make that sizzle work, we really havenít seen it since.

Most Senseless Affair

Guiding Light. Gus and Harley. Cyrus and Marina. Two couples oozed chemistry and yet they were broken up. And we were left with the ick-fest that was Harley panting over Cyrus. Though money undoubtedly played a huge role, one canít help thinking that misstep in storytelling contributed a little to the loss of two fan favorites.


  • AMC - Real life war vets.
  • ATWT - Original Craigís brief return.
  • B&B - Stormís death.
  • DAYS - Nicole grieving over her baby. Sami and her witness protection officers.
  • GH - Maxie and Spinelliís relationship.
  • GL - Remy, Ava, & Bill lose their baby.
  • OLTL - The baby switch. Tea interrogates Marty on the witness stand.
  • PS - A handful of their actors land on other soaps.
  • Y&R - The New Billy.


  • AMC - Zach fathers Biancaís baby without telling Kendall.
  • ATWT - Martha Byrne gone.
  • B&B - Rick pursues Taylor.
  • DAYS - Daniel and Kate, poolside. No Alice at Christmas.
  • GH - The personality-free Russian mafia.
  • GL - Kim Zimmer, Ricky Paull Goldin, and Beth Ehlers publicly air their grievances with the show as if theirs are the only jobs that matter.
  • OLTL - The Waterfalls
  • PS - Canceled. Again.
  • YR - Jack dictating Victorís journal in that weird voice. For days.

New Yearís wishes:

  • AMC - Ryan drives his motorcycle off a cliff and this time he means it.
  • ATWT - Kevin realizes heís in love with Luke, Martha Byrne returns.
  • B&B - Lesli Kay (Felicia) is more than set decoration.
  • DAYS - They manage to keep a few veterans in heavy rotation despite the budget crunch.
  • GH - The five families should be the Quartermaines, The Spencers, The Scorpios, The Baldwins, & The Hardys, not the mob.
  • GL - Stay alive past April.
  • OLTL - Rex really is Boís son.
  • YR - Gloria stays in jail. Off-screen.

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