2012 Retro Showdown Poll Winners

Best Leading Man: Luis, PS
Best Leading Lady: Theresa, PS
Best Supporting Male: Timmy, PS
Best Supporting Female: Cara, AMC
Hottest Couple: Jesse & Angie, AMC
Most Boring Couple: Ryan & Greenlee, AMC
Should Have Been A Couple: Tad & Cara, AMC
Best Villian / Vixen: Reva, GL
Best Hero / Heroine: Brody, OLTL
Most Handsome: Patrick, GHNS
Most Beautiful: Cara, AMC
Best Rivalry: Ryan & Grant, AW
Best Storyline: Danny & Michelle, GL
Best Soap (All-time): Days Of Our Lives

Worst Storyline: Vincent/Valerie, PS
Best Comic Relief: David, OLTL
Misused/Underused: Lorna, AW
Added To Another Soap: Theresa, PS
Best Dressed Male: Ethan, PS
Best Dressed Female: Jessica, OLTL
Best Under 25: Josie, AW
Best 25 to 45: Harley, GL
Best Over 45: Viki, OLTL
Worst Soap (All-time): Port Charles
Who Should Go: Ford, OLTL
Female Scene Stealer: Theresa, PS
Male Scene Stealer: Cass, AW
Best Family: Snyders, ATWT
Best Set / Location: Bauer home, GL

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