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'Batman V Superman' Trailer Gets Official Release Following Leak

'Batman V Superman' Trailer Gets Official Release Following Leak: video.

Affleck demanded slave-owner ancestor removed from 'Finding Your Roots': Sony emails

Ben Affleck insisted on censoring the fact that one of his ancestors owned slaves from PBS show “Finding Your Roots,” the Sony email hack has revealed.

In a hacked Sony email from July 22, 2014, now available on WikiLeaks, the show’s host Henry Louis Gates, Jr. writes to Sony USA chief Michael Lynton asking for advice. “One of our guests has asked us to edit out something about one of his ancestors–the fact that he owned slaves. Now, four or five of our guests this season descend from slave owners, including Ken Burns. We’ve never had anyone ever try to censor or edit what we found. He’s a megastar. What do we do?”

Lynton’s advice was to take Affleck’s family secret out of the show, as long as nobody would find out. The Sony chairman and CEO writes, “On the doc the big question is who knows that the material is in the doc and is being taken out. I would take it out if no one knows, but if it gets out that you are editing the material based on this kind of sensitivity then it gets tricky.”

Gates, who is friends with Lynton and wrote ‘I need your advice,” goes on to admit that hiding facts would be a violation of PBS rules. “As for the doc: all my producers would know; his PR agency the same as mine, and everyone there has been involved trying to resolve this; my agent at CAA knows. And PBS would know. To do this would be a violation of PBS rules, actually, even for Batman.”

When Lynton responds that “it is tricky because it may get out that you made the change and it comes down to editorial integrity,” Gates responds, “It would embarrass him and compromise our integrity.”

Affleck was filming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” in Detroit around that time. “I’ve offered to fly to Detroit, where he is filming, to talk it through,” says Gates, later writing, “Once we open the door to censorship, we lose control of the brand.”

In the end, producers of the episode, which aired Oct. 14 last year, backed down to Affleck’s demand and made no mention of his slave-owning ancestor. The broadcast instead focused on a Revolutionary War ancestor, an ancestor who was an Occult enthusiast and his mother, who marched for Civil Rights in 1964.

In a statement released today Gates says: “The mission of ‘Finding Your Roots’ is to find and share interesting stories from our celebrity guests’ ancestries and use those stories to unlock news ways to learn about our past. We are very grateful to all of our guests for allowing us into their personal lives and have told hundreds of stories in this series including many about slave ancestors — never shying away from chapters of a family’s past that might be unpleasant.”

It continues, “Ultimately, I maintain editorial control on all of my projects and, with my producers, decide what will make for the most compelling program. In the case of Mr. Affleck — we focused on what we felt were the most interesting aspects of his ancestry — including a Revolutionary War ancestor, a 3rd great–grandfather who was an occult enthusiast, and his mother, who marched for Civil Rights during the Freedom Summer of 1964.”

PBS has also sent Page Six a statement, saying: “It is clear from the exchange how seriously Professor Gates takes editorial integrity. He has told us that after reviewing approximately ten hours of footage for the episode, he and his producers made an independent editorial judgment to choose the most compelling narrative. The range and depth of the stories on Finding Your Roots speak for themselves.”

A rep for Affleck didn’t immediately comment.

'Batman v. Superman' teaser for full-length IMAX trailer released by Zack Snyder

(Video) It's here, DC universe fans. The moment you've all been waiting for. Or actually, the moment teasing the moment you've all been waiting for.

Wednesday (April 15), "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice" director Zack Snyder released a 20-second teaser for the trailer that will be released in IMAX theaters on Monday. Variety reports that it will be the first full-length trailer, so fans looking for their nearest locations can check out the official site for details. Snyder says in his tweet that space is limited.

"Batman vs. Superman" stars Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill as the titular superheroes. It co-stars Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Ray Fisher as Cyborg.

The movie hits theaters March 25, 2016.

Theaters to host 'Batman v Superman' event

Get ready, true believers: The Batfleck is coming next week.

The first Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer arrives Monday at a special event in IMAX movie theaters across the country. Director Zack Snyder tweeted out a link for fans on Thursday with details plus a short video with a tease of footage from his follow-up to 2013's Man of Steel.

The trailer will mark the public's first glimpse at Ben Affleck in action as the Dark Knight opposite a returning Henry Cavill as Superman. Snyder had given Comic-Con attendees a snippet of footage last July at the annual pop-culture convention in San Diego.

Limited tickets for the event Monday are free and available at the Batman v Superman website.

The movie, out in full March 25, 2016, features a cast including Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ray Fisher as Cyborg, Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Jesse Eisenberg as villain Lex Luthor.

Affleck and Damon's Yankees 'wife-swap' film still in the works

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s movie about the Yankees’ 1973 wife-swapping incident is going forward despite the efforts of one of its subjects to get the film killed.

Devout Yankees haters and die-hard Red Sox fans Affleck and Damon have been determined to make “The Trade” — based on a scandal caused when former Yankee pitchers Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson made a bizarre, off-the-field bedroom trade by swapping wives — since 2010.

But 40 years after the swap, Kekich was panicked. He’d settled quietly in New Mexico and was “freaked out,” according to sources. He had determined not to cooperate and other former teammates agreed to do the same.

But the project is still in active development at Warner Bros., and “Austin Powers” director Jay Roach signed on last year.

Back in ’73, Kekich and Peterson bizarrely announced to the press they’d traded wives. (The Yanks’ GM at the time joked, “We may have to call off ‘family day.’”) Their wife-swapping concept was hatched at a ’72 party hosted by Post sports columnist Maury Allen, and Kekich and Peterson each left with the other’s wife. By December, they’d each moved in with the other’s spouse.

While Kekich’s wife, Suzanne, later reported everyone was happy — today she’s still with Peterson, whom she later married — Kekich had a change of heart. He and Peterson’s wife, Marilyn, had called it quits, and he said of his teammate Peterson, “I’d like to kill him.”

Affleck and Damon initially wanted to star in the film but will now produce. (Affleck famously refused to wear a Yankees cap in “Gone Girl,” saying, “I couldn’t put it on my head.”) No replacement cast is yet named, but we suggest Seth Rogen and James Franco. Or, Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale, Chris Pratt and Nick Offerman, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill?

Meanwhile, best buds Affleck and Damon this week sealed a deal with NBCUniversal’s Syfy to produce an espionage thriller series, “Incorporated.” Kekich can only hope their more titillating “The Trade” winds up stuck in development.

Syfy Teams With Matt Damon & Ben Affleck For Futuristic Thriller 'Incorporated'

Days after announcing a pilot order for Nerdist News, Syfy returns to the scripted drama field with a futuristic espionage thriller from Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s Pearl Street Productions, CBS Television Studios and Universal Cable Productions. Set in a dystopian future where companies have unlimited power, Incorporated centers on Ben Larson, an executive who is forced to change his identity in order to infiltrate a cutthroat corporate world and save the woman he loves. In the process, he will take on the entire system – with deadly consequences.

Created by David and Alex Pastor, who wrote and will direct the pilot, Incorporated will explore the growing influence of corporations and private interests in Washington, the slow but steady dismantling of the public sector and the increase of an amazing amount of wealth by an ever shrinking minority. With complex characters and a dark sense of humor, the show will take viewers into a world where the ethical boundaries have been completely redrawn.

Ted Humphrey (The Good Wife) will serve as executive producer/showrunner, with Damon, Affleck and Jennifer Todd also executive producing. The project gives Syfy a pair of active drama pilots, joining The Magicians, an adaptation of Lev Grossman’s best-selling fantasy book trilogy.

Said Syfy President Dave Howe, “Incorporated is an electrifying example of what science fiction does best: holding a mirror to present realities and projecting forward to a recognizable future in which we face the impact and consequences of our actions.” Added Damon and Affleck: “Incorporated provides us distinct insight into a world dictated by our decisions today. Viewers will delve into the intricacies of our future, one that we are constantly warned of, but as a society have not yet explored.”

Hugh Jackman, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Team Up for Biblical Movie Apostle Paul

Hugh Jackman is set to star in Apostle Paul, where he will be playing the early Christian missionary also known as Saul of Tarsus.

The 46-year-old actor will also be producing the Warner Bros. film, along with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck through their production company Pearl Street Films, according to Deadline.

The movie, which is currently in development, follows Paul as he grows up to become one of the most important messengers of Jesus.

Jackman, who is a student of transcendental meditation and attended the School of Practical Philosophy, an international school that teaches both Eastern and Western philosophical principles, was actually raised by a born-again Christian father, according to Parade.

"He takes his religion very seriously and would prefer I go to church," Jackman told Parade of his father. "We've had discussions about our separate beliefs. I just find the evangelical church too, well, restrictive."

This isn't the only project Jackman may have lined up. He hinted on Instagram Saturday that he is reprising his Wolverine character for the last time after more than 15 years in the role.

The last of the Wolverine films is reportedly set to hit theaters March 2017.

Ben Affleck Mentions Batman in Congressional Testimony, Gets Support from Jennifer Garner and Violet

(Pic1, Pic2, Pic3) Ben Affleck is trying to save the world—not just as Batman, either!

The 42-year-old Academy Award winner testified before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs Thursday, stressing the importance of the United States providing foreign aid to African countries. Wife Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet proudly watched on as the actor-director spoke alongside fellow philanthropist Bill Gates.

As the star of the upcoming Batman v.s Superman: Dawn of Justice, Affleck began by recognizing Senator Patrick Leahy, an avid fan of the franchise who had a brief cameo role in 2008's The Dark Knight Rises. "I would be remiss not to recognize my co-star in Batman," he joked, acknowledging the Vermont senator's presence. "Your role was marginally smaller than mine, but I understand you were quite good. Good morning, sir."

He also acknowledged Gates, whose Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is instrumental in developing ways to support sustainable African agriculture. "Thanks for having me follow the greatest and most important philanthropist in the history of the world," quipped Affleck, whose own Eastern Congo Initiative is also seeking to rebuild the economy. "I'm sure I'm going to come off great."

Affleck pointed out, though, that Starbucks just made a major purchase of coffee from the region, "a clear testament to what's possible for Congo," he said. "This isn't charity or aid in the traditional sense. It's good business."

Subcommittee Chairman Lindsey Graham appreciated Affleck's testimony, saying (per The Wall), "Jennifer and Violet are very proud. Well done."

Ben Affleck Gives a Batman Shout-Out to Senator at Congressional Hearing

Batman has landed in Washington.

Ben Affleck, who stars as the crime fighting superhero in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, managed to sneak in a Bruce Wayne reference while testifying at a Congressional hearing Thursday on Capitol Hill.

The actor and philanthropist, 42, spoke in front of Senate Appropriations Subcommittee about foreign aid at the Diplomacy, Development and National Security hearing, during which he gave a special shout out to a Batman enthusiast on the panel.

As he thanked committee members before his opening statement, Affleck turned to Senator Patrick Leahy and said, "I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge my costar in Batman," referring to Leahy's cameos in recent Batman movies.

"The role is marginally smaller than mine, but I understand that you are quite good," he joked, garnering a chuckle from the Vermont representative.

Affleck also acknowledged Microsoft founder Bill Gates, 59, who also gave testimony at the diplomacy hearing just before the Argo star.

He admitted that the business mogul and global aid activist – whose Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest private foundation in the world – was a tough act to follow.

"Thanks for having me follow the greatest and most important philanthropist in the history of the world," he joked. "I'm sure I'm going to come off great."

With wife Jennifer Garner, 42, and 9-year-old daughter Violet sitting behind him, Affleck shifted to a more serious manner to make a case for foreign aid and discuss his Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), an advocacy effort he founded that focuses on aiding communities in the African country.

"The next two years represent a critical turning point," he said. "Business and investment is strong and powerful aid. It gives people a sense of self-confidence and a sense of meaning in their lives. And it brings goods to the market, a practice of which has built this country."

Watch the complete hearing here.

Kevin Smith Confirms Mallrats Sequel

Kevin Smith is headed back to the mall.

The director confirmed to radio show Rock102 Mornings with Shmony & Carolina that's he currently working on a sequel to his 1995 hit Mallrats.

"Yeah, that's what we're working on," Smith said in response to rumors of the sequel. "It's half a script right now, and we're pulling our loot together. We've got up until the beginning of 2016. By the time we get to May 2016, we’re going to be shooting."

Smith is currently working on a third Clerks film, as well as a hockey comedy called Hit Somebody and a horror film entitled Moose Jaws. He recently completed Yoga Hosers, which stars Johnny Depp and Justin Long.

"Lately I've been doing this thing where I'm like, 'Do you want to do what's good for your career, or do you just want to have fun?' " he continued. "Nobody's clamoring for a Mallrats sequel, but I would love to make one. It's been like 20 years."

Mallrats, which starred Jason Lee, Jeremy London and Shannen Doherty (as well as Ben Affleck in a small role) grossed $2.1 million initially (on a $6 million budget) and was considered a flop following the runaway success of Smith's first film, Clerks. It achieved slightly more success after being released on video.

"It's a movie that's very dear to my heart," Smith writes of the film on his production company View Askew's website. "But it went right in the s---ter."

Ben Affleck Bring Home the Raspberries

If Sunday night brings the Oscars, then Saturday night must bring the Razzies, Hollywood's annual tip of the hat for the worst screen achievements of the year – although, for once, the voters decided to do something nice.

At a ceremony that took place in Hollywood Saturday night, Ben Affleck was spared the spitball and honored by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation in a brand new category meant to recognize that an artist can progress upward and onward.

Affleck was named winner of the inaugural Razzie Redeemer Award, for his moving "on from Gigli to do Argo and Gone Girl," said Razzies founder John Wilson.

Damon, Affleck, Simmons is peak Patriots fanboy photo

(Photo) You are a Boston transplant celebrity in Los Angeles, so how to enjoy Super Bowl XLIX? Apparently, you congregate at Jimmy Kimmel’s house.

That’s where Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, ESPN columnist Bill Simmons and Mighty Mighty Bosstones singer and Kimmel show announcer Dicky Barrett were biting their nails Sunday night as the Patriots pulled out Super Bowl XLIX over the Seahawks.

They then posed for a photo that was posted on the Bosstones’ Twitter account – with “PTI” host Tony Kornheiser chilling in the background.

Too bad Mark Wahlberg was busy hanging at the game with “Ted 2? co-star Tom Brady.

Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, John Krasinski Claim Credit For Deflategate On 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, John Krasinski Claim Credit For Deflategate On 'Jimmy Kimmel': video.

Stars' Real Names Revealed!

Ben Affleck: The Oscar winner's given name, Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt, has special meaning: Geza was a family friend's name and Boldt is his mother's maiden name.

Ben Affleck To Receive WGA West's Valentine Davies Award

The Writers Guild of America, West has tapped screenwriter-director-actor-producer Ben Affleck to receive the WGAW’s 2015 Valentine Davies Award. The annual honor goes to a guild member whose humanitarian efforts and service to the global community “have brought dignity and honor to writers everywhere.”

Two-time Oscar-winner and WGA nominee Affleck is coming off of a starring turn in David Fincher’s Gone Girl and heads next into a major franchise debut donning the Batman mantle in WB’s 2016 superhero tentpole Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He’s also prepping the Dennis Lehane Prohibition crime drama Live by Night, which he’ll star in and direct, and is gearing up to lead the cast of WB’s The Accountant.

The WGA honor recognizes Affleck’s work with the Eastern Congo Initiative, the US-based advocacy group he founded in 2010 to support economic and social development in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He also supports charitable organizations including Feeding America, Paralyzed Veterans of America, A-T Children’s Project, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Jimmy Fund. Past WGA awardees include Phil Alden Robinson, Norman Lear, Neal Baer, Larry Gelbart, Tom Schulman, Carl Reiner, Susannah Grant, Phil Rosenthal, and Sam Simon.

“Affleck has traveled extensively in support of these initiatives with energy, commitment, intelligence, and effectiveness, devoting large amounts of time and presence. And in doing so, he has raised the bar for what it means, in this community, to be a socially committed citizen,” said WGAW President Chris Keyser.

Affleck will receive the award at the WGAW’s 2015 Writers Guild Awards West Coast ceremony on Saturday, February 14, at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles.

2015 Razzie Nominations

2015 Golden Raspberry Awards will be handed out on Feb. 21.


• Ben Affleck, from Gigli to Argo and Gone Girl

• Jennifer Aniston, from four-time Razzie nominee to Cake

• Mike Myers, from The Love Guru to directing Supermensch

• Keanu Reeves, from six-time Razzie nominee to John Wick

• Kristen Stewart, from six-time Razzie winner for Twilight to Camp X-Ray

Ben Affleck, David Fincher, Gillian Flynn Plot 'Strangers On A Train' Redo At Warner Bros

Ben Affleck and David Fincher will re-team on a Warner Bros remake of the Hitchcock classic thriller Strangers On A Train. Gillian Flynn, who adapted her novel Gone Girl for Fincher and Affleck, is in talks to write the script. The film will be produced by Affleck under Pearl Street, the Warner Bros-based banner he runs with Matt Damon. WB’s Jon Berg is overseeing. They are calling it Strangers.

Though the Hitchcock remake–a Warner Bros library title and an adaptation of the Patricia Highsmith novel–will be its basis, this film will be contemporary and redefined for the times. This one might be best titled Strangers On A Plane, as Affleck will play a variation of the role played by Farley Granger of a tennis pro who is bored with his marriage and wants to get divorced, but instead gets entwined with a wealthy socialite psycho who proposes the notion of exchanging murders. The twist here is a compelling one. Affleck will play a movie star–in the middle of a campaign for an Oscar during awards season–whose private plane breaks down and is given a ride to LA on another plane by a wealthy stranger. In Fincher’s hands, who knows how that goes, but it sure does seem like fertile ground.

The idea of a remake has been kicking around for some time, with Arnold Kopelson at one point attempting it but never getting it off the ground. This is an important get for Warner Bros, and top brass is high on the project: Affleck, Fincher and Flynn’s Gone Girl was a lucrative one for Fox and New Regency, grossing $350 million worldwide on a $60 million budget.

The project will follow the track of an express train, despite Affleck’s busy schedule. He is clearing space to shoot Strangers between directing and starring in the Dennis Lehane novel adaptation Live By Night in the spring, and starring in Justice League in 2016. Fincher has his own projects at HBO that will keep him busy in the interim. Affleck will next be seen in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

People's Choice Awards: Amy Adams Emotionally Presents Ben Affleck with Humanitarian Award

"I've been called a lot of things in my life," said Ben Affleck at the People's Choice Awards, "but I'm not sure that 'humanitarian,' until recently, has been one of them."

Affleck, 42, was granted the favorite humanitarian award on Wednesday for his work for the Eastern Congo Initiative, which he founded in 2010.

His Batman v Superman paramour, Amy Adams, presented Affleck with his award.

"The same qualities that make my friend Ben Affleck a phenomenal actor, director, and writer are also what make him an extraordinary humanitarian," said an emotional Adams. "He puts his heart and soul into everything he does. When Ben heard about the crisis in the eastern Congo – where over five million people have died due to violence and disease – he didn't just write a check."

She continued, "He dove in head-first, completely immersing himself in the problems, meeting with the Congolese leaders and ex-warlords, child soldiers and refugees to comprehend everything he could about the issues that plagued the area."

Adams went on to call the ECI "game-changing," adding: "It's making it possible for kids to go to school, helping businesses flourish, and giving millions of abuse victims a voice to finally be heard, all thanks to Ben. In his words, this is a country of survivors. Helping them survive and thrive is his legacy."

"Eastern Congo is one of the most damaged places in the world," said Affleck in a taped segment which aired before he hit the stage to accept his award. "I thought, 'If there's ever a place that needed assistance, this is it.'"

The Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI) is an advocacy and grant-making initiative which seeks not only to raise funds and provide aid to the Congolese but also to influence policymakers in the United States in ways that will, ultimately, make life better for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

"It's important for me to try my hand at philanthropy because I want to leave behind a record of someone who did more than just gobble up stuff for themselves. I realized that a life lived for yourself is not much of a life."

"There's no guarantee when you set out to change the world that you'll be in any way successful," the segment went on, "except it's absolutely guaranteed that you'll change yourself and that I have found to be true."

On being called a humanitarian, "it's something I've had a hard time accepting," Affleck said, after thanking the "astonishing actress," Adams, for her speech. "I've had the privilege of working alongside so many incredible people in the Congo and all over the world who, I assure you, are far more deserving."

"I've been lucky to spend time working with real humanitarians," he continued. "People who, in the face of incredible challenges and war and poverty and disease, dedicate every waking moment to rebuilding their country and a better future for their families, and that's really on whose behalf I want to accept this award – on half of the people of the Eastern Congo Initiative and all of our partners in the Democratic Republic of the Congo."

Affleck went on to add that "the world is a scary and terrible place and bad things happen … the one way to combat the sad things we see – the terrible things we see – is to bring a little bit of kindness into the world … our country is about reaching out and helping our fellow man."

Affleck also won the award for favorite dramatic movie actor for his lead role in Gone Girl.

Go here to donate to the Eastern Congo Initiative and here to learn more about the cause.


The PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS announced today that two-time Academy Award winner Ben Affleck will receive the third annual People’s Choice Award for Favorite Humanitarian, presented by Walgreens, during the live awards show from the Nokia Theater L.A. Live, Wednesday, Jan. 7 (9:00-11:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT) on the CBS Television Network.

“We are so pleased to honor Ben with the 2015 People's Choice Humanitarian Award,” said Executive Producer Mark Burnett. “This award has become an important part of our show. It highlights a different side of a celebrity and helps bring awareness to a cause that our audience can support.”

Affleck was chosen as this year’s recipient in recognition of his work with Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), which he founded in 2010. ECI is both a grant-making and advocacy-based organization that partners with the Congolese people to increase the quality and quantity of investments in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Over the last five years, ECI has made grants and investments to support local solutions that create smart, effective and sustainable economic and social development opportunities. In partnership, ECI has worked to amplify Congolese voices and share with the world the abundance of proven community-based approaches that are key to creating a peaceful and vibrant society. To date, ECI has made investments to strengthen and revitalize DRC’s cocoa and coffee sectors, help reintegrate former child soldiers into society, and address the health needs of women and children.

Walgreens, the official retail sponsor of PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS 2015, is once again presenting the award for Favorite Humanitarian in conjunction with the company’s purpose to champion everyone’s right to be happy and healthy. Past winners of the award include Sandra Bullock in 2013, in recognition of her work with the Warren Easton High School in New Orleans, and Jennifer Hudson in 2014, to honor her work with the Julian D. King Gift Foundation.

Ben Affleck, Others Stumping For Bradley Cooper's 'American Sniper' Performance

After all the sinister implications of the Sony hacking scandal, a nice story has emerged among the sharp elbows on the Oscar circuit that is enough to make one feel good about actors who simply love the craft.

Even though he was suffering from the flu, Ben Affleck took the time to speak at an event meant to celebrate American Sniper and Bradley Cooper’s performance as Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. During a screening of his film Inherent Vice, Josh Brolin could be heard talking about how important Cooper’s performance was. Now, both of them have movies in the Oscar hunt–Affleck having starred in Gone Girl. And yet they were standing up for the strong performance turned in by Cooper, who is at a distinct disadvantage because he is starring on Broadway in The Elephant Man, and got snubbed in both the Golden Globes and SAG nominations to the shock of many.

Word is that Leonardo DiCaprio might also do something. This is noteworthy because stars never do anything against their self interest to help the competition when awards are on the line. Why the change? As Affleck said the other night, and I’m paraphrasing, right now we need to say something strong and meaningful about what our industry is about and what our country is about, and Cooper’s performance does that. Cooper’s performance, he said, speaks well for who are are at our best.

Ben Affleck puffs on cig while strolling with wife

(Pic) Ben Affleck loves himself a cigarette.

The Oscar-winner, 42, was spotted walking with his wife, Jennifer Garner, in Brentwood, Calif., on Thursday.

While the mother of three, 42, in blue jeans and black boots, clutched a book and purse, Affleck, looking stylish in a gray overcoat and black sneakers, puffed on a cigarette.

Although Affleck has paid special attention to his diet while bulking up for “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” he hasn’t given up cigarettes.

Thursday’s sighting is the latest in a long string of cigarette breaks at which photographers have captured the star.

He cut out smoking altogether in 2007 after filming “Smokin’ Aces,” in which he played a chain smoker.

“The whole week that I shot, I smoked, like five packs a day,” he told People at the time. “By the time the movie was over, I was so sick of smoking, I just didn’t want to do it anymore, and I quit. I have this celluloid record of the last time I smoked.”

Nancy Grace Apologizes to Ben Affleck's Penis

Nancy Grace has clearly not seen the zoomed-in, slow-motion animated GIFs circulating all over the Web.

In a table-turning interview printed in The Hollywood Reporter, the legal pundit was interviewed by her Gone Girl imitator, Missi Pyle. The two chatted about the film, the various media portrayals of Grace in action, and, of course, Ben Affleck's appendage, which made a surprise appearance in the film.


Grace, 55, "loved the film. Number one, I'm a huge Ben Affleck fan. Number two, the stars – what a lineup," she said. The Affleck mention prompted Pyle, 42, to later ask: "I'm wondering if you caught his 'man part' in the movie?"

"I heard it made a turn in the movie," Grace replied. "I'm assuming that was the shower scene. I'm sorry, I was too focused on the blood to notice Ben Affleck's penis, so I apologize to the penis because I did not notice it."

Added Grace, "Has everyone in this country seen his penis but me? Am I the only one?"

Not the only one, but she's possibly just part of a small minority at this point.

As for her many other imitators (such as Amy Poehler on Saturday Night Live and Jill Brennan's Gracie Jane on Boston Legal, among others), the news anchor is "very flattered … Even though I get poked fun at, I don't mind … To me, the truth is extremely polarizing, and it doesn't always taste good going down.

"This is not a popularity contest," she added. "I do not expect to go home and be crowned Miss Congeniality. That's not going to happen."


Ben Affleck said: “I prefer white meat for Thanksgiving. Though, actually, I’m more of an ass man.”

Violet Affleck is Hillary Clinton's littlest supporter

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s 8-year-old daughter Violet will be campaigning for Hillary Clinton if she runs, Garner joked at Wednesday’s Save the Children Illumination Gala at the Plaza.

Garner brought Violet to the event last year to see Clinton speak. “She may be 8, but she will be campaigning should Hillary decide to run,” the actress declared.

Dad Affleck added: “I am excited about Hillary because having two little girls, I recognize how powerful it would be for them to see a woman be president of the United States.”

Affleck: My wife takes on the 'lion's share' of responsibilities

Ben Affleck feels more comfortable speaking his mind than pretending to say what people want to hear. So before receiving his award at Wednesday’s Save the Children Illumination Gala, he praised wife Jennifer Garner on her dedication to their family, and then shared insight into his recent spat with “Real Time” host Bill Maher over generalized remarks about Islam.

On an episode last month, Affleck took issue with Maher saying that Islam is “the only religion that acts like the Mafia.”

“I was ultimately making a ‘Sesame Street’ argument. You don’t judge a whole group of people based on the actions of a few,” Affleck said of their heated debate.

The “Gone Girl” actor makes no bones about speaking his mind when it comes to hot-button issues.

“That’s the environment around my dinner table when we talk politics,” he said. “I think I’d rather tell the truth and say what I believe in and make people unhappy than sort of pretend to think something else to accommodate them and try to be liked. That’s just the way it goes and I don’t think I’m any great champion of anything, but if they’re going to put me on a show, I’m going to say what I think.”

As for Garner, the 42-year-old actor says he’s grateful that his wife takes on the “lion’s share” of responsibilities, dedicating her time to raising their three young children, while maintaining her career and charity work.

“She’s been really smart about choosing her projects, doing ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ or ‘Alexander and the Terrible Day,’ smart, good movies that luckily have been successful. And then, they’re not so time-consuming that she can’t do this work and be there for our kids, which is the most important thing to her,” Affleck said.

Garner spoke of how the couple divides their time for philanthropy.

“He works on Eastern Congo Initiative, and I work on the U.S. programs for Save the Children, and within that, I really work on getting kids started on the right foot from birth to 5, helping families get their kids up and ready for school and healthy,” she said, adding: “We don’t scatter our energy around.”

Affleck co-founded the Eastern Congo Initiative in 2010 with Whitney Williams. The organization advocates the economic and social growth of the country through various programs. And while some of their missions focus on the well-being of children, Affleck says he doesn’t make “value judgments” on where the problems are more dire.

“There are children in the United States, my wife has traveled, been in their homes in Kentucky, West Virginia, in the Central Valley of California who can’t speak and they’re 4 years old, who can’t read until five years later than they should, who get no stimuli, who are really suffering, and we recognize it. In this country, with our wealth, with our, I think, decency and empathy, we should be taking care — at the very least educating all of our citizenry.”

He added: “I also think it’s important to take care of people who are suffering on a different level, which is in Eastern Congo suffering from war and famine and preventable disease. And where maternal health is non-existent, so 1 in 5 children dies before the age of 5.”

Affleck was honored with the Global Child Advocate Award for his support in providing children around the world a stronger start in life. Among the evening’s other recipients were former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who received the Global Legacy Award, and Austin Hearst of the Hearst Corp., who was honored with the Humanitarian Award.

Bono, Affleck, Britton stay silent in PSA on Ebola response

(Video) Bono, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman and “The Walking Dead” actress Danai Gurira are among celebrities playing the waiting game in a new online campaign calling for a unified response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

In a video posted Wednesday, stars such as Will Ferrell, Thandie Newton and Connie Britton stare silently into a camera to illustrate that they’re still waiting for world leaders to fight Ebola, which has killed more than 5,000 people in the west African countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

“The waiting is causing the issue to propel itself,” said Danai. “I thought it was a very powerful way to get that message across that we do need action. Sitting and waiting can lead to more problems.”

Other stars appearing in the One Campaign’s 2-minute video include Will Ferrell, Thandie Newton, Vincent Cassel, Connie Britton, Akon, Ellie Goulding, German soccer star Per Mertesacker, and African musicians Fally Ipupa and Angelique Kidjo. They’re also joined by Liberian health care workers Dr. J. Soka Moses and Louise Gaye.

“We thought there was something extremely powerful in not having them say anything,” said Michael Elliott, CEO of the One Campaign. “We asked them to look into the camera, and we came up with just a few simple lines explaining that we’ve waited too long in the past, and we can’t wait too long in the future.”

Elliott called the initial response to the Ebola outbreak a failure and said thousands have paid with their lives. One Campaign is asking citizens to sign a petition demanding that world leaders strengthen health care systems in developing countries and end the outbreak.

The video is being released alongside the One Campaign’s online Ebola response tracker, which shows how much money countries have pledged to tackle Ebola, how much has been disbursed and how many health workers and other contributions have been sent to affected countries.

Bono, who co-founded the One Campaign, isn’t being as quiet in his other attempt to battle Ebola: The U2 frontman is leading a reworked rendition of “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” featuring young artists like Sam Smith, One Direction and Rita Ora. The original Band Aid charity single was released 30 years ago.

Ben Affleck & Matt Damon: 'We Have Great Wives'

Hindsight is a funny thing. Even though they have a handful of Oscars on their collective mantle, lifelong friends Ben Affleck and Matt Damon still fondly recall a period in their lives where the next job, the next meal, were never exactly guaranteed.

"Those times were fun!" Affleck tells PEOPLE, while sitting alongside Damon. "We had a great time! We were young, we didn't have the kinds of fears that you have when you get into your forties if you haven't gotten to where you want to go. We were in our twenties and we just had a blast!"

"We were around a community of people that we really liked, and all of us were trying to do something similar. You didn't think of it as 'struggling' at that point, you were just trying to break in, and that was great," the soon-to-be Caped Crusader said at an event Friday that celebrated season 4 of the pair's resurrected passion project, Project Greenlight, which is set to air on HBO next spring. (Burgeoning director Jason Mann, who outlasted 12 other finalists, ended up taking home the top prize for season 4.)

It didn't take long for the Affleck and Damon to "break in" – they were still in their twenties when they scored a Best Original Screenplay Oscar for Good Will Hunting in 1997.

It also didn't hurt that Affleck was named PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive in 2002, and Damon later took the title in 2007.

Now both married with kids, they credit their families with giving their busy lives balance.

"We have great wives, and we're very lucky," says Affleck, who has three children with Jennifer Garner. Damon has four daughters with wife of nine years, Luciana Barroso.

But their enduring bromance has also helped keep their feet on the ground. The pair, who have a production company together, simply enjoy each other's company, laughing as they made ribald jokes about Affleck's full-frontal nude scene in Gone Girl, and entertaining a room full of journalists in Los Angeles on Friday night.

"We've known each other for more than 30 years, and the fact that we have a company together is kind of a part of the whole thing," Damon says, before adding with a chuckle, "We used to have business lunches together in high school when we had no business to talk about."

Meet Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's New Protégé, Project Greenlight Winner Jason Mann

(Pic) So who will Ben Affleck and Matt Damon be mentoring onscreen for the next several months? Meet Jason Mann, the winner of season 4 of HBO's Project Greenlight.

Greenlight producer Marc Joubert says Mann was "light-years beyond what we had in seasons 1, 2 and 3."

Affleck adds, "Jason was, by far, the best, and we were really, really impressed by him and we really feel confident that he's going to do something special for us and HBO."

The show, which premieres in spring 2015 after a 10-year hiatus, will capture the entire process of Mann directing a feature-length film. Mann was chosen via Facebook and a panel of judges.

Though the A-listers were expected to announce the winner, technically Affleck and Damon were beaten to the punch. Mann explains, "There was this moment where the projector showed 'the winner,' and I assumed it might be a mistake, or there were options [laughs], and that was maybe one that was being projected at the time."

Affleck jokes, "Technology is not up to the point where the projector would wait for us to announce the winner before they projected the winner."

Project Greenlight, which first premiered in 2001, follows the winner through the entire filmmaking process, from pre-production to casting to post-production. The documentary series launched the career of well-known filmmakers, such as Pete Jones (Hall Pass) and Patrick Melton (the Saw franchise).

The show was cancelled in 2005, but Affleck and Damon saw the opportunity to revive it now that technology has advanced. "It was ahead of its time in the sense that the technological demands that we placed on our company when we did it the first time proved to be a little bit much. When we thought about bringing it back, we thought that the world has come to a place where it's going to be much easier for us to do this," the director of the 2013 Oscar Best Picture winner, Argo, told PEOPLE.

"Jason should be doing this, this is what he is meant to do, and he's really, really good at it," Damon says, applauding Mann. "I think he's somebody who, in 25 years, we'll look back and he'll have made a lot of wonderful movies, all kinds of different movies, and we'll say, 'Of course this is the guy that got that job!' "

Matt Damon -- I've Seen Ben Affleck's Wiener

(Video) If Ben Affleck's wiener flash in "Gone Girl" disappointed you ... then get ready to be jealous of Matt Damon -- 'cause he's totally seen the batwiener ... MANY TIMES.

Damon was heading into an event Friday night -- Ben was already inside -- when someone asked if he saw his buddies junk in the new flick.

Fans of the movie are divided ... some say they saw the flaccid cameo, some say it didn't even happen.

Side note: What's the deal with these 2 dudes? Damon looks like he's 24

Fox Buys Supernatural Comedy Produced By Ben Affleck & Matt Damon

30 Rock writer-producer Colleen McGuinness is having a big development season, selling a second high-profile project with A-list producers attached. Fox has put in development an untitled comedy from McGuinness, which is executive produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. The single-camera half-hour comedy, which has a script commitment plus penalty, hails from Universal TV and Affleck and Damon’s Pearl Street Films. Written by McGuinnes, it centers on a 25-year-old woman who works at a frozen yogurt shop and whose life is going nowhere – until she discovers she is telekinetic. McGuinnes is executive producing with Affleck, Damon and Pearl Street’s Jennifer Todd.

McGuinness, who was a writer on Seasons 6 and 7 of NBC’s Emmy-winning 30 Rock, also recently sold an untitled comedy to NBC, executive produced by 30 Rock showrunners Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. Last season,WME-repped McGuinnes was a supervising producer on Jason Katims’ About A Boy.

WME-repped Pearl Street Films is currently producing a new season of the Emmy-nominated Project Greenlight for HBO and and is in pre-production on the feature Live By Night, based on the Dennis Lehane novel which Affleck is adapting, will star in and direct for 2015.

Ben Affleck tried to 'curb' Shia LaBeouf's antics

Shia LaBeouf will always thank Ben Affleck for inspiring him early on in his career.

“He was the first guy who really took me off to the side and made me feel like I could do it,” the 28-year-old “Fury” star told Interview magazine.

Seemingly aware that LaBeouf was heading down a troubled path, Affleck, 42, shared some important pearls of wisdom with a then-young LaBeouf.

“‘Keep your head on straight, kid, and don’t let all this get to you,’” LaBeouf said Affleck advised. “He knew that I had cameras in my face and that there were expectations to perform. I think that’s always been my issue. I’m prone to theatrics in my life. When you’re in front of a film crew, the worst thing that an actor can be is boring, and that flows over into my life.”

LaBeouf says Affleck saw him turning “reality up to 11” at a wrap party they both attended. “Ben saw that and was trying to curb it before it became an issue,” said the star whose “Cabaret” meltdown led him to jail.

“He was unsuccessful,” he said with a laugh.

Matt Damon, Ben Affleck & Syfy Team On Espionage Thriller

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s Pearl Street Films and CBS TV Studios are developing Incorporated, a futuristic espionage thriller for Syfy. Set in a world where corporations have seemingly unlimited power, Incorporated will tell the story of one man’s efforts to beat the system. David and Alex Pastor (Selfless) will write the pilot, and Ted Humphrey (The Good Wife) will serve as executive producer/showrunner with Damon, Affleck and Jennifer Todd also exec producing. Pearl Street’s Margaret Chernin will serve as associate producer.

'Gone Girl' fights off 'Dracula' to win box office

Amid a flurry of new movie challengers, Gone Girl shone through to take the top spot at the box office for the second weekend in a row.

David Fincher's adaptation of Gillian Flynn's novel took in $26.8 million to raise its domestic total to $78.2 million.

It fought off an early challenge from Universal's Dracula Untold, which made a strong debut with $23.5 million and second place, according to studio estimates from tracking service Rentrak.

The high-profile newcomers also included Disney's Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, which opened third with $19.1 million. Robert Downey Jr.'s drama The Judge opened fifth with $13.3 million.

Gone Girl, starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike as the ultimate dysfunctional couple, stood atop of them all, thanks to continued strong word of mouth for the early awards contender and a prominent social media campaign. The film has an 87% critical approval rating on survey site, along with a 91% audience thumb's up.

"This is a thought-provoking film that still has people buzzing," says Paul Dergarabedian, box office analyst for Rentrak. "It's rare for an adult drama that displays this kind of dominance over two weekends."

Dracula Untold, starring Luke Evans in the Dracula origin tale, jumped out to an early weekend lead with $8.9 million from Friday and late Thursday night screenings. This came despite dire warnings about the adaptation from critics, who gave it a 26% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes (audiences gave it 65%).

But Dracula withstood the critical wooden stakes for an impressive opening that could mark the beginning of a new Universal franchise, says Phil Contrino, chief analyst for

Audiences were clearly in the Halloween horror frame of mind as the doll flick Annabelle took fourth place in its second weekend with $16.4 million ($62.2 million total).

Very Bad Day, Disney's version of Judith Viorst's beloved 1972 novel, pulled in the family audience in a solid, if unremarkable, opening. The movie stars 13-year-old Ed Oxenbould as the title character, along with Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner as his screen parents.

"You don't need a movie like this to have an earth-shattering debut," says Contrino. "Very Bad Day will continue to hold up in the upcoming weeks ahead."

The Judge's opening came on the heels of a massive media push by Downey, stepping away from his box office-dominating Marvel Iron Man roles. Downey stars as a slick lawyer who returns to his hometown to defend his disapproving father (Robert Duvall) on murder charges.

Downey worked tirelessly to push this first title from Team Downey, the production company he runs with his wife, Susan.

Final figures are expected Monday.

Ben Affleck Kisses Jennifer Garner in Rare PDA Moment

(Pic) Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner aren't the type to pack on the PDA, but every once in a while, they just can't resist!

That's what happened Sunday at the farmer's market in Pacific Palisades, Calif., when the Gone Girl star stole a quick kiss from his wife!

Ben, 42, had a pretty good weekend. In addition to his casual romantic outing with Jen, also 42, his movie, Gone Girl, took the top spot at the box office.

In the David Fincher helmed flick, Ben plays Nick Dunne, a dark character with a relationship very different from the one he has with Jennifer. When Nick's wife Amy Dunne, played by Rosamund Pike, goes missing, police begin to question whether he had something sinister to do with her disappearance.

E! News asked Ben what his real-life wife thought of him playing such a dark role. "I think Jen knows I'm not a murdered by now," he said. "I hope!"

Pretty sure she's figured that one out by now! After all, the spouses are happily married and have three kids together: Violet, 8, Seraphina, 5, and Samuel, 2. And while family is everything to the pair, they make sure they carve out some alone time, too.

"You go through phases," Jennifer told InStyle's October 2014 issue. "You can't expect to be courted all the time, and I don't want to court him right now—I don't have the energy! But we're definitely in a very mindful place where we're making an effort to be together, do things at the same time, and be loving."

Jen and Ben both have their parental roles carved out, too. "For better or worse, I tend to be the one who says, 'This is what needs to happen.' I know who wants what lunch, and I've done all the school paperwork and filled out the emergency cards. Ben doesn't even know that stuff exists. He is in charge of laughter. No matter how much I tickle them or toss them or chase them around, it's not the same. If I'm the slow, steady drumbeat, he's the jazz," she said.

But, Jen makes better movies than Ben as far as the kids are concerned! "My kids are always saying, 'Mom, you're our only hope. Dad does all these grown-up movies," she said. "We can't see Argo or Gone Girl. Batman looks too scary. You have to do things we can see!'"

Gone Girl is definitely not appropriate for children, and we already know Ben's girls "don't give a s--t" about Batman--they prefer Frozen!

'Girl' nabs No. 1 at box office from 'Annabelle'

1. "Gone Girl," $38 million.

2. "Annabelle," $37.2 million.

3. "The Equalizer," $19 million.

4. "The Boxtrolls," $12.4 million.

5. "The Maze Runner," $12 million

6. "Left Behind," $6.8 million.

7. "This Is Where I Leave You," $4 million.

8. "Dolphin Tale 2," $3.5 million.

9. "Guardians of the Galaxy," $3 million.

10. "No Good Deed," $2.5 million.

Ben Affleck Bumps Heads With Bill Maher Over Islam; Host Equates Religion To Mafia

(Video) Ben Affleck locked horns with Bill Maher and author Sam Harris last night on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher over their broad generalization of Muslims. “Liberals have failed on the topic of theocracy,” argued Harris, “We can criticize Christians…but when you want to talk about the treatment of women, homosexuals and free thinkers in the Muslim world, liberals have failed us….We’ve been sold on this meme of Islamophobia.”

“Hold on — are you the person who officially understands the codified doctrine of Islam?” Affleck questioned, “(Your characterization) is gross and racist. It’s like saying, ‘Oh, you shifty Jew!’” Affleck believes that the minority of radicals Islamists shouldn’t give a bad name to the overwhelming majority of Muslims who do not share the same views.

“It’s the only religion that acts like the mafia — that will fucking kill you if you say the wrong thing, draw the wrong picture, or write the wrong book,” Maher exclaimed to Affleck.

“What is your solution? That we condemn Islam?” asked the Oscar-winning Argo filmmaker, “We’ve killed more Muslims then they’ve killed us by an awful lot, and we’ve invaded more Islamic nations. But we’re exempted from this things?”

To which Affleck sarcastically added, “They’re not a reflection of what we believe in. We did it by accident.”

Ben Affleck on Refusing to Wear a Yankees Hat in Gone Girl: 'It Was a One-Man Riot'

As Ben Affleck well knows, there are some things die-hard Red Sox fans simply won't do.

Cheering Derek Jeter at Fenway during his very last game? OK. Wearing a Yankees hat under any circumstance? Never!

Even in the name of art.

So, when esteemed director David Fincher politely asked the Oscar-winner to don a Yankees cap for a scene in Gone Girl, the actor had no choice: He had to say no.

"I said, 'David, I love you, I would do anything for you,' " Affleck, 42, told the New York Times. "'But I will not wear a Yankees hat. I just can't. I can't wear it because it's going to become a thing, David. I will never hear the end of it. I can't do it.' And I couldn't put it on my head."

The Boston native and die-hard Red Sox fan said he and Fincher squabbled over the topper while filming a scene in which Affleck's character attempted to avoid recognition inside a New York airport.

"That was the only fight David and I had," Affleck recalled, "and it was a legitimate fight."

Affleck recalls Fincher tried to insist he wear the hat – "he said it was like it's foregone, it's destiny" – but Affleck stood his ground.

"It was an uprising; it was a coup, I rioted," said Affleck, like a true member of Red Sox Nation. "It was a one-man riot against the Yankees."

After much "shuttle diplomacy, so much back-and-forth," the pair came up with the only logical conclusion: The actor wore a Mets hat.

"This was very Switzerland," Affleck said of the compromise.

Gone Girl opens Friday in theaters nationwide.

Jennifer Garner on Hubby Ben Affleck's Batman Transformation: "It Feels Like I'm Having an Affair"

It's safe to say Ben Affleck's Batman bod is not going unnoticed—or unappreciated.

The actor's wife and fellow thesp Jennifer Garner stopped to chat with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on their morning talk show Live With Kelly & Michael, and the trio went straight to the hot (pun intended) topic at hand—Ben's muscles. Ripa asked the question we're all dying to know the answer to, "Does he look just as ripped underneath the costume?"

"You know, he has put on 30 pounds of muscle and he's 8 percent body fat," Garner began to answer. "He looks pretty good. It's a little bit like, 'Whoa, who are you?' It feels like I'm having an affair. But I don't mind, I'm not complaining." LOL!

It was announced last year that the Oscar winner had signed on to play the Caped Crusader in the Man of Steel sequel Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice alongside Henry Cavill, and it seemed like Affleck hit the gym almost immediately. The star's leaner and buffer bod began making frequent appearances while the actor took on his daddy duties.

However, Ben had to slow down a bit because he was also shooting Gone Girl at the time. "I'm trying to keep him at the size he's at right now until he's done with us," Gone Girl costume designer Trish Summerville told E! News at the Catching Fire premiere in L.A. "I'm sure he's working out but I think for him, he's probably a guy that builds up really quickly so I just kind of asked him if he can stay where he's at right now."

"He's a really big guy, like he's quite tall," Summerville said. "You don't realize how big he is. He kind of reads smaller on film than he does in real life."

Well, we can't wait to see that big, buff bod on the big screen!

Ben Affleck Warned Jennifer Garner He's Naked in Gone Girl

It's not like Jennifer Garner hasn't seen her hubby Ben Affleck naked, but it's nice to know the Oscar winner was a gentleman and warned his wife about his much-talked about Gone Girl nudity.

"I was aware," Garner told me with a smile last night at the premiere of her new movie, Men, Women & Children (in limited release today and expanding on Oct.17.).

Not only does Affleck flash some of his tush in Gone Girl, but there's also a very quick flash of his manhood.

Garner couldn't tell us what it was like seeing Affleck in all his glory on a big screen because, she said, "I haven't seen it yet."

I couldn't help but crack, "Well, you have."

Garner smiled again and gave me a wink.

Love her.

"The penis is in there!" Affleck exclaimed during an interview with MTV News' Josh Horowitz. "It costs extra. It's IMAX penis! You've gotta pay fifteen bucks to see it in 3-D. It looks better in 3-D."

And he continued, "You should know it was very cold. It was a very cold set. It was freezing. It was subzero."

Affleck said he knew from the beginning he'd have to show his goods.

"I think there's some brief nudity in this movie," he said. "Director David [Fincher] said to me from the beginning, ‘This is a warts and all movie. It can have no vanity. You have to see the naked underbelly of this character.' It's gotta be like in Europe, they just don't give a s--t about any of that stuff and they just play real people. So that was the spirit of the thing and we kind of stuck to that, me and Rosamund [Pike]. There is some brief, um, very brief nudity, I think."

Affleck isn't the only one who strips down in the movie. Co-stars Rosamund Pike, Emily Ratajkowski and Neil Patrick Harris show some skin, too.

'Gone Girl' a spot-on and sinister cinematic adaptation

Gone Girl is to marriage what Fatal Attraction was to infidelity.

The topnotch film adaptation of Gillian Flynn's best-selling suspense novel posits that what is nearest and ostensibly dearest may kill you (**** out of four: rated R; opening Thursday in select theaters and Friday nationwide).

Home is not only where the heart is. It's where potential danger lurks behind every ottoman, cabinet door and kitchen appliance.

Where 1987's Fatal Attraction focused on the potential evil that can come with straying, Gone Girl focuses on the devil you know — or think you know.

Fans of Flynn's riveting page-turner will find the mesmerizing movie version by director David Fincher supremely smart and undeniably sinister. It's at once faithful to the source and even more precisely constructed. A few ancillary characters and non-essential scenarios were jettisoned to focus on the taut psychological thriller and murder mystery that centers on Amy Elliot Dunne (Rosamund Pike) and Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) on the day of their fifth wedding anniversary. It's a superb match of material, actors and filmmaker.

With her serenely cool beauty, Pike is ideally cast in the role of the privileged, manipulative and calculating Amy. An under-utilized and terrific actress, the British Pike plays sophisticated New Yorker Amy impeccably. Amy's childhood was plagiarized, her husband Nick observes, by opportunistic parents who wrote a series of popular children's books about "Amazing Amy." Amy's extraordinary upbringing is alluded to rather than fully revealed as in the novel, but what the audience learns is enough.

Affleck's Nick hits all the right notes: self-serving, deceitful and irresistibly affable.

The suspenseful structure follows that of the novel, with events seen through the perspectives of both Nick and Amy, sometimes via Amy's explicit diary entries, other times through first-person accounts. The action kicks off on the morning of Amy's mysterious disappearance from the suburban Missouri home she shares with Nick.

The nation — and especially tabloid TV — is transfixed. Everyone has an opinion on whodunit.

Key players include inquisitive local detective Rhonda Boney (Kim Dickens), Amy's publicity-seeking parents Rand and Marybeth Elliot (David Clennon and Lisa Banes), Nick's supportive sister Margo (Carrie Coon) and a seemingly ever-present phalanx of scandal-hungry reporters.

For nearly 2˝ hours — a running time that glides by surprisingly briskly — either or both of the dysfunctional marital partners come off as alternately diabolical and sympathetic, convincing and unreliable, appealing and appalling. With its twists, turns and wildly swerving switchbacks, the insidious story keeps the viewer fully absorbed, and on ever-shifting ground.

Supporting players are superbly cast, often just as the reader pictured them, particularly Margo and detective Boney. Tyler Perry is excellent as lawyer Tanner Bolt, and Neil Patrick Harris is sublime as Desi Collings, an old flame of Amy's.

Did Nick kill his wife? Who do we believe? As the clues mount and often lead viewers astray, the saga grows all the more compelling. A pervasively menacing atmosphere — intensified by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross' eerily evocative score — keeps the audience mesmerized.

If Alfred Hitchcock were alive today, he'd surely have wanted to film Gone Girl. But the brilliant Fincher may just be his successor, having done the job magnificently.

He has taken a gripping read and made it into an equally captivating movie, no small feat. Fincher has experience with the adaptation process, having helmed the American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. He also knows how to make an exceedingly unsettling psychological thriller — 1995's Seven — and a thoroughly absorbing police procedural, with 2007's Zodiac.

Flynn's screenplay has just the right amount of intricate detail from her novel, with minor additions that even improve upon the source material. She has a keen sense of what works on the page, but might not emerge cinematically.

Grimly dark humor and spot-on production design buttress the captivating story and heighten the unnerving atmosphere.

Gone Girl will leave you breathless and haunted.

Ben Affleck Says His Daughters Don't "Give a S--t About Batman" Because They Both Prefer Frozen

(Video) Batman can't compete with Disney princesses.

Ben Affleck will star opposite Henry Cavill in the upcoming blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but his three children with wife Jennifer Garner are less than impressed by his role. "People always say, 'Are your kids into it?' No, they're not," he said on NBC's The Tonight Show Monday. "If I was doing the sequel to Frozen, I would be a hero. My two older daughters could give a s--t about Batman."

"They love Frozen. And the indignity is so great that they have now passed that affection onto my [son Samuel, 2]. He's like, 'Papa, can I watch Frozen?' and I'm like, 'No, dude! It's not on again!' So, I've been looking for different versions, like littler, compressed Frozen," Affleck, 42, continued. "Also, you know, Disney takes it off the web. So, evidently you did a bit of Frozen with Idina Menzel, who's got an incredible voice. It's great and it's also just two and a half minutes, so you don't do the whole movie."

"I started showing that to my son and he loved it. He goes crazy for it. And then he wants me to sing along. And you can't tell your son—because you're supposed to be his hero—that you can't sing," Affleck said. He tried singing the chorus to "Let It Go" quietly, but his son wasn't having it. "He's started being like, 'No, papa! Do it like the man!' I was like, 'First of all, I'm your father! Jimmy Fallon's not the man! I'm the man! Let me tell you about the man. The man holds baby blocks and claps them together.' So there I am at home going, 'Let it go! Is this like the man? Let it go.' Thank you very much for that."

Earlier that day, Affleck talked about beefing up to play Batman on Live! With Kelly and Michael. "I have been working out. This isn't a role you can do and not exercise for," he said. "Audiences have an increasing expectation. Like in the '50s, you could just be Burt Lancaster and be, like, tall. That was OK. Now you see guys like Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans and all these guys whose bodies [make you] think, 'How is that even possible?' Exercising is as much of the job now in some ways as the rest of it."

The costume was tailored to fit Affleck's body. "I asked them, 'So, how about maybe taking the suit home at the end of the thing?' And they were like, 'For $100,000 we could!' I was like, 'Maybe I'll just take a picture.' A lot goes into it...These movies have become a big deal so they spend a lot of money.'"

Ben Affleck Talks Getting Naked in Gone Girl, Says His Penis ''Looks Better in 3-D!''

Who's ready to see some Ben Affleck penis?!

While promoting his highly anticipated new movie Gone Girl, the 42-year-old Oscar winner opened up about taking it all off and getting naked for some sexy scenes in the flick.

"I think there's some brief nudity in this movie," Affleck told MTV News' Josh Horowitz. "Director David [Fincher] said to me from the beginning, ‘This is a warts and all movie. It can have no vanity. You have to see the naked underbelly of this character.' It's gotta be like in Europe, they just don't give a s--t about any of that stuff and they just play real people. So that was the spirit of the thing and we kind of stuck to that, me and Rosamund [Pike]. There is some brief, um, very brief nudity, I think."

"We're selling this on the penis!" Horowitz added.

"The penis is in there!" Affleck exclaimed. "It costs extra. It's IMAX penis! You've gotta pay fifteen bucks to see it in 3-D. It looks better in 3-D."

"You should know it was very cold," Jennifer Garner's hubby joked. "It was a very cold set. It was freezing. It was subzero." LOL!

Meanwhile, Affleck recently opened up to E! News about his lead part in Gone Girl. "This is a killer role of a lifetime," he gushed.

So what does his wife think about him playing such a dark role? "I think Jen knows I'm not a murderer by now," he said. "I hope!"

Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck Missed George Clooney's Wedding for the Same Reason-Get the Details!

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin's wedding weekend had its share of A-list guests.

From John Krasinski and Cindy Crawford to Bono and Anna Wintour, several recognizable faces made the trip to Venice, Italy to witness the couple say "I Do."

But despite a star-studded affair, two of Clooney's closest friends were nowhere to be found. Where in the world were Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck?

Turns out they had to work!

According to a source, Pitt and wife, Angelina Jolie, were participating in international movie shoots that required long hours in order to keep production costs down. As a result, missing three days for the festivities wasn't possible.

"Both of them have worked on movies where this sort of issue has come up and so has George so of course he'll completely understand and not feel snubbed by them or anything like that," a source told E! News. "This movie is such a great project for Brad and Angie and they have to stay focused and in the zone."

In comparison, Affleck was hard at work in New York City promoting the release of his new movie, Gone Girl. While walking the red carpet at the film's premiere, the actor couldn't help but share his well wishes for the couple.

"You know, some of us have to work," Affleck joked to E! News. "But yes, I congratulate him. It's very exciting."

To nobody's surprise, Clooney's close friends are head over heels in love with Alamuddin. In addition to being impressed with her career as a human rights lawyer, friends also believe Clooney has finally met the love of his life.

"Brad and Angie are so excited for George and Amal," a source told E! News. "They are getting a staffer to send [them] a case of their own Chateau Miraval wine so they can toast the wedding once they get home."

The source added, "Brad knows that George and Amal will be talking about the wedding and remembering it all excitedly non-stop for weeks and weeks—just like they have been doing as well."

Love is certainly in the Hollywood air! Congrats once again to the happy couple!

Ben Affleck: I Can Relate to My Gone Girl Character

Ben Affleck knows audiences might not love the person he plays in the psychological thriller Gone Girl – but that doesn't mean he had trouble getting into character.

"You can't play a character and not relate to them," Affleck told reporters Friday at the New York Film Festival premiere of the highly buzzed movie. "Even if you're playing a huge villain, you have to find your way in; you have to figure out a way to go, 'I might do that.' "

Affleck, 42, stars as Nick Dunne in the drama, based on former Entertainment Weekly staffer Gillian Flynn's best seller. The story follows a sometimes suspicious Nick after his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) goes mysteriously missing from their Missouri home, causing both of their marital missteps to come to light in the search.

"With Nick, it's not hard. He's written as your average, ordinary person. He's [me]. He's a regular guy, kind of [my] age, who then meets a set of circumstances that drive his behavior in certain ways," Affleck said.

"I think we fool ourselves when we say, 'I would never do that,' " the actor continued. "I tried to identify with Nick as much as I possibly could, knowing that if I didn't, my performance would be affected."

And while it may be an awful date movie, Affleck tells PEOPLE there's a lesson for all couples in it: "What this movie suggests is that we keep changing, and we may keep kind of evolving. We've got to keep up with ourselves, as well as keep up with our partner ... It's complicated."

As for his onscreen partner? While Nick and Amy's marriage was combative to say the least, Affleck had nothing but nice things to say about Pike.

"It's the role of a lifetime for a woman. I mean, these [roles] don't come along every day, particularly for women, which is like, usually you're just the chick," he says. "I just watched her. She knew what it was. She worked her ass off every day. She was really committed to it. And she killed it."

Gone Girl arrives in theaters Friday.

Ben Affleck 'Could Be a Stand-Up Comedian,' Says Gone Girl Costar Rosamund Pike

Fans know Ben Affleck as an Oscar-winning filmmaker, actor, screenwriter, and one hot husband and doting dad.

A lesser-known talent?

"When we first were doing makeup tests I thought, 'This guy could be a standup comedian,' " says Affleck's Gone Girl costar Rosamund Pike. "He has characters and impersonations ... accents. He quickly crystallizes you."

The two star together as husband and wife in perhaps this fall's most anticipated film, director David Fincher's adaptation of author Gillian Flynn's best-selling novel about a marriage gone very wrong. The film opens Oct. 3.

"He's so good in the film. You watch this guy get tossed and turned," Pike, 35, says of Affleck, 42, who from the get-go has the finger pointed at him when his wife goes missing.

Offscreen, Affleck, who is married to Jennifer Garner, with three young children (Violet, 8˝, Seraphina, 4, and Samuel, 2), reveals a different side.

"He's very fun," says Pike. "He's obviously got a son now, but you can feel he is surrounded by girls in his house."

"We would be in the makeup trailer and we very quickly got to talking about very gossipy female things and he just gets right stuck in it," she says with a laugh.

Pike herself is winning major buzz for her performance in the tricky, twisty role. "I had been craving the chance to play a lead," says the actress, whose past films include Die Another Day, Pride & Prejudice and An Education. Getting cast was "a giddy moment," she says, "followed by the anxiety of 'How am I going to pull this off?'"

Ben Affleck -- I'll Take Detroit Over Vegas ... Because They Let Me Play Blackjack!

(Pic) Ben Affleck may not be welcome at the blackjack tables in Vegas, but Detroit can't afford to be that picky ... so he set up shop there!

We got this pic of Ben at the blackjack table at MotorCity Casino Hotel last Friday ... where Ben played high-stakes games for a few hours.

TMZ broke the story ... Affleck was blackjack banned for life at the Hard Rock in Vegas for counting cards. Ben says Hard Rock can join the crowd, because he's persona non grata at blackjack tables in numerous other Vegas casinos.

But not so in Detroit. Our spies say Ben had $30K worth of chips at one time. We don't know the bottom line at the end of the evening.

Affleck's in town shooting the new "Batman V Superman" movie and was spotted at the MotorCity. The actor -- who says he's not a compulsive gambler -- was also at the casino Saturday.

We're assuming he was counting cards. Come on, Ben ... Detroit needs that money!

Ben Affleck Admits to Counting Cards While Gambling but Slams Jennifer Garner's Disapproval as ''Tabloid S--t''

(Pic, Pic2, Pic3, Pic4) Want to know the truth about Ben Affleck's gambling habits? Apparently, you just need to ask Ben Affleck.

In a no-holds-barred interview with Details magazine, the 42-year-old actor, along with his Gone Girl director David Fincher, opened up about the highly anticipated flick based on the best-selling book of the same name as well as the web of lies often spun by the media—a central theme in upcoming film to which the Oscar-winning actor can undoubtedly relate.

"I'm accustomed to all kinds of absurdity, so I expect that. No matter what," the Argo star tells the publication when asked if he felt weary taking on the role of Nick Dunne—who finds himself at the center of a media circus after he becomes a suspect in his wife's disappearance—due to the scrutiny that may possibly be placed on Affleck's own marriage to wife Jennifer Garner as he begins to make the press rounds. "So I know some people will react in a ridiculous way. And I'm just at a point now where it could have been about anything, it could have been about the most painful thing in my life—which this doesn't happen to be—but to me it's just all about the director. Who you work with...Are people going to ask me asinine questions, from the press? You just can't get away from that. I can promise you that will happen."

And while Affleck has years of experience shooting down those absurd press requests, he also knows when to set the record straight, opting to provide a refreshingly honest response when asked about the recent claim that the actor has been caught counting cards in casinos.

"That is a true story. I mean, that took place," he confessed. "I took some time to learn the game and became a decent blackjack player. And once I became decent, the casinos asked me not to play blackjack. I mean, the fact that being good at the game is against the rules at the casinos should tell you something about casinos."

Asked why he got so good at the game, the father of three replied, "I had always liked blackjack. I don't play any other games of chance. I don't bet on football games, and I don't gamble at all, really, outside of that. But I knew with blackjack that there's a way you can improve your odds. And so I started trying to learn. And then I just got to a point in my life where I'm like, 'If I'm going to do something, I'm going to try and do it really well.' It was sort of presented like I did something illegal. You know what I mean?"

As for the rumors that he was kicked out of the casinos? Affleck says that, unfortunately, those stories are only tabloid tales.

"I wish I could say they were afraid of me in every capacity, but they only said, 'No blackjack,'" he shared, adding "That would be awesome [if they threw me out]. 'Get him outta here! He's a magician!' Unfortunately, they just came up and said, 'We can't let you play blackjack. But we have other table games! We have Chinese poker!'"

Clearly, the Batman vs. Superman star isn't hesitant to chat about his supposed hush-hush habit in hopes of clarifying a few misconceived perceptions. "I get to correct the impression that there's something wrong with it or that it demonstrates some, like, compulsive activity. Usually, when you're a compulsive gambler, the casinos don't ask you to leave because you're beating them. You know?"

The author then cited one report which claimed Affleck look "disheveled and upset," causing the A-lister to mock the incessant media rumors.

"That's the thing: It's really hard for people to understand—it would be hard for me to understand—that people can freely write that s--t, almost completely fiction, and pass it off and run it. And you're going, like, 'I can't f--kin' believe this! Not only do they invite me over there, then they don't let me play, then they said I was, like, gambling, which also is not true, and then they said my hair was f--ked up. When will the indignities end?'"

However, rumors with regards to his family are an entirely different story as Affleck didn't hold back while slamming the false divorce reports that were supposedly tied to his gambling habits.

"See, that's tabloid s--t. That's all bulls--t," he said of the notion that his wife "can't take it anymore." "They completely lie. I mean, I can show you 10 articles of Star and OK!—those magazines feel totally comfortable absolutely fictionalizing every single element of the story. And there's nothing you can do about that. My only hope is that people with any common sense recognize that those stories are false. And, I don't know, there're worse stories..."

Still, Affleck's experience with the media circus has supplied him with the tools to play the charming, yet suspicious Nick Dunne. "I did not want to entrust that character to somebody who doesn't understand what that [the tabloid media] is," Fincher told Details. "Nobody signs up for this. If you showed people how absurd this kind of attention is, they would never sign up to be a movie star. They would go, 'Thank you, but no thank you.' What's Nick Dunne's mechanism? His mechanism is, 'I want you to like me, and I will use my charm to disarm any situation that starts to feel uncomfortable for me.' And you had to have an actor who understands what a slippery slope that is."

Jennifer Garner on Overnight Dates with Ben Affleck and Their 'Mindful' Marriage

A lot can change after nine years of marriage. Even for A-listers.

"You can't expect to be courted all the time, and I don't want to court him right now – I don't have the energy!" Jennifer Garner says of husband Ben Affleck in InStyle magazine's October cover story.

"But we're definitely in a very mindful place where we're making an effort to be together, do things at the same time, and be loving."

Add three children into the mix, of course, and that further changes the dynamic.

"When we had our first [child] we had only been together a year. We were babies. It happened so fast, I hardly remember what we were like before the kids got here," says Garner, 42, of Violet, 8˝, Seraphina, 5, and Samuel, 2. "Now we're just starting to go away for a night here and there."

She and Affleck, 42, who has been hard at work portraying a brooding, brawny Batman, may be in sync when it comes to making time for overnight dates, but they've got decidedly different roles when it comes to parenting.

"I know who wants what lunch, and I've done all the school paperwork and filled out the emergency cards. Ben doesn't know that stuff exists," says Garner.

"He is in charge of laughter. No matter how much I tickle them or toss them or chase them around, it's not the same. If I'm the slow, steady drumbeat, he's the jazz."

The October issue of InStyle hits newsstands Friday.

Jennifer Garner Discusses Her Marriage to Ben Affleck and Reveals Why She's Their Kids' "Only Hope"

(Cover) How does Jennifer Garner do it?

This year alone, the actress starred in the movies Draft Day, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and Men, Women & Children (the latter two are in theaters this fall). Her 42-year-old husband Ben Affleck, meanwhile, spent the better part of 2014 shooting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the Detroit area. The actor is also about to begin promotional duties for Gone Girl, adapted from Gillian Flynn's best-selling novel. How do the spouses of nine years find the time for each other, let alone their kids, Violet, 8, Seraphina, 5, and Samuel, 2?

"When we had our first, we had only been together a year. We were babies. It happened so fast, I hardly even remember what we were like before the kids got here," Garner, 42, recalls in InStyle's October 2014 issue. "Now we're just starting to go away for a night here and there."

"You go through phases," she continues. "You can't expect to be courted all the time, and I don't want to court him right now—I don't have the energy! But we're definitely in a very mindful place where we're making an effort to be together, do things at the same time, and be loving."

Garner filmed most of this year's movies in 2013, meaning she was able to spend more time at home with the kids while Affleck was on location as the Caped Crusader. "I keep things rolling and foster his connection to the kids. He'll always make time for them—he screwed up a week of production to take our daughter to her first day of kindergarten—but there's only so much, practically speaking, that he can do," she says of the downsides that come with being an actor. "I make sure that I am facilitating the most meaning for each kid out of whatever time he has."

To make life easier, the Daredevil co-stars play to their strengths.

So, who plays bad cop and who plays good cop in the Affleck-Garner household? "For better or worse, I tend to be the one who says, 'This is what needs to happen.' I know who wants what lunch, and I've done all the school paperwork and filled out the emergency cards. Ben doesn't even know that stuff exists. He is in charge of laughter. No matter how much I tickle them or toss them or chase them around, it's not the same. If I'm the slow, steady drumbeat, he's the jazz," she says. Still, she's got him beat when it comes movie roles. "My kids are always saying, 'Mom, you're our only hope. Dad does all these grown-up movies," Garner tells the magazine. "We can't see Argo or Gone Girl. Batman looks too scary. You have to do things we can see!'"

Garner may be a movie star, but she's a mom and wife first. "I'm still wiping a bottom, making three meals a day, dealing with sass—and also trying to work. I don't always do it all well. At bedtime last night my middle child said, 'I feel like you never have time to play with me.' I thought, 'My mom never played with me. I'm trying!'" she tells InStyle. "But you know what? She's right. So my goal is to play dolls with her all afternoon. I guess I would say for this stage of my life, I'm in the thick of it."

New Batmobile Pics From Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Set Revealed?! Yes, According to This Instagram User

(Pic, Pic2) Instagram is officially in a tizzy over the caped crusader's crime-fighting car.

Barely three months after director Zach Snyder shared the first photo of Ben Affleck as Batman in the upcoming film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, one user on the photo-sharing site claims to have the latest images of the superhero's Batmobile, which have since been circulating around the Internet like wildfire.

The highly anticipated flick, which also stars Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Henry Cavill as Superman, is currently filming in Detroit, so it's entirely possible that there have been a few spoiler alerts (and sneaky camera snaps) in Michigan state.

While the legitimacy of the images is entirely unconfirmed, the pics do seem like they could be an updated version of the image Snyder posted in May.

There is also an aerial shot uploaded by a second user that has since been deleted, which shows someone seated in the cockpit of the car while checking his cell phone.

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck, who was faced with a slew of backlash after he was cast in the iconic role, recently opened up about the rampant criticism, admitting it never fazed him.

"Before I took the role, Warner Bros. gave me a bunch of past reactions to casting and said, Are you sure you want to get into this? This is part and parcel of these movies now. There's a lot of active fans with a lot of opinions,'" he said during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "To me, having been through a certain amount of that, it doesn't really… Everyone's entitled to their opinion. I wouldn't have taken the part if I didn't trust my instincts in terms of the filmmaking."

He added: "I think Chris Terrio wrote a terrific script. Zack [Snyder]'s a great visual director. And there's an interesting take. I wouldn't have done it if I didn't think I could do it. I have the benefit of a lot of that understanding. But also, everyone is entitled to their opinion."

Batman v Superman hit theaters March 25, 2016.

Gone Girl's New Trailer Targets Creepy Ben Affleck as Suspect No. 1

Trailer) Ben Affleck is not looking like a good guy in the newest Gone Girl trailer!

The Oscar winner plays Nick Dunne, the husband of missing woman Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) in the movie thriller based on Gillian Flynn's best-selling book. After Rosamund's character disappears on the couple's fifth wedding anniversary, she leaves behind a diary and a trail of clues making a certain Oscar winner look like the prime suspect.

The newest Gone Girl clip, which premiered Monday, highlights Ben's character's creepy charm in full—including the moment where he and Amy first meet at a party. After getting her name, he identifies himself as "the guy to save you from all this awesomeness."

We see, though, not to be deceived by Ben's devilishly handsome good looks. Fear is written all over Amy's face as she sneaks a glimpse of him moving in the dark. And while, in flashback, she describes her hubby as "the man of my dreams," she muses, too, that "this man of mine may truly kill me."

The trailer also shows how oddly Ben's character behaves in the glare of the public spotlight. At a press conference, he shifts uncomfortably with all eyes on him before flashing that pretty boy smile as he stands in front of a "Missing" poster for his wife. That's not how a grieving man should act...or is it?

Gone Girl, directed by David Fincher, hits theaters Oct. 3.

Ben Affleck Takes Jennifer Garner Down with Him in Ice Bucket Challenge

(Video) He'll get dunked, but he's not going down alone!

In perhaps the most adorable celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge video yet, Ben Affleck gets soaked by Jennifer Garner – but then turns the tables on his wife – in a video posted on his Facebook page Monday.

In the 30-second clip, the couple both end up really taking the plunge as pint-sized giggles erupt in the background.

The Oscar winner, 42, who was tagged by Tyler Perry for the challenge – benefitting the ALS Association – has now called out Jimmy Kimmel, Neil Patrick Harris, Matt Damon and Garner herself to do their own videos. (He chose them, he said, because he knows "from first-hand experience [they] look good in a wet t-shirt.")

But hasn't Garner sort of paid her dues already?!

Ben Affleck Compares Batman Casting Controversy to Fifty Shades of Grey Craziness

It's been some time, so you may have forgotten that when Ben Affleck was cast as Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, people weren't happy, but that doesn't bother him.

The actor openly discussed all of the buzz concerning his casting in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (which is slated for a May 2016 release) and the controversy that followed, mentioning that it doesn't faze him. In fact, he even made a Fifty Shades of Grey reference when discussing whether or not all the chatter got under his skin.

(Look at Ben being all in-the-know with the madness surrounding Christian Grey.)

"Before I took the role, Warner Bros. gave me a bunch of past reactions to casting and said, Are you sure you want to get into this? This is part and parcel of these movies now. There's a lot of active fans with a lot of opinions.' To me, having been through a certain amount of that, it doesn't really… Everyone's entitled to their opinion. I wouldn't have taken the part if I didn't trust my instincts in terms of the filmmaking," Affleck began to say during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"I think Chris Terrio wrote a terrific script. Zack [Snyder]'s a great visual director. And there's an interesting take. I wouldn't have done it if I didn't think I could do it. I have the benefit of a lot of that understanding. But also, everyone is entitled to their opinion. That's a big part of this international sport. The Fifty Shades of Grey kid or whatever it is. That's sort of become a thing."

Yeah, you could say that.

He added, "You know what? It's great that people do care that much. They want to see the movie that much. And it is incumbent on you to honor the story. There are the Greek myths and these are the American myths. The American myths are these superheroes. People care about ‘em a lot. And it's incumbent on you to do a good job and make it as excellent as you possibly can. At the end of the day, the movie's all that matters."

While Affleck has already made his debut as the Caped Crusader, fans were able to get the first glimpse of him as Bruce Wayne on Monday. The celeb was spotted playing the superhero's alter ego while wearing an all-blue ensemble, consisting of a vest, tie, and slacks, and black Nike tennis shoes (that's kind of funny) during filming in downtown Detroit.

Are you still questioning Ben Affleck as Batman?

Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike's Gone Girl Wedding Photo Is as Eerie as You Can Imagine

(Cover) Something is very, very off here...

The latest image of Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike as Nick and Amy Dunne on their wedding day is equal parts eerie and discomforting.

The Entertainment Weekly cover shows the actors posing on their special day, with the blushing bride all smiles as her husband cradles her arm.

But little does she know that her groom is peering over her looking nervous, and definitely not as happy as she is, to say the least.

The actor opened up to the magazine about preparing for what is gearing up to be fall's most hotly anticipated movie.

"It wasn't something I had to do a lot of research for," he said with a nervous smile.

"I knew what it was like to have the tabloid world paying attention to me and ascribing negative motivations to whatever I might be engaging in. I knew what it was like to be cast in a soap opera I had no control over."

In the first trailer of the onscreen adaptation of Gillian Flynn's novel, Affleck is seen addressing a slew of reporters after his wife goes missing on their fifth wedding anniversary.

"As you all know, my wife, Amy Elliott Dunne disappeared three days ago. I had nothing to do with the disappearance of my wife. I have nothing to hide," he tells the crowd apprehensively.

Missi Pyle,Tyler Perry, Patrig Fugit, Casey Wilson, Scoot McNairy, Kim Dickens and Emily Ratajkowski also star in the drama based on the global best-seller.

Reese Witherspoon and Bruna Papandrea, along with Leslie Dixon, are producing.

Gone Girl hits theaters Oct. 3.

Ben Affleck Thanks Robin Williams for 'Making My Dreams Come True'

Ben Affleck has issued a heartfelt tribute to his friend and mentor Robin Williams, thanking his Good Will Hunting costar for "everything."

"Heartbroken. Thanks chief – for your friendship and for what you gave the world. Robin had a ton of love in him. He personally did so much for so many people. He made Matt and my dreams come true," he wrote on Facebook Tuesday.

"What do you owe a guy who does that? Everything," he added. May you find peace my friend. #Robin Williams."

Williams, who died Monday of an apparent suicide at age 63, helped launch the careers of Affleck and Matt Damon, childhood friends who co-wrote the screenplay for the film set in their native Boston.

Williams signed on to play psychotherapist Sean Maguire in the 1997 film, which earned him a Best Supporting Actor Oscar at the Academy Awards.

During his acceptance speech, Williams jokingly thanked his young screenwriters and costars, quipping that he "still want[ed] to see some I.D." from the rising stars, who also earned an Oscar for Best Screenplay.

Affleck joins a slew of stars who have paid tribute to the iconic actor.

First look at Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne

(Pic All those petitions for nothing.

Despite angering half the Internet by being cast as Batman, Ben Affleck has muscled on, and is currently filming “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” in Detroit.

And now, we finally get a glimpse of the 41-year-old actor as the Caped Crusader’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne, in the sequel to “Man of Steel.”

In the on-set images taken Friday, Affleck wears a blue vest, slacks and, slightly out of character for the billionaire playboy he plays, a pair of Nikes.

The image comes months after director Zach Snyder posted the first picture of the “Argo” star in the Batman costume to Twitter.

“Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” is set to arrive in theaters on March 25, 2016.

Jennifer Garner Not Pregnant, Says Rep

Sure, the world would love to see another adorable child added to Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's beautiful brood, but that won't be happening anytime soon.

The actress's rep tells PEOPLE the reports that she and Affleck, 41, are expecting their fourth child are simply "not true."

Recent photos of Garner, 42, sporting loose-fitting tops while out and about in L.A., promoted the speculation.

Affleck meanwhile has been busy shooting the new Batman v Superman film in Detroit.

The couple are parents to children Violet, 8˝, Seraphina, 5, and Samuel, 2.

The film stars, who wed on a beach in June 2005 after dating for 10 months, have been fiercely devoted to their family.

"She is by leaps and bounds the most important person to me in that respect," Affleck told Playboy of Garner's resolute support. "Over the past 10 years she has allowed me to have a stable home life while accomplishing my professional goals."

Kevin Smith Jokes About Ben Affleck Friendship: Jennifer Garner Doesn't "Care for Me at All"

You may not want to hold your breath for another Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith collaboration anytime in the near future…

The director was asked about his relationship with the Caped Crusader during a chat with Yahoo Movies over the weekend, and he spilled the beans that the old friends are no longer close…to say the least.

But before you take him too seriously (it is Kevin Smith after all), his rep tells E! News that his interview was "simply a joke and taken completely out of context."

Smith playfully told the reporter, "We're not f--king tight. I have not been [close with him] in decades. That's old Ben. He's got a wife [Jennifer Garner] that don't care for me at all [laughs]."

He continued, "And plus, honestly, he probably don't care for me at all anymore.

"He's a triple-A-list movie star and s--t like that. If he's Jimmy Carter, I'm Billy Carter, to put it in '70s terms. And I'm not even related and s--t."

This isn't the first time that the famous couple's past friendships have been a topic of conversation.

During a guest appearance on Watch What Happens Live!, Andy Cohen asked Mark Ruffalo if he still kept in touch with his 13 Going on 30 co-star, to which he said no, adding, "We had a great time together, and I think we would, but then Ben came on the scene. And that was the end of that."

"I heard he doesn't allow her to have male friends?" Cohen asked, adding, "I made that up."

Ruffalo shrugged and chose to plead the fifth.

Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill Make Surprise Appearance at Comic-Con to Screen First Look at Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

(Pic, Pic1) You didn't think Warner Bros. was going to let Marvel have all the fun today, did you?

Fanboys who held out hope that the WB would have some sort Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice surprise in store for their Comic-Con presentation this morning got more than they could have ever asked for.

The studio made no new announcements about the growing cast of their DC world (no official word on Jason Momoa as Aquaman or Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Shazam just yet), but they did trot out Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Gal Gadot for their first joint appearance as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, respectively. Justice League, assemble!

Even before they hit Hall H, director Zach Snyder made sure his superhero movie was the talk of Comic-Con, revealing another look at Ben Affleck in his Batman cowl and, today, a first look at Wonder Woman's revamped costume.

And if that wasn't enough, Snyder—who's still actually filming the movie—screened the very first footage of Dawn of Justice for those in attendance. Here's what they saw (via Superhero Hype):

Batman is standing on a Gotham rooftop in the rain...His costume isn't what we've seen already. It's big and bulky, like his armor in The Dark Knight Returns. His eye light up, solid white. He's moving a tarp, revealing the bat signal. He turns it on and the camera tracks up to the sky. Superman is there, hovering in the light. He doesn't look happy. His eyes light up with heat vision as he glares at Batman. The title come up!

T-minus six hours until we see if the Avengers can top that...

Adam West thinks Ben Affleck will make a fine Batman

Fans may still be skeptical, but the original on-screen Batman thinks Ben Affleck is perfect for the role.

“My feeling is that Ben Affleck will be really good simply because he’s a great talent,” Adam West told People on Thursday. “And I’d be very interested in seeing him in the role.”

The 85-year-old actor portrayed the Caped Crusader in the “Batman” television series, which was on the air from 1966 to 1968.

Last August’s announcement that Affleck would portray the character in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” – the sequel to last year’s “Man of Steel” — infuriated fans, inciting some to campaign for his removal from the film.

Regardless, Affleck is still set to portray the character in the film, which is currently filming in Detroit, and West believes he’ll enjoy the experience.

“[I'm] really a lucky actor because I was able to be part of something that has that kind of longevity that you talk about,” the actor said. “And I think that with each succeeding generation, the kids can watch with their parents or grandparents, and the kids grow up remembering the show well. And they pass it on to their kids.”

West isn’t the only actor to have worn the cape and cowl who’s supporting Affleck.

In November, Christian Bale said that the negative reaction to the actor’s casting was something he shouldn’t pay any attention to.

“Look, there is no middle ground on the Internet,” Bale told Details magazine at the time. “It’s just extreme feelings. They love you or abhor you. Ben knows that, and I doubt if he spent one minute worrying about it.”

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will hit theaters in 2016.

Ben Affleck as Batman: Zack Snyder unveils new pic on Batman's 75th birthday

(Pic) On the 75th anniversary of Batman's first appearance as a comics character, director Zack Snyder unveiled a new photo of Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader from "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice."

And darn it if the character doesn't look like he's pushing 75 himself.

Unlike the first photo Snyder posted of Affleck in the Batsuit, the new one -- which Snyder captioned on Twitter with just a "#75" -- is in color. It's a tight profile shot of a solemn-looking Affleck wearing the cowl, very nicely lit from behind and above.

But Affleck's stubble and grave expression, coupled with the furrowed-brow design of the cowl, combine to make Batman look a little long in the tooth. Here's the full shot from Snyder's Twitter feed:

What do you think of the photo? And how excited are you for the 2016 release of "Batman vs. Superman"?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner crash superhero party

(Pic) The actor who plays the caped crusader in the upcoming “Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice” film surprised a group of children at a Detroit-area superhero party.

Ben Affleck, 41, and his actress wife, Jennifer Garner, 42, stopped Sunday at Detroit Kid City in Southfield and asked if they and their 2-year-old son, Samuel, could join the party.

The Detroit Free Press says the family welcomed the visitors.

Affleck is in Detroit for the filming of the Warner Bros. Pictures movie. The movie’s release is set for May 2016.

The indoor Detroit Kid City features a kid-sized market, cabin, auto factory, schoolhouse and other buildings.

Detroit Kid City worker Garrett Dixon says Affleck “was very interested in getting a Detroit Kid City out in L.A.”

Affleck and Garner have three kids together: Violet, Seraphina and Samuel.

New Gone Girl Trailer Released! Watch Ben Affleck Plead His Innocence

New Gone Girl Trailer Released! Watch Ben Affleck Plead His Innocence: Video.

Inside Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck's Delicious Anniversary Dinner

For Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, nothing says “happily married” like a steak and seafood dinner.

The down-to-earth actors celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary Sunday with a cozy dinner at Bistro 82 in Royal Oak, Michigan — not far from where Affleck, 41, has been filming Batman vs. Superman in Detroit.

“They looked like a great couple. They paid a lot of attention to each other,” a restaurant source tells PEOPLE, adding that the stars shared “a great bottle of wine” at the local hot spot.

Also on the menu: steak, salad, and oysters. And Batman proved he’s a meat and potatoes kind of guy, telling staff that the french fries served with béarnaise sauce and parmesan were the best he’s ever had.

Garner, 42, and her hubby noshed on the French fare for about an hour and a half, ringing up a bill just over $100. The parents of three were both dressed casually (she in a black dress, he in a button-down and jeans) and thanked the bistro’s workers as they left smiling, another diner tells PEOPLE.

“Everyone was freaking out in the restaurant,” says the source. “I was starstruck.”

After seeing Hollywood’s cutest couple eating fries at your local haunt, who wouldn’t be?

Jennifer Garner Visits West Virginia Hometown with Kids Before Anniversary with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner jetted back to her hometown for a low-key trip this weekend – before flying solo to see husband Ben Affleck for their anniversary.

Garner, 42, visited Charleston, West Virginia, where she relaxed with her family and surprised local fans. After grabbing dinner with friends Thursday night, the Draft Day star stopped by her alma mater, George Washington High School, on Friday. The next evening, Garner was spotted enjoying a minor league baseball game with her parents, sister and three children: Violet, 8, Seraphina, 5, and Samuel, 2.

The group cheered on the West Virginia Power to victory as spectators Tweeted their excitement at seeing the actress return to her roots. (She even posed with the team's mascot!)

But Affleck, who has been in Detroit shooting his role as the Caped Crusader in Batman vs. Superman, was nowhere to be seen.

Though his gambling has been making headlines, sources say he and Garner are still going strong.

"She never understood his gambling obsession and she doesn’t want him to be in the news [for it]," one insider "told PEOPLE of Garner. "[But] she's the most patient wife ever and is still very much in love with Ben."

Despite Affleck’s absence from the weekend getaway, the couple celebrated nine years of marriage together Sunday. Affleck, 41, bought Garner jewelry from Barneys in Beverly Hills last week, and she joined him in Detroit after sending their kids and nannies back home to Los Angeles from Charleston.

Mark Ruffalo Goes Silent When Asked if Ben Affleck Prevents Jennifer Garner From Having Male Friends

Does Ben Affleck really prohibit wife Jennifer Garner from having male friends?

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live this week, a fan called in and asked Mark Ruffalo if he still keeps in touch with his 13 Going on 30 costar Jennifer Garner. Ruffalo said no, adding, "We had a great time together, and I think we would, but then Ben [Affleck] came on the scene. And that was the end of that."

"I heard he doesn't allow her to have male friends?" host Andy Cohen asked, adding, "I made that up."

Ruffalo just shrugged and pleaded the fifth.

This is the second time Affleck has come up on Watch What Happens Live in the past week. Jennifer Lopez recently stopped by the show and Cohen brought up her former fiancé. "Was the transformation of Ben Affleck your doing?" he asked. "Did you dress him when you were dating him?"

"I did kind of like, say, 'You're a movie star! You should wear a suit! You should do this with your hair!' For sure. I mean, I do that," the singer admitted. "[He] was into it. He didn't do anything he didn't want to do...He had some good fashion moments when he was with me!"

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck want your 'Project Greenlight' submissions

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon haven't had an original idea in the 13 years since "Project Greenlight" -- they even admit as much in a promo for the new season of the HBO unscripted series, which is returning to the network a decade after it went off the air.

This time, the show is searching for a first-time director. "The winning candidate will lead a Hollywood-vetted script from pre-production to casting through principal photography and on to post-production," Affleck says in a promo for the new season.

Affleck, Damon and a bunch of great directors will mentor the new contestants. Think you've got what it takes? Submit your three-minute short films at Check out the promo.

Ben Affleck Says Jennifer Lopez Has a "Nice" Butt and 5 Other Revelations From Molly Bloom's Memoir Molly's Game

Poker princess Molly Bloom is spilling all her secrets on some of Hollywood's biggest names!

In her memoir Molly's Game, the 36-year-old describes her years spent running one of the most exclusive and high-stakes gambling parties in Los Angeles, and she came across known poker fans Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck and Leonardo DiCaprio during her years in the business.

The attractive brunette organized high-class poker games at luxurious locations like The Four Seasons, The Peninsula, and the Beverly Hills Hotel, and she scheduled all the accommodations, amenities and food. These events were not licensed or regulated by federal state or local authorities. After she moved from L.A. to New York, however, Bloom got involved in organizing poker games for profit, which is against state law. In April 2013, she was arrested in New York by the FBI and charged with profiting from hosting illegal poker games; she pled guilty in December. Five months later, Bloom was sentenced to 12 months of probation, fined $1,000 for her involvement and agreed to forfeit $125,000.

But while she's got stories aplenty about her dirty dealings, the tidbits about celebs playing in regular, legal games are juicy enough! Here are six revelations from her new book:

1. Leo marches to his own drum.

"Leonardo DiCaprio, maybe the most recognizable movie star in the world. Not only was he devastatingly handsome, he was incredibly talented," she writes.

"He had a strange style at the table, though; it was almost as if he wasn't trying to win or lose. He folded most hands and listened to music on huge headphones."

2. Tobey Maguire was nicknamed after a serial killer.

"I had taken to calling him Hannibal Lecter after a recent game. That evening, I watched as he talked a guy into folding a winning hand, also known as ‘folding the nuts' in poker terms," Bloom recalls.

"‘I swear on my mother's life I have you beat,' he said, convincingly and earnestly. ‘I wouldn't lie to you, man.' His opponent had gotten confused. I had watched him stare at the cards he was holding, knowing full well he had the winning hand but suddenly unsure after Tobey's performance. Tobey was incredibly convincing, and so earnest that the guy eventually, although reluctantly, gave in. To add insult to injury, Tobey then victoriously showed his bluff. To me, his actions were in really bad taste."

3. Famous people are always allowed to break the rules.

"I felt that a huge part of this enterprise depended on discretion, so I tried to discourage spectators when I could, but I couldn't stop the guys bringing girlfriends along to show off in front of, or the occasional celebrity stopping by. Celebrities were always allowed, to be honest. Like when [Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen] showed up with a billionaire I was trying to land for the game. They were in, no questions asked."

4. Ben Affleck was smart with his money.

"By now I had learned something about the psychology behind the way a guy asks for chips. Wanting to be overstocked or short-stacked at a table is a clear indication of playing style and ego," Bloom explains.

"Whereas some guys want the tallest piles they can manage to bully the table and scare people, Ben's buy-in choice told me that he was a smart player who liked to limit his downside, especially at a table with a bunch of guys he wasn't used to playing with."

5. J. Lo has a "nice" butt.

"As Rick Salomon took a seat, I saw him focus on Ben. I saw the wheels turning. Oh God, I thought, don't let him say anything embarrassing. Rick had no filter," she writes.

"‘Hey, yo, did that Jennifer Lopez's ass have cellulite on it, or was it nice?' The table went silent. Ben looked at Rick. ‘It was nice,' he said and pushed into a huge pot. The table laughed and the ice was broken."

6. Tobey was a sore loser and made outrageous demands.

"Tobey was the worst tipper, the biggest winner, and the absolute worst loser, but I had to worry about my job security if he lost" because he had all the connections.

After one game, "he held a thousand-dollar chip in his hand. He flipped it over a couple times in his fingers. ‘This is yours,' he said, holding it out to me…if you do something to earn these thousand dollars. Get up on that desk and bark like a seal.' I looked at him. His face lit up like it was Christmas Eve, ‘I'm not kidding. What's wrong? You're too rich now? You won't bark for a thousand dollars? Wowwww…you must be really rich.'

‘No,' I said quietly. My face was on fire. I knew he would be angry, especially because he had now engaged the whole audience, and I wasn't playing his game. I was embarrassed, but I was also angry. He gave me an icy look, dropped the chip on the table, and tried to laugh it off, but he was visibly angry."

J.Lo says she transformed Ben Affleck into a movie star

It’s been 10 years since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck called off their engagement, but Andy Cohen isn’t ready to forget the Hollywood power couple that was Bennifer.

During an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” on Thursday, Bravo’s former head of development-turned-host grilled the “I Luh Ya Papi” about her influence on the actor, 41.

“In the moment, I was a celebrant of Bennifer. My question that I wanted to ask you is, was the transformation of Ben Affleck your doing? Did you dress him when you were dating him? Because that was the big rumor at the time,” Cohen said.

“Yeah, I did kind of like say, ‘You need to be … you’re a movie star, you should wear a suit! You should do this with your hair!’” she replied. “For sure. I mean, I do that and by the way, guys do that to girls too.”

“He obviously went along with it,” Cohen said.

“He was into it. He didn’t do anything he didn’t want to do,” said Lopez, 44.

“White cashmere overcoats,” Cohen chimed in.

“He had some good moments, good fashion moments when he was with me,” Lopez responded.

While she only had nice things to say about her former fiancé, when Cohen asked, “Who is better in bed: actors, singers or dancers?,” Lopez’s old flame took a backseat to those in the music industry. (Lopez was married to dancer Cris Judd, dated Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and was married and had children with crooner Marc Anthony.)

“I have to say that in my limited experience … I would have to say anybody involved in music, so I would say singers and dancers,” she said.

Lopez recently called it quits with Casper Smart, a backup dancer and choreographer, whom she dated for two-and-a-half years.

Ben Affleck Hits Detroit's Casinos - and Jewelry Shops Back Home

Is Ben Affleck testing his luck?

Affleck, 41, has been seen spotted at Detroit-area casinos when he's off the clock filming as Batman for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. But though tabloid rumors have buzzed that his gambling hobby is causing strain on his marriage to wife Jennifer Garner, a source close to the family says their relationship is solid.

"She never understood his gambling obsession and she doesn't want him to be in the news [for it]," says the source in PEOPLE's new issue. "[But] she's the most patient wife ever and is still very much in love with Ben."

Last weekend, Affleck had the chance to show that love is reciprocated with a little diamond shopping.

On Saturday, the actor joined forces with Seraphina, 5, the middle child in his brood of three on an excursion to Barneys in Beverly Hills to purchase a gift for his wife, with their ninth anniversary approaching on June 29.

"Ben was very cute with his daughter and carried her around so she could look at all the jewelry," a store source tells PEOPLE. "She especially liked jewelry with diamonds and wanted her mom to have diamonds. She was definitely in charge of the purchase, and Ben let her take her time. She was very sweet and happy about being out with her dad."

The star shoppers were successful, leaving with a wrapped gift.

"She wanted to hold the bag and Ben laughed and said no," the source said of Seraphina. "He carried her out of the store on his shoulders and she kept laughing."

Channing Tatum, Prince William, Ben Affleck and More Top Celebrity Dads: See Who Made the List!

Happy early Father's Day, indeed!

Working Mother magazine has released its list of its Top 25 Celeb Working Dads of 2014, compiled with care based on three key factors: their commitment to their kids, their hot careers and, of course, general "droolworthiness."

And considering this is a list featuring the likes of Channing Tatum, a married father of a 1-year-old who logged time as the Sexiest Man Alive; Prince William, also a relatively new dad who's in line to be the king of England one day; and Louis C.K., a divorced father of two whose standup routines and sitcom Louie make observations about parenthood that regular people only wish they could make out loud...

There's a doting dad on here to suit anyone's cup of tea!

Working Mother didn't rank any particular celeb as the very best dad, so here they are, in alphabetical order. (Ranking by hotness/intellectual prowess/muscle power/wit/royal potential is up to you.)

• Ben Affleck

• Judd Apatow

• Javier Bardem

• David Beckham

• Luke Bryan

• Michael Bublé

• John Cho

• Stephen Colbert

• Matt Damon

• Idris Elba

• Jimmy Fallon

• Roger Federer

• Will Ferrell

• Jamie Foxx

• Zach Galifanakis

• Dave Grohl

• Neil Patrick Harris

• Chris Hemsworth

• Matthew McConaughey

• Mark Ruffalo

• Michael Strahan

• Channing Tatum

• Mark Wahlberg

• Prince William

• Pharrell Williams

It's Got A Title Now: 'Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice'

Warner Bros’ sequel to Man Of Steel now has a title, and it looks like it sets up the franchise’s plans to expand the DC Comics universe to the Justice League. The studio unveiled the title, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice just now as it confirmed principal photography is underway on the Zack Snyder-helmed pic starring Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman that is due out May 6, 2016. Gal Gadot stars as Wonder Woman in the sequel, with Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane returning from Man Of Steel, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Jeremy Irons as Alfred, and Holly Hunter also starring.

Snyder will take the directing reins on Justice League after helming this latest film in the superhero series. No release date for that one has been set, but for aching DC Comics fans today’s news and finally seeing “Justice” in a Warners-DC tentpole title must really press all the right buttons. It’s taken a long time for the studio and DC to get their acts together on a unified franchise pic a la Disney with Marvel’s Avengers-centered pics that have dominated the tentpole landscape since launching Iron Man in 2008. Of course, Marvel’s version of Justice League, Marvel’s The Avengers, grossed $1.5B in global box office in 2012, with a second film, The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, coming May 1, 2015.

Dawn Of Justice will shoot at Michigan Motion Picture Studios and on location in and around Detroit, as well as in Illinois, Africa and the South Pacific, Warners said today.

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