Bethany Joy Lenz Biography

Born in Florida, Lenz moved to Texas at age 4. She landed her first role at 7 as a Munchkin in an adaptation of The Wizard of Oz and by age 10 she had been cast in the role of Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird at the Irving Community Theater in Texas. While on a class trip to Los Angeles, Lenz landed her first professional job in a commercial for Swans Crossing, a teen series.

Lenz loved to perform, and in 1992 her family moved again, this time to New Jersey, which enabled her to pursue acting in New York City. She began auditioning and booked several commercials, including Eggos Waffles and Dr. Pepper. In her sophomore year of high school, Lenz's talent caught the eye of a casting director. Joy was hired to play Linda Halleck in the Stephen King thriller Thinner.

In March of 1998, she landed a nine-episode stint on the daytime drama Guiding Light as Reva Shayne's teenaged clone. Lenz's performance as the spunky and vulnerable clone earned her raves from viewers and critics alike. Soon after she was offered a contract role playing Michelle Bauer, the proverbial girl next door. In 1999, while still appearing on the show, she won the role of Rose Cronin in Mary and Rhoda, playing the daughter of Mary Tyler Moore's character in the TV movie based on the popular 1970s TV show.

After two successful years on the soap opera, Lenz headed to the West Coast and immediately booked a guest spot on The WB comedy Off Centre. She followed that up with guest roles on Felicity, Maybe It's Me, Charmed, The Guardian and the pilot Destiny for Jerry Bruckheimer Productions.

Lenz is also an incredible singer, with a four-octave vocal range. She has worked with director Garry Marshall and Carole King on a new musical and with director Arthur Allan Seidelman on a production of The Outsiders.

She can next be seen as Marni in the feature Bring It On, Again, a sequel to the Universal feature.

Lenz likes to spend her free time with her family and friends. She enjoys horseback riding, playing piano and guitar and writing new music.

Born in Hollywood, Florida, Joie is the daughter of Bob, a history teacher and therapist, and her mother, Cathie, a personnel manager and entrepreneur. Joie moved to Arlington, Texas at age four, where she began acting at Pope Elementary in an adapted form of "The Wizard of Oz" as a munchkin. At the Irving Community Theater, she landed the role of "Scout" in "To Kill A Mockingbird" At 11, Joie moved to New Jersey. She began doing television commercials for products such as Eggo Waffles and Dr. Pepper. She attended Eastern Christian High School in New Jersey. As a sophomore, she received the role of Linda Halleck in the Stephen King movie thriller "Thinner." She also appeared in the off-Broadway musical "Foxy Ladies Love/Boogie 70's Explosion." At the age of 17, Joie landed a 9 episode role on Guiding Light, her real breakthrough. Later that year she landed the role of Michelle Bauer on Guiding Light, with a two year contract with CBS. In 2000, her two year contract ended, and she decided to leave Guiding Light to pursue more acting and music roles. She has since guest starred on "Charmed", "Felicity", and "The Guardian" Joie in summer/fall 2003 is now playing "Haley James" on the WB series "One Tree Hill" filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina. (mini-biography by Sarah)
Fresh off of CBS' The Guiding Light as 'Michelle Bauer Santos,' Joie Lenz is continuing to develop her acting career as well as pursue another love, music. With the help of New York music attorney George Stein (Jeff Buckley), Joie has been doing the "office tour" of mainstream music labels. The response has been highly favorable and everyone is primed for Joie's upcoming performances with her band.

Joie began her acting career at 7, after a move from Florida to Texas where she attended local acting schools and performed in numerous theatrical productions. During her sophomore year in high school Joie was cast in Stephen King's Thinner. Her performance was well-noted in reviews, particularly in the Associated Press: "One of the highlights of the film was a joy --- Joy Lenz." Then in March of 1998, Joie's nine-episode stint on Guiding Light turned into a contract role when Joie was hired to play a completely different character (Michelle Bauer). This was an unusual move and "unheard of" in the industry according to CBS producer Mickey Dwyer-Dobbin.

During her time on Guiding Light, she juggled a heavy storyline, an MOW playing Mary Tyler Moore's daughter, a one-year run of a New York cabaret and the lead in an independent film. Joie was recently cast as the lead in a much-anticipated WB pilot which unfortunately never went into production. Joie has also shot two other pilots, one playing the daughter of Paul Sorvino, and one as the lead in the WB's 1972.

Joie was also recently featured in Interview Magazine's "Stars On The Rise" (January 2001) and will be performing at various clubs in Manhattan.