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Pamela Anderson
Height: 5' 7"
Birth Name: Pamela Denise Anderson
Birth Date: July 1, 1967
Birth Place: Ladysmith, BC Canada
Measurements: 36-22-34

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    Pamela Anderson asks Donald Trump for presidential pardon for pal Julian Assange

    (11/12/19) Pamela Anderson has written to U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump as she seeks a presidential pardon for her pal, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

    Assange was forcibly removed from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London in April after officials withdrew his asylum. He has been on lockdown in the U.K.’s maximum security Belmarsh Prison ever since, after lawmakers sentenced him to 50 weeks behind bars for violating bail and taking up an offer of asylum in the Ecuadorean Embassy in 2012, while facing extradition to Sweden to face rape charges.

    He still faces extradition to the United States, where he is accused of conspiring to hack a classified Pentagon computer, and longtime supporter Anderson fears her friend will die behind bars.

    In the letter, which was published on the Baywatch actress’ Pamela Anderson Foundation website, she praised the couple, before asking a favour of them for her pal.

    “I am always enlightened and encouraged when I see the great work that you both have achieved during your period as the leading couple of the people,” the star penned. “You complement each other extremely well, Mr. President with your personal touch and emotional flare that strikes a chord with the people, together with the enduring poise and presented dignity that the first lady upholds.

    “Integrity was certainly the underlying thread that defeated Hillary and brought to the world this great couple, cannoning you into the most powerful position in the world.”

    She added that Trump would be “forever remembered as the champion you were always destined to be” and acting in Assange’s favour would become his “legacy”, adding: “If you were to pardon Julian Assange and not allow the legal precedent of extradition of a fact publishing journalist for a life of torture, then the people would salute your action.”

    Pamela also took to Twitter to share several photos with Trump, from when she attended the businessman-turned-politician’s birthday party in 2005.

    Pamela Anderson responds to accusations of racism over Halloween costume

    (11/5/19) Pamela Anderson has responded to accusations of racism and cultural appropriation after she posted a photo of wearing a Native American headdress for Halloween.

    “Happy Halloween,” she captioned a few photos of herself posing in just underwear and a feathered headdress.

    Twitter users were quick to accuse the 52-year-old actress of cultural appropriation and racism, with one Twitter writing, “This is really disappointing & racist Pam, I thought you were better than this,” and another writing, “Native Americans are not costumes…”

    “This is horrendous. In this day and age, how could you be so oblivious?” added one more.

    The “Baywatch” alum responded to critics by sharing an article titled “The Illogic of Cultural Appropriation.”

    The “Law & Liberty” essay argues that just because a person did not come from a group that developed a practice doesn’t mean they don’t have a right to take part in that practice as well.

    It also discusses how some cases of cultural appropriation are problematic but not because of the cultural appropriation. It is instead the context of how that costume is being used.

    “For example, if someone dressed up as a Hasidic Jew, with the various distinctive clothes and religious items, and did so in a way that indicated they were looking down on and making fun of those Jews, then that would be problematic,” the article states. “But not because they were culturally appropriating anything. The reason it would be problematic is that they would be making fun of a group. The cultural appropriation is irrelevant.”

    As of Tuesday, the photos remain posted to her Twitter account.

    Pamela Anderson: Julian Assange's 'health has really deteriorated'

    (9/7/19) Pamela Anderson is fearing for jailed pal Julian Assange’s health, revealing the WikiLeaks founder has lost 30 pounds behind bars.

    Assange was forcibly removed from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London in April after officials withdrew his asylum.

    He has been on lockdown in the U.K.’s maximum-security Belmarsh Prison ever since after lawmakers sentenced him to 50 weeks behind bars for violating bail and taking up an offer of asylum in the Ecuadorean Embassy in 2012 while facing extradition to Sweden to face rape charges.

    He still faces extradition to the United States, where he is accused of conspiring to hack a classified Pentagon computer, and longtime supporter Anderson fears her friend will die behind bars.

    Appearing on The View on Friday, the former Baywatch star said, “His health has really deteriorated. He’s lost about 30 pounds since I saw him and he was very thin at that point…”

    And she reiterated her hope that Assange doesn’t get extradited to the U.S., because she doesn’t think he’ll “make it”.

    “I don’t think he’ll be protected in prison… I think there’s a lot of danger surrounding his life,” the actress said. “It is devastating that people have fallen for this smear campaign, especially in America… America has embraced all this propaganda. It’s really frustrating.”

    “War crimes need to be punished and they haven’t.”

    “The war crimes that he’s exposed, no one’s done anything about it, but they put him in jail to shut him up.”

    Anderson also defended her friend against claims his hacking into Hillary Clinton’s emails cost her the 2016 election and put divisive leader Donald Trump in the White House, adding, “Hillary Clinton is responsible for Trump… He wasn’t trying to help Trump; he was trying to tell the American people true information that Hillary Clinton was doing, so they could make an educated choice.

    “He just believes in justice, he believes in honesty, he believes in exposing governments… People have the right to know what is happening… His whole intention is to stop these senseless wars… A lot of people aren’t too happy with America and how they meddle into everybody’s business and start all these senseless wars.”

    Pamela Anderson wears wet Baywatch swimsuit to thrill dates

    (8/21/19) ( Baywatch might be celebrating its 30th birthday this year, but for series star Pamela Anderson it seems like it was just yesterday when she was running around in that iconic high-waisted red swimsuit that helped make her a star.

    “I didn’t know that,” she replies when asked about the popular TV series’ upcoming anniversary. “Time is an illusion.”

    Originally filmed in 35mm, Baywatch is now available in high definition on Amazon Prime Video with 350 brand new songs added to the score to help draw in younger viewers.

    The show made the B.C.-born Anderson a household name and turned her, along with co-stars Carmen Electra, Yasmine Bleeth, Nicole Eggert and Erika Eleniak, into overnight stars. It also helped jumpstart the stalled career of David Hasselhoff and saw itself get the big screen treatment with Dwayne Johnson in the lead in 2017.

    “Baywatch was the best job in the world,” the former Playboy Playmate says. “It doesn’t feel that long ago.”

    In addition to starring as C.J. Parker for five seasons on the long-running show, which at one point was being watched by over a billion people worldwide every week, Anderson went on to star in a big screen adaption of the Dark Horse comic Barb Wire and Scary Movie 3. She continued to fill her resume with appearances on Dancing with the Stars and other reality-TV shows.

    Earlier this year, she popped up alongside her son Brandon Thomas Lee in The Hills: New Beginnings.

    Of course there have been high-profile romances — to Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee and Kid Rock — and a rumoured dalliance with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. There was also a bad split with soccer star Adil Rami that ended in accusations of abuse earlier this year. But at 52, the outspoken animal rights activist, who landed her first Vogue magazine cover in June, is exactly where she wants to be.

    Below, the mother-of-two, who shares sons Brandon, 22, and Dylan, 21, with ex-husband Tommy Lee, shared lessons she has learned during her three decades in the public eye.

    You were discovered in 1989 at a B.C. Lions game when you were spotted in a Labatt T-shirt. Was that the T-shirt that changed your life?

    I believe in destiny.

    If you were stuck on a desert island, what three movies and what three albums would you want to keep you company?

    I guess I’d rather take a stack of books and my dog.

    Superhero movies are all the rage. Are you more a Marvel fan or DC fan?

    I don’t know what that even means. I was a friend and a subject of Stan Lee — that was an honour. He was a true visionary. Although (the adult animated comedy series) Stripperella may not have been his finest work.

    You’ve been on the cover of Playboy more than any other model and you first appeared in 1989. How important was that in your career?

    Playboy was my university. It’s where I learned about art and philanthropy. (Playboy founder) Hugh Hefner was a big influence (on my life). But he was also a pioneer and a human and civil rights activist. I believe in living your fantasy and doing good in the world.

    What was your most memorable celebrity encounter?

    None — people are people. I’ve met amazing people, celebrity or not. It’s a funny world. People that like celebrities, I guess I’ve never been one of them, but to meet people one on one is interesting. It connects us. Human connection is a lost art.

    You are known for speaking out on animal rights issues. How did this cause become one so close to your heart?

    I relate to vulnerability and I love animals. They don’t lie and we can learn a lot from them.

    You are very political and have political opinions. People probably ask you all the time about Donald Trump. I want to know what you think of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

    I think less and less of Mr. Trump. He’s not on my radar. I think Mr. Trudeau has a great opportunity. He could be the hero we need in the world. But he needs to be strong enough and not subservient to the U.S. He also needs to make the climate crisis top priority. A world leader must take this role. How cool would it be if it’s Canada?

    What was the best advice you ever got?

    Be yourself. Humans aren’t perfect. That’s the sexiest part. You have to be brave to be in love — you have to be brave to get off the couch.

    Along with that, what’s the worst advice you ever got?

    To do something for money or for fame that meant going against things I believed in.

    What would young Pamela think of where she ended up?

    I think I’m exactly where I need to be. I’ve come full circle. It’s a miracle I made it back alive. Back to my roots on Vancouver Island, where I grew up. It’s the most beautiful place on Earth and Canadians are truly the coolest people I know.

    Last question — is it better to take the road less traveled or the well-worn terrain where lots of people have tread before?

    Blaze your own path.

    Pamela Anderson wears wet Baywatch swimsuit to thrill dates

    (8/21/19) Pamela Anderson likes to thrill her dates by donning her old Baywatch swimsuit.

    The actress admits she still fits into the iconic red one-piece and loves to show it off when she’s in the mood for love.

    “I jump in the shower with a bathing suit and then jump on them wherever they are in the house, soaking wet,” she tells the New York Times.

    Pam played busty lifeguard C.J. Parker in the TV beach drama, and recently made a cameo appearance in the spin-off movie, which featured Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, and Priyanka Chopra.

    She insists the real appeal of her famous swimsuit is all about its size.

    “Some people bring me bathing suits to sign autographs on and they are these big bathing suits,” she laughs. “I say, ‘Listen, my bathing suit was tiny. It just stretched and pulled onto your body’.”

    Pamela Anderson wants Calgary Stampede chuckwagon races to end 'before more horses die'

    (7/26/19) Canadian-born actress and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson has renewed her call for an end to chuckwagon races.

    Anderson has sent a letter to Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and his agriculture minister urging them to stop the popular rodeo event.

    “After recently moving back to my beautiful native Canada, my heart sank as I read about six horses who died in this year’s chuckwagon races at the Calgary Stampede. I urge you to direct the Stampede to ban these deadly races,” writes Anderson.

    “Please use your authority to end chuckwagon racing before more horses die.”

    The races are a nightly spectacle during the Stampede. Crowds watch as horse-drawn wagons accompanied by outriders thunder around a dirt track.

    Anderson is an honorary director with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. About 20 of the group’s members gathered in front of the Alberta legislature last week to call for an end to the sport.

    More than 70 horses have died in the event since 1986.

    Anderson, best known as one of the swimsuit-clad lifegaurds in “Baywatch” in the 1990s and as a model for Playboy, wrote a similar letter to another Alberta premier in 2012. She asked Alison Redford to use her influence to persuade Stampede organizers to “end these spectacles.”

    Anderson said in that letter that she was ashamed the races were allowed to continue even as horses died.

    The Calgary Stampede has said it will thoroughly review chuckwagon safety after the fatalities this year — the deadliest in nearly a decade.

    “The Stampede’s commitment to the safety of animals and the conditions of their participation in our events is paramount to our values and brand integrity,” said a statement at the close of the rodeo earlier this month.

    The Stampede tightened safety rules for the races in recent years, but Anderson says in her latest letter that it obviously wasn’t enough.

    “More than a dozen horses have died since then, because these races are inherently cruel and dangerous,” she writes.

    “This cruelty and indifference do not represent the Canada I know and love.”

    The Agriculture Department said last week that it is confident the Stampede’s review of the latest horse deaths will address how best to bring in measures to improve safety and animal care.

    Pam Anderson makes bombshell cheating, abuse claims against ex-beau

    (6/27/19) Pamela Anderson has sensationally claimed that she discovered her French soccer star ex was cheating on her with the mother of his kids.

    The former Baywatch babe – who called Adil Rami a “monster” this week as she announced their split – published a string of unverified emails on her foundation’s official website between her and Sidonie Biémont, with whom Ramil shares twins Zayn and Madi, born in 2016.

    Rami released a statement online denying he led a double life, saying he just had a platonic relationship with the mother of his children. He also claimed to remain faithful to the domestic abuse charity he supports, Solidarité Femmes.

    On the website, posted on her official foundation website, Anderson claims that the Marseilles soccer player physically abused her – throwing her around by her hair while the couple was in LA last summer.

    She also alleges that he “crushed both my hands” during one fight – forcing her to go to the hospital because she was in so much pain she couldn’t even open a water bottle.

    The actress – who accused Ramil of isolating her from her friends – wrote: “ They need to put me to sleep to do injections…my hands were getting better…but he hurt me again at mandarine (sic) hôtel. When he got so angry with me for asking why I was to wait in room and pack our clothes while you were at the Macron event in hotel with the players families.”

    Anderson was the first to reach out to Biémont, who lives in Paris, in a bid to strike up a friendship with her.

    But she was left devastated when Biémont apparently wrote back, saying although they broke up in 2017: “We continued to see each other as lovers, him being really discreet and telling me all would ‘end’ soon ? Then early 2019 we stopped the ‘affair’ coz i think i worth more than being hidden and treated like that.”

    According to Anderson, Biémont also stressed Rami told her he wasn’t living with Anderson – nor had she ever met his kids and claimed they were just friends.

    Anderson replied: “I’m so sorry. I’ve been living with Adil for over 2 years. I’ve never met a man like this. Living multiple lives. I’m in shock. I’m so sorry for you and your boys. I am leaving him. For good this time. It’s too mind boggling for me. I’ve tried to leave 10 times to leave. but he always finds me and begs me back.”

    She said that the couple had bought a house together in Marseilles that she paid to refurbish after meeting in Monaco in May 2017 – saying since then they had spent every day together unless she was out of town.

    Describing their relationship, Anderson – who also accused Ramil of flirting with women on Instagram – added: “He said I could not drink without him. It was prison. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen. He said I was sick and needed a Dr. He was very cruel to me at times. He threw me around by my hair in LA last summer. Because I left him to go to hotel after a photoshoot with friends.”

    She added she refused to have any more contact with Ramil – and had even had security throw him out of her hotel as he tried to win her back.

    Biémont allegedly replied: “i just cant believe what im reading right now. yep no more details i think we know enough. I just dont want him around anymore, or texting me. He is such a Liar.

    “And i really feel so stupid i could once love him and ‘build’ something with him.

    “Well i feel sorry for you i dont know what to say except thank you for reaching me out and being so nice thinking about our kids.

    “At least someone is acting like a grown up here.You truly are a beautiful person from inside and outside.”

    Ramil and Sidonie could not immediately be reached for comment.

    Pamela Anderson continues to advocate for Julian Assange at Cannes

    (5/20/19) At Vanity Fair’s starry Cannes Film Festival party, Pamela Anderson was thinking about jailed pal Julian Assange as other celebs celebrated.

    “It’s a nightmare. He doesn’t deserve to be there,” the former “Baywatch” star told us at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc of the legendary leaker who’s in notorious London prison Belmarsh.

    “He needs public support,” Anderson, who recently visited Assange, said. “We have to change public opinion because people have so much misinformation .?.?. They have to realize he’s a human being that’s fighting for everybody.”

    Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson, Alfonso Cuarón, Miles Teller and Chloë Sevigny schmoozed as Shailene Woodley unsuccessfully tried to coax a pal to dance.

    But Chris Tucker kicked off a dance circle that lasted till 3?a.m.

    “He was singing, getting people to raise their arms, getting in the middle,” said a spy.

    Tucker told us about his first Cannes fest, when he “rolled down on a boat” to the premiere of “The Fifth Element” in 1997 because “traffic was so bad.”

    Dita Von Teese, in a silver sequined gown and red lipstick, told us, “I love to overdress.”

    Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas gazed at each other, while Quentin Tarantino was spotted rubbing new wife Daniela Pick’s back.

    Also at the bash hosted by VF editor Radhika Jones were Alejandro González Iñárritu, Yorgos Lanthimos, Whit Stillman, Jean Pigozzi, Len Blavatnik, Tom Bernard, Michael Barker, and Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedict.

    Pamela Anderson lands first Vogue cover at 51

    (5/16/19) Pamela Anderson has become a Vogue cover girl at the age of 51.

    The former Playboy pin-up made her debut by starring on three covers for Vogue Czechoslovakia’s June issue.

    For the cover series, photographed by Dan Beleiu in Cassis, France, the former Baywatch star strikes some sultry poses, including one image in which she poses in a sheer gown without underwear.

    And in the accompanying interview, the longtime animal rights activist discussed using her fame to highlight issues, her fears over climate change, and her intention to make activism “glamorous.”

    “I wake up every day determined to help people,” she told the publication. “But we must refuel with fun. Make activism fun. And glamorous.”

    And when asked if men actually pay attention to what she’s saying, or just how she looks, she responded: “What a naughty question!”

    “Every girl wants to feel sexy. I think of myself as a socialist feminist,” she continued. “I love men. I don’t like authority.”

    Meanwhile, the mother of two, who shares sons Brandon, 22, and Dylan, 21, with ex-husband Tommy Lee, dubbed her sex symbol status “a cliche,” explaining she has spent years pushing back against the image that has prevailed of her.

    “I realize there is an image of me. That over the years evolved to a kind of cartoon,” she confessed. “But people can’t really believe it to be who I really am. It’s hard to accept it.

    “I’m always in a ridiculous battle — to convince people that I have something to say. And even people closest to me try to protect me. ‘Don’t use this photo it’s too sexy.’ ‘Don’t do this.’ ‘Don’t do that.’ F— off! Let me be me. I’ll tell you who that is!”

    Pamela Anderson to visit Julian Assange in London jail

    (5/6/19) WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange will get his first social call in a London jail on Tuesday, from his pal Pamela Anderson.

    Sources said the “Baywatch” star will see Assange locked up in notorious London prison Belmarsh, which has been called “Britain’s Guantanamo Bay.”

    A friend said Anderson is visiting Assange to “support freedom of speech.”

    He previously spent nearly seven years in the Embassy of Ecuador in London before being arrested.

    Anderson has been a vocal Assange supporter: There have even been rumors that they were romantically linked, but she’s still dating French soccer star Adil Rami.

    Pam Anderson wants to call Bruce Springsteen about fundraiser controversy

    (4/26/19) Pamela Anderson is still fuming about charity money being taken from impoverished French kids to rebuild Notre Dame — and now she hopes Bruce Springsteen will step in.

    The former “Baywatch” star boiled over at Tuesday’s Olympique Marseille fund-raiser for poverty-stricken children — organizers auctioned a Springsteen guitar for $112,000, but rather than give the proceeds to homeless children in the southern French city of Marseille, decided the cash would go to the gutted Paris cathedral.

    Anderson, who railed on Twitter that Notre Dame already had $1 billion pledged in donations, told Page Six Thursday, “I was angry — the church already has all they need. And knowing the conditions of the many troubled youths in Marseille, it seemed that 100,000 euro for Bruce Springsteen’s guitar could have gone to the local children and to the homeless.”

    Adding that Springsteen had likely donated the guitar in the first place for Marseille’s underprivileged kids, “I was thinking of calling Springsteen to see where he’d rather the money raised go — I am sure it would be to the poor kids for whom it was intended.”

    Olympique Marseille — a top-tier French soccer club — didn’t reply directly to Anderson’s angst, but said nearly $500,000 was raised for local kids.

    Bruce’s rep didn’t get back to us.

    Pam Anderson leaves gala when Notre Dame gets funds meant for children

    (4/24/19) Pamela Anderson stormed out of a gala this week when $112,000 earmarked for poor French children went to fire-ravaged Notre Dame cathedral instead.

    The “Baywatch” star said she was at Tuesday’s Olympique Marseille fundraiser to support poverty-stricken children — when organizers auctioned off a big ticket item to benefit the Gothic cathedral.

    “Surely the children suffering in Marseille could have used the 100,000 € more than the church that has already received over a billion in donations by billionaires,” the actress fumed on Twitter Wednesday.

    “I hope they will reconsider and give where it is needed,” Anderson continued. “To the community here in Marseille where it was intended. And would go much further in making lives better.”

    The 51-year-old blond bombshell was at the gala with her boyfriend Adil Rami, a defender on the Olympique Marseille team, one of France’s most decorated soccer clubs.

    Olympique Marseille didn’t reply directly to Anderson’s gripes, but told AFP approximately $490,119 was raised for local kids that night.

    Donations to help rebuild Notre Dame have topped $1 billion after the Gothic gem was damaged by a massive blaze this month.

    Pamela Anderson flips out over Julian Assange arrest

    (4/11/19) Pamela Anderson lashed out against President Trump, Britain and “Equador” on Thursday following the arrest of her close pal Julian Assange.

    The “Baywatch” star said she was “in shock” after watching video of the WikiLeaks founder being dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

    “He looks very bad. How could you Equador? (Because he exposed you),” Anderson tweeted. “How could you UK. ? Of course – you are America’s bitch and you need a diversion from your idiotic Brexit bulls–t.”

    She railed in another tweet, “And the USA? This toxic coward of a President He needs to rally his base? – You are selfish and cruel. You have taken the entire world backwards. You are devils and liars and thieves. And you will ROTT And WE WILL RISE.”

    The 51-year-old blond bombshell has long defended Assange and frequently visited him during his seven-year stint at the embassy — sparking rumors that they’re romantically involved.

    Pamela Anderson Back with French Soccer BF Despite Red Flags

    (3/19/19) Pamela Anderson's on-again, off-again relationship with soccer star Adil Rami is back ON again ... but her friends see red flags.

    Sources close to Pam tell TMZ ... the "Baywatch" star and World Cup champ have been back together for several weeks, but friends wish she'd 86 the relationship for various reasons. The main one ... they say Adil has tried cutting Pam off from her friends and family.

    What's more ... they fear his juvenile behavior -- partying and clubbing -- isn't for Pam anymore. Her friends are adamant ... it's never gonna work long term.

    Pam's friends are clear ... they want her to move on. If and when she's ready ... find someone else. Nevertheless ... easier said than done.

    You'll recall it was just last July when the central defender for French club Marseille met Pam's mom. A serious sign, for sure. But, things really heated up when Adil proposed marriage. Pam said no dice and the relationship went kaput.

    Pam's friends hope she pumps the brakes again ... and keep her foot firm on the pedal.

    Pamela Anderson thinks ‘the worst lovers’ watch porn

    (1/21/19) According to Pamela Anderson, the good men out there have been lost to porn and video games.

    In a series of tweets on Monday, the former “Baywatch” star proclaimed that the two “vices” have led to the downfall of quality relationships.

    “The worst lovers watch porn – numb, desensitized .. needing more and more variety even violent,” she wrote. “Porn is not what love looks like Brave and radical men who read and who are engaged in the world are sexy. Vegans make the best lovers – it’s proven.”

    Anderson continued in another tweet saying the video gaming system Playstation has also been the demise of “good men,” who now have what she calls “empty head disease.”

    “We’ve lost many good men to this. GONE No return,” she wrote.

    The Twitter thread seemed to be sparked by her 2018 book co-authored with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, “Lust for Love: Rekindling Intimacy and Passion in Your Relationship,” which she dubbed “a conversation starter.”

    The mom of two also encouraged parents to help their kids stay away from gaming, saying she prays kids can be strong enough to “rebel” against its popularity.

    “Talk to our children. As young adults we can make our own choices. But, it’s a slippery slope.”

    During her Twitter spree, Anderson also noted that the original “Baywatch” series is available on Amazon Prime for the show’s 30th anniversary.

    Pamela Anderson Hobbling on Crutches After French 'Dancing with the Stars' Injury

    (11/6/18) Pamela Anderson has courted controversy by saying the #MeToo movement is “a bit too much” because it “paralyses men”.

    The #MeToo movement gained momentum towards the end of 2017, after multiple women came forward with sexual assault allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein, leading to many others sharing their alleged experiences with sexual misconduct at the hands of other Hollywood power players.

    Many celebrities have praised the movement, and the subsequent Time’s Up movement, for shedding light on these issues, but former Baywatch Pamela has dismissed them, as she believes they’ve gone too far.

    “I’m a feminist, but I think that this third wave of feminism is a bore,” she said on Australian news show 60 Minutes. “I think it paralyses men. I think that this #MeToo movement is a bit too much for me. I’ll probably get killed for saying that.”

    The actress also referenced some of the allegations surrounding Weinstein, which involved him allegedly inviting women up to his hotel room for meetings. He has denied all allegations of non-consensual sex.

    “But my mother taught me, don’t go to a hotel with a stranger,” she added. “If someone answers a door in a bathrobe and it’s supposed to be a business meeting, maybe I should go with somebody else.

    “I think that some things are just common sense. Or if you go in, get the job… I’m Canadian, I’m going to speak my mind, okay?”

    During her interview, the 51-year-old urged Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to help free Australian WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, where he was granted asylum in 2012.

    When asked about her relationship with him, Pamela, who is dating soccer star Adil Rami, described it as “a romantic struggle” but added, “We don’t have a romantic relationship like that, but I feel very close to him. And I feel closer to him than a lot of people have and he trusts me.”

    Pamela Anderson Hobbling on Crutches After French 'Dancing with the Stars' Injury

    (10/19/18) Pamela Anderson ?won't be doing that famous "Baywatch" run anytime soon -- she's on les crutches after she reportedly got banged up on France's version of "Dancing with the Stars."

    Pamela was hobbling out of her doctor's office Thursday in Paris, and her left leg was heavily wrapped in bandages ... especially around the ankle. Zut alors!

    We've seen TONS of injuries, almost weekly, on the stateside 'DWTS' ... so, good to know the Frenchies are no better than us.

    Pretty sure there will be no lack of gar?ons willing to lend Pammy a hand while she heals.

    Pamela Anderson brought ‘Baywatch’ to the Chanel show

    (10/2/18) From the shores of Malibu to the front rows of Paris Fashion Week.

    Pamela Anderson, 51, brought a touch of “Baywatch” to Chanel’s beach-themed spring 2019 runway show on Monday.

    The collection was presented at the Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées in Paris, which was transformed into a tropical beach scene with a realistic sandy beach, crashing waves, thatched hut and even a lifeguard.

    For the occasion, the Playboy pinup wore a head-to-toe Chanel look consisting of a white blouse with a ruffled Peter Pan collar, dramatic bishop sleeves, and buttons tucked into a white tweed skirt with a matching jacket. She finished off the ensemble with dark round sunglasses, a white crossbody purse and the label’s signature $850 tan cap-toed slingback heels.

    But the brand missed a major opportunity by not casting Anderson as the show’s lifeguard, complete with a red Chanel-branded one-piece swimsuit.

    Pamela Anderson splits with French soccer star boyfriend Adil Rami

    (9/8/18) Pamela Anderson has called time on her relationship with French soccer star Adil Rami.

    The former Baywatch beauty thinks that he needs to spend motre time with two-year-old twins Zayn and Madi, with ex-girlfriend Sidonie Biémont.

    Ironically, the 51-year-old had been spending time with the kids recently but it appears that she has had a change of view.

    Page Six revealed: “‘It broke Pam’s heart that he doesn’t see them enough, as he should, so she’s moving out… She is removing herself from his life so he can do the right thing and be with his kids.”

    The Canadian star was reportedly heartbroken over her decision to split with the 32-year-old soccer player but she believes that it is for the best.

    The source added: “This is about his happiness and the sake of his sons. They need him more than her. She knows he’ll thank her one day.” previously reported how the pair wanted a baby of their own.

    Describing the actress as “heartbroken,” the source said she hoped Rami could now rebuild his relationship with his children’s mother.

    They added: “This is about his happiness and the sake of his sons. They need him more than her. She knows he’ll thank her one day.”

    Animal rights activist Anderson plans to spend more time with her two sons Brandon, 22, and Dylan, 21, from her relationship with rocker Tommy-Lee.

    Pamela Anderson inspired by Brigitte Nielsen to have another child

    (9/2/18) (Video) Pamela Anderson is reportedly planning to start in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment so she can have a baby with her French footballer boyfriend Adil Rami.

    The 51-year-old has reportedly been inspired by movie star Brigitte Nielsen, who recently gave birth aged 54, and 52-year-old Janet Jackson, who welcomed her first child in 2017, to undergo IVF treatment so that she can become a mom again.

    According to editors at The Sun newspaper, Pamela wants to start a family with the 32-year-old father of two, and the actress and activist plans to spend thousands to make her dream come true.

    “She had her eggs frozen years ago and is determined to have a baby with Adil, even though she knows the process can be gruelling at her age with no guarantee of success,” a source told the publication.

    And her sons Brandon, 22, and Dylan, 20, who she shares with Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee, are said to be supportive of their mum’s wishes.

    “Both are excited by the prospect of having a new sibling, even though they are slightly worried about her health,” the insider said. “They are old enough to understand that in vitro sessions can be gruelling for a woman.

    “And – if her dream comes true and she does get pregnant – simply carrying a child then giving birth in her fifties will be a big physical ordeal.”

    The news comes amid reports Pamela and Adil are planning to marry, after the star was spotted with a huge diamond on her ring finger. If true, it will be a fourth marriage for Pamela; she was previously wed to Lee, singer Kid Rock and poker player Rick Salomon.

    Pamela and the Marseille soccer star met last February at the Monaco Grand Prix and have been inseparable ever since. The actress has since relocated to a small village outside of Marseille, France, where she has opened her own vegan bakery.

    Pamela Anderson on Match Game 9/13/18

    (8/28/18) “408” – It’s going to be a match unlike any other as champ Sugar Ray Leonard trades the boxing ring for the BLANK! Host Alec Baldwin also welcomes Pamela Anderson, Ali Wentworth, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Adam Carolla and Mark Duplass to this star-studded panel of celebrities on the season finale of “Match Game,” airing THURSDAY, SEPT. 13 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network, streaming and on demand. “Match Game” is produced by FremantleMedia North America and features four contestants each week vying for the chance to win $25,000, as they attempt to match the answers of six celebrities in a game of fill-in-the-blank.

    Celebrity panelists for Sept. 13 include the following:
    Adam Carolla (“The Adam Carolla Show”)
    Pamela Anderson (actress, model and activist)
    Mark Duplass (actor, “Goliath”; author, “Like Brothers”)
    Ali Wentworth (actress and writer)
    Sugar Ray Leonard (boxing legend)
    Tisha Campbell-Martin (“Martin”; “My Wife and Kids”)

    Joining the celebrity panelists are contestants Kristian Albright (hometown: Wallington, New Jersey), Todd Robbins (hometown: Glen Cove, New York), Drea Murray (hometown: New York, New York) and Brian Roland (hometown: Brooklyn, New York).

    Pamela Anderson hates threesomes

    (7/26/18) Pamela Anderson is a bonafide sex icon and isn’t afraid to spill the tea on her own sex life – including her experiences with threesomes and group sex.

    “I have never had a threesome or group sex in a positive way,” the former “Baywatch” star and Playboy centerfold told Dazed in a Q&A with fans. “But to each their own.”

    Anderson, 51, has been married four times, first to Tommy Lee from 1995 to 1998, then to Kid Rock from 2006 to 2007. She married third husband Rick Salomon twice – first from 2007 to 2008 and again from 2014 to 2015. She’s currently boo’d up with soccer star Adil Rami and they are said to be looking toward marriage soon.

    “All my lovers were too jealous,” Anderson explained. “Except for maybe one that fantasized about me being with a woman and watching us. It sounds tempting sometimes. But I’m too romantic. I don’t enjoy sex without love and commitment. It’s not mechanical or to show off. It’s about intimacy and sharing secrets.”

    Another fan asked how she builds self-esteem and security given the numerous ideas about her in the limelight. She then launched into how disheartening it is for men to put her on a pedestal.

    “It’s the worst,” she added. “It’s isolating and lonely to be so protected. It’s also someone that will cheat eventually. Thinking you are too perfect makes men insecure and have to seek attention from others.”

    Anderson, who has two kids, just wants to “walk hand in hand” with her love – essentially be treated like a normal woman, she says.

    Pamela Anderson Holds Boyfriend Adil Rami's World Cup Trophy After Sparking Engagement Rumors

    (7/16/18) Pamela Anderson is going for the gold!

    The model, 51, was photographed holding the FIFA World Cup trophy after her French beau, Adil Rami, was part of the winning team that brought it home for France.

    Anderson looked over the moon as she held the trophy while Rami, 32, smiled as he pointed at the Canadian model.

    France won the World Cup against Croatia in a stunning victory on Sunday, taking the lead 4 to 2.

    Anderson was frequently seen in Russian cheering on Rami as France advanced during the competition.

    She sparked engagement rumors earlier this month after she was seen wearing a large ring that is estimated to be worth over $25,000 on her right hand while in the V.I.P. box during France’s game against Croatia.

    The pair has reportedly been dating since May 2017 after meeting at the Monaco Grand Prix.

    The actress also opened up about their relationship in February telling the Daily Mail that Rami “cares about me deeply.”

    “We have a very healthy, simple wonderful life without all the bells and whistles,” she said. “We both have our children to try to squeeze into the equation, but he is amazing. He is a good guy, really a good guy.”

    Rami, who was born on the island of Corsica to Moroccan parents, plays defense for Marseille and the French national team.

    He’s nicknamed “Shrek” because he “eats voraciously and has been known, just occasionally, to belch. Loudly,” according to ESPN in 2011.

    The relationship comes after Anderson’s public support and ambiguous connection to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. He remains holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where the actress was first spotted visiting him there in October 2016. She’s written about her numerous visits to him in several lengthy posts on her website.

    Anderson has two adult sons from her tumultuous three-year marriage to rocker Tommy Lee, which ended in 1998.

    Pam Anderson jokes with Alec Baldwin about Julian Assange pardon

    (6/5/18) Pamela Anderson jokingly tried to recruit Alec Baldwin into her ongoing campaign to get a presidential pardon for Julian Assange.

    While filming ABC’s “Match Game” Tuesday, we hear the blond bombshell asked host Baldwin — who impersonates President Trump on “Saturday Night Live” — how he gets along with POTUS.

    When Baldwin replied “not great,” we’re told Anderson shot back, “I was hoping you could help get Julian pardoned and then he could host ‘SNL’!”

    Pamela Anderson to Kanye West: Please help Julian Assange!

    (5/10/18) Pamela Anderson has reached out to Kanye West and urged the rapper to help her exiled friend Julian Assange.

    The WikiLeaks founder claimed political asylum at London’s Ecuadorian Embassy and has been holed up there for years as world leaders want him brought to justice for leaking top secret government information online.

    Anderson was a frequent visitor to Assange and kept in touch with the journalist and computer programmer up until a few weeks ago, when she claims his Internet use was cut off by diplomatic officials.

    And now she fears he is in serious trouble.

    “I talked to him on the phone the day it (Internet) was shut off. He sent me an urgent call. And now, nothing,” the former Baywatch star recently told The Hollywood Reporter.

    “He’s been wrongly accused of so many things, but this is a way of keeping him down and keeping him ineffective.”

    The actress and model has now called on West’s help in a new letter addressed to the rapper and obtained by TMZ, in which she opens up about her fears, suggesting Assange “thinks people are trying to kill him.”

    Anderson believes Assange just needs more people to speak out in his defence, and she is convinced outspoken West is just the guy to lead her campaign.

    “I’ve always supported your ‘no filter’ – you speak your mind. And you make an impact,” she writes in the letter. “I’m sure a lot of people feel like you – they just are stuck in what society says is OK to say.”

    What’s really going on with bizarre duo Pam Anderson and Julian Assange

    (4/30/18) Pamela Anderson has long been a defender of animal rights, but now she has a new cause: being reunited with her is-he-or-isn’t-he boyfriend Julian Assange.

    On March 28, it was announced that the Ecuadorean embassy in London — where the WikiLeaks mastermind has been holed up since 2012 — had revoked Assange’s visitor privileges and Internet access. Ecuador’s government, which granted him citizenship in January, chalked it up to Assange having breached “a written [agreement] not to issue messages that might interfere with other states.”

    In a statement to The Post, Anderson — a frequent guest of Assange’s since they were introduced in 2014 — said: “I’m deeply concerned about his health and well-being. His human rights have been abused before without sunlight but this is extraordinary. Incommunicado. No visitors. No Internet. No phone calls. No access to outside world.”

    “This is torture — a slow, painful death [at] the hands of the US [and] UK. I feel for Ecuador. They have received so much pressure.”

    But insiders question the former “Baywatch” star’s true intentions — saying her much-photographed assignations at the embassy have created a way for Anderson to stay in the spotlight as her acting and modeling career has quieted down.

    “Pam thrives on attention from famous men, and she thrives on press,” said a fashion designer who knows her. “It’s no accident she shows up to the embassy in those sexy outfits. They are all very contrived.”

    For a Jan. 22 visit, the bombshell dressed like a vixen from a spy film, clad in all black — sky-high heels, a second-skin turtleneck showcasing her pneumatic bosom, giant sunglasses, even a scarf over her blond hair.

    A Malibu, Calif., neighbor of Anderson’s says that the publicity benefits more than just the star’s ego: “She needs to stay in the public eye. She doesn’t have enough money to be a full-time philanthropist [like she wants] — that’s why she did this book [“Lust for Love,” a relationship tome with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach]. It’s not like she’s on TV or movies recently. And she’s got expensive taste. That look doesn’t come cheap at age 50.”

    Assange, 46, stays in the embassy to avoid possible arrest by UK authorities over a bail violation and extradition to the US related to unlawfully distributed documents. But one of the bright spots in his lonely days has been the actress.

    According to a source, he has a “deep crush” on Anderson, driven in part by the fact that “she’s just out of reach. Julian has a thing for blondes and he’s always been quite the womanizer. But Pam’s much more intelligent than most women with that kind of look — she’s no bimbo.”

    The odd couple were introduced by activist fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, a WikiLeaks acolyte who regularly visits Assange at the embassy and even dedicated her spring/summer 2017 collection to him.

    “She loves Pam and knew they’d have mutual interests,” said a former Westwood employee. “She didn’t introduce them as a proper [romantic] setup. But Viv does fantasize that [if Assange is freed] he and Pam would really be together. She thinks that together they would change the world.”

    Over the years, Assange has hosted a star-studded lineup of visitors, including Lady Gaga, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard, rapper MIA and John Cusack. And, apparently, a steady stream of women.

    “He’s had a lot of so-called ‘girlfriends’ visit him there before Pam [came on the scene],” said a source close to one of those women. “They were the kind of groupies who fall for men in prison.”

    (WikiLeaks did not respond to requests for comment on Assange’s behalf.)

    Making matters more confusing, Anderson has been dating Adil Rami, a 32-year-old soccer star for Marseille, since 2017. But as she told a Sydney radio show, “I’ve spent more time talking to Julian than all of my ex-husbands combined!” Then she took to her blog to report to the world that the WikiLeaks founder’s “a gentleman, extremely smart, resilient, sexy.”

    Asked about this by Grazia magazine, Anderson played coy: “I don’t want to say anything about whether there’s a romance. So, let’s say we’re just ‘good friends.’”

    Whatever their true nature, the tête-a-têtes — to which Anderson brings vegan fare from Whole Foods and Pret A Manger — have reportedly drawn scrutiny from the feds.

    On March 15, Radar Online quoted a source claiming that the FBI is looking to grill Anderson about the relationship.

    Assange has done nothing to quash the romance rumors — perhaps because they’re true, or perhaps because he loves Anderson’s star power: “Over the last two years, she has done more to try and get this Australian — me — out of detention without charge.” (Sweden had issued an international arrest warrant for Assange in 2012, related to allegations of rape, but dropped all charges in 2017.)

    In January 2017, Anderson sent a letter to then-President Obama asking for Assange’s pardon — and a picture of him with a kitten gifted to him by his children (Assange, who refuses to discuss his private life, reportedly has five children by as many women).

    And she’s certainly not holding back her words now, as she works to have some degree of Assange’s freedom reinstated.

    “Ecuador promised to protect him against political persecution, not just protect him against a death penalty. And he must be protected,” Anderson told The Post. “We are all Julian Assange.”

    Pamela Anderson: 'Playboy empowered me' after molestation by 'bad female babysitter'

    (4/4/18) Pamela Anderson credits Playboy magazine bosses with saving her life following the sexual abuse she suffered as a child.

    The Baywatch star first posed for the men’s magazine in 1989 and became the publication’s first Playmate of the Month, and now she reveals the late Hugh Hefner and his publishing partners helped to “empower” her as she took charge of her sexuality after she was molested as a child by a “bad female babysitter.”

    “I was painfully shy as a child,” she tells Us Weekly magazine. “As a young girl, Playboy empowered me. It really saved my life. I felt very trapped inside and needed to free myself. It was a breakthrough for me, and there I met artists and activists and gentlemen. It has been a fun and wild life.”

    Anderson insists her road to becoming a successful model, actress and now activist has not been easy, but she urges those who have been through similar experiences as herself to keep pressing forward to achieve their dreams.

    “I encourage everyone to be brave and step outside your comfort zone,” she says. “It’s a springboard into the unknown. And when you can do this, you can really live.”

    “We’ve all had some kind of tragedy in our lives,” she adds. “We just have to remember that and be good to each other.”

    In November, Anderson sparked controversy when it appeared she had suggested women should have known better than to meet disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein in hotel rooms, alone. She later clarified her comments, insisting she was only warning other women what not to do.

    “Hollywood is difficult,” she continues. “It is not my favourite place to be. But it is a business, and if this is the life you want, you play the game. I’m happy to be living in France now. Hollywood is too much. I’d rather use my energy in other ways.”

    Pamela Anderson: Tommy Lee needs to deal with alcoholism

    (3/9/18) Pamela Anderson is hoping her son’s altercation with his father, Tommy Lee, will prompt the rocker to get help for an alleged alcohol problem.

    The former Motley Crue star and his son Brandon fought during a row about the boy’s mother – the drummer’s ex-wife Anderson – on Monday night and the 21-year-old allegedly knocked his father out.

    Father and son are now feuding on social media and Lee has reportedly filed for a restraining order against his son, but the former Baywatch star hopes something positive can come from the drama.

    “I pray Tommy gets the help he needs,” she writes in a statement to TMZ, which she has posted on her website. “His actions are desperate and humiliating. He is a disaster spinning out of control. And he is not acting like a father. But this is nothing new.

    “My sons have made every attempt to help him in recent months… I feared things might escalate, but knew this might be what it took to heal old wounds… We have all tried to protect him and help him for too long, hoping he’d look after himself better…”

    Pamela insists she has no desire to talk to Tommy until he seeks counselling in rehab, adding she fully supports her son.

    “I stand beside my son who acted out of self-defense and was scared for his life,” she continues. “Nobody understands the lifetime of disappointment this man has brought our family. Consistently the centre of sadness, drama and confusion. And unfortunately he has made this private matter very public.

    “I have always tried only to set record straight. Trying to paint him as not a bad guy. Just one who is human and made mistakes. He still cannot handle the guilt about his abusive behavior and has never taken responsibility for what he has done. Let’s hope this will be his saving grace…”

    The 50-year-old claims Tommy’s issues stem from “the disease of alcoholism,” but the rocker insists his drinking is not the problem.

    “Do I drink? Yes. Do I drink more than the average Joe? Yes,” he writes in his own statement to TMZ. “Have I ever hurt my sons or acted out of turn with them because of my drinking? No…”

    “No matter how much people wanna pin me as this deviant alcoholic abuser, that isn’t me,” he adds. “I’m a happy fun loving guy. I’m joking around all the time, and people take it the wrong way, sadly.”

    Tommy insists he simply wanted an apology from his son and for Pamela to stop talking about his alleged abusive past in the media – like she did in a recent interview with Piers Morgan – but they didn’t respond to him. He also states he has taken many steps to confront his abusive past and deal with his issues.

    “I love my sons,” he continues. “People hold my past against me, but I haven’t had any altercations or issues in 20+ (plus) years. The thing that started all this was Pamela going on a barrage of interviews talking about the past, right as soon as I got engaged to my fiance…

    The fact that Pamela would ignore my pleas for her to stop, pushed me over the edge. I messaged her several times asking her to stop taking these interviews, that was hurting me and the boys, and she would ignore me…”

    Tommy became engaged to Brittany Furlan last month.

    Pam Anderson Takes Ride-hail Apps to Task with 'Terms & Conditions'

    (3/7/18) Pam Anderson says ride-hail apps shirk their responsibility and shift blame to their users ... and that's why she implores you to read the fine print.

    Pamela is back with a new PSA -- obtained in advance by TMZ -- and takes ride-hail apps to task for making its users assume all the risk with the long and dreaded terms and conditions ... which, btw, is the title for her third PSA.

    She first went after ride-hail apps, like Uber or Lyft, back in November for not properly vetting its drivers. She went after them again in January and tied them to the #MeToo movement.

    In the new PSA, Pamela's driver reads out loud the terms and conditions for the ride-hail app, Via. Might not have heard of it. It's only available in 3 cities. But point made ... ride-hail apps cram responsibility with a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo. And you should be aware.

    'SHE MOLESTED ME': Pamela Anderson says she was touched by female babysitter

    (3/5/18) Pamela Anderson has revealed a shocking secret from her past.

    The former Baywatch babe, 50, told Piers Morgan’s “Life Stories” show, “I had a babysitter and she molested me for I think a year. I remember wishing her dead and she ended up dying the next day in her graduation in a car accident.

    “I thought, ‘Ok, now I’ve killed her. I’m magic. I can’t tell my parents about this and I’ve killed her,’ so I started believing that I had this special power to kill people,” Anderson said.

    The iconic blonde bombshell is just the latest Hollywood actress to follow in the wake of the #MeToo movement by confessing past sexual harassment and abuse.

    Anderson, whose wrinkle-free face has stopped traffic, recalled being fearful of telling her parents about her evil babysitter: “I was scared to tell them that this happened and I was also scared to tell them that I ‘killed’ her” through a mind trick.

    The star told Morgan that she finally told her folks, “years later.”

    She previously claimed that she was raped at age 12 by a male acquaintance.

    Anderson, who has been romantically linked to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and is one of the few to visit him in his seclusion, said her love for animals made her life complete after suffering abuse.

    “My affinity with animals saved me, they came to me naturally,” she said. The trees spoke to me. I wasn’t sure why I was alive—a burning question, a quest,” said the star who recently flaunted her curves for fans.

    Pamela Anderson says Sylvester Stallone tried to bribe her with a condo, Porsche to be his 'number one girl'

    (3/3/18) (Video) Sylvester Stallone once tried to get Pamela Anderson to be his girlfriend by offering her a luxury car and an apartment.

    The former Baywatch actress said during a pre-recorded interview for Piers Morgan’s Life Stories that she had once turned down the Rocky star’s relationship offer.

    Actor Sylvester Stallone at The World Premiere of Marvel Studios? ?Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.? at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, CA April 19th, 2017

    “He offered me a condo and a Porsche to be his ‘number one girl’,” she recalled. “I said, ‘Does this mean there is a number two?’ He said, ‘Of course’. He is very funny. I did not take the condo or the Porsche. Maybe I should have.”

    During the chat, she was grilled about a number of men in her life, including WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. When asked if they had ever had a romantic relationship, she dodged the question and said they were just “very good friends”. She was also asked about a possible romance with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who she successfully lobbied for the ban on seal hunting.

    She said she was invited to give him flowers at his inauguration but she declined, and added, “But there has been some… obviously we’ve been in the same place together sometimes.” When the audience gasped, she replied, “It’s starting to feel surreal to me too. Am I lying? Am I telling the truth? I don’t know.”

    When pressed further, she said, “I have a great relationship with Russia. Yes.”

    The 50-year-old is currently dating 32-year-old soccer star Adil Rami. She told Piers about living with him in France and revealed she sometimes cooks for him in a sexy maid’s uniform.

    “He is fantastic. I love him, of course… I am happy in France,” she said, adding that she hates the term toyboy. “I care about him a lot and we get along. It is important to get along in the moment. Who knows how long this world is going to last with the way it is going.. You might as well enjoy your life.”

    Pamela also said she would like to get married again but acknowledged she had been down the aisle “a lot” – twice with Rick Salomon and with rockers Tommy Lee and Kid Rock.

    Piers Morgan’s Life Stories airs in the U.K. on Saturday.

    Pam Anderson, I've Got a French Connection with My Hot Soccer Boyfriend

    (1/26/18) Pam Anderson has jettisoned her American roots, and not because of Trump ... because she's in love.

    Pam is living in Marseille, France with her boyfriend, soccer player Adil Rami. They met at the Grand Prix in Monaco last May and they have been inseparable ever since.

    Pam literally packed a suitcase, hopped on a plane and left her life in L.A. to be with Adil.

    50-year-old Pam and 32-year-old Adil are sharing a house with her Golden Retriever, Zuzu. And here's how serious it's gotten ... we found out she was shopping for engagement rings last month at Chrome Hearts jewelry store.

    Pam is in regular contact with her 2 adult sons ... they visit her often. As for Adil, who plays for the Olympique de Marseille soccer team ... he has twins who live with their mom.

    TMZ broke the story ... Pam is leasing her Malibu estate for $40k and she's gunning for a long term lease.

    We're told she has no plans to move back to the U.S. Vive la France!

    Pamela Anderson blasts ride-hailing apps

    (1/10/18) (Video) Ride-hailing apps are designed to help perverts, Pamela Anderson tells Page Six.

    “I believe ride-hail apps are optimized for predatory drivers,” said the “Baywatch” icon, who’s working on a commercial for the National Limousine Association’s Ride Responsibly program.

    She claims, “I [am] stunned by how many #MeToo stories link directly to ride-hailing. I am deeply concerned about girls and boys that travel alone in cars with strangers who haven’t been vetted. It’s digital hitchhiking.”

    Pamela Anderson Issues New PSA on Ride-Hail App Drivers Tied to #MeToo

    (1/9/18) Pamela Anderson is back to taking aim at ride-hail apps and the drivers she believes aren't properly vetted ... now tying them to the #MeToo movement.

    Pam stars in a new ad/PSA in which she's surrounded by headlines about sexual misconduct in Hollywood and the #MeToo movement, when a rideshare app driver pulls up.

    The tension rises as the driver ominously stares at Pam through the rear view mirror and locks the doors -- all while #MeToo flashes on her phone.

    As we reported ... Pam released a similar PSA last year, but this one definitely ups the ante.

    Pam also released a statement to TMZ about her new ad, saying in part ... "Ride-hail apps are a haven for predators. It’s scary how many #metoo tweets are linked to ride-hailing."

    Lyft tell us Pam's campaign misleads consumers about the benefits and safety features of Lyft. They add ... drivers must pass multiple background checks before being able to drive, and each ride is covered with a $1 million liability insurance policy.

    No word back from Uber yet.

    Pamela Anderson Hands The Kardashians An Anti-Fur Ultimatum

    (12/22/17) Pamela Anderson wants no blood on her hands by association ... and that's why she's telling the Kardashian sisters -- if you want me on your show, ditch the fur for good.

    Sources close to Pamela tell TMZ ... "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" wants to use footage it recently shot of Pamela and Kim in NYC at the posh Vivienne Westwood store.

    We're told a rep from the company that produces the show -- Bunim-Murray -- sent Pamela's team a release form to get the all-clear. Pamela and the Kardashians are friends, so it seemed like no big deal. Well, not so fast.

    Sources tell us her team responded that Pamela won't sign UNLESS the Kardashians give up fur. We're told Pamela and Kim have no beef but if pressed to choose, Pam's siding with the animals.

    It's not the first time Pamela's launched a stop-wearing-fur campaign on the family. The former "Baywatch" star recently gifted Kim a faux fur coat to get her on board.

    Kim and the Klan love their fur and wear it often, so unclear if Pam will prevail.

    We've reached out to Bunim-Murray ... so far, no word back.

    Pamela Anderson Will Not Apologize for Alleged Victim Blaming

    (12/2/17) Pamela Anderson is doubling down on comments made to Megyn Kelly about Harvey Weinstein's accusers knowing what they were getting into when they went to his hotel room alone ... and says she won't apologize.

    Anderson tells TMZ, "This is not victim blaming" ... she never said women deserved to be abused. Pam calls Weinstein "a sexist pig and a bully."

    The former "Baywatch" star touched off a firestorm when she told Kelly, "It was common knowledge that certain producers or certain people in Hollywood or people to avoid, privately," adding, "You know what you're getting into if you're going into a hotel room alone."

    Pam says she wants perpetrators punished, but adds women need the "ability of self-protection." As for what type of self-protection, she says "There are a lot of self-protection courses. There is even a well known story of suffragettes learning martial arts."

    And she goes on to say "women [must be] aware of certain problems and how to spot them and fight them. It is totally hypocritical to ignore this."

    Pam tells us the issues are very complex, adding, "[I] will not get coerced into apology."

    Pamela Anderson Says Harvey Weinstein's Accusers Shouldn't Have Been Alone with Him: 'You Know What You're Getting Into'

    (12/1/17) Pamela Anderson has stirred up controversy by suggesting Harvey Weinstein’s accusers shouldn’t have allowed themselves to be alone with him.

    “It was common knowledge that certain producers or certain people in Hollywood or people to avoid, privately,” she told Megyn Kelly Thursday. “You know what you’re getting into if you’re going into a hotel room alone.”

    Anderson, who has spoken out about her own experiences with sexual abuse, went on to explain that when she was a young actress, she used her “common sense” to avoid uncomfortable situations with certain producers.

    “When I came to Hollywood, of course I had a lot of offers to do private auditions and things that made absolutely no sense,” she said. “Just common sense: don’t go into a hotel room alone. If someone enters a door in a bathrobe, leave. These things that are common sense.”

    When Kelly suggested that many of these women were lured into meetings by their agents or female assistants, Anderson said the women should have insisted another person be in the room. “That’s what they should have done. Send somebody with them. I think there’s easy ways to remedy that. That’s not a good excuse,” she said.

    She continued, “I know that Hollywood is very seductive and these people want to be famous. Sometimes you think you’re going to be safe with an adult in the room. I don’t know where this security comes from, but somehow I’ve dodged it all. I’ve been offered lots of things. A condo and a Porsche to be someone’s number one girl. I just naively said, ‘Well there must be a number two then, so I’m not interested.’ Money, homes, roles in movies. And I just didn’t want to do it that way. I had no desire. I’m a romantic and it didn’t appeal to me.”

    Weinstein, 65, has been accused of sexual misconduct by over 50 women including Cara Delevingne, Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Angelina Jolie since The New York Times and The New Yorker documented decades of alleged sexual misconduct and sexual assault involving a number of women in detailed articles in October.

    A spokesperson for Weinstein previously told PEOPLE in a statement, “Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein. Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances.”

    Anderson previously revealed in 2014 that she was molested by a female babysitter when she was 6. She also said she was raped by a 25-year-old man when she was 12, and later gang-raped by a boyfriend and six of his friends.

    Speaking about her past, Anderson told Kelly, “We naturally blame ourselves. You somehow think that you were to blame.”

    Anderson also opened up about being verbally berated by Weinstein while working on the Superhero Movie in 2008. According to Anderson, her character, Invisible Girl, was meant to have an invisible pet dog. As a staunch animal rights activist, Anderson refused to work with a stage dog to protest their treatment on film sets.

    When Weinstein heard her argument, Anderson said he became furious. “You’re Pamela Anderson and you don’t deserve anything. If you don’t do this you’ll never work in this town again,” she said Weinstein told her. “Never in my life had I been talked to [like this]. I’ve had some pretty bad boyfriends. And I’ve never been talked to this way.”

    In the second part of the interview, airing Friday, Anderson answers questions about her relationship with Julian Assange.

    “He’s so funny. He’s very kind, he’s very smart,” she said of the controversial Wikileaks founder in a teaser for the second episode. “Brilliant. We talk about everything. I’m there for four hours at a time, and I see him all the time. He asks me about my kids, about my life. We just have this great conversation.”

    Assange has also been accused of sexual misconduct, and had been in a seven-year legal standoff with Swedish authorities of rape charges. In May, prosecutors in Sweden dropped the preliminary investigation because Assange had taken asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. The investigation would continue if he ever makes himself available to authorities.

    Pam Anderson tries to flirt her way past Secret Service

    (11/29/17) Former “Baywatch” beauty Pamela Anderson used her charms on the Secret Service to tackle Vice President Mike Pence in New York to exact a pardon for her pale paramour Julian Assange.

    Spies tell Page Six that Anderson was in Manhattan filming a PSA at the JW Marriott Essex House when she learned that Pence was at the same address. The blond bombshell has said that she “loves” WikiLeaks founder Assange and visits him every two weeks in his “cramped” room at London’s Ecuadorian embassy, where he’s staying in order to evade extradition.

    According to onlookers, Anderson “marched straight up to the Secret Service and asked to see Pence.”

    A witness said: “The Secret Service agent practically swooned and fainted when she walked up to him and started pressing her finger on his badge. Pam said, ‘I’d like to meet the vice president.’” But, the source added, “The agent did get it together enough to politely refuse, saying the vice president was busy.”

    When we reached activist Anderson for comment, she confirmed to Page Six: “I wanted to thank [Pence] for supporting protection of sources for journalists. He is heralded for co-sponsoring proposals for a ‘federal shield law,’ which I deeply admire. This action would have allowed journalists to keep confidential sources secret — even if the government requested them.” She added, “I really wanted to mention this — it is a topic close to my heart. Julian Assange deserves a pardon, and I thought I might be able to help. Julian is a hero to most of the world’s youth and free-minded thinking people. America needs to be on the right side of history.”

    Assange holed up in Ecuador’s embassy to avoid Swedish rape charges, which he denied and were eventually dropped. But he’s remained in the diplomatic dungeon over claims that he could face charges in the US for document leaks.

    Anderson’s PSA was for the National Limousine Association’s Ride Responsibly campaign, which is fighting for tighter background checks on app-based hailed drivers following sexual assaults.

    Pamela Anderson sends Kim K. a faux fur coat for Christmas

    (11/28/17) Pamela Anderson sent Kim Kardashian a faux fur coat for the holidays, along with a letter imploring the reality star to stop wearing fur.

    “As we all ponder New Year’s resolutions, won’t you consider making a meaningful one to stop wearing fur? You’d be setting a trendy, compassionate example,” Anderson wrote in the letter, dated Nov. 28 and sent from France.

    The “Baywatch” star, an outspoken animal rights activist and PETA’s honorary director, had the bright coral-hued, hip-length coat custom-designed by Russain manufacturer Only Me Eco Fur, which carries a line by the actress. Similar styles sell for $399-$499.

    In her note to Kardashian — who has been photographed numerous times over the years in lavish fur pieces — Anderson cites Gucci’s pledge last month to stop using fur in its designs, following suit behind high-end brands like Giorgio Armani.

    “Kim, I know your young fans would admire you and your brand even more if you dropped fur,” Anderson wrote.

    She ended the plea on a warm and fuzzy note, writing, “I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!”

    Anderson, 50, has previously lobbied stars, including Kardashian, to go fur-free.

    A rep for Kardashian didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

    Pam Anderson slams Naomi Campbell over long fur coat

    (11/15/17) Vegan Pam Anderson has a beef with Naomi Campbell.

    The supermodel wore a long coat made from the pelts of at least a dozen red foxes as she strolled into the Pirelli Calendar party at the Manhattan Center last week on the arm of Sean Combs, who wore a white mink stole.

    “So many animals were anally electrocuted for this coat and sometimes skinned alive. Naomi, I adore you. I wish you wouldn’t wear fur,” Anderson said in a message to Naomi that was then relayed to me.

    “People follow you. You are a fashion icon. This is heartbreaking,” Anderson said. “Please have a heart and lose the real fur.”

    Campbell was slammed by animal lovers when she posted a photo of herself in the fur coat on Instagram. But some defended her, including one fan who wrote: “Why stop wearing fur, when it looks so damn good!?”

    Pamela Anderson Sobbing Through Goodbye Message to Hugh Hefner

    (9/29/17) Hugh Hefner held up a piece of paper with Pamela Anderson's name on it, and a heart drawn around it, the last time she saw him ... which Pam revealed during a sobbing farewell to the Playboy founder.

    Pam, arguably the most famous Playmate, was crying with her eye makeup running when she posted the message for Hef, saying ... "I am me because of you / You taught me everything important about freedom and respect. Outside of my family / You were the most important person in my life / You gave me my life..."

    Pam's October 1989 Playboy cover launched her career, and she became Playmate of the Month in February 1990 -- and she's remained extremely close to Hef ever since.

    She says he was in such failing health the last time she visited that Hef didn't want her to see him. As we reported, Hef's condition had seriously deteriorated before his death Wednesday.

    Pam thanked the Playboy legend for making the world "a better place. A freeer and sexier place."

    Pamela Anderson admits she isn’t actually dating Julian Assange

    (9/20/17) Pamela Anderson was grilled on rumors of romance with Julian Assange, before admitting she “loves” the WikiLeaks founder on Wednesday’s “Good Morning Britain.”

    The former “Baywatch” star admitted she was truly happy in life as host Piers Morgan quizzed her about her close relationship with the Australian.

    On the program, Anderson, 50, admitted she had visited the political refugee in the Ecuadorian Embassy Tuesday, and described his small, cramped living conditions and hailed him as an “amazing person.”

    Eager to discover whether they were more than pals, Morgan, 53, addressed the rumors which have been swirling since spring and asked: “You’re just friends, right?”

    Yet the former glamour model-turned-animal rights campaigner — who takes Assange vegan dinners — shocked Morgan with her vague reply: “Isn’t it funny, everywhere I go I’m on a romantic adventure.

    “We are friendly, yes — very friendly.

    “I love Julian. He’s one of the most interesting people I have ever met.

    “He’s very brave and there’s nothing sexier than courage.”

    Continuing his probe into Anderson’s relationship status, Morgan continued: “So there is a romance?”

    Remaining very edgy about disclosing any specifics, and hinting she may have two lovers, the actress clarified: “I wouldn’t call it romance, I already have romance in my life. Can one man do it all?” before bursting into giggles.

    Anchor Morgan wouldn’t let things slide and admitted he was shocked by Anderson’s reply.

    When he asked whether she was “in love” with him, she said: “In love with Julian? I love him, but I have a romantic partner.”

    In April, Anderson opened up for the first time about her “affair” with journalist Assange.

    She said: “I understand that our ‘affair’ and the curiosity surrounding that might bring some attention to his situation.”

    Anderson describes her relationship with Assange as “challenging,” calling him a “refugee” and possibly the “most famous refugee of our time — famous for being persecuted.”

    Pam Anderson’s Malibu pad has a bathtub in the bedroom

    Q: How do you know you’re living in a home owned by Pamela Anderson?

    A: There’s at least one bedroom with a bathtub in it.

    It isn’t a trick question. In her Malibu home that’s available for rent, there’s a bathtub in the bedroom — not in the bathroom. For some reason, once the buxom actress/designer gets her hands on a property, she goes from “Baywatch” to “Bath Watch,” installing freestanding tubs in the master bedroom.

    Her Malibu Colony house with this distinctive layout is looking for a tenant. You, too, can saunter from the bed, bath, and beyond without having to fiddle with any bothersome doorknobs — if you’re willing to pay $50,000 a month.

    Of course there are other advantages to living in this luxe beach house. Remodeled in 2013, the property includes a main house and a guesthouse, separated by an outdoor pool. There are a total of five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

    The overall design is airy and classic Malibu. It comes furnished. There’s also a white piano, crystal chandeliers and hardwood flooring throughout the home.

    The kitchen is open and has slab stone countertops; a dining island; and high-end stainless-steel appliances, including a built-in espresso machine and a glass-front refrigerator.

    The bedrooms in the main house feature private decks. Teak decks abound in back, where you’ll find a covered patio, fire pit, fireplace and hot tub.

    The property doesn’t look like much from the street, but these Malibu beach houses hardly ever do — it’s part of their allure. It also doesn’t sit directly on the beach, although there are beach views from the second story.

    There are also golf course views from the bedrooms and decks. The compound is walled and very private, which is understandable, since Anderson has surely had her share of gawkers, stalkers and paparazzi trying to peer in.

    Anderson purchased the property in 2008 for $1.8 million, and spent so much remodeling it that she confessed she was in debt. As a result of the cash crunch, she listed it in 2013 for $7.75 million. She eventually took it off the market — perhaps realizing that she could earn tens of thousands of dollars per month renting it out.

    The Canadian-born actress and former Playboy Playmate is best known for the TV series “Baywatch,” “Home Improvement” and “V.I.P.” She was married to rocker Tommy Lee, with whom she had two sons.

    Pamela Anderson ditches her ‘sexy’ vegan restaurant after 8 days

    Pamela Anderson‘s dream of having her own vegan restaurant is shattered.

    Anderson, 50, announced the opening of her “sexy” vegan restaurant, La Table du Marché by Pamela, on July 4, but merely eight days later, she shared that she’s backing out.

    The St-Tropez restaurant was initially meant to be a collaboration with one of her favorite chefs, Christophe Leroy, but the star wrote on her website Wednesday, “Due to circumstances out of my control-I have to remove my name from the collaboration with Christophe Leroy.”

    “I cannot condone the mistreatment of staff or complete lack of respect,” she wrote on her website. “I’m extremely disappointed in this missed opportunity but will keep finding creative ways to help animals and vulnerable people all over the world.”

    Her rep would not elaborate on the situation.

    Pamela Anderson Is Opening a Pop-Up Vegan Restaurant

    Pamela Anderson is adding restaurant owner to her resumé.

    Starting on July 4, the former Baywatch star and longtime animal rights activist will be hosting an all-vegan pop-up restaurant in Ramatuelle in the South of France for 50 nights only.

    Anderson announced the news about the restaurant, Le Table du Marcheé by Pamela, on her foundation’s website on Monday, and says the concept is “festive, glamorous and vegan.”

    The menu, which she developed with chef Christophe Leroy, will feature a champagne bar and a variety of plant-based dishes, including a traditional tomato tartare with Goji berries, traditional Provençal “petits farcis” (stuffed vegetables), an asparagus risotto and a vegan burger.

    Opening the restaurant is also an effort to release her rumored love interest, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is being held inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

    “I am reaching out to Emmanuel Macron, and to his wife Brigitte Trogneux,” she writes in a tribute to Assange. “As a resident of France, my adopted home, I would like to meet with you and discuss Julian’s situation. I am opening a new vegan restaurant in France in July, and I would like to extend my invitation to the new President and his First Lady. Join me on the day I open the doors, and we will sit and eat good food and discuss what can be done for Julian. France could display its strength, and so could you, if you give Julian asylum.”

    The restaurant will be open every night starting at 6 p.m. and reservations can be made on their website.

    Pamela Anderson writes love letter to Julian Assange

    Pamela Anderson has penned an online love letter to Julian Assange, branding Theresa May the “worst prime minister in living memory” and calling for the WikiLeaks founder’s release.

    On June 19, Assange will reportedly mark his five years of “unlawful detention” in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London with a “special announcement” from the balcony.

    In a post titled “Why My Heart Stands With Julian,” Anderson called on world leaders, and China, to intervene and help free the Australian.

    The former Baywatch star said there was no longer any reason to keep Assange “trapped in a small room” now Sweden has dropped its case against him.

    Anderson continued: “But Theresa May — who kept him imprisoned in the embassy for five years — refuses to allow him to leave. Theresa May, who is on her last legs. Theresa May of the pyhrric victory (sic).”

    “Theresa May, who won’t shake the hand of the victims of the Grenfell fire. Who doesn’t care about poor people. Who doesn’t care about justice or peace. Who doesn’t care about Julian. The worst prime minister in living memory.”

    Anderson also invited French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte to the July opening of her new restaurant in France, and asked him to grant Assange asylum.

    She also used the letter to address Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, highlighting their mutual compassion for animals, while stating that Assange should be given compensation.

    In the letter posted on, the ex-playboy model gushed over how his “bravery and courage” makes Assange sexy. She signed off: “I love you, Pamela.”

    Assange has spent five years holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy in London.

    He is set to make an announcement on June 19 to mark the five-year anniversary of his “unlawful detention.”

    Pamela Anderson toasts Julian Assange

    Pamela Anderson discreetly celebrated the good news about her main squeeze Julian Assange on Friday, retweeting the announcement that Swedish authorities dropped their seven-year rape probe against him.

    The former “Baywatch” babe shared the initial WikiLeaks post as the news broke: “BREAKING: Sweden has dropped its case against Julian Assange and will revoke its arrest warrant.”

    Anderson, 49, later retweeted the celebratory picture the 45-year-old WikiLeaks founder posted of himself on his own account.

    Earlier this year, she was more effusive about her support — and admiration — for Assange.

    “Julian Assange is the most intelligent, interesting, and informed man in existence,” she wrote on her blog in March. “Yes- I think he’s quite sexy. He has tremendous strength and stamina- though vulnerable. Hard to imagine him that way – as capable as he is. But, he is up against the biggest super powers in the world.”

    And in January, she sent a letter to then-President Barack Obama asking him to pardon Assange, while posting a picture of a ruffled Assange with a tiny kitten on his shoulder.

    She had been a fixture coming and going from Assange’s stronghold in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, silently carting trays of plastic-wrapped homemade vegan delicacies.

    Assange remains inside the embassy, where he has lived for almost five years after jumping bail in 2012. He has indicated worries of facing indictment in the US for his role at the helm of WikiLeaks.

    Pamela Anderson Looks Almost Unrecognizable as She Pumps Up the Glamour at Cannes

    (Pic1, Pic2, Pic3) Pamela Anderson, is that you?

    The Baywatch star looked almost unrecognizable when she stepped out on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival on Saturday wearing a navy blue ruched dress with a puffed neckline and sleeves.

    She paired the dress with minimum accessories, wearing statement de Grisogono earrings and bangles. Her famous blonde hair was swept back in a sleek look

    The 49-year-old seemingly took a break from visiting rumored beau Julian Assange, whom she called “one of my favorite people” in March.

    Anderson has frequently visited Assange, 45, at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he claimed political asylum in 2012 to avoid facing extradition to Sweden over a rape allegation he has long refuted. Assange has said he fears being sent to the U.S. to face espionage charges in relation to WikiLeaks.

    “Julian is trying to free the world by educating it. It is a romantic struggle — I love him for this,” the Coco de Mer international brand ambassador told PEOPLE. “I understand that our ‘affair’ and the curiosity surrounding that might bring some attention to his situation. That’s fine, but I’d rather not go into private details. Let’s just say everyone deserves love.”

    While Anderson describes her relationship with Assange as “challenging,” she continues to spend time with him because she enjoys the deep conversations they have together.

    “We talk about the world,” she says. “He’s a very good teacher. Julian is one of my favorite people. He is a refugee. He might be the most famous refugee of our time— famous for being persecuted.”

    For full coverage of the Cannes Film Festival, including the biggest stars and best red carpet moments, check out

    On Friday, Swedish investigators announced that they were dropping their investigation into Assange’s alleged sexual assault of two women. (Assange has maintained his innocence in relation to the charges.) However, British police said that Assange might still be subject to arrest for a lesser charge of failing to surrender himself to authorities during the investigation.

    Assange celebrated the news with a smiley photo on Twitter. Anderson celebrated by sharing a PhotoShopped photo of the pair together on Instagram and chastised those who were quick to judge the “good man” during the investigation.

    Pamela Anderson waxes poetic about Julian Assange

    Pamela Anderson opened up about her relationship with Julian Assange, as well as a slew of other things, in a bizarre new blog post.

    Anderson, 49, has been linked to the WikiLeaks founder for months, paying him visits at the Ecuadorian embassy in London and calling him “sexy” on her website.

    In a post from Thursday night, the “Barb Wire” star writes:

    My relationship
    ,with Julian –

    It’s no secret,

    He is one of my favorite people-
    He might be the most famous, most politicized refugee
    of our time.
    Famous for being persecuted.
    Famous for being persecuted is not a position of power but a position of vulnerability.

    She continued:

    He’s a good person who cares about the world.
    Everyone can see what has been done to him is wrong.

    He is a kind and deeply empathetic person.
    Uncompromising on principle.
    Something that is born out of his
    disposition to curiosity.
    Often the public image projects
    a harshness that Is not at all what he is like in a relaxed and trusting environment-

    He’s the good guy… and I admire him greatly-

    The former “Baywatch” babe also noted:

    Julian is trying to
    Free the world by educating it.
    It is a romantic struggle—
    I love him for this-

    It wasn’t just her relationship with Assange, 45, that Anderson addressed in her ill-punctuated post. She also touched on the theme of sex, particularly of faking orgasms, a topic she says she will address in an upcoming book.

    “I’m afraid people might forget how to make love,” she wrote, adding:

    I do point out in my book –
    for fun-
    One thing we might not be responsible for-
    is our own orgasm.
    That is our lover’s job.
    Or was…?
    In a society that is becoming desensitized, robotic
    and in some cases debilitatingly [sic] prescriptive.
    Women are faking orgasms more—
    maybe to just get it all over with-
    It’s a lot less fun.
    and such a shame-
    And sends mixed signals-

    Maybe this is how we deal with over-population ?
    Less sex?

    It’s only the most recent in a series of sex-related messages from the actress and mother of two.

    Anderson recently starred in a steamy ad advocating physical self-love. She also took strong stands against pornography, calling it a “public hazard,” and forbade her teenage sons from using dating apps.

    The missive may be a marketing tool for the “sensual revolution” she promised in October.

    “We’re talking about the sensual revolution. Having intimacy and intimate relationship with so much better sex,” she told CBS’ “This Morning.” “We’re not prudes. We’re not talking about no sex. We want better sex.”

    Pamela Anderson storms off talk show set

    Pamela Anderson stormed off the “Celebrity Juice” set after becoming upset over a school picture, Keith Lemon has revealed.

    The hilarious host was left “shocked” when Anderson grabbed her faux fur stole and made a quick exit without even saying goodbye while everyone else was happily dancing.

    Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Lemon said: “She just suddenly picked up her fur stole and stormed off home! At first I thought it might be because she didn’t want to play a game that involved putting chips up her nose, but it wasn’t, it was because we showed an old school picture of her and she didn’t like it.”

    “She didn’t tell me, but she said to one of the producers, ‘I’m not happy, I have clearance on all my pictures, I’m not happy you showed that.’ She could’ve just said, ‘Keith, I have to go, I’m meeting a friend,’ but no, she just stormed without even saying sorry.”

    And despite the 49-year-old’s snit, Lemon made sure the show went on.

    “We were all shocked, but we were dancing at that time so we just laughed and waved. There’s so much worse we do to people on ‘Juice,’ so I’m really surprised that’s what made her walk. I might make it a new thing from now on, though, have someone pick up a fur stole and walk off each week.”

    But while Anderson claimed she was upset about the picture, Lemon has his own theory about her sudden exit.

    “Maybe she needed a poo and she ran off because she didn’t wanna poo herself on telly? So made that excuse.”

    He added: “She’s a lovely woman, she’s been on three times, I’m sure I’ll see her again and she’ll explain everything.”

    Pam Anderson can’t get enough of ‘sexy’ Julian Assange

    It was love at first leak!

    “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson has gone from slow motion runs on the beach to mysterious late night visits to the embassy where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is holed up.

    Anderson was most recently spotted entering the Ecuadorian safe space in London Thursday night wearing a camel overcoat, snug black top — and either a really short skirt, or no pants at all.

    Anderson, 49, is a regular at the facility, coyly smiling for photographers as she struts inside to see Assange, 45, whose rogue outfit has dumped some of the US government’s most closely guarded secrets.

    She refused to deny the dating rumors — saying he stimulates her more than all her “ex-husbands and lovers combined.”

    “I think he’s quite sexy,” she wrote in a blog post on Thursday. “He has tremendous strength and stamina — though vulnerable. Hard to imagine him that way — as capable as he is. But, he is up against the biggest super powers in the world.”

    In early January, Anderson penned a letter to then-President Barack Obama — urging him to consider “pardoning” Assange after the hack of Democratic emails in the months before the 2016 election.

    Speaking to John Bishop on The Nightly Show this week, she described meeting Assange last year through British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.

    “We started seeing each other every month, and now we see each other a lot more regularly,” she said, according to The Sun.

    “I do really think he’s one of the most important people in the world, and I think what he does is historic. It’s very important,” Anderson added. “He’s very brave and he sacrificed a lot for all of us.”

    Assange, who has been living in the embassy for four years after he was granted political asylum by Ecuador, came under fire this week after a 8,000-plus-file dump of CIA secrets was posted on WikiLeaks.

    Vice President Pence Thursday vowed to go after the web site, saying the leak was “one of the most significant compromises of national security in recent memory.”

    “Trafficking in national security information, as is alleged WikiLeaks has done, is a serious offense,” Pence said during a “Special Report” appearance on Thursday night.

    “This president and this administration will take it very seriously and use the full force of the law, and the resources of the United States, to hold all of those to account that were involved.”

    In her blog post this week, Anderson defended the Australian-born Assange — saying he had “ruffled a few very powerful feathers — who will stop at nothing to discredit him, or worse.”

    “He is on the side of every civilian. And, he is exposing corruption in governments we elect,” she said. “People need to understand that.”

    Anderson also spoke about Assange’s sexual assault allegations in Sweden, saying they were “embarrassing for all involved.”

    “There is no rape — it is a case of condom or not,” she said. “It is ridiculous.”

    Pamela Anderson throws support behind Julian Assange

    Pamela Anderson is continuing to spend time with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange.

    During an event for the charity Cool Earth at SushiSamba in London on Tuesday, Anderson, who recently announced that her friendship with the controversial figure had inspired her to campaign for men falsely accused of rape, told other guests that she had spent the day with Assange, who is holed up in the UK’s Ecuadorian embassy.

    “She was urging the people of London to support him,” says a spy.

    Pamela Anderson stands up for men falsely accused of rape

    Pamela Anderson says she has been inspired by her friendship with Julian Assange to campaign for men who have been falsely accused of rape.

    In an interview on Russia’s RT network, Anderson said that Sweden — where WikiLeaks founder Assange is accused of sex crimes — “has these very progressive laws against sexual crimes, whatever you want to call it. It’s almost too progressive, it’s almost paralyzing,” she added on its “Going Underground” show. “I’m going to actually start campaigning for men who have been victims of being accused of rape when they haven’t actually done anything.”

    As The Post reported earlier this month, the former “Baywatch” bombshell has visited Assange four times in the past three months at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he’s been holed up for four years while dodging prosecution for the Swedish allegations. He’s alleged to have assaulted two women in 2010, a claim that Assange vehemently denies.

    “We all, of course, gravitate to volatile people and we consider that to be women and children first and foremost, which is important, of course, but there are also a lot of men who have a vulnerable situation and [are] politically bullied,” Anderson said.

    The actress said in 2014 that she has been raped several times and has campaigned on behalf of victims of rape.

    Pamela Anderson strips down for sex toy commercial

    (Video) Pamela Anderson strips naked before pleasuring herself on a bed of roses with a sex toy in a raunchy new advertisement.

    The 49-year-old former “Baywatch” star is seen writhing around and quietly moaning in front of the camera in the X-rated scenes for high-end sex shop Coco de Mer.

    The actress starts the steamy clip in a trench coat as she walks inside a house before stripping off to put on some lacy white underwear.

    The star flashes her bare bum in a pair of cut-out knickers with suspenders, once again appearing completely ageless. She then begins scattering roses across her bed, appearing to hint she’s expecting a guest. Anderson then runs to lock the door before pulling a sex toy from a cupboard.

    Finally, she is heard lightly moaning before saying, “F—k Valentine’s Day.”

    The star is newly single after divorcing her third husband in 2015, and the clip, shot by famous celebrity photographer Rankin, couldn’t have been more perfectly timed.

    It comes after Anderson was spotted on a string of outings to visit WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is holed up at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

    As The Sun Online reported previously, Anderson has been seen visiting him on October 15, November 13, December 7, December 12 and January 21.

    On one occasion she was seen carrying a Whole Foods bag and is thought to have been bringing him shopping, and she has also brought him a sandwich from Pret A Manger.

    Speaking about their relationship, Anderson previously said, “I really believe in him and think he’s a good person, and I’m concerned about his health, his family, and I just hope that by some miracle he’s set free. I brought him a nice vegan lunch and some vegan snacks.”

    She later joked, “He said I tortured him with bringing him vegan food.”

    Anderson set up The Pamela Anderson Foundation at the start of 2014 to help environmental causes and to protect vulnerable people and animals.

    She has also campaigned to raise awareness for organizations such as PETA and Mercy For Animals and joined initiatives to protect the Arctic, combat deforestation and condemn the force-feeding of ducks and geese in the production of foie gras.

    Is Pamela Anderson dating Julian Assange?

    Former “Baywatch” babe Pamela Anderson seems to have a new career in the Old World, where she’s paying regular visits to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and making friends in Russia.

    The Canadian-born blonde has visited Assange four times in the past three months at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London — where he’s been holed up for more than four years.

    “She seems to be wearing sexier outfits every time she visits,” one political activist observed.

    Assange is thought to be well-connected to the Kremlin since much of his best material is said to come from Russian hackers.

    Anderson’s Russian connections are also deep. She was the main attraction at a 2015 trade show in Vladivostok, later visiting the Kremlin to discuss Russia’s wildlife conservation with Vladimir Putin’s chief of staff, Sergei Ivanov.

    Anderson was in Moscow again this past December, and announced she would love to become a citizen of Russia, a la Gérard Depardieu and Steven Seagal.

    She is getting paid for her personal appearances in Russia, sources said.

    Although Anderson and Putin officially have never met, one Russian source told me, “Putin, like most red-blooded males, is a fan.” And so is Assange.

    Pamela Anderson ‘speechless’ after visiting refugee camp

    Pamela Anderson made a surprise visit to a refugee camp in France, and was left “speechless.”

    “I’m so angry,” wrote the star. “The children are so lovely and polite. I gave out blankets, hats, gloves, fruit, coloring books and crayons. Some were so fearful they wouldn’t get a blanket or crayons or an apple .?.?. It was chaos. I’ll never forget today.”

    Anderson wrote on her blog, “They have been there for months, years .?.?. The politics are incomprehensibly devastating. People must see what is happening. Beautiful and innocent people are shown such little respect.”

    She added, “I encourage more people to come visit and volunteer.”

    Pamela Anderson is anti-Uber

    First, she came for your porn. Now, Pamela Anderson is coming for your ride home.

    The former “Baywatch” bombshell stars in a new PSA aimed at curbing ride-sharing apps.

    The clip shows Anderson, 49, playing “The Driving Game,” a sendup of “The Dating Game,” in which male contestants from ride-sharing apps compete to drive her home.

    She opts for the third, who claims to be licensed and background-checked, over the ride-sharing drivers, who are portrayed as cartoonish buffoons who haven’t had background checks or drug tests.

    “Be safe. Think before you app,” Anderson says in the PSA, which is part of the National Limousine Association’s “Ride Responsibly” initiative.

    Reps for apps Uber and Lyft didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

    Pam Anderson and Julian Assange are friends

    Former “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson has brought WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange a vegan meal and expressed concern for his health.

    She told Britain’s Press Association on Sunday that she had brought Assange “a nice vegan lunch and some vegan snacks” the day before.

    Assange has sought refuge at the Ecuadorean Embassy in central London for more than four years to avoid returning to Sweden, which is seeking Assange’s extradition in a rape investigation. Assange denies the rape allegation and says he fears being extradited to the U.S. to face espionage charges if he leaves.

    Anderson joked that Assange wasn’t pleased with her choice of a meal, saying “he said I tortured him with bringing him vegan food.”

    She says she supports Assange and is worried about his health and family.

    Pamela Anderson: I’ve been slapped and spit on in bed

    (Video) Pamela Anderson wants to change the way you have sex.

    The former Playboy model is looking to start a “sensual revolution” among couples in hopes of improving sex lives.

    “There is so much access to porn, people are becoming desensitized … in the multiple visual images that get weirder and stranger. It’s a big concern,” Anderson, 49, told “This Morning” on Friday.

    She continued, “I talk to a lot of mothers and I know I’m part of the problem. I should probably disqualify myself from the whole situation because I was in Playboy and I had a tape stolen from my home and exploited all over the world. And people saw things they should have never seen.”

    Anderson is referring to her infamous 1995 sex tape with ex-husband Tommy Lee, with whom she shares two sons, Dylan, 18, and Brandon, 20.

    The conversation soon led to Anderson revealing how she’s been treated in bed.

    “Have you ever been treated like a porn star in bed? It’s no fun,” Anderson opened up. “Slapped, hit, called names, spit on. That’s sex these days.”

    Anderson is asking people to step away from porn and reconnect with each other.

    “We’re talking about the sensual revolution. Having intimacy and intimate relationship with so much better sex,” she added. “We’re not prudes. We’re not talking about no sex. We want better sex.”

    “Everyone wants to be desired in a relationship. That’s the number one thing,” Anderson added. “Pornography and access to other things is diminishing that.”

    “Girls and guys are being affected by this because young people are looking at this thinking, ‘This is how I have to act and behave in a sexual relationship.'”

    Pamela Anderson doesn’t want her son on dating apps

    Pamela Anderson wants her son Dylan Jagger Lee to meet girls the old-fashioned way.

    “I tell him not to do those stupid [dating] apps, which he doesn’t, thank God,” Anderson, 49, told Us Weekly on Wednesday. “I tell him, ‘Just meet somebody on the street and get a connection.’ It’s human contact.”

    Lee, 18, whose dad is Mötley Crüe rocker and Anderson’s ex-husband Tommy Lee, believes Mama knows best.

    “I don’t use those!” he insisted. “I’m a lover.”

    It’s not the first time Anderson has been critical of the use of technology in matters of the heart — and of the bedroom.

    Earlier this month, the former “Baywatch” babe, who starred in a widely disseminated sex tape with Tommy Lee, penned an op-ed describing pornography as “a public hazard.”

    “We must educate ourselves and our children to understand that porn is for losers,” she wrote. “A boring, wasteful and dead-end outlet for people too lazy to reap the ample rewards of healthy sexuality.”

    Pamela Anderson calls porn a ‘public hazard’

    Pamela Anderson is speaking out against pornography.

    “This is a public hazard of unprecedented seriousness given how freely available, anonymously accessible and easily disseminated pornography is nowadays,” she penned in a joint op-ed with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal.

    The unlikely pair wrote the piece in the wake of Anthony Weiner‘s latest sext scandal, in which he was caught sending a crotch shot in the presence of his young son.

    “And if anyone still doubted the devastation that porn addiction wreaks on those closest to the addict, behold the now-shattered marriage of Mr. Weiner and Huma Abedin, a breakup that she initiated, reportedly, in shock at the disgraced ex-congressman’s inclusion of their 4-year-old son in one lewd photo that he sent to a near-stranger,” the piece read.

    The “Baywatch” beauty and ex-husband Tommy Lee were at the center of a sex tape scandal in 1995 after a video made during their honeymoon was stolen from their home. Another tape surfaced years later with Poison frontman Bret Michaels. Despite her past, Anderson, 49, is advocating for as porn-free a future as possible.

    “The march of technology is irreversible and we aren’t so naive as to believe that any kind of imposed regulation could ever reseal the Pandora’s box of pornography,” Anderson and Boteach wrote. “What is required is an honest dialogue about what we are witnessing — the true nature and danger of porn — and an honor code to tamp it down in the collective interests of our well-being as individuals, as families and as communities.”

    Summing up their views, the duo wrote, “Simply put, we must educate ourselves and our children to understand that porn is for losers — a boring, wasteful and dead-end outlet for people too lazy to reap the ample rewards of healthy sexuality.”

    Pamela Anderson says Rick Salomon made her look ‘20 years older’

    Pamela Anderson can thank ex-husband Rick Salomon for aging her.

    “I look back at pictures of myself when I was in this awful relationship, and I looked 20 years older,” the 48-year-old mom of two told W magazine. “I know it sounds like a cliché, but happiness has a lot to do with beauty.”

    Anderson and Salomon, 48, were married and divorced twice. Their second divorce, which occurred in 2015, awarded Anderson over $1 million.

    “Calm, peacefulness and no constant stress are very, very important to feeling beautiful and confidence,” Anderson added. “And that comes across whether you’re wearing makeup or not. I remember looking in the mirror during filming and saying, ‘Who is this person? How did I let myself get to this place?’”

    Anderson is the star of the new short film “Connected,” which premiered this past weekend in New York City.

    The 14-time Playboy cover girl says the role is a metaphor for how aging women are treated.

    “Aging is something we all deal with,” she said. “At a certain age, you can find yourself at a loss. Your children are grown. You may have gone through a divorce. You’re trying to find meaning … You’re dealing with so much loss at this age. It seems like everything is behind us, so what’s next? We took a lot of things for granted — youth, beauty. But now what?”

    Pamela Anderson Reveals She Looks Forward to Getting Older: 'I Actually Like Aging'

    (Pic) Pamela Anderson has long been among the all-time youthful beauties in Hollywood. And for the latest issue of W magazine, the Baywatch bombshell may have just given her fans the best advice about aging.

    “I actually like aging,” Anderson, 48, tells the publication. “I have great older female role models in my life, including my amazing mom, who have glitz, glamour, and all sorts of fun. Getting older isn’t the end. I know I have so much to look forward to.”

    The mother of two’s latest acting project, Connected, had her portray a female character who comes face-to-face with growing older. Anderson plays Jackie, a weary spin instructor seeking inner and outward change through meditation, yoga, green shakes, supplements, oxygen treatments, and self-improvement podcasts (voiced by Jane Fonda).

    “Aging is something we all deal with. At a certain age, you can find yourself at a loss,” she said about relating with her character. “Your children are grown. You may have gone through a divorce. You’re trying to find meaning. What’s your purpose now? You’ve raised your kids, and now they think you’re a little crazy, because you’re trying to do all these self-help things.”

    Adding, “You become distant from everybody. You’re searching for answers. If I do all these things to look younger – the creams, the classes, the supplements, the procedures – I’ll be more accepted by my kids, my friends, men. You’re dealing with so much loss at this age. It seems like everything is behind us, so what’s next? We took a lot of things for granted – youth, beauty. But now what?”

    It’s true Anderson is not apprehensive about aging, in fact she’s creating beauty products to help other women embrace their beauty with her limited edition vegan and (animal cruelty-free) makeup line.

    “I’m excited about getting old,” Anderson told PEOPLE. “I feel like there’s much more freedom in aging and just going with the flow.”

    Pamela Anderson sells $500 selfies at gala auction

    Buxom Pam Anderson auctioned off selfies for $500 a pop at the Champions of Jewish Values International Awards Gala on Thursday.

    Anderson — who’s been to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem — praised Israel’s efforts on “conservation,” and the former “Baywatch” babe then impressively launched into a speech about “ecology.”

    But one guest sniffed, “This feels like a climate-change conference.” Billionaire Sheldon Adelson and wife Miriam donated $1 million. Anderson attended with son Brandon.

    Pamela Anderson Joins ‘Baywatch’ Film With Dwayne Johnson

    (Pic) Pamela Anderson is returning to the beach that helped make her a pop culture phenomenon. The pneumatic blonde has booked a role in Paramount Pictures’ Baywatch which is being directed by Seth Gordon.

    Baywatch, the feature based on the popular TV show of the same name, is being produced by Beau Flynn and Ivan Reitman from a script by the writing team of Mark Swift and Damain Shannon with a latest draft by Barry Schwartz. The film stars Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron.

    Johnson introduced Anderson’s addition via Instagram.

    Anderson starred in the original TV series from 1992 to 1997 as CJ Parker. She won’t be playing the same role in the film- that honour goes to Kelly Rohrbach- but another role. The film also stars Quantico lead Priyanka Chopra, Charlotte McKinney, Alexandra Daddario, Hannibal Buress and Ilfenesh Hadera.

    The film opens May 19, next year.

    Pamela Anderson is now a standup comedian

    Pamela Anderson is reinventing herself in a very funny way.

    The “Baywatch” star, 48, tried her hand at standup comedy Thursday night as host of “Gotham Comedy Live” at the intimate NYC venue.

    “I’ve always wanted to try standup because I was inspired by all the great female comedians we’ve had: there’s Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, Andy Dick,” she quipped to the packed house.

    Accentuating her iconic, gravity-defying assets in a little black dress, Anderson kept the crowd roaring as she playfully poked fun at everything from her acting career to her infamous home video with ex-husband rocker Tommy Lee.

    “Did you see that Hulk Hogan got $115 million for his sex tape?” she asked the audience of the wrestler’s recent lawsuit. “That pissed me off! All I got were some stupid Mötley Crüe tickets.”

    But Anderson was good-spirited — and realistic — about her chances of being recognized by the Academy for her work on the ’90s drama that made her famous.

    “Let’s face it, the only way I’m getting an Oscar from ‘Baywatch’ is if I find one in the sand with a metal detector,” she dead-panned.

    While little was off-limits for the Playboy Playmate’s routine, Anderson wanted to avoid insulting certain friends and former lovers during her five-minute set that was simultaneously broadcast live on the AXS network.

    “Pam vetoed joking about [ex-husband] Kid Rock or talking about Madonna’s recent meltdown,” an insider told Page Six of her collaborative efforts with a seasoned comedy writer.

    Pamela Anderson, 48, Models Swimsuits - Even As Her Sons Say Her Style Is 'Old Fashioned!'

    (Pic1, Pic2)O.G. bombshell Pamela Anderson is back in a revealing one piece, but this time it’s not for Baywatch: She’s landed a new gig as the face of Missguided!

    The retailer tapped the actress and animal activist to front its spring/summer campaign “to deliver an empowering female message globally,” showcasing her facets as a sex symbol as well as an entrepreneur with her own vegan accessories lines. “As a fun and bold brand, we believe in championing confidence and empowering women,” Nitin Passi, founder of Missguided, says in a release. “Pamela Anderson is the ultimate babe and original pin-up for that. She’s iconic.”

    In her new role, Anderson will appear in the brand’s ad campaigns as “the ultimate bombshell,” debuting the collection’s newest pieces, featuring bold and colorful swimwear, plunging, lace-up bodysuits, cut-out, off-the-shoulder bardot dresses and more ’90s-inspired looks similar to the star’s iconic style. “We wanted to create something daring and iconic that really tells people who we are — tongue in cheek, fun and confident,” Passi says. “Pamela’s like our Missguided spirit animal — she embodies our brand attitude and resonates with a large proportion of our audience who grew up in ’90s.”

    Anderson’s modeling talents have been passed down to the next generation, with her 18-year-old son Dylan recently modeling for Saint Laurent. And Anderson said that Dylan and his brother Brandon, 19, are happy to return the favor by weighing in on Mom’s wardrobe. “They give me fashion advice all the time! Believe me, I ask them. It’s all them,” she said at Daily Front Row’s Fashion Los Angeles awards Sunday night — to which Dylan added, like a helpful teenager: “She’s old fashioned!”

    But you can’t really blame her for having “old fashioned” taste with an archival closet like the one Anderson says she has. “I have a whole storage unit with sentimental things, beautiful gowns and things I’ve been given by friends like Gianni Versace and Alaïa,” she said, noting that there’s one benefit of keeping all those special pieces: “I don’t have to ever shop again. Especially when you go back 20 years!”

    Pamela Anderson Compares the Playboy Mansion to College: It Has Art, Sex and Intellectuals

    (Video) Pamela Anderson is mourning the loss of Playboy as she knew it.

    As the model to appear on the infamous magazine's cover 14 times, the 48-year-old blond bombshell is feeling bittersweet about dramatic changes the brand has undergone in the last months—including nude photographs removed from the magazine and the Playboy Mansion going up for sale.

    "I understand why they've done this but it was bittersweet," she said on The Wendy Williams Show. "It was a lifestyle. The Playboy Mansion was my university. It was full of intellectuals, sex, rock and roll, arts, all of the important stuff!"

    While we'd love to attend a college as cool as the one Anderson is imagining,she does admit it was quite the place for baby-making. "I'm sure one of my sons was conceived there," she previously revealed in the final nude issue of Playboy.

    Though she has admitted to a new mystery man in her life who "gets me like never before," the star and her ex-husband Tommy Lee have been trading in concerts and photoshoots for college meetings with one of their sons, Dylan Jagger, 18.

    "We're actually very good at co-parenting and we're strict with our children and we want them to be well-educated," she described on the show. "You should see Tommy in some of these university meetings. Its pretty funny to see him insist on all of this education."

    While her babies are no longer children, Anderson's professional baby, Baywatch, has also grown up. After nearly two decades since its 2001 television finale, it has been resurrected for a 2017 silver screen reboot. While she has been courted to join the show, Anderson would have to star for a smaller price than she's willing to accept.

    "They made me an offer to come on it to it, but it was like half of what they would pay me on an episodic thing," she told Wendy Williamson the show.

    "I would love to be part of it because I think it's great that it's finally happening. It's a compliment that they want me on it so bad, but I've been doing a lot of movies, working and doing real character roles. I would love to do it, they have cute ideas, but they can offer me something respectable."

    Naked Pam Anderson compares politics to Hitler

    A naked Pam Anderson breaks down politics in the newest edition of Paper magazine.

    “We have to know the past, to think of the future. We live in a paradise. Politicians are telling us it’s OK. Media prints what politicians say. It’s not OK,” the “Baywatch” babe explained. “We have to take charge, demonstrate. Act up! Beware people that repeat themselves over and over. It is a brainwashing trick used by Hitler.”

    The 48-year-old bombshell, who posed nude to promote a new line of cruelty-free footwear with designer Amélie Pichard, also expressed that the collaboration is more than just another celebrity lending their name to a brand.

    “I’m not the designer. Celebrities are not designers. I don’t like the word ‘celebrity,’ since people can be famous for no good reason in this social media culture. Activism is fun,” she said.

    A longtime animal rights activist, Anderson has always been candid about the subject and encouraged fans to consider alternative lifestyles.

    “Vegan compassion is sexy,” Anderson noted. “All we can do as humans, as consumers, is search for the truth on our own … Go vegan if you can. Or at least eat less meat.”

    Anderson, who claims she’s “cured” of hepatitis C, says she’s never felt more alive.

    “It’s a great time for me right now. My kids are grown. I’m so proud of them, and they are very proud of Mom. It’s very freeing to still be able to be myself,” she continued.

    “To have my kids’ approval, respect and love is all I need. I even have a man in my life that gets me like never before. That is everything!”

    Anderson was married to rocker Tommy Lee from 1995 to 1998 before she married Kid Rock in 2006. After separating in 2007, she swapped vows with Rick Salomon in the same year before calling it quits in 2008. They would remarry in 2014, only to divorce a year later.

    Pamela Anderson Poses Completely Naked (and Drops a Relationship Bombshell) in Paper Magazine

    (Pic) Pamela Anderson is baring it all for a cause dear to her heart.

    The star and outspoken animal rights activist has teamed up with Amélie Pichard on a brand-new, vegan shoe line, which she models in a photo spread for Paper magazine.

    Channeling her inner retro glam, Anderson strikes a few playful poses in nothing but a voluminous brunette wig and pair of white heels. As for her makeup, the 48-year-old bombshell opts for a noticeably dramatic look complete with dark eyelashes and thick liner.

    Just as she's never been afraid to pose naked, Anderson also gets quite candid when discussing her charity work. Dishing to the mag, the actress says she prefers activism to anything fame related.

    "Vegan compassion is sexy," she says, adding, "I'm not the designer. Celebrities are not designers. I don't like the word 'celebrity,' since people can be famous for no good reason in this social media culture. Activism is fun."

    Anderson maintains it's "hard to be glamorous" in an increasingly digital world, and wants to encourage people to take a stand on issues they care about by searching "for the truth."

    "Politicians are telling us it's OK," she continued. "Media prints what politicians say. It's not OK. We have to take charge, demonstrate. Act up! Beware people that repeat themselves over and over. It is a brainwashing trick used by Hitler."

    Despite any prior reservations, Anderson is certain she's never been happier thanks to a big reveal that's even more shocking than her naked bod!

    "It's very freeing to still be able to be myself. What a relief. And, to have my kids' approval, respect and love is all I need. I even have a man in my life that gets me like never before. That is everything!" she gushed.

    While it remains unclear as to just who the lucky guy is, Anderson seems totally head over heels.

    As for any advice Pam hopes to bestow on her fans? "We must change to a green economy, and things will get better. More equality," Anderson mused.

    For more from Pamela, check out the current issue of Paper on newsstands now.

    Pamela Anderson Has Dyed Her Own Hair for More Than 25 Years: 'My Mom Taught Me How!'

    If you thought being a bombshell was high maintenance, you haven’t met Pamela Anderson. Not only does the star often do her own makeup, she’s been dyeing her own hair for decades, she tells PeopleStyle.

    “I dye my hair myself! I couldn’t imagine sitting in a hair salon for hours,” says Anderson, revealing that her mother taught her how when she was “about 20 years old” after an experiment with Sun-In resulted in the two having to correct a transformation “gone wrong.”

    "Sometimes we still do it together,” says Anderson.

    The star, who opts for different boxes of hair color, like Garnier, says, “Normally, I’m just walking around at home with a little makeup on from the night before, coloring my hair and making pancakes for my boys.”

    As for whether the 48-year-old platinum beauty has any grays, she admits she “doesn’t know”— and she’s not about to stop dyeing it to find out. “That’s what’s so funny."

    And it’s unlikely the star will ever go short again, either. Though, she doesn’t regret trying a pixie cut.

    “It showed me that I wasn’t just about my hair. I liked it at the time, and I’m glad I did it, but personally I’m most comfortable with my long, blonde hair,” Anderson shares.

    Anderson also feels her best when she’s doing her own makeup. And after years of picking up tips, she in collaboration with her longtime makeup artist, Alexis Vogel, have released a limited edition vegan and (animal cruelty-free) makeup line, Pamela’s Bombshell Collection, available now. (Ten percent of proceeds benefitting her animal rights-focused charity, The Pamela Anderson Foundation.) “Sometimes people do your makeup and at the end of the day you don’t even look like yourself. I feel confident that I could do my own makeup and walk on a red carpet, so I am really excited about these products and to share my tricks.”

    Pamela Anderson Wants to Be With Someone Again: 'I Feel a Little Lonelier Because My Kids Are Grown'

    Now that Pamela Anderson's boys are all grown up and off to college, she has the house to herself and is craving companionship.

    "I feel a little lonelier because my kids are grown," she tells PEOPLE of Brandon, 19, and Dylan, 18, her sons with ex-husband Tommy Lee. "I think a lot of women at this age also are going through that, their kids are going to college their kids are moving on, so thank God for pets," she says, laughing.

    But Anderson is keeping busy – she just launched a limited edition line of vegan and animal cruelty-free makeup with celebrity makeup artist Alexis Vogel, with ten percent of the proceeds going to her animal rights-focused charity, The Pamela Anderson Foundation.

    And Anderson, 48, says she's feeling good about her age and the "freedom" that comes with knowing who she is – though she would be open to meeting someone new, if she can find a good match.

    "I've had three marriages, and I would love to be able to be with somebody, and I don't know if that's in my future," she says. "I think I look back, and I think I would like to be with somebody again but [I'm] very opinionated and it's a lot to think about now. Who I'm willing to be with, and where that's going – so I think that's part of it."

    Whether or not she does start dating again, Anderson, who stunned in the last nude issue of Playboy, has a wealth of experience on how to treat a woman – info that she's passing on to her boys.

    "I teach them as best as I can to respect women, and just the way this whole Instagram, and all this social media works and how people date," Anderson says. "It's really difficult, but they're very particular about who they like and they've both have beautiful girlfriends, but also people that can keep up with them intellectually and in sports and all of the things that we've always done together."

    "So I think they are very well rounded when they are choosing girlfriends. But they have no problem in that department."

    Anderson says she's proud of the people Brandon and Dylan have become.

    "It's just fun to see them grow up," she says. I feel like I've been able to sit back and watch them. They're both very talented and beautiful and good kids."

    "I'm lucky. It could have been a disaster, but it wasn't."

    Pamela Anderson Receives Support From Her Handsome, Grown-Up Sons During Family Night Out

    (Pic) Pamela Anderson is kicking off her weekend family style!

    The actress stepped out Friday evening to attend a special screening and reception of her short film Connected at Milk Studios in Los Angeles.

    While she certainly dressed to impress in a floral dress with heels, it may have been her other family members that turned more than a few heads with their looks.

    Brandon Lee and Dylan Lee both decided to spend their evening supporting mom's latest project. When posing for photos, 18-year-old Dylan sported a white blazer with black trousers. Meanwhile, 19-year-old Brandon tucked in his signature white T-shirt while wearing dark pants.

    For those who may not be used to seeing these grown-up teenagers on the red carpet scene, Pamela recently admitted that she tried her best to keep them out of the spotlight for as long as possible.

    "They have to make their own choices for the rest of their lives," Pam recently shared with Today's Willie Geist. "And it wouldn't be their own choice [to be famous] if we were dragging them down red carpets."

    Instead, the Baywatch beauty and former husband Tommy Lee decided to have their kids focus more on school and staying grounded while the parents remained in the public eye.

    "You're gorgeous, you're talented," Pamela remembered telling her sons. "Now let's work on the humbleness and education."

    Ultimately, good looks and hard work were put into action. Just this past month, Dylan was tapped to appear in Saint Laurent's newest campaign that will ultimately make its debut Tuesday ahead of Fashion Week. Meanwhile, Brandon continues to focus on his acting career.

    Lucky for Pamela, both boys still have plenty of time to support mom's latest projects.

    Pamela Anderson adds star power to French foie gras debate

    (Pic) Actress-turned animal rights activist Pamela Anderson has caused a stir in France by speaking out against foie gras, the fatty duck and goose liver delicacy which producers say is an integral part of French cuisine.

    The former ‘Baywatch’ star spoke in France’s Parliament at the invitation of a Green Party politician who’s spearheading a bid to ban “gavage,” a process where food is pumped into the birds’ stomachs to engorge the liver.

    Anderson, who is known for her risque methods of drawing attention to wildlife conservation, urged legislators to “evolve beyond barbarism and ignorance” and ban the practice.

    Foie gras production employs 100,000 people in France, according to industry figures.

    Pamela Anderson: Baywatch Movie Makes Her Feel Old, Doesn't Know Who Kelly Rohrbach is

    Pamela Anderson is surprised Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Zac Efron are actually going to get a new Baywatch off the ground.

    "I didn't think movie was ever going to happen," the former Baywatch babe told me at Sean Penn's Help Haiti Home benefit for J/P HRO. "I guess it makes me feel a little old."

    It was announced last week that Leonardo DiCaprio's ex-girlfriend, model Kelly Rohrbach, snagged Anderson's iconic role of C.J. Parker in the film.

    Anderson, 48, still doesn't know who the stunner is.

    "Did I show you the picture of the girl they put in as you?" Anderson's son Brandon Lee asked her during our chat.

    "No," she replied.

    When I asked Brandon if he approves of Rohrbach, the 19-year-old aspiring actor slightly blushed. "I like her," he said, but then added, "But, you know, no one's my mom."

    So true.

    E! News confirmed just last night that Quantico star Priyanka Chopra is in talks to play the movie's villain. Back in August, Johnson confirmed that "my dude" Efron will join the "big, fun and RATED R film."

    Not a Little Boy Anymore: Pamela Anderson Brings 19-Year-Old Son Brandon Lee to Help Haiti Home Gala

    (Pic) Pamela Anderson had a handsome date for Sean Penn's Help Haiti Home Gala in Beverly Hills Saturday night – her son.

    The 48-year-old actress had dashing Brandon Lee on her arm for the charity event. Now 19, Brandon, whose father is Anderson's ex Tommy Lee, grew up in the public eye.

    The teen looked pulled together in a printed blue velvet blazer and dark velvet tie while he posed with Anderson, who wore a slinky, form-fitting red dress.

    Brandon documented the star-studded evening on social media, sharing an up-close black-and-white selfie to Instagram.

    "Had to put on my Fancy Pants tonight," he wrote.

    While Anderson contended that Brandon would "be bored" at the event, he told reporters that he was "very excited" to attend.

    "When they were little, I didn't want them anywhere near the cameras," Anderson said of bringing him along as her date. "And Brandon's been doing acting and things. And you can't stop it – I tried."

    The teen has caught the showbiz bug, and said that he'd been "doing a lot of training" and has spent the "last couple of years" appearing in plays and musicals.

    He also joked about Anderson appearing on Playboy's last nude cover, assuring reporters that he hadn't seen it. What about his friends, though? "They knew better."

    "It was great," he concluded. "I told her if she was going to do one she might as well do the last one."

    Anderson, who also shares son Dylan, 18, with Lee, previously told PEOPLE that her children were "born out of true love."

    She also explained at the time that she's tried to teach her boys to be animal lovers, like her and hoped they'd share in her longtime support of PETA.

    "They just have to learn on their own," she explained. " You don't want to put too much on them otherwise they'll rebel against you. You have to be a psychologist, I guess, to be a parent ... So it's by example. That's the only want you can do it."

    Donate now to the Haitian Relief Organization at

    Pam Anderson -- Two-Faced for New Year's Eve

    (Pic) Pam Anderson looked pretty amazing as she left LAX on New Year's Eve day for Miami ... but when the clock struck 12 ... well, she was a mess.

    The 48-year-old hosted the Ultra Lounge at the Viceroy ... and by all appearances she did a bang up job.

    Happy New Year!!!

    Miley Cyrus, Pamela Anderson -- Yeah, That Happened

    (Pic) Pamela Anderson joined Miley Cyrus in concert Saturday night and the youngster took a page out of Pam's nudity playbook ... and then some.

    Miley flashed a lot and Pam look hard as they played to the crowd at the Wiltern.

    Top Russian official meets with Pamela Anderson

    A top Russian official on Monday met with the American actress turned animal rights activist Pamela Anderson at the Kremlin to discuss wildlife conservation.

    During the televised meeting with President Vladimir Putin‘s chief of staff, Sergei Ivanov, Anderson expressed her concern about the fate of Russian seals and the prevalence of sea aquariums that keep belugas, orcas and dolphins in captivity.

    In his opening remarks, Ivanov praised the former “Baywatch” star for an opportunity to discuss issues of conservation “in the company of beautiful women.”

    This is not the first time the pair has met. Ivanov said the two discussed Russian biodiversity in Vladivostok during an economic forum in September.

    Anderson is known for her risque methods of drawing attention to wildlife conservation including posing nude to protest the fur industry.

    Earlier this year, the actress wrote to Putin requesting to block the passage of a cargo vessel through the Northern Sea Route, which was said to contain more than 1,700 tons of whale meat traveling from Iceland to Japan.

    Anderson also requested a meeting with the Russian president to discuss environmental issues, the Tass news agency reported.

    Pamela Anderson Will Cover the Last Nude Issue of Playboy for the 14th Time in Her Career

    (Cover) Pamela Anderson will turn the last page on the nude magazine that made her a star.

    The 48-year-old blond bombshell will be the final cover girl of the last nude issue of Playboy, according to a press release from the iconic publication. The magazine's executives announced in October that its infamous naked pictorials would cease to exist come March 2016.

    "I got a call from [Hugh Hefner's] attorney who said, 'We don't want anybody else. There's nobody else, could you do the last cover of Playboy?'" she told Entertainment Tonight, who initially broke the story.

    The former Baywatch actress will appear in a slew of sexy photographs in the January/February 2016 double issue, shot by famed fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth. Additionally, the Hollywood star divulged intimate memories of her years with the legendary publication to her acting colleague and magazine contributor James Franco.

    With 14 cover appearances and 15 pictorials, Anderson has appeared in Playboy more than any other woman in the magazine's history. She shot her first cover at just 22 years old, an opportunity that transformed the unknown Canadian native into an overnight sensation.

    "The photographer shot me in one roll of film because I was nervous and throwing up," she admitted to Franco during the interview. "But, then I saw the pictures, and from there it was hard to keep my clothes on! I was painfully shy before, but then it clicked in my head that nobody cares what you look like naked except you. People are more concerned about themselves and their own flaws."

    Despite more than a dozen flawless covers, Anderson still wouldn't describe herself as pretty.

    "I don't think of myself as beautiful, but I know I have a deep, sensual drive," she said. "People respond to that more than physicality because your spirit never ages. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, and I like being playful and having fun."

    Thankfully, her initial reluctance waned and the model quickly moved to Los Angeles to continue her burgeoning modeling career, a move that ultimately led to her putting on that red one-piece as C.J. Parker on Baywatch.

    "I've always been very imaginative, and I thought I would do something creative. I just knew I had to get out of my small town," she said, reflecting on her early ambitions before fame. "I never wanted to be in this industry; I didn't know that option existed for me. It wasn't something I pursued. But I guess I've done pretty well for myself just going with the flow."

    Decades later, Anderson has become synonymous with the bunny brand, having spent countless time posing in the magazine's pages and as an insider at Hugh Hefner's mansion.

    "I don't want to get too detailed, but I'm sure one of my sons was conceived there," she said of the famed house.

    The issue hits newsstands on Dec. 11.

    Pamela Anderson Dips Butt Cheeks, Boobs into Cake Frosting for Love Magazine

    (Video) (Pic) Each day of Love magazine’s advent calendar seems to do the impossible. It actually manages to one-up itself with yet another lingerie-centric video that puts the ones that came before it to shame. We know what you’re thinking: How could it possibly get any better than Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid prancing around in their underwear? We’ll give you a hint: Pamela Anderson is the icing on the cake.

    This isn’t the first time Love has called upon this Baywatch babe to do a seductive dance for them: Last year, Anderson also starred in a black and white video for the calendar that served as a how-to instructional video on blowing bubbles, set to a driving guitar riff. This year, Pam is back in full pin-up mode, doing a little holiday baking in some ’50s-style underpinnings while mixing Bettie Page, Elvira and, well, Pamela Anderson.

    The two-minute short starts out like every other Love calendar video, a loose narrative centered around an almost-nude hot lady, but quickly evolves into a fantasy for several different kinds of fetishists. As her baking (read: kitchen-based strip tease) progresses, Pam pulls out of the oven a multi-layered, fully frosted cake complete with tiny dancing versions of herself and proceeds to dip her chest and posterior into the icing. Totally weird? Most definitely. But you’ve got to give Love props for consistently innovating, albeit bizarrely, on pretty well-trodden cinematic territory.

    Pamela Anderson's Vegan Boots Are Made Out of Recycled TV Screens!

    While Pamela Anderson may be best known for what she isn’t wearing, she’s taking the fashion world head on with her new vegan line of boots called Pammies. The boots are just hitting the market, but Anderson’s passion project is a long time coming.

    “We’ve been doing this for 15 years and finally we got them together,” Anderson told PEOPLE at Coco Eco Magazine’s Wild At Heart Issue Launch Part at Ron Robinson in Santa Monica, California. Something that drove her ambition to bring her vegan boot collection to fruition was to make up for the fact that she helped make Uggs, boots made out of shearling — a no-no for the animal activist, popular.

    “I made them popular unfortunately on Baywatch,” she shared. “They used to call them Pammies all over the world. So now I wanted to make my own Pammies, which are really Pammies and which means compassionate, sexy and these boots are really exciting.”

    Why did it take so long to bring Pammies to market? Mainly it was finding the right materials. “We wanted to find really great fabrics and these are made out of recycled electronics,” she explained. “Fifteen years ago they thought I was crazy that I wanted to make boots out of TV screens.”

    While footwear made out of TV screens may sound clunky, Pammies aesthetic couldn’t be more opposite — it’s even international. “It’s very Malibu, very West Coast, very Big Sur, Vancouver, Whistler, Aspen, Copenhagen,” she shared of the designs.

    And if you’re lucky enough to be on Anderson’s holiday gift list, you won’t have to wonder what you’ll receive under the tree from the actress this holiday season “They’re all getting Pammies,” she shared. But don’t worry, she isn’t trying to avoid actually paying for gifts. Anderson will be purchasing the boots for her pals just like everyone else. “I pay for them. I bought my own Pammies online. No freebies.”

    Pamela Anderson Says She Got Her Life Back After Being Cured of Hep C: 'They Told Me I Would Die in 10 Years'

    Pamela Anderson has a new lease on life now that her longtime struggle with Hepatitis C is officially over.

    "I'm going to go crazy," she tells PEOPLE exclusively, "especially with activism."

    "It has been 20 years ... and I always felt this little dark cloud hanging over me," Anderson says while attending a party in Santa Monica Thursday for Coco Eco magazine's "Wild at Heart" issue and the launch of Pammies, her new line of recycled-material boots.

    "I think anyone struggling with a disease that they say you can live with is still – it still plays into a lot of your decisions in your life," she says. "Twenty years ago they told me I would die in 10 years. And 10 years into that, they told me I would be able to live with it and probably die of something else, but it all was very scary stuff."

    Anderson, 48, announced on Instagram Saturday that she had been cured, and she says she hasn't had time to fully process the news.

    "I've been too busy, I think it really hasn't even hit me yet, but it's exciting because now I get 20 years back on my life," she says. "They came up with a cure just recently, and you know Tommy was cured a year ago, I was cured just Friday." Anderson has said she got the virus by sharing tattoo needles with ex-husband Tommy Lee.

    The strict vegan and PETA advocate says she has plans to travel the world advocating for environmental protections.

    "People have to understand that climate change is a real thing and it's the most important thing. So I'm going to go nuts. I'm kicking it up a notch. That fact that I get more time on this earth – I am going to be a great shepherd of the earth."

    Anderson also shares her hopes that everybody with Hep C will be able to experience the excitement she feels over being cured.

    "They have to go to their doctor. They have to get tested. There's different kinds of Hep C but there's cures for every single one of them," says Anderson, who started a new FDA-approved drug regimen over the summer. "They just have to talk to their doctors and having insurance is the best thing to have. ... It's an expensive drug. So you better have insurance."

    Pamela Anderson Shows Off Her Healthy Glow in First Public Appearance After Announcing She's Hep-C Free

    (Pic) Six days after Pamela Anderson announced to the world that she's finally ended her 16-year battle with Hepatitis C, the actress showed off her healthy glow in a sparkly black dress on the red carpet.

    Anderson, 48, wore the shimmering number while attending the Bambi Awards 2015 in Berlin Thursday night.

    Last Saturday, Anderson revealed that she had successfully completed her treatment for Hep C. The former Baywatch star started taking a new, FDA-approved drug this summer, which she says cured her.

    "I am CURED!!! – I just found out #nomorehepc #thankyou #blessing #family #prayer #live," Anderson announced through a sexy photo post on Instagram.

    "I pray anyone living with Hep C can qualify or afford treatment. It will be more available soon. I know treatment is hard to get still...#dontlosehope."

    Pamela Anderson celebrates hep C cure with nude selfie

    (Pic) That’s one way to celebrate.

    Upon learning she had been “cured” of hepatitis C, Pamela Anderson posted a nude selfie to Instagram on Saturday.

    “I am CURED!!!! — I just found out #nomorehepc,” the former “Baywatch” bombshell shared with a photo of herself aboard a luxurious yacht. “I pray that anyone living with Hep C can qualify or afford treatment. It will be more available soon. I know treatment is hard to get still…”

    Anderson, 48, has been battling the disease for the better part of 16 years. In August, she told People she was undergoing treatment with a new FDA-approved drug.

    “I’m very fortunate that I’ve had Hep C for about 16 years,” she explained. “Sixteen years ago that was [presented to me] as a death sentence. Even though I may have looked confident on the outside, I think it really was a dark cloud that lingered over me.”

    Despite her diagnosis, Anderson managed to stay positive and find hope with the new miracle drug.

    “I don’t have any side effects. I’m living my life the way I want to but it could have eventually caused me some problems and so it was a real blessing that I was able to get the medicine,” Anderson continued. “I’m really excited. I feel good. I feel so blessed.”

    Sideboob Alert! Pamela Anderson Hits Red Carpet in Sexy White Gown

    (Pic) She may be best known for saving people while wearing a front cleavage-revealing red number, but on Saturday night, Pamela Anderson was saving animals while wearing a side cleavage-revealing white number.

    The 48-year-old actress-turned-activist ditched her red tank suit for a clingy white halter gown that showed off some serious sideboob — as well as quite a bit of leg via a high slit — to attend the Last Chance for Animals gala in Beverly Hills where she was honored with the Vegan of the Year award.

    The outfit, which she accessorized with a matching white mani and clutch, plus metallic pointy pumps, was quite the change from her Baywatch look; her hair, however, was just as beachy and big and beautiful as we remember it from her lifesaving days.

    Anderson is known for being a passionate defender of animals rights and has been living a vegan lifestyle for two decades. She’s a longtime PETA activist and recently she even launched two vegan accessories lines, which offer boots, other shoes and a beach bag.

    We can safely assume that Anderson’s accessories at the gala Saturday night were vegan and that no animals were harmed in the making of her jaw-droppingly sexy white dress. But we do have one lingering question: Was she inspired by Kendall Jenner’s similarly sideboob-revealing white halter from a few months ago?

    What do you think of Pamela Anderson’s sexy gown? And the sideboob trend in general?

    Pamela Anderson Not Too Excited About the Baywatch Movie: ''I'll Believe It When I See It''

    Even though Zac Efron and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson have announced they're going to star in a movie adaptation of Baywatch, Pamela Anderson isn't so convinced it will actually happen.

    "I'll believe it when I see it, but I wish them the best," Anderson, who played C.J. on the long-running campy drama, told E! News last night at PETA's 35th anniversary gala in Hollywood. "I've heard this for 15 years."

    In fact, Anderson isn't exactly hoping the flick ever gets made. "It was charming on television and when you make a TV show [into] a movie I think it loses some of its charm," she said, adding, "Looking back, it was, Oh, my God! It was innocent, it was sexy, it was fun. We were just happy to be on the beach to get a tan."

    Anderson declined to offer up any of today's stars to take on the role of C.J. in the movie. "I'm irreplaceable," she said. "No one could play me."

    Efron and Johnson confirmed they had signed on for a Baywatch movie in August.

    Johnson tweeted at the time, "BIG NEWS: Welcoming my dude @ZacEfron to #BAYWATCH. Our movie will be big, fun and RATED R.. Like me when I drink…"It's BIG. Me and bud @ZacEfron been talkin' bout this one for a long time. And someone get my baby oil. #RatedR."

    Efron responded, "So stoked brother - baby oil for 2 plz."

    Now, we want to hear from you. Who do you think should play C.J. in the Baywatch movie? (We've already heard Charlotte McKinney has met with producers about the role.) Leave your suggestions below.

    And speaking of Efron, Zooey Deutch confirms that we'll be seeing her making out with the hottie in their upcoming comedy Dirty Grandpa (in theaters Jan. 22, 2016).

    "He's the best," Deutch gushed about her leading man at the recent launch event for Verizon's new mobile video service go90. "He's the best guy. He's so wonderful. He's such a nice guy. It's impossible to not love him."

    Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee reunite

    (Pic) Only animal rights can bring together Pamela Anderson and her ex-husband Tommy Lee.

    The former couple, who were married between 1995 and 1998, were spotted at Wednesday night’s gala celebrating PETA’s 35th anniversary.

    Photographers captured Anderson and Lee cordially greeting each other with kisses on the cheeks and hugging.

    Anderson looked radiant in a black sequined gown and light makeup, while Lee was dapper in a simple black suit with a skinny black tie. He also sported dark shades for a touch of rock-star appeal.

    Despite the public showing of friendship, Anderson, 48, was there on business, hosting the event with Angelica Houston, while Lee, 52, was honored for his work.

    Lee was joined by his fiancée, Sofia Toufa, at the event, reports E! News.

    “SeaWorld sucks, fur murders and PETA f–kin’ rules,” Lee said during his acceptance speech. “I thank you from the bottom of my heart and the animals thank you.”

    Jason Biggs, Joaquin Phoenix, George Lopez, Ireland Baldwin, Kesha, Courtney Stodden, Emily Deschanel, Alicia Silverstone and more were on hand for the big night.

    Pamela Anderson’s sex tape didn’t make her rich

    The only thing Pamela Anderson’s sex tape with former husband Tommy Lee earned her was notoriety.

    Despite the commonly held belief that many celebrities benefit from their “homemade” videos, the former “Baywatch” star insists she didn’t see a cent from the tape she made with the Mötley Crüe drummer.

    “I made not one dollar,” the actress told Andy Cohen on Thursday’s “Watch What Happens Live.” “It was stolen property. We made a deal to stop all the shenanigans. I was seven months pregnant with Dylan. And I was thinking it was affecting the pregnancy, the stress. I said, ‘I’m not going to court anymore, I’m not being deposed anymore by these horny, weird lawyer men.’ I don’t want to talk about my vagina anymore.”

    In the years since, celebrities have been able to turn a profit from “leaked” sex tapes, but Anderson — who also starred in one with former flame Bret Michaels — and Lee wanted nothing to do with that.

    “It was stolen property,” she explained. “Neither of us made anything from it. It was stolen. [Late Penthouse founder] Bob Guccione offered us millions of dollars. We said no. It was already out at that time, the damage was done. So we said, ‘No way, we’re not getting involved off that.’”

    Talk about the couple’s sex tape wasn’t the only time Anderson’s former husband came up during the show. Cohen also asked Anderson to pick which one of her rocker exes is the better musician: Lee or Kid Rock.

    “Tommy Lee,” she said. “He’s the father of my kids.”

    Pamela Anderson Launches Two Lines of Vegan Accessories: 'It's Something I've Always Wanted to Do'

    It’s long been known that Pamela Anderson is a friend of the animals. She’s a longtime PETA activist and following a vegan lifestyle for 20 years. So it’s no surprise the star is channeling her passion for pets into the fashion realm by launching her very own lines (yes, plural!) of vegan accessories.

    First, Anderson has created a line of vegan-made boots similar to her once-beloved UGGs, called Pammies.

    “I’m excited about my boots coming out, which you know has been this labor of love for me because I made those darn UGG boots popular,” she tells PEOPLE. “I didn’t know that [animals] were being hurt. [UGG] used me a lot for promoting, but I helped them create their brand … I thought that [the animals] were being shaved and kept well. That was the beginning of my animal activism career, and since then I’ve been trying to create an alternative.”

    Pammies is line of comfortable, suede-like boots made of recycled fabrics (used electronics, to be exact) and are made in California. The collection features three pieces — the Cove Classic, the Zuma and the Malibu — which come in light gray, brown and white color options and can be worn with anything, anywhere, Anderson says.

    “These are [shoes] you can wear at the beach, [shoes] you wear around Malibu and the sky’s the limit,” Anderson told PEOPLE. “I’m really excited about the project that I’m involved in because [it] is something that I’ve always wanted to do — and it’s actually happening.”

    Pammies will launch this October online at and in Ron Robinson stores in November.

    The actress has also teamed up with French designer Amélie Pichard to design a line of high-fashion accessories, featuring seven shoe styles and a beach bag, inspired by Malibu and St. Tropez.

    “Each piece is made of nontoxic plastic, cottons, acrylics and rubbers, which are sourced in France and Italy,” according to WWD.

    “Vegans can be sexy — super fun, super stylish and conscious,” Anderson told WWD. “Because young people want to make better choices when it comes to consuming, when it comes to fashion. We need more sustainable choices when it comes to handbags and shoes.”

    And fans can expect Anderson’s eclectic, ’90s-inspired style to shine throughout the line, which is filled with patchwork denim detailing, plexiglass material for the heels and silver glittered soles.

    “It’s great to have this reemergence [of the ’90s],” said the star. “It’s good for me, too, for my career, to sustain myself, to do fun activism projects like this.” Dying to dress like Anderson? The line, with prices ranging from $450 to $950, will be available on Dec. 10 exclusively at Opening Ceremony in L.A.

    Pamela Anderson Explains Why She Keeps Her Heartthrob Sons Away From Limelight

    Pamela Anderson is trying her best to keep her two handsome sons, Dylan and Brandon, out of the spotlight. But, why?

    Well, during her visit to the set of the Today show this morning to promote her new book Raw, she dished to Willie Geist about why she and former husband Tommy Lee decided to raise their two kids far away from the Hollywood limelight.

    "They have to make their own choices for the rest of their lives," Anderson said. "And it wouldn't be their own choice if we were dragging them down red carpets."

    The Baywatch star also explained the story of how she brought Brandon to a red carpet event right before he turned 19, which caused an overwhelming frenzy of attention.

    And truth be told, when the proud mama took the high school senior to the premiere of The Gunman at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live, everyone noticed.

    Anderson, while blushing, did admit to raising two handsome young men and said that she does her best to remind them that there are far more important things than looks out there.

    She told Geist that she constantly tells her sons, "You're gorgeous, you're talented, now let's work on the humbleness and education."

    Sounds like some great advice!

    In an industry where we see too many kids grow up way too soon, we commend Pamela for "shielding them from the craziness of Hollywood" as she says in her book. But with two lookers like hers, that might be a tough battle to win.

    Pamela Anderson's Auctioning Her Gorgeous Tiffany Engagement Ring from Ex Rick Salomon (Spoiler: Bidding Starts at $100,000!)

    Pamela Anderson won’t be dating again until “after Christmas,” but the single star is taking some steps toward putting her divorce from Rick Salomon behind her. Anderson is auctioning off her engagement ring for charity.

    “I hope this very special Tiffany engagement ring can bring joy to someone while I put the donation to great use,” the 50-year-old star told PEOPLE, adding, “One hundred percent of funds raised will go to The Pamela Anderson Foundation [dedicated to human, animal and environmental rights] and this will mark the launching of my foundation’s new eBay charity store, where there will be signed books, magazines and more memorabilia.”

    The stunning Tiffany & Co. ring features a 3.24-carat round brilliant cut diamond stone surrounded by round brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately .46 carat total weight. The starting bid? $100,000.

    Anderson and Salomon were married and divorced twice. Over the years, there was a series of restraining orders in which Anderson once claimed she was “scared of what he was capable of doing to me.”

    But the exes have now settled in a peaceful place.

    “Public divorces can be harsh and cruel — we apologize to our families and friends for any hurt and embarrassment we have caused — we have come to an amicable agreement and are moving on,” the couple said in a joint statement after their second divorce was finalized in April. “There are private and personal family sensitivities to consider and we retract any hurtful comments made in haste and distaste. We wish each other and our families well.”

    Anderson has kept herself really busy since the split, recently releasing her new photo and poetry coffee table book, Raw, which features poetry and prose by Anderson combined with a decade’s worth sexy photographs by Emma Dunlavey.

    While promoting the book, Anderson PEOPLE that she’s not afraid of aging.

    “I embrace my age. It’s about feeling good about what you have,” she shared, adding,” I actually feel like I look younger and younger.”

    And the star’s proving that in her new nude photo shoot for Flaunt magazine’s latest issue. Shot by David LaChapelle, Anderson poses covered in silver glitter. In the interview, she opens up to the magazine about her sex tape scandal (refresher: her private home videos with ex-husband Tommy Lee were stolen from their property).

    “I was in the Guinness Book of World Records for most downloads,” she says, adding, “I think it’s the least sensual thing, a computer. How does anyone learn to make love? They’re so oversaturated with all of this information. It’s kind of becoming a lost art. We need to start a sensual revolution, to start feeling our feelings again. It’s that loss of intimacy.”

    She also tells the magazine that she keeps her iconic red Baywatch one-pieces in a locked safe. Why? Because in 2001, she was subjected to anther invasion or privacy — a homeless woman broke into her home and put on her iconic one-piece.

    “When the police officer arrested her, they asked me if I wanted it back, and I said ‘No, no you can keep it.'” But, yes, a duplicate is in her safe.

    Pamela Anderson Poses Naked for Flaunt, Reminisces on Tommy Lee Sex Tape

    (Cover) Pamela Anderson's still got it!

    The 48-year-old actress, activist and mother of two stripped down for Flaunt's CALIFUK (California + U.K.) issue. The Baywatch alum posed naked for a series of pictures shot by famed photographer David LaChapelle, and she also reminisced on her 20-plus years in Hollywood—the good, the bad and the downright disturbing.

    Fame and fortune has it's perks—Pamela jokes she's feels "kind of like the Malibu mascot," saying, "I walk around and people are like ‘there she is!' Or just walking down the beach, and being in the water and everyone waving at you like they know who you are."

    But, as she tells Flaunt, there are some major downsides to always being identified as the Baywatch babe. "A homeless person went into my home and was living in my guest house with my Baywatch bathing suit on, slicing her wrists," she recalls. "She had a letter that said 'I'm not a lesbian I just want to touch you.' She got my bathing suit out of my room, I was there alone with two babies and I remember seeing a face in a window—isn't it the scariest thing you can think of?"

    According to Pamela, the police arrested the woman (who still had her swimsuit) and then asked her if she wanted it back. "I said, 'No, no, you can keep it,'" she recalls.

    This isn't Pamela's only major invasion of privacy—back in 2005, a very private video Pamela and then-husband Tommy Lee was stolen from her home. "I was in the Guinness Book of World Records for most downloads," she tells Flaunt.

    This was long before naked selfies and sexts were in the news on a regular basis, so the scandal factor was much bigger then that in might be today. Ironically enough, though, Pamela says she thinks now that "everyone's going to regret" being so casual about nudity in the so-called digital age. " these kids are sending all these crazy things to each other—and what if they run for President one day?" she asks. "No matter if they erase it it's there. But I think everyone's desensitized."

    "I think it's the least sensual thing, a computer," she tells Flaunt. "How does anyone learn to make love? They're so oversaturated with all of this information. It's kind of becoming a lost art. We need to start a sensual revolution, to start feeling our feelings again. It's that loss of intimacy."

    Fair point. For much, much more from Pamela, pick up Flaunt's CALIFUK issue now.

    Pamela Anderson on Men: 'I'm Not Dating Until Christmas'

    After 20-plus years in the spotlight, three wild marriages and two teenage sons, Pamela Anderson has been known to break the rules – especially when it come to her love life.

    But these days, the newly divorced Anderson, 48, says she's enjoying the single life.

    "It's great. I have my two puppies (Zeus and King) and my kids (Brandon, 19, and Dylan, 17 with her first husband Tommy Lee)," Anderson tells PEOPLE. "I have friends. I'm not ready to go there right now."

    But that doesn't mean no one has asked her out.

    "I've had some offers," says Anderson. "I've met some people, gone on dates. I'm not hiding in a corner."

    Anderson, author of the new photo and poetry coffee table book, Raw and host of and host of The Sensual Vegan is plenty busy.

    "I've got laser focus," she says. "I am relentless when it comes to my kids and I'm feeling that I need my focus to be on my foundation, my kids and puppies – they are a lot of work. I want to take this time to get healthy. I said to myself I won't date anyone until after Christmas!"

    Until then, Anderson is continuing medical treatment for her Hepatitis C, which she tells PEOPLE "could be cured within a month."

    "[I'm] giving myself time to write and seeing how this medicine works," she says. "Then, watch out!"

    Pamela Anderson Says Ex-Husband Tommy Lee 'Was The Love of My Life'

    Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee – who were married from 1995 to 1998 – had one of the wildest rock and roll marriages of all time. Now, 17 years after their divorce, Anderson tells PEOPLE that Lee was her true love.

    "There was Tommy and then there was nobody else," the former Baywatch actress tells PEOPLE. "He was the love of my life. We had a wild and crazy beginnings that was too much for both of us."

    "It really was love at first sight," says Anderson, 48. "I only knew him four days before I married him."

    The couple had two boys, Brandon, 19, and Dylan, 17. "I had beautiful children with him," she says. "My kids are grateful to be born out of true love. Everything else I was trying to piece together."

    Today, they remain close. "We're good friends, we're getting better at co-parenting our kids," she says. "He's such a supporter of mine and I'm really happy we're on such great terms."

    "There's a connection there that will always be," says Anderson who has a new coffee table picture book coming out called Raw.

    After Living With Hepatitis C for 16 Years, Pamela Anderson Now Says 'I Could Be Cured Within a Month'

    In 2002, Pamela Anderson revealed that she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, something she hasn't spoken about in depth.

    In this week's PEOPLE, Anderson, 48, reveals that her doctors have prescribed a new FDA-approved drug regimen that eradicates the virus and has given her new hope.

    "I'm very fortunate that I've had Hep C for about 16 years," says Anderson. "Sixteen years ago that was [presented to me] as a death sentence. I think it really worked on my self esteem. Even though I may have looked confident on the outside, I think it really was a dark cloud that lingered over me."

    After experimenting with various alternative medicines, Anderson recently decided to try the new anti-viral medication. The Baywatch actress says, "I could be Hep C free within the month."

    "I don't have any liver damage and I don't have any side effects," she says. "I'm living my life the way I want to but it could have eventually have caused me some problems and so it was a real blessing that I was able to get the medicine. I'm half way there."

    "I'm really excited," says the author of the new coffee table book Raw. "I feel good. I feel so blessed."

    "I've always been an advocate of trying to remove stigma from hepatitis C from aids," she says. "I think subconsciously [the disease] just works on you."

    Today, she feels better than ever. "I actually just look in the mirror everyday and I feel like I'm looking younger and younger and I feel like I'm getting those 20 years back."

    Pamela Anderson slams MAC Cosmetics for animal testing

    Pamela Anderson‘s thoughts about MAC Cosmetics are no longer warm and fuzzy.

    The actress wrote a strongly worded letter expressing outrage that MAC, which has long prided itself on creating cruelty-free makeup, does test products on animals in countries that legally require it for imported cosmetics.

    Anderson, a longtime PETA activist and former MAC spokesperson, sent her letter to John Demsey — group president at Estée Lauder, which owns MAC — on Thursday.

    “We’ve known each other for a long time, and I’ve always admired you for embracing M.A.C. Cosmetics as a pioneer in cruelty-free makeup. That’s why I was so proud to be a Viva Glam M.A.C. girl in 2004,” she wrote. “But the buzz is much different now, and you know I can’t bite my tongue.”

    “When I worked with M.A.C., I found it to be a very progressive and forward-thinking company. That’s why I was very disturbed to learn from PETA that M.A.C., under your direction at Estée Lauder, is selling products in China, where the company funds painful tests on animals in order to meet the country’s archaic regulations. This has tainted the brand and alienated many of the company’s longtime allies.”

    MAC acknowledged its practice of having its products tested on animals in China, where it’s required by law for imported cosmetics. “We do not test our products or ingredients on animals, or ask others to test on our behalf, except where required by law,” the company said in a statement.

    “[B]efore we are able to import any of our products into China, the Chinese government requires all importers of cosmetics, including us, to pay for animal testing that is conducted by a government-mandated laboratory in China.”

    ‘We are proud that we were one of the first cosmetic companies to establish that cosmetic safety can be demonstrated by non-animal testing methods. There are, however, still some countries that believe they need to conduct or require animal testing in order to validate the safety of cosmetic ingredients or products. Our Company and all of our brands remain dedicated to the elimination of animal testing on all cosmetic products and ingredients worldwide. We believe that animal testing should not be needed to validate safety of cosmetic products or ingredients and we are encouraging the use of alternatives and the elimination of such animal testing globally.’

    Although MAC could choose not to sell its products in countries such as China, “As a global company, we are committed to providing our products and services to our consumers where they live, and we must comply with all legal requirements in the countries where we do business.”

    Anderson, 48, urged the company to stop selling in China, noting she has “faith” in the brand.

    “Won’t you restore M.A.C. to its former glory as a brand with principles?”

    How Pamela Anderson’s Sons Learned She Was on Baywatch

    The world may have known Pamela Anderson as the quintessential Baywatch babe, but her children had no idea that their mom was the Pamela Anderson until much later.

    The 48-year-old’s sons, Brandon, 19, and Dylan, 17, with her ex-husband Tommy Lee, were unaware of their mother’s fame growing up.

    Despite visiting their mom on the set of Baywatch “all the time,” the actress tells PEOPLE they “didn’t get it cause they were so young.”

    “They haven’t seen how hard I’ve worked,” she says. “I built my whole life around them — like their soccer games were in my contracts.”

    It wasn’t until Anderson’s sons attended surf camp that they learned more about their mom.

    After their first day at camp, “They came up to me and they said, ‘Mom, are you Pamela Anderson?’ And I said ‘Yeah.’ ”

    “They were like, ‘What is that?’ And ,’Why are people saying these things? Are you Pamela Anderson for real? Like, what is going on?’ ”

    Anderson’s reply? “Well, yeah.”

    When her boys were young, the actress and animal activist admits career day was interesting.

    “They would say my dad’s a rockstar and my mommy rescues animals,” Anderson recalls. “That’s all they knew.”

    These days the mom of two is as busy as ever with her new book, Raw, which features photos and excerpts from her journals.

    “I have always thought it’d be fun to kind of put out this coffee table book, kind of our behind the scenes of just me being silly in hotel rooms,” she says. “[It’s] a decade of fun and craziness.”

    Pamela Anderson: 'I Feel Like I'm Getting Younger All the Time'

    More than two decades after her curves helped turn Baywatch into a cultural phenomenon, Pamela Anderson says that approaching 50 – she turned 48 last month – is really no big deal.

    "It is what it is," Anderson tells PEOPLE. "Besides, I feel like I'm getting younger all the time."

    The star, who has authored a new coffee table photo book, Raw, also reveals that she tried – and didn't like Botox.

    "I am the last person to try Botox but I did," she says. "I felt like my eyes sunk into my head so far that I didn't look look like me anymore! I'm not into all that stuff."

    "I think a little bit of maintenance is good. There are things we can do to perk ourselves up. Some people go to far. I'm not obsessed," she says. And she's got those coveted good genes to thank as well. Adds Anderson: "My mom looks great."

    Her role models for aging gracefully? "I love Jane Fonda and Brigitte Bardot. It's like the old saying goes: 'Beauty comes from within.' It's about embracing it and feeling great about what you have. And doing the best for you."

    Two years ago, that meant cutting her hair into a platinum pixie. "It was fun to cut my hair," she says. "It was fun to let go of the image for a second and say 'You know, this just isn't me.' I like my pixie cut but I look better with long hair." More than anything, she says, "I think it's just having healthy attitude."

    For Anderson, that also means eating vegan, which she now showcases on her new online cooking show The Sensual Vegan, and devoting herself to environmental and animal rights activism, through her Pamela Anderson Foundation.

    "Doing good things keeps you young," she says.

    The star is also excited about her new book, featuring photographs by her good friend Emma Dunlavy. Raw is "a fun look back, a behind the scenes of me being silly in hotel rooms and pages of my journaling. Sometimes when I'm inspired, I write poetry – well, if you want to call it that. They were wild times. Not that I don't have fun and crazy times these days."

    For more on Pamela Anderson, her new book, her thoughts on getting older and more, pick up a copy of this week's PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

    Pamela Anderson -- Baywatch Remake Is Going To Suck

    The "Baywatch" remake is a bad idea that should never be made into a movie ... so says the woman who became famous from the original.

    Pam Anderson is scoffing at the Zac Efron/Dwayne Johnson reboot, saying "No one appreciates the remakes."

    Pam goes on to say Baywatch was the best time of her life but the 90's were a "simpler, sweeter time" for TV, it won't work on the big screen in 2015.

    And if you're wondering if producers asked her to be part of the new movie ... they didn't.

    Hopefully producers will take a page from Pam's new book "RAW" and see how great she looks.

    Pamela Anderson Stars in a Decade of Sexy Photos in Her New Book, Raw

    (Cover) Baywatch bombshell Pamela Anderson is releasing a new book – and an exclusive preview of its risqué photography to go along with it.

    The former Playboy model's book, Raw, to be published on Sept. 1, features poetry and prose by Anderson combined with a decade's worth of silly and sexy photographs by Emma Dunlavey.

    "Who would've thought being a little bad could lead to a lot of good," the 48-year-old tells PEOPLE. "This is a scrapbook of behind the scenes – never seen, along with some of my frantic handwritten journaling and lucid poetry, all while rolling in glitter."

    Proceeds from Raw will benefit the Pamela Anderson Foundation, which supports organizations and individuals that protect human, animal and environment rights.


    Pam Anderson at Beautique sipping Cristal with friends.

    Pamela Anderson -- Call Me Countessa ... I'm Royalty Now

    (Pic1, Pic2) Pamela Anderson was down on both knees last night ... and it was an honor.

    The former Baywatch star was in Genoa, Italy where she was officially named "Countessa de' Gigli." Anderson was honored for her work protecting marine life. She's also creating a partnership with The Italian Mediterranean Sealife Association.

    The deed was carried out by Prince Stephan of Montenegro. We're told Pam will share her new royal title with her two sons Brandon and Dylan, who also became honorary knights.

    And to all a good knight.

    Pamela Anderson Talks Second Divorce from Rick Salomon, Opens Up About Dating and Marriage: 'You Never Know'

    (Video) Pamela Anderson has been through a roller-coaster second divorce from Rick Salomon, but she is coming out smiling.

    "Every time you're here, something different is going on," host Ellen DeGeneres said to Anderson. "You remarried someone you were married to before?"

    "Yep, and now I'm not married again," Anderson replied.

    The comedian then compared the model's decision to revisit the relationship to putting something "back in the fridge that's not good."

    DeGeneres explained, "It's not gonna be good the second time. When you go in there, I mean."

    With a smile and a laugh, the mom of two totally agreed.

    "I know! I get it. I get the lesson," Anderson said, adding, "I forget about a lot."

    DeGeneres was also curious whether her guest had re-entered the dating scene yet, but Anderson quickly made a sour face.

    But she added that she does plan on dating new men at some point, smiling and adding, "Plural. Yes."

    But as for marriage, the actress isn't entirely sure what the future holds: "I don't know. Who knows? It's the romantic notion. You never know."

    In the meantime, the beauty has two very important men in her life to focus on – her sons Brandon, 18, and 17-year-old Dylan, whose father is Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, 52.

    "Brandon goes to university next year," she said of her eldest son. "He's not bad looking! He's gorgeous."

    Now that her boys are well into those teenage years, Anderson sees some lady-killers on her hands, explaining that they are both already dating a lot.

    Pamela Anderson plans to date multiple guys

    Pamela Anderson has got big plans following her split from Rick Salomon.

    Anderson, 47, and her husband of six months called it quits for the second time in February.

    “You remarried someone you were married to before,” quipped Ellen DeGeneres on an episode airing Thursday.

    “Yep. And now I’m not married again,” Anderson responded with a smile.

    Finding the humor in an awkward conversation, DeGeneres cracked, “It’s like when you put something back in the fridge that’s not good. It’s not gonna be good the second time. When you go in there. I mean.”

    Anderson absolutely agreed with her analogy. “You’re right, you’re right. I know I get it. I get the lesson. Yes. I get it. I do that a lot.”

    She got more than $1 million in her divorce settlement, which was finalized in late April.

    When asked if she’s dating anyone, Anderson denied any romance. However, she did say that when the time is right, she’ll get back out there.

    “Plural, yes,” she responded to DeGeneres’ inquiry as to whether she’s going to date multiple people.

    Anderson, who never thought of herself as pretty, was previously married to Salomon in 2007 but got the marriage annulled two months later.

    She was also married to Kid Rock from 2006 to 2007 and Tommy Lee from 1995 to 1998.

    Pamela Anderson Strips Naked to Re-Create Psycho Shower Scene for PETA

    (Pic) PETA has a great track record of having hot celebs strip down, and props to them because it's really smart—of course we'll listen to you, naked Pamela Anderson. We're in a drought, what can we do?

    In this Psycho-inspired ad photographed by David LaChapelle, the former Baywatch beauty says, "Making a splash for the environment doesn't just mean shorter showers. Try vegan."

    "Producing 1 pound of beef uses as much water as about six months of showers," says Anderson, a PETA honorary director.

    And according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, 55 percent of the country's water supply is drained by animal agriculture, whereas only 5 percent is used in homes. So for all us meat-eating, long-shower takers, we need to cut back.

    See Pam, we said we'd listen.

    Pamela Anderson Divorce: 'She Is Still Devastated,' Source Says

    Just as their divorce is finalized, a source close to Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon says it will take time for them to recover after years of drama and difficulties.

    “They both went into this hopeful with good intentions," the source tells PEOPLE of their second try at marriage. "They were trying to revive a difficult past year that was full of empty promises."

    In the end, the source says, "it was too hard. They were happy a lot, but things fell apart due to their different philosophies about family and lifestyles. Pamela is still devastated as she tried to hold the family together."

    Anderson and Salomon, both 47, settled their divorce Monday, releasing a joint statement Wednesday apologizing for how "harsh and cruel" the proceedings were.

    "Rick's lifestyle and what came with it was too hard for her," the source adds. "As open-minded as she is, she is still just an old-fashioned, small-town romantic girl – while Rick will always be a city-street kid. Marriage doesn't suit his lifestyle. Still, Pamela will always be the love of his life."

    Anderson and Salomon were married and divorced twice. Over the years, there was a series of restraining orders in which Anderson once claimed she was "scared of what he was capable of doing to me."

    "It has been an emotional roller coaster since their first marriage," the source explains. "We all know they will be friends again one day, but the dramatic divorce took its toll and caused unnecessary grief."

    For now, "Pamela has pushed Rick away completely and will not speak to him. We are sure it is for the best for now," the source says. "She didn't want any money, and even gave the car back he gave her two Christmases ago. He insisted on looking out for her by paying some outstanding bills, but that’s it. It was never about money. Pamela has her own money."

    Salomon and their Rottweiler dog, Bumble Bee, have been living in Las Vegas since Anderson filed for divorce in California in February.

    "She agreed to settle the divorce in Nevada as he wished," the source says. "It got ugly unnecessarily through miscommunication."

    Despite years of ups and downs, "they are completely supportive of each other," the source says. "Things will blow over. They have just chosen not to be married. The kids are all ok and doing well. And they all understand it was a big risk."

    Pamela Anderson gets more than $1M in Salomon divorce

    Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon are revisiting old ground: divorce!

    Anderson and Salomon have officially finalized their divorce.

    “Public divorces can be harsh and cruel — we apologize to our families and friends for any hurt and embarrassment we have caused — we have come to an amicable agreement and are moving on. There are private and personal family sensitivities to consider and we retract any hurtful comments made in haste and distaste. We wish each other and our families well,” the couple said in a joint statement released to Page Six.

    In February, the 47-year-old former Playboy cover girl filed for divorce from Salomon, also 47, after one year of marriage. TMZ states that the poker player filed for an annulment at the same time.

    The site adds that they’ve reached a deal, which pays Anderson a little more than a million dollars.

    Anderson also won’t challenge his Nevada residency — she once claimed he was trying to dodge taxes on a $40 million poker win.

    Breaking up is familiar to the pair.

    They were first married in 2007, but received an annulment just two months after tying the knot.

    Anderson and Salomon decided to rekindle their flame by exchanging vows again in January 2014. However, their romance entered a rocky phase, which saw Anderson file for divorce in July but rescind her petition the next month.

    A request for comment from Anderson’s rep was not immediately returned.

    Pam Anderson -- Courthouse Tirade ... Sex With Rick Salomon Was Bad & He Was Tricky

    Pam Anderson showed up in court Friday in a very short dress ... and it's weird on so many levels because she knew the person she's going after, Rick Salomon, wasn't even going to show up.

    Pam was trying to get a permanent restraining order against her estranged hubby, but she never served him with legal docs so the case was put over until next month. There's a temporary restraining order that has been extended in the meantime.

    But Pam went on a tear outside court -- flanked by 2 bodyguards and her driver -- claiming she fears for her safety. She also trashed Rick, alleging the sex wasn't really good and he was in the relationship for fame. She says he kept a lock of her hair and photos just for hype.

    What's bizarre is that Pam has famously shown pretty much everything to the world so there's not much else to reveal. Also, she keeps going back to the well ... they've been married 2 times.

    On top of that, sources connected to the former couple tell TMZ ... their divorce case has settled. Although Rick filed for annulment, he's agreed to a divorce and a property settlement where he will pay her north of a million bucks.

    But now that she's tearing into Rick, Pam may have just torpedoed the settlement.

    Rick Salomon -- Pamela Anderson Had Sex and Dog Issues with Me

    Now we know why Pam Anderson is dunzo with hubby Rick Salomon ... she's bored with him sexually, and she's done with his dog, too.

    Sources connected with Rick say she laid it all out in an email to him in February, saying, "We are not compatible sexually. I'm frustrated and bored."

    But it doesn't end there. Pam says she wants Rick completely out of her life. She never wants to speak with him again. And she even takes a shot at Bumble Bee, Rick's dog, saying, "We are getting 2 puppies (King and Zeus) and starting fresh.

    Bumblebee mysteriously disappeared shortly after the split, but Rick found the pooch.

    Pamela Anderson Calls 'Baby Killer' Comments from Ex Rick Salomon 'Ridiculous'

    Pamela Anderson is fighting back after her ex called her a "serial baby killer" and "cutter."

    The 47-year-old actress, who filed for divorce for a third time from poker player Rick Salomon, 47, on Feb. 11, has spoken out about his vicious comments in the wake of the couple's latest split.

    "His claims about Ms. Anderson are ridiculous and do not dignify a response," Anderson's rep said in a statement Tuesday.

    "She is moving on with her life and spending quality time with her family. This is a sad time her," the statement continued.

    The mother of two issued the response shortly after she was granted a restraining order against her ex "for good reason, to protect her safety," according to the statement. It also stated that Salomon has avoided being served.

    Anderson issued the temporary order – which was filed Friday – due to alleged patterns of "severe abuse" from Salomon, according to documents obtained by PEOPLE. The order will uphold until a court hearing scheduled for April 3.

    This is the third divorce for the Baywatch alum and Salomon. The couple first wed in 2007 but sought an annulment within just two months. They revisited their relationship years later and tied the knot a second time January 2014.

    But half a year later, the model again filed for divorce before asking the judge to dismiss the petition in August 2014.

    Pam Anderson -- Rick Salomon Made $40 Mil Last Year ... Playing Poker with ONE GUY!!!

    Pam Anderson says Rick Salomon may not be screwing her anymore, but he's definitely screwing the tax man ... because he's dodging a tax bill on $40 million in poker winnings in 2014 alone.

    TMZ broke the story ... Rick has filed for an annulment from Pam in Nevada. She wants a California divorce, not an annulment, because it could entitle her to half his poker earnings.

    Pam claims in new legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Rick won $40 MIL from ONE GUY -- Andy Beal, a billionaire real estate mogul who plays high stakes poker. In one weekend, Beal gambled at the Bellagio in Vegas and was up $13 mil at one point and down more than $16 mil later.

    Pam says in the docs, Rick is lying in his annulment papers by saying he's a resident of Nevada, where there is no state income tax. Pam says they have lived in Malibu, California, where the state tax rate is a whopping 13%.

    Pam says Rick actually used some of his earnings last year to buy a $4 million Nevada pad by paying cash, and then had his assistant use Rick's credit card in Nevada to make small purchases, making it look like Rick was living there.

    Rick's people say Pam is on a mission to ruin Rick because she's not happy about the proposed divorce settlement.

    Pam Anderson -- Sam Simon's $800K Gift Enrages Family ... Barred from Private Funeral

    Pamela Anderson got a lavish gift from Sam Simon just weeks before he died, and ironically the show of affection is the very thing that has made her persona non grata at his private funeral.

    Pam and Sam have been tight for years. We're told a couple of weeks before the co-creator of "The Simpsons" succumbed to Colon Cancer, he gave her a ring worth around $800,000.

    Sources who were close to Sam tell us his family was infuriated and felt Pam took advantage of a weak man and should never have accepted the gift.

    We're told they have specifically decided to exclude her from Tuesday's private service.

    We tried reaching Pam for comment. So far no word back.

    Pamela Anderson Files Restraining Order Against Estranged Husband Rick Salomon

    Not long after filing for divorce from poker player Rick Salomon, Pamela Anderson has been granted a restraining order against her ex.

    The temporary order, filed Friday, will hold until the court hearing scheduled for April 3, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

    In the docs, Anderson, 47, alleges that Salomon's pattern of abuse had become so severe that she was "scared of what he is capable of doing to me."

    Since Anderson filed for divorce from Salomon in February, she alleges in the documents that his behavior "has become erratic, out of control and has caused me to fear for my safety."

    Anderson recounted an occasion in late January when he allegedly put a pillow over her face while they were having sex in an attempt to smother her. The documents also claim that when Salomon is "upset," he calls her "cruel names" such as "slut," "ugly old b––" and "crack whore."

    In the weeks leading up to their divorce, Anderson received a number of harassing e-mails and text messages from her soon-to-be-ex, she claims. Salomon would also allegedly send Anderson photos of his then-wife that he had taken of her nude and without her consent, "demonstrating that he has the power to send it to anyone if I did not do what he wants," she claims.

    The couple first wed in 2007 but sought an annulment two months later. They rekindled their relationship years later and married once again in January 2014. Six months later, Anderson filed for divorce but asked the judge to dismiss her petition in August 2014.

    After Rick Salomon split, Pam Anderson steps out with son

    (Pic) Newly single Pamela Anderson has a new man on her arm — her 18-year-old son, Brandon.

    Just weeks after filing for divorce from husband Rick Salomon for the third time, the former “Baywatch” queen, 47, attended the Los Angeles “Gunman” premiere with her oldest son with ex-husband Tommy Lee on Thursday.

    Together, they perfectly executed a gold theme.

    Despite the family outing, Anderson looked more serious than smiley on the red carpet.

    Anderson wore a gold metallic dress with a plunging neckline that gave way to ample cleavage. The dress’ thigh-high split also showed off her slender gams and matching pumps.

    She kept her makeup simple, while she curled her short blond locks and parted the bangs.

    The ever-sexy Anderson, who once said she never felt “pretty enough to be a model,” completed her look with a purple belt that was cinched at the waist, and striped bag.

    Brandon certainly looked the part of a Hollywood A-lister, wearing head-to-toe black, with gold accents, including an impressive pair of Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers that retail for around $900.

    Pamela Anderson, 47, Steps Out Without Makeup

    (Pic) Just a week after debuting her brand new bob, Pamela Anderson is making another bold beauty decision—or a lack there of, really.

    The former Baywatch star stepped out in Beverly Hills totally fresh faced on Wednesday, sporting only thin streaks of brow pencil and a smidge of lip color. And while she might've fallen on hard times as of late—ahem, her third divorce attempt from Rick Salomon—it seems her beauty regimen has not taken a toll. C'mon, she's 47-years-old, and her skin is still glowing!

    The iconic actress is rarely seen without her staple bombshell makeup or trademark tan. She does, however, seem more comfortable changing up her hair on the regular. Yup, she shocked everyone back in 2013 when she snipped her long blonde tresses into a dainty pixie cut (think Tinkerbelle). The look didn't last for long though, with Pamela returning to her long locks with a little help from some extensions back in May. And as we mentioned, she said au revoir to the faux locks last week revealing her petite pixie's transition into bob.

    True, her hair may change frequently, but her skin looks just as supple as ever.

    Pamela Anderson Debuts Bob with Bangs Hairstyle - See Her Chic New 'Do!

    (Pic1, Pic2) You may have heard that Pamela Anderson has been making some changes recently.

    Yes, we're referring to her divorce from Rick Solomon (again) and her decision to quit social media too, but we're also talking about the former Baywatch star's beauty transformation as well.

    Last we checked (last week), the 47-year-old was back to rocking her long blond extensions (remember she brought them back after she got sick of her pixie cut). Now it seems the actress has ditched the added locks in favor of an all-natural bob and bangs combo.

    She first debuted the new ‘do over the weekend when she was photographed leaving West Hollywood hot spot Crossroads. And then was snapped again the very next night at the same restaurant: new outfit, same haircut. The new chin-length style is evidence that her pixie cut has finally grown out—and into a surprisingly chic new effect.

    When Anderson first got the super short crop she explained it on Ellen DeGeneres talk show: "I just thought my hair had a life, and I wanted to kind of put that behind me and start fresh."

    Perhaps, she had similar reasons this time around too.

    Pam Anderson & Rick Salomon -- 'Missing' Dog Has Been Found, But ...

    The Pam Anderson/Rick Salomon war over his beloved Rottweiler Bumblebee ?is almost over -- the dog's been found, but has not been reunited with Rick and his daughters just yet.

    According to our sources, Salomon's daughter Tyson and ex-wife E.G. found the dog at a Malibu pet hospital, where he has been boarded for the past five days. Pam previously booted Tyson and the dog from her Malibu home after TMZ posted a story about Rick filing for annulment. Pam had previously claimed Bumblebee was at the groomer, but that turned out to be false.

    We're told E.G. and Tyson were not allowed to take Bumblebee home from the hospital because only Rick is the registered owner. Problem is ... Rick is currently working in Las Vegas.

    We're told Rick should be back Tuesday night to go collect his dog.

    As for why noted animal activist Pam would seemingly use the dog as a pawn in her battle with Rick -- we reached out to Pam for comment ... so far, no word back.

    Pamela Anderson -- Ballistic Over Rick Salomon's Annulment Docs ... Dog is Now Missing

    Bumblebee the dog is MIA from Pamela Anderson's Malibu compound, and her estranged husband thinks it's all out of revenge because he filed to annul their marriage.

    Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... Pamela saw our post Thursday morning that Rick Salomon has filed for annulment in Las Vegas, claiming she defrauded him into marriage.

    We're told after Pam saw the story, Rick's daughter Tyson -- who was living at the home -- had just walked in the door and Pam ordered her to get out. As Tyson got ready to leave, she asked where her dog Bumblebee was, because the pooch was nowhere to be found.

    We're told Pam told Tyson she had the dog taken to a boarding facility but the place says they never had the dog.

    Short story ... Bumblebee's whereabouts are a mystery.

    Pam Anderson's Husband Rick Salomon Seeks Annulment ... She Defrauded Me!

    Pamela Anderson defrauded Rick Salomon into marrying her ... so Rick claims, because we've learned he's just filed legal docs asking a judge to annul his marriage.

    TMZ broke the story ... Pam filed for divorce in L.A. last week, citing irreconcilable difference. But this week Rick filed his own legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- in Las Vegas, claiming the marriage should be nullified because Pam deceived him.

    Sources connected with Rick will not disclose the nature of the fraud, however they say Rick has solid proof she bamboozled him into marrying her.

    The couple married in January 2014.

    Rick is also asking the judge to rule there is no community property in the marriage. Rick is loaded ... winning huge sums in poker last year. We're told his fortune is vast ... hers is not.

    The annulment was filed by Rick's lawyer, Richard Schonfeld, who also represented Britney Spears in her Las Vegas annulment.

    Rick obviously is also asking the judge to deny her spousal support.

    Pam Anderson to Rick Salomon -- Get Your Daughters and Dog Out of My House!

    (Pic1, Pic2) Pam Anderson is on a tear, ordering her husband's daughters and their dog to get the hell out of her house ... this according to sources close to Rick Salomon.

    As we reported, Pam filed for divorce last week, and it's not the first time. She filed for divorce in July but then withdrew the petition. And she was married to Salomon in 2007 but got it annulled 2 months later.

    We're told Rick is working in Vegas and Pam called him Monday and demanded that his 2 daughters -- ages 18 and 16 -- get out immediately. She also wanted Bumblebee the Rottweiler removed STAT.

    Rick begged Pam to give them a week or 2 until they could find a new place, but she refused.

    The daughters, Hunter and Tyson, are from a previous marriage to E.G. Daily.

    Pam's rep had no comment.

    Pamela Anderson files for divorce yet again

    Pamela Anderson is done with Rick Salomon — again.

    The former “Baywatch” star, 47, has filed from divorce from her third husband for a third time, reports TMZ.

    According to the website, the actress separated from her husband of just over a year on Tuesday and filed the requisite paperwork at the courthouse on Wednesday.

    But that doesn’t mean the duo is done, if history repeats itself.

    Although this is the third time she’s moved to dissolve her marriage with the poker player, they’ve only been divorced once before.

    The couple was first married in 2007, but Anderson had the marriage annulled just two months later.

    They decided to try things over again in January of last year, but by July, the ‘90s sex icon filed for divorce a second time. She called the move off the next month.

    Maybe we’ll get another Anderson-penned poem out of the whole ordeal.

    Pamela Anderson: I Don't Want to Chase Youth - I Want to Get Old!

    (Pic) She was one of the top sex symbols of the ’90s, whether from wholesome endeavors like her stint as the “Tool Time” girl or from racier moments including her multiple Playboy covers. Which is why it may come as a surprise that Pamela Anderson, 47, has had a hard time buying into all the hype about herself.

    Referring to her busy work schedule this year, which includes a full slate of modeling gigs, Anderson tells Parade: “That is funny. I’ve never felt pretty enough to be a model. I think I’ve provoked feelings with how I look. But not as a beauty but as a mischievous little rascal!”

    The star (who’s had plenty of hair changes in the past year) goes on to explain her beauty philosophy. “My mom always told me beauty comes from within. And I know that’s maybe a cliché, but I do believe that. And I think that’s what lasts forever,” she says.

    And her approach to aging? “I don’t really feel like I want to chase youth. I want to get old. I want to experience all the seasons of my life. I just don’t want to be afraid of it. And I think in this industry you’re surrounded by a lot of fear of getting older and fear of your looks leaving you,” she says, before returning to her original point about her looks. “I thought ‘Well, I’m lucky, then because I never really felt that great looking.’ I felt like I had fun. I felt like I could be sexy. I could be provocative and I could use my image to get attention for things that I cared about.”

    For lots more from the star, including why she chose to speak out about her childhood sexual abuse and what she’s looking forward to, read the whole interview here.

    Stars come out for Rolling Stones exhibit debut

    Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack Nicholson, David Hockney, Pam Anderson and Steven Tyler came out for the VIP opening of a Taschen exhibition on the Rolling Stones — “It’s Just a Shot Away” — in Hollywood on Saturday night.

    The show — which includes nearly 100 images of the band by photographers including British legend David Bailey, Anton Corbijn and Terry Richardson — marked the first group show for Bailey since one with Hockney in London in 1971.

    The show coincided with the launch of a limited-edition Taschen book on the Stones with 1,600 copies published at $5,000 a pop.

    Also spotted at the exhibition, where the pics were for sale, were Amber Rose, David LaChapelle, designer Jeremy Scott and restaurateur and artist Jeremy Scott

    The show runs in LA through Jan. 31 at Taschen’s gallery.

    Pamela Anderson Debuts Slick New Comb-Over During Date Night With Rick Solomon

    (Pic, Pic2) On Monday, Pamela Anderson stepped out for dinner at Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills with on-again husband Rick Solomon. While most of her look was simple enough for date night—an iridescent, body-hugging cocktail dress paired with simple black Louboutin pumps—it was the actress's slick comb-over effect that caught our attention.

    It was back in October 2013 that the 47-year-old debuted her pixie—a clean-cut crop that perfectly framed her face. She amped up the style on more than one occasion, sporting curls and adding volume to the ultra-short 'do. But recently Anderson has been more experimental. The star has popped up at events with long extensions, sleek chignons, and sky-high bouffants.

    Her hair play did come with some missteps: Anderson's adventures in hairspray took a turn for the weird with her out-to-there extensions at the 2014 World Music Awards in May. She quickly rebounded, attending the World Food Programme Charity Gala in June with a more muted pixie and formfitting white dress.

    Monday's date-night look suggests that Anderson was just going for easy and low-maintenance. The slicked look would be simple to create with a little hair gel, and the side part gives it some shape. Her hair does seem to be getting longer in the back—so this comb-over might just be a transitional moment for the star.

    What do you think of Anderson's slicked ‘do?

    Pamela Anderson (and Her Exposed Breast) Demonstrate the Perils of Wearing Lingerie to Dinner

    (Pic) When planning tonight’s “girl’s night out” look, there are a few things you may want to take into consideration. For example: Does it make me look hot yet mysterious? How well does it photograph in duck-face selfies? And is there a risk that my entire breast will be exposed by the end of the night? Pamela Anderson might have not had that checklist in front of her when dressing for the Chateau Marmont Thursday night, and the results can be seen here.

    The actress, 47, who’s back on with husband Rick Salomon, was enjoying a night out with friends in a particularly skimpy white silk minidress (emphasis on the “mini,” not the “dress”). She accessorized with some pom pom-accented nude heels (more shades of boudoir), plus a satin-y clutch, pearls and a headband.

    While she seemed to be working the negligee-inspired number just fine while upright (those are some pretty impressive stems), being seated in a car proved more challenging. Her entire right breast escaped its mooring and was on full display. It proved that our grandmas were right all along: No matter how good something looks while standing in the dressing room, make sure you sit, jump and dance in it to ensure everything stays in place.

    Pamela Anderson: 'Marriage Has Its Ups and Downs'

    Pamela Anderson is back on with Rick Salomon – and she says their extreme ups and downs are just a normal part of any marriage.

    "It's a real marriage," the actress told PEOPLE at Cantor Fitzgerald and BGC Partners' Annual Charity Day on Thursday. "It has its ups and downs."

    After filing for divorce from her on-and-off husband in July, Anderson, 47, petitioned a judge to toss out the case just over a month later.

    "I think we're doing fine," Anderson said, adding she that has no idea what the future holds for her and Salomon, but she's happy to be back together with him for the time being.

    The two initially married in 2007, before getting their partnership annulled two months later. They then reconciled and remarried earlier this year.

    "We're very happy," Anderson told E! at the time. "Our families are very happy and that's all that matters."

    Pamela Anderson Petitions to Dismiss Divorce Against Rick Salomon

    Pamela Anderson seems to have had a change of heart. Again.

    The actress is seeking to have a judge to toss out her divorce filing against on-and-off husband Rick Salomon, months after remarrying – and then splitting with – him for the second time.

    In a court record obtained by PEOPLE, Anderson, 47, filed a petition on Aug. 21 requesting that her divorce filing be dismissed.

    It's the latest bump in what's been a breakneck romantic roller-coaster ride the volatile couple these last eight months.

    After telling Ellen DeGeneres last October that she and Salomon were "best friends with benefits," Anderson revealed in January that she and Salomon had tied the knot again.

    But in July, the actress filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

    Those differences quickly seem to have been reconciled: A week after the divorce filing, the couple were spotted locking lips while out and about in Malibu.

    Pamela Anderson slams ALS for animal testing

    Pamela Anderson made a public statement Thursday declining her Ice Bucket Challenge invite due to ALS‘ involvement with animal testing.

    “Sorry—I can’t bring myself to do your Ice Bucket Challenge. I enjoy a good dare— It’s always good to bring awareness,” the “Baywatch” actress posted on her Facebook page. “I found that we may not be aligned — in our messages. So… I thought Instead / I’d challenge ALS to stop Animal testing.”

    Anderson is a well-known animal rights activist, who has worked with PETA for many years.

    The actress continued: ‘“Recent experiments funded by the ALS Association, mice had holes drilled into their skulls, were inflicted with crippling illnesses, and were forced to run on an inclined treadmill until they collapsed from exhaustion. Monkeys had chemicals injected into their brains and backs and were later killed and dissected. What is the result of these experiments (other than a lot of suffering)? In the past decade, only about a dozen experimental ALS treatments have moved on to human trials after being shown to alleviate the disease in animals. All but one of these treatments failed in humans—and the one that “passed” offers only marginal benefits to humans who suffer from ALS. This massive failure rate is typical for animal experiments, because even though animals feel pain and suffer like we do, their bodies often react completely differently to drugs and diseases. According to the FDA, 92 out of every 100 drugs that pass animal trials fail during the human clinical trial phase.”’

    The actress urges ALS to use “sophisticated non-animal testing methods” and posted a picture of herself by a pool holding a sign that says “Stop animal testing.”

    A rep for the ALS Association could not be immediately reached for comment.

    Pamela Anderson wants Faeroes to stop whale drive

    A more than four century-old pilot whales drive in the Faeroe Islands is a "barbaric, psychotic frenzy" which should cease, actress and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson said Friday.

    Anderson traveled to the semi-autonomous Danish archipelago between Scotland and Iceland to support a campaign by Seattle-based Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. It opposes the drives, which date from the late 16th century.

    "We want to protect the whales, not fight the Faeroes," the former "Baywatch" star told a news conference. "We hope to convince people here to move on to something else."

    The pilot whales are not an endangered species, but environmental activists claim the hunt is cruel. Sea Shepherd has spearheaded the opposition against the drive, known locally as grindadrab, since the 1980s.

    Each year, islanders drive herds of pilot whales into shallow waters, where they are stabbed to death. A blow-hole hook — said to be harmless — is used to secure beached whales, and the spine and main artery leading to brain are severed with knives.

    The drives are regulated by legislation, and the meat and blubber are shared on a community basis.

    Islanders kill up to 1,000 whales annually out of an estimated pilot whale population of 128,000 in the northeast Atlantic, according to data kept by the Faeroe Islands.

    Pamela Anderson shows off wedding ring sunbathing with Salomon

    (Pic1, Pic2) Pamela Anderson’s relationship with estranged husband Rick Salomon appears to be back on.

    The pair were seen canoodling and vacationing together in Sardinia, Italy, over the weekend.

    Anderson, 47, and Salomon, 46, stripped down to their swimsuits for a moment of relaxation in the sun on Sunday. Anderson wore a string bikini while Salomon wore green swim trunks and a trucker hat.

    On Saturday, Anderson was seen sporting her wedding ring — a sign that the marriage may be back on. The pair enjoyed a luxury shopping trip at several boutiques in Poltu Quatu, during which the former “Baywatch” star admired her ring while being chauffeured around in a Rolls Royce.

    Anderson filed for divorce from Salomon in early July after only seven months of marriage. However, the Daily Mail reports it was all a scare tactic to get him to abandon his partying ways.

    This is the couple’s second attempt at marriage. They famously wed in 2007 only to annul their marriage two months later.

    Rick Salomon & Pamela Anderson Kissing -- Divorce OFF ... We're Guessing

    (Pic) Pam Anderson clearly had a change of heart after filing for divorce earlier this month.

    Pam and hubby Rick Salomon were making out in Malibu Wednesday, showing no sign of ending their 6-month marriage. It's their second try at marriage. They married in 2007 ... it lasted 2 months.

    As we reported ... Pam listed the date of separation as July 3 ... 2 days after Rick won $.2.8 million in a poker tournament -- which means it would be community property -- split 50/50 (we're told there's no prenup).

    Money aside ... good for them.

    Pamela Anderson -- Is She Rebounding With Chuck Zito?!

    (Video) Pamela Anderson is totally hooking up with Chuck Zito now that she's single ... is what you'd think looking at this picture.

    Anderson and Zito were heading out of the Rainbow Room Friday night ... and shortly after, the duo was pictured face to face in Pam's ride.

    As we previously reported, Anderson filed for divorce from poker player/"One Night in Paris" star Rick Solomon this week -- their second time splitting up.

    At first glance Pam appears to be macking down on her ex-boyfriend -- they briefly dated in '07 -- turns out one of our camera guys shot them on video as well ... and they're clearly hugging.

    Nothing to see here folks ... yet.

    Pamela Anderson Divorce -- Pam Files for Divorce from Rick Salomon ... Again

    Pam Anderson is pulling the plug on her marriage to Rick Salomon ... TMZ has learned.

    This will be Pam's second split from Salomon, whom she married in 2007 and stayed with all of 2 months. She got the marriage annulled. She was also married to Tommy Lee and Kid Rock.

    Pam went public in January, saying she married Salomon again.

    Interesting timing ... Salomon, a world-class poker player, won $2.8 million in the World Series of Poker Big One for One Drop last Tuesday. Pam filed on Thursday, so under the community property laws she gets half by the skin of her teeth ... unless there's a prenup.

    In case you don't recognize Salomon, he's the one who co-starred with Paris Hilton in the famous sex tape, "One Night in Paris."

    And then there's Pam's famous flick with Tommy Lee.

    Pamela Anderson Makes a Fashion Comeback After Looking Like the Bride of Frankenstein-See Her Chic Style!

    (Pic) We're going to flatter ourselves and assume that Pamela Anderson is taking our fashion advice.

    The blonde bombshell very obviously read our last post (the one where we maybe said she maybe looked like the Bride of Frankenstein...) and took our words of advice to heart. Now she's technically wearing some equally bride like look with this silky, all-white attire, but instead of making her look like a famous horror film character, this skintight choice makes her look like the famous Playboy model she is!

    Why does this new style work so much better than the freaky fashion the Dancing With the Stars contestant rocked to the World Music Awards? Three reasons:

    1. The fit is much more flattering. The giant, rumbled gown was too baggy in all the wrong places. This hip-hugging design shows off every curve, including the two on top.

    2. The length is much sexier. This fit celeb should be showing off everything she's got!

    3. The hair is much less terrifying. So much so that we're wondering if this post should be titled, "Pamela Anderson's hair makes a major comeback."

    Morrissey recruits Pamela Anderson for new video

    Vegetarians and animal rights activists Morrissey and Pamela Anderson have teamed up to promote the rocker's new single Earth Is the Loneliest Planet.

    The odd couple shot a short film on the roof of the Capitol Records building overlooking Los Angeles with director Natalie Johns behind the camera.

    In the spoken word clip, featuring the bleak, poetic lyrics of the song, a pensive Morrissey wanders around as a flirty Anderson attempts to catch his eye, but he doesn't look at her.

    Pamela Anderson Ditches Her Pixie, Adds Long Extensions

    (Pic) Pamela Anderson‘s pixie cut may have made her feel “really powerful,” but when it came time to go full bombshell, the actress reverted to a familiar look: Super long, super voluminous blonde extensions, which she wore Tuesday night to the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo.

    Anderson has been rocking a close-cropped do since last October, a major change that got her tons of positive comments from PEOPLE readers and Ellen alike. The actress told Elle that she was initially worried about going so short (fearing that she looked “like Anderson Cooper”) but she embraced the positive change the hairstyle represented.

    “The rock-star thing became very destructive, like, wow. I didn’t know what I was doing. I just kind of became that thing,” she said of her famed full blonde bouffant. “The hair, that rock-star kind of lifestyle, just living a dream. It kind of took over. It started out very innocent and then I turned into a cartoon character. And I started to feel like a cartoon character.” She echoed that sentiment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, saying “I just thought my hair had had a ‘life.’ And I wanted to put that behind me and start fresh.”

    But despite all her raves about her fresh new do, the star has been slowly growing it out — wearing a longer look in January and sporting a mini-mullet in Cannes this week. And apparently she couldn’t wait to get back to the do she’s known for, because she was back to “The Pamela” on the red carpet, plunging neckline, smoky eye makeup, sparkly heels and all.

    Pamela Anderson: I was gang-raped as a teenager

    Pamela Anderson has revealed she was molested at the age of six, raped when she was 12 and gang-raped just years later.

    The former Baywatch star spoke about her ordeal at the launch of her charity, The Pamela Anderson Foundation, at the Cannes Film Festival.

    The Canadian-born Anderson, who is a long-time animal rights activist, revealed her childhood ordeal during a speech to 200 guests, the Daily Mail reports.

    She said she “did not have an easy childhood” and “despite loving parents,” she was molested at the age of six by a female babysitter.

    The 46-year-old then revealed how she was raped at 12 by a 25-year-old man.

    “I went to a friend’s boyfriend’s house and his older brother decided to teach me backgammon which led into a back massage, which led into rape. My first heterosexual experience,” she said.

    “He was 25 years old and I was 12.”

    Anderson went on to reveal how her high-school boyfriend “decided it would be funny to gang-rape me with six friends. I wanted off this earth.”

    Anderson was accompanied at the launch by her husband Rick Salomon and Brandon, her eldest son from her marriage with ex-husband and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee.

    She and Salomon were married briefly in 2007 before divorcing. They confirmed earlier this year that they had reconciled and remarried.

    According to its mission statement, The Pamela Anderson Foundation “supports organizations and individuals on the front lines protecting the environment, animal rights and human rights.”

    Paul Newman backed film premieres at Tribeca Film Festival

    It took 11 years, but “Lucky Them” premiered Monday night at the Tribeca Film Festival starring Toni Collette as a magazine writer assigned to track down her rock star ex-boyfriend.

    Emily Wachtel co-wrote the semi-autobiographical film. Paul Newman loved the script so much he wrote personal letters to many people, including Thomas Haden Church, who ended up in a starring role.

    After Newman died, his widow, Joanne Woodward, took the reins and serves as an executive producer. Their daughter Clea Newman was set to attend Monday night to represent the family.

    The film is also playing Wednesday at SVA and Saturday at Bow Tie Cinemas in Chelsea.

    Pamela Anderson, 46, Poses Completely Nude-See the NSFW Shots

    (Pic1, Pic2, Pic3) While it's been 17 years since Pamela Anderson graced the boob tube in a her iconic red bathing suit, the former Baywatch beauty still knows how to work it.

    As evidenced by her latest NSFW photo shoot in which the blond bombshell poses nude for Purple magazine and leaves nothing left to the imagination in the racy shots.

    Baring her famous breasts for all the world to see, the 46-year-old stunner strikes a seductive pose while holding what appears to be a boa-style throw. She covers up her newly cropped pixie cut and seems to be wearing minimal makeup, although we're sure no one's busy focusing on that.

    "I actually really know who I am beyond the hair," Anderson explains of her new 'do in Purple magazine's latest issue. "It was a relief more than anything to let a little of that go, and with the hair went a lot. Not to get too personal, but it really helped me get out of a 'situation' that was not right, no matter how hard I wanted to believe otherwise."

    And it appears that the mother of two is truly letting go in the photo shoot, wearing nothing but a pair of sky-high heels in another super-hot shot, where she's sprawled out on a love seat, flaunting her bangin' bod with her head turned away from the camera.

    The short-haired stunner, who recently remarried her ex Rick Soloman and is confirmed for a major role in Werner Herzog's upcoming film Vernon God Little, also has a newfound confidence with her freshly trimmed tresses.

    "I don't normally love pictures of myself. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, and I like having the pictures taken," she told the photographer Sante D'Orazio. "But seeing these was really something different, something we did. It's like a launching pad for what I'll do now. While looking at the pictures I was thinking to myself, is that really me?...It still was a shock to see how strong I look."

    Pamela Anderson Says Her Sons Know All About Her Infamous Sex Tape: "Stupid Internet!"

    (Photo) Pamela Anderson knows better than anybody that it's hard to keep things a secret in the age of the Internet.

    In a new interview with Elle magazine, the 46-year-old blond beauty opened up about her infamous sex tape with ex Tommy Lee and whether their two sons, Brandon Thomas Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee, know about the X-rated video.

    "I don't know if they've seen it, but they know about it," the former Baywatch star revealed. "They know about everything. Stupid Internet. I don't know why everyone is so impressed with it."


    Anderson also opened up about her attraction to bad-boy musicians (in addition to Lee, she married and divorce Kid Rock). "The rock-star thing became very destructive, like, wow," she said. "I didn't know what I was doing. I just kind of became that thing. The hair, that rock-star kind of lifestyle, just living a dream. It kind of took over. It started out very innocent and then I turned into a cartoon character. And I started to feel like a cartoon character."

    Fast forward to today. Anderson cut off her signature long blond hair several months ago and opted for a new short pixie haircut.

    "At first I thought I looked like Anderson Cooper or like a Q-tip or something," she joked. "But now I feel really powerful. I have a friend who is an awesome, studly man, and he goes, 'You know, some women cut their hair and it makes them look even more masculine, but you look even more feminine.' I thought it would be weird having sex with short hair but then I kind of got into the mode."

    Pamela Anderson Goes Shopping-Barefoot!

    (Photo) Pamela Anderson‘s short haircut has not only transformed her appearance, but also her attitude and outlook on life. In a new interview, the star says her pixie has given her a total confidence boost. “At first I thought I looked like Anderson Cooper or like a Q-tip or something,” she shares in the April issue of Elle magazine. “But now I feel really powerful.”

    Anderson’s new look has also had an impact on her love life. (She re-married her ex-husband Rick Salomon earlier this year.) “I have a friend who is an awesome, studly man, and he goes, ‘You know, some women cut their hair and it makes them look even more masculine, but you look even more feminine,’” she says. “I thought it would be weird having sex with short hair, but then I kind of got into the mode.”

    The star also shares that she’s happily moved past the crazier times in her life. “The rock-star thing became very destructive, like, wow. I didn’t know what I was doing. I just kind of became that thing,” she says. “The hair, that rock-star kind of lifestyle, just living a dream. It kind of took over. It started out very innocent and then I turned into a cartoon character. And I started to feel like a cartoon character."

    And though she’s changed, she admits that her past still haunts her in some ways — like her teenage sons having access to her sex tape with ex-husband Tommy Lee. “I don’t know if they’ve seen it, but they know about it. They know about everything,” she says. “Stupid Internet. I don’t know why everyone is so impressed with it.”

    Read Anderson’s full interview in the April issue of Elle and visit for more. What do you think of the stars new look and attitude?

    Pamela Anderson Goes Shopping-Barefoot!

    (Photo) No shoes? No problem!

    Pamela Anderson decided to keep her feet free of any footwear when she stepped out of her Range Rover to do a little shopping in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

    Sporting a short dress and a pair of shades, the 46-year-old star grabbed her handbag before making her way into the various shops on famed Melrose Avenue.

    Who knows? Maybe going shoeless simply reminds her of when she ran around the beach barefoot back in her Baywatch days.

    Anderson has been keeping a rather low-profile since revealing that she and Rick Salomon tied the knot again.

    The Dancing With the Stars alum told E! News back in January at Sean Penn's Help Haiti Gala that the two had officially gotten remarried.

    "We're very happy," Anderson said at the time. "Our families are very happy and that's all that matters."

    Anderson and Solomon first got hitched in October 2007, but split after Anderson filed for divorce two months later.

    Pamela Anderson asks Israeli PM to endorse fur ban

    Actress and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson is asking Israel's prime minister to endorse a bill banning the sale of clothes made of animal fur.

    Fresh off a honeymoon in Israel, Anderson sent a letter to Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday urging him to support the legislation. If passed, it would make Israel the first country in the world to impose a national fur clothing ban.

    More than 40 lawmakers have endorsed the bill, promoted by the Israel-based International Anti-Fur Coalition. Netanyahu previously has expressed views sympathetic with the animal rights movement.

    In her letter, Anderson said the way animals "suffer and die for fur violates Jewish principles." She added that by passing the bill, "Israel would set an example of compassion for the rest of the world to follow."

    Pamela Anderson Remarries Ex-Husband Rick Salomon

    (Photo) Pamela Anderson and her ex-husband Rick Salomon have tied the knot once again!

    The 46-year-old former Baywatch star told us Saturday she and the film producer are officially remarried to each other, breaking the news at Sean Penn's Help Haiti Gala in Los Angeles Saturday evening (and showing off a big rock on her ring finger while she was at it).

    When E! News asked if she and Salomon were married again, Anderson said, "yes."

    "We're very happy," Pamela said. "Our families are very happy and that's all that matters."

    The animal lover previously admitted a few months ago that she had reconciled with her beau, but she never hinted that wedding bells could be in their future again.

    After Anderson was spotted frolicking topless on a beach in France with Salomon last fall, Ellen DeGeneres asked about the status of their relationship when the actress and activist appeared on her daytime talk show in October 2013.

    "I say we're best friends…with benefits," the thrice-divorced star said, adding that she was confident in their courtship and didn't "want to meet anyone else."

    Anderson and Salomon were previously married in October 2007, but quickly split after she filed for divorce two months later.

    "You keep going back to the same guys," DeGeneres quipped. "You're married, then you go back."

    "It's recycling!," Anderson said with a big smile. "No, I'm very happy. We're happy. He's a great guy."

    Pamela Anderson Covers Up Blond Hair-See the Pic!

    (Photo) Maybe Pamela Anderson thinks blondes do have more fun.

    After debuting a brunette look, it appears the 46-year-old bombshell has returned to her trademark lighter strands.

    The former Baywatch star was seen on Saturday, Dec. 14 in Malibu, Calif., flashing a smile after enjoying breakfast with a pal.

    The actress sported a white head wrap with some noticeably lighter locks peeking out the front, large shades and a cream sweater.

    Anderson was first spotted earlier this month with darker hair, one month after she chopped off her long locks in favor of a chic pixie style.

    Although her hair was hidden under a gray hat, it was pretty clear—from the wisps that were visible—that the platinum blond color she's had for the last 20 plus years had been replaced by a brown hue.

    Anderson showed off her dramatic darker 'do on Thursday, Dec. 6 while visiting an Art Basel event in Miami to support photographer pal Raphael Mazzucco, who recently shot her for Purple magazine.

    Anderson explained the reason behind her haircut during a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show.

    "I just thought my hair had a life, and I wanted to kind of put that behind me and start fresh," she told to Ellen DeGeneres. "I thought it would be good for the marathon, and it was."

    Pamela Anderson Unveils Her New Brunette Do in Miami

    (Photo) Pamela Anderson seems to be going through a rebirth of sorts. First, she chopped her hair. Then, she ran a marathon. And now, she’s gone to the dark side, showing off a brand-new brunette hair color at an Art Basel event in Miami wearing a an all-black outfit and dark, smoky eye — a far cry from her blonde bombshell days as a Baywatch lifeguard.

    Tuesday, Anderson attended an Rosenbaum Company-hosted event honoring her friend, photographer Raphael Mazzucco at Miami’s Delano South Beach and posed with pals for photos that fully showed off her new look for the first time. She’d originally raved about her new, lighter look on Ellen, saying “I just thought my hair had had a ‘life.’ And I wanted to put that behind me and start fresh.”

    Though Anderson was tight-lipped about her new look, Mazzucco (at left) gave his take on her short cut, saying, “Last week we did an incredible shoot, very fantastic. With her short hair she’s giving a whole different vibe.” He also alluded to her overall changes saying, “It’s so nice to see people evolve.”

    Pamela Anderson Goes Brunette-Take a Look!

    (Photo) It seems Pamela Anderson wasn't finished with her mane makeover. Exactly one month after she first debuted her shocking pixie haircut, the actress was spotted at Los Angeles airport with darker strands.

    Although her short hairstyle was hidden under a gray hat, it was pretty clear—from the wisps that were visible—that the platinum blond color she's had for the last 20 plus years had been replaced by a brown hue.

    In addition to her stylish cap, the actress was bundled up in an extra-large scarf, navy pea coat, and knee-high leather boots.

    Sure, it was a bit chilly in Southern California last night, but considering she clearly wasn't ready to show her new do off to the world yet it's likely she is still in the process of finding the perfect hue. Either that or she has bigger plans for debuting it—perhaps a sexy photo shoot? Reportedly the star worked with photographer Sante D'Orazio on some risqué pics for Purple magazine.

    Pamela Anderson's new nude shoot

    Pamela Anderson is getting naked, again. Artist and photographer Sante D’Orazio, who has photographed the actress in many revealing poses, was spotted last week having dinner at Tao Downtown while showing off pictures of a nude, very slim Anderson with her short pixie haircut. We’re told D’Orazio, who produced an exhibition of photographs of Anderson in 2005 titled, “Pam: American Icon,” took the latest set of pictures of Anderson after she ran the New York City Marathon, and they are for an upcoming issue of Purple Magazine.

    Pamela Anderson dresses the part

    (Photo) Pamela Anderson showed up appropriately dressed in a conservative, bosom-covering dress to an event at the New York Palace to celebrate the opening of the $25,000-a-night Martin Katz Jewel Suite. But her date, ex-husband Rick Salomon, was rather bedraggled in a black hoodie and baggy trousers. Spies overheard Anderson asking Saloman to remove the hood from his head. They stayed for performances by David Foster, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and the Tenors.

    Pam feasts after 'pain'

    Pamela Anderson is entitled to load up on carbs after running the New York Marathon. The “Baywatch” beauty and her new pixie haircut were spotted dining on pasta and salad at Nello on Madison Avenue, with her on-again love Rick Salomon on Tuesday. Anderson completed the race in five hours and 41 minutes, then tweeted a picture of herself lying on a bed covered in bags of ice. And she told Ellen DeGeneres last week, “Yeah, I finished; it was hard. Those last five miles — it was like giving birth and then being told to run as you’re giving birth. It was so much pain in my hips. I don’t know if women are meant to run, especially after having kids.”

    Pamela Anderson Explains Reason Behind Her Pixie Cut, Talks NYC Marathon With Ellen DeGeneres

    Between getting a pixie cut and completing the New York City Marathon, Pamela Anderson's been a busy lady as of late!

    She somehow made time to drop by The Ellen DeGeneres show, and in an episode of the show airing Thursday, Nov. 7, she explained the reason behind her drastic hair change and talked about finishing the 26.2 mile race.

    "I did it," Pamela, 46, said of finishing the marathon. "And I stole your haircut!"

    Ellen was flattered, then asked the mom of two if her new 'do was so she could "be more aerodynamic so you can run faster in the race."

    "Absolutely, yes," Pam quipped. But the real reason for chopping off her locks? "I just thought my hair had a life, and I wanted to kind of put that behind me and start fresh," she said. "I thought it would be good for the marathon, and it was."

    The Baywatch alum compared the last five miles of the marathon to giving birth—but the race was harder! "It was like giving birth and then being told to run as you're giving birth. It was so much pain in my hips," she said. "I don't know if women are meant to run especially after having kids, but we raised a lot of money for Haiti for our J/P [Sean Penn's Haitian Relief Organization]."

    So it was worth it, although definitely tough—as evidenced by the photo Pam shared showing the race's painful aftermath. "The cutest bellboy poured me an ice bath at the hotel," she recalled. Ellen, of course, asked if said bellboy stayed in there with Pam, to which she replied, "No, unfortunately."

    Ha. Ellen also admitted she was wrong for (jokingly) telling Pamela last month that she wouldn't complete the marathon. "Because I really want to apologize to you," she said, presenting Pam with a shirt that said "Ellen Is Not Always Right"—only, as you can see, the "not" is pretty tiny.

    Oh, Ellen!

    Pamela Anderson Shows the Aftermath of Running a Marathon: 'Ouch!'

    (Photo) Here's what 26.2 miles looks like when you're Pamela Anderson after running the ING New York City Marathon:

    • 1 comfortable bed
    • 2 strategically placed ice bags
    • A limp hand holding the TV remote
    • A book you most likely won't have the energy to read.
    • And lastly, someone special to take a picture of you at your most exhausted.

    Anderson, 46, shared her recovery with Twitter fans in a photo (below) after running the five-borough route with her brother Gerry – and helping to raise nearly $76,000 for the J/P Haitian Relief Organization, which aims to save lives and bring sustainable programs to the impoverished Caribbean nation devastated by the 2010 earthquake.

    The star finished the race in 5 hours, 41 minutes, according to the marathon's site, and summed it up in one word: "Ouch!" Not bad, Pam – now rest up.

    Pamela Anderson Runs N.Y.C. Marathon with Brother

    (Photo) Those long runs on the beach finally paid off for Pamela Anderson, who put her best foot forward at Sunday's ING New York City Marathon with her brother by her side. (And, no, the Baywatch alum didn't reprise that iconic red suit for the race.)

    "So proud of my brother Gerry," she wrote on Twitter. "Thank G. For running next to me today- love you lots."

    Anderson, 46, announced her plans to run the five borough-spanning marathon in September. And it was more than a physical challenge: She raised nearly $76,000, according to her fundraising page, for the J/P Haitian Relief Organization, which aims to save lives and bring sustainable programs to the impoverished Caribbean nation devastated by the 2010 earthquake.

    And although she opted for workout attire, she told ESPN she had considered dusting off her Baywatch suit for the occasion. "I had friends ask me to [wear it]. They think it would be really funny," she said. "The bad thing was, I did think twice about it!"

    Think her new pixie cut helped her run faster?

    Pamela Anderson Cuts Her Hair Into a Pixie

    (Photo) Pamela Anderson is nearly as famous for her tumbling blonde locks as she is for, well, her other assets, but she’s taking her hair in a new direction: shorter.

    The Baywatch star (and soon-to-be marathon finisher) debuted a brand-new (and very cool) pixie cut in L.A. Wednesday. She gave her shorter crop a Parisian flair with stripes, cat-eye sunglasses and light, neutral makeup.

    We’re used to seeing the star a little more on display, as she has tended to favor lower-cut tops and a flashier face in years past. But this new look is great on her — like Charlize Theron‘s chic pixie, it highlights her delicate features and seems effortlessly elegant, a phrase which we might not have ordinarily associated with the star.

    And regardless of why she cut it, she’ll likely be happy to not have to mess with miles of extensions on race day this weekend. Do you like her pixie cut?

    Pamela Anderson on Ex Rick Salomon: We're Best Friends "With Benefits"

    Pamela Anderson has a history of hooking up with her exes, so it's no surprise to see the former Baywatch babe back in the arms of Rick Saloman. The 46-year-old actress and activist opened up about her not-so-single status—and her recent beach romp with the film producer--on the Thursday, Oct. 17, episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

    Asked to define the nature of her relationship with Saloman, 45, Anderson replied, "I say we're best friends…with benefits." The thrice-divorced mom of two added that she's confident in their courtship and said she doesn't "want to meet anyone else."

    "You keep going back to the same guys," host Ellen DeGeneres noted. "You're married, then you go back." (Anderson and Salomon were married in October 2007; she filed for divorce two months later.)

    Flashing her megawatt smile, the animal lover quipped, "It's recycling! No, I'm very happy. We're happy. He's a great guy."

    Earlier this month, the two were seen packing on the PDA at a nude beach in Biarritz, France. Anderson, who's appeared on the cover of Playboy a record 13 times, laughed off the incident. "If I knew there were photographers there, I would of taken the bottoms off, too!" she joked. Anderson added that "nobody cares" about being topless in France. "They get me!"

    It seems that Salomon gets her, too.

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