Paul McCartney


  1. The Beatles: Illustrated Lyrics
  2. Blackbird: The Life and Times of Paul McCartney
  3. John Lennon & Paul McCartney: Their Magic and Their Music (Partners II)
  4. Lennon and McCartney For The Harp
  5. The Life and Times of Little Richard: The Quasar of Rock
  6. Linda McCartney's Sixties: Portrait of an Era
  7. Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now
  8. Two of Us: John Lennon & Paul McCartney Behind the Myth
  9. Wide Open: Photographs
  10. Baby Road: Beatles Favorites for the Very Young
  11. Best of Paul McCartney for Easy Piano
  12. Close to the Heart
  13. The Day John Met Paul : An Hour-By-Hour Account of How the Beatles Began
  14. The McCartney Interviews: After the Break-Up
  15. The New Vegetarian Cookbook
  16. Paul McCartney: From Liverpool to Let It Be
  17. Paul McCartney: Inside the Myth/Cassette (Paperback Audio)
  18. Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now
  19. Paul McCartney: Off the Ground
  20. Paul McCartney: Tripping the Live Fantastic (Piano Vocal Guitar Series)
  21. Paul McCartney, Paintings
  22. Richard Lester and the Beatles; A Complete Biography of the Man Who Directed a Hard Days...
  23. Turn Me On, Dead Man: The Complete Story of the Paul McCartney Death Hoax
  24. Two of Us: The Passionate Partnership of Lennon & McCartney
  25. The White Album: Beatles Favorites for the Very Young
  26. Wings Complete
  27. Yesterday: Photographs of the Beatles
  28. As time goes by; living in the sixties
  29. The Illustrated Paul McCartney
  30. Lennon and McCartney
  31. Lennon and McCartney
  32. The Man Who 'Framed' the Beatles: A Biography of Richard Lester
  33. McCartney
  34. McCartney: Yesterday ... and Today
  35. McCartney, songwriter
  36. McCartney/the Definitive Biography


  1. A Garland for Linda- Tavener, McCartney, Rutter, et al
  2. Cello Submarine/The 12 Cellists of The Berlin Philharmonic
  3. The Kiri Selection
  4. The London Double Bass Sound / Karr, Simon, et al
  5. Manuel Barrucco plays Lennon & McCartney
  6. McCartney: Liverpool Oratorio / Carl Davis, Liverpool PO
  7. McCartney: Standing Stone / Foster, London Symphony
  8. Paul McCartney - Working Classical / Foster, Quinn, et al
  9. Pure Passion / Josť Carreras
  10. Richard Stoltzman- Dreams
  11. Royal Danish Brass- Brass Ability
  12. Somebody Loves Me / Ensemble Clarinesque
  13. Tenors on Tour / Carreras, Domingo, Pavarotti
  14. Carlos Barbosa-Lima- From Yesterday to Penny Lane
  15. Folios Guitar Duo- Neil Anderson, William Buonocore
  16. Marching with the Beatles / Band of the Irish Guard [IMPORT]
  17. All The Best
  18. Run Devil Run
  19. McCartney
  20. Back To The Egg
  21. Band On The Run- 25th Anniversary Edition
  22. Band On The Run [Gold Disc]
  23. Band On The Run [Remaster]
  24. Choba B CCCP (Back in the USSR)
  25. Flaming Pie
  26. Flowers In The Dirt
  27. Give My Regards To Broad Street
  28. In Conversation
  29. London Town
  30. Off The Ground
  31. Paul Is Live
  32. Pipes Of Peace
  33. Ram
  34. Red Rose Speedway
  35. Red Rose Speedway [GOLD CD]
  36. Run Devil Run
  37. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Soundtrack)
  38. A Tribute To Paul McCartney & Wings
  39. Tripping The Live Fantastic
  40. Tripping The Live Fantastic- Highlights
  41. Tug Of War
  42. Venus & Mars
  43. Venus & Mars (High Definition Surround-Sound CD)
  44. Wings At The Speed Of Sound
  45. Wings At The Speed Of Sound [GOLD CD]
  46. Wings Greatest
  47. Wings Wild Life
  48. McCartney [GOLD CD]
  49. All The Best (UK Version) [IMPORT]
  50. All The Best (UK Version) [IMPORT]
  51. At The Speed Of Sound [EXTRA TRACKS] [IMPORT]
  52. Back To The Egg [EXTRA TRACKS] [IMPORT]
  53. Back To The Egg [IMPORT] [EXTRA TRACKS]
  54. Back to the Egg (Limited Edition) [IMPORT]
  55. Band On The Run [EXTRA TRACKS] [IMPORT]
  56. Band On The Run [IMPORT] [EXTRA TRACKS]
  57. Flowers In The Dirt [IMPORT]
  58. Flowers In The Dirt [IMPORT] [EXTRA TRACKS]
  59. Give My Regards To Broad Street [IMPORT] [EXTRA TRACKS]
  60. In Siegen [IMPORT]
  61. In Siegen [IMPORT]
  62. Interview: Paul Mccartney Detroit (1979 [IMPORT]
  63. Interview: Paul Mccartney (1964-1966 [IMPORT]
  64. Little Children [IMPORT]
  65. London Town [EXTRA TRACKS] [IMPORT]
  66. London Town [IMPORT] [EXTRA TRACKS]
  67. London Town (Limited Edition) [IMPORT]
  68. Mccartney (Limited Edition) [IMPORT]
  69. McCartney II [IMPORT] [EXTRA TRACKS]
  70. Mccartney II (Limited Edition) [IMPORT]
  71. Mccartney II + 3 [IMPORT]
  72. McCartney, Paul [IMPORT]
  73. No Other Baby [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT]
  74. No Other Baby [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT]
  75. No Other Baby [IMPORT]
  76. No Other Baby/Brown Eyed Hands [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT]
  77. No Other Baby/Brown Eyed Handsome Man Pt [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT]
  78. No Other Baby/Brown Eyed Handsome Pt.1 [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT]
  79. Pipes of Peace [EXTRA TRACKS] [IMPORT]
  80. Pipes of Peace [IMPORT] [EXTRA TRACKS]
  81. Press to Play + 2 [IMPORT]
  83. Ram (Limited Edition) [IMPORT]
  84. Ram + 2 [IMPORT]
  85. Red Rose Speedway [EXTRA TRACKS] [IMPORT]
  86. Red Rose Speedway [IMPORT]
  87. Red Rose Speedway (Limited Edition) [IMPORT]
  89. Unplugged (Live) [IMPORT]
  90. Unplugged: The Official Bootleg [IMPORT]
  91. Venus & Mars [EXTRA TRACKS] [IMPORT]
  92. Venus & Mars [IMPORT] [EXTRA TRACKS]
  93. Venus & Mars (Limited Edition) [IMPORT]
  94. Voice [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT]
  95. Wild Life [IMPORT] [EXTRA TRACKS]
  96. Wings At The Speed Of Sound [IMPORT] [EXTRA TRACKS]
  97. Wings at the Speed of Sound (Limited Edi [IMPORT]
  99. Wings Over America [IMPORT]
  100. Wings Over America (Limited Edition) [IMPORT]
  101. Wings Wild Life (Limited Edition) [IMPORT]
  102. All My Trials [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT]
  103. Band on the Run (Limited Edition) [IMPORT]
  104. Greatest [IMPORT]
  105. Press to Play [IMPORT]
  106. Run Devil Run [IMPORT]
  107. Run Devil Run/Interview (Limited Edition) [IMPORT]
  108. World Tour Special Edition Pack [IMPORT]



  1. Carl Perkins and Paul McCartney: My Old Friend
  2. Get Back- World Tour Movie
  3. Give My Regards to Broad Street
  4. Paul McCartney- In the World Tonight
  5. Paul McCartney- In the World Tonight (DVD)
  6. Paul McCartney- Paul is Live
  7. Paul McCartney- Standing Stone
  8. Paul McCartney- Standing Stone (DVD)
  9. The Beatles Collection (Boxed Set)
  10. A Hard Day's Night (DVD)
  11. Paul McCartney - Movin' On
  12. Working Classical by Paul McCartney

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