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    Ashton Kutcher

    Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Step Down From Posts With Group He Helped Found That Fights Child Sex Abuse

    (9/16/23) Ashton Kutcher has stepped down as Chairman of the Board of Thorn, a group that fights child sex abuse that he co-founded over a decade ago with then-wife Demi Moore.

    His letter of resignation reads in part, “Victims of sexual abuse have been historically silenced and the character statement I submitted is yet another painful instance of questioning victims who are brave enough to share their experiences.”

    Kutcher goes on to explain his reasoning as follows: “I cannot allow my error in judgment to distract from our efforts and the children we serve.”

    The error in judgment to which he refers is a letter to a judge Kutcher wrote in support of now-convicted rapist and his former That ’70s Show co-star Danny Masterson. Masterson was recently sentenced to 30 years for his crimes.

    Kutcher’s wife Mila Kunis, also a ’70s Show alum, wrote her own such letter for Masterson. Time magazine reported that she, too, has resigned her role as an observer to the board. The duo had previously apologized for writing the letters of support.

    Below is the entirety of Kutcher’s letter, which was just posted online by Thorn.

    Thorn Board,

    After my wife and I spent several days of listening, personal reflection, learning, and conversations with survivors and the employees and leadership at Thorn, I have determined the responsible thing for me to do is resign as Chairman of the Board, effectively immediately. I cannot allow my error in judgment to distract from our efforts and the children we serve.

    As you know, I have worked for 15 years to fight for people who are sexually exploited. Victims of sexual abuse have been historically silenced and the character statement I submitted is yet another painful instance of questioning victims who are brave enough to share their experiences. This is precisely what we have all worked to reverse over the last decade.

    The mission must always be the priority and I want to offer my heartfelt apology to all victims of sexual violence and everyone at Thorn who I hurt by what I did. And to the broader advocacy community, I am deeply sorry. I remain proud of what we have accomplished in the past decade and will continue to support Thorn’s work. Thank you for your tireless advocacy and dedication to this cause.


    Ashton Kutcher

    Thorn’s leadership posted its own statement along with the letter. Here is an excerpt:

    We would not be the Thorn that we are today without Ashton’s contributions. He has played a significant role in the impact we have made, and we are grateful for his participation over the last 15 years.

    “For the past decade I have worked with Ashton on child protection issues,” said Thorn board member Ernie Allen. “He has been a strong champion for children and worked tirelessly to protect them from sexual abuse. Through the creation of the DNA Foundation that later became Thorn, he helped build the organization into a major global resource for law enforcement, tech companies and others in the fight against child sexual exploitation. He made a difference.”

    “Ashton founded Thorn over a decade ago with one goal in mind: to protect children from sexual abuse and give them the childhood they deserve,” said Suzanne Bell, Board Member at Thorn. “His unwavering dedication and commitment to Thorn throughout its journey have enabled the organization to become the leader that it is in the child safety ecosystem. It has been my privilege to join him on this mission.”

    While the last few days have challenged us all in new ways, we remain steadfast in our mission, mindful of the trust our community places in us, and confident in our collective dedication to the children we serve.

    We humbly ask for the continued support of our community, partners, and supporters as we continue our commitment to building a world where every child can be safe, curious, and happy.

    Christina Ricci slams Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis’ support of Danny Masterson: Discrediting victims is ‘a crime’

    (9/10/23) Christina Ricci seemingly slammed Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis for praising convicted rapist Danny Masterson’s character in pre-sentencing letters to the judge.

    The “Addams Family” star – who allegedly suffered “severe physical and emotional abuse” at the hands of ex-husband James Heerdegen – took to her Instagram Story Saturday to speak out in support of victims after Masterson’s sentencing.

    “So sometimes people we loved and admired do horrible things. They might not do these things to us and we only know who they were to us but that doesn’t mean they didn’t do the horrible things and to discredit the abused is a crime,” Ricci, 43, wrote.

    “People we know as ‘awesome guys’ can be predators and abusers. It’s tough to accept but we have to. If we say we support victims – women, children, men, boys – then we must be able to take this stance.”

    Ricci continued, “Unfortunately I’ve known lots of ‘awesome guys’ who were lovely to me but have been proven to be abusers privately. I’ve also had personal experience with this. Believe victims. It’s not easy to come forward. It’s not easy to get a conviction.”

    Both Kutcher, 45, and Kunis, 40, starred alongside Masterson, 47, in “That ’70s Show.” The married couple were among 50 people who “vouched” for the disgraced actor’s “exceptional character” after he was convicted on two counts of rape.

    Masterson was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison earlier this week for the rapes of two women, both of which were committed in 2003.

    Following Masterson’s sentencing, Ricci also shared a candid selfie with her 9-year-old son, Freddie, captioned, “We out here believing and hoping for a better future.”

    Ricci’s social media posts came just one day after court reporter Meghann Cuniff published the character letters for Masteron’s case, in which Kutcher and Kunis pleaded for Judge Charlaine Olmedo’s leniency.

    “As a friend, Danny has been nothing but a positive influence on me. He’s an extraordinarily honest and intentional human being,” Kutcher wrote, noting that Masterson served as a “role model” for him.

    “I attribute not falling into the typical Hollywood life of drugs directly to Danny,” the “Cheaper by the Dozen” star continued.

    “Any time that we were to meet someone or interact with someone who was on drugs, or did drugs, he made it clear that that wouldn’t be a good person to be friends with.”

    Meanwhile, Kunis credited her former co-star with being an “amazing friend, confidant, and, above all, an outstanding older brother figure to me.”

    “His caring nature and ability to offer guidance have been instrumental in my growth both personally and professionally,” the “Friends With Benefits” actress wrote.

    The pair quickly spoke out after receiving backlash for the letters.

    “We are aware of the pain that has been caused by the character letters that we wrote on behalf of Danny Masterson,” the “Punk’d” creator said in a video message shared via Instagram Saturday.

    Kunis chimed in, “We support victims. We have done this historically through our work and will continue to do so in the future.”

    Ricci, for her part, was allegedly the victim of her ex-husband’s emotional and physical abuse.

    The “Casper” star filed for divorce from Heerdegen in July 2020 following seven years of marriage, and was granted an emergency protective order after police were called to their home.

    In court docs obtained by TMZ, she claimed her then-husband’s abuse began in December 2019, at which time she told him she wanted a divorce.

    When the COVID-19 lockdown began in early 2020, she “found herself trapped in a house with a violent abuser.”

    Ricci also claimed he told her, “the only way he could feel sorry for me is if I were dismembered into small pieces” in late 2019, “something that made me think that [he] could kill me.”

    They finalized their divorce in December 2022 and share custody of their son, Freddie.

    The “Wednesday” star has since welcomed a daughter, Cleo, with her second husband, Mark Hampton.

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Explain Why They Wrote Letters of Support for Danny Masterson — Watch Video

    (9/9/23) Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are responding to criticism for writing letters of support for former TV co-star Danny Masterson prior to his receiving a 30-year sentence for sexual assault on Thursday.

    “We are aware of the pain that has been caused by the character letters that we wrote on behalf of Danny Masterson,” Kutcher said alongside Kunis in an Instagram video posted to Kutcher’s account.

    “We support victims,” Kunis added. “We have done this historically through our work and we will continue to do so in the future.”

    Kutcher gave context for why he and Kunis wrote the letters: “A couple of months ago, Danny and his family reached out to us and they asked us to write character letters to represent the person that we knew for 25 years so that the judge could take that into full consideration, relative to the sentencing.”

    “The letters were not written to question the legitimacy of the judicial system or the validity of the jury’s ruling,” Kunis sad.

    “They were intended for the judge to read and not to undermine the testimony of the victims or re-traumatize them in any way,” Kutcher added. “We would never want to do that. And we’re sorry if that has taken place.”

    The pair ended the video by reiterating their support for sexual assault victims. “Our heart goes out to every single person who’s ever been a victim of sexual assault, sexual abuse or rape,” Kunis said.

    The letters, all addressed to Judge Charlaine Olmedo, were obtained by journalist Tony Ortega, who shared several of them via Substack. Ortega regularly reports on issues involving Scientology, of which Masterson is a prominent member.

    “As a friend, Danny has been nothing but a positive influence on me,” Kutcher’s letter reads. “He’s an extraordinarily honest and intentional human being.” Kutcher professes that Masterson has “consistently been an excellent” role model, attributing his drug-free lifestyle to their friendship. “Any time that we were to meet someone or interact with someone who was on drugs, or did drugs, he made it clear that that wouldn’t be a good person to be friends with. And for me, that was an implication that if I were to do drugs, he wouldn’t want to be friends with me, which is something I never would want to risk or jeopardize.”

    Kunis also focuses on Masterson’s “unwavering commitment to discouraging the use of drugs” in her letter of support, in which she describes him as an “amazing friend, confidant and, above all, an outstanding older brother figure.” She ends her letter by saying, “I wholeheartedly vouch for Danny Masterson’s exceptional character and the tremendous positive influence he has had on me and the people around him.”

    Kutcher and Kunis both co-starred opposite Masterson on That ’70s Show, which ran from 1998 to 2006 on Fox, while Kutcher also shared the screen with him on Netflix’s The Ranch from 2016 to 2017. Masterson was fired from The Ranch in 2017 after he was accused of raping four women in the early 2000s, but he and Kutcher remained close. Kutcher even brought Masterson out for applause at the show’s final taping in 2019.

    Masterson’s sentence was issued Thursday in Los Angeles. The actor had been found guilty of two counts of forcible rape on May 31, after a previous attempt to prosecute him ended in a mistrial. The jury in Masterson’s retrial was deadlocked on a third rape charge and did not reach a verdict.

    Masterson was charged with three counts of rape by force or fear in June 2020, regarding separate incidents of sexual assault against three women that allegedly occurred at his home between 2001 and 2003. He pleaded not guilty to all three charges in 2021.

    Watch Kutcher and Kunis’ Instagram video below: Video.

    Danny Masterson Sentencing: Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Giovanni Ribisi & Others Praise “Good Friend”, Ask Judge For No Prison Time For Convicted Rapist

    (9/8/23) Having publicly hoped earlier this year that Danny Masterson would be found “innocent” of rape charges in his retrial, Ashton Kutcher also sought to convince the judge in his That 70s Show co-star’s case of what a great guy the defendant is.

    “Not only is he a good friend to me I’ve witnessed him be a good friend to others and the kind of brother others would be lucky to have,” Kutcher wrote Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Charlaine Olmedo late last month as Masterson awaited sentencing on being found guilty of two counts of rape this spring. “As a role model, Danny has consistently been an excellent one. I attribute not falling into the typical Hollywood life of drugs directly to Danny,” Kutcher said as one of many high profile names like Mila Kunis advocating on Masterson’s behalf.

    On September 7, 47-year-old Masterson was sentenced to 30 years behind bars by Judge Olmedo. His defense team unsuccessfully sought to have their client serve his time on the two counts of rape he was found guilty of on May 31 concurrently not consecutively. After sentencing, defense attorney Shawn Holley unsurprisingly announced an appeal was coming.

    “While I’m aware that the judgement has been cast as guilty on two counts of rape by force and the victims have a great desire for justice. I hope that my testament to his character is taken into consideration in sentencing,” Kutcher, who also starred with Masterson on Netflix’s The Ranch went on to write on July 27 in one of dozens of letters of consideration submitted to the court. “I do not believe he is an ongoing harm to society and having his daughter raised without a present father would be a tertiary injustice in and of itself” (read Ashton Kutcher’s letter here).

    Free on bail of $3 million until May 31 of this year when the verdict was delivered, Masterson was arrested in 2020 over the alleged assaults that occurred between 2001 and 2003 in his Hollywood Hills house. The prominent Scientologist was fired from The Ranch in 2017 as allegations began to circulate and excluded from the That 90s Show revival. Also party to a soon-to-be-restarted civil trial by the Jane Does with Scientology as co-defendant, Masterson has always insisted sex with the three Jane Does was consensual. The three Jane Does were all once members of the Church of Scientology and claim the David Miscavige-led organization covered up the assaults and punished them for reporting the attacks to police.

    Masterson’s retrial began on April 24 and concluded on May 12 with the defense calling no witnesses. Closing arguments started on May 16 and ended early on May 17 with the final rebuttal delivered by Deputy L.A. County Attorney Reinhold Mueller before Judge Olmedo, Masterson and supporters, and the jury.

    Along with Kutcher and his ex-co-star and spouse Mila Kunis, That 70s Show’s Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith, Giovanni Ribisi, Westwood star Jonathan Tucker, The Ranch co-creator Jim Patterson (read Patterson’s letter here) were among those who vouched for Masterson’s character and sought to impress Judge Olmedo with the defendant’s “innate goodness and genuine nature,” as Kunis said (read Mila Kunis’ letter here). “He is a devoted husband and a doting father who sacrifices for his family,” Avatar actor Ribisi, who is a Scientologist like Masterson, wrote. “His wife and daughter depend on him. I know Danny has been convicted of two counts of forcible rape. I only ask that you consider his daughter in his sentencing. He is a good father and he is important to her and her upbringing” (read Giovanni Ribisi’s letter here).

    Almost all the letters, from friends and members of the Masterson family, make a point of noting what a good friend, father and husband Masterson is, yet many ignore the actual sexual assault charges he was found guilty of over two trials.

    One thing that also emerges from the letters is the perhaps dire state of of Masterson’s wife Bijou Phillips’ health – which is brought up on a number of occasions. “With him no longer there, it has been hard for Bijou to be home raising their daughter,” writes Masterson’s mother and former talent agent Carol Masterson in an emotionally vivid correspondence. “There is also a very real possibility that Bijou’s body will reject her new kidney. If that happens, I worry about my granddaughter.”

    In a heavily redacted letter detailing how Masterson calls every night from prison, Phillips herself wrote to the judge of her husband: “I know he has been convicted of serious crimes. But the man I married has only been an extraordinary husband and devoted father to our daughter.” (read Bijou Phillips’ letter here).

    Present at yesterday’s sentencing hearing at DTLA’s Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center for the powerful victim statements read out by two of the Jane Does in the case, Phillips was openly crying during a lot of the session. While not loudly sobbing like she did when the verdict was revealed on May 31 and flight risk Masterson was taken into custody, Phillips, Carol Masterson and other members of the family left quicky in waiting cars outside the building.

    While acknowledging the letters in her sentencing, Judge Olmedo concentrated on the consequences of the verdict for the former celebrity.

    “I know that you’re sitting here steadfast in your claims of innocence, and thus no doubt feeling victimized by a justice system that has failed you,” she said to him directly in the 9th floor courtroom. “But Mr. Masterson, you are not the victim here. Your actions 20 years ago took away another person’s voice, and choice. One way or another you will have to come to terms with your prior actions, and their consequences.”

    The letters from friends, family and That 70s Show co-stars were part of a sentencing memorandum submitted by the defense yesterday before the sentencing hearing started. The somewhat redacted memo became public today (read the full Masterson defense sentencing memo here).

    Ashton Kutcher admits he was ‘f–king pissed’ by ex Demi Moore’s memoir

    (2/1/23) Ashton Kutcher admits he was “f–king pissed” when his ex-wife Demi Moore’s memoir, “Inside Out,” hit bookstores in September 2019.

    Although the “That ’70s Show” alum does not “want to open anything up in that realm,” he told Esquire in a feature published Tuesday how the book’s release affected his family.

    “I’d finally gotten to a place where the press had really laid off me and [my wife] Mila [Kunis] and my life and my family,” Kutcher, who is the father of daughter Wyatt, 8, and son Dimitri, 6, explained.

    “And then the next day, [the paparazzi] are at my kids’ school,” the former “Punk’d” host continued, with the profile noting he does not have any “hard feelings” for Moore.

    Kutcher, 44, was married to the actress, 60, from 2005 to 2013.

    In her book, Moore reflected on the two threesomes she and the actor had during their time together, also accusing him of influencing her relapse.

    The “Vengeance” star did not comment on the allegations at the time.

    Moore was already a mother when she met Kutcher. He became a stepfather to Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, whom Moore shared with ex-husband Bruce Willis.

    “I was 26, bearing the responsibility of an 8-year-old, a 10-year-old, and a 12-year-old,” Kutcher recalled, noting that he still maintains a relationship with his former stepkids.

    While the exes did try having children of their own before calling it quits, Moore suffered a miscarriage at six months pregnant.

    “I love kids. … The idea of having another kid would have been incredible,” Kutcher said of their loss. “For whatever reason, I had to have that experience.”

    The “Ranch” alum and Moore separated in 2011, settling their divorce two years later. The split felt like a “wholesale f–king failure” to Kutcher.

    “Nothing makes you feel like a failure like divorce,” he explained. “You failed at marriage.”

    Kutcher began dating Kunis, 39, in 2013. The former co-stars got engaged two years later and tied the knot in 2015.

    “The thing about Mila that made our relationship accelerate was that I had always admired her. Her talent, her skills, her gifts,” the “No Strings Attached” star gushed. “I knew that she didn’t need me. And she knew that I didn’t need her.

    “We already knew all of each other’s dirt,” he continued, calling the “Family Guy” star “so much cooler” than him.

    Kunis gave birth to Wyatt and Dimitri in 2014 and 2016, respectively. Kutcher, who recently got a vasectomy, wants to raise “good decision makers.”

    Ashton Kutcher Wants Danny Masterson “To Be Found Innocent” Of Rape Charges As New Trial Looms

    (1/31/23) With a new rape trial for Danny Masterson set to start in less than two months, Ashton Kutcher is weighing in on the fate of his That ’70s Show co-star.

    In a new interview with Esquire, Kutcher said he wants Masterson “to be found innocent of the charges brought against him.” But he added: “Ultimately, I can’t know. I’m not the judge. I’m not the jury. I’m not the DA. I’m not the victim. And I’m not the accused. And so, in that case, I don’t have a space to comment.”

    After a pause, he added, “I just don’t know.”

    Kutcher also told the magazine that Masterson was the leader of the young group of actors on the 1998-2006 Fox comedy that also starred Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, Laura Prepon and Wilmer Valderrama. Kutcher recalled how Masterson had been in the business for a while and, noting how the show was taking off with viewers, offered advice to his colleagues. Kutcher said: “He’s like, ‘One f*cking rule: Don’t do anything f*cking stupid and f*ck this up. Because if you f*ck it up, you f*ck it up for everybody.’"Kutcher and Masterson were close during the show’s run and reunited in 2016 as stars of Netflix’s comedy The Ranch, playing brothers will help run their father’s (Sam Elliott) cattle ranch. But Masterson was fired from the show after Season 3 when Los Angeles police began investigating sexual assault allegations against him. The actor was arrested in June 2020 over claims of assaults that occurred between 2001 and 2003.

    His second trial on three rape charges is scheduled to begin with jury selection March 29 in Los Angeles. His first trial was declared a mistrial on November 30. He had faced up to 45 years in state prison if found guilty on all three rape counts in the first trial. Masterson always has said the sex was consensual.

    ‘That ’90s Show’: ’70s Gang Welcomes Next Generation in Season 1 Trailer

    (12/22/22) (Video) The original cast of That ’70s Show is reuniting to welcome the next generation in the first trailer for Netflix’s That ’90s Show above. Season 1 premieres on January 19.

    Returning stars include Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty Forman and Kurtwood Smith as Red Forman in series regular roles; Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Laura Prepon, Wilmer Valderrama, and Tommy Chong will reprise their roles on the series as special guests.

    The trailer also reveals the identity of Michael Kelso (Kutcher) and Jackie Burkhart’s (Kunis) son: Jay Kelso, who is played by previously announced regular Mace Coronel.

    In That ’90s Show, it’s 1995 and Leia Forman (Callie Haverda) is desperate for some adventure in her life or at least a best friend who isn’t her dad (Grace). When she arrives in Point Place to visit her grandparents, Red and Kitty, Leia finds what she’s looking for right next door when she meets the dynamic and rebellious Gwen (Ashley Aufderheide).

    With the help of Gwen’s friends, including her lovable brother Nate (Maxwell Donovan), his smart, laser-focused girlfriend Nikki (Sam Morelos), the sarcastic and insightful Ozzie (Reyn Doi), and the charming Jay, Leia realizes adventure could happen there just like it did for her parents all those years ago. Excited to reinvent herself, she convinces her parents to let her stay for the summer. With a basement full of teens again, Kitty is happy the Forman house is now a home for a new generation and Red is, well…Red.

    The multi-cam That ’90s Show was created by That ’70s Show alum Gregg Mettler — who serves as showrunner — That ’70s Show co-creators Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner, and their daughter Lindsay Turner. The quartet executive produces alongside Rupp, Smith as well as Marcy Carsey, and Tom Werner under the Carsey-Werner Company, which produced That ’70s Show and its offshoot That ’80s Show.

    Paramount+ To Debut Dr. David Agus Docuseries Featuring Conversations With Ashton Kutcher, Nick Cannon And Other Celebrities About Their Health Struggles

    (11/6/22) CBS News medical contributor Dr. David Agus is headlining a new docuseries for Paramount+ in which he will talk with Ashton Kutcher, Amy Schumer, Nick Cannon and other celebrities about some of their personal health struggles.

    The Checkup with Dr. David Agus will debut its first three episodes on Dec. 6, and the final three will drop on Dec. 12.

    Kutcher will chat about his battle with a rare life-threatening disease, and is interviewed with his twin brother Michael, who was born with cerebral palsy and recently had a heart transplant. Cannon will talk about the loss of his son Zen to a brain tumor, and also reveals his lupus diagnosis. Amy Schumer will talk about her reproductive health struggles and battles with depression early in life.

    Also featured will be Oprah Winfrey and Maria Shriver talking about women’s health; Jane Fonda, who will talk about her diagnosis with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. She and Lily Tomlin also will discuss longevity and aging gracefully.

    Agus said in a statement, “These artists were willing to take us deep into their own health stories, often for the first time in such a revealing way,. Their stories are captivating and scary, though ultimately uplifting and inspiring.”

    The series is produced by Skydance Television and See It Now Studios. Agus and Amy Coleman are executive producers, along with Skydance’s David Ellison and Dana Goldberg and See It Now Studios’ Susan Zirinsky and Terence Wrong. The supervising producer is Aysu Saliba and executive director is Adam Goldfried.

    New York City Marathon Sees Celebrity Runners Take It To The Streets In Unseasonable Warmth

    (11/6/22) More than 50,000 runners hit the streets today for the New York City Marathon, challenging not only the 26.2 mile course, but braving the unseasonably warm weather, which climbed into the 70s.

    While most of the runners were fairly anonymous amateurs, there were also some familiar faces taking on the marathon.

    Ultimately, Kenyan Evans Chebet won the race, as front-runner Daniel do Nascimento of Brazil cramped up and collapsed on the course because of the heat. While the temperature in New York may not seem excessive, warm weather is hard in an ultra long race, as the body begins diverting blood and sweat in an effort to keep cool. That speeds up dehydration and can cause cramping.

    Among the running enthusiasts taking on the course were Ellie Kemper of “The Office” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”; T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach of ABC’s “Good Morning America”; and Ashton Kutcher, who raised more than $1 million for Thorn the nonprofit technology company he cofounded to help prevent sexual exploitation of children.

    The New York Times listed some of the finish times of this year’s famous runners.

    Matt James, former lead of “The Bachelor”: 3:46:45
    Meghan Duggan, Olympic gold medalist in hockey: 3:52:06
    Ashton Kutcher, actor and entrepreneur: 3:54:01
    Claire Holt, actress: 4:03:17
    Lauren Ridloff, actress from “The Walking Dead”: 4:05:48
    Zac Clark, former “Bachelorette” contestant: 4:08:10
    Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton: 4:20:34
    T.J. Holmes, “Good Morning America” anchor: 4:25:31
    Ellie Kemper, actress from “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”: 5:17:39
    Tiki Barber, retired Giants running back: 5:26:51

    ‘Your Place Or Mine’: Reese Witherspoon & Ashton Kutcher Unveil Release Date For Netflix Rom-Com – Watch The Promo

    (9/24/22) (Video) Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher dropped a video during Netflix’s Tudum day to let the world know about their new romantic comedy. The footage wasn’t released online, but the stars recorded a promo for it — watch that above.

    The big news is the pic’s drop date of February 10, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

    The Aline Brosh McKenna-directed movie follows two long-distance best friends who change each other’s lives when Witherspoon’s Debbie decides to pursue a lifelong dream and Kutcher’s Peter volunteers to keep an eye on her teenage son.

    Steve Zahn, Tig Notaro, Griffin Matthews, Zoe Chao and Jesse Williams also star.

    It’s the first time that Witherspoon and Kutcher have worked together. In fact, if Kutcher could make a romantic comedy with anyone in cinema history, it would be Witherspoon — as he revealed in the video that dropped today.

    “Ashton! That is so sweet! That is literally the nicest thing you said to me.”

    To which he responded, “It’s a great line, it worked on Natalie Portman and Cameron Diaz. It’s a lady killer!”

    Those movies he’s talking about being 2011’s No Strings Attached and What Happens in Vegas, respectively.

    That '70s Show Is Returning to Streaming

    (8/26/22) If you want to squeeze in a That ’70s Show rewatch ahead of That ’90s Show, you’ll have to look beyond Netflix.

    The beloved Fox sitcom, which left Netflix in September 2020, will begin streaming on Peacock as of Thursday, Sept. 1.

    That ’70s Show originally aired for eight seasons (and 200 episodes) between 1998 and 2006, and had remained one of Netflix’s most popular library titles before the rights lapsed nearly two full years ago. The series made stars out of its young ensemble, which included Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Danny Masterson and Wilmer Valderrama.

    Last October, Netflix announced that it had handed a 10-episode order to sequel series That ’90s Show. The spinoff picks up in 1995 with Eric and Donna’s daughter Leia Forman visiting her grandparents (returning cast members Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp) in Point Place, Wis., where she comes of age with a new generation of kids “under the watchful eye of Kitty and the stern glare of Red,” according to the official logline.

    Earlier this year, Grace, Prepon, Valderrama, Kunis and Kutcher closed deals to guest-star on That ’90s Show, where they’ll reprise their respective roles as Eric, Donna, Fez, Jackie Burkhart and Michael Kelso. Tommy Chong is also returning as former Foto Hut owner (and everyone’s favorite hippie) Leo.

    Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner, the original series’ creators, are writing and executive-producing alongside daughter Lindsey Turner. Fellow EP Gregg Mettler will also serve as showrunner. A premiere date has not yet been announced.

    Currently, Peacock offers three subscription tiers: a free, basic plan; a Premium plan, which forces you to sit through some ads for $4.99/month; and Peacock Premium Plus, an ad-free plan which fetches $9.99/month. Peacock will offer That ’70s Show via its Premium and Premium Plus plans.

    Ashton Kutcher Reveals Rare Disease Diagnosis That Left Him Unable To See, Hear, Or Walk

    (8/8/22) Ashton Kutcher is opening up about an autoimmune disease he was diagnosed with that left him unable to see, hear, or walk. The actor shared the diagnosis in an upcoming episode of National Geographic’s Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge.

    “Like two years ago, I had this weird, super rare form of vasculitis, that like knocked out my vision, it knocked out my hearing, it knocked out like all my equilibrium,” Kutcher said in a clip shared by Access Hollywood.

    The That ’70s Show alum added, “It took me like a year to build it all back up. You don’t really appreciate it until it’s gone, until you go, ‘I don’t know if I’m ever gonna be able to see again. I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to hear again, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to walk again. I’m lucky to be alive.”

    After the clip went viral, Kutcher took to Twitter to clarify the situation and give an update on his health.

    “Before there are a bunch of rumors/ chatter/ whatever out there. Yes, I had a rare vasculitis episode 3yrs ago. (Autoimmune flair up) I had some impairments hear, vision, balance issues right after. I fully recovered. All good. Moving on. See you at the 2022 NY Marathon w/Thorn,” he tweeted.

    Vasculitis is when inflammation of the blood vessels happens. According to Mayo Clinic, “The inflammation can cause the walls of the blood vessels to thicken, which reduces the width of the passageway through the vessel.”

    Watch the Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge clip below.

    That '70s Show's Ashton Kutcher Tees Up Return in 'Nostalgic' That '90s Show

    (7/25/22) That ’70s Show vet Ashton Kutcher is opening up about his recent return to Point Place.

    As previously reported, Kutcher and Mila Kunis, now married in real life, are set to reprise their star-making roles as Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkhart in Netflix’s That ’90s Show.

    “It was really nostalgic to be back on the set,” Kutcher tells our sister pub Variety. “Mila and I were contemplating it. We thought, ‘Listen, we’re only in the position that we’re in because of that show, so let’s go back and do this.'”

    While the extent of Kutcher and Kunis’ appearances have not been confirmed, Kutcher indicates that he and Kunis were back on set “for a week,” before adding: “It’s really funny. The new cast is phenomenal.”

    The spinoff picks up in 1995 and centers on Eric and Donna’s daughter Leia (played by Shut Eye‘s Callie Haverda). While visiting Point Place for the summer, the teen “bonds with a new generation of Point Place kids under the watchful eye of Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp) and the stern glare of Red (Kurtwood Smith),” according to the official logline.

    In addition to Kutcher and Kunis, Season 1 guest stars include Topher Grace (Eric), Laura Prepon (Donna), Wilmer Valderrama (Fez) and Tommy Chong (Leo). A release date has not yet been announced.

    Kutcher most recently headlined Netflix’s The Ranch, which currently stands as the streamer’s longest-running multi-camera comedy (at 80 episodes). The series reunited him with ‘70s costar Danny Masterson (Hyde), as well as Rupp, Smith and Valderrama, all of whom recurred. Prior to that, he returned to his sitcom roots as Charlie Sheen’s successor on CBS’ Two and a Half Men (from 2011-2015), on which Kunis guest-starred.

    ‘That ’90s Show’: Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Laura Prepon & Wilmer Valderrama Set To Reprise ‘That ’70s Show’ Roles In Spinoff

    (5/1/22) It’s official: all of the original young cast of That ’70s Show except for Danny Masterson are set to return for the upcoming Netflix spinoff series That ’90s Show.

    In what has been labeled as “legacy cast making special guest appearances”, Topher Grace is set to reprise his role as Eric Forman, Mila Kunis as Jackie Burkhart, Ashton Kutcher as Michael Kelso, Laura Prepon as Donna Pinciotti and Wilmer Valderrama as Fez.

    They join ‘That ’70s Show alums Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp who are series regulars and executive producers on That ’90s Show.

    In the spinoff, it’s 1995 and Leia Forman (Callie Haverda), daughter of Eric (Grace) and Donna (Prepon), is visiting her grandparents for the summer, where she bonds with a new generation of Point Place kids under the watchful eye of Kitty (Rupp) and the stern glare of Red (Smith). Sex, drugs and rock ’n roll never dies, it just changes clothes.

    In addition to Haverda, That ’90s Show young series regular cast includes Ashley Aufderheide, Mace Coronel, Maxwell Acee Donovan, Reyn Doi, and Sam Morelos.

    This marks Kutcher’s return to Netflix where he previously headlined multi-camera sitcom The Ranch with Masterson until the latter was fired midway through Season 3 amid sexual assault allegations.

    The multi-cam That ’90s Show was created by That ’70s Show alum Gregg Mettler — who serves as showrunner — That ’70s Show co-creators Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner, and their daughter Lindsay Turner. The quartet executive produces alongside Rupp, Smith as well as Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner under the Carsey-Werner Company, which produced That ’70s Show and its offshoot That ’80s Show.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher exceed $30M donation target in aid of Ukraine

    (3/19/22) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have exceeded their $30 million target for aid for the war in Ukraine.

    The ‘That 70s Show’ stars – who tied the knot in 2015 and share seven-year-old daughter Wyatt and five-year-old son Dimitri – have surpassed their “goal” amount to ease the humanitarian crisis caused by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade the neighbouring country late last month on Thursday.

    In a video posted to Instagram, the 38-year-old actress said: “We just want to say that we hit our goal.”

    The 44-year-old actor added: “Over $30 million raised.”

    The ‘Black Swan’ star admitted to being “overwhelmed with gratitude” after tens of thousands of people contributed to the fund after millions have been made refugees following the violence that has killed an unconfirmed amount of people.

    Mila – who was born in the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi – continued: “Over 65,000 of you donated. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the support and while this is far from the salve of the problem, our collective effort will provide a softer landing to so many people as they forge ahead into their future of uncertainty.”

    The ‘Punk’d’ star – who along with his wife are allocating funds to AirBnB and, organisations on the ground dealing with the refugee crisis prompted by the conflict – asserted “our work is not done” as he vowed to do more after they vowed to match donations up until $3 million when they began their efforts.

    Ashton said: “Our work is not done. We’re gonna do everything we can to ensure that the outpouring of love that came from you all as a part of this campaign finds the maximum impact with those in need. As funding continues to come in, we’re going to treat every dollar as if it’s being donated out of our pocket: with respect and honour for the work that went into earning it, with the intent of love for which it was given, and the desire for it to be maximized for positive outcome for others.”

    Last week, Mila shared how people should views Russians – who live under a dictatorship – as “an enemy”.

    She said: “I don’t think that we need to consider the people of Russia an enemy.”

    “I do really want to emphasise that. I don’t think that that’s being said enough in the press.”

    “I think that there’s now [an] ‘If you’re not with us, you’re against us’ mentality. And I don’t want people to conflate the two problems that are happening.”

    Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher GoFundMe Campaign To Help Ukraine’s Needy Approaches $10M Mark

    (3/5/22) Mila Kunis hasn’t forgotten where she came from. The actress and husband Ashton Kutcher have launched a fundraiser on the GoFundMe site to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine. In just one day, the fundraiser has accumulated pledges of $9.3 million.

    Kutcher and Kunis, the latter a native Ukrainian who came to the US with her parents as a small child, are using the GoFundMe fundraiser in hopes of raising $30 Million, with a $3 Million match by the couple, to benefit and

    “Today, I am a proud Ukrainian,” Kunis wrote on the fundraising page. “While my family came to the United States in 1991, I was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine in 1983. Ukrainians are proud and brave people who deserve our help in their time of need. This unjust attack on Ukraine and humanity at large is devastating and the Ukrainian people need our support.” recently stirred up some controversy by withholding contributions to the Canadian truckers in the so-called “Freedom Convoy” in Canada, resulting in investigations by several state attorney generals.

    But the organization claims this particular fundraiser will provide an immediate impact on refugee and humanitarian aid efforts, including for transporting humanitarian aid to known NGO’s on the ground, and providing free, short-term housing to up to 100,000 refugees fleeing Ukraine.

    In a video on the GoFundMe Kunis and Kutcher explained why this situation is personally important and how people can join them in helping.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher launch Ukraine fundraiser, will match $3M

    (3/3/22) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are doing their part to help those impacted by the current unrest in Ukraine.

    The Hollywood couple announced on Thursday that they’ve launched a GoFundMe page for victims of Russia’s invasion of the country and will match up to $3 million in donations.

    “While we are witnessing the bravery of Ukrainians, we are also bearing witness to the unimaginable burden of those who have chosen safety,” Kutcher, 44, captioned a video shared to Instagram.

    “Through GoFundMe, this fundraiser will provide an immediate impact on refugee and humanitarian aid efforts.”

    The “Two and a Half Men” alum sat beside his wife, 38, as she opened up about her Ukrainian roots.

    “I was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, in 1983. I came to America in 1991 and I have always considered myself an American. A proud American,” the actress said in the clip. “I love everything that this country has done for myself and my family. But today, I have never been more proud to be a Ukrainian.”

    Kutcher then chimed in to say, “And I have never been more proud to be married to a Ukranian.”

    Elsewhere, Kunis called Russian President Putin’s attacks on Ukraine “devastating.” She added, “There is no place in this world for this kind of unjust attack on humanity.”

    Kutcher and Kunis — who once co-starred on “That ’70s Show” and later wed in 2015 — have a goal to raise $30 million through their GoFundMe page, which will support refugee aid and more humanitarian efforts for displaced Ukrainians.

    The pair’s $3 million pledge will benefit AirBnB and Flexports, companies that are providing shelter to those who have found safety in such countries as Romania, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Moldova.

    Kunis — who shares kids Wyatt, 7, and Dimitri, 5, with Kutcher — previously spoke about returning to Ukraine as an adult in a 2017 interview with

    “We went to our house and I knocked on the door because we really wanted to look inside. And [the new owner] was like, ‘No!’ She did not care. I said, ‘I used to live here when I was little, my parents are here [with me],’” she said at the time. “She wouldn’t even open the door. The whole experience was very humbling.”

    ‘That ’90s Show’ Sets Young Cast Led By Callie Haverda As Leia Forman In Netflix’s ‘That ’70s Show’ Spinoff

    (2/3/22) Netflix has assembled the young series regular cast of That ’90s Show, a follow-up to hit sitcom That ’70s Show.

    The new group of six teenage friends in Point Place, Wisconsin is led by Leia Forman, daughter of Eric (Topher Grace) and Donna (Laura Prepon) from the original series. Callie Haverda (Shut Eye) is set to play Leia, with Ashley Aufderheide (Emergence), Mace Coronel (Colin in Black & White), Maxwell Acee Donovan (Gabby Duran & The Unsittables), Reyn Doi (Side Hustle) and Sam Morelos cast as new teen characters opposite fellow series regulars Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp who are reprising their That ’70s Show roles as Red Forman and Kitty Forman, respectively.

    I hear other That ’70s Show cast members, including Grace, Prepon, Mila Kunis, and Ashton Kutcher, are in negotiations to recur in the spinoff, which has a 10-episode order.

    In That ’90s Show, it’s 1995 in Wisconsin and Leia Forman (Haverda), daughter of Eric and Donna, is visiting her grandparents for the summer, where she bonds with a new generation of Point Place kids under the watchful eye of Kitty (Rupp) and the stern glare of Red (Smith). Sex, drugs and rock ’n roll never dies, it just changes clothes.

    Haverda’s Leia Forman is smart like her mom, snarky like her dad. Leia is craving adventure, she’s just not quite sure where or how to start. Until she discovers a best friend in the most unlikely of places: next door to her grandparents house in Point Place.

    Aufderheide plays Gwen. Life gets more interesting for Leia when she meets this Riot Grrrl. Equal parts loyalty, rebellion and heart, Gwen is a dynamic powerhouse and the unofficial leader of the new generation of Point Place kids. Love Gwen. Fear her. Follow her.

    Coronel plays Jay. He is charming and flirty – at least, he tries. It doesn’t always come out right. When he’s not hanging out with his best friend Nate or working at the local video store, he’s armed with a video camera and the whole world is his film set.

    Donovan plays Nate. The polar opposite of his little sister, Gwen, Nate takes life as it comes, usually with a big open smile. He lets the gang ride in his van because there’s always something fun on the other side of the drive. He loves his family, his girlfriend and Garth Brooks.

    Doi plays Ozzie. Everyone loves them some Ozzie. He’s insightful, sarcastic and has perspective beyond his years. Ozzie is gay and impatient with the world for not being as accepting as his friends.

    Morelos plays Nikki who is focused, smart, and driven. From the outside, you could easily see her becoming a doctor or a lawyer. But inside, she has more rebellion than a frustrated debutante and her boyfriend Nate can scratch that itch.

    The multi-cam That ’90s Show was created by That ’70s Show alum Gregg Mettler — who serves as showrunner — That ’70s Show co-creators Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner, and their daughter Lindsay Turner. The quartet executive produces alongside Rupp, Smith as well as Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner under the Carsey-Werner Company, which produced That ’70s Show and its offshoot That ’80s Show.

    Aufderheide is repped by CESD, Mitchell Gossett at Industry Entertainment and attorney J.R McGinnis. Haverda is repped by Paradigm and Schuller Talent. Morelos is with Paradigm and De Passe Jones. Donovan is repped by Osbrink and Vault Entertainment.

    Warner Bros. Buys Ashton Kutcher Comedy ‘The Masters Of Mini-Golf’ For HBO Max

    (10/7/21) Mila Kunis’ Orchard Farm Productions has sold its comedy The Masters of Mini-Golf to Warner Bros. for HBO Max, the company announced today.

    Ashton Kutcher will star in the film, which is currently in development. It centers on a golf hustler (Kutcher) and his older brother who decide to take their schemes from the PGA to the Masters of Mini Golf (yes, it’s a real thing). They quickly realize, thereafter, that while the holes might be smaller, the competitors and the challenges are much, much bigger.

    Ava Tramer and Ari Berkowitz are set to script the feature, which Kunis will produce with Kristina Sorensen, with Orchard Farm partners Lisa Sterbakov and Cami Curtis exec producing.

    Tramer and Berkowitz are a writing duo also currently at work on a holiday movie for Paramount Players. The pair have also worked on features for Warner Bros. Animation and TriStar, while staffing and developing independently in TV, having first teamed up on the spec script (Please) Maternity Leave, which was named to the Black List in 2018.

    Orchard Farm Productions is represented by CAA, Patti Felker, and J.R. McGinnis. Tramer is repped by Artists First and Ginsburg Daniels Kallis; Berkowitz by Artists First, CAA and Gang, Tyre, Ramer; Sorensen by Jesse Nord of The Nord Group. Kutcher is with Untitled Entertaiment, CAA and Sloane, Offer, Weber and Dern.

    Ashton Kutcher Tapped as 'CGD' Guest ... Met with Chant, 'Take a Shower!!!'

    (9/11/21) Ashton Kutcher was invited to an ESPN set this weekend to share his thoughts on college football -- but all he got in return from the crowd was some harsh advice on his hygiene.

    The actor got tapped by the network to be the guest prediction picker ahead of Saturday's slate of games, especially the big Iowa matchup later today between Iowa State and the University of Iowa -- with the latter being Ashton's alma mater.

    As soon as AK touched down by jet and was revealed as the big surprise for the broadcast, he got torched by the college crowd that were standing by at Jack Trice Stadium.

    They were chanting "Take a shower!" pretty damn loudly ... which the mics on set were picking up and broadcasting while Ashton was being intro'd. Doesn't seem like he heard it right then and there, but don't sweat ... the Cyclone fans had another go at it.

    Not too long after, Ashton eventually plopped down on his chair for the pre-game panel ... where he was talking football and charities of his -- and there, too, the "Take a Shower!" chant picked up again. This time, it was way closer ... and Ashton probably heard.

    He didn't flinch ... acting as if it didn't bother him. And, who knows ... maybe it doesn't. The guy already made fun of himself over the whole bathing fiasco earlier this summer.

    ICYMI ... Ashton and Mila Kunis revealed back in July that they didn't really wash their kids daily, and only threw 'em in the shower as they saw fit, or if they saw noticeable dirt. It sparked a huge debate about kids and cleanliness -- but the Kutchers took it in stride.

    Looks like that whole stench is following Ashton here well into September. Pee-yew!!!

    Ashton Kutcher Joins Reese Witherspoon In Netflix Romcom ‘Your Place Or Mine’ For Aggregate & Hello Sunshine

    (8/3/21) Ashton Kutcher will star opposite Reese Witherspoon in the Netflix romcom Your Place or Mine based on the original script by Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devil Wears Prada, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) who is also making her feature directorial debut on the project.

    In Your Place or Mine, two best friends who live on opposite coasts swap homes for a week and see their whole lives change. Deadline first reported about Jason Bateman and Michael Costigan’s Aggregate Films’ deal on the co-production with Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine. Bateman and Costigan will produce through their first-look deal with Netflix alongside Witherspoon and Lauren Neustadter for Hello Sunshine and McKenna for Lean Machine.

    Aggregate’s Ozark series, which Bateman stars in, directed and exec produced, clocked a third season that was watched by 29M households WW in its first four weeks. Ozark counts three Primetime Emmy wins: one for Bateman in 2019 for directing the drama series and two for Julia Garner in the Best Supporting Actress Drama series category. Last fall, Netflix acquired feature comedy Student Driver, an original pitch from writer Peter Hoare (Standing Up, Falling Down) and Jason Bateman’s Aggregate Films. Bateman recently starred in the Melissa McCarthy-Octavia Spencer Netflix comedy movie Thunder Force.

    Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine was snapped up yesterday by a firm backed by private-equity giant Blackstone Group for a reported $900M. The new venture will be led by former Walt Disney Co. executives Kevin Mayer and Tom Staggs, with Hello Sunshine as its first acquisition. Witherspoon and Hello Sunshine CEO Sarah Harden will join the board of the as-yet-unnamed company and will continue to operate Hello Sunshine. Hello Sunshine’s notable credits include Apple’s The Morning Show, which has an upcoming second season, and HBO’s Big Little Lies and Hulu limited series Little Fires Everywhere.

    Kutcher is repped by CAA, Untitled Entertainment and Sloane, Offer, Weber & Dern. He is a SAG ensemble nominee for the 2007 movie Bobby, and starred in such feature hits as What Happens in Vegas, Valentine’s Day, No Strings Attached and New Year’s Eve. His TV credits include 80 episodes of Netflix series The Ranch on which he also serves as EP, 84 episodes of Warner Bros. TV and CBS’ Two and a Half Men, and 183 episodes of That ’70s Show. As an EP, he has been behind such series as Punk’d and Beauty and the Geek.

    Guy Oseary And Michael Powers Unveil Bright Platform For Live Learning; Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Naomi Campbell, & Amy Schumer Among 200+ Talent Partners

    (5/4/21) Guy Oseary and Michael Powers have announced the launch of Bright, a video platform for live conversation and learning, backed by a wide range of stars.

    The platform offers participants the chance to “level up” their lives, by engaging personally with their favorite creatives from a range of spheres.

    More than 200 talent partners will soon share their knowledge live with fans on Bright, including Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Naomi Campbell, Shawn Mendes, Amy Schumer, D-Nice, D’Amelio Sisters, Laura Dern, Judd Apatow, Deepak Chopra, Diplo, Kenny Smith, Kane Brown, Drew and Jonathan Scott (Property Brothers), Lindsey Vonn, Rachel Zoe, Diego Boneta, Tal Fishman, Ryan Prunty, Demi Skipper, Charlotte Mckinney, Jason Bolden, Yris Palmer, Cat & Nat, Ronnie2K, Chef Ludo Lefebvre, and Jonathan Mannion.

    More than 1500 additional partners are currently on the waitlist to lead “Bright Sessions,” which will range in focus from hands-on skills to unexpected life lessons and more. In addition to its live video chat setting, Bright will have a “Bright Stage” for direct exchanges, and a VIP area, among other interactive features.

    Oseary and Kutcher’s Sound Ventures co-founded Bright, and is one of its lead investors. Additional investors include RIT Capital, Globo, and Norwest, as well as other leading VCs, celebrities and entrepreneurs.

    As Bright’s CEO, Powers is overseeing a team of seasoned executives from leading entertainment and tech platforms. Kaitlyn Powell, former Head of Talent at Caffeine, joins as VP of Talent & Partnerships, with Sadia Harper, former UX Strategist at Instagram, leading Creator & Product Strategy. Jeben Berg joins from YouTube & Maker Studios as Director of Creative programming, with Pinterest’s Heather Grates joining as Design Lead. Previously in roles at Apple and Facebook, Jarad Backlund will lead finance.

    Prior to partnering with Oseary, Powers served as SVP and GM at CBS Interactive. He was also one of YouTube’s earliest product managers.

    Oseary shares with Powers a wealth of experience across digital, music, talent relations, production, and distribution. The co-founder of Sound Ventures and A-Grade Investments also founded Maverick in 2014, and continues to rep Madonna and U2 at the music management company.

    For more information about the Bright platform, click here.

    Jay Leno Backs Ellen DeGeneres Amid Show’s Toxic Workplace Allegations; Rachel Bloom, Ashton Kutcher and Diane Keaton Weigh In

    (8/5/20) Tweeting about his friendship with Ellen DeGeneres, late-night TV legend Jay Leno joined a growing number of industry figures voicing support for the television talk show host.

    “I don’t discard a 40-year friendship on hearsay. The Ellen I know has raised over $125 million dollars for charity and has always been a kind and decent person,” Leno tweeted Tuesday. “I fully support her.”

    Throughout his time as Tonight Show host in the 90s and early aughts, Leno welcomed DeGenres as a guest multiple times. Years later, the Ellen host returned the favor inviting him to appear on her self-titled daytime show.

    His message of support comes after Buzzfeed published a story in which former Ellen employees recalled their time behind the scenes. The former talk show workers said they experienced bullying, intimidation and racially charged microaggressions from top bosses. Warner Bros. launched an internal investigation after Buzzfeed released the story.

    Also weighing in on the subject was Ashton Kutcher, who tweeted about his experiences with the Finding Dory star and her show.

    “She & her team have only treated me & my team w/ respect & kindness. She never pandered to celebrity which I always saw as a refreshing honesty,” he wrote. “When things aren’t right she handles and fixes.”

    Something to Give star Diane Keaton shared a photo of herself on DeGenres’ talk show to Instagram accompanied by a caption in support for the talk show host.

    “I always enjoyed my visits to the Ellen show. I’ve seen how the audience exudes happiness and gratitude,” Keaton wrote. “She gives back to so many including me.”

    Not everyone in the industry, however, explicitly supports DeGeneres. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom also went to social media to voice her concerns about the issue. The actress said that the experiences people have either behind or in front of the camera on TV shows can vary greatly.

    “Having a good time being a guest does not necessarily have anything to do with the experiences of the employees,” Bloom said in a Twitter thread. “I’m not saying this to put anyone on blast, I just wanted to offer my POV as someone who’s had the amazing fortune to experience both worlds.”

    Other Hollywood players who have added to the conversation include DeGeneres’ wife Portia de Rossi, Vance DeGeneres and former Ellen DJ Tony Okungbowa.

    Crackle Plus Unveils Slate Of Originals; Renews Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Going From Broke’ & Leans On Landmar

    (6/22/20) Ashton Kutcher’s unscripted series Going From Broke has been handed a second season by Crackle Plus as the AVOD service unveils its latest slate of originals.

    The digital platform is leaning heavily on scripted and non-scripted series from its sister company, Landmark Studio, which was set up by owner Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment and former IDW Entertainment President David Ozer last year.

    The slate was announced as part of its NewFronts advertising presentation.

    Going From Broke, which the company said has scored 16M views, will return for a second ten-part run in the first quarter of 2021. From executive producer Kutcher, the series sheds light on the national crisis of student debt and offers practical solutions for young people to go from broke. Produced by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, it is hosted by Chegg CEO Dan Rosensweig.

    On the scripted side, Crackle Plus has unveiled four originals.

    Spides, which was originally commissioned by Syfy Germany, is set in in modern-day Berlin and follows Nora Berger, a young woman who wakes from a coma without any memory of her previous life after taking a mysterious club drug, Bliss. Local police detective David Leonhart and his partner Nique Navar are hunting down the source of the drug in relation to dozens of missing teens from all over the city. When Nora begins digging in an attempt to discover the truth of her own experience, she begins to peel back the layers of a conspiracy of aliens using synthetic drugs to infiltrate humans to use as host bodies. The eight-part series stars Rosabell Laurenti Sellers and Falk Hentschel. It launches later this year.

    Safehaven, which premieres in 2021, is a supernatural thriller about Jenna Frost, a high school comic book artist who finds herself trapped in an alternate reality – a personal purgatory ripped from the pages of Safehaven, the graphic novel of her own creation. The ten-part series, produced by Landmark Studio Group, was created by exec producer James Seale (Asylum).

    The Operative, which premieres in 2021, is an international spy thriller starring Craig T. Nelson as retired intelligence operative John Straw. Produced by Landmark Studio Group, it was created by Nelson’s son Noah Nelson, who has written on shows including Hawaii Five-0 and Secrets and Lies.

    Flagrant, which premieres in 2021, stars Michael Rappaport as a disgraced college basketball star who gets his chance at redemption. The ten-part series is produced by Landmark Studio Group.

    Other non-scripted and documentary originals including four-part History of Gangster Rap, World’s Smartest Homes, Road to Raceday, Anything is Possible and Sports Confidential.

    History of Gangster Rap, which premieres 2021, is based on the book by Soren Baker and explores how the music genre, which spawned artists including N.W.A., Biggie, 2Pac, Ice Cube, Snoop Dog, and Ice-T begam. The ten-part series is produced by Landmark Studio Group.

    World’s Smartest Homes, which premieres 2021, is a ten-part property series that follows Tanya Memme as she take viewers into exclusive homes.

    Road to Raceday, which premieres on July 1, is an eight-part series that gives fans an inside look into NASCAR for the first time. Originally commissioned by Go90, the series follows Hendrick Motorsports and stars including Chase Elliot, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jimmie Johnson, and Kasey Kahne. It is produced by Peter Berg’s Film 45.

    Anything is Possible, which premieres later this year, is a one-off doc that follows NBA champion Serge Ibaka on his journey home to the Republic of Congo. It is produced by Uninterrrupted Films.

    Sports Confidential, which premieres in 2021, is a four-part docuseries that blows the whistle on some of the biggest scandals, dirty corruption, and untold controversies in sports history. Produced by Landmark Studio Group, it is hosted by former Texas A&M basketball coach and CBS, NCAA announcer Christopher Walker.

    Finally, on the feature side, Crackle Plus has acquired the AVOD streaming rights to films including Nicolas Cage’s Willy’s Wonderland and action franchise Trigger Point.

    Ashton Kutcher emotionally address #AllLivesMatter counter-protesters

    (6/4/20) Ashton Kutcher fought back tears in a powerful Instagram video while explaining why black lives matter to followers who have responded to his ‘BLM’ post over the weekend with the tone-deaf ‘All lives matter’.

    The actor was supporting those protesting the death of George Floyd with his Black Lives Matter tag and was stunned by the response from fans who didn’t seem to get the importance of the words.

    And the No Strings Attached star reveals the importance of the slogan really resonated as he was putting his kids to bed on Tuesday night.

    The 42-year-old, who shares two kids with his wife Mila Kunis, explained why posting black squares and a black-and-white image of the American flag with the caption ‘BLM’ was important.

    “I don’t think the people that are posting ‘All Lives Matter’ should be cancelled. I think they should be educated,” he explained. “We all agree All Lives Matter, but I had a really poignant experience tonight when I was putting my kids down to bed.

    “Usually Mila and I put our kids to bed, we read them a book and our daughter always gets to go first. Tonight, as we were reading her book, my son says, ‘Wait, why don’t I get to go first?’ Mila said, ‘Because girls go first’. He said, ‘Yeah, but boys can go first’.

    “I looked at him and I said, ‘No, girls go first… For you and me, girls go first, and the reason why is, for some boys, girls don’t get to go at all. And so for you and me, girls go first’.”

    Tearing up on camera, he added, “So when it comes to Black Lives Matter, I think what folks that are writing ‘All Lives Matter’ need to understand is that for some people black lives don’t matter at all, so for us, Black Lives Matter. So while you may have the best intentions in saying ‘All Lives Matter’, remember for some people black lives don’t matter at all.”

    Kutcher captioned the emotional clip: “#Blm vs #Alm understanding why saying ‘all lives matter’ is missing the point. #blacklivesmatter.”

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis selling Beverly Hills mansion for $14M

    (5/28/20) Hollywood power couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are looking to shake things up in LA.’s high-end real estate market, which has lately been mired in the doldrums — a byproduct of coronavirus chaos. The actors-turned-successful investors are asking $14 million for their Coldwater Canyon home, the duo’s primary residence and the first marital property they ever purchased.

    Tucked into the mountains above Beverly Hills, the house is sited in a neighborhood known as Beverly Hills Post Office (BHPO), and within a guard-gated community known as Hidden Valley.

    But it’s not particularly surprising that the Kunis-Kutchers have chosen to unload their longtime main home; the pair are midway through construction on a titanic modern compound elsewhere in the BHPO area.

    That place, many years in the making, rather makes their current for-sale home look like a comparative hovel. And while they await completion of their dream mega-mansion, they won’t be homeless — they’re quarantining in a $10 million oceanfront getaway up north, in the beautiful town of Carpinteria, Calif.

    Back in BHPO, the stately residence — described in the listing as a “timeless traditional” — was built in 1999 and features an attractive facade with a mix of stone and cedar siding. Kutcher and Kunis purchased the two-story, 7,351-square-foot abode in 2014 for about $10.2 million, Dirt previously reported. Previously, the house had been owned by former Viacom CEO Tom Freston.

    Cocoa brown hardwood floors envelop the entire three-story home, which offers five bedrooms and a total of 5.5 baths. The main level has well-scaled public rooms, including a living room with fireplace and hand-crafted moldings, a step-up formal dining room and a gigantic, all-white cook’s kitchen with a mix of vintage and modern appliances, a breakfast nook with built-in banquette and an adjacent family room with another fireplace.

    Upstairs are the home’s four family bedrooms, all of them with ensuite baths and closets. And downstairs — in the partially subterranean lower level — is a guest-staff bedroom, along with a full array of luxe recreational amenities: a temperature-controlled wine room with space for hundreds of bottles, a gym and sauna. Multiple sets of French doors allow easy access to fresh mountain air.

    Outside, the lushly-landscaped yard spans just over a half-acre, with rolling lawns and mature weeping willows, plus a stone terrace with an outdoor kitchen and bar. Set into the patio is a lagoon-style swimming pool that’s partially shaded by a towering hedge, and is outfitted with a grotto and raised spa.

    Whoever buys the Kunis-Kutcher abode will find themselves practically choked by celebrity — Hidden Valley is perhaps LA’s most star-studded gated enclave of them all, and nearly every home in the community is owned by someone with deep Hollywood ties. Folks within easy sugar-borrowing distance include Adele, Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, Nick and Joanna Swisher, Penelope Cruz, Zoe Saldana and Ziggy Marley, just to name a few.

    Justin Paul Huchel and Drew Fenton of Hilton & Hyland hold the listing.

    Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber Celebs Galore in New Music Vid ... Ariana's New BF Too!!!

    (4/23/20) (Video) Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber finally teamed up on a song, and made it worth the wait by dropping a new quarantine-friendly music video featuring fans, famous folks, and their significant others.

    The pop duet premiered early Friday, and the theme of the music vid for "Stuck with U" is people everywhere making the most of these stay-at-home days as we all try to work together to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

    These shots included girls flaunting their prom dresses, families dancing around together and having fun with their pets ... and signs and messages of love and support, especially for health workers taking on COVID-19.

    It's loaded with celebrity cameos, too ... including Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, Michael Bublé, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ayesha and Stephen Curry, Chance the Rapper, Lil Dicky, Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich, Jaden Smith, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

    No Carole Baskin, though ... she didn't make the final cut.

    Of course, Justin's shown in the video hanging out with his wife, Hailey, and Ariana's got a little dancing clip at the end of the vid with her new boyfriend, Dalton Gomez.

    As we first told you, Dalton's a real estate big shot in L.A. The 2 have been self-isolating together since March ... but it looks like they've gone public with their relationship now.

    BTW -- proceeds from "Stuck with U" will go to the First Responders Children’s Foundation, which funds grants and scholarships for kids of first responders on the front lines of the pandemic.

    Tip from Ashton Kutcher led to Iowa’s coronavirus testing deal

    (4/23/20) Iowa’s governor said the state’s $26 million contract to increase coronavirus testing was reached after she acted on a tip from actor Ashton Kutcher, a revelation that increased skepticism about the no-bid deal.

    Critics of Gov. Kim Reynolds said they were puzzled by the celebrity’s cameo in Iowa’s outbreak response, particularly when the state has been slow to tap some of its own experts.

    Reynolds, a Republican, said she recently called Kutcher, an Iowa native, to ask him to record a public service announcement urging residents to stay home.

    Kutcher asked whether she’d heard about TestUtah, a public-private partnership recently launched to increase testing, Reynolds said. The actor told her “it looked very promising and it looked like other states should potentially take a look,” the governor recalled.

    Kutcher, a tech investor, volunteered that he had a friend working for one of the TestUtah contractors and offered to arrange a meeting. Reynolds said she spoke with Kutcher’s associate and her aides soon connected with the office of Utah Gov. Gary Herbert.

    “We were able to start that conversation and ramp it up relatively quickly,” Reynolds said.

    Last week, Iowa signed a $26 million contract with Nomi Health, a virtually unknown Utah startup that says it’s developing a “modern payment system for healthcare.”

    Under the contract, Nomi Health will supply 540,000 coronavirus tests to Iowa over the next six months. Its partners include Utah-based Co-Diagnostics, which recently received federal approval to sell COVID-19 testing kits, and tech firms Qualtrics and Domo.

    The companies will also run the TestIowa website where residents take voluntary assessments to determine whether they qualify for testing and set up testing appointments.

    Kutcher, a venture capitalist, is not an investor in the firms, his publicist said.

    It wasn’t immediately clear which Kutcher friend was involved. But he has ties to Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith, whose company is providing Iowa’s online assessment tool and has previously worked with the state.

    In a Qualtrics news release, Reynolds said the company’s product will save lives by helping Iowa monitor the virus and determine where to put testing sites. Smith called the deal “an example of the way we all need to come together to fight this virus.”

    Reynolds launched a #TestIowaChallenge campaign on Twitter urging residents to complete the assessments, which ask for personal health and contact information. The governor challenged Kutcher, who recorded a promotional video. More than 80,000 people completed assessments in the first 24 hours.

    The contract requires Nomi Health to safeguard the confidential assessment data and either return or destroy it when the program is over.

    The program aims to roughly triple Iowa’s testing capacity by adding 3,000 tests per day, which will be conducted at mobile sites around the state. The first testing will begin Saturday in Des Moines.

    Reynolds revealed Kutcher’s role when asked why she didn’t consider Iowa-based institutions or companies for the contract. Minnesota is partnering with the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic for statewide testing.

    The governor said the deal “has an Iowa touch.”

    Kutcher grew up in Cedar Rapids, graduated from high school in Tiffin and became a model while attending the University of Iowa. He hit it big on “That ’70s Show” before starring in movies such as “Valentine’s Day” and “No Strings Attached.”

    Critics questioned why the governor took input from Kutcher but doesn’t appear to have consulted top Iowa experts on the testing contract.

    “Mr. Kutcher seems like a great guy but not sure what public health expertise he brings for advising our pandemic response,” said Democratic Sen. Joe Bolkcom, who has faulted the governor for failing to protect workers during the pandemic. “But if he’s available, maybe he can go inspect the meatpacking plants.”

    The state reported Thursday that Iowa’s coronavirus death toll has risen by six to 96 and that 282 infected residents were hospitalized. Half of the dead are residents of long-term care facilities, Reynolds said.

    ABC Sets ‘The Happy Days Of Garry Marshall’ Tribute Special With Julie Andrews, Jennifer Garner, Jimmy Kimmel & More

    (4/8/20) ABC is paying tribute to Hollywood legend Garry Marshall in an upcoming TV special. The Happy Days of Garry Marshall will air Tuesday, May 12 at 8 PM.

    The special will bring together stars of some of Marshall’s most iconic series and films, sharing their favorite memories of Marshall, including Pretty Woman‘s Richard Gere, Hector Elizondo and Julia Roberts; Ron Howard, Don Most, Marion Ross, Anson Williams and Henry Winkler (Happy Days); Cindy Williams, David Lander and Michael McKean (Laverne & Shirley); Pam Dawber (Mork & Mindy); Barbara Hershey (Beaches); and Julie Andrews, Anne Hathaway and Chris Pine (The Princess Diaries).

    Amid the coronavirus crisis, broadcast networks have been scheduling feel-good specials as their series seasons were cut short and they are looking to add comfort food programming in difficult times.

    “Garry famously said, ‘I never wanted to change the world. I wanted to entertain the world.’ And for more than six decades, his work in television and films made us laugh, touched our hearts and always left us feeling good,” said John Scheinfeld, executive producer of “The Happy Days of Garry Marshall.” “Featuring his most famous stars, this very special celebration captures the hilarious, positive, upbeat and romantic nature of Garry Marshall. It’s exactly the show we need right now.”

    Additional appearances in The Happy Days of Garry Marshall include ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel and actors Abigail Breslin, Yvette Nicole Brown, Cary Elwes, Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, Ashton Kutcher, Rob Lowe and John Stamos. Marshall’s wife, Barbara, and their children Scott, Kathleen and Lori, also will share never-before-heard stories about Marshall, including a look back at the start of his career in Hollywood.

    The Happy Days of Garry Marshall is produced by Crew Neck Productions for ABC and is written and directed by John Scheinfeld.

    You can watch a promo here.

    Ashton Kutcher Explains Why It Was Time to End The Ranch, Takes a Swipe at Two and a Half Men

    (2/4/20) Ashton Kutcher is opening up about the decision to close up shop on The Ranch.

    The star and executive producer of the recently ended Netflix comedy was a guest on Monday’s episode of the WTF With Marc Maron podcast. During the interview, he suggested that the Colorado-set series had reached its natural conclusion, and there was no incentive to keep it going.

    “The story [of The Ranch] was told,” he said. “I love everything that we did. Everybody there was still highly in love with each other… We got to the point where we were able to let everybody know [that] this was the last season, and that we were going to wrap it up, so everybody had time to find their next gig.

    “Netflix owns the show,” he added, “so it’s not like there was this big syndication boon that’s going to come if we shoot two more seasons.”

    While rationalizing the decision to call it quits, Kutcher insinuated that his last sitcom, CBS’ Two and a Half Men, ended later than it should have.

    “I’ve been on shows where you keep going, and you keep going,” he said. “And then you’ve got a brother who’s a gorilla.”

    Interestingly enough, Kutcher was referring to one the earliest episodes from his Two and a Half Men tenure, Season 9’s “One False Move, Zimbabwe!,” wherein Walden’s primatologist mother Robin (played by Mimi Rogers) revealed to her son that he had been raised alongside a gorilla, whom he always thought was an imaginary childhood friend. The episode culminated in Kutcher being tickled by a man in a gorilla suit.

    During the Q&A, Kutcher also revealed that the character of Walden wasn’t what he signed up for when he agreed to replace original series star Charlie Sheen.

    “I went and met with [series co-creator] Chuck Lorre and he seemed like a really smart guy, and he had an idea for this character that I thought was really interesting, which wasn’t the character that I wound up [playing],” Kutcher said. “I got the script and was, like, ‘Well, that’s not what we talked about.’ But he had an idea for this character that I thought was interesting.”

    The That ’70s Show alum ultimately did four seasons of Two and a Half Men and “had a really good time,” despite his creative concerns. “I actually went through a divorce [with Demi Moore] when I was on that show, which is a really hard thing to do. Having a family while going through that, I needed that. And those people were all there for me and supported me… and it was phenomenal.”

    The Ranch Part 8 Trailer Reveals Who Gets Arrested for Killing Nick — Plus, [Spoiler] Returns in Final Episodes

    (1/10/20) (Video) The mystery surrounding who shot Nick is solved (or is it?) in the final trailer for The Ranch — and TVLine has your exclusive first look.

    In the above video, Mary reveals that Luke (played by recurring guest star Dax Shepard) was arrested for killing her no-good, rotten ex. This, of course, could be a misdirect. Luke might take the fall for Mary, or someone else entirely.

    Also glimpsed in new scenes is the return of former series regular Debra Winger, whose Maggie Bennett was M.I.A. for the entirety of Part 7. The family matriarch heads back to Garrison for the holiday season, only to inform Colt and Beau that she’s decided to put down roots in Florida.

    Maggie isn’t the only one on the move. We find out that Neumann’s Hill acquired the Bennett family home as part of the Iron River Ranch acquisition, and Beau and Joanne (played by Sam Elliott and Kathy Baker) will be forced out in 60 days. Colt offers Dad and his new stepmom a place to crash, but the rent is too damn high as far as Beau’s concerned.

    Back in June, Netflix announced that Ashton Kutcher comedy would end after Part 8. At 80 episodes, it becomes the streamer’s longest-running multi-camera sitcom, surpassing Fuller House (which will end its fifth and final season with 75 episodes).

    The Ranch first premiered in April 2016. The R-rated multi-cam centered on Kutcher’s Colt, a former semi-pro football player who returned to his family’s Colorado ranch and attempted to restore his relationships with his older brother Rooster (That ’70s Show‘s Danny Masterson), his mom Maggie and his tough-as-nails dad Beau. Along the way, Colt rekindled his relationship with high school sweetheart Abby (Happy Endings‘ Elisha Cuthbert), whom he eventually married.

    The Ranch Part 8 drops on Friday, Jan. 24.

    The Ranch Gets Part 8 Premiere Date; Final 10 Episodes Drop in January

    (12/10/19) Netflix will officially foreclose on Iron River on Friday, Jan. 24. That’s when Ashton Kutcher’s The Ranch is set to return with its final 10 episodes, bringing the Colorado-set sitcom to a close.

    Back in June, Netflix announced that The Ranch would end after Part 8. At 80 episodes, it becomes the streamer’s longest-running multi-camera comedy, surpassing Fuller House (which will end its fifth and final season with 75 episodes).

    The Ranch first premiered in April 2016. The R-rated multi-cam centered on Colt Bennett (Kutcher), a former semi-pro football player who returned to his family’s Colorado ranch and attempted to restore his relationships with his older brother Rooster (That ’70s Show co-star Danny Masterson), his mom Maggie (Terms of Endearment‘s Debra Winger) and his tough-as-nails dad Beau (A Star Is Born‘s Sam Elliott). Along the way, Colt rekindled his relationship with high school sweetheart Abby (Happy Endings‘ Elisha Cuthbert), whom he eventually married. Masterson was eventually fired by Netflix following multiple allegations of sexual assault. The character of Rooster was killed off in a brutal motorcycle accident that would dramatically alter the series in Part 6. He was essentially replaced by Kutcher’s former Punk’d cohort Dax Shepard, who came on board as estranged cousin Luke Matthews.

    When we last left the Iron River Ranch, Abby alerted the Bennetts that Nick was back in town. Beau headed down to Nick’s trailer park with a gun, while Colt (who blames Nick for Rooster’s death) and Luke (who wants to protect Mary) not far behind. Then, in the very last scene, Nick entered his trailer to find an unwanted visitor. “What the f—k are you doing here?” he asked, before a gun was fired. Because the confrontation happened inside, it’s not clear who pulled the trigger, or whether Nick was actually shot.

    Ashton Kutcher-Produced ‘Going From Broke’ Hits 5M Views In 4 Weeks On Crackle

    (11/15/19) Going From Broke, an unscripted series about personal debt whose executive producers include Ashton Kutcher, has passed five million views in four weeks on Crackle.

    The number was released Friday by the new majority owner of the ad-supported streaming platform, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. The company, which also controls AVOD platforms like Popcornflix, released quarterly earnings on Thursday afternoon. The results reflected the first full quarter of results since the Crackle deal closed in May.

    Revenue hit a company-record $17 million in the period ending September 30, up from $6.6 million in the year-ago quarter. The bottom line was less rosy, with adjusted EBITDA showing a loss of $400,000, compared with positive EBITDA of $3.4 million in the prior-year quarter.

    Investors seized on the profit wobble, sending CSSE shares down 8% in the early going on Friday, to $9.15. Bill Rouhana, CEO of CSSE, also disclosed a $1 million hit to revenue in the quarter due to a “some temporary technical issues” with the Crackle app on Roku as its branding got updated. The update left the server briefly unable to deliver “a sizable number of ads,” the CEO explained.

    The context of Going From Broke is the $1.5 trillion in federal student loan debt, a tally that continues to grow. More than 44 million Americans are coping with how to pay off that debt, and the show focuses on a handful of individual debt-holders in LA. Financial experts counsel them about how to create a framework for moving forward.

    “This show has struck a chord with viewers,” Rouhana said. “There is clearly a need for this important dialogue. We are encouraged by the feedback and are now considering the possibility of a second season.”

    Going From Broke is executive produced by Kutcher, Rouhana and Michael Winter for CSSE. For Matador Content, Todd Lubin, Jay Peterson, Joel Relampagos and Jerry Carita are also executive producers.

    Demi Moore says she regrets having threesomes with Ashton Kutcher in new book

    (9/20/19) Demi Moore has revealed in a new memoir that she and ex-husband Ashton Kutcher had two threesomes during their marriage — and that he then used the encounters to explain away his later cheating on her, according to a report.

    Moore said she only wanted to please Kutcher by engaging in the three-way sex, but she now believes that doing so was a “mistake,” Radar reported Wednesday.

    “I wanted to show him how great and fun I could be,” she writes in the book, “Inside Out,” according to the gossip site.

    Moore wrote that in 2010 she saw media reports claiming Kutcher, 41, met a 21-year-old woman while bowling with her daughter Rumer Willis, and cheated on her in his marital home while Moore was out of town filming a movie.

    When she confronted him, he brought up their threesomes as a defense.

    “Because we had brought a third party into our relationship, Ashton said, that blurred the lines and, to some extent, justified what he’d done,” she writes, adding it was to “deflect blame.”

    Moore also accused the “That ’70s Star” actor, to whom she was married from 2005 to 2013, of cheating on her before their separation in 2011 while at his former co-star Danny Masterson’s bachelor party.

    According to Radar, she learned about the alleged cheating from a Google alert.

    “I felt sick to my stomach,” she writes.

    Earlier this month, the New York Times released quotes from the forthcoming book, in which Moore, 56, detailed suffering a miscarriage six months into her pregnancy in the early 2000s. Moore “started drinking again and blamed herself for the loss,” though she and Kutcher tried to conceive again through IVF.

    Reps for Moore and HarperCollins, the tome’s publisher, did not immediately return our requests for comment. A rep for Kutcher also did not respond.

    “Inside Out” is set to be released on Sept. 24.

    The Ranch Part 7 Trailer: [Spoiler] Gets Married, Rooster Gets Name-Dropped and a '70s Show Vet Returns — Watch

    (8/24/19) (Video) Colt Bennett is struggling to keep his family together and his business afloat in the first trailer for The Ranch Part 7.

    In the above video, Colt is reunited with Old Man Peterson (played by Ashton Kutcher’s former That ’70s Show co-star Kurtwood Smith). The ailing rancher, who sold Colt and Rooster his property back in Part 4, is there to lend an ear to Colt as he details his current troubles. Those include his separation from Abby and his rocky father-son relationship with Beau.

    Meanwhile, cousin Luke (recurring guest star Dax Shepard) elopes with Rooster’s ex-girlfriend Mary and takes with him the money he was going to use to help keep the Bennett Brothers Ranch from going under. He soon returns to Denver, “seeking forgiveness from the only family he’s got,” according the official logline.

    In addition, Part 7 will follow Beau as he struggles to adjust to semi-retirement and the complications of aging. He eventually offers to be Colt’s ranch hand, so you just know he’s desperate to get back to work. And if the above trailer is any indication, Colt is going to need all the help he can get if he wants to compete with Lisa Neumann.

    Back in June, Netflix announced that The Ranch would end after Part 8, to be released in 2020. At 80 episodes, it will become the streamer’s longest-running multi-camera sitcom to date, surpassing Fuller House (which will end its fifth and final season at 75 episodes).

    The Ranch Gets Part 7 Premiere Date

    (8/22/19) What does the future hold for Colt and Abby? Fans of The Ranch will find out when the Ashton Kutcher comedy returns for the first half of its fourth and final season (aka Part 7) on Friday, Sept. 13.

    When we last left the Iron River Ranch, Abby was devastated that Colt lied to her about the sale of the Bennett Brothers’ herd. She decided that she’d had enough, and told Colt that she thought they should separate.

    Colt and Abby’s growing family (and possible separation) weren’t the only changes to come in Part 6. The series introduced new recurring cast member Dax Shepard, who came on board as Beau’s previously unknown nephew Luke Matthews, a former soldier who suffers from PTSD and addiction. He eventually got involved with Rooster’s ex-girlfriend Mary and asked her to accompany him to California. Meanwhile, Beau invited Joanne to move in with him after he agreed to make Iron River Ranch an official part of the Neumann’s Hill family.

    Part 7 marks the second batch of episodes without embattled former star Danny Masterson, who gave the ongoing series his blessing (?!) after he was let over multiple allegations of sexual assault.

    Back in June, Netflix announced that The Ranch would end after Part 8, to be released in 2020. At 80 episodes, it becomes the streamer’s longest-running multi-camera comedy to date, surpassing Fuller House (which will end its fifth and final season at 75 episodes).

    Ashton Kutcher's Slain Friend's Killer Found Guilty of Murder

    (8/16/19) The man who brutally killed Ashton Kutcher's friend has just been found guilty of 2 counts of first degree murder.

    The jury in Michael Gargiulo's murder trial returned its verdict Thursday ... finding him guilty of killing two women with a knife in California, including Ashton's friend, Ashley Ellerin. Jury deliberations began Monday.

    Gargiulo will move onto the sanity phase of the trial, which will determine if he was sane during the killings, and this will begin on Tuesday.

    As we reported ... Ashton took the stand back in May, going in front of the jury on behalf of his slain friend and providing crucial testimony.

    Ashton said Ashley was supposed to be his date to a Grammys after-party in 2001, but she never showed.

    The actor testified that on the night of the Grammys, he went to Ashley's home around 10:45 PM and knocked on the door, but there was no answer. Ashton says he peered through a side window and saw what he believed was red wine spilled on the floor, so he bounced.

    Ashley was found dead in her house the next morning, lying outside the bathroom with more than 47 stab wounds ... and authorities said Gargiulo was the killer.

    The judge and jury went on an emotional field trip back in June, checking out the place where Ashley died a gruesome death.

    Gargiulo -- who has been called the "Hollywood Ripper" -- is also facing murder charges in Illinois. Prosecutors have labeled him a "serial sexual-thrill killer."

    The Ranch to End With Season 4

    (6/4/19) It’s last call at Maggie’s: The Ranch‘s upcoming 20-episode fourth season (aka Parts 7 and 8) will be the Netflix comedy’s last, TVLine has learned. The series’ star, Ashton Kutcher, confirmed the news Tuesday on social media.

    “The Ranch is coming to an end, but not just yet,” Kutcher announced on Twitter. “We’re excited to bring you the final 20 episodes — 10 later this year… and then 10 more in 2020. Stay tuned!!”

    The Ranch first premiered in April 2016. The R-rated multi-cam centered on Colt Bennett (Kutcher), a former semi-pro football player who returned to his family’s Colorado ranch and attempted to restore his relationships with his older brother Rooster (That ’70s Show co-star Danny Masterson), his mom Maggie (Terms of Endearment‘s Debra Winger) and his tough-as-nails dad Beau (A Star Is Born‘s Sam Elliott). Along the way, Colt rekindled his relationship with high school sweetheart Abby (Happy Endings‘ Elisha Cuthbert), whom he eventually married.

    Masterson was eventually fired by Netflix following multiple allegations of sexual assault. The character of Rooster was killed off in a brutal motorcycle accident that would dramatically alter the series in Part 6. He was essentially replaced by Kutcher’s former Punk’d cohort Dax Shepard, who came on board as estranged cousin Luke Matthews.

    Along the way, The Ranch bulked up its recurring ensemble with even more of Kutcher’s former colleagues. That ’70s Show‘s Wilmer Valderrama, Debra Jo Rupp, Kurtwood Smith and Bret Harrison, and Two and a Half Men‘s Jon Cryer and Conchata Ferrell, all have made multiple appearances.

    When the sitcom signs off, The Ranch will have aired 80 total episodes, making it Netflix’s longest-running multi-camera comedy, surpassing Fuller House (which ends its fifth and final season at 75 episodes).

    Ashton Kutcher Testifies in Murder Trial on Behalf of Friend Slain in 2001

    (5/30/19) Kutcher took the stand Wednesday in a murder case, and his testimony could be crucial in the case of a man prosecutors call a "serial sexual-thrill killer."

    Kutcher was in an L.A. courthouse testifying in the trial of Michael Gargiulo -- aka the "Hollywood Ripper" -- who's accused of attacking 4 women with a knife and killing 3 of them over the span of 15 years.

    Among them is Ashley Ellerin, a friend of Kutcher's who was supposed to be his date to a Grammys after-party in February 2001 but never showed. Kutcher reportedly went to her house to check on her but she didn't answer, so he left.

    Ashton testified that he had met Ashley through a friend and he had gone to her house a few weeks before the Grammys to a housewarming party for her. He characterized his relationship with her as "an acquaintance," although he did say he had some interest in her.

    Kutcher said the night of the Grammys was the first time he had thought he might pursue her in a dating relationship. He told the jury at around 7:30 PM he called her to say he was going to a friend's house to watch the show and then come to her home.

    He said at 8:24 PM they talked and she said she had just gotten out of the shower and was going to blow dry her hair and they would meet up later and maybe go out to dinner. He called her at around 10 PM and believed he left a message saying it was getting late so they would not have dinner but just drinks.

    Ashton says he went home, walked his dog and went to her place at around 10:45 PM. He knocked on her door but no one answered. He looked through a side window and saw what he thought was red wine spilled on the floor. So, he left.

    The next morning Ashley was found dead in her home outside her bathroom, with more than 47 stab wounds, and authorities say Gargiulo was the murderer.

    Ashton appeared in court wearing a blue suit and appeared relaxed on the stand.

    The alleged serial killer is also accused of killing his 18-year-old neighbor, Tricia Pacaccio, back in 1993 when he lived in Illinois. Gargiulo moved to L.A. in 1998, but authorities say the killing didn't stop.

    He's accused in Ellerin's death in 2001 and the 2005 murder of his neighbor, Maria Bruno, who was stabbed 17 times.

    Gargiulo allegedly attacked another neighbor, Michelle Murphy, in her Santa Monica home in 2008, but she managed to fight off the attack and call 911. Blood matching Gargiulo's DNA was found at the scene.

    He is facing murder charges in both California and Illinois.

    Ashton Kutcher 'expected to testify' at trial of man accused of killing his ex

    (5/4/19) Ashton Kutcher is “expected to testify” in the trial against alleged serial killer Michael Gargiulo, who is accused of murdering a woman the actor was dating.

    The murder trial against Gargiulo, who has been dubbed the Hollywood Ripper, opened on Thursday at Los Angeles County Superior Court, where he stands accused of murdering two women, Ashley Ellerin and Maria Bruno, and the attempted murder of Michelle Murphy in the Los Angeles area between 2001 and 2008.

    Kutcher, who dated Ellerin, is “expected to testify” at the trial, a spokesperson for the court told E! News. His testimony could help establish the timeline of events that unfolded on the night of 21 February 2001, when 22-year-old fashion student Ellerin was brutally stabbed to death.

    The actor, who was 23 at the time, had been planning to take Ellerin as his date to a post-Grammy Awards party that night. In a police statement, he said he called her more than 20 times but she never picked up, so he decided to head to her Hollywood apartment. He arrived at her home around 10:45 p.m. and when she didn’t answer the door, he peered inside the window and saw what he thought was a puddle of spilled red wine, which later turned out to be her blood. Despite the fact her car was in the driveway, Kutcher left because he believed she was mad at him for being late. Her body was discovered the following day by her roommate.

    Ellerin’s murder went unsolved until detectives connected her death to that of 32-year-old Bruno in 2005 and the attempted murder of Murphy in 2008.

    Kutcher, now 41, is married to actress Mila Kunis and they have two children.

    Gargiulo has pleaded not guilty to the charges. Once the Los Angeles trial concludes, Gargiulo will be sent back to Illinois to face murder charges for his alleged first victim, Tricia Pacaccio.

    The Ranch Part 6 Trailer Reveals Danny Masterson's Rooster Is [Spoiler]

    (11/28/18) (Video) Don’t expect an immediate answer about Rooster’s whereabouts when The Ranch returns for Part 6 (on Friday, Dec. 7).

    Netflix on Tuesday dropped a full-length trailer for the second half of Season 3. In the new footage, the Bennetts are under the impression that Danny Masterson’s character is simply “missing,” but it offers no further details how Rooster will be written out for good. It’s likely the family has no idea that Rooster ditched town following a death threat from Mary’s ex-con boyfriend Nick, seeing as how Mary is still tending bar at Maggie’s.

    The above video also introduces new recurring cast member Dax Shepard, who comes on board as Luke Matthews, a former soldier who befriends Colt and Beau. His character is first seen falling out of the back of a cop car (at the 1:55 mark), having been picked up for being drunk and disorderly.

    In addition to dealing with Rooster’s disappearance, The Ranch Part 6 will also feature the birth of Colt and Abby’s first child. The trailer also hints at possible retirement for longtime rancher Beau, just as Colt gets a handle on running the newly acquired Peterson Ranch on his own.

    As previously reported, The Ranch has already been renewed for Season 4 (aka Parts 7 and 8).

    The Ranch Gets Part 6 Premiere Date — First Eps Without Danny Masterson

    (11/19/18) (Video) The Ranch will begin its post-Danny Masterson era before year’s end. The second-half of Season 3 (aka Part 6) will be released on Friday, Dec. 7 Netflix has announced via the Ashton Kutcher/Elisha Cuthbert teaser above.

    The next batch of episodes will pick up sometime after Masterson’s Rooster (presumably) ditched town. As fans will recall, the midseason finale found Rooster held at gunpoint by Mary’s ex-con boyfriend Nick, who told him to take his belongings and disappear… or else. Nick also threatened to kill (!) Rooster’s entire family if he ever snitched, so it’s anyone’s guess how his absence will be explained to brother Colt (Ashton Kutcher), sister-in-law Abby (Elisha Cuthbert) and parents Beau (Sam Elliott) and Maggie (Debra Winger).

    Masterson, who was fired last December after he was accused of raping four women in the early 2000s, will essentially be replaced by new recurring guest star Dax Shepard (Parenthood), who previously worked alongside Kutcher on the MTV prank series Punk’d.

    While Rooster’s sudden disappearance is sure to factor heavily into early Part 6 episodes, The Ranch will have no shortage of ground to cover upon its return. Newlyweds Colt and Abby are expecting their first child. Colt will also have the Peterson Ranch to run on his own, now that Beau has decided not to sell to Neumann’s Hill.

    Ashton Kutcher says he could have been California massacre victim

    (11/11/18) It could have been me — if my birthday was nine months later!

    Ashton Kutcher tweeted that he could have been a victim of this week’s California club mass shooting — all because his wife, Mila Kunis, threw a party for him in the same bar way back in February.

    “Only reason we are alive is the shooter chose a different night,” Kutcher, 40, wrote Thursday of the massacre at Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, where 12 people were killed Wednesday.

    Kutcher’s birthday is Feb. 7.

    He went on to post a series of tweets about gun reform.

    “My heart goes out to the victims,” he added. “I’ll say it again … Gun Reform Now! Politicians need to stop standing behind the dollar & Protect the people! ”

    One of the tweets mentioned how he was given a gun as a gift in the parking lot of Borderline the night of his party.

    “This isn’t an either/or it’s a both! Support mental health initiatives & support Gun Reform Now!! My friend gave me a gun as a gift in the parking lot of the borderline on my birthday. I’ve never shot it. I don’t think I ever will.??to the families of the lost. Change is coming,” he wrote.

    The Ranch Renewed for Season 4

    (10/31/18) Netflix has renewed its multi-camera comedy series The Ranch for a fourth season. Like the previous three seasons, it is believed to consist of 20 episodes.

    Original series regular cast members Ashton Kutcher, Sam Elliott and Elisha Cuthbert are said to be back, joined by recent cast addition Dax Shepard, who was added as a recurring guest star in the second half of the third season (Part 6) following the exit of co-lead Danny Masterson over allegations of sexual misconduct. Shepard likely will continue to recur as he awaits word on the fate of the Fox comedy pilot Bless This Mess, in which he stars.

    I hear Debra Winger, who has not been in every episode of The Ranch, is expected to make multiple appearances. While on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, last night, Winger let slip that the series might have been renewed.

    “It’s back,” she said. “There are 20 new ones being shot. I may or may not be in them.”

    Created by Don Reo and Jim Patterson, The Ranch was the first comedy series produced by Netflix and the first to introduce 20-episode seasons for multi-camera series split into two half-seasons. Netflix has not set a premiere date for the second half of Season 3, aka Part 6.

    Set in present day on a Colorado ranch outside Denver, the show follows Colt’s (Kutcher) return home after a brief and failed semi-pro football career to run the family ranching business with his father Beau (Elliott). Winger plays Colt’s mother, Maggie, and Cuthbert co-stars as Abby (Colt’s soon-to-be wife).

    Ashton Kutcher is balding after stopping hair-loss medication

    (6/5/18) Ashton Kutcher isn’t afraid to admit he’s got flaws.

    “The Ranch” star appeared on “Conan” Monday night and revealed he’s starting to lose his hair.

    “You always look good,” host Conan O’Brien told the actor. “You’ve got good hair.”

    “I’m going a little bit, though. I’m losing it,” 40-year-old Kutcher said. “If I really get up in there, guys, it’s starting to disappear.”

    Kutcher had fought the battle against hair loss for years, using medication to stave off the inevitable, but wanting to become a father made him rethink the meds.

    “When I was, like, 25, I noticed it was starting to go. I went to the hair-guy doctor, and he put me on this medication called Avodart. Have you ever heard of this stuff?” Kutcher asked before explaining the science behind the drug.

    Despite “holding on” to his hair, Kutcher didn’t want to risk the side effects when it came time to start a family with wife Mila Kunis.

    “I didn’t know: Is it safe to take? So, I stopped taking the stuff about three years ago and now I’m experiencing the hair loss. It’s starting to go,” he said. “I’m a baseball cap guy, so I think I’m OK. I’ve established myself as a baseball cap-wearing individual. When it does go, you’re not going to know that it’s gone, because I’m just going to have a ball cap on.”

    The Ranch Season 3 Trailer

    (6/4/18) The Ranch Season 3 Trailer: Video.

    The Ranch: Danny Masterson's Final Episodes Get Premiere Date

    (5/25/18) Danny Masterson’s last day on The Ranch has been revealed.

    Netflix has announced that the first half of Season 3 (aka Part 5) will be released on Friday, June 15. Masterson, who was fired last December after being accused of raping four women in the early 2000s, will make his final appearance as Rooster in the midseason finale.

    “As a result of ongoing discussions, Netflix and the producers have written Danny Masterson out of The Ranch,” a spokesperson for Netflix told TVLine at the time of Masterson’s firing. “Production will resume in early 2018 without him.”

    Though Masterson hasn’t officially been replaced, another one of Ashton Kutcher’s former costars, Punk’d alum Dax Shepard (who, of course, is now best known for Parenthood), has been tapped to recur in Part 6.

    Madonna’s Oscars bash is still the best party in Hollywood

    (3/5/18) Madonna’s party is still indisputably the place to be on Oscar night.

    The legendary bash was still raging at 5 a.m. after the ceremony.

    Sources told us the Material Girl — dressed in a leather dominatrix outfit, naturally, which matched the servers — was spotted dancing with newly minted Oscar winner Sam Rockwell and nominee Margot Robbie.

    Others at the party, held at Madge’s manager Guy Oseary’s mansion, included Jennifer Lawrence, Leo DiCaprio, Timothée Chalamet, Amy Adams, Chelsea Handler, Jennifer Aniston, Paris Jackson, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Emma Stone, Greta Gerwig, Bradley Cooper, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth.

    Cardi B performed.

    “Hottest after-after-party by far,” gushed a guest.

    Ashton and Mila’s kids won’t be trust fund babies

    (3/5/18) Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis‘ children might turn out to be the hardest working celebrity spawns in Hollywood.

    While appearing on pal Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast, Kutcher revealed that he and Kunis won’t leave their millions to their children when they die.

    “I’m not setting up a trust for them,” Kutcher shared. “We’ll end up giving our money away to charity and to various things.”

    To be clear, the A-listers won’t be leaving their kids in the lurch.

    “If my kids want to start a business and they have a good business plan, I’ll invest in it but they’re not getting trusts,” he added. “So hopefully they’ll be motivated to have what they had or some version of what they had.”

    The former “That ’70s Show” costars have been vocal about their own frugal upbringings and have always said they will teach their daughter Wyatt and son Dimitri the value of a dollar so they don’t turn out like “a——s.”

    Part of those lessons include not receiving Christmas presents.

    “We’re instituting it this year because when the kids are [younger than] 1, it doesn’t really matter,” Kunis said of last year’s holiday season. “Last year when we celebrated Christmas, [our daughter] Wyatt was 2 and it was too much. We didn’t give her anything — it was the grandparents. The kid no longer appreciates the one gift. They don’t even know what they’re expecting; they’re just expecting stuff.”

    Ashton Kutcher didn’t eat for a week after Demi Moore divorce

    (2/20/18) Following his bitter split from Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher decided to go to the mountains and survive only on tea and water.

    “Right after I got divorced, I went to the mountains for a week by myself,” Kutcher, 40, recently told Dax Shepard on his podcast “Armchair Expert.” “I took all my computers away, my phone my everything … I just had a notepad and a pen and water and tea for a week.”

    The former “That 70s Show” actor explained that during his seven-day “spiritual” visit to Big Sky, Montana, his liquid diet began to catch up with him.

    “I started to hallucinate on day two, which was fantastic … It was pretty wonderful,” Kutcher joked.

    He also practiced tai chi, although he has no training in the martial art form. “I was just doing what came to me,” he said.

    Atop the Montana mountains, he spent his weeklong fast writing down all his regrets in past relationships and sending letters to each ex he had wronged. Kutcher, who is 16 years younger than Moore, was reported to have cheated on the actress during their marriage with a younger blonde.

    Kutcher’s divorce from Moore was settled in 2013 — two years after the couple separated.

    The actor now lives a happily married life with wife, Mila Kunis, and their two children, Wyatt and Dimitri.

    Ashton Kutcher, Kristen Bell and More Stars Deliver a Musical Reminder: If We Don't Help People With AIDS, We're Going to Hell

    (11/29/17) (Video) These stars are belting it out for cause.

    With Jimmy Kimmel behind a piano and microphones in hand, Kristen Bell, Ashton Kutcher, Bono, Rita Wilson, DJ Khaled, Bryan Cranston and Sean "Diddy" Combs hit the late-night show stage for a special serenade.

    For the second year in a row, the star-studded group—coined The (RED) Pack—performed the Jimmy Kimmel Live! hit, "We're Going to Hell," in honor of this year's (SHOPATHON)RED. The unique tune was penned by The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers.

    To get viewers in the giving mood, the celebrities humorously sang about all of their Hollywood luxuries, but insisted, "If we don't help people with AIDS, we're going to Hell."

    In order to continue raising money in collaboration with the U2frontman's 11-year-old product-driven organization, (RED), which partners with brands to raise money for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and to support HIV/AIDS grants in Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zambia.

    For the shopathon, some stars have partnered with OMAZE to host coveted experiences in exchange for donations. Among the options are attending the premiere of A Wrinkle in Time with Reese Witherspoon, working out with Charlize Theron or going mini-golfing with Bono. Turns out, the singer is breaking a high school pact to never go golfing in support of the cause.

    While there was plenty to see Tuesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!—including a duet between Bono and Chris Martin with a cameo from Sean Penn—there was also a presidential sighting as former President Barack Obama delivered a special recorded message. While he couldn't share any presidential secrets about aliens in exchange for donations and support, the leader did deliver an uplifting speech about the progress that has been made in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Turns out, presently more than half of people living with the virus are on life-saving medication for the first time in history. However, there's progress still to be made.

    As the former commander-in-chief insisted, "Let's all get to work."

    Don't wait too long to donate! Remember, if you don't help people with AIDS, you're going to...

    Ashton Kutcher Says His Children’s ‘Private Life Is Not Mine to Give Away’ – and Says He ‘Demands’ 7 Hours of Sleep

    (10/15/17) You won’t find photos of Ashton Kutcher and wife Mila Kunis‘ daughter Wyatt Isabelle and son Dimitri Portwood on social media anytime soon (at least publicly).

    The father of two revealed the couple is choosing to keep their 2½-year-old toddler and 9-month-old baby boy away from the spotlight as long as possible.

    “We have a private social network that we share stuff with the families so the grandparents can see the kids and stuff,” Kutcher, 39, told Arianna Huffington in a recent interview for Thrive Global Podcast with iHeartRadio.

    “But we don’t share any photos of our kids publicly because we feel that being public is a personal choice,” said The Ranch actor, who believes “future privacy will be the new celebrity.”

    “My wife and I have chosen a career where we’re in the public light, but my kids have not so I think they have the right to choose that,” Kutcher told Huffington.

    “I actually don’t think that they should have images of them as children that somebody could potentially blackmail with or do whatever,” he said. “It’s their private life, it’s not mine to give away. … Your social profile is yours to create not for someone else to create for you.”

    And though he keeps busy in the public eye with acting and investing in the tech world, Kutcher emphasized that his “number one gig” is being a parent. “I am Wyatt and Dimitri’s dad … everything else is secondary,” he said.

    Wearing different hats at work can be tiring for Kutcher, who shared that “hanging out with my kids gives me energy” when he feels burnt out.

    “I demand that I sleep seven hours and sleep eight if I can, but I also have babies at home so that doesn’t always work,” he said. “But I have a window for sleeping that is seven hours every night. … I truly believe that taking a moment of relaxation whether you’re a weed smoker or you like to drink, I actually think taking a moment to relax for yourself, I think it’s important for health. I’m a nightcap guy and I have my drink and it makes me very happy and helps me shut off the engine.”

    Aside from sleeping, Kutcher also shared how he and Kunis like to relax at home.

    “We have a couple guilty pleasure television shows that we watch. We try not to watch that much TV. But we definitely have guilty pleasures, we watch The Bachelorette, which I think is fantastic,” he said. (The couple even made a cameo on Rachel Lindsay‘s season in May.)

    “We laugh. We tend to spend a lot of time just the two of us talking and just hanging out. Or we’ll listen to a book together, which is sometimes fun like in the car,” he added.

    How Shay Mitchell Teamed Up with Ashton Kutcher to Fight Sexual Harassment Online

    (10/11/17) Sexual exploitation can take place in a variety of ways — but in the digital age, it’s largely happening via computer and phones screen in the form of “sextortion.”

    Never heard of the term? Well, Shay Mitchell can explain. The Pretty Little Liars actress recently teamed up with Thorn, a nonprofit organization cofounded by Ashton Kutcher dedicated to building technology to defend kids from sexual abuse.

    In an animated PSA video narrated by Mitchell, a cat character breaks down the term sextortion, which is a cybercrime that relies on victims feeling too ashamed to ask for help when an abuser threatens to distribute their intimate images — a huge problem among teens today.

    “Okay, so you did a thing,” Mitchell says in a voiceover. “You sent a picture of yourself with no clothes on — something you thought wouldn’t be shared.”

    “Seemed like a good idea at the time, but now, things have gone wrong — terribly wrong,” she goes on. “Maybe you shared the picture with someone you loved and trusted, but after a while, things weren’t so friendly. Or they said they’d help you become a star — but they just wanted to use you. Or maybe you met someone online and they really seemed to understand you, but then it got weird, and it turned out to be someone totally different.”

    “Now, the person you shared the pic with is demanding more, and threatening to tell — that’s sextortion,” she continues. “Yup, that’s a thing. The perpetrator relies on you feeling ashamed and keeping quiet, but they are the ones who should be ashamed. What they’re doing is wrong, and it’s never too late to find your voice to ask for help, or too early to reach out to your friends to tell them you’ll be there no matter what. In fact, you can stop sextortion before it starts — by talking about it now. With support, you can do anything. So tell your closest friends today: You’ve got their back, no matter what.”

    Thorn’s campaign seeks to increase awareness about sextortion, destigmatize the issue and encourage individuals to reach out for help and support their friends. According to their research, often the abuser is looking for the victim to create more images — or for a sexual encounter — and about 45 percent of perpetrators carry out their threats.

    Most survivors don’t speak out about the abuse because of shame and embarrassment, and Mitchell, 30, tells PEOPLE she wants everyone to know that doesn’t have to be the case.

    “Whenever I can educate people on a cause that is close to me, I will,” she says, adding that she hopes everyone targeted remembers “that there are people that they can turn to and talk to about this, and they should never be embarrassed or ashamed to come forward about anything.”

    “Always be on high alert,” she adds.

    Mitchell also hopes to see the issue portrayed more honestly and openly on TV shows and in movies.

    “I think there isn’t enough awareness on the subject at the moment,” she says. “I hope in the future, they are bold enough to call it what it is and really show the consequences of these kinds of abusive actions.”

    For more information, visit, or text “THORN” to 741741 to talk to a trained Crisis Text Line counselor.

    Ashton and Mila’s kids won’t be getting Christmas presents

    (10/10/17) Saying they don’t want to “raise a——s,” Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have a stern rule when it comes to the holidays: No gifts for their two children.

    “So far, our tradition is no presents for the kids,” the “Bad Moms” actress told Entertainment Tonight. “We’re instituting it this year because when the kids are [younger than] 1, it doesn’t really matter. Last year when we celebrated Christmas, [our daughter] Wyatt was 2 and it was too much. We didn’t give her anything — it was the grandparents. The kid no longer appreciates the one gift. They don’t even know what they’re expecting; they’re just expecting stuff.”

    The “That ’70s Show” co-stars also gave their parents explicit gifting instructions for little Wyatt and Dmitri.

    “We’ve told our parents, ‘We’re begging you — if you have to give her something, pick one gift. Otherwise, we’d like to take a charitable donation, to the Children’s Hospital or a pet [or] whatever you want.’ That’s our new tradition,” Kunis explained.

    At least they’re not getting coal in their stockings.

    Born in communist Russia, which Kunis described as a place where “you’re not allowed to be happy,” the actress, who is Jewish, explained how Christmas became part of her life.

    “… My holiday traditions are ‘Be quiet,’” Kunis shared. “Coming to America is when you realize Christmas has a magical quality to it. In Russia, back in the day, it was a very religious holiday, so you don’t celebrate Christmas if you’re not Christian and if you’re not at Mass. So, I being Jewish, was like, ‘Christmas is not for you.’”

    “We come to America and we’re like, ‘Christmas is so inclusive,’” Kunis continued. “We literally bought a Christmas tree. So as far as tradition goes, my family’s big on any excuse to get the family together and get drunk. Whether it’s Easter, which we’ve now all accepted into our Jewish household, or Christmas, it doesn’t matter. It’s all family time, but having kids, we’re building up our own little versions of tradition.”

    Gun owner Ashton Kutcher pleads for more gun control

    (10/4/17) Ashton Kutcher said that even as a gun owner, he’s hoping to see gun laws change following the Las Vegas shooting.

    The former “That ’70s Show” star took to Twitter on Tuesday to share his thoughts.

    In a series of tweets he wrote, “I’ve had a gun since I was 12 yrs old but enough is enough. I’m a hunter and a sportsman but No body needs these weapons.”

    He continued, “Let’s pray. Then let’s change the law.”

    The 39-year-old star’s comments were met with a mixed response.

    Some of Kutcher’s fans agreed with his statements while others questioned his response.

    One Twitter user asked if Kutcher would be giving up his gun license.

    Another argued, “Laws only work when people follow them. There is a law against murder and that didn’t stop him so why would more gun laws?”

    As his followers debated the statements, Mila Kunis‘ husband tweeted that he hopes we can find a “middle ground.”

    Ashton Kutcher Responds to Social Media Backlash After Post About Women in Workplace

    Ashton Kutcher announced on Wednesday that he’s hosting a “live open dialog [sic] about gender equality in the work place [sic]” where he hopes to have insightful conversations with attendees.

    However, the actor and start-up investor received backlash on social media after he released a list of questions and talking points on LinkedIn.

    Some of Kutcher’s proposed Q&A segments included: “What advice should we be giving to female entrepreneurs?” and “What are the Rules for dating in the work place? Flirting?” as well as “What are the clear red lines?”

    Many LinkedIn users and followers responded in the thread with negative feedback, while others took to Twitter with their reactions.

    Paradigm CEO Joelle Emerson wrote: “Yikes. These are definitely *not* the right questions. Most rely on flawed assumptions and perpetuate problematic myths.” Another user tweeted: “This doesn’t help anyone, least of all the women its intended to help. It just creates a completely skewed paradigm w/ the same issues.”

    Meanwhile a female Twitter user wrote: “HOW CAN THIS BE REAL.”

    In a series of five tweets on Friday, Kutcher provided an explanation behind his decision to post the questions. “Thank you everyone for the feedback on the questions I posted on LinkedIn. Good and bad. Already a learning experience,” he tweeted.

    “I’ve already offended some folks by asking the wrong questions. I’m certain given the sensitivity of the topic I will say other things wrong,” Kutcher wrote in his third post, along with the subsequent tweet: “Hope we can find space to be wrong in the pursuit of getting it right.”

    Joining The Ranch star at the discussion will be Effie Epstein, his partner at Sound Ventures, which is a venture capital firm founded by Kutcher and Guy Oseary. The panel remains scheduled to be live streamed on Facebook on Monday morning.

    Ashton Kutcher To EP Two Unscripted Series For Chicken Soup For The Soul

    Ashton Kutcher has signed on as executive producer for two new unscripted series for Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment.

    The deal expands Kutcher’s relationship with the company and his, his digital media company that specializes in positive journalism and social change. Kutcher signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment last September.

    The two series that are part of today’s agreement will focus on the positive themes drawn from and Chicken Soup for the Soul. These series are slated for distribution primarily on broadcast and cable, as well as online.

    “Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment combines a well-known, positive brand with an innovative business model, which combines television and online distribution,” said Kutcher. “I strongly believe in this approach.”

    Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment also produces reality series Hidden Heroes and Project Dad.

    Ashton Kutcher was ‘worried’ about ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

    (Video) Ashton Kutcher is relieved he’ll be able to watch “Bachelor in Paradise” again.

    The “Ranch” star appeared on “Good Morning America” Wednesday and told anchors he was happy it would be airing after the studio concluded there was no sexual misconduct on set between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson.

    “Oh man, oh man,” Kutcher said. “I’m so happy ‘Paradise’ is back! I’m telling you, I was worried. I was concerned.”

    Kutcher, 39, and wife Mila Kunis, 33, became fans of “Bachelor in Paradise” after realizing that the “That ’70s Show” star looked like former contestant Jared Haibon.

    He also admitted he and Kunis are huge fans of “The Bachelorette” and “The Bachelor.”

    “This is like our greatest guilty pleasure of all time,” Kutcher confessed. “In fact, I haven’t watched this week because I was here and she’s there and so we’re saving it. Because this is our thing.”

    He continued, “It’s unbelievable, this show, it’s like the greatest social experiment of all time,” Kutcher said. “We turn the volume off and we watch the one-on-one date and then she does the voice of the girl and I do the voice of the guy. I’m like, ‘Are you gonna eat the chicken?’ ‘No. Are you gonna eat the chicken?’ You ever notice they never eat on that show? Nobody eats!”

    “Bachelor in Paradise” producers insisted Tuesday that a video review showed that a female contestant wasn’t sexually assaulted. The ABC reality show would also air as planned later this summer.

    Olympios later responded to Warner Bros.’ investigation findings via her attorney, Marty Singer, saying in a statement they would continue their own investigation.

    Ashton Kutcher Reveals the Name He Almost Gave Son Dimitri

    Thank goodness Ashton Kutcher is done playing the name game.

    The 39-year-old actor and his 33-year-old wife Mila Kunis welcomed son Dimitri Kutcher seven months ago. As he revealed last November, while Mila was still pregnant, Dimitri wasn't the name Ashton had originally envisioned giving his son. "There was a rallying cry from a collective that believed in the name Hawkeye," he said. "I'm an Iowan, so to have a kid named Hawkeye?"

    But the name "didn't fly" with his wife, whom he wed in July 2015. "It didn't cross the Mila threshold," he said on TBS' Conan. "It came to the threshold, but then it got knocked down."

    In an On-Air With Ryan Seacrest interview Thursday, Ashton revealed they had yet another name in mind for their son. "We were set on Walt, like Walt Disney. No Walter—just Walt. But then it changed last minute. We were driving in the car and Mila turns to me and she's like, 'I don't think that our sons name is Walt. I think it's Dimitri, and also I think that Donald Trump is going to be the next president.' I had missed the whole name thing, because I was like, 'What are you talking about? Trump is not going to be president.' Then two days later I remembered that she said it," he told Ryan Seacrest, "and I was like, 'I think you're right about the name.'"

    During that same car ride, Mila suggested the name Dimitri. As her husband explained on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last month, "Two weeks later, I got home from work, and for some reason the name just stuck in my head. I was like, 'I think Dimitri is the name of the baby.' And she was like, 'I know, right?' 'Yeah, that's it!' So, that's it. And then Trump became President. Everything Mila says is right! She's my wife, so that's just what it is. Everything she says is right."

    When Dimitri was born, he joined big sister Wyatt Kutcher, 2. Now that he's a father of two, Ashton shared some parenting advice for Ryan's listeners. "Get one out of diapers before you have the second one," the actor warned. "Because having two in diapers is a whole scenario!"

    Trailer for the first half of The Ranch Season 2

    (Video) Netflix has released a trailer for the first half of The Ranch Season 2, premiering Friday, June 16.

    Ashton Kutcher brings a dead fish to the CMT Awards

    Perhaps Ashton Kutcher brought the Nashville Predators some luck with his stunt during Wednesday’s CMT Awards.

    While presenting the Collaborative Video of the Year award with his former “That ’70s Show” co-star Danny Masterson, Kutcher brought a dead fish onstage, holding it up and then dropping it on the floor.

    Nashville’s hockey team, the Predators, are battling the Pittsburgh Penguins for the Stanley Cup, and their fans are known to throw catfish on the ice.

    “You know what Canada is going to call Carrie Underwood next week? Carry this Stanley Cup around this great city of Nashville,” Kutcher said.

    The native Iowan also spoke about his love of country music, saying, “Danny and I are huge country fans and we’re not the only ones.”

    Masterson said there are country music fans “probably even [in] outer space.”

    The pals continued to joke around before announcing the winner of the award, playing around with the country stars in the audience.

    “In China, they call Luke Bryan ‘first name first name,'” Kutcher said.

    “In Australia, Keith Urban is often referred to as ‘that lucky mate who married our Nicole,'” Masterson said.

    Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood won the award for Collaborative Video of the Year for “The Fighter.”

    Ashton Kutcher Pays Tribute to Mila Kunis and Their Kids in Emotional Speech

    Ashton Kutcher says wife Mila Kunis "kicks his ass on character" every day and that their two children provided him with the "greatest lesson" on it.

    The 39-year-old actor made his comments in an emotional speech at the Ron Pearson Center in West Des Moines in his native Iowa, where he received the Robert D. Ray Pilliar of Character Award Saturday for demonstrating "good character as a role model." The actor is known for his work with local schools and also co-founded the Native Fund, which helps Iowans affected by disasters.

    He began his speech by joking that he is probably the first person to receive the honor who had been arrested at age 18 for "felony burglary for trying to break into his high school," for which he was given a deferred judgment, got "pulled over by a state trooper while tripping on mushrooms," which led to no charges, and had had his "name splashed across every gossip magazine as an adulterer like five years ago."

    Ashton said that the impact of character is that "it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you learn from the mistakes that you make and how you perceive the world that's coming at you."

    "Because life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you. Every. Single. Time," he said. "And as long as you have love and kindness and optimism and a pursuit of something greater in your heart, you're the lucky one. So this award is for you. It is for my family, it's for all four of my parents, it's for my wife, who kicks my ass on character every day."

    "I mean, I'm telling you, this morning, I woke up and she kicked my ass on character," the actor continued. "I thought I was awesome because I got up early and helped with the kids before she woke up and I let her sleep a little bit and then she's like, 'Well, now you're gonna act tired? I do it every day.' But it was a character moment, right? Because she's right!"

    Ashton and Mila are parents to 2 and 1/2-year-old daughter Wyatt and four-month-old son Dimitri.

    "But the greatest, greatest lesson in character in my life are my kids," Ashton said in his speech. "When I had these kids, my wife and I had these kids and we got to share that amazing, amazing, amazing honor, my first response was, I wanted to call my parents and say, 'I'm sorry, because I never knew how much you loved me.'"

    Ashton paid tribute to his parents, saying how he was "lucky" after they got divorced, because they married "amazing" people. He also talked about his own 2013 divorce from Demi Moore.

    "I had the great fortune of getting a divorce because I felt the impact of it and I felt how much loss is in there and how much love is in there and that it's not neat or clean or messy," Ashton said. "And I understood, finally, my parents' divorce in a whole different way."

    He also paid tribute to his twin brother Michael Kutcher.

    "I was born a twin and from the moment I came into this world I had to share it with someone," the actor said. "I shared every birthday, every Christmas, I shared my bedroom, I shared my clothes, I shared everything I had in this world and I didn't know that there was another way because I always had my brother with me."

    He then paused for several seconds as he appeared to fight back tears.

    "My brother was born with cerebral palsy and it taught me that loving people isn't a choice and that people aren't actually all created equal," Ashton said. "The Constitution lies to us. we're not all created equal. We're all created incredibly inequal to one another, in our capabilities and what we can do and how we think and what we see. But we all have the equal capacity to love one another, and my brother taught me that."

    "When I got older, I spent years and years feeling bad about it, our inequalities," the actor said. "He also taught me that he had gifts that I didn't have. Extraordinary gifts that I didn't have, and that every time I felt sorry for him in life, I made him less. He taught me that and he gave that to me."

    Ranch Return Date

    Netflix’s The Ranch: Part Three will premiere on Friday, June 16, picking up with Colt resolving his love triangle and divorced parents Maggie and Beau navigating their new friendship.

    Ashton Kutcher tears up as he urges Senate to fight sex slavery

    Ashton Kutcher gave a moving speech to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about ending sex slavery on Wednesday.

    “This is about the time, when I talk about politics, that the Internet trolls tell me to stick to my day job,” the actor said. “I’d like to talk about my day job. My day job is the chairman and the co-founder of Thorn. We built software to fight human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children. My other day job is that of the father of two, a 2-month old and 2-year-old.”

    Kutcher, 39, shares daughter Wyatt and son Dimitri with wife Mila Kunis.

    He then described joining the FBI in raids in India, Russia, Mexico and stateside in New Jersey and New York.

    “I’ve seen things that no person should ever see,” he said, tearing up. “I’ve seen video content of a child that is the same age as mine being raped by an American man that was a sex tourist in Cambodia. This child was so conditioned by her environment that she thought she was engaging in play.”

    He continued, “I’ve been on the other end of a phone call from my team asking for my help because we had received a call from the Department of Homeland Security, telling us that a 7-year-old girl was being sexually abused and that content was being spread on the Dark Web … They’d watched her for three years and they could not find the perpetrator, [and were] asking us for help. We were the last line of defense. An actor and his foundation were the last line of defense.”

    “I had to say no and it devastated me, it haunted me,” Kutcher said, choking up again. “For the next three months I had to go to sleep every night and think about that little girl that was being abused and the fact that if I built the right thing, we could have saved her. Now, if I got that phone call, the answer would be yes.”

    He then recalled the story of “Amy,” a 15-year-old girl from Oakland, Calif., who was forced into trafficking within hours of meeting a man in person she’d first talked to online. “This isn’t an isolated incident. There’s not much that’s unusual about it,” Kutcher said. “The only unusual thing is that ‘Amy’ was found and returned to her family within three days using a tool we created … called Spotlight.”

    Kutcher said the tool aids police in cutting investigation time by 60 percent, adding, “That’s my day job and I’m sticking to it.”

    It wasn’t all heavy: Kutcher and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) had a lighthearted moment after his speech. “You were better looking in the movies,” McCain said.

    Kutcher, blowing McCain, 80, a kiss, replied, “My wife says that, too.”

    Ashton Kutcher takes immigration ban personally

    Ashton Kutcher has good reason to oppose President Donald Trump’s immigration ban — his wife, Mila Kunis.

    “My wife came to this country on a refugee visa in the middle of the Cold War! My blood is boiling right now,” the “Ranch” star tweeted Sunday.

    He added, “We have never been a nation built on fear. Compassion that is the root ethic of America. Our differences are fundamental 2R sustainability.”

    Trump’s executive order, signed on Friday, bars entry into the US for nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries — Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya and Yemen — for 90 days; suspends all refugee admission for 120 days; and bars Syrian refugees indefinitely.

    Kutcher, 38, also doesn’t care if you think he’s a typical Hollywood liberal for voicing his views.

    “If standing for the America that doesn’t discriminate makes me a left wing actor who is out of touch,” he wrote, “F—k it. As an American I respect my president but I do not respect this policy. #ABetterWay”

    “I believe in protecting borders,” he continued. “I believe is enabling safety and security but we do so with honor. We are Americans. #ABetterWay This isn’t no nonsense policy this is no sense policy. #ABetterWay.”

    It wasn’t the only time Kutcher spoke out against the POTUS’ executive order on Sunday. When he opened the SAG Awards, he told the crowd, “Good evening, fellow SAG-AFTRA members, and everyone at home, and everyone in airports that belong in my America. You are a part of the fabric of who we are. And we love you and we welcome you.”

    SAG Awards: Ashton Kutcher Slams Donald Trump With Welcome To Viewers Stuck In Airports

    Tonight’s SAG Awards wasted zero time before the Donald Trump trashing began.

    “Good evening, fellow SAG-AFTRA members and everyone at home – and everyone in airports that belong in my America!” Ashton Kutcher began at the top of the ceremony, to wild applause from the crowd in the room. “You are a part of the fabric of who we are and we love you and we welcome you!”

    But even before Kutcher took the stage, an opening montage of actors began with Scandal’s Kerry Washington weighing in: “A lot of people are saying right now that actors shouldn’t express their opinions when it comes to politics. But the truth is, actors are activists no matter what, because we embody the worth and humanity of all people.”

    Ashton Kutcher Is ''So Proud'' of Natalie Portman for Speaking Out Against Gender Wage Gap

    Ashton Kutcher is on Natalie Portman's side.

    In a recent interview with Marie Claire U.K., the actress revealed she earned three times less than her male co-star in the 2011 rom-com No Strings Attached.

    "I wasn't as pissed as I should have been," the Jackie star told the mag. "I mean, we get paid a lot, so it's hard to complain, but the disparity is crazy."

    Kutcher has since spoken out on Twitter, sharing a message of support for Portman and gender equality. "So proud of Natalie and all women who stand up for closing the gender pay gap!" the actor wrote online Wednesday, also sharing a link to the interview.

    In Natalie's sit-down with Marie Claire U.K., she recalled agreeing to be paid less than Ashton because of Hollywood's usage of "quotes" to determine actors and actresses pay rates.

    "I knew and I went along with it because there's this thing with 'quotes' in Hollywood," she explained, adding, "His was three times higher than mine so they said he should get three times more."

    Now, Portman isn't afraid to make waves in show biz, and before signing on to play Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in an upcoming biopic, ensured the film's director would be female.

    "I don't think women and men are more or less capable, we just have a clear issue with women not having opportunities," she shared. "We need to be part of the solution, not perpetuating the problem."

    Natalie Portman: Ashton paid three times as much as me

    Natalie Portman says Ashton Kutcher was paid three times as much as her for co-starring in 2011’s “No Strings Attached.”

    Portman tells Marie Claire she knew about the pay difference at the time the film was being made, but wasn’t as miffed as she should have been. She tells the magazine, “we get paid a lot, so it’s hard to complain, but the disparity is crazy.”

    The 35-year-old says she doesn’t “think women and men are more or less capable. We just have a clear issue with women not having opportunities.” She says women need to “be part of the solution, not perpetuating the problem.”

    Kutcher’s representatives didn’t immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis reveal baby boy’s name

    Welcome to the world, Dimitri Portwood Kutcher.

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis welcomed their second child on Nov. 30 at 1:21 a.m. and announced his name on Kutcher’s A Plus website on Friday.

    The baby weighed in at 8 pounds, 15 ounces.

    However, fans may not be seeing the newborn on social media anytime soon.

    “We’d like to allow our kids to make their own choices on whether to have a life in the public eye or not,” Kutcher told A Plus. “We don’t want to make the choice for them.”

    The couple welcomed their daughter Wyatt Isabelle in October 2014.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher welcome baby boy

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have welcomed their second child, a rep for the actress confirmed to Page Six on Thursday.

    The little boy’s name has not been revealed.

    The couple, together since 2012, are also parents to a 2-year-old daughter named Wyatt Isabelle.

    Kutcher, 38, joked less than two weeks ago that his holiday plans included, “Just trying to get over this baby hurdle.”

    During a conversation at the Airbnb Open in LA, the actor said he and Kunis, 33, were looking forward to Thanksgiving. “Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because you get to say ‘thank you,’” he said. “So often we’re so busy doing all the things we’re doing that we forget to say thank you.”

    E! News first reported news of the infant’s entrance into the world, saying Kunis gave birth Wednesday.

    Ashton Kutcher ‘didn’t have a house’ after Demi Moore split

    Ashton Kutcher was a nomad after his bitter 2011 split from Demi Moore.

    “Right after I got divorced … I didn’t have a house,” he said during a conversation at this weekend’s Airbnb Open conference. “So I just started living in Airbnbs.”

    Kutcher, 38, who was one of the home-rental site’s earliest investors, recalled one such house that gave him comfort during that rough period, when the owner left out dinner and a glass of wine for him.

    “It was the magic and the love that I needed in the moment,” he said. “I was shocked.”

    Kutcher and Moore finalized their contentious divorce in 2013 following two years of bitter fights over money. Kutcher, who is 16 years Moore’s junior, was reported to have cheated on her with a younger blond bombshell.

    Kutcher is now married to actress Mila Kunis, and they are expecting their second child. Of his plans for the coming months, Kutcher joked, “Just trying to get over this baby hurdle.”

    He looks forward to spending Thanksgiving with family. “Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because you get to say ‘thank you,’” he noted. “So often we’re so busy doing all the things we’re doing that we forget to say thank you.”

    In a more heated moment during Kutcher’s talk at the conference, a protester stormed the stage to challenge the company’s practices in the occupied West Bank.

    Protester storms Ashton Kutcher talk

    (Video) A protestor stormed the stage during a high-profile Airbnb event with celebrity investor Ashton Kutcher on Saturday to challenge the company’s home-rental practices in the occupied West Bank.

    Just a few minutes into the conversation between Kutcher and company CEO Brian Chesky, the activist climbed up on stage to support the claim that Airbnb is allowing illegal activity by letting residents in West Bank settlements list their homes through the site.

    Kutcher, who is one of the tech company’s earliest investors, immediately stood up from his chair to pointedly tell the protester, “You actually don’t have the stage.”

    “We all can belong in a world together without borders,” Kutcher said. “I can appreciate that this doesn’t happen seamlessly. I can appreciate that it does not happen easily. I can appreciate that where there is change, there will be a fringe case that feels objectified. But this company is about bringing people together.”

    Following the Q&A, which was part of the Airbnb Open conference in Los Angeles, protester Ariel Gold from the organization Code Pink told us, “People should come before profits.”

    “So it’s time for Airbnb to stop profiting from Israel’s settlement enterprise and the human rights abuses Palestinians live under every day of their lives,” she said.

    The Stolen Homes Coalition, which works with Code Pink — a self-described “women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement” — started a petition about the issue earlier this year.

    An Airbnb spokesperson told Page Six on Saturday, “We follow laws on where we can do business and we investigate specific concerns raised about listings and/or discrimination.”

    The spokesperson continued:

    Airbnb is based on trust and we depend on hosts and guests to be transparent with one another. Hosts determine how their listing is described and we urge all hosts to provide accurate information about where their listing is located so guests know what to expect. We also encourage guests to communicate with their host about their listing long before a trip begins.

    Following a stay at an Airbnb listing, hosts and guests rate one another and hold each other accountable. Guests can leave detailed feedback that is available to the public, including information about where the listing is located and whether it was accurately described by the host.

    Ashton Kutcher Wants to Name His Son "Hawkeye"

    (Video) Ashton Kutcher is a diehard University of Iowa football fan.

    So much so, in fact, that the Ranch actor wants to name his second child with Mila Kunis after the school's mascot. "There was a rallying cry from a collective that believed in the name Hawkeye," he said on Conan Wednesday. "I'm an Iowan, so to have a kid named Hawkeye?"

    Plus, Ashton said, "It's like M.A.S.H.! Like, he could be a doctor!" He was referring to Benjamin "Hawkeye" Pierce, played by Donald Sutherland in the 1970 film and Alan Alda in the TV series. But Hawkeye "didn't fly" with his wife. "It didn't cross the Mila threshold," said Ashton, who welcomed Wyatt in 2014. "It came to the threshold, but then it got knocked down."

    So, what will the couple call their baby boy?

    "We have a name dialed in that we've had for a while," Ashton revealed to host Conan O'Brien. "But the problem is, if you get the name too soon, suddenly there's like slight trepidation about the name. The other day, Mila was like, 'So, you still like the name?' And I was like, 'Yeah.' And she was like, 'Why was it the high pitch yeah? Why wasn't it the low pitch yeah?' Then I was like, 'Well, you like the name, right?' She was like, 'Yeah.' Like, 'Why did you say it like that?'"

    The couple's back-and-forth became very confusing. "Now we're like, 'Maybe we don't love the name,' even though we both love the name!" he said with a laugh. "So, I think we have a name."

    Ashton made just one guarantee: his son won't share a name with any of his childhood bullies. "You don't want names of people that remind you of people who used to beat you up," he explained. "That's not good. It has to be some egregious thing where they were really a jerk."

    When Ashton appeared on Conan in 2014, less than a month after Wyatt's birth, the actor revealed how his daughter got her unique moniker. "We had another name. We had it picked out and we're like, 'All right this is the name.' Then we got pregnant a week—a couple weeks after we picked the name. But then when we were pregnant, the name just didn't fit the energy that we were feeling," he said. "We were calling it the baby, but never by the name that we had given it. One night Mila was just like, 'This is not the name!' I'm like, 'OK! It's not the name.'"

    Undeterred, Ashton said, "I had to get the creative juices going."

    Once Ashton got going, he couldn't stop. "We were going to a Lakers game and I've got name Tourette's. I just started listing off anything and everything that I saw. I was like, 'Sign! Truck! Wall! Door!' She's like, 'Shut up!' I'm like, 'If you don't accept my bad ideas, you'll never accept the good ones.' Then I was like, 'All right I've got a really dumb idea. What about Wyatt?'" the actor recalled. "She goes, 'That's it.' I was like, 'Really? I did it?' She was like, 'Yeah, that's it.'"

    Ashton Kutcher reveals Mila Kunis is expecting a boy

    The cat’s out of the bag.

    Ashton Kutcher seemingly let it slip that he’s having a boy with wife Mila Kunis.

    Already parents to daughter Wyatt, 2, Kutcher and Kunis are expecting their second child. While talking to the pregnant Savannah Guthrie on “Today” Thursday morning, Kutcher said his daughter somewhat understands that she’s getting a sibling.

    “She points to Mila and she’s like, ‘baby brother,'” Kutcher said without skipping a beat.

    The notoriously private couple rarely share details of their personal life so it is safe to assume that Kutcher didn’t intentionally reveal the sex of his unborn baby.

    “I’m a little terrified to be honest,” he also admitted to Guthrie. “It’s intensely scary.”

    Kutcher and Kunis secretly tied the knot in July 2015. They welcomed daughter Wyatt in 2014.

    The Ranch Season 2 Trailer

    Netflix has released a new trailer for the return of The Ranch on Friday, Oct. 7: Video.

    Ashton Kutcher on Keeping Daughter Wyatt Away from the Spotlight: ‘It Is My Job to Protect Her from All of This Nonsense’

    Ashton Kutcher has been in the business for almost 20 years. Since then, he has dabbled in multiple avenues, including modeling, television and film.

    But when Entertainment Tonight asked him if he planned on allowing Wyatt Isabelle — his 23-month-old daughter with wife Mila Kunis — to pursue a career in the spotlight, he had an immediate answer: No.

    “I’m doing everything I can to keep her away from you guys, man!” he jokes, clarifying, “As long as it’s not a choice that she’s making, it’s my job to protect her from all of this nonsense.”

    Although Kunis, 33, and Kutcher, 38 — who are currently expecting their second child — want to raise their children to be humble, Kutcher admits they’re not perfect.

    “Mila comes into the bedroom and is like, ‘Puppy peed on the stairwell,’ and I go ‘F—,’ and I walk away like this,” The Ranch star says. “And all of a sudden, I hear behind me, ‘F—.’

    “And I turn around and she legitimately is like this: ‘F—,’ ” he continues, miming his daughter walking away to copy her dad’s movements. “And I was like, ‘Fox. I said fox! Papa said fox.’ And she was like, ‘F—,’ and I was like, ‘No, fox. I said fox!’ And she’s like, ‘Fooox.’ Fox is fine. She [can go] with fox all day.”

    Kutcher confesses he isn’t much of a singer, although he manages “what [he needs] to sing” for Wyatt and that, as such, he’s got “The Wheels on the Bus” down.

    But his daughter has picked up other popular songs elsewhere.

    “She heard [“Let It Go”] somewhere and then she was like, ‘Let it goooo, let it gooo,’ ” the actor says. “And I was like, ‘Where did you get that?’ Like I don’t even know, but she’s got it.”

    Ashton Kutcher Can’t Keep a Straight Face After His Daughter Wyatt Drops the F-Bomb

    (Pic) Kids say the darndest things, don't they?

    Ashton Kutcher had the funniest (and most relatable) reaction to his daughter Wyatt blurted out a curse word.

    The former Two and a Half Men star posted a selfie on Instagram of him biting his tongue, OK literally biting his thumb, in an effort to avoid encouraging his toddler to use that type of language in the future.

    "When your 22 month old drops an f bomb and it is (not funny) except it's really funny and you can't laugh #baddads #badmoms," Kutcher wrote alongside the cute pic.

    Kutcher's wife Mila Kunis has been in the spotlight recently, promoting her current film Bad Moms, and she gushed about her hubby during a guest appearance on The Talk.

    "He's a Midwestern boy and his dad is a carpenter, so he makes things. You know, I don't really have a plumber or handyman. I have a husband, and so like, I have a genuine ‘honey-do list' for the weekend where I'm like, this is a bad drawer, figure this out, this door is squeaky…"

    She continued to share a story about her partner from shortly before they welcomed Wyatt into the world, "When we figured out we were having kid, we needed to baby-proof the house and aesthetically, he has very particular taste. He didn't want baby gates, he didn't want the metal gates, plastic gates. He's like, ‘I'm going to build the baby gates.' And he can do it, he just takes a very long time…One baby gate took six months. We needed four. I was like, we don't have time. I was like, ‘It's beautiful, this is a work of art babe, but we need four.'"

    Kunis and Kutcher are currently expecting their second child together, so there isn't much time to build more of those gates!

    Mila Kunis on Her Long-Term Bond with Husband Ashton Kutcher: 'I Literally Can't Lie to Him'

    After knowing one another for nearly two decades, Mila Kunis says it's all but impossible to pull a fast one on husband Ashton Kutcher.

    "We can't bulls--- each other. I literally can't lie to him. He can call me out on everything, and I can do the same, because there's nothing about the other person's face that we don't know," Kunis tells Glamour for its August cover story.

    The two met in 1998, when 14-year-old Kunis and 20-year-old Kutcher were cast in That 70's Show. The pair evolved from costars to friends to spouses, and Kunis, now 32, says their years together have made their bond strong.

    "There's nothing we don't know about each other because we've known each other for so long: the ugly, the bad, the good," she says.

    The actress also addressed the "friendship breakups" the two have had over the course of knowing each other.

    "We went through a period where I thought he was crazy. At the height of his career, I was like, 'Ugh, I don't like you. I don't even know you anymore. You think you're such hot s---,' " she recalls.

    "And then we'd get back together and be like, 'Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to overreact.' 'That's OK.' All the time."

    Kunis says their relationship "truly is being married to your best friend. That's a cliché; it's cheesy. But it's true."

    Now expecting her second child with Kutcher, 38, the Bad Moms star also gushes about his parenting skills with 21-month-old daughter Wyatt Isabelle, and how he's not the type of dad who gives up on a problem easily.

    "He's so not a passive husband or father," Kunis says. "He doesn't just go, 'I don't know' and throw his hands up in the air. He's like, 'We can fix it.' "

    Kunis also talks about some of the craziness that comes with raising their toddler.

    "Children are f------ crazy. They're also suicidal. Like, at the park, certain jungle gyms have an opening for older kids to jump out of. She's 19 months; she can't jump. She just walks off it as if she's on a pirate ship," she joked.

    "Have a baby, and you realize: The second you think you got s--- figured out, you don't. It's the greatest wake-up call," she added.

    Mila Kunis hated Ashton Kutcher at height of fame

    Mila Kunis may be madly in love with husband Ashton Kutcher, but there was a time she despised her “That ’70s Show” co-star.

    “We went through a period where I thought he was crazy,” Kunis unabashedly revealed in Glamour’s August issue. “At the height of his career, I was like, ‘Ugh, I don’t like you. I don’t even know you anymore. You think you’re hot s–t.’”

    From there, Kunis explained they would fuss and fight. “Full friendship breakups,” Kunis dished. “And then we’d get back together and be like, ‘Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to overreact.’ ‘That’s OK.’ All the time. It truly is being married to your best friend.”

    Kunis, 32, and Kutcher, 38, tied the knot in July 2015, nearly a year after welcoming their first child together.

    Today, they’re expecting their second child. As Kunis expressed, raising kids can be challenging.

    “Children are f–king crazy. They’re also suicidal. Like, at the park, certain jungle gyms have an opening for older kids to jump out of. [Wyatt is] 19 months; she can’t jump. She just walks off it as if she’s on a pirate ship,” Kunis said.

    Kunis also said her daughter’s personality is very different from own. “I have a really sweet daughter,” she added. “She wants to hug all the other kids. I didn’t teach her to be sweet. It has nothing to do with me. I’ve realized you can control only so much.”

    Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Enjoy Treats and Laughs in Seattle After Pregnancy Reveal

    (Pic) Ashton Kutcher and pregnant wife Mila Kunis enjoyed a quick trip to Seattle over the Fourth of July weekend, where they had some tasty treats and laughs.

    The 38-year-old actor and 32-year-old actress, who is expecting their second child together, stopped by Bluebird Ice Cream Saturday night before heading to the Comedy Sportz improv comedy club down the street. Kutcher and Kunis watched a performance of the adults humor-themed Blue Show and also met the cast.

    "Sooooo, no big deal or anything but MILA KUNIS AND ASHTON KUTCHER CAME TO SEE @cszseattle's Blue Show tonight!!! #totallyfreakingoutrightnow #cszseattle #Isawthemlauggingalot #ashtonkutcher #milakunis," performer Emily Glad Elisei wrote on Instagram, alongside a group photo with the actors.

    "They seemed pretty happy," a source told E! News exclusively about the couple's trip. "They were trying to be incognito but they had a conversation with another couple and seemed to be laughing and having a good time."

    Kunis' rep revealed in mid-June the actress is pregnant. The couple are also parents to 1 and 1/2-year-old daughter Wyatt.

    Kunis and Kutcher, who are notoriously private, have been spotted out and about in Los Angeles, where they live, several times over the past month. In mid-July, just before their pregnancy reveal, Kunis, Kutcher and Wyatt were seen getting ice cream in Studio City.

    Ashton Kutcher jokes that it’s great being rich and attractive

    “Late Night” host Seth Meyers was honored by the Museum of the Moving Image in Manhattan on Monday, joking that it “seems strange because a lot of times you could watch my show without the volume on and think it’s a still photo.”

    CNN’s chief Washington correspondent Jake Tapper drew boos when he made a jab at Brian Williams, quipping, “Please stop telling these untrue, incredibly self-aggrandizing stories about your war exploits, Mr. Williams.”

    When the crowd jeered, Tapper added, “You can boo, that’s fine.”

    “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star Jeff Garlin spent his set picking on attendee Ashton Kutcher.

    Kutcher later hit back, “I was gonna stay on book, but after that [bleep] you .?.?. It is really nice being this good looking, I have to be honest. When I wake up it’s really crazy, I look at my wife, like, ‘This is happening,’ and then I’m rich and famous. So life is good.”

    Comic Michelle Wolf cracked of Hillary Clinton: “No one is friends with Hillary,” before scanning the well-connected crowd at the St. Regis, adding, “Wait, maybe some of you are.”

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Expecting Second Child

    There’s another baby on the way for Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis!

    The actors are expecting their second child, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively. The couple, who married last July, are already parents to 20-month-old daughter Wyatt Isabelle.

    “Ashton genuinely lights up when talking about Wyatt and the little one on the way,” a source close to Kutcher, 38, tells PEOPLE. “Everything about being a father is natural to him.”

    Back in October, the Bad Moms star, 32, shared her excitement about expanding her family, telling Business Insider, “Yeah! Absolutely, for sure.”

    Though transitioning from one child to two may be laborious for some, the mother-to-be told Entertainment Tonight in May that she’s mastered the “balancing act” of being “a great partner, a great wife and a great woman.”

    “I know that when we decided to have a kid, we were ready to no longer be selfish — at least start the process,” Kunis said. “Because innately, as humans, we’re very selfish people, and we really wanted to have a family.”

    She added, “Having this little human to raise … it was a balancing act, and then you learn how to be a great partner, and a great wife, and a great woman, and be yourself, and still be responsible for a living child. It’s definitely a learning process.”

    “She’s the greatest mom,” The Ranch star has said of his wife. “I go to work every day, and I come home and she’s perfect. And it just seems like everything went amazing. And I know that something probably didn’t go amazing, but she never tells … it’s unbelievable. She’s incredible.”

    Beyoncé's Superstar Fans: Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian, Tyga, Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Attend L.A. Concert

    Extra star power was in full effect at Beyoncé's concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California Saturday.

    The R&B and pop star began her anticipated Formation tour late last month. This marked the concert series' first show in the Los Angeles area.

    Celebrity attendees included Bey's Destiny's Child pal Kelly Rowland, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian. Their sister Kylie Jenner's ex Tyga who was spotted arriving and walking with a group of guy friends and near Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Karlie Redd. It is unclear if she attended the show with them and whether he and the Kardashians interacted.

    Other celebs spotted at the concert included Ashton Kutcher and wife Mila Kunis, Kerry Washington, Demi Lovato, Hilary Duff, Jenna Dewan Tatum and Bradley Cooper, who arrived with his model girlfriend Irina Shayk and her mother, Olga Shaykhlislamova.

    Duff and Dewan-Tatum posted on their Snapchats pics and clips of themselves before and during the concert. The latter star shared a video of her and a friend dancing to Beyoncé's 2011 hit "Run the World (Girls)" at the show.

    Her husband Channing Tatum had dressed up like the singer and performed the track, with Bey herself, on Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle several months ago.

    Washington also posted on Instagram a photo from the concert.

    "Joyous #LEMONADE hangover," she wrote.

    Kourtney posted on her Twitter page on Sunday morning what scores of fellow concertgoers were likely thinking.

    The Ranch Renewed for Season 2

    Fans of The Ranch, here’s an excellent way to start your weekend: The rookie Netflix comedy has wrangled a second season.

    In addition to the batch of 10 episodes that will drop this fall (as part of Season 1B), Season 2 will consist of 20 more installments and debut in 2017.

    Leading men Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson and Sam Elliott announced the news via Twitter on Friday.

    The Ranch stars Kutcher as a semi-professional football player who returns home to help his brother (Masterson) run their family’s Colorado ranch. The first 10 episodes of Season 1 are currently available to stream.

    Shania Twain Is Not Impressed By Ashton Kutcher's Jokes (Even After He Apologizes)

    Ladies and gentlemen, it takes a lot to impress the one and only Shania Twain.

    Ashton Kutcher just realized this very important fact after referencing one of her more famous songs, "That Don't Impress Me Much", during an episode of his show The Ranch.

    It didn't take long for fans to tweet about the show's joke, and it took even less time for the former That ‘70s Show actor to hop on social media and apologize for any hard feelings.

    The good news? Neither Shania nor Ashton were taking things too seriously during their Twitter back and forth, but that doesn't mean it didn't make for good reading!

    "Apologies again, Miss @ShaniaTwain, I have no inhibitions, made no conditions and definitely got out of line," he joked, clearly taking a page from her hit "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!"

    Moments later, the country superstar had this to say back: "Next time you're lonely, don't call on me. Try the operator, maybe she'll be free." Oh, snap! (And yes, you guessed it, these are quotes from her track, "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?")

    So who got the last word, or lyric, shall we say?

    "Note to self: Shania Twain…not easily impressed," Ashton quipped. Mic drop…and no, not the Google kind.

    ‘The Ranch’ turns friends Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson into brothers

    A “That ’70s Show” reunion is in store on “The Ranch.”

    Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson — alias the earlier series’ Kelso and Hyde — reteam as stars and producers of the Netflix comedy that debuts Friday (April 1), with the first 10 of its 20 first-season episodes available simultaneously.

    Executive producer Kutcher plays a semi-pro-football failure who returns home to Colorado to join his brother and father (Masterson, Sam Elliott) in running the family ranch, though there’s emotional strain from their many years apart. In a rare series turn since her first major role, as Wonder Girl to “Wonder Woman” in the mid-1970s, Debra Winger also stars as the siblings’ bar-operating mother.

    “Whether it’s television for network or television for cable or television for a streaming service, you have the same goal, which is to make a great product,” Kutcher tells Zap2it. “You try to get a great group of people together and work really hard to make something wonderful. I think there’s some beautiful liberties that you get when you’re working with Netflix that I’ve never experienced before … and one is just an absolute creative freedom. They’ll suggest things to you that they’d like to see happen, but once they order the show, they let you make your show.

    “I think, as a creator, it allows you to think a little bit outside the box and try to push the edges of what’s possible and what you’re capable of,” adds Kutcher, who also has four seasons of “Two and a Half Men” experience.

    “We’re doing a very traditional format, which is a situational comedy with a live audience — but because we’re working with Netflix, we get to explore the ability to tell the story in a slightly different way. We don’t have commercial breaks, so we don’t have to pump a comedic joke at the end of every scene. We don’t have a 22-minute time capsule that we’ve got to deliver a show in, so it allows us to really play more dramatic story into the format.”

    With “Two and a Half Men” alum Don Reo also an executive producer of “The Ranch,” co-executive producer Masterson recalls having done “eight years of ‘That ’70s Show’ ” with Kutcher “and then spent some years doing different projects, but [we were] always talking about getting back together and doing something together. Our favorite stuff on ‘That ’70s Show’ is the Hyde-Kelso relationship of domination and abuse, so when this show was coming together, it was kind of like, ‘Let’s find adult versions of those guys … a little more realistic, but keeping that dynamic of how our comedy works together.’ ”

    Admitting she’s a newcomer to the sitcom world, “An Officer and a Gentleman” and “Terms of Endearment” movie veteran Winger explains that “it was so intriguing to me, the whole picture, and Ashton and Danny — the fact that this was a world that they had inhabited and was a comfort zone [to them] in some ways. I was just intrigued that I could live on that planet for a while. It had started in being interested in working with Sam on something, so we’ll see if they kick me off the planet, but I’m really happy to start learning all of it. The first 10 episodes were like school.”

    Ashton Kutcher Struggled to Explain the Easter Bunny to Daughter Wyatt: ‘It Becomes a Whole Thing’

    (Video) Turns out, explaining the Easter bunny to a toddler is no easy feat.

    Ashton Kutcher stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday, where he explained that he and his wife, Mila Kunis, struggled to decide whether or not they should explain who the Easter bunny is to their 18-month-old daughter, Wyatt Isabelle, or not.

    “We had a legitimate conversation as to whether or not we’re going to go down that path,” says Kutcher. “We think we’re going Santa Claus, but we don’t know about the bunny.”

    The actor, 38, notes that the logistics of the Easter bunny just don’t add up.

    “It’s tough! It’s like, why is the bunny laying eggs? ‘Mommy, does a bunny lay eggs?’ ‘No, but the Easter Bunny does,’ ” he says. “And then it becomes a whole thing and then why were there little Peep chicken things?”

    While Kunis and Kutcher might have opted out of getting into the bunny debacle, they did let Wyatt enjoy a traditional Easter egg hunt — a healthy Easter egg hunt, that is.

    Kutcher says they filled the eggs with cheerios and raisins. “We’re not ready for her to be ready for candy,” he says.

    But just because the doting parents are doing their best to keep sugar away from the tot, it doesn’t mean she hasn’t tried to get a taste of the good stuff.

    “I was eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch this morning and she was trying to hijack my [cereal] because she got the flavor. And once they get the flavor they can’t un-get the flavor,” jokes Kutcher.

    “And I’m trying to negotiate with her but it was like a Republican debate — we couldn’t get on the same page!”

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Reunite with That '70s Show Cast Mates at a Special Screening of The Ranch

    (Pic) It's a That '70s Show reunion – again!

    Ashton Kutcher,Mila Kunis, Wilmer Valderrama and Danny Masterson got together on Monday to support Kutcher and Masterson at a special screening of their new Netflix comedy series, The Ranch.

    Kutcher, 38, and Kunis, 32, sported big smiles as they posed with Valderrama, 36, and Masterson, 40, who donned serious expressions.

    Kutcher and Masterson play brothers in the comedy series about a former semi-pro football player (Kutcher) who returns home to Colorado to help run his family's ranching business.

    This isn't the first time the tight-knit That '70s Show cast members have reunited.

    Last December, Kutcher took to Instagram to post a photo of a hang-out session between himself, Masterson and Valderrama.

    He sweetly captioned the photo "Fam"

    The Ranch premieres Friday on Netflix.

    The Ranch Is Full of Brotherly Love Between Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson (And Lots of Punching)

    (Trailer) If we were to describe The Ranch to you for the first time, you would probably not believe it's really a show.

    Ashton Kutcher and his That '70s Show costar Danny Masterson play brothers on a ranch, and their dad is Sam Elliott? And sometimes they help cows give birth? That just doesn't sound like a real thing that exists outside of a dream we had once, but The Ranch is real, y'all, and Kelso and Hyde make for a pair of pretty believable brothers.

    In the trailer below (which has some NSFW language), they make fun of each other's Ugg boots, they sleep with the moms of each other's girlfriends, and they punch each other in the groin more times than once. Basically, they act like brothers—adult brothers who have a few issues, but brothers nonetheless, all while Sam Elliott stands over them and tells them what idiots they're being, just as Sam Elliott is supposed to do.

    Kutcher stars in the sitcom as Colt, a failed semi-pro football player who returns home to his family's Colorado ranch to run the family business with his brother Rooster (Masterson), and his dad Beau (Elliott), who he hasn't seen in 15 years. Colt and Rooster's mother, meanwhile, is played by Debra Winger, and she runs the local bar.

    It all makes for some compelling family complications and one hell of a '70s Show reunion.

    The first 10 episodes of The Ranch will premiere Friday, April 1 on Netflix.

    Why Ashton Kutcher Stopped Getting Personal on Social Media

    Ashton Kutcher was one of the first celebrities to really take to Twitter and start sharing the personal details of his life before the media could do so for him.

    However, the 38-year-old actor says he's changed his ways these days.

    Sitting down with Parade, Kutcher opens up about why he's decided to pull back on using his social media platforms for personal reasons. "At one point I thought, 'Heck, if I share things first and I have control what it is that I'm sharing, maybe it'll devalue the tabloid story fodder,'" he explained.

    "Ultimately, that came to be something that was untrue," he added. "Now the things that I share on social media are stories that inspire ideas, that connect people, that educate people."

    Another factor may be for the protection of his and Mila Kunis' 18-month-old daughter, Wyatt Isabelle, who Kutcher says has totally changed his entire life.

    "[Having a child] takes whatever table you're sitting at, flips it upside down and switches all your priorities around," he dished. "It's unexplainable. I have a new number-one priority. Only parents understand the absolute awe of parenthood."

    Amid juggling becoming a first-time parent, Kutcher is also busy saddling up for his new Netflix series, The Ranch, on which he partnered with That '70s Show co-star Danny Masterson, premiering April 1.

    So how does he do it all? "You hire really great people," he explained. "I'm surrounded by carefully curated, great people...[and] I always like to stay busy. The thing I enjoy doing most is work."

    ‘The Ranch’ Trailer

    ‘The Ranch’ Trailer: Ashton Kutcher Goes Home To Help Dad (aka Sam Elliott) In New Netflix Comedy: Video.

    Ashton Kutcher calls secret wedding a ‘ninja effort’

    Details of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ top-secret 2015 wedding have finally come forward.

    “It was a ninja effort,” Kutcher, 38, told Ellen DeGeneres in an interview airing Wednesday. “We really didn’t want helicopters at our wedding and it’s a legitimate concern.”

    Kutcher said he used social media to confuse reporters and paparazzi.

    “I was posting things to social media that were in different locations,” the tech investor added. “We didn’t want to be screaming out our vows at each other [over helicopter noises]. We didn’t want to do that thing. So we went really under the radar.”

    Kutcher and Kunis, 32, tied the knot at a California ranch over July 4th weekend last year.

    Following the ceremony, the parents to 1-year-old Wyatt packed up their RV and drove from Los Angeles to Yosemite National Park for their honeymoon. The family stayed at Ahwahee Hotel in the heart of town.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Hold Hands as They Take Sweet Afternoon Stroll Around New Orleans

    (Pic) Newlyweds in the new year!

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were spotted enjoying the fresh air while walking around the city of New Orleans on Wednesday. The twosome held hands as they were out and about for the day.

    The pair were dressed in casual looks for the day. Kunis, 32, donned an oversize army green jacket paired with blue jeans. She kept her hair down for the day out and wore a pair of aviator sunglasses. Kutcher, 37, stuck to his signature laid back style, wearing a pair of jeans with a gray T-shirt underneath a navy blue jacket and of course, a baseball cap.

    The two were also seen walking around with their daughter, Wyatt, 1, earlier in the day, but stepped out a second time without her.

    "I just saw Ashton Kutcher walking down the street and I didn't say anything," wrote a Twitter user who spotted the actor.

    The couple are in New Orleans while Kunis works on an upcoming film. The Just Friends actress has reportedly joined the cast of a film previously titled Bad Moms, costarring Christina Applegate and Kristen Bell.

    According to Deadline, the film follows three overstressed moms who abandon their daily responsibilities and go on a binge of self-indulgence, but only to find themselves going head-to-head with the PTA president.

    It's a Mini-'70s Show Reunion! Ashton Kutcher Hangs with 'Fam' Wilmer Valderrama, Danny Masterson

    (Pic) It's been almost 10 years since That '70s Show went off the air, but the cast are still hanging out.

    In fact, Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson and Wilmer Valderrama all got together recently, in a mini-reunion Kutcher posted to Instagram Friday with a sweet, simple caption:


    Of course, this isn't the only recent collaboration among the sitcom's stars.

    Kutcher and Masterson will costar in a forthcoming Netflix comedy, The Ranch, while Valderrama hasn't hidden his desire to play Desi Arnaz – with Mila Kunis as Lucille Ball.

    But the most famous relationship out of That '70s Show remains Kunis' marriage to Kutcher, which is something that took even their former castmates by surprise.

    But they couldn't be happier.

    "It's so cool," Topher Grace told PEOPLE in August.

    "Imagine two of your great high school friends, who weren't dating in high school but were buddies and you're all in the same friend group," Grace said, "and they grow up and they fall in love, get married, have a kid."

    Jenna Dewan-Tatum's 35th Birthday Bash: Star Shows PDA with Channing and Parties with Couples Ashton and Mila, Adam and Behati

    Now this is how you turn 35.

    On Friday night, Jenna Dewan-Tatum (whose actual birthday was Thursday) and husband Channing Tatum gathered a starry group together for her 35th birthday party at Bootsy Bellows in Los Angeles.

    Tucked away in a private room at the venue, the cute couple hit up the dance floor where they showed off their signature moves.

    While breaking it down together, "Channing kept pulling Jenna closer," says a source. "They were hugging and kissing and showing off a little PDA. It was adorable."

    The pair's couple friends Ashton Kutcher and wife Mila Kunis, and Adam Levine and his wife Behati Prinsloo cozied up at a table nearby.

    "They were all laughing hysterically together and having the best time," says the source.

    Also at the club were One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan, who mingled with the group throughout the night.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Go on a Casual Double Date With Celebrity Friends Zoe Saldana and Husband Marco Perego

    (Pic) Just because these new parents have babies at home doesn't mean they can't spare a few hours for a star-studded double date.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher joined their friends Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego for a windy dinner outing Monday night at Cecconi's Italian Restaurant in West Hollywood, Calif. The foursome of new parents opted for low-key casual looks as they were photographed in these exclusive photos leaving the eatery engulfed by gusts of wind.

    Fortunately, the pairs were decked out in light outerwear while Kutcher even sported a Chicago Bears basketball cap as they collectively headed for their cars.

    The football fan and his 32-year-old wife welcomed 1-year-old daughter Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher in October 2014. Pals Saldana and Italian artist Perego have been married for nearly three years and have 1-year-old twins Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldana and Cy Aridio Perego-Saldana.

    We can only imagine the amount of baby advice these two couples swapped over dinner.

    The Black Swan Golden Globe nominee looked beautiful in a dressed-down ensemble, sporting a ballerina bun and black jacket with leather trim. We wonder if she learned any tricks to achieving the perfect top knot from shooting the ballet thriller back in 2010.

    The painter and sculptor rocked a tan suede jacket with matching boots and faded wash jeans while also holding a red and black leather tote. It looks like his quintessential Italian style is peaking through.

    As for his wife, the Avatar 2 actress opted for a darker wash of jean with a simple collared blouse and black duster coat on top.

    While the Saldana-Perego's were spotted out and about with this A-list pair, they also mingle with another celebrity couple—Vin Diesel and his longtime girlfriend Paloma Jiménez. The two sets of parents celebrated Halloween with each other's broods and shared a photo on Instagram of the entire group's elaborate costumes for fans to see.

    Jennifer Lawrence Shows Up to Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis' House Uninvited: 'They're Probably Getting Pretty Sick of Me'

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have been spending a lot of quality time with Jennifer Lawrence – whether they like it or not.

    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 star has been battling a case of boredom since taking some time off from her busy filming schedule, so she's turning to her neighbors for a source of entertainment.

    "Downtime is normally the bane of my existence," the actress, 25, tells Vogue. "It makes me depressed, not relaxed. But I was actually enjoying myself this time."

    That's because Kutcher and Kunis' house is just around the corner. "I've made friends with Mila and Ashton, two doors down," she says. "They're awesome. I go over there uninvited. They're probably getting pretty sick of me."

    Fortunately, Lawrence adds she also has a "bunch of friends who live really close," who she says also like to "hang out" and "drink wine."

    Now that Lawrence is "completely free of franchises" post-Hunger Games, she says she's planning on getting back to her indie roots.

    After Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky pitched her his next film over a bottle of wine in October, Lawrence signed up to star on the spot. Speaking of her freedom to choose her projects, Lawrence says, "It doesn't feel like I'm being towed behind something anymore."

    Ashton Kutcher May Have Finally Shared a Photo of Daughter Wyatt – for a Good Cause

    (Pic) Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are famously determined to ensure daughter Wyatt Isabelle‘s privacy. Over a year after her birth, her parents still have yet to share any photos of her — until now … maybe.

    On Sunday, Kutcher shared a photo on Instagram of a baby girl, who may or may not be Wyatt, holding on to a balcony and pointing at the sky as she faces away from the camera.

    “39 million people have fallen through the cracks into modern day slavery. #redsandproject,” Kutcher captioned the photo, which also features red sand filling the cracks of the sidewalk the toddler is standing on.

    According to the Red Sand Project website, artist Molly Gochman introduced the interactive art project to “remind us that we can’t merely walk over the most marginalized people in our communities — those who fall through the metaphoric cracks.”

    If the girl in the picture is indeed Wyatt, this would mark the beginning of her philanthropic efforts, no doubt inherited from her social justice-minded parents. There’s no such thing as starting too young!

    Topher Grace Says That '70s Show Cast Had No Idea Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Would End Up Together: 'It's So Great'

    Turns out, even the cast of That '70s Show was surprised to learn of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis' romance.

    During an interview Tuesday with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Topher Grace chatted with the host about working with the two actors on the hit show – and if there were ever any signs of romance between them.

    "It's fascinating to everyone, but it's fascinating to people in the cast, too," Grace, 37, said after Cohen asked if there was a sign the two were meant to be together. "Because, no. I mean, we were all buddies, but ... It's so great. It's like two of your best friends from high school met years after high school and got together. It's so cool."

    Grace, Kutcher and Kunis all starred on the Fox series during its eight-season run from 1998 to 2006. The couple, now married in real life, played each other's love interests on the show – Kutcher was even Kunis' very first kiss.

    Years later, their romance blossomed: They started dating in 2012, got engaged in February 2014 and welcomed daughter Wyatt Isabelle that October.

    Kutcher, 37, and Kunis, 32, tied the knot in July, and Grace told PEOPLE in August he was "so happy" for them.

    Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Pack on the PDA and Look So in Love at Dodgers Game

    (Pic) Cuteness alert!

    Ashton Kutcher and wife Mila Kunis returned on Tuesday to one of their favorite date spots, Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium, to catch the team's game against the San Francisco Giants, who they beat 2-1.

    The 37-year-old and 32-year-old former That '70s Show co-stars were photographed kissing and hugging as they sat in their seats, located by the field and behind home plate, and stood up cheering.

    Both wore Dodger blue—Kutcher sported a blue and white plaid shirt and gray jeans while his wife wore a blue Dodgers hoodie and black jeans.

    The couple had attended a game at Dodger Stadium with Kunis' parents, Elvira and Mark, in August 2012, months after they were rumored to have started dating. The two were photographed at many more Dodgers baseball games over the following years.

    E! News confirmed in February 2014 that Kutcher and Kunis had gotten engaged and learned weeks later that the actress was pregnant with their first child. She gave birth to their daughter, Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, in September of that year. The couple wed over this past Fourth of July weekend.

    Mila Kunis Thinks Ashton Kutcher Looks Exactly Like Jared from Bachelor in Paradise

    (Pic) Ashton Kutcher has a new doppelgänger.

    As Mila Kunis settled in to watch ABC's Bachelor in Paradise Monday night, she couldn't help but notice a certain something about one of the contestants on the show: Jared Haibon looks a whole lot like her husband.

    Kunis, 32, immediately made Kutcher, 37, take a picture next to the TV to prove their uncanny resemblance.

    Naturally, Kutcher was confused by the entire situation.

    "I'm trying to figure out why mila is making me take this picture @ashleyiaco who are you? And who is this guy?," he tweeted with the picture.

    And it turns out, Kunis isn't the only one who sees the resemblance.

    While talking to friend Mackenzie Deonigi from their original Bachelor season, Bachelor in Paradise contestant Ashley Iaconetti – who is romantically linked to Haibon on the show – said that Haibon looked like a mix between Kutcher and Joe Jonas.

    Iaconetti wasted no time responding to Kutcher's tweet and introducing herself to the puzzled actor.

    @ashleyiaco : Omg just seeing this...Hi Ashton, I'm Ashley! ?? Thanks for the side by side comparison, Mila. @joejonas, your turn!

    No Surprise Here! The Big Bang Theory Men Are TV's Highest-Paid Actors

    Forbes has released its list of highest-paid TV actors for 2015, and unsurprisingly, it's dominated by sitcom stars - namely, the guys of The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family.

    Big Bang has nabbed four of the top six slots, with Jim Parsons leading the pack, earning $29 million. He, along with his co-star Johnny Galecki ($27 million), overtook last year's leader Ashton Kutcher. Kutcher lands in this year's four-way tie for third, with $20 million.

    These findings are not necessarily surprising, since last year's ongoing contract negotiations held up production before Parsons, Galecki and Kaley Cuoco landed deals for $1 million per episode.

    All four of Modern Family's leading men also make it into the Top 15 earners, while drama heavyweights Mark Harmon, Kevin Spacey and Patrick Dempsey also make the cut.

    Check out the full list:

    1. Jim Parsons: $29 million
    2. Johnny Galecki: $27 million
    3. Mark Harmon: $20 million
    3. Simon Helberg: $20 million
    3. Kunal Nayyar: $20 million
    3. Ashton Kutcher: $20 million
    7. Jon Cryer: $15 million
    7. Ray Romano: $15 million
    9. Patrick Dempsey: $12 million
    9. Simon Baker: $12 million
    11. Ty Burrell: $11.5 million
    12. Jesse Tyler Ferguson: $11 million
    13. Ed O'Neill: $10.5 million
    13. Eric Stonestreet: $10.5 million
    15. Kevin Spacey: $9.5 million

    In case you're wondering where Jon Stewart and Empire's stand-out Terrence Howard are, Forbes points out that there are separate lists for comedians, and sometimes a jump in an actor's popularity doesn't translate to their earnings quite as quickly.

    As with Forbes' movie-star list, the ranking for TV actors measures paydays before taking out taxes and management fees. The tally also includes endorsement deals and side-gigs, such as Parsons' recent stint on Broadway and Ty Burrell's advertising deal with Verizon.

    Forbes has yet to publish its list of TV actresses.

    The Birthday Celebration Continues! Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Spotted Leaving Restaurant Carrying Gifts

    Who says a birthday celebration can only last one day?

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were spotted leaving West Hollywood restaurant Toca Madera together Monday after an intimate belated birthday fête for the actress.

    "It was a belated dinner celebration for Mila," a source told PEOPLE. "It was date night for the two as Wyatt was left with the babysitter for the night and Mila and Ashton dined with another couple."

    And even though Kunis turned 32 over a week ago, on Aug. 14, it's never too late for presents.

    "Mila leaned across the table to give [Kutcher] a kiss once she opened her present," said the source.

    Kutcher carried a box of workout gear in one hand, and a brown bag filled with what looks to be wrapping paper and possibly more gifts in the other as they left the restaurant.

    The newlyweds dressed casual for the night out. Kutcher sported a pair of blue jeans with a button-up and, of course, a baseball cap, while Kunis wore a simple black-and-blue dress and wedges.

    Kunis celebrated her birthday on Aug. 14 with a weekend of family bonding in New York City, where they spent the day strolling around Manhattan's Upper West Side with their 10-month-old daughter.

    "Ashton was pushing the stroller and bouncing their baby, and Mila seemed cute and animated," an onlooker told PEOPLE.

    Later that weekend, they met up with friends Princess Beatrice and her boyfriend Dave Clark for a fun night out that included an Uber ride and selfies with the driver.

    Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Attend a Wedding with Princess Beatrice in Mexico: 'They Were Chatting it Up Like Old Friends,' Says a Source

    The party (of four) continues!

    After meeting up for a fun night in New York City last week, Princess Beatrice was again spotted out with Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher.

    The princess and her boyfriend Dave Clark joined the newlyweds at the wedding of D.A. Wallach, a musician and business executive who invests in tech companies, and Liz Brinson, who is the founder and editor-in-chief of the fashion and lifestyle blog, Swirl Girl Army.

    The group traveled to the luxurious Rosewood Mayakoba hotel in Mexico for the nuptials over the weekend.

    The foursome "were chatting it up like old friends," a source tells PEOPLE, as they relaxed at a poolside restaurant for at least an hour on Saturday afternoon.

    "Both couples seemed chill, happy and relaxed," the source adds.

    Kutcher and Kunis were dressed casually and comfy. Getting into the tropical spirit of the event, the new mom even sported a flower behind her ear.

    At one point, Kutcher was having fun playing with a baby (possibly daughter Wyatt Isabelle) in the pool.

    Just last week, Uber driver David Capellan took a selfie with the foursome, and according to the Instagram caption, he had a "crazy convo" with the group.

    The Hollywood couple aren't the only famous pals for the royal. Earlier this month, she joined Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King aboard a luxury yacht off the coast of Ibiza on the eve of her 27th birthday.

    The globe-trotting princess has been making the most of her summer in the sun, as she just started a new job at a private equity firm in NYC, PEOPLE confirms.

    Clark, an American-born, London-raised businessman who works for Uber, already resides in the Big Apple. The couple has been dating for more than seven years.

    "They seem really happy and very compatible," the source says of the pair.

    That That '70s Show Bond! Topher Grace Is 'So Happy' for Newlywed Pals Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher just got the Eric Foreman seal of approval.

    When the longtime couple finally tied the knot, it was a dream come true for That '70s Show diehards everywhere – including fellow cast mates!

    Topher Grace (aka Eric Foreman) couldn't help but gush about how happy he is for the newlyweds.

    "It's so cool," he told PEOPLE Tuesday at the American Ultra premiere in L.A. "Imagine two of your great high school friends, who weren't dating in high school but were buddies and you're all in the same friend group and they grow up and they fall in love, get married, have a kid."

    The cast has remained close over the years, even working together on other projects and celebrating each others' birthdays. So it only makes sense that when Kunis and Kutcher got together, everyone was thrilled.

    "I'm so happy for them. I really am," said Grace.

    Grace can't bask in nostalgia for too long, though: He has his own wedding to think about!

    The actor, 37, proposed to True Detective actress Ashley Hinshaw, 26, in January after more than a year of dating – but it looks like this groom is taking a back seat when it comes to the wedding planning.

    "I have no part in that!" he told PEOPLE. "That is all her. I know to show up, and I know which date."

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Reunite With Princess Beatrice in New York City

    (Pic) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher seemed like they had quite the down-to-earth weekend in New York City while celebrating Mila's 32nd birthday.

    The newlyweds reunited with their longtime friends Princess Beatrice and her boyfriend Dave Clark, and the four even shared an Uber while out and about in the city.

    Their Uber driver, David Capellan tells E! News that the group was all very humble and nice, and that they all had a great time chatting during their drive together. Capellan shared a photo of the couples on Instagram. In the pic, Clark is seen sitting shotgun, while Mila and Beatrice smile next to Ashton in the backseat.

    According to Capellan, the group shared some laughs while discussing yachts. Princess Beatrice mentioned her time on Oprah Winfrey's mega yacht, while Ashton and Mila also gave their own funny takes on their experiences at sea. "They were pretty hilarious," Capellan said.

    Sounds like a ride we wish we were a part of.

    The couple were also spotted out over the birthday weekend getting yogurt while strolling around Manhattan's Upper West Side with daughter Wyatt, and then stopped off later for burgers, People reports.

    Having a low-key birthday weekend doesn't sound that out of the norm for the couple. Last month for their honeymoon, the couple and their daughter enjoyed an RV trip up the California coast, stopping by a Mexican restaurant and doing some wine tasting.

    We caught up with Mila and Ashton's That '70s Show co-star Topher Grace a few days ago at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's grants banquet and he told E! News, "It's the greatest thing that ever happened," regarding the duo getting married. "It's like two of your great friends from high school got together after high school and had a baby. And they're such a lovely couple."

    Grace added, "They're the greatest. I love those guys. It's great to know they're together. You want to all stay together when you're on a show like that...They get to stay together forever."

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Have a Family Day and Grab Burgers During Her Birthday Weekend

    New parents and newlyweds Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis had a very cute family night out in New York City on Saturday, during Kunis' birthday weekend (she turned 32 on Friday).

    The twosome were spotted strolling around Manhattan's Upper West Side neighborhood with young daughter Wyatt, making some very non-Hollywood stops.

    First, they grabbed some yogurt. "Ashton was pushing the stroller and bouncing their baby, and Mila seemed cute and animated," an onlooker tells PEOPLE.

    The next stop was Bareburger – the upscale burger chain. The family appeared to be "really comfortable with each other," the onlooker said.

    Kutcher, 37, and Kunis were both dressed casually in shorts and T-shirts, with Ashton wearing a baseball cap.

    Such domestic bliss is in some ways a dream come true. As Kunis told W magazine recently, "My first real kiss ever was with him on [That '70s Show]. We all get movie star crushes. I'm marrying mine."

    Kutcher was equally effusive about their new family, telling Conan O'Brien in October, of fatherhood, "It's the greatest thing on Earth."

    Celebs defend Uber

    Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration announced Wednesday it would drop its plan to impose new limits on Uber in the Big Apple — for now — amid backlash from celebs like Ashton Kutcher, Neil Patrick Harris and Kate Upton.

    Harris, a resident of Harlem, took to Twitter on Wednesday urging the mayor to reconsider his stance on the popular car service, writing, “@BilldeBlasio: 25K new residents use @Uber_NYC each week. How is a fixed # of cars supposed to serve this demand for rides?”

    Under de Blasio’s proposed plan, the app-based service would have been granted a restricted number of licenses to operate in New York City. Model-actress Upton — who finds Uber a more convenient alternative to traditional taxis — pointed out via Twitter that the car service helps those in outer boroughs find cabs more quickly and easily. “Why do you want to return to the days when only those in Midtown & Lower Manhattan could get a ride?” she posed to the mayor.

    The 23-year old Sports Illustrated cover girl — who uses the car service everywhere she travels — was not paid for her support of the brand. Kutcher — who is also not a paid spokesperson but is an investor in the company — drew attention to the income Uber provides to many New Yorkers.

    Kutcher added on Facebook, “This is the kind of corrupt shortsighted politics that is destroying innovation.”

    Request for comment from de Blasio’s office was not immediately returned.

    @aplusk : NYC council member explain to teachers who drive #uber to subsidize their income that they won't have a job cause U took 25k from a taxi co

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Go on Road Trip to Napa Valley for Laid-Back Honeymoon: Get All the Details

    The newlyweds are on the road again!

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher drove out to Napa Valley, California, earlier this week to continue their honeymoon fun.

    On Thursday, the onetime That '70s Show costars (with baby Wyatt along for the ride) were spotted grabbing a bite at El Maguey Mexican Grill in Lodi, a small northern city roughly an hour-and-a-half from the popular vineyard region.

    Keeping it casual in T-shirts and denim, the married pair made a Whole Foods pit stop the following day in the Napa area, where an onlooker spotted Kunis bagging groceries.

    They were "super cute," another onlooker tells PEOPLE of the couple. They were "smiling at each other and chatting with the cashier. They looked happy and nobody went over to bother them."

    Kunis and Kutcher kicked off the post-wedding trip with some sightseeing at Yosemite National Park in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The family appeared to be having a great time, another park-goer told PEOPLE.

    "Mila was such a good mom and Ashton was so cute with the baby," visitor Ellie Byrd said. "They were playing with the baby and it looked like a movie scene. It was so cute."

    The actors tied the knot over Fourth of July weekend in a celebration appropriately dubbed Camp KuKu, where guests were treated to camping-style festivities, complete with tents and a bonfire on private grounds in Oak Glen, California.

    "It was a wonderful day," an insider told PEOPLE. "Just one great party."

    The actress, 31, recently opened up about her happy, balanced family life with her husband and their 9-month-old daughter. She told The Telegraph that Kutcher, 37, is a "brilliant" and "an incredibly hands-on" dad.

    "When my child was born, I was breast-feeding and he said, 'That's your connection, I want to change every diaper,' " Kunis said.

    Jon Cryer Says He ''Did Not Make a Scene'' at Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis' Wedding

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's wedding went off without (or with, as the case may be) a hitch!

    The groom's longtime co-star, Jon Cryer, tweeted about the couples' secret special day and even joked that—despite what some may believe—he didn't cause a ruckus.

    "Less than a year ago @aplusk and I were married on national TV. Well, (sniff) maybe Mila will succeed where I (sniff, sniff)…failed," the Two and a Half Men star wrote.

    "And yes, I was there. But I did not make a scene. We were all very mature about it." Well, thank heavens!

    Yesterday, E! News reported that the former That '70s Show stars tied the knot at the Secret Garden at Parrish Ranch in Oak Glen, Calif., right at sunset in front of close family and friends.

    We're told the newlyweds set up signs to guide guests that read Camp Kuku and that the wedding party went late into the night on the Fourth of July.

    "Everyone danced and had a great time," the source revealed to E! News, adding that "there was also a casual farewell brunch on Sunday morning before everyone went home."

    Our insider also dished that the two "visited the area last winter" before deciding on the gorgeous location.

    "It's extremely private, secluded and beautiful. It's a place that feels a million miles away from Los Angeles. There's a huge pond in the middle and it's surrounded by apple orchards and vistas."

    Seems like a perfectly fitting place for Mr. and Mrs. Kutcher to become husband and wife!

    Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis' Secret Wedding Details Revealed-Get the Scoop!

    Wedding bells were a-ringin' this weekend for Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's special day and E! News has all the details on the top secret nuptials.

    We previously reported that the former That '70s Show co-stars tied the knot at the Secret Garden at Parrish Ranch in Oak Glen, Calif., right at sunset in front of close family and friends.

    An insider tells us that the bride wore a stunning "strapless dress with her hair pulled back" and the couple's daughter, Wyatt, also donned a white dress throughout the event.

    We're told the newly minted Mr. and Mrs. Kutcher set up signs that read Camp Kuku and that the party went late into the night on the Fourth of July.

    "Everyone danced and had a great time," the source spilled to E! News, adding that "there was also a casual farewell brunch on Sunday morning before everyone went home."

    The Hollywood A-listers didn't exactly treat their guests to five-star hotel rooms for their special day, but they did put them up in luxury tents on the ranch grounds so that no one had to leave the property the entire celebratory weekend.

    So how did the famous duo decide on The Secret Garden for their wedding location? Well, other than the enticing name, of course.

    Our source says that they actually had been scoping out the area for a while now, dishing that "they visited the area last winter."

    "It's extremely private, secluded and beautiful. It's a place that feels a million miles away from Los Angeles. There's a huge pond in the middle and it's surrounded by apple orchards and vistas."

    Sounds perfect if you ask us! But don't go willy nilly booking your big day there before seeing the price tag, which is said to cost you around $18,000 just to nab the venue.

    Regardless, congratulations to the happy newlyweds!

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Are Married

    It's a fairy tale come true for That '70s Show fans: Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are married.

    The stars tied the knot this weekend, a source tells PEOPLE. Reps have not yet responded to requests for comment.

    Kutcher, 37, and Kunis, 31, met while playing love interests on the Fox sitcom, which ran from 1998 to 2006.

    "My first real kiss ever was with him on the show," she said in W magazine's August issue, adding, "We all get movie star crushes. I’m marrying mine."

    Ashton and Mila might finally get married this weekend

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are rumored to be tying the knot this weekend in a top-secret Los Angeles wedding ceremony in front of friends and family.

    Details of the purported ceremony are said to be so top-secret, guests weren’t told the time and place until just 24 hours before the blessed event.

    But Hollywood sources exclusively told Page Six that one possible location for the nuptials is at the super private home of Guy Oseary — Kutcher and Ron Burkle’s partner in venture capital firm A-Grade Investments, and the manager of Madonna and U2.

    Kutcher and Kunis — who welcomed their first child in October — have been coy about their marital status.

    On James Corden’s “Late Late Show” in March, Kunis answered “maybe” when the host asked whether she and Kutcher were married. “Either you’re married or you’re not,” Corden pressed. When Kunis again only said, “maybe,” Corden made her show a band on her left hand and exclaimed, “They are married, look.”

    However, subsequent reports claimed that the comic was just joking around and that Kunis and Kutcher were not, in fact, man and wife at the time.

    The insider who told us there will be a wedding ceremony over the July Fourth weekend added that it will take place at Oseary’s or “another private mansion.” And, “Details are being held close to the vest and were expected to go out to guests 24 hours or less before the wedding. It is going to be a very small and intimate affair with friends and family.”

    Reps for the couple did not respond to requests for comment.

    On Thursday, Kunis was spotted heading to a Studio City spa to get her nails done and for some “pampering,” perhaps gearing up for the big day.

    Kutcher and Oseary’s firm have investments in Airbnb, Foursquare, Shazam, SoundCloud, Spotify and Uber.

    Kunis’ next film is the animated “Hell & Back.”

    Ashton Kutcher Joins Shark Tank Season 7 as 'Guest Shark'

    Shark Tank has hooked a big fish!

    Actor-investor Ashton Kutcher will make a guest appearance on ABC’s Friday-night hit during the show’s upcoming seventh season, TVLine has learned exclusively.

    An ABC rep would not confirm Kutcher’s Shark stint, but an insider tells us the former Two and a Half Men star will serve as a “guest Shark” — a role he is well suited for. In recent years, the mini-mogul has invested in such tech startups as Skype, Foursquare, Airbnb and in April 2014, he also participated in a panel discussion/mock “shark tank” at Colgate University about founding, funding and building innovative companies.

    Shark Tank kicks off Season 7 on Friday, Sept. 25. A specific air date for Kutcher’s episode (which he allegedly taped last Friday) is TBD.

    Ashton Kutcher & Danny Masterson To Star In Netflix Series From '2.5 Men' Duo

    Two And A Half Men and That ’70s Show star Ashton Kutcher is reuniting with 2.5 Men co-showrunners Don Reo and Jim Patterson and That ’70s Show co-star Danny Masterson for a new multi-camera comedy series on Netflix. I’ve learned that the Internet TV network is finalizing a deal for a straight-to-series order to The Ranch, a sibling comedy starring Kutcher and Masterson and created by Reo and Patterson. I also hear that the series is expected to introduce a new model for the streaming service with a 20-episode order to be released in two batches, premiering 10 episodes at a time, twice a year. This represents a new wrinkle to Netflix’s standard pickup/release pattern of one 13-episode season a year, applied both to dramas and half-hour comedies, including single-camera Grace & Frankie and multi-camera Fuller House. (The streaming service previously used a modified release schedule for kids animated series All Hail King Julien which debuted with five episodes, followed by additional installments.)

    The Ranch, which marks Netflix’s second original multi-camera comedy series after the Full House follow-up Fuller House, combines elements of the broadcast model, where sitcoms produce a full-season 22-episodes a year on average, and Netflix’s signature pattern of releasing all available episodes at the same time.

    Written by Reo and Patterson, The Ranch is set on a Colorado ranch, with Kutcher’s character returning home after a brief semi-pro football career to run the family business with his brother, played by Masterson.

    Reo and Patterson executive produce the series, set to debut in 2016. Kutcher and Masterson, who had remained close friends after starring together on Fox’s long-running teen comedy That ’70s Show, will produce.

    Netflix takes targeted approach in its original series picks, looking to add programming aimed at a specific segment of the audiences that may be underserved. That explains the wide range of original shows on the streaming service, from the noisy, pop culture phenoms Orange Is the New Black and House Of Cards to the older-skewing Longmire and Grace & Frankie to the multi-camera comedies Fuller House and The Ranch. With The Ranch, Netflix likely is catering to fans of sitcoms like 2.5 Men and The Big Bang Theory.

    The Ranch pickup sets up an even larger That ’70s Show reunion, with Kutcher and Masterson joining at Netflix their former co-star Laura Prepon, who is member of the OITNB cast.

    Talk about a possible new sitcom starring Kutcher first started as 2.5 Men was wrapping its 12-season run on CBS at the beginning of the year. At one point, there was speculation about a possible Chuck Lorre involvement, but ultimately, 2.5 Men studio Warner Bros. TV, and by extension WBTV-based 2.5 Men co-creator/executive producer Lorre, did not become part of the project, which came together a couple of months ago, with Reo and Patterson as creators and Kutcher and Masterson as stars.

    In TV, Kutcher also co-created the MTV reality series Punk’d. He is repped by CAA and Untitled Entertainment. Masterson, a well-known DJ, recently starred on the TBS comedy series Men At Work. He is with UTA.

    Both Reo and Patterson served as executive producers on all four seasons of 2.5 Men with Kutcher as a leading man, the last three as co-showrunners alongside Lorre. Paradigm-repped Reo previously co-created and ran ABC’s sitcom My Wife And Kids. UTA-repped Patterson’s credits also include CBS’ Mike & Molly.

    Ashton Kutcher Applauds ''Amazing'' Rumer Willis for Speaking Out About Bullying and Body Image

    While Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore may no longer be married, the 37-year-old actor still has love for former step-daughter Rumer Willis.

    The Two and a Half Men star, who currently has a daughter of his own with Mila Kunis, took to his Facebook page to applaud the Dancing With the Stars winner following a powerful essay she penned about body image for Glamour.

    "It's amazing that you're telling your story and speaking up for other women," Kutcher wrote, sharing a link to a post about Willis which is featured on his A Plus website.

    In Willis' essay, the 26-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore admits she "struggled a lot" with body image and was "constantly bullied" for her looks. "What it comes down to is this: We all need to stop bullying ourselves and being cruel to other women," she writes. "Attacking one another instead of supporting one another has become the norm. Life's hard enough as it is. Let's find strength in the fact that we're different and unique."

    And Kutcher, whose first child Wyatt Isabelle is just 8 months old, is a fan of Rumer's mission to inspire other woman.

    "It's an amazing thing to see!" the actor wrote in response to one fan who commented, "It's such an empowering thing to see a woman standing up for other women and young girls. She's going against the grain and that's exactly what needs to be done. She's helping other girls realize that they don't need validation from others- they are their own beautiful, with their own confidence."

    This isn't the first time Kutcher has shown his support for Rumer on social media.

    While the singer was competing on Dancing With the Stars, the entrepreneur took to Twitter to encourage fans to vote for the young beauty.

    "Rumer, I'm so proud of you. You are an artist of movement," he tweeted.

    Likewise, Willis reached out to her former stepdad after he and Mila Kunis welcomed their first child. "I reached out to him when he had the baby, which is so awesome," the Dancing With the Stars winner previously said. "I saw photos of her [Wyatt]. She's very cute."

    Ashton Kutcher Literally Balances Work and Family Life

    (Pic) How does Ashton Kutcher do it?

    The former Two and a Half Men actor shared a picture of himself carrying a "guitar, drone, wetsuit, baby chair, script" and Chicago Bears hat outside of the home he shares with Mila Kunis and their daughter Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, 8 months. "This may be a metaphor for my life," he wrote on Facebook Monday. "...Balancing act." One of the family's dogs looked on as the 37-year-old TV star struggled to keep everything from toppling over. It's not clear if the dog is the 16-year-old one Kutcher recently tweeted about, who "had surgery" last Thursday.

    Kutcher first opened up about fatherhood on Conan last year. "We're really privileged that we have time and can afford to take time. We don't have a nanny or a night nurse or anything. It's just the two of us," he said. "It's unbelievable. It's the greatest thing on earth. As soon as this child was born I immediately wanted to call my parents and just apologize because I never knew how much they loved me."

    When he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in December, Kutcher explained why it was important that he and Kunis not hire a nanny. "We just want to know our kid," the former That '70s Show star said. "We want to be the people that know what to do when the baby's crying to make the baby not cry anymore. We want to know when she makes a little face or something. We want to be emotionally in touch with her, and I think the only way to do that is by being the one who's there."

    Regarding fatherhood, he said, "I really look at this as the greatest opportunity of my life." Kutcher also called Kunis "the greatest mom" he's ever known. "I go to work every day and I come home and she's perfect. And it just seems like everything went amazing," he said. "And I know that something probably didn't go amazing, but she never complains. It's unbelievable. She's incredible."

    Ashton Kutcher ticked off people won't respect baby Wyatt's right to privacy

    Ashton Kutcher is the latest celebrity parent to decry the media for a lack of respect when it comes to children's privacy.

    The "That 70s Show" actor took to Twitter to vent his frustrations that press outlets won't respect his and wife's Mila Kunis' desire to keep their daughter Wyatt's identity a secret.

    @aplusk : Why is it so hard for publications to respect that I would like the identity of my child kept private for safety reasons? Pls honor that.

    Kutcher explains in the tweet that the couple haven't released pictures of their daughter for safety reasons. Though Wyatt Isabelle was born in October 2014, Kutcher and Kunis haven't released any pictures to the press or published them on social media. They chose to announce her name to the press via Kutcher's website once the baby was born.

    In the announcement post, Kutcher also posted pictures of several other babies -- both human and animal -- asking if people could guess which one was Wyatt. "Or does it really matter? All babies are cute," the actor wrote.

    Both Kutcher and Kunis have tried to keep their private life out of the press despite both having Hollywood careers. Kunis was even reluctant to admit the two were married until "Late Late Show" James Corden brought it up in his premiere episode.

    Ashton Kutcher's baby is cuter than yours

    (Pic) Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ darling daughter, Wyatt, is officially the cutest 7-month-old girl in all of Hollywood.

    On Monday, the public got their first good look at the baby who’s got Kutcher smitten with joy and beaming with pride.

    Sitting comfortably in her father’s arms, little Wyatt wore a “Control Freak” T-shirt over a gray long-sleeved shirt, striped black-and-white leggings, white sneakers and a polka dot headband for an added cute factor.

    The 37-year-old tech investor, in full-on dad mode with a toy giraffe hanging out of his left pocket, wore a gray sweatshirt, a red cap and dark shorts while out and about in Carpinteria, Calif.

    Although the paparazzi snapped a terrific photo of the once-mystery baby this week, there are fan-captured photos of Wyatt circulating on social media.

    There’s no word whether Kutcher fussed about a lack of changing stations this time.

    Happy Mother's Day! Ashton Kutcher makes his siblings look bad with surprise home remodel

    (Video) Ashton Kutcher has officially grown up: He's moved on from pranking celebrities on "Punk'd" to surprising his own mom with a heartfelt gift.

    To show his mother, Diane, how much he appreciates and loves her, the "Two and a Half Men" actor teamed up with an online design site he's invested in, Houzz, to remodel part of her home in Homestead, Iowa.

    "It's my way of saying thank you to my mom," says Kutcher. "My mom has been the greatest influence in my life, and anything I can do to say thank you is the right thing to do."

    To accomplish his I-love-my-mom mission, Kutcher and his step-dad, Mark, worked together from different states to give a complete facelift to the home's basement. To keep his mom away from the house, Kutcher and wife Mila Kunis told her that they needed some extra help out in Los Angeles with their new daughter, Wyatt.

    When she came home, she was surprised with the best gift ever. (You better believe a lot of happy crying happens.) You can head on over to Houzz' website to watch the final reveal.

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Bring Cowboy Hats and Cutoffs to Stagecoach

    (Pic) This weekend was filled with fashion. From the White House Correspondents’ Dinner to the Daytime Emmy Awards, there was plenty of sartorial eye candy. There were also more festival-inspired outfits happening out in the desert, but this time cowboy hats (not flower crowns) were the hot accessory.

    We’re talking about the California-based Stagecoach Country Music Festival. And some of Hollywood’s biggest stars (Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Miranda Lambert and more) made some seriously stylish guest appearances.

    Enjoying a date night sans baby, Kunis and Kutcher attended the outdoor concerts decked out in their best country-inspired getups. While Kunis opted for a more laid-back ensemble — a black graphic tank, matching short shorts (with a red bandanna dangling for a little extra edge), a chambray shirt and a pair of white sneakers — Kutcher took the event as an opportunity to wear all of his cowboy-esque attire, including a black cowboy hat, an oversize gold belt buckle and a bright-green bandanna. Should we add them to our list of cutest country couples?

    Did Mila Kunis Steal a Woman's Chicken? Actress Mocks Allegations in New Video With Ashton Kutcher

    Mila Kunis wants to make one thing clear: She has never stolen a chicken!

    After reports started circulating that the actress allegedly stole a chicken from her childhood friend Kristina Karo, Kunis and her fiancé Ashton Kutcher wanted to set the record straight.

    Turns out the Hollywood pair has no idea what this woman is talking about.

    "Let's just get this clear. You stole a chicken from a one-month-old child who spoke to you in an entire conversation? It's just shocking to me," Kutcher said on a new app Meerkat (which he is an investor in) via TMZ. "It's shocking to me that news organizations, real journalists out there that have fact-checked this story didn't pick up on the fact that this girl was one month old and having a conversation with you from Ukraine."

    He added, "Speaking in English in one month? This is the smartest girl I've ever heard of."

    So why would this woman come forward to make such allegations after more than 25 years? Well, according to the duo, Karo coincidentally has a music video coming out in the near future.

    "So this girl has a music video coming out at the same time she's suing you for $5,000 for the stolen chicken when she was one month old and you were seven?" Kutcher asked.

    "I was devastated. I was weeping. I was dumbfounded," Kunis mocked in the video when first hearing the news. "I was like, which chicken did I steal? I was obviously in the village when I stole these chickens so I apologized to this woman who may or may not have been a month old."

    For the record, Kunis says she has not been served with any papers. Instead of getting mad, however, maybe it's better to imagine the possible next steps in this so-called chicken battle.

    "I would like to launch a counter $5,000 lawsuit for making me watch that music video. My body hurts. My eyes hurt. They're burning," Kunis joked. "I feel like I will be a chicken fighter for a very long time. I would never steal somebody else's chicken."

    So case settled? If you ask Kutcher, that answer should be an absolute yes!

    "I believe this woman. I know her very well," he explained. "I believe she's an ethical person that wouldn't steal chicken. You heard it right from the chicken's mouth."

    Rumer Willis admits it was 'weird' seeing Demi date her crush Ashton

    Family dynamics certainly changed when Rumer Willis learned that her teenage crush, Ashton Kutcher, was dating (and eventually married) her mother, Demi Moore.

    “It was definitely weird for a minute, but you know I have to commend him,” the 26-year-old actress detailed to Howard Stern on Wednesday. “He was a really great stepfather and the perspective shifted very quickly.”

    Moore and Kutcher, who is 15 years her junior, famously began dating in 2003, tied the knot in 2005 and split in 2011.

    The “Dancing with the Stars” contestant admits that she had a Kutcher poster on her wall as a kid, but says there came a moment when she replaced it with a photo of another Hollywood hunk.

    Willis also says she never told her mom how attractive she thought Kutcher was, but confessed her feelings to one of her sisters. “I feel like I told my sister that at some point, ‘Man! Alright, well, gotta cross him off,’” she quipped about giving up a fantasy.

    Despite her initial thoughts about Kutcher, Willis says she never mistrusted her mother’s relationship. “I was kind of impressed,” she admitted of her mom landing the younger actor. “I was like, ‘Yeah, girl! Get it!’”

    Moore and Kutcher’s marriage made headlines recently when Scott Eastwood shared that his ex-girlfriend may have been responsible for the power couple’s breakup.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Hold Hands During a Romantic Outing

    (Pic) It's official: Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher continue to be one of the cutest couples in Hollywood.

    The happy couple was spotted holding hands on their way into a Home Depot, where they purchased a small supply of wood and supplies. OK, maybe it's not the most romantic day out, but it's still adorable!

    Since the beginning of their relationship these two have never hid their love for each other, and apparently Mila wants to let the world know they're as happy as ever! She donned a T-shirt with the words "Love is everything" emblazoned on the front.

    But now that we know they were picking up some home renovation supplies, are these two undertaking a project themselves? Just picturing hunky Ashton using a hammer has us feeling all sorts of feels!

    It's good to see these two out and about much more often these days, as Mila mostly stayed at home with their daughter, Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, in the beginning. But now the happily engaged couple is making appearance left and right! They were most recently spotted at a Dodgers game where they snapped a selfie and even photobombed other people's pics, too!

    Baseball isn't the only sport the That '70s Show star is a fan of! Ashton is also obsessed with football.

    When Mila appeared on Conan in February, she joked that Ashton is "molding" their daughter to become "the very first female professional NFL coach, specifically for the Chicago Bears."

    Just how is he doing that? "By forcing her to watch football every Sunday, Monday night and Thursday night—and no, I'm not kidding, everybody! This child has worn a Chicago bears onesie every Sunday of her life, every Monday night of her life and every Thursday night of her life—and never twice," she told Conan O'Brien.

    "She will love football," she said. "She will love football if it's the last thing she does."

    She might also love being handy around the house if her parents keep bringing home supplies from Home Depot LOL.

    Scott Eastwood Reveals Ashton Kutcher Cheated on Demi Moore with His Ex

    Scott Eastwood is the best. Let's just get that out of the way. But on Thursday's Watch What Happens Live, he got even better.

    After a fan called in to ask Jon Cryer if it was awkward working with Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men since they had both dated Demi Moore, Eastwood oh-so-casually dropped this gem into the conversation: "If it makes you feel any better, he did sleep with one of my ex-girlfriends. But she was my current girlfriend at the time, so..."

    Eastwood insisted he wasn't bitter about the incident, even though he discovered it through unorthodox means. "I think it was the catalyst that broke him and Demi up," he says.

    "Was it the girl in San Diego?" host Andy Cohen asked, referencing the October 2011 Us Weekly cover story detailing Kutcher's hot tub hookup. (Kutcher and Moore split a month later.)

    "Yeah, it was her and her friends," Eastwood confirmed.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Snap Sweet Selfie While Cheering for the L.A. Dodgers

    (Pic) Talk about strong selfie game!

    Ashton Kutcher posted a photo on his Facebook page Monday captioned, "Love winning on opening day. Go Dodgers!" In the adorable selfie, Kutcher and his love Mila Kunis wear matching blue Dodgers gear and excited expressions.

    The Kunis-Kutchers are longtime Dodgers fans: They've been spotted at several of the Los Angeles team's games since they started dating.

    Monday's baseball game is the most recent in a long line of casual date nights for the couple, who may or may not be married. Kunis, 31, began sporting an engagement ring in February 2014 and gave birth to their first child, daughter Wyatt, in October. We're guessing Wyatt already has quite the collection of Dodgers baby apparel in her closet.

    Since Wyatt's birth, the stars have stepped out on regular outings, both with and without their daughter. The happy family went out for a 10-course meal not long after Wyatt's birth, but mom and dad made a kid-free getaway to the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, in March, where Kutcher, 37, launched his new venture capital firm.

    Punk'd Again! Ashton Kutcher Pranks, Spoons & Kisses Aussies in Hidden Camera Segment

    Punk'd Again! Ashton Kutcher Pranks, Spoons & Kisses Aussies in Hidden Camera Segment: video.

    Ashton Kutcher Wants to Change Baby Wyatt's Diapers, Petitions for Changing Tables in Men's Restrooms

    Mila Kunis, you've got a good man!

    Ashton Kutcher not only wants diaper duty—he's campaigning on behalf of dads everywhere to bring changing tables into men's restrooms everywhere.

    Earlier this month, the actor-entrepreneur became frustrated when he needed to change daughter Wyatt's diaper but found there was no changing station in the men's restroom. He vented about the conundrum on Facebook, writing, "There are NEVER diaper changing stations in mens public restrooms. The first public men's room that I go into that has one gets a free shout out on my FB page! #BeTheChange"

    The post was liked over 244,000 times, and as Ashton noted in a March 16 follow-up post, the "idea of diaper-changing stations" clearly "struck a chord" with other parents. "It's a pet peeve of mine when people just complain about s--t and don't do anything to improve their condition," he wrote. "So let's do something."

    That something is a petition asking two major retailers, Target and Costco, to lead by example and "initiate a company-wide policy to provide universally accessible changing tables in their stores."

    Target responded the following day, noting that changing tables have already been "a standard feature in both our men's and women's restrooms for more than 25 years."

    "In addition, as we build new stores, we place changing tables in our women's, men's and family restrooms," added Target Public Relations spokeswoman Molly Snyder. "In the event a changing table is unavailable, we encourage our guests to notify a team member and we will be happy to offer an alternative private location to meet their needs."

    WTG, Target! As for Costco? A spokesperson for the warehouse club did not immediately respond to E! News' request for comment. At least some Costco locations do have diaper-changing tables in the men's restrooms, though, and if they don't all have them already, the 73,000+ signatures on Ashton's petition might just serve as a friendly nudge in that direction.

    Mila Kunis Supports Ashton Kutcher's Latest Launch at South by Southwest

    (Pic, Pic2) Parents' night out!

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher enjoyed an evening out on the town without their little daughter Wyatt over the weekend at the South by Southwest festival in Austin.

    The new mom and dad were seen celebrating the launch of Sound Venture—which both Kutcher and Guy Oseary have invested in.

    Kunis proudly supported her hubby-to-be while they mingled with several famous guests including Jessica Alba, T.I., Mark Cuban, James Marsden and Rashida Jones.

    "We believe that great brands aren't afraid to disrupt," the Two and a Half Men actor told the packed crowd at the DeLeón Tequila-hosted party.

    And when the future Mr. and Mrs. Kutcher weren't busy hobnobbing with the partygoers, they were seen taking PDA-filled pictures inside of the Airbnb photobooth.

    This marks the latest foray into the tech world for the actor, who is already an investor in Spotify, Foursquare, Airbnb and Uber (with Oseary as well).

    Shortly before making his big business announcement, Kutcher went on a social media rant about there never any changing tables in men's public restrooms after a solo outing with his baby girl.

    "There are NEVER diaper changing stations in mens public restrooms. The first public men's room that I go into that has one gets a free shout out on my FB page! ?#?BeTheChange," he wrote.

    During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kunis gushed about her man's diaper-changing skills, among other things.

    "The second she was born he changed the first diaper," she explained. "And has changed multiple diapers ever since. If he's home he changes the diaper. He became a master swaddler. He can swaddle anyone's baby."

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Celebrate New Startup at SXSW

    (Pic) Since becoming a dad in October, Ashton Kutcher is ready to tackle his next project – a venture capital firm – with fiancée Mila Kunis by his side.

    The Two and a Half men actor, 37, and investment partner Guy Oseary, 42, launched Sound Venture at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, on Sunday.

    "We believe that great brands aren't afraid to disrupt," Kutcher said at DeLeón Tequila's Sound Venture launch party.

    Kunis, 31, stuck by her fiancé all night as Kutcher received congratulations from attendees who including Shark Tank's Mark Cuban and Jessica Alba.

    While Cuban, 56, took selfies with other guests, the new parents snuck away to joke around and take kissing pictures in the Airbnb photo booth.

    Kutcher and Kunis also chatted with Alba, 33, backstage as Lil Wayne performed a 45-minute set of classics like "Lolli Pop," "She Will" and "A Milli," which attendee Rashida Jones particularly enjoyed.

    DJ Mary Mac performed as well, with Shane West and James Marsden in the audience.

    Guests sipped on DeLeón cocktails throughout the evening and indulged in a build-your-own ice cream sandwich bar.

    This isn't Kutcher's first foray into the tech world: He was an early proponent of Twitter, played Apple founder Steve Jobs in a biopic two years ago and has already invested in Spotify, Airbnb, Foursquare and Uber with Oseary.

    Ashton Kutcher: Put More Diaper-Changing Tables in Men's Bathrooms!

    Ashton Kutcher has found changing diapers to be quite the nuisance — but not for the reason you’d expect!

    The new dad experienced a slight gender imbalance during a one-on-one outing with his 5-month-old daughter Wyatt Isabelle when he came to find that no men’s bathrooms had changing table areas.

    Kutcher took to Facebook to complain about the lack of baby equipment available to all the dads out there, writing, “There are NEVER diaper changing stations in mens public restrooms.”

    And the Two and a Half Men alum, 37, even dished out an incentive for any places that answer his fatherhood prayers: “The first public men’s room that I go into that has one gets a free shout out on my FB page! ?#?BeTheChange?,” he continued in the post.

    Despite his recent diaper-changing debacle, Kutcher loves being a parent to his first child with fiancée Mila Kunis, 31.

    “She’s beautiful,” he said of his little one at a tech conference in Australia last month. “This kid – I’m freaking out … It’s new but it never gets old.”

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Enjoy a Low-Key Date Night

    (Pic) There's nothing more precious to new parents than date night!

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher spent some quality time together Sunday with friends, leaving baby Wyatt Isabelle at home for the evening.

    Kunis, 31, wore a pair of loose black pants and a simple top covered by a tailored black jacket. Fiancé Kutcher, 37, was similarly dressed down in baggy blue pants and a maroon sweatshirt, topping off his outfit with a red baseball cap.

    Dining at Hal's Bar & Grill in Venice, California, with some friends, the stars were just blocks away from Kutcher's ex, Demi Moore, who was talking to friends with daughter Tallulah Willis outside gay bar Roosterfish.

    Kutcher and Moore, 52, were married for six years before announcing their separation in November 2011. He began dating Kunis in April 2012, and they got engaged less than two years later, in February 2014. They welcomed their first child last October.

    Kutcher is an "incredible father," Kunis recently revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, though she admitted she "cried" when she had to leave Wyatt at home alone for the first time. "It's weird," she said. "If anyone's a stay-at-home mom, it's a very weird feeling to, all of a sudden, have to leave your child."

    'Two and a Half Men' wraps up a dozen years of comedy

    Charlie Harper lives — at least, he lived until the final moments of Thursday's series finale of "Two and a Half Men."

    If you don't want to know what happened next, stop reading now.

    A baby grand piano fell on the millionaire playboy as he made a momentous return to his Malibu beach house, clearly finishing him off four years after his presumed death with the firing of Charlie Sheen, who had played him.

    It was a kookie, sly twist, followed a moment later by a second piano falling on the show's co-creator, Chuck Lorre, who had only a split-second to gloat that he had pulled a fast one on viewers: Charlie Sheen hadn't, as widely expected, made a conciliatory return to the show after all as it ended its 12-season run. Portrayed by a body double, Charlie Harper was only seen from behind as he approached his front door and met his startling, presumably final, demise.

    Sheen, of course, had been dumped from the CBS sitcom four years ago after scandalous behavior and stormy feuding with Lorre, and from the first moments of the finale the viewer was set up not only to expect the return of Charlie Harper, but of Sheen in the role.

    Quickly evidence mounted that Harper hadn't really fallen to his death in front of a Paris subway train, as had been reported at the time by Rose, the crazy one-night-stand-turned-wife who back then had followed him to Paris.

    Instead, Rose (Melanie Lynskey) had been holding him hostage for four years in a dungeon underneath her house back in Los Angeles.

    All this she explained midway in the episode as she stopped in at his old homestead, the posh beach-front digs still occupied by his brother Alan (series veteran Jon Cryer) and Walden, the subsequent owner of the house (played by Ashton Kutcher, who joined the show after Sheen left).

    Rose told them that Charlie had escaped from the pit a few days earlier and was on the loose, threatening revenge on Alan and Walden — and maybe on Rose herself.

    "Now that you're all caught up, I'll say my good-byes," Rose said. "I'm not gonna stick around to find out what he's gonna do to me just because I loved him too much."

    Indeed, Alan and Walden realized there had never been a death certificate.

    Walden: "How do you know he's really dead?"

    Alan: "Of course he's dead! I have his ashes."

    Walden: "How do you know that they're HIS ashes?"

    Alan: "What do you want me to do? Test them for herpes?"

    The pair reported the possible danger Charlie posed to an LAPD lieutenant played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of the show's cameo performances. Bewildered, he recapped the case (and in the process, the series' wacky 12 seasons) and advised them to wrap "this whole thing up. This whole thing has been going on waaaay too long."

    "Yeah," said Alan, in one of the episode's self-referential wisecracks, "a lot of people have been saying that."

    "Two and a Half Men" premiered in September 2003, tailored for Sheen and his real-life image as a bad boy and freewheeling bachelor. The character he played, who was flush from writing jingles, shared his home with his uptight brother and Alan's young son (Angus T. Jones, who, now grown and departed from the show, made a guest appearance on the finale).

    Sheen was fired from the show in March 2011. That spring, he roared back with a bizarre nationwide tour of live appearances billed as "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not An Option."

    Among his "truths" were ugly rants directed at Lorre.

    Lorre got his comeuppance Thursday night.

    On his production "vanity card," Lorre explained that Sheen had been offered the role of Crushed Charlie in the episode, but said that Sheen had other ideas for how it should go.

    There would be no rapprochement with Charlie Sheen, no mercy for Charlie Harper.

    Then, ever the comedian, Lorre invoked one of Sheen's notorious slogans, "Winning," from his director's chair as he savored the scene, then dropped a piano on himself.

    Two and a Half Men Series Finale: Who Came Back and How Did It All End?

    Gonna be honest, that was fun.

    If you guessed that Charlie Harper, television's most infamous asshole, was never actually hit by a train in France, you would be sorely correct. He's actually been in a pit in Rose's (Melanie Lynskey) basement in Sherman Oaks this entire time, plotting an eventual escape via a bowling shirt rope and an open window in order to exact revenge on Alan (Jon Cryer) and Walden (Ashton Kutcher) for moving on without him.

    Part of his revenge involved dividing his two and a half million dollar music royalties up among those closest to him, minus Alan, but including Charlie's daughter Jenny (Amber Tamblyn), his ex Chelsea (Jennifer Taylor), and…his nephew Jake (Angus T. Jones), who now looks a bit like Jesus and is apparently married with step kids.

    The episode was filled to the brim with both returning characters, cameos (John Stamos, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Christian Slater!) and glorious meta jokes, including Berta suggesting that if Charlie is still alive, he should move in with Walden and "we can keep this going for another five years."

    Charlie spent the episode terrorizing his brother and his brother's roommate/ex-husband with texts, emails, signs, and cardboard cutouts hanging from nooses, which led Alan and Walden to start making amends with everyone they've ever known and loved, including Judith (Marin Hinkle), Kandi (April Bowlby), and Bridget (Judy Greer), who is now having sex with John Stamos.

    Charlie then apparently drugged Christian Slater and left him as bait for police (led by Lieutenant Wagner, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger), which allowed Alan, Walden, and Berta to believe they were free for cigars on the patio, only to then see a helicopter approaching with a piano delivery.

    We thought the show might end with their tragic piano death, but there was a twist coming! The piano instead landed on a Charlie-esque man who had just rung the doorbell. The camera pulled back to reveal creator Chuck Lorre sitting in a director's chair before he turned to the camera to grin and say, "Winning."

    Of course, another piano fell right on top of him, and the show was over after twelve long seasons.

    Charlie Sheen never showed up, but we didn't think he would, especially after his comments on Twitter earlier today. Sheen wrote: "Attention World: If you're looking for my much anticipated cameo on network TV, you'll have to check out The Goldbergs, Wed Feb. 25th on ABC! I go where the love is. #OfcourseI'mnot."

    Yeah, the love was not on Two and a Half Men tonight, but the funny was. We laughed, and really that's all you can ask for sometimes.

    'Two And A Half Men' Series Finale: The Big Tease

    If you’re old enough to read this and don’t want to know now what happens on tonight’s series finale of Two And A Half Men, do not continue to read. Otherwise you’re entering a No Victimhood Zone.

    Chuck Lorre gave viewers exactly what they wanted for the series finale of Two And A Half Men tonight — two hours being teased as to whether Charlie Sheen would be back. In the end, someone who looked like Sheen, but was not, was seen from behind standing outside the door to his Malibu beach house. A baby grand piano falls from the sky — it was being delivered to the house by helicopter. Camera cuts back to Lorre sitting in a chair, watching the scene; he turns his head around and faces the camera. “Winning” Lorre smirks, as another baby grand falls, crushing him.

    “I know a lot of you might be disappointed that you didn’t get to see Charlie Sheen in tonight’s finale,” Lorre wrote on tonight’s vanity card. “For the record he was offered a role. Our idea was to have him walk up to the front door in the last scene, ring the doorbell, then turn, look directly into the camera and go off on a maniacal rant about the dangers of drug abuse. He would then explain that these dangers only apply to average people. That he was far from average. He was a ninja warrior from Mars. He was invincible.

    “And then we would drop a piano on him.

    “We thought it was funny.

    “He didn’t.

    “Instead, he wanted us to write a heart-warming scene that would set up his return to primetime TV in a new sitcom called The Harpers starring him and Jon Cryer. We thought that was funny too.”

    Oh, and Angus T. Jones returned to the series finale tonight — which was funny too, because the actor had left the show right around the time he started publicly begging people not to watch this “filth” anymore.

    Sheen was famously fired from Men after several humdinger rants against Lorre — like how he’d spent the past decade turning Lorre’s “tins cans” into “gold” — as well as Warner Bros. and CBS, when the show didn’t resume production after Sheen’s stint in rehab. Sheen filed a lawsuit and settled for a reported seven figures. Ashton Kutcher later replaced him. Sheen’s had a lot to say about that too.

    The loss of its star would have killed a lesser show, but Men defied the odds and has continued these past four seasons. Asked whether Sheen could appear on the final season to resurrect Charlie Harper, CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler would go all coy and simper, “Chuck Lorre has a lot of surprises in store; I’m not sure this is one of them.”

    More teasing of reporters this past January at TCA Winter Press Tour, when Lorre got asked if Sheen would participate in the series finale. ”We’re going to have a finale you’re going to be very pleased with, and that’s all I’m going to say about it,” Lorre said. But then he thought better of it and answered again: “It would be inappropriate to not acknowledge the extraordinary success we had with Charlie and how grateful I am, we all are, to his contributions. And there’s nothing but great feelings for the 8 1/2 years we worked together. But how to wrap the show up? It’s tricky. … Because in a way, the show morphed into something else entirely for the last four years — and it’s something we love — and we want to honor both. How to honor both is the challenge of this finale.

    “The other challenge is how to get people to watch it without telling them what it is,” Lorre joked — which passed for confirmation among the rabid fanboys and girls in the hall.

    In December, CBS announced Two And A Half Men would end its 12-season run with a one-hour finale. It was to be preceded by the series debut of The Odd Couple, which got the strongest comedy lead-in on television, The Big Bang Theory.

    Ashton Kutcher Talks About His Huge Prosthetic Penis: "You Don't Throw Something Like That Out"

    Ashton Kutcher Talks About His Huge Prosthetic Penis: "You Don't Throw Something Like That Out": Video.

    Ashton Kutcher writes heartfelt tribute to 'Two and a Half Men' co-star Jon Cryer

    It looks like "Two and a Half Men" fans aren't the only ones getting a little sad that the series is coming to an end.

    Just in time for Thursday's (Feb. 19) series finale of the CBS show, Ashton Kutcher took to Facebook on Wednesday to post a touching tribute to his co-star, Jon Cryer, and to thank him for all of the "manly men" time they've spent together.

    "Thank you Mr. Cryer for making this job never feel like work," Kutcher writes. "I will miss working with you every day. You are a true partner in every sense of the word. In four years I never heard you complain and never heard you speak ill of another person, even if they took advantage of your kindness and generosity."

    He continues, "You are a gentleman. You are a talent. You are someone I look up to. See you tomorrow night."

    Although Cryer has yet to publicly respond to Kutcher's sweet message, he has been kind about thanking the "Two and a Half Men" fans.


    On the day of #TwoAndAHalfMenFinale I want to say Thank You to the people who made the show everything that it is: the audience. Thank You!!

    I'm filled with gratitude for every day you let me have this job. It's been an honor to embarrass myself.

    And thanks to audiences all over the world for putting up with our tomfoolery. It's was as much fun as it looked. #TwoAndAHalfMenFinale

    'Two and a Half Men' series finale, with or without Charlie Sheen, is 'a sticky wicket'

    The end is here for those "men, men, men, men, manly men."

    The success of "Two and a Half Men" speaks for itself, given the CBS sitcom's 12 seasons and its sustained popularity after a major retooling in 2011, when Ashton Kutcher's Walden replaced founding cast member Charlie Sheen's Charlie. And along the way, Jon Cryer earned two Emmys for the show as Alan ... so a lot of television history will be bound up in the hour-long series wrap-up Thursday (Feb. 19), also featuring Conchata Ferrell's last stand as sassy housekeeper Berta.

    "I think we're going to have a finale that you'll be very, very pleased with," says executive producer and co-creator Chuck Lorre, who's been doing his best to keep the details of it under wraps, though the plot does pose the thought that the fictional Charlie might still be alive. Lorre adds "it would be inappropriate here to not acknowledge the extraordinary success we had with Charlie and how grateful I am -- and we all are -- to his contribution, and there's nothing but good feelings for the eight-and-a-half years we worked together.

    "But how to wrap the show up, it's tricky," Lorre tells Zap2it, "it's a sticky wicket. In a way, the show morphed into something else entirely for the last four years, and it's something we love, and we want to honor both. So, how to honor both has been the challenge of this finale. And the other challenge is how to get people watching it without telling them what it is."

    Cryer maintains he has no clue to "Two and a Half Men's" staying power. "I actually have spent some time with the writers this year," he reports, "and it's been really fun. I will try to figure out how Chuck is going to react to whatever they're presenting, and I'm almost never right, so I don't know exactly what it is. Early on, they discovered it was funny for me to be naked, and that has carried us all quite a ways, apparently."

    Kutcher reasons, however, that Lorre's shows work because they involve "families that are just like yours. And I think that Chuck works with people that understand that that works, and that's extraordinarily relatable. Even if it's two straight guys acting like gay guys so they can adopt a kid (the final-season premise of 'Two and a Half Men'), that's a family. It's all built around really broken, messed-up families ... and if you have one, you know what one's like, and you can really relate to it and it's fun to laugh at. Because, ultimately, you sit at home and you laugh at yourself."

    Destined to continue being seen in widely syndicated repeats, "Two and a Half Men" began a CBS comedy empire for Chuck Lorre Productions that now also encompasses "The Big Bang Theory," "Mike & Molly" and "Mom." Lorre acknowledges that "it all started with 'Two and a Half Men,' and I just wanted to state for the record that this doesn't happen -- none of this happens -- had that show not been such a phenomenal success."

    Ashton Kutcher Shares His Big Plans After Two and a Half Men: More Time With Mila Kunis and Baby Wyatt!

    For Ashton Kutcher, saying goodbye to Two and a Half Men is bittersweet.

    It's tough to bid farewell to a beloved cast and crew. But it's pretty awesome having more quality time alongside baby Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher.

    "I probably will spend a lot more time with my family and friends," he revealed to Extra just one day before the show's series finale airs. "That would be nice for a good while."

    That extra time may also give new mom Mila Kunis a break she totally deserves.

    "I have an awesome partner that takes care of all those things and does a really good job at it," Kutcher revealed when asked how a new dad like him looks so rested. "And I do a little."

    Co-star Jon Cryer also dropped some big news that the couple's baby made her visit to the set just last week. As one can expect, she made quite the impression on the cast.

    "I'm going to miss his daughter Wyatt because he brought her to the set for the first time last week," he gushed. "She's a little bit of a diva. She poops in her pants and expects other people to clean it."

    He added with laughter," That's not cool set behavior as far as I am concerned." Babies will be babies!

    As Kutcher wraps up his final scenes, his fiancée continues to show off an amazing post-baby body. On Wednesday, the former That ‘70s Show star spent the day running errands and stopping by Mika Sushi in Santa Monica, Calif.

    "She looked great and had a glow," an eyewitness told E! News. "Mila went home after sushi and it seemed as if Ashton was at home babysitting." So adorable!

    "She's the greatest mom—I can't even," Kutcher recently gushed to Ellen DeGeneres. "Like, I go to work every day and I come home and she's perfect."

    Can't wait for more of this cuteness!

    New Parents Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Enjoy Belated Valentine's Day Date With a Romantic Lunch

    (Pic) Who said Valentine's Day has to end on February 14?!

    Two days after dozens of Hollywood couples were showered with love from their partners, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis decided to finally celebrate the romantic holiday in their own special way.

    The new parents chose to enjoy a private lunch date at the ultra-exclusive Soho House in West Hollywood, Calif., Monday around 12 noon.

    Wearing a red (how fitting) T-shirt with denim jeans, the Two and a Half Men star was a true gentleman as he drove his fiancée to and from the restaurant.

    "They appeared to be in good spirits," an eyewitness told E! News. "They looked happy and were laughing at one another."

    Ever since becoming a dad to Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, Kutcher has grown to love Kunis even more.

    During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 37-year-old couldn't stop gushing about how "amazing" life was with his partner.

    "She's the greatest mom—I can't even! Like, I go to work every day and I come home and she's perfect," he gushed to Ellen DeGeneres. "And it just seems like everything went amazing. And I know that something probably didn't go amazing, but she never complains. It's unbelievable. She's incredible."

    And while a source confirmed to E! News that a wedding "is in the works," being full-time parents remains this pair's greatest mission today.

    "We want to be the people that know what to do when the baby's crying to make the baby not cry anymore. We want to know when she makes a little face or something," he explained. "We want to be emotionally in touch with her, and I think the only way to do that is by being the one who's there."

    Ashton Kutcher Talks Sex With Mila Kunis, Gushes Over ''Beautiful'' Baby Wyatt and Reads Emails from Taylor Swift, Bradley Cooper

    Kudos, Ashton Kutcher.

    The actor, investor and entrepreneur spoke at the Lenovo Tech My Way conference in Sydney, Australia on Friday (Kutcher serves as the company's product manager), where he bragged about fiancée Mila Kunis, gushed over baby Wyatt and even read emails from his famous friends, including Taylor Swift and Bradley Cooper.

    "I really struggled with what I was gonna talk about today," the 37-year-old Two and a Half Men star told the audience at the opening of his speech. "I don't take these opportunities lightly. To be able to stand up in front of people and talk and share how you feel about things is a privilege and an honor and I appreciate you listening."

    During his talk, Kutcher repeatedly asked, "What is a great question?" using his personal life to illustrate his point that there is such a thing as a "dumb question."

    "Last week, I was walking with Mila...Kunis, who's my fiancée," the actor said. "I get to have sex with her. It's amazing!" he added with beaming smile before signaling "shhh" to the crowd.

    "We were walking and I had baby Wyatt strapped to me," he said of the couple's 5-month-old daughter. "She's beautiful. This kid, I'm freaking out. It's new. Never gets old."

    He goes on to talk about Kunis' role in her latest film Jupiter Ascending before bragging about his sex rights once again.

    "She plays the Queen of Humanity," Kutcher said of his 31-year-old bride-to-be. "I have sex with the Queen of Humanity!"

    Kutcher proceeds to share his frustrations with the audience over his fiancée's recent press junket, noting how there were no thoughtful questions asked with the main inquiry being, 'What dress are you wearing.'"

    "Granted, I prize her as the most valuable person in the world to me. But you had a chance to sit with Mila Kunis and that's what you asked her?" he said in disbelief. "'What dress are you wearing?'"

    (Side note: a baby started crying during his speech at which point he immediately stopped and said, "It's OK, baby; it's OK, baby. Sorry, I'm like 'I want to go home.'" Aww!)

    "There are dumb questions," Kutcher continued, noting how we can often answer our own inquiries with a simple Google search. "There are questions that waste your time and my time and everybody else's time."

    Kutcher goes to share his favorite question to ask before casually name dropping Taylor Swift in his speech (who knew they were friends?!).

    "I like to ask this one question and that is, 'What's the best advice that you've ever received to get you to where you are?'...I decided to reach out to some guys you may know."

    Mila's answer? "Don't let your ego get in the way of asking for help."

    As for Swift's response? "Keep your hopes high and your expectations low. You're not entitled to anything, but there's nothing you can't earn. And most importantly, enthusiasm can protect you from absolutely anything."

    And last, but not least, Bradley Cooper's?

    "You know often I thought about this old cartoon commercial when I was a kid that sent a message to 'be yourself' and just how vital that is to growth. And when I finalized realized that notion some 30 years after watching those commercials in between Saturday cartoons, I found a true difference in my daily life. Knowing that we all have ourselves and all we have is ourselves, our uniqueness, that is what we can use to cultivate in order to create."

    Ashton Kutcher: 'I get to have sex with Mila Kunis'

    Ashton Kutcher is in Sydney to talk about his latest tech project, but the Hollywood star couldn’t help gushing about his hot miss.

    Appearing at the Tech My Way conference sponsored by Lenovo, the actor turned product engineer mentioned fiancée Mila Kunis several times, at one point referring to her as “the most valuable person in the world.”

    And in case you were wondering, the fact that he gets to share a bed with the woman who was voted by FHM as the sexiest in the world in 2013 does not escape him.

    “I get to have sex with Mila Kunis,” he joked. “I get to have sex with the Queen Of Humanity [referring to a role she plays in the movie ‘Jupiter Ascending’].”

    He also gushed about his new baby, Wyatt, whom he referred to as “beautiful.”

    “It’s new but it never gets old,” he said.

    Kutcher also spoke candidly about the best advice he and his celebrity mates have been given, which included this from Taylor Swift: “Keep your hopes high and your expectations low. You are not entitled to anything, but there is nothing you can’t learn. Enthusiasm can protect you from absolutely anything.”

    Kutcher also spoke about how important great questions are in the modern day because “they solve problems” and foster entrepreneurs, businesses and technology.

    Ashton Kutcher Hits the Beach in Australia

    (Pic) Ashton Kutcher is soaking up the sun Down Under!

    Hours after being spotted at the airport arriving in Australia, the 37-year-old actor hit Sydney's Bondi Beach for some rest and relaxation.

    Dressed casually in a white shirt, red hat, sunglasses and a beach towel wrapped around his waist, the new dad was all smiles while blending in with the locals at the beachy hot spot on Thursday. Kutcher, who is in Sydney for an Australian tech conference, looked cool and calm during his time having fun in the sun.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Take Baby Wyatt to Grandpa's House During Family Day

    (Pic1, Pic2) Sundays are officially family days in the Kutcher household!

    New parents Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher took time out of their busy weekend to travel down to Hollywood to meet up with extended family.

    Eyewitnesses tell E! News that the pair traveled to Kunis' grandparents' apartment where they spent about two hours together as a happy family.

    "They visited with family and showed off baby Wyatt," a source told E! News. "There were other relatives of Mila's there, too."

    Wearing blue pants, a white T-shirt and beige blazer, Kutcher was spotted acting like a true gentleman as he opened doors for his fiancée and hugged everyone goodbye. Kunis also kissed her relatives before departing.

    The That '70s Show alumna has been adjusting well to motherhood. But to be fair, the actress recently confessed that it's really difficult to leave her baby at home for any significant amount of time.

    "It's frightening. I have to be honest," Kunis told Jimmy Kimmel when asked what it's like to be at work without her child. "I was with her every day for the first four months of her little life. I cried. I did. It's weird. It's very strange."

    She added, "If anyone's a mom, and being a stay-at-home mom, it's a very weird feeling to all of a sudden leave your child."

    Despite a few adjustments, Kunis says the whole experience overall has been nothing less than a positive one.

    "It is the most life-changing experience you can have, in my opinion," she recently confessed during an AMA with Reddit users. "EVERYTHING changed."

    Mila Kunis Talks Baby Wyatt, Ashton Kutcher: "We're Very Normal"

    It's official—Ashton Kutcher is an awesome dad.

    The Two and A Half Men star took over baby duties last night while Wyatt Isabelle's mom Mila Kunis was walking her first red carpet since giving birth to their daughter four months ago.

    "He just put the baby down to sleep," Kunis said at the premiere of Jupiter Ascending, her new sci-fi flick with Channing Tatum and Eddie Redmayne. "He's taking an Uber here."

    Really? He Uber-ed to the premiere?

    "We're very normal," Kunis explained. (Kutcher also happens to be an investor in the car service.)

    The first-time mom looked gorgeous in a black Dolce & Gabbana cocktail dress and Gemfields ruby jewelry by Miiori.

    "Let me tell you, having a baby and breastfeeding—nothing fits in these dresses anymore," Kunis said while cupping her bosom with both hands. "This is hard off a runway."

    Kunis, who continued to fuel rumors that she and Kutcher secretly married by wearing a band of diamonds on her wedding finger, admitted she wasn't sure how quickly she'd be returning to work.

    When I asked if she's ready for her next project or is happy just being at home with Wyatt, Kunis said, "I'm figuring it out."

    In Jupiter Ascending, Kunis plays Jupiter Jones, a cleaning lady who learns that she is the queen of the universe. Tatum is a half-wolf warrior from another planet that is charged with finding her and bringing her back to his planet to end the reign of an evil tyrant (Redmayne) determined to have Jupiter killed.

    Kunis said she did all her own stunt work in the action-packed sci-fi flick.

    "Hanging on a wire 17 hours a day for eight months gets exhausting," she said.

    Harder than being a new mom?

    "Hanging on a wire for 17 hours a day is way more exhausting because it's 17 hours, you don't sleep, you're bruised. You feel tired," she explained.

    Not that a newborn can't be just as tiring. "But you have a baby," Kunis said. "You have a little being. There's nothing to have there, you're just killing yourself and you don't know what the final product is. Here, I have the final product in front of me."

    Jupiter Ascending is in theaters on Feb. 6.

    Are Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Married? Actor Posts Cryptic Facebook Photo

    (Pic) Newlyweds in the new year?

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher drummed up speculation that they may have tied the knot – at least, that's what the actor's New Year's Eve Facebook post might imply.

    The new dad shared a picture late Wednesday night of the celeb couple's well-wishes to fans written out in the sand. His sign-off? Love, "The Kutchers."

    (Kelso and Jackie shippers, your dream may have finally come true.)

    Kutcher, 36, and Kunis, 31, have been engaged since February and welcomed daughter Wyatt Isabelle on Oct. 1.

    Reps for couple have not yet commented on the wedding buzz.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Wedding Is "in the Works"

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are definitely keeping busy!

    As the two lovebirds continue to enjoy the early days of parenthood with their baby girl Wyatt, E! News learns that the couple are also going full throttle with planning their big day.

    "The wedding is in the works," a source tells us of the pair's future nuptials.

    Rumors that the duo may have gotten hitched under the radar began swirling this weekend after Mila was spotted wearing what looked to be a wedding band along with her gorgeous diamond engagement ring while enjoying the Los Angeles Lakers game with her fiancé.

    E! News learned back in June that the engaged duo were not planning to get married before the birth of their baby because they had "a lot going on" at the time. (Oh, you don't say?)

    A source close to the couple also said, "They've been focusing on prepping for the baby and the new house. But they are really happy and in love."

    Well, since Ashton and Mila welcomed their daughter in late September, the former co-stars turned couple have had a few months now to adjust to life as a family—and apparently also focus more on their highly anticipated ceremony. And although no other details regarding their wedding have been revealed, one thing's for sure—Kutcher can't stop gushing about his future bride-to-be.

    "But the most amazing thing about having a baby is my partner, Mila. She's the greatest mom—I can't even! Like, I go to work every day and I come home and she's perfect," Ashton recently told Ellen DeGeneres.

    "And it just seems like everything went amazing. And I know that something probably didn't go amazing, but she never complains. It's unbelievable. She's incredible."


    Ashton Kutcher -- Real Deal Jiu-Jitsu Ass Kicker ... Says Legendary Trainer

    Ashton Kutcher's first move after wrapping "Two and a Half Men" could be becoming a world champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, if he wants it -- no joke -- according to his famous trainer.

    Rigan Machado tells TMZ Sports he heard all the haters after Ashton earned his purple belt earlier this year. Detractors thought it was just a case of Hollywood favoritism, but Machado says Kutcher is a serious terror on the mats.

    Rigan says Kutcher is the best celeb he's ever trained -- which doesn't seem like a high bar -- but he adds ... Ashton could beat some pros ... "because his background is in [high school] wrestling he learns so fast."

    Machado has a big Jiu-Jitsu event scheduled for January ... and says he's invited Kutcher "to come and compete if he wants to, if he decides to compete he will do will good."

    We just got an idea for the 'Men' finale ... if Charlie Sheen returns as rumored.

    Phil Lord Tweets He Is Making YA Film With Kutcher & Kunis.Or Is He?

    (Video) 22 Jump Street and The Lego Movie co-director Phil Lord gleefully tweeted out the trailer for a new movie he says he’s behind: a soapy YA film MoonQuake Lake starring a blue-teary eyed Mila Kunis who has the hots for a wife-beater-shirt cum flannel clad dude, played by Ashton Kutcher. Rihanna is also in it, and a mermaid girl who says “Eeee”. MoonQuake smells an awful lot like Twilight, and if you click through the link below, it takes you to Sony’s website for the movie. The parody trailer is actually featured in Will Gluck’s reboot of Annie, which Sony is opening Dec. 19, in a scene where the orphan attends a movie premiere. MoonQuake Lake also refers to a song on the Annie soundtrack performed by Sia & Beck. Whether Lord actually directed the trailer to be inserted into Annie, a Sony rep’s response was “No comment”. Gluck received a special thanks on Lord and Christopher Miller’s Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

    Ashton Kutcher Hints Charlie Sheen Will Return for Two and a Half Men's Series Finale

    Ashton Kutcher appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Friday, where he might've accidentally revealed a major Two and a Half Men spoiler.

    While discussing the upcoming series finale of the long-running CBS sitcom, Ellen DeGeneres asked whether former star Charlie Sheen would return. Caught off guard, Kutcher's mouth gaped open, he flailed his arms and shook his head in silence. Eventually, he pulled himself together enough to say this: "If you're working on the Warner Bros. lot, if there's sirens, come save me."

    "So Charlie comes back," DeGeneres needled. "I didn't say that. Did I say that?" Kutcher said, giggling. "If you smell something, I wasn't smoking it" he added.

    Sheen was an original cast member of Two and a Half Men who starred on the show until 2011, when his off-screen behavior got him fired and his character Charlie Harper met a gruesome end. Kutcher was then brought on to fill his spot.

    The Two and a Half Men series finale airs Thursday, Feb. 19 at 8:30/7:30c. Do you want Sheen to return?

    Ashton Kutcher: Why We Don't Have a Nanny

    (Video) Life will never be the same.

    Two months into the experience of being a father, Ashton Kutcher says it’s been completely transformative for him and fiancée Mila Kunis.

    “It’s just how much you can love another person,” the actor, 36, tells Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show Friday about what has surprised him most about fatherhood.

    “You think you know how much you can love another person, and then you have a child and you realize you didn’t know. It’s infinitely rewarding.”

    He adds: “There’s a great quote by Carlos Slim, and he said, ‘Most people think they need to make a better world for their children, but the reality is we need to make better children for our world.’ And I try to live by that. And I think I really look at this as the greatest opportunity of my life.

    Kutcher and Kunis’s daughter Wyatt Isabelle is now 10-weeks-old. And the new parents are being totally hands on — they’re not even using a nanny. Mostly, Kutcher credits Kunis, 31, who’s home with the baby every day.

    “She’s the greatest mom,” the Two and a Half Men star says. “I go to work every day, and I come home and she’s perfect. And it just seems like everything went amazing. And I know that something probably didn’t go amazing, but she never tells … it’s unbelievable. She’s incredible.”

    The couple didn’t want to use nannies — at least, not at first — because they want a deep connection with their daughter.

    “We just want to know our kid,” says Kutcher. “We want to be the people that know what to do when the baby’s crying to make the baby not cry anymore. We want to know, like, when she makes a little face or something, we want to be emotionally in touch with her. And I think the only way to do that is by being the one who’s there.”

    Ashton also jokes that he was “ready to do all these things” with his daughter after she was born, only to realize that, well, she’s an infant and can’t do much yet — though she did recently find herself in the mirror, which he says was amusing.

    “It’s like getting a new cell phone where all the features don’t work yet,” he says with a smile. “It’s like a phone that won’t take pictures, and you’re like, ‘Why won’t my phone take pictures?’ And it won’t make calls and it doesn’t do a lot, but it looks really cute.”

    Ashton Kutcher races to Uber's defense, then backs off

    Ashton Kutcher rode to Uber’s defense — and just as quickly hit reverse — after an executive of the car service suggested hiring a team to smear the company’s critics.

    The “Two and a Half Men” actor and Uber investor waded into the debate over the company’s strong-arm tactics by firing off nearly a dozen tweets on Wednesday morning and calling out a “shady journalist.”

    @aplusk: What is so wrong about digging up dirt on shady journalist? @pando @TechCrunch @Uber

    @aplusk: So as long as journalist are interested and willing to print half truths as facts... Yes we should question the source.

    Kutcher didn’t name the “shady journalist,” but he tagged tech sites PandoDaily and TechCrunch. Sarah Lacy, who was apparently on Uber’s list of targets, worked for TechCrunch before she became the editor of Pando.

    The reaction to Kutcher’s rant was swift with several high-profile journalists and investors telling him to pipe down.

    “@aplusk @pando @TechCrunch @Uber what about a shady actor?” top tech columnist Kara Swisher tweeted.

    Jason Hirschhorn, a former MTV and MySpace executive, had this to add: “@aplusk @pando @TechCrunch @Uber Don’t go where you don’t know.”

    As his comments lit up Twitter, Ashton appeared to backpedal just as quickly, or within half an hour of kicking off his rant.

    @aplusk: U r all right and I'm on the wrong side of this ultimately. I just wish journalists were held to the same standards as public figures.

    He even went so far as to suggest that he was trying to elicit a response and simply playing the media’s own game.

    @aplusk: #GoodForRatings #TrafficSpike #WelcomeToShockJournalism

    Emil Michael, Uber’s senior vice president of business, told guests at a swank dinner party earlier this month that he wanted the company to spend $1 million to hire a team of “opposition researchers” to dig up dirt on critics, according to BuzzFeed.

    The idea drew widespread condemnation in media and tech circles as “thuggish” behavior on the part of the $17 billion startup, while hundreds of Uber riders reacted by deleting their accounts. Uber has come under fire before for perceived ethical lapses, with rivals accusing it of trying to sabotage their business by scheduling and canceling thousands of rides.

    Michael issued a blanket apology as well as a personal one to Lacy, who drew his ire after she took the company to task for a sexist ad campaign in France.

    Uber CEO Travis Kalanick condemned his comments as “terrible” but didn’t say whether Michael would lose his job.

    This isn’t the first time Kutcher, who invests in a number of tech startups, has come to Uber’s defense and that of his own wallet.

    In February, he told late-night host Jimmy Kimmel the company has been shut out of some cities, thanks to “bizarre, old antiquated” legislation.

    'Two and a Half Men': Walden and Alan tie the knot

    (Pic) The wedding bells are finally ringing on "Two and a Half Men," but they weren't for anyone you'd expect before the start of Season 12.

    After proposing in the Oct. 30 episode, Walden convinces Alan to marry him so that he has a better chance at adopting a baby. Walden wants to leave a legacy after realizing he won't be around forever and he wants to start now instead of waiting for the right woman to settle down with.

    As Walden explains, Alan has nine out of ten qualities that Walden is looking for in his perfect mate. They are best friends, Alan is trustworthy and funny and would never leave Walden -- "Even not married, until death do us part," Alan confirms. It's the perfect situation, right?

    There's a bit of a hiccup when Alan wants a dream destination wedding and Walden just wants to sign the license at the courthouse and call it a day. Salt is added to Alan's injuries when Walden wants a prenuptial agreement (duh, he is a billionaire). Does that mean that Walden doesn't find Alan that trustworthy afterall?

    The two are able to patch things up and make it down the aisle though -- with only one "Brokeback Mountain" joke in the whole episode! Michael Bolton makes a surprise appearance as their wedding singer. "It's like we're living in my dreams," Alan says before almost sobbing over Walden's vows.

    The two seal the deal with a foot popping kiss and Michael Bolton scores with both of their moms.

    The wedding is the kick-off the season long "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry"-esque storyline that Walden and Alan will carry out during the show's final season in an effort to get Walden a child.

    2015 People's Choice Awards: TV Nominees

    Mom stars Allison Janney and Anna Faris will host the live awards ceremony, which will air on CBS on Wednesday, Jan. 7, at 9/8c.

    Favorite Comedic TV Actor
    Ashton Kutcher
    Chris Colfer
    Jesse Tyler Ferguson
    Jim Parsons
    Ty Burrell

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Treat Themselves to Taco Bell, Prove They Aren't Healthy Every Meal

    (Pic) Sometimes, you just need some greasy fast food.

    Such was the case for new parents Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who made a brief stop at a Los Angeles Taco Bell drive-thru Sunday afternoon.

    With Kunis behind the wheel of her Lexus vehicle, the former That '70s Show star picked up a few tasty snacks for her family. No official word on if daughter Wyatt was in the backseat.

    It's quite the treat for a couple who has been known to eat at a wide variety of classy and swanky restaurants. And no, we're not saying Taco Bell isn't classy. Praise those midnight burritos!

    But before welcoming their baby girl, the couple would often visit a variety of restaurants in and around Los Angeles including Sweet Butter Kitchen, Suncafé and Granville Café. And even though they once splurged on some ice cream, Taco Bell is definitely a rare occasion for the couple.

    The twosome stayed physically fit with multiple visits to the dog park, and Kunis routinely enjoyed prenatal yoga with her gal-pals.

    Putting their pre-baby habits aside, the engaged couple is now staying focused on raising their adorable little girl.

    "I'm somebody's hero now," Kutcher recently shared while on The Talk. "It fulfills every bit of your ego when the kids starts to cry and you're like, 'Oh, I got this,' and you take it, and suddenly the child calms down, and you're like, 'Oh yeah!' You feel like you're like a baby whisperer."

    And while Kunis is remaining quiet since the birth, a source close to the actress reveals she's totally in love.

    "They are really enjoying every minute of being parents," an insider recently shared with E! News. "Mila is saying seeing Ashton with Wyatt has made her fall deeper in love with him, it melts her heart."

    Ashton's marriage to Demi prepared him for fatherhood

    (Video) Ashton Kutcher credits parenting teenage girls — like he did during his six-year marriage to Demi Moore — with preparing him for fatherhood.

    “I’ve been a parent to teenage girls before in my life so I have experience with girls and experience with that seven to 25 [age range],” the “Two and Half Men” star, 36, explained on “The Talk” Wednesday. “But infants was a whole new thing.”

    When asked about where he goes for parenting advice, Kutcher said, “You can pretty much Google anything and it’s there. For me, I go to my partner. I go to Mila [Kunis]. I talk to Mila and we make choices. We both did like a lot of research on infants.”

    He recently revealed that he and Kunis, 31, stumbled upon the name Wyatt for their daughter haphazardly by naming random objects.

    The couple welcomed their new bundle of joy to the world on September 30.

    Ashton Kutcher: How We Chose the Name Wyatt Isabelle

    Proud new dad alert!

    Ashton Kutcher dropped by Conan Tuesday night — and he couldn’t contain his excitement over becoming a first-time father to daughter Wyatt Isabelle.

    “It’s unbelievable. It’s the greatest thing on Earth,” the beaming Two and a Half Men star, 36, said.

    “We’re really privileged that we have time and can afford to take time. So we don’t have a nanny or a night nurse of any of the stuff. It’s just the two of us.”

    Kutcher told host Conan O’Brien that fatherhood has already opened up a whole new perspective for him — including a newfound appreciation for his own parents. “As soon as this child was born, I immediately wanted to call my parents and just apologize because I never knew how much they loved me,” he shared.

    The former That ’70s Show star says he already has a knack for parenting. “Staying home the first couple of weeks, I’ve learned the little things that will calm down the baby. So I feel like I’m the baby whisperer now,” Kutcher quipped.

    “I like to give the baby to my friends and let [her] cry for a second. Then be like, ‘Let me just take care of that.’ “

    Not that little Wyatt cries that often. “I feel like we got a good one. We put her down and she sleeps. We wake up a couple times a night, and that’s it,” Kutcher — who wants to be called Papa — said. “I feel really blessed.”

    The Internet’s been buzzing about Kutcher and Mila Kunis‘s unique name choice. According to the actor, the couple had already chosen another name, but then “when we were pregnant, the name didn’t fit the energy we were feeling. One night, Mila was like, ‘This is not the name.’ “

    He continued, “I had to get the creative juices going, so we were going to a Lakers game, and I just started listing off anything and everything I saw: ‘sign, truck, wall, door … ‘ She [was] like, ‘Shut up!’ Then I was like, ‘I’ve got a really dumb idea. What about Wyatt?’ She goes, ‘That’s it.’ “

    As for her middle name? There was a little more tradition to it. “We gave her the name Isabelle after Mila’s grandfather, who was Yitzhak. And so it has a little heritage,” Kutcher explained.

    The new parents are so proud of their choice that they’ve already reserved possible domain names for Wyatt Isabelle. “I don’t want a porn site with my daughter’s name!” joked Kutcher.

    Kidding aside, the proud new parents have some seriously cute ideas for making memories.

    “We got her an email address,” Kutcher explained. “We write her emails … One day she’ll be able to look at it and see the kinds of things people had to say.”

    Up next for the Kunis-Kutcher clan? Halloween, of course! “We’re going as the three little pigs,” Kutcher says. “Not my idea, but I’m sucking it up.”

    Baby Fever Is Making Ashton Kutcher "Softer Than the Chicago Bears' Defense"

    Don't tell Jared Allen, but fatherhood is apparently turning Ashton Kutcher into a big softie."ok, I'm softer than the chicago bears' defense right now. Damn babies," the new dad and presumably embittered Bears fan mused on Facebook today while sharing a link to the story "29 Adorable Photos of Parents Meeting Their Babies for the First Time."

    Well, obviously—the title alone could bring even a 270-pound defensive end to his knees.

    Kutcher and fiancée Mila Kunis welcomed daughter Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher on Sept. 30 and, regardless of the sleep deprivation, these two are loving their new life together as parents.

    The crafty couple have shared a photo of their bundle of joy, we just don't know what she looks like because Kutcher posted seven other pics along with it, noting "all babies are cute," even those from the animal kingdom.

    But maybe they won't be able to resist showing Wyatt off on Halloween! A source told E! News that Kutcher and Kunis are "super-excited" for Oct. 31 and have been trying all sorts of pint-size costumes on their daughter.

    "It's their first holiday as a family and even thought Wyatt is barely a month old, they are stoked!" the insider said. (We're assuming a Bears cub outfit is out of the question?)

    And Kutcher obviously isn't the only one who's utterly charmed by what's happening on the home front.

    "They are really enjoying every minute of being parents," a source told us. "Mila is saying seeing Ashton with Wyatt has made her fall deeper in love with him. It melts her heart."

    The family of three ventured out for a leisurely dinner at vegan hot spot The Gadarene Swine in Studio City, Calif., last Friday—and Wyatt apparently behaved marvelously (or probably slept deeply), because mom, dad and a couple of their friends stayed at the restaurant for close to three hours.

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Have an Elaborate Dinner Out with Baby Wyatt

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis seem to be enjoying life as new parents – and perhaps taking advantage of all that sleeping newborns tend to do.

    The actors were spotted out for a 10-course dinner at The Gadarene Swine in Studio City, California, with their 3-week-old daughter, Wyatt Isabelle, and two guests on Monday night.

    "They came in and did the chef's tasting," an observer tells PEOPLE of the couple's meal, which typically takes two to two-and-a-half hours. "It was a 10-course tasting meal. They came in and gave the chef a hug. They seemed to enjoy themselves."

    Both Kunis, 31, and Kutcher, 36, had been looking forward to being parents, and the engaged pair appeared truly content in their new roles.

    "They were happy," the onlooker says. "They were laughing the whole time."

    Kutcher and Kunis welcomed their daughter Oct. 1.

    "Timing is everything in life, and now the time belongs to this amazing new family," a source told PEOPLE.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Enjoy Date Night With Baby Daughter Wyatt

    (Pic, Pic2, Pic3) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher had a lovely date night out on the town with one surprising guest in tow: their newborn baby girl, Wyatt Isabelle!

    The three were joined by two of their closest friends for a dinner at vegan eatery Gadarene Swine near their home in Los Angeles.

    Kutcher made sure to keep a close watch on his ladies, and carried the little one in her car seat.

    He continued to be a doting and proud papa and made sure that both his daughter and his future wife were safely in their car before heading home.

    Meanwhile, Kunis looked fantastic in a pair of skinny jeans paired with a casual T-shirt and tousled hair.

    According to an eyewitness, the brunette beauty already looks like she's back into her pre-baby wardrobe.

    A source tells E! News that the couple dined on the chef's tasting menu and spent close to three hours at the hip restaurant.

    Kunis and Kutcher "looked really cute together, they were in a great mood and laughing a lot."

    It's undoubtedly been a hectic month for the new parents, who are lying low after the arrival of their first child earlier this month.

    In an interview with Marie Claire for their July 2014 issue, the That '70s Show actress got candid about her relationship—something she rarely speaks publically about.

    "The best day of my life so far was the proposal. I cried. I was a mess," she dished to the mag.

    "Not to discredit any relationships in my past, but this relationship is different."

    She also shared her hopes and dreams for her Wyatt and what she and Kutcher are hoping to avoid when they raise their family.

    "I just don't want my kids to be a--holes. I feel like so many kids nowadays are. Both of us just want to have well-behaved, honest, nice children who people meet and say, 'That's a good kid.'"

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher "Stoked" to Dress Daughter Wyatt Up for Halloween, Already Thinking About Baby No. 2!

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are so ready for Halloween.

    Not only will this be the first major holiday for their baby girl, Wyatt, but it's a holiday where they get to dress her up in the cutest little costumes, so we can obviously understand their excitement.

    "Mila and Ashton are super-excited it's Halloween and they get to dress up baby Wyatt," a source tells E! News. "They think it's hilarious and are putting her in all kinds of baby costumes and outfits. It's their first holiday as a family and even thought Wyatt is barely a month old, they are stoked!"

    OMG we hope they share some pictures!

    Kunis is also attempting to shed those pregnancy pounds, but she's not making that a priority right now.

    "Mila has been spending a lot of time trying to lose the baby weight, which is slowly coming off. She's not too stressed about it but does want to get back into her skinny jeans. She says she has so many sizes of clothes in her closet. She has post-baby sizes, maternity clothes, pre-baby sizes and then her Black Swan clothes, which are the smallest sizes she owns," the insider explains.

    "She has been doing yoga and cardio but still isn't going crazy. They enjoy bad food as well, and she indulges when she wants."

    But right now, it's all about the ghoulish holiday that's creeping up quickly next week. "They are thinking of having other couples—some with kids, some without—over for Halloween and enjoying the night with wine and food. They also can't wait to see the neighborhood kids trick-or-treating."

    As for the upcoming holidays, the new parents don't have any definite plans yet.

    "All is still up in the air about traveling. A trip to Ohio is definitely a possibility to visit Ashton's family. But for now, they want to chill at home with baby Wyatt and enjoy it. They are loving being new parents," the source tells us, and mentions that there's already talk about having another baby!

    "Ashton is already mentioning baby No. 2. Mila laughs and tells him to slow down! But she wants another baby and to have it close to Wyatt's age so they can be close."

    These celebs sure don't waste any time, now do they?

    New Dad Ashton Kutcher Takes a Break From Baby Duties to Attend Jujitsu Class in L.A.

    (Pic) Ashton Kutcher is taking a little break from baby duties to work on his fitness.

    The new dad was spotted outside a jujitsu class in L.A. on Wednesday just over two weeks after he and fiancée Mila Kunis welcomed their baby daughter Wyatt.

    The 36-year-old Two and a Half Men star was photographed yesterday wearing tan pants and a colorful button down shirt as he left his workout. Kutcher was still visibly sweaty after his intense workout. After the jujitsu class, Kutcher loaded up his car with a backpack holding his gear and headed home.

    New Dad Ashton Kutcher Makes Quick Trip to Grocery Store for Mila Kunis and Baby Wyatt

    (Pic) Welcome to the world of parenthood, Ashton Kutcher!

    As the Two And A Half Men star adjusts to life with a newborn baby, the 36-year-old stepped out over the weekend for some much-needed grocery shopping.

    Wearing denim jeans, flip-flops and a blue T-shirt, the actor traveled to Ralphs supermarket in Los Angeles to pick up a few necessities. He also donned a blue baseball cap with the letter, W. Is someone paying tribute to baby Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher?

    According to an eyewitness, Kutcher "looked tired" as he purchased two cartoons of Almond milk and one big bag of groceries.

    Although fans are still eagerly waiting for the first baby pic of Wyatt, both parents appear to be adjusting well to their growing family.

    When not changing diapers, the couple is showing off their great sense of humor by having fans guess their baby.

    "Here's your baby photo. Well, one of them is," Kutcher wrote on Facebook with a link to his little guessing game posted to the site. "Now can the helicopter please stop hovering over our house, there is a baby sleeping inside! And she's super cute."

    With eight different pictures to choose from, however, it may be a little tricky to guess the right one.

    Baby Wyatt was born Sept. 30 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. In the days and weeks leading up to the birth, Kutcher did his best to ensure a smooth and successful delivery.

    "Ashton is not letting Mila out of his site," a source told E! News. "He's preparing for all scenarios and not leaving anything to chance. He wants everything to go smoothly!"

    Looks like the hard work paid off!

    Watch Ashton Kutcher Milk a Goat, Paint With His Toes and Knit a Baby Onesie!

    (Video1, Video2, Video3) Why in the world is Ashton Kutcher milking a goat and knitting a baby Halloween costume?!

    In a new series of commercials for the Lenovo YOGA Tablet, the new dad gets into some pretty silly situations.

    In one, Mila Kunis' man is shown eating some breakfast cereal while checking stocks on the tablet. Then the camera pulls out to show the 36-year-old actor milking a goat's milk into his cereal bowl! Talk about multitasking. "Do more of what you want, with the new Lonovo YOGA Tablet," a voiceover announcer says.

    In another, Kutcher lies facedown on a massage table as he simultaneously video chats with an elderly women while getting a wild massage from a short Mexican wrestler who is stretching Kutcher into crazy positions (LOL).

    In a third commercial clip, the That ‘70s Show star kicks back in a chair while staring at a photo of a beaver on his tablet. The camera then shows that he's actually painting a beaver on a canvas with his toes.

    In the final video, Kutcher sits on the couch as he knits a pink and blue baby onesie that has a bunch of legs. It's then revealed he's trying to make an octopus costume for a baby (perhaps for new daughter Wyatt?!).

    Too funny! Watch Kutcher's new commercials for yourself.

    Inside Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis' First Days as Parents to Baby Girl Wyatt - Get the Scoop!

    It's been a little over a week since Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Wyatt Isabelle, and the new parents certainly have their hands full!

    A source close to the engaged duo tells us that "they are really enjoying every minute of being parents," adding that, "Mila is saying seeing Ashton with Wyatt has made her fall deeper in love with him, it melts her heart."

    And our insider explains that the little one "is a good baby, she's not fussy at all."

    Understandably, the former That '70s Show co-stars "aren't getting much sleep but make each other laugh to get through it."

    "Wyatt looks like an equal mix between them both, Mila thinks. Ashton thinks she is gorgeous because she takes after her mom."

    And with a new addition to their family, it makes sense that the couple's parents would want to come and help out around the house.

    "Both sets of grandparents are planning visits soon to Los Angeles. There has been endless pictures and FaceTiming going on between the families."

    Both Kunis and Kutcher are also looking ahead as to what their family will do for the holidays.

    The source added, "They are still decided what they want to do. The baby will be a bit older, so they can travel. But they also like the idea of everyone coming here and staying in their new place."

    Little Wyatt was born on Oct. 1, and the proud papa posted the following message for fans to introduce his daughter into the world:

    "Here's your baby photo. Well, one of them is. Now can the helicopter please stop hovering over our house, there is a baby sleeping inside! And she's super cute."

    Ashton Kutcher Makes First Appearance Since Welcoming Baby Wyatt: Meet His "Other New Baby"

    (Pic) Ashton Kutcher has that new dad glow to him, doesn't he?!

    On Thursday, Mila Kunis' fiancé made his first public appearance since welcoming baby Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher on Sept. 30. So what (temporarily) pulled the first-time father away from his girls?! The global reveal of some "technology firsts" from Lenovo, specifically the YOGA3 Pro notebook.

    Ashton, who is a product engineer for the brand, was part of the LiveStream on Lenovo's YouTube channel for the unveiling of the new products. Appearing via satellite, he began by saying, "I'm here to introduce my other new baby."

    When a tech executive talked about a feature of the tablet being "a great way to enhance evening tuck-in," Ashton replied laughingly, "My kid's only 8 days old, so [she's] not quite reading yet, but when we get there, I'm sure I'm gonna project bedtime stories all the time."

    Of course, the Two and a Half Men star couldn't stay too long to talk about this new technology: He had to get back to Mila and Wyatt!

    The 36-year-old actor-entrepreneuer is clearly over the moon about his little lady, but he's not quite ready to introduce her to the world. Last week the Punk'd host shared the first picture of Wyatt—and seven other babies. "Can you guess which one is ours, or does it really matter?" he teased. "All babies are cute."

    The proud dad also wished for his daughter's life to "be filled with wonder, love, laughter, health, happiness, curiosity, and privacy."

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis' Baby Girl's Name Revealed-and Check Out Their Baby - Picture Guessing Game

    Well, Ashton Kutcher is certainly keeping things interesting.

    The actor has revealed what he and Mila Kunis named their baby girl, but instead of simply posting a photo of their beautiful bundle of joy, he posted a slew of pics, entreating us to pick which one is, drum-roll please...

    Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher!

    Once a Punk'd host, always as Punk'd host, right? Becoming a dad obviously hasn't done anything to Ashton's affinity for jokes.

    "Here's your baby photo. Well, one of them is. Now can the helicopter please stop hovering over our house, there is a baby sleeping inside! And she's super cute," Kutcher wrote on Facebook with a link to his little guessing game posted to his site.

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Welcome a Daughter

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are parents!

    The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, on Tuesday, Sept. 30, PEOPLE confirms.

    “She’s here and healthy,” a source tells PEOPLE.

    Kunis, 31, and Kutcher, 36, have had an eventful year.

    In February, their engagement was confirmed, followed by their baby news in March.

    Soon after, Kunis told Ellen DeGeneres that she was planning on an epidural-free birth. “The hospital that I’m going to be laboring in does a midwife, you know, doula type of thing,” she said.

    “I’m going to do it as all natural as I possibly can unless there’s an emergency or something that should go wrong. I did this to myself, I might as well just do it right. I wanted this!”

    The former That 70s Show costars, who were first rumored to be dating in April 2012, have been happily preparing for their baby girl’s arrival, with Kunis attending prenatal Pilates and yoga throughout her pregnancy and Kutcher doting on her.

    “Ashton is super excited,” his Two and a Half Men costar, Jon Cryer, recently told PEOPLE. “Ashton has even been excited every time we had a child actor on set. He loves kids and could not be more stoked to have a child.”

    As for Kunis, she told W magazine in July that she was eager to scale back her work commitments after becoming a mom.

    “I have never wanted to be the person who only has business on her mind,” she said. “To me, this job has always been a hobby that turned into a great profession, but I don’t eat and breathe acting. I’m sure Meryl Streep has a very different point of view. But I’m excited about being a full-time mom.” was first to report the happy news.

    Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher give birth to first child

    Former "That '70s Show" costars Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have welcomed their first child, a daughter, TMZ reports.

    According to the website, Kunis arrived at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Sept. 30 at around 6 a.m. She and Kutcher were then taken to a delivery room, where Kunis gave birth later that evening. TMZ says the couple arrived sans family and "entourage."

    Kutcher and Kunis began dating in April 2012 and got engaged in early 2014. When Kunis visited "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" during a Mother's Day special episode, she revealed Kutcher has been learning to speak Russian for both his bride-to-be and their baby.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Enjoy Low-Key Weekend Ahead of Baby's Arrival

    (Pic) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher had a low-key weekend while waiting for their baby to arrive.

    The expectant parents were spotted walking their pet pooch on Saturday at a park near their home in Los Angeles.

    The brunette actress covered up her growing bun in the oven in a teal T-shirt paired with skinny jeans and flip flops.

    Kutcher appeared equally dressed down for the daytime outing in denim-on-denim and a backwards baseball cap.

    And it looks like the two That 70s Show co-stars are due to become a mother and father for the first time in just a matter of (very short) time!

    E! News previously reported that the engaged actors have been doing everything they can to prepare for their little one, including completing the baby's nursery and getting their trip to the hospital down to a T.

    "Ashton is not letting Mila out of his sight. They are spending every moment together," an insider told us. "He can't wait."

    Meanwhile, "Mila is so excited about the baby" and has told friends that she's "not nervous at all."

    In fact, "she's been really calm and chill about it all," a source close to the couple told us previously.

    Before her daughter's arrival—yep, she's having a little girl!—Kunis has made sure that she's constantly checking off her to-do list.

    "Right now she's just getting everything ready," the source added. "She is making sure the house is prepared and the nursery is stocked. She's been very involved in everything. She really wants to be a hands-on mom."

    Pregnant Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Grab Coffee, Visit the Dog Park and Enjoy Brunch With Pals

    (Pic) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's days as a duo are nearly over!

    With the pregnant actress' due date fast approaching, the future spouses enjoyed some one-on-one time Sunday morning. Kunis, 31, and Kutcher, 36, picked up iced beverages at Starbucks in California. The mom-to-be dressed her growing baby bump in a striped tank top and striped sweater, which she paired with distressed denim and Toms flats. The dad-to-be, meanwhile, wore a Chicago Bears jersey.

    Once caffeinated, the former That '70s Show co-stars took their dog to Lake Hollywood Park. "They let the dog off the leash and laughed and seemed to be enjoying the morning," an eyewitness tells E! News.

    Afterward, the actors joined a few friends for brunch at The Six Restaurant in Studio City. "They looked really smitten," a source said of the stars. "They couldn't keep their hands off each other." While there, the Ted actress also got some last-minute parenting practice when she played with their pals' daughter.

    The night prior, Kunis and Kutcher shared an intimate meal at Granville Café.

    The daily dates are fun, of course, but the actors are eager to welcome their firstborn daughter. "Mila's in the homestretch and they are both very excited," an insider recently told E! News. "It could happen any day now...They are just waiting."

    When Kunis goes into labor, Kutcher must adhere to one rule: don't look down below! "Two people are allowed in my delivery room: my doctor and my significant other," the Black Swan star told Marie Claire two months ago. "And [my future husband] is staying above the action. He'll be head to head. Not head to vag. Unless he wants to risk his life and see. But I wouldn't if I were him. I highly doubt he wants to see that being ripped apart and shredded. Because it will be shredded. It's just a matter of how badly."

    Though Kunis is "excited about being a full-time mom," she also revealed she loves "being pregnant." What do Kunis and Kutcher hope for their children? "I just don't want my kids to be a—holes," the Friends With Benefits star confessed to the magazine. "I feel like so many kids nowadays are. Both of us just want to have well-behaved, honest, nice children who people meet and say, 'That's a good kid.'"

    Pregnant Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Enjoy Dinner Date as They Eagerly Wait for the Birth of Their Baby Girl!

    (Pic) When is that adorable baby going to arrive?!

    That's the question fans of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have to be asking themselves as they experienced another weekend without any exciting baby announcements.

    Instead, the engaged couple was spotted enjoying a romantic dinner date at Granville Café near Studio City, Calif. Saturday night.

    Kunis sported comfy Toms shoes, ripped denim jeans and a plaid shirt for the night out. In comparison, Kutcher wore faded jeans and his signature checkered button-down.

    Cameras also captured Kutcher wrapping his arm around his fiancé's neck while Kunis rested her left hand over his chest. Awwww!

    It's more proof that this couple is stronger (and cuter) than ever as they eagerly await the birth of their first child.

    "Mila is so excited about the baby," an insider recently revealed to E! News. "She's not nervous at all."

    And although Kutcher has already made practice trips to the hospital, he's more than confident that everything will run smoothly.

    "Ashton is not letting Mila out of his sight," the source added. "He can't wait."

    With the baby nursery already set up, the That ‘70s Show co-stars are simply waiting it out and enjoying a little more peace and quiet.

    "Mila's in the homestretch and they are both very excited," a source revealed to E! News. "It could happen any day now."

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Are 'Incredibly Excited' for Their Daughter to Arrive

    It could happen any day now!

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are waiting with bated breath for their baby girl to arrive, and like any expectant parent, the actor is filled with a mix of excitement and anxiety.

    "He is a nervous wreck," a source tells PEOPLE. "They were hoping the baby would come this week because he's on hiatus [from his show Two and a Half Men].

    So far no luck, which leaves Kutcher, 36, and Kunis, 31, waiting for their bundle of joy while continuing with their usual routines.

    For Kunis, that includes going to yoga classes and taking walks around her neighborhood.

    And though Kutcher has been doting on his fiancée, he did take some time out – perhaps to shake off some of those nerves – for a birthday party Thursday night.

    After possibly alluding to his pre-baby jitters on his Twitter account earlier in the day ("Nervous is excited's victim sister," he wrote), the soon-to-be father stepped out to celebrate his pal Richie Akiva's birthday at 1OAK that night where he hung out with Jamie Foxx, Robin Thicke, Diddy and Jason Derulo.

    "He is incredibly excited for the baby," says the insider. So is Kunis, of course. "Mila just wants the baby to come out already!"

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Hold Hands While Grabbing Breakfast

    (Pic) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher continue to kill us with cuteness as the countdown to the birth of their first child gets closer and closer.

    The very pregnant 31-year-old actress and her 36-year-old fiancé stepped out in L.A.'s Venice neighborhood this morning to grab breakfast together.

    Kunis covered her giant baby bump in a black floor-length maxi dress and sandals with sunglasses. Kutcher kept it casual in khaki pants, a white tee and a plaid shirt with a baseball cap. For their early morning meal, the lovebirds stopped by Flake where they both satisfied their cravings with breakfast burritos.

    After their meal, the parents-to-be were snapped holding hands as they left the eatery with iced drinks in hands (the perfect thing to help beat the sweltering L.A. heat!).

    Ashton Kutcher "Has Made a Couple Dry-Runs to the Hospital" Before Mila Kunis Gives Birth: Source

    Ashton Kutcher is nothing if not prepared!

    With Mila Kunis' due date fast approaching, E! News has exclusively learned that the actor has been taking every precaution to ensure a smooth delivery. "Ashton has made a couple dry-runs to the hospital to see exactly how long it will take them to get there," a source says of the dad-to-be. "He's preparing for all scenarios and not leaving anything to chance. He wants everything to go smoothly!"

    Until the actress goes into labor, the That '70s Show co-stars are nesting at home. "Mila's in the homestretch and they are both very excited," the source reveals. "It could happen any day now."

    Kunis, 31, and Kutcher, 36, have planned and prepped accordingly. "They have put the finishing touches on the nursery. It's all ready for the baby to arrive," the source tells E! News. "They are just waiting."

    Indeed. On Sunday, the engaged actors rooted for their favorite football team—and took a selfie, of course. "Go Bears #noexcuses #win #SUPERBOWLBOUND," Kutcher told his 16.4 million Twitter followers.

    Late last month, an insider revealed that Kunis is "beyond thrilled" to be welcoming a daughter. "She would have been happy with anything," the insider explained, "but she is so excited that it's a baby girl."

    As former co-star Laura Prepon told E! News earlier this year, "They're going to be wonderful" parents.

    Ashton Kutcher and Pregnant Mila Kunis Adorably Root for the Chicago Bears in Cute Photo

    (Pic) Football season is back, and Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis (along with the majority of the American population) are excited about it.

    The two lovebirds shared an adorable photo of them showing off some NFL spirit ahead of the Chicago Bears and Buffalo Bills game Sunday morning.

    "Go Bears #noexcuses #win #SUPERBOWLBOUND," Kutcher, who was decked out in his Bears jersey and hat, tweeted with a photo of him and his glowing fiancée as they each hold up a No. 1 with their fingers. Unfortunately, the Bears ended up losing 20-23 in overtime.

    (It's OK, Ashton. We don't have to talk about it.)

    Prior to their mini pigskin pep rally, the happily engaged couple stepped out Saturday afternoon and treated their dogs to a little fun in the sun.

    The twosome traveled to a dog park in Studio City, Calif., where their adorable pooches played with new friends for about an hour. Kunis flaunted her ready-to-pop baby bump with a black tank-top with denim overalls while Kutcher kept things casual with athletic shoes, Under Armour shorts and a blue button-down.

    Ashton and Mila then enjoyed a little dinner date later that night.

    As for that anxiously awaited arrival of their bun in the oven..."Mila is so excited about the baby," an insider previously revealed to E! News. "She's not nervous at all. She's been really calm and chill about it all."

    Well, we can't wait!

    Pregnant Mila Kunis Heads to the Dog Park With Ashton Kutcher Wearing Adorable Denim Overalls

    (Pic, Pic2) We can't forget about the four-legged friends, guys!

    As Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis carefully prepare for the birth of their first child, the happily engaged couple stepped out Saturday afternoon and treated their dogs to a little fun in the sun.

    The twosome traveled to a dog park in Studio City, Calif., where their adorable pooches played with new friends for about an hour.

    Kunis sported a black tank-top with denim overalls while Kutcher kept things casual with athletic shoes, Under Armour shorts and a blue button-down.

    We couldn't help but notice Kutcher was doing the heavy lifting by walking the dogs while Kunis simply held onto a leash. Such a gentleman!

    "Mila looks like she is almost ready to pop," an eyewitness told E! News of the weekend outing. "But she does not look too uncomfortable." The source added Ashton was very protective and caring of his leading lady.

    Later that day, the couple left their dogs at home to enjoy date night at Ink in West Hollywood, Calif.

    Kutcher was spotted holding his fiancée's hand tight after enjoying a tasty meal with a few friends.

    "Ashton is not letting Mila out of his sight," a source recently told E! News. "They are spending every moment together. He can't wait!"

    Kunis is just as thrilled for her upcoming family member.

    "Mila is so excited about the baby," an insider revealed to E! News. "She's not nervous at all. She's been really calm and chill about it all."

    Let the baby countdown continue!

    Pregnant Mila Kunis Enjoys Date Night With Ashton Kutcher as Actress Gets Ready to Pop

    (Pic) A little pre-baby romance never hurt anyone, right?

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis stepped out Saturday night for a relaxing date night where they enjoyed a tasty dinner in Los Angeles.

    Kunis had a true pregnancy glow while wearing a long, comfortable dress with flats. She also sported some bright nail polish and jewelry pieces. Kutcher also looked casual with pants, a denim button-down and sneakers.

    The actor held his fiancé's hand tight as they headed to their designated car with photographers approaching nearby.

    It's just one of the many ways Kutcher is caring for his leading lady as they gear up for baby No. 1.

    "Ashton is not letting Mila out of his sight," a source recently told E! News. "They are spending every moment together. He can't wait!"

    The That ‘70s Show co-stars have remained tight throughout the pregnancy. Whether enjoying late-night ice cream runs or some retail therapy for their baby girl, the couple is closer than ever.

    It's definitely helped Mila remain so serene in the days leading up to the big delivery.

    "Mila is so excited about the baby," an insider revealed to E! News. "She's not nervous at all. She's been really calm and chill about it all."

    She's so chill that she continues to attend prenatal yoga sessions with her friends even though her due date is sooner rather than later. Her last session? Friday morning!

    You go, Mila!

    Is Mila Kunis "Nervous" to Give Birth? Find Out How Ashton Kutcher Is Helping His Pregnant Fiancée

    Mila Kunis is in the home stretch!

    With her due date fast approaching, the actress has been spending added one-on-one time with her fiancé, Ashton Kutcher. "Ashton is not letting Mila out of his sight. They are spending every moment together," a source tells E! News of the couple, who plan to marry sometime after the Friends With Benefits star gives birth. "He can't wait."

    Kunis has previously said that only Kutcher and her doctor will be allowed in the delivery room when she gives birth, and her That '70s Show co-star will be "head-to-head" and not looking at her "shredded vagina." All jokes aside, the source says, "Mila is so excited about the baby. She's not nervous at all. She's been really calm and chill about it all."

    Before her little girl's arrival—yes, she's having a girl!—Kunis is checking off her to-do list. "Right now she's just getting everything ready," the source reveals. "She is making sure the house is prepared and the nursery is stocked. She's been very involved in everything. She really wants to be a hands-on mom."

    How does Kunis feel about having a daughter? "She is beyond thrilled that she's having a girl. She would have been happy with anything, but she is so excited that it's a baby girl," the source says. As she told Marie Claire in July, "I just don't want my kids to be a--holes. I feel like so many kids nowadays are. Both of us just want to have well-behaved, honest, nice children who people meet and say, 'That's a good kid.'"

    Ashton Kutcher Tops Forbes' List of Highest-Earning TV Actors

    Ashton Kutcher is rolling in dough. The Two and a Half Men star tops Forbes' list of highest-earning TV male TV actors. But will it be for the last time?

    Kutcher, who topped the list at $26 million a year, has one last season of Two and a Half Men. The long-running CBS sitcom is wrapping up this season with a storyline that will see Kutcher's character and his costar Jon Cryer's character get married to adopt a baby. Cryer is No. 2 on Forbes' list, earning $19 million.

    Kutcher's hefty Men salary, coupled with his endorsement deals with Nikon and Lenovo, put him on top of Forbes' list for the third year in a row. Cryer's been on Men going on 12 years—and won an Emmy for his work on the series—and will be penning a memoir in 2015.

    NCIS star Mark Harmon tied with Cryer at $19 million thanks to syndication revenue from the most popular drama in the world. Neil Patrick Harris clocked in at $18 million thanks to the final season of How I Met Your Mother, his Broadway gig and an American Airlines deal. House of Cards star Kevin Spacey made his first appearance on the list at $16 million, tying Grey's Anatomy mainstay Patrick Dempsey.

    Last Man Standing star Tim Allen pulled in $15 million in 2014 thanks to his ABC series, continuing work in the Toy Story universe and his additional voiceover work. Simon Baker is on at $13 million for The Mentalist and a luxury brand deal, and The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons came in at $12 million with his co-star Johnny Galecki at $11 million. Now, this will change since the two signed a new deal that will see them bringing in around $1 million an episode for their CBS series. The new Big Bang deal also includes development and syndication bits.

    How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel also pulled in $11 million thanks to the last season of the show and his movie deals. Mad Men's Jon Hamm debuted on the list with $10 million in earnings thanks to the AMC drama and his movie career. Hamm tied with Charlie Sheen, who is still pulling in big bucks for Two and a Half Men syndication and Anger Management. HIMYM star Josh Radnor also earned $10 million. Meanwhile, Heisenberg himself (Bryan Cranston) made his Forbes list debut with $8 million in earnings thanks to the final season of Breaking Bad, his Tony-winning role in All the Way, his movie career and memoir advance.

    Expect big changes to the list come 2015 when The Big Bang Theory stars will likely reign supreme.

    Ashton Kutcher Accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

    Ashton Kutcher Accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Video.

    Mila Kunis' Birthday Celebration: Pregnant Star and Ashton Kutcher Grab Sushi and Ice Cream

    (Pic) We told you part of Mila Kunis' birthday plans would involve food (yeah, we know...lucky guess).

    E! News has learned that the pregnant star, who indulged in a little bit of maternity yoga earlier in the day, joined fiancé Ashton Kutcher for a tasty celebration last night in honor of her 31st birthday. A source tells us the pretty pair went out to a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles before grabbing some ice cream for dessert at Sweet Rose Creamery.

    "They were very hands on—hugging, holding hands throughout the night," the insider tells us. "They waited in a long line, holding on to one another the entire time. They appeared happy and seemed as if they were really enjoying themselves. If Ashton got her a gift, he gave it to her in private."

    It was first revealed that the good-looking couple was engaged in late February, just before E! News learned about Kunis' pregnancy. As for when we can expect to see their little cutie? Kunis joked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that her due date is "sometime this year."

    Although Kunis has played coy about her due date, she spilled on the couple's game plan when it comes time to give birth to their first child.

    "Two people are allowed in my delivery room: my doctor and my significant other," she told Marie Claire's July 2014 issue. "And [my future husband] is staying above the action. He'll be head to head. Not head to vag. Unless he wants to risk his life and see. But I wouldn't if I were him."

    "I highly doubt he wants to see that being ripped apart and shredded," she added. "Because it will be shredded. It's just a matter of how badly."


    Ashton Kutcher's website accused of plagiarism

    A website started by Ashton Kutcher is accused of plagiarizing articles, lists and videos from Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post and Matador Network.

    A+ was established by the 36-year-old actor in 2011 and touts itself as a “platform that will leverage viral social storytelling to create positive change in the world.” But the Daily Dot — which documented its findings with screen shot comparisons — reports that Kutcher’s site has lifted entire articles with little to no changes or attribution. Sometimes the changes are as minimal a new headline and a line asking readers to share the story.

    The site claims to draw 30 million unique visitors a months, a number that is attributed to Kutcher’s heavy promotion of its content on social media.

    After the Daily Dot inquired about the allegations last week, the articles in question, along with all content pre-dating July were deleted. All posts from Twitter prior to Aug. 6, and Facebook before Aug. 4, were scrubbed as well. A+’s Evan Beard responded by saying that the website was looking into the accusations.

    “We take these allegations seriously and are looking into them,” he said in a statement. “The content that was removed was taken down as a precautionary measure. Respecting the intellectual property of others is extremely important to us.”

    The Guardian pointed out that this isn’t the first time the actor has been accused of plagiarism this year.

    Last month, photographer Marsel van Oosten called out the “Jobs” star for stripping one of his photos of its watermark, and posting it as if it were his own.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Have a Dinner Date at Pot Restaurant With Friends

    The foodie adventures of Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and her baby bump continue.

    The pregnant actress and her soon-to-be husband were spotted enjoying another date night on Monday, when the two were snapped having dinner at Pot Restaurant at the LINE Hotel in Los Angeles.

    Ashton and Mila continued their casual chic wardrobe trend with Kutcher wearing a pair of khakis with a plain, white T-shirt and baseball cap, while Kunis flaunted her bun in the oven in a long, maxi dress. The pair were joined by a few pals for dinner, and it looks like this is a very different cuisine than what Mila has been craving lately during her pregnancy (which has mainly seemed to be burgers).

    With that said, there's a number of items from the Korean restaurant's menu that include beef—like the You Okay, Guey? and Tenderoni, for example—and therefore may have been the mom-to-be's choice for dinner last night. The new Koreatown restaurant comes from the well-known Kogi Korean BBQ man, Roy Choi, who opened his latest venture earlier this year.

    Prior to indulging in some Pot, the expectant parents stepped out in West Hollywood, Calif. Saturday to shop for art. Kunis and Kutcher held hands during their outing and looked happy together. The Two and a Half Men star later stepped in front of his ladylove as they made their way to their car to make sure the paparazzi didn't get too close to her.

    It was first revealed that the good-looking couple was engaged in late February, just before E! News learned about Kunis' pregnancy.

    As for when we can expect to see their little cutie? Kunis joked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that her due date is "sometime this year."

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Enjoy Some Retail Therapy in Los Angeles

    (Pic) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher kicked off their weekend with a little retail therapy.

    The duo stepped out in West Hollywood, Calif. Saturday to shop for art, with the mom-to-be keeping it casual in a black tank top, sweatpants and flip flops, while her fiancé wore an NFL t-shirt, shorts and a baseball cap.

    Kunis and Kutcher held hands during their outing and looked happy together. The Two and a Half Men star later stepped in front of his ladylove as they made their way to their car to make sure the paparazzi didn't get too close to her.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Host Intimate Baby Shower at Their L.A. Home: Get the Scoop!

    While Mila Kunis may be staying mum when it comes to the topic of her due date, the brunette beauty is undoubtedly busy making preparations for her baby-on-the-way with fiancé Ashton Kutcher.

    E! News has learned that the lovebirds hosted a baby shower for the mama-to-be at their Beverly Hills mansion on Sunday, where they were joined by a small group of friends for a top-secret, intimate gathering.

    While the details surrounding the festivities are still unclear, it should come as no surprise that the über-private couple opted to host a very small bash (and managed to keep it under wraps), considering it took months before the former That '70s Show costars went public with their romance.

    Just one day prior to Kunis' baby shower, the adorable lovebirds were spotted out and about in Los Angeles, where they were photographed grabbing a bite to eat—while presumably tending to Mila's pregnancy cravings—at Musso & Frank Grill.

    The 30-year-old bride-to-be wrapped her baby bump in a fitted white tank top paired with a colorful maxi skirt while her soon-to-be hubby also rocked casual attire, wearing jeans and a plain white T-shirt.

    "We have a thing called white T-shirt night and it's when you wear jeans and a white T-shirt and you go on a date," Kunis previously told Cosmopolitan, dishing on her and 36-year-old Kutcher's cozy date night preferences. "Nothing fancy, it's just something that you love to do. And whether that's bowling or dinner or going to a cheese shop and have some wine or walking around. I think that's just the best thing to do—and sometimes it's just nice to stay home."

    Although the pair has undoubtedly become more public in recent months and is regularly seen stepping out for a low-key meal, fans of the couple shouldn't get their hopes up for a big display on their wedding day.

    "I never wanted to get married. From the age of 12, I prepared my parents for no marriage," the pregnant movie star recently told W magazine. "Then things changed—I found the love of my life. Now my theory on weddings is: Don't invite anyone. Do it privately and secretly. My parents are okay with that. They're just excited that I said yes."

    "We all get movie star crushes," she added. "I'm marrying mine."

    Kelso and Jackie forever!

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Have a Daytime Date in L.A.- Check Out Her Adorable Baby Bump!

    (Pic) These two are too cute for words.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher stepped out on a daytime lunch date at L.A. eatery Musso & Frank Grill over the weekend and looked—as usual—downright adorable.

    The expectant actress wrapped her growing baby bump in a fitted white tank top and printed maxi skirt paired with colorful flip flops.

    Meanwhile, her fiancé went for an equally casual look in a pair of jeans and a plain, white T-shirt.

    The future parents have been spotted grabbing meals all across town lately, likely indulging the brunette beauty in some pregnancy cravings along the way!

    Most recently the famous duo was spotted grabbing burgers at The Counter in Studio City, just a short drive away from their new $10 million mansion in the trendy Hollywood Hills.

    Before leaving, the two spent some time shopping for clothing at a nearby sports store where Kutcher picked up a few items.

    At the time, the former That 70s Show co-stars appeared to be in good spirits and smiled as they left the restaurant chain.

    Kutcher even opened the door for his future wife and made sure she got into the vehicle safely.

    It was first revealed that the good-looking couple was engaged in late February, just before E! News learned about Kunis' pregnancy.

    She joked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that her due date is "sometime this year."

    Pregnant Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Enjoy Low-Key Lunch

    (Pic) Well, aren't these two just a precious pair?!

    Pregnant Mila Kunis and fiancé Ashton Kutcher enjoyed a low-key lunch together on Monday in West Hollywood, Calif., where the duo appeared relaxed and at ease as they grabbed a bite to eat from popular eatery Lemonade, which boosts "seasonal Southern California comfort food."

    The 30-year-old Black Swan beauty covered up her baby bump in a loose patterned top, opting to show off her slender legs in a pair of skin-tight distressed jeans and leopard-print ballet flats. Meanwhile her hubby-to-be was also casually for the afternoon outing, sported a comfy pair of gray pants, a basic tee and a baseball cap.

    The lovebirds looked like your typical down-to-Earth couple as they exited the restaurant, and of course, the mama-to-be carried a box of takeaway food in case she suddenly feels the urge to satisfy her pregnancy cravings.

    Pregnant Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Enjoy Quiet Date Night After Going to a Rodeo-Take a Look!

    (Pic, Pic2, Pic3) What a weekend for these two!

    Ashton Kutcher and his pregnant fiancée Mila Kunis were spotted leaving Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica, Calif., on Sunday night. The expectant star probably didn't indulge in her recent pregnancy craving (burgers, in case you didn't know), but the duo were able to enjoy a nice Italian meal for date night.

    Holding Kutcher's hand, Mila wore a striped black maxi dress that accentuated her growing baby bump, which she held with her other hand, while her beau opted for khakis and a light green button-up, topping off his look (literally) with a navy cap.

    While the twosome seemed to have a relatively low-key night on Sunday, the same can't be said for their Friday night.

    It turns out Mila and Ashton grabbed their cowboy hats and jetted off to Montana for a rodeo! "Oh you know that's cool my aunt saw Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher at a rodeo in Montana last night #nbd," Twitter user Abby Long wrote on Saturday.

    The tweet included a few photos of the soon-to-be married couple, showing Mila—in a tight black tank top, white blouse, jeans, black boots and cowboy hat—and Ashton—wearing a baseball cap (maybe his new staple item?) with jeans and a turquoise button-up—engaging in conversation with other rodeo-goers.

    From Rodeo Drive to an actual rodeo, you just never know where these two will end up!

    Jon Cryer: Ashton Kutcher Is 'Super Excited' for Baby with Mila Kunis

    Is Ashton Kutcher ready to become a dad?

    Just ask Jon Cryer, his on-screen BFF on Two and a Half Men.

    "Oh, it's going to be a disaster," Cryer, 49, joked of his costar at the TCA panels and party Thursday.

    "No, Ashton is super excited," he continued. "Ashton has even been excited every time we had a child actor on set. He loves kids and could not be more stoked to have a child."

    Kutcher, 36, and fiancée Mila Kunis, 30, are expecting a baby later this year. The former That '70s Show lovebirds got engaged in February after dating since April 2012.

    The parents-to-be have poked fun at their relationship on his CBS show, but Cryer said he hopes they get some privacy as they await their little one's arrival.

    "I'm very excited for it! They are super lovely, but if you hang out with them, they are just a young couple having a baby. They just happen to be two of the most beautiful people on Planet Earth, but other than that, they are two of the most normal people." he told PEOPLE. "It's just so tough for them everywhere they go, they're just hounded. I hope people will let them be a normal, young married couple at some point, because they deserve that. They are lovely, lovely folks."

    Cryer said Kunis's pregnancy is an especially happy occasion for Kutcher, who was close to ex-wife Demi Moore's three grown daughters.

    "He's had a sort of a shadow fatherhood in his relationship with Demi and Demi's kids, but this is his chance to start from the word 'go,' " he explained. "It's the same, but it's different, so it's so fun to watch someone be so excited about something."

    Mila Kunis Must Be Craving Meat: Pregnant Star Eats at Burger Joint for Second Day in a Row With Ashton Kutcher

    (Pic) A pregnant woman wants what a pregnant woman wants.

    And what Mila Kunis apparently wants is something that only The Counter can offer.

    The expectant star and fiancé Ashton Kutcher hit the Studio City, Calif., outpost of the gourmet burger chain once again on Wednesday, their second day in a row paying the restaurant a visit.

    The couple kept it super-casual for their late lunch (or early dinner) yesterday, Mila wrapping her baby bump in a black hoodie and Ashton sporting a red sweatshirt to stay cozy, it being in the uncharacteristically cool low 70s in the area at the time.

    They arrived at around 4:30 p.m., looking famished, and sat at the Counter's counter together, an eyewitness exclusively tells E! News.

    The parents-to-be stayed for about an hour for their quick bite and were in good spirits throughout—and satisfying their hunger seemingly left them in a great mood.

    As they were leaving, Mila and Ashton were approached by a couple of kids in Dodgers gear and, being regulars at Dodger Stadium themselves, the couple took a few minutes to chat pose for selfies with the young fans.

    We're told that they were very sweet to the kids, and that Mila in particular seemed to enjoy the interaction and Ashton good-naturedly stuck with it.

    GLAAD Reacts to Two and a Half Men's Gay Twist

    CBS Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler revealed Thursday morning that the final season of Two and a Half Men, Chuck Lorre's long-running comedy, would include a fake gay relationship between Walden (Ashton Kutcher) and Alan (Jon Cryer), which they undertake in order to adopt a child.

    "Walden is going to have a major health scare and it is going to give him a little bit of an existential crisis," Tassler told reporters after her executive session at the Television Critics Association's fall previews. "He wants to find a way to add more meaning to his life, so he decides he wants to adopt a child. In doing so, he starts the process and he realizes that it's very difficult, to adopt a child as a single, straight man. So, once and for all, he decides, 'I'm going to propose to Alan, we're going to get married and adopt a child as a gay couple.'"'

    Though Tassler believed the storyline would send a "positive statement' and she wouldn't receive backlash from the LGBT community, some tweeters were quick to criticize Man for exploiting rights that the community has fought so hard to obtain and, in some states, still do not have.

    GLAAD declined to comment directly on the story line until seeing the finished product, but Sarah Kate Ellis, the organization's president and CEO, released a statement on Thursday morning in response. "We hope the show will acknowledge not only the progress made in acceptance of gay and lesbian couples, but also the fact that — in many areas of the country — same-sex couples are often under greater scrutiny or still barred from adoption options that straight couples have."

    'Two and a Half Men' final season: Walden and Alan are getting married. Wait, what?

    "Two and a Half Men" is not going to go quietly into sitcom retirement.

    CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler shared a key story point from the show's final season with reporters Thursday (July 17) at the summer TV press tour, and it's ... something. Tassler explains:

    "Walden [Ashton Kutcher] is going to have a major health scare, and it's going to give him a little bit of an existential crisis. He wants to find a way to add more meaning to his life, so he decides he wants to adopt a child.

    "In doing so, he starts the process and he realizes it's very difficult to adopt a child as a single, straight man. So once and for all he decides I'm going to propose to Alan [Jon Cryer], we're going to get married and we're going to adopt a child as a gay couple. That's going to start the season on 'Two and a Half Men,' and I think we're off to a great ride."

    Tassler says she doesn't see the story as a jibe at the LGBT community, instead seeing it as a "positive statement."

    "In a universe where at one point you couldn't do that and now you can do that, I think that's a much more positive statement that [creator Chuck Lorre] is making," Tassler says.

    The 12th and final season of "Two and a Half Men" is set to premiere Oct. 30 on CBS.

    Mila Kunis Shows Baby Bump in Black Tank Top, Grabs Burgers With Ashton Kutcher

    (Pic) Pregnant Mila Kunis showcased her baby bump in a black tank top and ripped, blue skinny jeans this week as she and fiancé Ashton Kutcher enjoyed a tasty lunch date in the sweltering San Fernando Valley.

    On Tuesday, July 15, the 30-year-old actress and her 36-year-old beau hit up the custom burger bar The Counter in Studio City, several minutes away from their $10 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

    The two also shopped at a nearby store, where Kutcher bought some sportswear. The actor, ever the gentleman, was also seen opening a car door for Kunis. The two seemed very happy, a witness told E! News.

    In April, the two were spotted grabbing burgers at another eatery, the upscale Unami Burger in Burbank. Kunis, who has always appeared slim pre-pregnancy, has maintained a healthy figure, partially thanks to regular spinning classes and prenatal yoga.

    This will be the first child for the couple and former That '70s Show co-stars, whose engagement was confirmed in late February, just before E! News learned about Kunis' pregnancy. She joked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that her due date is "sometime this year."

    Ashton Kutcher on Hand to Watch Germany Destroy Brazil in World Cup Semifinal Match

    (Pic1, Pic2) In hindsight, it was smart of Ashton Kutcher to dress in nondescript colors.

    Mila Kunis' fiancé is in Brazil and was still all smiles while posing for pics with fans, including Brazilian TV presenter Luciano Huck, dressed in patriotic yellow and green. Then, however, he presumably settled down to watch what's turning out to be a massacre of the home team (5-0 at halftime, so technically there's hope...) at the hands of Germany in today's World Cup semifinal match.

    In case you were wondering why "#blitzkrieg" was trending on Twitter...

    "WorldCup2014," Kutcher benignly captioned his own twitpic selfie, taken at Estádio Mineirão in Belo Horizonte.

    "Brazil, now just playing for pride," the ESPN announcer intoned, heralding the start of the second half.

    Interestingly, Rihanna—who tweeted several very enthusiastic posts of the "go Brazil!" variety on July 4—has remained entirely silent.

    Maybe they could have used some love from RiRi's corner.

    Seriously, the only fix for Brazil today would've been if Ashton had revealed the entire match was being filmed for a Punk'd resurgence.

    Mila Kunis never wanted marriage until Ashton Kutcher

    Mila Kunis is very excited about her marriage to and pregnancy with Ashton Kutcher, and she's not afraid to talk about it. The former "That '70s Show" star covers W magazine's August issue, and talks non-stop about "my fiance."

    She tells the magazine of her affection for "That '70s Show," "Not only did it introduce me to my fiance, but I'm so grateful that all my mistakes are recorded for posterity. I went through puberty on television! I grew five inches while I was on that show, and I had so many different eyebrow shapes! I went through everything embarrassing that a girl can go through in front of my fiance. There's no question that he's seen the worst. I find that comforting."

    Before dating Kutcher, Kunis was in a longterm relationship with Macaulay Culkin. According to her, there was no chance of marriage for that couple even though they were together for nine years.

    "I never wanted to get married," she says. "From the age of 12, I prepared my parents for no marriage. Then things changed -- I found the love of my life. Now my theory on weddings is: Don't invite anyone. Do it privately and secretly. My parents are okay with that. They're just excited that I said yes."

    In other words, Kutcher and Kunis could already be married, and the public won't find out about it until they want us to. At least the couple is as cute as Jackie and Kelso: "We all get movie star crushes. I'm marrying mine," Kutcher says.

    Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Wear Indian Attire at Friend's Wedding, Actor Dons Turban, Dances-See the Photos!

    (Pic, Pic2, , Pic3) While they haven't said their own "I do's" yet, Ashton Kutcher and pregnant fiancé Mila Kunis were in wedding mode this Fourth of July Weekend!

    The two dressed in traditional Indian attire at a friend's wedding at the Borgo Egnazia Resort in Savelletri di Fasano, Italy on Saturday, July 5. Kutcher, 36, sported what appeared be an aqua blue, embroidered kurta and a flowing white dhoti, or long loincloth. Kunis, 30, wore a mint gown with a drop waist, which hid her baby bump, and silver accents.

    Details about the wedding were not released, although photos have been posted online. And the notoriously private actors weren't there as just as guests—Kutcher was part of the entertainment! Wearing a red turban, he and a female dancer, who sported a one-shoulder, clover green dress and nude leggings, treated the crowd to a traditional Bollywood-style dance.

    Kunis and Kutcher, who played Jackie and Kelso on That '70s Show, began dating in early spring of 2012 and went public with their engagement earlier this year and E! News confirmed in late March that the actress was pregnant with their first child.

    Kutcher was previously married to Demi Moore. The two have no children together and split in 2011 after six years of marriage. They finalized their divorce in 2013.

    Also on Saturday, on Kutcher's Facebook page, a link to an article titled "10 Relationship Hacks Guaranteed To Make Any Couple Happier," located on his website, was posted. The list was compiled by psychiatrist Dr. Mark Goulston and contains tips such as "Make trust and forgiveness your default mode" and "Say 'I love you' and 'Have a good day' every morning."

    "I believe in these," Kutcher's post said.

    Mila Kunis Keeps Comfy in Sweats on Grocery Run With Ashton Kutcher

    (Pic, Pic2) Aw, the cuteness! The feels!

    A pregnant Mila Kunis and fiancé Ashton Kutcher packed on the PDA while watching the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the St. Louis Cardinals 9-1 at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 28.

    The lovebirds, sporting Dodgers apparel, were photographed at the MLB baseball game sharing a tender kiss. Kunis, 30, also rested her head on her 36-year-old beau's shoulder with an adorable smile.

    The two, who played couple Jackie and Kelso on That '70s Show, went public with their engagement earlier this year. Kutcher popped the question with a massive engagement rock.

    E! News confirmed in late March that the two are expecting their first child together. She first spoke about ther pregnancy publicly the following May, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, during which she talked about her cravings and revealed a romantic gesture by Kutcher that involved—what else?—pickles.

    Fellow That '70s Show alum Laura Prepon, who currently stars on Orange Is the New Black, told E! News earlier this month that she thinks the two are going to be "wonderful" parents.

    The Dodgers' Facebook page also shared a photo of Kunis and Kutcher, alongside the caption, "Jackie and Kelso forever!"

    Ashton Kutcher's Twin Says the Dad-to-Be Is "Full of Energy," Will Be a "Tough" Parent With Mila Kunis

    Ashton Kutcher isn't a parent himself yet, but he's got plenty of experience with his niece and nephews!

    On Monday at Harboring Hearts' 2nd Annual Summer Soiree in NYC, Ashton's twin brother Michael Kutcher told E! News how he knows the actor and fiancée Mila Kunis "are going to be great parents."

    It's partially because, he said, the Two and Half Men star is "amazing" with his 4 and 9-year-old nephews, explaining, "He never wears out. He always goes, goes, goes."

    Michael and Ashton's sister Tausha, who is currently expecting baby No. 2, already has a daughter, so the brothers have "had experience" with little girls, too. Michael doesn't think Ashton "will be much different" with a daughter than with a son, telling E! News regardless of baby Kutcher's gender, dad will "still be full of energy!"

    That said, Ashton would "maybe [be] a bit more protective," if he and Mila have a baby girl, Michael reasoned. Regardless, though, "they're going to be great parents"—the kind who are "going to be able to set the right discipline in their child—sometimes you have to be tough!"

    And while we often see Ashton's silly, comedic side, he's serious about being a devoted family man. Part of this comes from the fact that at age 13, Michael "became ill," explaining to E! News, "Essentially, I was told I needed a heart transplant and had three to four weeks to live."

    "It was out of the blue," he continued. "Later, it came down to 48 hours to live. At the 48-hour mark, I was put on the transplant list. After being on the list, it took only 24 hours to find my heart. By today's standards, that's incredible."

    Michael's new heart, which he heard came from "a middle-aged woman" in the Tampa, Florida-area, gave him a fresh start at life. Now at age 36, he "live(s) every day in her [the donor's] honor and [tries] to do good every day as she would want me to."

    And while he would "love to be able to find" his donor's family (but has "been unsuccessful as of yet"), Michael and his entire family are clearly beyond appreciative of this anonymous woman's incredible gift.

    "I think it brought on the value of each day—how much we all cherish each day," he explained. And since his surgery, Michael said he doesn't "end a phone call or a text message or some type of communication without saying, I love you.'"

    "To this day, if I'm texting my brother, the last thing one of us will say is, 'I love you,'" he said. "It's so important. And it's not just heart disease. You can go outside and get hit by a taxi cab. It's the reality of life. It's so short. You've got to enjoy every single moment."

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Are Going To Be "Wonderful" Parents

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher haven't said much about their impending parenthood.

    But that doesn't mean an ol' pal like Laura Prepon can't gush over the future mom and dad.

    "They're going to be wonderful" parents, their That '70s Show co-star told me at the 2014 Critics' Choice TV Awards before quickly adding, "I don't comment on my friends' private lives, but they're wonderful."

    E! News was the first to report in March that Kunis, 30, was pregnant with the couple's first child just weeks after we exclusively revealed that Kutcher, 36, popped the questions with a massive engagement rock.

    "The best day of my life so far was the proposal," Kunis says in the latest issue of Marie Claire. "I cried. I was a mess.

    "Not to discredit any relationships in my past," the Friends With Benefits star said, "but this relationship is different."

    She also tells the magazine about her plans for the birth.

    "Two people are allowed in my delivery room: my doctor and my significant other," she reveals. "And [my future husband] is staying above the action. He'll be head to head. Not head to vag. Unless he wants to risk his life and see. But I wouldn't if I were him." Kunis graphically adds, "I highly doubt he wants to see that being ripped apart and shredded. Because it will be shredded. It's just a matter of how badly."

    Until that day comes, Kunis is enjoying the perks of being pregnant—like having bigger boobs. "They're amazing! They've tripled in size. I was a 34A; now I'm a 36C. I'm so excited! I'm telling everyone I know, 'Go ahead, touch them!'" she says. "Without being an a--hole, I have to say, I love being pregnant."

    Teen Choice 2014 Nominees

    Choice TV Actor: Comedy
    Ashton Kutcher, Two and a Half Men
    Ross Lynch, Austin & Ally
    Chord Overstreet, Glee
    Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
    Andy Samberg, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Mila Kunis Keeps Comfy in Sweats on Grocery Run With Ashton Kutcher

    (Pic) Mila Kunis is all about comfort these days—as she should be!

    The 30-year-old actress and fiancé Ashton Kutcher went on a grocery run to Ralphs in Sherman Oaks, Calif., Saturday, and the pregnant Ted star dressed super-casually for the outing! She paired black sweatpants from Victoria's Secret's Pink brand with a slouchy black sweatshirt and sneakers. The dad-to-be also kept his look low-key and wore a Boston baseball cap, off-white pullover, gray shorts and sneakers.

    Ashton, 36, is definitely entitled to rock all the comfy couture his heart desires, but he probably shouldn't say he is expecting a baby, too—at least not using the phrase, "We're pregnant." Last week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mila took issue with that particular expression, delivering quite the scripted rant to the audience.

    "Hello, I'm Mila Kunis, with a very special message for all you soon-to-be fathers,"she said "Stop saying, 'We're pregnant.' You're not pregnant! Do you have to squeeze a watermelon-sized person out of your lady-hole? No. Are you crying alone in your car listening to a stupid Bette Midler song? No. When you wake up and throw up, is it because you're nurturing a human life? No. It's because you had too many shots of tequila. Do you know how many shots of tequila we had? None. Because we can't have shots of tequila. We can't have anything because we've got your little love goblin growing inside of us. All you did was roll over and fall asleep."

    "You're not pregnant," she said as a group of pregnant women joined her on stage. "We are!"


    Mila Kunis Doesn't Want Ashton Kutcher to See Her Vagina When She Gives Birth: "It Will Be Shredded!"

    With a wedding in the works and a baby on the way, Mila Kunis is feeling chattier than ever.

    Though she's been notoriously private about her personal life in the past, the Jupiter Ascending star opens up about her friendship-turned-romance with Ashton Kutcher in Marie Claire's July 2014 issue.

    "One day, it just changed. All of a sudden, it wasn't the same," Kunis, 30, tells the magazine of her former That '70s Show co-star, 36. "And I was really proud of myself for acknowledging that."

    After a two-year courtship, Kutcher decided to ask Kunis to be his wife a few months ago. "The best day of my life so far was the proposal," the Friends With Benefits star says proudly. "I cried. I was a mess."

    "Not to discredit any relationships in my past," Kunis continues, "but this relationship is different."

    Prior to this year, she says, "I was really good at saying no." Now, Kunis tells Marie Claire, "I decided I was just going to say yes to any opportunity that came, no matter how crazy. And it changed my life."

    Kunis' life will change soon again when she welcomes her firstborn son or daughter with Kutcher. Rest assured, the Third Person star has already given her fiancé a few ground rules when she goes into labor.

    "Two people are allowed in my delivery room: my doctor and my significant other," she reveals. "And [my future husband] is staying above the action. He'll be head to head. Not head to vag. Unless he wants to risk his life and see. But I wouldn't if I were him." Kunis graphically adds, "I highly doubt he wants to see that being ripped apart and shredded. Because it will be shredded. It's just a matter of how badly."

    Until that day comes, Kunis is enjoying the perks of being pregnant—like having bigger boobs. "They're amazing! They've tripled in size. I was a 34A; now I'm a 36C. I'm so excited! I'm telling everyone I know, 'Go ahead, touch them!'" she says. "Without being an a--hole, I have to say, I love being pregnant."

    What do Kunis and Kutcher hope for their future children?

    "I just don't want my kids to be a—holes," she says. "I feel like so many kids nowadays are. Both of us just want to have well-behaved, honest, nice children who people meet and say, 'That's a good kid.'"

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Waiting Until After Baby to Get Married-Get the Scoop!

    First things first!

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have a busy year ahead of them between planning the arrival of their first child, moving into their family home, tying the knot, and oh, their careers!

    E! News has learned that the engaged duo is "not planning to get married before the baby is born" because "they have a lot going on right now." You can say that again.

    "They've been focusing on prepping for the baby and the new house," a source close to the couple tells us.

    "But they are really happy and in love. They can't wait for their baby to arrive."

    Just last month, the future husband and wife purchased a 7,351-square-foot mansion in Beverly Hills for $10 million.

    Their new house sits on about a half-acre of land in the hills and boasts four bedrooms and three bathrooms, and it offers plenty of privacy.

    Just last night, the expectant actress flew solo as she attended the premiere of Third Person at Hollywood's Linwood Dunn Theater Pickford Center for Motion Study

    She showed off her adorable growing baby bump in a chic black dress paired with Gemfields gold jewelry and patent nude pumps.

    The 30-year-old star also flashed her gorgeous diamond engagement ring from the Two and a Half Men actor.

    The mama-to-be posed for photos with director Paul Haggis, producer Michael Nozik and co-stars Moran Atias and Maria Bello.

    Looks like wedding bells and baby rattles are just around the corner!

    Mila Kunis Kisses Ashton Kutcher, Indulges Pregnancy Craving for Frozen Yogurt

    (Photo) Mila Kunis gets to make out with Ashton Kutcher and eat frozen yogurt? This lady is living the dream, y'all!

    On Saturday in Sherman Oaks, Calif., the 30-year-old mommy-to-be went from indulging in a yummy pregnancy craving to giving her handsome fiancé a sweet kiss on the lips!

    Mila concealed her burgeoning baby bump with an all-black ensemble—pairing a simple tank with stretchy workout pants. Dad-to-be Ashton, 36, was dressed in athletic gear as well for the pair's Saturday afternoon date, making it appear that the future parents had been working on their fitness prior to Mila's tiny pregnancy splurge.

    The former That '70s Show costars co-stars haven't been shy about packing on the PDA, despite remaining rather private when it comes to their personal lives. Mila finally opened up about her and Ashton's baby-to-be during a May 9 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She assured Ellen DeGeneres the baby would be born "Some time this year. I promise you," and she also revealed that she's planning a natural birth.

    "We thought about it. We watched a couple of documentaries and we looked into the like the midwife aspect of it and things and spoke to my OB/GYN and realized that the hospital that I'm going to be laboring in does a midwife, you know, doula type of thing, and so I'm gonna do it as all natural as I possibly can unless that there's an emergency or something that should wrong," she explained.

    And that means no epidural! "I'm crazy," she said. "I mean, I did this to myself—I might as well do it right."

    Enjoy that fro-yo while you can, Mila!

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Share a Kiss During Lunch Date-See the Expectant Couple Pack on the PDA

    (Pic) Who wants to wait till they get home?!

    Ashton Kutcher and pregnant fiancée Mila Kunis finished off their lunch yesterday with a little sugar, the couple pausing on the sidewalk to share a sweet kiss.

    The expectant duo, who spent the last week of May babymooning in French Polynesia in the lap of luxury, grabbed a casual meal, with Mila taking her beverage with her in a to-go cup. Along the massive engagement rock on her finger, she was wearing black leggings and a long-sleeved white T-shirt with "Paradise" printed repeatedly in all caps, some of the letters shaded to form a larger triangle.

    The loose T grazed her growing baby bump—and her fabulous little belly just looked so cute!

    Pregnant Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Spotted on Low-Key Lunch Date-See the Pic!

    (Pic) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were spotted out and about on Friday and grabbed a quick lunch to-go at L.A. eatery Lemonade.

    The expectant brunette beauty covered up her baby bump in a billowy white shirt and paired it with skinny jeans and sneakers.

    She was seen carrying an iced tea and salad to her car while her fiancé trailed behind in an equally-casual ensemble.

    The parents-to-be appeared to be well-rested following their tropical babymoon just last week.

    E! News confirmed that the engaged couple jetted off to a weeklong getaway in French Polynesia on May 25.

    Kunis and Kutcher kept a low profile during their stay at the ultra-exclusive—and downright stunning—La Taha'a Island Resort & Spa.

    The grounds boast over 10 over-water bungalows that offer the utmost privacy and serenity.

    And while we presume that the future husband and wife wanted to catch up on some quality R&R before their first child arrives, there was plenty for them to do during their stay.

    Snorkeling, couples massages, hikes and private helicopter tours are all available to the guests staying at La Taha'a.

    But it seemed like the famous duo wanted to make the most of the reclusive resort, as a source told us that they mainly kept to themselves throughout their trip.

    Who needs activities when you're in paradise!

    Mila Kunis Flaunts Growing Baby Bump in Tight Top, Visits Her Parents With Ashton Kutcher-See the Pic!

    (Pic) Pregnancy sure suits Mila Kunis!

    The mommy-to-be and fiancé Ashton Kutcher visited with her parents Sunday in L.A., and Mila wasn't shy about putting her burgeoning baby bump out on display!

    The 30-year-old Jupiter Ascending star wore a tight black tank top, drawing attention to her adorably protruding belly button. She paired her chic yet simple shirt with black sweats and flip-flops, throwing her up in a messy (but cute!) bun and wearing no makeup--just a pair of aviator shades to shield her face from the sun.

    Ashton, 36, also looked pretty comfy for his visit with baby Kunis-Kutcher's future grandparents, too. The Two and a Half Men star wore gray sweats, a Chicago bears cap and sneakers.

    Based on Mila's bump, you'd think she and Ashton would be expecting their little one sometime soon. But last month on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the mommy-to-be coyly said her due date was "some time this year," adding jokingly, "I promise you. It will be this year!"

    And when it does come time to deliver, Mila's planning to take the natural approach. In other words? No epidural! "I'm crazy," she said laughingly. "I did this to myself—I might as well do it right...I wanted this. It's like, no one made me do this."

    Ellen was quick to point out she didn't get pregnant entirely by herself, to which Ashton's love responded cutely, "I did have a little help. Just a little bit!"

    How adorable are the future Mr. and Mrs. Kutcher going to be with a kid?!

    Pregnant Mila Kunis Hides Behind Fiancé Ashton Kutcher During Brunch Date-See the Pic!

    (Pic) Mila Kunis covered up her baby bump while grabbing a bite to eat with her fiancé Ashton Kutcher over the weekend.

    The parents-to-be were seen leaving a local eatery in Los Angeles wearing matching grey cardigans as they walked to their car with a few friends.

    The pregnant brunette donned a loose black jumpsuit for the casual occasion while her leading man opted for a pair of worn-in jeans, a white T-shirt and a Chicago Bears baseball cap.

    Both actors were all smiles following their brunch date, with Kunis trailing shortly behind Kutcher on the sidewalk as they left the restaurant.

    The Two and a Half Men star showed off his chivalrous side by holding the car door open for his longtime love.

    Kunis, who is expected to give birth to the couple's first child later this year, has made no secret of her pregnancy cravings lately.

    Earlier this month, she joked with Ellen DeGeneres about how she's become obsessed with all things sauerkraut.

    "I eat sauerkraut all day long," she told the daytime talk show host. "This is the worst craving to have because sauerkraut smells and so every time you open up a jar it just reeks in the whole kitchen...It's not like ice cream where everything smells lovely."

    She also revealed that she'll be opting out of getting an epidural during the birth, saying, "I'm gonna do it as all natural as I possibly can unless that there's an emergency."

    Ashton Kutcher -- Good Samaritan, Bad Mechanic

    (Video) Ashton Kutcher did a solid Saturday for a stranded motorist ... only problem ... he needs to brush up on his grease monkey skills.

    The driver tells us ... his car battery died while he and his group were hiking in the Hollywood Hills ... so they pushed the whip to a nearby street and tried flagging down anyone who would stop.

    Ashton was driving down the street when he spotted the group ... pulled over and was asked if he could help jump start their car. Problem was -- he had a passenger and said he had to drop her off at home but he would return. The group thinks the passenger was Mila Kunis.

    Shockingly ... Kutcher came back and got down to work, trying to jump start the battery. But first things first ... he opened his hood and had big trouble finding his own battery ... because it's in the trunk! Ashton eventually accomplished his mission.

    The video is hilarious.

    Ashton Kutcher Walks His Dogs Sans Pregnant Mila Kunis: See the Pic!

    (Pic) Nothing like a morning dog walk!

    Ashton Kutcher stepped out solo earlier today to take his and Mila Kunis' two pooches out for a stroll.

    Dressed in orange sneakers, blue shorts and a tan sweater, the 36-year-old dad-to-be looked cool, calm and happy as he enjoyed his Saturday morning walk. The Two and a Half Men star kept his head down under his baseball hat while strolling side by side with his two furry family members.

    Meanwhile, there was no sign of Kunis and her baby bump.

    Ashton Kutcher Hits the Dirt in a Motocross Race Accident

    (Pic1, Pic2) Ouch!

    Ashton Kutcher's dirt bike outing proved no easy ride.

    The Two and a Half Men star, 36, took a spin on a motocross racing course outside of Los Angeles on Thursday, only to wipe out in some gravel at the finish line, X17online reported.

    Fortunately, the fun-loving father-to-be with expectant fiancée Mila Kunis, 30, wore boots and plenty of protective gear for his ride. He emerged nearly unscathed, save for a patch of road burn.

    Much to the delight of onlookers, the fit Kutcher stripped off his biking duds after his spill – exposing his navy boxer briefs. His clothing change revealed a lone bloody scrape on his torso, which only needed a bandage. And perhaps a kiss at home, of course, to make it all better.

    Full 2013-2014 TV Season Series Rankings

    NBC has won the 2013-14 TV season — but you already knew that — with Sunday Night Football finishing the season as the No. 1 show in primetime in total viewers (21.528 million viewers) and among adults 18-49 (9.971 million viewers), based on Live+Same Day data from Nielsen. NBC’s The Blacklist and ABC’s Resurrection are the only freshman series to make the Demo Top 1o List for the season that officially wrapped last night. And Blacklist alone makes the Total Viewer Top 10 among newbies. Historically, Fox’s American Idol fell off both lists, making room for adds. In its defense, Idol’s two nights landed in the Top 20 in the demo — and Top 25 in total viewers — which puts it ahead of most broadcast primetime programming. Meanwhile, CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, in its seventh season, maintained its No. 2 status in overall audience (19.960 million viewers) and the demo (7.88 million), and rose to No. 2 in the demo — behind only NBC’s football in both.

    Sunday Night Football mopped up this season — the franchise not only finished No. 1 for the season, in 2+ and the demo, but also among adults 18-34 and 25-54 — which included season wins not only with men 18-49, 18-34 and 25-54 but also with women 18-34 and 18-49. NBC also notes that 12 SNF games averaged at least 20 million viewers, tying the network’s Sochi Winter Olympics for most primetime telecasts with an average of 20 million viewers tuned in (not including pre-/post-shows).

    As usual, the TV Season Rankers Lists are full of inequities. ABC’s Resurrection, for instance, makes the Demo Top 10 (and barely misses the Total Viewer Top 10 at No. 11), in part because it ran zero repeats in its time slot; other freshman dramas saw their season averages tugged downward by encore-episode ratings in their slots. I know — cry me a river. Yes, we did not include pre- and post-game shows — and yes, we went with actuals in the demo this year, eliminating all those pesky three- and four-way ties. And yes, the lists are a bit beauty-pageant, given that a series’ success tends not to be based on whether it finished the season as the country’s 33rd-most-watched series, but whether it improved the network’s ratings performance in its time slot, how much it costs to make, who owns it, ancillary market potential, etc.

    Even so, we love our lists. Check them out: here.

    Babies on Board! Mila Kunis Steps Out Again With Ashton Kutcher's Pregnant Sister-Check It Out!

    (Pic) Mila Kunis and her shopping buddy (and future sister-in-law) were out and about in Los Angeles running errands today.

    The pregnant ladies picked up lunch to-go at a local eatery in Studio City on Tuesday just a day after having a girls' shopping day.

    The former That 70's Show actress wore a pair of rolled-up jeans and sneakers paired with a ripped gray cardigan and black tank that covered her bun in the oven.

    Meanwhile, Ashton Kutcher's sister Tausha sported a coral striped sundress and flip flops for the outing.

    Last night, the Ted star met up with her fiancé for a wine-tasting party nearby.

    The Two and a Half Men stud couldn't keep his hands off of his future bride and placed his hand on her rear end as the two left the get-together.

    The adorable couple was also snapped sharing a laugh, as the 30-year-old brunette lovingly rested her hands on her growing belly. So cute!

    Kunis recently stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and admitted that she and Kutcher have decided on a name for their future child, but have chosen to keep it private for the time being.

    "I'm going to guess what it is by the end of this segment," Ellen DeGeneres joked. "I'm going to guess what it is."

    Kunis also chose to keep her gender a secret but after admitting that she's craving salty foods like sauerkraut, DeGeneres predicted that she's having a boy.

    We'll find out if she's right soon enough!

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Shop for Baby

    Attention, shoppers! Cute parents-to-be alert in Sherman Oaks.

    Over the weekend, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis — who are expecting a girl in the fall — made a stop at Juvenile Shop for a few baby necessities.

    “They shopped for nursery furniture, including a wooden crib and changing table,” an eyewitness tells PEOPLE. “They seemed to know what they wanted and didn’t ask for any help.”

    Kutcher, 36, acted “very protective” of his fiancée, and the duo “seemed very excited about the baby,” says the source, who added that the mom-to-be, 30, “looked great.”

    Earlier this month, the actress told Ellen DeGeneres that Kutcher keeps their fridge stocked with “weird food” in case she has any cravings. “He stocked [it] with … pickles and sauerkraut, or like anchovies and ice creams … just in case at one point during this pregnancy I’d be like, ‘I really want something.’”

    The couple are also currently working on a registry for Kunis’s baby shower, which will just be for close friends and family.

    “Her shower won’t be a celebrity event,” says the source. “Mila seems very low-key when it comes to buying things for the baby. She doesn’t want a cluttered nursery with unnecessary items.”

    Mila Kunis Goes Shopping With Ashton Kutcher's Pregnant Sister-See the Cute Baby Bump-Filled Pic!

    (Pic) Double baby bumps!

    Expectant Mila Kunis stepped out with Ashton Kutcher's sister, Tausha, who is also pregnant, for a girls' shopping day in Los Angeles. The ladies clutched flowers as they strolled down the street, showing off their burgeoning bellies in loose, flowy outfits.

    The Jupiter Ascending actress kept it casual in a blue tank and a patterned maxi skirt, completing her ensemble with aviator sunglasses and flip-flops. Meanwhile, her future sister-in-law wore a similar-colored blue summer dress.

    Ashton Kutcher Grabs Mila Kunis' Butt After Attending Wine-Tasting Party-See the Pics!

    (Pic1, Pic2) Somebody's gettin' grabby!

    Evidently, Ashton Kutcher couldn't quite keep his hands to himself as he and pregnant fiancée Mila Kunis left a wine-tasting party in Los Angeles on Sunday.

    Yep. While strolling out together, Kutcher was spotted touching his gal's rear end as the two headed to their car.

    The adorable duo was also snapped sharing a laugh, while Kunis lovingly rested her hands on her blossoming belly.

    The sighting comes just one day after the 30-year-old actress was seen shopping with a pregnant friend.

    Kunis recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she played coy when host Ellen DeGeneres inquired about her due date.

    "Sometime this year. I promise you," she teased. "It will be this year."

    Meanwhile, Kutcher listed his five-bedroom, eight-bathroom Hollywood Hills bachelor pad for a cool $12 million last week.

    He and Kunis just bought a 7,351 square foot home with three bedrooms and four bathrooms in Beverly Hills for $10 million.

    Ashton Kutcher Lists Bachelor Pad for $12 Million as He Buys a $10 Million House With Mila Kunis

    (Pic1, Pic2) Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are preparing for their growing family, and so Ashton has listed his Hollywood Hills bachelor pad, and he's putting down roots in Beverly Hills with Mila.

    The 36-year-old actor has listed his Hollywood Hills home for a cool $12 million. But before you balk at the price, consider all the amenities: an infinity pool, open fire pits and breathtaking views of the Hollywood sign.

    But as stunning as Ashton's 9,385 square foot home is, with all those open fire pits and infinity pools, it's not exactly child-proof. So it makes sense that he and Mila would want to settle down in a more baby-friendly home in Beverly Hills.

    And even though Ashton and Mila's family is growing, they are technically downsizing. Ashton's Hollywood hills setup is an expansive 5-bedrom, 8-bathroom home. But he and Mila just bought a (relatively) smaller and (relatively) less expensive Beverly Hills home for a bargain $10 million.

    Their new house is 7,351 square feet with three bedrooms and four bathrooms, and it offers plenty of privacy. Perfect for Ashton, Mila and their baby. Even though Ashton has only lived in his Hollywood Hills bachelor pad for two years, clearly he's starting a new chapter in his life with Mila.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher: How They're Preparing for Their Baby Girl

    Grocery trips, walks with the dogs and PDA at family-friendly baseball games – it's safe to say that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are in full nesting mode.

    "Ashton has been taking such good care of Mila," says a source of the couple, who will welcome their daughter – yes, it's a girl! – later this year.

    "He's doting on her and telling her she looks beautiful. He understands she's going through changes and he hasn't judged her for it."

    The parents-to-be, who began discussing names "right away" (and have since found the perfect one) also plan to move to new digs when the timing is right, says the insider. "They want to move and have more space and security for the baby."

    In the meantime, Kunis, 30, is staying fit with prenatal Pilates, yoga and spinning. "Mila seems determined to stay healthy during her pregnancy," says a Kunis insider.

    As far as the delivery, Kunis who is planning for a natural birth, has been meeting with doulas to discuss options – and Kutcher, 36, is on board. Says the source, "Ashton supports her 100 percent."

    No matter how she enters this world, it seems the couple's first child will be a Daddy's girl.

    "Ashton was meant to be a father," says the source. "It's all he can talk about!"

    'Two and a Half Men' to end in 2014-15 after football delay on CBS

    After crazy drama, cast changes and 11 seasons, "Two and a Half Men" will air its final season on CBS in 2014-15. The network announced the end after the upcoming Season 12 during the CBS upfronts in New York City on Wednesday (May 14).

    Thus, it's the beginning of the end for the show that was once TV's highest-rated comedy. Considering that two out of the three original stars -- Charlie Sheen and Angus T. Jones -- have left the cast, this isn't a big surprise.

    How will "Two and a Half Men" end? According to CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler, executive producer Chuck Lorre is planning a season-long "event" to close the show. Whether that is a single, coherent story -- like "How I Met Your Mother" did in its final season -- or merely a big theme is unclear.

    One thing that fans might not want to expect is the return of Sheen to his former show. When asked about whether or not that was a possibility, Tassler merely replied, "I would like to see what Chuck would like to do." Things didn't end well between Lorre and Sheen -- and the Charlie character is dead on the show -- so that probably means it's a no.

    Despite the plans for the end, it will be awhile before "Two and a Half Men" takes its final bow. CBS is devoting Thursday nights to the NFL for several weeks in September and October, with the comedy block and "Elementary" returning Oct. 30. Only "The Big Bang Theory" will have an early fall premiere, shifting over to Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT during the football season.

    The final "Two and a Half Men" season will air Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT when it does return to CBS.

    Ashton Kutcher Selling House -- Dumping L.A. Mansion ... It's Not Baby Proof!

    (Photos) Ashton Kutcher is ditching the bachelor life ... He's put his sick Los Angeles mansion up for sale ... we're told because it isn't a good place to raise a baby.

    According to our sources, Ashton pocket listed his Lake Hollywood Estates home for $12 million. He bought the place in 2012 for $8.455 MIL, snatching it up as Justin Bieber was eying it.

    The home is 9,385 sq. ft. with five bedrooms and eight bathrooms. It also has a colorful history ... it was the location of one of many "swatting" pranks.

    Ashton and fiancee/baby mama-to-be Mila Kunis quietly scooped up a $10.215 million home in the Beverly Hills Post Office area -- a modest 7,351 sq. ft. with three bedrooms and four baths.

    Sounds perfect for a new family.

    Inside Ashton Kutcher's Guys' Weekend in Las Vegas

    It was a star-studded past weekend in Las Vegas, and Ashton Kutcher was among the celebrities to make their rounds in Sin City.

    Heading out for an approximate 40-person guys' weekend to celebrate the 40th birthday of producer pal Luke Watson, Kutcher and his clan kicked off the festivities with a viewing of the Clippers game in a private dining room at Stack restaurant inside the Mirage Las Vegas.

    "Ashton was super nice to everyone and while he was there, he left for a minute to take a call from Mila [Kunis]," a source tells PEOPLE of the actor's pregnant fiancée, who he reunited with after the weekend away.

    On Saturday, the crew was spotted at Liquid at Aria, arriving at around 1 p.m., according to the source, who says Kutcher "was super casual, wearing a Chicago Bears hat."

    The group "had a few drinks and Ashton stayed for about two hours."

    That night, they went to Haze nightclub and hung out on the second level, which overlooked the deejay booth and the whole club, the insider reveals.

    "They arrived around 12:30 a.m. and were all wearing Dallas Cowboys hats," the source says, adding that they were "out and about until around 3 a.m."

    Pregnant Mila Kunis and Fiancé Ashton Kutcher Color Coordinate in Blue for Dodgers Game

    (Pic) Mom-to-be Mila Kunis and fiancé Ashton Kutcher showed their team spirit by color coordinating for a Los Angeles Dodgers game Sunday in L.A.

    Kunis' blossoming baby bump was on full display under a blue [the team's color] sweatshirt, which had "I love Sundays" splashed across the front.

    She paired the top with khaki pants and a black belt. Kutcher was also casual in a matching blue sweat jacket, white T-shirt, Dodgers' baseball cap and grey pants.

    Kunis and Kutcher are huge baseball fans, according to X17 Online.

    Unfortunately, the Doddgers fell to the San Francisco Giants 7-4.

    Hopefully the lovebirds weren't too bummed about their team's Mother's Day loss.

    Mila Kunis: Ashton Kutcher is learning Russian for our baby

    (Video) As part of her Mother's Day 2014 show, Ellen DeGeneres is welcoming new mom-to-be Mila Kunis on Friday (May 9) to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Kunis touches on everything from her weird pregnancy cravings -- sauerkraut and pickles -- to confirming they have a name picked out, but she and fiance Ashton Kutcher are not revealing the name or even the baby's gender.

    But perhaps the cutest thing she talks about is how Kutcher is learning Russian for both Mila and the baby.

    "Yeah, he's been taking classes for probably like six months now," says Kunis. "He does it twice a week, a woman comes to the house to give him lessons."

    Kunis speaks fluent Russian because she grew up there, having been born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine and living there until her family came to the United States when she was seven years old. With Ashton learning Russian, perhaps they will have a bilingual baby. Exciting.

    Kunis is due "sometime this year," as she tells Ellen.

    Pregnant Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher Dress Down for Walk With the Dogs

    (Pic) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are getting some good parenting practice in...with their fur babies!

    The engaged and expecting couple took their dogs out a walk Thursday in their L.A.-area neighborhood, and the future parents kept things super casual for their laid-back afternoon stroll.

    Mila, 30, covered her growing baby bump with a loose-fitting patterned dress, while her fiancé, 36, stuck with comfy attire too, pairing a soft gray T-shirt with sweats and a baseball cap.

    The pregnant actress didn't seem too fussy about her appearance, but she wasn't about to forget her most important accessory: The massive engagement engagement ring Ashton gave her! Naturally, the mommy-to-be had her estimated 5-carat diamond proudly displayed on her left hand.

    Earlier in the day, the Jupiter Ascending star was spotted leaving a yoga class wearing a more form-fitting black tank proclaiming, "I've got sunshine!"

    Clearly, pregnancy certainly hasn't been slowing Mila down. In fact, just last weekend she and Ashton were spotted having a grand ol' time dancing, holding hands and rocking out at the Stagecoach Music Festival in Indio, Calif.

    These two are sure going to be fun parents!

    Mila Kunis Flashes Bare Baby Bump, Packs on the PDA With Ashton Kutcher-See the Cute Pics!

    (Pic1, Pic2, Pic3) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher go where the wind blows—and for the third day in a row, it took them to Stagecoach: California's Country Music Festival. The engaged That '70s Show co-stars—who are expecting their first child together later this year—once again wore Western-inspired looks. Sunday's event featured performances by Chris Cagle, Florida Georgia Line, Lee Brice, Luke Bryan and more.

    The lovebirds packed on the PDA during Stagecoach, held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, Calif. At various points throughout the day, Kunis and Kutcher threw caution to the wind, dancing and kissing for all to see. Kunis—who next appears in the movie Jupiter Ascending—even gave concertgoers a glimpse of her bare baby bump, courtesy of her loose-fitting hippie top and low-rise jean shorts.

    Kutcher, 36, raved about the festival via social media throughout the weekend. On Saturday, the Two and a Half Men star tweeted a picture and wrote, "This band Spirit Family Reunion just have an amazing performance at #stagecoach." The Iowa native shared a second photo of Trampled by Turtles.

    Kunis has yet to comment on her pregnancy. "She is so private she probably won't ever talk about it—at least not publicly," a source told E! News March, shortly after her baby news was revealed. "She and Ashton don't want to share this with the world. They've been like that for their entire relationship."

    Still, the 30-year-old star of Oz the Great and Powerful knows what kind of parent she wants to be. "I want to be a present mom," she told Playboy in 2013. "When I was growing up both my mom and dad worked full-time. I guess the only thing I can say about that is they worked full-time in one location."

    "I'm never in the same place for more than two months. How am I ever going to have a family like that? You have to make compromises," Kunis continued. "If that means I do one movie a year, if people still want to see me and hire me and I don't suck by that point, great. But my only source of happiness can't be dependent on something so fickle. And I find this industry to be incredibly fickle."

    Pregnant Mila Kunis Cuddles With Fiancé Ashton Kutcher (Again) at Stagecoach Music Fest--See the Pics!

    (Pic1, Pic2) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher brought on the cuteness again during the second day of the Stagecoach Music Festival in Indio, Calif. Saturday.

    The 30-year-old mom-to-be's baby bump was visible as she hung out on the festival grounds with fiancé Ashton Kutcher, rocking a red and orange flowy top and shorts. Meanwhile, The Two and a Half Men star rocked a blue bandana around his neck, a black cowboy hat and striped overalls for the occasion.

    Kunis and Kutcher were all smiles as they took in some of the concerts, with the actor putting his arm around his ladylove and holding her hand at one point. Although they have yet to confirm their engagement or Kunis' pregnancy, the actress had no problem flashing her stunning diamond engagement ring throughout the day.

    "This band Spirit Family Reunion just [had] an amazing performance at #stagecoach," Kutcher tweeted Saturday, also posting a pic of the group.

    Just a day before, the duo was spotted getting lovey dovey at Stagecoach Friday, with Kunis taking in a concert as Kutcher placed his arms around her and his hands on her baby bump.

    The actress and her beau looked cozy and affectionate throughout the day, looking into each other's eyes and smiling at each other as they watched musicians like Eric Church and Lynyrd Skynyrd perform at the fest.

    We first broke the news back in March that the couple is expecting their first child together, after confirming just a month before that they were also planning to tie the knot.

    Judy Greer: Kutcher helped save my parents' marriage

    Judy Greer thanks Ashton Kutcher for buying her father a Harley-Davidson, and unwittingly saving her parents’ marriage.

    The actress writes in her memoir, “I Don’t Know What You Know Me From,” how she was shooting a pilot for a TV comedy, “Miss Guided,” produced by Kutcher’s Katalyst Films. During filming, the “Two and a Half Men” star asked Green what she would do if ABC put the show on the air.

    “I would buy my dad a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He really wants one,” she replied.

    Months later, the show was added to ABC’s fall schedule.

    At the network’s upfront, Greer was approached by Kutcher’s assistant, who handed her an envelope. Inside were a card, a photo of a Harley and a message: “Call this number to arrange pickup.”

    Greer delivered the bike to her dad and it replaced an old boat he kept in the garage that was the subject of many fights between her parents.

    “Ashton saved my parents’ marriage,” Greer wrote. “He did help end a 30-plus-year argument. Maybe next, Ashton could help my dad get the taxes turned in on time.”

    Mila Kunis Flashes Little Baby Bump, Cuddles With Ashton Kutcher at Stagecoach Music Festival: See the Sweet Pics!

    (Pic1, Pic2, Pic3) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher don't have to tell the world that they're in love—their body language says it all!

    The engaged parents-to-be hit the Stagecoach Music Festival, Coachella's country counterpart, today at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, Calif., and they looked every bit the happy couple.

    At one point Mila was enjoying the sights and sounds from the comfort of her fiancé's arms, his hands resting comfortably on her still-tiny baby bump. She in turn rested her hands on his.

    The 30-year-old actress also provided a better view of her belly when some stretching resulted in a flash of bare midriff.

    Ashton was sporting a cowboy hat for the occasion while Mila went for a subtler Western-inspired look by way of a bright pink and purble plaid shirt. But either way, they looked cozy and affectionate throughout.

    Eric Church is tonight's Stagecoach headliner, while Lynyrd Skynyrd, Shelby Lynne, Easton Corbin, Brantley Gilbert and many more are also playing the festival today. Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan top the bill tomorrow and Sunday, respectively.

    And surely Ashton means no disrespect with that hat.

    He got himself in a little bit of trouble back in 2012 when he went all out in a 10-gallon hat and big belt buckle while presenting at the Academy of Country Music Awards, where he crooned a few lines of George Strait's "I Cross My Heart" while handing the Female Vocalist of the Year award to Miranda Lambert.

    "Was Ashton Kutcher making fun of country or is it just me? Watching it back now and I'm kinda wondering?" Lambert tweeted later.

    Added country artist Jason Moore: "Seen Ashton kutcher at the acms tonight. What a douche! I don't care for people making a mockery of the way country artists' dress."

    Well, at least Ashton—who also rocked out at Stagecoach last year—left his belt buckle at home.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Arrive in Los Angeles After Trip to Louisiana-See the Actress' Baby Bump!

    (Pic1, Pic2, Pic3) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are back home after an enjoyable Louisiana getaway.

    The visibly pregnant Jupiter Ascending actress and the Two and a Half Men star made their way through LAX airport on Saturday.

    Kunis dressed her growing baby bump in a gray and black striped top, several scarves, loose-fitting capri khakis, aviators and white sneakers, while a scruffy Kutcher opted for a blue plaid shirt, jeans and a Chicago Bears cap.

    During their vacation, the lovebirds visited the Abita Brewing Company, which is about 30 miles north of New Orleans.

    "You never know who you'll run into at an Abita tour! #jackieandkelso #craftbeer," the brewery shared on their Twitter account on Friday.

    The parents-to-be, and the 36-year-old with his plastic beer cup, posed for a cute snapshot with their tour. The 30-year-old brunette beauty, clad in a navy top and red sweatpants, grinned widely as the duo shared a warm embrace.

    The adorable couple and That '70s Show co-stars were spotted taking full advantage of the delicious and diverse dining choice during their time down south.

    Kunis and Kutcher made two yummy stops on Tuesday, with one of them being at the Tacos & Beer restaurant in Old Town.

    "They were here for about an hour," the restaurant owner said and added, "Ashton had a big burrito and a beer while Mila had the carne asada dish with tea and water."

    The manager also noted that the A-listers took pictures with fans at the restaurant.

    "They were really cool, and very nice. They were just having a good time."

    Along with some tasty Mexican food, the pair also satisfied their sweet tooth by grabbing a cold scrumptious treat. Mila and Ashton stopped by the Slidell Soda Shop in the same part of town, where they stayed for about 20 minutes.

    "Mila was trying out all kinds of ice creams. She tried the Rocky Road and then got two scoops of Thin Mint," a source exclusively tells E! News, and mentioned the Soda Shop has the best ice cream in town. "Hopefully she gets more ice cream cravings so they will come back."

    Mila Kunis shows off her growing 'baby bump'

    (Pic1, Pic2) She’s keeping mum on rumors she is expecting her first child, but recent snaps of Mila Kunis show her flaunting what appears to be a “baby bump” during a recent visit to Louisiana with her fiance Ashton Kutcher.

    The loved-up couple were spotted grabbing breakfast in Slidell with Kutcher’s pregnant sister, Tausha Kutcher, on Saturday, and Kunis’s belly looked particularly swollen.

    Surprised locals snapped the pair, who are reportedly expecting a baby girl, walking around the neighborhood and eating at a Waffle House.

    Bystander Ashley Allen tweeted a snapshot of the stars on Saturday with the accompanying note: “they were walking down the street! We were in our car.”

    Another bystander Brittany Nicole posted two collages of the stars to her feed as well.

    She captioned one of the montages: “So my mom just made me wake up, get in the car, and ride down Gause to see Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.”

    In the shots, the couple can be seen dining at the Waffle House in casual Saturday morning attire.

    Ashton, 36, wore a trucker cap and a blue flannel, while Kunis donned a striped shirt stretched over her swollen tummy.

    The former “That ‘70s Show” co-stars just completed their romantic road trip and, according to US Weekly, Kutcher is doting on his fiance.

    He is also reportedly already lining up playmates with the couple’s old “That ‘70s Show” co-star Danny Masterson and Fianna, his two-month-old daughter.

    Although Kunis has not commented on her pregnancy, the evidence was out in force at the MTV Movie Awards last week where she donned a loose-fitting black Thakoon dress.

    “Mila absolutely loves being pregnant,” another friend said.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's Louisiana Menu: Tacos, Beer (for Ashton Only, of Course) and Ice Cream!

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis' trip to Louisiana seemed more like a vacation for their taste buds than anything else!

    The engaged couple were spotted enjoying a trip to the South recently, taking full advantage of the delicious southern food and E! News has the exclusive details.

    We learned that the soon-to-be parents made two yummy stops on Tuesday, with one of them being at the Tacos & Beer restaurant in Old Town. "They were here for about an hour," the restaurant owner said of the actor and pregnant beauty, adding that, "Ashton had a big burrito and a beer while Mila had the carne asada dish with tea and water."

    The manager also noted that the stars took pictures with fans at the restaurant and said, "They were really cool, and very nice. They were just having a good time."

    Along with some tasty Mexican food, the pair also satisfied their sweet tooth by grabbing some ice cream. Mila and Ashton stopped by the Slidell Soda Shop in the same part of town, where they stayed for about 20 minutes.

    "Mila was trying out all kinds of ice creams. She tried the Rocky Road and then got two scoops of Thin Mint," a source exclusively tells E! News, and mentioned the Soda Shop has the best ice cream in town. "Hopefully if she gets more ice cream cravings so they will come back."

    It'll be a girl for Ashton and Mila

    It’s a girl.

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are expecting a baby girl, Us Weekly reports.

    “[Kutcher] got plenty of practice with Demi’s girls,” a source close to the “Two and a Half Men” actor says.

    With the couple’s first child due in the fall, Kutcher, 36, and Kunis, 30, are preparing for their new arrival.

    “They’ve already ordered a crib and diapers. Ashton is ready,” another Kutcher pal says.

    Kunis and Kutcher began dating in March 2012, after Kutcher and his first wife, Demi Moore, split. Moore and Kutcher’s divorce was finalized in November 2013.

    The couple’s engagement was confirmed in late February, after Kunis was photographed with a diamond sparkler on her left hand.

    Mila Kunis' Pregnancy Craving: Umami Burger With Ashton Kutcher! Find Out What She Ate

    (Pic) We now know what one of Mila Kunis' pregnancy cravings is!

    On Saturday night, the 30-year-old actress and her fiancé Ashton Kutcher stopped by Umami Burger in Burbank for a date night meal together.

    The parents to-be arrived together after dark. Kunis, who looked visibly pregnant in a billowy gray top, satisfied her pregnancy cravings with the Cali Burger (made with butter lettuce, slow roasted tomato, house spread, house-made American cheese and caramelized onions), a source reveals. As for Kutcher, he ordered the Royale Burger (beef patty topped with braised short rib, roasted garlic aioli and house-made truffle cheese).

    While ordering, Kutcher asked the waiter for a beer recommendation to pair with his food and finally decided on the Allagash White, the source says. Kunis opted for an ice water with lemon.

    Kutcher and Kunis were in good spirits, laughing and chatting with each other throughout the dinner. Their server even described them as being "very friendly." They ate their dinner quickly as they started noticing a swarm of paparazzi waiting outside.

    And last night, Kunis stepped out to attend the 2014 MTV Movie Awards in L.A. sans Kutcher. Kunis presented to pal Channing Tatum and showed off her small baby bump in a black dress.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Arrive in Iowa to Visit His Family

    (Pic) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have a lot to celebrate these days—their engagement and baby on the way—and they are understandably spending this exciting time with loved ones.

    The Two and a Half Men star and the Jupiter Ascending actress arrived in Kutcher's hometown and held hands as they made their way through the airport in Iowa.

    The 30-year-old kept comfortable for the trip and layered up in a long black coat, rolled up light baggy jeans, several scarves and black booties. She kept her sunglasses on as the duo walked through the terminal. The 36-year-old also went casual for the flight, sporting a light blue hooded sweatshirt, a black leather jacket and a cap.

    Before the That '70s Show co-stars jetted out of town, Kunis made her first red carpet appearance since the pregnancy news broke at Cinemacon on Thursday in Las Vegas.

    The brunette beauty posed with her Jupiter Ascending co-star Channing Tatum and looked radiant in a navy, billowy sleeveless dress.

    But don't expect Kunis to be spilling the beans about impending motherhood.

    "She is so private she probably won't ever talk about it—at least not publicly," a source tells E! News. "She and Ashton don't want to share this with the world. They've been like that for their entire relationship. Ashton knows what it's like having a very public relationship and doesn't want it again.

    Another source says that the handsome couple just recently started sharing their baby news with family and friends. "They kept it a secret as long as they could," the source said. "But obviously, she's been started to show so it was just a matter of time in recent days."

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Talked about Having Kids for a Year, Source Says

    It might have seemed like a pregnancy surprise, but those closest to new parents-to-be Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher say having a family has always been part of the couple's plan.

    "They are both beyond ready to be parents," says a Kutcher insider. "They've been talking about having children for nearly a year. They are so excited for that next step."

    Kunis, 30, and Kutcher, 36, who became engaged earlier this year, are gearing up for a big 2014.

    "I think they'll be traditional and get married before the baby is born," the insider says. "Ashton wants this marriage and relationship to be perfect."

    The laid-back couple, who hammed it up for the kiss cam at last Saturday's L.A. Clippers game, began dating in 2012 after Kutcher's split from Demi Moore, 51, in 2011.

    "I am so happy for them," says a source who has worked with Kunis. "They've been together for a while. This is what they wanted and they will have a beautiful baby. I think they are both ready to be parents. I think they’ll be great parents."

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis' Road to Pregnancy: Here's a Timeline of Their 16-Year History!

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis' pregnancy news is still new and exciting, but their road to baby's actually been a long one!

    So how, over the course of 16 years (!), did these two go from friends to future parents?! Let's take a look at Mila and Ashton's relationship timeline.

    1998: Ashton and Mila first meet on That '70s Show, where they played real-life couple Kelso and Jackie for eight seasons. Adorably enough, Mila's initial onscreen smooch with Ashton was her real-life first kiss! "I was like, 'Oh, he's so cute, it's the Calvin Klein model!'" she later told People. "Then I was like, 'I have to kiss him?' I was so nervous and uncomfortable. I had the biggest crush on him." When Ashton found out, he couldn't believe it. "I'm the first guy she kissed? Oh my god, I had no idea!" he told the weekly magazine later that year. "I'm so glad I didn't know that or it would've been too much pressure."

    1998-2002: Ashton dates his fair share of Hollywood beauties, including January Jones, Dark Angel star Ashley Scott, and his Just Married co-star Brittany Murphy.

    2002: Mila begins dating Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin. They kept their romance on the DL, with the actress explaining, "I keep my personal life as personal as I physically, mentally, possibly can."

    2003: Ashton enters into a relationship with Demi Moore.

    Sept. 24, 2005: Ashton and Demi marry in a private Kabbalah ceremony attended by close family and friends--including the actress's ex-hubby Bruce Willis.

    2006: Mila and Ashton take a final bow as Jackie and Kelso on That '70s Show. Spoiler alert: Jackie ends up with Fez (Wilmer Valderrama!)

    2010: Mila and Macaulay split! The pair manage to keep the news of their breakup secret until early 2011. "The split was amicable, and they remain close friends," the actress's rep said at the time.

    Nov. 11, 2011: Demi releases a statement that she plans to end her six-year marriage to Ashton.

    Spring 2012: Ashton is spotted spending an increasing amount of time with Mila, although the pair claim to be nothing more than platonic pals. They don't shy away from the PDA, though, and pretty soon, their couple status is undeniable!

    December 2012: Ashton officially files for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

    March 2013: Demi follows in Ashton's footsteps two months later, filing for divorce citing irreconcilable differences as well.

    Nov. 27, 2013: Ashton and Demi's divorce is finalized.

    December 7, 2013: Mila brings Ashton as her date to brother Michael Kunis' wedding in St. Petersburg, Fla.

    Feb. 1, 2014: Ashton brings Mila to his twin brother Michael's wedding on St. Simon Island, Ga. According to a source, Mila looked "like part of the family" amongst the Kutcher crew.

    Feb. 27, 2014: E! News exclusively confirms Mila and Ashton are engaged!

    March 23, 2014: E! News exclusively confirms that Mila and Ashton are expecting a baby. Despite rumors that the pair are expecting twins, there is only one baby Kunis-Kutcher on board.

    March 24, 2014: A source tells E! News the expectant couple have just started telling friends about their exciting baby news.

    No, world, you have not been Punk'd: Ashton and Mila are for-real going to have a kid!

    Mila and Ashton: Inside Their Lives as Parents-to-Be

    They kept their pregnancy news under wraps but not their love.

    Since Mila Kunis, 30, and Ashton Kutcher, 36, took their romance public in 2012, they've not been hiding – vacationing in Bali, attending his brother's wedding, and even smooching for the kiss cam at Saturday's L.A. Clippers game.

    "They weren't afraid to show their affection in front of people," says an observer of the couple at the Feb. 19 Jim Beam Make History reception at Bill's Food & Drink in New York. "They weren't hiding. She was extremely happy. They were both glowing."

    Now it's clear the newly expectant parents have had reason to glow as they get ready for both a wedding and a baby.

    After a visit to a medical office building on March 7, the couple were spotted laughing and talking over lunch at BLD Restaurant on Beverly Boulevard in L.A.

    "They were really happy," says an observer. "They were eating off each other's plates and laughing. They looked very much in love."

    Their relationship has been a family affair, with the couple often visiting both sides of their extended clans and going to two family weddings in the last four months. At Christmas, Kutcher asked Kunis's dad, Mark for permission to marry his daughter as they get ready to start their own family.

    The new mom-and-dad-to-be will also soon share some screen time as a couple again post That '70s Show – Kunis is set to appear as Kutcher's love interest in an upcoming episode of Two and a Half Men.

    Pregnant Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher: Just Started Telling Friends They're Expecting

    Mila Kunis may have once opened up to Playboy about motherhood, but don't expect her to be spilling on her real-life pregnancy.

    She and daddy-to-be Ashton Kutcher are keeping everything close to the chest.

    "She is so private she probably won't ever talk about it—at least not publicly," a source tells me. "She and Ashton don't want to share this with the world. They've been like that for their entire relationship. Ashton knows what it's like having a very public relationship and doesn't want it again."

    Another source says that the two just recently started sharing their baby news with family and friends. "They kept it a secret as long as they could," the source said. "But obviously, she's been started to show so it was just a matter of time in recent days."

    E! News exclusively reported yesterday that the spouses-to-be are expecting their first child. This comes about a month after we also revealed that the former That '70s Show co-stars are engaged to be married.

    Kunis recently shot a guest gig on Kutcher's CBS comedy Two and a Half Men. She will next be seen on the big screen in May opposite Peter Dinklage and Robin Williams in The Angriest Man in Brooklyn followed by the July release of Jupiter Ascending, a big budget sci-fi action flick costarring Channing Tatum and directed by siblings Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski.

    Can't wait to see her baby bump on the red carpet!

    See Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Together Again Onscreen

    (Pic1, Pic2) They're engaged, pregnant and starring on TV together!

    Mila Kunis will join Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men in a guest-starring role this season, PEOPLE confirms, as seen in these exclusive images.

    The pair, who first met on the set of another TV hit, That 70s Show, in 1998, will once again share the small screen in an episode that has already taped.

    Kutcher, 36, and Kunis, 30, got engaged earlier this year after dating since April 2012, and a source has confirmed to PEOPLE that the acting duo are expecting their first child.

    "They are both very, very happy. It's still early," the source says. The friend of the couple adds that rumors of twins are false.

    The couple has not revealed a wedding date, and a source says they aren't in a rush to walk down the aisle.

    "It won't necessarily be a short engagement," the friend says. "They haven't begun planning the wedding yet."

    Mila Kunis Debuts Tiny Baby Bump, Shops for Groceries With Ashton Kutcher as Pregnancy News Breaks!

    (Pic) Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis better have a well-stocked fridge—especially now this mommy-to-be is eating for two!

    The engaged couple hit up an L.A.-area grocery store in the early hours of Sunday morning, the same day E! news exclusively confirmed the former That '70s Show co-stars' exciting pregnancy news.

    Mila, 30, tried to hide her baby bump beneath a baggy gray sweater, which she paired with black sweats, sneakers and aviator shades. Ashton, 36, kept his look low-key as well, wearing a black baseball cap, long-sleeved shirt, basketball shorts and sneakers as he very gentlemanly pushed the couple's cart of groceries.

    Just last month, E! News was first to exclusively confirm the famously private twosome's engagement. The pair, who've known each other the 1998 debut of That '70s Show, first started showing signs of being a couple in April 2012, but it took many months after that for Ashton and Mila to be more public with their PDA.

    This will be the first marriage for Mila and second for Ashton, who finalized his divorce from Demi Moore in November 2013—two years after announcing their separation. Mila was romantically linked to Macaulay Culkin from 2002 to 2010.

    It seems, now, that these two lovebirds are happy to settle down. "Listen, in five years I do hope to have a family, and, you know, who knows?" Mila told Interview in August 2012. "I've always been a big proponent of not working for the sake of working, because I don't want to work for the rest of my life—I want to live."

    Mila Kunis Is Pregnant! Actress and Fiancé Ashton Kutcher Are Expecting a Baby Together

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are engaged and going to be parents!

    Kunis is pregnant with the couple's first child, a source confirms exclusively to E! News just weeks after being first to report that the former That '70s Show co-stars were planning to tie the knot.

    The Ted star was even recently spotted attending a prenatal yoga class in Hollywood.

    Ironically, Kunis is the new face of Jim Beam bourbon—but of course she still makes for a stunning face. She just won't be sampling the brand's wares for a while.

    She was photographed at the end of last month wearing a massive diamond ring while out shopping with her mom at the Grove shopping center in L.A., and a source confirmed to us that Kutcher had indeed popped the question.

    "We have a thing called white T-shirt night and it's when you wear jeans and a white T-shirt and you go on a date," Kunis told Cosmopolitan recently, dishing on her and 36-year-old Kutcher's cozy date night preferences. "Nothing fancy, it's just something that you love to do. And whether that's bowling or dinner or going to a cheese shop and have some wine or walking around. I think that's just the best thing to do—and sometimes it's just nice to stay home."

    In spite of rumors that the couple is having twins, Kunis is expecting only one baby with Kutcher.

    Congrats to the expectant couple!

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Smooch for the Los Angeles Clippers Kiss-Cam

    (Pic1, Pic2, Pic3) It's no secret that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis love the Lakers, but that doesn't mean they can't cheer for the other Los Angeles NBA team.

    The fun-loving couple was all smiles as they sat courtside—and even locked lips for the Kiss-Cam!—at the Clippers game on Saturday night.

    The 30-year-old starlet wore a gray long-sleeve top and subtly flashed her beautiful engagement ring as she adjusted her fiancé's Chicago Bears cap.

    The lovebirds are pros at this point at getting picked up for the Kiss-Cam and they appeared on the jumbotron during a timeout, a source reveals to E! News. Kunis and Kutcher "made out for a second" and the crowd cheered during the impromptu PDA moment.

    "It was so cute," the source added.

    The Clippers twitter handle added an adorable collage-style snapshot of the engaged pair, sans smooch. Kunis appears in disbelief as she covers her mouth with her hand, while Kutcher looks a bit more relaxed in one photo as they prepare to pucker up.

    The Jupiter Ascending actress flashes a big smile and the Two and a Half Men star gives a thumbs up in the other photograph, presumably post kiss.

    The A-listers were good luck for the Clippers because they beat the Detroit Pistons, 112-103.

    Before attending the basketball game, Kunis and Kutcher were spotted grabbing a casual bite to eat.

    The That '70s Show co-stars held hands as they made their way to Sweet Butter Kitchen in Studio City for a lunch date.

    Zoë Kravitz Once Found Ashton Kutcher Making an Omelet in Her Kitchen-Hear the Story Now!

    (Video) When your parents are Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, some unique famous faces are bound to pop up at your home.

    Divergent star Zoë Kravitz stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday to chat about her new film and share an amusing celebrity run-in from her childhood.

    "I feel like I was 15 or something, and my friend had just come in from California to visit me," the 25-year-old told Jimmy Kimmel. "She came in really early in the morning and I remember she walked in my room, and she was like, 'Zoë. Ashton Kutcher is in your kitchen.'"

    That's quite the morning wake-up call!

    Kravitz compared the encounter to "seeing Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic" and her friend said he was wearing a trucker hat.

    At first, Kravitz didn't believe her pal but she went downstairs in a T-shirt and "pimple cream" to investigate.

    "And there he is, making an omelet!" she said about Mila Kunis' fiancé. "There's no one else in the kitchen. I don't even know if he's breaking and entering. And he was just like, 'Morning, do you want an omelet?'" And I was just like, 'Yes.' And then we sat there before school and ate omelets, not understanding why he was there."

    "Maybe it was an episode of Punk'd," Kimmel proposed. "Did anyone ever come to claim Ashton Kutcher?"

    "Demi Moore," Kravitz quipped.

    Ashton Kutcher Asked Mila Kunis's Dad for Permission to Propose

    He may lead a nontraditional life, but Ashton Kutcher is by the books when it comes to marriage – when the actor proposed to Mila Kunis, he was doing it with the blessing of her beloved father, Mark.

    "He talked with Mila's dad around Christmastime," a Kutcher insider tells PEOPLE. "He asked for Mark's blessing to marry her. It was important to Ashton to be respectful and traditional. This is the real thing for him and he wants to do it all right."

    Kunis was first spotted wearing her simple diamond engagement ring in late February. As for wedding plans, a source says the happy couple are sorting out logistics and will most likely marry this year.

    "They don't want to wait," says the source. "This relationship started on solid ground and everything is working out. They are in it for the long haul, truly."

    "They are clearly very much in love, in tune with each other and so comfortable," another source said in September, prior to their engagement. "In some ways, it's like they're married already."

    Kutcher, 36, and Kunis, 30, were first rumored to be dating in April 2012, and from that point the former That '70s Show costars stepped out together often, going on vacation together and exhibiting plenty of PDA.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Dance Together at a Birthday Party—See the Pics!

    (Photo, Photo2) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are busting a serious move.

    The engaged lovebirds proved they are quite the dancing pair as they attended the actress' uncle's birthday bash on Saturday evening at the Premier Russian restaurant in Studio City, Calif.

    The Two and a Half Men star smiled widely as he hit the dance floor with his fiancée. The 36-year-old sported a blue dress shirt and jeans, while the 30-year-old donned a white dress for the celebration.

    According to an eyewitness, the That 70's Show co-stars were engaging in some PDA and didn't hold back showing their affection for one another in front of their loved ones.

    Kutcher and Kunis left the party at around 1 a.m. and were spotted saying their goodbyes and hugging family members. Kutcher embraced the birthday boy before the pair took off in their car.

    Earlier in the week, the couple went out for a double date night with the actor's co-star Jon Cryer and his wife, Lisa Joyner.

    Kunis accentuated her killer legs in a belted denim dress paired with red sky-high red heels, while Kutcher was dressed casually in a Chicago Bears T-shirt and baseball cap.

    Mila Kunis Flaunts Sexy Legs During Double Date With Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer-See the Pics!

    (Photo, Photo2) It's a double date night!

    Mila Kunis stepped out for dinner with her fiancé Ashton Kutcher and his Two and a Half Men co-star Jon Cryer last night in Los Angeles.

    Cryer's wife, Lisa Joyner, joined him for the evening out, and the foursome was seen hugging before they went their separate ways.

    Kunis flaunted her killer legs for the date in a belted denim dress paired with red sky-high red heels.

    Meanwhile, Kutcher was dressed casually in a Chicago Bears T-shirt and baseball cap.

    The engaged couple spent a short while waiting for their car to be ready with valet before saying their final goodbyes for the evening.

    E! News exclusively revealed that the duo was engaged late last month.

    The brunette beauty was spotted shopping with her mother wearing a stunning (and large!) engagement ring.

    The former That '70s Show co-stars began dating two years ago, after appearing on the comedy show for almost for almost 10 years together.

    Kutcher and Kunis were most recently seen getting cuddly and displaying some major PDA while sitting courtside at a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game.

    The 36-year-old actor took advantage of the Kiss Cam and planted a smooch on his adorable fiancée.

    The blushing bride-to-be proudly showed off her sparkler as the two cuddled and laughed throughout the game.


    Kelso and Jackie are just too cute for words!

    Is Mila Kunis Marrying a Future Billionaire? All About Ashton Kutcher's Millions!

    Could Ashton Kutcher be the next billionaire? It's possible.

    We already know Mila Kunis' fiancé topped Forbes' list of highest-earning TV actors, but Kutcher's millions from his work on Two and a Half Men are just the tip of the iceberg. The Hollywood hunk is also part of numerous investments that may just take him to the top tier of money-making celebs.

    E! News has learned that back in 2011, Ashton created A-Grade investments with Ron Burkle and Guy Oseary, which has invested in multiple tech companies including Spotify, Airbnb, Foursquare, Fab, Uber, Dwolla and Path. It was also just revealed at SXSW that Kutcher has invested in Aaron Levie's cloud storage company called "Box."

    Additionally, Kutcher also owns a portion of Foursquare, and in 2009 he was persuaded by Silicon Valley investors to take a stake in Skype, which two years later was sold to Microsoft for $8.6 billion, tripling his money.

    "That's what's really interesting about him is he is clearly interested in all this stuff and he has made no bones about being an early adopter to them," Christina Warren, senior tech analyst at Mashable, tells E! News.

    "A lot of Hollywood actors invest in restaurants or start production companies, but Ashton is one of the first that I can really think of that has invested in internet startup companies and uses his very large social media following to boast discovering the next big things that he is going to invest in."

    So is it a stretch to think Ashton will be joining the billionaires club someday?

    "I don't think it is," Warren tells us. "I don't know how far away he is from that and his net worth could definitely get there especially with some of the investments. AirBnB is a big one and he has invested in them, like, three times, and that is significant. It definitely is not a stretch to say that he is on the right track to becoming a billionaire.

    "He has been very smart and he has had a natural interest in this stuff and he has gotten to know a lot of the other investors in places like Silicon Valley and he has had great access to see what they have been investing in."

    Ashton Kutcher High-Fives Fiancée Mila Kunis Across the Table at Lunch

    (Photo) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher sure have something to celebrate!

    The engaged couple grabbed lunch Monday afternoon at a café in Beverly Hills, Calif., opting to sit outside and enjoy their meal. The bride-to-be, 30, and her future hubby, 36, sure looked happy to be together—even high-fiving each other across the table!

    The That '70s Show alums were dressed casually for their day date. Mila looked supercute in flats, jeans, a cotton shirt and minimal makeup. Ashton dressed down as well, wearing sneakers, jeans, a flannel shirt and a baseball cap as he lunched with his future wife.

    One thing that was missing? The stunning diamond engagement ring Ashton proposed to Mila with! No need to start any relationship rumors, though, because these two are head over heels. As for that bling? It could be getting sized, cleaned, or even just in a safe place at home. Some gals don't want to wear all their jewels every moment of every day!

    E! News exclusively confirmed Mila and Ashton's engagement last month. The private pair have been dating since 2012. This will be the first marriage for Mila, and second for Ashton, who got married to Demi Moore in 2006. The pair separated in 2011, citing irreconcilable differences, and their divorce was finalized in November 2013.

    One thing's for sure: Mila and Ashton will surely be a beautiful bride and handsome groom!

    Ashton Kutcher Leaves SXSW as Fiancée Mila Kunis Flashes Engagement Ring in L.A.

    (Photo) It looks like Ashton Kutcher is leaving Austin to reunite with his fiancée Mila Kunis.

    The 36-year-old actor was photographed leaving the 2014 SXSW Music, Film and Interactive Festival in Texas yesterday to presumably head home to his lady in L.A.

    Kutcher was dressed casually in dark pants with layered sweaters and a baseball cap. The Two and Half Men star carried a backpack and his plane ticket while keeping his head down and he made his way into the airport terminal.

    Kutcher's departure from Austin came one day after he hit the A-Grade, Live from Austin SXSW event sponsored by Ketel One. During the Saturday night event, Kutcher was spotted dancing and mingling with pals, including Mark Cuban and Guy Oseary.

    Meanwhile, Kunis stepped out on Saturday night in Hollywood with her giant diamond engagement ring. Kunis, who was dressed in a blue top and gray sweater, was accompanied by a pal during the outing.

    Last week, Kutcher and Kunis enjoyed a Lakers game together in L.A. The newly engaged lovebirds even smooched during some courtside PDA.

    Mila Kunis Flashes Engagement Ring During Night Out, Fiancé Ashton Kutcher Spotted at SXSW

    (Photo: Mila, Ashton) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher went out on the town on Saturday night, but not in the same city.

    The 30-year-old actress stepped out in Hollywood and flashed her beautiful sparkler from the Two and a Half Men star. Kunis looked stylish for the outing, sporting a lavender dress with a gray cardigan.

    Kunis' hubby-to-be was spotted at SXSW with Mark Cuban and Guy Oseary, among others, at the A- Grade, Live from Austin event sponsored by Ketel One. The group was spotted dancing and mingling with the party, while enjoying their vodka beverages.

    The newly engaged pair was most recently seen together sharing a courtside smooch at the Lakers Game on Tuesday.

    The blushing-bride-to-be proudly wore her gorgeous sparkler from the 35-year-old actor, the first time we have had a good look at the ring since she was spotted wearing it on that finger on Feb. 27. E! News then exclusively confirmed that she and her actor-businessman boyfriend are indeed planning to make it official.

    Kunis and Kutcher have been dating for almost two years. That '70s Show fans were first treated to signs of Jackie and Kelso's real-life coupling back in April 2012, though it took a number of months for them to be more public with their romance.

    Ashton Kutcher Looks Hot and Hunky While Out Walking His Dog-See the Pic!

    (Photo) Ashton Kutcher's love life hasn't gone to the dogs since he declared that one-night stands are gross!

    In fact, his love life has blossomed, as the Two and a Half Men star recently got engaged to one of Hollywood's hottest leading ladies, Mila Kunis.

    And the actor hasn't forsaken one of his other great loves. The 36-year-old star still makes time to take his sweetly accessorized pooch out for a morning stroll.

    The two were spotted Thursday headed to Starbucks for their morning coffee. And while Kunis wasn't with them this morning, we can't forget that the first pic of the costars-turned-lovebirds after their engagement news broke was one of them—you guessed it!—walking their dogs together!


    All About Mila and Ashton's Engagement - and Wedding Plans!

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have made it official – and she's got the sparkler on her left ring finger to prove it. But that doesn't mean they'll be heading down the aisle anytime soon.

    "It won't necessarily be a short engagement," a friend close to the couple tells PEOPLE. "They haven't begun planning the wedding yet."

    Still, they did manage to pull off the unusual feat of keeping a Hollywood engagement under wraps, at least for a little while. According to the source, the duo have already "been engaged for a couple of weeks."

    But no one ever said they were the quintessential limelight-loving Hollywood couple – in fact, quite the opposite, and Kunis's ring style is pretty indicative of their low-key romance.

    "It's a simple band with a round diamond" says the friend of the couple. "No baguettes, no insets. It's not ostentatious, like a Kim Kardashian ring. She doesn't need a security team with her to wear it. It's a lot like her and Ashton."

    Indeed, ever since they began dating in 2012, they've spent the majority of their time together traveling around the world or attending various sporting events or family affairs, instead of going to highly publicized events. At a recent Feb. 19 party in New York for Jim Beam bourbon whiskey, for which Kunis, 30, is the global brand ambassador, the two were very casual and didn't mention the engagement at all.

    "They weren't overtly lovey-dovey, but they kissed and you could tell he was proud of her, and she was happy he was there," says an onlooker.

    The couple can credit their longtime friendship (they first met 16 years ago, on the set of That '70s Show in 1998) with their drama-free ride, but a business source of 36-year-old Kutcher's also adds that he adores Kunis's independent streak and sense of adventure.

    "He likes her spunk and willingness to experiment with things he likes to do," the source says. "They have a lot in common. Ashton is very much in love."

    For much more on their engagement, pick up this week's issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

    Mila Kunis Flashes Her Engagement Ring and Kisses Fiancé Ashton Kutcher at Lakers Game

    (Photo, Photo2) Sorry to the Lakers players, but Mila Kunis' beautiful engagement ring from fiancé Ashton Kutcher stole the spotlight on the court Tuesday evening.

    The newly engaged couple (and basketball enthusiasts) cozied up to one another and managed to sneak in some kisses at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

    The blushing-bride-to-be was proudly sporting her gorgeous sparkler from the Two and a Half Men star, the first time we have had a good look at the ring since she was spotted wearing it on that finger last Thursday. E! News then exclusively confirmed that she and her actor-businessman boyfriend are indeed planning to make it official.

    The 30-year-old actress paired her huge rock with a black, white and red patterned jacket, a white blouse, fitted black pants and black wedge heels.

    Besides watching the game intently, the adorable lovebirds shared a sweet smooch, even though Kunis tried to conceal the moment by lowering her beau's Lakers cap.

    This isn't the first time the beautiful duo has locked lips in their courtside seats.

    The former That '70s Show co-stars were minding their business watching the game on Jan. 3 when the Kiss-Cam picked up the famous duo in the crowd. The 35-year-old actor sweetly grabbed his then-girlfriend's face and they both held up his hat to keep the sweet smooch private, while blocking out the crowd. Kutcher and Kunis also held hands during the impromptu PDA.

    The A-listers were not good luck for the Lakers because they lost the game, 132-125.

    Ashton Kutcher calls one nights stands 'gross'

    Ashton Kutcher says his single life sounds like fun, but he’s ready to settle down.

    “Being a single guy can be a lot of fun .?.?. when you’re financially independent [and] can do whatever you want, whenever you want,” says the star who popped the question to Mila Kunis.

    But he tells Men’s Fitness, “For every girl you have a good time with for one night, if you want to stay single, that’s the same girl that you have to not call back. After a while, being the one-night-stand guy is also just a little gross.”


    Actress Mila Kunis is set to guest star in an upcoming episode of TWO AND A HALF MEN, which is broadcast on Thursdays (9:01-9:31PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. She will play Vivian, a young, beautiful, free-spirited world traveler who shows up on Walden’s doorstep. Walden feels an instant connection with her, convinced she’s “the one.” The problem is, Walden was about to propose to someone else.

    Kunis is best known for her roles on “That ‘70s Show” and the animated series “Family Guy.” In 2010, Kunis starred in the critically acclaimed Golden Globe and Academy Award-nominated feature film “Black Swan.” Kunis’s other film credits include “Oz, The Great And Powerful,” “Ted,” “Friends With Benefits,” “Date Night,” “The Book Of Eli,” “Extract,” “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Max Payne.” She can next be seen in “Jupiter Ascending,” opposite Channing Tatum, and “Third Person,” which will be released in June.

    TWO AND A HALF MEN is currently in its 11th season on CBS.

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Grab Dinner Following News of Their Engagement

    (Photo) Early dinner date!

    Casually dressed, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis stepped out for a bite before sundown in Los Angeles on Monday.

    As the newly engaged duo walked side by side down the street, Kunis kept her hands in her pockets, thereby preventing any sparkler sightings.

    The night before, the lovebirds attended Madonna's annual post-Oscars bash at her manager Guy Oseary's house. In addition to Kutcher and Kunis, the guest list included Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Lupita Nyong'o, Julia Roberts, Miley Cyrus, Charlize Theron and Sean Penn.

    E! News exclusively confirmed that the former That '70s Show co-stars are preparing to tie the knot after dating for almost two years.

    Kunis was shopping last Thursday wearing a large diamond ring on that finger, and a source told us that she and Kutcher are indeed getting married.

    Fans of the classic sitcom were first treated to signs of Jackie and Kelso's real-life coupling back in April 2012, though it took a number of months for them to be more public with their romance.

    The pretty pair didn't hide their affection for one another and soon engaged in some PDA-packed trips around the globe. After attending their siblings' respective weddings in December 2013 and February 2014, Kutcher decided to pop the question.

    For Kunis, marrying her man is a dream come true.

    "Listen, in five years I do hope to have a family, and, you know, who knows?" she told Interview in August 2012. "I've always been a big proponent of not working for the sake of working, because I don't want to work for the rest of my life—I want to live."

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