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    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Ellen Pompeo Reassures Fans She’ll Be Back Ahead Of Her Exit As Full-Time Cast Member

    (11/17/22) Don’t say farewell to Ellen Pompeo. The Grey’s Anatomy star and executive producer conveyed that message to fans on Instagram Thursday, promising she eventually will return as Meredith following her final midseason episode as a full-time cast member.

    Pompeo said she is “eternally grateful and humbled by the love and support” fans have shown for her and her character Meredith Grey for 19 seasons. “You know the show must go on and I’ll definitely be back to visit,” she wrote on Instagram.

    As Deadline revealed in August, Pompeo is scaling back her on-screen presence on Grey’s Anatomy this season to eight episodes. Her Feb. 23 farewell as a core cast member, aptly titled “I’ll Follow the Sun” and written by Grey’s Anatomy executive producer/showrunner Krista Vernoff, is Episode 7. Pompeo, who is segueing to a Hulu limited series which she is starring in and executive producing, is expected to return for Grey’s Anatomy‘s Season 19 finale.

    She remains an executive producer and will provide the voiceover narration for all episodes this season. In the Nov. 10 fall finale, Meredith announced her departure from Grey Sloan in an email.

    Thursday Ratings: Station 19, Grey's Audiences Rise With Fall Finales

    (11/11/22) In the latest TV ratings, CBS’ Young Sheldon and Ghosts tied for the Thursday demo win, with the former also delivering the night’s largest audience.

    Per Nielsen finals….

    ABC | With their fall finale crossover, Station 19 (4 mil/0.5) drew its second-best audience of the season/was steady in the demo, while Grey’s Anatomy (3.7 mil/0.5) nearly tied a season high in audience/rose in the demo. A broadcast sampling of Hulu’s Reasonable Doubt legal drama drew 1.8 mil and a 0.2 at 10 pm.

    CBS | Young Sheldon (7.1 mil/0.6), Ghosts (6.6 mil/0.6), So Help Me Todd (4.4 mil/0.3) and CSI: Vegas (3.5 mil/0.3) all added viewers and held steady in the demo.

    NBC | Law & Order (4 mil/0.4), SVU (4 mil/0.5) and Organized Crime (2.9 mil/0.4) were all steady.

    THE CW | Walker (770K/0.1) added a few eyeballs, while Independence (470K/0.1) lost some.

    FOX | Hell’s Kitchen (1.9 mil/0.4) and Call Me Kat (1.1 mil/0.2) both dipped, while Flatch (850K/0.2) was steady.

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ Sets Date For Ellen Pompeo’s Farewell Episode As Full-Time Cast Member – What’s Next For Meredith & ABC Series?

    (11/10/22) (Video) Grey’s Anatomy’s winter return on Feb. 23 will feature the medical drama’s biggest departure to date, that of series’ lead Ellen Pompeo. A promo at the end of tonight’s fall finale teased the episode, in which “Meredith leaves Seattle.”(You can watch it above.)

    For those following Meredith’s (Pompeo) storyline this season, that won’t be a surprise since she made the decision to move to Boston in last week’s episode after Zola fell in love with a school there and Jackson offered Meredith a job working on Alzheimer’s research.

    As Deadline revealed in August, Pompeo is scaling back her on-screen presence on Grey’s Anatomy this season to eight episodes. Her Feb. 23 farewell as a core cast member, aptly titled “I’ll Follow the Sun” and written by Grey’s Anatomy executive producer/showrunner Krista Vernoff, is Episode 7. Pompeo, who is segueing to a Hulu limited series which she is starring in and executive producing, is expected to return for Grey’s Anatomy‘s Season 19 finale.

    She remains an executive producer and will provide the voiceover narration for all episodes this season. In anticipation of Pompeo’s departure as Grey’s title character, the series this fall introduced a new group of interns in its biggest cast infusion to date.

    The creative overhaul seems to be paying off, with the new characters receiving largely warm reception by fans, making a record 20th season of TV’s longest-running medical drama likely. According to sources, renewal talks have not started yet but are expected to soon.

    Like other prominent former cast members, including Jesse Williams (Jackson), Pompeo could continue to make appearances on the series beyond this season, I hear.

    In tonight’s fall finale, Meredith announced her departure from Grey Sloan in an email. Understandably, her making the decision without consulting Nick upset him so he would not commit when Richard asked him whether he can count on him staying in Seattle. (Given the fact that Scott Speedman, who plays Nick, is not a series regular this season, the decision is pretty obvious.)

    To make Meredith’s move even more permanent, her house burned to the ground with only the post-it she and Derek wrote their vows on surviving.

    Still, no one was hurt and Meredith wrapped her last day at Grey Sloan in high spirits, being toasted by all her colleagues.

    Grey's Fall Finale Recap: Thunderbolts and Lightning, Very, Very Frightening

    (11/10/22) Sparks definitely flew in Thursday’s fall finale of Grey’s Anatomy. As an electrical storm delivered jolt after jolt to Seattle, Grey Sloan’s doctors were, ahem, charged with stitching back together the injured, all while bracing for the shock about which ABC’s promos had warned us. What was it? Read on, and we’ll discuss.

    ‘YOU WILL SEE GNARLY INJURIES’ | As “Thunderstruck” began, Meredith sent an email to her Grey Sloan colleagues announcing that she was leaving. How was Nick taking the news? They weren’t talking about it, Mer informed Amelia and Maggie. Lucas and Simone turned up their chemistry to 11. (Sue me — I already love them). And Link reminded Jo that women don’t just need abortions during nice weather, so she still had to go to work at the clinic. Unfortunately, once she arrived, she learned that bureaucracy had brought the wheels of progress to a halt, and the clinic couldn’t open yet. Elsewhere, annoyed that Lucas had yet to tell his fellow residents that they are not sleeping together, Amelia hauled him in front of his classmates and forced him to confess that he’s a Shepherd. “We are not now and have never been having sex,” she clarified. Er, “with each other.” Though the interns feared that Mer’s departure would mean the end of the residency program, Nick assured them that that was not the case — they, not any one surgeon, were the program.

    Shortly, into the E.R. came Jonathan, the TV reporter whose helicopter had been struck by lightning on Station 19, leaving him in such bad shape that he had to be transported to the hospital in the extracted chair from the chopper. When the patient apologized to wife Paola for resenting the fact that she’d wanted him to give up his dream of being a war correspondent for her, a light bulb seemed to go on over Teddy’s head. Was Owen about to get freed from the doghouse? After Teddy and Owen reported to Paola that Jonathan was going to pull through, Mika told Altman that watching her in action had restored her faith that she could be anything. Teddy was a “badass boss lady surgeon, and I want to be you when I grow up.”

    As Mer got autographs for her kids from a children’s book author named Tessa who had pancreatitis, Mer passed on obtaining one for herself — she already had the writer’s Jane Hancock from when she was a youngster. (Tessa was a Seattle legend, doncha know?) Before scrubbing in on Tessa’s whipple procedure, Simone asked Lucas if he felt better now that his deep, dark secret was out. Not so much better as different, he replied. (Of course, the point of the scene was really how well-prepared for the whipple she was. That, and them going from flirty to flirtier.) Ahead of the surgery, Nick gave Lucas a pep talk and assured him that he was good enough to make a name for himself. In the O.R., Nick encouraged Lucas, Mer was more cautious. She decided that Adams was too pooped to perform and replaced him with Simone. And that was just the beginning of the drama in that O.R.

    ‘WHEN SHE LEAVES, THIS PLACE WILL FEEL IT’ | When Richard approached Nick to ask whether he, along with Mer, would be leaving, her boyfriend admitted that he didn’t know. He struggled with figuring out how to answer questions with her. “She’s worth it,” Richard told him. Was she, though? Mer hadn’t even told Nick that Lucas was a Shepherd. When the couple argued/talked at last, Nick marveled at the position in which she’d put him. He didn’t even know how to fight for them and hated the idea of deserting his class of residents. In other developments, Jo, pitching in in the pit, gave Levi a hard time about his little bit of power having gone to his head. Jules delighted in outsmarting Blue when he asked for a consult. Later, they bonded, revealing a whole lot more about their pasts than one ordinarily would with just a one-night stand.

    At Mer’s, Winston showed up to help Maggie pack for her sister — and to ruin her plan to avoid him and any discussion of his changing specialties. As far as he was concerned, though, the decision was made. He was going to take part in Grey Sloan’s vascular surgery fellowship. “If we keep working together, we’re not gonna make it. I love cardio,” Winston said, “but I love you more.” This was not the answer that Maggie wanted. She didn’t know if she respected it, even. While Winston absorbed that blow, the house was struck by lightning! Shortly, back at Grey Sloan, Bailey received a call from Ben, and Richard interrupted Nick and Mer’s operation on Tessa to tell Grey that there was a fire at her house. Off she went, to find her home in flames but the kids OK. At day’s end, Jo, Bailey and Carina were at last able to open the clinic (which was named for Miranda’s late mom, Elena). In the locker room, Simone reported to Lucas that Tessa was OK. But all he wanted to do was beat himself up over his failing in the O.R. As they argued, he impulsively kissed her, but she couldn’t go there. Um, why? Curiouser and curiouser. And at Mer’s, at least saved from the blaze were her and Derek’s Post-It’d vows.

    ‘The Sympathizer’: Sandra Oh Among Three Cast In HBO & A24’s Drama Series Adaptation

    (11/10/22) Killing Eve‘s Sandra Oh, Kieu Chinh (Dynasty) and Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen (Paris By Night) are set for key recurring roles in The Sympathizer, a drama series adaptation of Viet Thanh Nguyen’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, produced by and co-starring Robert Downey Jr.

    The Sympathizer is an espionage thriller and cross-culture satire about the struggles of a half-French, half-Vietnamese communist spy during the final days of the Vietnam War and his resulting exile in the United States.

    Described as a “blistering exploration of identity and America, a gripping spy novel and a powerful story of love and friendship,” the novel is hailed as a new classic of war fiction and has been compared to the works of Kafka, Orwell, and le Carré.

    Oh will play Ms. Sofia Mori, a liberated feminist who in the midst of a love triangle begins to awaken to the complexity of her own Asian American identity.

    Chinh portrays the Major’s Mother. Homesick for Vietnam, she doesn’t find an easy fit with her new circumstances, in contrast to her son who has jumped in feet first.

    Nguyen is Madame, the General’s wife and elegant and commanding matriarch who’s desperate to keep her daughter modest and her husband from unraveling as they restart their lives as refugees.

    They join Downey Jr., who is set to play multiple supporting roles as the main antagonists, all of whom represent a different arm of the American establishment. Main cast also includes Hoa Xuande, Fred Nguyen Khan, Toan Le, Vy Le and Alan Trong.

    The series is currently in production, with filming in Los Angeles and Thailand.

    Oldboy director Park Chan-wook is on board as co-showrunner, along with Don McKellar, and also will direct the series. Park and McKellar will also exec produce along with Downey, Susan Downey and Amanda Burrell for Team Downey. Niv Fichman will also exec produce through Rhombus Media as will Kim Ly. The series is a co-production between HBO, A24 and Rhombus Media in association with Cinetic Media and Moho Film. Jennifer Venditti is casting director.

    Oh recently wrapped the fourth and final season of the Emmy-winning series Killing Eve. She was also recently seen starring in the Netflix dramedy series The Chair and voiced characters in Amazon’s Invincible and Netflix’s The Sandman. She is repped by UTA, Principal Entertainment LA and Hansen Jacobson Teller.

    Chinh is a Vietnamese-American actress with six decades of international credits from Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, China, and Canada. She came to the U.S. under the sponsorship of actress Tippi Hedren, who helped her gain employment in Hollywood. Chinh is best known in the U.S. for her appearances in M*A*S*H and Dynasty. Chinh is repped by Allen Edelman Management.

    Vietnamese-American actress Nguyen is best known for co-hosting Vietnam’s popular variety show Paris by Night. She is the youngest daughter of South Vietnam’s former Prime Minister and Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky. Nguyen is repped by Prestigious Powerhouse Agency.

    Debbie Allen Interview Series ‘Hello’ Shopped By Scott Koondel’s Sox Entertainment

    (11/7/22) Award-winning director, actress, dancer, choreographer and producer Debbie Allen is adding talk show host to her resume.

    Hello, which has been acquired by Scott Koondel’s Sox Entertainment, features Allen in one-on-one conversations with top artists, authors, writers and directors. The list of guests so far include Shonda Rhimes, Phylicia Rashad, Tyler Perry, Ava DuVernay, Whoopi Goldberg and Stevie Wonder, with additional episodes to be taped.

    The hourlong show, described as informative, inspiring, sometimes painful and laugh-out-loud funny, is being shopped to streaming platforms.

    “Hello is a series of interviews in which the iconic talent Debbie Allen has a intimate conversation with another entertainment icon,” said Koondel. “I’m thrilled for Sox Entertainment to distribute this phenomenal series as we now enter the talk genre at the highest level of talent.”

    Former top CBS executive Koondel launched his company with Judith Sheindlin’ Judy Justice at Amazon Freevee and recently added a second court show with Sheindlin at the streamer, Tribunal.

    Most Disney Shows, Including ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ & ‘9-1-1’, Drop Covid Vaccine Requirement After Company Lifts Mandate On U.S. Productions

    (11/6/22) Disney no longer requires vaccinations for the casts of all of its U.S. productions, as well as those who come into contact with them on set. I hear the majority of Disney-produced series have now lifted the mandate, including ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 and Fox’s 9-1-1 and 9-1-1: Lone Star. According to sources, a few U.S-based series produced/co-produced by various Disney divisions are keeping the requirement in place, including ABC’s The Rookie and The Rookie: Feds, whose lead studio is eOne.

    SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher revealed the development in a TikTok video captioned “@disney pulls the plug on vaccine mandates! Way to go Mickey!!!!”

    “I must applaud Disney for taking the position not to vaccine mandate their sets any longer,” Drescher said.

    Disney, as well as Netflix, were the biggest studios to implement a blanket policy on their U.S.-based productions last year, mandating vaccinations for everyone working in “Zone A,” which consists of the actors and those who come in close proximity to them.

    Netflix has not returned an email from Deadline seeking comment but I hear the company dropped the mandate awhile ago. The other major U.S. studios have had their vaccine requirements on a show-by-show basis.

    The return-to-work protocols agreed upon by the Hollywood unions and major studios and extended multiple times give producers “the option to implement mandatory vaccination policies for casts and crew in Zone A on a production-by-production basis.”

    Virtually all U.S.-produced Disney series adopted the mandate last year, which led to several high-profile cast member exits, including Emilio Estevez from Disney+’s Mighty Ducks, Rockmond Dunbar from Fox’s 9-1-1 (He ended up suing Disney) and Steve Burton & Ingo Rademacher from ABC’s General Hospital.

    Donald Lee Harris Dies: Production Designer On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘The Office’ & Many Other Shows Was 78

    (11/4/22) Donald Lee Harris, the longtime Grey’s Anatomy production designer whose credits also include The Office, American Housewife, Malcolm in the Middle and dozens of other shows, died November 1 of cancer, his family told Deadline. He was 78.

    Harris began his Grey’s Anatomy stint with Season 3 in 2006 and stayed with the show through the Season 11 final in 2015, spanning more than 200 episodes of the ABC hospital drama. His most recent gig was on the 2016-21 ABC sitcom American Housewife, working on all of its 103 episodes.

    “He rarely let anything ruffle his feathers, and was appreciated for his incredible design acumen, calm and kind demeanor,” Harris’ last agent, Amanda Pecora-Sutphen, said in a social media post (read it in full below). “He would simply say, “OK, fine” when last-minute changes would have had anyone else ripping their hair out. He loved designing and his passion will undoubtedly live on through his work. … Donald’s design skills have informed future generations of designers, and inspired those who worked alongside him."

    Harris began his career in the 1970s, first in the art department for an episode of hit variety series Donny & Marie and then as an art director on films including Flesh Gordon — in which he got his only acting credit — and Swap Meet. He served in that role for other 1980s pics such as Movers & Shakers and Aloha Summer and got his first production designer credits on a pair of mid-’80s TV movies and the features Can’t Buy Me Love and World Gone Wild.

    As PD, he worked mostly on telefilm and miniseries — including Babe Ruth, Billy the Kid and Love, Lies & Murder — before landing his first series gig with the 1991-92 NBC sci-fi drama Eerie, Indiana. Harris continued to work mostly on TV movies through the ’90s before landing the production designer job on Fox’s Malcolm in the Middle, which helped usher in the wave of single-camera comedies on broadcast TV, in 2000. He would work on the series throughout its seven-season run.

    “Donald Lee Harris was one of the most creative, patient and diligent artists I’ve ever known,” Malcolm in the Middle creator Linwood Boomer said in a statement to Deadline. “Two decades ago, he showed everyone in television how great single-camera comedies could look. Everyone who’s worked with him will miss him terribly.”

    He left that gig to work as PD on the six-episode first season of NBC comedy The Office. His next job was Grey’s Anatomy.

    In 2016, Harris served as production designer on the short-lived 2016 Fox comedy Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life. He then joined American Housewife as production designer for its 2016 pilot and stayed through that Katy Mixon-led series through its finale.

    “Donald was an amazing production designer. Extremely talented and unflappable. And he was an amazing person. Kind, smart and funny,” said Kenny Schwartz, who served as executive producer/co-showrunner on the ABC comedy alongside Rick Wiener. “After the pilot of American Housewife, Donald said he was going to retire. Rick and I coaxed him into staying for its entire 5 year run. We would have been lost without him.”

    Harris is survived by his wife, Laurie Harris, and children Travis and Vanessa. A memorial will be held Dec. 4, with more details to come.

    Here is the full text of Pecora-Sutphen’s tribute to Harris:

    It’s with a very heavy heart that I share the news of an immense loss in the creative world. Production Designer, Husband, Father, Friend & BRILLIANT mind, Donald Lee Harris passed away yesterday surrounded by his loving family after his heroic battle with cancer came to a close.

    I personally had the pleasure of working with Donald on my very first job in the film industry, “Grey’s Anatomy”. He rarely let anything ruffle his feathers & I not only admired his design, I was always struck by his calm & kind demeanor. He would simply say, “ok fine” when last minute changes would have had anyone want to rip their hair out.

    Years later, I had the esteemed pleasure of working with Donald as his agent. I will never forget how it felt getting to work alongside someone I had so admired early in my career. He LOVED designing & his passion will undoubtedly live on through his work. From “Can’t Buy Me Love” to “Malcolm in the Middle” to “The Office” & “American Housewife” and everything in between, Donald’s design speaks not only to future generations of designers, but to those who worked alongside him. Even more, those who invited his work into their homes, while creating quality time with their families enjoying their favorite TV series or feature film. Those of us who come from the world of entertainment, often forget how these seemingly simple moments in time create a sense of cherished remembrance. As we age, we can often recall fond childhood memories, sitting amongst family in front of the television with a shared a bowl of popcorn. There is something universal about the moments where we allow ourselves to be swept away from daily stress & responsibilities, and into a world created for that stillness… a world in which our imaginations can run wild. While being a highly stressful career path that stretches far beyond Hollywood glam & red carpet attire, there aren’t many professions in which creating another world is the entire essence of the job description… Donald dedicated his life to doing just that. He created fabulous “worlds” for our enjoyment, while still raising a family & creating a beautiful home & life alongside his beautiful wife, best friend & soulmate, Laurie.

    I was outside admiring an incredible sunset last evening when I heard the news… the weight of this immeasurable loss while unbearable, also made me take pause & give gratitude for those who cross our paths, making enormous impacts along the way. I realized in that moment, the sunset which was radiant with pink hues & moody blues would be the image I would hold in my heart & mind when honoring Donald’s memory. The infinite New Mexico skies, the ever-changing beauty, the vibrant palette, all part of the set we call “life”. When I asked Donald’s family if there was a picture I could share with this tribute, I received this perfect representation of the kind & thoughtful man I had the pleasure of calling “friend”. It beautifully captures his nature as well as his passage over the rainbow. Rest in Peace Dear Friend.

    Ratings: As World Series Hits New Highs, Walker Independence Rises

    (11/4/22) In the latest TV ratings, Fox’s broadcast of the World Series Game 5 on Thursday night averaged 11 million total viewers and a 2.4 demo rating, marking new overnight highs for the Astros/Phillies contest.

    Opposite the well-watched Fall Classique, all but one (1) show ceded viewers….

    CBS | Young Sheldon (6.7 mil/0.5) dipped but still landed in a three-way tie for the nightly demo win (amongst non-sports fare). Ghosts (6 mil/0.5), So Help Me Todd (3.9 mil/0.3) and CSI: Vegas (3.1 mil/0.3) were all steady in the demo.

    ABC | Station 19 (3.5 mil/0.4), Grey’s Anatomy (3.1 mil/0.4) and Alaska Daily (2.6 mil/0.2) all dipped.

    NBC | Law & Order (3.6 mil/0.4), SVU (3.7 mil/0.5) and Organized Crime (2.9 mil/0.4) all dipped.

    THE CW | Walker (772K/0.1) dropped a handful of eyeballs, while scrappy Walker Independence (556K/0.1) ticked up in both measures.

    Grey's Recap: The Doctors Are Out… of Town — Plus, Is [Spoiler] Dying?

    (11/3/22) ( “Life Is a Highway” could have been the unofficial theme song of Thursday’s Jesse Williams-directed Grey’s Anatomy. Not only did Bailey and Addison road-trip to a family planning center, but Meredith used some of the frequent-flier miles she’d racked up going back and forth to Minnesota to visit Boston (hi, Jackson). On top of all that, Catherine pondered an altogether different kind of trip — to, you know, the other side. And if you read on, we’ll pry open everybody’s travel diaries.

    ‘TWO MILLIMETERS IS NOT WORTH THIS CONVERSATION’ | As “When I Get to the Border” began, Meredith and Zola were touring Brookline Steam Academy in Boston. (Zola was not impressed but agreed to spend the day shadowing a student, anyway). Elsewhere in town, Catherine fibbed to Jackson that she and Koracick were working on a project. Once the coconspirators had taken off, Jackson and Mer reunited, and she revealed what Zola was going through. If only Grey could cure Alzheimer’s, then she could ease her daughter’s anxiety. Why not do that? Jackson suggested. In no time, they were talking seriously about Mer possibly doing exactly that. Look what she had done for Parkinson’s! Plus, Grey working to cure the disease that killed her mother is a story — it would get the foundation funding. No go, Mer said. Zola had been through enough and had to be her focus. Fine. “But I’m not gonna give up on this, not entirely,” Jackson said. Later, he shared with Mer that spending time with his father a couple of years ago had, in a roundabout way, led him to his current life. Maybe that was why Mer was staying up nights researching Alzheimer’s for Zola — she wasn’t having a breakdown but a breakthrough. Wouldn’t seeing her mom try inspire Zola?

    Meanwhile, Tom reported to Catherine that her tumor was two millimeters bigger than in her last scans. No longer in remission, she needed more treatment, and she needed to let her son and husband in on what was going on, Tom argued. In response, Catherine reminded him whose name was on the building. Besides, she was getting help, she insisted. She had an acupuncturist and a medicine man, and neither of them made her sick. “This is my cancer, my choice,” she said. Later, Tom started in on Catherine anew. But she was grateful that she wasn’t in an oncology ward. Whatever time she had, she wanted to spend it living. If she was going to be in a hospital, she was going to be in one as a doctor. And what about when her loved ones find out she spent all that time lying? She was protecting her privacy and peace, she said.

    ‘WHAT DO I KNOW, I’M JUST THE CHAUFFEUR?’ | At the same time as all that was going on, Bailey and Addison made tracks to Washington to visit Miranda’s first-year college roommate Cynthia, who ran a clinic there. Cynthia was thrilled that they were coming; the abortion protesters who greeted them, terrifyingly less so. Inside, Bailey and Addison began making progress seeing patients… only to have their pile of to-be-seen patients’ files grow even faster than they could work their way through it. Soon, “the medical Thelma and Louise” were on the road again to reach a patient named Susan in Idaho with an ectopic pregnancy attached to her C-section scar. Sadly, Susan reported that her 5-year-old only wanted one thing for her birthday: a sister. Oh dear… suddenly, Susan started hemorrhaging. To keep her from bleeding out, Addison basically inflated a balloon inside her. That bought the doctors some time… but could it possibly be enough? Dead ahead was traffic at a standstill. Susan was desperate to stay alive so that she could watch her little girl grow up. “I’m not ready to go,” she sobbed. And right on cue, her heart stopped beating. Bailey and Addison performed CPR on the side of the road, but alas, their efforts were in vain. The lawmakers should be made to come out there, Addison cried, and see the carnage that they had wrought. How were she and Bailey supposed to be doctors under these conditions? “I am infuriated! Women’s lives are on the line, and our hands that are trained to help them… are tied!”

    ‘I WONDER WHAT OTHER KINDS OF FAVORS HE DOES FOR HER’ | At Grey Sloan, Lucas balked at how many familial tasks Amelia had given him — including taking Scout to daycare. But she cheerfully informed him that she’d ask any competent resident to drop off her kid for her. (Hilariously, Scout seemed to call Lucas Dada in front of his peers.) Later, Lucas got a 911 text — about the tot. What was the accident? The kind that happened… in a kid’s pants. As Adams bought Scout replacement clothes, he was caught by his fellow residents, furthering their certainty that he and Amelia were sleeping together. Later, Blue assured Amelia that her and Lucas’ secret was safe. She was surprised that he knew. Only when Blue started suggesting that he had skills outside the O.R. did she begin to catch on. Then Lucas finally explained what his peers thought to Amelia. Gads, she couldn’t have people think that she was having sex with her nephew. “Fix it!” she told him.

    ‘IF THIS IS THE FUTURE, IT’S BLEAK’ | In the episode’s last few moments, Bailey shared that she had miscarried and needed a DNC because the miscarriage was incomplete. So she wanted to prepare healthcare professionals at Grey Sloan to help, lest the next generation not be trained. Addison wanted to help, too — and not just in L.A. “I know I can make a difference.” In particular, in the places where women were having to cross state lines for care. Reassuring Addison that Susan’s death wasn’t on her, Bailey realized that what they had needed was Ben’s no-longer-in-use PRT. Back at Grey Sloan, Lucas reminded Amelia that he’d only asked her not to blow his cover. He’d always been the loser of the Shepherds, he wanted to try to succeed not as a Shepherd. Unmoved, she gave him three days to set the record straight. In Boston, Zola worried about what would happen if they moved and she still had panic attacks. That kind of concern was Mom’s domain, Grey assured her. Plus, Jackson had offered her a job. In that case, Zola was all in — she loved Brookline. “I’m in,” Mer texted Jackson. “We’re moving to Boston.” Maybe eventually she’d also let Nick know?

    Presenters at ‘The 56th Annual CMA Awards’

    (11/3/22) Country Music’s Biggest Night™ is getting even bigger as the Country Music Association has announced presenters for “The 56th Annual CMA Awards.” Hosted by Luke Bryan and Peyton Manning, “The 56th Annual CMA Awards” broadcasts live from Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 9 (8:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC and will be available next day on Hulu.

    This year’s CMA Awards presenters include two-time World Series Champ, MVP and Los Angeles Dodgers Star Mookie Betts; CMA Musical Event of the Year nominee this year, BRELAND; from the much-anticipated upcoming limited series, “George & Tammy,” Academy Award® winner Jessica Chastain; two-time CMA nominee this year, Jordan Davis; Apple TV’s “Amber Brown” and Lifetime’s “Reindeer Games Homecoming,” Sarah Drew; Paramount Network’s “Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser; multiplatinum and award-winning songwriter/artist Tyler Hubbard; five-time GRAMMY® winner, Country Music Hall of Fame Member and half of the legendary duo The Judds, Wynonna Judd; CMA Vocal Group of the Year nominee this year, Lady A; CBS’s “Young Sheldon” and ABC’s “Big Sky: Deadly Trails” actor Rex Linn; multiple CMA Award-winning band and Vocal Group of the Year nominee this year, Little Big Town; CMA New Artist of the Year nominee this year, Parker McCollum; six-time CMA Awards winner and Country Music Hall of Fame member, Reba McEntire; stars of the hit HGTV shows “HomeTown” and “HomeTown Takeover,” Ben and Erin Napier; 55-year Grand Ole Opry member with over 5,000 performances and the third female Country artist to win a GRAMMY, Jeannie Seely; from the much-anticipated upcoming limited series, “George & Tammy,” Academy Award nominee Michael Shannon; and six-time CMA nominee this year, Lainey Wilson.

    With unforgettable solo performances, never-before-seen collaborations and special tributes from some of the biggest names in music, “The 56th Annual CMA Awards” is a must-see event. Artists taking the CMA Awards stage include Jimmie Allen, Kelsea Ballerini, Dierks Bentley, Brothers Osborne, Luke Bryan, Brandy Clark, Kelly Clarkson, Luke Combs, Caylee Hammack, HARDY, Cody Johnson, Elle King, Marcus King, Miranda Lambert, Patty Loveless, Ashley McBryde, Reba McEntire, John Osborne, Jon Pardi, Carly Pearce, Katy Perry, Pillbox Patti, Chris Stapleton, Cole Swindell, The Black Keys, The War and Treaty, Thomas Rhett, Carrie Underwood, Morgan Wallen, Lainey Wilson, and Zac Brown Band.

    “The 56th Annual CMA Awards” is a production of the Country Music Association. Robert Deaton is the executive producer; Alan Carter is the director, and Jon Macks is the head writer.

    Firefly Lane Trailer: Kate and Tully Are Friends Until the End in Final Season

    (11/2/22) (Video) Kate and Tully’s personal lives are a bit of a mess in the new trailer for Firefly Lane‘s final season — but at least they’ve got each other, and as many pints of ice cream as Tully can comfortably carry.

    In the preview embedded above, Sarah Chalke and Katherine Heigl’s BFFs navigate everything from new professional endeavors (Tully’s making a documentary!) to complicated romances (Kate and Johnny aren’t really over, right?). And it seems their long friendship with one another might hit a few snags, too, if the 1:40-ish mark of the trailer is any indication.

    Netflix announced in October that Firefly Lane would conclude with Season 2. The 16 new episodes will be released in two parts, with nine arriving on Friday, Dec. 2, and the final seven dropping in 2023.

    Based on the novel of the same name by bestselling author Kristin Hannah, Firefly Lane charts Tully and Kate’s friendship over a 30-year period. The ensemble also includes Ben Lawson, Beau Garrett, Ali Skovbye, Roan Curtis and Yael Yurman, while India de Beaufort (Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist), Greg Germann (Grey’s Anatomy), Jolene Purdy (Orange Is the New Black) and Ignacio Serricchio (Lost in Space) are among the Season 2 additions.

    ‘Disenchanted’ Trailer: Amy Adams’ Princess Giselle Heads To The Suburbs In Disney+ Sequel

    (11/1/22) (Video) Disney has unveiled the official trailer for its musical fantasy Disenchanted — the anticipated follow-up to its Oscar-nominated 2007 original Enchanted, which is slated for release on Disney+ on November 18.

    Disenchanted picks up ten years after Princess Giselle (Amy Adams) wed the cynical New York attorney Robert (Patrick Dempsey). Over the course of time, Giselle has grown disillusioned with life in the city, so she and Robert move their growing family to the sleepy suburban community of Monroeville in search of a more fairy tale life. But unfortunately, it isn’t the quick fix she had hoped for. Suburbia has a whole new set of rules and a local queen bee, Malvina Monroe (Maya Rudolph), who makes Giselle feel more out of place than ever. Frustrated that her happily ever after hasn’t been so easy to find, she turns to the magic of Andalasia for help, accidentally transforming the entire town into a real-life fairy tale and placing her family’s future happiness in jeopardy. Now, Giselle is in a race against time to reverse the spell and determine what happily ever after truly means to her and her family.

    Disenchanted will also see the return of Enchanted cast member James Marsden, along with the introduction of actors including Gabriella Baldacchino, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Jayma Mays. More information on the pic directed by Adam Shankman can be found below. Watch today’s new trailer above.

    Sandra Oh, Ann Marie Fleming Reunite On Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Can I Get A Witness’, One Of Four New Titles On Mongrel International’s AFM Slate

    (10/31/22) Killing Eve star Sandra Oh is reuniting with award-winning Canadian director Ann Marie Fleming on sci-fi thriller Can I Get a Witness.

    The project, which is in development, is among four new features being launched at the American Film Market this week by Canadian sales outfit Mongrel International, a division of Toronto-based independent film distributor Mongrel Media.

    Set in the near future, the film unfolds in a reality where, in order to save the planet, “death is everyone’s job”, with 50-year-olds making the sacrifice, while teenage artists have to document it.

    Fleming and Oh previously collaborated on the award-winning 2016 animated feature Window Horses. Producers on the new project are Eric Mussolum and Jayme Pfahl.

    Mongrel will also launch sales on two other projects in development: Jason Lapeyre’s crime thriller Stealing Is Bad starring Nick Stahl (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) and Kevin Pollak (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), and Sam McGlynn’s 1989, a prequel to the Fubar cult hits.

    Stealing Is Bad revolves around an ambitious teenager who teams up with a middle-aged ex-convict to pull off a heist at the fast-food restaurant where they work. Juliette Hagopian produces.

    1989 is billed as a prequel to the 2002 cult film Fubar, set against the world of heavy metal fandom, and its sequel Fubar 2. Dave Lawrence, one of the headbanging protagonists of the original is blasted back to 1989.

    Paul Spence, who co-created the Fubar franchise, takes writing credits, with McGlynn directing. Spence produces with Kyle Irving.

    Further new additions to the slate include the completed horror thriller Hands That Bind by Kyle Armstrong.

    The drama unfolds in a struggling farming community hit by mysterious occurrences such as cattle mutilations, drought, a missing teenager, paranoia, and unexplained lights in the sky.

    The cast features Paul Sparks (House of Cards), Bruce Dern (Nebraska), Will Oldham (A Ghost Story) and Nicholas Campbell (Goon) and it is produced by Blake McWilliam.

    World rights for all territories are available, except Canada, where Mongrel Media will distribute.

    “Our 2022 AFM lineup is an eclectic mix of genre with highly original storytelling,” said Andrew Frank, co-president of Canadian distributor Mongrel Media, who is overseeing sales at AFM on behalf of Mongrel International.

    “We know how critical cast is in the marketplace, and our three films in development already have key cast attached. Our finished film, Hands That Bind, has a stellar cast with Bruce Dern and Paul Sparks.”

    Ratings: Ghosts and Walker Audiences Eye Season Highs, L&O Trio Dip

    (10/28/22) In the latest TV show ratings, CBS’ Young Sheldon drew Thursday’s largest audience while also landing in a six-way tie for the nightly demo win.

    CBS | Young Sheldon (with 6.6 million total viewers and a 0.5 rating) actually dipped in the demo week-to-week, while Ghosts‘ Halloween episode (6.4 mil/0.5), So Help Me Todd (4.5 mil/0.3) and CSI: Vegas (3.4 mil/0.3) were all steady. Audience-wise, Ghosts is looking at its best overnight tally since Jan. 20.

    ABC | Station 19 (4 mil/0.5) and Alaska Daily (3.1 mil/0.3) both ticked up, while Grey’s Anatomy (3.6 mil/0.5) was steady.

    THE CW | Pending maybe-possible small adjustment due to a smidgen of sports preemptions, Walker (807K/0.1) is currently up 16 percent in audience to a season high, while Walker Independence (545K/0.0) also added eyeballs.

    NBC | Back from a one-week break, Law & Order (4 mil/0.4), SVU (4.3 mil/0.5) and Organized Crime (3.1 mil/0.4) were all down a tick in the demo.

    FOX | Hell’s Kitchen (2.3 mil/0.5), Welcome to Flatch (1.3 mil/0.3) and Call Me Kat (1.7 mil/0.3) were all up sharply — preemptions, anyone…?

    ‘A Man In Full’: Jerrika Hinton Joins Cast Of Netflix Limited Series

    (10/28/22) Jerrika Hinton (Hunters) is set for a major recurring role in A Man in Full, Netflix’s six-episode limited series starring Jeff Daniels and Diane Lane, from David E. Kelley and Regina King based on Tom Wolfe’s 1998 novel.

    In A Man in Full, when Atlanta real estate mogul Charlie Croker (Daniels) faces sudden bankruptcy, political and business interests collide as he defends his empire from those attempting to capitalize on his fall from grace.

    Hinton will play Henrietta White. Henrietta guides her husband, Roger (Aml Ameen), though a moment of soul-searching to protect what’s best for their family.

    Kelley serves as writer, executive producer and showrunner, with King directing three episodes and exec producing as part of her first-look deal with Netflix via her Royal Ties production company. Matthew Tinker also executive produces.

    Hinton stars in Amazon’s conspiracy thriller drama series Hunters from Monkeypaw Productions. She previously recurred on M. Night Shyamalan’s Apple TV+ thriller Servant and was a series regular on HBO’s drama Here and Now. Hinton is repped by Paradigm and Trademark Talent.

    Grey's Recap: Abra-Cadavers — Plus, a Big Hint About Mer's Imminent Exit

    (10/27/22) Cue the John Carpenter music! In Thursday’s Halloween edition of what’s shaping up to be a scary-good season of Grey’s Anatomy, the interns were cast in a sorta “slasher flick” — in other words, challenged to slice and dice real corpses. Did any of them, ahem, make the cut? And did “Haunted” deliver as big a surprise with this week’s ending as it did last week? (Don’t recall what happened? Our recap will fill you in.) Read on and find out.

    ‘I ALREADY HATE THIS’ | As the episode began, Richard wheeled in a cart full of pumpkins on which the interns were to practice their carving skills. Hilariously, this was Mika’s worst fear — she had pumpkinphobia. She was even scared of pumpkin bread. Luckily, Nick soon scored enough actual bodies for them to Ginsu instead. On Link’s cancer-versary, he invited Jo to dinner and a foot rub. Alas, she had to work. So he was going to find a sexy-nurse date on Tinder instead. The first patients of the night were a couple of teens who’d taken LSD and jumped off a roof into a pool. Well, toward a pool, anyway — only one of the flying idiots hit the water. Still high as a kite after making a splash, the boy snuck out of the ER and leapt off an ambulance right onto poor Jo while she was dealing with a patient in labor. So much for Link’s sexy nurse. When the kids’ fathers showed up, they busied themselves with a shouting match over which youngster had given the other drugs. They were so loud that Bailey had to intervene — parenting is hard enough, she told them. They couldn’t turn on each other.

    In Owen’s trauma training session with the cadavers, Winston upped the stakes by offering a chance to scrub in with him to whichever intern demonstrated the most impressive technique. While the residents fumbled, Winston confided in Owen that Maggie had taken to commenting on pretty much everything that he did — from his cases to the way he heats water. To raise Winston’s spirits, Owen suggested that they terrorize the interns a bit. After the “patient died,” Jules, whose parents were donating their bodies to science, was horrified to learn that Owen had stabbed all of the cadavers for the purposes of the newbies’ training. But how else would they learn? During round two, Winston remarked that observing the interns was like “watching kids stick their fingers into electrical sockets.” (Interesting reveal: Blue had no father. OK.) This time, the residents saved the “patient.” Who won the chance to scrub in? Well, they’d all contributed, Lucas noted. Could they all scrub in? Sure. Before leaving, Owen encouraged Winston not to let resentment take over his marriage. His solution? Considering leaving cardio to save their relationship.

    ‘I’M A LOT SCARIER WITHOUT THE SHEET’ | At Meredith’s, Amelia encouraged her sister-in-law and Nick to go enjoy a romantic evening. She’d babysit the kiddos while Zola was at a sleepover. Instead of take his girlfriend to his place, though, Nick got them a fancy hotel room. In which they seemed to spend most of their time drinking champagne and talking about Zola. Relating to the child’s situation, Nick told a story about how his mom had bought an RV to show him the whole wide world in which no one knew that he was the kid whose father had left him. So… road trip for Mer and Zola? Anyway, just then, the poor kid called in tears, and off Mer and Nick went to pick her up. She’d been trying to go to sleep, and all she could think about was her mom and her aunt and Alzheimer’s. It would get better, Mom promised. Even if they had to find her a school outside of Seattle. Ah, is that how Ellen Pompeo will leave after a few more episodes?

    ‘WHO DOES ALL THE WORK, STACY? ME!’ | After campaigning to be chief resident, Levi buckled under the pressure of the job and barked at a nurse in front of Richard. Naturally, Webber pulled him aside. “Can you just say the thing I need to hear?” an impatient Schmitt asked. “Take a break,” Richard replied. Levi couldn’t, though — if he “took a break” and someone else died, he wouldn’t be able to come back from that. Later, Richard went to the bar to ask Helm to come back to work. No dice. She’d be leaving her bartending job with $800 that very night. In the episode’s last few minutes, Richard told Levi that he’d failed him and his class. Webber was going to ask all the attendings to pick up the slack left when they lost the last class of interns.

    ‘TONIGHT WAS ENOUGH TO MAKE ME DREAD LETTING MY KIDS GROW UP’ | In surgery with Maggie, Simone’s phone beeped and beeped. (Uh-oh, I thought. Grandma?) Nonetheless, the kid who missed the swimming pool pulled through. After the incident in the O.R., Maggie asked Simone what was up — Pierce knew that Griffith was the intern to watch. So what happened? Simone had been a model resident in the gig she was asked to leave after finally voicing concerns about racial issues. That was why her phone had been going off: A video of her losing her ish — and understandably, after the mistreatment she’d received — had gone viral, and she had been trying to get it taken down. Later, Simone shared with her peers that she was the resident in the video. Finally, as the hour drew to a close, Teddy and Link commiserated over how one stupid impulse could ruin your life at any stage of the game. “I’m kinda crazy about Jo,” he blurted out. It hadn’t been an option… then it was… and now? “I blew it,” he said. “Just keep sleeping with other women until those feelings pass,” she advised. Don’t let what happened to her and Owen happen to him and Jo. Off that convo, Teddy found Owen sleeping in the lounge and reminded him of how he’d managed to give her several holidays in one while they were deployed. It was a sweet moment… during which he dozed back off.

    Shonda Rhimes Would Love To Bring Back ‘Private Practice’

    (10/27/22) Don’t get too excited, Addison Montgomery fans, but Shonda Rhimes misses the Oceanside Wellness Group as much as you do.

    While promoting her new Bridgerton book this week, the uber-producer told Good Morning America that she wouldn’t mind revisiting Private Practice. She was asked by the hosts to name one of her popular shows from ABC that she’d love to bring back.

    “I miss my Scandal family so badly that I would come back with them at any point, but I actually feel like we didn’t finish telling our stories on Private Practice,” Rhimes said. “We had so many more stories we could tell … I just felt like we had so much more to say with those characters and so much further to go, and that also felt like a show that had endless possibility where you are learning and seeing things happen at the same things happen medically.”

    Launched in 2007, Private Practice featured Kate Walsh as Addison — a character that was introduced in the first season on Grey’s Anatomy. Her character is a gynecological and neonatal surgeon and, as MerDer fans know, she was once married to Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey). Private Practice lasted until 2013.

    Walsh’s popularity with Grey‘s fans, however, never waned: She has returned repeatedly to the action at Grey Sloan.

    Rhimes left ABC in 2017 for a multi-million dollar deal at Netflix, which also covered her production company Shondaland and her producing partner Betsy Beers. It was extended in 2021.

    People’s Choice Award Nominees

    (10/26/22) The 2022 People’s Choice Awards will air simultaneously on NBC and E! on Tuesday, December 6 at 9:00 pm ET/PT from the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, CA. Live from E!: The 2022 People’s Choice Awards will kick off the night with a red carpet special at 7:00 pm ET/PT on E!.

    Voting for the 2022 People’s Choice Awards runs today (Oct 26) through Wednesday, November 9 at 11:59 pm ET. Fans can either vote online at or on Twitter.

    Show of 2022
    Abbott Elementary
    Better Call Saul
    Grey’s Anatomy
    House of the Dragon
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Saturday Night Live
    Stranger Things
    This Is Us

    Drama Show of 2022
    Better Call Saul
    Cobra Kai
    Grey’s Anatomy
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
    The Walking Dead
    This Is Us

    Female TV Star of 2022
    Millie Bobby Brown – Stranger Things
    Ellen Pompeo – Grey’s Anatomy
    Kristen Bell – The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window
    Maitreyi Ramakrishnan – Never Have I Ever
    Mandy Moore – This Is Us
    Mariska Hargitay – Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
    Quinta Brunson – Abbott Elementary
    Selena Gomez – Only Murders in the Building

    Drama TV Star of 2022
    Ellen Pompeo – Grey’s Anatomy
    Jason Bateman – Ozark
    Mandy Moore – This Is Us
    Mariska Hargitay – Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
    Norman Reedus – The Walking Dead
    Sterling K. Brown – This Is Us
    Sydney Sweeney – Euphoria
    Zendaya – Euphoria

    Jesse Williams To Join Season 3 Of ‘Only Murders In The Building’

    (10/25/22) Former Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams is joining the cast for Season 3 of Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building in the recurring role. He will play documentarian with a particular interest in the case that Selena Gomez’s Mabel Mora, Steve Martin’s Charles Haden-Savage and Martin Short’s Oliver Putnam are working on.

    Williams is an activist/actor/entrepreneur and former high school teacher. He earned a Tony Award nomination in his Broadway debut in the Tony-winning revival of Take Me Out this year and will next be seen in Your Place or Mine with Reese Witherspoon, as well as in his return to Broadway for the newly extended run of Take Me Out.

    Williams spent 12 seasons playing Dr. Jackson Avery on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and has appeared in TV and films including The Cabin in the Woods, Little Fires Everywhere, Brooklyn’s Finest and the Paramount action comedy Secret Headquarters with Owen Wilson.

    Williams executive produced the 2021 Oscar-winning short film Two Distant Strangers and served as both senior producer and correspondent alongside Norman Lear for their Epix docuseries America Divided. Williams is a partner and board member of the No. 1 scholarship app in the world, Scholly, which has matched students with more than $100 million to date. He also is co-founder of both BLeBRiTY and Ebroji mobile apps and executive producer of Question Bridge: Black Males, a transmedia art installation in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture’s permanent collection. He sits on the board of directors for both Advancement Project and Harry Belafonte’s arts and social justice organization

    Williams is repped by CAA, Entertainment 360 and André Des Rochers of Granderson Des Rochers.

    Only Murders in the Building, produced by 20th Television, racked up 17 Emmy nominations this past season and won three. The series hails from co-creators and writers Martin and John Hoffman, who executive produce along with Short, Gomez, This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman and Jess Rosenthal.

    Ratings: Young Sheldon, Ghosts Lead Thursday; Fox Sitcom Audiences Grow

    (10/21/22) In the latest TV show ratings, CBS’ Young Sheldon and Ghosts tied for the Thursday demo win, with the former also delivering the night’s largest audience.

    With NBC’s Law & Order shows in rerun mode….

    CBS | Young Sheldon (with 6.5 million total viewers and a 0.5 demo rating), Ghosts (5.9 mil/0.5) and So Help Me Todd (4.2 mil/0.3) all dipped, while CSI: Vegas (3.6 mil/0.3) rose to a season high in audience and was steady in the demo.

    ABC | Station 19 (3.8 mil/0.4) and Grey’s Anatomy (3.5 mil/0.4) both ticked up in audience while hitting all-time demo lows. Alaska Daily (2.9 mil/0.2) ticked down in both measures.

    THE CW | Walker (702K/0.1) added some eyeballs, while Walker Independence (528K/0.1) dropped some.

    FOX | Hell’s Kitchen (2.1 mil/0.4), Welcome to Flatch (1.2 mil/0.2) and Call Me Kat (1.5 mil/0.2) were all steady in the demo, with the sitcoms both (conspicuously?) surging to season highs in audience.

    REINDEER GAMES HOMECOMING (Lifetime) 11/12/22

    (10/20/22) REINDEER GAMES HOMECOMING (Lifetime)
    Airing Saturday, Nov. 12 at 8 pm
    MacKenzie Graves (Sarah Drew) is a brilliant, competitive, crossword puzzle-loving biology teacher in Vermont who recently lost her father, beloved fire chief and the heart of the town’s holiday fundraising tradition “The Reindeer Games.” Every year since his death, she competes with her dad’s former team, a group of colorful retired firefighters, to win the Games and keep his tradition alive. This holiday however, her world is rocked when fading Hollywood star, and Mac’s high school crush, Chase Weston (Justin Bruening), comes home for Christmas to visit his pregnant sister and nephew and is begrudgingly roped into participating in the Games. When the opportunity to compete against her former mega-crush arises, Mac is determined to show him up and win the Kris Kringle Cup at all costs. As the competition heats up, so does the spark between Mac and Chase, and Chase soon finds himself eager to not only win the games, but also to win her heart as well. Brian Sills co-stars.

    Grey's Recap: Learn, Baby! Learn!

    (10/20/22) Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy not only marked Kate Walsh’s latest return as Addison, it brought Bailey back to Grey Sloan, where the two of them teamed up with Jo to produce a series of social-media videos in which the interns taught sex ed. Needless to say, what happened next was more complicated than, “Well, when a bird really, really likes a bee… ” and if you read on, we’ll go over all the details.

    ’YOU’RE GETTING PAID TO TALK ABOUT SEX TODAY’ | As “Let’s Talk About Sex” began, Lucas skateboarded to Grey Sloan, Amelia struggled to find a way to get to see long-distance love Kai, only to discover that they were already in Seattle (surprise!), and Zola came to the hospital with Meredith rather than go to school (as the youngster was still having panic attacks). Nearby, Bailey turned up at her old stomping grounds, having been given permission by Nick to use the interns in the sex-ed project that she and Jo had mounted in the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned. When Addison, in town to work with Bailey and Jo, crossed paths with Lucas, she warmly greeted him as Shep… before he discreetly made it clear that she wasn’t supposed to acknowledge that he was Derek’s nephew. From the get-go, the interns tried to make excuses not to participate — and that was before they found out that they wouldn’t just be speaking to a video camera, they’d be speaking to a roomful of real kids. As the interns bombed reading from Jo’s script, one of the teenage girls fled from the room and admitted to Addison that she was late. Back in the auditorium, another girl keeled over in pain.

    While Jules got the kids’ attention by explaining where the clitoris is, and Blue shared why the pullout method was so ineffective, Girl No. 2 turned out to have a giant cyst. Called in to the O.R., Addison tasked Levi with reassuring Girl No. 1 as she waited for test results. So he had to be the person who confirmed for her that yes, she’d gotten pregnant after the first time she ever had sex. But at least he was able to explain that they could give her pills to medically abort so long as they’d caught the pregnancy early enough. (They had.) Eventually, Jules recruited Owen and Teddy, of all couples, to teach the youngsters about consent. The interns also schooled the kids on how different actual sex was from porn sex. (Spoiler alert: very.)

    ‘I’M A VERY HAPPY PERSON, HE’S JUST BITTER AND BROKEN’ | Though Lucas supported Bailey, Jo and Addison’s project, he needed more pit time, so he volunteered to help Teddy (especially since Owen was worse than useless to her at present). Soon, he was assigned by Levi to help Joyce (aka Simone’s grandmother) find her daughter, who she believed was giving birth that day. (As we already knew, Simone’s mother died at Seattle Grace giving birth to her.) Soon enough, Joyce said that if her daughter had a girl, she’d be named Simone. Lightbulb moment for Lucas. Then, in a horrifying moment, Simone had to tell her grandmother again that her mom had died. Meredith to the rescue. (Well, insofar as she could help, what with not being able to resurrect Simone’s mom.) Griffith wasn’t sure that she could handle her grandmother’s condition. But Grey assured her that as she’d had to be with Ellis, Griffith could be with her grandmother. After Mer suggested that letting Joyce live in her reality might be the kindest option (as opposed to telling her over and over that her daughter has died), Simone went ahead and played her mom for Joyce. (Heartbreaking stuff.) Later, Simone thanked Lucas for staying with her grandma all day and asked him not to tell anyone about her condition. If he could keep his lips zipped, Simone added, she wouldn’t reveal that he was a Shepherd — yeah, she’d figured it out after he’d been so weird with “Aunt Addie.”

    ‘TEN YEARS OF TRAINING, AND I’M BASICALLY PLAYING A VIDEO GAME’ | Bored with her homework, Zola snuck out of Mer’s office in search of a surgery to watch but wound up being intercepted by Nick, who showed her cool gadgetry in his lab. Did he always know that he wanted to be a doctor? she asked. No, not until his mom had died. When Kai came in, they were impressed by Zola’s cognitive abilities on neurological tests that were lying around. So was Nick, who called in Amelia and Maggie to see how brilliant Zola is. When Mer arrived on the scene, ticked that her daughter had taken these tests without her consent, Maggie and Kai suggested that Zola’s genius might be what was sparking the panic attacks.

    ‘WHAT ARE WE POINTING AT?’ | As the hour neared its conclusion, the docs all busted out dance moves for the sex-ed reel. (Glee vet Harry Shum Jr. was, of course, killer.) When Richard asked Bailey when they’d see her again, she suggested… tomorrow. Given that there was a humanitarian crisis going on, she wanted to open the clinic again to protect reproductive rights and work as an attending the rest of the time. “That’s my best and final offer,” she said. Natch, Webber accepted it. Zola’s brilliance sparked memories in Maggie of her own childhood; she couldn’t believe that she hadn’t noticed it in her niece. What had helped Maggie? Amelia asked. A child therapist had given her coping tools. Zola would get her tools, Amelia promised. Richard invited Addison to dinner, but she wanted to work. After Roe v. Wade, she felt “erased.” He encouraged her to live, too, and eat. Finally, Mer admitted to Nick that she was lost as to what to do for Zola. He saw the upside of the day — they now had a piece of the puzzle that they hadn’t had before. At home, inspired by their sex-ed presentation, Teddy gave Owen consent to get it on with her. And at the same time, Amelia and Kai got busy. (Not all of them together, mind you.) And as Link massaged Jo’s feet, she shared that she’d learned that even they had erogenous zones. “Should I stop?” Hell, no. At the hospital, Lucas and Simone looked to be getting awfully chummy, and Blue and Jules snuck into the on-call room to have sex. “I don’t even like you,” she said. “I’m not for everyone,” he replied. Love! These! Interns!

    Grey's Anatomy: Greg Germann to Return as Koracick in November

    (10/19/22) Jesse Williams is not the only Grey’s Anatomy alum returning to the ABC drama next month.

    TVLine has learned exclusively that Greg Germann is set to reprise his role as Tom Koracick in the Nov. 3 episode, the same installment that marks Williams’ comeback as Jackson Avery.

    Germann left what had become a series-regular role in Season 17, when Koracick, having won his battle with COVID but having lost Teddy to Owen, decided to move to Boston to help Jackson run his mother’s Catherine Fox Foundation.

    In the Nov. 3 outing, Koracick reaches out to Catherine (who is in Boston) regarding a personal matter. Meredith, meanwhile, also spends the episode in Boston, catching up with Jackson.

    After exiting Grey’s last year, Germann joined the second and final season of Netflix’s Firefly Lane (which kicks off Dec. 2) in a recurring role. The Ally McBeal vet also turns up in this week’s episode of The Good Fight.

    When Germann’s Grey’s departure was announced in May 2021, showrunner Krista Vernoff all but confirmed that Koracick would be back.

    “Greg Germann is a comic genius and we are so lucky that he brought his talents to our show these last few years,” Vernoff said at the time. “We will miss Greg terribly in the day to day — but we plan to see Tom Koracick again!”

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Jesse Williams Returns To Guest Star & Direct In Season 19

    (10/17/22) Jesse Williams is returning as director and guest star in the fifth episode of the medical drama’s upcoming 19th season, reprising his role as Dr. Jackson Avery. Airing Nov. 3 and titled “When I Get to the Border,” it will be the fourth episode of the show that Williams has directed.

    Williams departed Grey’s as a series regular in spring 2021 after 12 seasons. In the May 6, 2021 Season 17 episode “Look Up Child” it was revealed Jackson was leaving Grey Sloan to move to Boston to take over the family foundation. He was followed there by his ex, April (Sarah Drew), who relocated with their daughter. Williams made a couple of more appearances in Season 17.

    He, along with Drew, then returned to guest star in the Season 18 finale last May, in which they confirmed that Jackson and April have rekindled their relation by kissing in the elevator at Grey Sloan Memorial.

    Drew will not be In Episode 1905, in which Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) catches up with Jackson (Williams) on a trip to Boston but Grey’s Anatomy executive producer/director Debbie Allen will reprise her recurring role as Jackson’s mother, Catherine.

    In other “When I Get to the Border” developments, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Addison (Kate Walsh) take a road trip to volunteer at a family planning center, but a patient’s ectopic pregnancy leads to complications. Elsewhere, the interns play detective about Lucas’ (Niko Terho) relationship with Amelia (Caterina Scorsone).

    Williams also served as a director on ABC series Rebel, from Grey’s showrunner and executive producer Krista Vernoff. An activist and a tech entrepreneur, he also executive produced the 2021 Oscar-winning film Two Distant Strangers. Williams is returning to Broadway in the baseball-themed Take Me Out, for which he was nominated for a Tony. He recently starred alongside Owen Wilson in Paramount+’s Secret Headquarters and will next be seen in Netflix’s Your Place or Mine with Reese Witherspoon.

    Ratings: Sheldon, Ghosts, SVU Lead Night; Walker Spinoff Audience Steady

    (10/14/22) In the latest TV show ratings, CBS’ Young Sheldon and Ghosts and NBC’s Law & Order: SVU tied for the Thursday demo win, while the former also drew the night’s biggest audience.

    CBS | Young Sheldon (6.9 million viewers/0.6 rating), Ghosts (6.2 mil/0.6) and So Help Me Todd (4.4 mil/0.4) all ticked up in the demo, while CSI: Vegas (3.2 mil/0.3) was steady. Sheldon is looking at its best audience since April 21, while Ghosts is poised to report its best since Jan. 20.

    ABC | Station 19 (3.6 mil/0.5) and Alaska Daily (3 mil/0.3) were steady in the demo, but Grey’s (3.2 mil/0.5) dipped.

    NBC | Law & Order (3.9 mil/0.4) was steady, while SVU (4.3 mil/0.6) and Organized Crime (3 mil/0.5) ticked up.

    THE CW | Pending possible adjustment due to a teeny amount of preemptions, Walker (687K/0.1) dropped a few eyeballs whereas Walker Independence (617K/0.0) matched its premiere audience (but dipped in the demo).

    FOX | Pending adjustment due to what I have to imagine are some preemptions (?), Hell’s Kitchen (2.7 mil/0.5), Welcome to Flatch (2 mil/0.3) and Call Me Kat (2.1 mil/0.3) are all currently up sharply.

    Jesse Williams Judge, COVID's Real, Don't Make Me Sit for a Depo!!!

    (10/14/22) Jesse Williams, the star of an upcoming Broadway play, "Take Me Out," is pleading with a judge to cut him a break, so COVID doesn't take him out.

    You see, Jesse is being sued over a car crash and the lawyer for the other driver has subpoenaed the actor to sit for a deposition. Jesse is afraid the close quarters during the depo will expose him to the virus. If he gets sick, well he'll violate the Broadway mantra, "The show must go on!" In other words, if there's no Jesse, there's no play.

    It's not that Jesse doesn't want his depo taken -- he's more than willing to do it over Zoom -- but he says an in-person depo is just too risky.

    As for the lawsuit, as we reported ... the woman in the other car claims the "Grey's Anatomy" star rear-ended her and then fled the scene.

    We're told Jesse admits to rear-ending the other car but insists he did not book it out of there.

    Grey's Anatomy Recap: Food Poisoning for Thought — Plus, Nick Makes Waves

    (10/13/22) On the menu in Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy was what appeared to be a simple case of food poisoning but, this being Grey’s Anatomy, turned out to be anything but. Was the new class of residents able to rise to the challenge of solving the medical mystery? And how did Nick’s changes to the program go over? Read on and, as if you don’t already know, find out.

    ‘TWO INTERNS MAKE A WHOLE DOCTOR’ | As “Wasn’t Expecting That” began, Simone’s grandma (Marla Gibbs) gave her a TV remote for her lunch, Jules learned that Mika was living in her van, Amelia learned that Lucas was living in the on-call room (and invited him to move into Mer’s), and Grey was surprised that Nick was actually doing the job of residency advisor without hanging around her like a lovesick puppy dog. Speaking of Nick, he introduced Schmitt to the newbies as their new chief resident. His best advice? “Don’t drop anything inside a patient.”

    Reporting for Owen’s service, Mika learned that Hunt was married to Teddy, she was the new trauma chief since he could only work under the supervision of an attending, and he was in super-hot water with his missus. So yeah, fun service to be on! (Also, ticked Teddy is hilarious.) Things were so heated between the marrieds that a patient’s wife snarked, “We should’ve gone to Seattle Pres.” (And that was before it was discovered that her better half had shoved her cell up his butt because she never put it down!) Mika begged Levi not to make her work with velociraptor Teddy, but he was unmoved. Desperate for backup, Schmitt ran to Joe’s and pleaded with Helm to quit her bartending job and come back to work. No way, she said. She made more money slinging beer. Back at the hospital, Teddy testily admitted to Webber that yes, she was enjoying three damn glasses of wine a night, and he would be, too, if he was married to Owen.

    ‘I’M THE GUY WHO KILLED HIS COLLEGE ROOMMATE; THERE ARE GONNA BE PODCASTS ABOUT ME’ | In the pit, Simone and Jules treated two guys who were having trouble not barfing all over the place. Oh — and Chase, the worse-off one of the two, was Nolan “Luke” Gould from Modern Family; it’s been a minute! He was not only sick to his stomach, he also had a terrible rash, Mer discovered upon taking a look. Soon, the patient became unresponsive and started bleeding, seemingly randomly. “What the hell is wrong with this kid?” Grey exclaimed. And therein lay the $64k question. She consulted with Richard and Teddy, then tasked the interns to find the answer that she couldn’t.

    Shortly, Link informed Jules and Mer that Chase’s leg would have to be amputated — and Millin was going to do it. “Are you flirting with me?” she asked when she discovered that he’d written “CUT THIS LEG OFF, NOT THIS LEG” on the patient. He was not, he insisted. He was being a supportive teacher. While Chase’s roommate told Simone everything he knew about his pal, she guessed that he hadn’t had all of his vaccinations. What was killing him, she realized, was… something you can’t possibly think I can spell. While all that was going on, Mer and Richard questioned (but didn’t necessarily mind) the changes Nick was making to the residency program. If he had moved to Seattle for Grey, Webber assured him, she was worth it.

    ‘WHEN WINSTON GETS IRRITATED, HE TALKS LIKE SCISSORS’ | While Winston continued to chafe at working under Maggie, the tension got so high that even Amelia noticed. Ultimately, Pierce apologized to her husband for constantly yanking him off of cases, and they made peace. Amelia, helping find an apartment for Lucas, accidentally further gave Blue the impression that they were sleeping together. (They’re auntie and nephew, you’ll recall.) Picnicking with Bailey, Pru and Luna, Jo was appalled to realize that Miranda didn’t want to be her mom friend, she wanted intel about what was going on at the hospital. Bailey was particularly annoyed to hear that changes she’d tried to make to the residency program were now being implemented… under Nick. (Oh, and she did consider Jo a mom friend as well as a mole.) As the episode neared its conclusion, the guy who’d just had a phone removed from his butt coded, and Owen had Mika bag him, so technically (?), he didn’t treat a patient without an attending supervising. After calling Richard to supervise him, Owen unloaded his issues with how much Teddy resented him and how crappily she was treating him. Chase, if not his leg, was saved, thanks to Simone’s quick thinking. Mer encouraged Griffith to be there for Jules, who was verklempt after issues arose during Chase’s amputation. (Oh, and Meningococcus — that was what he had; thanks, Google.)

    Finally, Mer confronted Nick about the fact that he hadn’t said two words to her since he scrubbed in at Grey Sloan. Their conversation didn’t get far before Owen barged in and pleaded not to work under Teddy anymore — couldn’t he be a teacher instead? Sure he could, it was decided. Resuming her conversation with Nick, Mer explained that “I went numb” after a crap day, “and you didn’t have my back.” That was why she hadn’t called him for six months. She was still in love with him, though. “So if that’s what you need to hear, I’ll say it as many times as you need to hear.” In response, he asked her to dinner. She countered by inviting him to Zola’s big presentation. Aw, and the little girl choked during her presentation on her grandmother, Ellis, when she realized that her mom and Aunt Maggie were likely to come down with Alzheimer’s, too, and die. And back at Grey Sloan, Blue blurted out to the residents that Lucas was sleeping with Amelia. Unwilling to reveal their actual connection, Adams remained mum.

    Grey's Anatomy Preview: EP Maps Out How Bailey Moves Forward After Being Forced to 'Step Away for Her Sanity'

    (10/8/22) If you’ve read TVLine’s fall preview, you already know that Grey’s Anatomy’s Bailey has not scrubbed in for the last time at Grey Sloan. But when Chandra Wilson’s alter ego returns to the hospital, things will be different. They will have to be, because she herself will be different.

    The former chief “got really tired of carrying Grey Sloan on her shoulders” in Season 18, showrunner Krista Vernoff reminds us, “and she made a decision to step away for her sanity and her well-being” (in so doing, passing off the job to Meredith).

    In Season 19, the question becomes, what is her next step? How does she move forward? “One of the conversations with [series creator] Shonda [Rhimes] has been for a long time, ‘What does a very ambitious person do with all of that ambition when they sort of reach the top rung of where they want to go?'” Vernoff relates. “With that, we really looked at, ‘What does a whole human being need to feel successful in life? When you’re driven by ambition and you’ve reached the top of your career, where else can that ambition be applied?’

    “For Bailey, it’s in so many areas,” she continues. It may also be a case of, in some ways, more being less. The key may lie in “finding the joy in taking a lesser title at work in favor of having a richer, happier life.”

    Ratings: Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 Return Steady, Top Thursday

    (10/8/22) In the latest TV ratings, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 tied for the nightly demo win, while CBS’ Young Sheldon drew Thursday’s largest audience.

    ABC | Station 19 returned to 4.6 million total viewers and a 0.6 demo rating, matching its previous averages. Grey’s did same, with 4.2 mil and a 0.6 rating. The freshman drama Alaska Daily debuted to 4 mil and a 0.4, easily improving on Big Sky‘s averages in the time slot.

    CBS | Young Sheldon (6.7 mil/0.5) and CSI: Vegas (3.2 mil/0.3) were steady, while Ghosts (6 mil/0.5) and So Help Me Todd (4.4 mil/0.3) both dipped.

    FOX | Hell’s Kitchen (1.8 mil/0.3) dipped, while Flatch (940K/0.2) and Call Me Kat (1.1 mil/0.2) were steady.

    NBC | Law & Order (3.9 mil/0.4) and Organized Crime (2.9 mil/0.4) ticked down — with the latter matching series lows — but SVU (4 mil/0.5) was steady.

    THE CW | Pending adjustment due to preemptions, Walker (800K/0.1) is down a few viewers versus its sophomore average, while Walker Independence (630K/0.1) is looking at a much bigger audience than Legacies (370K/0.1) averaged last season.

    Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Premiere Recap: The New Class Scrubs In — Plus, a Surprising Derek Tie Revealed

    (10/6/22) Full of “Aww!”-some throwbacks to the past and tantalizing harbingers of the future, Thursday’s ultra-zippy Grey’s Anatomy got the long-running ABC drama’s Season 19 off to a pretty fantastic start. We got, if not full, at least partial resolutions to two cliffhangers (Meredith and Nick’s relationship status and Owen and Teddy’s legal woes). We were introduced to the five new surgical residents who are pumping fresh blood into Grey Sloan. (More on them here.) And we had dropped on our heads two surprises — one of them delightfully Derek-based. And if you keep reading, we’ll go over most everything that happened in the premiere (which, by the way, was written by showrunner Krista Vernoff and directed by executive producer Debbie Allen).

    ‘I’LL BE THE VAGINA’ | Six months after the events of the Season 18 finale, “Everything Has Changed” found Grey Sloan restarting its residency program with a group of newbs that Bailey — still very much on leave, thank you very much — wrote off as having been scraped from “the bottom of the barrel.” One of them, Jules Millin (Adelaide Kane), had just had a one-night stand with an unwitting Link, in whose face she laughed when he nervously suggested that they report their nonexistent relationship to HR. (Shades of Meredith and Derek’s origins, no?) Another of the freshmen, Mika Yasuda (Midori Francis), was quickly taught that a dark sense of humor still doesn’t make “organpalooza” an appropriate term for a tornado-based bus accident that left a whole lotta people about to donate the hearts and livers and so on that they no longer needed. Resident No. 3 Simone Griffith (Alexis Floyd) showed up late on day one owing to a panic attack brought on by the fact that she’d be working in the same hospital where her mother had died giving birth to her. The fourth of our fresh faces, Benson Kwan (Harry Shum Jr.) shared that everyone called him Blue “as in the ribbon, ‘cause I always win.” (Was I the only one who saw a spark between him and Simone?) Last but not least, we met Lucas Adams (Niko Terho), who has Nico-worthy abs, an aptitude for [bleeping] up… and was Derek’s favorite nephew. That wasn’t why Meredith had hired him, though, she told Amelia. Lucas didn’t remind Grey of her late husband, he reminded her of Amelia!

    With the residency program getting back up and running, Levi seized the opportunity to ditch his loathed OB residency with Jo and plead with Richard to make him chief resident. Not only was Schmitt what Webber needed — a senior resident, not a first-year — but “if I’m ever tempted to go soft,” the doctor formerly known as Glasses promised, “I will picture a return to OB, and I will get stronger like a vagina, which I’ve been forced to learn can stretch to 200 times its natural size and lift a 30-lb. weight just by flexing.” All Levi had to do was get chief Grey’s OK, and she was so all for it that she suggested it herself. In other staffing news, while Nick was at Grey Sloan to pick up an organ for transplant, Meredith, face to face with her (ex?) boyfriend for the first time in six months, asked him to become the new residency director. Not only had his past inspired her to hire what other hospitals might have considered “rejects,” but he wouldn’t have to travel so much. Meaning that, although she’d hurt him by not doing more than call out his name after telling him to go back to Minnesota, she wanted to make their relationship work. In still more staffing news, Teddy and Owen paid Mer a visit, during which they revealed that they’d been cleared to return to work. Well, Altman had. After a whole lot of attorney fees to get Hunt out of his legal quagmire, he was only cleared to return to work under supervision for the next six months. (His medical license had been suspended.)

    ‘I WANT TO BE A TREE’ | Later in the episode, Jo shared with Link that she was switching the OB department’s scrubs to black since “the female body has become a war zone in this country, and pink is a peacetime color.” Given the plenitude of organs suddenly available for harvesting, Maggie was able to tell a patient named Howard that he’d be getting a new heart. When it proved to be unviable, the task of breaking the news to Howard and his husband went to… Jules, the Pierce superfan, who’d obsessed over an article she’d written and blurted out that “it wasn’t a great picture” that had accompanied it. A compliment… probably? Meanwhile, Lucas won the First Big Screwup Award by telling the wrong mother named Jane that her son was brain-dead. This temporarily put in jeopardy all of the organs that Mer had hoped to transplant into a patient named Sara, who wanted to be planted in a whole other way if she died. Eventually, Jane was told again that her son was brain-dead and inspired to donate his organs to Sara by Blue, who lied that he always thought of the people that his late brother’s organs had saved. (He didn’t even have a brother, he later admitted!) Despite Lucas’ almost catastrophic gaffe, Nick invited him to scrub in on Sara’s surgery. “End your day better than it started,” Marsh said. And that, Lucas did, even quoting Uncle Derek in the O.R. “It’s a beautiful day to save lives.”

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Krista Vernoff On Pilot-Like Season 19 Premiere, Derek-Related Twist, Meredith’s Future, Roe v Wade & More

    (10/6/22) “Everything Has Changed” is the title of Grey’s Anatomy‘s Season 19 premiere, which aired tonight. Yet, a lot of it also felt very familiar. In a throwback to Grey’s Anatomy‘s pilot, the season opener, set six months after the Season 18 finale, chronicled the first day of Grey Sloan’s new interns, played by Harry Shum Jr., Adelaide Kane, Alexis Floyd, Niko Terho and Midori Francis, just like Episode 101 did with Meredith and her fellow wide-eyed rookie interns.

    In another likely nod to the Grey’s Anatomy pilot — which famously started with Meredith having a one-night stand with Patrick Dempsey’s Derek — one of the new interns, Jules (Kane), also accidentally had slept with an attending, Link, on the eve of her starting the program. The revelation sent Link on a wild HR goose chase, with Meredith deadpanning, “I’m in no position to judge you on this. I do recommend that you stay away from elevators,” a reference to one of the Grey’s early-years hallmarks, its signature elevator scenes.

    We learned a lot about the new interns who were front and center in the premiere, as their personalities and back stories started to emerge. Floyd’s Simone Griffith, who showed a lot of resourcefulness and quick thinking, shared with Dr. Webber that her mother died giving birth to her in this very hospital. Shum’s Benson Kwan was calculating and opportunistic, ready to cross a line in order to get what he wants, including making up a brother with a tragic story. Francis’ Mika Yasuda, whose inappropriate organ donor quip got her in hot water, redeemed herself with her compassion.

    The biggest surprise came from Terho’s Lucas Adams. Seemingly the weakest link in a group of rejects from other surgical intern programs with non-remarkable academic achievements, he picked up a fireable offense on his very fist day when he told the wrong parent that their child was brain dead. It was later revealed, in a conversation between Meredith and Amelia, that Lucas is a Shepherd, and was Derek’s favorite nephew.

    With the new characters getting most of the attention, we got sporadic updates on Grey’s returning favorites, most notably Meredith who guided the interns in her role as interim chief of surgery. She reunited with Nick after their wrenching falling-out in the Season 18 finale and, by the end of the premiere, she offered him a job as residency director. Also at the end of the episode, Owen and Teddy returned, his legal problems behind him and both ready to resume their surgical duties, with Owen requiring supervision for six months.

    Richard also was back after traveling abroad, while Bailey remained off-duty after quitting in the Season 18 finale; with Pompeo slated for about seven episodes this fall and then a leave to do a Hulu limited series before returning for the Season 19 finale, Meredith may soon vacate the interim chief position for Bailey to retake it.

    Meanwhile, we found out that, following the shutdown of Grey Sloan’s teaching program, Levi switched to OB/GYN but he didn’t love it and, in the premiere, he asked — and was swiftly approved — to become chief surgical resident.

    In an interview with Deadline, Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff, who wrote the premiere, talks about the infusion of new characters and what it means for the future of the show, what is next for Meredith and Nick, will any other Season 18 residents join Levi to fill a gaping hole at the hospital, why is the show adding another Shepherd and could we see Dempsey’s Derek in Lucas flashbacks.

    She also addresses Pompeo’s future on the show and speculation that Grey’s could be bidding farewell to Meredith in the Season 19 finale as well as Jo’s remark that “the female body has become war zone in this country,” revealing how Grey’s Anatomy will deal with the overturn of Roe v. Wade this season.

    DEADLINE: The premiere feels a little bit like a backdoor pilot. Are you looking to spin it off into something new or is it a Grey’s refresh, shifting to new characters with Ellen Pompeo not being in this season as much?

    KRISTA VERNOFF: It’s interesting you call it a backdoor pilot. We certainly treated it like a pilot in the casting, in that we took a lot of time and care finding these five actors and fleshing out these five characters. But our hope is that we’re refreshing Grey’s Anatomy, so that we can return to the roots of teaching and learning and what it is to be a surgical intern. The life-and-death stakes of the early years of the show; every medical case had intense stakes because these doctors were new at this. And so the hope is that we’re just adding juice and yes, potentially adding years, but I wouldn’t call it any kind of a spinoff. It’s still Grey’s Anatomy.

    DEADLINE: There’s a big focus on the incoming cast in the premiere. Will there be more of a balance going forward? How much are we going to see of our favorites?

    VERNOFF: We are going to see our favorites, we’re working hard to balance it. It’s a big task and for sure, with this many series regulars, there’s less story to go around for everybody, but we’re doing our best to maximize the benefit of everyone we’ve got.

    DEADLINE: What can you say about the big question, is this going to be Ellen’s final season?

    VERNOFF: I don’t have an answer to that, that’s always up to Ellen. She’s got some new projects on the horizon that she’s really excited about but Grey’s Anatomy is is her heart, she keeps saying it is her heart, so we’ll see.

    DEADLINE: So there are no plans for the finale to be a farewell episode for Meredith?

    VERNOFF: The finale of this season? No.

    DEADLINE: Talk about the decision to bring another Shepherd into the fold with the new intern, Lucas. Does that open the door to potential flashbacks with Patrick Dempsey since Derek and Lucas were close?

    VERNOFF: The decision to bring another Shepherd into the fold, it was an early idea as we looked at who this new class was going to be. We wanted to wink at the roots of the show without trying to reinvent any of those original characters, and the fun of having a Shepherd who we meet when he’s an intern felt like, money. We only knew Derek when he was a surgical attending who was already vying for chief of surgery. But to get to know one of the Shepherds when he’s just starting out felt like it gave us a wink at the early characters or our connection to the early characters without retreading territory.

    DEADLINE: So does that mean that there’s no possibility of Patrick coming back in a flashback?

    VERNOFF: Oh, I would never say never.

    DEADLINE: When Deadline interviewed Patrick at D23 last month, he indicated he was open to coming back, and said it was up to the creators.

    VERNOFF: I’ll say this. There have been no conversations about that at this point. But never say never.

    DEADLINE: Besides Levi, is there any possibility for any Season 18 residents to come back?

    VERNOFF: There’s one and that is Taryn, you’re going to learn the fate of Taryn Helm. And there’s going to be a question as to whether or not she could come back to the program.

    DEADLINE: In the premiere, you play a little bit with Meredith and Nick. Is their relationship back on? He has an enticing job offer from Meredith to mull.

    VERNOFF: Yeah, he has an enticing job offer, and the question of what might become of them, it feels like they are two people who really fell in love and then hurt each other. Can we bring them back from that is the question, and the way that we had them break off abruptly and painfully at the end of last season, as Meredith collapsed into an older version of herself, allows us a big will-they-won’t-they for this season.

    DEADLINE: Fans are certainly rooting for them to get together. But with Ellen not being in as many episodes, the worry is as to how many episodes we can expect to see him in or is he going to exit this season?

    VERNOFF: Yes.

    DEADLINE: Yes to which part?

    VERNOFF: All of it. We want people to wonder and tune in to see what’s going to happen with that.

    DEADLINE: There’s a line in the premiere that the female body has become a war zone in this country. Will there be a Roe v Wade storyline on the show this season?

    VERNOFF: Absolutely. The impact of that Supreme Court decision has been massive. And, just like there was no way to do a medical show without looking at the impact of Covid, there’s no way to do a medical show without looking at the impact of that decision.

    DEADLINE: So is that an over-arching theme for the season or just something smaller?

    VERNOFF: I mean, you’ve met me, right.

    Grey's Anatomy Returning to Its Roots in Season 19, Says EP Krista Vernoff — and Bringing 3 Couples to a Crossroads

    (10/5/22) Maybe you’ve read: Grey’s Anatomy’s vitals are extremely good going into Thursday’s Season 19 (!) premiere. And a lot of the credit for that goes to the ABC drama’s new class of residents and the possibilities that their hiring brings to the (operating) table.

    “This season is really about returning to the roots of the show,” showrunner Krista Vernoff tells TVLine. “What can you do when you have five series-regular interns the way that we did in those early years? [Back then,] we wanted to focus on what it is to try and become a surgeon when you don’t know anything — how frightening and life-and-death everything is.

    “This new class,” she adds, “allows us to get back to that.”

    The rookie doctors may be diamonds in the rough, but the quintet of familiar faces that plays them is made up of gems. “We spent a long time very carefully casting this group,” says Vernoff. “I love all five of the actors and all five of the characters, and that’s a really exciting place to start from.”

    While counting down the minutes until the ABC drama’s return on Thursday (at 9/8c), read on for previews of what’s in store for Addison, Bailey, Owen and Teddy, Winston and Maggie, and more.

    Grey’s Without Grey

    With Ellen Pompeo going part-time (and appearing in just eight episodes), we’ll be seeing a lot less of Meredith. But as the leading lady herself said in September, Grey’s Anatomy is “going to be just fine without me.” For her part, Vernoff knows that the OG’s absence will be a terrible blow: “Ellen is a powerhouse, and Meredith is iconic.” But the EP remains confident that the series will still be able to raise our blood pressure and break our hearts. “From the very beginning, it was an ensemble show,” she says. “It’s always had a tremendous cast of actors who can carry any amount of the story. So while we will desperately miss Ellen and Meredith, I think there’s a lot of story to tell” for other characters.

    Addison’s Return

    Kate Walsh’s alter ego “comes back as a part of her activism this season,” Vernoff says. “We’re telling a really powerful story about Addison and Bailey joining forces that is in turns funny and gut-wrenching.” Along the way, we also “learn a little bit more about Addison’s life back in Los Angeles.”

    Love On the Run?

    When last we saw Leo and Allison’s folks, they had resigned from Grey Sloan and were on the lam from the law. How soon will their fate be addressed? “We went back and forth on this in the writers’ room for a long time,” Vernoff says, “and what we came up with made us laugh so hard that what you’re getting is an answer in the premiere as to what the past six months have been for Owen and Teddy. We also lean hard into the impact on their marriage of Owen’s decision-making and also Teddy’s decision-making. It is actually one of our favorite things that we’re doing this season.”

    It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

    Though Jo and Link decided at the end of Season 18 to be friends without benefits, “the ‘Will they or won’t they?’ of them is a little bit of a driving force this season,” Vernoff reveals. “He’d had a big crush on her back in the day, and him telling her that opened a big Pandora’s box of possibility for her. And then when she said, ‘Look, I fell in love with you,’ it opened the Pandora’s box for him, but it was sort of too late because they were trying to protect their friendship. Now we’re really asking, ‘Is the friendship the thing that you protect at all costs, or do you take a chance on more?’”

    Marry in Haste…

    … repent in leisure? As Season 18 came to a close, Maggie was beginning to wonder whether she and Winston had tied the knot too quickly — and that’s not a question that can be answered overnight. “They were a pandemic love story, and the pandemic intensified and sped up everything,” Vernoff notes. “So one of the questions we were asking last season was, ‘What happens when you skip large portions of what would have been a traditional courtship and relationship and jump to the marriage?’ You have to unpack what you skipped and get to know each other on a deeper level.” And as the newlyweds will discover in Season 19, “that can be challenging.”

    ‘Firefly Lane’, Starring Katherine Heigl & Sarah Chalke, To End After Season 2 On Netflix

    (10/3/22) Firefly Lane, the drama series starring Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke, is two seasons and out on Netflix.

    The series, from creator Maggie Friedman, returns for a supersized second season in December but will not return for a third season.

    The show will have a 16-episode second season.

    The first nine episodes will air on December 2 and the second tranche of seven episodes will premiere in 2023.

    In the series based on the novel by Kristin Hannah, when unlikely duo Tully (Heigl) and Kate (Chalke) meet at age 14, they couldn’t be more different. Tully is the brash and bold girl you can’t ignore, while Kate is the mousy shy girl you never notice. But when a tragedy brings them together, they are bonded for life — forever inseparable best friends. Together they experience 30 years of ups and downs, triumphs and disappointments, heartbreak and joy and a love triangle that strains their friendship. One goes on to fabulous wealth and fame, the other chooses marriage and motherhood, but through the decades, their bond remains — until it faces the ultimate test.

    The second season will feature new cast members including India de Beaufort, Greg Germann, Jolene Purdy and Ignacio Serricchio.

    They join Ben Lawson, Beau Garrett, Ali Skovbye, Roan Curtis and Yael Yurman.

    The series was created by Friedman, who serves as executive producer and showrunner. Heigl and Shawn Williamson also executive produce alongside Michael Spiller and Stephanie Germain.

    Mckenna Grace & Jesse Williams To Star In Opioid Drama ‘Spider & Jessie’

    (10/3/22) Emmy-nominated actress Mckenna Grace and Tony-nominated Jesse Williams are leading Dan Kya’s Spider & Jessie.

    The movie follows two scrappy sisters, who after discovering their mother has fatally overdosed, are terrified they’ll be separated by an overburdened foster care system. As such, they conceal the body. However, the local police chief, mom’s drug counselor, and her volatile ex-boyfriend get closer to uncovering the truth, and the girls must decide just how far they are willing to go to keep their secret buried.

    Kay in addition to directing, wrote the script which he developed with Julia Keller. Jojo Regina of Where the Crawdads Sing also stars with Dacre Montgomery (Stranger Things), Forrest Goodluck (Cherry), Fernanda Andrade (Moon Knight) and Malia Baker (The Babysitter’s Club).

    Grace stars as Spider and Regina as her sister, Jessie.

    Grace and Williams will also serve as executive producers.

    Hungry Bull Productions led by Joseph Restaino (Pig) and Jeff Hoffman (Lansky) from Above The Clouds are producing and co-financing. Production is underway in Florida.

    “I’m so grateful to be a part of this important story about addiction and how it affects not only the addict, but those around them. I was aware of how prevalent drug use and addiction was, but in doing this film, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of just how big of a problem it is. Many of our own cast and crew have shared their experiences and it’s heartbreaking. Doing this is more than just making a film, it’s creating and being a part of something that is bigger than ourselves,” said Grace.

    “I am honored to join this incredible producing team and cast led by words and direction of Dan Kay. Shining a light on the shared human conditions that lead to, and from addiction provides us an opportunity to examine our compassion for those impacted today as well as for those pathologized in our recent past,” said Williams.

    “I’ve been interested in telling stories about addiction and the opioid epidemic for years because, like millions of Americans, I have seen firsthand how this insidious disease not only destroys the life of the addict but tears apart the fabric and foundation of the addict’s family. This damage – the collateral damage caused by addiction – compelled me to tell this heartbreaking but vital story about opioid orphans,” said Kay.

    “Dan’s vision for Spider & Jessie is a true testament of his unique voice as a writer/director, and one that we can’t wait to introduce to audiences across the world. Having such an incredible cast attached, led by Mckenna Grace and Jojo Regina, speaks directly to the special nature of the story Dan has devised. At Hungry Bull Productions, our focus has always been to work with the best talent and bring forward meaningful stories, Spider & Jessie represents precisely that. We are thrilled to be working with such great partners on this project in Above the Clouds as well,” said Restaino.

    “When I first read Kay’s powerful script, I cried and laughed and was touched to my soul by these sisters in the story having to survive the loss of their mother to an opioid overdose. Watching this script come to life with such amazing performances, incredible locations and beautiful cinematography is nothing short of a miracle, and will greatly raise awareness of this tragic epidemic,” said Hoffman.

    Grace received a Guest Actress Drama Series Emmy nom for The Handmaid’s Tale last year, making her the youngest-ever nominee ever in that category. She starred in Sony’s $204M-grossing hit Ghostbusters: Afterlife. On television, she is about to star in A Friend of the Family, a true-crime limited series, opposite Anna Paquin and Jake Lacy. Earlier this month Grace starred in The Bad Seed Returns for Lifetime, a feature which she also executive produced and co-wrote with her father. Other notable film roles include starring opposite Viola Davis in Amazon’s feature Troop Zero and opposite Chris Evans and Octavia Spencer in Gifted, as well as the $1.1 billion grossing Captain Marvel as young Carol Danvers and the Oscar winning I, Tonya.

    Williams earned a Tony Award nomination in his Broadway debut in the Tony Award winning revival of Take Me Out and will next be seen in Netflix’s Your Place or Mine with Reese Witherspoon as well as in his return to Broadway for the newly-extended run of Take Me Out. He spent 12 seasons in his acclaimed role as Dr. Jackson Avery on ABC’s hit series Grey’s Anatomy and has appeared in TV and films including The Cabin in the Woods, Little Fires Everywhere, Brooklyn’s Finest and the Paramount action/comedy film Secret Headquarters, with Owen Wilson. Williams executive produced the 2021 Oscar winning short film Two Distant Strangers and served as both senior producer and correspondent alongside Norman Lear for their EPIX docuseries America Divided. Williams is a partner and board member of the #1 scholarship app in the world, Scholly, which has matched students with over $100M. He is co-founder of both BLeBRiTY and Ebroji mobile apps and executive producer of Question Bridge: Black Males, a transmedia art installation in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture’s permanent collection. He sits on the Board of Directors for both Advancement Project and Harry Belafonte’s arts and social justice organization,

    Also producing are Tony Stopperan, Kay, and Dan Sima with EPs Grace, Williams, Russell Gray, Yaniv Hoffman and Leal Naim. WME Independent is repping the project’s worldwide rights.

    Grace is repped by CAA and Stewart Brookman. Jojo Regina is repped by Paradigm and ESI Network. Williams is represented by CAA, Entertainment 360, and Granderson Des Rochers; Montgomery is with CAA, Sloane, Offer, Weber & Dern and 3Arts, Goodluck is Gersh and Artists First, Baker is with Entertainment 360 and Andrade is with Buchwald and Entertainment 360. Kay is repped by Myman Greenspan, APA and Circle of Confusion.

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Adds Marla Gibbs For Season 19 Arc

    (9/28/22) Season 19 of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy will be introducing a new group of surgical interns, and we will get to know them — and their families.

    Marla Gibbs (The Jeffersons) has been cast in a multi-episode guest arc as Joyce Ward, grandmother of one of the new residents, Simone Griffith (Alexis Floyd), who lives in Seattle. Gibbs’ character will be introduced in Episode 1902 and will also appear in 1903. (Floyd’s character was originally announced as Simone Griffin. The last name has been changed to Griffith.)

    Simone is described as a funny, whip smart, high achiever with a complicated family dynamic who grew up in Seattle, but never wanted to work at Grey Sloan because of a painful personal history with the hospital. Gibbs’ Joyce will likely shed light on both Simone’s family dynamic and history with Grey Sloan.

    Grey’s Anatomy is adding five new cast members this season — Harry Shum Jr., Adelaide Kane, Floyd, Niko Terho, and Midori Francis — all playing new interns.

    TV veteran Gibbs is known for her role as Florence Johnston on The Jeffersons, which earned her five Emmy nominations. She reprised her role in a surprise appearance on ABC’s 2019 special Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Norman Lear’s ‘All in the Family’ and ‘The Jeffersons’.

    Gibbs’ extensive resume includes an arcs on Grey’s Anatomy spinoff Station 19 as well as another Shondaland drama, Scandal. She recently had a major recurring role on Days Of Our Lives.

    Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Picks Up in Wake of 'Very Difficult 6 Months' for Meredith and Nick

    (9/22/22) (Video) The first trailer for Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 appears to be setting the stage for the conscious uncoupling of Meredith and Nick.

    In the just-released promo above — which arrives two weeks ahead of the ABC medical drama’s Oct. 6 return — Scott Speedman’s Nick (back from Minnesota) announces, “It’s been six months.” Ellen Pompeo’s Mer, meanwhile, ominously adds, “It’s been a very difficult six months.”

    Of course, the duo’s possible parting of the ways was essentially foreshadowed over the summer when news broke that Pompeo would be drastically scaling back her presence on Grey’s this season. According to sources, Pompeo is set to depart after roughly a half-dozen episodes, before turning up again next May for the Season 19 finale. (The actress will spend her time away from Grey Sloan producing and starring in an as-yet-untitled limited series for Hulu.)

    Earlier this month, Pompeo assured fans that Grey’s is “going to be just fine without me,” adding. “I’m going to always be a part of that show. I’m an executive producer. I spent two decades of my career on [Grey’s] — it’s my heart and soul. I’ll never truly be gone as long as [it’s] on the air.”

    To help fill the looming Meredith void, Grey’s is introducing a slew of rookies — all of whom are prominently featured in the above trailer. Also appearing in the video: Chandra Wilson’s Bailey, who tendered her resignation in the Season 18 finale. When asked about her surprise return, she responds, “I heard about the new class.”

    Celebrity Wheel of Fortune: Kristen Schaal, Kevin McKidd and Ron Funches (10/2)

    (9/22/22) “Kristen Schaal, Kevin McKidd and Ron Funches” – Hosted by pop-culture legends Pat Sajak and Vanna White, “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” takes a star-studded spin on America’s Game® by welcoming celebrities to spin the world’s most famous Wheel and solve puzzles for a chance to win more than $1 million. All the money won by the celebrity contestants will go to a charity of their choice, SUNDAY, OCT. 2 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (TV-PG) Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day following their premieres.

    This episode’s celebrity contestants include Kristen Schaal (playing for Feeding America), Kevin McKidd (playing for UNICEF) and Ron Funches (playing for School on Wheels).

    ‘Killing Eve’ Star Sandra Oh Spotted At Funeral Of Queen Elizabeth II

    (9/19/22) Killing Eve star Sandra Oh has been spotted at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, one of very few TV personalities to be invited.

    Oh was seen in the past couple of hours or so and Twitter has been abuzz with the arrival of the Grey’s Anatomy star.

    Oh was appointed an Order of Canada as an Officer a few months ago and was dressed in black with a Canadian badge pinned in front, according to the BBC.

    The honor is the second highest that can be received in Canada, a Commonwealth country, and Oh was granted it due to an “artistic career filled with memorable stage, television and film roles in Canada and abroad”. She played Dr Cristina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy for a decade, winning a stack of awards, and has more recently been lauded for her role as Eve in Killing Eve.

    As with the UK, Canada has been observing a period of mourning after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who died Thursday 8 September and whose funeral is currently taking place, watched by billions across the world.

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is also present, alongside world leaders such as Emmanuel Macron, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Italian President Sergio Mattarella for the major occasion. Royals are present including all of the Queen’s grandchildren, the children of the now-Prince of Wales Prince William, who is next in line to the throne behind his father, King Charles III.

    Other celebrities present include adventure TV star Bear Grylls, a chief scout who tweeted last week saying the Queen had left a “bright legacy of hope and promise for future generations.”

    Sophie Winkleman, who played Big Suze in Channel 4 cult comedy Peep Show, is also present as she is a minor royal. She is married to Lord Frederick Windsor, the son of the Queen’s cousin Prince Michael of Kent.

    The funeral procession is currently taking place, with coverage on virtually all British TV channels and simulcast around the world. It is expected to be one of the most-watched TV broadcasts of all time.

    Jesse Williams Runs Back to Court Over Custody ... And Another Broadway Run

    (9/14/22) Jesse Williams is doing back-to-back seasons on Broadway, and because of some apparent fighting with his ex-wife over the custody arrangement for their kids ... he's now asking a judge to step in.

    The actor filed new legal docs that seek to change the custody order that was agreed to earlier this year when he was starting his Spring run for the baseball play "Take Me Out," when he and Aryn Drake-Lee settled on him having his kids 4 consecutive days a month in NYC.

    In the paperwork, obtained by TMZ, Jesse is asking to tweak that a bit ... seeing how he's going back to Broadway in the fall for yet another outing in the production. He wanted the same deal -- 4 consecutive days/month -- starting in October ... but says Aryn refused to play ball, so he's going to court over it and wants a few other tweaks.

    For the month of October, Jesse is requesting he get his kids in the Big Apple for 4 days between Oct. 7 through Oct. 12 -- as well as 4 days through the Thanksgiving break ... and wants a similar arrangement to continue through January.

    Now, you'd think that'd be A-OK since both he and Aryn signed off on a very similar arrangement back in March ... but, unfortunately, Jesse's saying they're fighting again over the dates for this go-around -- with him alleging that Aryn's refusing his requests.

    Namely, he claims she'll only agree to his dates ... just so long as the kids aren't forced to head to New York, which is a no-go for Jesse, since that's where he's living at the moment.

    Essentially, he's saying Aryn's being unreasonable and trying to enforce conditions that'll deprive him of seeing his children for nearly 2 months -- and now wants a judge to weigh in.

    Richard Flood & Acushla-Tara Kupe To Lead ‘The Gone’ For RTÉ And TVNZ With ‘GOT’s Michelle Fairley Also Aboard

    (9/12/22) Richard Flood (Grey’s Anatomy) and Acushla-Tara Kupe (Mr Corman) have been cast as leads in The Gone, a mystery drama series for RTÉ and New Zealand’s TVNZ that brings together Irish and Maori culture. The pair will front the series, which goes into principal photography on location in Auckland and Te Aroha, New Zealand this week, with further shooting taking place in Ireland’s capital Dublin late this year.

    New Zealand’s Kingfisher Films and About Joan co-producer Blinder Films are co-producing, in association with another Kiwi firm, Southern Light Films. Te Puna Kairangi, the New Zealand Government’s Premium Productions for International Audiences Fund and New Zealand’s Screen Production Grant; Screen Ireland/Fís Éireann; NZ On Air; and the BAI Sound & Vision Fund have all supported the production. Red Arrow Studios International has the distribution rights.

    The Gone stars Flood as Theo Richter, an Irish detective who teams with Kiwi cop Diana Huia (Kupe) to find a young Irish couple vanish from an infamous rural North Island New Zealand town. Amidst the search and a race against time, the pair have to contend with a community’s growing disquiet that the disappearances may be linked to a series of historical murders.

    Michelle Fairley (Game of Thrones), Carolyn Bracken (The Dublin Murders) , Liam Carney (Gangs of New York) and Aaron Monaghan (Assassin’s Creed) have also been cast along with Aotearoa/New Zealand’s Wayne Hapi (Tuhoe, Whakatohea, Ngati Porou), Manu Bennett (Te Arawa, Ngati Kahungunu), Vanessa Rare (Ngati Pu, Ngati Porou, Ngati Pukenga, Ngapuhi) and Scott Wills.

    Flood is coming off a three-year run on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, where he played Dr Cormac Hayes. He’s also known for European-U.S. procedural Crossing Lines, Irish crime drama Red Rock and a role in Showtime’s Shameless. Kupe most recently appeared as Susan Corman in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Apple TV+ series Mr Corman and is set to appear in season two of Acorn TV and TVNZ’s comedy-drama series Under the Vines.

    The Gone‘s writers are Michael Bennett (In Dark Places) and Anna McPartlin (Striking Out, Holby City), with Peter Meteherangi Tikao Burger (One Lane Bridge, Until Proven Innocent, Resolve) and Hannah Quinn (Vikings Valhalla, Blood, The Stranger) directing.

    Executive Producers are Karl Zohrab for Kingfisher Films; Yvonne Donohoe (Striking Out, Extra Ordinary) and Katie Holly (Mr Malcolm’s List, Love & Friendship) for Blinder Films along with Greg Bailey. Southern Light’s Timothy White is a producer alongside Reikura Kahi. Simone Nathan (Our Flag Means Death, Kid Sister) and Karl Zohrab created the series, developed by McPartlin, Bennett and Donohoe.

    “What an adventure it’s been so far, working across Aotearoa New Zealand and Ireland with our colleagues at Blinder Films on the development of this gripping mystery,” said Zohrab. “We can’t wait to see these scripts brought to life by series directors Peter and Hannah, along with our terrific cast and crew.

    “The process of bringing The Gone to screen has been a true international cultural collaboration & a journey of learning, challenging, sharing stories and ideas; merging brilliant writing, directing, acting and creative talent from Ireland and New Zealand, two countries full of beauty, complexity and with many similarities,” said Donohoe. “We’re so thankful for the immense support from all our partners and we can’t wait for audiences to spend time with our characters, fall into the mysterious web of our story and be immersed in the two contrasting worlds of the series.”

    “The Gone series transports us to a picturesque small town with characters and storylines that reflect how culturally unique Aotearoa is,” added producer Kahi. “Te reo Maori [Maori language] is weaved organically through the series, reflective of a nation that is on a journey towards embracing the Maori language.”

    RTE worked with Blinder on Irish legal drama Striking Out and the broadcaster’s Director of Acquisitions & Co-Productions Dermot Horan said of The Gone: “It promises to be a cracking drama and one which will hopefully have viewers glued to their seats both in Ireland and New Zealand. We are particularly happy to be working with our fellow national broadcaster, TVNZ and with Red Arrow, who will be distributing this high-end drama to international broadcasters and platforms.”

    Cate Slater, TVNZ Director of Content, added: “We’re delighted to be continuing our commitment to co-productions to bring the very best premium content to TVNZ. The Gone is a thrilling concept that is sure to resonate with our viewers across TVNZ 1 and TVNZ+.”

    Flood is represented by More Medavoy Management, Denton Brierley, and Gersh. Kupe is represented by Gail Cowan Management in New Zealand and Rigmarole Management in the UK.

    Ellen Pompeo Talks About Reduced ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Presence, Reveals When She Will Return & Says “I’ll Never Truly Be Gone”

    (9/10/22) Ellen Pompeo on Friday made her first public comments about her reduced on-screen presence on Grey’s Anatomy next season. As Deadline exclusively reported last month, Pompeo will appear in only eight episodes of ABC’s top scripted series for the upcoming 19th season. She is using the time to star in and executive produce an eight-episode Untitled Orphan limited series for Hulu.

    “[Grey’s is] still gonna be just fine without me — I’m still gonna do the voiceover,” Pompeo told Deadline today on the red carpet for the Disney Legends ceremony at the D23 Expo, confirming that she will still do the series’ narration as Meredith. She said she hopes her fans would “come with me” to check out the Hulu series, in which she plays the mom in a drama inspired by the true story of Ukrainian-born Natalia Grace and her U.S. adoptive parents who claimed that she was an adult sociopath pretending to be a child. “I’m gonna put the same heart and passion into that.”

    Pompeo, who remains a Grey’s Anatomy executive producer, also revealed when she will be back on the show as Meredith after taking a break to film the Hulu series.

    “And I’ll be back at Grey’s for the finale, and we’ll see if we can keep it going,” she said. “I’m gonna always be a part of that show – I’m an exec producer on that show, I’ve spent two decades of my career on that show, it’s my heart and soul, and I’ll never truly be gone as long as that show’s on the air.”

    Pompeo also said that the upcoming season sets up the next generation of Grey’s. In one of the biggest new cast infusions on the show, which has reinvented itself multiple times throughout its run with major cast changes there are five new additions joining the cast for next season: Harry Shum Jr., Adelaide Kane, Alexis Floyd, Niko Terho, and Midori Francis.

    “We’re really trying to set up the next generation,” she said. “I’m really excited for them – they’re really great actors. …They’re really excited to be there and they’re excited to tell these stories.

    “It helps all of us who have been there since the beginning — it helps keep it new and fresh, so we’re really grateful to them.”

    At D23, Pompeo was enshrined as Disney Legends alongside her former Grey’s castmate Patrick Dempsey as well as Anthony Anderson, Kristen Bell, Chadwick Boseman, Rob’t Coltrin, Robert Price “Bob” Foster, Jonathan Groff, Don Hahn, Josh Gad, Doris Hardoon, Idina Menzel, Chris Montan and Tracee Ellis Ross.

    Patrick Dempsey Explains His New White Hair And No, He Is Not Playing A Targaryen For HBO

    (9/10/22) Sorry House of the Dragon fans: Patrick Dempsey will not cameo as a long-lost Targaryen on HBO.

    Grey’s Anatomy fans who were in attendance at the D23 Expo Friday were probably surprised to see Dempsey with very white hair. When Deadline asked him on the red carpet if he’s planning a special HOTD cameo, he revealed the real reason behind his shocking, snowy ‘do.

    Dempsey is playing Piero Taruffi, the Italian race car driver who won the 1957 Mille Miglia, in Michael Mann’s upcoming Ferrari. The movie also stars Adam Driver, Shailene Woodley and Penélope Cruz.

    “I’m having a great time, I get to drive a lot of fast cars,” he said.

    Earlier Friday, Dempsey received the Legends Award alongside his longtime Grey’s co-star Ellen Pompeo. He choked up as he reflected on his 37 years in the business and the “incredible platform” that was provided to him by Grey’s Anatomy. For one, it helped him to launch the Dempsey Center For Cancer Hope and Healing. “Fame is not everything,” said Dempsey. “Sometimes it’s very empty. The most important thing is to be of service.”

    ‘Disenchanted’ Teaser Trailer: First Look At Amy Adams-Patrick Dempsey Sequel Headed For Disney+

    (9/10/22) (Video) Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey and Maya Rudolph appeared during a D23 panel Friday to help unveil the first trailer for Disenchanted, the sequel to Disney’s 2007 hit movie.

    The pic will be released exclusively on Disney+ on November 24.

    “Well Giselle still has the love and joy, she now finds herself in slightly different position, as mother of infant and teenager, and wife, looking to find her way in the world,” Adams said Friday onstage in Anaheim. “She tries to move forward with best intentions.”

    The movie takes place 15 years after Giselle (Adams) and Robert (Dempsey) wed, but Giselle has grown disillusioned with life in the city, so they move their growing family to the sleepy suburban community of Monroeville in search of a more fairy tale life. Unfortunately, it isn’t the quick fix she had hoped for. Suburbia has a whole new set of rules and a local queen bee, Malvina Monroe (Maya Rudolph), who makes Giselle feel more out of place than ever. She turns to the magic of Andalasia for help, accidentally transforming the entire town into a real-life fairy tale and placing her family’s future happiness in jeopardy.

    Dempsey says his character’ biggest challenge? “His commute. He grew up in Manhattan, little bit longer commute. A challenge getting to office every day.”

    As show in the trailer Rudolph plays Adams’ foe: “It was really fun,” she said. “I like you am a huge fan of the original Enchanted. I can’t believe I got to be a part of this — it’s not easy being mean to Amy Adams but we had so much fun together. We made a fun meal out of being nasty to one other.”

    Idina Menzel and James Marsden also star in the musical pic along with Gabriella Baldacchino, Yvette Nicole Brown and Jayma Mays. Adam Shankman directs, and it features new songs from Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz. Barry Josephson, Barry Sonnenfeld and Adams are producers.

    Check out the trailer above.

    D23 Expo Honors Disney Legends Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Tracee Ellis Ross, & More

    (9/10/22) Grey’s Anatomy stars Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey, along with blackish leads Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson and the late Chadwick Boseman, were honored as Legends Friday to help kick off D23 Expo: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event.

    The ABC stars and the lead of Black Panther, along with Frozen‘s Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad, Imagineer Robert Coltrin, the late Robert Price “Bob” Foster (who procured the land for Walt Disney World), film producer Don Hahn, Imagineer Doris Hardoon and music producer Chris Montan were named Disney Legends for their “extraordinary contributions” to the studio’s legacy.

    Pompeo was celebrated first for her starring role in ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. Dubbed a superhero in scrubs by host Tamron Hall, Pompeo took the stage and began with an anecdote about her daughter Stella and how she caught her watching an episode of blackish last night.

    “I said, ‘what is about blackish you love so much?’ She said, ‘it’s so relatable, mom.’ That’s the power of storytelling,” Pompeo told the crowd. “To be a storyteller and to work with the best storytellers in the world is quite a magical thing and we couldn’t do it without you. We tell the stories for you.”

    Pompeo’s longtime co-star Dempsey, who also stars in the studio’s Enchanted movie franchise, choked up as he reflected on his 37 years in the business and the “incredible platform” that was provided to him by Grey’s Anatomy. For one, it helped him to launch the Dempsey Center For Cancer Hope and Healing. “Fame is not everything,” said Dempsey. “Sometimes it’s very empty. The most important thing is to be of service.”

    Anderson talked about growing up in Compton, CA. and how Disney was “always in the background.” “Disney has always been a part of my life, my upbringing, my childhood and it has informed me and allowed me to be the entertainer and the man that I am today,” said Anderson, who wore a rose-colored suit for the occasion. “Disney has taught all of us to dream, and to dream big.”

    Ellis Ross thanked Disney for giving the “ish” franchise a platform and thanked Kenya Barris for creating a show that “truly changed the landscape of modern television.” “It feels really legendary to advocate for and breath life into a joyful Black woman for eight years on a great show.” She also hopes blackish gives way to “more Black women-centered stories that reflect the truth and diversity of who we are in the world.”

    Montan made a funny at the podium by asking the audience to name their five favorite Paramount songs (hint: there aren’t any) before asking them to recall all their favorite Disney tunes.

    Groff talked about how “Disney was my complete life as a kid” and how “as a young gay boy growing up in the late 80s early 90s in Pennsylvania, Disney VHS tapes were my primary source of escape and self expression.”

    Bell said, “I’m sorry to every parent who has to listen to Frozen on loop. I feel you.” Gad hilariously called out the Disney employee who refused to hire him as a jungle cruise operator when he was 18. And Menzel said it was Disney tunes that she sung as a child that inspired her to pursue a career in music. She then crooned a few bars of “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

    The ceremony wrapped with a tribute to Boseman. His brother/preacher Derrick accepted the award. “I wish he was here to receive it. Him not being here has been a point of immense pain for my whole family.”

    After receiving their awards, each recipient was photographed with Disney CEO Bob Chapek, who opened the ceremony by promising “our biggest, most over the top D23 Expo ever.”

    The Disney Legends Awards program is a 35-year tradition of The Walt Disney Company, which began when Fred MacMurray was honored in 1987.

    The three-day, D23 Expo continues through Sunday in Anaheim.

    Grey's Anatomy Books Kate Walsh to Recur as Addison in Season 19

    (9/7/22) The doctor is (back) in. Kate Walsh will be returning to Grey’s Anatomy in a recurring capacity in Season 19, our sister site Variety reports.

    The actress, who made her debut as Addison Montgomery in the long-running ABC drama’s Season 1 finale, stayed with the show through Season 3, at which point she was tapped to headline her own spinoff, the L.A.-set Private Practice, which ran for six seasons. After guest-starring here and there on Grey’s through Season 8, Walsh reprised her role in Season 18, for a short arc that allowed Addison to not only perform a groundbreaking uterine transplant but make peace with the passing of ex-husband Derek Shepherd.

    The fan favorite’s first episode of Season 19, which kicks off on Thursday, Oct. 6, at 9/8c, will be its third. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that original cast member Ellen Pompeo (AKA Meredith) will appear in the upcoming season only in a “limited capacity.” In turn, Scott Speedman (who plays her significant other, Nick) has been bumped from series-regular to recurring status.

    Continuing on as series regulars are OGs James Pickens Jr. (Richard) and Chandra Wilson (Bailey) as well as Caterina Scorsone (Amelia), Kevin McKidd (Owen), Kim Raver (Teddy), Kelly McCreary (Maggie), Anthony Hill (Winston), Camilla Luddington (Jo), Chris Carmack (Link) and Jake Borelli (Levi).

    New to the series as first-year medical residents are Harry Shum Jr. (Glee), Adelaide Kane (Reign), Alexis Floyd (Inventing Anna), Niko Terho (who starred opposite Borelli in the Freeform rom-com The Thing About Harry) and Midori Francis (Sex Lives of College Girls).

    Jennifer Holland, Sean Gunn, Molly C. Quinn, Jason George and Jackie Tohn Board Anthology Film ‘Give Me An A’ Responding To Overturning Of Roe V. Wade

    (8/30/22) Jennifer Holland (Peacemaker), Sean Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy films), Molly C. Quinn (Castle), Jason George (Grey’s Anatomy) and Jackie Tohn (GLOW) have been tapped for roles in Give Me An A, a feature-length anthology made by more than two dozen female filmmakers and producers that links together 15 short films, in response to the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade. The actors will appear in segments from different directors, in genres ranging from horror and sci-fi, to satire and dark comedy.

    The film currently in post-production will have been completed in less than 10 weeks from the date of Roe’s overturning — which eliminated the longstanding constitutional right to abortion — in an effort to ensure this is a response and not a delayed reaction. The creators, cast and crew have made a significant effort to expedite the process in order to start a conversation with audiences about the importance of bodily autonomy and address the dysfunction of a democracy that is not protecting the needs of a majority of the population.

    Give Me An A will also star Monique Coleman, Parker Young, Regina Ting Chen, Ian Nelson, Trent Garrett, Kristen Ariza, Carolina Ravassa, Maze Felix, Kevin Fonteyne, Galen Howard, Andrea Cortés, Julia Vasi, Courtney Dietz and Avital Ash.

    The anthology will be tied together with a wraparound piece, directed by the project’s EP Natasha Halevi, which features increasingly furious cheerleaders that inspired the film’s name. The segments comprising the anthology come from filmmakers including Valerie Finkel, Megan Rosati, Bonnie Discepolo, Monica Moore-Suriyage, Meg Swertlow, Loren Escandon, Francesca Maldonado, Avital Ash, Erica Wright, Mary C. Russell, Danin Jacquay, Sarah Kopkin, Hannah Alline and Caitlin Hargraves. Writers on the project included Lexx Fusco, Annie Bond, Savannah Rose Scaffe, Rowan Fitzgibbon, Danielle Aufiero and Laura Covelli.

    In addition to Halevi, the producing team includes Giselle Gilbert, Jordan Crucchiola, Jonna Jackson, Jessica Taylor Galmor, Charlene Fitzgibbon and Alyssa Matusiak.

    Holland stars as Agent Emilia Harcourt on HBO Max’s Peacemaker, having first played the role in 2021’s The Suicide Squad. She’s also been seen on series like Sun Records and American Horror Story, among many others.

    Gunn has played Kraglin in all three Guardians of the Galaxy films, including the upcoming Vol. 3, also handling motion capture for the character of Rocket. The actor has also played these parts in films including Thor: Love and Thunder, Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War. Other notable film credits include The Suicide Squad, Agnes, The Belko Experiment and Super.

    Best known for her role as Alexis Castle on ABC’s Castle, Quinn has also appeared in films like Agnes, Doctor Sleep, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and We’re the Millers, to name a few.

    George is known for turns on series like Station 19, Grey’s Anatomy, Mistresses, Eastwick and Eli Stone, among many others, and in such films as Playing for Keeps, Bewitched, Barbershop and Clockstoppers.

    Tohn played Melanie Rosen on Netflix’s GLOW and has also been seen on series like The Boys and The Good Place. Notable film credits include The Opening Act, A Futile and Stupid Gesture, CHIPS and Jem and the Holograms. The actress will next be seen in the comedy Old Dads, marking the feature directorial debut of comedian Bill Burr.

    Holland is repped by CAA, Atlas Artists and Jackoway Austen Tyerman; Gunn by UTA, Mitch Clem Management and Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz; Quinn by Paradigm, 11:11 Entertainment and Brecheen Feldman Breimer; George by APA and Yorn, Levine, Barnes; and Tohn by CAA, Armada Partners and Myman Greenspan Fox.

    Disney To Honor Chadwick Boseman, Kristen Bell & Ellen Pompeo With Disney Legends Award At D23 Expo

    (8/19/22) Disney’s D23 Expo will kick off next month with a presentation of this year’s class of Disney Legends, the roster of which was announced today. Per the company, “The Disney Legends Award is given to an individual who has made an extraordinary contribution to the Disney legacy.”

    This year’s honorees are Anthony Anderson, Kristen Bell, Chadwick Boseman, Rob’t Coltrin, Patrick Dempsey, Robert Price “Bob” Foster, Jonathan Groff, Don Hahn, Josh Gad, Doris Hardoon, Idina Menzel, Chris Montan, Ellen Pompeo, and Tracee Ellis Ross.

    Tamron Hall will host the ceremony.

    “For nearly a century, Disney has been entertaining and inspiring people around the world,” said Chapek in a statement today. “I can’t wait to give fans a first look at what we have in store for our hundredth anniversary, and how we’re using this occasion to celebrate all the fans and families who have welcomed Disney into their lives.”

    The Disney Legends Awards program begin in 1987 with Fred MacMurray becoming the first Disney Legend. Including this year’s honorees, 304 Disney Legends have been named, including Tim Allen, Julie Andrews, Robert Downey Jr., Annette Funicello, Whoopi Goldberg, Sir Elton John, Angela Lansbury, George Lucas, Steve Martin, Robin Roberts, Marty Sklar, Dick Van Dyke, Barbara Walters, Ming-Na Wen, Betty White and Robin Williams.

    As part of the same presentation on September 9 at 10:30, Chapek will help kick off Disney’s 100th anniversary celebration, dubbed Disney100.

    ‘Ally McBeal’ Sequel With New Lead In Works At ABC From Karin Gist; Calista Flockhart Eyed To Return

    (8/19/22) Exactly two decades since David E. Kelley’s Ally McBeal ended its five-season run on Fox, the Emmy-winning legal dramedy starring Calista Flockhart is plotting a comeback with a sequel series, which is in early development at ABC, I have learned.

    Written and executive produced by Karin Gist (Mike), I hear the new show will follow a young Black woman who joins the law firm from the original series (or its current incarnation) straight out of law school. The young woman is believed to be the daughter of Ally McBeal’s (Flockhart) D.A. roommate Renée Raddick, who was played by Lisa Nicole Carson on the mothership series.

    I hear Flockhart has been approached to reprise her title role from the original in some capacity and to executive produce the follow-up. A decision on her potential involvement likely won’t be made until a script has been written.

    Kelley created and executive produced Ally McBeal through his overall deal at 20th Television that had his David E. Kelley Productions function as a mini studio, giving the prolific producer a bigger say in exploiting existing IP. I hear Kelley has been looped in on the idea and has given his blessing for the follow-up. Given the new show’s focus on a new character who is a Black woman, I hear Kelley felt he was not needed and graciously stepped aside out of respect for Gist being able to tell that character’s story. There are no current plans for Kelley to be involved in the sequel, which Ally McBeal studio 20th Television, part of Disney TV Studios, is producing. Gist serves as showrunner and executive produces through her production banner, The Gist of It, alongside the company’s EVP Claire Brown.

    Reps for ABC and 20th TV declined comment.

    Executives at 20th TV had been looking to bring back Ally McBeal in some shape or form for years; the efforts were stepped up after the 2019 Disney acquisition of Fox assets, including 20th TV, fueled by how well the series’ DNA fits into ABC’s core brand of female-driven character dramas with levity. I hear Gist’s take was very well received across the board, leading to the pitch’s sale to ABC for development.

    The setup of the Ally McBeal follow-up is reminiscent of NBC’s upcoming Night Court sequel series, which also features a new lead character (Melissa Rauch) who is the daughter of a character from the original series and has the original lead, John Larroquette, reprising his role alongside her.

    Ally McBeal, which aired on Fox from 1997-2002, starred Flockhart as Ally, a lawyer working in the Boston law firm Cage and Fish along with her ex-lover and his wife, and followed Ally’s trials and tribulations through life as she looked for love and fulfillment. The main focus of the dramedy was the romantic and personal lives of the main characters, often using legal proceedings as plot device.

    The series won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series in 1999, one of seven Emmys and a slew of other major awards for its run. Ally McBeal was known for its strong ensemble cast, led by Flockhart and featuring Courtney Thorne-Smith, Greg Germann, Carson, Jane Krakowski, Peter MacNicol, Gil Bellows, Lucy Liu, Portia de Rossi as well as musician Vonda Shepard who rose to fame on the show. Additionally, the series gave Robert Downey Jr. one of his first big roles following his 1990s legal troubles en route to his blockbuster career comeback in Iron Man.

    Ally McBeal transcended television to become a pop culture phenom and generate memes before memes existed with its infamous dancing baby. It remains influential two decades after its end, with She-Hulk‘s creative team recently listing the dramedy as an inspiration for their Marvel series.

    Gist is among the top creators/showrunners on 20th TV’s roster of overall deals. Under the pact, she is executive producer and showrunner on the new Mike Tyson limited series Mike for Hulu. She co-created, executive produced and showran the Fox series Our Kind of People and served as executive producer and showrunner on the ABC comedy mixed-ish.

    Previously, Gist served as executive producer and showrunner of Fox’s Star for Seasons 2 and 3. Before that, she was a co-executive producer on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy from 2015-17. Additional writing and producing credits include WB/CW’s One Tree Hill, Showtime’s House of Lies and ABC’s Revenge. Her film writing credits include Disney’s Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2, Jump In and VH1’s Drumline: A New Beat. She is repped by Adventure Media, Joel McKuin and ID PR.

    ‘The Sandman’ Drops Surprise Bonus Episode With Sandra Oh, James McAvoy, David Tennant & Michael Sheen – Watch The Trailer

    (8/19/22) Netflix has surprised fans of The Sandman with an additional “bonus” episode of the popular series. The two-part animated/live-action hybrid episode, which was released at midnight PT, features favorite stories from Neil Gaiman’s graphic novels, “A Dream of A Thousand Cats” and “Calliope,” with guest stars Sandra Oh, James McAvoy, David Tennant and Michael Sheen.

    Watch the trailer below.

    The 10-episode drama starring Tom Sturridge and based on Gaiman’s popular DC Comics series has remained at No. 1 on the Netflix Top 10 TV list (English) for a second week in a row with 196.98 million hours viewed since its August 5 debut. The series also appeared in the Top 10 in 93 countries.

    The animated “A Dream of a Thousand Cats” portion stars Tom Sturridge in his The Sandman role as Dream. Guest voice cast members include Oh as The Prophet, Rosie Day as The Tabby Kitten, David Gyasi as The Grey Cat, Joe Lycett as The Black Cat, Gaiman as Crow/Skull Bird, McAvoy as Golden-Haired Man, David Tennant as Don, Georgia Tennant as Laura Lynn, Sheen as Paul, Anna Lundberg as Marion, Nonso Anozie as Wyvern, Diane Morgan as Gryphon, and Tom Wu as Hippogriff.

    “We endeavored to make the animated version of ‘A Dream of a Thousand Cats’ as mesmerizing and hypnotic as we could by utilizing the magic of real oil paintings on canvas,” said director Hisko Hulsing. “We combined the paintings with classically drawn 2D animation, based on realistic 3D animation of telepathic cats in order to create a trippy world that feels both grounded and dreamy at the same time. Untold Studios in London created the breathtaking 3D animation of the cats. The wonderful 2D animation, oil paintings and stylizing were all done at Submarine Studios in Amsterdam.”

    Louise Hooper directed the live-action story “Calliope” portion, featuring Sturridge along with Melissanthi Mahut as Calliope, Arthur Darvill as Richard Madoc, Nina Wadia as Fate Mother, Souad Faress as Fate Crone, Dinita Gohil as Fate Maiden, Kevin Harvey as Larry, Amita Suman as Nora, and Derek Jacobi as Erasmus Fry.

    Catherine Smyth-McMullen penned the teleplay for the hybrid episode, which was developed and executive produced by Gaiman, David S. Goyer and Allan Heinberg. Sam Mucke served as producer.

    The Sandman is produced by Warner Bros. Television, based on the DC Comic by Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringeberg. (Video)

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Sets Returning Series Regular Cast For Season 19; Find Out Who Is Not Coming Back Full-Time

    (8/18/22) Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 18 finale left the fate of several major characters in limbo, leaving fans to fret over the summer if their favorites are coming back.

    Deadline already broke the news that star Ellen Pompeo will be scaling back her on-screen presence, appearing in eight episodes next season while remaining an executive producer. Also switching from a series regular to recurring status for Season 19 is Scott Speedman. The news is not surprising; the former Animal Kingdom star had signed a one-year series regular contract for Season 18 as a romantic interest for Pompeo’s Meredith. At the end of the Season 18 finale, Meredith and Speedman’s Nick had a falling out, she told him that he should probably go back to Minnesota. He walked out, she eventually ran after him but he was gone in one of the finale’s many cliffhangers.

    With Speedman set to return in Season 19 as a recurring guest star, Meredith and Nick’s storyline is expected to get a proper wrap.

    Except for Pompeo, Speedman as well as Richard Flood, who left the series last spring, all other Season 18 series regular cast members will be back full-time for Season 19. That includes Chandra Wilson, James Pickens, Jr., Kevin McKidd, Kim Raver, Camilla Luddington, Caterina Scorsone, Kelly McCreary, Chris Carmack, Jake Borelli and Anthony Hill.

    I hear of the group, only McCreary’s contract was up this year and was renewed. I hear a slew of Grey’s Anatomy series regulars’ deals are up next May, which will make for a suspenseful second half of the season. ABC has not said yet whether the upcoming 19th season will be the series’ last, a possibility with Pompeo’s reduced presence as the show’s titular character.

    Some of the other Season 18 finale cliffhangers involved Pickens, Jr.’s Richard left with little to do as the Grey Sloan teaching program was shut down, sending current residents, including Borelli’s Levi packing; Wilson’s Bailey quit, with Meredith becoming an interim Chief Of Surgery; while McKidd’s Owen and Raver’s Teddy were last seen on the run, flying on a plane with their kids, likely to another country.

    Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy premieres Oct. 6.

    Grey's Vets Defend Ellen Pompeo's Decision to Go Part-Time in Season 19

    (8/18/22) If you’re thinking of coming for Ellen Pompeo over her decision to go part-time at Grey’s Anatomy, don’t; her castmates aren’t having it. “Ellen has been the captain of this ship all these years, and she’s about to start producing,” Kevin McKidd tells E! News’ Daily Pop, “so she needed to make room in her schedule for that.”

    As TVLine reported earlier this month, Pompeo, who last January extended her deal with the venerable ABC medical drama through the upcoming 19th season, will continue to narrate the show but will only appear in a “limited capacity” — said to be just eight episodes (or less than half of the roughly 20-23 that will be produced). In her newly free time, she will be producing and starring in an as-yet-untitled limited series for Hulu.

    “The fact that she’s not leaving the show and is just scaling back a bit” really impresses McKidd, who adds, “What I think is beautiful about it is it shows her love for the show still.”

    In an interview with Extra, Jesse Williams seconds that emotion. “That woman has worked so hard all year, every year, for the last 20 years building that franchise globally,” he says. “Any time off she gets is well-earned.”

    Besides, Williams is confident that Grey’s Anatomy has a plan to fill the void left by Meredith’s occasional absence. “I’m sure they have something creative up their sleeve,” he says. No doubt, it includes the series’ slew of new hires. “We have these new amazing interns,” McKidd notes, and those incoming doctors will be pumping “new blood in the show.”

    Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy kicks off on Thursday, Oct. 6, at 9/8c.

    ‘Take Me Out’ Gets Another Broadway At-Bat Starting In October; Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Jesse WIlliams Return To Lineup

    (8/18/22) Tony winner Jesse Tyler Ferguson and nominee Jesse Williams are suiting up again as stars of the baseball-themed Take Me Out, which is set to return to Broadway in the fall. The hit revival will re-take the field October 27 at the Schoenfeld Theatre for 14 weeks, it was revealed today.

    Written by Richard Greenberg and directed by Scott Ellis, Take Me Out bowed in the spring and went on to glove Tony Awards for Best Revival of a Play and Best Featured Actor for Ferguson. The show won widespread critical acclaim — and some unwanted headlines when an audience member recorded and posted on social media some nude scenes.

    Here is the show’s stat line: When Darren Lemming (Williams), the star center fielder for the Empires, comes out of the closet, the reception off the field reveals a barrage of long-held unspoken prejudices dealing with sexuality and masculinity, money and power, and race and class. Facing some hostile teammates and fraught friendships, Darren is forced to contend with the challenges of being a gay person of color within the confines of a classic American institution. As the Empires struggle to rally toward a championship season, the players and their fans begin to question tradition, their loyalties, and the price of victory.

    The rest of the cast is TBA.

    “Second Stage’s Tony Award-winning production was one of the most buzzed-about plays of the spring season, and its limited run was too brief to capture the interest and demand for tickets,” producer Barry Weissler said in a statement.

    The creative team for Take Me Out includes scenic design by David Rockwell, costume design by Linda Cho, lighting design by Kenneth Posner, sound design by Bray Poor and casting by Jim Carnahan.

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Veteran Zoanne Clack Named ‘Station 19’ Head Writer

    (8/17/22) Grey’s Anatomy executive producer Zoanne Clack, MD, MPH, has been named executive producer and head writer of spinoff Station 19. Clack, who has started her new duties as #2 to executive producer/showrunner Krista Vernoff on first-responders drama Station 19, will remain an exec producer on medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, also exec produced/showrun by Vernoff.

    On Station 19, Clack is succeeding Kiley Donovan who has stepped down. Donovan also had dual responsibilities across the two Grey’s Anatomy franchise dramas and will continue as co-executive producer on the mothership series.

    The change follows a recent upheaval in the Station 19 writers room following an incident involving racial slur use by a racist character in a draft of an outline that exposed long-simmering racial issues on the show and prompted producer Shondaland to act swiftly, using the situation as an opportunity “to reimagine the structure of leadership in the name of creating a more respectful and inclusive workplace.”

    Dr. Clack, who started her TV writing career on Presidio Med and was a consultant on ER, has been with Grey’s Anatomy since the start as a writer and a medical adviser, assisting in production of all medical aspects of the show. She attended Northwestern University, UT Southwestern Medical School, and Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University and completed a residency in Emergency Medicine, a fellowship in Injury Prevention, and spent a year at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Clack is a staunch advocate of promoting public health issues through the media. She served on the Board of the WGA and is now a Trustee on the board of the Producer-WGA Pension & Health Fund.

    Sarah Drew and Justin Bruening headline Reindeer Games Homecoming

    (8/11/22) Former Grey’s Anatomy costars Sarah Drew and Justin Bruening will headline the Lifetime holiday movie Reindeer Games Homecoming, written and executive-produced by Drew.

    ‘Our Son’: Andrew Rannells, Robin Weigert, Kate Burton, Phylicia Rashad, Cassandra Freeman & Isaac Powell Join Custody-Battle Drama

    (8/10/22) Director Bill Oliver has rounded out the cast for his drama Our Son, with Andrew Rannells (Girls5eva), Robin Weigert (American Horror Story) and Kate Burton (Inventing Anna) signing on for roles, along with Phylicia Rashad (This Is Us), Cassandra Freeman (Bel-Air) and Isaac Powell (Dear Evan Hansen).

    The recently-wrapped film starring Luke Evans and Billy Porter will follow a divorcing couple fighting for custody of their eight-year-old son. Oliver and Peter Nickowitz wrote the script, with Fernando Loureiro (Frances Ha) and Guilherme Coelho (Fala Tu) producing via their company Tigresa, along with Eric Binns (Lansky), Jennifer 8. Lee (The Price) and Christopher Lin. Alex Peace-Power is serving as co-producer, with CAA Media Finance representing the film’s distribution rights.

    Rannells is a Grammy winner and Tony Award nominee whose recent credits include Peacock’s Girls5eva and Showtime’s Black Monday, along with such films as The Boys in the Band and The Prom. He’s lent his voice to such animated series as Invincible and Big Mouth, and will next be seen in a recurring role on Robert Siegel’s Hulu limited series Immigrant, alongside Kumail Nanjiani, Annaleigh Ashford and Murray Bartlett.

    Weigert is an Emmy-nominated actress best known for playing Calamity Jane in HBO’s Deadwood and its film continuation, and for her role as Ally Lowen on Sons of Anarchy. The actress has also been seen on series like American Horror Story, Big Little Lies and Dietland, among many others. Notable film credits include Bombshell, Mississippi Grind, Pawn Sacrifice, The Sessions, Synecdoche, New York and The Good German.

    Burton is a three-time Tony and three-time Emmy nominee who has recently been seen on Netflix’s Inventing Anna, Hulu’s The Dropout, Amazon Freevee’s Bosch: Legacy and Showtime’s The First Lady, which had her playing former First Lady Hillary Clinton. The actress has also been seen on such series as Grey’s Anatomy, Supergirl, Charmed, Scandal and The Practice, among many others. Up next for her is the Bleecker Street thriller Breaking with John Boyega, which is slated for release on August 26.

    Rashad is a two-time Tony Award winner and six-time Emmy nominee best known for her role as Clair Huxtable on The Cosby Show who has recently been seen on such series as This Is Us, David Makes Man and Grey’s Anatomy, also featuring in such films as Soul, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, Black Box and tick, tick… BOOM!. Up next for the actress is the Michael B. Jordan-directed Creed III, in which she’ll reprise her role as Mary Anne Creed.

    Freeman plays Vivian Banks in Peacock’s Bel-Air, and has also been seen on series including The Last O.G., For Life, The Enemy Within, Luke Cage and Single Ladies, among others. Notable film credits include Reinaldo Marcus Green’s Monsters and Men, Spike Lee’s Inside Man and Chris Rock’s I Think I Love My Wife.

    Powell has been seen on such series as American Horror Story and Modern Love, and in films like Dear Evan Hansen. Other upcoming film projects for the actor include Susanna Fogel’s Cat Person, produced by 30West and StudioCanal, and Sophie Kargman’s dramatic thriller Susie Searches, with Kiersey Clemons and Alex Wolff.

    Rannells is represented by UTA, Rise Management and Hansen, Jacobson, Teller; Weigert by Innovative Artists, Thruline Entertainment and Jackoway Austen Tyerman; Burton by Lou Coulson Associates in the UK, Gersh and Principal Entertainment LA; Rashad by Innovative Artists and BKEntertainment; Freeman by Buchwald, One Entertainment and Granderson Des Rochers; and Powell by CAA, Impression Entertainment and Schreck Rose Dapello.

    Chyler Leigh Stars In New Hallmark Series ‘The Way Home’

    (8/9/22) Chyler Leigh (Grey’s Anatomy) is set to star in The Way Home, a new, original primetime series for Hallmark Channel that’s slated to begin production later this month. It stars Andie MacDowell and is set to premiere in 2023.

    Leigh plays Kat Landry, who moved away from her small, Canadian farm town of Port Haven many years ago following a family tragedy, and remains estranged from her mother Del (MacDowell) to this day. With her marriage coming to an end and having just been laid off from her job, Kat decides to return home after receiving an unexpected letter from Del urging her to come back. Although her 15-year-old daughter Alice is none-too-thrilled, Kat and her daughter arrive at her family’s farm, though the reunion isn’t what Kat had envisioned. As the three generations of women slowly work on finding their footing as a family, they embark on an enlightening – and surprising – journey none of them could have imagined.

    The Way Home is the first primetime series to be ordered under the leadership of Lisa Hamilton Daly, the executive vice president of programming for Crown Media Family Networks. The Way Home is a family drama that follows the lives of three generations of women within the Landry family — and it comes with a time travel twist

    “Chyler Leigh and Andie MacDowell are the perfect mother-daughter pairing for our new series, The Way Home,” said Daly. “We at Hallmark Channel cannot wait for her to grace our screens as a member of this cast.”

    Leigh is best known for playing Dr. Lexie Grey on Grey’s Anatomy. She went on to play Alex Danvers on The Flash, Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow for CW.

    The Way Home is executive produced by Marly Reed and Arnie Zipursky for Neshama Entertainment; Larry Grimaldi, Hannah Pillemer and Fernando Szew for MarVista Entertainment; and Heather Conkie, Alexandra Clarke, Andie MacDowell and Chyler Leigh.

    Leigh is represented by The Burstein Company, UTA and attorney Mitch Smelkinson.

    Ellen Pompeo Would Like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ To Be “Less Preachy” About Social Issues

    (8/4/22) Grey’s Anatomy does not shy away from tackling social issues, but star and executive producer Ellen Pompeo believes the long-running ABC medical drama should adjust the way it approaches those issues.

    “I think if I had any desire honestly it would be to be less sort of preachy in one episode about certain things,” Pompeo said on the latest episode of her Tell Me podcast. “It’s like, we do one episode about let’s see … Asian hate crimes is one that we did this past season that was really moving. I think I’d like to see things happen a little more subtly and over time. You know, consistently and less sort of hit you over the head for just one hour and then we never talk about it again.”

    She added, “I wish we could touch on these social issues that are important and have them be threads throughout.”

    As we reported Wednesday, Pompeo is scaling back her work on Grey’s after taking on a starring role in Hulu’s Orphan limited series. She will appear in her role as Meredith Grey in eight episodes of the upcoming 19th season, which is now starting production. She will continue to narrate (but may not do voiceover in every episode) and will remain an executive producer on the show, which remains ABC’s top scripted series.

    Created and written by Katie Robbins (The Affair), the Hulu limited series is inspired by the true story of Ukranian-born Natalia Grace and her US adoptive parents who claimed that she was an adult “sociopath” pretending to be a child. Pompeo will executive produce, as well as star in the series.

    Ellen Pompeo To Reduce ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ On-Screen Presence In Season 19 As She Takes On Hulu Series Role

    (8/3/22) In the Season 18 finale of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith made a decision not to move to Minnesota. While Meredith is staying at Grey Sloan Memorial as an interim Chief of Surgery, we will see less of her next season. Pompeo will appear in eight episodes of the upcoming 19th season, which is now starting production. She will continue to narrate (but may not do voiceover in every episodes) and will remain an executive producer on the hugely popular medical drama, which remains ABC’s top scripted series.

    The scale-back comes as Pompeo takes on her first role other than Meredith Grey in almost two decades — she is set to star in Hulu’s Orphan limited series inspired by the true story of Ukranian-born Natalia Grace and her US adoptive parents who claimed that she was an adult “sociopath” pretending to be a child.

    Pompeo’s desire to branch out and take on new acting challenges is believed to be behind the decision to do fewer episodes of Grey’s. The ABC drama has been keeping her busy as it has been producing as many as 25 episodes a year for a total of 400 to date. (Season 19 will likely consist of about 22 episodes, I hear.)

    Pompeo had seen her workload on the show reduced a bit the last two seasons as Meredith spent a sizable part of the pandemic-themed Season 17 in a coma and was in Minnesota for most of Season 19.

    While there has been chatter that Pompeo may be wrapping Meredith’s storyline next season, I hear there is no decision yet whether Season 19 would be the last for Pompeo as a star — or the show’s final chapter. Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes has said that she does not see Grey’s continuing without its leading lady. (There had been talk on and off about possibly extending the franchise with a new medical drama spinoff if and when the mothership series comes to an end.)

    Pompeo, who had been making the case for ending Grey’s Anatomy over the past couple of years, last October spoke about her post-Grey’s career plans.

    “I probably wouldn’t do movies per se, but I probably will do some streaming television,” Pompeo, who had acted primarily in movies until she was cast in Grey’s Anatomy in 2004, said at the time. She had already started expanding into other fields, including audio series with her Tell Me with Ellen Pompeo podcast which debuted in September.

    “I’m just trying to play in some different areas and do a few new things but I’m sure I’ll act again,” she said in October.

    Shortly after that, ABC and Grey’s Anatomy studio ABC Signature began conversations with Pompeo about continuing on Grey’s. She ultimately agreed to return for Season 19, securing the show’s renewal, which was announced in January.

    I hear back then, Pompeo already had decided to do only a portion of the episodes while continuing as narrator and EP as she also takes on new acting challenges. After months of back-and-forth, she and the producers settled on 8 episodes. She started conversations about joining the Orphan series earlier this summer.

    Meanwhile, she sparked to Orphan, produced by same studio as Grey’s, ABC Signature, and came on board as star and EP, helping the project secure a green light.

    Eighteen years in, Grey’s Anatomy has been able to reinvent itself multiple times as it went through numerous casting changes, with Pompeo as the glue keeping the show together. The highly rated medical drama is headed to another transformational season, with Pompeo stepping back and five new additions joining the cast, Harry Shum Jr., Adelaide Kane, Alexis Floyd, Niko Terho, and Midori Francis.

    Ellen Pompeo To Star In & EP Orphan-Adoption Limited Series Greenlighted By Hulu

    (8/3/22) The stranger-than-fiction story of Ukranian-born Natalia Grace and her U.S. adoptive parents, who claimed that she was an adult “sociopath” pretending to be a child, is the inspiration for an eight-episode Hulu limited series starring and executive produced by Ellen Pompeo.

    As she takes on the Untitled Orphan Project, Grey’s Anatomy star Pompeo will be scaling back her on-screen presence on the ABC medical drama next season to eight episodes. She will remain a narrator and executive producer on the show.

    The shocking case, which has drawn parallels to the 2009 horror movie Orphan, made national headlines in September 2019 when Kristine Barnett and her ex-husband Michael Barnett were charged with neglect for allegedly abandoning their adopted daughter Natalia, who has a rare form of dwarfism, in 2013 when she was 9. (After putting her up in an apartment, they had moved to Canada.) The parents have claimed that Natalia, whom they adopted when they thought she was 6, is in fact a mentally disturbed adult woman who threatened their lives. Most of the charges against the Barnetts eventually were dismissed; Natalia has denied the accusations that she is a grownup con artist.

    The limited series was created and written by Katie Robbins (The Affair). Here is the logline: Inspired by the true story of the Midwestern couple who adopts what they believe is a little girl with dwarfism. As they begin to raise her alongside their three biological children, they slowly start to believe she may not be who she says she is. As they question her story, they’re confronted with hard questions of their own about the lengths they’re willing to go to defend themselves, falling into a battle that’s fought in the tabloids, the courtroom, and ultimately their marriage.

    Pompeo will play the mother.

    The project has been in the works at Hulu for a year and a half. Mike Epps and his managers Dan Spilo and Niles Kirchner had originally obtained the rights to Michael Barnett’s story before taking the idea to the Disney-controlled streamer. Hulu optioned the rights to Michael Barnett in January 2021, and Robbins was brought in to write the script. Pompeo came on board earlier this summer.

    Erin Levy will serve as showrunner on the series and executive produce alongside Robbins. Pompeo will executive produce through her production banner Calamity Jane with Laura Holstein. Epps, Spilo and Niles Kirchner also executive produce alongside Andrew Stearn, who at the time of the Hulu sale had a deal at ABC Signature predecessor ABC Studios.

    This marks Pompeo’s first major acting role outside of the Grey’s Anatomy franchise since the 2005 feature Life of the Party. Pompeo acted primarily in movies before she was cast as Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy 18 years ago and has been focused on the hit show ever since. In addition to starring, Pompeo serves as an executive producer on ABC’s hugely popular medical drama, which is headed to its 19th season. She is repped by CAA, John Carrabino Management, The Lede Company and Hansen Jacobson.

    Robbins is repped by UTA, Aaron Kogan Management and attorney Jonathan Shikora. Levy is repped by WME. Michael Barnett was repped in the deal by attorney Terrance Kinnard.

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