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April 11: 'Never Felt So Alone'

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    Shonda Rhimes Reveals The British TV Show She Wishes She’d Made Herself

    (4/14/24) Shonda Rhimes has made more than her share of era-defining TV drama, but there is one British classic she reveals she wishes she had made herself.

    Rhimes, the creator of Bridgerton which returns for a third season on Netflix in May, told The Times of London she enjoys watching other TV shows including Succession, Beef and The Bear, but there is one she wishes she had created –the UK’s longrunning sci-fi epic Doctor Who.

    She said: “I have been obsessed with that show for ever.”

    And when she met Doctor Who’s show-runner, Russell T Davies, credited with rebooting the show over a decade ago and bringing it to new heights? “I was so nervous.”

    Rhimes’s achievements are of similar size. Having created Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, she told the newspaper she was persuaded to move to Netflix because she wanted to have fun – she didn’t mention the lure of a reported $150million deal – and said the streamer’s bosses told her, “Just make the shows you want to make.”

    They have been rewarded for their trust. On Bridgerton’s debut on Christmas Day 2020, it broke Netflix records becoming its most-watched English-language show. The second season broke that record two years later.

    Rhimes told The Times why she thought the show had found such a huge fanbase, with its offer of an antidote to the current world of dating apps and Tinder:

    “I think there’s this desire for something simpler, where there are rules to courting. We just said, how do you meet somebody? Well, back then you met somebody because you went to these balls, your parents talked and you had a dance. People seem to love that sort of order to a world, where the rules of love are so clear. There were rules of interaction, like a map, and that doesn’t exist anymore. There are no rules of engagement now in anything.”

    Ratings: Young Sheldon and Ghosts Rise, Tie 9-1-1 for Thursday Demo Win

    (4/12/24) In the latest TV ratings, CBS’ Young Sheldon was Thursday’s most-watched show and — along with Ghosts — caught up to ABC’s 9-1-1 for the first time to tie for the nightly demo win.

    CBS | Young Sheldon (with 7.4 million total viewers and a 0.6 rating) drew its second-largest audience of the season and matched its farewell run’s demo high; Ghosts (6.1 mil/0.6) in turn rose to best-since-season premiere numbers. So Help Me Todd (4.3 mil/0.4) and Elsbeth (4.4 mil/0.3) were steady.

    ABC | 9-1-1 (4.6 mil/0.6) dropped a handful of eyeballs, Grey’s Anatomy (3.3 mil/0.5) was steady, and Station 19 (2.4 mil/0.3) dipped to a new all-time audience low.

    NBC | Law & Order (3.9 mil/0.3) and Organized Crime (2. 9 mil/0.3) both dropped a few viewers but were steady in the demo. SVU (4.1 mil/0.3) dipped in the demo.

    FOX | Next Level Chef (1.8 mil/0.3) and Farmer Wants a Wife (1.7 mil/0.2) were steady.

    Grey’s Recap: Pregnant Pause — Plus, What’s Ailing Mer and Derek’s Son?

    (4/11/24) What could possibly be more chaotic than having Grey’s Anatomy’s surgical residents running around the hospital? Grey’s Anatomy’s surgical residents running around the hospital in pursuit of a bunch of drunk medical students, that’s what. And that’s exactly what Thursday’s episode teed up, along with a medical crisis for Meredith and Derek’s son and a missed period that could change the whole trajectory of Jo and Link’s fledgling relationship. Read on, and we’ll discuss it all.

    OH MY GOD, AND HALF MY JOB IS TEACHING WOMEN HOW NOT TO GET PREGNANT!’ | As “Never Felt So Alone” began, Helm helped Mika study (but not in the fun, naked way that Yasuda preferred), Simone continued to avoid Lucas like he was the plague, and Jo realized that her period was late. But before she and Link had even a second to absorb that shock, they were called into the pit to prep for an incoming trauma along with Bailey and Owen. Turned out, a second-floor deck had collapsed, injuring the sloshed attendees at a white-coat party. One of them, Simone’s patient, almost immediately stole away from his bed, sending her and Blue on a wild-goose chase to find him before he tried to “play doctor” in his state.

    Among the other cases, the most serious seemed to be that of med student Sophia, who had a piece of wood severing her spinal cord. Owen and Amelia’s plan was to remove the foreign object and hope for the best. But that didn’t seem to be good enough for Lucas. While operating on Sophia, Owen encouraged Amelia to go further in trying to treat her. “She would want you to,” Lucas called from the gallery. Helpful. Though Amelia was skeptical, the complicated surgery appeared to have worked.

    ‘YOU’RE PARENTING BY TEXT?’ | In other developments, Meredith learned that Nick had taken lil’ Bailey to the hospital in Boston with appendicitis. She was not pleased. (Is she ever pleased with her significant other?) When Richard happened upon her as she was trying and failing to get an immediate flight out of Seattle, he volunteered to ask Catherine to use her plane. Before take-off, Mer took time to call and berate Nick for not having phoned her immediately rather than wait in hopes that he wouldn’t have to worry her. Any decisions regarding her kids, she made clear, were going to be made by her.

    “That sounded like it went well,” Richard remarked drolly. (Apparently, he had time to just fly off to Boston, too.) As Meredith fretted aloud, it came to light that part of her worry was that mistakes happen — like the one that had killed Derek. Once Mom and Richard arrived in Boston and found out that lil’ Bailey’s surgery had gone well, Mer dismissed Nick with her trademark coldness. Mind you, as soon as the boy woke up, Nick was the first person he asked for.

    ‘I’M NOT GOING TO MOVE AROUND MY SCHEDULE BECAUSE MY PATIENT NEEDS A HUMAN WEIGHTED BLANKET’ | Treating a patient named Gilbert with a rapid heart rate, Winston was distracted by the divorce papers he’d just been delivered. And he and Jules were both distracted by the professional cuddler that Gilbert paid to keep him calm. Later, when Ndugu got pissy that Jules hadn’t prepped the patient for surgery, owing to his accelerating heart rate, she dared to call him on it. She was dying to learn from him, but not this version of him. What had happened to “the coolest attending”? When Gilbert had a panic attack en route to the O.R., “the coolest attending” returned — he acted as the patient’s cuddler. Once Winston was out of surgery, Jules apologized to him, and, in turn, he admitted that he hadn’t been bringing his best self to work lately.

    When Simone and Blue tracked down her patient, Eddie, he was on the roof… completely sober… and ready to “let the wind decide” whether he fell off or not. He wasn’t sure whether he’d gone up there to hurt himself, he said. But it was clear that his doing so was not out of the question. By and by, Simone convinced him to at least sit down. If only he’d stayed down. “I think I’m broken,” he said as he tossed his white coat to the street. “I don’t deserve this anymore.” As luck would have it, Ben happened to be visiting Bailey, so the Crisis One vet could race up to the roof to advise. “Calm down and keep him talking,” he told Blue. If Eddie became unstable and went beyond suicidal ideation, Ben and Bailey would intervene. Eddie felt like he was just going through the motions. Blue reached out to him, sharing that the pressure and pain could feel unbearable. He knew all too well, but he was still there. At last, Eddie came down off the ledge.

    ‘WHAT HAPPENED TO ‘WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER?'” | After Jo took a home pregnancy test, the results read negative. “Whew!” exclaimed Link, who had to admit that parenting was hella hard and he was relieved. Only… wait, no… the test was actually… positive? No. It was neither! The morning after, Jo was able to tell Link with certainty that she was not pregnant — but with him, she did want to have another kid. “I can get there,” he said. “It’s just gonna take me some time.” As the hour drew to a close, Nick barked back at Mer, pointing out that he had been there with and for the kids while she was away. But “I’m all they have,” she said. Except she wasn’t all they had anymore, he pointed out. They have him, too. Anyway, she’d actually come to apologize. “I’ve been doing this a long time alone; it may take me a minute to adjust,” she said. “I’ve got a minute,” Nick replied.

    Amelia and Owen reported that Sophia could recover fully — and, promisingly, she was able to wiggle her toes. Mika was stunned to learn that Levi had tried to get her on Sophia’s case, but his co-chief had overruled him. In other words, her own girlfriend had stuck her on crap duty. “Taryn betrayed me” is how she explained what had transpired to Jules. Winston reported to Teddy that she was cleared to return to work the following day; he needed some time off. Lucas happened upon Simone in an on-call room and asked if they could talk. She was too tired for that, but she did pull back the covers to let him climb into bed with her.

    ‘Smurfs’ Animated Cast Unveiled: Nick Offerman, Natasha Lyonne, Daniel Levy, Billie Lourd & More

    (4/11/24) Paramount‘s new animated Smurfs movie announced its voice cast at CinemaCon on Thursday.

    Joining Rihanna are Nick Offerman, Natasha Lyonne, JP Karliak, Daniel Levy, Amy Sedaris, Nick Kroll, James Corden, Octavia Spencer, Hannah Waddingham, Sandra Oh, Alex Winter, Billie Lourd and Xolo Maridueña with Kurt Russell and John Goodman.

    Chris Miller directs a the new movie based on the Peyo characters. Matt Landon is co-director.

    Ryan Harris, Rihanna, Laurence “Jay” Brown and Tyran “Ty-Ty” Smith are producers. Rihanna is penning original songs.

    The movie hits theaters on February 14, 2025.

    ‘Velma’ Gets Season 2 Premiere Date On Max

    (4/10/24) The 10-episode second season of the Max Original adult animated series Velma from Warner Bros. Animation debuts Thursday, April 25.

    When an even spookier mystery grips Crystal Cove, Velma (voiced by Mindy Kaling) — the unsung and underappreciated brains of the Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc. gang — must find a way to balance her detective work with the demands of her newfound popularity before it’s too late. Meanwhile, her faithful friends Daphne (Constance Wu), Norville (Sam Richardson) and Fred (Glenn Howerton) are powerless to help, thanks to their own personal battles — and worse, detention.

    The voice cast also includes Russell Peters, Melissa Fumero, Sarayu Blue, Jane Lynch, Wanda Sykes, Cherry Jones, Frank Welker, Nicole Byer, Gary Cole, Andia Winslow, and Sara Ramirez.

    The show was developed by Charlie Grandy, who executive produces along with Kaling, Howard Klein and Elijah Aron.

    Grey’s Anatomy Bringing Back Cristina? Here’s What Sandra Oh Says

    (4/10/24) In Season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith and Caterina Scorsone’s Amelia are working in secret to revolutionize the way that researchers approach finding a cure to Alzheimer’s disease. So it would only make sense for the sisters-in-law to call in an assist from Sandra Oh’s brilliant Cristina, right?

    Right. But alas, as Oh has maintained since she exited the enduring ABC drama back in Season 10, she has no plans to make a guest appearance the way that everyone from Kate Walsh (Addison) and Jessica Capshaw (Arizona) to Jesse Williams (Jackson) and Sarah Drew (April) have. “I love that people are still [so into it],” the fan favorite told Entertainment Tonight on April 9 on the red carpet for her new HBO series, The Sympathizer. “At one point, I was, ‘Come on, come on.’ But now I love it. I love that you asked me that, because Cristina Yang is, of course, near and dear to my heart.

    “[But] I will say,” she hastened to add, she wouldn’t be back. “Not anytime soon, my love.”

    A 2005 Golden Globe winner for her work on Grey’s Anatomy, Oh sees the operating room door as being closed. Nevertheless, “I hope people feel like I did my job, which is that I brought to life a character, and she had a growth over 10 seasons, and that it was true,” said the OG cast member. “She was ready to move on, and so have I.”

    Thursday Ratings: Elsbeth Returns Up After 5-Week Break

    (4/6/24) In the latest TV ratings, CBS‘ Young Sheldon was Thursday’s most-watches show, while ABC’s 9-1-1 led the night in the demo.

    With the Laws and the Orders on NBC in rerun mode….

    CBS | Young Sheldon (with 6.7 million total viewers and a 0.4 rating) and Ghosts (5.9 mil/0.5) were both up in viewers, though the former dipped in the demo. Back from a five-week, post-premiere break, Elsbeth at 9 pm (5.4 mil/0.3) was up 16% in audience from its premiere and also up in the demo. A second episode drew 4.6 mil/0.3.

    ABC | 9-1-1 (4.8 mil/0.6) slipped 13 percent in audience, Grey’s Anatomy (3.2 mil/0.5) rose in the demo, and Station 19 (2.6 mil/0.3) was steady.

    FOX | Next Level Chef (1.9 mil/0.3) and Farmer Wants a Wife (1.8 mil/0.2) each added a few eyeballs.

    Sandra Oh Joins Aziz Ansari’s Lionsgate Comedy ‘Good Fortune’

    (4/5/24) Sandra Oh (Killing Eve) has been tapped for a role in Lionsgate‘s Good Fortune, the debut feature of Master of None and Parks and Rec star Aziz Ansari, in which he also stars alongside Seth Rogen, Keanu Reeves, and Keke Palmer.

    Oh’s role is being kept under wraps, as is the plot of the movie. Ansari directed from his own script and also produced alongside Anthony Katagas and Alan Yang, with Aniz Adam Ansari and Jonathan McCoy exec producing. At Lionsgate, the film is overseen by Brady Fujikawa and Jon Humphrey.

    The film is the second Ansari has looked to direct, on the heels of the Searchlight dramedy Being Mortal, which was shut down amid complaints of inappropriate behavior on the part of cast member Bill Murray in 2022. Previously, he’s helmed his 2022 comedy special Nightclub Comedian for Netflix, as well as 11 episodes of Master of None, the acclaimed Netflix series, which he co-created with Yang.

    “It’s always so exciting when I get the opportunity to write a quote for a PR announcement. However, I’m pretty sure no one reads past the headline and gets to my quote except someone vetting this at Lionsgate PR,” admitted Ansari in a statement to Deadline. “If you are genuinely reading up to this point, I’m a bit concerned. Have you read Crime and Punishment? The novellas of Stefan Zweig? I’ve also heard Lonesome Dove is wonderful.

    “Anyway,” the actor-filmmaker continued, “Sandra Oh is wonderful and I’m so excited she is a part of our film. I must return to the edit now. Best wishes to all readers.”

    Known for leading the acclaimed series Killing Eve and The Chair, and for a longtime role on Grey’s Anatomy, as well as films like Alexander Payne’s Sideways, Oh can currently be seen starring opposite Awkwafina in the 20th/Hulu comedy Quiz Lady, which world premiered at last year’s Toronto Film Festival. Up next, she’ll be seen in the buzzy HBO/A24 series The Sympathizer starring recent Oscar winner Robert Downey Jr., which premieres April 14.

    Set to return to her theater roots in June with Atlantic Theater Company’s The Welkin, Oh is represented by UTA, Principal Entertainment LA, and Hansen, Jacobson, Teller.

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Jessica Capshaw On Her Season 20 Return To Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital

    (4/4/24) Paging Dr. Arizona Robbins!

    Jessica Capshaw made her return to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital on Thursday night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Naturally, the case involved fetal medicine, which she’s still been pursuing and advancing since she moved to New York with her daughter Sofia to be closer to her ex Callie.

    In this episode, Arizona is called back to Seattle to perform groundbreaking surgery on a fetus with a brain abnormality that would likely result in the baby’s death upon birth.

    She teams up with Grey Sloan’s chief neurosurgeon Dr. Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) to essentially perform a miracle and, in the process, inject some faith back into the rest of the staff at the hospital after a series of trying cases. And, of course, she challenges a bit of authority along the way, reminding Bailey (Chandra Wilson) why she’s always been such a fantastic teacher in the first place.

    Capshaw referred to the story as a “call back” to her introduction to Grey’s during Season 5 and, while it’s just a one-episode arc for now, she tells Deadline she’s still open for more — which is good news since the series was just renewed for Season 21.

    Read her interview below.

    DEADLINE: How did this come across your radar and why did you decide now was the right time to return?

    JESSICA CAPSHAW: It was really Meg Marinus. She’s such an incredible human being. She’s such a wonderful storyteller. She’s literally woven into the actual fabric of everything that Shonda started to create with Grey’s. She was there from the very beginning. She knows it inside and out. She’s just a hero for having been someone who has the resilience and grit to start in a place as someone who is a writers room assistant and then to ascend to running the whole thing is just kind of bananas. She wrote so many of the things, when I was there, that were just really important Arizona moments. So I knew that she really obviously understood, and she was one of the people that I really, really was so sad to say ‘see you later’ too. When she took the job, I was so excited for her from afar. Then when she reached out, she’s irresistible. Who would ever say no to her? It also just seemed like the right time. The way that she explained it and storyline wise, obviously, they had a shorter season this year. She was hoping there’d be a moment where some light and some joy and maybe even a little reminder that there’s so much magic in healing and them being doctors — and a reminder for Bailey, she’s a teacher. So all of that kind of came together…and it was just the right next step.

    DEADLINE: Toward the end of the episode, Richard says something about how no matter how long he is away from the OR, it always comes back to him. Did you feel that way stepping onto those sets?

    CAPSHAW: Funnily enough, it all just seemed right. When I came back… it was like every time I turned a corner and saw someone that I hadn’t seen in a while, the just like the joy and squeals and the screams and the laughter and the just the fun that came about was just exactly where we left off. So yes, absolutely. Stepping back into that character and putting on my scrubs was like I’ve done 1,000 times before.

    DEADLINE: This is, of course, Arizona’s first time meeting this new interns. She’s obviously worked with previous iterations of Grey Sloan interns, but what was it like to step back into that mentorship role for them?

    CAPSHAW: I have heard this was not a unique experience, but I am one of those if that you can point to who…I genuinely always feel new myself. I’m like, ‘What do you mean, they’re younger than me? What are you talking about? They’re younger? No way.’ Then they kind of do look at you like they’re younger. And then you kind of have a giggle. All of the interns are so dynamic, and they’re so great in their roles and eager and generous and kind on set to work with, but then on top of it, their community that they’ve created and the relationship that they have with each other — playing cards in between takes by the chairs or one of them’s like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna order out for food, anyone else want anything?’ — just a very generous and very cohesive spirit. It was so lovely. I really enjoyed spending time with them. I sort of felt like one of them because I was experiencing what they were, which was like, ‘Where are the teachers? What’s going on?’ At the same time, my character was like, ‘Where did your teacher go? You need some.’

    DEADLINE: We didn’t hear too much about Arizona’s life back in New York. Did you talk to Meg about anything that’s been going on with her since we last saw her?

    CAPSHAW: So I mean, let’s be real. Our personal lives that play out on the show is, I mean, it’s probably 50/50. Right? If not 60/40. You care more about what they’re doing outside the hospital than you do inside. That being said, it felt to me and I heard in a very pointed way, that the part that Meg really wanted to bring Arizona back to the show for this episode, really [for[ the lightness and the joy after for the people who love the show and take great solace in the show. They kind of got gypped this year. They’re only getting 10 episodes instead of 24. So, I think she just wanted to give it that jolt of joy and magical medicine. It seems like these episodes go by so quickly. I mean, they’re an hour long and everything else, but it goes by really quickly. I don’t know that you would have been able to really get to anything of importance in her personal life. If she’d stayed for more episodes, my guess is that you would be hearing more, but I think for this particular episode, it really was about her as a doctor.

    DEADLINE: How open are you to coming back for more?

    CAPSHAW: I truly feel like you take everything one day at a time and obviously it’s a world that I feel like, on a lot of levels, I grew up in. I’m so grateful to the show for so many things. I’m so grateful to all the people that watch it and everything else. This was an amazing experience to go back and play Arizona, and I feel like it’s always a part of my life even when I’m not there. So I think that this character always exists and there’s always possibilities. It depends on a bunch of different factors.

    DEADLINE: We might not have heard about Sofia in this episode, but I do think that Arizona’s growth as a mom shines through in this episode. I can’t imagine Arizona before having a child handling this situation with the same level of empathy.

    CAPSHAW: The poignancy of Vida’s character, having to trust so much and have faith in something that she couldn’t see when she lived a life of partial sight…Arizona was speaking about something she knows. There are so many times in her life as a mother with Sofia, literally from her birth, trying to have faith in medicine in general to save her daughter’s life. She was so worried about not being a legitimate parent which was a very unique circumstance, but then obviously, feeling like a legitimate parent and growing in that way, and then through the divorce, having to live through something so hard and uniquely challenging to fight to keep custody of a child. But then, knowing that the right thing for the child was to give up the custody to then change her life. I mean, yes, there’s a million different times in Arizona’s life that were about having faith in something she could not see. So yes, I think that when she says that to [Vida], she certainly isn’t selling her something that she hasn’t bought herself.

    DEADLINE: I just have to say, it was so great to have Arizona back, even for one episode. She did bring that joy you were talking about.

    CAPSHAW: Which, by the way, definitely felt a little bit like a call back to when the character first was introduced. That season was a little dark, when things had gotten a little more serious. People were already having near death experiences. I came in and was on wheels and challenging and having little snippets with Bailey and brushing up against everyone and pissing everybody off while wearing a big ol’ smile.

    Grey’s Recap: Raising Arizona — Plus, Dysfunctional Family Descends on [Spoiler]

    (4/4/24) Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy brought back to the fold Jessica Capshaw as Dr. Arizona Robbins for a pediatric surgery that was destined to make history. But whether Grey Sloan’s motley crew of interns still had a future remained a question mark. Why? Read on…

    ‘CAN YOU EVICT FAMILY?’ | As “Baby, Can I Hold You?” began, the surgical residents were questioned about their actions on the fatal — er, fateful — day that Sam died and Max’s DNI was ignored. Of particular note, Simone told the attorneys performing the interviews that she wouldn’t have operated on Sam if Lucas hadn’t already dived in. Mature as ever, he accused her of professionally “slitting my throat.” In turn, she argued that they might have been able to align their stories if he hadn’t abruptly moved out (to become Amelia’s Roommate From Hell).

    ‘UGH… I HATE BABIES’ | In the big Case of the Week, Arizona teamed up with Amelia to perform a first-of-its-kind surgery on a tot’s brain while it was still in utero. Spooked after two miscarriages, the mom took some convincing, but the team got her from “I can’t” to “OK.” Arizona actually found it tougher to convince Bailey to allow the residents in the O.R. to observe. “If you don’t let them see the magic,” she argued, “then how will they be motivated to get back in?” Despite a scary complication toward the end of the procedure, the surgery was a success. Not that the interns were paying attention. “They didn’t even appreciate the magic,” Bailey marveled.

    ‘I’D SAY DON’T THINK, BUT YOU’VE ALREADY GOT THAT COVERED’ | In other developments, Jules was mortified when her brother, “wellness influencer” Doug, showed up in support of one of his followers. The patient’s ingrown hair had turned into an abscess that it took help from Owen and Mika to drain — and in such splatteriffic fashion that Doug fainted. Before Owen discharged the faux doctor, he hailed Jules as a promising physician and strongly suggested that the opportunist find another way to “influence” people.

    ‘YOU’RE NO BOKI’ | Before allowing Teddy to scrub in again, Richard tested her stamina by having her “operate” on a dummy. Once he was satisfied, he invited her into the O.R. with him, only to discover that three weeks without a scalpel in his hand had left him, for the first time, feeling rusty. Meanwhile, Blue froze when Dorian suddenly needed a chest tube. What was up with that? In that moment, he’d seen Max and panicked, Kwan admitted to Levi. That feeling won’t go away, the co-chief resident told him, but the sensation would at least dull.

    IN THE END | As the episode drew to a close, Mika became the first intern to complete her log book. But rather than clear her to return to surgery, Bailey said that the bickering residents had to learn to work together. So until they had helped one another finish their log books — d’oh! — they were all still banned from operating. Thawing toward Amelia, Monica offered her a ride home, but she declined. And Lucas worried aloud that maybe he wasn’t cut out to follow in the family tradition. Then the legacy would die with Amelia, she joked. Nah, he’d be fine, she assured her nephew.

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Renewed For Season 21 By ABC

    (4/2/24) Grey’s Anatomy continues to be in a league of its own, landing a renewal for a 21st season. The pickup, which comes three episodes into Grey’s Anatomy‘s landmark 20th season, extends its record as the longest-running primetime medical drama, which it initially set in 2019, and the longest-running ABC primetime scripted series. I hear Season 21 is expected to consist of 18 episodes, up from the 10-episode strike-impacted 20th season.

    The early renewal is a testament to the show’s ability to reinvent itself and stay relevant even with its lead, Ellen Pompeo, not being on-screen full-time as a new group of interns was introduced last season. Pompeo continues to recur in addition to serving as an executive producer and providing the voiceover that opens and closes each episode.

    The pickup also is a vote of confidence to Grey’s Anatomy veteran Meg Marinis, who took the reins as new showrunner of the Shonda Rhimes-created series for Season 20.

    “The loyalty and love of Grey’s Anatomy fans has propelled us into a historic 21st season, and I could not be more grateful,” Rhimes said. “Meg Marinis’ storytelling is a gift that continues to keep the show vibrant, compelling and alive, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for next season.”

    Like is the case with any long-running series, the next step after the renewal is securing veteran cast members with new deals. I hear the contracts of virtually all longtime Grey’s Anatomy actors are up this season. The group includes the two remaining original cast members, Chandra Wilson (Bailey), who is also a co-executive producer, and James Pickens Jr. (Richard) as well as Kevin McKidd (Owen), Kim Raver (Teddy), Camilla Luddington (Jo) and Caterina Scorsone (Amelia).

    Twenty seasons in, Grey’s Anatomy, produced by Shondaland and ABC Signature, part of Disney Television Studios, is the #1 most social scripted series on broadcast year-to-date. The medical drama has been enjoying a streaming resurgence, regularly ranking in the Top 5 weekly Nielsen ratings.

    “I think the show is as creatively strong as it’s ever been,” Craig Erwich, President of Disney Television Group, said in February. “Not just the live [episodes] you are watching today, but it’s fueling growth for our streaming platform.”

    Underlining Grey’s Anatomy‘ importance to the Disney brand, the series’ library became the centerpiece of the company’s recent launch of its one-app experience, with Hulu as the only streamer to offer the entire run of the medical drama, including exclusive next-day availability of all episodes from the current 20th season alongside the 19 prior seasons, shared with Netflix.

    “We still have stories to tell,” Marinis told Deadline last month when asked whether Grey’s could go beyond Season 20. “We receive a tremendous amount of support from the studio and the network and from Shondaland. So I’m going to keep going until they tell me to put that pen down.”

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Alex Landi Joins Netflix Dramedy ‘Mr. Plankton’ As Series Regular

    (3/29/24) Grey’s Anatomy star Alex Landi has joined the cast of the upcoming romantic dramedy Mr. Plankton for Netflix. This will mark his debut in a Korean series.

    Mr. Plankton is about a man who should not have been born. He and the unhappiest woman in the world are forced to accompany one another on the final journey of his life. It’s from writer Jo Yong (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay) and is directed by Hong Jong-chan (Juvenile Justice, Dear My Friends).

    The details of Landi’s role are being kept under wraps but he is confirmed to be a series regular. Landi is best known for his ongoing portrayal of Dr. Nico Kim on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. He’s repped by Buchwald and Asian Cinema Entertainment.

    The rest of the cast includes Woo Do-hwan as Hae-jo, a man born out of wedlock who’s thrown into a wandering life without family; Lee You-mi as Jae-mi, Hae-jo’s ex and the world’s unhappiest bride-to-be; Oh Jung-se as Jae-mi’s groom-to-be Eo-heung; and Kim Hae-sook as Beom Ho-ja, Eo-heung’s mother.

    Mr Plankton is expected to drop in the fourth quarter of 2024.

    Ratings: 9-1-1 Grows (Again) With 3-Parter Conclusion, While March Madness Dominates

    (3/29/24) In the latest TV ratings, CBS’ March Madness coverage this Thursday night averaged 6.9 million total viewers and a rrrrrrobist 1.7 demo rating, easily leading primetime in both measures.

    Opposite the college hoops action and with NBC’s Law & Orders in rerun mode….

    ABC | With the conclusion of its three-part season opener, 9-1-1 grew for a second straight week, drawing 5.5 million total viewers and a 0.6 demo rating. Grey’s Anatomy (3.3 mil/0.4) dipped week-to-week, but Station 19 (2.5 mil/0.3) held steady.

    FOX | Next Level Chef (1.7 mil/0.3) and Farmer Wants a Wife (1.7 mil/0.2) each dropped just a handful of eyeballs whilst steady in the demo.

    Grey’s Recap: Running on M.D. — Plus, Oh Meredith! What Are You Up to Now?

    (3/28/24) Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy found Meredith doing what she does best: breaking rules for the greater good. Back in Seattle, she worked with Amelia to secure funding for their hush-hush Alzheimer’s research. In other developments, a new face started making rounds at Grey Sloan, and Levi came face to familiar face with a blast from his past. Keep reading, and we’ll go over all of the major twists of plot in “Walk On the Ocean”…

    ‘NO TRADING UNLESS ONE OF YOU PICKED UP A VANILLA LATTE’ | As the episode began, Meredith and Amelia were offered the money that they wanted virtually without question. But the donors, aware of Mer’s affiliation with Catherine, wanted to know if they should get in touch with the Fox Foundation. Er, no. While Lucas took out his upset over his split from Simone on Mika, of all people, Amelia stole a parking space from new peds surgeon Dr. Monica Beltran (guest star Natalie Morales). Winston declined to criticize Bailey’s handling of the residency program this particular day because he was taking off on vacation to Chicago. “Say hi to Maggie,” Richard said. Levi spotted his ex Nico (Alex Landi, back in action) talking to Jo in the waiting room. And who should be teamed up on the case of a sick little girl named Mulan but Amelia and… Monica!

    Just then, a major trauma rolled up: a guy trapped in a self-propelled floating bubble. Yeah, looked like Winston might not make his flight after all. Instead, he got busy helping Owen, Link, Simone and Jules in trying to, ahem, burst the patient’s bubble and not his artery. Gathering supplies with Jules, Simone admitted that she wasn’t seeing Lucas anymore because apparently, she was selfish. Simone, in turn, surprised Jules by asking what had happened with her and Blue. When the patient worried aloud that he wouldn’t see his wife again, Simone mentally recorded his message to her for him. Sadly, that turned out to be prescient: The patient didn’t make it.

    ‘AH, SO IMPATIENCE IS YOUR THING’ | As soon as scans were done on Mulan, Amelia and Monica clashed about an approach to her treatment. Monica even suggested that Amelia was in too big a hurry to bother considering all the options. She also fussed at Blue for telling Mulan’s mom that radiation wouldn’t possibly lend them noise-cancelling headphones. Make it happen, Beltran said. When Richard ran into a frustrated Amelia, who knew Monica’s idea would work but wasn’t comfortable with the associated risks, he said that his new hire had a rep as a boundary pusher. (She oughta fit right in, then.) Ultimately, Amelia came up with a way to take a safer but equally creative approach. “You’re much more effective when you take your time,” Monica observed. Indeed, she was. The procedure worked. “You two are a wonderful team,” Mulan’s mom said.

    Shadowing Bailey as she treated Dorian (remember him from last week?) were Mika and Lucas, who was “a smartass to the person holding all the cards,” Yasuda noted. Rather than let Blue get back in the O.R. before him, Lucas ditched Mika with Dorian. (Is there any order Adams is willing to follow? Seriously.) Needless to say, all of the patient’s alarms starting going off while Yasuda was alone with him. Finally, Lucas answered Mika’s page — and took credit for her diligence in front of Bailey. So uncool. She even let Adams perform an emergency procedure on Dorian with her!

    ‘WHY DOES NICO NEED AN OBGYN?!?’ | When Levi asked Jo about Nico, she refused to tell him why his ex was there. HIPAA, she explained. (So they have heard of it at Grey Sloan!) Later, all became clear when Schmitt ran into Nico… and his partner, Jason. Turned out, they were at Grey Sloan with their surrogate, Erin: They were having a kid! When next Levi spoke with Jo, he expressed his shock that Jason didn’t even know who he was. Schmitt had had no idea that Nico even wanted kids. “You’re just upset that his life has moved farther along than yours,” Wilson suggested. “You want to win? Get in the game.” Seeking out Levi alone, Nico explained that he and Jason had been together for nine months. Nico had never wanted kids, but the idea of not being with Jason was scarier to him than starting a family.

    ‘YOU ARE LIVING IN A MEDICAL THRILLER BOOK’ | To avoid running into Catherine, Mer went to PT with Teddy. And it was a good thing that she did, too: Mid-conversation, Altman fell on her treadmill and got a sprain. Taking Teddy for an X-ray, Mer was busted by Catherine. Luckily, Teddy covered for her and said that she’d asked Grey to Seattle for a consult. Once Mer blabbed everything about her secret research to Teddy, the chief offered to fork over Grey Sloan’s discretionary fund. As the hour drew to a close, it appeared that Blue had made a positive-ish impression on Monica. Enough, anyway, for her to put him on her service again the next day.

    Winston told Owen that Maggie had cancelled on him — and they’d been supposed to decide what was next for them. Again. “At what point do I stop trying?” Ndugu wondered. Maybe, Owen suggested, the better question was, why was he trying? Apparently, Winston’s answer wasn’t very good; he removed his wedding band. In the locker room, Mika ripped into Lucas for his backstabbing d-baggery. Simone refused to let her blame her now-ex for the lousy situation that they were in. But Mika was done. “I don’t want to be your friend anymore,” she told Adams. Can’t say I blame her! Off Jo’s advice, Levi pursued his interest in peds by approaching Monica to pick her brain. And at the intern house, Simone knocked on Lucas’ door asking if they could talk… but when she went in, she found that he’d packed up and moved out.

    Thursday Ratings: 9-1-1 Audience Grows Even as March Madness Dominates on CBS

    (3/22/24) In the latest TV ratings, CBS‘ March Madness coverage dominated this Thursday both in total viewers (averaging about 6 million during primetime) and in the demo (with a virile and rrrrrobust 1.5 rating).

    Opposite CBS’ coverage of the sadly Syracuse Orange-less men’s college hoops tourney….

    ABC | 9-1-1 (5.4 mil/0.5) built on its premiere audience by 10% yet dipped in the demo. Grey’s Anatomy (3.5 mil/0.5) and Station 19 (2.6 mil/0.3) ticked down in both measures.

    NBC | The newly renewed Law & Order (4 mil/0.3) and Law & Order: SVU (4.1 mil/0.4) both dipped, while on-the-bubble Law & Order: Organized Crime (3.2 mil/0.3) held relatively steady.

    FOX | Next Level Chef (1.8 mil/0.3) was steady, while TMZ Investigates‘ oof-just-a-bit-premature special on Kate Middleton (1.3 mil/0.2) drew a markedly smaller audience than Farmer Wants a Wife.

    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Bailey Threatens Her ‘Surgical Cowboys’ With Their Last Rodeo

    (3/21/24) We didn’t need a storm warning to know that Grey’s Anatomy’s Bailey would bring the thunder in Thursday’s episode. Stepping in for Nick, of course the interns’ new taskmaster was quick to warn the “surgical cowboys” that they had a long road ahead before they’d wrangle another procedure — and that was if they got to wrangle another procedure! Keep reading, and we’ll review all of the major twists of plot in “Keep the Family Close.”

    ‘PLEASE, DON’T PUT ME ON RECTALS’ | As the hour began, everyone, it seemed, had had sex except for Simone and Lucas, who so wanted to. Bailey, for her part, was ready to put her “baby surgeons” through their paces. “You’re going back to basics,” she told them as she assigned them procedure after procedure before they so much as spelled O.R. again. Winston suggested that Teddy focus on her recovery, but she was more concerned about her patients — to the point that she tasked Yasuda with checking on them for her. In the pit, Owen took control of a softball game gone wrong. At the same time, a twentysomething John Doe was brought in with multiple gunshot wounds and “a whole lotta Benjamins.”

    Post-opening, Richard, Levi and Simone treated a baker named Dante, who was concerned about his pumpernickel starter — and noted how handsome Schmitt was. Shortly, Simone disclosed that a standard screening had revealed that Dante was HIV-positive. “Get me another doctor,” he insisted. What he really wanted, though, was another diagnosis. In the E.R., Jules checked in with a very pregnant softball player named Allie who’d only hit the diamond because her in-laws were at bat. In no time, Amelia had realized that she could have a spinal injury, which, left untreated for a moment longer, could leave her paralyzed.

    ‘YOU’RE WALKING AROUND WITH $40K IN A TRASH BAG’ | By and by, the John Doe who had come in loaded with bullets and money was declared dead. Against all odds, Blue got his heart beating again. When Richard confirmed that Dante was HIV-positive, he freaked. But his gall bladder needed to be treated immediately, or else, Webber said. Upon scanning Allie, Amelia discovered that she had… something I cannot spell. (Sorry.) What’s more, Amelia had a way to treat the patient without jeopardizing her pregnancy. Alone with Teddy, Mika observed that the doc needed help… which she refused to get. Before Dante could sign himself out, Levi assured him that he would still date — even hot surgeons like himself. Also, given the pain that he was in, Dante needed treatment, stat.

    As Bailey assisted Winston in the O.R., he challenged her decision to forbid the interns to scrub in. How were they supposed to learn if they couldn’t practice? When Owen busted Mika for doing Teddy’s bidding, he rewarded her by checking off a few items from Bailey’s to-do list. In an on-call room, Simone tried to distract herself from the diagnosis that she’d given Dante by getting busy with Lucas. “Are you sure you want this?” he asked. “Maybe we should talk.” Aaand… maybe not. She ran out of the room. (These two give anybody else whiplash? Sheesh.) After operating on Allie, Amelia and Jo reported that she was expected to make a full recovery and so was the “little slugger.”

    ‘WE POUNDED ON YOUR HEART TO KEEP YOU ALIVE!’ | Alone with Jo, Amelia warned that Link could be sentimental. And no, “he didn’t have to” disclose the change in relationship status, she added. She knew. “We’re already family.” Richard reassured Simone that her instincts with Dante had been fine, and also, the patient was going to be fine. When Mika called Teddy on behaving as if it was business as usual, at last Altman broke down over her near-death experience. In the waiting room, Jules went off on Allie’s in-laws, who were more concerned with who they’d name MVP than anything else. (Surprise: Millin’s outburst won her the award!)

    As the hour drew to a close, Levi informed Dante that his surgery had gone well. Simone apologized for delivering the news of his HIV status the way that she had. But he was understanding. Schmitt then agreed to take a break with Dante. (Cute.) When Moneybags’ parents came in to ID John Doe, Blue impressed Bailey with his interaction with them. Teddy admitted to Owen, “I’m a mess.” She was haunted by Sam’s death. That had been something she couldn’t control, he reminded her. But she could control whether or not she rested. Leaving for the day, Amelia confessed to Winston that she missed, well, everybody, and her cat just wasn’t cutting it. Would he have a burger with her? Yes! (Progress.) Bailey marveled to Ben that she had changed since last she was in charge of interns. Maybe Winston had been right to question her methods, she wondered. “Yes, you’ve changed,” her husband assured her. “But for the better.” Arriving home to a feast, Link asked Jo, “When did you have time to prepare for a famine?” A nostalgic seafood dinner laid in store for them. Finally, at the intern house, Simone shared with Lucas that she avoided hard truths. One such? “Now is not a good time for… us,” she said. That being the case, she wanted to put her career first. He didn’t take it well. “From now on,” he hollered, “we’re roommates.”

    SeriesFest Unveils Stars Including Hasan Minhaj, Minnie Driver & ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Cast

    (3/21/24) SeriesFest is gearing up for its tenth iteration and has set the first names for its lineup.

    The event, which is in Denver between May 1 and 5, has added Hasan Minhaj, who will headline a performance at Red Rocks, Minnie Driver and Grey’s Anatomy stars James Pickens Jr, Kevin McKidd and Caterina Scorsone as well as exec producer Betsy Beers.

    Minhaj, who was the host of Netflix’s Patriot Act, will close out the event with the show at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Sunday May 5.

    There will also be the SeriesFest Soiree, marking the event’s 10th anniversary. The gala will take place on Friday May 3 and will honor Shondaland & Betsy Beers, SAG-AFTRA and Minnie Driver.

    National Executive Director & Chief Negotiator, SAG-AFTRA, Duncan Crabtree-Ireland will return to SeriesFest to accept the award, which won a landmark deal with the studios last year to end the actors strike. SAG-AFTRA will receive the Luminaries in Television Award.

    Good Will Hunting star Driver is being feted with the Excellence in Acting Award. This comes ahead of her series Serpent Queen at Starz.

    Shondaland and Betsy Beers are being honored with the Impact in Television Award to celebrate its slate of shows including Grey’s Anatomy, Bridgerton, Scandal and upcoming series The Residence.

    Alongside Beers, Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Meg Marinis and stars James Pickens Jr, Kevin McKidd and Caterina Scorsone will take part in a panel called Legacy in Television: Grey’s Anatomy.

    The full lineup will be revealed soon.

    “We are thrilled to celebrate our milestone Season 10 with an extraordinary lineup of talent,” said Randi Kleiner, CEO and Co-Founder of SeriesFest. “From Hasan Minhaj’s comedic genius to the groundbreaking work of Betsy Beers, Shondaland, SAG-AFTRA, the incomparable Minnie Driver and the timeless appeal of Grey’s Anatomy, this year’s festival promises something for everyone. We look forward to welcoming audiences to Denver for five days of unforgettable storytelling.”

    ‘The Way Home’ Renewed For Third Season By Hallmark Channel

    (3/20/24) Hallmark has renewed The Way Home for a third season.

    Set to return in 2025, the multigenerational family drama with a time-travel twist stars Andie MacDowell, Chyler Leigh, Evan Williams and Sadie Laflamme-Snow. The second season wraps March 31.

    “Once again, our cast, writers and entire crew have used their impressive talents to create a story that is just as compelling and addictive as the first season,” said Lisa Hamilton Daly, EVP Programming at Hallmark Media. “We’re grateful to the fans who are so passionate about the series and can’t wait for them to see what and when is ahead for Season 3.”

    Added VP Development Kelly Garrett: “Heather Conkie, Alexandra Clarke and Marly Reed continue to blow us away with the cleverly crafted story they’ve created and careful thought they put into every single detail. While some questions will be answered by the end of this season, the Landrys’ journey is far from over and there’s much more to tell.”

    Since its second-season debut on January 21, The Way Home has been a hit for Hallmark Channel. It is the No. 1 most-watched program overall on entertainment cable among homes, viewers and women and persons 18+.

    Season 2 finds Kat (Leigh) traveling back to 1814 in her quest to find her missing brother Jacob and bring him home. Her time there brings new mysteries, and she bridges the past and present in her attempt to finally reunite her family.

    The Way Home is a Neshama Entertainment production in association with MarVista Entertainment. Executive producers are Conkie, Clarke, Reed Fernando Szew, Hannah Pillemer, Larry Grimaldi, Ani Kevork, Arnie Zipursky, Suzanne L. Berger, MacDowell and Leigh. The series is produced by John Calvert.

    Mark Duplass Joins Ellen Pompeo In ‘Orphan’ Limited Series At Hulu

    (3/20/24) Mark Duplass is set as the male lead opposite Ellen Pompeo and Imogen Faith Reid in Orphan (working title), Hulu‘s eight episode limited series starring and executive produced by Pompeo.

    Written by Katie Robbins, who serves as showrunner, the series is inspired by the true story of Natalia Grace and the Midwestern couple who adopted her believing she was a little girl with dwarfism but gradually started to believe she may not be who she said she was.

    Duplass will play Michael Barnett, at the time husband of Pompeo’s Kristine Barnett, and adoptive father to Natalia (Imogen Faith Reid).

    In 2019, Michael (Duplass), an upbeat Midwestern dad and retail manager, was charged, along with his ex-wife Kristine (Pompeo), for the neglect and abandonment of their daughter Natalia, whom they adopted in 2010. Already in the public eye because of Kristine’s bestselling book The Spark– about raising their son Jacob, a science prodigy– Michael’s world begins to crumble as he and Kristine are forced to defend the narratives they’ve spun about Natalia in the courts of law and public opinion.

    Robbins serves as creator, writer and executive producer on the series, which is told from multiple points of view to reflect the conflicting narratives of its central characters. Sarah Sutherland is writer/executive producer. Pompeo executive produces through her production banner Calamity Jane with Laura Holstein. Mike Epps, Dan Spilo, NIles Kirchner and Andrew Stern also executive produce. Liz Garbus directs and executive produces the pilot. ABC Signature is the studio.

    Duplass plays Chip Black on Apple TV+s The Morning Show, a role which earned him a 2020 Emmy nomination and a 2022 Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He previously co-created, with his brother Jay, and also starred in HBO’s Togetherness, as part of Duplass Brothers Productions’ first-look deal with HBO. DBP recently released DVP’s Mel Eslyn’s feature directorial debut Biosphere starring Duplass and Sterling K. Brown, as well as the HBO documentary Last Stop Larrimah. Upcoming releases include Nnamdi Asomugha’s The Knife and the third season of HBO’s Somebody Somewhere. Duplass is repped by CAA.

    Ratings: 9-1-1 Grows With ABC Move, Gives Time Slot a 2-Year Audience High

    (3/15/24) In the latest TV ratings, CBS’ Young Sheldon was Thursday’s most-watched show, while ABC‘s 9-1-1 and Grey’s Anatomy led the night in the demo.

    ABC | 9-1-1 christened its new network with 4.93 million total viewers and a 0.6 demo rating (per Nielsen finals), improving on its average Season 6 audience while rock-steady in the demo. (In fact, it looks to be 9-1-1‘s biggest audience since 6×10.) The first responders drama also improved 26% and 20% on what Station 19 did in the Thursday leadoff spot last season, giving the ABC time slot its largest audience in a little over two years (since Feb. 24, 2022).

    Enjoying a beefier lead-in, Grey’s Anatomy (3.6 mil/0.6) improved on its previous averages (3.3 mil/0.4), while Station 19 (2.8 mil/0.4) — now closing out Thursday nights, with its farewell run — hit and matched series lows.

    CBS | Facing stiffer competition, Young Sheldon (6.5 mil/0.5), Ghosts (5.5 mil/0.5) and So Help Me Todd (4.2 mil/0.4) each dropped a handful of eyeballs, though Todd rose in the demo.

    NBC | Law & Order (4.2 mil/0.4) dropped some eyeballs, SVU (4.7 mil/0.5) was steady and Organized Crime (3.4 mil/0.3) dipped in the demo.

    FOX | Next Level Chef (1.8 mil/0.3) ticked down, Farmer Wants a Wife (1.8 mil/0.2) held steady.

    THE CW | Son of a Critch (349K/0.1) and the Children Ruin Everything season finale (239K/0.1) each added some eyeballs.

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Showrunner Meg Marinis On Season 20 Premiere’s Reset Twist, Secret New Alliance & More

    (3/14/24) In her Season 20 preview for Deadline, new Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Meg Marinis called it “back to basics,” and the season premiere, which she wrote, offered just that. In a return to Grey’s early years, the episode ended with Bailey retaking charge of the surgical interns.

    The opener started with the interns facing the music after getting themselves in trouble with questionable medical decisions in the Season 19 finale and Nick posing a question to them, “Which one of you am I firing?”

    Banned from any doctor duties, the group find themselves in the middle of the action anyway. Simone and Lucas end up in the back of an ambulance trying to stabilize a patient with Bailey and Meredith’s directions while their parked vehicle is being hit by a wayward self-driving car every couple of minutes. (It is unclear why the ambulance was not moved away from the crashing car.) Kwan also got in on the action, saving the day by making the car stop when he slashed its tires.

    Trying to save Teddy’s life, Owen makes the difficult decision to agree to a risky surgery and then holds hands with ex-wife Amelia while awaiting for the outcome. After complications, Teddy is out of danger, facing a long recovery.

    While promising Catherine that she would return to the conventional approach to Alzheimer’s research to keep her funding, Meredith secretly recruits Amelia to help her continue the controversial new path she had been exploring.

    Jo and Link feel guilt over their patient Sam’s death as they prepare to take their relationship public, while Meredith and Nick’s relationship remains on track after their reconciliation in the finale. Meanwhile, Richard asks Bailey to step back until he can trust himself again as he rejoins AA following his almost relapse in the finale.

    In an interview with Deadline, Marinis discusses the events in the premiere and how they will shape the characters’ arcs in the coming episodes. For more about Season 20, including Ellen Pompeo’s status as Meredith continues to pop in occasionally, Jessica Capshaw’s and Alex Landi’s returns, the new character played by Natalie Morales and the reason Scott Speedman’s hair looks so different from last season’s finale, read Deadline’s preview.

    DEADLINE: Let’s start with Meredith. Following her elevator conversation where Catherine says “I always win,” It looks like she is returning to Boston. Is she, and how will she juggle official and secret research?

    MARINIS: Meredith, even though she’s still in Seattle at the end of the episode, she will continue to do her work in Boston because that’s where her daughter goes to school, and her daughter was the primary reason that she moved to Boston. She’s still trying to manage work and family life. But secret research is fun, and to be able to do that with her sister Amelia and to keep that relationship alive as well, when we can’t see Meredith but we see Amelia. And so we keep alive the character of Meredith, being able to know what she’s doing even when we don’t see her. And anything where Debbie Allen [who plays Catherine] is set to play the villain, that is fantastic.

    DEADLINE: Scott Speedman’s Nick started the episode firmly in charge of the internship program but ended it by stepping down. What is the future of Speedman, who is listed as a guest star? Will we see him again this season?

    MARINIS: Yes, he was listed as a guest star. We’re just so excited for Meredith and Nick to be together, we could see him again. We’ll follow that relationship.

    DEADLINE: In another twist, Nick was replaced by Bailey. This is your first season as a showrunner, and one of the first major creative decisions you made was to reset and almost go back to Season 1 with a ragtag group of interns and Bailey in charge. What was the impetus for that decision?

    MARINIS: That decision came from when I was thinking about Bailey initially, about where does Bailey go in her career after she’s won the Catherine Fox; in our world, that’s the award of all awards. We’ve seen Meredith win it and go through a career transition after winning it.

    And even though the work that she was doing was in reproductive care, the award was for teaching reproductive care. And Bailey is the teacher of all teachers. She’s created surgeons like Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang and Alex Karev and Izzie and George. She doesn’t get the credit that she deserves for all of the teaching and mentorship that she’s done, which has sent all these surgeons out to do amazing things.

    And I was thinking of also, where we left the interns at the end of last season, they’re in the messiest of messes. So I thought, who is going to bring them back from that, and I thought, oh, there’s only one person who can bring them back from that and that’s Bailey.

    DEADLINE: In the premiere, the interns are all struggling with the fallout from the finale. At the end of last season, romantic relationships among them were forming very fast but they all seem to be pressing pause on that in the premiere. Are you resetting that too, trying to pull back on those relationships?

    MARINIS: I think that when you go through something like they did at the end of last season, it is difficult to come back from that. I think that all five of these interns, Grey Sloan was the one program that took them, and none of them want to mess up this last chance that they got to be a surgical intern. And I think when that is put in jeopardy, you start to look around and think, how did I get here and who put me here and is it my fault or is it his fault? I think there’s a lot of questioning, who’s at fault for what happened at the end of the finale.

    DEADLINE: There was also an eerie similarity to what happened with Levi who also lost a patient in a similar situation, which sent him into a deep depression. With Lucas, he seems to have come out of it a little easier. Is the worst over for him, and would Levi be helping him and Simone get over losing a patient?

    MARINIS: You’re going to see Levi with these interns a lot still this season, using, what you said, his past experiences to help guide them through. I think also there was a difference with what happened with Levi. These interns have only been interns for about five or six months, we’re still in the middle of their intern year, and he was a senior resident and he blatantly didn’t listen to something. So I think there are differences, but that story is not over with the premiere.

    DEADLINE: There was this moment between Owen and Amelia while Teddy was in the OR where they were holding hands. Owen has been fully committed to his wife but this is Grey’s Anatomy, and they are exes, so you never know. Are they firmly in the friends zone or could there be something else happening?

    MARINIS: Yes, they’re in the friends zone. But it’s a friendship that we find really interesting in the writers room, because they’ve been married. They’ve been through so much together, I think that they feel comfortable being with one another in that space. I think they’ve also been through so much with his relationship with Teddy as well.

    DEADLINE: For Teddy, is the worst over, will we see her back and will her recovery be a part of the season?

    MARINIS: Yes, her recovery will be part of her season arc for sure. She’s not perfectly back immediately after the premiere.

    DEADLINE: For me, the premiere was a lot about guilt. The interns felt it over losing a patient, Jo felt it for not being there to help, Richard felt it for almost succumbing to temptation. Talk about that.

    MARINIS: Absolutely. I think that when things like this happen, you immediately go to this space of, how could I have prevented it and could I have prevented it. It feels like we’re dealing with the immediate guilt now, but as we move forward, we’ll see that a lot of our characters will reset in order to start from the beginning and make sure that what they just experienced is not forgotten or unlearned from, if that makes sense.

    It’s interesting because it’s still so much of what happened at the end of last year’s finale continues throughout this season. We really don’t just forget about it. Everything still weighs on everyone and how they can truly move forward and not make the same mistakes again.

    DEADLINE: I mentioned Link and Jo who are preparing to go public with their relationship. Will there be bumps on the road for them? There are a lot of entanglements for each of them with doctors at the hospital.

    MARINIS: Absolutely. I feel like them coming together was two seasons in the making, so I feel like it’s very earned to see them happy for a second. I do think that, like any relationship when you live and co- parent and have a romantic relationship and work together, there’s always going to be challenges. And we’ll just have to be able to watch and wait and see. Can they leave those challenges at work or do they come home with them?

    DEADLINE: At the very end, Richard went back to Alcoholics Anonymous and told Bailey that he was stepping back at the hospital. How much of his struggles will we see this season, and how much will Richard pull back from his daily duties as he recovers?

    MARINIS: I think the best way to put it is that he is going to simplify his duties at work and that he is making sure that he focuses and concentrates on his wellness at the same time. He’ll still be in the hospital but he says at the end of the episode to Bailey, he wants to be able to trust himself again. And so he needs to go back, make sure that he trusts himself, make sure that his mind is clear so that he isn’t slipping either in his sobriety or at work.

    DEADLINE: AI is a big topic these days. You had a malfunctioning self-driving car in the premiere. Why did you decide to tackle AI and is it something that you’re going to do more of on Grey’s?

    MARINIS: The AI of it to me, I think a lot of people don’t understand it, and I think it’s moving really fast. So I was interested in seeing that and also, you’re reading about technology that’s not ready that’s been released, I’m always interested in that.

    And also, I think that being a doctor where you’re a professional and you keep your own feelings inside when you’re dealing with the patient, but also having to manage the compassionate side of being a human being. I think there’s a lot of interesting things for people in health care where all day long they have to take care of other people, and then at home it’s like a flood of emotions.

    Honoring doctors is a huge part of why I love this job, I think they’ve got the hardest job in the world, and I think it’s become harder. So that part of it was also interesting to me, when you use feelings to make decisions, and what about repercussions of that. Because obviously Simone and Lucas had that, Blue had that with Maxine. It is rippling through the episode as well.

    DEADLINE: What is the overall theme for Season 20?

    MARINIS: A theme for the season is back to basics. You see a lot of people reset in the premiere, and Bailey’s not going to go easy on these interns. It’ll be really fun to watch her put them through their paces.

    Grey’s Anatomy EP Meg Marinis Unpacks the Premiere’s ‘Perfect Moment’ Harkening Back to Episode 1

    (3/14/24) Thursday’s Season 20 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy brought Bailey full circle.

    As soon as Nick revealed to his motley crew of interns that he was outta there — Mer and Boston beckoned — he introduced his replacement, the former chief who first rattled off her “five rules” to residents in the long-running drama’s very first episode. “It’s a perfect moment,” says showrunner Meg Marinis. Agreed.

    “When we knew that we wanted to move Nick out of that teaching position, it just seemed so obvious to me that it needed to be Bailey,” the EP continues. “Because she just won the award of awards [the Catherine Fox Award] for surgery, right? And she won it for teaching. Yes, it was for teaching reproductive care, but it was for teaching. Where do you go once you’ve hit the top?”

    In Marinis’ estimation, you make tracks for square one and retrace your steps, only better. As she puts it, you “start back over and see what you can do with it. Has Bailey been in that teaching role before? Yes. But now she has 20 years of experience and 20 years of life that she’s lived, so it’ll be an evolved version” of the taskmaster once known as the Nazi.

    It isn’t only going to be Bailey who’s getting back to basics in Season 20, either. “That’s a theme that’s coming across in a bunch of stories,” Marinis teases. “You’ll not only see it with Bailey but with others, too.”

    Grey’s Anatomy Boss Warns That Meredith’s Bold Move Comes With ‘Challenges’… for Amelia?

    (3/14/24) In Thursday’s Season 20 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith told Catherine that she’d won. Grey would give up her controversial Alzheimer’s research. And if that didn’t sound like the rebel that we know and love, there was a perfectly good reason for it: She was lying through her teeth. In the final moments of the episode, she recruited sister-in-law Amelia keep going with the work in secret.

    “It’s not going to go as easy as they hope. Secret research is never smooth,” showrunner Meg Marinis tells TVLine with a laugh. “There will be challenges.”

    One is sure to be Mer and Amelia’s fraught history. “There’s always a way to find conflict between those two,” the EP says. At least the Catherine Fox Award winner no longer considers Derek’s kid sister a hopeless screwup. “Their relationship has come very far. Amelia being seen as a neurosurgeon outside of Derek’s shadow” has helped and continues to help, too.

    Which is all well and good, right? Except that, unless Grey’s Anatomy plans to fictitiously cure Alzheimer’s, it would seem like this storyline can only go so far. Marinis has a different POV on that. “Does it trap us? No,” she says. “Part of the fun of research on the show is what’s happening while they’re researching — what’s happening in their relationships, how is their personal life impacting how they’re working on this.

    “It’s also really fun to have that sister dynamic, because [Meredith, Amelia and Maggie are no longer] in the same place, so we don’t get to see that as a regular thing so much anymore. So having this shared research between the two of them really brings that nostalgic sister relationship to the fore.”

    With regard to actually curing Alzheimer’s, Marinis doesn’t see that as the point of the plot. It’s about “just honoring the experience of everyone that’s living through that disease,” she says, “and the hope that they have.”

    Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Premiere Recap: Who Lives, Who Dies and Who’s Scrubbing Out

    (3/14/24) Whew — Grey’s Anatomy was on an IV drip of adrenaline as it kicked off Season 20 Thursday night. Over the course of an action-packed hour, the resurgent ABC drama revealed both Teddy and Sam’s fates, plopped down the entire class of interns in the hot seat, turned loose a (badly) self-driving car and made Meredith and Amelia coconspirators in a bid to change the world. How? Read on, and we’ll discuss all the twists of plot that were turned out by “We’ve Only Just Begun.”

    As the episode began, Catherine called out Mer for going rogue at the award ceremony and making her foundation “look like a joke” by spouting off about her out-there Alzheimer’s theory. To save face with the donors, Catherine had lied that Grey was just dehydrated. “I haven’t had to dance like that since the ’80s,” she added. In the end, Dr. Moneybags gave Mer an ultimatum: “Shut up, or I shut down your lab. You can go back to Boston now. But not on my plane.”

    ‘Do Not Move, Do Not Practice Medicine’

    Off the events of the Season 19 finale, Nick was at a loss as to how to deal with his interns. He couldn’t even decide which of them to fire. Plus, on the off chance that he didn’t give somebody the axe — scalpel? — they’d all have to be evaluated, he told Mer, and it would be a helluva long time before they were again allowed near a patient. Sure, Jan.

    ‘Marsh Cannot Find Out About This!’

    In no time, Lucas had roped Simone into helping him treat a patient in an ambulance that had broken down before reaching the E.R. entrance — just as the ambulance started being repeatedly rammed by a malfunctioning self-driving car! Before a quick-thinking Blue punctured the vehicle’s tire, triggering its shutdown mechanism, Lucas and Simone had had to perform a tricky procedure with Bailey and Meredith calling the shots from a safe distance.

    ‘I Gave Her a Smoothie’

    Rushing Teddy into the O.R., Winston gave Mika the all-clear to scrub in, Nick’s orders be damned. But when she froze at a critical moment, owing to her trauma over Sam’s death, he replaced her with Levi, at whom he was already steamed for not ordering a CT on the patient. Meanwhile, Owen beat himself up for treating his wife’s toothache with a smoothie. Luckily, all the hand-wringing was for nothing. Not only did Teddy pull through, but Winston and Levi were able to save the leg that she’d been in danger of losing along with her life.

    ‘She Is Hungry, Talking and Annoyed’

    As Max’s condition continued to improve, Jules and Blue danced around their feelings. It was as obvious as the color of their scrubs that they were in love, but she insisted that she hadn’t meant it when she’d dropped the L word on him. That, he lied, was a relief; it would have made things awkward. Anything you say, kids.

    ‘I Won’t Ever Apologize for Trying’

    After her adventure with Lucas that morning, Simone was despondent. She could lose her whole dream of becoming a doctor, and for what? Him. “Because I can’t say no to you, Lucas.” She was still in shock that they had killed Sam in less than two minutes. Did she regret that she and Lucas had gotten together? Not exactly, but… Yeah, she was gonna need a minute. Two oughta do the trick.

    ‘No One Came Until It Was Too Late’

    Jo spent the day being taken to task for Sam’s death. First, his mother chewed her and Link out. Then, Mika blasted her for being MIA when the interns had needed an attending. So by wine o’clock, Jo was feeling seriously guilty about feeling… well, happy. She had Luna, and Link, and was alive, and… In response, her new significant other reassured her that she’d been through enough s—t; she didn’t have to feel guilty about anything. Well, then!

    ‘I’m One-Day Sober’

    As afternoon bled into evening, Richard confided in Bailey that at the award ceremony, he’d come thisclose to taking a drink. “You’ve been here before,” she reminded him. “You know how to get back.” Indeed, it seemed that he did. He next attended an AA meeting at which he admitted that he considered his desire to imbibe a slip, therefore he was hitting “reset” with the group’s help.

    ‘I Have Five Rules’

    In the episode’s final moments, Meredith told Catherine, “I will stick with what’s being funded. You win.” This was no shock to Richard’s better half. “I always do,” she replied. But secretly, Mer met with Amelia and confessed that “I’ve gotten a little further [with the research] than I’ve led you to believe” — and she wanted her sister-in-law to pick up where she left off. Though Nick had been reluctant to leave the interns and move to Boston when they were such a mess, he found the perfect replacement to take over the program: Bailey. And Owen breathed a sigh of relief when at last Teddy awakened.

    CAPE Wraps Second Annual Radiance Gala Honoring Sandra Oh, ‘Joyride’ & ‘Black Cake’ Teams, And Many More

    (3/12/24) Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment, the leading film and television industry organization for Asian and Pacific Islanders, on Monday night presented its second annual Radiance Gala, celebrating the achievements of Asian and Pacific Islander Women and Non-Binary artists, artisans, and leaders in entertainment, presenting honors to actress Sandra Oh, the teams behind Lionsgate‘s Joy Ride and Hulu’s Black Cake, and more.

    At the event held at at the Ebell in Los Angeles, Oh was presented with the Luminary Award by Jessica Yu, the director of her 20th/Hulu comedy Quiz Lady. Cast members of Black Cake, including Mia Isaac, Chipo Chung and Simon Wan, joined creator-showrunner Marissa Jo Cerar in accepting the Best in TV Award. Meanwhile, Joy Ride filmmaker Adele Lim was joined by writer-producers Teresa Hsiao and Cherry Chevapravatdumrong, and actors Sherry Cola and Desmond Chiam, in accepting the prize for Best in Film, presented by Baron Davis.

    Additional honors included the Julia S. Gouw Next Gen Award, presented to The Creator star Madeleine Yuna Voyles by Gouw and director Gareth Edwards; the Cindy Y. Huang Rising Star Award, presented to It Lives Inside‘s Megan Suri; the Visionary Award, presented to Wish filmmaker Fawn Veerasunthorn; the Actor in TV Award, presented to Expats star Sarayu Blue; the Actor in Film Award, presented to Shortcomings’ Ally Maki by director Randall Park; the Mentor Award presented to Melinda Hsu, showrunner, executive producer and co-founder of the Asian American Writers Brunch; the Decision Maker Award presented to Ramsey Naito, President, Paramount and Nickelodeon Animation; the Deal Maker Award presented to Sophia Yen, Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP; the Trailblazer Award presented to author, poet, comedian, and public speaker Alok Vaid-Menon; and the Tastemaker Award bestowed upon content creator, women’s rights advocate, podcast host, and author Drew Afualo.

    Hosted by actor and comedian Jenny Yang, the ceremony also featured a special musical performance from artist, writer, producer, and social change artist MILCK.

    Proceeds from the evening will go towards sustaining CAPE‘s pathway programs such as the CAPE New Writers Fellowship, CAPE Leaders Fellowship, Julia S. Gouw Short Film Challenge for API Women and Non-Binary Filmmakers, CAPE Animation Directors Accelerator, CAPE Emerging Executives Committee, and other programs in incubation. All of the aforementioned are intended to help break down the barriers that have held API creatives in the industry back for too long.

    Tessa, founder PRISM DJs, a booking agency representing female DJs, served as DJ, with Sechel PR, an Asian woman-founded and women-led PR firm, running the red carpet.

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 20, ‘Station 19’ Final Season Posters Revealed

    (3/11/24) Grey’s Anatomy is headed into its 20th season, and that big milestone is front and center in the series’ official poster, which features cast members arranged around the number 20. Like last year’s official cast photo, this year’s poster includes the main cast, plus recurring guest stars Debbie Allen (who is also Grey’s executive producer/director) and Scott Speedman. (The only person missing from last year’s group is Kelly McCreary who exited the series last season.)

    Naturally, the three remaining original cast members, Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr., are most prominent.(As Deadline reported in our Season 20 preview, Pompeo, who is an executive producer, will continue to get top billing. While technically no longer a series regular, she still does the voiceovers and recurs, with her character Meredith remaining the heart of the show.)

    Among the rest, current couples Owen (Kevin McKidd) & Teddy (Kim Raver) and Link (Chris Carmack) and Jo (Camilla Luddington) are pictured together, as are the five interns.

    The poster is just the one of many ways ABC will mark Grey’s big anniversary.

    “Right now we’re really focused on the momentous 20th season of Grey’s Anatomy, which is still amazing to say and is amazing to celebrate,” Disney’s Craig Erwich, who oversees ABC told Deadline last month. “You’ll see that celebration on air, both in terms of the stories that they’re telling which continue to be of the highest quality and how we celebrate a show that is so iconic and so associated with ABC and one that we’re just so honored to have. It’s helped define the network over the last 20 seasons.”,768

    Station 19‘s fiery Season 7 poster reminds fans of the show’s pending departure with the tagline “The final season ignites.”

    Featuring the 11 series regulars, the poster is anchored by star Jaina Lee Ortiz and Jason George who left Grey’s Anatomy to help launch the spinoff.

    “Every show has its own journey so to speak. In the case of Station 19, it was time to bring that story to an end,” Erwich told Deadline last night about the decision to end the series with Season 7. “I love Station 19, and I think what’s amazing about Station 19 is that it was yes, a spinoff of Grey’s. But it really became its own show that stood on its own creatively and was fully realized and unique unto itself, and we’ve been very proud to have it on the air.”

    Both series return with new episodes March 14.

    Posters: Grey's Anatomy, Station 19.

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Showrunner Previews “Back To Basics” Season 20: Ellen Pompeo’s Presence, Jessica Capshaw’s Return, Natalie Morales’ Arrival & … Scott Speedman’s Hair

    (3/11/24) The wait is almost over. Nine months after the Season 19 finale of Grey’s Anatomy aired on ABC, Season 20 of the venerable medical drama created by Shonda Rhimes premieres on the network this Thursday, March 14. The new season has veteran Grey’s Anatomy writer-producer Meg Marinis at the helm as new showrunner, succeeding Krista Vernoff. It will bring back Jessica Capshaw, reprising her role as Dr. Arizona Robbins, and Alex Landi, returning as Dr. Nico Kim, with Natalie Morales and Freddy Miyares joining in recurring roles as pediatric surgeon Monica Beltran and patient Dorian, respectively.

    “It’s the Grey’s Anatomy that fans have been missing for a year,” said Marinis. I’m sad it’s been so long, but we’ll come back, and we’ll come back as strong as ever.”

    As revealed in the trailer released by ABC, Season 20 will pick up in the immediate aftermath of the Season 19 finale, which saw Teddy collapse, the interns get in precarious situations, and two couples, Meredith & Nick and Jo & Link, come clean about their feelings.

    In an interview with Deadline, Marinis previews Season 20 and reveals its theme. She discusses how much we can expect to see Grey’s Anatomy star/executive producer Ellen Pompeo, who scaled back her on-screen presence last season. Marinis also teases Arizona and Nico’s returns and how Morales’ and Miyares’ characters will fit in.

    In the interview, Marinis also speaks about the big final crossover with Station 19, which will involve another “catastrophe,” and whether Jason George and Stefania Spampinato could return to Grey’s after the spinoff series ends. (Read our story here). She also addresses whether Season 20 could be Grey’s last. Check back after the premiere for Deadline’s postmortem interview with Marinis.

    Pompeo, who continues to get top billing among Grey’s series regular cast, is featured prominently in the Season 20 trailer and has a major presence in the premiere, written by Marinis who also penned the Season 19 finale.

    DEADLINE: Ellen Pompeo is not listed as a guest star this season. What is her status on the show?

    MARINIS: Her status is that she’s always a huge part of the show. I don’t know the answer to your question about why they choose to list it that way. But we have an open door policy with her. When she is able to be here, we welcome her with open arms. We work with her schedule, she still does the voiceover.

    She was a huge part of the premiere for me, she and I have a great relationship. She’s constantly in my head, her voice. She cares very deeply for the show and even in the episodes that she’s not in, she’s interested to know what’s happening. So, you’ll see her come and go and she will always remain a very important part to the show.

    DEADLINE: Can you give us an estimate how much we’ll see of her this season?

    MARINIS: I can’t answer that question definitively for now, but I think you’ll be excited to see her in the episodes that she’s in.

    Pompeo is believed to be in at least four episodes next season. According to sources, while she is technically not a series regular anymore, her top billing reflects the fact that her character Meredith remains the heart of the show, with her voiceover continuing to bookend every episode.

    DEADLINE: Meredith and Nick reconciled in the Season 19 finale. How do you feel about that? Also, what’s up with Scott Speedman’s hair? It’s significantly longer and blonder in the trailer despite the premiere picking up the day after the events in finale?

    MARINIS: Well, it’s been awhile since we’ve been on the air. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to shoot the premiere right after we shot the finale, it’s been quite a few months. We do our best to match but we aren’t magicians… yet.

    I grew up with Felicity so I’m always a big fan of Scott. We’re just so excited for Meredith and Nick to be together.

    For a second consecutive season, Speedman is a recurring guest star on Grey’s. While series regulars are obligated to keep their appearance consistent with their characters, that does not apply to guest stars who can take other jobs.

    DEADLINE: How was that decision made to bring back Arizona and Nico? And could we expect other Grey’s characters from the past to come back?

    MARINIS: We could always be expecting people to come back from the past. It’s a 20-season show, we’ve got so many people that we’d love to have come and go.

    Jessica, it had been so long since we had seen that character. We’re constantly having pitches come up in the writers room, I’m always asking them to think of people that we can see again because it’s such a nice way to honor the show. And also, our show is about teaching and learning.

    We’ve got these new interns and she is an innovative surgeon in fetal medicine and she also has the peeds element to her, so I thought, how interesting for her to come back and see this new class. I think there’s got to be so much fun to be had.

    I think everyone is going be really happy to see her, we show a lot of the things that people loved about Arizona, her humor, her hard work as a doctor, her teaching, her friendships with the people that she loved at Grey Sloan. And it was such a joy to have Jessica back on set. It was like she’d never left, it was a seamless transition.

    DEADLINE: Can you tease how much we’ll see of Arizona and Nico? Is it one-offs or could there be more episodes?

    MARINIS: Jessica is one episode, yes.

    DEADLINE: Will Levi and Nico rekindle their relationship? The last time Levi broke things off he was spiraling following the death of his patient. Grey’s is known for tying loose ends and giving couples closure. Will we see that with Levi and Nico?

    MARINIS: With Levi and Nico, you will see how they interact with one another now that time has passed. They’ve both done a lot of growing in between seeing each other. Nico is not the same Nico that we saw, it’s been some time. Also Levi has done a lot of growing up as a doctor and he’s had a couple of romantic things happen since Nico. And I think seeing each other in these different parts of their lives, it’s really nice. It’s a great story for Levi.

    DEADLINE: There is a new recurring character, Monica, played by Natalie Morales, which was introduced in the trailer. She gets off to a bumpy start with Amelia after a run-in in the parking lot. What can you tell us about how the new doctor will fit in at Grey Sloan?

    MARINIS: Natalie Morales’ character, she’s a no-nonsense pediatric surgeon so she’s going to butt heads with our doctors because our doctors are about nonsense, right, if you watched the finale, but it’s going to be really fun. She’s not like any of our doctors, and that’s going to create some conflict and tension at the top. And I think that’s what we saw in the trailer, the beginning of that character butting heads with the doctors.

    DEADLINE: There was a moment between Amelia and Monica when they were properly introduced. Could there be a romance between the two?

    MARINIS: You never know who will be romantic with who. This is Grey’s Anatomy, there’s always going to be some of that.

    DEADLINE: What about Freddy Miyares’ Dorian, how will he be introduced?

    MERINIS: Oh, he’s great, he’s so wonderful. He goes along with the story with the interns and their teaching and learning. So you’ll see him mainly with the interns.

    DEADLINE: What is the overall theme for Season 20 and how has it been for you in this new role as showrunner?

    MARINIS: It’s a dream come true. I’ve been here for a long time, watching Krista and Shonda and the mentorship here has been pretty amazing. I feel like I’ve been training for something and I finally got here. Well, it came and then there was the writers strike but [we started after that.]

    I think a theme for the season is back to basics for these interns. Just like you recover from an illness, these interns have a recovery to go through.

    And so much of what happened at the end of last year’s finale continues throughout this season. We really don’t just forget about it. Everything still weighs on everyone and how they can truly move forward and not make the same mistakes again.

    DEADLINE: Could Season 20 be Grey’s Anatomy‘s last? Are you working on it with that possibility in mind?

    MARINIS: I’ve not been informed that this is the last season so I’m going to keep going and telling stories as long as they let me. We still have stories to tell. We receive a tremendous amount of support from the studio and the network and from Shondaland. So I’m going to keep going until they tell me to put that pen down.

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ EP On Epic Final ‘Station 19’ Crossover & Whether Jason George & Stefania Spampinato Could Return To Mothership Series

    (3/11/24) Grey’s Anatomy spinoff Station 19 is coming to an end after seven seasons but not before one last big crossover with the mothership series, which may come at the end of the two series’ 10-episode runs, new Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Meg Marinis hinted in an interview with Deadline tied to the upcoming 20th season of the venerable medical drama, which premieres this Thursday, March 14.

    She also teased upcoming appearances on Grey’s by the two Station 19 series regular characters who originated on the medical drama, Bailey’s husband Ben (Jason George) and Carina (Stefania Spampinato), indicating that Ben will remain part of the Grey’s Anatomy world.

    “I haven’t read their last two episodes yet. I know generally where they’re going,” Marinis said when asked about the upcoming Station 19 crossover. “What I can tell you is that the Bailey and Ben relationship will continue to cross over. Those two actors love crossing over and it’s very important to them that what they do over here and what they do over there, that it’s one symbiotic thing.”

    Marinis spoke of the “great working relationship and great personal relationship” with new Station 19 showrunners Zoanne Clack & Peter Paige.

    “We’re constantly on the phone because I want to be able to help them any way I can succeed in telling amazing ends to their stories — whether it’s a crossover medical case or whether it’s Ben crossing over, whether it’s Carina crossing over. We’ll definitely see Carina on Grey’s at one point.”

    As for “that final crossover,” “we like to share catastrophes, that’s what I’m saying,” Marinis said.

    Station 19 coming to an end raises speculation whether George and Spampinato could return to Grey’s next season if the medical drama is renewed for Season 21 as expected. George was a series regular on Grey’s before he left in 2017 to help anchor spinoff Station 19. Having recurred on Grey’s, Spampinato started recurring on Station 19 in Season 3 before becoming a series regular the following season.

    Could any of them rejoin Grey’s next season?

    “I don’t want to answer that because I don’t want to answer anything about Station 19 that I’m not only fully aware of,” Marinis said. “How they end their stories will help me determine whether or not I will be seeing those characters on Grey’s.”

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Showrunner Meg Marinis On Whether Season 20 Could Be Medical Drama’s Last

    (3/11/24) Grey’s Anatomy continues to rewrite the TV history books, extending its record as the longest-running primetime medical drama with the upcoming landmark 20th season, which premieres this Thursday, March 14.

    This also marks the first season of Meg Marinis, an 18-year Grey’s Anatomy veteran, as the series’ showrunner. And she is not planning it as the drama’s final chapter.

    “I’ve not been informed that this is the last season so I’m going to keep going and telling stories as long as they let me,” she told Deadline in an interview tied to the Season 20 premiere. “We still have stories to tell. We receive a tremendous amount of support from the studio and the network and from Shondaland. So I’m going to keep going until they tell me to put that pen down.”

    Created by Shonda Rhimes, Grey’s Anatomy comes from Rhimes’ Shondaland and ABC Signature, part of Disney Television Studios.

    Craig Erwich, President of Disney Television Group that includes ABC Entertainment, was asked about the series’ future at TCA last month.

    “I think the show is as creatively strong as it’s ever been,” he said. “Not just the live [episodes] you are watching today, but it’s fueling growth for our streaming platform.”

    Season 19 averaged 10.7 million total viewers after 35 days of delayed viewing across linear and digital platforms, making Grey’s Anatomy ABC’s No.1 entertainment series in delayed multi-platform viewing.

    The drama is coming off a transformational 19th season season, with Pompeo stepping back, Kelly McCreary leaving and five new main characters joining the show, played by Harry Shum Jr., Adelaide Kane, Alexis Floyd, Niko Terho and Midori Francis. The transition has been successful, with all five new cast members returning this season.

    Asked by Deadline last month whether renewal conversations have started about a potential 21st season, Erwich declined specifics, saying,

    “Right now we’re really focused on the momentous 20th season of Grey’s Anatomy, which is still amazing to say and is amazing to celebrate,” he said. “You’ll see that celebration on air, both in terms of the stories that they’re telling which continue to be of the highest quality and how we celebrate a show that is so iconic and so associated with ABC and one that we’re just so honored to have. It’s helped define the network over the last 20 seasons.”

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: All Seasons Now Streaming On Hulu — Watch Video Highlights

    (3/8/24) (Video) The first 19 seasons of ABC’s venerable medical drama Grey’s Anatomy are now offered on a Disney streaming platform for the first time, and now all 420 episodes are available on Hulu ahead of the Season 20 premiere on ABC.

    “Grey’s Anatomy is one of our top performing next-day titles, and we are very excited to now be the only streaming destination to offer every Grey’s episode ever, both past and current,” said Hulu General Manager Lauren Tempest. “In addition to bringing lifelong fans back to Grey Sloan, we hope that new audiences will discover and fall in love with the characters and stories that have captivated us for so many years.”

    To celebrate the launch, Hulu has released a new featurette with the most iconic moments from the past 19 seasons and teasing what’s ahead. You can watch it above.

    As we reported, under the pact, Hulu and Netflix, the longtime SVOD home of Grey’s will share the co-exclusive domestic streaming rights to all prior 19 seasons of the drama series. All episodes will be available on both the bundled Disney app and the standalone Hulu service.

    Securing Grey’s Anatomy for the foreseeable future is part of a short-term domestic content agreement between Disney Entertainment and Netflix in which Disney is licensing 14 popular library TV series to Netflix on a non-exclusive basis for 18 months. The list includes Lost, This Is Us, Prison Break, Archer, How I Met Your Mother, White Collar, Home Improvement, The Resident, ESPN 30 for 30, My Wife and Kids, Reba, The Bernie Mac Show and the recent Wonder Years reboot.

    Season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy premieres Thursday, March 14 on ABC and begins streaming Friday, March 15, exclusively on Hulu.

    ‘Felicity’ Podcast From J.J. Abrams To Feature Stars Keri Russell, Scott Speedman, Scott Foley & Others For 25-Year Look Back

    (3/7/24) Felicity, the WB series that launched Keri Russell, Scott Speedman and Scott Foley to household-name status, is getting a fond look back after 25 years by its stars and producers in a new weekly podcast.

    Dear Felicity, from producer J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Audio and Spotify’s The Ringer, will debut Wednesday, March 13, with new episodes arriving every Wednesday on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other major podcast platforms.

    While most “rewatch” podcasts are structured in an episode-by-episode format, Dear Felicity will instead cover themes and story arcs, with topics focusing on Felicity, The WB, the careers of those involved, and how the television business functioned at the time.

    Felicity starred Russell as a young California woman attending college in New York City. Speedman and Foley were her love interests.

    Hosted by Felicity stars Amanda Foreman and Greg Grunberg alongside The Ringer’s Juliet Litman, Dear Felicity will bring together cast, crew, executives, and fans of the series. Special guests set to appear include Russell, Abrams, Speedman, Foley, Matt Reeves, Tangi Miller, Ian Gomez, Amy Jo Johnson, Jennifer Garner, Brian Grazer, Keiko Agena, Andrew Jarecki, and more.

    Said Abrams, Co-CEO, Bad Robot, “The experience of Felicity was formative for so many involved. It is such a joy to relive that time, re-examine the episodes, and hear from so many of the wonderful and creative people who helped bring the show to life.”

    The podcast is produced by Bad Robot Audio and Spotify’s The Ringer; J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves are executive producers, alongside Bad Robot Audio executive producer Christina Choi and producer Shaka Tafari.

    Felicity ran on The WB from 1998 to 2002, and is currently available on Hulu.

    Scottie Thompson, David Koechner, Gillian White & Isaiah Washington Lead Christmas Comedy ‘Dashing Through The Snow’

    (3/4/24) Scottie Thompson (Hellfire), David Koechner (Anchorman), Gillian White (Trouble Man!) and Isaiah Washington (Grey’s Anatomy) are currently starring in Christmas action-comedy Dashing Through The Snow.

    From writer-director Prince Bagdasarian, the movie is also starring are Hunter Ives (Abstraction), James Di Giacomo (The Kill Room) and social media influencer, Nick Antonyan.

    Set in a cabin on Christmas Eve, the film will see US Marshall Jo (Thompson) protecting a pregnant fugitive (White) from a bounty hunter (Ives) and a hitman Santa (Koechner), accompanied by his henchmen of elves.

    Washington plays Thompson’s boss, Acting Deputy Director Winters for the US Marshal Service.

    James Di Giacomo (Desperation Road) and Sasha Yelaun (The Old Way) are producing, alongside Prince Bagdasarian and Hunter Ives. Filming is underway on location in Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead, California.

    “I aim to craft a unique blend of dark comedy and action, immersing the audience in a snow-laden Christmas Eve filled with unexpected twists. We explore the chaos of family dynamics, impending motherhood, positivity, and the hilarity of fending off inept hitmen in a winter setting. I’m thrilled to be working with an exceptionally talented cast”, said Bagdasarian.

    “The film will offer viewers an entertaining escape into a world where the holiday spirit takes unexpected turns. The script is hilarious and audiences are going to fall in love with the characters we’re bringing to life”, commented producer James Di Giacomo.

    Producer Sasha Yelaun added: “This is not only my first Christmas movie, but also my first collaboration with talented director Prince Bagdasarian who I’m thrilled to see craft and deliver another action-packed film that is sure to be a holiday favorite. I’m also excited to be collaborating again with Scottie Thompson and James Di Giacomo from my last films, Hellfire and Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose.”

    Bagdasarian’s latest film was Abducted, which premiered at the Sedona International Film Festival and was released on Showtime.

    Known for roles in Murder at Yellowstone City and SyFy’s 12 Monkeys, Thompson will next be seen starring opposite Stephen Lang and Harvey Keitel in film Hellfire. The Office alum Koechner is also known for his role as Champ Kind in the Anchorman films and most recently appeared in series Underdeveloped and American Dad!

    White is known for her roles in Outlaw Johnny Black and Tyler Perry series, The Oval. She recently starred in Trouble Man!, alongside Mike Epps, Orlando Jones, Method Man, and her husband, Michael J. White, who directed the action comedy.

    Grey’s Anatomy alum, Washington, is known for The 100, and recently starred as Bass Reeves in Corsicana, in which he also directed.

    Thompson is represented by TalentWorks and Mainstay Entertainment; Koechner by Gersh; White by Amsel, Eisenstadt , Frazier & Hinojosa Talent Agency; Washington is with Attorney Ricky Anderson at Anderson & Smith PC.

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Arizona Returns To “Make History” In Season 20 Trailer As Altman Remains In Critical Condition

    (2/29/24) (Video) It looks like Grey Sloan Memorial is just as frenzied as ever.

    A new trailer for Season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy, which debuts on March 14, gives a look at what’s in store this season, including a visit from none other than Dr. Arizona Robbins. ABC previously revealed that Jessica Capshaw would be reprising her beloved role this season as a guest star, and now we’ve got a better idea of what she’s up to.

    In the opening moments of the trailer, Arizona asks the interns who wants to make history as she stands in the lecture hall. It seems as though she’s probably returned to Seattle to perform a groundbreaking fetal surgery.

    The trailer also introduces Natalie Morales, who is set to guest star as Monica Beltran, a pediatric surgeon whose pragmatism and level-headedness have made her one of the best in her field. She has a bit of an awkward run-in with Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) on her first day at the hospital.

    There’s also a larger teaser for what will likely be the big story of the beginning of the season: Teddy’s critical illness. The trailer shows the scenes we’ve seen before of Teddy (Kim Raver) collapsing in the operating room and Winston (Anthony Hill) saying she’s in critical condition. But it also teases that Owen (Kevin McKidd) will have to make a difficult decision about a necessary surgery, which it seems Winston will perform.

    Then, of course, there is also all the romance. There’s unresolved feelings between Jules and Blue, as well as Luca and Simone. Link and Jo will also have to deal with their own romance becoming public.

    Watch the entire trailer above.

    Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 premieres on ABC on March 14 at 9 p.m. ET/PT with next day streaming on Hulu.

    Scott Speedman Joins Yvonne Strahovski In Ian McCulloch/James Wan Horror Drama ‘Teacup’

    (2/29/24) Scott Speedman is set as a lead opposite Yvonne Strahovski in Peacock’s upcoming horror thriller series Teacup (fka Unt. Ian McCulloch Project) from writer Ian McCulloch (Yellowstone), Atomic Monster’s James Wan (The Conjuring Universe) and UCP, Deadline has confirmed.

    Inspired by the bestselling novel Stinger by Robert McCammon, the series follows a disparate group of people on a ranch who must come together in the face of a mysterious threat.

    Speedman will play James Chenoweth opposite Strahovski’s character Maggie Chenoweth.

    Atomic Monster’s James Wan (The Conjuring Universe, Archive 81), Michael Clear (Archive 81, Swamp Thing) and Rob Hackett (Archive 81, I Know What You Did Last Summer) executive produce alongside writer / executive producer Ian McCulloch (Yellowstone, Chicago Fire), director (101) / executive producer E.L. Katz (The Haunting of Bly Manor, Channel Zero), executive producer/author Robert McCammon, Francisca X. Hu and Kevin Tancharoen. Danielle Bozzone oversees for Atomic Monster. The studio is UCP, a division of Universal Studio Group.

    Speedman currently appears on Grey’s Anatomy reprising his role as Dr. Nick Marsh. His previous credits include a recurring arc on the third season of You, as well as TNT’s Animal Kingdom, Felicity and Last Resort. He also can be seen in Lena Dunham’s Sundance film Sharp Stick, which sold to Utopia.

    Sandra Oh To Lead Off Broadway Production Of Lucy Kirkwood’s ‘The Welkin’ American Premiere

    (2/27/24) Grey’s Anatomy and Quiz Lady actor Sandra Oh will star in the Off Broadway American premiere of Lucy Kirkwood’s The Welkin this summer.

    The American Theater Company production begins previews Thursday, May 16, and will open Wednesday, June 12 for a limited engagement through Sunday, June 30.

    Directed by Sarah Benson (Obie Award winner, Fairview), The Welkin is set in Rural Suffolk, England, 1759, as the country waits for Halley’s Comet. A young woman is sentenced to hang for a heinous murder, and when she claims to be pregnant, a jury of twelve matrons are taken from their housework to decide whether she’s telling the truth or simply trying to escape the noose. Only midwife Lizzy Luke (Oh) is prepared to defend the girl against a mob baying for blood, matrons wrestling with their new authority and the devil in their midst.

    Atlantic describes the work as a “dark, fierce, funny play about democracy and housework.”

    Also starring in the production are b (Off Broadway’s Toros, TV’s WeCrashed); Tilly Botsford (Off Broadway debut), Paige Gilbert (A Raisin In The Sun, Skin of Our Teeth), Ann Harada (Into the Woods, Avenue Q), Jenn Kidwell (Underground Railroad Game), Mary McCann (Harper Regan, TV’s The Chair), Emily Cass McDonnell (I’m Revolting, The Thin Place), MacKenzie Mercer (Frozen National Tour), Dale Soules (Orange Is The New Black, Hair), Danny Wolohan (Camelot, To Kill a Mockingbird) and Haley Wong (Mary Gets Hers at MCC).

    Additional casting will be announced soon.

    The Welkin will feature sets by dots, costumes by Kaye Voyce, lights by Stacey Derosier, sound by Palmer Hefferan, special effects by Jeremy Chernick, hair & wigs by Cookie Jordan, makeup by Gabrielle Vincent, movement by David Neumann, and intimacy direction by Crista Marie Jackson.

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Alum Jesse Williams To Lead & Produce Italian Series ‘Costiera’ For Prime Video

    (2/27/24) Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy, Only Murders In The Building) will produce and star in Prime Video’s Costiera, an Italian action-drama series filmed in English and directed by Emmy award winner Adam Bernstein (Breaking Bad, Fargo). The series is currently in production.

    Williams will play Daniel De Luca, a half-Italian former U.S. marine who returns to Italy, the land of his childhood, as a fixer in one of the world’s most luxurious hotels on the spectacular Positano coastline. Synopsis reads: “Shortly after Daniel, or DD as everybody knows him, starts working at the hotel, one of the owner’s daughters disappears. He must do whatever it takes to find her and bring her home while still solving the ever-changing problems of the exclusive hotel guests.”

    Based on an idea by Luca Bernabei, written by Elena Bucaccio, Matthew Parkhill, and Francesco Arlanch, the series is co-produced by Amazon MGM Studios and Luca Bernabei for Fremantle’s Lux Vide. Under what the companies have described as a “highly innovative deal structure,” Amazon holds on to full exclusive rights in Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal. Fremantle will handle global sales in all other territories.

    The show is one of the biggest being sold by Fremantle this week at the London TV Screenings.

    “It’s an amazing opportunity for me to work with Jesse Williams on Costiera. I’ve always admired his work – both on stage and screen, and he’s the first actor that came to my mind for the role of Daniel De Luca,” said Bernstein. “Jesse provides a perfect combination of intelligence, charisma, and humor, and we’re incredibly lucky to have him at the center of our show.’’

    Other original Italian productions in the Prime Video catalog include No Activity – Niente da segnalare, Elf Me, Gigolò per caso, and Everybody Loves Diamonds. Lux Vide’s credits include Medici, Leonardo, and Devils, starring Patrick Dempsey.

    And Just Like That: Sara Ramírez Not Returning as Che Diaz in Season 3

    (2/26/24) Looks like the internet won’t have Che Diaz to kick around anymore. According to multiple sources, Sara Ramírez won’t be returning to “And Just Like That” for its third season, which starts production later this year for a 2025 premiere on Max.

    Ramírez has played nonbinary standup comedian Che Diaz since Season 1, during which the character became a meme-generating object of mockery. In a cover story interview for Variety‘s Pride issue in June 2022, Ramírez said they had tried to avoid the online commentary. “Other people’s opinions of a character — that’s not something I can allow into my process,” they said. “I choose what I receive, right? That’s the beauty of being grown — I don’t have to receive everything!”

    In the first season of “And Just Like That,” Che, who had a podcast with Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), swept Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) off her feet, causing her marriage to Steve (David Eigenberg) to end. At the end of Season 1, Che and Miranda went to Los Angeles, where Che was filming a pilot. Throughout the second season, the couple’s once-passionate relationship deteriorated, and they broke up. The Season 2 finale concluded with Carrie saying goodbye to her Upper East Side apartment by hosting a final dinner party there, with both Miranda and Che in attendance.

    Of late, Ramírez has been an outspoken, prolific proponent for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war, as reflected on their Instagram. Because of this advocacy, last month, the Daily Mail posted a story that speculated that Ramírez was hinting that they had been fired from “And Just Like That” because of their pro-Palestinian views, pointing to a particular post that stated: “It’s wild how performative so many in Hollywood are. Even more performative than the last character I played.”

    Variety‘s sources dispute that Ramírez was fired for their politics or their Instagram presence. These sources say that the Che character had reached a natural conclusion, since their relationship with Miranda had ended.

    A spokesperson from Max declined to comment.

    In an interview in August with “And Just Like That” showrunner Michael Patrick King after the Season 2 finale, he discussed how the Che character had evolved over the two seasons of the Max hit. “Every time people say they don’t like Che, I go, ‘You mean you don’t like standups!,'” King said. “I mean, you’re standing on stage asking people to think you’re art. It’s a lot, that character. The audience got to see other sides, which is all you’re supposed to be doing if you get more than one season.”

    And about the interaction between Miranda and Che in the finale, King said, “Hopefully, at the end, they’re like, “Good they’re not together, and they never will be.”

    People’s Choice Awards Winner

    (2/18/24) THE SHOW OF THE YEAR: WINNER: Grey’s Anatomy

    The CW Eyes ‘Wild Cards’ Renewal For Season 2

    (2/15/24) Wild Cards, a Canadian police procedural, has become a surprise hit for The CW.

    The series, which stars Grey’s Anatomy’s Giacomo Gianniotti, Riverdale’s Vanessa Morgan and Jason Priestley, launched in January.

    It has been averaging over 500,000 in the live overnights, per Nielsen, which The CW President of Entertainment Brad Schwartz says will likely go to around 1M over the first seven days.

    This is what constitutes a hit for the network. “That’s a nice success for us. If we can do seven nights a week with a million viewers, that would be goal number one, then two million,” he told Deadline.

    Schwartz added that he has already begun discussing a second season of the show, which comes from Blink49 Studios.

    “We have not renewed it yet but that is a conversation that’s happening right now. It’s the type of show that could run for ten seasons, those shows don’t exist much anymore. It really could be something,” he added.

    Wild Cards is a crime-solving procedural with a comedic twist that follows the unlikely duo of a gruff, sardonic cop and a spirited, clever con woman. Ellis (Gianniotti) plays a demoted detective who has spent the last year on the maritime unit, while Max (Morgan) has been living a transient life elaborately scamming everyone she meets. But when Max gets arrested and ends up helping Ellis solve a local crime, the two are offered the opportunity to redeem themselves, with Ellis going back to detective and Max staying out of jail. The catch? They have to work together, with each using their unique skills to solve crimes.

    Terry Chen and Karin Konoval also star.

    It was originally ordered by Canadian broadcaster CBC and The CW came on board as a co-producer. It is produced by Blink49 Studios, Front Street Pictures and Piller/Segan with Michael Konyves as showrunner. He exec produces alongside Shawn Piller and Noelle Carbone.

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Jessica Capshaw & Alex Landi Return As Guest Stars; Natalie Morales & Freddy Miyares Also Join Season 20

    (2/10/24) Expect to see some familiar faces returning to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital soon.

    Jessica Capshaw is set to guest star in Season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy, reprising her beloved role as Dr. Arizona Robbins. Also Alex Landi will return as Dr. Nico Kim.

    No word yet on how, exactly, these two will make their way back to Grey Sloan. Capshaw joined the cast in Season 5 and remained until Season 14, when Arizona left Seattle during the finale to move to New York so that her daughter Sophia could be closer to her other mom, Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez).

    Landi recurred on the show from Seasons 15 to 18, before exiting in May 2022. While he was on the show, he was in an on-again off-again relationship with his co-worker Dr. Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli), who is still on the show.

    Additionally, Grey’s Anatomy is also adding two new faces, Natalie Morales and Freddy Miyares.

    Morales will guest star as Monica Beltran, a pediatric surgeon whose pragmatism and level-headedness have made her one of the best in her field. Her willingness to push boundaries can be admirable and aggravating, but it’s always aimed at providing top-quality care to her patients.

    Miyares joins the cast in a recurring role as Dorian, an intelligent, warm and likable patient who is involved in a serious accident and is struggling with his future.

    ABC says to stay tuned, as additional guest star announcements will follow. Fingers crossed for more returning cast members.

    Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 premieres on ABC on March 14 at 9 p.m. ET/PT with next day streaming on Hulu.

    ABC Chief Craig Erwich Talks ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s Future: “The Show Is Creatively As Strong As It’s Ever Been”

    (2/10/24) Ahead of ABC‘s Grey’s Anatomy‘s 20th Season premiere on March 14, Craig Erwich, President of Disney Television Group that includes ABC Entertainment, spoke about the show’s future during the network’s TCA presentation on Saturday.

    “Right now, our focus is on the immediate future of Grey’s Anatomy, which is celebrating its 20th season, a remarkable achievement, creatively and for the network, the audience and the creators,” Erwich said.

    As for Grey’s Anatomy‘s longer-term future, “I think the show is as creatively strong as it’s ever been,” Erwich said. “Not just the live [episodes] you are watching today, but it’s fueling growth for our streaming platform.”

    As Deadline reported in December, previous seasons of Grey’s Anatomy will be made available for the first time on a Disney streaming platform when they make their debut on the bundled Disney+/Hulu app and the standalone Hulu service starting in March. The current seasons of the show — the longest-running medical drama on TV — also are available next day on Hulu, making this the first time all existing seasons of the Grey’s are available on the same platform.

    “I’m really looking forward to when Grey’s comes on and we get the past seasons on Disney+, that seamless experience,” Erwich said.” And then for people who are still starting with Episode one 20 seasons ago, they can watch it all the way through and are concurrently participate in the conversation that the show generates on a weekly basis.”

    In his opening remarks, Erwich noted that “Grey’s was Disney+’s #1 show globally, with over a billion hours streamed.:

    As was announced earlier this morning, some familiar faces are set to return in the milestone Season 20 of the hit medical drama including Jessica Capshaw and Alex Landi. They will reprise their original roles of Dr. Arizona Robbins and Dr. Nico Kim, respectively.

    Capshaw joined the cast in Season 5 and remained until Season 14, when Arizona left Seattle during the finale to move to New York so that her daughter Sophia could be closer to her other mom, Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez).

    Landi recurred on the show from Seasons 15 to 18, before exiting in May 2022. While he was on the show, he was in an on-again off-again relationship with his co-worker Dr. Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli), who is still on the show.

    Additionally, Grey’s Anatomy is also adding two new faces, Natalie Morales and Freddy Miyares.

    Following Ellen Pompeo’s departure as a series regular last season, her Dr. Meredith Grey will also return as a guest next season.

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Ellen Pompeo Returns To Grey Sloan In Season 20 Trailer; New Updates On Altman, Interns & More — Watch

    (1/31/24) (Video) ABC is preparing audiences for the return of Grey’s Anatomy.

    Dr. Meredith Grey is front and center in the new teaser for Season 20, despite Ellen Pompeo moving to a guest star role to make time for her Hulu limited series Orphan. While Meredith might have moved to Boston at the end of Season 19, it appears she’ll be making a few trips back to Seattle to visit Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in the upcoming episodes.

    The teaser opens with Meredith seemingly asking Miranda Bailey, “How long do I have to wait?” — although, it’s not clear what she’s waiting on. In another interaction, Bailey tells Meredith that the interns “are in trouble.”

    Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) is also back at Grey Sloan and hovering over the interns after the Season 19 finale when he and Meredith professed their feelings for each other in Boston. Speaking of the interns, they seem to be caught in the thick of plenty of messy situations at the hospital.

    Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Link (Chris Carmack) are now a thing, and Richard (James Pickens Jr.) is struggling with his sobriety.

    The teaser also gives an update on the fate of Teddy Altman (Kim Raver), whose fate was left hanging in the balance at the end of Season 19 when she collapsed after complaining of a toothache. At the end of the teaser, Winston (Anthony Hill) says that she’s in “critical condition.”

    Watch the full trailer above, as well as a previous teaser for Season 20 below. Grey’s Anatomy returns to ABC on March 14. (Video)

    Britney Spears’ Film Debut ‘Crossroads’ Coming To Netflix

    (1/25/24) Before she was seen online dancing with knives, Britney Spears was on a bigger screen. Now, her first film role, Crossroads, is finally coming to Netflix.

    The 2002 film will hit the streamer on Feb. 15. The movie hasn’t been on streaming platforms or available from digital retailers since its release.

    Crossroads features Spears as “Lucy,” a character who reunites with her childhood best friends Kit (Zoë Saldana) and Mimi (Taryn Manning). A cross-country road trip ensues with Mimi’s friend Ben (Anson Mount).

    The film was written by Shonda Rhimes. It returned to theaters last year for two nights in October to coincide with the release of Spears’ memoir, The Woman in Me.

    Director Tamra Davis said at that time, “I recently rewatched Crossroads and was so enthralled with the time capsule of nostalgia that this incredible ensemble cast brings to the screen. Britney is absolutely breathtaking to watch, and Shonda is showing us her early expertise in writing complicated female characters.”

    Netflix announced the news on social media. “The first movie to ever star the one and only Britney Spears has never been available on streaming… but that’s about to change!” the streamer wrote. “We’re thrilled to announce that Crossroads will finally be available on Netflix — GLOBALLY — starting February 15.”

    Crossroads also stars Kim Cattrall, Justin Long, Dan Aykroyd, and Jamie Lynn Spears, who plays the younger version of her sister Britney’s character.

    James Purefoy, Brooke Smith, Felix Solis Among 9 Cast In Season 2 Of Netflix’s ‘The Recruit’

    (1/25/24) Netflix has rounded out its recurring cast for Season 2 of The Recruit, which has begun production in Vancouver. Filming will also take place in Seoul, South Korea on the series from Alexi Hawley.

    Joining Season 2 in recurring roles are James Purefoy (Rome), Brooke Smith (Grey’s Anatomy), Devika Bhise (The Rookie: Feds), Felix Solis (The Rookie: Feds), Young-Ah Kim (Juvenile Justice), Do Hyun Shin (Hospital Playlist), Sanghee Lee (All of Us Are Dead), Omar Maskati (Good Sam) and Alana Hawley Purvis (Range Roads).

    They join previously announced new series regular Teo Yoo (Past Lives), along with returning Season 1 series regulars Noah Centineo as Owen Hendricks, Aarti Mann as Violet, Colton Dunn as Lester, Fivel Stewart as Hannah, Kristian Bruun as Janus and Vondie Curtis-Hall as Nyland. Kaylah Zander (Amelia), Maddie Hasson (Nichka) and Angel Parker (Dawn) recurred in Season 1 and were promoted to series regulars for Season 2.

    Recurring cast for the upcoming season also includes Daniel Quincy Annoh as Terence, Jesse Collin as Dodge and Nathan Fillion as CIA Director Alton West.

    Season 2 of The Recruit finds CIA Lawyer Owen Hendricks (Centineo) pulled into a life-threatening espionage situation in South Korea, only to realize that the bigger threat just might be coming from inside the Agency.

    Kim plays Grace, a savvy senior intelligence officer and single mother who is under increasing pressure to discover what the CIA is up to in her country.

    Solis is Tom Wallace, a senior diplomat in the State Department tasked with bringing American hostages home, he will talk to anyone to get our people back – even the worst of America’s enemies.

    Purefoy portrays Olive Bonner-Jones, a charming, rich British businessman who lives in a world between legal and illegal.

    Shin plays Yoo Jin Lee, a free-spirited young woman with a childhood connection to Owen.

    Sanghee Lee portrays Nan Hee, a passionate and nurturing Korean aide worker with a sly sense of humor.

    Maskati plays Jae King, a jet-setting rich kid with a charming and affable personality.

    Smith portrays Marcy Potter, a seasoned and serious CIA Counter Espionage Group officer leading a crucial investigation.

    Bhise plays Juno Marsh, an eager CIA Counter Espionage Group officer whose buttoned-up persona masks a bit of a wild side.

    Purvis portrays Amanda Fern, a stern and by-the-book CIA Station Chief in Seoul who’s resistant to taking any instruction from a CIA operative.

    Yoo plays Jang Kyun, a clever and driven South Korean NIS agent.

    Hawley is the show’s creator, showrunner and executive producer. Additionally, Centineo, Doug Liman, Gene Klein, David Bartis, Adam Ciralsky, Charlie Ebersol and Julian Holmes also EP. Lionsgate Television is the studio.

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s Midori Francis Signs With WME

    (1/22/24) Midori Francis (Grey’s Anatomy, The Sex Lives of College Girls) has signed with WME for representation.

    Francis has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy for her performance as Lily in the Netflix series Dash & Lily from the producers of Stranger Things. Francis can currently be seen in Mindy Kaling’s Max dramedy series The Sex Lives of College Girls and on ABC’s long-running medical series Grey’s Anatomy, where she portrays Dr. Mika Yasuda.

    On the feature front, she can be seen starring in Blumhouse’s Unseen for MGM+ alongside Missi Pyle, Jolene Purdy and Ren Hanami, and Netflix’s Afterlife of the Party with Victoria Justice and Adam Garcia.

    Midori is recognized for her breakout performance in Universal’s Good Boys from producer Seth Rogen as well as her Drama Desk-nominated performance in NYT Critics’ Pick Usual Girls at the Roundabout Theatre.

    Additional credits include The Wolves at Lincoln Center, which is also an NYT Critics’ Pick and Obie Award and Drama Desk Winner and Connected at 59E59 Theaters, an NYIT Award winner. Other credits include Gotham on Fox, The Birch on Facebook Watch and the indie film South Mountain which premiered at SXSW.

    She continues to be represented by Circle of Confusion and Johnson Shapiro Slewett & Kole.

    ‘Ransom Canyon’: Marianly Tejada, Jack Schumacher, Garrett Wareing & Andrew Liner Among 13 Cast In Netflix Drama Series

    (1/19/24) Marianly Tejada (One of Us Is Lying), Jack Schumacher (Top Gun: Maverick), Garrett Wareing (Manifest) and Andrew Liner (Vampire Academy) have joined Ransom Canyon as series regulars. Also cast in the Netflix drama series as recurring are Brett Cullen (Winning Time), Grey’s Anatomy alumna Kate Burton, Jaren Robledo (Rez Ball), Jennifer Ens (Chapelwaite), Kenneth Miller (The Cleaning Lady), Niko Guardado, Justin Johnson Cortez and Casey W. Johnson. Philip Winchester (Strike Back) will guest star.

    The actors join previously cast series regulars Josh Duhamel, Minka Kelly, James Brolin, Eoin Macken and Lizzy Greene.

    Based on the book series by Jodi Thomas, Ransom Canyon is a romance-fueled family drama and contemporary Western saga that charts the intersecting lives of three ranching families, all set against the rugged expanse of Texas Hill Country.

    Tejada plays the rough and whip-smart Ellie Estevez, who is the personification of “Do no harm, but take no sh*t,” specifically from resident curmudgeon Cap (Brolin), whom she looks after. Ellie’s young, hungry and driven to make her mark in Ransom Canyon. She has no interest in settling down with a romantic partner, at least not yet, which is why she’s a bit thrown when she crosses paths with mysterious newcomer Yancy.

    Schumacher plays the charming yet enigmatic Yancy Grey, a drifter with a secretive, troubled past. No one knows much about this newcomer, and Yancy would like to keep it that way. But his past catches up to him as he fights to hide it from Ellie, Cap, and the town he’s starting to call home.

    Wareing plays Lucas Russell. While struggling to provide for his family by working at the Double K Ranch, Lucas is always on the outside looking in. He’s determined to achieve a brighter future than Ransom Canyon has to offer, and he’s got the mind and work ethic to propel him there. This mind-set aligns perfectly with head cheerleader Lauren’s (Greene) desire to leave Ransom, and the two find that may not be the only desire they have in common.

    Liner plays Reid Collins. Toeing the line between confident and cocky, Reid seemingly has the perfect life as the star quarterback of Ransom High, Lauren’s boyfriend and heir to the Collins family ranch. He was devastated when his cousin was killed in a car accident but doesn’t let that stop him from living life to the fullest as a 16-year-old with nothing to lose. Behind the arrogant exterior, though, lies a caring, emotional boy eager to be loved and with a secret that’s haunting him.

    Robledo plays Jack Yellowbird. Jack is Lucas’ best friend. He is a member of the high school band and has a car. Jack believes in love and does not like guys who are handed a “hall pass” through life.

    Johnson plays Kit Russell, Lucas’ well-meaning brother who’s a magnet for trouble. He has a penchant for drinking and women. But despite all his flaws, Kit is a dedicated brother trying his best to take on the role of parent to Lucas.

    Ens is Ashley, Lauren’s fellow cheerleader and on- and off-again best friend.

    Cullen plays Senator Samuel “Sam” Kirkland, a charismatic, self-serving politician and Staten’s (Duhamel) father. Sam only comes into town with a political angle or to show off his newest wife on occasion. Sam will go as far as to double-cross his own son to get the water pipeline running through Ransom.

    Burton plays Katherine Bullock, Quinn’s (Kelly) music mentor. A tough but compassionate New Yorker and the director of the New York Philharmonic, she is determined to whisk Quinn away from Ransom Canyon and return her to the world of classical music in New York City, where she believes Quinn’s talent belongs.

    Guardado plays Tim O’Grady, Reid’s eternal shadow and the wide receiver on the football team. Together, Tim and Reid have been through a lot – and are harboring some heavy secrets. Although he butts heads with his mother, Angie, Tim has a strong relationship with his Aunt Quinn.

    Winchester plays Sheriff Dan Brigman, Ransom Canyon PD’s no-nonsense sheriff and Lauren’s loving but strict father, determined to keep her away from Lucas. Dan faces the challenges of raising a strong-willed daughter whose only goal is to leave home and caring for a wife with alcohol and mental health issues who abandons her family, all while investigating the hit-and-run death of Staten’s son.

    Cortez plays Kai, a deputy on the Ransom Canyon Police Force under Sheriff Dan Lazano. Kai is learning the ropes in his job: picking up drunks, working security detail, and handing out parking tickets when needed. Kai is wary and suspicious of the new foreman in town, Yancy. Kai is protective of Ellie and doesn’t want to see Ellie hurt by Yancy.

    Miller plays Freddie, Yancy’s menacing old prison mate. He’s spent time behind bars and it shows. Threatening to expose Yancy’s past (or worse), Freddie follows Yancy to Ransom with the hope of joining whatever con it is Yancy’s hiding

    April Blair is the series creator, writer and executive producer. Amanda Marsalis is set to direct the first two of Season 1’s 10 episodes.

    Tejada is repped by Karli Doumanis and Jake Miller at Zero Gravity and Yorn, Levine, Barnes, Krintzman, Rubenstein, Kohner, Endlich, Goodell & Gellman. Schumacher is repped by Stewart Talent. Miller is repped by Joseph Le Talent Agency and Matt Sherman Management.

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Stars Reunite At Emmys In Tribute To Series

    (1/15/24) Sans the scrubs, Meredith and Izzie, along with Miranda, Webber and Karev, reunited Monday at the Primetime Emmys to give away the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Series.

    Ellen Pompeo was joined onstage in a makeshift hospital room by Katherine Heigl, James Pickens, Chandra Wilson and Justin Chambers. Each actor then shared a moment from the show’s long history.

    “When the first episode aired in March 2005, Shonda was not sure she knew she created a show that had a lasting imprint,” Pompeo began.

    “Over 400 episodes and counting!” continued Chambers, who left the show in 2020. “It’s a tribute to everyone who’s been a part of our family.”

    Heigl, who left the show in 2010, had the fun line. “Oh yes there have been some changes over the years, but one thing that has remained a constant is the wonderful fan base.”

    Wilson then had the chance to remind everyone “we are officially the longest running primetime medical drama.”

    “And it would not be possible without you,” Pickens said.

    Producers manufactured several mini-reunion’s at tonight’s ceremony to help celebrate the Emmys’ 75th Anniversary. Other reunions included Lorraine Bracco and Michael Imperioli from The Sopranos and Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, Tichina Arnold and Anthony Payne III from Martin.

    ‘Ally McBeal’ Stars, Led By Calista Flockhart, Recreate Series’ Bathroom Dance In Emmy Reunion

    (1/15/24) Four original Ally McBeal cast members, star Calista Flockhart as well as Greg Germann, Peter MacNicol and Gil Bellows, reunited Monday night during the Emmy broadcast on Fox more than 26 years after the debut of the legal dramedy, which aired on the network for five seasons, from September 1997 to May 2002.

    The bit started with Flockhart standing in front of a mirror in a replica of the show’s famous unisex bathroom.

    “I knew I drank too much water; I had to take my Spanx off, I had to put my dress back on,” Flockhart is heard “thinking” in a voiceover before she takes a look in the mirror and tells herself, “Girl, you look good.”

    That is when there is a series of three toilet flushes, each followed by an Ally McBeal cast member, MacNicol, Bellows and Germann, coming out of a bathroom stall.

    One of the signature songs from the show, Barry White’s “You’re the First, The Last, My Everything,” begins playing and the four start dancing, recreating one of the show’s most recognizable scenes. (Below you can watch two versions of the dance from Ally McBeal, including the one in the bathroom.)

    “I loved working with Peter, Gil and Greg, and I still do,” Flockhart said as her husband, Harrison Ford, looked on. “The entire Ally McBeal cast was so talented, magical and the show created by the brilliant, 11-time Emmy winner David E. Kelley, groundbreaking, revolutionary, introducing us to a dancing baby and unisex bathrooms. Ally McBeal defied convention with humor and humanity.

    Ally McBeal starred Flockhart as Ally, a lawyer working in the Boston law firm Cage and Fish along with her ex-lover and his wife, and followed Ally’s trials and tribulations through life as she looked for love and fulfillment. The main focus of the dramedy was the romantic and personal lives of the main characters, often using legal proceedings as plot device.

    The series won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series in 1999, one of seven Emmys and a slew of other major awards for its run. Ally McBeal‘s original cast also included Jane Krakowski, Courtney Thorne-Smith and Lisa Nicole Carson, who were subsequently joined by other actors, including Lucy Liu, Portia de Rossi, musician Vonda Shepard as well as Robert Downey Jr. in one of his first big roles following his 1990s legal troubles en route to his blockbuster career comeback in Iron Man.

    Ally McBeal transcended television to become a pop culture phenom and generate memes before memes existed with its infamous dancing baby. It remains influential two decades after its end, with She-Hulk‘s creative team recently listing the dramedy as an inspiration for their Marvel series.

    There have been multiple attempts to reboot the series, most recently by ABC in 2022.

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘Sopranos’ & More TV Cast Reunions Planned For 75th Emmy Awards

    (1/13/24) Some of the original Grey’s Anatomy cast are getting the band back together at the 75th Emmy Awards.

    Ellen Pompeo, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, James Pickens Jr. and Chandra Wilson will present during the ceremony. And they’re not the only ones.

    Some of the actors from Sopranos, Ally McBeal, Martin and more will take the stage on Monday night. Here are all the reunions set for the show:

    Sopranos: Lorraine Bracco and Michael Imperioli (also nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor, Drama Series)
    Martin: Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, Carl Anthony Payne II and Tichina Arnold
    Ally McBeal: Calista Flockhart, Greg Germann, Peter MacNicol and Gil Bellows
    SNL Weekend Update: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (also nominated for Outstanding Host, Reality or Competition Program)
    American Horror Story: Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott
    Grey’s Anatomy: Ellen Pompeo, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, James Pickens Jr. and Chandra Wilson

    The TV Academy also teased tributes to All In The Family, Cheers, I Love Lucy.

    Additionally, Charlie Puth will perform with husband-and-wife duo The War and Treaty for this year’s “In Memoriam.” Blink-182’s Travis Barker is set to open the show with a performance alongside host Anthony Anderson.

    People’s Choice Awards

    (1/11/24) Voting opens today at and runs through Friday, Jan. 19, at 11:59 pm ET.

    Grey’s Anatomy
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
    Only Murders in the Building
    Saturday Night Live
    Ted Lasso
    The Bear
    The Last of Us
    Vanderpump Rules

    Chicago Fire
    Ginny & Georgia
    Grey’s Anatomy
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
    Outer Banks
    The Last of Us
    The Morning Show

    Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Bringing Back Alex Landi… for a ‘Schmico’ Reunion?

    (1/9/24) Those who called time-of-death on Grey’s Anatomy’s “Schmico” may have been a bit hasty. Alex Landi revealed on Instagram that he is reprising his role of Schmitt’s ex, Dr. Nico Kim, in Season 20 of the long-running ABC drama.

    You’ll recall that back in Season 18, Levi pulled the plug on his relationship with on-again/off-again love interest Nico after his flouting of “the Webber Method” cost a patient his life and sent him spiraling into a pit of despair. Schmitt even vowed that he wouldn’t be returning to work at Grey Sloan. (We all know how that turned out.)

    Subsequently, Levi tried to explain to Nico that when his significant other had paid him a visit, he’d been in terrible pain. When the shoe had been on the other foot, Schmitt added, he’d continued to show up for Nico.

    “I guess that’s the difference between me and you,” Nico said. And that was that. He ended up taking a job with the Seattle Mariners and scrubbing out of Grey Sloan. (Rewatch the fraught scene below.)

    Whether Landi’s Grey’s Anatomy comeback means that Nico and Levi will try, try again remains to be seen. His post is a photo of himself in scrubs with a caption that reads simply “Season 20.”

    Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Promo Teases Meredith’s Future, Teddy’s Fate and — Gulp! — a Firing

    (12/29/23) (Video) “Which one of you am I firing?” asks Grey’s Anatomy doc Nick in the Season 20 trailer that ABC dropped Friday. WTH happened since the Season 19 finale? As Bailey tells Meredith, the interns are in trouble, the kind that apparently results in a pink slip being issued.

    Elsewhere in the only-partially-new trailer for the WGA- and SAG-AFTRA-strike-delayed season, Mer — looming large despite OG Ellen Pompeo’s reduced presence on the long-running drama — expresses her impatience. No doubt she’s hitting a speed bump on the road that she hoped to barrel down in order to cure Alzheimer’s disease stat.

    Also, we’re reminded that Link and Jo are now coupled up, Simone slept with Lucas on what was supposed to be her and Trey’s wedding day, and Richard is facing temptation in the form of a vodka tonic. As for Teddy, who you’ll recall had been felled by a toothache, she’s wound up in critical condition, Winston reports. (Mind you, we can only be so worried, considering that Kim Raver’s contract status was announced before her character landed with a thud on the floor of the O.R.)

    Season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy premieres on Thursday, March 14, at 9/8c, preceding rather than following spinoff Station 19, which returns for its seventh and final season that same night at 10/9.

    Jesse Williams To Be Honored By Hollywood Radio And Television Society

    (12/13/23) The Hollywood Radio and Television Society is honoring former Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams.

    Williams will be feted with the inaugural HRTS Change Maker Award during a gala event December 14 at the Beverly Hilton, where he will join HRTS Board President, HRTS Foundation Board Member and Head of Drama Series, Amazon Studios, Odetta Watkins for an onstage conversation about his career and activism.

    The event will be hosted by Matt Friend.

    Williams recently appeared in Paramount’s Secret Headquarters with Owen Wilson, Netflix’s Your Place or Mine with Reese Witherspoon, and Season 3 of Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building with Meryl Streep, Martin Short, Steve Martin, Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez.

    Williams operates multimedia company Visibility, co-founded with artist Glenn Kaino, all while connecting students to more than $100 million in scholarship money via college scholarship app Scholly, where he is both a company partner and ambassador. He is also the youngest to sit on the board of directors for both Advancement Project, a leading national civil rights organization, and Harry Belafonte’s arts and social justice organization

    “We are honored to see The HRTS Foundation Gala emerge as the annual gathering point for the entertainment community following last year’s HRTS 75th Anniversary Gala, which launched the HRTS Foundation,” said Watkins. “And we are thrilled to honor Jesse Williams, who’s inclusive and justice-centered approach to his career embodies the mission of The HRTS Foundation.”

    All ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Seasons To Be Available On Disney One-App; Netflix Gets Window On 14 Disney Series As Part of Licensing Deal

    (12/11/23) The combined Hulu and Disney+ app for bundle subscribers will launch in March with a big new attraction — the Grey’s Anatomy library, which will be offered on a Disney streaming platform for the first time.

    Hulu and Netflix, the longtime SVOD home of the venerable series, will share the co-exclusive domestic streaming rights to all prior 19 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, which is headed into Season 20 on ABC, extending its record as the longest-running primetime medical drama. The series will be available on both the bundled Disney app and the standalone Hulu service.

    Securing Grey’s Anatomy for the foreseeable future is part of a short-term domestic content agreement between Disney Entertainment and Netflix — now being finalized — in which Disney is licensing 14 popular library TV series to Netflix on a non-exclusive basis for 18 months. The list includes Lost, This Is Us, Prison Break, Archer, How I Met Your Mother, White Collar, Home Improvement, The Resident, ESPN 30 for 30, My Wife and Kids, Reba, The Bernie Mac Show and the recent Wonder Years reboot.

    During the 18-month window, the series will continue to be available on the Disney platform they are currently on (Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+) as well as other third-parties, SVOD, AVOD or linear that they have been licensed to.

    The 14th show, The Hughleys, will become available to stream for the first time next year on both Hulu and Netflix. You can see a full list of the titles with their Netflix launch dates at the bottom of the story.

    Disney CEO Bob Iger alluded to the deal during the company’s Q4 investor call last month, noting that Disney was “in discussion” with Netflix about “some opportunities” in the content licensing space.

    The pact comes at a time of streaming resurgence for Grey’s Anatomy, which has been a Top 3 fixture in the weekly Nielsen ratings during the past couple of months, getting as high as No.2 multiple times and twice crossing the 1 billion-minute mark.

    Securing Grey’s Anatomy for the official launch of Disney’s “one-app experience” — whose beta version rolled out Wednesday for bundle subscribers — makes a statement and was important to Disney brass, I hear.

    While not quite on the same scale, the move draws parallels to Disney’s efforts to make all Star Wars movies available for the launch of Disney+. Their streaming rights also were tied up at the time, so the company had to reach an agreement to make the films available on Disney+ within its first year of operation.

    Much like Star Wars has been synonymous with the Disney brand since its acquisition of Lucasfilm, Grey’s Anatomy has been one of the company’s most recognizable global TV titles for the past two decades and the only current ABC hit whose library is not available on Hulu. (Last year, Hulu made a deal for the Warner Bros. TV-produced Abbott Elementary to share it with WBTV sibling Max.)

    With Hulu also having in-season stacking rights to all ABC series, it will be the only streamer to offer the entire run of Grey’s Anatomy, with exclusive next-day availability of all episodes from the upcoming 20th season alongside the 19 prior seasons, shared with Netflix.

    Hulu has been beefing up its library offerings, recently licensing such popular series titles from outside studios as House, 30 Rock, Schitt’s Creek, Living Single and Who’s the Boss, as well as two Disney-produced shows, New Girl, which had been exclusive to Netflix for years, and Moonlighting, making its long-awaited streaming debut.

    The Disney deal also benefits Netflix, whose initial success was built entirely on licensed programming. The streamer likes the economics of the model and has done well with mainstay library titles such as Grey’s Anatomy and Gilmore Girls, which have been Nielsen Top 10 staples, and previously The Office and Friends. On the heels of the massive success of Suits on the platform, Netflix has been looking for opportunities to license more well known (sometimes slightly forgotten) series, and most of the Disney shows on the list fit that bill.

    “We believe this will deliver additional value for our members (i.e., engagement), as well as for rights holders who benefit from the increased awareness and revenue that Netflix delivers, in addition to the new life that success on Netflix can drive,” the company said in its Q3 earnings results in October, signaling its renewed licensing efforts.

    After a push for exclusivity in the early years of the streaming wars, traditional media companies gradually have reverted to a model balancing exclusivity and sharing content through licensing for an additional revenue stream amid a renewed focus to profitability.

    “It’s the more natural state of the business,” Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos said last week at the UBS media conference. “They’ve always built the studios to license. The unnatural state was, I think, the kind of forced vertical integration. So I think that there will be opportunities for us to license, and I think more than just opportunities.”

    Multiple licensed series under the new deal, including Lost, Archer and How I Met Your Mother, previously had been on Netflix, where they had done well before leaving the platform to stay within the ecosystem of their studios’ parent companies. (Years ago, Prison Break was available on Netflix in several international territories.)

    “We’ve been licensing content to Netflix, and are going to continue to,” Iger said on the Disney Q4 call. “We’re actually in discussion with them now about some opportunities, but I wouldn’t expect that we will license our core brands to them.”

    He went on to specify what kind of programming the company would not be licensing.

    “Those are obviously competitive advantages for us and differentiators,” he said. “Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, for instance — they are all doing very, very well on our platform and I don’t see why, just to basically chase bucks, we should do that when they are really really important building blocks to the current and future of our streaming business.”

    Also held back are successful current animated series like Family Guy or classic titles like Golden Girls, which have been exclusive to Hulu for streaming and have consistently done well, continuing to drive demand.

    The 14 series included in the licensing agreement with Netflix come from various Disney TV production units. The vast majority of them have had successful original runs on broadcast/cable, which have ended, in syndication and, with the exception of The Hughleys, have also had exposure to streaming, so they have already brought in substantial value — and revenue.

    Now they will look for new and wider audiences by expanding their presence beyond Hulu in the way NBCU’s Suits has found new viewers beyond Peacock and Prime Video once it was shared on Netflix earlier this year in a similar limited non-exclusive secondary window.

    HBO also has started licensing some of its previously exclusive original series to Netflix. Like the Disney batch, most of them are well known, hit shows like Six Feet Under or Insecure but not part of signature HBO franchises like Game of Thrones.

    With its intricate, serialized storytelling, This Is Us appears well suited for a successful Netflix run. The streamer actually was among the bidders for the SVOD rights to the hit NBC drama, which Hulu landed in 2017.

    Meanwhile, Netflix might look for lightning to strike twice with White Collar, which was part of the same successful era of “blue sky” USA Network dramas as Suits.

    The success of Suits on Netflix revived interest in the series, leading to a new Los Angeles-set offshoot series, as Deadline exclusively reported.

    Sarandos referenced the Suits spinoff at UBS, noting that “we added a ton of value to that IP.”

    Hulu and Prison Break studio 20th TV likely are hoping for a similar surge for the former Fox drama from the added Netflix run since, as Deadline reported exclusively, a new Prison Break installment is in the works at Hulu.

    The Disney-Netflix deal starts a new chapter for Grey’s Anatomy, whose influence has transcended its own success. It was one of the first broadcast series to hit it big on Netflix, opening the door for others to find new audiences on streaming. The strong performance of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix also played a major part of the streamer’s pursuit of series’ creator Shonda Rhimes, whose pact there brought a seismic change to the TV overall deal business.

    The medical drama’s continuous popularity on Netflix has exposed it to new generations of fans who discover it and stick with it. That likely has helped the series’ longevity as it remains a top ratings draw on ABC 19 seasons in. (But that also had kept Grey’s Anatomy exclusive to Netflix for streaming as the platform’s deals for broadcast series typically expire several years after the end of their network run.)

    Last season, Grey’s ranked as the No. 1 broadcast drama among Women 18-34 and finished among the Top 3 with Adults 18-34, Women 18-49 and Women 25-54. The show averaged 9.6 million total viewers and 3.02 adults 18-49 rating after 35 days across linear and streaming, nearly tripling its initial Live+Same Day average viewership and shooting up a staggering 586% among 18-49.

    Here is a list of the Disney series getting a Netflix window with the start date:
    The Wonder Years: 1/1/2024
    This is Us: 1/8/2024
    My Wife & Kids: 2/5/2024
    ESPN 30 for 30: 25 episodes; premiere dates vary between from February to December
    The Resident: 3/4/2024
    White Collar: 4/1/2024
    Reba: 5/6/2024
    Archer: 5/13/2024
    How I Met You Mother: 6/3/2024
    Lost: 7/1/2024
    Prison Break: 7/29/2024
    The Hughleys: 9/2/2024 (also coming to Hulu)
    The Bernie Mac Show: 1/1/2025
    Home Improvement: 2/1/2025.

    ‘Station 19’ To End With Season 7 On ABC

    (12/8/23) The upcoming seventh season will be the last for ABC‘s Station 19. The decision, early in production on the season, would allow producers to craft a proper ending for the first responder drama, a spinoff from the network’s flagship Grey’s Anatomy.

    Before it signs off, Station 19 will hit the 100th episode mark in Season 7, which was impacted by the double Hollywood strikes. The series has aired 95 episodes to date; its seventh season will consist of 10 episodes.

    Boosted by frequent Grey’s Anatomy crossovers, over the last few seasons, Station 19 established itself as ABC’s No.2 drama series behind Grey’s. Over its run, the series also has been lauded for tackling important — and sometimes difficult — topics and recently received a Sentinel Award from Hollywood, Health & Society for its depiction of systemic racism in Season 6.

    Station 19 has undergone significant changes heading into Season 7. It has new showrunners in Zoanne Clack and Peter Paige who succeeded Krista Vernoff. (Clack had been named head writer in August 2022 amid an upheaval in the series’ writers room, which exposed long-simmering racial issues on the show.)

    In Season 7, which premieres March 14, Station 19 also is moving from 8 PM to 10 PM on Thursday and will now follow Grey’s Anatomy vs. being its lead-in. As Deadline reported last month, the scheduling tweak signals a new dynamic between the two dramas, with the spinoff being less reliant on the mothership series and standing on its own, with only one crossover currently planned for the upcoming abbreviated season.

    In addition to Zoanne Clack and Peter Paige, Stacy McKee, Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers and Paris Barclay also serve as executive producers on the series, produced by ABC Signature, part of Disney TV Studios, and Shondaland.

    “For seven seasons Station 19 has been a highlight of the ABC lineup thanks to Shonda and Betsy’s incredible vision, beloved characters and compelling storytelling,” said Craig Erwich, president, Disney Television Group. “With Zoanne and Peter at the helm of the upcoming farewell season, we have so much to look forward to, most notably the celebration of the show’s milestone 100th episode.”

    Created by McKee, Station 19 is set in Seattle and focuses on the lives of the men and women at Seattle Fire Station 19. It stars Jaina Lee Ortiz, Jason George, Grey Damon, Barrett Doss, Alberto Frezza, Jay Hayden, Okieriete Onaodowan, Danielle Savre, Miguel Sandoval, Boris Kodjoe, Stefania Spampinato, Carlos Miranda, Josh Randall, Merle Dandridge, and Pat Healy.

    As Station 19 is planning its exit, ABC is adding a new first responder drama, Fox transplant 9-1-1, which will be taking over Station 19?s Thursday 8 PM slot.

    Eric Dane, Maia Mitchell, Tyriq Withers & Thomas Doherty Board ACE Entertainment Thriller ‘Family Secrets’

    (12/8/23) Eric Dane (Euphoria), Maia Mitchell (Good Trouble), Tyriq Withers (Atlanta) and Thomas Doherty (Gossip Girl) have been set to star in Family Secrets, a new thriller from Matt Kaplan’s ACE Entertainment.

    Currently in production in Montenegro, the film follows a charming young man (Withers) who makes himself part of a destination wedding to exact revenge on the family’s patriarch (Dane) by seducing his affluent goddaughter (Mitchell) and befriending the groom-to-be (Doherty). But as their relationship gets steamier, the truth gets closer to the surface, forcing the question of whether anyone is safe… and who is conning who?

    Directing the pic is Malik Vitthal, the filmmaker best known for his law enforcement horror Body Cam starring Mary J. Blige and Nat Wolff, as well as the John Boyega Netflix drama Imperial Dreams, which won the Best of Next! Audience Award at Sundance. Writers of the most recent draft of the script are Shanrah Wakefield and Adrienne Love.

    Kaplan produces for ACE Entertainment, which is also financing the feature, with Christopher Foss, Matthew Janzen, Aubrey Bendix, and Braden Bochner overseeing production for the company. Samantha Schlaifer is co-producing.

    Best known for roles on Euphoria and Grey’s Anatomy, Dane most recently wrapped production on the thriller Borderline with Samara Weaving and the motorcycle racing pic One Fast Move opposite K.J. Apa. Next, he can be seen in Tony Tost’s directorial debut National Anthem from Bron Studios, co-starring Sydney Sweeney, Halsey, and Paul Walter Hauser, which premiered at SXSW.

    One of the stars of ABC’s The Fosters and its spin-off Good Trouble, as well as an EP on the latter, Mitchell can currently be seen opposite Thomas Brodie-Sangster and David Thewlis in the Star Original Series The Artful Dodger, an Australian production that is available globally on Disney+, and on Hulu in the U.S.

    In addition to the Rebel Wilson Netflix pic Senior Year, Withers has been seen on shows like Atlanta, Tell Me Lies and Legacies, among others.

    Previously starring in Max’s Gossip Girl reboot, as well as the Sony horror thriller The Invitation opposite Nathalie Emmanuel, Doherty’s other TV credits include Hulu’s High Fidelity and HBO/Sky Atlantic’s Catherine the Great. Up next for him is Dandelion, an IFC pic in which he’ll be seen starring opposite KiKi Layne.

    Founded by Kaplan in 2017, ACE Entertainment is best known for producing Netflix’s beloved To All the Boys series, as well as such titles as The Perfect Date, Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between, Love in Taipei, and Love at First Sight. Most recently, the company wrapped production on Recipe for Love, starring Maia Reficco, Kit Connor, and Kate del Castillo, and writer-director Tommy Dorfman’s I Wish You All The Best starring Corey Fogelmanis, Alexandra Daddario, Cole Sprouse, and Lena Dunham.

    Dane is repped by CAA, Entertainment 360, and Goodman, Genow, Schenkman; Mitchell by WME, Anonymous Content, and Myman Greenspan Fox; Withers by Paradigm, Forward Talent, and Play Management; Doherty by WME, Anonymous Content, Olivia Bell in the UK, and Peikoff Mahan Law Office; and Vitthal by CAA and Jackoway Austen Tyerman.

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘The Diplomat’, ‘Tiny Beautiful Things’ Among Winners At Sentinel Awards

    (12/6/23) The 2023 Sentinel Awards were handed out tonight Awards at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills, and winners included writers for such TV series as Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19, Superman & Lois, The Diplomat and Tiny Beautiful Things. See the full list below.

    Presented by Hollywood, Health & Society at the USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center for more than two decades, the Sentinel Awards recognize writers for meaningful and accurate portrayals onscreen on such timely topics as abortion, systemic racism, climate change and mental health. Larry Wilmore hosted the ceremony, which came the night that Lear died at age 101.

    Attendees heard a statement from Lyn Lear read at the start of the show by Marty Kaplan, founding director of the Norman Lear Center.

    “I would have been there tonight if not for the passing of our beloved Norman,” she wrote. “He was so proud of the work of The Lear Center and Hollywood Health and Society. And he would not have wanted all of us to mourn. He would want us to celebrate the important shows you are honoring tonight, and most of all… he would want us to laugh.”

    Wilmore joked, “Well you got to say this about Norman – the man knew how to make an exit. He knew his audience. And wanted us to make sure we were all listening.”

    He continued, “A giant has left us and we’re going to do him proud. This evening meant a lot to Norman, because he believed television can reflect our best. That’s why the Sentinel Awards were created – to honor television’s best and brightest writing.”

    Here are the winners of the 2023 Sentinel Awards:

    Depiction of Abortion
    Julie Wong, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), “When I Get to the Border”

    Depiction of A.I.
    Tara Hernandez & Damon Lindelof, Mrs. Davis (Peacock), “The Final Intercut: So I’m Your Horse”

    Depiction of Breast Cancer
    Brent Fletcher & Todd Helbing, Superman & Lois (The CW), four-episode storyline

    Depiction of Disabilities
    Matt Fleckenstein, Zach Anner, and Gillian Grassie, Best Foot Forward (Apple TV+), “Halloween”

    Depiction of Climate Change
    Scott Z. Burns, Extrapolations (Apple TV+), ‘2046: Whale Fall”

    Depiction of Diplomacy
    Debora Cahn and Anna Haden, The Diplomat (Netflix), “Some Lusty Tornado”

    Depiction of Economic Disparities
    Chris Estrada, Matt Ingebretson, Pat Bishop, Jake Weisman, This Fool (Hulu), “Los Botes”

    Depiction of End of Life
    Liz Tigelaar, Tiny Beautiful Things (Hulu), “The Nose”

    Depiction of Maternal Health
    Taffy Brodesser-Akner, Fleishman Is in Trouble (FX on Hulu), “Me-Time”

    Depiction of Mental Health
    Adam Kay, This is Going to Hurt (AMC+) “Episode 6”, BBC

    Depiction of Systemic Racism
    Zoanne Clack and Zaiver Sinnett, Station 19 (ABC), “We Build Then We Break”

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