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Current members

  • Paul Stanley – rhythm guitar, lead vocals (1972–present)
  • Gene Simmons – bass guitar, lead vocals (1972–present)
  • Tommy Thayer – lead guitar, vocals (2002–present)
  • Eric Singer – drums, percussion, vocals (1991–1996, 2001–2002, 2004–present)

Former members

  • Peter Criss – drums, percussion, vocals (1972–1980, 1996–2001, 2002–2004)
  • Ace Frehley – lead guitar, vocals (1972–1982, 1996–2002)
  • Eric Carr – drums, percussion, vocals (1980–1991)
  • Vinnie Vincent – lead guitar, backing vocals (1982–1984)
  • Mark St. John – lead guitar, backing vocals (1984)
  • Bruce Kulick – lead guitar, vocals (1984–1996)

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    KISS And EMOJI Company Join Forces For Unique Collaboration

    (2/14/19) The world's most merchandisable rock band has joined forces with the globally recognized emoji brand to develop and launch a one-of-a-kind collaboration, KISS x emoji. The announcement was made today by Epic Rights, the global licensing agent for KISS, and the emoji company.

    For 45 years, the hottest band in the world, KISS, has been beloved around the globe. The emoji brand, one of the most influential lifestyle brands in the world, is loved by all ages. The two brands are coming together to bring a fun, playful and expressive global licensing program to life.

    Cleverly combining their strengths, the power of music and the magic of icons, the KISS x emoji brand collaboration has a dedicated brand guide including hundreds of unique icons available for licensing across categories such as apparel, accessories, footwear, electronics, figures and collectibles, drinkware, fan merch, home goods, stationery, and more. The mix of co-branded products will appeal to fans of all ages.

    Epic Rights and the emoji company have appointed the following licensing agents around the world to represent the unique KISS x emoji program.

    * Celebrities Entertainment – Germany, Austria, Switzerland
    * CPLG - France
    * Exim – Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay
    * JM Brands – Benelux
    * Lotus Global Market – Brazil
    * Merchantwise – Australia, New Zealand
    * Retail Monster – United States
    * Segal - Canada
    * Tycoon - Mexico

    Lisa Streff, EVP of Epic Rights, stated: "More than 6 billion digital icons are used on a daily basis. There is simply no better way to express emotions or to convey a message than by saying it with icons. We are thrilled now to offer KISS x emoji to the millions of KISS fans around the world."

    Marco Huesges, CEO of the emoji company, added: "The emoji brand truly is one of the most powerful and communicative global lifestyle brands, moving and influencing people all of the world, in the same way that KISS has for 45 years. This partnership is the perfect symbiosis of two global power brands."

    KISS's farewell tour, "End Of The Road", commenced January 31 and is expected to run through 2020.

    Dan Neer KISS interview

    (2/12/19) Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer recently sat down with national radio personality Dan Neer to discuss this massive undertaking.

    You can now listen to the one-hour "All Access" special, which contains such KISS classics as "Rock And Roll All Nite", "Detroit Rock City", "Deuce" and many others, using the SoundCloud link below. (Listen)

    CARMINE APPICE Says VINNIE VINCENT 'Looked Like He Was Scared' When He Played At Pre-'Kiss Kruise' Party

    (2/2/19) Legendary drummer Carmine Appice spoke to WSOU about the recent cancelation of former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent's comeback concerts. The shows, which were supposed to take place February 8 and February 9 in Nashville, were set to feature Vincent alongside Appice and bassist Tony Franklin (DAVID GILMOUR, JIMMY PAGE, THE FIRM).

    "Something happened between Vinnie and the promoter," Carmine said. "I know there was something going on. I talked to Vinnie a few times, and him and the promoter were not seeing eye to eye on a lot of stuff. But I always thought that if Vinnie messed this up, or whoever messed it up, I don't know if there'll be another chance. 'Cause this is his comeback. He already canceled it once [before]. And if gets canceled again, nobody's gonna care anymore. [They'll say] 'I'm not gonna go even buy a ticket. He's not gonna show up. Or something's gonna happen.' But I was looking forward to it, because me and Tony Franklin — I love playing with Tony, and we were gonna play the Vinnie KISS songs, which would have been fun."

    According to Carmine, he was a bit concerned about Vincent's ability to put on a good show after watching a video of the guitarist playing three KISS songs with FOUR BY FATE last October at the pre-Kiss Kruise party in Miami, Florida.

    "Vinnie played with me in a band before he was in KISS called CARMINE AND THE ROCKERS, and I know he's a great player and a great writer and a good singer and he's a good stage performer," Carmine said. "But after I saw that [footage]... Vinnie's always been like a showoff kind of guy, and he just stood there. He looked like he was scared to me. I asked him: 'Can you still play? You've been out 30 years.' He goes, 'Yeah. I've been playing in my house. Yeah, of course, I can still play.' I said, 'Okay. I believe you.' But I don't know what happened. All this other crazy stuff was going on with singers and this and that, and the promoter. It's too bad, 'cause it would have been fun."

    Robert Fleischman, a former member of JOURNEY and Vincent's post-KISS band VINNIE VINCENT INVASION, was supposed to sing for Vinnie but abruptly pulled out of the project in November, saying that he was unhappy about elements of the production.

    Derek Christopher, the promoter of Vinnie's comeback concerts, said that he was "shocked" by Vincent's decision to scrap the shows two weeks before they were scheduled to take place.

    Vincent's plan for his comeback has publicly changed several times. In the initial announcement, the show — which was originally slated to happen in November — was described as a true solo gig with Vinnie singing and playing songs from his career on acoustic guitar and telling stories about the old days.

    Last summer, KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons suggested in an interview that Vincent was "his own worst enemy" and expressed his doubt that Vinnie would successfully relaunch his career.

    "There's something called the classic failure mechanism, which I was told by doctors and everything — I'm not saying he is one," Simmons said at the time when asked about Vincent's attempt to trademark the name "Vinnie Vincent's Kiss". "But there are people who simply cannot handle when things are starting to go their way — success — so they torpedo it by making stupid decisions to make sure they don't succeed, so they can deal with that."

    Vincent — who was a member of KISS when the band publicly "unmasked" in 1983 — made several public appearances last year after spending the past two decades out of the public eye.

    Vinnie joined KISS in 1982, replacing Ace Frehley. As the "Ankh Warrior," he toured with the group in support of "Creatures Of The Night", on which he played lead guitar on six songs prior to becoming an official member of the band.

    KISS's Guest Appearance On 'The Price Is Right' 2/4/19

    (2/2/19) Legendary rockers KISS will appear on "The Price Is Right" on Monday, February 4.

    In honor of the 2019 Grammy Awards, airing Sunday, February 9 on CBS, "The Price Is Right" is hosting a week of shows celebrating music. Each day, the show will be themed for a different genre, starting Monday with KISS and rock and roll. The iconic band will model a special prize package featuring their farewell tour and present a musical showcase.

    "The Price Is Right" airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for more details.

    VINNIE VINCENT Cancels Comeback Concerts

    (1/29/19) Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent has canceled his previously announced comeback shows.

    Derek Christopher, the promoter of the event, says that Vincent "has sent a notification letter that he will not be performing the concerts scheduled for February 8th and 9th, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee."

    Christopher adds: "While we cannot discuss the terms of the contract due to a confidentiality clause within the contract, we are shocked at this development, and it is, unfortunately, beyond our control. The matter has been turned over to our attorney. As they say, it's 'now in the hands of the lawyers.' In the meantime, every ticket and meet-and-greet order will be automatically refunded in full.

    "We want to thank everyone who worked so diligently and tried so hard to make these shows happen. A lot of really good people were involved and tried to make these shows a reality for the fans."

    Vincent's plan for his comeback has publicly changed several times. In the initial announcement, the show — which was originally slated to happen in November — was described as a true solo gig with Vinnie singing and playing songs from his career on acoustic guitar and telling stories about the old days.

    Vincent had tapped drummer Carmine Appice (VANILLA FUDGE, ROD STEWART, JEFF BECK, BLUE MURDER) and bassist Tony Franklin (DAVID GILMOUR, JIMMY PAGE, THE FIRM) to join him at the Nashville concerts.

    Robert Fleischman, a former member of JOURNEY and Vincent's post-KISS band VINNIE VINCENT INVASION, was supposed to sing for Vinnie but abruptly pulled out of the project in November, saying that he was unhappy about elements of the production.

    Last summer, KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons suggested in an interview that Vincent was "his own worst enemy" and expressed his doubt that Vinnie would successfully relaunch his career.

    "There's something called the classic failure mechanism, which I was told by doctors and everything — I'm not saying he is one," Simmons said at the time when asked about Vincent's attempt to trademark the name "Vinnie Vincent's Kiss". "But there are people who simply cannot handle when things are starting to go their way — success — so they torpedo it by making stupid decisions to make sure they don't succeed, so they can deal with that."

    Vincent — who was a member of KISS when the band publicly "unmasked" in 1983 — made several public appearances last year after spending the past two decades out of the public eye.

    Vinnie joined KISS in 1982, replacing Ace Frehley. As the "Ankh Warrior," he toured with the group in support of "Creatures Of The Night", on which he played lead guitar on six songs prior to becoming an official member of the band.

    ACE FREHLEY Blasts GENE SIMMONS And PAUL STANLEY For Reunion Comments: 'Now The Gloves Are Off'

    (1/29/19) Ex-KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has slammed his former bandmates Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons over their comments regarding a possible reunion of the band's original lineip.

    Simmons and Stanley told Guitar World magazine in a new interview that while KISS's former members were welcome to take part in the band's "End Of The Road" farewell tour, they can only do so in a guesting capacity.

    "Ace and Peter [Criss, drums] have gotten three chances," Simmons said. "They were in and out of the band — fired — three times. For drugs, alcohol, bad behavior, being unprofessional … they weren't carrying their load. ... So the short answer to your question is we'd love to have Ace and Peter join us here and there. And if they don't, it's not going to be because of us. But they're never going to be in KISS again."

    He added: "Three times is the charm; 'I promise I'll pull out' doesn't work. It's the boy who cried wolf: 'Oh, I've been straight for a million years.' Terrific! Have a good life! ... Would we welcome Ace or Peter to jump up onstage for a song or two? Of course. Could we depend on either Ace or Peter to do a full set night after night? Not on your fucking life."

    Stanley said that "it's really not up to" him whether former KISS members join the band onstage for a guest appearance on the upcoming tour. "But I'll say that this is a celebration of this band and its accomplishments and its history," he said. "So anybody who was shortsighted enough to think this should be a reunion is missing the point. That being said, I would love to see everybody at one point or another be onstage. And if that doesn't happen, it's their choice, not mine."

    After Simmons's and Stanley's comments were first reported earlier today, Frehley took to his Facebook page to issue a fiery response, accusing Simmons of being "an asshole and a sex addict" who allegedly "groped" Ace's wife and "propositioned her" a year ago.

    Ace's full post reads as follows:

    "Gene, your memory is really incorrect!… I was NEVER FIRED from KISS, I quit twice (not 3 times) of my own free will, because you and Paul are control freaks, untrustworthy and were too difficult to work with!

    "Your slanderous remarks about my bad habits over the years has cost me millions of dollars and now that I'm over 12 years sober, you're still saying I can't be trusted to play a whole nights show! Well, that's exactly what I've been doing for the last 12-years with different configurations of 'The Ace Frehley Band' to you and Paul's dismay!

    "I'm also the most successful solo artist to come out of the original KISS lineup, and proud of it!… You and Paul have tried to derail my solo career multiple times over the years unsuccessfully.

    "I've tried to be nice and friendly by inviting you and Paul to perform on my past albums for eOne Music, give each of you guys one of my prized Gibson Les Paul 59' models, but today's comments have made me realize you're just an asshole and a sex addict who's being sued by multiple Women, and you're just trying to sweep it all under the carpet!

    "The icing on the cake was when you groped my wife and propositioned her in Los Angeles at the Capitol Records building behind my back, when I was trying to help you out at one of your 'Vault Experiences' which I only found out about several weeks later… she was planning on pursuing a suit against you, but I told her to call it off!!!

    "Well, now the gloves are off after your terrible comments today and I'm thinking that this really may be 'The End Of The Road Tour' for you guys!!!

    "Without a complete and heartfelt apology, an offer to give me my old job back, and removing Tommy from the Throne that I created… THE SHIT WILL HIT THE FAN AND THEY'LL BE NO STOPPING IT-IT'S ON!!!"

    In the months after KISS announced the trek, fans wondered openly if Frehley and Criss would be involved in the tour, especially considering the apparent recent goodwill between Paul and Gene and Ace. Frehley's new album "Spaceman" — a title suggested by Simmons himself — features two songs the pair wrote together, and the duo completed a joint summer tour of Australia, after which Frehley fired his solo backing band and hired Simmons's. Stanley, meanwhile, appeared on Frehley's previous studio album, the 2016 covers set "Origins, Vol. 1".

    The first North American leg of "End Of The Road" will launch January 31 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at Rogers Arena and will hit an additional 43 cities.

    The touring lineup features the current version of the band — Stanley, Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer.

    PAUL STANLEY Rules Out VINNIE VINCENT Guest Appearance During KISS's Farewell Tour: 'That's Not Someone Who I Want To Celebrate'

    (1/29/19) Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have not ruled out the involvement of past members on KISS's "End Of The Road" farewell tour, but only in a guesting capacity.

    In the months after KISS announced the trek, fans wondered openly if Ace Frehley and Peter Criss would be involved in the tour, especially considering the apparent current goodwill between Paul and Gene and Ace. Frehley's new album "Spaceman" — a title suggested by Simmons himself — features two songs the pair wrote together, and the duo recently completed a joint tour of Australia, after which Frehley fired his solo backing band and hired Simmons's. Stanley, meanwhile, appeared on Frehley's previous studio album, the 2016 covers set "Origins, Vol. 1".

    In a new interview with Guitar World, Simmons said that appearances by Frehley and Criss have not been taken off the table.

    "Ace and Peter have gotten three chances," he said. "They were in and out of the band — fired — three times. For drugs, alcohol, bad behavior, being unprofessional … they weren't carrying their load. ... So the short answer to your question is we'd love to have Ace and Peter join us here and there. And if they don't, it's not going to be because of us. But they're never going to be in KISS again."

    He added: "Three times is the charm; 'I promise I'll pull out' doesn't work. It's the boy who cried wolf: 'Oh, I've been straight for a million years.' Terrific! Have a good life! ... Would we welcome Ace or Peter to jump up onstage for a song or two? Of course. Could we depend on either Ace of Peter to do a full set night after night? Not on your fucking life."

    Stanley said that "it's really not up to" him whether former KISS members join the band onstage for a guest appearance on the upcoming tour. "But I'll say that this is a celebration of this band and its accomplishments and its history," he said. "So anybody who was shortsighted enough to think this should be a reunion is missing the point. That being said, I would love to see everybody at one point or another be onstage. And if that doesn't happen, it's their choice, not mine."

    Both Simmons and Stanley spoke in glowing terms about former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick. "We love Bruce," Simmons said. "He was always professional and showed up on time. … So I can never say anything bad about Bruce." "Bruce is somebody who shouldn't be overlooked or underestimated as far as his role in the band," Stanley added.

    Stanley and Simmons were far less enthusiastic about the possibility of an onstage collaboration with Vinnie Vincent. "Now Vinnie, that's one exception, and for so many reasons," Stanley said. "I would say that's not someone who I want to celebrate."

    Simmons also chimed in, explaining that "it's worth stating that Vinnie has sued the band and lost 14 times. I'm not here to cast any aspersions. He's a talented guy. That's why he was in the band. But would I depend on him to get up onstage and do anything? Never. … Can he come to the shows? Of course! Anybody can. But onstage? Never."

    The first North American leg of "End Of The Road" will launch January 31 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at Rogers Arena and will hit an additional 43 cities.

    The touring lineup features the current version of the band — Stanley, Tommy Thayer, Gene Simmons and Eric Singer.

    Kulick said during a recent interview with Rock Titan that he'd "love to be there" if given the chance to participate in KISS's farewell tour. "Obviously, if there's ever an opportunity where they did want to pay a little tribute to any of the other eras, they know I'd be there," he said. Vinnie Vincent also voiced similar sentiments during an interview with BackstageAxxess last year. "If they ask me, I'll be there," he said. "They're still my buds, my friends, and [there's] a lot of love left. A lot of magic left."

    Frehley rejoined his former bandmates last October during the 2018 "Kiss Kruise" to perform an acoustic set of KISS classics. Also appearing with them was Kulick.

    "End Of The Road" is expected to continue for more than two years.

    KISS's 'End Of The Road' Tour Gets A Tie-In Comic

    (1/25/19) Dynamite Entertainment has announced "Kiss: The End", a rocking new series to celebrate the legendary eponymous band's upcoming history-making farewell "End Of The Road" tour.

    A young man finds himself possibly dead and wrangling with some of life's most eternal questions. It's a good thing he runs into Death, who sets him on a path to track down their own demon offspring. His prophetic guides in this quest are none other than the otherworldly KISS — The Starchild, The Demon, The Spaceman and The Catman. Their help will be needed, with plenty of peril along the way.

    Writer Amy Chu ("Red Sonja", "Poison Ivy") returns to the franchise that she helped Dynamite launch with the breakout hit 2016 ongoing series. Joining her is electrifying artist Edu Menna ("Twilight Zone", "ZNation") and letterer Troy Peteri ("Amazing Spider-Man", "Witchblade").

    Fans have a choice between multiple show-stopping covers. Stuart Sayger ("Vampirella vs. Reanimator") returns following his jaw-dropping pieces for Bryan Edward Hill's "Kiss: Blood And Stardust". Joining him is recent rising star Jorge Fornés ("Batman", "Magnus"). Denis Medri ("Red Hood/Arsenal") rounds out this setlist of cover artists. Plus, of course, a fourth option of classic KISS photos from their incredible library.

    "I'm totally stoked to be back on KISS, especially for the final tour. And to be working with Edu Menna who drew my friend Craig Engler's 'ZNation', it's pretty awesome," said writer Amy Chu. "I'll be incorporating parts of the actual tour and KISS history into the storyline, and expect lots of Easter eggs, just like in the previous 'Elder' run!"

    Artist Edu Menna shared: "I've listened to KISS since my teenage years and their 'Unplugged' album is a favorite. I've followed Amy's work and have had 'envy' of artists who partnered with her...finally my turn arrived! I always try to bring something new for each project. In this work I want to use my style combined with the elegance of the European masters. I hope fans enjoy what we're putting together."

    "A lot of books have rock and a lot of books have roll, but none of them are going to combine the two like we are with this one. This is the first comic that is going to make your ears ring," said editor Kevin Ketner. "So go hydrate, do some stretches, and get your LCS to pre-order your copy."

    "Kiss: The End" #1 will be solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors' February 2019 Previews catalog, the premier source of merchandise for the comic book specialty market, and slated for release in April 2019. Comic book fans are encouraged to preorder copies of the issue with their local comic book retailers. It will also be available for individual customer purchase through digital platforms courtesy of Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more.

    KISS's PAUL STANLEY Calls Government Shutdown 'Horrific', Says 'The Priority Has To Be To Get People Back To Work'

    (1/22/19) (Video) KISS members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons recently announced that all TSA employees can eat for free at their Rock & Brews restaurants during the government shutdown, now the longest in U.S. history. The political stalemate has caused some 800,000 federal workers to miss paychecks — even though thousands of government employees are required to keep working.

    TSA employees can choose to eat either a Pulled Pork Sandwich or a Strawberry Fields Salad.

    Speaking to CNN, Stanley said (see video below): "It's obviously tough when people's mortgages are on the line, when people are trying to pay for meals for their children. This is horrific.

    "Look, Chris Wallace on Fox said to [Vice President] Mike Pence yesterday that he believed that the government should be open and that this was just leverage," he continued. "The problem is when you're leveraging the government and you're shutting it down… Who is the government? The government is of the people, by the people and for the people. Who are you hurting? You're hurting the people. These are the people who make this country what it is, and to see them in this horrendous position… Everybody — not just me; not just Rock & Brews — everybody can do something.

    "The gift of giving is a gift to the people who give also," he added. "So everybody can't give the same, but I always say, 'Don't give until it hurts. You give until it feels good.' It feels good to help people. Those are the people who help us."

    Asked for his personal opinion of the current state of the U.S. government, Stanley said: "I think, again, people need to put their political affiliation aside and the priority has to be to get people back to work, back on the payrolls, and then let's figure out what the solution is. I certainly have my own point of view, but I'm not gonna share it, because I'm a rock and roller and I know my place."

    In his prime-time address earlier this month, President Donald Trump said a wall along the southern border is key to national security, as he called for lawmakers to fund it and end a partial government shutdown. Democrats called the idea of a physical barrier across the entire border expensive and ineffective, and said the solution involves more personnel and detection technology.

    Trump, whose central campaign promise was that Mexico would pay for a wall stretching across the roughly 2,000-mile border, admitted that Mexico would not directly cover the cost of the wall's construction, claiming that it will instead be paid for by revenue gained from a new trade deal pending in Congress.

    Public polling continues to indicate a majority of Americans oppose the construction of a border wall. Meanwhile, Trump has continued to argue the wall is needed to resolve a security and humanitarian "crisis," blaming illegal immigration for what he said was a scourge of drugs and violence in the U.S.

    According to The New York Times, illegal border crossings have been declining for nearly two decades. In 2017, border-crossing apprehensions were at their lowest point since 1971.

    VINNIE VINCENT Recruits Singer JIM CREAN For Next Month's Comeback Concerts

    (1/18/19) Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent has recruited Jim Crean to handle lead vocals during his two comeback concerts on February 8 and 9 at the Rocketown Entertainment Complex in Nashville, Tennessee. Also appearing with Vincent will be drummer Carmine Appice (VANILLA FUDGE, ROD STEWART, JEFF BECK, BLUE MURDER) and bassist Tony Franklin (DAVID GILMOUR, JIMMY PAGE, THE FIRM).

    A recording/touring musician for well over 35 years, Crean has released four solo albums on major labels, including his latest effort, "Insatiable", which was issued through Carmine's label Rocker Records.

    The vocalist for the popular tribute band HAIR NATION, Crean has been rocking bars and nightclubs in the Buffalo area since the eighties. He has opened many a show for such national acts as Bret Michaels, SLAUGHTER and DOKKEN. Crean also makes a guest appearance on "Sinister", the first joint studio album by Carmine and his drumming brother Vinny Appice, which was released in October 2017.

    Robert Fleischman, a former member of JOURNEY and Vincent's post-KISS band VINNIE VINCENT INVASION, was originally supposed to sing for Vinnie at the Nashville concerts but abruptly pulled out of the project in November, saying that he was unhappy about elements of the production.

    "I think a lot of you know my history with Mr. Vincent [has] been a rollercoaster or two," he said in a Facebook post. "Things were not feeling good on the business side… The promoter extremely low-balled me to the point of it being insulting… The amount of money he offered and the poor organization and lack of respect."

    He also criticized the poster advertising the dates, which listed Appice and Franklin as members of Vincent's "all-star band" but only credited Fleischman "in tiny little letters which would take a microscope to read it." He continued: "After that, I said to myself, 'I'm not going down this road again,'" and added: "Unfortunately, some people don't learn from their past. Well, I do. I'm not going to hop on that train ever again."

    Vincent — who was a member of KISS when the band publicly "unmasked" in 1983 — made several public appearances last year after spending the past two decades out of the public eye.

    Vinnie joined KISS in 1982, replacing Ace Frehley. As the "Ankh Warrior," he toured with the group in support of "Creatures Of The Night", on which he played lead guitar on six songs prior to becoming an official member of the band.

    A new promotional video for the Nashville shows can be seen Video.

    After 45-Year Career, KISS Performs For The First Time On The Sunset Strip, Band's First Club Show In Over Two Decades

    (1/18/19) SiriusXM announced today that legendary rock band KISS will perform an intimate invitation-only show for SiriusXM subscribers and VIPs on Monday, February 11 at LA's famed Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. The exclusive performance will air on KISS' exclusive SiriusXM channel, KISS Army Radio.

    The special concert for SiriusXM will feature KISS performing songs from the band's 45-year career. This marks the first time KISS has played a club in over twenty years and will be their first performance at the world famous Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles, the venerable rock club on the Sunset Strip that has played host to rock 'n' roll's most important bands and artists, from The Doors, to Janis Joplin, to Led Zeppelin, as well as today's emerging new artists.

    KISS' performance at Whisky a Go Go will launch SiriusXM's "The Party Continues," a new live series that will feature music's top artists performing in an intimate venue for SiriusXM subscribers following music's biggest night at the Grammy Awards. KISS, in the midst of their END OF THE ROAD WORLD TOUR, kicks off the series at the historic Whisky a Go Go. "The Party Continues" joins a series of concerts established by SiriusXM at special and iconic venues across the country, including at the Apollo Theater in New York City, The Stephen Talkhouse in the Hamptons, the Faena Theater in Miami Beach and more.

    The performance will air on Tuesday, February 12 at 5:00 pm ET on KISS Army Radio, channel 30, and through the SiriusXM app on smartphones and other connected devices, as well as online at The concert will air on Howard Stern's Howard 101 channel on Friday, February 15 at 9:00pm ET.

    KISS Army Radio, the band's exclusive limited-run SiriusXM channel, will showcase music from KISS' 45-year career including stadium anthems, rarities and live tracks. The band's channel will also feature exclusive stories and insights from Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer. Additionally, listeners will hear music from other artists who opened for Kiss throughout their career including AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, Alice In Chains, Cheap Trick and more.

    KISS Army Radio will launch on Monday, February 4 at 5:00 pm ET via satellite on channel 30 and will run through Sunday, February 17.

    After an epic and storied 45-year career that launched an era of rock n roll legends, KISS announced that they are hanging up their 9-inch tall touring boots. Known for their trademark larger-than-life blistering performances, KISS has proven for decades why they are hands down the most iconic live show in rock n roll. The Rock & Roll Hall of Famers who have sold more than 100 million albums worldwide and have toured to nearly every city on the planet and played every venue imaginable have said this tour is devoted to the millions of KISS Army fans. Having played for Kings & Queens, for U.S. veterans, and for millions of devoted KISS Army fans, they will play their final shows as part of the multi-year END OF THE ROAD WORLD TOUR.

    Subscribers will have the opportunity to win tickets to this private SiriusXM performance through an invitation sent by e-mail. Subscribers since January 2, 2019 will be able to enter for the chance to win a trip for two to Los Angeles, LA including airfare, hotel stay and a pair of tickets to SiriusXM Presents KISS at Whisky a Go Go. See Official Rules for complete details at

    SiriusXM subscribers are able to listen to KISS Army Radio (channel 30) on SiriusXM radios, and those with streaming access can listen online, on-the-go with the SiriusXM mobile app and at home on a wide variety of connected devices including smart TVs, Amazon Alexa devices, Apple TV, PlayStation, Roku, Sonos speakers and more. Go to to learn more.


    (1/14/19) (Video) ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE, the collaboration between ANTHRAX's Frank Bello and MEGADETH's David Ellefson — two virtuosic bass players who've anchored some of the fiercest thrash records of all time — has released a music video for the song "Late". The track, which features a guest guitar solo by original KISS axeman Ace Frehley, is taken from ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE's debut album, "Get It Out", which will be released on January 18 via Megaforce. The follow-up to ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE's 2014 self-titled EP was once again produced by Jay Ruston (ANTHRAX, STEEL PANTHER, STONE SOUR), with Jeff Friedl (A PERFECT CIRCLE, ASHES DIVIDE) returning behind the kit.

    "David and I had a blast filming 'Late' at our friend Chris Santos's restaurant, Beauty & Essex in New York City," says Bello.

    "The song has an easy feel to it, so we shot the video with that same spirit," adds Ellefson. "The music is haunting with a memorable hook and Frank's personal storyline. These songs are fun and inspiring to perform."

    A kind of rock 'n' roll primal-scream therapy, "Get It Out" is the result of nearly four years of writing and recording sessions — and decades of touring, searching, striving and living. "I've learned that writing songs is very cathartic," says Bello, who has long made songwriting a daily practice. When ANTHRAX is off the road, he tries out new material at open mics around New York City. "A lot of these lyrics are about the inner struggles of my life, and about the rage that has built up from my life experiences — my brother's murder; my father abandoning my family when we were young, leaving us with no funds to pay the bills," he says. "The ups and downs of life in general. I've always had an anger inside that music really helps me deal with."

    "The album has the perfect title," Ellefson adds. "This is music that has been living inside of us for so long. There's a big musical part of each of us that doesn't get heard anywhere else."

    Boasting a deep bench of guest stars, including Ace Frehley (ex-KISS; the track "Late"), Gus G. (OZZY OSBOURNE, FIREWIND), Nita Strauss (ALICE COOPER), Christian Martucci (STONE SOUR) and Satchel (STEEL PANTHER), the record also represents the fulfillment of a lifelong but little-known ambition for two uniquely gifted artists. As Bello puts it, "All I ever wanted to do was write good songs. I've always been a melody guy. I love hooks; I love catchy songs with a good riff."

    The ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE story begins in 2010, when Bello and Ellefson started touring together to lead bass clinics for the amp manufacturer Hartke. In need of backing tracks to support their demonstrations, they embarked upon some writing sessions and discovered their chemistry.

    Bello and Ellefson debuted ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE in early 2014, with a self-titled three-song EP that earned the duo airplay on SiriusXM and an appearance on VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show". Those tracks — "Booze and Cigarettes", "Tell the World", "Here Again" — are included on "Get It Out" as bonus cuts, in remixed and remastered form.

    Ellefson explains that "ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE could have only happened at this moment in time" — when the titans of thrash metal's "Big Four" are older, wiser, kinder and more open creatively. "When you're still climbing up the hill," he says, "there's no room for friendly competition. But once you've been to the top of the hill and you've seen the view — which all of the 'Big Four' have — it's okay to break bread, hang out, have a drink." Or, in the case of ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE, delve into hard-rock songwriting in a profound way. "To hear other sides of us as artists — not just as musicians and performers, but as artists."

    GENE SIMMONS: 'Cannabis, In Its Various Forms, Is Actually Gonna Help People'

    (1/14/19) KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons has once again admitted that he was "completely wrong" about marijuana's benefits in the past.

    The KISS bassist/vocalist, who has always promoted clean living and scoffed at peers who snort drugs and get high, made headlines in March 2018 when he landed an odd new gig as "chief evangelist officer" at Canadian cannabis and fertilizer company Invictus.

    For those confused about this new relationship given the fact that Simmons has been on the record about never trying cannabis in his whole life, Gene explained his stance during an interview with SmallCapPower at the 2018 New Green Frontier cannabis investor conference, which was held on November 19 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    "Historically, I have to say I was completely wrong about the entire space," he said (see video below). "I thought cannabis was for stoners and losers and all that, and slowly but surely, over the years, the amount of research that I saw just blew me away. Seeing little girls who suffer from epilepsy rubbing a salve, not on the inside but outside of their body and seemingly miraculously getting cured made me take stock.

    "Big Pharma [the global pharmaceutical industry] is not fond of this space, because cannabis, in its various forms, is actually gonna help people," he continued. "That's what researchers are telling me. And I'm telling everybody else there are a lot of new companies, especially in Canada, and good for them. Some of them are solid, some of them are garbage, and it's up to you to find out what it's all about. I happen to believe in Invictus, and all I urge anybody to do is to go to and do your own research.

    "When you go into a restaurant, you get a menu," Simmons added. "Think what looks good for you. It's all there. Some of it's good, some of it's fresh, some of it's rotten and been there a long time. But, generally, the cannabis space, I think, is gonna be good for humanity. Certainly much better than cigarettes, which might give you cancer. This other thing, even as a recreational item, might give you the munchies [the desire for salty, sweet or fatty carbohydrate-rich foods]. Let me see: I get the munchies or I might get cancer."

    Simmons, who serves as Invictus's media spokesperson among other duties, disclosed that he has "10 million in stock" in the company and said that he was "glad to do it."

    Dan Kriznic, CEO and chairman of Invictus, credited Gene's business acumen for the appointment. According to Kriznic, Simmons "created one of the most iconic bands of all time, but has spent decades building successful brands internationally in various industries."

    As part of his deal with Invictus, Simmons has agreed to appear at least 50 investor and industry presentations for the company over a five-year period.

    Gene told the Vancouver Sun that he has been drawn into many of his diverse ventures, more often than not, because he established a personal connection, adding that he "liked" Kriznic the first time he met him.

    "I may drive a truck, but open the hood and I call the mechanic because he can fix it," Simmons explained. "The most important view is the one from 30,000 feet because that is where you can take in the big picture. Whether it's religion, rock stars or politicians, you need to be able to tell the story and convince people that they need stuff they don't need. With what we're doing with Invictus MD … is something that I'm very bullish on because it's real."


    (12/29/18) Video footage of Ace Frehley and Lita Ford performing THE TROGGS classic "Wild Thing" at the New Jersey Kiss Expo 2018 on December 8 at the Hilton Parsippany in Parsippany, New Jersey can be seen below (courtesy of YouTube users "William J. Buggeln" and "Chris Cook"). Also available is video of Frehley jamming on "Tush" with Punky Meadows and Frank Dimino (of ANGEL), Vinny Appice (of BLACK SABBATH and DIO) and Jean Beauvior (of THE PLASMATICS). At the end, Ace performed the KISS classic "Cold Gin" with his solo band consisting of Philip Shouse on guitar/vocals, Ryan Cook on guitar/vocals, Jeremy Asbrock on guitar/vocals, and Matt Starr on drums. (Video1, Video2)

    GENE SIMMONS On Whether KISS Can Carry On Without Any Original Members: 'Of Course'

    (12/29/18) (Video) Gene Simmons has confirmed to the "Lipps Service" radio show that KISS's upcoming "End Of The Road" tour will indeed be the band's last. "The answer is yes, and I'll tell you why," Gene said (see video below). "It's always interesting marketing when you say, 'I promise,' and all that. KISS is the hardest-working band in show business — period. It doesn't mean we're the best, although we call ourselves that. But I wear about seven-inch platform dragon boots. Each one weighs 10 or 11 pounds. That's 20-plus pounds on the legs. It's like working out with bowling balls. Then on top of that, there's another 30 pounds or so between the armor [and the rest of the outfit]. And so if you put [Mick] Jagger and Bono — [who are] both great — in my outfits, they'd… like little girls, they'd fall down… They can't do this. And I've gotta spit fire and fly through the air and all that. It is physically exhausting… So the idea is go out with some dignity."

    Asked if KISS could ever carry on without any original members, Simmons said: "Sure. Of course. We've had 10 different lineups. AC/DC has had 22 or so. And there are bands that tour now that sell out things with different lead singers and different guitar players. At the end of the day, it is about the material and about the culture. Because there are better musicians — jazz musicians — that will never be able to make the money that people who are less talented but have charisma [are able to make]. You can go to school to learn guitar or bass — you can't learn, 'You're exciting. You have charisma.' There's no school for that. Walk this way, do [it] that way. You just have it or you don't."

    PAUL STANLEY Reveals Why He Still Loves Being In KISS

    (12/29/18) Paul Stanley has revealed why he still loves being in KISS. In a recent interview with the "Ultimate Classic Rock Nights" radio show, he said: "I love KISS. Not only because I'm in the band, but I love KISS as a fan. When I'm onstage, does it look like I'm having the time of my life? I am! I get so off on entertaining myself, seeing what I can do to get a rise out of myself, looking across and seeing the other guys. It's great."

    He continued: "What I also love about KISS is that we don't portray ourselves to be what we're not. We are entertainers. It doesn't negate being in a rock band. And we wear outfits, uniforms, costumes — call it what you will — but is that any different than the guy who goes on stage with a pair of $300 ripped jeans? That's a costume, too. The only difference is we're copping to it."

    In September, KISS announced its "End Of The Road" farewell tour on NBC's "America's Got Talent", and a month later, the band revealed the first set of dates and cities in North America, produced by Live Nation. International markets were announced simultaneously.

    The first North American leg of "End Of The Road" will launch January 31 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at Rogers Arena and will hit an additional 43 cities.

    "One thing for sure is that this is the last tour," Stanley told Billboard. "What goes beyond that is really hard to say. The tour may go three years, but once we play your city, it is done. That is our big thank you."

    The lineup features the current version of the band — Stanley, Tommy Thayer, Gene Simmons and Eric Singer. But Stanley has hinted that former members like Ace Frehley and Peter Criss could make appearances.

    ACE FREHLEY Is 'Considering' Putting Out Previously Unreleased Songs And Demos, Including From His Time In KISS

    (12/29/18) Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has told Michael Cavacini in a recent interview that he is "considering" putting out some of the previously unreleased songs and demos that he has accumulated over the years, including from his time with his former band. He said: "It's going to be a major undertaking. I have over 100 reels of two-inch tape, dating back to when I had my studio in Connecticut. I have all the solos to the songs on 'The Elder' because we recorded a lot of 'The Elder' at my studio in Connecticut. A lot of jam sessions, including ones with guys from Alice Cooper's band. Neal Smith, the bass player. I don't even remember half the people from these jam sessions. I'd have to revisit those tapes. I've had them locked away in a vault for years. Then it's a major undertaking because you have to bake the tapes. A two-inch tape, after a while, starts to deteriorate. What you do is you bake it in an oven. I forget the exact process. But once you bake it you get one good play out of it and then the tape starts shredding with every consecutive play. You get one good take so you transfer everything on to a hard drive and put it into Pro Tools and then you have a perfect copy. It's going to take me six months to a year to complete that project. I have unreleased photos. Over 100 cassettes of demos from Gene [Simmons], Paul [Stanley], Peter [Criss]. Rough mixes. Stuff that nobody's got. Photographs, videos. I have videos of us rehearsing in upstate New York. We used to rehearse in an airplane hanger. I had one of the first black-and-white video cameras and recorders and I had it on the road with me so I recorded some of that. I've got so much crazy stuff I have to revisit. It's going to take me a while to put that all together."

    Ron Nevison on Working with KISS

    (12/28/18) ( Ron Nevison is an American record producer and audio engineer. He started his career in the early 1970s as an engineer on albums such as Quadrophenia by The Who and Bad Company’s debut album. He eventually became a producer, working with artists including Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, UFO, Jefferson Starship, Thin Lizzy, Kiss, and many others.

    Ron was kind enough to answer questions from some readers of the Rockford Rocked Interview’s column. He is also currently in the process of writing his autobiography.

    KISS: (Crazy Nights – Mercury Records 1989)

    I want to know about the Kiss stuff. It must have been hard for KISS to compete with bands like Bon Jovi during the Crazy Nights era. What was it like working with KISS? – Mike Parr, Rockford

    Ron Nevison: Well, as far as KISS trying to compete with Bon Jovi at the time I guess it’s kind of true. Bon Jovi at the time had come out with “livin’ on a prayer,” etc. Paul Stanley of KISS was in New York writing with Desmond Child and all the people Bon Jovi was working with.

    In the beginning of the Crazy Nights sessions Paul had shown me eight or ten great quality songs that he thought we could use. Gene just kind of sent me some songs that he had laying around. Maybe twenty five or so. If I remember correctly he basically only contributed a couple of the songs that made it to the record.

    We did most everything at Rumbo near Los Angeles. To tell you the truth, I’m a little disappointed that the Crazy Nights album didn’t have a big hit single.

    Ten years prior to the Crazy Nights sessions I had an interview with Paul Stanley just before KISS did their solo albums. I met Paul at Casablanca Records but for whatever reason I didn’t end up working with them. I don’t know if they didn’t want me to do it in the end or I didn’t want to do it. Or perhaps I was just too busy.

    PAUL STANLEY Is Recording Album With His R&B Band SOUL STATION

    (12/24/18) KISS frontman Paul Stanley has entered the studio with his R&B band SOUL STATION to record a full-length album.

    On December 19, Stanley tweeted a photo of him and what appears to be more than half a dozen other musicians in the studio and wrote in an accompanying caption: "A SOUL STATION ALBUM! Wow! Having a ball. Horns and strings next."

    Stanley spoke to Rock Cellar Magazine about how the idea for SOUL STATION first came about. He said: "Well, my roots are much more broad and varied than some people might realize. This is funny; I was having tea with Jimmy Page in London and we were talking about this. I said, 'Before I ever saw [LED] ZEPPELIN or THE WHO or any of those bands, I saw Otis Redding. I saw Solomon Burke. I saw THE TEMPTATIONS.' So it's very much a part of my DNA. Motown and Philly soul and Stax/Volt, all that music is really, unfortunately too nostalgic at this point and used too often for loops and samples as opposed to hearing a great song. What's missing nowadays so much is great live performances of that material. What's being passed off now as R&B is usually a computer and a drum machine. For a while, I thought about that, and I had an opportunity a few years ago to put together something that was in essence SOUL STATION. We did a couple of private shows and we all looked at each other said, 'Why aren't we doing more of this?' It's great to have that coming from people who are not only in demand but working all the time with Stevie Wonder or Smokey [Robinson] or Pink or John Mayer. These are real crème de la creme players but everybody has the same passion for this music. To be able to recreate it, not in a sterile way but with the same passion and intensity that it was made with is something that we all feel very close to."

    Asked what the greatest challenges are that he faces in delivering this material in a live setting, Paul said: "There's a big weight on my shoulders because I'm singing songs by some legends, and if I can't deliver them, I shouldn't be doing them. So if I'm gonna sing Smokey or if I'm gonna sing Al Green or David Ruffin or Eddie Kendricks, you'd better be on-point or you shouldn't be doing it, plus the rest of the band is so damn good. They have played with Smokey, they've played with Stevie Wonder, with Natalie Cole, they've played with Whitney Houston and John Mayer and with Carlos Santana; I mean, the list goes on and on. For us all to be together as peers and be creating something this exciting, everybody on stage is smiling. We're all just caught up in the moment. To hear Crystal [Starr] sing 'I Want You Back' is just mind-boggling. Her dad was a backup singer for Jackie Wilson. Everybody's got their roots. From the get-go, anybody I ever called to be a part of this immediately said, 'I'm in!' just to have the opportunity to recreate and revive these songs; you don't get that chance."

    SOUL STATION made its live debut in September 2015 at West Hollywood, California's The Roxy Theatre. The ten-piece band also features KISS drummer Eric Singer.

    Former FREHLEY'S COMET Members Rejoin Forces In RETURN OF THE COMET

    (12/24/18) Former FREHLEY'S COMET members John Regan (bass), Tod Howarth (guitar/lead vocals) and Richie Scarlet (guitar/lead vocals) have joined forces with former ACE FREHLEY drummer Steve Werner in RETURN OF THE COMET.

    Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley, Regan and world-renowned drummer Anton Fig formed FREHLEY'S COMET in 1984. The band went on to sell well over 1.5 million albums and had multiple MTV music videos in heavy rotation from 1987 to 1990.

    Now for the first time ever, FREHLEY'S COMET alumni Regan, Howarth and Scarlet, along with Werner, will celebrate their writing, recording, touring and co-production contributions to the FREHLEY'S COMET legacy by performing the hits and classics from the FREHLEY'S COMET catalog and more under the name RETURN OF THE COMET.


    * Tod Howarth (FREHLEY'S COMET, CHEAP TRICK, TED NUGENT) - guitar/lead vocals
    * Richie Scarlet (FREHLEY'S COMET, ACE FREHLEY, MOUNTAIN) - guitar/lead vocals
    * Steve "Budgie" Werner (ACE FREHLEY, LESLIE WEST, HINDENBERG) - drums

    Scarlet was in FREHLEY'S COMET from 1984 to 1985 and played in three of the band's seven different lineups. Howarth was in FREHLEY'S COMET from 1986 to 1988 and was in the group's last three lineups. Both Frehley and Regan were members of FREHLEY'S COMET for the duration of the band's four-year existence.

    Frehley told Ultimate Classic Rock that the keyboards on FREHLEY'S COMET's debut album were a result of "Howarth's influence." He explained: "I tried to keep the keyboards to a minimum, because I'm really not a keyboard guy. KISS never really used them, except on a couple of songs. I always wanted to follow the same direction with my career as I had with KISS musically. It was almost like I had to fight to keep more keyboards off the record, because I was there with three other band members and my producer."

    In a 2017 interview with the Poughkeepsie Journal, Regan — who met Frehley in the mid-1980s at a friend's recording studio in White Plains, New York — described Ace as "a kook, in a good sense. In a world full of copies, he's a one-off. He's an original."

    Frehley reunited with Regan and Howarth to perform the songs "Rock Soldiers" and "Cold Gin" during his September 2017 concert in Poughkeepsie, New York.

    PAUL STANLEY On KISS's 'End Of The Road' Stage Production: 'This Is Absolutely Mind-Bogglingly Good'

    (12/24/18) (Video) KISS frontman Paul Stanley has checked in from the production rehearsals for the band's "End Of The Road" tour, which is scheduled to kick off at the end of January. In a short video message (see below), Stanley said: "Okay, so I'm standing here on the new 'End Of The Road' KISS stage, and all I can tell you is it's freakin' phenomenal. Is it anything like anything we've done? No. This is brand new from the ground up.

    "I've gotta tell you," he continued. "People say is this bittersweet? No. If the tour is anything like this stage, it's totally sweet. We always try to raise the bar — that's just for us — but when other bands would see us, they would feel they had to up their game. Let me tell you something: everybody better start working out, because we're upping the game that much more. This is absolutely mind-bogglingly good. It's totally KISS. And I'll be looking for you on the 'End Of The Road' tour."

    ACE FREHLEY Talks Politics: 'If You're An American And A Patriot, You Should Get Behind Your President'

    (12/16/18) Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley recently appeared on the "Juliet: Unexpected" podcast. The full conversation can be streamed below (interview starts at the 3:11 mark): Listen.

    Gene Simmons Sued By A Woman Who Claims He Touched Her Vagina During Photo Op

    (12/7/18) ( Gene Simmons is getting sued by a woman who claims he inappropriately touched a woman's vagina during a photo op.

    The woman -- who is suing under the name Jane Doe -- said she was working as a dishwasher at one of Simmons' Rock & Brews locations in 2016. In the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- the woman says Gene was visiting the restaurant, and Gene's manager and the woman's coworkers encouraged her to take a photo with the KISS star.

    According to the lawsuit -- the woman claims Gene's manager encouraged her to move closer -- and when she did, Gene allegedly, "reached over and forcefully placed his hand on her vagina completely covering it."

    The woman says she tried to stop Gene, and once the photo was taken, she showed it to coworkers.

    The woman accuses Gene of acting in a "sexually charged" manner to other women during the visit ... touching their hand and encouraging them to unbutton their shirts.

    KISS Frontman PAUL STANLEY To Release 'Backstage Pass' Book In April; Cover Unveiled

    (12/6/18) (Cover) KISS frontman Paul Stanley will release his second book, "Backstage Pass", on April 30, 2019 via HarperOne, HarperCollins's San Francisco-based unit that specializes in publishing books in religion, spirituality, and personal growth.

    Stanley told Philadelphia's WTXF that the follow-up to his 2014 autobiography, "Face The Music: A Life Exposed", "is almost, in a sense, a companion to the first [book], and maybe what it goes into more is how I accomplished what I've accomplished and what my approach is," he said. "I'm certainly not preaching to people and telling people, 'Do this,' but I think people can get some insight into what's possible for them by seeing what I've done. I don't think we accomplish much by telling people, 'If I were you, I would do…' Because when you do that, first of all, well, you're not me — you've never lived a moment in my shoes — so [it's] much more important that you figure out for yourself. But I think we can all learn something from what other people do. So what I've tried to do in the book is express my point of view and how I got from point A all the way to point Z."

    Official "Backstage Pass" book overview: "The New York Times bestselling author and legendary frontman and rhythm guitarist of KISS offers grants fans an all-access backstage pass to his personal life, and shows them how to pursue a royal rock 'n' roll lifestyle of their own, offering hard-won advice and rules to live by from a rock 'n' roll legend.

    "In this follow-up to his popular bestseller 'Face The Music', the Starchild takes us deeper into his personal life and his home today, life on and off the stage, revealing what he eats, drinks, and does with his friends and family, [what] he's learned from a lifetime at the frontman of the iconic band KISS, and how he brings his unique sensibility not only to his superstar music career but to every area of his life — from the business to parenting to health and happiness. kitchen and the bar to the gym and the office. "Showcasing his unique lifestyle, 'Backstage Pass' is a rare look at the man beneath the modern rock god persona. Paul shares fascinating details about his life — his fitness routine, philosophy, business principles, how he finds inspiration, passion, and joy after nearly 50 years filling arenas and selling out shows, and even his favorite meals, and includes recipes from friends such as Anthony Bourdain, Rocco DiSpirito, Mario Batali, and other star chefs.

    "'Backstage Pass' divulges more true stories of the rock legend's relationships, hardships, and wild nights, contains intimate four-color, never-before-seen photos from Paul's personal collection, and offers surprising lessons on the discipline and hard work that have made him one of the healthiest and most successful rock 'n' roll frontmen in history — and a model superstar for the modern age.

    "This is the book for fans who love living large, but also want to kick ass at everyday life. From doing shots at the bar to enjoying a glass of red on the patio, Paul shows you how you can rock 'n' roll all night and party every day — without missing a beat or looking like you do."

    Released in April 2014, "Face The Music: A Life Exposed" debuted at No. 2 on The New York Times' Best Sellers list for Print Hardcover Non-Fiction. On top of that, "Face The Music" debuted on the Times' Combined Print and E-Book best seller list and E-Book best sellers list at No. 3 and No. 13, respectively.

    In the "Face The Music", Stanley talked frankly about his early struggles with hearing — he was born with Level 3 Microtia and is deaf in his right ear. Microtia is a congenital deformity of the cartilage of the outer ear that can affect normal hearing.

    Gene Simmons' Mother, Flóra Klein, Dies at 92

    (12/6/18) KISS bassist Gene Simmons' mother, Flóra Klein, has died at age 92.

    Klein's passing was first confirmed by Simmons' wife, Shannon Tweed Simmons.

    "Rest in peace my dear Flora," Tweed wrote in a social media post. "The best grandma and mother in law I could ask for. You were loved and you will be missed."

    Gene himself added that Flóra was "The best mother in the world."

    Gene's band mate, Kiss front man Paul Stanley, added his own tribute.

    "I knew here as long as I've known Gene," Stanley wrote. "Beyond her fierce love and pride in her only child, she was his inspiration to live up to being worthy of the sacrifices she made in a very difficult and, at times, horrific life."

    Stanley continued, noting that he "admired and loved" Flóra, a Holocaust survivor and single mother, who left Israel for Queens, New York, in the 1950s in search of a better life.

    "I will miss her laugh and smile," Stanley wrote. "Let us all say a prayer for her, Gene and his family."

    Gene and Stanley together spoke earlier this year about Flóra's involvement in Kiss's early days.

    Gene recalled at a Vault event this past spring in Las Vegas about how his mother once referred to Stanley as "a bum."

    "Yup," Stanley confirmed, before elaborating. "I call his house and I want to talk to him and his mom, bless her heart...She has a thick accent and she thinks the world revolves around him — and that's what he thinks too. I call up and I say, 'Can I speak to Gene?' and she says, 'The king is on the throne.' And I go, 'Yeah, that's nice. Can I speak to Gene?'"

    "'The king is on the throne,'" Stanley recalled her repeating. "I go, 'Nice, the king is on the throne. Can I speak to Gene?'"

    Gene's mother repeated herself one more time before Stanley got the message: nature had called earlier and Gene was answering, moving his bowels.

    Gene has often spoken lovingly over the years about his mother's influence on his life. He credits her with inspiring his work ethic, and with keeping him away from drug and alcohol abuse.

    As an only child, Simmons said he would ask himself, in light of his mother's former suffering, "What right do I have to torture her and make her unhappy? No, that's never gonna happen."

    This time its real: KISS guitarist Thayer vows band’s next tour will be their last

    (12/6/18) ( Legendary American glam rockers KISS want to leave the stage at the top of their form, making their final shows their best, the band’s guitarist Tommy Thayer said in an interview with TASS.

    The band’s farewell world tour titled the End Of the Road is to kick off in January 2019, performing on June 11 at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg, and on June 13 at the VTB Arena stadium in Moscow.

    “Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and myself, we decided that while the band is still very good and we are doing the best shows, we have been doing…in the history of the band, that we wanted to go out when we’re in top form and do a final tour,” he explained.

    He went on to note that when comparing the shows of such rock stars as the Rolling Stones or Paul McCartney, KISS’s performances are far more “physically taxing” due to all the group’s gear and the “physicality of the show”. If the band continues to do it, year after year it will be difficult to keep it up.

    Thayers explained that the two founders of the band - vocalist Paul Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons are about 70 years old now and want to end their career.

    He admitted that KISS had already done a farewell tour in the early 2000s and after that tour, the two other original members - guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Kriss left the band. However, this time the farewell is real.

    “It is not a gimmick, it is legitimate. This will be the final tour of KISS. The shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg will be the last KISS is going to play there,” Thayer vowed.

    The rocker predicts that the coming tour will become the biggest in KISS history. The show will use new pyrotechnics, and the set list will include the best songs of the band’s 45-year career.

    Will Thayer rock on?

    Thayer said that he is not going to retire from music business after the tour ends.

    “I am younger than the other guys…maybe I will still be involved with KISS on a different way,” he said adding that he has been involved with KISS for 25 years (not only as a guitar player).

    The musician plans to take part in other projects. "It will probably be something which is associated with music or the entertainment business for sure,” he noted.

    About the band

    KISS was founded in 1973 in New York City. The rockers are known throughout the world for their trademark black-and-white face paint and flamboyant stage outfits. The group shot to stardom with their extravagant live performances, which featured fire-breathing, blood-spitting, smoking guitars, shooting rockets, levitating drum kits and pyrotechnics. Over their 45-year career, the band sold over 100 mln copies of their albums.

    As far as rocking Russian audiences goes, the quartet performed in Moscow in 2008 and 2017.

    ACE FREHLEY On Taking Part In KISS's 'End Of The Road' Tour: 'There's Always A Chance I Might Get That Emergency Phone Call'

    (12/6/18) During an appearance on today's edition of SiriusXM's "Trunk Nation", Ace Frehley said that while he has not been approached to be a part of KISS's recently announced "End Of The Road" world tour, he is not ruling out being involved in some capacity.

    "There's always a chance I might get that emergency phone call," Ace said (hear audio below). "But pretty much I think it's built into my… I told my agent to build into my contract, in the event I do get an emergency phone call and KISS wants me to join the tour and take over for Tommy [Thayer], that I can get out of the dates that I have booked for the summer. So we'll see what happens. You know me — I'm the kind of guy that says 'never say never.' But at this juncture, I have no plans on performing on the upcoming KISS tour, and I haven't gotten any phone calls or had any correspondence. So that's where it stands at this juncture."

    As for his solo touring plans for 2019, Ace said: "I have two shows coming up in January on the West Coast. We're doing Seattle, Sacramento, and they might even add some shows and bring us all the way down to San Diego. And then I think might be doing some dates with Alice Cooper in the summer. My guys get along with their guys, and I've known Alice forever. So that's always gonna be a lot of fun. I think they're talking about July and August — it'll be five weeks. So that can be a really special thing."

    KISS frontman Paul Stanley recently told the "Rolling Stone Music Now" podcast that while he is not closing the door on the possibility of guest appearances by former members during the "End Of The Road" tour, he doesn't promise anything either. "I really can't say," Stanley said. "This will be a celebration of KISS and not any individual lineup or any individual members. I wouldn't rule anything out, but it's not the crux of what we're doing… and I'm not being coy either. I don't want to mislead anybody. That's not something that's been given a lot of thought at this point. The majority of our time has gone into what is the stage going to be, what is the show going to be, and we're actually in the midst of toying with setlists now." Frehley — whose new solo album, "Spaceman", was released in October via eOne — first left KISS in 1982. He rejoined in 1996 and parted ways with the band once again in 2002 after the conclusion of their first "farewell tour."

    Alabama native on doing pyro for Kiss, U2, other stars

    (12/6/18) ( If you witnessed rad pyro during an '80s or early '90 concert, you may have Curt Anthony to partially thank for that wow.

    Anthony worked as a pyro tech on tours for elite guitar groups like AC/DC, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Dio, Skid Row, Ratt, ZZ Top and U2, and even rappers Run-DMC and pop-star Janet Jackson.

    Usually stationed downstage-right near the guitar techs, Anthony triggered flames, sparks and booms to dramatically punctuate the musicians' onstage performances.

    "There was always a giant positive response to everything that you did," Anthony says of fans' reactions. "You could always hear it. It was either a roar or cheer of some sort from the audience."

    The 1981 Buckhorn High grad got started in the business through Huntsville concert lighting and pyrotechnics company Luna Tech. His first job there was janitorial. He'd been working at a shoe store as stock-boy. "I'm like, "If this is a chance to at least advance it's more than I'm getting where I am now,'" Anthony recalls. "If it means cleaning the floors and emptying the garbage, put me in coach."

    Anthony cleaned the Luna Tech shop for about three years, soaking up whatever knowledge and experience he could.

    If the company was working a concert within 200 miles, he'd drive there and help-out with pyro for acts like Ozzy Osbourne and Journey.

    Around 1983, once he was 21 and old enough to be listed on pyrotechnics licenses, Anthony got his first shot to go on-tour, with hard-rock heroes Kiss. At the time the band featured frontman Paul Stanley, bassist Gene Simmons, drummer Eric Carr and guitarist Vinnie Vincent. This would be the Kiss' last tour wearing their signature makeup until 1996, when Stanley and Simmons reunited with fellow original members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.

    Anthony got the Kiss gig after a tech known as "Pyro Pete" left for another tour.

    For his first Kiss tour, Anthony remembers the band's pyro including a lot of spark effects. "We would do spinning wheels, a motorized effect, off the Kiss sign," Anthony says. The electrical, 30-foot-high and 40-foot-long or so Kiss sign is one of the band's best-known stage props. "We would also do a wall of sparks falling from the lighting-truss at the top of the Kiss sign, which would cascade down and look almost like a waterfall effect. We would also do what we called airburst effects, which were just small flash charges with sparkle in it that were also rigged from the lighting-truss to simulate an aerial effect, in a controlled environment."

    Alas, Kiss axed their pyro for that tour after only a week or so after he joined up, Anthony says. "I can only imagine that it was a case of they were trying to cut costs where they could, and at the time pyro was a big part of their budget. Shortly thereafter the rest of the tour was cancelled."

    But he'd be back on the road with Kiss. He was also their pyro tech for tours supporting the band's "Asylum," "Crazy Nights" and "Hot in the Shade" albums. Kiss' opening acts during Anthony's time with them included W.A.S.P., Slaughter, Ted Nugent and Winger.

    Perhaps not surprisingly, Simmons - whose onstage antics had long included a "breathing fire" stunt - took the most interest in Kiss' pyro, beyond basic "where to stand and where not to stand" safety concerns.

    "I think it was just his nature," Anthony recalls of Simmons. During Anthony's time with Kiss, Simmons was also would fire effects from his bass, a "cold spark" one could put their hand over without injury.

    Anthony operated pyro effects using controllers that ranged from briefcase-sized to kitchen-over-shaped. The controllers featured numerous switches and turnkeys. He also helped load-in, set-up and break-down the pyro. His workdays often started around 7 a.m. and pushed through into 2 a.m. the next day. And then he'd get up and do it again. Before the other gear was loaded in, Anthony would get out his remote-control car and send it zooming it around the arena floor. After load-out he'd often play with the toy car again until it was time to get on the tour bus.

    "Back in those days a lot of the bands would tour where you're doing five shows in a row, and you would have a travel day," Anthony says. "You maybe travel 600 days on that day off and turn around and do another six in a row."

    He wanted to deliver awesome effects for a show, but safety was his biggest concern, Anthony says. "As a pyro guy, your job can affect any and all other departments involved with the production, whether it's the staging, lighting or audio or backline for that matter. You have to be aware of all your surroundings and all the other departments and make sure: number one, you're not going to hurt anybody; number two, you're not going to destroy anyone else's equipment. Your job affects everybody else."

    On tour, beside dealing with the pyro itself, Anthony would deal with fire marshals and fire departments of whatever city Kiss was performing in. "For a lot of the fire departments back in those days it was a learning experience," he says. He'd get things approved, make any adjustments to the show that night local codes required, and inform the band of any updates.

    Working with more and more bands, Anthony conducted pre-tour presentations for each act and their production personnel, to demonstrate effects he proposed using for that tour. During such a presentation before U2's groundbreaking "Zoo TV Tour," he triggered a strobing flare-effect the band had previously requested be built to last several minutes. After 20 or so seconds of watching the flare, the band was satisfied with what they'd seen and wanted to move on. Anthony replied, "Well, we will move on in a couple minutes when this is through burning. I can't stop it. It's just something we have to sit and wait through for the next few minutes.'" Awk-ward.

    During another pre-tour demo, this one for "18 and Life" rockers Skid Row, Anthony says larger-than-life frontman Sebastian Bach kept asking, "'Can you make it bigger? Let's just make this whole stage blowup!' And I'm like, 'We can't. I'll give you what I can but know we can't go that crazy.'"

    Asked for his most memorable pyro gigs, Anthony fondly recalls AC/DC's 1985 Rock in Rio set ("We played two nights to crowds of over 250,000 people each night") and Bon Jovi's 1988 to 1990 "New Jersey Syndicate Tour" ("I had two birthdays on this tour, both in Europe").

    Ace Frehley Is Making Up For Lost Time: A Cosmic Chat From KISS To 'Spaceman'

    (12/5/18) ( Ace Frehley loves staring at the stars. He even spent a pretty penny to get a better look at them. When he explains the inner workings of his $6,000 Meade telescope, it’s like a child talking about his favorite toy.

    “It has a computer built into it,” Frehley, age 67, says. “If you align it to the North Star, it'll go to all the planets in the solar system. If you wanna go see Saturn, you punch in a three-digit code. It's a high-end telescope. Serious astronomers buy it. I love all that sh*t.”

    It’s appropriate that the KISS co-founder and guitarist coined himself “The Spaceman,” back in the 1970s. Decades later, the nickname still sticks. Fresh off the release of his eighth solo album, aptly titled Spaceman, the musician carried himself with a sense of wonderment uncommon in could-be jaded rockstars.

    Frehley had been running around New York like a madman. With two hours to rest, he stopped back at The London NYC hotel. He threw himself on his suite bed — cheetah print shirt, leather pants and boots on — taking phone calls from friends and family as he shared his adventures promoting the new record. With a glass bottle of Coke, he took a breather on the couch before his next engagement. Hundreds were already lined up outside of Sam Ash Music Store on W. 34th Street eagerly awaiting autographs. Earlier in the week, he signed the birth certificate of a fan’s child. The boy’s middle name was Ace.

    “You’d be surprised what I've signed,” Frehley says. “Asses, tits, you name it. I've never signed a penis though. That's where I draw the line. I’ve had guys ask for hugs and then kiss me on the cheek. That's a little weird, but, what are you gonna do?”

    Frehley remains unfazed at the rigmarole of releasing a new album. That week, he made traditional media appearances, like performing for Fox 5’s morning program Good Day New York, but also got a kick out of sitting down for an interview with a 10-year-old YouTuber. He was tired, but ecstatic with the reaction to Spaceman.

    “The artists that say they don't give a sh*t about reviews are bullsh*tting,” he says. “They do care. They only say that when they get bad reviews. When they get good reviews, believe me, they talk about it.”

    Frehley says critics have likened the sound of his new album to his 1978 self-titled solo record which featured the hit “New York Groove.” Forty years later, he’s fond of the comparison.

    “That’s a real big compliment because that album has withstood the test of time,” Frehley says. “It's still my biggest-selling solo record. If Spaceman can do half what that record did, then this is going to be a huge!”

    The parallels to Frehley’s older work actually go back to 1976, when KISS released its fourth studio album, Destroyer. Fans have acknowledged a correlation between Spaceman single “Rocking With The Boys” and KISS classic “Beth.”

    “Ironically, I never really thought about it when I was writing it,” Frehley says. “I wrote that chorus in the ‘70s, but I was never happy with the verses or the bridge, so I revisited it. It’s about touring with KISS and leaving our loved ones behind.”

    While the dark side of rockstardom taught the guitarist a particular loneliness, he’s happy to say that doesn’t represent his life anymore. On the road, his fiancée helps him keep his act together. But a healthy romantic relationship is no substitute for a clear state of mind. Twelve years sober, Frehley is gradually regaining his wits.

    “Without the use of substances and alcohol, I’m much more focused,” he says. “My creativity for this past record was at an all-time high. Every year I'm away from drugs and alcohol, some of the memory cells are coming back. My producing is better and the songs I'm writing are better.”

    He continues: “Prior to the release of Anomaly in 2009, 20 years went by before I released a record. I find it mind-boggling that I let that happen. But when you're under the influence, you lose track of time and you make mistakes. Right now I'm making up for lost time. And I'm having a lot of fun doing it.”

    Frehley’s day-to-day life is calm now. This wasn’t guaranteed, considering his years of substance abuse and raucous childhood hot-wiring cars with the Ducky Boys gang.

    “It seems like a different lifetime,” Frehley says. “I wanted protection. I got tired of getting beat up. Once you joined, it's like you were untouchable. If somebody f*cked with you, retribution would follow.”

    But the youngster was often pulled away from violence, frankly, because of scheduling conflicts.

    “By the time I was 15, I'd be getting calls from the Ducky Boys saying, ‘We're going to a rumble tonight in a school yard, bring a switchblade and a chain.’” Frehley says. “And I'd say, ‘I can't, I got two gigs this weekend!’ In essence, music saved my life, because half of those guys ended up dead, overdosing on drugs or going to jail. One of my best friends stabbed a guy in a bar and did some serious time. God has a plan for everybody. I was lucky enough to get out of that element. Music took me away.”

    Frehley recorded Spaceman at his home studio in Rancho Santa Fe, California, about a half-hour north of San Diego. His house rests on four acres and features a guesthouse, pool, a pond and palm trees. For an ex-member of one of the world’s biggest rock bands, it’s charming how excited he gets about the domestic side of life. He describes it as his own oasis — and raves about the money he saves through solar panels and well water.

    But don’t be misled. Frehley doesn’t spend his time adjusting thermostats. On his property, he built the studio where Spaceman and much of his recent work was recorded. If he has an idea for a song, at any hour, he heads to the studio, lays down a few tracks, then reviews them in the morning. If it’s as good as he thought it was the night before, he’ll continue to develop it.

    For the first time during the recording of Spaceman, Frehley’s old KISS cohort Gene Simmons joined him in his private studio. After working with Simmons on some of his elaborate Vault fan experiences, Frehley pulled the favor card.

    “Getting Gene on the record was a brilliant idea,” Frehley says. “He kinda felt guilty saying ‘no.’ He showed up on my doorstep and within three or four hours we had two songs done.”

    During the session that produced “Without You I’m Nothing” and “Your Wish Is My Command,” Frehley felt happy to flex some of his technical skills.

    “Once we figured out the songs with acoustic guitars, I said, ‘Let's lay down a demo, you play bass, I'll play electric guitar.’” Frehley says. “I'm running the Pro Tools, setting up the mic, doing this and that. One of the first things Gene said to me once I started engineering was, ‘How'd you learn to do all this stuff Ace?’”

    He continues: “I said, "Unlike you, sometimes I used to stay after the recording session and ask, ‘What do these buttons do?’”

    While Frehley did use an engineer for his new album, he takes pride in his ability to record. He remembers back in the ‘70s, learning from engineers like Eddie Kramer, who worked on his debut solo album.

    “'New York Groove,’ Eddie Kramer is responsible for that song," he says. "I didn't even want to record it. But, he was persistent and wore me down. We actually finished the last of the dubs down in Manhattan at a studio that I don't think exists anymore, it was up above Radio City Music Hall. The Rockettes would walk by the studio on their way to the roof to sun themselves.”

    As a member of KISS, Frehley spent little time behind the microphone. The Bronx-native is far from a traditionally trained guitarist and save for a few vocal lessons, he’s been on his own when it comes to singing, too. But, as a solo artist, Frehley has assumed the role of lead vocalist.

    “You can take the boy out of the Bronx, but you can't take the Bronx out of the boy,” Frehley says. “I still have a Bronx accent. Maybe not so much when I sing, but my voice is very recognizable. I've never considered myself a lead singer. I've always sang out of necessity. I'd be much happier just playing lead guitar and singing one or two songs. Singing and playing guitar at the same time takes a lot out of me, but my voice has gotten stronger over the years.”

    On tour in 2018, Frehley likes to arrive 10 minutes prior to showtime. He checks his hair, throws on a guitar and walks on stage. He has no patience for warm ups or getting dolled up.

    “It’s the complete opposite of what happened when I was in KISS,” Frehley says. “We used to get to the show at least two hours before we performed and went through that whole ritual of putting on the makeup. We've had so many great acts open for us over the years and I never got a chance to see them. At one point, I told them to put a monitor in our dressing room so we can at least watch them while we're putting on the makeup.”

    He’s not exaggerating either. Bands like Cheap Trick, Rush and Bob Seger often opened the show for KISS, giving the artists a chance to perform to arenas. But in reality, it’s been many years since Frehley has been tied down to the makeup chair. After the release of the 1981 record Music From “The Elder,” Frehley departed the band.

    Fifteen years later in 1996, he rejoined the original lineup for a reunion tour and contributed to the 1998 album Psycho Circus. After a 2001 “Farewell” tour, Frehley once again exited the band. Since his departure, guitarist Tommy Thayer has assumed the role of The Spaceman.

    At the time of this interview in mid-October, Frehley addressed rumors that he might rejoin KISS for the band’s yet-to-announced farewell tour.

    “I would do it for the fans if the price was right, but I wouldn't do it halfway,” Frehley says. “I'm the real Spaceman. If there's gonna be a real KISS reunion, I'm gonna regain my throne and Tommy's gonna have to do something else.”

    By the end of the month, KISS announced the 2019 End of the Road tour, and despite recently performing some tracks with members of KISS on a concert cruise, there is no plan for Frehley to join the band next year.

    In addition to the lineup changes of KISS, Frehley’s band has experienced some upheaval as of late. In October, he fired all of the members of his touring band to replace them with Gene Simmons’ solo backing band, citing issues with communication, ego and work ethic. It was met to some dismay by fans, although Frehley doesn’t pay it much mind.

    “Everybody's got an opinion, like everybody's got an a**hole,” Frehley says. “I don't pay attention to the internet. Luckily the positive comments far outweigh the negative stuff. I'm in a good place. There's always gonna be some idiot that's gonna say something stupid. I don't let that stuff bother me.”

    In 2019, Frehley will begin work on his next album, Origins, Vol 2. December 7-9, you can meet him and see him perform at the New Jersey KISS Expo. In late January, he’ll be playing a handful of shows on the West Coast.

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