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  1. Kiss Good-Bye? Not With Broadway Musical, Gene Simmons' Tongue On Way

  2. Gene Simmons Comes Clean

  3. Kiss's Stanley Says He's Happy With Criss-less Lineup

  4. Kiss's Paul Stanley Still Waiting For Hip Surgery

  5. Peter Criss To Appear at First Annual World TrAID911 Benefit

  6. Carole King, Kiss Honored At Heroes Award Event To Benefit N.Y.C. Rescuers' Families

  7. 'Kiss: The Box Set' Coming November 20

  8. KISS idol's puckering up to past

  9. Kiss' Paul Stanley To Appear In Folger's Commercial; Teams With AboutFace

  10. Simmons set to KISS & Tell

  11. Simmons offers one last Kiss

  12. Kiss Kick It In Style, Komplete With Kaskets

  13. Kiss: Beyond the Makeup Premieres on VH1

  14. Official "KISS Kaskets" Let KISS Fans Rock and Roll for Eternity

  15. Warn It Out Loud

  16. Jersey DJ breaks world on-air mark

  17. Gene Simmons' movie on Neil Bogart

  18. Gene Simmons unmasked in memoirs

  19. Musician/songwriter Stan "Doc" Penridge Dead at 50

  20. KISS' Peter Criss Going To Prison For 'Oz'

  21. KISS guitarist gets Bronx Walk of Fame treatment

  22. Wife Of KISS Singer Files For Divorce

  23. Kissing the ring

  24. Gene Simmons to Produce Sitcom

  25. VH1 Classic Taken Over by KISS

  26. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons Will Host Live Chat on Saturday October 7

  27. Showtime Event Television to Bring ``The Last KISS'' to Pay-per-View on Saturday, Oct. 7, 2000, at 8 p.m. ET/PT

  28. Gene Simmons talks sex and flagpoles in Print Soup

  29. Gene Simmons puckers up for TV

  30. Kiss Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child and Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2 Rock Computers Nationwide

  31. Paul Stanley Reminds Us: Kiss Is Going For Good

  32. Ted Nugent On Kiss: 'They're My Favorite Monkeys'

  33. KISS Memorabilia Expands Hard Rock Cafe's Music Memorabilia Collection Worth Nearly $32 Million

  34. KISS memorabilia snapped up at auction

  35. Gene Simmons Scores Victory Against Nanny In Court

  36. KISSed off: Help! Hallie Eisenberg stole my gig

  37. Goodbye Kiss tour pulls out all the stops

  38. Band may be kiss of death for eardrums

  39. The goodbye Kiss

  40. Goodbye Kiss

  41. The Auction Channel, Butterfield's Auctioneers and Greg Manning Auctions Sell Classic KISS Memorabilia to Cap Off Band's Farewell Tour

  42. KISS readies memorabilia auction

  43. Rock group KISS to auction off guitars, outfits

  44. KISS Teams With Butterfields and Greg Manning Auctions, Inc. to Auction Classic Costumes, Instruments and Photos

  45. Gene Simmons to KISS and tell

  46. Kiss faithful dress the part for final fiery tour

  47. Fans speak out about KISS farewell tour


  49. KISS Concert Went Well

  50. Fatal Fall From Balcony at Oakland KISS Concert Chronicle Staff Report

  51. KISS wants only true fans at concerts

  52. KISS drops drum solo from tour

  53. Kiss rocks all night, parties one more day

  54. KISS Talks to Fans Live on Rockline Radio Show; Explains Farewell Tour, Dispels Rumor

  55. The Demon being considered for a big push?

  56. Late producer inducted into Canadian Hall

  57. Gene Therapy: The God of Thunder Talks Our Ears Off

  58. 10 Stupid Questions With Gene Simmoms

  59. KNAC.COM Gets A Great Big KISS

  60. Multimillion Dollar Auction of Kiss Rock Band Costumes, Instruments and Memorabilia

  61. Presents A Conversation With Gene Simmons of KISS

  62. KISS Immortals "Webisodes" Coming To Entertaindom

  63. Spotlight: Rock vets break out of '80s mold

  64. NYE KISS Show Openers: Nickleback, Lit & Big Wreck

  65. New Years Eve, Alaska show, Spring KISS Tour

  66. KISS' Stanley, Frehley will be at guitar show

  67. KISS Fever's End Of The Millenium Party

  68. Former KISS Guitarist Sues Lawyers (II)

  69. Former KISS Guitarist Sues Lawyers (I)

  70. Paul Stanley Attends Charity Auction

  71. USA to air 'Detroit Rock City'

  72. Interview with the Third Law Interactive development team

  73. Clownwhite Magazine 3

  74. Kiss chimes in for anti-drug campaign

  75. Kissing Stardom (Q&A with Gene Simmons)

  76. Kiss of Fame (Q&A with Natasha Lyonne)

  77. No Phantom KISS Goodbye Yet

  78. Gene Simmons of Kiss sparks to movie mogul role

  79. Gene Simmons AOL Chat

  80. Friday Augst 13th Box Office Results

  81. Detroit Rock City (Review)

  82. Detroit Rock City, Memphis Bleek Debut On Billboard 200

  83. Kiss tongues Hollywood Walk of Fame

  84. KISS strutter their stuff in ``Detroit'' (Review)

  85. Teen humor in `Detroit' is sealed with Kiss (Review)

  86. Kiss, Everclear, And Cheap Trick Rock 'N' Roll All Night

  87. Detroit Rock City (Review)

  88. From New KISS Concept Album to Cartoons to WCW's"Demon" Wrestler: Gene Simmons Sounds Off

  89. 'Kiss' Lead Singer Now a Producer

  90. "Detroit Rock" Suit

  91. Kiss: The next wave

  92. KISS' Gene Simmons Talks Movies, Tour, Cartoons

  93. "Detroit Rock City" Soundtrack Review from EW

  94. KISS, AC/DC Among Acts Eligible For Rock Hall Nomination

  95. On Location At Everclear's Video Shoot: Porn Stars And Kiss Tongues

  96. Everclear in L.A. for video shoot

  97. Database (Time)

  98. Kiss bootleggers shut down in Detroit

  99. Marilyn Manson the author

  100. KISS Named to 2000 Hollywood Walk of Fame

  101. Farewell Not Decided Yet

  102. Manson Rides The "Highway To Hell"

  103. Good news and bad news for KISS's Gene Simmons

  104. Interview With Carrie Stevens (Eric Carr's former girlfriend)

  105. New Line Takes Simmons' 'Monsters'

  106. DRC Sound Track Listings

  107. KISS Singer 'Adequate' in 'Phantom'

  108. Entertainment Weekly Tidbits

  109. Bad Boys Of Rock Accessorize Black Lipstick With Chocolate Milk

  110. Rock Menace A Friendly Phantom Now (Globe & Mail)

  111. KISS Of The Phantom (Toronto Sun)

  112. Charmed By Phantom's KISS (Toronto Sun)

  113. Producer Bruce Fairbairn Dead At 49

  114. KISS Interactive Trivia PC Game

  115. Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue) Poem on KISS

  116. Kiss: Band member learns to never say never

    (Seattle Times)

  117. Fanclub Press Release

  118. A tongue-wagging KISS-and-tell about blood seats, Whoppers and flying drum kits

  119. The king of country comes off the bench for charity, the Padres and KISS

  120. Interview with Adam Mitchell (Song Writer)

  121. KISS Postponed (

  122. Interview With Paul Bassett (Eric Singer's Drum Tech)

  123. Paul Stanley: Phantom Of The Opera! (ABC News)

  124. A Conversation with Bob Ezrin (Guitar World)

  125. A Conversation with Ace Frehley of Kiss (Prime Choice)

  126. A Conversation with Bruce Kulick of Union (Prime Choice)

  127. A Conversation With Bruce Kulick (Prime Choice)

  128. Kiss My Ass Traces 20 Year Musical Legacy (Prime Choice)

  129. There's No Place Like A KISS Home (Virginia Pilot)

  130. Notes From The Band by Tommy Shaw (Styx)

  131. 3-D Aids Band's Middle-Aged Pyrotechnics (NY Times)

  132. Straight from Kiss' mouth: The word from Gene Simmons (Star Tribune)

  133. Kiss Shoots Film Scenes In Ontario

  134. Kiss & the Creepy Reporter (Transcribed by Tom Kercheval)

  135. They Won't Kiss & Tell (small) (Transcribed by Tom Kercheval)

  136. Eric Carr Interview 1982 (Discoveries) (Transcribed by Tom Kercheval)

  137. Peter Criss Interview (1980) (Transcribed by Tom Kercheval)

  138. Ol' Star-Eye by Kurt Loder (Transcribed by Tom Kercheval)

  139. Gene's Genies by Kurt Loder (Transcribed by Tom Kercheval)

  140. Kiss Warns Crowd About Lasers

  141. KISS still puts on crowd-pleasing show (Boston Globe)

  142. Todd McFarlane Presents: KISS Psycho Circus Magazine! (KISS Asylum)

  143. KISS Dates Promise A 'Circus Macabre'

  144. Gene Simmons Offers Clinton Advice (wallofsound)

  145. KISS Army Invades Las Vegas' KOMP

  146. Teenagers looking to get KISS-ed (Toronto Sun)

  147. Between The Bullets/Chart Beat (Billboard)

  148. KISS Goes "PSYCHO" 20 Years Later (Boston Herald)

  149. KISS Is Sweet In Broad Daylight (Vancouver Province)

  150. KISS and Tell (Vancouver Province)

  151. Move Over Ringling Bros. (Pollstar)

  152. KISS Press Conference Transcript

  153. For Halloween, Pumpkins and Kiss or treat (USA Today)

  154. Kiss Tell All About New LP, Halloween-Night Pumpkins Show (SonicNet)

  155. Kiss Coming To Every Screen In Town (MTV)

  156. KISS Psycho Circus Review (MTV)

  157. KISS Psycho Circus Review (EW)

  158. Kiss Kick Off the Psycho Circus with Guitars in Space (Spin Online)

  159. KISS Fires Up Marketing Guns For New Album, Tour (Yahoo!)

  160. Kiss Talks Charity, TV, And Ass Kicking At Press Conference (MTV)

  161. Prelude To A KISS Tour: Originals Release New CD (NY Post Online)

  162. PSYCHO CIRCUS Review (Calgary Sun)

  163. Kiss Unveils Psycho Circus Plans In Hollywood (Rocktropolis)

  164. KISS Launches Multimedia Blitz (E! Online)

  165. Something Wicked This Way Comes (Rolling Stone)

  166. Understanding KISS (Vancouver Province)

  167. KISS' Psycho Circus Plots Takeover (AOL)

  168. KISS 'N' Sell (EW)



  171. Peter Criss Interview

  172. Ace's Comments About 'KISS and Tell'

  173. Rumor Of Gene's Death