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On what cable channel would you like to see reruns of "American Dreams"?
(Curt- Deerfield, NH USA)

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Oct 27, 2002:
"The Fighting Irish

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Would you like to see a series of special American Dreams movies using the original cast members and covering significant points in the 1970's?
(Walter L. Parker- Kansas City, MO USA)

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    CBS Renewal Status Report: ‘Blue Bloods’, ‘S.W.A.T.’, ‘East New York’ & ‘True Lies’

    (3/25/23) It’s been more than a month since the most recent CBS scripted renewals, of NCIS, NCIS: Hawai’i and CSI: Vegas. The three dramas that were left out at the time — Blue Bloods, S.W.A.T. and East New York — remain in limbo, joined on the CBS bubble list by new midseason drama True Lies, which debuted March 1.

    Business issues have been major factors in the renewal prospects for veterans Blue Bloods, currently in its 13th season, and S.W.A.T., now in its sixth season, as well freshman East New York, I hear. Amid overall decline of linear ratings, it has become common practice for broadcast networks to ask for financial concessions on long-running series, which naturally become more expensive as they age.

    But things are looking very good for the Tom Selleck starrer Blue Bloods, I hear. As Deadline reported last month, the size of the cuts CBS had been pushing for on the show were pretty deep, as much as 25% for some above-the-line talent, which includes actors. Blue Bloods employs hundreds of crew and other support personnel whose livelihood depends on it, and I hear the cast and producers have agreed to salary reductions in order to keep the show going. Some deals are still being finalized, but I hear they are expected to close shortly and the venerable family cop drama will return for a 14th season.

    Produced by CBS Studios, Blue Bloods has been a moneymaker for the company, with strong performance on CBS, in syndication and internationally. Thirteen seasons in, Blue Bloods remains a Top 5 scripted series on CBS, holding steady in viewers year-to-year, and a cornerstone of the network’s formidable Friday lineup, which was rebuilt this season with S.W.A.T. and Fire Country joining Blue Bloods.

    S.W.A.T., headlined by Shemar Moore, is a rare series to rise in viewership year-to-year following its move to Fridays this season, where the drama has flourished. A co-production between Sony Pictures TV and CBS Studios, S.W.A.T., like Blue Bloods, previously had received early renewals.

    But I hear those early renewals the last few years came with CBS keeping the license fee unchanged, which has put more and more pressure on the budget and further squeezed the show’s profit margins as costs increase every year. I hear the lead studio Sony is not willing to go for another renewal at a flat license fee (which is the amount of money a network pays to a studio for its programming) as that would compromise the show’s production quality and financial model.

    I hear there had been preliminary conversations, but CBS is yet to start formal renewal negotiation and the network’s exclusive window on the show might have expired. Still, sources are hopeful that the network would step up to keep S.W.A.T. on the air.

    That hope is shared by S.W.A.T. showrunner Shawn Ryan. Without commenting on specifics, he addressed the series’ renewal situation in an interview with Deadline for his new Netflix series The Night Agent.

    From a ratings perspective, it’s a no-brainer to pick it up. I think I just saw that we’re like the third highest rated show on CBS in the demo, the ratings have gone up. We live in this weird age now where economic conversations take place and take precedence over what viewers really want to watch on their screens because the show is a big hit for CBS, and hopefully Sony and CBS work out the details to bring it back because I know the fans want to.

    I know that it’s been a great anchor for CBS on Friday nights, it helped launch Fire Country, which has done very well as well. The whole night’s working for CBS and in the past, we’d already been picked up. But now there’s economic concerns that have to be negotiated, and we hope they get negotiated and the show can return.

    For cop drama East New York, starring Amanda Warren, in addition to the ubiquitous budget trims, I hear there is an additional business issue that has stalled renewal negotiations. I hear it has to do with additional streaming rights CBS has requested for the series, produced by Warner Bros. TV. I hear they go beyond the now-standard stacking, which allows networks to stream current season of their series on their digital platforms.

    Season 1 episodes of East New York are on Paramount+. According to sources, the ask is for previous seasons also to be made available on the Paramount Global platform — on a non-exclusive basis, I hear. This has become a hurdle as it further erodes the amount of rights a third-party studio controls.

    Warner Bros. TV, which has its own corporate streamer in HBO Max, recently agreed to a joint library deal for its hit ABC comedy Abbott Elementary, whose previous seasons are shared between ABC corporate sibling Hulu and WBTV’s HBO Max.

    Things do not appear as complicated for True Lies. The series reboot of the hit movie has not been able to find an audience, ranking as CBS’ lowest-rated scripted series of the season four weeks in. At this point, the series is not likely to return but remains on the bubble.

    CBS’ long-running drama NCIS: Los Angeles is ending this season, but the network also has new Justin Hartley series Tracker on tap for next season. With Blue Bloods close to a renewal, S.W.A.T. and East New York‘s odds of coming back might be tied to how many drama pilots CBS will pick up to series. The network’s 2023 slate consists of two high-profile projects: Matlock, starring Kathy Bates, and Elsbeth, headlined by Carrie Preston.

    In addition to NCIS, NCIS: Hawai’i and CSI: Vegas, also previously renewed by CBS for next season are Fire Country, The Equalizer, FBI, FBI: International and FBI: Most Wanted, So Help Me Todd, Young Sheldon, Ghosts, The Neighborhood, and Bob Hearts Abishola.

    ‘Blue Bloods‘, ’S.W.A.T.’ & ‘East New York’ Did Not Get Early Renewals By CBS – Here Is Why

    (2/21/23) CBS today renewed three more scripted series, dramas NCIS, NCIS: Hawai’i and CSI: Vegas. With recent Season 2 orders for breakout freshmen Fire Country and So Help Me Todd, renewals of comedies Ghosts, The Neighborhood and Bob Hearts Abishola and with the FBI franchise, The Equalizer and Young Sheldon in the midst of multi-season pickups, that leaves Blue Bloods, S.W.A.T. and East New York as the three current CBS scripted series that are yet to get word on next season.

    Blue Bloods is the stalwart among the three. Currently in its 13th season, the cop drama starring Tom Selleck remains a Top 5 scripted series on CBS and a cornerstone of the network’s formidable Friday lineup, which was rebuilt this season with S.W.A.T., now in its sixth season, and Fire Country joining Blue Bloods.

    Both Blue Bloods and S.W.A.T. are in active renewal negotiations, I hear, with proposed budget cuts among the points that need to be hammered out. Amid overall decline of linear ratings, it has become common practice for broadcast networks to ask for budget reductions on long-running series which naturally become more expensive as they age.

    There had been rumblings that the cuts CBS had been pushing for on Blue Bloods were pretty deep, putting the show’s future in limbo, but I hear negotiations are going in the right direction and the network is hopeful to have the show back for Season 14.

    Produced by CBS Studios, Blue Bloods has been a moneymaker for the company with strong performance on CBS, in syndication and internationally.

    S.W.A.T. is a rare series to tick up in viewership year-to-year after its move to Fridays this season where the drama has flourished. A co-production between lead Sony Pictures TV and CBS Studios, S.W.A.T. had previously received early renewals. I hear talks for a seventh season have recently started and there are no major hurdles, with sources optimistic that a compromise on budget and other points would be reached.

    Last year, CBS went down to the wire on four other co-productions, the three FBI series and The Equalizer, all with Universal TV, which were ultimately renewed for two seasons each.

    East New York is a classic bubble series and will likely have to wait for CBS brass to see how new midseason entry True Lies performs in the coming weeks and to review the two drama pilots before they make a decision on the police drama starring Amanda Warren.

    Paul Wesley officially files for divorce from Ines de Ramon

    (2/18/23) It’s officially over between Paul Wesley and Ines de Ramon — despite both of them already moving on.

    The “Vampire Diaries” star filed for divorce from his estranged wife on Friday after five years of marriage, according to documents obtained by Us Weekly.

    Wesley, 40, cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their split but noted the division of their assets will be decided later on.

    The former couple, who started dating in 2018, announced their separation in September 2022 — but actually called it quits five months prior.

    However, neither Wesley nor the jewelry dealer, 30, seem too heartbroken.

    Wesley was first linked to model Natalie Kuckenburg in August 2022 after they were photographed holding hands in New York City.

    Things seem to be going strong for the “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” star and Kuckenburg, who is 18 years his junior, as they even spent the holidays together this year.

    Prior to his relationships with Kuckenburg and de Ramon, Wesley was previously married to “Vampire Diaries” co-star Torrey DeVitto from 2011 to 2013.

    Meanwhile, de Ramon has been dating Brad Pitt since November and the pair have been making the most of their long-distance relationship.

    In fact, the A-list actor made sure de Ramon’s Valentine’s Day was one to remember.

    The 59-year-old sent a bouquet of pink peonies and a baguette to his leading lady at her office in Los Angeles on Tuesday — despite being across the country to film in New York.

    Similarly to her soon-to-be ex-husband, de Ramon also spent the holidays with her new flame.

    Pitt and de Ramon enjoyed a relaxing — and very scantily clad — New Year’s Eve day while lounging by the pool in Cabo.

    The couple left little to the imagination while sunbathing, with Pitt showing off his chiseled physique in swim trunks and the jewelry executive deciding to forgo her bikini top altogether.

    Trailer for The Company You Keep

    (2/2/23) (Video) ABC has released a full trailer for The Company You Keep, a new drama starring Milo Ventimiglia (This Is Us) and Catherine Haena Kim (Good Trouble) as a con man and a CIA officer who get romantically entangled. It premieres Sunday, Feb. 19 at 10/9c.

    'Pitch Perfect' Star Brittany Snow Files For Divorce From Husband Tyler Stanaland

    (1/19/23) Brittany Snow is officially waving the white flag on her marriage ... because she just filed for divorce from her reality TV star husband.

    The "Pitch Perfect" star beelined it to court Wednesday and filed to divorce Tyler Stanaland, who appears on "Selling the OC," after nearly three years of marriage.

    Brittany is citing the usual irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split ... and she says there is a prenup.

    The divorce filing is not out of left field ... as we reported, the pair announced in September that they had separated.

    On the same day the couple announced their separation, Tyler was spotted getting up close and personal with his "Selling the OC" costar Alex Hall ... but he says they are just friends.

    But a few days later Tyler and Brittany were hanging out, and even spent the night together.

    Nevertheless, it appears reconciliation is not in the cards ... because Brittany is forging ahead with a divorce.

    Brittany and Tyler tied the knot March 14, 2020 ... just as the pandemic was shutting the world down ... and they did not have any kids together.

    We reached out to Tyler ... so far no word back.

    Good news for Tyler, it was announced this week “Selling the OC” got picked up for 2 more seasons. It's unclear if the divorce will be covered on the show, but fans can hope!

    Brittany Snow to guest on “Not Dead Yet”

    (1/11/23) ABC’s newest addition to its comedy roster, “Not Dead Yet” starring and executive produced by Gina Rodriguez, makes its highly anticipated series debut with a two-episode premiere on WEDNESDAY, FEB. 8, starting at 8:30-9:00 p.m. EST on ABC.

    The series follows Nell Serrano, a broke and newly single self-described disaster, working to restart the life and career she left behind five years ago. When she lands the only job she can find ? writing obituaries ? Nell starts getting life advice from some unlikely sources, the dead people whose lives she’s writing about. Joining previously announced Martin Mull (“Clue”) as Nell’s ghostly visitors is a star-studded roster, including Ed Begley Jr. (“Amsterdam”), Mo Collins (“Fear the Walking Dead”), Deborah S. Craig (“Meet Cute”), Telma Hopkins (“Family Matters”), Don Lake (“Space Force”), Rhea Perlman (“Cheers”), Paula Pell (“Saturday Night Live”), Tony Plana (“Ugly Betty”), Brittany Snow (“X”) and Julia Sweeney (“Saturday Night Live”).

    Additional series guest star announcements to follow.

    “Not Dead Yet” stars Gina Rodriguez as Nell Serrano, Hannah Simone as Sam, Lauren Ash as Lexi, Rick Glassman as Edward, Josh Banday as Dennis and Angela Gibbs as Cricket.

    ‘the company you keep,’ debuts Sunday, Feb. 19, at 10/9c on ABC

    (1/11/23) (New Extended Teaser Available Here ) A night of passion leads to love between con man Charlie and undercover CIA officer Emma, who are unknowingly on a collision course professionally. While Charlie ramps up the “family business” so he can get out for good, Emma’s closing in on the vengeful criminal who holds Charlie’s family debts in hand – forcing them to reckon with the lies they’ve told so they can save themselves and their families from disastrous consequences. The series is based on the Korean Broadcasting System series entitled “My Fellow Citizens.”

    “The Company You Keep” stars Milo Ventimiglia as Charlie, Catherine Haena Kim as Emma, William Fichtner as Leo, Tim Chiou as David, Freda Foh Shen as Grace, James Saito as Joseph, Sarah Wayne Callies as Birdie, Felisha Terrell as Daphne and Polly Draper as Fran.

    Executive producers and co-showrunners are Julia Cohen and Phil Klemmer, Milo Ventimiglia and Russ Cundiff (DiVide Pictures), Jon M. Chu and Caitlin Foito (Electric Somewhere), Todd Harthan and Lindsay Goffman (Gratitude Productions). Deanna Harris (DiVide Pictures) is a producer. The series is produced by 20th Television, a part of Disney Television Studios.

    The Company You Keep Teaser Video: Milo Ventimiglia Is a Con Man In Love With CIA Agent in New ABC Drama

    (12/30/22) (Video) What would Jack Pearson say?!

    ABC has unveiled the first promo for The Company You Keep, in which This Is Us vet Milo Ventimiglia plays a con man who finds himself romantically entangled with a CIA agent.

    Per the official logline, “A night of passion leads to love between con man Charlie (Ventimiglia) and undercover CIA officer Emma (Good Trouble‘s Catherine Haena Kim), who are unknowingly on a collision course professionally. While Charlie ramps up the ‘family business’ so he can get out for good, Emma’s closing in on the vengeful criminal who holds Charlie’s family debts in-hand — forcing them to reckon with the lies they’ve told so they can save themselves and their families from disastrous consequences.”

    In the above teaser, Charlie and Emma meet-cute, pretending to be a yoga instructor and pageant queen-turned-rocket scientist before revealing their true professions. But neither seems to realize just yet that the other is telling the truth.

    The cast also features William Fichtner (Mom, Prison Break), Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead, Colony), James Saito (Eli Stone), Tim Chiou, Freda Foh Shen, Felisha Terrell and Polly Draper

    The series — which is being written and EP’d by Julia Cohen (Legion, The Royals) — is based on the Korean format My Fellow Citizens. Additional EPs include Jon M. Chu, Todd Harthan, Caitlin Foito, Russ Cundiff and Lindsay Goffman.

    The Company You Keep premieres Sunday, Feb. 19 at 10/9c on ABC.


    (10/21/22) A KISMET CHRISTMAS (Hallmark)
    Airing Sunday, Oct. 23 at 8 pm
    Sarah is a children’s book author who returns to her hometown, where she reconnects with her family and Travis, her teenage crush. She soon discovers that a long-held family legend might actually be true; Sarah Ramos, Carlo Marks and Marilu Henner star.


    (10/21/22) A CHRISTMAS COOKIE CATASTROPHE (Hallmark)
    Airing Sunday, Nov. 27 at 6 pm
    Annie Cooper has big shoes to fill when she takes over as CEO of her late grandmother’s small-town cookie company and is doing her best to help their struggling business get back on track. That task gets more daunting when her grandmother’s secret recipe is stolen during the Christmas party. As Annie tries to crack the case and uncover the culprit she works with Sam, the owner of a local bakery, to recreate the recipe in the hope of saving the company and her job. As Annie and Sam bake batch after batch in pursuit of the perfect one, they begin to learn that their lives go together like milk and cookies; Rachel Boston and Victor Webster star.

    Paul Wesley and wife Ines de Ramon separate after 3 years of marriage

    (9/19/22) Going their separate ways.

    “The Vampire Diaries” star Paul Wesley and his wife, Ines de Ramon, have separated after three years of marriage and are living apart, according to People.

    “The decision to separate is mutual and occurred five months ago,” a rep for the couple told the outlet. “They request privacy at this time.”

    Wesley was first linked to the jewelry dealer in 2018 when they were seen holding hands during a romantic date night.

    They made their relationship Instagram-official one month later while attending a wedding in Montauk, NY.

    The “Fallen” actor, 40 and de Ramon, 29, tied the knot in 2019 during a low-profile wedding surrounded by family and friends. News of their nuptials didn’t come out until they were spotted wearing wedding bands months later.

    Their relationship status was also confirmed when Wesley’s “Vampire Diaries” co-star Nina Dobrev referred to de Ramon as the actor’s “wife” while on Candice King and Kayla Ewell’s “Directionally Challenged” podcast.

    De Ramon — who has since gone private on social media — gave fans a glimpse into the former couple’s special day on their anniversary when she posted photos from the big day on Instagram.

    In the photos, de Ramon stunned in a feathered white wedding dress while Wesley pulled her in for a kiss on the beach.

    Rumors of the pair’s split started swirling last month when Wesley was spotted hanging out with model Natalie Kuckenburg in New York — without his ring.

    Page Six has reached out to reps for Wesley and Ramon and has yet to hear back.

    The actor was previously married to “Vampire Diaries” co-star Torrey DeVitto from 2011 to 2013.

    Brittany Snow Splits from Hubby Tyler Stanaland

    (9/14/22) Brittany Snow is a single woman again, because she and her husband are dunzo ... TMZ has learned.

    Sources connected to the couple tell TMZ ... the "Pitch Perfect" star and Tyler Stanaland have officially called it quits -- this after rumors of infidelity, although we're told there's no truth to any of those and that they had no bearing on the breakup.

    What we are told, however, is that this uncoupling has been a long time coming -- and mostly has to do with distance. Apparently, L.A. (where BS lives) and Orange County (TS's home) is a bit too far and they were having problems splitting their time between the areas.

    Again ... our sources insist this has nothing to do with cheating, with emphasis on the fact that Tyler is NOT dating his "Selling the OC" costar Alex Hall ... despite speculation they might be a thing. We're told the two Netflix stars are simply friends.

    Unclear when exactly they threw in the towel on their relationship, but we do know it's over now. Snow posted Wednesday, "After time and consideration, Tyler and I have made the difficult decision to separate. This decision was made with love and mutual respect for one another. We have realized we need to take some time and make sure we are each living our most fulfilling and authentic lives."

    She continued, "We started this journey as best friends and our relationship will continue to be a priority not only for us but for our dog Charlie. We sincerely appreciate your support and ask for privacy as we navigate this new chapter."

    Brittany and Tyler got engaged back in 2019, and then hitched in 2020.

    Joey Lawrence and wife Samantha Cope expecting first child together

    (9/8/22) Joey Lawrence and his wife of four months, Samantha Cope, are expecting their first child together.

    “The blessings just keep on coming. Proud of you babe! Baby Lawrence on the way!” the actor, 46, announced Wednesday with an Instagram snap where he caressed Cope’s baby bump while posing on the beach.

    “Ohh hi baby daddy ,” Cope, 35, replied in the comments, to which Lawrence added, “

    The “Organized Killer” actress announced the news on her private Instagram account with a Reel compilation full of reactions from loved ones as the couple revealed they are expecting.

    “It’s been fun getting to know you so far little one! We are so blessed!” she captioned the clip.

    Their bundle of joy will be Cope’s first child and Lawrence’s third, as the “Melissa and Joey” star shares daughters Liberty, 12, and Charleston, 16, with ex-wife Chandie Yawn-Nelson.

    The couple married in May 2022 at an outdoor ceremony at Temecula Creek Inn in Temecula, Calif. Lawrence’s brothers, Matt and Andy, were present for the nuptials.

    “It just feels so right,” Lawrence told People at the time. “Life can be challenging at times, but when God gives you the right person, it’s worth it.

    “When you meet the right person, if you’re lucky enough, it cuts to the chase so quick,” he added. “I have somebody who is like-minded and has the same love language and we communicate the same way. That’s super important. And I am so thankful.”

    Luke Hemsworth And Milo Ventimiglia Join Australian Action-Thriller ‘Land of Bad’

    (9/8/22) Luke Hemsworth (Westworld) and Milo Ventimiglia (This Is Us) have joined the cast of the upcoming action-thriller Land of Bad, starring Russell Crowe and Liam Hemsworth.

    The two actors are set to star in the film alongside Ricky Whittle (American Gods), Daniel MacPherson (Poker Face, Foundation), and Chika Ikogwe (Heartbreak High). Will Eubank (Underwater, The Signal) will direct the flick from a screenplay he co-wrote with David Frigerio (The Signal).

    The film is being produced by Broken Open Pictures’ David Frigerio, Will Eubank, Volition Media Partners’ Adam Beasley and Michael Jefferson, R.U. Robot, and Highland Film Group. Highland Film Group is representing international rights to the movie.

    In the film, Russell Crowe stars as Reaper, an Air Force drone pilot supporting a Delta Force special ops mission in the South Philippines. After the mission goes terribly wrong, he has 48 hours to remedy what has devolved into a wild rescue operation.

    The film is set to begin production this month in the Gold Coast and South East Queensland regions of Australia.

    “Land of Bad is good news for the Australian screen sector – and I’m excited to welcome this production to our shores,” Australian Minister for the Arts Tony Burke said.

    “Every film we attract to Australia provides local workers with the opportunity to showcase their skills to the rest of the world. It also showcases amazing Australian landscapes to an international audience.”

    Highland Film Group CEO Arianne Fraser added: “Working with such a superb ensemble cast led by Russell and Liam is a dream come true. They are both incredible performers who showcase the powerful sense of brotherhood between the two lead characters.”

    Jonathan Adams guests on BOB hearts ABISHOLA 9/19/22

    (8/29/22) “Touched by a Holy Hand” – Abishola and Kemi hatch a plan to keep Ebun and the new pastor’s flirtation from growing. Also, Bob is thrown for a loop when Goodwin leaves MaxDot for a better job at Christina’s company, on the fourth season premiere of the CBS Original series BOB ? ABISHOLA, Monday, Sept. 19 (8:30-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Networkand available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*.

    GUEST CAST: Saidah Arrika Ekulona (Ebunoluwa), Tony Tambi (Chukwuemeka), Kimberly Scott (Ogechi), Jonathan Adams (Pastor Falade), Nene Nwoko (Tiwa).

    ABC Picks Up ‘The Company You Keep’ Starring Milo Ventimiglia To Series

    (8/22/22) ABC said Monday that it has picked up The Company You Keep, starring and executive produced by This Is Us alum Milo Ventimiglia, to series. The drama, produced by 20th Television, a part of Disney Television Studios, was the last remaining “second cycle” pilot to learn its fate, but was a consistent frontrunner and a move to a series pickup always looked promising.

    Like drama pilot Will Trent, which was picked up to series this month, The Company You Keep had started a writers room in anticipation of a series order. The project also had brought on seasoned writer-producer Phil Klemmer as co-showrunner. It will debut at midseason on ABC in 2023.

    Also starring Catherine Haena Kim, The Company You Keep is based on Korean format My Fellow Citizens that ran for more than 30 episodes on KBS2. It follows con man Charlie (Ventimiglia) and undercover CIA officer Emma (Kim). A night of passion leads to love between the pair, who unknowingly are on a collision course professionally. While Charlie ramps up the “family business” so he can get out for good, Emma’s closing in on the vengeful criminal who holds Charlie’s family debts in-hand — forcing them to reckon with the lies they’ve told so they can save themselves and their families from disastrous consequences.

    William Fichtner, Tim Chiou, Freda Foh Shen, James Saito, Sarah Wayne Callies, Felisha Terrell and Polly Draper also star.

    Julia Cohen and Klemmer serve as executive producers and co-showrunners. Ventimiglia and Russ Cundiff executive produce for DiVide Pictures, along with Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu and Caitlin Foito for Electric Somewhere, and Todd Harthan and Lindsay Goffman. Deanna Harris (DiVide Pictures) is a producer. The pilot episode is written by Cohen and directed and executive produced by Ben Younger.

    Klemmer most recently co-created Legends of Tomorrow, which ran for seven seasons on the CW. He also worked on all seasons of Veronica Mars and Chuck, among other credits. He’s repped by WME, OIy Obst at 3 Arts and Tom Collier at Sloan, Offer, Weber and Dern.

    Ventimiglia is repped by Management 360, Verve and McKuin Frankel Whitehead. DiVide Pictures is repped by Verve and McKuin Frankel Whitehead.

    Courtney Eaton & Thomas Mann To Topline Brittany Snow’s Feature Directorial Debut ‘September 17th’ For Yale Entertainment; Gina Rodriguez, Joel McHale Also Set

    (6/15/22) Courtney Eaton (Yellowjackets) and Thomas Mann (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl) will lead actor Brittany Snow’s feature directorial debut, September 17th, for Yale Entertainment. Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) and Joel McHale (Community) are also set, joining the previously announced Scott Mescudi (aka Kid Cudi) as part of the supporting cast.

    The recently-wrapped September 17th centers around Riley (Eaton), who has recently been released from rehab after struggling with her addictions to food and body image. She soon meets Ethan (Mann) and finds herself navigating the line between unconditional love and a new addiction. Francesca Reale (Stranger Things), Jennifer Westfeldt (Younger), Ekaterina Baker (The Card Counter) and Kathryn Gallagher (You) round out the cast of the pic based on an original story by Snow, who wrote the script alongside Becca Gleason.

    Jordan Yale Levine and Jordan Beckerman are producing under their Yale Entertainment banner, alongside Lizzie Shapiro (Shiva Baby) for The Space Program. Exec producers include The Space Program’s Gus Deardoff, Michael J. Rothstein, Eric Broughton, Patrick Heaphy, Jeff Tussi, Kyle Stroud, Jason Kringstein, Matthew Helderman, Luke Taylor, Russell Posternak and Clay Pecorin.

    Eaton is an Australian actress who made her screen debut as Cheedo the Fragile in George Miller’s Academy Award-winning Mad Max: Fury Road, alongside Charlize Theron—most recently portraying teenaged Lottie in the acclaimed Showtime drama series Yellowjackets, which has been renewed for a second season. The actress has also been seen in Alex Proyas’ fantasy pic Gods of Egypt and Steven C. Miller’s thriller Line of Duty, among other projects.

    Mann is best known for his leading role as Greg in the coming-of-age dramedy Me and Earl and the Dying Girl alongside Olivia Cooke. He’ll next be seen in A24’s comedy Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, having previously appeared in such films as Project X, Kong: Skull Island, Halloween Kills, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Beautiful Creatures, The Stanford Prison Experiment and The Highwaymen. The actor has also been seen on such series as Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, Moonbase 8 and Fargo. Other upcoming projects include the rom-com About Fate with Emma Roberts, and the comedy Cora Bora led by Hacks breakout Megan Stalter.

    Rodriguez is best known for her turn as the titular character on The CW’s Jane the Virgin and has also been seen in such features as I Want You Back, Kajillionaire, Miss Bala, Annihilation and Deepwater Horizon. She was set in March as the lead of ABC’s pilot Not Dead Yet, and will also soon appear on the shows Lost Ollie (Netflix) and Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Apple TV+) along with the films Players and Like It Used To Be.

    McHale is an Emmy-nominated actor, comedian, writer and producer best known for his portrayal of Jeff Winger on NBC’s Community, and for hosting the satirical weekly show The Soup for E! between 2004 and 2015. Recent film credits include Queenpins, Becky, Game Over, Man!, A Futile and Stupid Gesture and Assassination Nation. He’ll also soon be seen in Eli Stern’s comedy California King with Victoria Justice and Jimmy Tatro.

    Other upcoming projects from Yale Entertainment include the recently-wrapped thriller The Kill Room, starring Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson, Joe Manganiello and Maya Hawke, and writer-director David Duchovny’s adaptation of his novel Bucky F*cking Dent, in which he’ll also star.

    Eaton is represented by ICM Partners, Authentic Talent and Literary Management and Sloane, Offer, Weber & Dern; Mann by UTA, Industry Entertainment and Hansen, Jacobson, Teller; Rodriguez by WME and Jackoway Austen Tyerman; McHale by UTA and Johnson Shapiro Slewett & Kole; Reale by Gersh and Atlas Artists; Westfeldt by Innovative Artists and Vault Entertainment; and Gallagher by Gersh and One Entertainment.

    Jonathan Adams guests on Bob Hearts Abishola 5/23/22

    (5/12/22) “Beard in Her Pulpit” – When a new charismatic pastor joins their congregation, Abishola is thrilled that Bob has renewed interest in church, but less so when her mother takes a new interest in the pastor. Also, when Dottie gives out bonuses to upper management, Bob must make sure he doesn’t lose his best employee, on the third season finale of the CBS Original series BOB Hearts ABISHOLA, Monday, May 23 (8:30-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*.

    GUEST CAST: Tony Tambi (Chukwuemeka), Kimberly Scott (Ogechi), Tori Danner (Morenike), Jonathan Adams (Pastor Falade).

    ‘Confessions’ Drama Starring Paul Wesley In Works At Netflix From Kapital; Julie Plec To Co-Write In ‘TVD’ Reunion

    (4/29/22) Netflix has taken in for development Confessions (working title), a drama series starring and executive produced by The Vampire Diaries alum Paul Wesley, I have learned. Written and executive produced by TVD co-developer, executive and showrunner Julie Plec and Bradley Paul (Better Call Saul), the project, which is in early stages, is based on Jason Smith’s non-fiction 2015 article The Confessions of a Drug-Addicted High School Teacher.

    Confessions, produced by Universal Television, stems from the production partnership Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment forged with Wesley and his company Citizen Media in 2019, following Wesley’s starring turn on Kapital’s CBS All Access series Tell Me a Story (created by the other TVD co-developer/EP, Kevin Williamson.).

    This has been a passion project for Wesley for years. The Confessions adaptation was one of the first pieces of development he took on when he launched Citizen Media in 2016 with a deal at Warner Bros TV. Smith’s article chronicles his two-year stint teaching public high school in northern California. Despite teaching while anesthetized by a heavy dose of prescription narcotics, Jason finds that his brokenness from addiction begins attracting broken students, and in a town obsessed with high school football, he’s not alone in his obsession to escape from himself.

    During the project’s development with Kapital, Wesley reached out to his former TVD showrunner Plec, who came on board, along with Universal Television, where Plec’s My So-Called Company is based.

    Wesley is executive producing with his former producing partner Bob Levy, Kapital’s Kaplan and Brian Morewitz as well as My So-Called Company’s Plec and Emily Cummins. Jessie Abbott is the creative executive at Kapital.

    Wesley recently joined the cast of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, taking on the iconic role of James T. Kirk in the second season of the Paramount+ series. He can also be seen in Shudder feature History of Evil alongside Stephanie Beatriz. Wesley starred on The Vampire Diaries for eight seasons, directed multiple episodes throughout the series’ run, and served as a producer for the eighth and final season. He has also directed episodes of Roswell, New Mexico, Shadowhunters and Legacies. Wesley is repped by ICM Partners, Anonymous Content and attorney Marcy Morris.

    Under her Uni TV deal, Plec has new series Vampire Academy for Peacock and has been executive producing freshman NBC series The Endgame. Additionally, she has series The Girls on the Bus at HBO Max and Legacies and Roswell, New Mexico on the CW. She is with Management 360 and Felker Toczek Suddleson.

    Paul’s writing-producing credits include Heels, Animal Kingdom and Lodge 49. He is repped by UTA and Del Shaw Moonves Tanaka.

    ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Finds Its James T. Kirk With Paul Wesley

    (3/16/21) Paul Wesley is joining the cast of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

    Wesley is starring in the iconic role of James T. Kirk in the second season of the Paramount+ drama series. The role is best known for starring William Shatner.

    The casting comes ahead of the launch of season one, which premieres in May. A second season of the show was renewed in January.

    Strange New Worlds follows Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount), Science Officer Spock (Ethan Peck), and Number One (Rebecca Romijn/Una Chin-Riley) as they explore new worlds around the galaxy. Their adventures predate Captain Kirk’s ever stepping foot aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.

    The cast also includes Jess Bush as Nurse Christine Chapel, Christina Chong as La’an Noonien-Singh, Celia Rose Gooding as Cadet Nyota Uhura, Melissa Navia as Lt. Erica Ortegas, and Babs Olusanmokun as Dr. M’Benga.

    Wesley was previously one of the leads of The Vampire Diaries and also starred in Tell Me A Story for Paramount+ predecessor CBS All Access. He can also be seen in Shudder feature History of Evil alongside Stephanie Beatriz.

    He has also directed episodes of Roswell, New Mexico, Shadowhunters and Legacies.

    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is showrun by Akiva Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers with the pair exec producing alongside Jenny Lumet, Heather Kadin, Frank Siracusa, John Weber, Rod Roddenberry, Trevor Roth, and Aaron Baiers.

    The series is produced by CBS Studios, Secret Hideout, and Roddenberry Entertainment.

    “Paul is an accomplished actor, an astonishing presence and a welcome key addition to the show. Like all of us, he is a life-long Star Trek fan and we are excited by his interpretation of this iconic role,” said Alex Kurtzman, Akiva Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers.

    Milo Ventimiglia To Star In & Produce ‘The Company You Keep’ Drama Pilot At ABC

    (3/5/22) Milo Ventimiglia has potentially found his next starring vehicle.

    The This Is Us actor is to star in and exec produce The Company You Keep, a con-artist drama that has landed a pilot order at ABC.

    The project, which is based on Korean format My Fellow Citizens that ran for more than 30 episodes on KBS2, follows con man Charlie and undercover CIA officer Emma. A night of passion leads to love between the pair, who are unknowingly on a collision course professionally. While Charlie ramps up the “family business” so he can get out for good, Emma’s closing in on the vengeful criminal who holds Charlie’s family debts in-hand — forcing them to reckon with the lies they’ve told so they can save themselves and their families from disastrous consequences.

    It is being written and exec produced by Julia Cohen, who recently has been co-creating HBO Max’s new Degrassi series. Cohen has worked on series including TNT’s Dallas, E!’s The Royals, FX’s Legion and The CW’s Riverdale and was a co-exec producer on ABC’s Quantico and A Million Little Things.

    Ventimiglia will exec produce via his DiVide Pictures banner alongside Russ Cundiff with Deanna Harris as producer.

    Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu also will exec produce via his Electric Somewhere label with his partner Caitlin Foito. The Resident showrunner Todd Harthan and The Good Doctor co-exec producer Lindsay Goffman are also exec producing the project, which comes from studio 20th Television, where Ventimiglia’s DiVide Pictures is based.

    The script for The Company You Keep has been buzzed about for the past couple of months, as Deadline revealed in its Pilot Season 2022 rundown.

    It is the latest broadcast sale for DiVide and Ventimiglia, whose hit drama series This Is Us is ending with its sixth season on air right now. In December, it set up Only To Deceive, an adaptation of Tasha Alexander’s novel in development at ABC, and also set up hockey drama series Hometown Saints at NBC.

    Ventimiglia is represented by Management 360, Verve and McKuin Frankel Whitehead and Cohen is represented by A3 Artists Agency, Vanguard Artists, and Tara Kole at Johnson, Shapiro, Slewett & Kole.

    ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Star Stephanie Beatriz & ‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Paul Wesley Set For Horror ‘History Of Evil’

    (2/17/22) Brooklyn Nine-Nine and In the Heights star Stephanie Beatriz has been set to star with The Vampire Diaries actor Paul Wesley in the horror-thriller movie History of Evil.

    AMC’s genre streamer Shudder has boarded the film for North America, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand and will release it as a Shudder Original.

    Written and directed by Iranian-American filmmaker Bo Mirhosseni, the film is being produced by genre specialists XYZ Films, Under the Shadow outfit Two & Two Pictures and Jake Siegel. Beatriz and Wesley will serve as executive producers.

    In the film, a family on the run from a corrupt state takes refuge in a safe house with an evil past — a terrifying last stop on a near-future Underground Railroad. Filming is being lined up for spring 2022.

    The movie is the first project under a pact between XYZ Films and Two & Two Pictures to make films from first- and second-time genre directors from under-represented demographics. The pact is set to produce two to three pictures a year initially and was hatched as a result of XYZ Films partnering with Two & Two on Babak Anvari’s Under the Shadow, which went on to win a BAFTA for Outstanding Debut. The companies most recently collaborated on Anvari’s third feature film, I Came By, which is currently in post-production for Netflix.

    Beatriz is best known for leading voice cast on hit animation Encanto, rom-com musical In the Heights, and comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She’s just finishing up starring in London’s West End play 2:22: A Ghost Story.

    Wesley is known for roles in The Vampire Diaries, Before I Disappear, Peaceful Warrior and Tell Me a Story. He is also directing and producing under his production banner Citizen Media.

    “We are thrilled to be working with XYZ and Two & Two Pictures as we continue to spotlight new and emerging storytellers within this genre, and Bo’s thrilling film debut is no exception,” said Emily Gotto, VP Global Acquisitions and Co-Productions at Shudder. “We are excited to have such talents as Stephanie and Paul on board to bring these dynamic characters to life and look forward to sharing the film with Shudder members.”

    Anvari and Lucan Toh of Two & Two Pictures commented: “We are delighted to be working with Bo, Stephanie and Paul on this deeply terrifying and unique horror film, and honored to have found a home at Shudder, whose cutting-edge platform has continues to push genre films forward. Everyone on this team has demonstrated a commitment to bringing timely and entertaining stories to the world, and we couldn’t be more excited to work with them.”

    Beatriz is repped by ICM Partners, Authentic Talent and Literary Management and attorney Mitch Smelkinson. Wesley is repped by ICM Partners, Anonymous Content and attorney Marcy Morris.

    Lifetime Sets Premiere Dates For Two ‘Fallen Angels Murder Club’ Movies & ‘Stolen By Their Father’ Pic

    (2/2/22) Lifetime has set premiere dates for a pair of Fallen Angels Murder Club movies starring Toni Braxton and others and the Sarah Drew-led pic Stolen by Their Father. which Elizabeth Smart has joined as executive producer.

    The Fallen Angels Murder Club anthology pics feature Braxton as Hollis Morgan, an ex-con-turned-amateur sleuth set out to investigate a series of murders at her book club. Fallen Angels Murder Club: Friends to Die For premieres at 8 p.m. Saturday, April 2, followed by Fallen Angels Murder Club: Heroes and Felons a week later, at 8 p.m. April 9. Read more about the films below.

    Stolen by Their Father premieres at 8 p.m. Saturday, March 5. It stars Drew as Lizbeth Meredith, a mother who says goodbye to her young daughters for a non-custodial visit with their father — her abusive ex-husband — only to discover days later that he has kidnapped the girls and taken them to Greece. For the next two years, fueled by the memories of her own childhood kidnapping, Lizbeth travels to the White House and Greece, burning through every dime and favor to get her children back. One false move, and her ex-husband will vanish with her children, guaranteeing that she never will see them again. Two false moves, and he’ll make good on his promise to kill her.

    Valentina Battrick and Carina Battrick also star in the Cineflix Productions film formerly titled Stolen Hearts: The Lizbeth Meredith Story.

    Stolen by Their Father‘s debut will be followed by a Beyond the Headlines documentary about the real Lizbeth Meredith and her daughters.

    Here are the synopses of the Fallen Angels Murder Club movies, which are based on the Fallen Angels Book Club novels by R. Franklin James and produced by Brain Power Studio:

    Fallen Angels Murder Club: Friends to Die For
    The members of the Fallen Angels Murder Club must have two things in common: a love for books and a criminal record. Hollis Morgan (Braxton) meets both requirements. Left holding the bag in an insurance fraud scheme concocted by her ex-husband, Hollis served her time and now hopes the court will pardon her conviction so she can fulfill her dream of becoming a lawyer. But when a member of her book club is murdered in a scene straight out of the previous night’s novel, Hollis becomes the subject of police scrutiny. Refusing to get stuck with another bad rap, Hollis sets out to investigate her fellow club members and after a second book-inspired murder, she races to identify the killer before she becomes the next victim. Eddie Cibrian also stars.

    Fallen Angels Murder Club: Heroes and Felons
    The members of the Fallen Angels Murder Club must band together again as they search for answers surrounding the death of one of their own. Hollis finds herself at the center of the investigation when a journalist reporting on the murder also winds up dead. As bodies begin to stack up, and Hollis connects the dots, she must solve the murders before it’s too late. Kelly Hu also stars.

    The ensemble casts also includes Lisa Berry, Yanic Truesdale, Humberly González, Rainbow Sun Francks, Raoul Bhaneja, Henderson Wade, Kaitlyn Leeb, Rob Stewart, Keith D. Robinson and Shawn Ahmed.

    AMC+ And RLJE Films Acquire Holiday Comedy ‘Christmas With The Campbells’ Starring Brittany Snow, Justin Long & Alex Moffat

    (2/1/22) AMC+ and RLJE Films have acquired worldwide rights to the holiday comedy Christmas with the Campbells, starring Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect franchise), Justin Long (He’s Just Not That Into You), Alex Moffat (Saturday Night Live), Julia Duffy (Newhart), George Wendt (Cheers) and JoAnna Garcia Swisher (Sweet Magnolias). The film produced by Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Picture Show will simultaneously hit theaters and AMC+ in the U.S. in late fall.

    Christmas with the Campbells is billed as a traditional holiday romance story executed with unfiltered adult humor. Specifics as far as its plot are being kept under wraps.

    Clare Niederpruem is directing from a script by Vaughn, Dan Lagana (American Vandal) and Barbara Kymlicka. Vaughn and Lagana are also producing alongside Peter Billingsley (Couples Retreat) under their Wild West Picture Show banner, with Stan Spry (Creepshow) exec producing. The feature is the second from RLJE and Wild West, on the heels of stand-up comic Steve Byrne’s The Opening Act, starring Jimmy O. Yang, Jermaine Fowler & Ken Jeong.

    “We couldn’t have asked for a better cast and a group of filmmakers with whom to work,” said RLJE Films’ Chief Acquisitions Officer Mark Ward. “This is the second collaboration between RLJE Films and Vince Vaughn and Peter Billingsley and now, with the partnership with AMC+, we will be able to bring this film to an even wider audience.”

    “On the heels of an incredibly successful launch for the twisted black dramedy ‘Silent Night,’ which became one of our most watched films of 2021, we’re delighted to partner with RLJE Films once again – this time adding the comedic genius of Vince Vaughn, Dan Lagana and Peter Billingsley – to bring our subscribers another unexpected and wildly entertaining film for the holiday season,” added AMC+ General Manager Courtney Thomasma. “Between Vince and Peter’s Christmas movie pedigree and the stellar cast, ‘Christmas with the Campbells’ is the perfect addition to our biggest year of programming, as we continue to build AMC+ into a true destination for the best feature films.”

    Wild West Picture Show is a production company founded by Vaughn in 2005 that has also produced such films as The Internship, Couples Retreat, Four Christmases and The Break-Up. Wild West’s television credits include Audience Network’s Undeniable with Joe Buck and ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary on the ’85 Bears, which Vaughn also narrated, along with Audience Network’s Fear(less) with Tim Ferriss, the TBS original sitcom Sullivan & Son and the Netflix animated series F is for Family.

    RLJE Films is a business unit of AMC Networks. Its recent and upcoming features include David Oyelowo’s directorial debut The Water Man; Amber Sealey’s No Man of God starring Elijah Wood and Luke Kirby; Sion Sono’s 2021 Sundance Film Festival premiere Prisoners of the Ghostland starring Nicolas Cage and Sofia Boutella; and the apocalyptic holiday dramedy Silent Night from writer-director Camille Griffin.

    AMC+ is a subscription VOD streaming service owned by AMC Networks that launched in 2020. Films debuting exclusively on the service thus far include Adam Egypt Mortimer’s mystery-thriller Archenemy, Edward John Drake’s sci-fi action pic Apex, Aharon Keshales’ crime pic South of Heaven, No Man of God, Prisoners of the Ghostland and Silent Night.

    Ward and Betsy Rodgers negotiated the deal to acquire Christmas with the Campbells for AMC+/RLJE Films with Vaughn and Billingsley on behalf of the filmmakers.


    (10/21/21) JOY FOR CHRISTMAS

    PREMISE: When her family firm’s annual Christmas toy drive is in jeopardy, Holly Silver must convince pro athlete Jack Kane to be the public face of the toy drive to help save it. As Noelle helps Jack rediscover the meaning of Christmas, Holly reconnects with her own family and family traditions. As Jack and Holly go through challenges of making Christmas dreams for others come true, they discover kindred spirits in each other and the potential for the gift of romance this holiday season. Cindy Busby and Sam Page star.

    PREMIERE DATE: Sunday, Dec. 19 at 8/7c (GAC Family)

    Hallmark 2021 Christmas Movie

    (10/19/21) Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday / Sister Swap: Christmas in the City

    Stars: Kimberly Williams Paisley, Ashley Williams, Mark Deklin, Keith Robinson, Susan Yeagley, and Kevin Nealon

    Logline: "In these interconnected movies, Jennifer and Meg Swift are sisters who couldn't be closer despite living hours apart. Jennifer is in Salt Lake City, running a successful restaurant she started with her late husband and raising her teenaged son Simon. Meg stayed in their hometown of Hazelwood, helping their parents run the local bakery. This Christmas is the family's first since the passing of Uncle Dave, who owned the town's beloved theater, The Madison, where many memories were made over the years. When Jennifer and Simon return home for the holiday, they become wistful for one more Christmas at The Madison, despite that it's for sale and in need of repairs. Meanwhile, Meg is helping Jennifer's restaurant staff in Salt Lake prepare for a Christmas competition among local restaurants with the winner earning money for the charity of its choice. With the sisters switching cities leading up to the holiday, they find a new sense of purpose and discover what they both truly need in life and in love."

    Rachel Boston guests on Seal Team 10/10/21

    (9/2/21) “Trust, But Verify: Part 1” – Everyone on Bravo is shocked when they learn a training exercise is really cover for a covert mission to get a weapons expert out of one of the most dangerous countries in the world, on the fifth season premiere of SEAL TEAM, Sunday, Oct. 10 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.

    GUEST CAST includes: Justin Melnick (Brock Reynolds), Tyler Grey (Trent Sawyer), Rachel Boston (Hannah Oliver).

    Lifetime Greenlights ‘Flowers In The Attic’ Prequel Miniseries With Jemima Rooper, Max Irons, Kelsey Grammer, Harry Hamlin, More

    (8/17/21) More Flowers of the Attic is coming to Lifetime. The network has greenlighted Flowers In The Attic: The Origin, a four-part prequel miniseries event starring Jemima Rooper (Gold Digger) and Max Irons (Condor), from Jennie Snyder Urman and Joanna Klein’s Sutton St. Productions and CBS Studios. Flowers in the Attic: The Origin is an A+E Studios production in association with Sutton St. and CBS Studios.

    Kelsey Grammer (Frasier), Harry Hamlin (Mad Men), Kate Mulgrew (Orange is the New Black), Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries), Alana Boden (I Am Elizabeth Smart), Hannah Dodd (Harlots), T’Shan Williams (The Color Purple) and Callum Kerry (Four Weddings and a Funeral) also star in the miniseries which is based on the prequel novel, Garden of Shadows by Andrew Neiderman.

    Author V.C. Andrews launched a pop culture sensation with the gothic tale Flowers in the Attic. Flowers in the Attic: The Origin peels back the curtain to reveal the twisted origins and dark secrets of the Foxworth family.

    The miniseries greenlight follows on the success of Lifetime’s Flowers in the Attic and subsequent V.C. Andrews movie series franchises. The movie events Flowers in the Attic and Petals on the Wind were cable’s top two movies of 2014 with women, while Flowers in the Attic has reached over 30.1M2 total viewers and Petals on the Wind seen by 23.4M3 total viewers.

    Flowers in the Attic: The Origin tells the story of the headstrong and determined Olivia Winfield (Rooper) who is working alongside her beloved father (Hamlin) when she finds herself unexpectedly wooed by one of the nation’s most eligible bachelors, Malcom Foxworth (Irons). After a whirlwind romance, Olivia finds herself as the mistress of the imposing Foxworth Hall, where she soon discovers that the fairytale life she expected has quickly become a nightmare. Under Malcolm’s debonair exterior lies a dark heart, and a twisted evil lurks inside Foxworth Hall that will threaten Olivia’s happiness and that of her children. Her attempts to keep them all safe ultimately push Olivia to become to most terrifying version of herself, leading to her inevitable—and notorious—decision to lock her grandchildren in the attic.

    Dodd stars as Olivia’s daughter, Corinne; while Williams portrays Foxworth’s longtime staff member and Olivia’s observant housekeeper, Nella. Mulgrew plays Mrs. Steiner, Malcom’s loyal house manager and head of the Foxworth Hall staff. Grammer portrays Malcom’s illustrious father Garland Foxworth, who is married to new wife Alicia, played by Boden. Wesley stars as John Amos, Olivia’s cousin whose revelations change her life forever and Callum Kerr stars as Christopher, a close relative of the Foxworth family whose life will be eternally intertwined with Corrine’s from the moment they set eyes on each other.

    Additional talent includes Luke Fetherston, Buck Braithwaite, Jordan Peters, Evelyn Miller, Rawdat Quadri, Emmanuel Ogunjinmi, David Witts, Carla Woodcock and Peter Bramhill.

    Paul Sciarrotta serves as executive producer. Urman and Klein serve as executive producers for Sutton St. Productions and CBS Studios. Zoë Rocha serves as executive producer for RubyRock Pictures, Gary Pearl executive produces for Aquarius Content and Dan Angel executive produces. Declan O’Dwyer also executive produces and directed part one and part two of the miniseries. Robin Sheppard serves as director for parts three and four. Scripts are from executive producer Sciarrotta, as well as Amy Rardin and Conner Good. The miniseries was made with support of the Romanian Government.

    Joey Lawrence Engaged To Lifetime Movie Costar Samantha Cope A Year After Divorcing Wife

    (8/10/21) Joey Lawrence is getting ready to say ‘I Do’ for a third time!

    The actor revealed in an interview that he’s engaged to actress Samantha Cope just one year after filing to divorce Chandie Lawrence.

    While chatting about his upcoming movie “SWIM” to Us Weekly, the “Blossom” star revealed that his writing partner is also his fiancé.

    “Believe it or not, my writing partner and I [sold the script to Tubi], I’m continuing my relationship with them,” Joey told the publication. “But we’ve sold an original movie, a romantic comedy, which we’re gonna be making later this year.”

    The 45-year-old is busy and not quite ready to start wedding planning yet, “There’s a lot of stuff going on, you know, there’s a lot of stuff going on, which we’ll talk about soon, but yeah, it’s a lot of great stuff,” he said. “A lot of really great stuff. She’s the best person ever.”

    The couple met on the set of their upcoming Lifetime movie, “A Deadly Deed” which is directed by Joey’s brother Andrew Lawrence.

    “So we met there and out of nowhere, you know, it was a crazy year and a half for everybody, obviously the whole world,” Joey explained. “Then when you least expect [it,] amazing things happen and meeting her has just been really the greatest thing ever.”

    “Last year, 2020 was really something,” he continued. “And when you least expect it, you know, you literally meet the perfect person for you, and all those intangibles come into play … and then you meet [the] right person.”

    Joey and Samantha’s romance flourished during the Covid-19 pandemic and while they couldn’t go on “typical” dates they enjoyed spending time together.

    “It was just hanging out, trapped in that, you know, confined space. And when you can meet the greatest person for you in that kind of environment, it’s saying something,” he told Us Weekly.

    Samantha shared a sweet selfie of the couple on Instagram and gushed about Joey writing, “Appreciation post for this guy ??! Life is so full of blessings but also little unpredictable battles. I can’t thank you enough for staying positive even in the toughest of times. You’re my fav babe #gratitude.”

    This will be Joey’s third marriage. He tied the knot to Michelle Vella in 2002 but the couple split after three years. The actor then married Chandie in 2005 and filed for divorce after 15 years of marriage in July 2020.

    Milo Ventimiglia Joins Season 4 Of ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’

    (6/11/21) It looks like there will be a mini Gilmore Girls reunion on the upcoming fourth season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Gilmore Girls alum and This is Us star Milo Ventimiglia has been cast in an undisclosed guest role on the Amazon series, Deadline has confirmed.

    Amazon would not reveal any character details.

    The casting will reunite Ventimiglia with Maisel and Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and EP Daniel Palladino.

    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel stars Rachel Brosnahan, Tony Shalhoub, Alex Borstein, Marin Hinkle, Michael Zegen, Kevin Pollak and Caroline Aaron. Stephanie Hsu returns for Season 4 as well as Luke Kirby in his recurring role as Lenny Bruce.

    In season 3, Midge (Brosnahan) and Susie (Borstein) discovered that life on tour with Shy (Leroy McClain) was glamorous but humbling, and they learned a lesson about show business they’ll never forget.

    Ventimiglia has received three lead actor Emmy nominations for his role as Jack Pearson on NBC’s flagship drama series This Is Us.

    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is the winner of 20 Emmy Awards including Outstanding Comedy series, three Golden Globes including Best TV Series—Comedy, six Critics Choice Awards including Best Comedy Series, two PGA Awards, a WGA Award, and a Peabody Award.

    Rachel Boston recurs on Seal Team 5/26/21

    (5/10/21) “One Life To Live” — Bravo takes a devastating hit that will change the team forever, and forces each member to make major personal decisions, on the fourth season finale of SEAL TEAM, Wednesday, May 26 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    RECURRING CAST incldes: Justin Melnick (Brock Reynolds), Rachel Boston (Hannah Oliver), Alona Tal (Stella Baxter).

    ‘David Makes Man’: OWN Sets Season 2 Premiere Date; Trailer Teases Time-Skip, Kwame Patterson’s David

    (4/21/21) (Video) OWN has unveiled the premiere date and trailer for the second season of Tarell Alvin McCraney’s David Makes Man.

    Set to premiere on OWN on June 22 from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET/PT, David Makes Man‘s sophomore season finds David (Kwame Patterson) in his 30s, a rising businessman facing an opportunity that will change him and his community forever; the mounting forces David to choose between the instincts that helped him survive or finding a new way to truly live.

    The series also features series regulars Arlen Escarpeta, Akili McDowell, Alana Arenas, Travis Coles and Cayden K. Williams. McCraney serves as executive producer alongside showrunner Dee Harris-Lawrence who serves as showrunner. Mike Kelley and Melissa Loy also executive produce under their production banner Page Fright. Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society and Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Films are also executive producers.

    The trailer gives David Makes Man fans their first glimpse at Patterson’s David and teases what the drama’s protagonist must come to terms with – from unstoppable change and growth to unforgettable and formative experiences. See it above.

    CBS Renews 5 Series, Including S.W.A.T., Blue Bloods and Magnum P.I.

    (4/15/21) CBS issued a flurry of early renewals on Thursday — five of ’em in total. Among the series scoring pickups: Blue Bloods (for Season 12), S.W.A.T. (for Season 5), Magnum P.I. (for Season 4) and Bull (for Season 6).

    And as we reported here, NCIS will also be returning for a 19th season.

    They join previously renewed dramas The Equalizer (for Season 2), FBI (Season 4) and FBI: Most Wanted (Season 3), as well as comedies Bob Hearts Abishola (Season 3), The Neighborhood (Season 4) and Young Sheldon (Seasons 5-7).

    CBS series still on the bubble include All Rise, B Positive, Clarice, NCIS: Los Angeles, SEAL Team, The Unicorn and United States of Al

    Meanwhile, CBS is getting ready to bid farewell to Mom, NCIS: New Orleans and MacGyver. The cancellation of MacGyver — which was announced on April 7 — caught some by surprise, given CBS’ penchant for sticking with its reboots long-term. The final episode airs on April 30 and finds Mac and Riley (played by Lucas Till and Tristin Mays) waking up in a corn field with no memory of how they got there. The twosome then must unravel the mystery to find who took them and how to get rid of the nanotrackers in their bodies, “no matter the cost.”

    Rachel Boston guests on Seal Team 4/21/21

    (4/8/21) “Rearview Mirror” – Jason’s visit with a former teammate causes him to reevaluate his role as team leader. Also, several Bravo members grapple with their personal relationships when Command sends them on an unexpected mission to the coast of Africa, on SEAL TEAM, Wednesday, April 21 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    GUEST CAST includes: Rachel Boston (Hannah Oliver), Kaliayh Rhambo (Jameelah Perry), Shiva Negar (Mina Hassan).

    Luke Bracey And Brittany Snow To Star In Gritty Thriller, ‘Big Nickel’

    (4/7/21) Luke Bracey and Brittany Snow have signed on to star in Tom Chilcoat’s debut feature, Big Nickel, with principal photography kicking off in the U.S this winter.

    Co-written by Chilcoat and David Birke (Elle, Slender Man), the thriller centers on Charlie (Bracey), a charismatic Army recruiter, who is tasked with signing the “big fish” for a promotion. The only person standing in his way is Erik, a disturbed ex-vet that Charlie convinced to enlist years before. A dangerous man with a bone to pick, Erik will not be satisfied until Charlie has paid a heavy price—and as pressure mounts, Charlie is ultimately forced to re-examine his dubious methods, facing a thunderous reckoning of accountability.

    A Traction and Arclight Films production, Big Nickel is produced by Traction’s Jason Tamasco (El Chapo, Opening Night) and Zak Kristofek (Book Club, Wildlife). Executive producers include Arclight Films’ Gary Hamilton (First Reformed, Hotel Mumbai), Ryan Hamilton (Possessor, Escape from Pretoria) and Ying Ye (The Furnace, Possessor).

    A native of Australia, Bracey is best known for turns in Netflix original rom-com Holidate, Warner Bros. and Lionsgate’s Point Break remake, Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate’s Oscar-winning war film Hacksaw Ridge and acclaimed Hulu miniseries, Little Fires Everywhere.

    Rising to fame following her appearance on NBC drama series American Dreams, Snow’s TV credits include Ryan Murphy’s Nip/Tuck, David E. Kelly’s Harry’s Law, The CW’s musical comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Fox’s Almost Family.

    On the film side, the actress is internationally recognized for her turn as Chloe in Universal Studios’ Pitch Perfect franchise. Additional big screen credits include The Pacifier, John Tucker Must Die, Prom Night and Hairspray. Most recently, Snow produced and starred in the comedic feature, Hooking Up, also starring in Netflix feature Someone Great, produced by Paul Feig.

    Bracey is represented in the U.S. by CAA, Fourward, and attorney Michael Schenkman of Goodman, Genow, Schenkman, Smelkinson & Christopher. In Australia, the actor is repped by Morrissey Management. Snow is repped by The Gersh Agency and Principal Entertainment.

    Sarah Ramos To Play Cheryl Pistono In HBO’s 1980s L.A. Lakers Series

    (3/26/21) Sarah Ramos (Parenthood) has been tapped to play Cheryl Pistono, the girlfriend of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, in Adam McKay’s Los Angeles Lakers HBO drama series, based on Jeff Pearlman’s book Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s. McKay’s Hyperobject Industries is producing.

    Written by Max Borenstein, the fast-break series chronicles the professional and personal lives of the 1980s Lakers, one of sports’ most revered and dominant dynasties — a team that defined its era both on and off the court.

    In contrast to her boyfriend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s public persona, Ramos’ Cheryl Pistono is warm and outgoing. She uses her emotional intelligence to encourage Kareem to be himself, and together they weather the highs and lows of a life in basketball.

    Ramos joins previously announced cast Jason Segel as Paul Westhead, Michael Chiklis as Red Auerbach, Sally Field as Jessie Buss, Adrien Brody as Pat Riley, John C. Reilly as Jerry Buss, Jason Clarke as Jerry West, Quincy Isaiah as Magic Johnson, Solomon Hughes as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Gaby Hoffmann as Claire Rothman, Hadley Robinson as Jeanie Buss, DeVaughn Nixon as Norm Nixon, Molly Gordon as Linda Zafrani, Rob Morgan as Earvin Johnson Sr., Spencer Garrett as Chick Hearn, Kirk Bovill as Donald Sterling, Delante Desouza as Michael Cooper, Stephen Adly Guirgis as Frank Mariani, Tamera Tomakili as Earletha “Cookie” Kelly, Joey Brooks as Lon Rosen and Bo Burnham as Larry Bird.

    Borenstein executive produces the series with McKay, who directs the pilot, and Kevin Messick for Hyperobject Industries. Jim Hecht is co-writer of story and executive produces along with Jason Shuman, Scott Stephens and Rodney Barnes.

    Ramos is known for her roles as Haddie Braverman on NBC’s Parenthood and Creek Lovell on Midnight, Texas. During the pandemic, she created a popular series called Quarantscenes in which she comedically recreates iconic scenes from film and television. Elle Fanning, Dylan O’Brien and Aubrey Plaza are among the actors who co-starred with Ramos on the series. Ramos recently directed an episode of Marvel’s 616 for Disney+ and she’s currently developing a series, Children’s Television Sausage Factory, for the streamer, along with Dan Harmon and Matt Spicer. She’s repped by Echo Lake Entertainment and Goodman, Genow, Schenkman, Smelkinson & Christopher.

    ‘Glee’ Reunion Set For 32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards, Cast To Pay Tribute To Naya Rivera

    (3/24/21) Gleeks across the country will be happy to know that William McKinley High School’s prized glee club New Directions are reuniting. Glee cast members Jacob Artist, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Vanessa Lengies, Jane Lynch, Kevin McHale, Heather Morris, Matthew Morrison, Alex Newell, Amber Riley, Harry Shum Jr., Becca Tobin, and Jenna Ushkowitz are set to reunite at the virtual edition of the 32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards on April 8 for a special tribute to the legacy of the late Naya Rivera’s character Santana Lopez.

    The tribute will honor the 10-year anniversary of Santana’s coming out as lesbian in the musical comedy. Glee is a GLAAD Media Award winning series and the reunion will spotlight Santana’s impact on LGBTQ teens and Latinx LGBTQ representation on television. Demi Lovato, who played Santana’s girlfriend on Glee, will introduce the special tribute. The GLAAD Media Awards will be hosted by Niecy Nash and stream on YouTube on April 8 at 8pm ET. The event will also stream on Hulu on April 8 starting at 10pm ET, and will be available to stream on-demand on the streamer until the end of June.

    Nicola Peltz To Co-Direct & Star In Indie Drama ‘Lola James’; Virginia Madsen Also Set

    (3/22/21) Transformers: Age of Extinction star Nicola Peltz will co-direct with The Florida Project actress Bria Vinaite the independent feature drama Lola James.

    The movie, written by Peltz, is set in 2002 middle America and revolves around 19-year old Lola James, who is working to save enough money to get her little brother, Arlo, out of their toxic home. All Lola wants is for Arlo to have a chance at life she never had. While trying to keep her head above water she spirals into a drug addiction that threatens to consume her. Arlo’s bright outlook on life keeps her hopeful — until one tragic night when her whole world gets uprooted. From that moment on, nothing will ever be the same. The movie, we hear, is already in production in Los Angeles.

    Madsen will play Mona, who leads the family with fierce obedience on the wrong side of religion; she herself dealing with demons and raised by an abusive mother.

    Peltz will star alongside Sideways Oscar nominee Virginia Madsen. Peltz is also producing in what is her feature debut as a writer, producer and director. Lola James is also Vinaite’s feature directorial debut. Will McCance is producing (Crystal Swan) with Ryan Kirby (Four Good Days) executive producing.

    Peltz starred opposite Mark Wahlberg in Michael Bay’s $1.1 billion grossing Tranformers: Age of Extinction and most recently starred in The Obituary of Tunde Johnson. She also starred as Bradley Martin in A&E’s hit drama series Bates Motel. Peltz is repped by WME, Management 360, and attorney Robert Benun.

    Madsen stars in the upcoming Lionsgate movie The Devil’s Light and also starred in the CW streaming series Swamp Thing as well as CBS’s Elementary with a recurring role on ABC’s Designated Survivor. Her feature credits include the upcoming Lionsgate title American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story and Road to Capri, Red Riding Hood, The Astronaut Farmer, A Prairie Home Companion, Dune, The Haunting and Candyman. Madsen is repped by Buchwald and Untitled.

    Vinaite is repped by Thirty Three Mangement.

    Rachel Boston & Steven Culp guest on Seal Team 4/7/21

    (3/16/21) “Limits of Loyalty” – Jason is put on trial with a potential career-ending outcome, without knowing if his closest friend, Ray, has his back. Also, Stella moves in with Clay, and Sonny visits Hannah to help her prepare for the arrival of their baby, on SEAL TEAM, Wednesday, April 7 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    GUEST CAST: Rachel Boston (Hannah Oliver), Natasha Hall (LT. CMDR Williams), Steven Culp (Judge Bixby).

    Rachel Boston guests on Seal Team 3/3/21

    (2/18/21)“Cover for Action” – When Jason returns to Bravo, tensions rise as Ray outranks him on a mission to recover military drones in Syria. Also, Sonny receives surprising news from Texas, on SEAL TEAM, Wednesday, March 3 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    GUEST CAST includes: Rachel Boston (Hannah Oliver), Philip Shabaz (Yassine “Raqqa Jacques” Kassen)

    Dennis Quaid, Virginia Madsen Plus More Board ‘Kurt Warner’ Biopic From Lionsgate And Kingdom Story Company

    (1/19/21) Golden Globe nominee Dennis Quaid and Oscar-nominated actress Virginia Madsen have signed on for the Jon Erwin and Andrew Erwin-directed sports drama, American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story, along with Ser’Darius Blain, Adam Baldwin, Bruce McGill, Danny Vinson, Chance Kelly, and Hayden Zaller. The new additions join Zachary Levi in the role of Kurt Warner and Anna Paquin as Brenda Warner.

    David Aaron Cohen, Jon Gunn, and Jon Erwin penned the screenplay based on interviews with Warner as well as Warner’s memoir, All Things Possible: My Story of Faith, Football and the First Miracle Season. The pic chronicles Kurt’s journey from stocking shelves at a supermarket to becoming a two-time NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP, and Hall of Fame quarterback.

    Quaid will play St. Louis Rams coach Dick Vermeil, while Kelly playing the Rams’ offensive coordinator (and later, head coach), Mike Martz. Madsen will play Sue Warner, Kurt’s mother, and Blain will play Kurt’s best friend, Mike Hudnutt. Vinson is play Larry, Brenda’s father, and Zaller will play Zack, Brenda’s son. Baldwin will portray Terry Allen, Warner’s coach at the University of Northern Iowa and McGill is Jim Foster, owner of the Arena Football League’s Iowa Barnstormers, where Warner signs on his way to rebuilding his NFL career.

    The Erwin Brothers and Kevin Downes are producing under their Kingdom Story Company banner, along with The Rookie and Million Dollar Arm producer Mark Ciardi. Kurt Warner and Brenda Warner will co-produce with Jim Miller and Chelsea Kujawa overseeing the film for Lionsgate, which is distributing.

    Quaid’s upcoming projects include the biopic Reagan, directed by Sean McNamara, and The Tiger Rising, opposite Katharine McPhee and Queen Latifah. He’s repped by Brillstein Entertainment Partners, UTA, and Hansen Jacobsen. Madsen, repped by Buchwald and Untitled, will star in the upcoming Lionsgate film The Devil’s Light.

    Blain’s credits include the Jumanji franchise and CW’s Charmed revival. He’s repped by Paradigm, Management 360, and Hansen Jacobson Teller Hoberman. Baldwin, whose credits include Full Metal Jacket, The Last Ship, and The Patriot, is repped by A3 Artists Agency and A Management Company. McGill, who has recently appeared in Ride Along 2 and The Best of Enemies, is repped by Artists & Representatives. Trinity Talent reps Vinson, whose credits include The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries. Kelly, who can currently be seen recurring on ABC’s For Life, is repped by KMR Talent and The Rosenzweig Group.

    Dekel Berenson And Paul Wesley Partner On Debut Feature From Alexander Rodnyansky and Marek Rozenbaum

    (1/14/21) Award-winning director Dekel Berenson and Paul Wesley’s Three Color Films to partner with four time Academy Award nominated Alexander Rodnyansky and Israeli producer, Marek Rozenbaum for debut feature Aliya.

    The film tells the story of an 18 year old Ukrainian immigrant who, after discovering her Jewish heritage, moves to Israel and joins the army as a drill instructor. During a brief leave from the base, Aliya suffers a violent assault by her date, and upon returning to the base, she is forced to reevaluate her values, beliefs and role in training young men in the military.

    Rodnyansky will come on board to produce the feature, together with veteran Israeli producer Rozenbaum, and producing partner Wesley. Anna Ró?alska will serve as producer as well.

    The film will be shot in Israel. It was selected to the Sam Spiegel Film Lab, where films such as Oscar-winner Son Of Saul have been developed. The feature, which is in development, has also been accepted to the Co-Production Market of the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, the first Israeli film to be selected to the program.

    Berenson is an Israeli born award-winning writer/director. After completing a mandatory three-year service in the Israeli Defense Forces, he moved to Budapest to complete a master’s degree in International Relations and European Studies, graduating first in his class. Drawing inspiration from travelling to more than sixty countries, Dekel explores real-world social and humanitarian issues across cultural and social boundaries.

    Berenson’s recent short film Anna was premiered at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, won Best British Short at the 22nd BIFA awards, and was shortlisted for a BAFTA. The film also recently qualified to be nominated in the Academy Award Short Film category. His short film Ashmina played at over 300 festivals, winning numerous awards, including Oscar Qualifying Best Short Film at the 36th Jerusalem Film Festival and Best Live Action Short at the 59th Krakow Film Festival.

    ‘Parenthood’ Star Sarah Ramos Signs With Echo Lake Entertainment

    (12/10/20) Sarah Ramos, perhaps best known for her role as Haddie Braverman on the NBC series Parenthood and a recurring role in Showtime’s The Affair, has signed with Echo Lake Entertainment for management representation in all areas.

    Ramos currently produces and stars on the “true crime” podcast, The Renner Files, a comedic six-episode series that does a deep dive into Jeremy Renner’s ill-fated celeb app.

    She directed and starred in the web series City Girl from a screenplay she wrote when she was 12 years old. She’s teamed with Matt Spicer and Dan Harmon to develop a show inspired by the web series for Disney+. Ramos also directed an episode of the new docu-series Marvel 616 that recently premiered on the Disney streamer.

    This year, Ramos gained attention from the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Lin Manuel-Miranda, Nicole Kidman, and Andrew Garfield for her Quarantscene Instagram videos, in which she comedically re-enacts scenes from iconic movies like My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Social Network, and Legally Blonde.

    She’ll continue to be repped by Goodman, Genow, Schenkman, Smelkinson & Christopher.

    Hallmark Unveils 2020 'Countdown to Christmas' Slate, Including Gay Adoption Movie, Hanukkah Celebration

    (9/23/20) Hallmark Unveils 2020 'Countdown to Christmas' Slate, Including Gay Adoption Movie, Hanukkah Celebration

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas — and, at least for one night, Hanukkah — at Hallmark Channel.

    The basic cable network has unveiled its slate of 40 (!) original holiday movies airing in 2020, including The Christmas House, starring Mean Girls‘ Jonathan Bennett as one-half of a gay couple looking to adopt their first child. The lineup also includes Love, Lights, Hanukkah!, a Hanukkah-themed flick featuring Star Trek: Discovery‘s Mia Kirshner and Boy Meets World‘s Ben Savage.

    The three dozen-plus films feature a plethora of network vets, including Candace Cameron Bure (in her ninth Hallmark Christmas movie), Danica McKellar (in her sixth Hallmark movie overall), Catherine Bell, Alison Sweeney and Tamera Mowry-Housley, as well as Lacey Chabert and Holly Robinson Peete — both of whom appear in two original movies this year.

    New to the Hallmark family in 2020 are Aaron Tveit (Grease Live), Janel Parrish (Pretty Little Liars), Jeremy Jordan (Supergirl), Marisol Nichols (Riverdale), Mallory Jansen (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and Rochelle Aytes (S.W.A.T.), among others.

    “Our holiday table is bigger and more welcoming than ever,” Hallmark Channel’s EVP of programming Michelle Vicary said in a statement. “This year’s movies reflect our most diverse representation of talent, narratives, and families, including The Christmas House, featuring a storyline about a gay couple looking to adopt their first child, and starring Jonathan Bennett in an ensemble cast. Our movies are rooted in warmth and positivity, meaningful connections, family gatherings, and seasonal traditions — a winning formula we hope will bring our millions of viewers much-needed levity and holiday cheer at the end of a tough year.”

    Added Crown Media President and CEO Wonya Lucas, “For more than a decade, Hallmark holiday movies have represented the gold standard that many aspire to replicate. What we bring to the table and what truly sets us apart is an immersive holiday experience that has become a pop culture phenomenon for millions of fans… We have created a destination that evokes the spirit and feeling of the season in a way that is uniquely Hallmark.”

    Hallmark’s “Countdown to Christmas” slate begins rolling out on Friday, Oct. 23. Scroll down for a complete list of this year’s holiday movies, then hit the comments and tell us which of the following flicks pique your interest.

    JINGLE BELL BRIDECAST: Julie Gonzalo (Supergirl) and Ronnie Rowe Jr. (Star Trek: Discovery)
    PREMISE: Wedding planner Jessica Perez (Gonzalo) travels to a remote town in Alaska to find a rare flower for a celebrity client and is charmed by the small town during Christmas, as well as the handsome local (Rowe Jr.) helping her.
    PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, Oct. 24 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    CAST: Alicia Witt (Our Christmas Love Song), Andrew Walker (Christmas on My Mind), Drake Hogestyn (Days of Our Lives) and Briana Price (13 Reasons Why)
    PREMISE: Music store owner Meg (Witt) spearheads the community effort to save the Christmas Tree Lane shopping district from demolition. As she finds herself falling for Nate (Walker), a recent acquaintance, she’s thrown when she learns his surprising tie to the developer.
    PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, Oct. 24 (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9/8c)

    CAST: Merritt Patterson (Picture a Perfect Christmas) and Luke Macfarlane (Just Add Romance)
    PREMISE: Margot (Patterson), a world-renowned pianist, returns to Chateau Newhaus to spend the holidays with her family and is reunited with an ex (Macfarlane) who helps her rediscover her passion for music.
    PREMIERE DATE: Sunday, Oct. 25 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    CAST: Alvina August (Nancy Drew) and Eion Bailey (Switched for Christmas)
    PREMISE: Bakery owner Molly (August) meets Josh (Bailey), a widower who recently moved to town with his young son, but she is also charmed by a mysterious client whom she’s never met in person and she doesn’t realize that they’re the same man.
    PREMIERE DATE: Sunday, Oct. 25 (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9/8c)

    CAST: Katrina Law (Arrow) and Carlo Marks (Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday)
    PREMISE: Just before the holidays Jessica Lew (Law) is ending her tenure as the assistant to her wealthy boss to use her recently earned law degree within his company, but offers to help his charming, younger brother (Marks) as he looks after his orphaned nieces and nephew over Christmas.
    PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, Oct. 31 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    CAST: Nikki DeLoach (Two Turtle Doves) and Benjamin Ayres (A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas)
    PREMISE: A separated couple (DeLoach and Ayres) feign marital bliss on national television to help their town’s Christmas festival – and their business. But what will the future hold for them when rekindled love is complicated by new opportunities?
    PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, Oct. 31 (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9/8c)

    CAST: Laura Osnes (In the Key of Love), Aaron Tveit (Les Miserables), Krystal Joy Brown (Sydney to the Max), Victoria Clark (Homeland) and Tom McGowan (Everybody Loves Raymond)
    PREMISE: When Anna (Osnes) offers a stranded mother (Clark) and son (Tveit) shelter in a blizzard, she learns that they are the Royal Family of Galwick. Anna shows the Prince how they do Christmas in her hometown, encouraging him to open his heart and be true to himself.
    PREMIERE DATE: Sunday, Nov. 1 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    CAST: Janel Parrish (Pretty Little Liars), Jeremey Jordan (Supergirl) and Marisol Nichols (Riverdale)
    PREMISE: When Melody’s (Parrish) neighbor, Nina (Nichols), learns that her illness has returned, Melody promises to keep Nina’s kids, Holly & Ivy, together. To adopt the children, she must renovate her new fixer-upper, which she does with the help of contractor, Adam (Jordan).
    PREMIERE DATE: Sunday, Nov. 1 (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9/8c)

    CAST: Ashley Williams (How I Met Your Mother) and Niall Matter (Christmas at Dollywood)
    PREMISE: Single mom Maggie (Williams) is facing Christmas alone until Lucas (Matter) crashes into her life and becomes an unexpected houseguest. Together they overcome Christmas while finding comfort in their growing bond.
    PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, Nov. 7 (Hallmark, 8/7c

    CAST: Nazneen Contractor (Ransom) and David Alpay (The Mistletoe Inn)
    PREMISE: A reporter (Contractor) searches for the love story behind an antique engagement ring. With the help of the ring’s owner’s grandson (Alpay), they learn the legacy his grandparent’s left behind.
    PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, Nov. 7 (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9/8c)

    CAST: Mallory Jansen (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and Tyler Hynes (The Mistletoe Secret)
    PREMISE: Two seemingly incompatible game designers team up to create a romantic, city-wide scavenger hunt themed for the “12 Days of Christmas.”
    PREMIERE DATE: Sunday, Nov. 8 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    CAST: Lucia Micarelli (Treme) and Michael Rady (You’re Bacon Me Crazy)
    PREMISE: When an accident puts her music dreams on hold, a gifted violinist (Micarelli) reconnects with an old family friend (Rady), who helps her heal and find love during the holidays.
    PREMIERE DATE: Sunday, Nov. 8 (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9/8c)

    CAST: Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy) and Brennan Elliott (Crossword Mysteries)
    PREMISE: Jess (Drew), a concert violinist whose heart just isn’t in it anymore, goes to Vienna for a performance. While there, she finds the inspiration she has been missing, and a new love.
    PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, Nov. 14 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    CAST: Catherine Bell (Good Witch) and Mark Deklin (Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy)
    PREMISE: When Joan’s (Bell) son’s wedding planner unexpectedly quits, she must coordinate his Christmas Eve wedding with the help of Beau (Deklin), the bride’s uncle. As they work alongside each other they discover their fates and pasts are intertwined.
    PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, Nov. 14 (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9/8)

    CAST: Ryan Paevey (Christmas at the Plaza) and Erin Cahill (Love, Fall & Order)
    PREMISE: Charles Whitley (Paevey) travels from 1903 to 2020 where he meets Megan Turner (Cahill), a tour guide at his historic mansion, and experiences a 21st Century Christmas.
    PREMIERE DATE: Sunday, Nov. 15 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    CAST: Holly Robinson Peete (A Family Christmas Gift) and Adrian Holmes (V-Wars)
    PREMISE: A week before Christmas, Dr. Alicia Wright (Peete) is offered an assignment away from home. A mysterious man (Holmes) from her past journeys to find her before Christmas and brings with him a revelation that could change Alicia’s life forever.
    PREMIERE DATE: Sunday, Nov. 15 (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9/8c)

    CAST: Jessy Schram (Country at Heart), Wes Brown (Christmas at Graceland), Wynonna Judd (The Judds), Sara Evans (Nashville), RaeLynn (The Voice), Kix Brooks (Home by Spring), Kimberly Williams-Paisley (Darrow Mysteries)
    PREMISE: Vivienne Wake (Schram), a workaholic television producer in charge of a country music Christmas special showcasing newcomer Alexis (Raelynn), never lets personal feelings get in the way of business. On the verge of accepting a job in LA, and with the return of Gavin Chase (Brown), her childhood sweetheart and manager to the special’s headliner, Belinda (Evans), she receives a visit from the ghost of her recently deceased mentor, Marilyn (Judd). Her mentor warns her current path leads to a dark future and has recruited both the Spirit of Christmas Past (Brooks) and the Spirit of Christmas Present (Williams-Paisley) to help her get back on track. The Spirits’ time-jumping adventures force Vivienne to take hold of her life.
    PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, Nov. 21 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    CAST: Ashley Greene (Twilight) and Brendan Penny (Chesapeake Shores)
    PREMISE: Holly (Greene), a jewelry designer finds a lost charm bracelet and teams up with investigative reporter Greg (Penny) in hopes of finding the owner and returning it by Christmas Eve.
    PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, Nov. 21 (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9/8c)

    CAST: Robert Buckley (One Tree Hill), Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls), Ana Ayora (In the Dark), Treat Williams (Chesapeake Shores), Sharon Lawrence (NYPD Blue) and Brad Harder (Aurora Teagarden Mysteries)
    PREMISE: Working through some difficult decisions, Mitchell family matriarch Phylis (Lawrence) and patriarch Bill (Williams), have summoned their two grown sons – TV star, Mike Mitchell (Buckley) and Brandon Mitchell (Bennett) – home for the holidays. It is their hope that bringing the family together to recreate the Christmas house, will help them find resolution and make a memorable holiday for the entire family and community. As Brandon and his husband Jake (Harder) make the trip home, they are anxiously awaiting a call about the adoption of their first child. Meanwhile, Mike reconnects with Andi (Ayora), his high school sweetheart.
    PREMIERE DATE: Sunday, Nov. 22 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    CAST: Jill Wagner (Teen Wolf) and Lucas Bryant (Country at Heart)
    PREMISE: A writer (Wagner) seeks the identity of the person who helps grant wishes that are placed upon the angel tree, and in the process, reconnects with her childhood friend (Bryant).
    PREMIERE DATE: Sunday, Nov. 22 (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9/8c)

    PREMIERE DATE: Monday, Nov. 23 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    CAST: Rochelle Aytes (Mistresses) and Mark Taylor (Memories of Christmas)
    PREMISE: Erin (Aytes) is planning the town’s Christmas celebration and must win over firefighter Kevin (Taylor) in order to obtain the beautiful spruce tree from his property for the celebration.
    PREMIERE DATE: Tuesday, Nov. 24 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    CAST: Alison Sweeney (Days of Our Lives) and Marc Blucas (The Fix)
    PREMISE: Two competing TV hosts (Sweeney and Blucas) are sent to a festive small town over Christmas. While pretending to get along for the sake of appearances, they discover that there’s more to each other than they thought.
    PREMIERE DATE: Wednesday, Nov. 25 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    CAST: Bethany Joy Lenz (One Tree Hill) and Victor Webster (MatchMaker Mysteries)
    PREMISE: After moving back to her hometown, Lisa (Lenz) plots with her siblings and grandparents to help her father’s new bed and breakfast get a five-star review from an incognito travel critic (Webster), but ends up falling for him, not knowing he is the real critic.
    PREMIERE DATE: Thursday, Nov. 26 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    CAST: Kimberley Sustad (Travelers) and Paul Campbell (Battlestar Galactica)
    PREMISE: Annie (Sustad), a lawyer, must help her loved ones this holiday season. Her family’s restaurant, The Starlight Café, is slated for demolition. The heir to the development firm responsible, William (Campbell), makes her an unlikely proposition: he’ll spare the café if Annie spends the week “appearing” as the legal counsel his father is demanding he hire in the wake of some costly mistakes.
    PREMIERE DATE: Friday, Nov. 27 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    Lacey Chabert
    CAST: Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls), Will Kemp (Royal Matchmaker) and JT Church (Dancing With the Stars: Juniors)
    PREMISE: After Avery’s (Chabert) storybook Christmas wedding is canceled unexpectedly, dance instructor Roman (Kemp) helps her rebuild her dreams.
    PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, Nov. 28 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    CAST: Jen Lilley (Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday), Trevor Donovan (Nostalgic Christmas) and Barbara Niven (Chesapeake Shores)
    PREMISE: Maddie (Lilley), a reporter for a Norfolk newspaper, embarks on a Tiger Cruise during Christmastime where she meets a handsome naval officer (Donovan) and stumbles upon a mystery in the ship’s archive room.
    PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, Nov. 28 (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9/8c)

    CAST: Candace Cameron Bure (Fuller House) and Warren Christie (The Color of Rain)
    PREMISE: At Christmas, a cheerful publicist (Bure) teams up with a cynical business owner (Christie) and his team to help a charity in need.
    PREMIERE DATE: Sunday, Nov. 29 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    CAST: Holly Robinson Peete (A Family Christmas Gift), Colin Lawrence (Riverdale), Rukiya Bernard (One Winter Weekend), Antonio Cayonne (Fashionably Yours) and Barbara Niven (Chesapeake Shores)
    PREMISE: As Michelle’s (Peete) wedding approaches, Hannah (Bernard) steps up to help finish the launch of the new Evergreen museum while questioning her relationship and future with Elliot (Cayonne).
    PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, Dec. 5 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    CAST: Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls) and Stephen Huszar (A Homecoming for the Holidays)
    PREMISE: Five guests are mysteriously invited to an inn to celebrate Christmas. With the help of the owner Ben (Huszar), Sarah (Chabert) discovers that an event from the past may connect them and change their lives forever; from executive producer Blake Shelton.
    PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, Dec. 5 (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9/8c)

    CAST: Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years) and Dylan Neal (Gourmet Detective: Roux the Day)
    PREMISE: When Kayleigh (McKellar), a romance writer, has her column cancelled right before Christmas, she heads home to reconnect with her family. Kayleigh gets an unexpected visit from the man (Neal) who cancelled her column who fights not only to bring her back to the publisher but also for her heart.
    PREMIERE DATE: Sunday, Dec. 6 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    CAST: Brooke D’Orsay (Royal Pains) and Sam Page (The Bold Type)
    PREMISE: After 15 years, Pat (Page) moves home from Hawaii with his two sons and through a series of coincidences, or Godwinks, ends up stuck in traffic next to his high school sweetheart, Margie (D’Orsay), at Christmas.
    PREMIERE DATE: Sunday, Dec. 6 (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9/8c)

    CAST: Rachael Leigh Cook (She’s All That) and Greyston Holt (Chesapeake Shores)
    PREMISE: Former classmates Lina (Cook) and Max (Holt) are traveling home for the holidays, until a storm hits and they have to work together to make it home in time, no matter the mode of transportation.
    PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, Dec. 12 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    CAST: Autumn Reeser (The O.C.) and Antonio Cupo (Hats Off to Christmas!)
    PREMISE: As Christmas nears, heiress Jessica Morgan (Reeser) seizes what seems like her last chance to experience a relaxed Christmas and heads off to the small town of Glenbrooke, where she meets a handsome fireman (Cupo).
    PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, Dec. 12 (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9/8c)

    CAST: Tamera Mowry-Housley (Sister, Sister) and Michael Xavier (Paris, Wine and Romance)
    PREMISE: Emily (Mowry-Housley) is a top newscaster who has achieved her career dreams but still has regrets about the guy (Xavier) who got away five years earlier. When the Christmas carnival comes to town, a ride around the carousel takes her magically back in time to the carnival five years before…giving her a second chance at love before she must return to Christmas present.
    PREMIERE DATE: Sunday, Dec. 13 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    CAST: Taylor Cole (Matching Hearts) and Steve Lund (The Art of Us)
    PREMISE: When a mysterious key and a holiday riddle arrive on their doorsteps, Kate (Cole) and Kevin (Lund) embark on a Christmas romance adventure they’ll never forget.
    PREMIERE DATE: Sunday, Dec. 13 (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9/8c)

    CAST: Rachel Boston (Check Inn to Christmas) and Neal Bledsoe (Shameless)
    PREMISE: When Lila (Boston) is hired by the Royal Family of Marcadia to repair a carousel, she must work with the Prince (Bledsoe) to complete it by Christmas.
    PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, Dec. 19 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    PREMISE: An antique seller and a cleaner clash over how to downsize a magnificent estate right before Christmas. As the two uncover the house’s treasures, they find a way to reconnect the reclusive owner with his own Christmases past.
    PREMIERE DATE: Saturday, Dec. 19 (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9/8c)

    CAST: Mia Kirshner (Star Trek: Discovery), Ben Savage (Boy Meets World) and Marilu Henner (Aurora Teagarden Mysteries)
    PREMISE: As Christina (Kirshner) prepares her restaurant for its busiest time of year, she gets back a DNA test revealing that she’s Jewish. The discovery leads her to a new family and an unlikely romance over eight nights.
    PREMIERE DATE: Sunday, Dec. 20 (Hallmark, 8/7c)

    PREMISE: For years Lucy has played Santa to her small town’s community by making their holiday wishes come true. But when Lucy grants a little girl’s wish for a Christmas like she used to have with her Mom, she unexpectedly finds her own wishes coming true in life and love.
    PREMIERE DATE: Sunday, Dec. 20 (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9/8c)

    ‘Blue Bloods’, ‘SEAL Team’, ‘Charmed’ Among Latest CBS TV Studios Series Greenlit To Restart Production, ‘Evil’ Pending

    (9/4/20) Most of the remaining CBS TV Studios series sidelined by the coronavirus pandemic have received a green light to return to production.

    The list includes CBS stalwart Blue Bloods, which is heading into Season 11, and SEAL Team, which will start filming its fourth season, as well as the CW’s Charmed and Nancy Drew.

    Also greenlighted to resume production are new Showtime drama Your Honor and CBS summer adventure drama series Blood and Treasure, which needs to finish its second season. Both were deep into production when the shutdown halted all filming in mid-March.

    I hear a production green light is imminent for two more CBS TV Studios series, CBS drama Evil and Disney+ comedy-drama Diary of a Female President.

    Blue Bloods and Evil film in New York, SEAL Team and Diary of a Female President shoot in Los Angeles, and Charmed and Nancy Drew are based in Vancouver. Blue Bloods, Evil and SEAL Team are all on CBS’ fall schedule.

    CBS TV Studios has been actively making production restart plans for their series. The greenlight decisions are being made in batches as shows are deemed ready to start filming with COVID-19 safety protocols. They are followed by a specific start date assigned to each show. I hear Your Honor is targeting a Oct. 7 return.

    The newly greenlighted series are expected to start production in the next few weeks, with late September and early October dates most likely.

    CBS TV Studios’ flagship CBS drama NCIS and spinoff NCIS: Los Angeles were the first ones to get return-to-production dates, September 9 and September 3, respectively.

    Bull and Magnum P.I. followed in penciling in return dates, September 25 and September 14. Of the next group, NCIS: New Orleans is eyeing a September 21 start for its seventh season; The Unicorn is looking to start filming Season 2 on October 12; and The Neighborhood is on track to have its first Season 3 table read September 16.

    All series will be filmed with strict COVID protocols. It is unclear yet how the pandemic-related changes would impact Blue Bloods’ signature family dinner scene and whether it would go virtual in the era of COVID.

    Additionally, CBS TV Studios recently hired 21CP Solutions, a law enforcement and public safety advisory group, as consultants on the studio’s police and legal dramas for this coming season. The group includes former senior law enforcement officials, civil rights scholars, lawyers, academics and community thought leaders in police reform and public safety.

    ‘The Farm’ Family Drama From Paul Sciarrotta, Milo Ventimiglia & Russ Cundiff In The Works At Fox

    (9/3/20) Fox has put in development drama The Farm, from Paul Sciarrotta (BH90210), This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia and Russ Cundiff and the duo’s DiVide Pictures. 20th TV, where DiVide is under a deal, co-produces with Fox Entertainment.

    Written by Sciarrotta, The Farm is a multi-generational family drama set against the backdrop of competing farms in rural America — Big AG vs. Family Farm.

    Sciarrotta executive produces with Ventimiglia and Cundiff of DiVide. Deanna Harris, Director of Development at DiVide, serves as producer.

    Sciarrotta, a producer on the original Beverly Hills, 90210, recently served as showrunner on reboot BH90210, which aired on Foxlast summer. Before that, he worked on all five seasons of the CW’s Jane the Virgin, rising to executive producer for the final two seasons. His other credits include The Fosters, Reckless and Emily Owens, M.D., among others.

    The Farm is the second broadcast sale for DiVide so far this season. The company also has military drama Generals Row with writer Jason Wilborn set at NBC.

    Ventimiglia has earned three Emmy nominations for lead actor in a drama series for his portrayal of Jack on NBC/20th TV’s praised series This Is Us, which is heading into its sixth season.

    DiVide is repped by Verve and McKuin Frankel Whitehead.

    ‘Generals Row’ Female General Drama From Jason Wilborn, Milo Ventimiglia & Russ Cundiff In Works At NBC

    (8/12/20) NBC has put in development Generals Row, a military drama from writer Jason Wilborn (Council of Dads) This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia, Russ Cundiff and the duo’s DiVide Pictures. 20th TV, where DiVide is under a deal, is the studio.

    Written by Wilborn, Generals Row revolves around a trailblazing female general who joins the military’s most exclusive club – the Joint Chiefs of Staff – and moves her family into a neighborhood rife with cutthroat politics, blind ambition, and where daily battles over duty, honor, and tradition are every bit as tough as those waged inside the Pentagon.

    Wilborn executive produces with Ventimiglia and Cundiff of DiVide. Deanna Harris, Director of Development at DiVide, who was instrumental in setting up the project, serves as producer.

    Ventimiglia, Cundiff and Wilbron have been friends for two decades.

    “Jason, Russ and I all worked on American Dreams at NBC, when Jason was a staff writer, Russ was a publicist and I was a guest star,” said Ventimiglia. “This is a great homecoming for all of us.”

    Wilborn most recently served as co-executive producer on NBC’s Council of Dads, which aired for one season. He also served as co-executive producer on NBC’s The Enemy Within and OWN’s Queen Sugar and supervising producer on WGN America’s Underground, among other credits.

    Ventimiglia has earned two Emmy nominations for lead actor in a drama series for his portrayal of Jack on NBC/20th TV’s praised series This Is Us, which is heading into its sixth season.

    DiVide is repped by Verve and McKuin Frankel Whitehead. Willborn is repped by Rick Lefitz and Jackoway Austen Tyerman.

    ‘David Makes Man’: Kwame Patterson & Arlen Escarpeta Join Season 2 Of OWN Series

    (8/6/20) Kwame Patterson (Snowfall, The Wire) is set to play the title role and Arlen Escarpeta (The Oath) also is set as a series regular in the second season of OWN’s acclaimed Peabody-winning drama series David Makes Man. Patterson has been tapped to portray the title character, the adult version of David, and Escarpeta will play his brother JG, in the series which hails from Oscar winner Tarell Alvin McCraney (Moonlight) and Warner Horizon Scripted Television. They join returning series regulars Akili McDowell, Alana Arenas, Travis Coles and Cayden K. Williams for season two.

    Created by McCraney and executive produced by Oprah Winfrey, the first season of David Makes Man centered on David Young (Akili McDowell), a 14-year-old prodigy learning to survive the streets that raised him and the higher education that could offer him a way out. Season two finds David in his early 30s (played by Patterson), a rising business man facing an opportunity that will change him and his community forever; the mounting pressure forces David to choose between the instincts that helped him survive or finding a new way to finally, truly live.

    McCraney serves as executive producer alongside Dee Harris-Lawrence (All Rise, Shots Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.,) who serves as showrunner. Mike Kelley and Melissa Loy (Revenge) under their Page Fright production banner, Michael B. Jordan (Creed) via his Outlier Society Productions and Winfrey via Harpo Films are also executive producers.

    Patterson can be seen in a recurring role in the upcoming fourth season of FX’s Snowfall. He previously appeared in recurring roles in HBO’s acclaimed drama The Wire, Showtime’s Ray Donovan, Crackle’s The Oath and FX’s The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, among others. His film credits include The Outpost and the upcoming Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar.

    Escarpeta’s television credits include series regular roles in Crackle’s The Oath and NBC’s American Dreams, and a recurring role in Syfy’s The Magicians, among others. He also starred as Bobby Brown in the Lifetime original film Whitney. His feature film credits include Into the Storm, Final Destination 5, Brotherhood, Friday the 13th (2009), and We Are Marshall, among others.

    David Makes Man is produced by Page Fright, Outlier Society Productions and Harpo Films in association with Warner Horizon Scripted Television.

    Patterson is repped by Global Artists Agency and Luber Roklin Entertainment. Escarpeta is represented by Karen Forman Management and A3 Artists Agency.

    Video: Guiding Light - Reunion

    (7/29/20) (Video) Visit the Locher Room see Guiding Light alumni - Paulo Benedeti (Jesse Blue), Tammy Blanchard (Drew Jacobs), Joy Lenz (Michelle Bauer), Brittany Snow (Susan "Daisy" Lemay) and Paul Wesley (Max Nickerson) as they sit down to reminisce about their time in Springfield.

    Guiding Light - Reunion 7/29/20

    (7/26/20) Tune in live on Wednesday, July 29th at 3PM EST to see these Guiding Light alumni - Paulo Benedeti (Jesse Blue), Tammy Blanchard (Drew Jacobs), Joy Lenz (Michelle Bauer), Brittany Snow (Susan "Daisy" Lemay) and Paul Wesley (Max Nickerson) when they sit down to reminisce about their time in Springfield. (Watch here)

    Joey Lawrence Files for Divorce ... Whoa!!!

    (7/17/20) Joey Lawrence is throwing in the towel on his second marriage ... he just filed for divorce.

    The former "Blossom" star filed Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court to divorce Chandie Lawrence as they approached their 15-year wedding anniversary.

    Joey and Chandie met at Disney World way back in 1993, when he was 16 years old and on vacation. Joey says he invited her on an ice cream date at the Mouse House when they first met and joked about getting married at the theme park.

    After Joey's first marriage to Michelle Vella ended in divorce in 2005, he quickly wed Chandie in July and their teenage wedding fantasies became reality as they tied the knot at Disney World.

    It's not clear what led to the split, but Joey and Chandie will have to settle child custody and/or support issues -- they have 2 minor daughters, 14-year-old Charleston and 10-year-old Liberty.

    Despite Disney's best efforts ... no fairytale ending this time.

    Evel Knievel Limited Series Starring Milo Ventimiglia Scrapped By USA Network, Casualty Of COVID Shutdown

    (7/14/20) USA Network will not be going forward with Evel, its high-profile limited series starring This Is Us‘ Milo Ventimiglia as the larger-than-life ’70s daredevil Evel Knievel.

    The limited series was to film during Ventimiglia’s hiatus from This Is Us. The project was fully cast and staffed; production was about to begin when it was forced to shut down on the last day of prep, March 13, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    With Ventimiglia’s window of availability closing, no definitive path to production restart in the U.S. amid a surge of new COVID-19 infections, which makes synching up everyone’s schedules a daunting proposition, a decision was made not to proceed with the series at USA.

    UCP, the studio behind the project, will be shopping it with Ventimiglia, who had been on board since Day 1, still attached. The rest of the cast has been released.

    “USA is incredibly disappointed to have had to make this decision, as we were so excited about this project and working with Milo, Etan, and everyone involved,” USA said in a statement to Deadline.

    Written by Etan Frankel, Evel is based on the story of Evel Knievel (Ventimiglia) as he prepares for his greatest death-defying feat — the historic Snake River Canyon jump. Evel is an exhilarating portrait of a complex man living the American dream, juggling meteoric celebrity and raising a family — and facing the very real probability that his next jump will kill him.

    Starring and executive produced by Ventimiglia, Evel hails from McG’s Wonderland Sound & Vision, Charles Roven’s Atlas Entertainment and UCP, a division of NBCUniversal Content Studios. Executive producers are McG, Mary Viola, and Steven Bello of Wonderland Sound & Vision; Alex Gartner, Charles Roven and Topher Rhys-Lawrence of Atlas Entertainment; and Ventimiglia. Russ Cundiff, co-executive producer on behalf of DiVide Pictures.

    USA has been making a shift toward live and unscripted programming and unscripted, joined by scripted event series. Evel, whose demise at the network was first reported by THR, was a prime example of that and was showcased at NBCUniversal’s May upfront-style event, which featured Ventimiglia.

    Evel may be the first of a number of films and TV projects slated for summer shoots, during broadcast TV stars’ hiatuses, that will have to be scrapped or pushed by a year.

    Annie Lennox, Kristin Chenoweth And Kelly Clarkson Among Performers For Project Angel Food Telethon

    (6/23/20) Project Angel Food has lined up a list of performers including Annie Lennox, Kristin Chenoweth and Kelly Clarkson for a telethon this Saturday, with Eric McCormack, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Jessica Holmes hosting.

    Lead With Love: Project Angel Food Emergency Telethon will air from 7 PM to 9 PM PT on KTLA 5 in Los Angeles and stream live on the channel’s website and on the Project Angel Food page.

    The goal is to raise $500,000 to support Project Angel Food’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, set up for increased needs due to the coronavirus. In the past two months, the organization has gone from serving 1,600 people a day, to serving 2,000 people a day.

    Also scheduled to perform are CeeLo Green, Deborah Cox and Billy Idol, and the event will include appearances by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Elton John, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sharon Stone and Marie Osmond and others. (See below).

    Founded in 1989 during the AIDS crisis, Project Angel Food medically tailored meals to people with life-threatening illnesses, including those who are at high risk for COVID-19.

    “This event will blend the best nostalgic elements from the Jerry Lewis Telethon with the modern virtual fundraisers of today,” Project Angel Food executive director Richard Ayoub said in a statement.

    With a mix of in-studio and virtual appearances, the telethon also will include a live phone bank where callers can talk to celebrity guests, including Jonathan Adams, Joely Fisher, Rachel Lindsay, Peter Porte, Charlie Carver, Juan Pablo Di Pace, Lawrence Zarian, Sasha Roiz, and Lauren Tom. The event is being presented by City National Bank, and executive producer is Brad Bessey. Lisa Foxx will serve as announcer and auctioneer Gabriel Butu will be the money man.

    More information on the event and how to donate is here.

    Others scheduled to appear include Zachary Levi, Pauley Perrette, Marianne Williamson, John Goodman, Valerie Bertinelli, Marlee Matlin, Juan Pablo Di Pace, Olivia Newton-John, Kelly Osbourne, Margaret Cho, Charo, Danny Trejo, Matt Bomer, Cheryl Tiegs, Deborah Cox, Tyler Henry, Carson Kressley, Chrissy Metz, Sandra Lee, Lisa Rinna, Harry Hamlin, Jimmy Smits, Victoria Principal, Yvette Nicole Brown, Eileen Davidson, Loni Love, Chaz Dean, Sasha Alexander, Ron Cey and Josh Flagg.

    ‘Tell Me A Story’: No Season 3 On CBS All Access, First Two Seasons Acquired By the CW

    (5/12/20) Kevin Williamson’s horror anthology series Tell Me a Story will not return to CBS All Access for a third installment. The two existing seasons of the show, from Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment, have been acquired by the CW. This will mark the TV network debut of Tell Me a Story. It also will mark the return to the CW for The Vampire Diaries co-creator/executive producer Williamson and star Paul Wesley who stars in both seasons of the CBS All Access series.

    Seasons 1 & 2 of Tell Me a Story will continue to be available on CBS All Access across platforms, with the CW licensing the first two seasons for a second-window run. It is not clear yet whether Tell Me a Story‘s first season would run on the CW in the summer or be kept for fall as new seasons of broadcast networks’ current series may not be ready for a fall launch because of the coronavirus-related production shutdown. The CW is expected to unveil its fall schedule on Thursday.

    The second season of Tell Me a Story will remain exclusively on CBS All Access until Q4 2020. The CW will be able to run it anytime after that. Because of the limited footprint of CBS All Access, the CW airings would expose Tell Me a Story to a wider audience. This is a rare broadcast window for a CBS All Access original series. Last summer, Season 1 of The Good Fight ran on CBS.

    Tell Me a Story takes beloved fairy tales and reimagines them as a dark and twisted psychological thriller. Set in modern-day New York City, the first season of this serialized drama interweaves “The Three Little Pigs,” “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Hansel and Gretel” into an epic and subversive tale of love, loss, greed, revenge and murder. Exploring an entirely new set of characters, season two of Tell Me a Story features the stories of three legendary princesses – “Beauty and the Beast,” “Sleeping Beauty” and “Cinderella” – like you’ve never seen them before.

    “The brilliant Kevin Williamson, brought our favorite fairy tales to life in an anthology format that twisted and subverted the stories we all know into modern thrillers,” said CBS All Access EVP Original Content Julie McNamara. “It has been a privilege to work with such an elite and talented group of creative minds like Kevin, Aaron Kaplan and the team at Kapital Entertainment, as well as the amazing cast of Tell Me A Story, who did a phenomenal job personifying and reinventing beloved characters from these six fairy tales.”

    The cast of the first season of Tell Me a Story includes James Wolk, Billy Magnussen, Dania Ramirez, Danielle Campbell, Dorian Missick, Michael Raymond-James, Davi Santos, Sam Jaeger, Zabryna Guevara, with Paul Wesley and Kim Cattrall.

    Filmed on location in Nashville, season two of Tell Me a Story stars Paul Wesley, Carrie-Anne Moss, Odette Annable, Eka Darville, Matt Lauria, Natalie Alyn Lind and Ashley Madekwe.

    From Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment, Tell Me a Story is written and executive produced by Kevin Williamson alongside Kapital’s Aaron Kaplan and Dana Honor. Additional executive producers include Liz Friedlander, who directed and executive produced the first two episodes of Season 1, and Michael Lohmann (Season 2).

    CBS Renews 18 Series, Including Freshmen ‘FBI: Most Wanted’, ‘Bob ? Abishola’, ‘All Rise’ & ‘The Unicorn’

    (5/6/20) CBS has renewed 18 more series for 2020-21 including the majority of its drama lineup and a trio of comedies.

    The broadcaster has picked up dramas All Rise, Blue Bloods, Bull, FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, MacGyver, Magnum P.I., NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, Seal Team and S.W.A.T., comedies Bob ? Abishola, The Neighborhood and The Unicorn, news programs 60 Minutes and 48 Hours and reality series Undercover Boss.

    They join previously renewed for next season Evil, Chuck Lorre’s Mom and Young Sheldon — both in the middle of two-year pickups — Survivor and The Amazing Race for a total of 23 shows, scripted, reality and newsmagazines.

    Separately, the network has cancelled four shows: midseason sitcom Broke, Patricia Heaton’s Carol’s Second Act, Edie Falco’s Tommy and Matt LeBlanc’s Man with a Plan.

    As the COVID-19 production shutdown continues, the move is a major statement by CBS that it is keeping faith with its current series in challenging times when all but one of its pilots were not filmed because of the pandemic. ViacomCBS oin Tuesday announced a two-day virtual upfront for advertisers. CBS is presenting on May 19 and plans to unveil “the fall programming lineup.”

    There has been speculation that the network will rely heavily on returning series for its fall roster, with as little as 1-2 new series launched at the start of the season, which may be delayed because of the pandemic.

    CBS said today that it will announce new series in the coming weeks. The network has started to narrow down the field by passing on The Lincoln Lawyer series from David E. Kelley and comedy pilot Fun. Among the rest, the multi-cam B Positive, the only completed broadcast pilot this season, and drama The Equalizer starring Queen Latifah have been garnering a lot of buzz.

    CBS typically gives its reliable franchises early renewals in March-April but this season is a bit different. In addition to dealing with COVID-19, the network’s parent company merged with Viacom, which also led to delayed decisions.

    Many of the renewals are no surprise, regardless of the current global pandemic, with shows such as most watched drama NCIS always likely to return, alongside number one new comedy Bob ? Abishola and number one new drama FBI: Most Wanted. CBS also boasts the most watched comedy series, Young Sheldon (all in total viewers, most current).

    ‘NCIS’ Franchise Stars Mark Harmon, Scott Bakula, LL Cool J & Chris O’Donnell Close New Deals To Return As All 3 Series Are Renewed By CBS

    Also no-brainers for renewals are FBI, which has emerged as CBS’ second most watched series behind NCIS, the other NCIS series, Friday stalwart Blue Bloods and Monday anchor The Neighborhood. There was some question mark as to whether both S.W.A.T. and SEAL Team would return, but both action dramas are back alongside solid Friday entries Magnum P.I. and MacGyver.

    CBS is bringing back four freshman series, aforementioned FBI: Most Wanted and Bob ? Abishola, as well as drama All Rise, coming off a buzzy remotely shot COVID-19 episode, and comedy The Unicorn.

    Both CBS’ entire lineup of Monday shows – The Neighborhood, Bob ? Abishola, All Rise and Bull – and all of its Tuesday dramas – NCIS, FBI and FBI: Most Wanted – are returning.

    Seven of CBS’ returners top 10 million viewers (most current), the currency used by the network: NCIS, FBI, Blue Bloods, Young Sheldon, Bull, 60 Minutes and FBI: Most Wanted. The latter is one of a number of freshman series being brought back, a list that also includes All Rise and The Unicorn.

    The mass renewal comes as a number of CBS veterans are ending this season including Hawaii Five-0, Madam Secretary and Criminal Minds as well as sophomore series God Friended Me.

    “Thanks to these exceptional shows, we’re going to win the current season by 1 million viewers,” said Kelly Kahl, President of CBS Entertainment. “Next year, we’ll have these strong returning series as our foundation…and Super Bowl LV too. It’s a well-balanced lineup across Entertainment, News and Sports that will put us in an incredibly stable position for 2020-2021.”


    All Rise follows the chaotic, hopeful and sometimes absurd lives of its judges, prosecutors and public defenders, as they work with bailiffs, clerks and cops to get justice for the people of Los Angeles amidst a flawed legal process. Among them is newly appointed Judge Lola Carmichael (Simone Missick), a highly regarded and impressive deputy district attorney who doesn’t intend to sit back on the bench in her new role, but instead leans in, immediately pushing the boundaries and challenging the expectations of what a judge can be. The series, which aired a virtually produced social-distancing episode on May 4, also stars Wilson Bethel, Marg Helgenberger, Jessica Camacho, J. Alex Brinson, Lindsay Mendez and Ruthie Ann Miles. Showrunner Spottiswood, Len Goldstein, Michael Robin and Dee Harris-Lawrence — who also serves as co-showrunner — are executive producers for Warner Bros Television.

    Blue Bloods returns for season 11. Starring Tom Selleck as New York Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, the series from CBS TV Studios, is a drama about a multi-generational family of cops dedicated to New York City law enforcement. Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, Len Cariou, Sami Gayle, Marisa Ramirez and Vanessa Ray also star. The cast recently reunited for a virtual Dinner with the Reagans A Blue Bloods Special video amid the coronavirus-forced production shutdown.

    Procedural Bull comes back for a fifth season. Created by Dr. Phil McGraw and Paul Attanasio, Bull stars Michael Weatherly as Dr. Jason Bull in a drama inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw. Brilliant, brash and charming, Dr. Bull is the ultimate puppet master as he combines psychology, human intuition and high-tech data to learn what makes jurors, attorneys, witnesses and the accused tick. Bull is co-produced by CBS TV Studios in association with Stage 29 Productions. Glenn Gordon Caron, Attanasio, Dr. Phil McGraw and Jay McGraw executive produce.

    Dick Wolf dramas FBI and FBI: Most Wanted are back for a third season and a second season respectively. The mothership FBI is a fast-paced drama about the inner workings of the New York office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Missy Peregrym, Ebonée Noel, Jeremy Sisto, Alana De La Garza and John Boyd star. Dick Wolf, Rick Eid, Terry Miller, Arthur W. Forney and Peter Jankowski executive produce. The series is produced by Universal Television in association with CBS Television Studios. Created by René Balcer, FBI: Most Wanted is a high-stakes drama that focuses on the Fugitive Task Force, which relentlessly tracks and captures the notorious criminals on the Bureau’s Most Wanted list. Wolf Entertainment and Universal Television produce in association with CBS Television Studios. Dick Wolf, René Balcer, Fred Berner, Arthur W. Forney and Peter Jankowski executive produce.

    Action drama MacGyver, a reimagining of the 1985 show, returns for a fifth season. It stars Lucas Till in the titular role, along with Justin Hires, Meredith Eaton, Levy Tran and Henry Ian Cusick. CBS Television Studios produces in association with Lionsgate Television. Peter Lenkov, James Wan, Henry Winkler, Lee Zlotoff and Terry Matalas executive produce. Terry Matalas (12 Monkeys) joined as executive producer/co-showrunner in season 4. He replaced Craig O’Neill as co-showrunner alongside creator/executive producer/showrunner Lenkov.

    Magnum P.I. is back for season three. The rebooted action drama, which stars Jay Hernandez in the Tom Selleck role, comes from Peter Lenkov, CBS TV Studios and Universal TV, is set in Hawaii and follows Hernandez’s Thomas Magnum, a private investigator and former Navy SEAL, who solves crimes in the state, after returning home from Afghanistan and repurposing his military skills. Perdita Weeks, Zachary Knighton, Stephen Hill, Tim Kang and Amy Hill also star. Peter M. Lenkov, Eric Guggenheim, Justin Lin, John Davis, John Fox and Danielle Woodrow are executive producers.

    Flagship drama series NCIS returns for an 18th season, spinoffs NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans are back for a 12th and seventh season respectively. Created by Donald P. Bellasario, NCIS stars Mark Harmon as Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, along with Sean Murray, Emily Wickersham, Wilmer Valderrama, Maria Bello, Brian Dietzen and Diona Reasonover, with Rocky Carroll and David McCallum. Belisarius Productions produces in association with CBS Television Studios. Bellisario executive produces with Frank Cardea, Steven D. Binder, Chas. Floyd Johnson, Mark Horowitz, Mark Harmon and Scott Williams. NCIS: Los Angeles stars Chris O’Donnell, LL Cool J, Linda Hunt, Daniela Ruah, Eric Christian Olsen, Barrett Foa and Renée Felice Smith. NCIS: Los Angeles is produced by CBS Television Studios and executive produced by R. Scott Gemmill, John P. Kousakis and Frank Military. NCIS: New Orleans stars Scott Bakula, Vaness Ferlito, Necar Zadegan, Rob Kerkovich, Daryl “Chill” Mitchell, Charles Michael Davis and CCH Pounder. The series is produced by CBS Television Studios. Christopher Silber, James Hayman, Adam Targum, Chad Gomez Creasey and Mark Harmon executive produce.

    Military drama series SEAL Team is coming back for a fourth season. Starring David Boreanaz, SEAL Team follows the professional and personal lives of the most elite unit of Navy SEALs as they train, plan and execute the most dangerous missions that our country can ask of them. Max Thieriot, Neil Brown Jr., AJ Buckley, Toni Trucks, Jessica Paré and Judd Lormand also star. SEAL Team is produced by CBS Television Studios. Spencer Hudnut, Christopher Chulack, Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly and David Boreanaz executive produce.

    Police drama series S.W.A.T. breaks down the doors for a fourth season. Inspired by the classic television series and feature film, S.W.A.T. stars Shemar Moore as the locally born and raised sergeant tasked with running a specialized tactical unit that is the last stop in law enforcement in Los Angeles. Alex Russell, Jay Harrington, Lina Esco, Kenny Johnson, David Lim, Patrick St. Esprit and Amy Farrington also star. S.W.A.T. is produced by Sony Pictures Television in association with CBS Television Studios. Aaron Rahsaan Thomas, Shawn Ryan, Justin Lin, Neal Moritz, Marney Hochman, Pavun Shetty, Allison Cross, Craig Gore, Billy Gierhart, Andy Dettman and Michael Jones Morales executive produce.

    Bob ? Abishola, from Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros Television, has received a second season. The comedy is a love story about a middle-aged compression-sock businessman from Detroit who unexpectedly falls for his cardiac nurse, a Nigerian immigrant, while recovering from a heart attack and sets his sights on winning her over. Undaunted by Abishola’s lack of initial interest or the vast differences in their backgrounds, Bob is determined to win Abishola’s heart, in this comedic examination of immigrant life in America. The series stars Billy Gardell, Folake Olowofoyeku, Christine Ebersole, Matt Jones, Maribeth Monroe, Vernee Watson, Shola Adewusi, Barry Shabaka Henley, Travis Wolfe, Jr. and Gina Yashere, who is also a co-creator, writer and producer. Chuck Lorre and Al Higgins are executive producers and co-creators, while Yashere is also a co-creator, writer and producer and Eddie Gorodetsky exec produces. It is produced by Chuck Lorre Productions in association with Warner Bros Television.

    The Neighborhood returns for a third season. The comedy was created by Jim Reynolds and hailing from CBS TV Studios and Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment. Tackling the culture clash of gentrification, The Neighborhood stars Cedric the Entertainer as Calvin Butler, an opinionated new neighbor of Dave Johnson (Max Greenfield). Dave’s the friendliest guy in the Midwest, who moves his family to a neighborhood in Los Angeles where not everyone looks like him or appreciates his extreme neighborliness. Beth Behrs plays Dave’s wife Gemma, and Tichina Arnold, Sheaun McKinney, Marcel Spears and Hank Greenspan co-star. Reynolds executive produces with Kapital’s Aaron Kaplan and Dana Honor as well as Kapital-based producer Wendi Trilling via her TrillTV and Cedric and Eric Rhone of A Bird and a Bear Entertainment.

    The Unicorn is also back for a second outing. Starring Walton Goggins, from Kapital Entertainment and CBS Studios TV, the single-camera comedy is centered around a tight-knit group of best friends and family who help Wade (Goggins) embrace his “new normal” in the wake of the loss of his wife one year ago. As a sometimes ill-equipped but always devoted single parent to his two adolescent daughters, he is taking the major step of dating again. To Wade’s amazement, he’s a hot commodity with women, and his friends explain that he’s the perfect single guy – a “unicorn”: employed, attractive, and with a proven track record of commitment. With his daughters and best friends rooting him on and hoping he’ll find happiness again, Wade and his healing heart are ready to try life… and love… a second time. The series also stars Rob Corddry, Michaela Watkins, Omar Miller, Maya Lynne Robinson, Ruby Jay, Makenzie Moss and Devin Bright. Bill Martin, Mike Schiff, Aaron Kaplan, Dana Honor, Wendi Trilling, Peyton Reed and John Hamburg are executive producers for CBS Television Studios.

    ‘The Burying Place’ Drama From Kelly Masterson, David Semel & Aaron Kaplan Based On Book In Works At AMC

    (4/22/20) AMC has put in development The Burying Place, a thriller drama series based on Brian Freeman’s novel, from writer Kelly Masterson (Killing Kennedy), director David Semel (Goliath), producer Aaron Kaplan (A Million Little Things) and his Kapital Entertainment and AMC Studios.

    Written by Masterson, The Burying Place is set in the haunting North Country of Minnesota, where a baby vanishes from her lakeside home. That same night, a rookie policewoman stumbles onto a serial killer. Against a ticking clock, Detective Jonathan Stride, haunted by demons of his own, leads fellow Detectives Serena Dial and Maggie Bei as they struggle to unravel the seemingly unrelated mysteries in a suspenseful game of cat and mouse.

    Semel and Kapital’s Kaplan and Dana Honor executive produce, along with former NBC Primetime Entertainment President and NBCU TV Studios President Angela Bromstad.

    The project stems from Semel’s deal with Kapital Entertainment to develop projects for broadcast, cable or streaming networks. Semel brought in Bromstad with whom he has a longstanding relationship dating back to her tenure at Universal TV predecessor NBCU TV Studios.

    Masterson co-wrote the praised television movie Killing Kennedy, which aired on Nat Geo in 2014 and earned him a WGA Award nomination. On the film side, he co-penned with Oscar winner Bong Joon-ho the screenplay for Snowpiercer, directed by Bong, on which the TNT series is based, as well as Good People, directed by Henrik Ruben Genz. Masterson has projects set up with Barry Levinson (Brother Jack) and Philip Noyce (Mixed Blood).

    Semel has one of the best track records for a drama pilot director, with 18 of the pilots he has helmed going to series, including Man in the High Castle, Star Trek: Discovery, Heroes, which was shepherded by Bromstad, Person of Interest, Madam Secretary and Code Black. He worked as producing director on House and Dawson’s Creek, and his episodic work includes Homeland, American Horror Story and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    The Burying Place is Freeman’s fifth novel. He also is the author of the Jonathan Stride and Frost Easton series. His books have been sold in 46 countries and 22 languages. He has been selected as the author to continue Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne series, with a new Bourne novel due in 2020.

    Tom Verica guests on How to Get Away with Murder 4/30/20

    (4/14/20) “What If Sam Wasn’t the Bad Guy This Whole Time?” – Annalise learns unexpected and shocking details about Sam’s past. Meanwhile, Connor and Michaela feel the pressure when the FBI learns there is new evidence in the case; and Frank and Bonnie’s history is explored, revealing what originally fractured their relationship, on an all-new episode of “How to Get Away with Murder,” THURSDAY, APRIL 30 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (TV-14, DLSV) Episodes can also be viewed the next day on demand and on Hulu.

    “How to Get Away with Murder” stars Academy Award® winner Viola Davis as Professor Annalise Keating, Billy Brown as Detective Nate Lahey, Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh, Aja Naomi King as Michaela Pratt, Matt McGorry as Asher Millstone, Karla Souza as Laurel Castillo, Charlie Weber as Frank Delfino, Liza Weil as Bonnie Winterbottom, Conrad Ricamora as Oliver Hampton, Rome Flynn as Gabriel Maddox and Amirah Vann as Tegan Price.

    Guest starring is Tom Verica as Sam Keating, Marsha Stephanie Blake as Vivian Maddox and William R. Moses as Agent Lanford.

    “What If Sam Wasn’t the Bad Guy This Whole Time?” was written by Ricardo C. Lara and directed by Dawn Wilkinson.

    Rachel Boston guests on Seal Team 4/22/20

    (4/4/20) “In The Blind” – Bravo Team gets ambushed by enemy forces during a mission to extract a potential link to a new terrorist leader. Also, Sonny considers planting roots in his hometown, on SEAL TEAM, Wednesday, April 22 (9:01-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    GUEST CAST includes: Scott Foxx (Full Metal), John Savage (Emmet Quinn), Rachel Boston (Hannah Oliver).

    Rachel Boston guests on Seal Team 4/15/20

    (3/26/20) “Edge of Nowhere” – Bravo Team searches for a new terrorist group leader who is orchestrating violent resistance to peace negotiations in Afghanistan. Also, Clay learns what it means to be a leader and Sonny works to repair his relationship with his father in Texas, on SEAL TEAM, Wednesday, April 15 (9:01-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    GUEST CAST: Scott Foxx (Full Metal), Kaliayh Rhmabo (Jameelah Perry), Rachel Boston (Hannah Oliver).

    Rachel Boston guests on Seal Team 4/1/20

    (3/19/20) “Drawdown” – As Bravo Team begins their deployment in Afghanistan during peace negotiations, Sonny reports to an Air Force base in Texas to serve his disciplinary training action, where he gets reacquainted with Hannah (Rachel Boston), a childhood friend, on SEAL TEAM, Wednesday, April 1 (9:01-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    GUEST CAST includes: Scott Foxx (Full Metal), John Savage (Emmet Quinn), Rachel Boston (Hannah Oliver).

    Brittany Snow marries Tyler Stanaland in outdoor Malibu ceremony

    (3/16/20) (Photo) Brittany Snow is off the market.

    On Saturday, the “Pitch Perfect” actress, 34, married fiancé Tyler Stanaland in an intimate outdoor ceremony in Malibu, according to The Knot. The couple announced their engagement last February.

    “I knew of Britt for obvious reasons,” Stanaland, a real estate agent, previously said of his “unattainable forever crush,” whom he knew through mutual friends. He later made the first move online.

    “I sent a direct message with the most embarrassing pickup line. A dad joke,” he told the outlet.

    For the big day, Snow wore a Jonathan Simkhai gown with lace sleeves, while Stanaland paired his black tux with Converse, as seen in photos obtained by People. She previously spoke to the publication about wedding must-haves.

    “At the end of the day, everyone’s going to remember whether or not they had a good time,” she said at the time. “They’re not going to remember the food or the photo booth … they’re going to remember having the best night of their life, hopefully!”

    ‘Turner & Hooch’: Vanessa Lengies Joins TV Series Reboot For Disney+

    (3/6/20) Glee alumna Vanessa Lengies has been cast as a series regular opposite Josh Peck in Turner & Hooch, Disney+’s reboot of the classic 1989 buddy-cop comedy feature. The TV series, which has a 12-episode order, comes from Matt Nix and 20th Century Fox TV.

    Like the movie, the hourlong series centers on Scott Turner (Peck), who now is a U.S. marshal — versus the police detective played by Tom Hanks in the movie. When the ambitious, buttoned-up marshal inherits a big unruly dog, he soon realizes the pet he didn’t want may be the partner he needs.

    Lengies will play Erica, the chief trainer at the US Marshal K-9 facility. When she’s with a dog, her cute awkwardness disappears and she is a natural leader. Erica is less comfortable with people, especially cute guys like Scott Turner (Peck), who is oblivious to Erica’s interest in him. Erica is on board to train his 90 pound slobbery dog, Hooch, as a new K-9 for the US Marshall, and it’s clear she’s looking forward to work with Hooch…and Scott.

    In addition to Peck, Lengies joins previously cast Lyndsy Fonseca and Carra patterson.

    Nix is the Turner & Hooch series writer/executive producer. Josh Levy is co-executive producer. 20th Century Fox TV, part of Disney TV Studios, is the studio.

    Lengies is best known for her roles in Fox’s Glee, also produced by 20th TV, the Disney movie Stick It and the Waiting… movie franchise. She created the unscripted series, The “S” Word, available on Prime Video. Lengies is repped by Gersh and manager John Carrabino.

    Almost Family Cancelled at Fox

    (3/2/20) The fertility clinic has officially closed: Fox has cancelled the drama Almost Family after just one season, TVLine has confirmed.

    Almost Family starred Timothy Hutton as a famous fertility doctor who used his own sperm to fertilize dozens of patients; Brittany Snow co-starred as the doctor’s daughter, who connected with two of her newfound half-sisters, played by Emily Osment and Megalyn Echikunwoke. The cast also included Mo McRae, Mustafa Elzein and Victoria Cartagena. (The decision by Fox comes as serious allegations have arisen against Hutton, with a woman accusing Hutton and his friend of raping her in 1983.)

    The series debuted in October to an underwhelming 2.7 million total viewers and a 0.7 demo, and as its ratings continued to dwindle, it was shipped off to Saturday nights (aka the TV graveyard) in January to air the remainder of its freshman run. Across 13 episodes, it averaged a 0.44 demo rating and 1.53 million total viewers, ranking last in the demo among all Fox programming this TV season while drawing a handful more eyeballs than midseason cartoon Duncanville.

    ‘SEAL Team’: Rachel Boston & Tim Chiou To Recur On CBS Drama Series

    (1/31/20) Rachel Boston (Witches of East End, Kidding) and Tim Chiou (iZombie) are set for recurring roles on the third season of CBS’ military drama series SEAL Team.

    Starring David Boreanaz, SEAL Team follows the professional and personal lives of the most elite unit of Navy SEALs as they train, plan and execute the most dangerous missions that our country can ask of them.

    Boston plays Hannah, Sonny’s (AJ Buckley) childhood best friend. Confident and quick-witted, she inspires Sonny to face his past and right old wrongs.

    Chiou will portray Michael ‘Dirty Mike’ Chen, a seasoned, hard-charging SEAL Team operator who loves the life of a warfighter. Independent and resistant to society’s norms, he is a bit of a wildcard who pushes Bravo Team’s buttons.

    In addition to Boreanaz and Buckley, Max Thieriot, Neil Brown Jr., Toni Trucks, Jessica Paré and Judd Lormand also star.

    Spencer Hudnut, Christopher Chulack, Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly executive produce. SEAL Team is produced by CBS TV Studios.

    Boston was a series regular on Witches of East End, which aired for two seasons on Lifetime. Upcoming, Boston will be seen as Lisa on Showtime’s Kidding. She’s repped by John Carrabino Management and Gersh.

    Chiou recently shot the independent feature I Was A Simple Man, opposite Constance Wu, Kanoa Goo, and Nelson Lee, and can next be seen recurring in the CBS All Access crime drama, Interrogation, opposite Vincent D’Onofrio and Peter Sarsgaard. He’s repped by Pakula/King & Associates and manager Saleena Lockett.

    Paul Wesley Returns to The CW to Direct an Episode of Batwoman

    (1/21/20) Paul Wesley is headed back to The CW, but, unfortunately for The Vampire Diaries fans, he still isn't gonna grace the screen for Legacies. In fact, his insanely chiseled jaw will be nowhere near Mystic Falls, as the actor is instead stepping in to direct an upcoming episode of Batwoman.

    Wesley will helm an upcoming of the Arrowverse newbie, but not too much is known about his episode yet. The actor-director revealed the cover of the script for his episode in an Instagram story on Monday morning, but the episode number and title were covered with a geotag for Vancouver where Batwoman is shot.

    What we do know is Wesley is already an accomplished TV director. He previously directed episodes of The Vampire Diaries (starting in Season 5), as well as Legacies, Shadowhunters, and Roswell, New Mexico. So, we'd bet his episode of DC's Gotham based superhero show will be quite a delight.

    Batwoman recently returned after a big mid-season twist in which it was revealed that Kate's (Ruby Rose) sister Beth (Rachel Skarsten) both is and is not the villain fans have been waiting for. Beth is actually Beth and Alice, twins who've been forging their own path in Gotham, just on opposite sides of the law. Will Kate be able to reunite her long lost family? Only time — and maybe Paul Wesley — will tell.

    Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

    Almost Family and Flirty Dancing Finales Get Saturday Airdates

    (1/12/20) Likely indicative of both Fox series’ ultimate fate, Almost Family and Flirty Dancing will relocate to Saturday nights to wrap their respective freshman runs.

    To be clear, both Flirty Dancing and Almost Family will stay put this coming Wednesday, Jan. 15. But the week after that, a rerun of 9-1-1: Lone Star‘s first two episodes will fill Wednesday night. Then on Jan. 29, episode of 24 Hours to Hell and Back, Last Man Standing and the soon-to-premiere sitcom Outmatched will fill the void.

    As a result, Flirty Dancing will air a two-hour season finale on Saturday, Jan. 25, Futon Critic reports. Almost Family, meanwhile, won’t burn off its final two episodes until Saturday, Feb. 22.

    Through its first 10 episodes, and even with the occasional Masked Singer lead-in, Almost Family is averaging just 1.7 million total viewers — making it Fox’s least watched program — and just under a 0.5 demo rating, ranking it only above The Moodys event series.

    Flirty Dancing debuted last month to 3.5 million viewers and a 1.0 demo rating, in a special Sunday night showcase, but in its regular Wednesday time slot has mustered just 1.8 mil/0.4 and then 1.4 mil/0.3.

    Talk Show Appearance

    (12/8/19) GMA3: Strahan, Sara & Keke - ABC

    AIRING Dec 9, 2019

    Actress Brittany Snow


    (11/7/19) E! announced today the performers and presenters set to take the stage at the only awards show voted on by the people at the 2019 “E! People’s Choice Awards” this Sunday, November 10. The “E! People’s Choice Awards” will broadcast live from Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, CA and across the cable networks of NBCUniversal, including Bravo, E!, SYFY and USA Network from 9:00-11:00pm ET/PT. Additionally, Grammy Award winner Alessia Cara and Grammy Award nominee Kelsea Ballerini are set to perform live at the ceremony.

    The presenters include:

    Alex Morgan (Co-Captain of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team)
    Asante Blackk (“When They See Us,” “This Is Us”)
    Bellamy Young (“Prodigal Son”)
    Brittany Snow (“Almost Family”)
    Coco Gauff (Professional U.S. Tennis Player)
    D’Arcy Carden (“The Good Place”)
    David Spade (“Lights Out with David Spade”)
    Jacob Tremblay (“Good Boys”)
    Jenna Dewan (“Soundtrack,” “Flirty Dancing”)
    Jeremy Scott (fashion designer)
    Joey King (“The Act”)
    Kelly Rowland (Grammy Award-winning artist)
    Karamo Brown (“Queer Eye”)
    Karen Gillan (“Jumanji: The Next Level”)
    Kat Dennings (“Dollface”)
    KJ Apa (“Riverdale”)
    Lucy Hale (“Fantasy Island”)
    Maggie Q (“Fantasy Island”)
    Rob Riggle (“Rob Riggle: Global Investigator (wt)”)
    Sarah Hyland (“Modern Family”)
    Sean Hayes (“Will & Grace”)
    Storm Reid (“Euphoria”)
    Terry Crews (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”)
    Tom Payne (“Prodigal Son”)

    As previously announced, Jennifer Aniston will receive the People’s Icon Award, Gwen Stefani is set to be feted with the Fashion Icon Award, and P!NK will be honored with the People’s Champion Award.

    The “E! Live From The Red Carpet: The E! People’s Choice Awards 2019” co-hosted by Giuliana Rancic and Jason Kennedy kicks off at 7p ET/PT only on E!.

    “Live From The Red Carpet: The E! People’s Choice Awards 2019” and the “E! People’s Choice Awards” are both produced by Den of Thieves with Executive Producers Jesse Ignjatovic, Evan Prager and Barb Bialkowski.

    ‘Almost Family’ Faces Uncertain Future After New Drama Is Left Off Fox’s Midseason Schedule

    (10/26/19) Fox has not made an official decision about a back order to new drama series Almost Family. But the midseason schedule unveiled by the network today does not bode well for the IVF-gone-wrong series.

    Almost Family is on the schedule in its Wednesday 9 PM slot through January, which roughly corresponds to a 13-episode run, matching the series’ initial order.

    Starting Feb. 5, Almost Family is replaced by new reality series Lego Masters, which will follow the next cycle of The Masked Singer. With fellow new fall Fox drama Prodigal Son given a full-season 22-episode order and four new dramas set to launch in midseason, 9-1-1: Lone Star and Deputy in January and Filthy Rich and NeXt in the spring, we may have seen the last of Almost Family, at least for this season. Starring Brittany Snow and Timothy Hutton, based on the Australia series Sisters, Almost Family has been a soft ratings performer in the high-profile Wednesday 9 PM slot, holding onto only about a third of its big Masked Singer lead-in.

    Almost Family hails from The Path duo of executive producer Annie Weisman and executive producer Jason Katims, original series’ co-creator Imogen Banks, Universal TV, Fox Entertainment and Endemol Shine North America.

    Written by Weisman, it centers on only child Julia Bechley (Snow), who finds her life turned upside down when her father, Leon Bechley (Hutton), is forced to reveal that over the course of his pioneering career as a fertility doctor, he used his own sperm to conceive dozens of children. As she dutifully begins to track down her emerging group of siblings, among a sea of brothers, Julia discovers only two sisters – her former best friend Edie Palmer (Megalyn Echikunwoke) and ex-Olympic athlete Roxy Doyle (Emily Osment) – both of whom quickly become a part of her now-redefined family.

    Joey Lawrence on HAWAII FIVE-0 10/18/19

    (10/4/19) “Ukuli‘i ka pua, onaona i ka mau‘u” – Five-0 enlists imprisoned hacker Aaron Wright (Joey Lawrence) to help when a young girl is reported kidnapped, but upon rescue, the culprits are dead, the girl is safe, and she’s not who she claims to be, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Oct. 18 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    ABC Buys ‘Possessed’ Supernatural Drama From ‘The Conjuring’ Writers, Paul Wesley & Kapital Entertainment

    (9/27/19) ABC has put into development Possessed, a supernatural crime drama based on a Korean format. The project hails from The Conjuring writers Carey and Chad Hayes, The Vampire Diaries alum Paul Wesley, The Masked Singer executive producer Craig Plestis and Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment, where Wesley and his company Citizen Media is under a producing deal.

    Written by the Hayes brothers, Possessed centers around a young woman, who after a near death experience, becomes a vessel for the dead to avenge their wrongful deaths.

    Carey and Chad Hayes executive produce with Kapital Entertainment’s Kaplan and Dana Honor, Wesley, Plestis and MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation), the South Korean network which aired the original series and also originated the format for the hit Fox series The Masked Singer.

    The original Possessed aired a 10-episode first season on MBC in 2009. Starring Lim Ju-eun and Lee Seo-jin, the series centered on a high school girl possessed by spirits and the criminal profiler who exploits her powers in his quest for justice. You can watch a trailer below.

    The Hayes brothers are best known for writing New Line Cinema’s global box office horror hits The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2. They also co-produced the horror film Annabelle.

    Possessed was one of the first projects Wesley’s Citizen Media and Kapital put in development under the production partnership forged in February. Wesley, who stars in Kapital’s CBS All Access series Tell Me a Story, is repped by ICM Partners, Management 360, and attorney Marcy Morris.

    Paradigm and attorney Paul Miloknay repped MBC Broadcast in the packaging of the format. Plestis is also repped by Paradigm.

    The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley Are Making Their Own Bourbon

    (9/26/19) To say we've missed The Vampire Diaries these past two years since it's been off the air is the understament of the century, but luckily for us, the Salvatore brothers have decided to reunite IRL. Ian Somerhalder announced Thursday that he and Paul Wesley are partnering up again to create their own bourbon, and yes, we'd like to order 164 bottles, please.

    It's fitting that these boys would go all-in on bourbon seeing as it was the Salvatores drink of choice on the show, a fact that Somerhalder was all too aware of when he announced the news on Instagram.

    "Can you imagine if the Salvatore brothers had their OWN bourbon? Well, it's coming! @paulwesley and I have been working our asses off with our incredible team to make this happen," Somerhalder wrote. "WITH passion, hard work and an uncompromising quest/thirst for quality, we have arrived! We want to share with you something very special and dear to us. You've given us so many wonderful years as these characters and we want to bring you something to enjoy that brings back some great memories and some good times to come! It's going to be fun. We're going to be traveling the WOLRD meeting so many of you and launching this with some very fun parties I must say!"

    The Vampire Diaries Stars Look Back at Filming the Pilot for the Show's 10th Anniversary

    We'll obviously be eagerly awaiting news of where and how to buy this special brew as well as how we can score a ticket to these parties they'll be throwing — no one throws a rager like a Salvatore, after all. All eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries are currently streaming on Netflix.

    Milo Ventimiglia To Star In Evel Knievel Limited Series Greenlighted By USA Network

    (9/5/19) USA Network has ordered limited series Evel, based on the story of larger-than-life ’70s daredevil Evel Knievel, starring and executive produced by This Is Us‘ Milo Ventimiglia, from McG’s Wonderland Sound & Vision, UCP and Atlas Entertainment.

    Written by Etan Frankel (Animal Kingdom), Evel falls into USA’s wheelhouse of “heroes, rebels & icons” focused on big stories about big American characters.

    The limited series is based on the story of Evel Knievel (Ventimiglia) as he prepares for his greatest death-defying feat, the historic Snake River Canyon jump. Evel is an exhilarating portrait of a complex man living the American dream, juggling meteoric celebrity and raising a family — and facing the very real probability that his next jump will kill him.

    Frankel will executive produce with McG, Mary Viola and Steven Bello of Wonderland Sound & Vision, Alex Gartner, Charles Roven and Topher Rhys-Lawrence of Atlas Entertainment; and Ventimiglia. Ventimiglia’s longtime producing partner, Russ Cundiff, will co-executive produce via the duo’s DiVide Pictures. Filming is expected to begin in 2020.

    Evel had been in the works at USA for awhile. It got on a fast track once This Is Us star Ventimiglia sought it out and came on board to play the daredevil icon. For McG, this brings to fruition a longtime passion — he signed up to direct an Evel Knievel feature biopic, Pure Evel, more than seven years ago. It was in development at USA and UCP sibling Universal Pictures.

    “USA Network is known for big event series that celebrate heroes, rebels and icons, and what could be bigger than the story of one of the greatest thrill seekers of all time?,” said Chris McCumber, President, Entertainment Networks – USA Network and Syfy. “The incredible life and journey of Evel Knievel lends itself to a dramatic retelling, and we are excited to be partnering with Milo, McG, UCP, Atlas and Wonderland to bring this iconic American tale to our viewers.”

    In addition to the Universal Pictures project, in the past few years there have been two other attempts at doing an Evel Knievel feature film by Paramount and Sony.

    There have been two produced Evel Knievel movies to date, the 1971 feature starring George Hamilton and the 2004 TNT TV movie headlined by George Eads.

    Ventimiglia stars in the acclaimed NBC drama series This is Us as family patriarch Jack Pearson, a role which has earned him three Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. In 2016, he reprised his role as Jess in the continuation of the drama Gilmore Girls, which returned with four 90-minute episodes. His other television credits include Heroes, Frank Darabont’s Mob City and American Dreams.

    Recently, Ventimiglia starred alongside Kevin Costner and Amanda Seyfried in the feature film, The Art of Racing in the Rain, an adaptation of the international best-selling novel by Garth Stein. His other film credits include the romantic comedy Second Act, Rocky Balboa, Adam Sandler’s That’s My Boy and Grown Ups 2.

    Frankel worked as a writer-producer on John Wells’ adaptation of UK comedy-drama Shameless from 2011-2016, rising to executive producer on the flagship Showtime series. He then segued to another Wells-produced series based on a format, TNT’s Animal Kingdom, as an executive producer.

    E! People’s Choice Awards Finalists

    (9/4/19) Fans can vote online at, via Twitter or for select categories on Xfinity X1. Fans can vote up to 25 times per method, per category, per day if they vote via online or Twitter. Voting via Xfinity X1 has a limit of 25 times per ballot, per Xfinity X1 device, per candidate for the duration of the official voting window. Additionally, any vote cast on Tuesdays throughout the voting window will count twice.

    The E! People’s Choice Awards will be broadcast live from Barker Hanger in Santa Monica on Sunday, November 10 at 9p ET/PT

    Male Star Show
    Kit Harington Game of Thrones
    Cole Sprouse Riverdale
    Norman Reedus The Walking Dead
    Finn Wolfhard Stranger Things
    Jim Parsons The Big Bang Theory
    Milo Ventimiglia This Is Us
    Sterling K. Brown This Is Us
    KJ Apa Riverdale

    2019 Emmy Nominations

    (7/17/19) The Emmys will be held Sunday, Sept. 22 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, airing live on Fox.

    LEAD ACTOR IN A DRAMA (2018 winner: Matthew Rhys)
    Jason Bateman, Ozark
    Sterling K. Brown, This Is Us
    Kit Harington, Game of Thrones
    Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul
    Billy Porter, Pose
    Milo Ventimiglia, This Is Us

    Batman, Julia Roberts & Mahershala Ali Among 2020 Walk Of Fame Honorees

    (6/23/19) Batman, Julia Roberts and Mahershala Ali are among the 2020 class of honorees for the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    In all, 35 people were chosen from hundreds of nominees during a selection meeting in June. In feature film, stars will be unveiled for Mahershala Ali, Batman, Ruth E. Carter, Laurence Fishburne, Chris Hemsworth, Spike Lee, Julia Roberts, Octavia Spencer and Lina Wertmuller.

    In the television category, Christina Applegate, Andy Cohen, Cindy Crawford, Terry Crews, Harry Friedman, Kathie Lee Gifford, Nigel Lythgoe, Milo Ventimiglia, Burt Ward, Wendy Williams, Dr. Phil McGraw and, posthumously, Andy Kaufman will be honored.

    Recording artists Elvis Costello, Sir Lucian Grainge, Billy Idol, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Alicia Keys, Andy Madadian, Mo Ostin, Bobby Rydell, Alejandro Sanz, Tanya Tucker, and Muddy Waters, posthumously, also will be honored with stars on the world-famous street.

    Dave Chappelle and Billy Porter will represent the live theatre/ live performance category. Susan Stamberg is the sole inductee for radio.

    In a statement, selection committee chair and Walk of Famer Vin Di Bona said, “This year’s choices were particularly unique. We were able to recognize the talents of 35 artists who have already built a legacy here in Hollywood. Also, we were able to celebrate many new talented artists who’ve touched our hearts in film, television, radio and a variety of musical categories.”

    Dates for unveiling ceremonies for the stars have not yet been set.

    Tell Me a Story Season 2: Paul Wesley Returning In a New Role

    (6/12/19) Tell Me a Story will spin a new crop of fairytales in Season 2, but it will do so with a familiar face. TVLine has learned that Vampire Diaries vet Paul Wesley — who starred in the first season of CBS All Access’ anthology thriller — will be back for the series’ sophomore run.

    Story‘s inaugural season put a creepy, modern-day spin on Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs and Hansel and Gretel.

    Season 2 will reimagine the princess-themed tales Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, with Wesley starring as Tucker, a struggling novelist who spends his sleepless nights toiling away in a secluded cabin in the woods and his days trying to prove he’s good enough for his beautiful fiancée. But it’s all about to come crashing down as a dark secret threatens to destroy his world.

    Fellow Vampire Diaries vet Kevin Williamson, who created Tell Me a Story, will be back as showunner in Season 2.

    ‘Melrose Place’ alum Daphne Zuniga weds longtime boyfriend

    (6/9/19) Daphne Zuniga is off the market.

    On Saturday, the “Melrose Place” star married longtime boyfriend David Mleczko in an intimate ceremony in Cambridge, Massachusetts, according to People. The bride, who wore a Nicole Miller gown for the occasion, later confirmed the news on Instagram, writing, “What a day! Goodnight, I’m married.”

    Zuniga, 56, who played Jo Reynolds on the primetime drama, was set up on a blind date 12 years ago with Mleczko, who co-founded PR company Signature Green. The pair got engaged a decade later.

    Prior to the big day, Zuniga told People she was looking forward to enjoying the “private” affair.

    “It’s just family and very intimate,” the actress shared. “I always had this fear of having too big of a wedding that I’d feel like I was going to be acting or performing because I’ve been a bride on-screen. In real life, I wanted it to be more poignant and private.”

    Zuniga and Mleczko swapped personal vows during the ceremony, which was officiated by the couple’s friend, author Sharon Salzberg.

    Blue Bloods Star Addresses That Oddly Truncated Season-Ending Wedding

    (5/15/19) Talk about much ado about I dos that didn’t.

    CBS this month promoted Blue Bloods‘ season-ending wedding between NYPD-turned-life partners Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko. Yet when it came time for the bride to walk down the aisle, she barely took a dozen steps before the season faded to black, quite unceremoniously.

    Mind you, this wasn’t edited as some sort of dramatic wedding day cliffhanger a la Tina Lord, still damp from the Iguazu Falls, bursting into the back of the church carrying her and Cord’s miracle baby. No, the episode simply ended, on a shot of a grinning groom.

    TVLine ran into Will Estes, who plays Jamie, at the People/EW Upfront Week party, and started off by asking the No. 1 question on at least our collective mind: Should the “Jamko” wedding “count” on our May Sweeps Scorecard?

    “I mean, I was there all day [filming], so… I count it as a wedding!” he answered with a laugh.

    Pressed about why more of the ceremony wasn’t shown, Estes at first offered, “We already did the vows at the dinner table…. But I’m grasping at straws. I got nothing.” He then suggested, “You know how Hitchcock taught us that the monster you don’t see is the scariest? Maybe the wedding you don’t see is the most beautiful?”

    As for any “lost” footage, Estes shared, “We filmed her walking a little bit more, but there was no other dialogue.” The shoot ended as seen on-screen, with a close-up of Jamie.

    That is small comfort to fans who RSVP’d for the root-for couple’s awaited nuptials. So is there any chance Season 10 could resume the wedding, at least through vows? “Anything is possible…,” Estes shrugged. “I haven’t foreseen or heard that, but if you write the right letter to the right CBS executive… it could probably move mountains!” (Though it probably won’t; so save your stamps, folks.)


    (5/12/19) One of the most celebrated TV series on any platform since its launch in 2016, ratings powerhouse “This Is Us” has been renewed by NBC for the next three seasons.

    The unprecedented three-year pickup signifies the network’s utmost confidence in the series that has become part of the pop culture zeitgeist.

    The announcement was made by Lisa Katz and Tracey Pakosta, Presidents of Scripted Programming, NBC Entertainment.

    “In a television landscape with nearly 500 original scripted series, there are very few, if any, that have the critical and cultural impact of ‘This Is Us’ and we couldn’t be more proud to bring fans three more seasons of a show that so well represents the NBC brand,” said Katz and Pakosta. “A huge thank you and congratulations to our executive producers, cast and crew who reach new heights every week with the show’s inventive and compelling storytelling.”

    For the 2018-19 season, “This Is Us” averaged a 3.79 rating in adults 18-49 and 13.8 million viewers overall in “live plus seven day” Nielsens, making it currently the season’s #1 entertainment series on any broadcast network in 18-49, as well as the #2 drama in total viewers.

    In addition, “This Is Us” generated television’s biggest lift going from “live plus same day” to L+7 Nielsens, growing by 1.78 rating points. When 35 days of linear and projected non-linear viewership are added, “This Is Us” more than triples its 2.01 L+SD rating, increasing to a 6.94.

    “This Is Us” and its cast have won many top awards, including two Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, an Emmy Award, Golden Globe and SAG Awards for Sterling K. Brown for Best Actor in a Drama Series and three AFI Awards for Program of the Year.

    Prodigal Son, Deputy, Two More Dramas Earn Series Orders at Fox

    (5/10/19) Fox is restocking its drama slate for next season. The network has handed series orders to four new dramas, TVLine has learned: Prodigal Son, Deputy, neXt and an untitled drama from Annie Weisman and Jason Katims.

    Prodigal Son stars Walking Dead alum Tom Payne as criminal psychologist Malcolm Bright, who solves crimes for the NYPD by knowing how killers think — because his father is one. Michael Sheen (The Good Fight) plays Malcolm’s dad Dr. Martin Whitly, an infamous serial killer known as “The Surgeon.” Bellamy Young (Scandal), Lou Diamond Phillips (Longmire) and Halston Sage (The Orville) lead the supporting cast. Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver (Deception) are the creators, with the ubiquitous Greg Berlanti onboard as an executive producer.

    Deputy — billed as “a modern cop drama that blends the spirit of a classic Western with a modern-day attitude and gritty authenticity” — stars True Detective‘s Stephen Dorff as fifth-generation lawman Bill Hollister, who becomes the sheriff of Los Angeles County. The supporting cast includes Yara Martinez (Jane the Virgin), Brian Van Holt (Cougar Town), Siena Goines (Grey’s Anatomy) and Bex Taylor-Klaus (Arrow). Castle scribe Will Beall penned the pilot.

    neXt stars Mad Men vet John Slattery as a tech pioneer who learns that one of his artificial-intelligence creations might lead to global disaster and “teams up with a cybercrime agent to fight a villain unlike anything we’ve ever seen — one whose greatest weapon against us is ourselves,” per the official synopsis. Fernanda Andrade (Sons of Anarchy), Michael Mosley (Ozark) and Eve Harlow (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) co-star. Manny Coto (24, Dexter) is the creator.

    The untitled drama from Annie Weisman (The Path) and Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood) centers on three women who discover they’re sisters when one of them learns the truth about her renowned fertility-doc father. Brittany Snow (the Pitch Perfect movies), Megalyn Echikunwoke (The Following) and Emily Osment (Young & Hungry) star as the sisters, with Weisman serving as creator. Katims will serve as an EP.

    Joey Lawrence in Hawaii Five-0 May 17

    (4/26/19) “Hana Mao 'ole ka ua o Waianae” – Five-0 continues to hunt down escaped criminal Aaron Wright (Joey Lawrence) before he can sell cyber-weapons to the highest bidder. Also, the lives of McGarrett and the team are put in danger when a visitor comes to headquarters to make amends, on the ninth season finale of HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, May 17 (at a special time, 10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Jimmy Buffett returns as Frank Bama. (“Hana Mao 'ole ka ua o Waianae” is Hawaiian for “Endlessly Pours the Rain of Waianae”)

    Joey Lawrence in Hawaii Five-0 May 10

    (4/26/19) “Hewa ka lima” – Fugitive hacker Aaron Wright (Joey Lawrence) resurfaces to ask Five-0 for help when his co-workers at the NSA, which he has been working for, are all murdered. Also, Junior speaks at the parole hearing of the drunk driver who killed his sister, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, May 10 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. (“Hewa ka lima” is Hawaiian for “The hand is at fault”)

    Brittany Snow & ‘Veep’s Sam Richardson To Topline Indie Film ‘Bailey And Darla’

    (3/9/19) Pitch Perfect alum Brittany Snow and Veep actor Sam Richardson have been tapped to lead the cast of Bailey and Darla, an indie film which is being directed by first-time helmer Nico Raineau. Raineau co-wrote the screenplay with Lauren Schacher. Snow will also produce the project alongside Yale Productions’ Jordan Yale Levine and Jordan Beckerman, and Highland Myst’s Jon Keeyes.

    The film, which is currently in production, follows Darla (Snow), a cynical reporter whose sex addiction is getting in the way of her sex column, and her evolving relationship with Bailey, a well-meaning sweetheart who’s been dumped by his fiancé and learns he has testicular cancer (again). Together they embark on an impromptu cross country road trip, recreating Darla’s myriad trysts from state to state. She’s looking for a story and he’s looking for a last hurrah; what they find is something neither expected.

    “I’m incredibly fortunate to work with such talented actors as Brittany and Sam on my debut feature,” said Raineau. “Their genius comedic gifts are well documented, but it’s their ability to bring heartfelt emotion and pathos to these characters that make them the ideal creative partners for this film.”

    Highland Myst’s Matthew Tompkins and Yale Productions’ Russ Posternak will serve as co-producers. Film Mode Entertainment is handling sales.

    Snow, who played Chloe in the Pitch Perfect movies, stars in the forthcoming Netflix romantic comedy, Someone Great, written and directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. She’s repped by Gersh and Principal Entertainment LA.

    In addition to Veep, Richardson starred in the Comedy Central’s Detroiters, which he also co-created. Repped by UTA and Artists First, he has also appeared in films like Dave Need Wedding Dates, The House, and Game Over, Man!.

    Brittany Snow To Star In Fox’s Drama Pilot From Annie Weisman & Jason Katims

    (2/25/19) Brittany Snow is set to lead the cast of Fox’s drama pilot based on the Endemol Shine Australia series Sisters. The untitled project (fka Sisters) hails from The Path duo of co-executive producer Annie Weisman and executive producer Jason Katims, as well as the original series’ co-creator Imogen Banks, Universal TV and Endemol Shine North America.

    Written by Weisman based on the Australian series created by Jonathan Gavin and Banks, with Leslye Headland set to direct the pilot, the drama centers on Julia Bechley (Snow), an only child who finds her life turned upside down when her father is forced to reveal that over the course of his pioneering career as a fertility doctor, he used his own sperm to conceive dozens of children. As she dutifully begins to track down her emerging group of siblings, among a sea of brothers, Julia discovers only two sisters – both of whom quickly become a part of her now redefined family.

    Weisman executive produces with Headland, True Jack’s Katims and Jeni Mulein, Banks and Endemol Shine North America president Sharon Levy. Universal produces in association with Endemol Shine North America.

    Australian series Sisters, which starred Maria Angelico as Julia Bechly (the character’s last name was slightly tweaked for the U.S. version), premiered its seven-episode first season on Network Ten in October 2017 and launched as a Netflix Original Series on September 1, 2018.

    Former American Dreams star Snow recently recurred on the CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. She also starred as Chloe in all three Pitch Perfect movies. Snow is repped by Gersh and Principal Entertainment LA.

    Brittany Snow Is Engaged to Tyler Stanaland

    (2/25/19) ( Congratulations are in order for daytime alum Brittany Snow (Susan, GUIDING LIGHT), who has just announced her engagement to boyfriend Tyler Stanaland! “A couple weeks ago, I said ‘yes’ about a million times to the man of my wildest and most beautiful dreams,” the actress shared on Instagram. “After celebrating with friends and family, we wanted to let a few more friends — you guys — know… this happened.”

    Snow shared a lovely black-and-white snapshot of herself and Stanaland canoodling in a restaurant but revealed that wasn’t a photo of the magical moment itself. “I’m still pinching myself and thanking my lucky stars for the truest feeling I’ve ever felt. Thank you, Tyler, for the happiest day of my life and for not proposing in this creepy empty restaurant.”

    Stanland shared his own photo of them in the same restaurant where they’re both admiring her ring, and shared his own perspective on the momentous day. “A few weeks ago, I asked Brittany one of the most important questions I may ever ask: Forever?” he related. “Luckily she said yes, and we’ve spent the last little while celebrating the old-fashioned way, together and with close friends and family. I don’t know how I got so lucky and I don’t know that I really understood what love is until you. Everything changed when we met. You are the most beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful, caring, incredible human and I couldn’t be more excited to do life with you. Here’s to forever and making our wildest dreams come true. Love you to the moon and back.”

    Snow got her big break playing Susan “Daisy” Lemay on GL back in 1998, and after she left daytime in 2002, found continued success in primetime starring as Meg Pryor on NBC’s AMERICAN DREAMS. She’s also appeared on the big screen in films like Hairspray, Prom Night, and the Pitch Perfect series. Stanaland is a real estate agent who sells homes in California. He also shared a better shot of the gorgeous engagement ring he put on her finger!

    Paul Wesley Inks Producing Deal With Kapital Entertainment, Sets 2 Drama Series Projects, Including Starring Vehicle

    (2/13/19) Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment has forged a production partnership with The Vampire Diaries alum Paul Wesley and his company Citizen Media.

    The first two series projects Kapital and Citizen are rolling out together are a drama based on Jason Smith’s non-fiction article Confessions Of a Drug-Addicted High School Teacher, with Wesley attached to star and David Slade (Black Mirror) to direct, and supernatural crime drama Possessed, based on a Korean format.

    Under the pact, Kapital will work with Wesley to build his company and its footprint in the market. The Kapital team and Wesley will jointly develop content for Wesley to produce. It will be aimed at broadcast, cable and streaming. Some — but not all — of the projects will be intended as starring vehicles for Wesley who recently co-starred on Kapital’s CBS All Access series Tell Me a Story.

    “Paul and I found ourselves aligned in the kinds of stories we wanted to tell and in synch in how we wanted to share them,” Kaplan said. “I am so excited that Paul trusted Kapital to work with Citizen Media to develop and produce great content.”

    Confessions Of a Drug-Addicted High School Teacher was one of the first projects Wesley put in development when he launched Citizen Media in 2016 with a deal at Warner Bros. TV. Smith’s article chronicles his two-year stint teaching public high school in northern California. Despite teaching while anesthetized by a heavy dose of prescription narcotics, Jason finds that his brokenness from addiction begins attracting broken students, and in a town obsessed with high school football, he’s not alone in his obsession to escape from himself.

    Kapital is executive producing with Wesley, who will star, his former producing partner Bob Levy. as well as Slade, who will direct.

    Based on the 2009 Korean series from MBC, Possessed centers on high school girl Ha-na who is always the first to come out and protect her introverted twin sister Doo-na. After Doo-na passes away in a fire, Ha-na finds that her body no longer completely belongs to herself. Doo-na’s angry spirit now lives in Ha-na, giving her special powers and monstrous strength. Genius criminal psychologist Shin Ryu is an expert profiler who is determined to see justice served. When he learns about Ha-na’s abilities, he uses her powers to eliminate criminals that are above the law, and to plan his revenge on the man who helped his family’s killer go free. (You can watch a trailer for the original series below.)

    Craig Plestic (The Masked Singer) is executive producing Possessed alongside Kapital and Citizen Media.

    This is the latest producing partnership for Kapital, which also has deals with directors Victor Gonzalez and David Semel.

    “I’ve admired the work that Aaron and Kapital have been doing, and I’m very excited to team up with them to create content we can be proud of,” Wesley said.

    Over the last few years, Wesley’s production company, Citizen Media, has set up multiple series projects for development at various networks and studios including ABC, Fox 21 TV TV Studios, Warner Bros TV/Warner Horizon and Freeform.

    Wesley starred on The Vampire Diaries for eight seasons, directed multiple episodes throughout the series’ run, and served as a producer for the 8th and final season.

    He recently appeared in Netflix’s docu-drama Medal Of Honor produced by Robert Zemeckis and Jack Rapke. He also did two off Broadway theater productions in 2018. Behind the camera, last year he directed episodes of Roswell, New Mexico and Legacies.

    Wesley is repped by ICM, Management 360, and attorney Marcy Morris. Slade is with UTA. MBC is repped by Paradigm.

    Kaplan currently has 11 series on the air, 10 of them through Kapital.

    Surprise! The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley Is Married

    (2/9/19) Paul Wesley is officially off the market!

    E! News has exclusively learned that The Vampire Diaries star and Ines de Ramon are married.

    Speculation about the couple's relationship status was sparked earlier this week when photos surfaced of the pair wearing matching rings on that all-important finger.

    As it turns out, the duo was able to take a big step in their relationship without anyone knowing—until now!

    The pair has yet to walk a red carpet together. And if you think you're going to see the pair all over Instagram, you may be out of luck. Ines' profile is private.

    That hasn't stopped Paul, however, from sharing a few special pictures of his leading lady.

    "Throwback Thursday," he wrote this past September while sharing a snapshot of Ines. "Feast of San Gennaro, NYC."

    As pop culture fans know, Paul appeared on The Vampire Diaries before starring in Tell Me a Story. He previously dated Phoebe Tonkin before calling things off in 2017.

    And although fans may love seeing Paul on the big and small screen, the 36-year-old has remained humble about the praise he receives.

    "To be honest, I think its endearing and sweet, but I don't really think about it too much," he told Parade when asked about his heartthrob status.

    Congratulations to the happy couple on their big news.

    Milo Ventimiglia named Hasty Pudding Man of the Year

    (1/31/19) Milo Ventimiglia, who stars as Jack Pearson in the award-winning hit television drama “This is Us,” was named 2019 Man of the Year Wednesday by Harvard University‘s Hasty Pudding Theatricals.

    Ventimiglia was selected because he has made “significant impressions on television and film,” the oldest theatrical organization in the US said in a statement.

    It also didn’t hurt that he played heartthrob Jess Mariano on the television show “Gilmore Girls” from 2001 to 2006.

    “We’ve loved his performances in ‘This is Us,’ ‘Heroes’ and ‘Gilmore Girls,’ but more importantly, he is the childhood crush of our two esteemed producers, Elizabeth (Mann) and Mariana (Sanchez-Medina),” Hasty Pudding President Grace Ramsey said in a statement.

    The Emmy-nominated actor will receive his pudding pot at a celebratory roast at Harvard scheduled for Feb. 8.

    Ventimiglia will then attend the opening night of Hasty Pudding’s latest production, “France France Revolution,” its first to feature women in the cast.

    Although women have been involved with Hasty Pudding Theatricals since the 1930s, the onstage cast has traditionally been all male, even for female roles. The organization announced last year that women would be included in the cast.

    Ventimiglia has also been involved with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, which supports veterans who need help when they return home from war. His character on “This Is Us” is a Vietnam War veteran, and Ventimiglia’s real-life dad is also a veteran.

    Hasty Pudding, which dates back to the late 18th century, has honored a Man of the Year since 1967, and previous winners include Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks and Christopher Walken. Paul Rudd was honored last year.

    Bryce Dallas Howard was named Hasty Pudding’s Woman of the Year on Tuesday.

    Gail O’Grady on Criminal Minds 2/6/19

    (1/25/19) “Truth or Dare” – Wedding bells are ringing as Rossi prepares to marry Krystall (Gail O’Grady). But first, the BAU team travels to Los Angeles to investigate a series of fatal shootings in broad daylight following car accidents, on the 14th season finale of CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, Feb. 6 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


    (1/14/19) CBS has announced the 12 Celebrity Houseguests who will star in the second celebrity edition of BIG BROTHER in the U.S. This season’s cast includes Olympians, a former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL running back, a headline-making political strategist, a former teen heartthrob, a GRAMMY-nominated musician, a former WWE wrestler and an infamous Houseguest, among others. BIG BROTHER: CELEBRITY EDITION launches with a two-night premiere event Monday, Jan. 21 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) and Tuesday, Jan. 22 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Julie Chen Moonves returns as the host.

    The following 12 Celebrity Houseguests will compete for $250,000:

    Jonathan Bennett (37)

    Hometown: Rossford, Ohio

    Current City: Newport Beach, Calif.

    Occupation: Actor/host

    Tamar Braxton (41)

    Hometown: Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia

    Current City: Los Angeles

    Occupation: Singer/TV personality

    Kandi Burruss (42)

    Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.

    Current City: Atlanta, Ga.

    Occupation: Singer/TV personality

    Tom Green (47)

    Hometown: Ottawa, Canada

    Current City: Los Angeles

    Occupation: Comedian

    Lolo Jones (36)

    Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa

    Current City: Baton Rouge, La.

    Occupation: Olympic track and bobsled star

    Kato Kaelin (59)

    Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisc.

    Current City: Los Angeles

    Occupation: Actor/host

    Joey Lawrence (42)

    Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.

    Current City: Los Angeles

    Occupation: Actor/producer

    Ryan Lochte (34)

    Hometown: Daytona Beach, Fla.

    Current City: Gainesville, Fla.

    Occupation: 12-time Olympic medalist in swimming

    Dina Lohan (56)

    Hometown: Long Island, N.Y.

    Current City: Long Island, N.Y.

    Occupation: Momager

    Natalie Eva Marie (34)

    Hometown: Concord, Calif.

    Current City: North Tustin, Calif.

    Occupation: Former WWE wrestler/actress

    Anthony Scaramucci (55)

    Hometown: Port Washington, N.Y.

    Current City: Manhasset, N.Y.

    Occupation: Former White House director of communications/financier

    Ricky Williams (41)

    Hometown: San Diego, Calif.

    Current City: Venice Beach, Calif.

    Occupation: Former NFL superstar

    Following the two-night premiere, BIG BROTHER will air for three weeks, with the two-hour finale on Wednesday, Feb. 13 (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    Gail O’Grady on Ciminal Minds 1/23/18

    (1/7/19) “Chameleon” – Rossi questions his actions in the aftermath of a near-death struggle with a serial killer who appears to have outsmarted the BAU, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, Jan. 23 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Gail O’Grady returns as Krystall, Rossi’s girlfriend.

    Tom Verica on How To Getaway With Murder 1/17/19

    (12/29/18) “He Betrayed Us Both” – Now that Connor and Oliver have tied the knot, the crew must deal with the consequences of the wedding night’s murder; and Annalise is forced to reckon with secrets from her past, on “How to Get Away with Murder,” THURSDAY, JAN. 17 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network, streaming and on demand.

    “How to Get Away with Murder” stars Academy Award® winner Viola Davis as Professor Annalise Keating, Billy Brown as Detective Nate Lahey, Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh, Aja Naomi King as Michaela Pratt, Matt McGorry as Asher Millstone, Karla Souza as Laurel Castillo, Charlie Weber as Frank Delfino, Liza Weil as Bonnie Winterbottom, Conrad Ricamora as Oliver Hampton, Rome Flynn as Gabriel Maddox, Amirah Vann as Tegan Price and Timothy Hutton as Emmett Crawford.

    Guest starring is Tom Verica as Sam Keating and Dante Verica as young Gabriel.

    “He Betrayed Us Both” was written by Daniel Robinson and directed by John Terlesky.

    Milo Ventimiglia couldn’t get a job for a year after ‘Heroes’

    (12/13/18) Milo Ventimiglia almost quit the acting business when he couldn’t get a job for a year.

    “I’ve had moments where I’ve had to pick myself up,” the “This Is Us” star told Access in a new interview. “Probably in my early 30s, I couldn’t get hired in town. I really couldn’t. That was back in the ‘Heroes’ days. I did not work for one calendar year. One entire year, I couldn’t get a job.”

    The 41-year-old actor continued, “I was really having to re-evaluate what I was going to be doing because, you know, it’s a profession. You need to feed yourself and clothe yourself and have a roof over your head. I was starting to see those things minimize.”

    Ventimiglia, who starred in “Heroes” from 2006-2010, admitted he was close to moving to Italy before landing a role in the movie “Static,” which according to IMDB, was released in 2012.

    “I was going to cash in and move to Italy on my European passport and find a farm to work on,” he said, adding he would have buzzed his hair, grown a beard and gotten a motorcycle had he moved abroad.

    Sticking through the rough patches worked out for Ventimiglia, who’s been nominated for two Emmys for his role on NBC’s hit show “This Is Us.”

    SAG Awards Nominations

    (12/13/18) The SAG Awards are January 27 at the Shrine Auditorium, simulcast live by Turner’s TNT and TBS. As previously announced, Alan Alda will receive the guild’s Life Achievement Award during the ceremony.


    Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series

    THE AMERICANS (FX Networks)
    ANTHONY ARKIN / Stavos
    SCOTT COHEN / Glenn Haskard
    BRANDON J. DIRDEN / Dennis Aderholt
    NOAH EMMERICH / Stan Beeman
    MATTHEW RHYS / Philip Jennings
    COSTA RONIN / Oleg Burov
    KERI RUSSELL / Elizabeth Jennings
    KEIDRICH SELLATI / Henry Jennings
    MIRIAM SHOR / Erica Haskard
    HOLLY TAYLOR / Paige Jennings

    JONATHAN BANKS / Mike Ehrmantraut
    RAINER BOCK / Werner Ziegler
    RAY CAMPBELL / Tyrus Kitt
    GIANCARLO ESPOSITO / Gustavo “Gus” Fring
    MICHAEL MANDO / Nacho Varga
    BOB ODENKIRK / Jimmy McGill
    RHEA SEEHORN / Kim Wexler

    ALEXIS BLEDEL / Ofglen/Emily
    ANN DOWD / Aunt Lydia
    O-T FAGBENLE / Luke
    JOSEPH FIENNES / Commander Waterford
    NINA KIRI / Alma
    ELISABETH MOSS / Offred/June
    BAHIA WATSON / Brianna

    OZARK (Netflix)
    JASON BATEMAN / Martin “Marty” Byrde
    LISA EMERY / Darlene Snell
    SKYLAR GAERTNER / Jonah Byrde
    JULIA GARNER / Ruth Langmore
    DARREN GOLDSTEIN / Charles Wilkes
    SOFIA HUBLITZ / Charlotte Byrde
    LAURA LINNEY / Wendy Byrde
    TREVOR LONG / Cade
    JANET McTEER / Helen Pierce
    PETER MULLAN / Jacob Snell
    JORDANA SPIRO / Rachel
    ROBERT TREVEILER / Sheriff John Nix
    HARRIS YULIN / Buddy Dieker

    ERIS BAKER / Tess Pearson
    STERLING K. BROWN / Randall Pearson
    NILES FITCH / Teenage Randall
    JUSTIN HARTLEY / Kevin Pearson
    FAITHE HERMAN / Annie Pearson
    JON HUERTAS / Miguel Rivas
    CHRISSY METZ / Kate Pearson
    MANDY MOORE / Rebecca Pearson
    LYRIC ROSS / Déjà
    CHRIS SULLIVAN / Toby Damon
    MILO VENTIMIGLIA / Jack Pearson
    HANNAH ZEILE / Teenage Kate

    Amazon Orders Bilingual Catalina Aguilar Mastretta Romantic Comedy Pilot Starring Lorenza Izzo; Five Others Cast

    (11/13/18) Amazon has given the formal green light to a comedy pilot written and directed by Catalina Aguilar Mastretta (Everybody Loves Somebody). Lorenza Izzo (Life Itself) is set as the lead in the untitled project for Amazon Prime Video, with Georgie Flores (Famous in Love), Giancarlo Vidrio (El Vato), Ben O’Toole (Hacksaw Ridge), Sarah Ramos (Midnight, Texas) and Patricia Bernal (Everybody Loves Somebody) also cast. Amazon Studios is producing with comedy-focused Jax Media (Search Party, Broad City, Younger).

    The Catalina Aguilar Mastretta project is a bilingual (Spanish) romantic comedy about family – the one you choose and the one you’re born into. Sara (Izzo) has been the matriarch of her chosen family since her parents moved back to Mexico City in her late teens. She and her diverse group of friends and family attempt to master their careers and romantic entanglements while living together in Sara’s Hollywood Hills compound. Now, Sara’s mother, Ines, is moving back in and shedding a new light on the life Sara built for herself, pushing everyone towards a late-in-life coming of age.

    Mastretta executive produces with Jax’s Tony Hernandez Brooke Posch. The company’s Liz Cohen is a producer.

    Flores will play Alicia, Sara’s best friend and the daughter of undocumented Mexican immigrant parents who works as a waitress in a bowling alley. Vidrio will play Nacho, Sara’s mischievous gay brother, a former player for the LA Galaxy soccer team who now is one of team’s coaches. O’Toole will play Matt, Sara’s first boyfriend who now is roommates with Nacho in one of the bungalows on Sara’s property. Ramos will play Anna, a friend of Sara’s who also lives in one of the bungalows on her property, along with her little girl Frida. Bernal plays Ines, Sara and Nacho’s mother.

    Aguilar Mastretta is repped by CAA, Epicenter and Felker Toczek. Izzo is with Paradigm and Authentic Talent & Literary Management.

    This is one of two comedy pilots ordered by Amazon, along with People Just Do Nothing, based on the British format.

    Gail O’Grady on Criminal Minds 11/21/1

    (11/13/18) “Ashley” – The BAU investigates a double homicide and kidnapping in New Hampshire. Also, Rossi’s plans to elevate his relationship with Krystall (Gail O’Grady) don’t go as planned, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, Nov. 21 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Series star Adam Rodriguez directed the episode.

    Virginia Madsen Joins Swamp Thing

    (11/2/18) Academy Award nominee Virginia Madsen is ready to do the Swamp Thing.

    Based on characters from DC Comics which were created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson, the 2019 DC Universe streaming service release follows Abby Arcane (Gotham‘s Crystal Reed) as she investigates what seems to be a deadly swamp-born virus in a small town in Louisiana, only to discover that the swamp holds mystical and terrifying secrets. When unexplainable and chilling horrors emerge from the murky marsh, no one is safe.

    Our sister site Deadline reports that Madsen will play Maria Sunderland, a woman of privilege who finds herself slumming it due to husband Avery’s life-time obsession with the swamp. Her refined reality is further upended by Abby’s return, reawakening as it does Maria’s grief over the loss of her daughter.

    Madsen joins a cast that also includes Jennifer Beals (The L Word) as Sheriff Lucilia Cable, Maria Sten (Channel Zero) as Liz Tremayne, a childhood friend of Abby’s, and Jeryl Prescott (Ray Donovan) as Madame Xanadu.

    An Oscar nominee for 2005’s Sideways, Madsen’s previous TV credits include Designated Survivor, Elementary, American Gothic, Witches of East End, Hell on Wheels, American Dreams and Frasier.

    Tom Verica on How To Get Away With Murder 11/15/18

    (10/29/18) “I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die” – In the explosive winter finale, Connor and Oliver’s big wedding day has arrived, but there’s murder in the air; and the mystery of who the unlucky victim is will be revealed, on “How to Get Away with Murder,” THURSDAY, NOV. 15 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network, streaming and on demand.

    “How to Get Away with Murder” stars Academy Award®-winner Viola Davis as Professor Annalise Keating, Billy Brown as Detective Nate Lahey, Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh, Aja Naomi King as Michaela Pratt, Matt McGorry as Asher Millstone, Karla Souza as Laurel Castillo, Charlie Weber as Frank Delfino, Liza Weil as Bonnie Winterbottom, Conrad Ricamora as Oliver Hampton, Rome Flynn as Gabriel Maddox, Amirah Vann as Tegan Price and Timothy Hutton as Emmett Crawford.

    Guest starring is Tom Verica as Sam Keating, John Hensley as Interim D.A. Ronald Miller, Heidi Sulzman as Minister Molly Keener, Derek Basco as wedding DJ, Mia Katigbak as Joanna Hampton, Cynthia Stevenson as Pam Walsh, D.W. Moffett as Jefferson Walsh, Jim Abele as Ted, Jennifer Christopher as Gemma, Roman Coto as Johnny and Tess Lina as Ricki.

    “I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die” was written by Joe Fazzio and directed by Stephen Cragg.

    Lifetime Decks Its Halls With 23 Holiday-Themed Movies & More Cheer

    (9/25/18) We’re just one day past the autumnal equinox, but Lifetime already is in the holiday spirit. The cable channel has unwrapped its slate of Christmas movies, and there are 14 new originals under the tree this year along with nine acquired pics and a couple of specials.

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas as the A+E Networks-owned net unveils its telepic slate billed as It’s a Wonderful Lifetime. After kicking off November 21 with a week featuring five nights of premieres, each ensuing week of the holiday season will feature new movies every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Check out the full lineup with descriptions and premiere dates below.

    “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime is back in a major way with more hours of holiday programming than we have ever had before,” said Tanya Lopez, EVP Movies, Limited Series and Original Movie Acquisitions at Lifetime and LMN. “By stacking our originals with beloved stars from some of the most iconic television shows we grew up with, we are tapping into the nostalgic feelings of familiarity and comfort that everyone wants for the holidays.”

    Some of this seasons movies feature reunions of cast members from such popular bygone TV series as The Cosby Show, A Different World, 7th Heaven and Sister, Sister. Also on tap is the previously announced hourlong special ‘Tis the Season: A One Tree Hill Cast Reunion, in which cast members Hilarie Burton, Tyler Hilton, Danneel Ackles, Antwon Tanner and Stephen Colletti from the 2003-12 WB/CW series regather for an evening that also will include a few surprise special guests.

    Among the stars set for Lifetime’s 2018 holiday movies are Toni Braxton, Melissa Joan Hart, Megan Hilty, Tia Mowry-Hardict, Sarah Drew, Marissa Winokur, Loretta Devine, Cheryl Ladd, June Squibb, Sharon Lawrence, John Schneider, Jason London, Tiya Sicar, Diane Ladd, Towanda Braxton, Conchata Ferrell, Gloria Reuben, Rachel Boston, Patricia Richardson, Caroline Rhea, Michael Gross and Melissa Gilbert.

    Here is the full slate of original holiday fare from Lifetime, including premiere dates, followed by its acquired films:

    It’s A Wonderful Lifetime Preview Special
    November 17th at 10 p.m.
    Hosted by Melissa Joan Hart

    What if Lifetime never made Christmas movies? In this special, hosted by Melissa Joan Hart, we will be taken on a journey that explores how terrible life would be without Lifetime Christmas movies to bring us holiday cheer. Melissa will be visited by the “host” of Lifetime Christmas Past, Present, and Future, and along the way, she will preview the 14 exciting movies that are coming to Lifetime this holiday season. Once this special is over, you won’t be able to imagine a world without the magic of Lifetime Christmas. It’s A Wonderful Lifetime Preview Special is produced by A+E OriginalsTM. Steve Ascher, Kristy Sabat and Allie Breslin serve as executive producers. Brie Miranda Bryant executive produces for Lifetime.
    My Christmas Inn
    November 21st at 8 p.m.
    Starring Tia Mowry-Hardict, Rob Mayes, Jackée Harry, Tim Reid & Erin Gray

    With the holiday season in full swing, Jen Taylor (Tia Mowry-Hardict) is about to score a big promotion at the San Francisco ad agency where she works. But her life is unexpectedly turned upside down when she inherits a cozy inn in Alaska from her aunt. When she goes to inspect the property and meets handsome town attorney Steve Anderson (Rob Mayes), she’s surprised to find that nothing is what she expected. The small town community is full of fun and festive Christmas traditions and soon, Jen starts wondering if the inn might just be the place she belongs, and if Steve could be the Mr. Right she has been waiting for. My Christmas Inn is produced by HYBRID, LLC.

    The Christmas Contract
    November 22nd at 8 p.m.
    Starring One Tree Hill Alums Hilarie Burton, Robert Buckley, Danneel Ackles, Antwon Tanner
    And Jordan Ladd, Cheryl Ladd, Bruce Boxleitner, Jason London, Hunter Burke, Teri Wyble & Ritchie Montgomery With Special Musical Appearance from Tyler Hilton

    It’s Jolie’s (Hilarie Burton) first time going back home to Louisiana since her devastating break up with Foster (Hunter Burke). Seeing him is inevitable as their parents run the town’s annual Christmas Market together, but when she discovers Foster is bringing home a new girlfriend, Jolie cannot bear the thought of going home alone and seeing them together. Her best friend Naomi (Danneel Ackles) suggests that Jolie bring her flaky brother, Jack (Robert Buckley), home for Christmas as he has no plans this year. Jolie, a professional web designer, is hesitant; so, Naomi, a lawyer, creates a Christmas contract to give them both something they want—a buffer for those awkward moments around Jolie’s ex and a website to help sell Jack’s upcoming novel. Unbeknownst to them, the Christmas contract proves to be so much more than what they signed up for. The Christmas Contract is produced by Active Entertainment. Ken Badish and Daniel Lewis serve as executive producers. Monika Mitchell serves as director with a script by Cassie Doyle.

    ‘Tis the Season: A One Tree Hill Cast Reunion
    November 22nd at 10 p.m.
    Featuring Hilarie Burton, Tyler Hilton, Danneel Ackles, Antwon Tanner & Stephen Colletti

    The Tree Hill Ravens are back together to celebrate the Christmas season on Lifetime. In this special one-hour reunion, Hilarie Burton, Tyler Hilton, Danneel Ackles, Antwon Tanner of The Christmas Contract and Stephen Colletti of Hometown Christmas, reunite for a special evening that will include a few surprise special guests. ‘Tis the Season: A One Tree Hill Cast Reunion is produced by A+E OriginalsTM. Steve Ascher, Kristy Sabat and Allie Breslin serve as executive producers. Brie Miranda Bryant executive produces for Lifetime.

    Poinsettias for Christmas
    November 23rd at 8 p.m.
    Starring Bethany Joy Lenz, Marcus Rosner, Lauren London,
    Sharon Lawrence & John Schneider

    It’s just weeks before Christmas when Ellie (Bethany Joy Lenz) gets a call to return home to help her father (John Schneider) on the family’s poinsettia farm. The family business is on the line to deliver tens of thousands of plants for the town’s annual parade. The problem is – the poinsettias have yet to turn red! As Ellie searches for the solution, she is reminded of where her heart truly lies as she falls in love with both her roots and a local botanist (Marcus Rosner). Poinsettias for Christmas is produced by Annuit Coeptis Entertainment, Inc. Christie Will Wolf directed from a script written by Barbara Kymlicka.

    Every Day is Christmas
    November 24th at 8 p.m.
    Starring Toni Braxton, Gloria Reuben, Towanda Braxton & Michael Jai White

    Inspired by the Charles Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol,” shrewd money manager Alexis Taylor (Toni Braxton) gets the holiday visit of a lifetime. A self-proclaimed workaholic who “humbugs” love, Alexis ends up embracing the spirit of Christmas when her past, present, and future collide, forcing her to risk the one thing money can’t buy: her heart. Every Day is Christmas is produced by Brightlight Pictures. Kevin Leslie is producer. Toni Braxton, Craig Baumgarten, Kenneth Crear, Shawn Williamson, Jamie Goehring, and Jonathan Shore executive produce. David Weaver directs from a script by Karen Schaler.

    Jingle Belle
    November 25th at 8 p.m.
    Starring Tatyana Ali, Cornelius Smith Jr., Loretta Devine, Valarie Pettiford, Obba Babatunde, Keshia Knight Pulliam & Tempestt Bledsoe

    Every year, Isabelle (Tatyana Ali) and her high school sweetheart Mike (Cornelius Smith Jr.), rocked their small town’s annual Christmas Eve Pageant with a sweet Christmas duet. But after graduation, Isabelle left to study at Juillard in New York – leaving Mike behind. Years later, when Isabelle returns to her hometown to write music for the annual Christmas Eve Pageant, she is shocked to learn that Mike is the one directing the show. Can Isabelle and Mike put the past behind them and reunite on stage for another show-stopping duet? Jingle Belle is produced by Hybrid, LLC.

    A Very Nutty Christmas
    November 30th at 8 p.m.
    Starring Melissa Joan Hart, Barry Watson, Marissa Winokur, Conchata Ferrell & Rizwan Manji

    Hard-working bakery owner Kate Holiday (Melissa Joan Hart), has more cookie orders than she has time to fill this holiday season, and when her boyfriend suddenly breaks up with her, any shred of Christmas joy she was hanging onto, immediately disappears. After Kate hangs the last ornament on the tree and goes to bed, she awakens the next morning to a little bit of Christmas magic. She gets the surprise of her life when Chip (Barry Watson), a handsome soldier who may or may not be the Nutcracker Prince from Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker, appears in her living room. A Very Nutty Christmas is produced by Hartbreak Films. Paula Hart and Melissa Joan Hart executive produce. Colin Theys serves as director with a script written by Juliet and Keith Giglio.

    A Twist of Christmas
    December 1st at 8 p.m.
    Starring Vanessa Lachey & Brendon Zub

    In the frenzy before Christmas, two single parents— busy working mom Abby (Vanessa Lachey) and her son, and overwhelmed lawyer Ryan (Brendon Zub) and his daughter, accidentally mix up their toys at a crowded department store. As a result, both of their Christmases appear to be ruined. Although the two can’t stand each other, the only way to get things back on track is to help each other salvage their holiday plans – not realizing they’re falling for each other in the process. A Twist of Christmas is produced by Lighthouse Pictures. Jamie Goehring, Shawn Williamson and Nancy Bennett executive produce. David Winning serves as director with a script written by Brian Sawyer and Gregg Rossen.

    The Christmas Pact
    December 2nd at 8 p.m.
    Starring Kyla Pratt, Jarod Joseph, Kadeem Hardison & Jasmine Guy

    Can best friends fall in love? That’s the question next door neighbors Sadie (Kyla Pratt) and Ben (Jarod Joseph) will answer as they keep the spirit of Christmas and the magic of their childhood pact alive! When they were eight years old, they planted a scrawny 3-foot tall Christmas tree behind their church and the Christmas Pact began. But as life gets in the way the pact is threatened to be broken. Ben and Sadie need some Christmas Magic to recommit to each other and promise to keep their special holiday traditions. With each Christmas that passes by, Ben and Sadie’s Christmas tree grows taller and stronger; and so does their love. The pact bearing fruit to the magic of Christmas and the undeniable answer. Yes, friends can fall in love! The Christmas Pact is produced by Annuit Coeptis Entertainment. Executive Producer Timothy O.Johnson, Marita Grabniak directs from a script written by Damon Hill and Blaine Chiappetta.

    Christmas Lost and Found
    December 7th at 8 p.m.
    Starring Tiya Sircar, Ed Ruttle & Diane Ladd

    After years of missing family gatherings, New York City event planner Whitney Kennison (Tiya Sircar) is off to Chicago to spend Christmas with Grandma Frances (Diane Ladd). Excited that her granddaughter is finally home for the holidays, Frances decides to bestow Whitney with the precious Kennison family Christmas ornaments. But when Whitney mistakenly throws out the box of ornaments, Grandma Frances must stealthily devise a fun Christmas scavenger hunt to remind Whitney what the holiday is all about. It’s a race against time as Whitney reclaims the family ornaments, finds romance and learns the lesson Grandma Frances imparts. Christmas Lost and Found is produced by Stephanie Germain Productions and Front Street Productions, with Stephanie Germain and Harvey Kahn as executive producers. Michael Scott directs from a script by Jennifer Notas Shapiro.

    Santa’s Boots
    December 8th at 8 p.m.
    Starring Megan Hilty, Noah Mills & June Squibb

    When Holly (Megan Hilty) returns home for Christmas expecting the same as any other year, she’s blindsided to learn her family’s department store is on the brink of foreclosure. To keep the business going, Holly fills in as Santa’s Helper and meets the surprisingly young and handsome Nick (Noah Mills), who has been hired to play Santa at the store this year. Their undeniable chemistry and charisma draw in big crowds, until suddenly, Nick disappears. As Christmas day inches closer, Holly scrambles to find Nick with only one clue – his misplaced black boot. Santa’s Boots is produced by Front Street Pictures, with Barbara Lieberman and Charles Cooper as executive producers. Shawn Tolleson directs with a script written by Shannon Phipps and Shawn Tolleson.

    A Christmas in Tennessee
    December 9th at 8 p.m.
    Starring Rachel Boston, Andrew Walker, Patricia Richardson, Caroline Rhea

    Allison Bennet (Rachel Boston), along with her daughter Olivia and mother Martha (Patricia Richardson), run a bakery in the small mountain town of White Pines, Tennessee. When Matthew (Andrew Walker), a charming real estate developer, tries to buy the town for a corporate ski resort, Allison and the townspeople must work together to prevent that from happening. And just when the Bennet ladies seem out of luck, an unexpected visitor—with a well-known sweet tooth for cookies and milk—comes to the bakery and may in fact be the key to solving everything. A Christmas in Tennessee is produced by Smokey Mountain Films Inc. and Juliette Hagopian. Howard Braunstein serves as executive producer. Gary Yates directs with a script written by Cassie Doyle.

    Christmas Around the Corner
    December 14th at 8 p.m.
    Starring Alexandra Breckenridge, Jamie Spilchuk & Jane Alexander

    Claire (Alexandra Breckenridge), a savvy venture capitalist from New York City, escapes to a quaint town in Vermont for the holidays and becomes a guest of the Fortenbury Bookstore. Upon arrival, Claire finds Christmas celebrations have been canceled by the town after a flood and the bookstore is in a dire state of disrepair. She immediately takes on the challenge to revitalize the store, but clashes with the owner, Andrew (Jamie Spilchuk), who initially rejects all her proposed improvements. Eventually, sparks fly as the two begin a budding romance, and Claire’s infectious optimism inspires Andrew to join her in reviving the yuletide spirit. But everything comes to a screeching halt when Claire discovers that Andrew is planning to sell the bookstore in the New Year. Will the spirit of Christmas be enough to change Andrew’s mind and encourage him to follow his heart? Christmas Around the Corner is produced by Neshama Entertainment in association with MarVista Entertainment. Danielle Von Zerneck serves as executive producer. Megan Follows directs with a script by Michael Murray.

    Christmas Pen Pals
    December 15th at 8 p.m.
    Starring Sarah Drew, Niall Matter & Michael Gross

    Following an unexpected breakup weeks before Christmas, Hannah (Sarah Drew), tech wiz and creator of the dating app, Perfect One, heads home for the holidays, challenged to save her failing business by re-conceiving a new romantic dating model. Upon her return she runs into her high school boyfriend, Sam (Niall Matter) who she has carefully avoided for years and reluctantly makes a deal with her dad, Ted (Michael Gross) to sign up for the town’s Christmas Cupid, an anonymous holiday pen pal service. As the season progresses, Hannah is smitten by each beautifully written letter she receives and starts to believe that her Christmas pen pal could be her soul mate. It’s not until Christmas Eve that everyone must reveal their true identities to their pen pals, even if it means coming face to face with the last person they ever expected. Christmas Pen Pals is produced by Pen Pals Films, Inc. and Christian Bruyere. Linda Kent, Jack Grossbart and Howard Braunstein serve as executive producers. Siobhan Devine serves as director with a script written by Carley Smale.

    Hometown Christmas
    December 16th at 8 p.m.
    Starring Beverley Mitchell, Stephen Colletti, Melissa Gilbert & Danny Boaz

    Back in Louisiana for Christmas, Noelle Collins (Beverley Mitchell) has big plans to resurrect the town’s live nativity, a beloved tradition that her late mother used to put on. Things become complicated, however, when Noelle runs into her high school sweetheart, Nick Russell (Stephen Colletti), a rising baseball star also back home due to a recent injury. Still feeling the burn from their senior year break-up, their lives are pushed together even further when they learn their parents share an attraction and want to be more than just friends. When things begin to fall apart with the live nativity Nick and Noelle reluctantly team up to pull off the show and find themselves growing close, uncovering a hometown love for each other and the joy of Christmas that both never really faded away. Hometown Christmas is produced by Active Entertainment. Ken Badish and Daniel Lewis serve as executive producers. Emily Moss Wilson and Marcy Holland serve as writers and Emily Moss Wilson directs.

    A Christmas Arrangement
    November 21st at 10 p.m.
    (Acquired Original – Worldwide Premiere)

    Flower shop owner Poppy (Nicky Whelan), enters the annual holiday floral show for a chance to win the grand prize but standing in her way of victory is Garrett (Miles Fisher), the underappreciated protégé of florist extraordinaire, Blair (Daphne Zuniga). While Poppy and Garrett’s rivalry heats up on the flower show floor, an undeniable romance begins amidst a whimsical holiday backdrop. A Christmas Arrangement is produced by The Ninth House.

    Every Other Holiday
    November 23rd at 10 p.m.
    (Acquired Original – Worldwide Premiere)

    Recently separated parents Tracie (Schuyler Fisk) and Rick (David Clayton Rogers), spend every other holiday with their young daughters Harper and Ava. But this Christmas, the girls have only one thing on their wish lists—to spend Christmas with both Mom and Dad at Tracie’s family farmhouse. The temporary reunion will be no walk in the park for Tracie and Rick, but perhaps this Christmas gathering can help rekindle the lost romance between the two and make their daughters’ greatest wish come true. Every Other Holiday also stars Dee Wallace, Glenn Morshower, Abby James Witherspoon and is produced by MarVista Entertainment.

    Christmas Harmony
    November 24th at 10 p.m.
    (Acquired Original – Worldwide Premiere)

    Soft-spoken Harmony (Kelley Jakle), is used to living in the shadow of her pop star boyfriend, but when he breaks up with her right before the holiday season, she returns to her quaint hometown to discover the heart and music that her big city life has been missing. A Christmas Harmony also stars Chandra Wilson, Adam Mayfield, Sally Struthers and is produced by June Street Studios.

    Christmas Perfection
    November 25th at 10 p.m.
    (Acquired Original – Worldwide Premiere)

    As a kid, Darcy (Caitlin Thompson) had no control over her family’s holidays and thus, has grown up to be a Christmas control freak – so much so that she loses sight of what the holidays actually mean. Suddenly, she finds herself magically transported into her idea of the perfect Christmas Village and learns that “perfection” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Christmas Perfection also stars James Henri-Thomas, Robbie Silverman and is produced by MarVista Entertainment.

    Love for Christmas
    December 1st at 10 p.m.

    When Heather, a local theater director, and Bobby run into each other upon his return home after leaving for the Navy years prior, they quickly realize that their mutual childhood crush might lead to an unexpected romance. Produced by MarVista Entertainment, Love for Christmas stars Shantel Vansanten, Rob Mayes, Nikki Deloach, Mark Famiglietti, Alex Peters, Peter Holden, Matt Corboy, Maxim Knight and Orson Bean.

    A Star for Christmas
    December 2nd at 10 p.m.

    Cupcakery owner Cassie can’t help falling for her hunky new customer, but when he turns out to be action superstar Alex Gray, will their relationship survive Hollywood and the holidays? Produced by MarVista Entertainment, A Star for Christmas stars Corey Sevier, Briana Evigan, Karissa Vacker, Travis Van Winkle, Jeremy Howard, Sean Stone and Brooke Burns.

    A Christmas Kiss
    December 21st at 8 p.m.

    High-end interior designer Priscilla and her assistant Wendy, vie for the attention of Priscilla’s socialite boyfriend while decorating his home for the holidays. Produced by MarVista Entertainment, A Christmas Kiss stars Elisabeth Röhm, Laura Breckenridge and Brendan Fehr.

    A Golden Christmas
    December 22nd at 8 p.m.

    Several years ago, a very special dog brought together a little girl and boy. Now, through an incredible coincidence, these two long-lost friends will reconnect during Christmas. Produced by MarVista Entertainment, A Golden Christmas stars Andrea Roth, Nicholas Brendon, Bruce Davison, Elisa Donovan, Jason London and Alley Mills.

    3 Holiday Tails
    December 23rd at 8 p.m.

    David and Lisa are meant to be together, but they haven’t quite figured that out yet. With help from family, friends, and four lovable dogs, this couple will truly have a Christmas to remember. Produced by MarVista Entertainment,3 Holiday Tails stars Julie Gonzalo, Kelly Stables, KC Clyde, Alley Mills and Bruce Davison.

    Gail O’Grady on “CRIMINAL MINDS,” WEDNESDAY, OCT. 10

    (9/17/18) “Starter Home” – When the mummified remains of numerous victims are found in the walls of an elderly couple’s remote South Carolina home, Rossi, J.J. and Simmons are dispatched to track down a trail of clues that date back over 20 years. The hunt becomes urgent after BAU learns the killer has a specific ritual of when to strike, and like clockwork another person goes missing. Also, Rossi reconnects with his ex-wife, Krystall (Gail O’Grady), on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, Oct. 10 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    NBC Buys Music Drama From ‘Nashville’ Alums, Milo Ventimiglia & Craig Brewer

    (8/17/18) Former Nashville executive producers Meredith Lavender and Marcie Ulin are returning to the music industry scene with a new drama series project. The duo has teamed with This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia and Craig Brewer, writer-director of music-themed series Empire and movie Hustle & Flow, for a one-hour series pitch that has landed at NBC with a script commitment plus penalty. The drama hails from Ventimiglia and Russ Cundiff’s DiVide Pictures and 20th Century Fox TV, where Lavender, Ulin and DiVide are under deals.

    Written by Lavender and Ulin, the untitled project centers on gifted musician Madison, who fears her life in the music business is over after an epic breakdown on stage goes viral. With a new boldness she teams up with her musical prodigy sisters to form a band that might be more than what they bargained for. Thrust into a world that is far more cutthroat and challenging than they ever imagined, they try to balance their individual ambitions, dreams and secrets while trying to survive the roller coaster that is fame and success.

    Lavender and Ulin executive produce with Ventimiglia and Cundiff via DiVide with Brewer, who also attached to direct.

    Lavender and Ulin worked on soapy country music drama Nashville for its entire four-season run on ABC, rising to executive producers. Under their 20th TV deal, the duo also recently worked on Fox’s The Gifted. They are repped by CAA and attorney Todd Rubenstein at Barnes Morris.

    Ventimiglia has earned two Emmy nominations for lead actor in a drama series for his portrayal of Jack on NBC/20th TV’s praised series This Is Us, which is going into its third season. He’s repped by WME, Management 360 and McKuin Frankel Whitehead.

    Brewer is co-executive producer on Fox’s Empire. In features, he most recently co-wrote the screenplay for The Legend of Tarzan, which has grossed more than $356 million worldwide.

    Tell Me a Story Gets Premiere Date, Trailer With Twisted Red Riding Hood

    (8/6/18) (Video) Paul Wesley’s Vampire Diaries follow-up finally has a premiere date — and it’s fittingly frightful.

    CBS All Access has announced that Tell Me a Story, its psychological thriller which reunites Wesley with Vampire Diaries EP Kevin Williamson, will launch on Wednesday, Oct. 31 aka Halloween. Season 1’s 10 episodes will be released weekly.

    A trailer for the series gives a taste of its sick spins on Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs and Hansel and Gretel.

    Tell Me a Story is a serialized drama that takes classic fairy tales — such as The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel — and spins them into a subversive story of love, loss, greed, revenge and murder in modern-day New York City.

    The series boasts an ensemble that includes James Wolk (Zoo), Billy Magnussen (People v. O.J.), Dania Ramirez (Once Upon a Time), Danielle Campbell (The Originals), Dorian Missick (Marvel’s Luke Cage), Michael Raymond-James (Once Upon a Time), Davi Santos (Law & Order True Crime), Sam Jaeger (Parenthood), Zabryna Guevara (Gotham) and Kim Cattrall (Sex and the City).

    Tell Me a Story joins CBS All Access’ ever-growing slate of originals, which includes Star Trek: Discovery, The Good Fight, Strange Angel and No Activity. Upcoming series include One Dollar (premiering Thursday, Aug. 30), Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone reboot and another, as-yet-untitled Star Trek series series centered on Sir Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard.

    Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley Goes Very Dark in CBS All Access' Fairytale Drama Tell Me a Story: 'It's So Not Stefan'

    (7/20/18) (Video) CBS All Access’ upcoming fairytale-inspired drama Tell Me a Story reteams Kevin Williamson and Paul Wesley for the first time since their Vampire Diaries days. But one thing is not like the other.

    “Thus far, there’s nothing supernatural about [this] series,” Wesley told me in TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite on Thursday. “It’s grounded. It’s in New York City. It’s the real world. It’s modern day. So I’m working with Kevin in a different capacity.”

    Another big difference between Vampire Diaries and Story: Wesley is not playing a hero. “He’s a complete derelict,” the actor explained. “He abuses substances, he obviously has a lot of trauma in his life… And his life takes a turn for the worse.”

    And as Williamson tells it, Wesley has more than risen to the challenge. “It’s so not Stefan,” the EP shared. “It’s so different from anything he’s done. I’m very excited for everyone to see what an amazing actor he is beyond the Vampire Diaries.”

    Williamson is also enthused for viewers to see co-star James Wolk (Zoo, The Crazy Ones) eschew his white knight persona in the series. “He looks like this nice guy,” Williamson noted with a chuckle. “But he’s going to go to a very dark place.”

    2018 Emmy Nominations

    (7/12/18) LEAD ACTOR IN A DRAMA (2017 winner: Sterling K. Brown)
    Jason Bateman, Ozark
    Sterling K. Brown, This Is Us
    Ed Harris, Westworld
    Matthew Rhys, The Americans
    Milo Ventimiglia, This Is Us
    Jeffrey Wright, Westworld.

    Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley Joins Cast of CBS All Access' Tell Me a Story, Reuniting With Kevin Williamson

    (6/12/18) The Vampire Diaries co-creator/executive producer Kevin Williamson has recruited one of the stars of the long-running CW drama, Paul Wesley, for his new series, psychological thriller Tell Me a Story on CBS All Access.

    Wesley has been tapped for a lead role opposite The Originals alumna Danielle Campbell, Billy Magnussen and Kim Catrall in the straight-to-series drama, from Williamson and Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment.

    Written by Williamson, Tell Me a Story takes the world’s most beloved fairy tales and reimagines them as a dark and twisted psychological thriller. Set in modern day New York City, the first season of this serialized drama interweaves “The Three Little Pigs,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” and “Hansel and Gretel” into an epic and subversive tale of love, loss, greed, revenge and murder.

    Wesley plays Eddie, a derelict and troubled individual whose petulance is fueled even more by his problems with drugs and alcohol. Although he works as a bartender, he also splits his time as a low-level drug dealer and part-time thief with his older brother Mitch, who never fails to treat Eddie as the lowly delinquent that he is.

    Campbell plays Kayla. Catrall plays her grandmother.

    Williamson executive produces with Kapital’s Aaron Kaplan and Dana Honor. Liz Friedlander directs and executive produces the first two episodes.

    Wesley played vampire Stefan on The Vampire Diaries for the series’ eight-season run. Since TVD ended in March 2017, he starred in two off-Broadway plays, Cal in Camo opposite David Harbour at The Rattlestick Theatre and Zurich at New York Theatre Workshop. He also has a featured role in Robert Zemeckis’s upcoming Netflix miniseries Medal Of Honor.

    Wesley, whose production company Citizen Media has multiple TV series projects in development at various networks and studios, is repped by ICM Partners, Management 360, and attorney Marcy Morris.

    ‘Blossom’ star Joey Lawrence’s bankruptcy case ends

    (4/10/18) Joey Lawrence’s financial “whoas!” are working themselves out.

    The “Blossom” star, 41, has settled his debts — but some of his creditors, including the IRS, won’t be receiving full payment, according to The Blast.

    Financial documents reveal the trustee presiding over Lawrence’s bankruptcy case collected about $75,600 to pay back his many creditors. After paying off legal fees, Lawrence had about $52,500 left over to be paid out to those who are owed money.

    The IRS will be paid $31,000 out of $67,000 owed, while the State of California Franchise Tax Board will only be paid half of a $14,000 claim, according to court documents obtained by The Blast.

    Ford Motor Company won’t receive any payment, despite claiming a $42,000 debt, and BMW won’t receive any of the $50,000 it’s owed, either.

    As Page Six previously reported, Lawrence’s Ford Flex and BMW had been repossessed.

    Jason Gedrick & Gail O'Grady Guest on Criminal Minds 3/28/18

    (3/12/18) “The Dance of Love” – The BAU travels to Chicago to investigate an unsub who leaves red roses on each victim. Also, Rossi gets an unexpected visit from his ex-wife, Krystall Richards (Gail O’Grady), on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, March 28 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    GUEST CAST includes: Linn Bjornland(Cheryl Kaline), Jason Gedrick (Craig Kaline), Gail O’Grady (Krystall Richards).

    ‘Blossom’ actor Joey Lawrence files for bankruptcy

    (3/9/18) Talk about financial “whoas!”

    Joey Lawrence and his wife’s finances became so dire last year that they started selling clothes and other accessories on eBay and at Buffalo Exchange, according to The Blast.

    With the family’s expenses leaving them $18,000 in debt every month, the “Blossom” actor and wife, Chandie Lawrence, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last July. Lawrence listed assets totaling about $44,000 and liabilities in excess of $355,000, the documents show.

    The “Melissa & Joey” actor’s debts include $88,000 in back taxes, $132,000 in credit card debt, $32,000 for an unpaid loan, nearly $100,000 owed for automobiles and $54,000 in unpaid rent.

    Lawrence noted that he earns about $4,100 per month and his wife is unemployed. The steep drop from his typical salary of about $500,000 is a result of ABC Family (now Freeform) canceling “Melissa & Joey” after five seasons in 2015.

    He expects to land more acting roles in the future.

    Their three cars, a Bentley, a BMW and a Ford Flex, have been repossessed.

    Joey and his wife had their debt discharged but the bankruptcy is still pending.

    Timothy Hutton To Star In ‘Main Justice’; David Semel To Direct, Sunil Nayar Set As Showrunner Of CBS Pilot

    (2/21/18) Coming off an Emmy-nominated starring turn on John Ridley’s acclaimed ABC anthology drama series American Crime, Timothy Hutton has been tapped to star opposite Bokeem Woodbine in CBS’ legal drama pilot Main Justice.

    Additionally, top pilot director David Semel, who has directed the pilots for such CBS series as Person of Interest, Madam Secretary, Code Black and Pure Genius, as well as the opening episode of CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery, has come on board to direct. Former Revenge showrunner Sunil Nayar has been tapped as executive producer/showrunner.

    Written by Sascha Penn and inspired by the life and work of former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Main Justice centers around Miles Blair (Woodbine), the recently sworn-in U.S. Attorney General. The show takes us into the tumultuous world of the 5th floor of the Department of Justice where he takes on the biggest legal and investigative cases in the country all while being the youngest person to ever hold such an esteemed position.

    Hutton will play Deputy Attorney General Thomas Yarrow, a man whose ego is only matched by the money he spends on his wardrobe. Yarrow was the interim Attorney General prior to Miles’ (Woodbine) appointment, and is immediately critical of the new Attorney General’s decisions.

    Main Justice hails from CBS Television Studios and Jerry Bruckheimer Television. Holder and Penn executive produce alongside Nayar, Semel as well as Jerry Bruckheimer TV’s Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman and KristieAnne Reed.

    Hutton, an Oscar winner for Ordinary People, also toplined TNT’s drama series Leverage. On the feature side, he recently co-starred in Ridley Scott’s All the Money In the World. He is repped by WME, Untitled Entertainment and Jackoway Tyerman.

    Semel, who also helmed the pilot for Amazon’s hit drama The Man In the High Castle, is repped by CAA and attorney Bruce Gellman.

    This marks a return to CBS and CBS TV Studios for Nayar who spent seven seasons on CSI: Miami, rising from co-producer to executive producer. He is repped by CAA and attorney David Fox.

    Midnight, Texas Renewed for Season 2 — Find Out Who Won't Be Back

    (2/14/18) Midnight, Texas forever! (Or, at least for another season.)

    NBC has renewed the supernatural drama based on Charlaine Harris’ novels for a second season, TVLine has learned.

    Most of the series’ regulars — François Arnaud, Dylan Bruce, Parisa Fitz-Henley, Arielle Kebbel and Jason Lewis — are confirmed to return. (You’ll notice this list does not include Yul Vazquez, who played holy man/weretiger Rev. Emilio Sheehan, and Sarah Ramos, who played Manfred’s love interest Creek.)

    Nicole Snyder and Eric Charmelo, who were consulting producers on Season 1, will serve as co-showrunners for Season 2, replacing Season 1 showrunner Monica Owusu-Breen. Snyder and Charmelo will executive-produce alongside returning EP David Janollari.

    “I am stoked at the prospect of a second season of Midnight, Texas,” Harris said via statement. “I can’t wait to revisit my favorite town to discover what its inhabitants have been up to the past few months. Now the viewers, who’ve been asking me questions daily, will have their reward.”

    Season 1 ended with Arnaud’s Manfred defeating the demon Colcannar, who threatened to obliterate the veil separating the supernatural world from ours. Though the victory saved the day, the quirky desert town was soon hit with another invasion: developers, who looked to turn the supernatural hideout into a tourist mecca.

    The summer show’s Season 1 finale had 2.78 million viewers and a 0.8 demo rating.

    Milo Ventimiglia’s ‘Madtown’ Movie Gets January Release Date

    (12/27/17) Madtown, the drama thriller toplined by This Is Us star Mila Ventimiglia, has been acquired by SP Releasing. The deal for U.S. rights means the pic written and directed by Charles C. Moore will get a January 5 limited release in theaters and on-demand via SP’s output deal with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

    The pic centers on Briggs (Ventimiglia), a troubled young man who flashes back to the demons of his past when his sister is released from her 20-year prison sentence for the murder of their parents. Briggs must confront his estranged sister and deal with the past, while fighting to protect his future and the new life he has rebuilt for himself.

    Rachel Melvin, John Billingsley, Bonita Friedericy and Amanda Aday co-star.

    The deal for the film was negotiated by Tiffany Boyle and Katherine Imp at Ramo Law.

    Brittany Snow Drops By To Talk About "Pitch Perfect 3"

    (12/15/17) (Video) Brittany Snow, star of "Pitch Perfect 3," stopped by the BUILD stage to chat about the highly-anticipated movie. Now graduated from college and out in the real world where it takes more than a cappella to get by, the Bellas return in "Pitch Perfect 3." After the highs of winning the World Championships, the Bellas find themselves split apart and discovering there aren't job prospects for making music with your mouth. But when they get the chance to reunite for an overseas USO tour, this group of awesome nerds comes together to make some music, and some questionable decisions, one last time.

    SAG Awards Nominations

    (12/13/17) Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series

    THE CROWN (Netflix)
    CLAIRE FOY / Queen Elizabeth II
    VICTORIA HAMILTON / Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
    VANESSA KIRBY / Princess Margaret
    ANTON LESSER / Prime Minister Harold Macmillan
    MATT SMITH / Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

    ALFIE ALLEN / Theon Greyjoy
    JACOB ANDERSON / Grey Worm
    PILOU ASBÆK / Euron Greyjoy
    JOHN BRADLEY / Samwell Tarly
    JIM BROADBENT / Archmaester Ebrose
    EMILIA CLARKE / Daenerys Targaryen
    NIKOLAJ COSTER-WALDAU / Jaime Lannister
    LIAM CUNNINGHAM / Davos Seaworth
    PETER DINKLAGE / Tyrion Lannister
    RICHARD DORMER / Beric Dondarrion
    JAMES FAULKNER / Randyll Tarly
    JEROME FLYNN / Bronn
    AIDAN GILLEN / Petyr Baelish
    IAIN GLEN / Jorah Mormont
    KIT HARINGTON / Jon Snow
    LENA HEADEY / Cersei Lannister
    CONLETH HILL / Varys
    KRISTOFER HIVJU / Tormund Giantsbane
    TOM HOPPER / Dickon Tarly
    ANTON LESSER / Qyburn
    RORY McCANN / The Hound
    STAZ NAIR / Qhono
    RICHARD RYCROFT / Maester Wolkan
    SOPHIE TURNER / Sansa Stark
    MAISIE WILLIAMS / Arya Stark

    MADELINE BREWER / Janine/Ofwarren/Ofdaniel
    ANN DOWD / Aunt Lydia
    O-T FAGBENLE / Luke
    JOSEPH FIENNES / Commander Waterford
    TATTIAWNA JONES / Ofglen #2
    MAX MINGHELLA / Nick Blaine
    ELISABETH MOSS / Offred/June
    SAMIRA WILEY / Moira

    SEAN ASTIN / Bob Newby
    CARA BUONO / Karen Wheeler
    JOE CHREST / Ted Wheeler
    CATHERINE CURTIN / Claudia Henderson (Dustin’s Mom)
    NATALIA DYER / Nancy Wheeler
    DAVID HARBOUR / Jim Hopper
    CHARLIE HEATON / Jonathan Byers
    JOE KEERY / Steve Harrington
    GATEN MATARAZZO / Dustin Henderson
    CALEB McLAUGHLIN / Lucas Sinclair
    PAUL REISER / Dr. Owens
    WINONA RYDER / Joyce Byers
    NOAH SCHNAPP / Will Byers
    SADIE SINK / Max
    FINN WOLFHARD / Mike Wheeler

    ERIS BAKER / Tess Pearson
    STERLING K. BROWN / Randall Pearson
    LONNIE CHAVIS / Young Randall
    JUSTIN HARTLEY / Kevin Pearson
    FAITHE HERMAN / Annie Pearson
    RON CEPHAS JONES / William Hill
    CHRISSY METZ / Kate Pearson
    MANDY MOORE / Rebecca Pearson
    CHRIS SULLIVAN / Toby Damon
    MILO VENTIMIGLIA / Jack Pearson
    HANNAH ZEILE / Teenage Kate

    Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series
    ANTHONY ANDERSON / Andre “Dre” Johnson
    MILES BROWN / Jack Johnson
    DEON COLE / Charlie Telphy
    PETER MACKENZIE / Mr. Stevens
    MARSAI MARTIN / Diane Johnson
    TRACEE ELLIS ROSS / Dr. Rainbow Johnson
    MARCUS SCRIBNER / Andre Johnson, Jr.
    YARA SHAHIDI / Zoey Johnson

    TED DANSON / Himself
    LARRY DAVID / Himself
    SUSIE ESSMAN / Susie Greene
    JEFF GARLIN / Jeff Greene
    CHERYL HINES / Cheryl David
    JB SMOOVE / Leon Black

    GLOW (Netflix)
    BRITT BARON / Justine Biagi
    ALISON BRIE / Ruth Wilder
    KIMMY GATEWOOD / Stacey Beswick
    BETTY GILPIN / Debbie Eagan
    REBEKKA JOHNSON / Dawn Rivecca
    SUNITA MANI / Arthie Premkumar
    MARC MARON / Sam Sylvia
    KATE NASH / Rhonda Richardson
    SYDELLE NOEL / Cherry Bang
    MARIANNA PALKA / Reggie Walsh
    GAYLE RANKIN / Sheila the She-Wolf
    RICH SOMMER / Mark
    KIA STEVENS / Tammé Dawson
    JACKIE TOHN / Melanie Rosen
    ELLEN WONG / Jenny Chey
    BRITNEY YOUNG / Carmen Wade

    UZO ADUBA / Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren
    EMILY ALTHAUS / Maureen Kukudio
    DANIELLE BROOKS / Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson
    ROSAL COLÓN / Ouija
    JACKIE CRUZ / Marisol “Flaca” Gonzales
    FRANCESCA CURRAN / Helen Van Maele
    DANIELLA DE JESÚS / Zirconia
    LEA DeLARIA / Big Boo
    ASIA KATE DILLON / Brandy Epps
    BETH DOVER / Linda Ferguson
    KIMIKO GLENN / Brook Soso
    ANNIE GOLDEN / Norma Romano
    LAURA GÓMEZ / Blanca Flores
    DIANE GUERRERO / Maritza Ramos
    EVAN ARTHUR HALL / CO Stratman
    MICHAEL J. HARNEY / Sam Healy
    BRAD WILLIAM HENKE / Desi Piscatella
    MIKE HOUSTON / CO Lee Dixon
    VICKY JEUDY / Janae Watson
    KELLY KARBACZ / Kasey Sankey
    JULIE LAKE / Angie Rice
    SELENIS LEYVA / Gloria Mendoza
    NATASHA LYONNE / Nicky Nichols
    TARYN MANNING / Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett
    ADRIENNE C. MOORE / Cindy Hayes
    KATE MULGREW / Galina “Red” Reznikov
    EMMA MYLES / Leanne Taylor
    MATT PETERS / Joel Luschek
    DASCHA POLANCO / Dayanara Diaz
    LAURA PREPON / Alex Vause
    JOLENE PURDY / Stephanie Hapakuka
    NICK SANDOW / Joe Caputo
    ABIGAIL SAVAGE / Gina Murphy
    TAYLOR SCHILLING / Piper Chapman
    DALE SOULES / Frieda Berlin
    YAEL STONE / Lorna Morello
    EMILY TARVER / CO Artesian McCullough
    MICHAEL TORPEY / CO Thomas Humphrey
    LIN TUCCI / Anita DeMarco.

    Joey Lawrence Says a Blossom Reboot May Happen

    (12/12/17) Thanks to the revivals of Full House, Will and Grace, Gilmore Girls, and even Roseanne, throwback television is all the rage right now. In keeping with the tradition that all your old small screen favorites are still relevant, it looks like the creators of Blossom may just be considering a potential new future for the hit '90s teen dramedy as well.

    Actor Joey Lawrence appeared on The Steve Harvey Show Monday and said that there are legitimate conversations about a potential reunion series.

    "There has been serious talk about it, believe it or not," Lawrence said. "Miyam [Bialik] and I have both said we'd be into it. We've talked to Don Reo about it, who created it, if there's a way then I think we're all down for it."

    Lawrence even has a pitch for where his character, Joey Russo, would be at in life by the time said revival picked up.

    "The show ended where he went off to play baseball. He was a really good baseball player. So, I think that he went, had a great career, probably got married several times. He was always going on dates," he explained. "Then I think that he came home now for the first time in a long time. Maybe his career's over, [he is] mid to late-30s, and he's gotta find something else to do with his life. 'Cause, you know, he doesn't have much to fall back on because [his] brain isn't firing on all cylinders."

    In its original run, Blossom lasted for five seasons on NBC and earned similar fanfare as fellow teen sitcoms Beverly Hills 90210 and Saved by the Bell.

    Brittany Snow Sued Over 2016 Car Crash

    (12/12/17) Brittany Snow's allegedly heavy foot just got her sued.

    Jose Erazo Gomez ?is suing the 'Pitch Perfect' star after he says he was rear-ended at a high rate of speed back in July 2016. In docs, obtained by TMZ, Gomez says the other driver's failure to stop caused him catastrophic injuries.

    We're told Brittany was the one behind the wheel, but Jose is also suing her mom, Cindy. In docs, Gomez says he suffered shock and injury to his nervous system. We're told that includes a disc tear in his neck.

    He's suing for unspecified damages. We've reached out to Brittany, so far no word back.

    ‘This Is Us’ Star Milo Ventimiglia Joins Jennifer Lopez In ‘Second Act’ From STX

    (11/1/17) Milo Ventimiglia of NBC’s audience and critically adored series This Is Us has come aboard the Jennifer Lopez-starring comedy, Second Act, to play her long-time boyfriend, Trey. The pic, which hails from STXfilms and director Peter Segal, follows a big-box store employee (Lopez), who is given the chance to prove to Madison Avenue that street smarts are as valuable as a college degree.

    Leah Remini, Vanessa Hudgens, Dan Bucatinsky, Annaleigh Ashford and Freddie Stroma will also co-star in the film, which is currently shooting in New York. Justin Zackham and Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas wrote the screenplay and are producers on the project along with Lopez and Benny Medina.

    Ventimiglia, also known for his role in Gilmore Girls and NBC’s Heroes, is repped by WME, Management 360 and McKuin Frankel Whitehead.

    Milo Ventimiglia To Produce King Lear-Themed Drama, Michael Jacobs Comedy & Couples Reality Project For Fox

    (10/24/17) This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia and his longtime producing partner Russ Cundiff have sold three projects to Fox via their DiVide Pictures — drama Cordelia, a Latino take on King Lear from Ice co-creator Robert Munic; The End, a multi-camera comedy from Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World co-creator Michael Jacobs; and Committed, a reality series project about couples from David Leepson (Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills)

    Ventimiglia and Cundiff executive produce all three projects, which hail from This Is Us studio 20th Century Fox TV where DiVide has a deal.

    Written/executive produced By Robert Munic, Cordelia is a modern re-telling of the King Lear story set to the back drop of a strong Cuban family and the three sisters running the scene in Miami. Told through the eyes of the one daughter who truly loved her father, Cordelia delves into a world of secrets, lies and complex family bonds that are constantly tested but ultimately never broken.

    Written/executive produced by Michael Jacobs, The End is a multi-camera, multi-generational comedy about a wildly mismatched couple, Joey and Marla, who have uniquely flawed children and Marla’s divorced parents living with them. They are possibly the worst family in the world. But in spite of their differences, Joey and Marla come to realize it’s possible they’re in love. Maybe that’s enough to save them all.

    The unscripted Committed is the story of four couples going through the different phrases of life: marriage, having a baby, divorce and old age. Leepson executive produces with Stephanie Lydecker.

    Jacobs is repped by WME. Munic is repped by Verve, the Gotham Group and attorney David Fox.

    DiVide Pictures is producing Relationship Status for Go90. The company’s series producing credits also include Chosen, Ultradome and The PET Squad Files. DiVide is repped by WME and McKuin Frankel Whitehead.

    Freeform Developing ‘Tapped’ Drama From ‘PLL’s Marlene King & ‘TVD’s Paul Wesley

    (10/13/17) Former The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley has teamed with Pretty Little Liars developer/showrunner I. Marlene King for Tapped, a drama series project, which has been set up at Freeform.

    Written by Thomas Brandon based on the novel in progress by Andrew Shaffer (How To Survive A Sharknado), Tapped is described as The Social Network meets Pretty Little Liars. It centers around three grad students who create a hookup app called Tapped that goes viral and turns the students into overnight millionaires, but also unleashes unwitting dangers into the world that the creators must try to understand and control.

    King executive produces through her Long Lake Media alongside Wesley and Bob Levy via Citizen Media. Brandon is co-executive producer. Warner Horizon Scripted Television, where both King and Wesley are under overall deals, is the studio.

    King developed, executive produced and ran Freeform’s signature drama Pretty Little Liars which wrapped its seven-season run last spring. She’s currently shepherding the Pretty Little Liars’ spinoff The Perfectionists, which received a pilot order at the cable network, along with the Freeform series Famous In Love.

    Brandon is an LA-based screenwriter and director who has done several short films, a produced playwright and former Nicholl Fellowship semi-finalist. He developed Transience at the CW last season.

    Humorist and author Shaffer penned How to Survive a Sharknado and Other Unnatural Disasters and the Fifty Shades of Grey parody, Fifty Shames of Earl Grey under the pen name Fanny Merkin.

    Levy was an executive producer on The Vampire Diaries before teaming with Wesley at Citizen Media. Tapped reunites Levy with King as he also previously served as an executive producer on PLL.

    Wesley starred as Stefan Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries. He began directing The Vampire Diaries in its fifth season and began produced the series at the start of season 8. He also directed an episode of Shadowhunters for Freeform.

    This is Citizen Media’s second project at Freeform, along with a Shanghai drama written by Oanh Ly. The company is repped by ICM Partners, Management 360 and Jackoway Tyerman. Long Lake Media is repped by WME. Brandon is repped by Paradigm and Lee Stobby Entertainment.

    Joey Lawrence Recurs on Hawaii Five-0 11/3/17

    (10/13/17) “Kama’oma’o, ka ‘aina huli hana” – At Halloween, Five-0 must investigate a string of murders that mirror stories from well-known Hawaiian folklore. Also, Grover is called to visit a man hours away from execution who may hold the key to a case that has plagued Grover for years, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Nov. 3 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. (“Kama’oma’o, ka ‘aina huli hana” is Hawaiian for “At Kama’oma’o, The Land of Activities”)

    RECURRING: Joey Lawrence (Aaron Wright), Claire Forlani (Alicia Brown)

    Joey Lawrence Recurs on Hawaii Five-0 10/20/17

    (9/29/17) “E uhi wale no 'a'ole e nalo, he imu puhi” – The lives of Five-0’s informants are in danger when the HPD system is hacked and one ends up dead, forcing McGarrett to enlist the help of hacker Aaron Wright (Joey Lawrence), who he just imprisoned, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Oct. 20 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    Denise Richards, Joey Lawrence Join ‘Pistachio’

    (9/22/17) Denise Richards and Joey Lawrence have come aboard the family adventure film Pistachio, from director Anna Elizabeth James. It revolves around a young girl and her friend who team up against two local boys on an epic horseback riding adventure in the country. Richards is playing a best-selling New Age author, who hosts her suburban niece over the summer on a Dr. Doolittle-esque ranch. Madeline Carroll, Cassi Thomson and Nick Searcy also are cast in the film, which Tyler W. Konney is producing in his second film collaboration with James. Taylor & Dodge developed and financed the project in-house. Richards (Starship Troopers, The World Is Not Enough) is repped by Abrams Artists and LINK, while Lawrence (Melissa & Joey, Blossom) is with Innovative and Link.

    Why Milo Ventimiglia would ‘never’ date Hayden again

    (9/14/17) Milo Ventimiglia is a repeat offender when it comes to dipping in the co-worker pool.

    The “This Is Us” star dated co-stars Alexis Bledel (“Gilmore Girls”) and Hayden Panettiere (“Heroes”), but in hindsight has learned a thing or two about mixing business with pleasure. Panettiere was 18 when they got together, while Ventimiglia was 30. They split after two years of high-profile dating.

    “Never do it again,” Ventimiglia told Mr. Porter when asked what he learned from his experience. “There are things that happen to you in your life that shape who you are. Everything I’ve been through from jobs to friendships to partnerships, everything has built me to who I am.

    “You learn from it. You learn a better way of doing things,” he continued. “It wasn’t until my mid to late twenties that the job wears on you, relationships wear on you.”

    Although the 40-year-old actor wouldn’t make the same mistake again, he also said he wouldn’t take any of it back.

    “I wouldn’t change a thing,” he added. “When you get knocked over the head in life, it builds your perspective.”

    Milo Ventimiglia Gave the This Is Us Cast and Crew the Sweetest Season 2 Gifts

    (9/14/17) You know how they say art imitates life? We're honestly not sure if the art of This Is Us is imitating Milo Ventimiglia's life or if it's the other way around, but basically, he's a real life Jack Pearson.

    As a welcome back gift for Season 2, Ventimiglia had trucker hats with the Jack's Big Three Homes logo on them made for everyone on the cast and crew. He's like the dorky dad who makes family T-shirts with everyone's names emblazoned on the back before packing everyone into the minivan for a family reunion, because he wants to make everyone feel welcome.

    In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ventimiglia explained that as No. 1 on the call sheet (a pretty important distinction on any set) it's very important for him to set the tone of the show for everyone on the cast and crew.

    "I study the call sheets so that I know everyone's name," he says. For reference, on any given day a call sheet for a popular TV show can have dozens of names on it when you factor in the crew. Ventimiglia is at the top because he's considered the lead of the show, and in a way a leader in the cast and crew. Him going the extra mile to know everyone's name creates a family environment on the set -- and cements that he's the perfect Jack Pearson.

    This Is Us returns Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 9/8c on NBC.

    Midnight, Texas Rescheduling News: When Will the Final Episodes Air?

    (9/5/17) NBC has released the new game plan for Midnight, Texas‘ final episodes, now that the freshman drama’s antepenultimate hour has been bumped by next Tuesday’s Hurricane Harvey telethon.

    Originally, the supernatural series was to air two episodes next week, on Monday, Sept. 11 and Tuesday, Sept. 12 — thus landing the finale on Monday, Sept. 18.

    The regular Monday outing is unaffected. But with the hour-long telethon airing that Tuesday at 8/7c (followed by America’s Got Talent from 9 to 11 pm), Midnight, Texas‘ ninth of 10 episodes will now air Wednesday, Sept. 13 at 10 pm. The freshman finale stays put on Monday the 18th.

    Season to date, Midnight, Texas is averaging 3.2 million total viewers and a 0.8 demo rating, with the Aug. 28 episode drawing its second-largest audience of the season (3.37 mil) and matching its demo high (0.9).

    This Is Us' Milo Ventimiglia Is Producing a Police Drama for NBC

    (8/31/17) It looks like Milo Ventimiglia is stepping into the producing game. The This Is Us star is teaming up with NBC for an exciting new police drama centering around an elite task force working to protect their own.

    According to Variety, the network is developing a new show called Greenlit about a highly-skilled group of federal agents whose impressive backgrounds include working for the FBI, Secret Service, IRS and SWAT. Their job is to protect members of law enforcement who find themselves targeted for murder (or "greenlit," as they call it) by various criminal organizations.

    Ventimiglia will serve as an executive producer on the series alongside Russ Cundiff, Andrew Lenchewski (Royal Pains) and Kevin O'Hare, who will also write the script.

    Phillip Noyce, whose past credits include the pilot for Tru Calling and an episode of 2016's Roots, is stepping in to direct the pilot. He's also the man behind the grossly underrated thriller Dead Calm starring Nicole Kidman, Sam Neill and Billy Zane, so Greenlit should be in good hands.

    Though the series has assembled its all-star team to bring it to TV, NBC has yet to order the pilot so it may be a while before you get to see it (it ever). In the meantime, you can catch Ventimiglia contend for Greatest Dad Ever on This Is Us, which kicks off Season 2 on Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 9/8c on NBC.

    Joey Lawrence on Hawaii Five-0 - 9/29

    (8/31/17) “'A'ole e 'olelo mai ana ke ahi ua ana ia” – McGarrett and Danny recruit Tani Rey (Meaghan Rath) to join the task force when diabolical hacker Aaron Wright (Joey Lawrence) releases a dangerous arsonist from prison, on the eighth season premiere of HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Sept. 29 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. The season premiere includes animation of one of McGarrett and Danny’s infamous “car-guements.” Also, Randy Couture returns, and Joey Lawrence joins his brother, Andrew, when he guest stars as Aaron Wright, a hacker.

    Joey Lawrence to Guest Star on ‘Hawaii Five-0’

    (8/3/17) Joey Lawrence has been cast in a guest role on “Hawaii Five-0,” Variety has learned exclusively.

    Lawrence will appear in two episodes in the upcoming eighth season, playing Aaron Wright, the brother of world-class hacker Ian Wright, who Five-0 encounters when he uses his computer to free a dangerous arsonist from prison — “Hawaii Five-0” fans will remember Ian Wright was played by Nick Jonas, before the character was killed off.

    Known for his roles on “Blossom” and “Brotherly Love,” Lawrence most recently was an executive producer and starred in “Melissa & Joey,” which aired from 2010 to 2015. He also recently appeared on Pop’s “Return of the Mac.” As a musician, Joey and his brothers, Matthew and Andy Lawrence, recently released the single “Lose Myself.” Lawrence is also set to release a new solo project this fall.

    No date has been set for Lawrence’s two episodes on “Hawaii Five-0.” Aside from Lawrence, the CBS drama will have other new faces this season, having recently cast Meaghan Rath and Beulah Koale, and promoting Ian Anthony Dale to a series regular, following the departure of Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park over contract disputes.

    Lawrence is repped by Link Entertainment.

    Shondaland’s ‘Scandal’ & ‘HTGAWM’ Get New Producing Directors; Tom Verica Moves To ‘For The People’

    (7/31/17) Shondaland has named Jann Turner as the new Producing Director for Scandal and Jet Wilkinson in the same role for How To Get Away With Murder, as Tom Verica moves to For The People as its Producing Director and Executive Producer.

    Turner joins Scandal as the replacement for Verica. She is a prolific film and TV director known for the features White Wedding and Paradise Stop. She has directed episodes of The Bold Type, The Last Ship, Scandal, The Catch, Chicago Fire, Greys Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, Jane The Virgin, Grace and Frankie, Chicago PD, Chicago Med, among many others. Turner was also an on-air producer for SABC TV’s Truth Commission Special Report and she has made documentaries for Channel 4UK and eTV South Africa. She’s repped by CAA, Synchronicity Management and Gang Tyre Ramer & Brown.

    Multi-hyphenate Verica has spent the last five seasons working on Scandal, most recently as Executive Producer/ Director. He also starred opposite Viola Davis as her late husband, Sam Keating, in the ABC-Shonda Rhimes hit, How To Get Away With Murder. He previously starred as Jack Pryor on NBC’s praised television drama, American Dreams, and his feature acting credits include Zodiac helmed by David Fincher, Flags Of Our Fathers directed by Clint Eastwood, Murder By Numbers, Red Dragon, Father’s Day, and Die Hard II. His other TV credits include stints on notable television shows such as House, The Closer, Grey’s Anatomy, Law & Order SVU, among others. As a well-regarded director, Verica has helmed numerous episodes of television including Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, The Mentalist, Harry’s Law, Private Practice, Boston Legal, Ugly Betty and American Dreams.

    Wilkinson is a veteran Director/Producer from Sydney, Australia who directed over 200 episodes of Australian TV drama before moving into a series producer role on Wonderland for Fremantlemedia and the Ten Network Australia. In 2015 Wilkinson expanded her career into the U.S. market, signing with Gersh Agency. In the past 12 months she has directed 15 episodes of television drama on multiple episodes of How to Get Away with Murder (ABC), Madam Secretary (CBS), Nashville (ABC/CMT), Iron Fist (Marvel/Netflix), The Punisher (Marvel/Netflix), Bull (CBS), Code Black (CBS), American Gothic (CBS) and Zoo (CBS).

    These join the already announced Don Todd, Executive Producer on For the People and Paris Barclay, Producing Director and Executive Producer on the yet to be titled Grey’s Anatomy spinoff.

    Rhea Seehorn & Rachel Boston Board Comedy ‘I Hate Kids’

    (7/27/17) John Asher’s comedy I Hate Kids has added Better Call Saul‘s Rhea Seehorn and Witches of East End‘s Rachel Boston to its cast that already includes Tituss Burgess, Tom Everett Scott and Beth Riesgraf.

    The film, which started production on July 10, follows Scott as Nick Pearson, a successful author who always has hated kids and is about to finally settle down with the perfect match. However, on the night of his wedding rehearsal dinner, 13-year old Mason (Julian Feder) shows up claiming to be his son. How does the kid know this? Because self-proclaimed psychic the Amazing Fabular (Burgess) says so. The trio set out on a journey to find Mason’s mom and, in doing so, learn about Nick’s past.

    Boston will play Nick’s fiancée Sydneyof, and Seehorn will play her sister Kelly. I Hate Kids is co-written by Frank Dietz and Todd Traina and co-produced by Traina and Rachel McHale.

    Boston’s deal was brokered by John Carrabino Management and the Gersh Agency, and Seehorn’s was by Randi Ross of Phoenix Artists and Alissa Vradenburg of Untitled Entertainment.

    2017 Emmy Awards Nominations

    Sterling K. Brown - This is Us, NBC
    Anthony Hopkins - Westworld, HBO
    Bob Odenkirk - Better Call Saul, AMC
    Matthew Rhys - The Americans, FX Networks
    Liev Schreiber - Ray Donovan, Showtime
    Kevin Spacey - House Of Cards, Netflix
    Milo Ventimiglia - This is Us, NBC

    ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Trailer: First Look At Final Sing-Off With Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick

    (6/25/17) (Trailer) “We don’t do anything with dignity, okay?” Rebel Wilson’s “Fat Amy” (her ball cap reads “Make America Eat Again”) says in this first trailer for Pitch Perfect 3, and fans wouldn’t expect otherwise. Having graduated from college and finding the non-singing world a depressing place – service jobs and bull-tending apparently not being all their cracked up to be – the a cappella Bellas reunite for a USO competition in Europe, where they’ll once again sing off against snooty betters who this time even play their own instruments and write their own songs.

    The third and final of the Pitch Perfect films, PP3 reunites the cast as well as characters: Returning are Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Hana Mae Lee, Ester Dean, Alexis Knapp, Chrissie Fit, Kelley Jakle, Shelley Regner, Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins. Joining the returnees are John Lithgow and Ruby Rose.

    Pitch Perfect 3 is again produced by Paul Brooks of Gold Circle Entertainment and Max Handelman & Elizabeth Banks of Brownstone Productions, and is written by Kay Cannon and directed by Trish Sie. Universal releases December 22.

    Take a look at the trailer above and tell us what you think.

    ‘The Oath’: Arlen Escarpeta Cast In Crackle Drama Series

    (6/21/17) Arlen Escarpeta (The Magicians) has been cast in a key role opposite Sean Bean in Crackle’s upcoming drama series The Oath, executive produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (Power) and his G-Unit Film & Television and Storied Media Group LLC. Production begins in Puerto Rico next month? with premiere slated for 2018.

    Written and created by former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy Joe Halpin (Hawaii Five-0), the 10-episode original series explores a different kind of subculture – gangs made up of those sworn to protect and defend. Escarpeta will play Damon Byrd, an undercover FBI agent trying to find his footing.

    Escarpeta currently recurs as Prince Ess on Syfy’s The Magicians. He co-starred in the role of Bobby Brown in Lifetime film Whitney, and his feature credits include Into The Storm, Final Destination 5, Brotherhood, and the Friday the 13th remake. He’s repped by Don Buchwald and Associates and Karen Forman Management.

    Milo Ventimiglia almost quit acting to become a mechanic

    (6/19/17) Milo Ventimiglia hasn’t always been all in with acting.

    The 39-year-old almost took a shockingly different route after his series “Gilmore Girls” was over. Ventimiglia told People that he was “going to be an auto mechanic” because he felt “the business was getting in the way” — a career he’d considered earlier on in his life, too.

    He admitted to feeling “fed up” and like he “wasn’t there yet in other people’s eyes,” but right before quitting he was cast in “Rocky Balboa” and the NBC series “Heroes,” which he said, “kind of sent me on the next six, seven years.”

    After “Heroes” was canceled but before Ventimiglia was cast in current NBC hit “This Is Us,” he hit another bump that almost sent him out of the country.

    “I have dual citizenship with Italy,” he told People. “I was like, ‘I’m gonna sell everything, I’m going to fly to Rome, I’m gonna buy a motorcycle, I’m going to ride around until I can find a farm I can work on. I’m going to shave my head, I’m gonna grow a beard and I’m going to work on a farm … just lead a very different life very far away.’”

    Nevertheless, Ventimiglia landed a big role on “This Is Us,” and now it looks like he’s here to stay.

    2017 Teen Choice Awards Nominees

    (6/19/17) The Teen Choice Awards air Sunday, Aug. 13 on Fox.

    Choice Drama TV Actor (#ChoiceDramaTVActor)
    Cole Sprouse – “Riverdale”
    Ian Harding – “Pretty Little Liars”
    Jesse Williams – “Grey’s Anatomy”
    Jussie Smollett – “Empire”
    Milo Ventimiglia – “This Is Us”
    Sterling K. Brown – “This Is Us”

    ‘Devil’s Gate’ Tribeca Clip: Milo Ventimiglia’s Family Goes Missing In Suspense Thriller

    (4/5/17) (Video) Here’s a peek at the upcoming indie thriller Devil’s Gate, from first-time director Clay Staub, which will have its world premiere April 24 at the Tribeca Film Festival. It stars This Is Us’ Milo Ventimiglia as Jackson Pritchard, a reclusive man with a troubled past who is dealing with the disappearance of his wife and son.

    “You guys go to the right place? Does this look normal?” From the opening of the clip that sees an FBI agent (Amanda Schull) and police officer (Shawn Ashmore) pulling up to Jackson’s eerie, secluded farm to investigate the incident. The two become trapped with Jackson as night falls, and nothing is as it seems.

    Bridget Regan and Jonathan Frakes co-star in the film, which Staub co-wrote with Peter Aperlo. Producers are Scott Mednick, André Rouleau, Valérie d’Auteuil, Ian Dimerman and Brendon Sawatzky. Skyler Mednick served as exec producer.

    CAA is handling sales for the film at the fest. Check out the clip above.


    (3/23/17) CBS today announced early renewals of 18 returning series for the 2017-2018 season, displaying the programming depth and stability of America’s Most Watched Network. Additional returning series pick-ups for next season will be announced at a later date.

    The shows renewed to date include 6 comedies, 9 dramas, 1 reality series, 2 newsmagazines and a roster of hit programs across every night of the week. They also include the #1 scripted program/comedy THE BIG BANG THEORY; the #1 drama NCIS; the #1 new series BULL; the #1 new comedy KEVIN CAN WAIT; and the #1 newsmagazine 60 MINUTES.

    In addition, 5 freshman shows are part of the Network’s early renewals, including BULL, KEVIN CAN WAIT, MACGYVER, MAN WITH A PLAN and SUPERIOR DONUTS.

    Following are the renewed series to date for the 2017-2018 season:

















    48 HOURS

    60 MINUTES

    CBS will finish the current season as America’s Most Watched Network for the 14th time in 15 years. The Network will announce its new fall 2017-2018 schedule on Wednesday, May 17 at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

    Gail O’Grady on Training Day

    (3/17/17) “Quid Pro Quo” – Kyle’s morals are put to the test when Frank involves him in a plan to take down a criminal defense attorney who has been helping his clients eliminate witnesses, on TRAINING DAY, on a new day and time, Saturday, April 8 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    GUEST CAST: Tom Wilson (Gary Millstone), Gail O’Grady (Claire Millstone), Derek Gaines (Thief #1/Lou).

    This Is Us' Milo Ventimiglia Sees 'Danger' in Jack's Drinking... But Could It Lead Him to Cheat on Rebecca?

    (3/7/17) At the end of the last new This Is Us episode, Jack ordered up a tall glass of trouble. Whether he’ll make it a double, star Milo Ventimiglia says, remains to be seen.

    We’re talking, of course, about the recent scene that showed the Pearson dad drinking — after a long dry spell — following a fight with wife Rebecca. Ventimiglia tells TVLine that whether or not the alcoholic beverage is a one-time thing, it doesn’t bode well for their overtaxed marriage.

    “If anyone can assume what that means symbolically, what that means in relation to Rebecca’s abhorrence of it, it spells danger and it spells problems,” Ventimigilia says. “But is Jack deserving of that moment to possibly take the edge off? Yeah, I think maybe he earned it.”

    Thing is, as co-star Mandy Moore recently pointed out, nearly two decades of stay-at-home mothering has made Rebecca feel like she earned a chance to go on tour with her band. And in Tuesday’s episode (NBC, 9/8c), Mr. and Mrs. Pearson haven’t come to any easily resolutions about the feelings hurt in the Valentine’s Day hour.

    Then there’s a recently released photo, also from Tuesday’s episode, that show Jack and Miguel’s comely assistant, Heather, exchanging a look in a bar…

    Ventimiglia deftly deflects the suggestion that perhaps the pair have an affair. “I think everybody wants to speculate and wonder what it is that could possibly pull Jack and Rebecca apart,” he says. “There are a lot of different things in life that pull any couple apart, whether it’s work or career or a spark with someone else. I think there are a lot of teasing elements that, of course, are going to be out there and questions that are going to get asked. I constantly tell people, ‘Just wait. All answers will come, probably pretty quick.'”

    And as for the upcoming season finale, which airs March 14? “It’ll stress you the f—k out,” is all Ventimiglia will say, smiling.

    Milo Ventimiglia Isn't Eager to Be the Next Wolverine

    (3/5/17) Since Hugh Jackman is officially retiring his Wolverine mask, it might be time for the X-Men universe to be looking for a replacement.

    If they wanted to be meta about it, they might consider recruiting This Is Us' Milo Ventimiglia. The NBC star was the voice of Wolverine on the animated series of the same name. asked Ventimiglia if he would ever consider step into those iconic boots, but he wasn't too eager to follow up Jackman's performance.

    "When you think about Wolverine and trying to do something different or better than Hugh Jackman, it kind of is tough to imagine stepping into those shoes," the actor said.

    Ventimiglia knows that a lot of actors would love to get to play a tentpole character, but he's actually pretty happy with the "superhero" role he already has -- playing a dad on This Is Us. The man sure knows how to make us swoon.

    This Is Us continues Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

    TV’s hottest dad finds inspiration from his own father

    (3/3/17) Milo Ventimiglia doesn’t have to look too far for “This is Us” inspiration.

    “I’ve got this photo in my trailer of my dad [from] when I was, like, 3 years old, and before I walk out of my trailer I look at it,” he said when explaining how he channels a father for his work on the NBC drama. “I wrote a note above it saying ‘be a good father’ and then a note below it that says ‘be a good husband.'”

    Beyond the photo reminder, Ventimiglia, 39, credits the success of his character, Jack, to his parents in real life.

    “I had the best possible education of how to be a great dad by my father who’s amazing,” he said of his TV character, who is loving a father of triplets, during a Build Series talk Thursday. “My mom and dad are kind and they’re giving and loving and raised my sisters and I with hugs and kisses.”

    And even though the “Gilmore Girls” alum — who plays Mandy Moore‘s husband on “This Is Us” — is single with no kids, he has father-like pride when talking about the show’s success.

    “Playing the patriarch of this family, I kind of feel like a proud father, even though three of them are older than me,” he said.

    Here’s why Milo Ventimiglia is wearing a cast

    (2/22/17) Everyone’s favorite new TV dad is dealing with a real-life injury.

    “This Is Us” star Milo Ventimiglia stopped by “The Tonight Show” on Tuesday donning a cast and sling on his right arm.

    “He had a minor surgery on his wrist,” his rep told Page Six on Wednesday, adding that it “had nothing to do with production.”

    The actor joked with Fallon that he was in a fight, but then revealed he had “some torn tendons.”

    He did not reveal how he hurt his wrist though.

    In December, a New York fight shop called Superare tweeted at Ventimiglia offering to send him a pair of gloves.

    The 39-year-old responded, “Appreciate that bud @ECMMAFightShop, got a busted up wrist at the moment, not throwing anything but shadow combos.”

    Dick Clark Productions Sale To Wanda Group Slowed By Chinese Deal Limits

    (2/21/17) Wanda Group’s $1 billion deal to buy Dick Clark Productions has been delayed — but not derailed — as a result of China’s recent effort to limit capital flight from the country.

    The early November pact is now expected to close in a matter of weeks as the companies grapple with controls that China’s Commerce Ministry imposed late last year on overseas deals of $1 billion or more.

    Former Guggenheim Partners president Todd Boehly’s Eldridge Industries controls DCP, which produces the Golden Globes, the Billboard Music Awards, the American Music Awards, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest and other special events.

    Officials in Beijing fear that the country’s capital reserves will become depleted if companies use their cash to buy overseas properties as the value of the yuan declines vs the U.S. dollar. Last year the yuan depreciated 7% to its lowest exchange rate in eight years against the strengthening dollar.

    Among other things, officials in Beijing ordered several major banks to cut back on letters of credit.

    Wanda is one of China’s most active buyers of overseas assets, especially in entertainment. In addition to the Dick Clark deal, last year it paid $3.5 billion for Legendary Entertainment while Wanda-controlled AMC Entertainment became the world’s biggest exhibition chain with a $1.1 billion acquisition of Carmike Cinemas and a $1.2 billion one for UK’s Odeon & UCI Cinemas. Last month it agreed to pay $929 million for Nordic Cinema Group.

    At last month’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Wanda Chairman Wang Jianlin said his company had earmarked $5 billion-$10 billion per year for overseas investment with the U.S. the top priority.

    Meanwhile, Wanda’s main real estate businesses in China has slowed. Revenues from Commercial Properties fell 25% last year to the equivalent of $20.8 billion. The entire company was up 3.4% to $37.1 billion.

    Meet AMC Alum In NYC

    (2/8/17) Sam Page (ex-Trey, ALL MY CHILDREN) will be meeting fans as part of Hallmark’s Countdown to Valentine’s Day event on February 9. Page, who co-stars with Jennifer Finnigan (ex-Bridget, B&B) in the Hallmark movie WALKING THE DOG, will be at Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Station in New York City between 12:30-1:30 p.m. and then again from 6-7 p.m. Also performing are country music Brett Young and artist Robert Vargas. For more information, click here.

    Gail O'Grady on Fresh Off The Boat

    (11/21/16) “The Taming of the Dads” – To celebrate their one-year anniversary, Eddie reluctantly agrees to take Alison to the see a modern remake of Romeo and Juliet. But when Louis and Alison’s dad bond over their love of Shakespeare and crash their date, Alison wonders if she and Eddie’s relationship has lost its spark. Meanwhile, Jessica gets called for jury duty and campaigns to be the “Jury Boss,” and Emery and Evan struggle with the responsibilities of raising a Tamagotchi digital pet, on ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat,” airing on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6 (9:00–9:30 p.m. EST).

    Inspired by a true story, “Fresh Off the Boat” stars Randall Park as Louis, Constance Wu as Jessica, Hudson Yang as Eddie, Forrest Wheeler as Emery, Ian Chen as Evan, Lucille Soong as Grandma Huang, Chelsey Crisp as Honey and Ray Wise as Marvin.

    Guest starring are Rachel Cannon as Deidre, Stacey Scowley as Carol-Joan, Isabella Crouch as Alison, Evan Hannemann as Barefoot Dave, Ross Ryman as Vinnie, Brian Huskey as Harvey, Biff Wiff as Bob, Teya Patt as Phoebe, Cleo King as Judge Patty O’Brien, Cory Blevins as Gary Olsen, Gail O’Grady (“NYPD Blue”) as herself, Richardson Jones as Mr. Pierce and David Masters as Samuel Seaver.

    “The Taming of the Dads” was written by Rich Blomquist and directed by Sean Kavanaugh.

    Aca-what? Brittany Snow’s character on ‘Crazy Ex’ finally revealed

    (11/19/16) Ever since it was announced “Pitch Perfect” star Brittany Snow would be heading to “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” fans have been dying to know how the a capella triple threat would fit into the CW’s musical TV series. On Friday (Nov. 18), her role was finally revealed, during the last few minutes of the episode, “Why is Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?”

    While she only teased a few notes, we’re guessing Snow’s upcoming featured music video will be a song reminiscent of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” — for she is playing the role of Anna, Josh’s new love interest.

    Aca-what? Yeah. After Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) sang an entire song about how he could live on his own, and went on and on about how he should really be single for awhile, a hot hippie blonde from LA waltzes into his life. This type of situation couldn’t be more on-brand for Josh. Of course he would fall into a relationship with a gorgeous girl that’s way out of his league without even trying. Worst of all? He won’t even recognize his dumb luck. Josh just thinks this is how the world works.

    But who’s to say Anna will be as doting and caring as Josh’s ex-girlfriends? Anna might give Josh a run for his money — or, to Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) and Valencia’s (Gabrielle Ruiz) chagrin — Anna could be awesome. That perfect combination of confidence and compassion, with a great sense of humor. Maybe she’ll become friends with everyone. It will be hard to hate her if she’s really great. If Rebecca and Valencia can find common ground and become friends, it’s not out of this world to think this Anna couldn’t join their current squad.

    But Snow has only signed on for three episodes, and we’re talking about Rebecca and Valencia. The same two girls who revenge-peed on Josh’s music equipment. Rebecca will most likely want to sabotage Anna in some big dramatic way, while Valencia will probably try to pretend she doesn’t care at first, and date a random guy just to make Josh jealous, but then collapse in a mess of her own lies. Whatever nonsense they get into, it’s nice to know they’ll have each other, and Heather (Vella Lovell), to lean on.

    What about Paula, you ask? Saving the worst bit of news for last, Paula and Rebecca’s current breakup is more heartbreaking than the fact that Greg (Santino Fontana) is gone forever — which showrunner Alina Brosh McKenna confirmed to ET.

    “The show’s about the pursuit of happiness, and ultimately [Greg’s] happiness would be elsewhere from [Rebecca]. So we’d always talked about doing that, and we knew it was going to happen this season,” Brosh McKenna says. “Luckily, Santino was on board with him, so we worked with him… on the right timing of it. He was fine with it and he embraced it, and he got a lot of great songs going out the door.”

    It’s beautiful that the one person who seemed like he’d never get free of West Covina escaped to greener pastures, but it’s ugly to see Rebecca and Paula’s (Donna Lynn Champlin) friendship breaking apart. Watching their forlorn, yet hopeful glances towards each other at the donut shop, it’s so clear they want to be together!

    It’s just such a classic example of how hard it can be to stay close when we’re in vastly different stages of life. Paula has always been the more nurturing of the two — but as a mother and wife, with a full-time job and now going to law school, she doesn’t have the time or energy to feed Rebecca’s narcissism.

    However, Rebecca has asked Paula numerous times what’s up with her, and she never gets a real answer. How can Rebecca be there for her if she has no idea what’s going on? It’s far past time for Rebecca to become a more observant and better caring friend to Paula — but we need Paula to open that possibility to Rebecca just once more before permanently shutting the door on their friendship. Because let’s be honest, screw Josh and Greg: It’s the love between Rebecca and Paula we ship the most.

    “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” airs on Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the CW.

    People’s Choice Awards Nominees Set

    (11/15/16) Here’s another election America must undertake: Voting opens today for the People’s Choice Awards 2017. Nominees were unveiled this morning at Paley Center in Los Angeles, with online voting set to run through December 15 and winners announced during a ceremony January 18 at Microsoft Theater L.A. Live and broadcast on CBS.

    Damon Wayans
    Kevin James
    Kiefer Sutherland
    Matt LeBlanc
    Milo Ventimiglia

    Paul Wesley Inks Overall Deal With Warner Bros. TV, Sets 4 Projects As Producer

    (11/12/16) The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley has signed a pod deal at Warner Bros. TV for his production company, Citizen Media, with partner/former The Vampire Diaries executive producer Bob Levy.

    Under the pact, Wesley and Levy will develop new television projects for the studio, starting with a darkly comedic single-camera half-hour based on a non-fiction article by Jason Smith called Confessions Of a Drug-Addicted High School Teacher.

    Citizen Media has three other series projects in the works that preceded the WBTV deal, including a limited series at ABC produced by Robert Redford.

    Titled Pecos, the ABC limited series, produced by ABC Signature Studios, is inspired by the true story of a 29-year-old rookie journalist who takes down one of the richest, most powerful men in Texas, proving his gigantic business empire is a complete fraud, in 1962 Pecos, Texas. Shawn Christensen, Oscar winner for his short film Curfew, is writing. Citizen Media’s Wesley and Levy executive produce alongside Robert Redford and Laura Michalchyshyn of Sundance Productions.

    At Fox 21 TV Studios, Citizen Media has Finding Natalie, a drama about a young Mexican woman searching for her 17-year-old sister Natalie who was recently kidnapped by a sex trafficking cartel. NY playwright and The Americans writer Hilary Bettis will write.

    At Freeform, Wesley and Levy is developing one-hour series Shanghai Summer, about 20-something Americans pursuing their dreams in Shanghai, China. Oanh Ly (The Catch) is on board to write the script.

    Wesley, as well as fellow Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder, landed overall deals with the series’ producer WBTV as part of their most recent talent pacts for the long-running CW drama.

    Wesley is hitting the ground running, having already started building a development slate with veteran producer/executive Levy, who also has served as an executive producer on such series as Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl.

    Wesley is repped by ICM Partners and Management 360. Christensen, who has the upcoming feature Sidney Hall, is repped by Verve. Bettis is repped by CAA.

    Milo Ventimiglia, Troy Garity & Ryan Kwanten Among Clients Who Will Follow Agent Sean Grumman To WME

    (11/7/16) About a dozen actors have committed to joining their agent, Sean Grumman, at WME. The talent representative landed at WME last month after a long stint at CAA.

    Following him to WME are Milo Ventimiglia, star of NBC’s breakout new drama This Is Us; Troy Garity (Ballers, Boss); Ryan Kwanten (True Blood); Rosewood star Jaina Lee Ortiz; Tyler Labine (Deadbeat, Super Troopers 2); James D’Arcy (Agent Carter, Hitchcock); Chris Wood (Supergirl); Hayes MacArthur (Angle Tribeca, Super Troopers 2), Claire Holt (Aquarius, The Originals); and Andrew J West (The Walking Dead).

    Gail O'Grady and Jeff Kober Join CMT's His Wives & Daughters Comedy Pilot

    (11/4/16) His Wives & Daughters just added not only another missus to the mix but also the marriage-minded country star around whom the CMT pilot circles: Revenge alum Gail O’Grady has signed up to play the former; Sons of Anarchy’s Jeff Kober, the latter.

    As previously reported, the sudsy proposed hour-long comedy follows the misadventures of womanizing music-biz legend Eddie Ray Banks (Kober) and, as the title suggests, his scheming daughters and wives — among them O’Grady as Donna, the shallow second spouse who stole him from his first, fellow singing sensation Lorna Larson (Jane Seymour).

    Though Eddie’s character description notes that he struck pay dirt in the 1970s with a No. 1 album as well as a hit movie and variety show, the big-hearted playboy is as infamous for his tabloid shenanigans as he is famous for his career. As for home-wrecking Donna, with whom Eddie worked on his variety show, she’s described as “vain and materialistic” — and codependent on daughter Carolyn.

    Besides Revenge, O’Grady has also starred on NYPD Blue and American Dreams, and recurred on Desperate Housewives. Kober’s other credits include Shameless and The Walking Dead.

    Wanda Acquires Dick Clark Productions For $1 Billion

    (11/3/16) China’s Wanda Group has finalized a deal to buy Dick Clark Productions. Wanda has acquired a 100% stake in the company that produces the Golden Globes, the Billboard Music Awards, the American Music Awards, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest and other special events for approximately $1 billion, the Chinese conglom announced on Thursday. Negotiations had grown in intensity over the past couple of months between Wanda and DCP — controlled by former Guggenheim Partners president Todd Boehly’s Eldridge Industries — after a year’s worth of talks.

    After the acquisition is completed, DCP’s management “will remain in its entirety”, Wanda said in the announcement, noting that the company has signed a long-term operation target agreement with the top DCP executives. No names are mentioned but DCP’s top leadership includes CEO Allen Shapiro, chairman Peter Guber and president Michael Mahan.

    The bidding for DCP was competitive, sources said, driven by the amount of IP that the company controls. I hear there were multiple Chinese bidders as well as multiple American companies pursuing, including Comcast and Time Warner. I hear Comcast was particularly interested as its network NBC airs the Golden Globes and also has been looking to launch a music awards franchise, making the Billboard Awards particularly attractive, but the AMAs and Rockin’ Eve are all under long-term deals at ABC, which complicated things.

    I hear that Wanda’s offer was actually not the highest, and there was at least one bid by a Chinese company that came in higher but DCP went with Wanda in large part due to the strong relationship between the chairmen of the two companies, Peter Guber and Wang Jianlin.

    Guggenheim paid $380 million for DCP when it bought the company in 2012 from RedZone Capital Management. Boehly bought DCP last year when he stepped down as Guggenheim’s president.

    Wanda has been active in injecting itself full-boar into Hollywood, from acquiring the likes of AMC Entertainment and Legendary Entertainment to its major co-financing and marketing deal with Sony focused on its tentpoles. It also established a $750M development fund to attract Hollywood productions to China’s Qingdao Movie Metropolis complex.

    Wanda CEO Wang Jianlin has indicated he is actively looking for more Hollywood investments, recently saying he has been “waiting for the opportunity” to buy a major Hollywood studio. The Chinese power seemed to have the inside track to buy a 49% stake in Paramount this year when it was being shopped by former Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman, but Viacom’s board scrapped that deal.

    The acquisition of DCP marks Wanda’s first step into television content. “Obtaining top television production rights brings about complementary and coordinated development for Wanda’s current focuses on the film, tourism, and sports industries,” the company said.

    Wang promised last year that by 2020 Wanda will be a public company worth more than $200 billion, with annual revenues of at least $100 billion and net profits of $10 billion or more.

    Fox Buys Cop Family Thriller Drama From Milo Ventimiglia & Andrew Lenchewski

    (10/13/16) Milo Ventimiglia, one of the stars of the breakout new NBC/20th TV drama This Is Us, has teamed with Royal Pains co-creator Andrew Lenchewski for Kin, a 20th TV-produced drama project which has been set up at Fox with script commitment plus penalty. This marks the first professional collaboration for Ventimiglia and Lenchewski who have been friends for two decades, dating back to their time as students at UCLA. Kin hails from DiVide Pictures, Ventimiglia’s production company with another long-time friend, Russ Cundiff.

    Written and co-executive produced by Kevin O’Hare, Kin is loosely based on Cundiff’s extended family growing up which included several cops. The drama centers on a tight-knit Florida law-enforcement family who become the primary suspects in the disappearance of a notorious drug cartel leader following a DEA plane crash. But the undercover federal agent assigned to find out the truth is seduced by the loving and lethal clan, compromising his mission and his life.

    Lenchewski, Ventimiglia and Cundiff executive produce.

    In addition to starring in breakout fall drama This Is Us, Ventimiglia also is reprising his role in the Gilmore Girls movies on Netflix. He and Cundiff are repped by CAA and attorneys Jeffrey Frankel and Scott Whitehead.

    Lenchewski served as executive producer/co-showrunner on USA’s Royal Pains, which recently wrapped its eight-season run. He has another pilot at the network, The Tap, which he co-wrote and executive produces. Lenchewski is repped by CAA and Jackway Tyerman.

    O’Hare is repped by Verve and Underground.

    What's Next for This Is Us? Milo Ventimiglia Teases "Old-Fashioned TV" in All Its Glory

    (10/11/16) Ugh, Miguel!

    Two weeks later, and we're still not over This Is Us' latest twist. (Warning, spoilers ahead!) In the final moments of the NBC hit drama's second episode, Randall's (Sterling K. Brown) kids excitedly greet "grandma and grandpa" at the door. Grandma? It's Rebecca (Mandy Moore). But grandpa? No, it wasn't Jack (Milo Ventimiglia). It was Miguel (Jon Huerta), Jack's BFF we were introduced to in the Jack-Rebecca storyline, set in the '80s when The Big Three are 8 years-old. Say whaaa?! Has Jack died? Did they get divorced? What is happening?!

    "I do know why Jack wasn't walking through that door," Milo Ventimiglia told E! News' Sibley Scoles after the second episode shocker. Of course, he's not going to share that precious info with us.

    "Just wait!" Milo said. "Just wait. This is old-fashioned television story. You gotta wait. Appointment TV!"

    In the second episode, we see Jack and Rebecca going through a rough patch, with Jack turning to alcohol to avoid addressing struggles at home. By episode's end, Rebecca had delivered a powerful "Fix it" speech (Mandy Moore FTW!), and it seemed like the couple may be OK. But Milo warned fans that they will continue to see the highs and lows.

    "We're going to see a couple in their high moments and then also in their low moments," he explained. "So the fact that it's present day and Jack is not grandpa, that's looking in the distance and being like, oh, I see where I'm going but I can't quite see the road around the mountain. You're going to find out, you're going to learn about it."

    As for how the heck Miguel ended up being grandpa to Randall's children? Milo teased, "It's to be discovered." To hear more from Milo on This Is Us' big twists, press play on the video above.

    The highest-rated drama debut of the season, NBC has already ordered a full-season of This Is Us. "It's a rare moment in this business when a show so instantly delivers both critical acclaim and hit ratings, but This Is Us is just such an extraordinary achievement," NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke said.

    This Is Us airs tonight at 9 p.m. on NBC.

    Why Milo Ventimiglia Thinks Dating Co-Stars Is a Bad Idea

    (10/11/16) Milo Ventimiglia has only good things to say about his co-star Mandy Moore, but dating her? Well, that's a different subject.

    The two play a married couple and new parents on NBC's fresh hit show, This Is Us. When E! sat down for a quickie chat with the Gilmore Girls alum, he had nothing but praise for his on-screen leading lady.

    "Mandy is one of the kindest, most amazing performers and women I've met in my life," he gushed to E! News. "She is exactly as I'd heard. She is amazing."

    However, there is one bit of homework he has yet to do on the actress—watch her unforgettable performance as Lana in The Princess Diaries. "I saw clips of her singing, but I haven't seen the actual full movie," he admitted to E! News.

    While he has fortunately heard Moore's rendition of "Stupid Cupid," he doesn't intend on getting shot by one of Cupid's arrows on set. When asked by E! if he thinks it's a good or bad idea to date co-stars, he candidly responded, "Bad idea—don't shit where you eat." Perhaps he's speaking from experience—Ventimiglia did previously date his Gilmore Girls co-star Alexis Bledel and his Heroes co-star Hayden Panettiere.

    He certainly didn't want to make the wrong move with Fergie, who he starred with in her 2007 music video for "Big Girls Don't Cry." "The best was hanging out with Fergie and the worst was when it was over," he recalled. "I was very honored to be there—mildly terrified of Josh Duhamel for picking up his girl and spinning her around."

    Fortunately, Ventimiglia escaped unscathed—and collected enough life experience since then to offer some simple relationship advice for all the ladies out there navigating the tricky world of love.

    "Be yourself. If you guys click—great. If you don't, it's ok. You're not supposed to be with one another," he advised. Once you have nabbed yourself a partner, grown-up Jess suggests keeping things equal. "Contribute as much as you'd like to take. That might be a good thing. Don't just take, take, take, take, take—give, give, give, give."

    ‘Shadowhunters’ Reveals Season 2 Debut Date & ‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Directing – NY Comic-Con

    (10/9/16) The second season of Shadowhunters will premiere on January 2 2017, it was announced today at NY Comic-Con. With new showrunners Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer now in charge of the Freeform fantasy drama, today’s panel at the Hammerstein Ballroom also revealed that The Vampire Diaries’ Paul Wesley will be directing an episode of the new season.

    The actor broke the news himself in a video shout-out to the fans at the confab on Saturday.

    This weekend’s panel included Slavkin, Swimmer and fellow EP McG, author Cassandra Clare and lead Katherine McNamara. Fellow cast members Alberto Rosende, Dominic Sherwood, Emeraude Toubia,Harry Shum Jr., Matthew Daddario and more were there too. Before the EPs and cast came out the crowd was shown an action packed preview of the new season.

    “Things get worse for everyone before they get better this season,” teased McNamara. “The whole show expands,” added McG.

    Based on Clare’s The Moral Instruments YA novels, Shadowhunters debuted on January 16 this year. The series centers on NYC-based Clary Fray (McNamara) who discovers on her 18th birthday that she has angelic blood and joins the group of Shadowhunters who guard the human race from demons and more.

    Slavkin and Swimmer were brought on board in August to replace Ed Decter after the EP and person who developed the show for TV exited the series just before production on Season 2 started over creative differences.

    New York Comic-Con runs until October.

    Matthew John Armstrong on Pure Genius

    (10/6/16) “Pilot” – Silicon Valley tech titan James Bell enlists Dr. Walter Wallace, an exceptional veteran surgeon with a controversial past, to run his state-of-the-art hospital with an ultramodern approach to medicine, on the series premiere of the new drama PURE GENIUS, Thursday, Oct. 27 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Dermot Mulroney, Augustus Prew, Odette Annable, Reshma Shetty, Aaron Jennings, Ward Horton and Brenda Song star.

    Billionaire genius James Bell built Bunker Hill Hospital determined to revolutionize health care and treat the rarest and most challenging medical mysteries, at no charge. Previously, his chief of staff, Dr. Wallace, believed medicine was a human endeavor, not technological, until a eureka moment at the hospital convinced him otherwise. Bell’s team of trailblazers includes Dr. Zoe Brockett, an exceptional, fearlessly frank physician; Dr. Talaikha Channarayapatra, an idealistic, maddeningly literal neurosurgeon who believes the hospital is a beacon for change; Dr. Malik Verlaine, a former gangbanger now spearheading efforts to provide 24/7 health monitoring in poor neighborhoods via computer; Dr. Scott Strauss, an intense neurologist with an Ivy league pedigree; and Angie Cheng, an enthusiastic 3-D printer programming whiz. At Bunker Hill, Bell pairs the most brilliant minds in medicine with the most forward thinkers in technology and cuts bureaucracy out of the equation, all in the interest of saving lives, including his own.

    RECURRING CAST: Wendy Moniz (Julianna Wallace).

    GUEST CAST Includes: Guilford Adams (Will), J. Rene Pena (Administrator), Matthew John Armstrong (Paul Byer).

    WRITTEN BY: Jason Katims, one of the series’ executive producers, and Sarah Watson.

    DIRECTED BY: David Semel.

    Milo Ventimiglia Strips Down and Gets in Ellen DeGeneres' Splash Tank for Breast Cancer

    (10/3/16) (Pic1, Pic2) Even when Ellen DeGeneres is home sick, she still manages to keep her celebrity guests on their toes.

    This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia had his turn in DeGeneres' chair recently when Miley Cyrus was filling in for the longtime talk show host. Despite DeGeneres' absence, the "Can't Stop" singer had no problem carrying out the comedian's plans for the Gilmore Girls alum.

    After chit-chatting about his hit NBC show and upcoming Gilmore Girls reunion, Cyrus got Ventimiglia out of his shirt and into Ellen's splash tank—all in the name of a good cause.

    "For the third year in a row, we're partnering with Ulta Beauty to raise money and awareness for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation," Cyrus explained to the audience. "Totally worth it! Worth getting objectified," she joked.

    Without hesitation, Milo stripped out of his shirt and shoes and hopped into the lavish tank, complete with a white throne-esque chair.

    "I'm horrible at throwing, so you're lucky," she told the actor.

    Chalk it up to luck or a little white lie, but Cyrus hit the target on the second try, winning a $10,000 donation from the company.


    (9/27/16) NBC has ordered an additional five episodes of the network’s critically beloved new drama series “This Is Us,” bringing the full season order to 18.

    “It’s a rare moment in this business when a show so instantly delivers both critical acclaim and hit ratings, but ‘This Is Us’ is just such an extraordinary achievement,” said Jennifer Salke, President, NBC Entertainment. “Creator Dan Fogelman, along with co-directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa and the gifted producers, cast and crew, has delivered the kind of heart and depth that resonates with every segment of the audience, and we’re proud to extend its presence on our schedule.”

    “We are thrilled. This order for a complete first season of 18 episodes is exactly what we'd wanted and hoped for,” said executive producer Dan Fogelman. “We’d carefully mapped out an 18-chapter story for the first year of the show, and this allows us to follow through with our exact initial intent. And to get the order so early on is a tremendous show of confidence and a boost for our entire cast and crew. I'm starting to sound like a broken record but I have to thank Dana, Gary, Jonnie, Howard and my amazing partners at 20th as well as Bob and Jen and the fine folks at NBC for continuing to do absolutely everything right by me and this show. I’d gush more but I have to go back to work.”

    Last week’s “This Is Us” series premiere generated a 4.5 rating in adults 18-49 and 14.3 million viewers overall in L+5 averages from Nielsen Media Research — an increase of 1.7 rating points going from live plus same day to L+5. The 4.5 makes it the #1 series premiere of the fall season to date, while the show’s L+SD rating makes it NBC’s highest-rated scripted program in that Tuesday 10-11 p.m. time period in more than six years.

    On digital platforms, it’s NBC’s most-viewed series premiere on record, more than doubling the network’s previous record for most one-day views of a debuting series across NBC digital platforms.

    “This Is Us” was the most anticipated new series heading into fall with its trailer viewed more than 127 million times following the show’s announcement at the May upfronts.

    Critics have raved about “This Is Us,” with the Huffington Post saying, “Dan Fogelman’s new show harkens back to the glory days of feel-good TV. Get ready to fall in crazy, stupid love with NBC’s ‘This Is Us.’” USA Today added: “…even if the season was crowded with great series, ‘This Is Us’ would stand out as a welcome and increasingly rare addition.” The New York Times called it “heartwarming” and Entertainment Weekly said the series is “brilliantly cast.”

    “This Is Us” is a refreshingly honest and provocative series that follows a unique ensemble whose paths cross and their life stories intertwine in curious ways. We find several of them share the same birthday, and so much more than anyone would expect. From the writer and directors of “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” is a smart, modern series that will challenge your everyday presumptions about the people you think you know.

    The cast includes Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, Sterling K. Brown, Susan Kelechi Watson, Chris Sullivan and Ron Cephas Jones.

    Dan Fogelman serves as writer and executive producer with Don Todd. Jess Rosenthal, Charlie Gogolak and directors John Requa and Glenn Ficarra also executive produce. “This Is Us” is produced by 20th Century Fox Television.

    Gossip Girl's Sam Page Is a Dad! Actor Welcomes First Child With His Wife Cassidy

    (9/27/16) Welcome to the joys of fatherhood, Sam Page.

    The actor known for his roles in Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives and more projects shared good news with his followers on social media Tuesday afternoon. As it turns out, he just became a dad.

    "The newest, best and brightest part of my life hanging out with the chillest and hairiest part," he shared on Instagram as his newborn smiled next to the family's golden retriever. "These two are going to learn a lot from each other."

    He added, "Welcome to the world, my son Logan."

    The announcement caught many fans by surprise especially because his last Instagram post was nearly 38 weeks ago.

    And while he's been a bit more active on Twitter, the Hollywood star tries to keep his private life pretty darn private.

    Back in November 2014, the Mad Men star married Cassidy Boesch just outside Santa Barbara, Calif. "Making it official," he wrote on Instagram with a photo from Villa Sevillano.

    Family and friends including groomsman Jonathan Bennett watched the couple exchange vows below a beautiful canopy covered in white roses.

    Since the magical wedding day, the actor has gone on to star in Switched at Birth and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Before then, fans may recognize the star from Mad Men, Greek and American Dreams.

    Congratulations to the couple!

    China's Wanda Group in talks to buy Dick Clark Productions

    (9/27/16) China's Dalian Wanda Group is in talks to buy Dick Clark Productions, the TV company that produces the Golden Globes and the "Miss America" pageant.

    The deal could be worth $1 billion, according to The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources with knowledge of the situation. Wanda did not return a request for comment.

    Eldridge Group, which owns Dick Clark Productions, said in a statement that the TV company agreed to enter into exclusive talks with Wanda. If the deal gets finalized, it would be the latest U.S. entertainment deal for the Chinese company which owns property, cinema and sports holdings. In September it said it would partner with Sony Pictures to make big-budget movies. It owns AMC Theaters and bought Legendary Entertainment for $3.5 billion in January.

    Dick Clark Productions was sold in 2012 to a group including investment firm Guggenheim Partners. Last year Guggenheim sold Dick Clark Productions to Eldridge Industries, which is controlled by Todd Boehly, a former president of Guggenheim and current member of Guggenheim's executive council.

    Guggenheim said last month it was conducting a strategic review of its media holdings.

    Brittany Snow Reveals Her Funniest Fan Encounter and Why Her John Tucker Must Die Prank 'Didn't Go Over Well'

    (8/19/16) (Video) Brittany Snow is opening up about everything from her secret talents to her funniest fan encounters, and it's all for a good cause.

    The Pitch Perfect star sat down with PEOPLE for a game during which she has to answer five random, rapid fire questions, and in return gets to offer up one shameless plug.

    Questions cover everything from the one Pitch Perfect actress she would never challenge to lip sync battle (hint: she's "feisty"), and her most devious prank from John Tucker Must Die, which involves Jesse Metcalfe and "did not go over well."

    She also reveals why Anna Camp and Skylar Astin should consider themselves luck to have her as a bridesmaid, and her secret talent.

    As for her craziest fan encounter, let's just say he knows how to wax on and how to wax off.

    And for her shameless plug, Snow chose to promote a good cause, her charity, Love Is Louder. A project of The Jed Foundation , Love Is Louder was created with the actress to support anyone feeling mistreated, misunderstood or alone.

    Check out the video to hear Snow's answers!

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Adds Brittany Snow

    (8/18/16) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Season 2 forecast: lots of Brittany Snow.

    The vocally talented American Dreams/Pitch Perfect alum will appear in three episodes of the CW comedy’s second season, TVLine has learned. Her character, Anna, is described as “a hip and cool L.A. chick and beauty entrepreneur who sweeps into town and shakes everything up for Rebecca.”

    And don’t get your aca-panties in a twist: She’ll have a musical number during her run on the show.

    Series star and co-creator Rachel Bloom announced the news via song on her Twitter account on Thursday.

    In addition to American Dreams, Snow’s TV credits include Ben and Kate, Full Circle, Harry’s Law and Guiding Light.

    Sam Page Joins Freeform Pilot ‘Issues’

    (8/16/16) Sam Page has been tapped for a series regular role in Freeform pilot Issues, from Universal Television and The District.

    Created by Sarah Watson (Parenthood) Issues was inspired by the life of Joanna Coles, editor in chief of Cosmopolitan magazine. It follows three young career women, who have set out to conquer New York City together. All three work at Scarlet Magazine, and they try to balance their ambition and their drive to find love with the realities of life.

    Page will play Richard, a member of the Board of Directors of Scarlet Magazine, and lawyer for the publishing group, a man with great looks and charm, who is catnip to women and knows it.

    Page’s credits include stints on Mad Men, House of Cards, and Switched at Birth. He’s repped by UTA, Inphenate and Jackoway Tyerman.

    Arlen Escarpeta Joins ‘The Magicians’

    (8/10/16) Arlen Escarpeta (American Dreams) is set for a recurring role on Syfy drama series The Magicians, from Universal Cable Productions. Based on the bestselling novels from Lev Grossman, The Magicians centers on Quentin (Jason Ralph), a brilliant grad student chosen to attend Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy, a secret upstate New York university specializing in magic. Escarpeta will play Prince Ess, a handsome, rugged, pelt-clad man, with a sort of frat bro air of entitlement and the ruler of Loria. Escarpeta, a series regular on NBC’s American Dreams for three seasons, also played co-starred as Bobby Brown in Lifetime movie Whitney. His feature work includes Into The Storm and Final Destination 5. Escarpeta is repped by Don Buchwald & Associates and Karen Forman Management.

    Milo Ventimiglia Naked: ''I'm Totally Comfortable With My Manhood and My Rear"

    (8/5/16) If you've got it, flaunt it.

    Right, Milo Ventimiglia?

    The 39-year-old actor appears completely naked in the first episode of his upcoming NBC series This Is Us with just a small towel covering his junk. The internet was sent into a tizzy when we got a peek at his firm butt in the launch trailer for the dramedy.

    As of today, the trailer has been viewed more than 7.3 million times, a record for a new series.

    "It was one of those things [being on network television] I thought no way and I get to my trailer in the morning on the first day of filming and I look at my choices of wardrobe and it's really not much," Ventimiglia told me last night at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Grants Gala at the Beverly Wilshire. "There's tape and there's like a nude flesh colored thing, like pieces of cloth and tape and I kind of went, 'OK, alright, cool. I've been nude in film before. It's fine. No big deal. I'm totally comfortable with my manhood and my rear.'"

    And then he got a look at the trailer. "I was like, 'Wow, my ass precedes my face,'" Ventimiglia remembered.

    He credits his personal trainer Jason Walsh of Rise Nation for his extraordinary derrière. "He's my trainer of seven years," Ventimiglia said. "It's a hardworking ass."

    This Is Us executive producer Dan Fogelman recently cracked at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, "We're showing his ass in every episode."

    What does Ventimiglia's co-star Mandy Moore think of his backside? Watch the video below to find out.

    This Is Us premieres Sept. 20 at 10 p.m. on NBC before moving into its regular slot at 9 p.m. on Oct.11.

    Milo Ventimiglia Brings Jess Full Circle With Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

    (7/29/16) Whoever says you can't go home again certainly hasn't been following the news of the Gilmore Girls revival, Netflix's Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Nearly 10 years after the show signed off following its seven season run, the fine folks of Stars Hollow are coming back to life for a four-part series, each part taking place during a season of the year. Essentially the entire original cast came back in some capacity. For Milo Ventimiglia, there was no need to ask twice.

    "I stayed very, very close to Dan [Palladino] and Amy [Sherman-Palladino]. They're family to me. When they actually called and said, ‘Hey Mi, we're going to do this,' I said, ‘Great, I don't care where I am, I could be in Tunisia, feeding f—king seals. I will show up.' And then of course it'd be a conversation, they don't have seals in Tunisia, I'm like, I know it doesn't matter," he joked with E! News at a recent reception for his new series This Is Us.

    Ventimiglia played bad boy Jess Mariano over 37 episodes over the show's original seasons two-six, this is the first time returning to the character since 2006.

    "It's interesting stepping away from a character and then going back to them. There's something about Jess that I always appreciated. It was at the very end that I thought for whatever angst, whatever broken spirit, whatever sly behavior he had, who he was at his core was a very, very good guy. I think that started to emerge as time went on. We got to the end of his existence on the show, you see him—he's not there for himself, to entertain himself, he's there to ask Rory real questions to get her thinking. I always respected that about the character," Ventimiglia said. "He grew up and he turned into a really decent guy. In terms of what are the lessons he went through, I think he had to have life lived. I think he had to experience heartbreak, he had to experience happiness, he had to experience all these things that we all come across in life, but we can only measure the scale of them when we have time. You're different from when you're 25 to when you're 35. You're different at 21 to 25. Everything changes. You can't unwatch things, you can't unhear things, you can't untaste foods or moments. I think who Jess turned out to be was just—he got to experience life and I think he became a really cool young guy."

    Excitement surrounding the return of the Gilmores and the other Stars Hollow residents has reached a fever pitch. Buzz started after the cast reunited for the show's 15th anniversary and has been growing ever since.

    "The fact that I think people were buzzing about it was a testament to the writing. Dan and Amy are such incredible writers and they really did create this show that is timeless. It's timeless," he told us. "The excitement to bring it back doesn't surprise me. I think audience were left wanting more, they weren't quite satisfied with the end. To sort of bring it back it didn't feel like a cheap play for money. It actually legitimately genuinely felt like a love letter to fans who were wanting more stories and to live with these characters again. For that, I applaud Dan and Amy and the cast that came back, Warner Bros. for doing it and Netflix for putting it up."

    However, returning to the character was not something Ventimiglia said he needed.

    "I mean, for me, I'm perfectly happy when a show ends. It ends, that's what it was. You can step away from it, walk away clean," he said. "Sometimes when they come back around you're like, ‘Why'd you do that?'"

    Does he feel that way about Gilmore Girls? "Not at all," he said.

    Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres Friday, Nov. 25 on Netflix. This Is Us premieres Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 10 p.m. on NBC.

    ‘Designated Survivor’: Virginia Madsen Joins New ABC Series In Key Role

    (7/26/16) Virginia Madsen has been tapped for a major recurring role on Designated Survivor, ABC’s upcoming drama series starring Kiefer Sutherland from The Mark Gordon Company and ABC Studios.

    Created by David Guggenheim, Designated Survivor centers on Tom Kirkman (Sutherland), a lower-level cabinet member who, as a “designated survivor”, unexpectedly becomes president after a devastating attack on Washington during the State of the Union. Madsen will play Kimble Hookstraten, the “other” Designated Survivor during the State of the Union address — but for the rival political party. A sharply intelligent and politically astute conservative Congresswoman, she makes it clear that, in the aftermath of the Capitol attack, she supports President Kirkman’s (Sutherland) authority as the country’s new Commander in Chief, until her true agenda is revealed and she emerges as his chief political rival.

    Madsen recently wrapped production on CBS’ new summer series American Gothic. She also will be returning to CBS’ Elementary for a guest stint, reprising her role as Paige, Captain Thomas Gregson’s (Aidan Quinn) girlfriend. Madsen is represented by UTA and Untitled Entertainment.

    Guggenheim executive produces Designated Survivor with Simon Kinberg, Sutherland, Mark Gordon, Nick Pepper, Suzan Bymel, and Aditya Sood. Paul McGuigan directed the pilot, and Jon Feldman serves as showrunner on the series. Entertainment One, which is backing the Mark Gordon Co., is handling international rights. At MGC, the series is overseen by Jacqueline Sacerio.

    New ‘Star Trek’ Series: David Semel Set To Direct

    (7/22/16) David Semel is set to direct and executive produce the opening episode of the upcoming Star Trek reboot series. The episode will air on CBS for a broadcast debut of the series in January 2017, before it moves to its permanent home, CBS All Access.

    Created by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman, the new Star Trek hails from CBS TV Studios where Semel is under an overall deal. Semel has a strong track record at CBS, helming three consecutive pilots that have gone to series which will be on the network’s fall schedule: returning Madam Secretary and Code Black and new medical drama Pure Genius. Other pilots he has directed that have gone to series include CBS’ Person Of Interest and Intelligence as well as Heroes, Legends, No Ordinary Family and American Dreams.

    Semel also recently helmed the opening episodes of two high-profile straight-to-series Amazon drama series: breakout The Man In The High Castle, which has been renewed for a second season, and David E. Kelley’s upcoming Goliath starring Billy Bob Thornton.

    Fuller, who serves as showrunner on the new Star Trek series, executive produces with Kurtzman, Heather Kadin, Rod Roddenberry and Trevor Roth. More news about the show, which features new characters, is expected during the Star Trek Comic-Con panel on Saturday.

    Semel is repped by WME.

    Brittany Snow Weighs in on the Choker Trend: ‘I Feel Like I Was the O.G. Choker Wearer’

    (7/15/16) (Video) The ‘90s trend of chokers came back in a big way in the past few months, with It-Girls like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, Taylor Swift and practically every other red carpet superstar sporting the look. But if you ask Brittany Snow, as we did for in a new video for our “5 Questions” video series, she says she has mixed feelings about the Return of the Choker Era.

    “I’ve always been a huge fan of chokers,” the Pitch Perfect 2 tells PeopleStyle. “I wore chokers all my teen years. So now that they’ve come back I’m actually kind of sad about it because I feel like I was the O.G. choker wearer. And now everyone is copying me. No I am just kidding! But I can’t wear them anymore because so many people, it’s a thing.”

    Instead, she has another favorite trend: “I’m going to have to say stripes because I love wearing stripes,” she says. “I wear stripes all the time.”

    In the video, she also reveals her worst red carpet moment ever. “Oh there are so many,” she says. “If anyone gets really bored you can Google any sort of red carpet I did before 2008 and it was all bad.”

    “There was a School of Rock premiere where I am wearing I think it is a black jacket, a pink shirt, a black skort and then pink and purple leopard cowboy boots with yellow trim on them. And I am going like this [pointing down to her feet] in all of the pictures because I am so proud of them. So that happened. I thought I looked so cool.”

    Fall TV First Impression: This Is Us

    (6/19/16) (Trailer) THE SHOW | NBC’s This Is Us (premiering Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 10/9c, before moving to its regular 9 pm time slot starting Oct. 11)

    THE COMPETITION | To start, CBS’ NCIS: New Orleans and ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; then CBS’ Bull (new), ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat/The Real O’Neals, Fox’s Scream Queens and The CW’s No Tomorrow (new).

    THE CAST | Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes), Mandy Moore (Red Band Society), Justin Hartley (Mistresses), Chrissy Metz (American Horror Story), Sterling K. Brown (The People v. O.J. Simpson), Susan Kelechi Watson (The Blacklist), Chris Sullivan (The Knick) and Ron Cephas Jones (Mr. Robot).

    THE SET-UP | Per NBC’s official synopsis, a group of people share the same birthday and “more than anyone would expect” as their “paths cross and their life stories intertwine in curious ways.”

    THE FIRST IMPRESSION | From Dan Fogelman (Crazy, Stupid, Love, TV’s Galavant) comes this heart-tugging toggling of vignettes of joy, angst and sorrow, as a disparate ensemble of individuals grapple with issues both personal and professional. Among the life events at hand: Ventimigilia’s Jack is struggling to get his wife’s obstetrician to share his optimism about a high-risk pregnancy; Hartley plays the disenfranchised star of a sophomoric sitcom; Metz’s Karen is battling both weight and romance issues; and Brown’s Randall has tracked down the man who abandoned him as a newborn.

    At minimum, This Is Us is a terrific 42-minute indie film. Depending on what Episode 2 looks like in the wake of a significant end-of-pilot development, this could very well be TV’s next Parenthood, inviting you to celebrate the characters’ triumphs and sympathize with their setbacks, Kleenex-brand facial tissues always at the ready. This much is certain: Of all the pilots premiering this fall, this is one you will watch a second time.

    THE TVLINE BOTTOM LINE | This is a tricky call, given how in the first weeks This Is Us will battle an NCIS before ultimately going up against Michael Weatherly’s Bull and a durable ABC sitcombo. In its favor, roughly a kabillion people have watched (and rewatched) the trailer on YouTube, so if a fraction of those lookie-loos stick around for the actual show, NBC could have a solid non-Chicago, non-Blacklist performer on its hands. (After all, Parenthood drew 8 million viewers and a 3.1 [!] rating when it debuted on a Tuesday at 10 pm, though wayyyyy back in 2010.)

    You're Not Alone: Brittany Snow Can't Get a Ticket to Hamilton Either

    (6/12/16) Turns out, starring in a number of movie musicals yourself still isn't enough to score a ticket to Broadway smash Hamilton.

    Just like the rest of the musical-going population, Brittany Snow, the star of films like Pitch Perfect and Hairspray, who is partnering with Coppertone, tried to get a ticket to Hamilton on a recent trip to N.Y.C.

    But her musical pedigree didn't give her a leg up when it came to scoring tickets to the hottest show in town (or perhaps, the world!)

    "I tried to get tickets, and I couldn't, obviously," Snow told PEOPLE. "No one can!"

    "I've listened to the soundtrack and can't wait to see it," she added.

    She's not giving up hope yet, however.

    "I've definitely want to see Hamilton," she said. "Hopefully I'll get my chance!"

    Across the country, millions of people are thinking the same thing.

    Brittany Snow Shows Off Her Trendy Los Angeles Home

    (6/3/16) (Pic1, Pic2, Pic3, Pic4, Pic5, Pic6)Brittany Snow’s newly decorated Los Angeles home is perfectly on pitch with the actress’s personal style.

    Bright spaces, livable furnishings and a dose of character were at the top of Snow’s wish list, and her designer, Meghan Noyes of House of Noyes, worked with the 30-year-old star to help bring her vision to life.

    “We first came up with the ideal furniture layout for each room and selected the ‘main players’ that would serve as our base,” the designer tells PEOPLE. “Brittany is drawn to clean lines, so we made sure to choose classic pieces from Crate and Barrel like the white Willow Sofa or the Trevor Leather Chairs, which will never go out of style.”

    While the open floor plan looks effortless now, it wasn’t without its challenges: “We really had to make sure that each space complemented the next, but still had a personality of its own,” she says.

    Noyes made it work, though, by smartly utilizing timeless neutrals, wood elements and vintage pieces for a cohesive feel.

    Plush pillows and cushy furnishings might tempt you to hunker down indoors, but that will all change when you see what’s outside.

    “The backyard and living room is really a special area,” says Noyes. “The folding glass doors fully open and create the ultimate indoor/outdoor entertaining spot—perfect for summer pool parties!”

    ‘This Is Us’ Trailer Sets Viewership Record

    (5/17/16) (Video) This Is Us (with Justin Hartley) is off to a hot start. The trailer for the new NBC dramedy series from Dan Fogelman and 20th TV is nearing 15 million views on Facebook a little over 48 hours after it was released. That shatters the record for most Facebook video views of a new-show trailer during the seven days of upfront week, posted by the CW’s Legends Of Tomorrow last year (4.1 million). The trailer for NBC’s high-profile new drama series Timeless, which was released at the same time as This Is Us, is at 4 million. Facebook native video was first introduced during the 2014 upfront.

    With this speed, the trailer for This Is Us would cross the 20 million mark by end of day today or early tomorrow (you can watch it above). It also has amassed almost 2 million views on YouTube, in addition to those on, which the network does not disclose.

    This Is Us, which follows an ensemble, some of them sharing the same birthday, whose life stories intertwine in curious ways, is resonating with fans; there is a high level of shares and favorable reactions and comments.

    Additionally, the viewership for the This is Us trailer keeps growing fast and has narrowed the gap with the trailer for Fox’s Prison Break event series, which is at 19 million views on Facebook. As can be expected for the revival of a popular show, the Prison Break trailer exploded when it was posted yesterday. For This Is Us, the traction seems to come from word of mouth as this is an original concept with no underlying property people would recognize, no high concept or special effects.

    Midnight, Texas, From True Blood's Charlaine Harris, Ordered at NBC

    (5/13/16) NBC is officially putting down stakes in Midnight, Texas.

    The Peacock has handed a 13-episode order to the drama based on True Blood author Charlaine Harris’ three-book saga, TVLine has learned.

    The series is described as a journey into a remote Texas town where no one is who they seem. From vampires and witches to psychics and hit men, Midnight is a mysterious safe haven for those who are different. As the town members fight off outside pressures from rowdy biker gangs, ever-suspicious cops and their own dangerous pasts, they band together and form a strong and unlikely family.

    The first book in the series, Midnight Crossroad, was released in 2014. The follow-up, Day Shift, arrived in May. The third, Night Shift, is due in 2016.

    The cast includes François Arnaud, Dylan Bruce, Parisa Fitz-Henley, Arielle Kebbel, Sarah Ramos, Peter Mensah, Yul Vazquez and Sean Bridgers.

    Monica Owusu-Breen (Fringe, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) serves as writer and showrunner.

    Dan Fogelman Dramedy ‘This Is Us’ Picked Up To Series By NBC

    (5/12/16) (Trailer) Dan Fogelman’s This Is Us, one of the best received pilots on any network this season, has been picked up to series by NBC. It is produced by 20th TV. Written on spec by Neighbors and Galavant creator Fogelman, the dramedy project landed at NBC last fall in a bidding war, getting a straight pilot order with John Requa & Glenn Ficarra directing.

    Fogelman is going two for two in his first season at 20th TV, with both of his hourlong pilots, This Is Us and Pitch at Fox, going to series.

    Starring Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia and Sterling K. Brown, This Is Us follows an ensemble — some of them sharing the same birthday — whose life stories intertwine in curious ways.

    Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, Susan Kelechi Watson, Chris Sullivan and Ron Cephas Jones co-star in This Is Us, executive produced by Fogelman, Jess Rosenthal, Charlie Gogolak, Requa and Ficarra.


    (3/25/16) CBS Entertainment today announced renewals of the following returning series for the 2016-2017 season:


    Gail O’Grady Joins NBC Pilot ‘Miranda’s Rights’

    (3/24/16) Gail O’Grady (NYPD Blue) is set as a series regular opposite Rebecca Breeds and Parker Sawyers in NBC’s drama pilot Miranda’s Rights. Written/co-executive produced by Katie Lovejoy and executive produced by John Glenn, Miranda’s Rights is a one-hour legal soap about an idealistic group of lawyers — Young Law Group — who not only work together but live together at their start-up firm. The story centers on Miranda Coale (Breeds), a pretty and smart attorney plagued for the past six years by a youthful mistake — a much-publicized and scandalous affair in her early 20s with a married state Senator which changed the course of her life forever. O’Grady will play Karen Klein, a whip-smart, formidable career woman who is head of the Klein & Associates law firm. O’Grady’s credits include starring roles in NBC series NYPD Blue, which earned her three consecutive supporting actress Emmy nominations, and American Dreams. She also recurred on ABC’s Revenge and next will be seen in upcoming TV movie The Right Girls. O’Grady is repped by APA and Shelter Entertainment Group.

    Brittany Snow Celebrates Turning 30 with Her Family and Two Birthday Cakes

    (3/11/16) Brittany Snow's 30th birthday party was nothing short of aca-awesome.

    The Pitch Perfect star celebrated her milestone birthday at ROKU restaurant in Los Angeles with a group of 12, including her parents and her closest friends.

    Arriving at the hotspot just after 7 p.m., "Brittany was glowing and in amazing spirits," says a source. "She was smiling ear-to-ear all night long and was enjoying quality time with the people she cares about most."

    The actress sipped on tequila cocktails while digging into tuna poke and lobster garlic noodles from the restaurant's teppenyaki grill with her group.

    At the end of the night, the star's best friends sang a round of "Happy Birthday" and presented her with two cakes – one in the shape of a cookie and the other in the shape of a mini DJ set-up.

    Sarah Ramos To Co-Star In NBC Drama Pilot ‘Midnight, Texas’

    (2/23/16) Parenthood alumna Sarah Ramos is returning to NBC as one of the leads in another drama series project, pilot Midnight, Texas, which is based on the bestselling trilogy by Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse books that were adapted into HBO’s vampire drama True Blood.

    Written by Monica Owusu-Breen and directed by Niels Arden Oplev, Midnight, Texas is described as Twin Peaks meets True Blood in Midnight, Texas, a remote town where your neighbor could be a vampire, a witch, a werewolf, or even an angel. Mystery, horror and romance combine to both enthrall and frighten any outsiders who decide to venture into this unusual place.

    Ramos will play Creek, a girl next door beauty who works two jobs – a waitress at the local restaurant and working the counter at the Gas and Go convenience store her dad owns. She is bright, funny and dreams of more but lives at home to protect her teen brother from their oppressively strict and protective father.

    Owusu-Breen, Oplev and David Janollari executive produce for Universal TV.

    American Dreams alumna Ramos, repped by Gersh and Anonymous Content, played Haddie Braverman on NBC/Uni TV’s family drama Parenthood, starting off as a regular for the first three seasons.

    Milo Ventimiglia Among ‘Gilmore Girls’ Alums Confirmed To Return For Revival

    (2/10/16) Several more Gilmore Girls co-stars have been officially confirmed to return for the revival on Netflix. That includes Milo Ventimiglia, who played one of Rory’s boyfriends, Jess. He is joined by Matt Czuchry, Liza Weil and Yanic Truesdale, and I hear Jared Padalecki also is joining the cast. All will reprise their original characters in the revival, which consists of four 90-minute episodes.

    Previously announced cast returning to the series include Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson, Kelly Bishop, Keiko Agena and Sean Gunn.

    Amy Sherman-Palladino is the creator and executive producer. Daniel Palladino is also an executive producer. They are both writing and directing the series. Gilmore Girls (working title) is produced by Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television.

    David Semel To Direct Jason Katims’ CBS Pilot ‘Bunker Hill’

    (2/3/16) David Semel is set to direct and executive produce Bunker Hill, CBS’s medical drama pilot written/executive produced by Parenthood‘s Jason Katims, from Universal Television, Katims’ studio-based True Jack Prods. and CBS TV Studios. The project follows a young Silicon Valley tech titan who enlists a veteran surgeon with a controversial past in starting a hospital with a cutting-edge, “new school” approach to medicine. Katims and Semel executive produce the pilot with True Jack’s Michelle Lee.

    Last year, CBS ordered a slew of medical drama scripts. Two, Code Black and LFE, went to pilot, and one, Code Black, went to series. It was directed by Semel, one of a string of pilots he has directed that have gone to series, including Heroes, Legends and, at CBS, Intelligence, Madam Secretary and Code Black.

    Semel also recently directed the opening episodes of two buzzy straight-to-series Amazon dramas, breakout The Man In The High Castle, which already has been renewed for a second season, and David E. Kelley’s upcoming Trial starring Billy Bob Thornton. He is repped by WME.

    Sam Page Previews New Hallmark Channel Movie All Things Valentine — Watch The Clip!

    (1/29/16) (Video) Sam Page is starring in a romantic new Hallmark movie this weekend!

    Get a head start on Valentine’s Day with the new movie All Things Valentine. Page portrays Brendan, a handsome veterinarian who falls into a relationship with lovelorn advice columnist Avery, played by Sarah Rafferty.

    But when Avery discovers that Brenden’s ex-girlfriend broke up with him because of her advice column and he’s been the one she’s been exchanging angry online comments with, she begins to question his true feelings.

    All Things Valentine premieres at 9 p.m. ET on Sunday, Jan. 31, on Hallmark Channel, but you can watch a preview of the romance right here with this behind the scenes video!

    Keith Robinson Is All Bout ‘All Eyez On Me’

    (1/23/16) Keith Robinson has been cast in the in-production Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez On Me, which tells the story of the seminal rapper’s rise to fame as one of the most important musical figures of his era, his bitter conflict with friend-turned-rival The Notorious B.I.G., and his still-unsolved murder. Robinson will portray TNT Records founder Atron Gregory, who first pushed Tupac into the limelight by getting him a gig as a dancer with the Oakland hip hop group Digital Underground and later helped establish him as a solo artist.

    The film stars Demetrius Shipp, Jr. in the title role, with The Walking Dead‘s Danai Gurira as Tupac’s mother, and Jamal Woolard as Biggie, a role Woolard previously played in the 2009 biopic Notorious. Other cast includes Grace Gibson, recently cast as R&B singer Faith Evans, and fellow The Walking Dead alum Lauren Cohan as social worker Leila Steinberg. Robinson is repped by D2 Management and APA.

    ‘Blue Bloods’ star Will Estes still uses a flip phone

    (1/16/16) Will Estes has starred in CBS’ “Blue Bloods” since 2010, but still lives frugally.

    During an interview on Web series “IMDb Asks,” host Jerry O’Connell noted 30-something Estes uses a flip phone.

    “Kids, this is what phones used to look like back in the day .?.?. What is this thing?” remarked O’Connell.

    “I have been lit up at private parties for some time about this now,” admitted Estes, “but this is the first time it’s been debuted live.” He admitted, “I think my monthly bill is about 10 bucks.”

    Virginia Madsen will guest-star on episode of Elementary

    (1/5/16) Virginia Madsen (Witches of East End) will guest-star on an early spring episode of Elementary as a potential love interest for Gregson. Per, she will appear as Paige Cowen, a former NYPD detective who is protective of her budding relationship with Gregson, after a scandal caused her to leave the force.

    Photo: Brittany Snow on Location

    (1/5/16) Photo: Brittany Snow and Dave Bautista film "Bushwick" in New York on Monday.

    New Couple Alert! Brittany Snow Is "Casually" Dating Filmmaker Andrew Jenks

    (12/27/15) (Pic) Love is in the air this holiday season for Brittany Snow!

    The Pitch Perfect star has been seeing filmmaker Andrew Jenks, a source tells E! News exclusively. While the twosome has kept their relationship private, the pair was spotted at Madison Square Garden attending the New York Knicks vs Houston Rockets basketball game just three days after Thanksgiving.

    In addition, our insider tells us that they are in fact "casually" dating as a new year quickly approaches.

    As for Snow's previous relationship with Tyler Hoechlin, a source tells E! News that they broke up a "few months ago" after dating for more than two years.

    In fact, one of their last public appearances together was back in May at the Pitch Perfect 2 premiere in Los Angeles.

    While some fans may know Snow as the acca-awesome actress from John Tucker Must Die, American Dreams and Hairspray, others will likely be equally impressed with Jenks' career.

    At just 29 years old, the filmmaker has served as an executive producer on MTV's series World of Jenks. His most recent project put him in the director's chair as he helped bring Dream/Killer to the big screen.

    With the relationship news out, is it safe to say we'll be seeing these two out and about in the near future? It may be too soon to say.

    In the past, Snow has made it clear that she likes to keep her romantic life more on the private side.

    "Sometimes if you give too much away, it loses its magic, as cheesy as that sounds," she told Cosmopolitan while discussing a previous relationship. "We like to keep our moments to ourselves, which is why we don't do much social media."

    Guggenheim Prepares To Sell Hollywood Reporter, Dick Clark Productions To Exec

    (12/17/15) Guggenheim Partners is about to unload The Hollywood Reporter and other media properties to the investment firm’s president, Todd Boehly, following years of losses, we’re told.

    Guggenheim has not responded to a request for comment.

    Boehly, a co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, will have a controlling stake in three companies. One will include THR and Billboard. Another will house Mediabistro, Adweek, the Clio Awards, and TVNewser. And a third will consist of Dick Clark Productions.

    Guggenheim will not have an interest in the properties. Boehly will give up his job as Guggenheim’s president and just serve on its executive council.

    The news, first reported by The Wrap, appears to end the investment firm’s effort to become a media power.

    THR is believed to be losing about $2.5 million a month.

    “This was not surprising as they have not been doing well,” one banker tells us. “We heard that this was about to happen.”

    Guggenheim’s media aspirations expanded in 2009 when, in a partnership with Pluribus Capital Management, it bought THR and other publications owned by Nielsen. In 2012 it also picked up Dick Clark Productions.

    The following year Guggenheim took full control of the magazines and created Guggenheim Digital Media, hiring former Yahoo interim CEO Ross Levinsohn to run it. The secretive investment firm vowed to allocate “significant capital to acquire and invest in new media companies and properties that will meaningfully expand its current portfolio.”

    One year later, the company revamped the operation, naming THR editor Janice Min co-President of Guggenheim’s Entertainment Group, reporting to Boehly. Levinsohn and much of his team were gone by mid-2014.

    This past August Guggenheim paid a $20 million fine to settle a Securities and Exchange Commission charge that one of its units, Guggenheim Partners Investment Management, breached its fiduciary duty. A senior executive borrowed $50 million from a client in 2010 to pay for personal investment in a Guggenheim-led acquisition. Shortly afterward the lender invested in other Guggenheim transactions under different terms than other clients.

    You Can Now Own Brittany Snow's Perfect Holiday Outfit for Less Than $115 (Happy Shopping!)

    (12/6/15) (Pic) Having great style doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. And some of our favorite stars prove (over and over again) that you can still look fab without dropping serious cash. So to make that point, each week we’ll be featuring the best celeb style finds (all under $150) that we think should be added to your virtual cart — stat.

    Can’t decide how to dress for this bipolar weather? Just look to Brittany Snow, who so eloquently provides us with major cool weather #OOTD inspo in a cute plaid button-down, an A-line mini skirt and toggle coat (all Maison Jules) during a recent outing in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. While the coat is slightly over our $150 budget, you can nab the star’s top and mini for less than $115 combined. Double win!

    In case you thought Kendall Jenner’s off-duty wardrobe consists only of high-fashion offerings these days, think again. The supermodel’s most recent street-style look — an all-black ensemble complete with a long-sleeve top and jeans — is worth noting because her denim is less than $100. Yep, the Balmain babe is sporting a pair of semi-affordable pants from Big Star that you could soon own, too! You know, if you happen to have a Benjamin to spare.

    And if you happen to be shopping around for a stylish (and incredibly affordable!) bauble for your BFF this holiday season, we’ve got you covered, courtesy of Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s delicate gold accessory she sported while out and about in L.A. last week. The star dressed up an otherwise casual ensemble (a V-neck white peplum top and jeans) with her antique gold-covered Sequin Sagittarius “Stellina” charm necklace ($42), proving celebs aren’t always decked in luxe diamond pieces.

    Will you be adding any of these star bargains to your winter wardrobe?

    Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia Justin Hartley, Lead Cast Of Dan Fogelman NBC Pilot

    (11/12/15) Mandy Moore (Red Band Society), Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes), Justin Hartley (Smallville), Sterling Brown, and Ron Cephas Jones (Mr. Robot) are the first to be cast in Dan Fogelman’s pilot set at NBC. Written on spec by Fogelman, the untitled dramedy is made up of a unique ensemble of characters all born on the same day.

    Moore, repped by Gersh and Untitled Entertainment, is Rebecca, the lovely wife and best friend to Jack (Ventimiglia). She’s on the verge of giving birth to their triplets, after having just moved into their new home in Pittsburg. Hartley, repped by Innovative Artists, is Kevin, a handsome and successful television actor with an underlining boredom in his ultimate bachelor life. Brown plays Randall, a sharply dressed corporate businessman and family man, based in New York. It’s a team effort to raise two young daughters with his wife Beth. Jones plays William, Randall’s biological father who abandoned him at a fire station soon after Randall was born.

    Moore will next be seen in a starring role in Dimension Films’ 47 Meters Down, and was recently seen in Dermot Mulroney’s Love, Wedding, Marriage opposite Kellan Lutz and James Brolin. In addition to her role in Fox’s Red Band Society, her other credits include Disney’s Tangled, Christmas In Conway opposite Mary-Louise Parker and Andy Garcia, and a stint last year on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. She performed at the 2011 Academy Awards, singing the Oscar-nominated song from Tangled, “I See the Light,” alongside Zachary Levi. Other film credits include Saved!, License To Wed, Because I Said So, Dedication, The Princess Diaries and A Walk To Remember.

    John Requa & Glenn Ficarra are directing the pilot. Fogelman, Requa & Ficarra executive produce with Jess Rosenthal and Charlie Gogolak. 20th Century Fox TV is the studio.

    Matthew John Armstrong on NCIS

    (10/19/15) “16 Years” – The NCIS murder case of a retired Navy Lieutenant Commander forces Ducky to reveal his participation in a secret society that solves cold cases, on NCIS, Tuesday, Nov. 3 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Jessica Walter guest stars as Judith McKnight and Richard Riehle guest stars as Walt Osorio, both members of the secret society.

    Guest Cast includes: Jessica Walter, Richard Riehle, Chris Gartin, Todd Louiso, Matthew John Armstrong.

    Gail O’Grady & Matthew John Armstrong on Code Black

    (9/23/15) “Pre-Existing Conditions” – Amid the chaos and exhaustion of working 36 consecutive hours in Code Black, the doctors must deal with Margaret O’Brien (Gail O’Grady), the distraught mother of two sons who are in a devastating car accident. Also, Mario bullies Angus into performing an unnecessary operation but lets Angus take the blame when Leanne finds out, on CODE BLACK, Wednesday, Oct. 14 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    Guest Cast Includes: Gail O’Grady (Margaret O’Brien), Matthew John Armstrong (Dylan Michael Ross).

    SVU Collars Whoopi Goldberg and Virginia Madsen for Season 17

    (9/16/15) Law & Order: SVU‘s Season 17 call sheet includes a View co-host and a (onetime) ruthless witch.

    Whoopi Goldberg and Virginia Madsen (The Witches of East End) both have signed on to guest-star in the NBC procedural’s upcoming season.

    EGOT recipient Goldberg will play Janette Grayson, a Department of Child Services supervisor whose allegedly faked reports put multiple children at risk. Janette finds herself on trial when the agency’s internal policies bring it the wrong kind of publicity. (E! Online first reported the casting.)

    Madsen — per The Hollywood Reporter, which broke her casting — will play Rollins’ mother Beth Anne, who feels that her police-officer daughter has turned her back on the family.

    Madsen will debut in Episode 6, which also marks the return of Lindsay Pulsipher (True Blood) as Rollins’ sister, Kim. Goldberg will appear in Episode 4, which airs Oct. 7.

    Vanessa Lengies Named ‘Lookinglass’ Regular On Fox

    (9/11/15) Glee alumna Vanessa Lengies is returning to Fox as a new series regular on the network’s midseason drama Lookinglass (formerly The Frankenstein Code). Written by Rand Ravich and executive produced by Howard Gordon, Lookinglass centers on Jimmy Pritchard, a disgraced dead 75-year-old ex-sheriff who is brought back to life and given a second chance as a 35-year-old (Rob Kazinsky) with unpredictable near-superhuman abilities by billionaire tech-genius twins Mary (Dilshad Vadsaria) and Otto (Adhir Kalyan), founders of the social networking empire, Lookinglass. Lengies, who started off as a guest star on the show, plays Alexa, Mary’s loyal and highly competent executive assistant at Lookinglass. She is repped by Gersh, manager John Carrabino and attorney Geoff Oblath.

    Brittany Snow Is Coming Back for Pitch Perfect 3!

    (7/28/15) She's back, pitches!

    E! News has confirmed that Brittany Snow will be returning for Pitch Perfect 3. Universal Pictures and Gold Circle Entertainment tell us Snow will reprise her role as Chloe alongside Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson—who both confirmed they're on board back in June—in the film's next installment.

    @Brittanysnow : My hair was never gunna stay blonde anyway. More songs with our mouths ;) …

    Following the massive box office success of the franchise's sequel, the studio announced in early June that they have decided to move forward with another installment of the movie. Kay Cannon, the writer of the first two movies, will return to pen the third flick. It has yet to be confirmed whether Elizabeth Banks will return to direct, but the actress did tweet, "It's on," when the news was first released.

    Pitch Perfect 2 has earned more than $183 million at the U.S. box office (and $282 million worldwide!) since its May 15 release. Asked about the possibility of yet another PP movie while making the media rounds for the sequel, Kendrick told Time, "I'm not one to count my chickens, so I just want to see how this one does and find out if there's an appetite for that before I even think about it. I'll drive myself crazy."

    She was even a little unsure about returning for the sequel, telling the mag, "I didn't know if they were just going to do a sloppy seconds version of it, and that was the thing that made me nervous. When I found out it was really going forward and it was going to be a real movie and everybody was coming back—there was no way I was going to miss out on that."

    And the journey continues! Pitch Perfect 3 is slated for a July 21, 2017 release.

    2015 Teen Choice Awards Nominations

    (7/13/15) The two-hour awards show airs Sunday, Aug. 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

    Choice Movie Chemistry (#ChoiceMovieChemistry)

    Jim Carrey & Jeff Daniels, “Dumb and Dumber To”
    Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Dwayne Johnson, Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez & Paul Walker, “Furious 7"
    Anna Kendrick & Brittany Snow, “Pitch Perfect 2"
    Thomas Mann & RJ Cyler, “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”
    Dylan O’Brien & Thomas Brodie-Sangster, “The Maze Runner”
    Sofia Vergara & Reese Witherspoon, “Hot Pursuit”

    These Parenthood Stars Say the Whole Cast 'Would Love' to Film a Reunion

    (6/5/15) ( If Sarah Ramos and Miles Heizer have their way, you haven't seen the last of the Bravermans.

    The actors would be thrilled to shoot a Parenthood reunion one day, they told PEOPLE on Thursday night at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas.

    "I think 100 percent, everybody would," said Heizer, 21, of the cast coming back together.

    "Honestly, who would not want to do that?" Ramos, 24, chimed in. "I can't think of anyone."

    "I can't think of one person – except for the twins who play Nora," Heizer quipped.

    But Ramos defended the adorable toddlers: "They would love to! They would be dying."

    NBC's family drama – in which Ramos and Heizer played cousins – went off the air in January. As much as every episode made our eyes well with tears, nothing was as devastating as the series finale, when Braverman patriarch Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) died and his loved ones scattered his ashes on the baseball diamond before playing one last game.

    Ramos said she found the bittersweet ending creatively satisfying – and realistic.

    "It signifies an end, right?" she said.

    "That's true, and I think it was done in a way that was really effective," Heizer added. "I could barely watch it, I remember being actually angry watching it, being like, 'Why did they do this? This is so hard to watch and it’s so sad!' "

    The friends are in town to help toast Parenthood costar Lauren Graham, who's generating tons of buzz at the festival ahead of Saturday's headlining Gilmore Girls reunion.

    From playing Lorelai Gilmore for seven seasons to Sarah Braverman for six, the star is an iconic TV mom.

    "She's so f---ing funny. She's funny and smart," Ramos said of Graham. "She delivers things in such an unexpected way, and she's f---ing beautiful. She's just someone you can really easily obsess over. ... I think she brings a lot of comedy to dark moments, which is something not everyone does."

    Her on-screen son agrees.

    "She's just so good at what she does. I definitely when working with her would be like, 'Oh my God, that's how you're supposed to act. That's a thing.' She's so engaging, so funny. Especially on Parenthood, she would improvise a lot of stuff that was just genuinely so smart," Heizer said. "I think everyone who meets her likes her. She's just the best. Everyone loves her."

    And Ramos has been bingeing on Gilmore Girls – so who does she ship with Rory (Alexis Bledel)?

    Sorry, Jared Padalecki and Milo Ventimiglia: She's all about Matt Czuchry's Logan Huntzberger, the playboy billionaire with a heart of gold whose proposal Rory spurned in the series finale in favor of covering Barack Obama's campaign.

    "Logan! Jess and Dean are boring, although I haven't finished the whole season, and I heard Jess comes back as like owning a bookstore, but I'm like, 'Come on, that's not real,' " she joked. "What a loser. Ew, deadbeat."

    CFDA Awards 2015: Go Behind the Scenes with Brittany Snow and Designer Rachel Roy

    (6/2/15) CFDA Awards 2015: Go Behind the Scenes with Brittany Snow and Designer Rachel Roy.

    Gilmore's 'Jess' Joins Reunion

    (6/2/15) For Jess Mariano fans, the upcoming Gilmore Girls reunion just got a lot more enticing.

    Milo Ventimiglia, who played Rory’s bad-boy beau on the beloved series, has joined its reunion panel taking place this weekend at Austin’s ATX Festival, reports.

    The jam-packed panel will also include Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, Jared Padalecki, Scott Patterson, Matt Czuchry, Keiko Agena, Liza Weil, Liz Torres, Sean Gunn, Yanic Truesdale, John Cabrera, Danny Strong, Todd Lowe, Jackson Douglas and series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino.

    The ATX Festival runs June 4-7, with the Gilmore event taking place on the last night.

    'The Whispers' Milo Ventimiglia: Whatever John Doe is there for, it's 'ominous'

    (6/1/15) (Video) The next time you hear a child claim he or she has an imaginary friend, it might be worth believing.

    That's one of the lessons of "The Whispers," an ABC suspense series whose executive producers include someone who often gives lots of credit to young characters, Steven Spielberg. Premiering Monday (June 1), the show doesn't choose just any locale to spin its tale: The kids in question reside in Washington, D.C., so their alleged new buddy knows where to strike if gaining power and influence is the aim.

    As the youngsters allegedly are guided into increasingly alarming actions by their unseen pal, known as Drill, an FBI agent (played by "American Horror Story" veteran Lily Rabe) who specializes in child behavior is drawn in. She doesn't know it, but she has even more of a link to the situation: Her hearing-impaired son (Kyle Harrison Breitkopf) is also communicating with Drill.

    In "The Whispers" as originally constructed, Drill was an alien intelligence, but series creator and co-executive producer Soo Hugh tells Zap2it the show's makers decided to "pull back on some of the story and change some of the reveals. The question of what is Drill, who is Drill, plays a bigger part in the series now. We wanted to make that question more of a season-long question. There's people making conjectures of what and who Drill is, and some people may jump to the gun of 'alien,' whether or not we bear that out."

    Among others in the "Whispers" cast: Barry Sloane ( "Revenge") as a Defense Department agent seeking related answers in the Sahara; Kristen Connolly ( "House of Cards") as the wife he cheated on with the widowed Rabe character; and "Heroes" alum Milo Ventimiglia -- seen recently on FOX's "Gotham" as the sinister Ogre -- as an enigmatic character appropriately named John Doe.

    Is John Doe supposed to be the embodiment of Drill? "You can't make out exactly what he's there for," Ventimiglia says, "but you know it's ominous, and you know that it's dangerous, and you know that it's something you've got to follow closely and watch because it's got to relate to the greater picture."

    For Rabe -- the daughter of playwright David Rabe ("Hurlyburly") and the late actress Jill Clayburgh ("An Unmarried Woman") -- "The Whispers" means working frequently with much younger co-stars. She deems that "one of the greatest joys I had doing this show."

    "I think all children are pretty extraordinary, and getting to work with children is always so much fun, because it's exactly what you're chasing all the time in a scene partner ... which is someone who just wants to play and who is completely, wholly present. And it's different every time. And all the things that excite me as an actor, you get that in spades with kids. And these kids were very special."

    Even if the creative path of "The Whispers" has been altered a bit, the series still ends up where it always was intended to, Hugh maintains: "We always knew the last scene of the show, having had experience on shows whose finales may have disappointed some fans. I'm part of those fan circles, in terms of watching TV shows. I don't want to be disappointed when I watch my favorite shows, and we really took that to heart when we were in the writers' room."

    Erin Andrews and Brittany Snow Will Host 2015 CMT Music Awards

    (5/29/15) Dancing With the Stars co-host Erin Andrews and Pitch Perfect star Brittany Snow will co-host the 2015 CMT Music Awards airing live June 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.

    Andrews recently wrapped up her third season as co-host of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars as ratings soared to all-time highs in the competition for the coveted Mirror Ball trophy. On the field, she returns to FOX NFL Sunday in the fall as part of the network’s No. 1 broadcast team and continues to cover Major League Baseball events, including the World Series and All Star Game.

    “Being a huge fan of country music, the CMT Music Awards are one of my favorite events of the season,” Andrews said. “I cannot wait to be around all the talented artists and bands and look forward to being a part of such a great event.”

    Best known for her breakout role as Chloe Beale, co-leader of the Barden Bellas in the smash hit Pitch Perfect and the just-released Pitch Perfect 2, which recently topped both the box office and album charts, Snow is one of the brightest and most engaging acting talents to emerge in recent years. She can also currently be seen in the second season of DirecTV’s drama series Full Circle and stars opposite William H. Macy in Dial a Prayer, a drama in theaters now.

    “As a longtime fan of CMT and the CMT Music Awards, I’m thrilled to join Erin in hosting what’s sure to be one of the most memorable musical nights of the year,” Snow said.

    CMT revealed the first round of performers last week, including Carrie Underwood, Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Lady Antebellum and Luke Bryan. Additional performers and presenters will be announced at a later date.

    Underwood is this year’s frontrunner with five nominations including, two for the highly-coveted video of the year award. Lady Antebellum and Chesney followed with an impressive four nominations each. Florida Georgia Line and Aldean earned a respective three nominations, while Keith Urban and Luke Bryan each scored two nods.

    Fans can vote now via through June 7 at 11:59 PM ET to determine the winners. The six finalists for video of the year will be announced at the beginning of the live show and fans can then vote at throughout the live telecast (ET/CT only) to determine the night’s big winner.

    For more information as it becomes available, follow @CMT on Twitter and Instagram, use hashtag #CMTawards and like the CMT Music Awards on Facebook.

    Joey Lawrence and Other '90s Hunks Pose Shirtless

    (5/22/15) (Pic) Call it shirtless for summer.

    Joey Lawrence, Ian Ziering, David Chokachi and Antonio Sabato Jr. showed off some skin for Us Weekly's "Best Bodies" issue - and critiqued their fashion choices from the '90s.

    "When I think back at my time on 90210, I look back at some of those outfits and think, what is it that influenced me to button my dress shirts to the top button?" Ziering muses. "Every time I see it, it's so ridiculous."

    Lawrence, on the other hand, notes that he seems to have to lucked out, since flannel is making a comeback.

    Brittany Snow, Sharon Osbourne, Others Set For MTV Animated Comedy

    (5/19/15) MTV has ordered an animated pilot presentation for half-hour comedy Fancy Bastards (wt) with Brittany Snow, Sharon Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne among the cast. Jason Micallef and Kristen Schall are executive producing alongside Underground’s Josh Turner McGuire and Trevor Engelson. Price Peterson, Ryan Sandoval and Lily Sparks wrote the pilot and also serve as executive producers. Titmouse is the studio.

    In Fancy Bastards, a small town is shocked to learn its five most awkward outcasts all share the same father – a notorious ginger cad who had an indiscretion-filled night during a whirlwind visit to Vegas nine years ago — and just happens to be a prince. The misfits turn into royal rock stars overnight but soon find that the “Fancy Bastard” life is no fairy tale. In addition to Snow and the Osbournes, the cast includes Natasha Leggero (Neighbors), Nasim Pedrad (SNL), John Roberts (Bob’s Burgers), Jameeliah Garrett (Supanatural) and Jessica Lowe (Blended).

    Pitch Perfect 2's Brittany Snow Raps 'Gangsta's Paradise' on Ellen

    (5/11/15) (Video) Brittany Snow was just 9 years old when Coolio released "Gangsta's Paradise" but the song holds a special place in the Pitch Perfect 2 star's heart.

    As the 29-year-old told Ellen DeGeneres on Monday, the song, from the 1995 Michelle Pfeiffer film Dangerous Minds was her go-to karaoke song when she and the cast would go out after a day of filming.

    It didn't take much encouragement to get her to perform it on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

    To be honest, it's the first time we've understood all the lyrics, thanks to Snow's clear enunciation. "Look how cool I am," she quipped.

    Later, the actress responded to Tweets about her impromptu performance, writing, "This is by far the dorkiest thing I've ever done. Ever."

    And in response to someone who claimed that Snow "did not choose the thug life the thug life chose her," she replied, "Truer words have never been tweeted."

    Watch the New Music Video for Ester Dean's 'Crazy Youngsters' Featuring the Pitch Perfect 2 Cast

    (5/11/15) (Video) It's not a cappella, but it's still aca-awesome!

    Ester Dean released a music video on Sunday for her song "Crazy Youngsters," which will be featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming Pitch Perfect 2.

    The video for the high-energy pop song features several members of the Pitch Perfect 2 cast, including Anna Camp, Brittany Snow and Flula, who will be playing the leader of a German a cappella group in the film.

    Not only did Dean, 29, who stars as Cynthia-Rose Adams in both Pitch Perfect movies, write "Crazy Youngsters," but she has also written or co-written many other hit songs for artists such as Britney Spears, Rihanna, Beyoncé and Katy Perry. After co-writing Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass," Dean opened for Minaj on the first European leg of The Pinkprint Tour.

    Pitch Perfect 2 hits theaters Friday.

    Brittany Snow: I Don't Like My Pitch Perfect 2 Hair Color

    (5/11/15) Brittany Snow will happily change up her hair color for movie roles, but the 29-year-old actress reveals she wasn’t a huge fan of her Pitch Perfect 2 hue. Snow opens up to Yahoo! Style about the red shade she sported in the film, plus her evolving street style and being compared to the Olsen twins!


    “I have had every hair color,” she shares in the interview. “I joke with my hair colorist. She keeps sheets of paper on every hair color that I’ve had so she has records of it all. She’s done my hair since I was 15 and I guess I have a thick folder going because I’ve had so many different hair colors.”

    Snow, who identifies as a blonde, adds that she hasn’t been a fan of all her looks. “I think my least favorite hair color was the hair color that I had in Pitch Perfect 2. They really wanted me to be dark red and I wanted to be lighter like I was in the first movie, but they didn’t want that. But I rocked some light red for a year, after it faded.” (See a grid of the star’s changing colors below.)


    As for her style, Snow says she doesn’t pay much attention to fashion trends.

    “It was never an interest to me because I never really got it,” she shares, adding that her street style remains very casual. “I live by the beach and I feel like my style reflects that. I’m very lazy; if it takes me longer than 15 or 20 minutes to get ready, then I don’t want to do it. So I wear a lot of jeans and T-shirts and very normal kind of tomboyish sort of things. I feel that whole vibe of that tomboy chic thing that’s been introduced years ago by Alexa Chung and things in that sort of evolution is what I like to wear. I just like to look effortless because I don’t want to put too much effort into it.”

    One thing Snow does put a lot of effort in to: her career. And despite starring in TV and movies for close to 20 years, she says she’s still able to maintain her anonymity.

    “I don’t get recognized that often. I used to get recognized for being the Olsen twins a lot, which was a compliment, not so much anymore,” she says.


    Thanks to her latest role in Pitch Perfect 2, more fans might be coming up to her for selfies and autographs. The movie debuts May 15, and Snow refuses to give away any clues on the rumors that her character Chloe hooks up with Anna Kendrick’s character Beca.

    “I can’t give you anything, because I get in trouble either way,” she says. (Trailer)

    Brittany Snow and Boyfriend Tyler Hoechlin Make Rare Red Carpet Appearance Together at Pitch Perfect 2 Premiere

    (5/9/15) (Pic1, Pic2) You know it's a big night when this Hollywood couple steps out!

    Brittany Snow and longtime boyfriend Tyler Hoechlin turned heads Friday evening when the pair attended the premiere of Pitch Perfect 2 at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live.

    Wearing a red dress with sheer skirt detailing from the Edition by Georges Chakra Collection, Snow was all smiles while posing with her main man. Hoechlin looked handsome as well in all black.

    The couple's most recent red carpet appearance together was during Oscars season when they attended a couple of parties including the Vanity Fair bash.

    Just a few short weeks ago, Snow opened up about why she keeps her romantic life on the more private side. Turns out she doesn't feel the need to document her love all the time.

    "Sometimes if you give too much away, it loses its magic, as cheesy as that sounds," she told Cosmopolitan. "We like to keep our moments to ourselves, which is why we don't do much social media."

    She added, "We're not hiding anything. We're not not wanting people to know."

    What you should know is Snow wasn't the only Bella and Hollywood star at Friday night's big party. From Rebel Wilson and Hailee Steinfeld to Jaden Smith and Bella Thorne, take a look at who made this premiere a star-studded affair.

    Brittany Snow Says 'Everybody Just Goes for It' in Pitch Perfect 2

    (4/20/15) (Video) In one month, the Barden Bellas are back, Pitches!

    Fans got another glimpse at Pitch Perfect 2 with a special clip complete with cast commentary shared Monday on YouTube.

    How does Rebel Wilson, who plays the infamous Fat Amy, describe the next chapter in the Bellas' musical saga? "Huger!" she says in the clip. "Is that even a word?"

    The Bellas are now three-time champs, but they get suspended from competing at the collegiate level in the Pitch Perfect sequel, which also kicked off the film convention CinemaCon on Monday in Las Vegas.

    The girls have to then win back their place in the "a cappella pantheon," as Elizabeth Banks – who directed, starred in and produced the second installment – says in the 2½-minute snippet.

    "We really become the underdogs once more," says Wilson. Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow also return to the musical comedy.

    How will the Bellas do it? They're gunning for a win at Worlds, where the gang takes on new rivals (such as German foes Das Sound Machine) – and, of course, new jams.

    "They are just, like, machines," Wilson says of the sequel's aca-antagonists. "They're crazy hard to beat."

    In the clip, Fat Amy gets caught hanging from the ceiling while doing a rendition of the Miley Cyrus hit "Wrecking Ball" and the group dances it out to Beyoncé's "Run the World (Girls)."

    "Everybody just goes for it in this one," Brittany Snow says in the spot.

    Pitch Perfect 2 hits theaters May 15.

    Brittany Snow Swears She's a 'Really Bad Twerker'

    (4/13/15) (Pic1, Pic2) It's no secret that Pitch Perfect 2 star Brittany Snow has musical chops – but apparently her skills don't extend to dancing. The actress said that, even after months of practice for the upcoming sequel to the hit comedy, she still struggles to burn up the dance floor.

    "One of my favorite scenes to do in Pitch Perfect 2 was this number where we really get dirty with our dancing," Snow, 29, tells Cosmopolitan in its May issue, which hits newsstands on April 14. "We had a month of rehearsals learning how to do things I'm just not cool enough to do in my real life."

    Snow says that she couldn't grasp one dance move in particular – twerking. "I’m a really bad twerker – I still haven't figured out how to do it," she says. "I actually hurt my back one day. I woke up the next morning and my back was completely tweaked out … from twerking."

    Snow also discussed her relationship with Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin, 27, who she's been dating since early 2013. The star said she likes to keep her relationship with the hunky actor private, so it doesn't "lose its magic."

    "We like to keep our moments to ourselves, which is why we don't do much social media," she says. "We're not hiding anything. We're not not wanting people to know."

    "Social media, for me, is about interacting with people who follow my career," Snow added. "I don't think my relationship has anything to do with my career. So we just keep it simple, try not to think about it that much, and just be us." The second installment of the hilarious movie about a college female acappella group hits theaters on May 15.

    Brittany Snow Admits to Experiencing a Back Injury After Twerking, Explains Why Her Love Life Is So Private

    (4/13/15) Fans of Pitch Perfect 2 may be pumped for all the singing coming soon to the big screen. But Brittany Snow is here to warn you there's so much more than just a few a cappella numbers.

    Yes, there's some twerking involved with this highly anticipated sequel.

    "One of my favorite scenes to do was this number where we really get dirty with our dancing," she revealed in the May issue of Cosmopolitan. "We had a month of rehearsals learning how to do things I'm just not cool enough to do in my real life."

    As it turns out, Snow could still use some help on her twerking skills.

    "I'm a really bad twerker—I still haven't figured out how to do it," she confessed. "I actually hurt my back one day. I woke up the next morning and my back was completely tweaked out…from twerking."

    Perhaps boyfriend Tyler Hoechlin was around to help her out. Yes, Snow is in a happy relationship with the Teen Wolf star. And if you didn't already know, it's likely because she doesn't talk about it too much.

    "Sometimes if you give too much away, it loses its magic, as cheesy as that sounds. We like to keep our moments to ourselves, which is why we don't do much social media," Snow explained. "We're not hiding anything. We're not not wanting people to know."

    She added, "Social media, for me, is about interacting with people who follow my career. I don't think my relationship has anything to do with my career. So we just keep it simple, try not to think about it that much, and just be us."

    One thing that isn't a secret is Snow's belief that dating musicians is so yesterday. While she admits to having a fascination with live performances, Snow has learned that being in a romantic relationship with a singer may not be the best bet.

    "Until recently, I always dated musicians. I have this fascination with being on the road, all things music, and the '70s," she shared. "My favorite movie is Almost Famous. I don't date musicians anymore, but I still hang out creepily at concerts and venues." After all, she loves some aca-awesome music!

    Read Snow's complete interview in Cosmopolitan on newsstands Tuesday and see Pitch Perfect 2 in theatres May 15.

    Milo Ventimiglia on His Gotham Arc, Heroes Reborn and, of Course, Gilmore Girls

    (4/13/15) ( Set to play a serial killer for a three-episode arc on Gotham, Milo Ventimiglia's Jason Lennon is a far cry from Peter Petrelli, the empath he portrayed on Heroes.

    Nicknamed "The Ogre" – but not the one we know from the DC Comics universe – Jason targets young women in Gotham on a twisted quest for love. When the women he encounters don't meet his expectations, they become discarded in increasingly grisly fashion.

    With the Gotham PD too fearful to investigate due to Jason's tendency to target the loved ones of any detectives who start poking around, Jason basically has free rein on Gotham's dating pool … that is, until Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) – with more honor than sense, as ever – steps in.

    Now that he's back in the superhero world, Ventimiglia, 37, tells PEOPLE that playing a villain is "fun in a different way" from playing someone like his Heroes character. The actor also reveals whether or not we can expect him to appear in the upcoming Heroes reboot, Heroes Reborn, and what he thinks happened to Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Jess after the series finale of Gilmore Girls.

    On Heroes, Peter was a good guy almost to a fault. What's it like to play a villain?

    Fun in a different way. Is it wrong to say that it's a lot of fun to play a serial killer? But it is! Playing someone that is more selfish than selfless is fun. At the same time, I never wanted to make a guy who is without humanity, without some kind of human quality. Luckily, the words on the page helped me out with that. He's a guy who is looking for love. He is looking for a partner.

    You said that he's coming from a place of love. Twisted though that place is, does that mean the door is left open for Jason's rehabilitation or return?

    I think that there are some people you can't necessarily reprogram. I think that there's a degree where you have to give someone an opportunity to prove that they see a different side of life, but at the same time, some people are just evil. We all have within us the capability to be completely deplorable and evil. Like, what are those things that trigger that and allow us to explore that darker side?

    What was it like to finally work with Ben McKenzie?

    We've been friends for years and years and years, but we've never been on a set together. There's a huge group of actors that have been in the game since our early twenties and we all just know each other and you just get to be friends with each other because these are your contemporaries. Ben was always a contemporary, and he was clocking in good work, and he's just such a good guy. It was a blast. I always hope to be on set with good friends, and it was about time for he and I.

    What do you think of the Heroes reboot? Is there any way we'll see Peter Petrelli on Heroes Reborn?

    I'm sure he'll be mentioned, but you're not going to see him. Back in our heyday, after the first season, I was the only one that was like, "Look, I'm having fun, but at some point this is going to end." And people couldn't believe that I said that. And then, the show ended four years later. Now that the show is coming back, I think it's going to be interesting to see how the fans react to what is not what they had before. They may not be completely satiated without all the characters they fell in love with.

    When I watch a show, I watch it for the characters. If the majority of them aren't there … it's going to be different. It doesn't mean that it can't be great. I'm very excited for Zach [Levi, who will play the lead] and Masi [Oka, who is returning]. I wish them all the best. In my mind, Peter Petrelli f---ed off and went somewhere else. He's gone.

    Speaking of past characters, I feel compelled to ask about Gilmore Girls. Jess was always my favorite of Rory's boyfriends, even though he was kind of a jerk.

    He was a good guy, though! By the very end. He was a really good guy.

    He was! By the end. Speaking of rehabilitation. … Anyway, I like to think that Jess and Rory got back together after the series ended. What do you think about that? Do you want to kill my dreams?

    I don't want to kill your dreams, but I don't think Jess and Rory got back together. I think they kept a friendly relationship. Maybe they send each other postcards. There was another version of the ending that I'd heard from [GG creator] Amy Sherman-Palladino and it still wasn't Rory and Jess. … Or it was? I have no idea. I think that's also the cool part. You never really know. There are stories and things that you wonder about but then you get to dictate how you see things and how they could have worked out, which is kinda cool, you know?

    As opposed to, "Hey, let's revisit this, let's put a capper on it and let's tell you exactly how it ended." Then, maybe, you're going to be disappointed. That's always the tough thing about revivals. You get so excited, and then maybe it will leave a bad taste in your mouth. I don't know. I'm of the opinion of moving forward. Something ends, it's done. And that's okay! You get to share the memories and look back at things reverently and just move forward.

    [Willfully ignores] So … you are telling me … that Jess and Rory at least keep up a texting relationship.

    [Laughs] I don't think Jess is the texting type. I don't want to say he's as old school as letter-writing, but … I think Jess really, truly cared about Rory and that was pretty evident at the very end. He said, "This isn't you. I know you. This isn't you." But I don't know.

    There's a Gilmore Girls reunion happening at the ATX Television Festival. Will you be there?

    I'd love to, but I just signed on for another movie that hasn't been announced so I'm waiting for my schedule. I'd love to be a part of it and to see the old crew and to connect with the fans specifically about Gilmore. I know everybody else has signed on, but I just don't know my schedule right now which kinda sucks.

    Gotham airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on Fox.

    'Gotham': Milo Ventimiglia took Ogre inspiration from Ted Bundy

    (4/13/15) (Video) "Gotham" has seen more than its fair share of evil throughout Season 1, but with the introduction of the Ogre (Milo Ventimiglia), things are really going to get dark.

    Though the Ogre -- real name Jason Lennon -- shares the moniker with a comic book villain, the two characters are not connected. The show's version is a serial killer wreaking havoc on Gotham City. With that in mind, it only seems right that Ventimiglia would look to actual serial killers when creating the character.

    "I did kind of get in the mind of serial killers. Ted Bundy, he's someone I could liken this guy to because of how he approached women and how he approached life," the actor tells Zap2it.

    "[Jason's] looking for love and to the extreme he's looking for unconditional love," Ventimiglia explains. "His want to have that is very genuine, his want to have that is very true. But the way that he gets to it -- to basically have women prove to him that they love him unconditionally -- is wrong."

    Of course, when the women he chooses don't live up to his impossibly high standards, the Ogre is left with no alternative but to "discard them violently."

    Unfortunately for Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), The Ogre also has a habit of going after the loved ones of cops who try to catch him. That could mean bad news for both Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) and Leslie Thompkins (Morena Baccarin), the two women connected to Gordon.

    Perhaps the Ogre is underestimating just how powerful Gordon is, though. "[Gordon is] another notch in his belt, it's another thorn to pull off of a rose before you hand it to somebody. It's a nuisance, a flea on a dog," Ventimiglia says. "In Jason's arrogance, he doesn't believe him to be any more powerful than anybody else he's had to deal with, and certainly not anymore powerful than he believes himself to be."

    Of course, Ventimiglia knows what those who watch "Gotham" know: "That is where he's wrong. Jim Gordon is not an everyday cop, he's not an everyday detective. He's f***ing Jim Gordon," he says with a laugh. He's the last person whose loved ones you want to go after.

    Ventimiglia will guest star as the Ogre on three episodes of "Gotham," starting Monday (April 13) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

    'Heroes Reborn': Milo Ventimiglia says Peter Petrelli return is 'not gonna happen'

    (4/8/15) While you'll see some familiar faces when "Heroes Reborn" premieres, there's at least one family you shouldn't expect to be involved: The Petrellis.

    While speaking to Zap2it about his upcoming role as the Ogre on "Gotham," Milo Ventimiglia revealed whether he had been approached to resurrect Peter Petrelli for the "Heroes" continuation.

    "Not on my end, no," he says. "As far as I understand, they're already back to work and have broken their stories. Maybe they'll mention the Petrellis, but I don't see it happening that I would be revisiting. Just not gonna happen."

    While he won't my playing a role in the series, he's still looking forward to seeing the finished product. "I'm very excited for Jack [Coleman] and I'm very excited for Masi [Oka] and Zach - that's Levi and not Quinto," he says. "I'm excited for those guys. It should be fun, hopefully, for the fans."

    As for whether the show can endear itself to fans the way the initial season of "Heroes" did, Ventimiglia knows they have their work cut out for them. "It's always tough, man. When we did the show, there was something really unique about the time it came out and what we were able to capture with with the show," he says.

    "Heroes Reborn" is expected to premiere later in 2015 on NBC.

    3 Things You Didn't Know About Actress Brittany Snow

    (4/7/15) ( She spent her teen years acting in the soap Guiding Light before graduating to roles in feature films like Pitch Perfect, Hairspray, and John Tucker Must Die. She also helped launch the anti-bullying project Love Is Louder. This Tampa native stars (and sings!) in Pitch Perfect 2, the sequel to the Baton Rouge, Louisiana-filmed a cappella hit, opening May 15.

    SOUTHERN TO THE BONE “I grew up in North Tampa. My first kiss was on the back of a pickup truck, so it was Southern—just with alligators.”

    HOME SWEET HOME “My dad has kept my room in Tampa the exact same way it was when I left when I was 14. So there’s a lava lamp and beanbag chairs—and frogs. I was really into frogs.”

    NO BULLIES HERE “Lots of people find it helpful being involved with Love Is Louder [@joinloveislouder] on Facebook and just becoming part of the movement.”

    David Semel Inks Overall Deal With CBS TV Studios

    (4/6/15) David Semel, who directed the pilot of and executive produces Madam Secretary, has closed an overall deal with the studio behind the freshman CBS drama, CBS Television Studios. Under the two-year pact, Semel will continue on the Tea Leoni-starring series, which has been renewed for a second season, while also producing and directing new projects for the studio.

    Semel most recently directed Amazon’s pilot for The Man In The High Castle and is executive producing the Frank Spotnitz drama, which has been picked up to series.

    Semel, repped by WME and Hansen Jacobson, is a sought-after drama pilot director who has helmed pilots for such series as American Dreams, Heroes, No Ordinary Family and Legends as well as two other CBS dramas: Person Of Interest and Intelligence.

    Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin Share a Courtside Kiss and Take Selfies

    (3/17/15) (Pic1, Pic2) It looks like these vampires only have eyes for each other.

    Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin looked happy in love as they showed some courtside PDA at the Los Angeles Lakers and Atlanta Hawks game Sunday.

    Tonkin and her 32-year-old beau, who first met on the set of The Vampire Diaries back in 2012, filled their night with laughter, some leg grabbing, selfies and a kiss!

    The couple were twinning in head-to-toe black attire rocking black booties and tops as they enjoyed their romantic date night.

    The couple struck multiple poses for their selfies—one with Tonkin throwing her arms around Wesley's neck and another where the duo posed close together.

    Although the pair didn't upload the adorable pics of their date to social media, Tonkin did take to her Instagram to post a picture of the Lakers and Hawks game.

    Looks like the actress was as much into the game as she was into her romantic date!

    Wesley plays the vampire Stefan Salvatore, the love interest of Elena Gilbert (played by Nina Dobrev), in the hit TV show The Vampire Diaries.

    Rachel Boston In CBS' 'For Justice'

    (3/13/15) Witches Of East End alum Rachel Boston is set as a series regular in CBS’ civil rights crime drama pilot For Justice. Based on James Patterson’s debut crime novel, The Thomas Berryman Number, For Justice centers on Special Agent Natalia “Nat” Chappel (Anika Noni Rose), a cool, laser-focused, tough as nails FBI agent who works in the Criminal Section of the Department of Civil Rights Division and finds herself caught between the radical family she was born into and the professional family she has chosen. Boston, repped by Gersh, manager John Carrabino and attorney Tara Kole, will play Lisa, everyone’s favorite kid sister and another DOJ lawyer with Nat’s team.

    Britne Oldford, Sam Page Join ABC's 'Mix'

    (3/9/15) Ravenswood alum Britne Oldford, Sam Page (House Of Cards) and Joaquim de Almeida (Fast Five) have booked regular roles on ABC’s pilot Mix, from Warner Bros. TV and Rashida Jones and Will McCormack’s studio-based Le Train Train. The dramedy explores the realities of modern-day families — multi-cultural, multi-generational, built through divorces, affairs and adoptions — set against the backdrop of a revered family restaurant at a crossroads. Oldford is Remy, who’s trying to stay clean after recently being release prison on a drug charge, but is finding life on the outside tougher than she anticipated. An extremely talented chef, she might be just what her father needs to turn the restaurant around. Page will play James, a recovering addict who is described as a warm, charming and intelligent man. He is immediately intrigued when he meets Remy at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. De Almeida will play Ray, owner of the popular Austin restaurant. Page is repped by UTA, Inphenate, and Jackoway Tyerman.

    Gail O'Grady on REVENGE

    (3/3/15) “Loss” – As Emily fights to clear Jack's name in and out of court, newlyweds Nolan and Louise receive a visit from Officer Ben Hunter, on ABC’s “Revenge,” SUNDAY, MARCH 22 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

    “Revenge” stars Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, Madeleine Stowe as Victoria Grayson, Nick Wechsler as Jack Porter, Gabriel Mann as Nolan Ross, Karine Vanasse as Margaux LeMarchal, James Tupper as David Clarke, Brian Hallisay as Ben Hunter and Elena Satine as Louise Ellis.

    Guest starring Gail O'Grady as Stevie Grayson, Josh Pence as Tony Hughes, Lucinda Jenney as Judge Leanne Knowles, Bradley White as George Easton, Ed Quinn as James Allen, Jeffrey David Anderson as Officer Schaefer, Tim Powell as Alexander Strouse, Maria McCann as Doctor, Christopher Allen as EMT and Liz Jenkins as Lab Tech.

    “Loss” was written by Joe Fazzio and directed by Helen Hunt.

    'Melissa & Joey' done after 4 seasons on ABC Family

    (2/10/15) Whoa: ABC Family has pulled the plug on "Melissa & Joey" after four seasons, canceling its sitcom starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence.

    "We are proud of the milestones 'Melissa & Joey' have acheived, being the network's first sitcom to reach 100 episodes and the network's first comedy to win a People's Choice Award," ABC Family head of programming Karey Burke says in a statement to The Wrap. "Now that the kids are grown and Mel and Joe have married and are looking toward starting a family, it seemed like a natural time to bring the series to a close."

    Fans will still have plenty of time to say goodbye to the show: It's currently airing at 8 p.m. ET/PT Wednesdays, with the 100th episode set to air March 18. It will take a break following that, then return for its final episodes in the summer.

    Tyler Ross To Star In David Fincher's HBO Comedy 'Living On Video'; Sam Page Cast

    (2/10/15) I’ve learned that Tyler Ross (The Killing) has landed the lead in David Fincher’s HBO comedy Living On Video. I also hear that Sam Page (Mad Men) has been cast in the project, which has been shrouded in secrecy. Reps for HBO and the actors had no comment.

    Set in 1983 Los Angeles, and in the vein of HBO’s Entourage, Living On Video revolves around the players of the then-exploding music video industry — directors, record executives and crew members, many of them dabbling in drugs — through the eyes of a newcomer, Robby (Ross). Robby is a wide-eyed guy who drops out of college and drives to Hollywood with dreams of directing a sci-fi epic and lands a job as a PA for a company making music videos.

    Page plays a meteorologist trying to transition into game-show hosting. He is reuniting with Fincher after recurring on the past season of House Of Cards.

    Fincher, who is directing, revisits his music video director past with the comedy, written by Rich Wilkes (xXx) and Bob Stevenson, a friend of Fincher’s from his music video days, based on an idea by Fincher. I hear also set or in negotiations for the project, which I hear will film two episodes in lieu of a pilot, are Jason Flemyng, Kerry Condon and Elizabeth Lail.

    Ross is repped by Paradigm and Sanders.Armstrong.Caserta Management; Page is with UTA and Inphenate.

    'Gotham' casts Milo Ventimiglia to play Ogre, but not the one you're thinking of

    (2/5/15) "Gotham" has lined up another villain to terrorize Jim Gordon. Milo Ventimiglia will join the series for multiple episodes as serial killer Jason Lennon, known as the Ogre. The role is a change for Ventimiglia, who's best known for fighting for what's right while starring on "Heroes."

    Comic book fans may recognize the name Ogre as a Batman villain that's been genetically altered to have superhuman strength. However, FOX confirms that their version of Orge is not the character from DC canon.

    Their description of the character reads, "Handsome, wealthy and seductive, the Ogre is a serial killer who has been preying on the young women of Gotham for nearly a decade, luring them into his web and confronting them with a series of 'tests' as he searches for his perfect mate. When the women fail to live up to his impossible standard, Lennon disposes of them quickly and viciously."

    When Gordon ends up on the case, he and Lennon both spiral "toward tragedy," along with those around them. Ventimiglia will debut on episode 19. "Gotham" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

    'Pitch Perfect 2' Tosses The Packers Into Super Bowl Mix, Kinda

    (2/1/15) 'Pitch Perfect 2' Super Bowl Trailer: video.

    2015 Sundance: What Brittany Snow Won't Do on a Red Carpet-Watch Now!

    (1/27/15) (Video, Pic1, Pic2) Brittany Snow loved jetting into Utah for Sundance.

    We caught up with the Pitch Perfect star to talk film festival fashion, beauty and more.

    She may be from Florida, but Snow doesn't mind some cold temperature dressing.

    Her best friend and stylist was responsible for her looks in Park City. "She packs for me because I have no idea what I'm doing," Snow said at the Lipton Sparkling Lounge, where she hosted a performance by American Authors. "She picks a lot of really cute plaids, flannels and hats, anything that's kind of layer-y because I get really cold."

    And that also means she gets to slip on more and more...hats!

    "I wear a lot of hats in my real life," Snow said. "I don't really get to wear them on red carpets because you have to be Madonna to wear a hat on the red carpet, so it's nice to wear a hat around [Sundance]."

    Snow also told us what she was doing to keep her skin healthy and glowing, plus she explained why the festival is perfect for her hair. Click the video below to watch what she had to say.

    Pitch Perfect 2 Gets "Down and Dirty"

    (1/20/15) (Pic) Brittany Snow can't reveal the songs she and her co-stars sing in Pitch Perfect 2, but she can give us a little tease of what's to come.

    "There are a lot of mashups in this one and there's this one performance in which we actually go insane and do all this great stuff," Snow told me at Elle's Women in TV celebration at the Sunset Tower Hotel. "I [use a] glow stick and there's hula-hooping. There's all sorts of madness. We got to get a little down and dirty."

    The Pitch Perfect sequel includes the returns of Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Anna Camp. Elizabeth Banks not only produces and appears as an a capella competition judge, but she also directs the much-anticipated follow-up.

    Speaking of singing, Kendrick said her work in Into the Woods may inspire her return to Broadway. "I couldn't sing Into the Woods eight times a week," she told me at the BAFTA-LA's pre-Golden Globes tea party. "I'd have to choose something a little more in my natural range...Just thinking about it raises my heart rate."

    'Blue Bloods' Will Estes: Guessing about Jamko is 'a good thing'

    (1/16/15) Zap2it: With "Blue Bloods" having just reached its 100th episode, how do you assess the series' ratings success and staying power?

    Will Estes: We have elements of a procedural, but I think that at our best, we're a combination of that and character-driven drama. There aren't a lot of scripted one-hour dramas about heroes now that are doing this well, so I think we're a little bit unique in that way.

    Zap2it: Did you know from the start that the weekly Reagan family-dinner scene would be such a major part of the series?

    Will Estes: I don't think that initially, I realized what a centerpiece it is for the show and the drama of how their work affects their lives and their lives affect their work. A lot of times, it's the only time we'll be in the episode with another Reagan, so it definitely binds the show together in a way that a lot of the other scenes aren't capable of doing.

    Zap2it: How would you define the relationship of Jamie and his patrol partner Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray)?

    Will Estes: They're great friends and great work partners, and they genuinely care about each other and would go out on a limb for each other. That's independent of anything else, so it's an interesting relationship in that way. If people are wondering where it may or may not go, that's a good thing.

    I don't do any social-media stuff -- I probably should -- but I saw something on someone else's phone once where they called us "Jamko." I don't know if that means something good or something bad at this point.

    Parenthood: Sarah Ramos Returning for Series Finale

    (1/11/15) Parenthood is bringing back a few familiar faces for its upcoming series finale.

    John Corbett, Matt Lauria and Sarah Ramos are all slated to guest-star on the show's last episode, NBC revealed Friday.

    Corbett plays Sarah's ex, and Amber and Drew's father, Seth. Lauria is best known as Amber's former love, and baby daddy, Ryan. Former series regular Ramos portrays Adam and Kristina's eldest daughter Haddie.

    The episode, titled "May God Bless and Keep You Always," will air on Thursday, Jan. 29.

    Parenthood airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.

    Whitney Houston Biopic -- Bobby Brown Actor Says 'It's a Love Story'???

    (1/11/15) (Video) The guy who plays Bobby Brown in the upcoming Whitney Houston biopic says the movie chronicling the singer's life and marriage is "a love story" ... a love story presumably mixed with drugs, booze and allegations of domestic violence.

    Arlen Escarpeta was leaving Coral Tree Cafe in L.A. and was clearly bummed that Whitney's family boycotted the recent premiere of "Whitney."

    The actor says the entire cast and crew did their best to portray the late singer's life respectfully ... and he hopes the family and Bobby will eventually watch it.

    If it's anything like the Aaliyah movie ... don't hold your breath.

    Brittany Snow: I Was Bullied in High School

    (12/26/14) Despite her all-American girl looks and a successful acting career, Brittany Snow wasn't immune to bullying while growing up.

    "AOL Instant Messenger was a big thing back in the day, where girls would get on it and make fun of me," says the star of the upcoming Pitch Perfect 2. "There was a certain girl, and she wanted to make me feel bad."

    Snow, 28, channeled her personal experiences into the formation of Love is Louder, an organization she started with The Jed Foundation in October 2010 to encourage the use of social media to promote love and support for anyone who is in need of it.

    "When the suicides were starting to happen and kids were being bullied in schools, I felt really compelled to do something because I was bullied in school, and I didn't really fit into a category that a lot of programs that were being started had," Snow explains. "Now we have a really great opportunity with social media to use that communication for good, where people can go online and actually feel like they're part of a community."

    The actress says she's been amazed by the difference the campaign is already making.

    "Sometimes my favorite thing is just to get on our Facebook and Twitter and see all the people that have been helped," she says. "People are really speaking out about what they struggle with, and that's really cool to me. I kept my stuff – and I think a lot of people do – very secret."

    For more from our interview with Brittany Snow, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Tuesday, December 30.

    Vampire Diaries Double Date! Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin Join Newlyweds Candice Accola and Joe King at TrevorLive

    (12/8/14) (Photo) CW stars stick together!

    During last night's 2014 TrevorLive, the annual event held in support of the Trevor Project at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, Vampire Diaries' co-stars Paul Wesley and Candice Accola opted to turn the night into a double date with their respective partners, Phoebe Tonkin and Joe King.

    Too cute!

    While Wesley and Tonkin, who previously appeared on the Vampires Diaries with her man and now stars on the spinoff show The Originals, did not walk the carpet together, the adorable couple, who has been dating for over a year, didn't have any problem cozying up once they were seated inside with their pals.

    "Date night at the #trevorproject @josekingseco @craccola @paulvedere x," Tonkin captioned the adorable shot of the duo's double date.

    Both ladies looked lovely in their respective gowns, with Tonkin, 25, rocking a gorgeous blue Oscar de la Renta dress while Accola, 27, brought the sex appeal, sporting an Alexander Wang top and a Malene Birger skirt.

    The blond beauty certainly appears to be loving married life since tying the knot with the 34-year-old Fray rocker in October, holding hands with her man in the pic as he beamed from ear to ear.

    Meanwhile, Tonkin and Wesley, who are known to be a private twosome, are still going strong after coupling up in Sept. 2013 following the actor's divorce from former wife Torrey DeVitto, with whom he split in July 2013.

    Lifetime's Whitney Houston movie trailer promises a heartbreaking story

    (12/6/14) (Video) Check out the official trailer for "Whitney," Lifetime's Whitney Houston biopic starring Yaya DaCosta ("Lee Daniels' The Butler," "Ugly Betty") in the title role and Arlen Escarpeta ("American Dreams," "We Are Marshall") as Houston's husband Bobby Brown.

    The TV movie marks Oscar-winning actress Angela Bassett's directorial debut. From the looks of the trailer, promises magnificent music and tragic heartbreak, as it chronicles the troubled diva's rise to fame and subsequent downward spiral into drugs and dysfunction with Brown, all of which culminated in the singer's untimely passing in 2012 at the age of 48.

    "Whitney" premieres Saturday, Jan. 17, 2015 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

    Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer

    (11/20/14) Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer - Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow Reunite: video. "Pitch Perfect 2" hits theaters May 15, 2015.

    HTGAWM's Tom Verica on Playing Dead, Kissing Bonnie and Snapping That Sexy, Shirtless Selfie

    (11/20/14) ( The perpetually twirling cheerleader did it.

    OK, not really. But How to Get Away With Murder‘s Tom Verica says that’s the craziest of all the crazy theories he’s heard about who killed his character, Sam Keating, on ABC’s twisted freshman drama.

    Verica, who was as befuddled as the show’s fandom until he got the script for tonight’s winter finale (10/9c on ABC), says that at one point, he joked to the show’s writers that perhaps Sam should trip and fall onto the fatal Scales of Justice statue that’s smeared with his blood.

    That option got squashed, as well.

    TVLine caught up with Verica to try to squeeze out some intel about the “Who Killed Sam?” mystery, to dish his character’s complicated relationships with wife Annalise (Viola Davis) and her right-hand woman Bonnie (Liza Weil) and to get the inside scoop on his character’s very revealing selfie — the one that will forever be associated with the line “Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?“

    TVLINE | In the previews for the finale, it looks like Michaela is hiding behind a door. It also looks like Sam’s trying to break down a door. Can you tease a little bit of what we’re going to see at all?

    Well, Michaela’s hiding behind a door. It looks like Sam’s breaking down a door. Yes. [Laughs.] There may be some other people involved. I have to be very careful about this because I now know all the events that happen on Murder Night. All the chickens are coming home to roost, and those lies come out, and Sam is fighting for his life, and there are elements that really create an event that…I’ve got to be very careful about this. [Laughs.]

    TVLINE | Some TVLine readers have said in our comments section that if Sam’s murder turns out to be a case of self-defense, that would be a disappointing outcome. Any thoughts on that?

    Well, it’s complicated. There are certainly… all theories are on the table. Everyone will be surprised about how it happens. It’s done in a way that I don’t think is predictable in any way, shape, or form

    TVLINE | The title of the Winter Finale is “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me,” and I know that thus far this season, every episode title has been a piece of dialogue from the episode. So I’m wondering now, does Sam say those words? Or does someone else? Is that a piece of dialogue from the hour?

    I would say that consistency is something they do here. [Laughs.]

    TVLINE | [Laughs.] Fair enough. I know you have to be careful about spoilers. So here’s an easier one. Is that actually you on the dead girl’s phone, or is that a torso double?

    That is me. Yes.

    TVLINE | Did someone ask you to take the selfie? How did that come about?

    It was so matter-of-fact. We finished shooting, and it was, “Oh, we need this shot that we’re going to put on the phone. It’s just going to be the wallpaper in the back.” They had a photographer there, and they took a couple different pictures… we did it in 30 seconds; it wasn’t like we had a set up photo shoot or I had time to go do push ups, or body makeup, or any of that stuff. It literally was done down and dirty. I had no idea the impact it would have or that it’d be shown so much.

    TVLINE | So, Sam Keating, is a character who, for a good portion of the season, you’ve had to play him as a dead man. We see you on the office floor. We keep seeing you dragged out into the woods and set afire. Did you film all that at one time at the top of the season, or have you had to play dead every week of filming?

    I never went out to the woods, actually. [In those scenes], Sam is always inside the rug, and the one part that is the reveal in the pilot, where they do the closeup [of my face] with the flicker and the flame, I actually was laying on the streets of Philadelphia. As far as everything else, yes, we have had to revisit Murder Night, as we call it, multiple times. That particular scene, we’ve we see it through different character’s perspectives. It’s funny: Me and that rug have become very close. I know exactly where my mark is. There’s never any discussion about what position my body is on the floor, or where I got hit, or how much blood.

    TVLINE | Is there a secret to playing a murder victim?

    Well, the biggest challenge…the stillness is okay. In fact, it gives me a little respite during my day to just kind of gather my thoughts and relax a little bit. The challenge is the eyes, and we decided in the pilot that I would be dead with my eyes open. So that’s been probably the most challenging aspect of it, particularly when there’s a longer take, longer camera shots that drift. I can pretty much contain and limit the amount of breathing that I have to do, but it’s holding the eyes open the whole time and not wanting to blink, that’s hard. After a period of time, it’s like playing a staring contest with a sibling when you’re 10 years old, only it goes on much longer, and since I’m laying down, the eyes start to water up. So, it’s really fighting that off. Wanting to blink or wanting to clear your eyes has been the biggest challenge.

    TVLINE | In Episode 8, last week, can you walk me through your scene with Bonnie on the porch? I mean, Sam’s already told so many lies at this point, and then in trying to win her silence, he leans in and kisses her. And they’re right out there on the front porch of his and Annalise’s house — for all of Philadelphia to see! I was like, “You know what? This guy kind of has it coming!”

    Let me just preface my answer about my kissing Bonnie on the porch by saying… my [character's] wife did, in the first episode, have sex in the office in our house with someone else… [Laughs.] I’m not comparing. I’m just saying it’s a bit complex.

    Now, that being said, in all seriousness, I think the relationship between Bonnie and Sam, we feel that there’s a history from her standpoint of some kind of pining, or an attraction. Liza [Weil] and I had come up with the idea that there’s a real connection, not in a romantic or sexual way, but a real ease of conversation between them. Sam also recognizes and identifies her attraction [to him], and in this pivotal moment, he is this desperate man making very desperate decisions. And once he realized that this wave of lies had been catching up with him and he’s just very beneath this wave, he resorts to just the worst decision in making the move on her and kissing her, hoping that that would maybe convince her to keep this information concealed. There are really a number of levels to their relationship — and that was really fun to play because it was initially very difficult for me to wrap my head around that decision he was making.

    From my character’s standpoint, though, the whole thing comes back to being implicated for murder. And whether he is responsible or not, I still don’t know the answer to that, but remember that his wife, she’s the last [chance] of having somebody who will be behind him and can do something for him. That’s the most important thing to protect, and Sam makes probably not the best choice in how to try to hold onto that.

    TVLINE | Will Sam live on after the Winter Finale? Because, obviously, the “who killed Sam?” question is getting wrapped up, but the “who killed Lila?” question is still in the mix.

    Honestly, I don’t know. It’s been talked about, and I’m more than willing to come back and play. It has been suggested that there may be more [episodes for Sam]. I am back in Episode 10, briefly. Beyond that, they’re not there yet. I think they have six more episodes [in 2015]. The writers are very talented, though, so if there is a way and there is something for me to do to come back, I’d be happy to.

    The Bellas Are Back! Pitch Perfect 2's Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow Reunite

    (11/20/14) (EW Cover) Whoever said orange is the new pink wasn't seriously disturbed: They just hadn't seen Anna Kendrick in a tangerine dress and matching feather boa!

    The Pitch Perfect 2 star is wearing—and working!—exactly that alongside co-stars Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson on Entertainment Weekly's newest cover, which hits stands Friday.

    Inside the mag, first-time director Elizabeth Banks talks about bringing the Barden Bellas back together on-screen, joking, "This is the stupidest idea I've ever had!"

    "My first movie is this huge studio movie that a lot of people care about that also happens to be a musical with massive dance numbers," she quipped in between takes. "I don't know what I was thinking."

    Of course, she's got one heck of a cast on board (Kendrick, Snow, Wilson are returning, and Anna Camp, Skylar Astin and Adam DeVine are reprising their roles as well; talented newbies like Hailee Steinfeld and Katey Sagal are on board for the follow-up film, too). Banks, who had a smaller role in the first film and was also a co-producer, knows that now that she's the director, it's on her to deliver to a hard-core fan base with some high expectations.

    The first film, which grossed $65 million in the U.S., was a "pretty modest" financial success, said Banks. "But it engendered a lot of love," she noted. "That's what we could not have foreseen." But while the 2012 movie "flew under the radar" something Banks said "was a gift"—she realizes with the sequel, there are "much higher stakes."

    "Everybody is much more involved," she told Entertainment Weekly. "As the saying goes, ‘Success has many fathers.'"

    Not to worry: Banks is fully invested in the Pitch Perfect sequel. "The whole project speaks so much to me and to women and to making women funny in really fun and interesting ways, and that's what I'm most looking forward to," she said in an interview with The Huffington Post. "I'm looking forward to letting the girls let loose."

    Pitch Perfect 2 hits theaters May 15, 2015.

    'Vampire Diaries' Star Paul Wesley Set For Sci-Fier 'Convergence'

    (11/17/14) ( The Vampire Diaries’ Paul Wesley is jumping from the supernatural to the scientific with Convergence, a sci-fi action film that he’ll star in and produce.

    Plot details are being kept under wraps, but Convergence is described as a college-age ensemble piece in the vein of Flatliners, The Matrix, and Fight Club based on real life “science fact”. It follows a group of underground biotech engineers, including an MIT student wunderkind, exploring a new technology far beyond their expectations and beyond the limits of human control.

    The actor, director, and producer currently stars as Stefan Salvatore on The CW’s hit show The Vampire Diaries. The series is in its sixth season and will return from its midseason hiatus with a January episode that Wesley directed, his second after making his directorial debut on the show last season.

    “My first couple of hiatuses I was looking for indies to separate me from the younger material,” said Wesley, whose Convergence character will mark a departure from his do-gooder Vampire Diaries role. “Now I’m looking for flawed characters, because my (Vampire Diaries) character is very heroic. My character in Convergence is not the protagonist but is the guy who pushes things a little too far, and too hard, and produces some scary results.”

    Wesley teamed with producer Adam Schroeder (The Truman Show, Chronicle, Sleepy Hollow, and Paramount’s upcoming Attach) to bring the screenplay by Jeff Richard to Shanghai and LA-based Crimson Forest Entertainment, which is financing. The filmmakers also have China Film Assist and Dadi Digital Cinema Ltd. aboard as co-producers on the project, which is partly set in China and is expected to tap Chinese talent for the ensemble cast. Justin Begnaud and Jonathan Lim are producing Convergence and Benjamin Tappan will serve as executive producer. Filming is scheduled for next spring in Shanghai and Atlanta.

    “We are very excited to work with Paul Wesley on this project and believe the film will resonate with audiences on a global scale,” said Crimson Forest Entertainment CEO Lim. “The film’s plotline and cast of characters align perfectly with our distribution objectives and we look forward to hitting the ground running in 2015 with a talented cast and crew.”

    Wesley also stars in the upcoming IFC drama Before I Disappear, which he also produced, and the Drafthouse Films release Amira And Sam. He’s repped by ICM Partners and Jackoway, Tyerman, Wertheimer, Austen, Mandelbaum, Morris & Klein. Richard is repped by WME. The deal was negotiated by Crimson Forest’s Justin Begnaud and Ian Stratford of Gray, Krauss, Stratford, Sandler, DesRochers, LLP.

    Mad Men's Sam Page Gets Married! Find Out Which Mean Girls Star Was in Attendance

    (11/10/14) (Pic1, Pic2) Sam Page is a married man!

    The 38-year-old actor, most recently known for playing Christina Hendricks' ex on Mad Men, wed fiancée Cassidy Boesch over the weekend surrounded by family and friends. The nuptials took place on Saturday at a villa just outside Santa Barbara, Calif., a source confirms to E! News. "It was truly a fairy-tale weekend," the source adds.

    Page also posted a gorgeous wedding pic of him and Boesch sharing their first kiss as husband and wife. "Making it official," Page wrote on Instagram.

    In the shot, Page and Boesch wrap their arms around each other while locking lips in front of wedding guests during the outdoor garden ceremony. Behind them is a beautiful canopy covered in white roses.

    Page also took to Instagram to share a photo of him and his groomsmen. "On the runway, first class, about to walk down the aisle, and this is my groomsmen detail. Great men all of them. #cassidyandsam," he wrote. Among Page's groomsmen was Mean Girls star and recent Dancing With the Stars cast-off Jonathan Bennett.

    In addition to Mad Men, you may recognize Page from his appearances on shows like Desperate Housewives, House of Cards, Switched at Birth, Scandal and Gossip Girl.

    Congrats, you two!

    'Witches of East End' canceled: Season 2 cliffhanger will go unanswered

    (11/5/14) Turns out a hashtag can't save every show.

    Lifetime has canceled "Witches of East End" after two seasons. Unfortunately for fans of the show, the cancelation comes at a very inopportune time.

    The Season 2 finale of "Witches" -- which stars Jenna Dewan Tatum, Rachel Boston, Julia Ormond and Madchen Amick as the witchy Beauchamp family -- ended with an insane amount of cliffhangers. Ingrid (Boston) found out she was pregnant, Dash (Eric Winter) switched bodies with Killian (Daniel Di Tomasso) and Wendy (Amick) finally met her estranged sister. Yeah, a lot of juicy things happened, and now fans' questions may never be answered, which is something Amick guessed would lead to a definite frenzy.

    "I think it'll be fans in a frenzy [after the Season 2 finale], not gonna lie," the actress tells Zap2it. "In good 'Witches' fashion, there are a few new storylines that are opened up that you just have to see how they're resolved."

    Of course, leaving after two seasons was probably not the way the cast wanted to go out, especially not Dewan Tatum, who had spent much of the past week flooding her Twitter feed with retweets featuring the hashtag "#RenewWitchesOfEastEnd."

    But because Twitter can't always save the day, Dewan Tatum's co-star Boston eventually had to tweet out a goodbye to fans.

    @rachelboston: Thank you to everyone who went on this extraordinary journey with us. Your love, kindness, and support is forever magic. #WitchesofEastEnd

    Do you think fans will ever be able to find out what happens to the characters of "Witches"?

    'Pitch Perfect' Cast -- Reunites on Bourbon Street For 'Moulin Rouge' Wedding Party

    (10/11/14) (Photos) Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow reunited with a bunch of their "Pitch Perfect" costars Friday in New Orleans ... all for a pretty awesome "Moulin Rouge" themed wedding party.

    Anna and Brittany hung out at Lucky Pierre's for their friend Courtney Barnes' pre-wedding bash with Kelley Jakle and CJ Perry -- more famously known as WWE Diva Lana -- as well as a few Trebles.

    We're told the group rented out the Bourbon Street joint for $7K and dined on gumbo.

    Unclear if they did any mermaid dancing.

    Sam Page Signs With UTA

    (10/10/14) Sam Page (House Of Cards) has signed with UTA. He continues to be managed by Inphenate. In addition to his stint on Netflix’s House Of Cards as press-liaison Connor Ellis, Page had recurring roles on Mad Men, Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives. Other TV credits include The Mindy Project, Necessary Roughness and Scandal. Page will next be seen in upcoming feature The Preppie Connection.

    Jesse Metcalfe, More Set For Zombie Vidgame Flick 'Dead Rising'

    (9/29/14) Legendary Entertainment and Sony-owned Crackle have set Jesse Metcalfe (Desperate Housewives, Dallas), Meghan Ory (Once Upon a Time), Virginia Madsen (Sideways), and Dennis Haysbert (Men, Women & Children) to star in zombie chopper Dead Rising: Watchtower, the first project out of Legendary’s Digital Media division.

    Leprechaun: Origins helmer and VFX veteran Zach Lipovsky is directing Dead Rising from a script by Tim Carter, based on the bestselling Capcom franchise that’s spawned two sequels and sold 7.6 million copies worldwide to date. As in the vidgame, Dead Rising: Watchtower is set during a zombie apocalypse. When a mandatory government vaccine fails, a group of survivors must evade infection while hunting down the root of the epidemic, which leads back to a government conspiracy.

    Filming is set to begin tomorrow in Vancouver with Carter and Tomas Harlan producing for their Contradiction Films banner. Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura is aboard as executive producer. Contradiction Films’ prior digital releases include Mortal Kombat: Legacy, another live-action action video game adaptation that scored big with online audiences. That web series went viral when it debuted online on’s YouTube channel, paving the way for similar video game spin-offs to take advantage of the gamer-centric digital space.

    Dead Rising is set to debut as a 90-minute feature in the U.S. on Sony’s digital platform Crackle, followed by SVOD, DVD, VOD, and TV. Content Media, which released the popular Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn film and Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist series digitally, has international rights to Dead Rising and will release it in both feature-length and episodic form.

    Metcalfe is repped by The Gersh Agency, Untitled Entertainment and Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer Austen Mandelbaum Morris & Klein. Ory is repped by The Gersh Agency and Pacific Artists Management. Madsen is repped by UTA and Untitled Entertainment. Haysbert is repped by The Gersh Agency and GS Management.

    ‘Mother’s Day’ Adds Paul Wesley

    (9/25/14) Paul Wesley has joined Paul Duddridge’s feature Mother’s Day, which stars Susan Sarandon, Sharon Stone and Sarandon’s daughter Eva Amurri Martino. Wesley will play Kevin, an artsy pastry-chef and boyfriend of Amurri Martino’s character. Wesley’s credits include the CW’s The Vampire Diaries, IFC’s upcoming Before I Disappear and Drafthouse Films’ Sam & Amira. He is repped by ICM Partners, manager Susan Calogerakis and Jackoway Tyerman.

    NBC Developing Sitcom Inspired by Bar Trivia Games

    (9/9/14) Combine Friends and Cheers, then sprinkle Hollywood Game Night on top and you've got the idea behind Pub Quiz, a new comedy in the works at NBC.

    Jonathan Prince (American Dreams) is writing the script and executive producing with Chris Moynihan (Man Up). Pub Quiz (which is a working title) centers on a group of twentysomething friends who team up once a week to compete in their neighborhood pub quiz.

    The show, which has been given a script order at NBC, is inspired by a surge in popularity among millennials for bar trivia. At many bars and pubs around the country, trivia has taken on a serious competitive vibe as teams (usually sporting cheeky or ironic names) challenge each other for drinks, food or even just bragging rights. According to the Los Angeles Times, the popularity of the game Trivial Pursuit in the 1980s led to a pub quiz phenomenon in the U.K., which then spread to the East Coast and arrived in Southern California around six years ago.

    Similarly, FXX's The League used the rise of fantasy football — another growing trend — as the foundation for a show about a group of friends.

    Moynihan and Prince, who both started out as actors before moving into producing, are creating Pub Quiz through Universal TV. Moynihan is also developing (with Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner) another comedy for NBC, the hotel-based Hospitality, which would air live every week.

    'Witches of East End': Rachel Boston promises 'darker, sexier' Season 2

    (7/5/14) There's going to be a lot more magic in Season 2 of "Witches of East End" now that Freya and Ingrid Beauchamp have discovered they come from a family of witches -- and they happen to have unlocked a portal to another, magical world.

    Star Rachel Boston, who plays Ingrid, tells Zap2it at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas that you can expect a "darker, sexier" Season 2. "Season 2, the whole theme is 'darkness is rising.' Now that the portal's open, we have no idea what came out," she explains. "Now that Freya and Ingrid know that they're witches, the whole house is just taken over by magic because they don't have to hide it anymore."

    That's not to say it's going to turn into a different show -- "there's still the grounded unit with the family" and all their human drama, Boston says, "but the circumstances surrounding the family are enhanced."

    Boston says she's loved watching Ingrid transform over the first season of the show. "It's incredible to play a woman who goes from being so reserved and so conservative and so sure of herself in a lot of ways in her safe environment but not comfortable with this universe of magic, and then by the end, discovering she's the key," she says.

    Plus, she can't exactly change her circumstances now. "There's really no turning back -- once she opens the portal, the world of magic is real. There's no way she can go back to her old life. That acceptance, moving into Season 2, has been really fun to play."

    So, what can we expect in Season 2? First things first, Freya and Ingrid will find out about their long-lost brother.

    "[The world] continues to expand in Season 2 -- we learn about the brother and there are more revelations of this world of Asgard coming right away -- so all the relationships get deeper," including both Freya and Ingrid's relationship and their strained relationship with their mother.

    Boston continues, "Anytime something is revealed there's that tension of 'Why did you hide this from me?' I think Freya and Ingrid are starting to understand more what their mother was protecting them from, so that is going to come to the surface in Season 2. We're going to see the dangers our mother was trying to keep us [away from]."

    "Witches of East End" Season 2 premieres Sunday, July 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

    Lifetime's 'Whitney Houston Story' Adds 2

    (6/18/14) Arlen Escarpeta (Final Destinaton 5, We Are Marshall) and Yolonda Ross (Go For Sisters) have been cast opposite Yaya DaCosta in Lifetime’s I Will Always Love You: The Whitney Houston Story. Helmed by Angela Bassett in her directorial debut, the biopic chronicles the tumultuous relationship between Houston (DaCosta) and singer-songwriter Bobby Brown — from the time they first met at the very height of their celebrity through their courtship and rocky marriage, all during Whitney’s meteoric rise as a singer, actress and model. It’s slated for a 2015 premiere. Escarpeta, repped by DBA and Karen Forman Management, will play Brown. Ross, repped by Mark Armstrong at Sanders, Armstrong, Caserta Management, will play Robyn, Whitney’s lifelong friend and confidant.

    Jonathan Adams On 'Last Man Standing'

    (6/14/14) After recurring for the past two seasons of ABC comedy Last Man Standing for the past two seasons, Jonathan Adams has been promoted to a regular for Season 4. He plays the Baxters’ neighbor Chuck Larabee.

    'Mixology': Vanessa Lengies explains her shout-out to Brittany Snow and upcoming 'Sliding Doors' episode

    (4/23/14) Raise your hand if you miss "American Dreams?" The NBC drama may have only lasted for three seasons, but it still holds a special place in all our hearts. And it looks like it holds a special place in the stars' hearts as well, since last Wednesday's (April 16) episode of "Mixology" had a little shout-out from Vanessa Lengies to her "American Dreams" co-star Brittany Snow!

    Zap2it got Lengies on the phone to discuss her onscreen inside joke with Snow, plus she previews this week's episode of "Mixology" featuring a "Sliding Doors" concept and Kacey's complicated love triangle with Dominic and Cal. Check out the full Q&A below.

    Zap2it: So it's time for another Kacey-centric episode! Perfect timing, since Dom surprised her at the end of last week by saying he wants to go all in on a relationship with her.

    Vanessa Lengies: I am excited for Kacey and Dom to get back together! I mean, I love Cal. I love Cal, I love Cal, I love Cal. I really have a hard job. They both are so beautiful! [ laughs] They're beautiful people. I have a very tough job.

    So tough. But before we talk about that love triangle, I've got to give you props. Your shock when Dom tells Kacey he's ready for a relationship was hilarious.

    "Shut up. Shut up." [ laughs] That line was actually a throwback to Brittany Snow when we were doing "American Dreams" way back in the day. We both lived in this apartment complex together because we both moved -- I moved from Canada and she moved from Florida -- and we had this neighbor who would talk on her phone really late at night. She would just be like, "Shut up! Shut. Up. Shut up!" So when I said that line at the end of the last episode when Dom says he's ready to go all in and move forward with our relationship, I purely did that for Brittany Snow. That was a pure throwback message to Brittany Snow.

    That's so sweet! And it went with the scene perfectly, because who would have thought he'd actually agree to be in a real relationship?

    It was just so shocking because Dom is not the kind of person who would be all in on a relationship. In that episode where you got to hear his music and Fab shuts him down, she was like, "How long did you work on this?" And he was like, "Two weeks!" He was all heartbroken and she was like, "You have to try harder for things in life." I think that really stuck with him and you're going to see in this episode that he gets some pretty good advice from Tom, who couldn't be more opposite in dealing with women than Dominic. That contrast is really funny and that's where Dominic is going to get all his advice on how to be in a serious relationship.

    So what's a real relationship between Dom and Kacey going to look like? Because let's face it, they're not going to be the most normal, stereotypical couple.

    As we saw in the last episode -- this is serious for her -- a real relationship for her is moving in together, getting a puppy, going grocery shopping, holding hands, buying each other flowers. She probably got all her relationship advice from Disney movies. That's the way it's supposed to work out, right?


    So not only is Dom's idea of what a relationship should be different from Tom's, it's also very different from Kacey's. And Kacey learns a little bit about herself in this episode too, because as much as she'd like to live in a fantasy land where her boyfriend is perfect and Prince Charming, when she met Cal, she met someone who she could be herself around. She's been playing this role of a cocktail waitress in New York City, but she's really just a girl from Ohio who was raised by parents who sheltered her.

    So through this roller coaster ride with Dominic in this episode, she realizes what's important to her and what love is to her. She's always thought love was this fantasy, this idea, but now that she's met Cal he's put all these questions in her mind, like "What is love?" Not to get too deep or anything, this is half-hour comedy! [ laughs] This episode is huge for Kacey because she gets what she wanted, and realizes it's maybe not what she really wants.

    So what you're saying is that I shouldn't give up hope for Kacey and Cal? Because I was totally rooting for them to end up together. They're just so adorable!

    I think Kacey and Cal are the real deal. I think they're as close to soul mates as one can get. I don't think you should give up on them. Kacey is faced with an old flame who comes back and promises to be everything she wanted him to be, so I don't blame her for wanting to entertain that path. But I don't think you'll be disappointed at all.

    So if you were in Kacey's shoes, who would you pick: Dom or Cal?

    Aww, that's so hard. Between Adan Canto and Craig Frank ... well, actually, if I was in Kacey's shoes, I would choose Cal. For sure. You want to be with someone that you can be yourself around so you're not constantly wondering what they're thinking and if you're enough for them. They should love you just the way you are, right?

    Exactly! So let's talk about the flashbacks. What new flashbacks are we going to see in this episode?

    All the flashbacks are going to be really funny. It's kind of like "Sliding Doors" where you'll get to see two paths from different perspectives. That's the journey that we're going to take you on through this whole episode. It's basically how Dom saw Kacey and his relationship versus how Kacey saw the relationship. It's almost as good as me in braces and pigtails. Almost.

    If you had to pick a drinking game rule for the episode, what would you pick?

    Ooh, good one. Good one! Hmm. Anytime you feel bad for me being in that small black skirt for all 13 episodes of "Mixology." Because even in all these flashbacks I'm still in that skirt! Every episode we get to change clothes during the flashbacks, but I didn't get to! I stayed in that same, high-waisted, bandeau top and the skirt. So anytime you feel bad for me, drink!

    Nice! I like that rule.

    And I just came up with that on the spot. It's called the empathy game!

    "Mixology" airs Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

    'Parenthood': Haddie returns in the Season 5 finale (and she's a lesbian?)

    (4/12/14) Haddie, the eldest daughter of Adam and Kristina Braverman, has been conspicuously absent from "Parenthood" all season, but she's back in the Season 5 finale -- with a new "friend."

    Haddie (Sarah Ramos) brings her friend Lauren home with her from Cornell, but in the promo for the episode, we can see that Lauren is more than just a friend. And, it appears that Haddie's younger brother Max is the first person to find out.

    Elsewhere in the finale, it appears Sarah and Hank will finally give their relationship another shot, and Joel and Julia might reconcile as well. Speaking of reunions, Amber and Ryan will spend time together in the hospital as Ryan recovers from his accident.

    The "Parenthood" Season 5 finale airs Thursday (April 17) at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

    'Chosen's' Milo Ventimiglia to online series critics: 'You're a dinosaur, and you're going to become extinct'

    (3/20/14) Television viewers know Milo Ventimiglia well from such projects as NBC's "Heroes" and TNT's "Mob City," but when he's not working in front of the camera, he's behind it, as a producer. One of his projects is the original digital series "Chosen," currently in its second season at Sony's online network Crackle (season three begins April 15, with new star Rose McGowan).

    Ventimiglia also does double duty as one of the show's stars, playing Ian Mitchell, a husband and father who becomes part of an elaborate game, with the lives of his wife (Nicky Whelan) and daughter at stake.

    Zap2it: As an actor and producer, what do you look for in a project?

    Milo Ventimiglia: As an actor, I go to the written word first, because those are the words I've got to speak. Then, as a producer, I go through the written word, because those are the words you tell a story with. It's aligning myself with great creative (talent) and great people and telling stories that you're passionate about.

    Zap2it: Were you ever worried that doing digital series like "Chosen" would damage your reputation?

    Ventimiglia: I've been in digital for a long time, since 2006, 2007, doing a lot of what people would call Web series and branded entertainment. So I never really saw it as a stigma.

    Zap2it: Are some actors concerned about doing digital series because some might assume they can't get film or TV work?

    Ventimiglia: It has nothing to do with that at all. In terms of attracting talent, After nearly 20 years of doing this myself, I've made a lot of friends I can reach out to. I've given them my own vote of confidence about the work. Then you scrap it all, and you say, "Give me two minutes of your time," and you show a teaser.

    Then you go, "How can you, as an artist, as an actor, deny that this is amazing?" The work speaks for itself. Anybody who would possibly not want to do it because it's digital, well, you're a dinosaur, and you're going to become extinct.

    Tom Verica Cast In ABC Pilot 'How To Get Away'

    (3/10/14) Tom Verica (American Dreams) has joined the cast of ABC drama pilot How To Get Away With Murder starring Viola Davis and executive produced by Shonda Rhimes. The sexy, suspense-driven legal thriller centers on ambitious law students and their brilliant and mysterious criminal defense professor, Annalise Dewitt (Davis), who become entangled in a murder plot that could rock their entire university and change the course of their lives. Paradigm-repped Verica will play Annalise’s husband Tom, a psychology professor who comes from a long line of academic royalty.

    Rachel Boston Talks Finding Love in Hallmark Channel's A Ring By Spring

    (3/8/14) (Trailer) In her new Hallmark Channel Original Movie A Ring By Spring, premiering tonight at 7/6c, Witches of East End star Rachel Boston is conjuring up a different kind of magic: hope.

    When a psychic tells Caryn Briggs (Boston) that she’ll spend the rest of her life unmarried if she doesn’t get engaged by spring, she suddenly finds herself on a journey through her past relationships to figure out what went wrong.

    “One thing I certainly relate to is that we can’t change the choices we’ve made in the past,” Boston, who also produced the movie, tells TVLine. “She’s been weaving a life with the choices she’s made, and now she’s trying to open her heart so she can move into the future.”

    Though that future remains unclear — and, at times, seems improbable — Boston says Caryn manages to hold onto hope through it all.

    “Hope is, I think, just a great guide,” Boston says. “To wake up and strive for that spirit of hopefulness is what Caryn is finally able to achieve once she works through it all.”

    And yes, Caryn does work through it all, but Boston agrees it’s more about the journey than the destination for her commitment-phobe character:

    “It’s a really light film,” she says. “But it does make you think.”

    Virginia Madsen To Co-Star In NBC Drama Pilot 'Babylon Fields'

    (3/4/14) Virginia Madsen is set to co-star opposite Meagan Good and Kyle Schmid in NBC drama pilot Babylon Fields, from Michael Cuesta, Gerald Cuesta and Michael Atkinson. The 20th TV-produced project, originally developed and piloted at CBS seven years ago, is about a town’s residents coming back from the dead. Madsen will play Rhonda Wunch, CDC scientist Thomas Wunch’s (Schmid) mother who is close to her son and wants him to stay home in Babylon. Rounding out the pilot’s regular cast are Ritchie Coster as Ernie Wunch, Thomas’ father and Rhonda’s husband, a former cop who most people thought ran away to Daytona; and Yul Vazquez as Chief of Police Matt Conte. Madsen, repped by UTA and Untitled, has recurred on Lifetime’s Witches Of East End. Coster is with Gersh and Glenn Daniels Arts Management; Vazquez is managed by Untitled.

    'Pitch Perfect' co-stars party hard at Las Vegas nightclub

    (2/24/14) “Pitch Perfect” co-stars Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow partied at Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub at MGM Grand on Saturday night after signing on to the sequel.

    The actresses arrived just before midnight. According to an insider, both girls were swapping their phones to pose for photos and “seemed to be mimicking their Pitch Perfect characters, dancing and singing along to their favorite songs using Hakkasan’s light batons as faux microphones.”

    Also there: Theo James and “Fantastic Four” star Miles Teller, who was continuing his 27th birthday celebrations.

    Milo Ventimiglia & Barry Sloane To Star In ABC Drama Pilot 'The Visitors'

    (2/20/14) Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia and Revenge‘s Barry Sloane have been cast as leads in ABC alien drama pilot The Visitors, from Amblin TV, after fielding interest from multiple pilots. The project chronicles the race against the clock to defeat an unseen alien enemy out to destroy the world. Ventimiglia, repped by CAA, Management 360 and attorney Jeff Frankel, will play John Doe/Drew, who is covered in strange tattoos and diagrams and speaks in a strange language. He will next be seen in Grace of Monaco and the remake of Heat and also stars and executive produces the Crackle series Chosen. Sloane will play Wes, a former FBI agent now with the Special Projects Division of the Defense department who investigates military threats that are better off solved outside the public’s knowledge. The Visitors is for the same network and hails from the same studio, ABC Studios, as Revenge, where Sloane has been a regular since midway through the second season after starting the season as a recurring. Sloane received the blessing of Revenge‘s producers to do a pilot this season. The fate of his character, Aiden, is being kept under wraps.

    Parenthood: Look Who's Returning!

    (2/20/14) (Photo) A Parenthood fave is making her way back to the NBC drama after a lengthy absence.

    TVLine has learned that Sarah Ramos is set to reprise her role as Adam and Kristina’s eldest daughter Haddie later this season.

    Ramos was taken off contract at Parenthood at the end of the show’s third season as her character transitioned to college, although Haddie recurred throughout Season 4 to lend support to her cancer-stricken mom. Her one-episode comeback in the Season 5 finale will mark her first appearance in a year.

    Back in September, P’hood boss Jason Katims left the door open for a Ramos return. “It’s always a question of finding the right story combined with Sarah’s availability,” he told TVLine. “We sort of dealt with this a lot starting on Friday Night Lights, where so many of our characters wound up graduating from high school and sort of leaving the show, and sometimes coming back for either one or a series of episodes, or sometimes a lot of episodes.”

    Brittany Snow Back For 'Pitch Perfect 2'

    (2/14/14) ( Universal Pictures has just signed a deal for Pitch Perfect co-star Brittany Snow to rejoin Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson for the sequel. Elizabeth Banks is set to direct Pitch Perfect 2, from Universal and Gold Circle. A May 15, 2015, release is set. Kay Cannon is back writing the sequel, and Paul Brooks is producing with Banks and Max Handelman. Universal’s Peter Cramer is overseeing. Snow, repped by ICM Partners and Magnolia Entertainment, is set as the female lead opposite Jack Whitehall in ABC’s single-camera comedy pilot An American Education, based on a BBC Three series.

    Brittany Snow To Star In ABC Comedy Pilot 'An American Education'

    (1/11/14) Pitch Perfect's Brittany Snow (ex-Susan, Guiding Light) is set as the female lead opposite Jack Whitehall in ABC's single-camera comedy pilot An American Education, based on the BBC Three series Bad Education. British actor-comedian Whitehall, who created and starred in the original series, is reprising his role as Alfie Wickers, now a British transplant and an unorthodox young teacher in the San Diego public school system. Alfie loves his students, but his youthful, often naive enthusiasm and unconventional methods put him at odds with the test-obsessed administrators. Snow, repped by ICM Partners, Magnolia Entertainment and Ziffren Brittenham, will play Sarah McIntyre, an earnest and book-smart chemistry teacher who is the object of Alfie?s eye as her current boyfriend is leaving the country. Rosie Perez co-stars the school?s hard-assed vice principal. Craig Zisk is directing from a script by Peter Huyck and Alex Gregory.

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