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  • Debuted on: November 8, 1965
  • Network: NBC
  • Created by: Ted & Betty Corday and Irna Phillips
  • Takes place in: Salem, USA

  • Current Cast

    • Kristian Alfonso as Hope Brady
    • John Aniston as Victor Kiriakis
    • Lamon Archey as Eli Grant
    • Matthew Ashford as Jack Deveraux
    • Camila Banus as Gabi Hernandez
    • Brandon Barash as Stefan O. DiMera
    • Brandon Beemer as Shawn-Douglas Brady
    • Laura Kai Chen as Melinda Trask
    • Kassie DePaiva as Eve Donovan
    • Judi Evans as Adrienne Kiriakis
    • Mary Beth Evans as Kayla Brady
    • Galen Gering as Rafe Hernandez
    • Linsey Godfrey as Sarah Horton
    • Deidre Hall as Marlena Evans Black
    • Bill Hayes as Doug Williams
    • Susan Seaforth Hayes as Julie Williams
    • Stacy Haiduk as Kristen DiMera
    • Drake Hogestyn as John Black
    • Leann Hunley as Anna DiMera
    • Victoria Konefal as Ciara Brady
    • Lauren Koslow as Kate Roberts DiMera
    • Wally Kurth as Justin Kiriakis
    • Martha Madison as Belle Black Brady
    • Chandler Massey as Will Horton
    • Thia Megia as Hayley Chen
    • Eric Martsolf as Brady Black
    • Casey Moss as J.J. Deveraux
    • Thaao Penghlis as Tony DiMera
    • Melissa Reeves as Jennifer Horton
    • James Reynolds as Abe Carver
    • Suzanne Rogers as Maggie Horton Kiriakis
    • Freddie Smith as Sonny Kiriakis
    • Sal Stowers as Lani Price
    • Robin Strasser as Vivian Alamain
    • Josh Taylor as Roman Brady
    • Paul Telfer as Xander Kiriakis
    • Greg Vaughan as Eric Brady
    • Robert Scott Wilson as Ben Weston
    • Arianne Zucker as Nicole Walker
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    This Week On Days of Our Lives

    September 16
    Nicole and Eric make love; Sarah appreciates Xander's devotion; Jack accuses Eve of trashing the lab at the hospital; Vivian makes yet another attempt on Kate's life.
    September 17
    Maggie confronts Victor about attacking Ben; Rafe awaits news about baby David; Jordan returns to Salem; Gabi and Julie get into it.
    September 18
    Anna pleads with Kristen to help Tony win his freedom; Brady confesses to John about Kristen; Jennifer is held against her will; Ben and Ciara are shocked that Jordan's been released.
    September 19
    JJ and Jack become more worried about Jennifer; Jennifer's captor is revealed; Kristen tries to win Brady over with good deeds; Sarah makes a decision about her baby.
    September 20
    Kristen presses Xander about Sarah's pregnancy; Jennifer tries to contact Jack; Lucas gets upsetting news about Kate upon his return to Salem; Will eavesdrops on Stefan and Vivian.
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    Days Of Our Lives

    News, Cast Updates and Scoop

    (News section last updated September 13, 2019)

    Arianne Zucker Opens up About Playing Kristen on DAYS OF OUR LIVES

    (9/13/19) ( After 20 years of playing DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Nicole, Arianne Zucker was pretty used to being thrown curveballs by the soap. But even she was shocked to learn that, when she recently returned, she’d be playing a whole new version of her character: Kristen pretending to be Nicole! “Kristen’s always been such an exciting character to watch, originally with Eileen [Davidson] and then with Stacy [Haiduk] slipping into those shoes,” Zucker noted to Soaps In Depth. “So then I was going, ‘Okay, how do I put my own similar twist on it?’ I decided that I was gonna absorb what Stacy does and then just go with it.”

    Zucker had previously left DAYS out of a desire to pursue other projects. But it was the ability to regroup at home during her time away from Salem that she treasures most. “My daughter [Izzy, age 9] appreciates that I took that [break from the soap],” the actress offered. “I got to drop her off and pick her up from school and be with her when she needed me.”

    However, what was happening in Salem became a pretty big lure. “I’d been reading what fans were saying about Eric and Nicole and the [longtime] wall that’s been between them — you know, he came back as a priest, and there have been all these roadblocks,” Zucker reflected. “But with him falling in love with someone else [Sarah], it was a good time to bring this character back.”

    And boy, did Kristen — together with her wily partner, Xander — blow up the good guy’s life! Worse yet, she schemed to send the whole town into mourning by faking Holly’s demise! But given that, much like Nicole, Kristen has always wanted to be a mother, how could she do something like that to the little girl’s loved ones? Zucker says the schemer’s lack of remorse comes from her “being so set on her goals that she didn’t give it a second thought. Plus, Kristen knows that she didn’t really do anything [to Holly], so her hands are clean.”

    While a reckless Kristen is sure to make for an unpredictable time in Salem, Zucker’s own plans are much more concrete. She spent the summer on the set with Izzy’s dad, Kyle Lowder (Rex), shooting A Mermaid For Christmas. “I’m happily playing the villainous mayor,” she said, “so it’s juicy and fun! It’s written really smart, and the character reminds me of [Meryl Streep’s Miranda Priestly] in The Devil Wears Prada.”

    Additionally, Zucker is busy launching a business, Chandelier Succulent , in which she pairs easy-to-care-for plants with recycled jars and beads to make beautiful gifts. As she explained during a recent do-it-yourself segment on Hallmark’s HOME & FAMILY show, “As much as I love it myself, it’s a really fun project to do with your kids, and your friends appreciate that you made it. The whole idea is to share.”

    Talk Show Appearance


    Tuesday, September 17 – EILEEN DAVIDSON

    Rocci Chatfield Dies: ‘Knots Landing’, ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Writer Was 93

    (9/10/19) Roccina “Rocci” Chatfield, a television writer with a three-decade career that included credits for My Three Sons, Little House on the Prairie and Knots Landing and who scored two Daytime Emmy nominations for her work on Days of Our Lives, died Aug. 24 of natural causes in Los Angeles. She was 93.

    Her death was confirmed in a tweet by the Writers Guild of America West.

    A member of the TV Academy for more than 40 years, Chatfield served six terms as a Governor of the Writers Peer Group and two terms on the Academy’s Executive Committee, according to a bio on the TV Academy website.

    Born in Boulder, Colorado, Chatfield attended Massachusetts’ Endicott College, beginning her Hollywood TV career in the early 1960s. Early credits include the ’60s sitcoms My Three Sons and Family Affair, and, later, ’80s nighttime soaps Falcon Crest and Knots Landing. Also in the ’80s she wrote for the syndicated Romance Theatre series.

    Her 1978-82 stint on Days of Our Lives included two Daytime Emmy nominations (’78 and ’79).

    In addition to her TV Academy leadership roles, Chatfield produced dozens of Academy events, including panel series and “Family Day” celebrations. She wrote and produced the Academy’s 60th anniversary gala and served on numerous committees, including Hall of Fame, Daytime Awards, Governors Award, Governors Ball, Primetime Awards, Primetime Awards Show, By-Laws, Membership, Hyphenate and more.

    As a dedicated WGA member, Chatfield served on the negotiating committee during the 1988 writers’ strike, and earned two nominations for the Guild’s Writing Award. She was honored with the Writers Guild of America Service Award for her contributions to the organization.

    In acknowledgment of her professional achievements, her hometown of Boulder, Colorado, declared April 30, 2016, Rocci Chatfield Appreciation Day.

    Soaps In Depth Podcast - 9/9/19 - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

    (9/9/19) (Listen / download) When you love a soap couple, the last thing you want is to see their relationship hit the skids. But given that that’s the nature of the beast, it will almost inevitably happen. This week, hosts Richard Simms and Charlie Mason look at the best — and worst — ways to cause trouble in a soap relationship. Plus, they introduce a new recurring segment in which they critically ask, "Whatcha doin’, [Insert Soap Name Here]." All this and more on the latest episode of the Soaps In Depth podcast!

    Dishing With Digest - 9/6/19 - Vincent Irizarry

    (9/6/19) (Listen / download) B&B’s Vincent Irizarry Chronicles Soap Journey.

    Vincent Irizarry takes a deep dive into his daytime journey, from GUIDING LIGHT’s Lujack to B&B’s Jordan, recalls a memorable encounter with Marisa Tomei, his prime-time successes and more with Digest’s Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky.

    Thia Megia Admits She Was Star-Struck Joining the Cast of DAYS OF OUR LIVES

    (9/5/19) ( Chinese immigrant Haley Chen isn’t alone in being willing to take big risks on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Her portrayer, Thia Megia, admits that she’d been hesitant to even audition for the role but made the leap, anyway. “I was feeling really unsure whether or not I’d be able to do it, or if they’d even let me in the building because I had nothing on my resumé as far as acting goes,” she confided to Soaps In Depth. “It was my first time ever being in a television studio, so it was surreal that I was there.”

    Having attended acting school and spent time producing music videos for YouTube, the former AMERICA’S GOT TALENT and AMERICAN IDOL contestant was at least comfortable enough around a camera to impress the soap’s producers. What she hadn’t been prepared for was being star-struck by the show’s veterans. “As a little girl, I would visit my grandma, and she would have DAYS on. I remember seeing scenes with Hope and Marlena,” Megia reflected. “Coming in on my first day, all the legends were in the makeup room. It was definitely nerve-wracking!”

    However, just as Haley made trustworthy friends in Salem and was able to relax, so, too, did Megia. She credits a “laidback and down-to-Earth” Lucas Adams (ex-Tripp) for showing her how. “Doing scenes with him was just effortless,” she suggested. “I just felt the connection… The chemistry kind of did all the work.”

    Despite its brevity, the Tripp/Haley/JJ love triangle had one particular benefit for the young woman. “What I think has changed the most about Haley is that because of JJ, Tripp and pretty much everyone else that has done a lot to help her,” Megia said, “she was able to finally let down her walls. That’s freed her in many ways.”

    Her love life aside, Haley’s now in a position to relax and focus on her future. That means re-establishing her career, deciding where to live and, of course, getting that elusive green card. With a year now on the job and an intense storyline under her belt, Megia is able to exhale, too. “I’m a perfectionist,” she admitted, “but I’ve kinda stopped criticizing myself and started going with the flow.”

    'Days of Our Lives' Profits Lawsuit Against Sony Mostly Shot Down by Court

    (9/3/19) ( Sony Pictures Television has canceled several claims from the producers of Days of Our Lives, and will face a significantly trimmed lineup of allegations moving forward.

    Corday Productions in February sued Sony claiming it isn't trying hard enough to distribute the long-running series, is miscalculating profits and is deflating the licensing fee to NBC — all in the interest of promoting its “wholly-owned daytime drama, The Young and the Restless.”

    Retired federal judge Gary Feess, who is handling the matter as a judicial referee, largely sided with Sony and granted the studio's demurrer on several claims.

    Feess found Corday's breach of fiduciary duty claim fails because the relationship between the producer and distributor is a commercial relationship not a fiduciary relationship, and isn't a joint venture.

    Feess also sustained without leave to amend Sony's demurrer to certain alleged breaches of contract. Corday claimed Sony refused to negotiate more favorable terms after the series expanded to one-hour episodes, which the distributor notes happened four decades ago, and claimed it was forced to pay for production overages, which Sony says a 2009 contract amendment made clear was Corday's responsibility. Feess axed both alleged breaches from the complaint.

    Sony also beat Corday's claim for unfair competition because the relevant statute "is not designed to remedy private disputes between private businesses" but rather to quell "business practices that threaten to deceive the public."

    Sony's demurrer to the fraud and concealment claims were sustained with leave to amend, with a skeptical Feess giving Corday one more shot. He found Corday doesn't allege it was deceived by false statements or engaged in detrimental conduct based on them and doesn't adequately describe what information was concealed, who was responsible for concealing it and how the concealment caused damage.

    "At the hearing, Corday’s counsel indicated that it could plead fraud with greater particularity," writes Feess. "While that seems unlikely, given the nature of the relationship between the parties, the timing of the alleged misrepresentations, and the unlikelihood that Corday can ever plead reliance, Corday will be given another chance to plead this claim."

    It wasn't a total victory for Sony, though, as a few of Corday's claims did survive this round. Feess found Corday has alleged a reasonable interpretation of their agreement with respect to its claims that Sony breached its obligation to adequately market the series and to share marketing costs.The claim for breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing will also move forward, with Feess finding that Corday's allegations are more than a mere regurgitation of the breach of contract claim.

    Feess found it is premature to decide at this stage whether an accounting should be ordered and whether declaratory relief may be appropriate.

    Inside Salem - 9/2/19 - Leann Hunley, Arianne Zucker and Stacy Haiduk

    (9/2/19) (Listen / download) Leann Hunley looks back at Anna's antics and talks about Kristen's unmasking scenes. Then, in two can't-miss clips, Salem reels from Kristen's big reveal and Tony pays the price for his role in Ted's murder. And later, Arianne Zucker and Stacy Haiduk dish on the sisterhood of the traveling face in a special roundtable.

    Soaps in Depth Podcast - 9/2/19 - Fall Preview

    (9/2/19) (Listen / download) The temperatures may be dropping and leaves are falling from the trees, but summer’s end does have one benefit: It’s time for the Soaps In Depth Podcast’s Fall Preview episode! Join Charlie and Richard as they share an exclusive peek at what will happen, as well as their own thoughts on what should, on all the daytime soaps!

    Days of His Life

    (8/31/19) ( Raised in the small farming town of Oskaloosa, Kansas, James Reynolds enjoyed reading as a youngster — so much, in fact, that he won several reading contests and read more than 100 books every summer.

    “I loved to read, and that enhanced a real big desire to dream,” Reynolds — the Emmy-winning actor from the NBC soap opera “Days of Our Lives’’ — told the Review at the Fremont Centre Theatre, which he and his wife Lissa, both South Pasadena residents, own.

    “I battled asthma and almost died from it as a baby, so that kept me in a lot, which is why I turned to books. Books brought the outside world to me. Whenever I have a spare minute, I read.”

    After high school, Reynolds joined the Marines and was assigned to the Information Service Office, where he had the chance to hone his writing skills for The Windward Marine newspaper at his first duty station in Hawaii. He was later sent to Vietnam, where he added battlefield reporting to his duties.

    “I had to develop a good memory of events that happened and literally write a story in minutes, often under really horrific conditions,” Reynolds, 73, recalled. “It gave me a perspective on life and the world that I probably would not have had otherwise, particularly at such a young age. Naivety has worked for me a lot throughout my life, so being in that situation had its value to me later in life.”

    After returning home from Vietnam and using his GI Bill to attend Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, Reynolds auditioned for his first play, “The Mad Woman of Chaillot,” at the suggestion of a friend. He landed the role of the police sergeant and described the experience as “love at first sight.”

    Encouraged by the positive response he received from those around him, Reynolds began to pursue more acting opportunities, appearing in both campus musicals and play productions, as well as local theater groups.

    To make ends meet, Reynolds wrote about theater, film and music for the Topeka Daily Capital newspaper for several years, and later on the Colorado Springs Sun after relocating to be a part of a new repertory. While in Colorado, he landed his first television commercial, in addition to a featured role in the movie “Mr. Majestyk,’’ starring Charles Bronson.

    “It turned out to be this kismet — everything always seemed to dovetail and work out perfectly,” said Reynolds. “When I moved to Los Angeles, I was lucky enough to start working right away. I got a lot of television and movie roles, including the show “Time Express” with Vincent Price. A good friend of mine, Charles Shaughnessy, said that we’re among those people that seem to have their lives sprinkled with fairy dust.”

    Reynolds’ world changed forever when he was cast as Abe Carver on “Days of Our Lives” — a character that he has played for the past 38 years. After receiving several nominations over the years for his work, Reynolds won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2018.

    “It was an extraordinary feeling,” he said. “When they call your name, it’s an out-of-body experience — a dream come true. The gratitude of being able to be that person at that moment just kind of overwhelms you, and there are so many people to be grateful for that have lent a hand and helped along the way. It made me think of how wonderful my life has been and that I’d been given those few seconds of wonder.”

    Having begun his career during the golden age of soap operas, Reynolds has seen a lot of changes in the industry over the years, with only a handful of daytime shows remaining. When asked what his show’s secret to longevity is, Reynolds pointed out that family is key.

    “Soap operas are like sports, in that a family will sit and watch their favorite team together, and as the kids grow up, they will continue to watch and be fans,” said Reynolds. “One of the advantages to soaps for an audience is that you watch your favorite characters move through life with you and you see their struggles in life mirroring your own. We’re there five days a week in viewers’ living rooms and they take pride as if we are members of their own family.”

    A resident of South Pasadena since 1986, Reynolds and his wife Lissa opened the Fremont Centre Theatre in 1997. Over the years they’ve produced, directed and performed in numerous critically acclaimed shows, including “National Pastime,” about Jackie Robinson, which starred their son Jed. Currently, Young Stars Theatre is producing shows in the space that feature actors between the ages of 8 and 18.

    “As a theater we’ve always been committed to diversity, and we love the way the program founders, Jack and Gloria Bennett, are working with the kids,” said Reynolds. “We need to keep bringing the youth into the theater so that they can experience what live entertainment is all about.”

    Reynolds also is on the Board of Directors for the South Pasadena Arts Council (SPARC), which Lissa founded 10 years ago. On Sept. 28, they will be hosting SPARC’s second annual Sparc’Tacular Benefit, a celebration of the arts for adults featuring entertainment, activities and awards.

    “Arts are key to our lives and carry us through,” said Reynolds. “The one thing you will do throughout your life is take part in the arts in one way or another, no matter what you do for a career. When you’re in your 20s, you’ll go to movies, plays, art galleries, museums, and when you’re in your 80s, you’ll do the same. When our society is gone, all that people will remember is what we left behind and created — the sculptures, the art, the theater, the music and all of that. The arts will serve us extremely well as we go through life.”

    Dishing with Digest - 8/30/19 - Robin Strasser

    (8/30/19) Robin Strasser Previews DAYS Debut (Listen / download).

    Robin Strasser talks about her new role as DAYS’s Vivian, her memories of playing ANOTHER WORLD’s Rachel and ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Dorian and more with Digest’s Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also preview the big soap stories coming for fall.

    Soap Alum's Baby News

    (8/30/19) Rachel Kimsey (ex- Meredith, DAYS; ex-Mackenzie, Y&R) announced on social media that she is expecting her second child. The actress shared a photo of her baby bump and posted, “So, for my birthday, I decided to put in an order for something totally unique and one of a kind- but, you guys, the shipping and handling is terrible! It’s going to take 20 more weeks and I have to carry it myself! Baby Girl #2 arrives in January” Kimsey and her husband, Matthew Waterson have a daughter, Everly, born in March, 2018.

    Guy Wilson on NCIS: Los Angeles 9/29/19

    (8/28/19) “Let Fate Decide” – Callen and Sam work with Navy Capt. Harmon Rabb, Jr. (David James Elliott) to apprehend spies aboard the USS Allegiance. Also, Hetty partners with Marine Lt. Col. Sarah “Mac” Mackenzie to neutralize a missile attack in the Middle East, and Kensi and Deeks are trapped in a mobile CIA unit in Iraq while under attack by ISIS, on the 11th season premiere of NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Sunday, Sept. 29 (9:30-10:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    GUEST CAST includes: Erik Palladino (CIA Officer Vostanik Sabatino), Alyssa Diaz (NCIS Special Agent Jasmine Garcia), Guy Wilson (Navy Gunner’s Mate Michael Skinner).

    Donna D'Errico & Krista Allen 'Baywatch' Babes Targeted In $300k Dubai Scam

    (8/26/19) 'Baywatch' hotties Donna D'Errico and Krista Allen (ex-Billie, Days Of Our Lives) got a super sweet offer -- $300,000 to fly to Dubai and make a quick speech -- but turned out to be too good to be true ... because it was courtesy of the same scammers who tried to rip off Dog The Bounty Hunter.

    Here's the deal ... reps for Donna and Krista were contacted by people purporting to be from the office of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan -- the Deputy Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates -- offering the ladies a fat payday in exchange for speaking at an economic empowerment convention for small business owners in July and rubbing elbows with dignitaries.

    Donna and Krista's people got contracts emailed to them with all the deets, and it looked legit on its face ... but once the women signed, things got super sketchy.

    Organizers in "Dubai" said they had difficulty wiring funds to Donna and Krista and started asking for more personal information. Huge red flag. Another catch -- organizers were asking Donna and Krista to donate half of the funds back to the organization.

    Donna and Krista slowly started putting the pieces together, feeling something was off ... and they eventually got cold feet.

    Fortunately for them ... the 'Baywatch' babes never gave up their personal info, dodging a huge bullet ... just like Dog.

    Alison Sweeney On Why She Can't Live Without Her Peloton Bike and the Scoop on Her New Hallmark Mystery

    (8/24/19) ( It’s no mystery how Alison Sweeney went from daytime soap opera actress to co-creator, executive producer and star of the Hallmark series Chronicle Mysteries.

    The Days of our Lives veteran wanted to step outside her role as the engaging soap opera schemer Sami Brady, and transitioned impeccably into leading productions—while still starring in them, too.

    Chronicle Mysteries: The Deep End is the fourth film in Sweeney’s latest series. It premieres on Sunday, Aug. 25 at 9 p.m. on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

    This is not the first time Sweeney starred and executive produced a Hallmark movie. Other credits include the Murder She Baked franchise.

    In making Chronicle, the multitasking Hollywood maven leveraged two of her personal passions: true crime and storytelling. She plays true-crime podcast host Alex McPherson. An avid fan of true crime podcasts herself, Sweeney connected with real-life podcasters to research the films and was featured on a few shows during the process.

    “That’s been really fun for me,” she says.

    The latest Chronicle installment centers once again on Alex and Drew Godfrey (Benjamin Ayers). Alex is tasked with proving a wife’s innocence after her husband’s murder. As for Alex’s love interest, Sweeney said the chemistry between Alex and Drew was a “slow build” in the previous movies, but fans will see it come full circle in the latest installment.

    “They’ll be surprised by the emotional side of Alex that you get to see in this movie,” Sweeney says, adding that there are surprises in store.

    Alex is more introverted than Sami on Days. But they’re similar because they both follow their instincts, Sweeney says.

    “She [Alex] has something similar to Sami, she’s a risktaker—I really love characters like that,” Sweeney says.

    Despite multiple hats to wear for Hallmark, Sweeney likes the change of pace that has come since leaving Days in 2014.

    “It’s allowed me more free time to be a mom and be at home, and make a more regular schedule for myself,” says Sweeney, whose children are 14 and 10.

    Fitting in Time on the Peloton

    Sweeney, who gained more fame after hosting The Biggest Loser for eight years, still manages to squeeze in workouts. Lately, the Peloton bike is what helps her stay fit, as does healthy eating.

    Though she admits she was afraid the bike would sit in the corner of her room as a dirty laundry rack, she uses it quite often. In fact, it’s helped her overcome the temptation do skip workouts all together when she doesn’t have a lot of time, the bike’s “presence” a reminder that a 20- or 30-minute ride can be just as successful.

    “It’s really taken all of my excuses that I used to have,” she adds. “I find that this system really gives me that middle ground.”

    When traveling, she uses the app to fit in other fitness classes as well.

    Being fit comes with an added benefit—getting outdoors with her family. Whether it’s to hike or enjoy sports, she finds it satisfying to be able to engage with her children on that level … especially when things get competitive.

    “That’s what’s fun about fitness,” Sweeney says, adding that staying active is the kind of role model she wants to be for her children.

    Juicing may be a trend of the past, but Sweeney is still on board and likes eating clean. The natural energy from fruits and veggies helps her avoid artificial energy booster that cause crashes. And despite a hectic schedule, she’s still working to cut out caffeine.

    Skin Cancer Safety

    Her health is also front and center after undergoing skin cancer surgery this summer. Since then, Sweeney stepped into another role as an ambassador for Stand Up to Cancer. Sweeney had been involved in SU2C before, but admits she dismissed the notion of actually getting skin cancer.

    “I always knew I had to be cautious,” she says, noting her fair complexion.

    Ultimately, she hopes her involvement with the group inspires more people to get checked regularly. Many people take good care of themselves, but they still need professional care.

    “You think you’re sort of an expert on your own body, but you’re not,” Sweeney adds.

    What’s Next for Sweeney

    Don’t think Sweeney will get pigeonholed from daytime schemer into mystery solver, either. She’s got a few projects on the horizon—one that includes a wartime love story. And she doesn’t have an ultimate end game or specific career aspiration in mind … she just wants to see what comes up next.

    “I don’t know where these things are going to end up,” she says. It’s “fun” to be open to new things—something that never would have happened if she hadn’t left the comfort of her longtime daytime role.

    “It’s fun to be open to things that are coming my way,” Sweeney adds. “I’m learning so much and getting the opportunity to be creative.”

    DOOL App Series Episode 6 Preview!

    (8/22/19) Episode 6 of the new DOOL App series, “Chad & Abby in Paris”, will be available tomorrow on the DOOL App. For Head Writer Ron Carlivati, it’s been a fun endeavor to create an offshoot of the 53-year old network soap. “It was great,” he enthuses. “It has a different feel to it. I love the way they shot it. They were able to do it on our same sets. They made a very lovely set in Paris. Just the whole vibe of the show still feels like DAYS OF OUR LIVES, but it just has its own energy to it, which I think is great.” The concept came together after Co-Executive Producer Greg Meng approached the scribe about creating a series for the app. “They wanted some original content in addition to all of the other fun stuff they had going on there,” Carlivati explains. “He said something that would enhance your experience of watching the show, but maybe not so interconnected that you could still follow it without knowing [what was happening on air]. So we were talking about what if it was a character from Salem that maybe isn’t in Salem right now. And so we hit upon the idea of Chad and Abigail. Chad and Abigail left happy-happy, went off to Paris to work on their marriage, they’re a popular couple, let’s see what’s going on in Paris. So we had to come up with a story, but at the same time, we knew that they were coming back to Salem in November. I knew the status of their relationship when they got to Salem, so we were almost backing into that. Whatever we did in Paris had to end them at the point when we see them come to town. So again, I wanted it to be romantic — you want there to be some threat to the couple — but essentially I want to see Chad and Abigail fight it off together. I’m not looking to have you go onto this app and watch Chad and Abigail’s marriage be destroyed; I want you to come and see them maybe overcome an obstacle together. And we decided to add a familiar face, so we hit upon Austin [Peck, Austin] because it seemed to time out with Carrie’s visit to Salem.” The eighth episode, he previews, “ends on a little bit of a cliffhanger,” and Carlivati would be up for doing more. “It was a fun little challenge to do because I am used to writing an hour-long show. It was really exciting to drop in on these characters and remind the audience that there is a whole world of people there outside of Salem. And it does really open the door to do this with many different characters. There’s even possibility to use existing characters on the show and show a chapter of their lives that you never saw. The possibilities are kind of endless with it.” Catch up on the first five episodes now; if you don’t have the DOOL App, go to for information about how to do it.

    Vincent Irizarry Opens up About Joining THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

    (8/21/19) ( As the fallout surrounding the baby-switch storyline continues, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL has tapped veteran daytime actor Vincent Irizarry to lend a bit more intrigue in the recurring role of Dr. Jordan Armstrong. He will first air on Monday, August 26, and for the sake of the Forrester and Logan families, let’s hope his character is more ethical than Reese, the physician who originally set this storyline in motion! Then again, considering the last doctor Irizarry played (ALL MY CHILDREN’s David Hayward) was pretty treacherous, it’s anyone’s guess what we should expect from his new role! “I’m open to whatever they throw my way. We’ll leave it at that,” teased Irizarry, who also played SANTA BARBARA doctor Scott Clark.

    Though the Emmy winner is a well-established face in daytime, he starts every new character he plays with a blank slate. “Even though I’ve played a doctor before, it’s not like Jordan is going to be exactly like David, because the backstory always informs who the character is,” he said. “I never worry about having to bring something different [to my portrayal] — it all stems from who the guy is and where he comes from.”

    Meanwhile, Irizarry is thrilled to be back working with former AMC colleague Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) and regularly bumping into old castmates from THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, as the soaps tape across the hall from each other. “It’s like one huge repertory company with all of these shows at this point,” he mused. “I’ve been in this medium for nearly 40 years, so I’ve worked with so many people, not only the actors on the show but also people on the crew and production throughout all these years. It’s great!”

    Stay tuned to see how Jordan impacts the canvas.

    Réal Andrews Books an 'Amazing' New Role!

    (8/21/19) ( Congratulations to GENERAL HOSPITAL alum Réal Andrews (ex-Taggert) on booking his first role in his "Hollywood comeback!" "Audition number one booked!" he announced on Instagram. "Boom! The comeback is happening. We are one for one, booked our first audition, a really cool feature." Unfortunately, details of exactly what his role is are not yet available. "We're not allowed to share the title," the actor admitted, "with the power of social media these days. But I can tell you this, it's a really, really amazing part."

    Andrews also began getting back in shape a couple months ago, dropping the pounds and putting back on the muscle, so it's a full-on transformation for the daytime vet, who has also appeared on AS THE WORLD TURNS as Walker Daniels, ALL MY CHILDREN as Agent Trumbull, and DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Hal Michaels. Of course, GH fans remember him fondly as Detective Marcus Taggart, the role he played from 1998-2003. "So grateful to my amazing agent, Paula Benard at Embrace Real Artists, and my buddy, Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH), for his support and coaching," the actor added. "A special shout out to all of you for support and prayers. Next, on to the next audition."

    And sure enough, the following day, the dedicated performer shared a photo of his new script pages from VisionFire Films perched on his workout equipment so he could study his lines while at the gym! "Working on my next two auditions," he revealed.

    Naturally, we'll keep you updated as Andrews releases any further details about his upcoming projects, so you can be sure to watch him back in action! And for more on your favorite GH stars — past and present — keep reading the ABC edition of Soaps In Depth magazine.

    Inside Salem - 8/19/19 - Eric Martsolf, Camila Banus, Galen Gering

    (8/19/19) (Listen / download) Eric Martsolf Talks About How Often He Suspends His Disbelief for Storylines; Camila Banus Joins Galen Gering in His Dressing Room.

    Eric Martsolf talks about how often he suspends his disbelief for storylines and looks back on Brady's long list of exes. Then, in two can't-miss clips, "Nicole" and Brady hit the sheets and "Nicole" and Gabi get in a catfight. And later, we go behind the scenes to Galen Gering's dressing room with Camila Banus.

    Stacy Haiduk Previews What's Next for Kristen on DAYS OF OUR LIVES

    (8/13/19) ( As if taking over the role of DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Kristen wasn’t challenging enough, Stacy Haiduk has also been turning in convincing performances as the supervixen impersonating Nicole in the moments before removing her oh-so-convincing mask. Recently, the soap-hopper has also been playing wackadoodle Susan Banks and Kristen pretending to be both Susan and her sister, Sister Mary Moira. Got all that?

    “I prayed. I literally went to the heavens and the universe and was like, ‘Okay, I really want to go back to DAYS,’” Haiduk confided to Soaps In Depth of the months leading up to this demanding return engagement. “I’ve had such a blast with these characters and the cast and the crew… I’m thrilled to be back.” To viewers, the alumna of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS (as Patty and Emily) and ALL MY CHILDREN (as Hannah) appears to switch effortlessly between all of her DAYS personas, but she admits that when it comes to channeling other people’s characters, there is some tricky technicality to it. “You have to remember certain physical things that an actor will do or does,” she explained. “It gets a little complicated, but actually, it’s so much fun!”

    Kristen hit a speed bump in her scheme to remain presumed dead upon parting ways with her cohort, Xander. “When she got the mask back from him, their alliance was done,” Haiduk reflected. “A lot of that is because neither one of them trusts the other at all.” Worse yet, the mercenary is now in a position to become her nemesis! “He’ll hold all the cards because he can go to the cops if he wants to,” Haiduk suggested, “and say, ‘You know, I’ve been working with this person, and she’s really Kristen DiMera!’” However, much like Gone With The Wind heroine Scarlett O’Hara, that’s something she’d rather think about tomorrow. Right now, the schemer’s got other irons in the fire to worry about, like ousting her father’s son, Stefan, from DiMera Enterprises. For someone who holds family in high regard, doesn’t that seem disloyal? “Kristen doesn’t like Stefan in a lot of ways,” Haiduk observed. And besides, “they’re not blood-related because Kristen is adopted.”

    No matter what transpires with the business, the No. 1 item on Kristen’s agenda remains winning Brady back. But how long can she keep on impersonating Nicole to do it? “Kristen, in her wonderful, sick mind, believes that one day, she’s going to be able to reveal to Brady [her true identity],” the actress theorized, “and that he’ll still love her. Honestly, it’s so bizarre!”

    But with folks in Salem starting to grow suspicious and her plans fast unraveling, Kristen is understandably starting to panic. Haiduk admitted her alter ego is feeling frazzled. Yet “she still tries to keep it together and always tries to find a way to make it work for her. But yes,” she admitted, “little by little, she’s falling apart, and it’s not good. I’ll tell you that!”

    Facebook Q&A with Sal Stowers and Lamon Archey | Days of Our Lives

    (8/11/19) Sal Stowers and Lamon Archey Q&A: Video.

    Daytime Emmys to Combine Younger Actress and Actor Awards Into One Gender Neutral-Category in 2020

    (8/9/19) The Daytime Emmys in 2020 will combine the Outstanding Younger Actress and Outstanding Younger Actor awards into one gender-neutral category, our sister site Variety reports.

    The National Academy of Television Arts (NATAS) is also expected to announce that coinciding with that change, the new category will include performers from both broadcast dramas and digital series.

    The Daytime Emmys already keep things gender-neutral with its Outstanding Special Guest Performer category.

    The young performer categories first debuted at the 1985 Daytime Emmys, at which time they were named the Outstanding Ingenue and Outstanding Young Man awards; Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren, The Young and the Restless) and Brian Bloom (Dusty, As the World Turns) were the inaugural winners. The gender-specific categories were later renamed Outstanding Juvenile Female and Outstanding Juvenile Male, before eventually adopting the Younger Actress and Younger Actor titles.

    In 2012, the criteria for the two categories was tweaked, requiring that the nominated performer be aged 25 or younger.

    This year’s winners in the separate categories were Hayley Erin (Kiki, General Hospital) and Kyler Pettis (Theo, Days of Our Lives).

    The Television Critics Association Awards, held every August, are among the TV-industry accolades that similarly have gender-neutral categories (e.g. Individual Achievement in Comedy).

    Matt Cedeño Joins AMBITIONS

    (8/6/19) Soap vet Matt Cedeño (ex-Brandon, DAYS et al) joins the cast of OWN’s sizzling summer sudser AMBITIONS, making his first appearance in tonight’s episode. The actor recurs as Ignacio DeSantos, heir to a textiles conglomerate who crosses paths with up-and-coming fashion designer Bella. Suffice to say, sparks fly. “I think that’s sort of the nature of soaps; you put a bunch of attractive people in a room and see what happens,” chuckles Cedeño. “Ignacio is a dynamic character. He lives a very unique and extravagant lifestyle, and it’s been great getting to explore him.” For more on the actor and his new role, check out our “Catching Up With…” in an upcoming issue of Soap Opera Digest. For more on AMBITIONS, check out

    Inside Salem - 8/5/19 - Stacy Haiduk, Matt Ashford and Melissa Reeves

    (8/5/19) (Listen / download) Stacy Haiduk Talks About Kristin's Latest Stunts; Matt Ashford and Melissa Reeves Look Back on Recent Scenes.

    Stacy Haiduk takes a break from playing three different roles to talk about Kristin's latest stunts. Then, in two can't-miss clips, Susan pulls a gun on Susan and Gabi holds all the cards. And later, Matt Ashford and Melissa Reeves look back at recent scenes, including the moment Eve shattered Jack's chance at a future.

    Ashley Benson, Cara Delevingne tie the knot in Elvis-themed Vegas wedding

    (8/4/19) Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson are officially married, can report.

    According to the Sun on Sunday, the supermodel and her Pretty Little Liars girlfriend celebrated their nuptials in an Elvis-themed wedding at the Little Vegas Chapel in Las Vegas Boulevard.

    Very few guests, including Charlize Theron, The Jonas Brothers and Sophie Turner were in attendance as the brides, both dressed in black, exchanged vows. Following the ceremony, the newlyweds had a brief photoshoot in a pink Cadillac.

    “They were sure about what they are doing and they were sure about what they mean to each other,” Michael Kelly, who owns the chapel, told the British publication. “They were clearly devoted to each other and they had the biggest smiles on their faces.

    He continued, “You could see that they were serious about what they were doing but having the most fun. They wanted it simple, quiet and easy.”

    As Us Weekly reported, suspicions of Benson and Delevingne’s romance arose when the two were seen kissing at London’s Heathrow airport in August 2018 and later that year leaving Kylie Jenner’s birthday party together.

    The couple, however, officially confirmed their relationship with a steamy make-out video during pride month.

    The supermodel later told E! News she decided to share the clip in honour of the Stonewall Riots’ 50th anniversary and of her own anniversary with Benson!

    The lovebirds have since been spotted enjoying a romantic trip to St. Tropez.

    Wes Ramsey Opens up About His Sexy New Movie, 'Perception'

    (8/2/19) ( (Trailer) Congratulations to GENERAL HOSPITAL actor Wes Ramsey (Peter), whose new film, Perception, is being released on iTunes and all VOD platforms on Tuesday, August 6! "It's the performance I've waited my whole life to give," he confided to Soaps In Depth. "A character I always believed was in me. And once it was out… I'm really proud of it." Shot in Ramsey's hometown of Louisville, KY, the thriller was filmed shortly before the actor joined the cast of GH.

    Directed by Ilana Rein and co-written by Rein and Brian Smith, Perception centers around Ramsey’s character of Daniel, a struggling real estate developer who must evict Nina (Meera Rohit Kumbhani), a small-time psychic struggling to provide for her young son. But when she offers him a free reading and senses the spirit of his dead wife, Daniel becomes obsessed with reconnecting with his lost love. Both he and Nina must decide how far they’ll go to get what they want, and the spirit might also have plans of her own in this supernatural thriller!

    In addition to playing Peter August on GH, Ramsey has also been moonlighting in some independent feature films like Two Pictures and Last Seen in Idaho. While Perception premiered back at the DTLA Film Festival back in October of 2018, the actor is excited everyone will finally get to see the movie. "I'm happy it found distribution and that it's going to be able to be seen," he enthused. "When you make a movie, you don't know if it's going to take one year to come out or six months or two years. You just hope that it doesn't get blown off or put on a shelf and that it finds a home.

    "The fact that right after I completed the movie was when I began the process of auditioning and screen-testing and ending up on contract at GH," Ramsey added, "it's nice to now, two years later, be able to use my Port Charles family and community to help me support the release of this film that I'm really proud of. And everyone's excited about it." Check out this steamy trailer!

    Kyle Lowder Announces He Is Leaving DAYS OF OUR LIVES

    (8/2/19) It's official — Kyle Lowder is leaving DAYS OF OUR LIVES where he as been playing Rex Brady since October of 2018. "One more week!" the actor declared on Instagram. "Man, this has been fun. So grateful to have returned over the past year to the place where it all started for me, almost two decades ago. This show, and everyone associated with it, both in front of and behind the camera, will always be very special to me.

    "My most sincere and heartfelt appreciation to the powers that be at DAYS and NBC," he continued. "And of course, to all of you, the fans, for your unbridled love and enthusiasm. You remind me every single day of why I truly love what I do. Farewell, and thank you."

    Lowder got his big break on DAYS when he played Brady Black from 2000-05. Following that, he joined the cast of CBS sudser THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL in 2007 as a recast Rick Forrester and remained there until 2011. In 2018, the actor made his return to DAYS, but since Brady Black was now being played by Eric Martsolf, the soap instead cast him as the new Rex Brady instead!

    Lowder has also recently filmed the TV movie A Mermaid for Christmas, so fans can look forward to seeing him in that. And who knows, Rex could still return to Salem at some point in the future. In the world of daytime, you never know! Stay tuned to see how Rex's story comes to an end, and for more DAYS casting news, keep reading Soaps In Depth magazine.

    Meet The Stars Of DAYS!

    (8/2/19) Ten stars from DAYS are visiting Houston, TX for a special fan event on Saturday, August 10 at Memorial City Mall. This complimentary event, set for 12 p.m. – 4 p.m., for will offer fans the chance to meet and greet Salem’s favorite cast members during autograph signings, a trivia challenge and much more. Scheduled to attend are Lamon Archey (Eli), Matthew Ashford (Jack), Camila Banus (Gabi), Linsey Godfrey (Sarah), Deidre Hall (Marlena), Drake Hogestyn (John), Lauren Koslow (Kate), Melissa Reeves (Jennifer), Sal Stowers (Lani) and Paul Telfer (Xander). Early arrival is encouraged; event will take place adjacent to the Xfinity Fireplace. Be sure to download the DOOL App in the App Store and on Google Play!

    DOOL App Series Launches

    (8/2/19) DAYS OF OUR LIVES: THE DIGITAL SERIES launched today on the DOOL App. The eight-episode arc, written by Head Writer Ron Carlivati and titled, “Chad and Abby in Paris”, chronicles what the popular duo has been up to since leaving Salem. The series also features fan-fave Austin Peck, who reprises the role of Austin. The episodes range from 6-to-10 minutes, and are available on the NBC app and one week after streaming on the DOOL App. Kate Mansi and Billy Flynn, whose alter egos, Chad and Abigail, will also be returning to Salem later this year, were excited to be a part of the new venture. “When I knew I was coming back to DAYS, the timing worked out really well,” Mansi recalls. “Greg’s idea was, ‘Why don’t we have it take place in Paris so that the fans can have a little glimpse into Chad and Abigail’s life and have a little exciting taste of what that life was like before they come back?’ It’s been so much fun.” Adds Flynn, “It was pitched to sort of be like a spin-off in a sense of what Chad and Abigail were doing off canvas. It would follow them to line up with where the show is right now and the die-hard ‘Chabby’ fans have something to watch until we get back on the canvas. I thought it was a really clever idea, and it’s always cool to have a new story. I thought it was really well-written. Obviously, to do something that involves the fans and build some excitement is great. I was on board.” As for what viewers can expect, Mansi explains, “It’s a really nice bridge in breaking with the tone and the formality of the daytime genre, but still rooted in that familiarity of the characters and grounded in everything that DAYS is about. Albert [Alarr, co-executive producer] directed the first episode. I’ll never forget him walking toward us when Billy and I finished and he had such elation on his face. It was really cool to see everybody so excited and on board with this new, fresh take. And it’s in Paris! What could be better?” Visit now to download.

    Jen Lilley Welcomes a Beautiful Baby Girl

    (8/2/19) (Video) Congratulations to Jen Lilley on the birth of her beautiful baby girl Julie Evangeline! The actress, who DAYS OF OUR LIVES fans know as Theresa and GENERAL HOSPITAL viewers remember as Maxie, welcomed the bundle of joy into the world with her husband, Jason Wayne, on July 30, 2019, at 7:10 a.m.. Little Julie weighed in at six pounds, eight ounces, and measured 19 inches. "She's here!" Lilley exclaimed on Instagram when she announced the happy news.

    The parents had already settled on the name Julie back when they first went public with the pregnancy announcement back in March. They already have two sons who they took in as foster children, and have already finalized the adoption of the older boy. They are still working on the adoption process for his younger brother.

    Lilley shared a short video that shows her entering the hospital and going through labor with her loving husband at her side, followed by the actual birth and then mother and father's first moments of skin-to-skin contact with their newborn baby girl.

    Soaps InDepth Podcast - 7/29/19 - Tough Love

    (7/29/19) (Listen / download) On this week’s episode of the Soaps In Depth podcast, hosts Charlie and Richard dish out a little bit of tough love to their soaps. What changes would they like to see made to GENERAL HOSPITAL, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and DAYS OF OUR LIVES? Tune in to find out… then let them know what changes you’d like to see made.

    Hogestyn & Stewart Married

    (7/28/19) Ben Hogestyn (ex-Lucas, GH) tied the knot with Danica Stewart (ex-Jessica, PASSIONS; ex-Maxie, GH) yesterday. Ben’s father, Drake Hogestyn (John, DAYS) posted a wedding shot on Twitter, enthusing, “Woohoo Ben!! Congratulations Son…and WELCOME TO THE FAMILY Danica! We love you!” In the beachside pic, Drake’s daughters Alexandra, Whitney and Rachael, are standing under the canopy with the bride and groom, performing the ceremony. Drake later posted a short video from the reception, adding, “Cheers to the first page of an amazing new chapter in your life kids! Let the party begin…” Congratulations to the happy couple!

    Dishing with Digest - 7/26/19 - Brandon Barash

    (7/26/19) (Listen / download) Brandon Barash (Stefan) Talks About DAYS, GH And Fatherhood.

    DAYS's Brandon Barash (Stefan) chats about his Salem present, his Port Charles past, raising daughter Harper and more with Digest's Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also talk about casting popular vets in new roles.

    Danica McKellar’s ‘Matchmaker Mysteries’ Kicks Off Production, Adds Bruce Boxleitner And Victor Webster

    (7/26/19) The Danica McKellar project Matchmaker Mysteries from executive producer Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker fame has officially started production in Ottawa. The latest addition to Hallmark Movies & Mysteries has also added Bruce Boxleitner (Supergirl, NCIS) and Victor Webster (Younger, Continuum) andto the cast.

    In Matchmaker Mysteries, McKellar stars as Angie Dove, host of a popular Philadelphia-based reality show dedicated to helping single people find their soulmates. Soon after one of her couples gets engaged on TV, the bride-to-be is murdered. The eligible bachelor Angie proclaimed as her perfect match is arrested as the prime suspect. Wanting to clear her client’s name, Angie uses all her matchmaking skills to evaluate the character and integrity of the suspects and cleverly gets them to reveal the truth about themselves. Not shy, she’ll sweet-talk her way into a crime scene, face-off with a bouncer at a hot nightclub or even endure a dental exam to interrogate a key witness. Boxleitner joins the cast as Angie’s dad, Nick Colomba, a retired detective who is always on hand to give his daughter advice and support – both in life and in her amateur investigation. Webster will star as Kyle Cooper, a by-the-book detective who isn’t thrilled that Angie is launching her own investigation. Much to his chagrin, he can’t help but admit when she’s unearthed valuable information that helps move the case forward.

    Inside Salem - 7/22/19 - Brandon Barash, Freddie Smith, Maria O'Brien

    (7/23/19) (Listen / download) Brandon Barash Dishes on What It's Like Playing Stefan; Freddie Smith Talks with DAYS' On-Set Acting Coach, Maria O'Brien

    Brandon Barash dishes on what it's like playing Stefan and what he really thinks of those sexy Gabi scenes. Then, in two can't-miss clips, Claire says goodbye to Ben and Ciara, and Stefan is framed. Later, Freddie Smith goes behind the scenes to talk to DAYS' on-set acting coach, Maria O'Brien.

    ‘SEAL Team’: Jamie McShane & Rudy Dobrev To Recur On Season 3

    (7/23/19) Bloodline and The Passage alum Jamie McShane and Rudy Dobrev (ex-Juan, Days of Our Lives) are set for recurring roles on the upcoming third season of military drama series SEAL Team.

    Starring David Boreanaz, SEAL Team follows the professional and personal lives of the most elite unit of Navy SEALs as they train, plan and execute the most dangerous missions that our country can ask of them.

    McShane will play Captain Lindell, a hard charging leader who’s dedicated to bringing a new generation of operational adaptability to the Navy’s Tier One Command, and feels no allegiance to how things have been done in the past. Dobrev will portray Filip, a tough, capable field agent for Serbia’s SIA. Having lived through multiple horrific wars in his homeland, Filip is a world-weary man who is dedicated to preventing the eruption of war again. Equally comfortable in the field or calling the plays from the sidelines, Filip runs covert intel recon with Mandy (Jessica Paré) to provide targeting information for Bravo Team in Serbia.

    Max Thieriot, Neil Brown Jr., AJ Buckley, Toni Trucks, Jessica Paré and Judd Lormand also star.

    John Glenn, Christopher Chulack, Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly executive produce. SEAL Team is produced by CBS TV Studios.

    McShane was most recently a series regular on Fox’s drama The Passage, opposite Mark Paul Gosselaar. Prior to that, he was a regular on Netflix’s Bloodline and also co-starred on USA’s limited series Unsolved chronicling the murders of Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. McShane is repped by Paradigm and Trademark Talent.

    Dobrev’s recent TV credits include guest-starring roles on NCIS: Los Angeles, Counterpart and Madam Secretary. On the big screen, he appeared in Megan Leavey. Dobrev is repped by Kerner Management Associates.

    Days of Our Lives Alum Shannon Sturges Shares Journey from Soap Opera Star to Acting Coach

    (7/21/19) ( As the daughter of actors Colette Jackson and Solomon Sturges IV, and the grandchild of director Preston Sturges, Shannon Sturges quickly found her way in Hollywood.

    “When I booked my first two auditions, I recognized how unusual that was,” the actress, 51, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “It’s like, ‘Okay, I’m going to be famous!’ “

    A guest turn on Doogie Howser, M.D. gave way to her breakout role on NBC’s Days of Our Lives from 1991-92.

    “I remember meeting somebody, and they started crying when they met me,” Sturges recalls of her early days of fame. “And I was like, ‘Wow!’ They were so excited that this person from their shows, from their stories, had shown up in their life.”

    Sturges then married graphic designer Michael Kelley in 1993 and continued her soap opera run with NBC’s Passions and The WB’s short-lived drama Savannah, also starring Blake Lively‘s older sister Robyn, with whom she’s remained close.

    “Once I ran into Robyn and I was with one of my sons, and she was with some of her children,” the mother of two remembers. “We just started screaming and squealing and my son was like, ‘Who was that woman?’ I was like, ‘That’s like my sister.’ “

    But the uncertainty of an actor’s schedule, along with some encouragement from her lifelong acting coach, eventually led Sturges to teach.

    “I discovered that’s really what I was meant to do,” says Sturges, who now owns the Speiser/Sturges Acting Studio in Los Angeles.

    Though Sturges doesn’t see herself back on television anytime soon, one of her students — Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent — managed to get her back on the small screen when Bravo filmed a lesson with Kent, 29, and Scheana Shay for a January episode of the reality series.

    “I wasn’t familiar, really, with Vanderpump Rules, although I have students who work the door at TomTom,” Sturges says. “So when they came I thought, ‘I know what these girls need to learn. I know what they need to work on. I know what makes good television.’ So that’s why I took them through some sense memory exercises.”

    The scene somehow ended up with the Vanderpump Rules ladies faking orgasms. But no matter, Sturges says, “I really believe I have the best job ever.”

    Dot-Marie Jones, Eugene Cordero, Ron Funches Join ‘Golden Arm’

    (7/18/19) Indie comedy Golden Arm has rounded out its cast with Dot-Marie Jones (Glee, Modern Family), Eugene Cordero (Kong: Skull Island, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates), Ron Funches (Undateable, New Girl) as well as Dawn Luebbe (HBO’s High Maintenance), Ahmed Bharoocha (Adult Swim’s Dream Corp LLC), and Olivia Rose Stambouliah (Soul Mates, The Walking Dead). They join previously announced stars Mary Holland and Betsy Sodaro. Maureen Bharoocha is directing the film, which is currently before cameras in Oklahoma. The buddy comedy follows a tough lady trucker who trains her timid best friend to compete in the National Ladies Arm Wrestling Championship. Jones will play Big Sexy, the rough-and-tumble mentor who puts her trainees through a rigorous schooling in order to create a winner. Cordero is Greg, an MLB ref who – in the off-season – refs the National Ladies Arm Wrestling Tournament. Funches will portray Carl, the crass MC of the National Ladies Arm Wrestling Tournament, who loves his job a little too much and for all the wrong reasons. The script is by writing duo Ann Marie Allison and Jenna Milly. Geeta Bajaj of The Unicorn is producing the film with executive producers Russell Wayne Groves and Jane Fleming and Mark Ordesky of Court Five.

    DAYS' Paul Tefler Reveals Why it's Good to be Bad

    (7/18/19) ( When first presented to Scottish actor Paul Telfer, DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Xander was described as a “charming psychopath.” However, Telfer relates the villain more to girl-crazy cartoon character Pepé Le Pew and also, “Wile E. Coyote because he’s always going after things that he thinks he wants like Nicole or being CEO of Titan Industries. He has this big, garish goal that he’s chafing for, but I always wonder: If he were to ever actually get any of these things, would he be satisfied?”

    Telfer enjoys the fact that no matter what the mercenary character is up to, he definitely draws attention. “I’m like the cat among the pigeons, poking everybody in the ribs, pointing out their hypocrisy and generally causing trouble,” the actor laughed. And whether it’s flashing a Cheshire-cat grin or merely arching an eyebrow in an unexpected moment, Telfer is keeping everyone on their toes while prolonging what could’ve been just a short run for his alter ego. “If I can take a strong angle on the material that hopefully either surprises or amuses The Powers That Be, then [that can result in] a really fun role,” the actor mused. “I feel so lucky that that’s what happened with Xander because he’s changed and become more fun and enjoyable as opposed to being just a menacing character as we’ve gone along.”

    During his last visit, the baddie was instrumental in bringing a presumed-dead Jack back to town. This time, he’s again traded in shock and awe by kidnapping Holly and helping Kristen keep Ted and Kate prisoner. But will this new effort help him pursue his own goals? Or is there another motive at play? “He could be romantic and a hero,” his portrayer suggested. “He could do nice things for the right person but not necessarily for the right reasons.”

    Ashley Benson really wants to be an Olsen twin

    (7/17/19) Ashley Benson wishes her name was Ashley Olsen.

    The “Pretty Little Liars” actress, 29, gushed to Women’s Wear Daily about her love for Mary-Kate and Ashley, admitting she’s “obsessed” with the famous sisters.

    “I think I’m an Olsen twin,” she told the outlet. “I try to find out where they are at all times in New York. This is so weird and stalker-ish — I know a few places where they hang out so I go there to see if they’re there — I’ve never had luck yet.”

    However, the actress isn’t just hanging out trying to grab a drink with the mysterious twins. Like most fans of MK&A, Benson counts the sisters as her style muses, and is angling for a sunglasses collaboration between her Privé Revaux brand and the Olsens’ luxury label, The Row.

    “I’m obsessed with their clothes, their lines, if I could do a collaboration with them — which would never happen — it would be my dream. They are my fashion icons.”

    While Benson said she also saved photos of Rihanna to her mood board, it’s the Olsens that spark the most inspiration when it comes to her personal style. “The fall is my favorite time because I can dress like the Olsens and do oversize coats and accessorize with jewelry,” she said.

    Perhaps now that her obsession is out in the open, Benson’s girlfriend Cara Delevingne can set her up with Mary-Kate and Ashley.

    Irizarry Joins B&B

    (7/17/19) Daytime Emmy winner Vincent Irizarry is joining the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful as Dr. Jordan Armstrong, reports.

    Irizarry makes his debut on the CBS soap on Monday, Aug. 26, and will play a pivotal role in the baby Beth/baby Phoebe storyline.

    Irizarry’s many daytime credits include Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless, One Life to Live, All My Children (for which he won a Daytime Emmy in 2009), Santa Barbara and Guiding Light.

    Thaao Penghlis Reveals When He'll Be Back on DAYS OF OUR LIVES

    (7/15/19) ( Although not currently appearing on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, soap vets Thaao Penghils and Leann Hunley attended the 2019 Daytime Emmy Awards to support their castmates. But the actor shared a photo of them on the red carpet on Instagram where he revealed that they’d soon be back in Salem! “Thank you all from Leann and myself for your continued support,” he wrote. “We had a great time celebrating DAYS and its nominees. You will see us on the screen in July. But is it Tony or Andre?” And then on July 15, he updated fans by tweeting: "See you on the 26th July."

    Hunley originated the role of Anna DiMera back in 1982, and played her on and off over the years. Her most recent appearance was back in February of 2018 after she’d been a prime suspect in the murder of Andre DiMera. Of course, the real question is the one that Penghlis posed, which is which of his two characters will he be playing this time around? Tony DiMera died back in 2009, and Andre died more recently, in 2018, and the actor portrayed both of his dual roles in the March, 2019, episode when Marlena found herself encountering familiar faces during a near-death experience.

    It’s easy enough to bring Anna back onto the canvas, but will Tony or Andre be appearing as visions or ghosts? Or might one of them be coming back from the dead? Resurrection is more common in Salem than most places, so you’re just going to have to stay tuned and find out what happens!

    Dishing with Digest - 7/12/19 - Martha Madison

    (7/12/19) (Listen / download) Martha Madison (Belle) Opens Up About DAYS Comings And Goings.

    Martha Madison talks about her past and present with DAYS, her big move to Texas and more with Digest¹s Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also reflect on the legacy of PASSIONS, which recently marked 20 years since its debut.

    Arianne Zucker Previews Kristen's Next Wild Move on DAYS OF OUR LIVES

    (7/12/19) ( Just when you thought you’d seen Arianne Zucker play every plot under the sun as Nicole Walker on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, now the talented star is playing Kristen pretending to be Nicole! Watching the actress strut her stuff as the vixen who perceives her usual character as a rival for Brady’s affections will be interesting because, as Zucker observed to Soaps In Depth, “There are some odd similarities between Kristen and Nicole. It’s just that the way they go about things is different.”

    Might we see shades of Kristen’s past behavior with Brady’s dad, John? Zucker said yes! Kristen is operating, she explains, from a place of “this unbelievably crazy obsession but also this huge amount of desire for love.”

    But can she really reclaim the guy she wants by posing as his former love? And how convincing can she really be as Nicole, given how well she is known in Salem? An inebriated Maggie was the first to get a hint that Kristen is alive and likely won't be the last. “Just the mere chance that Maggie might have seen her and could have been sober enough to remember [is a problem],” Zucker offered. “But Kristen is a master manipulator… she has to cover her tracks.”

    Besides, there are other ducks to get in a row while pretending to be Nicole, including Eric, the current man in her life. Will she sabotage their relationship in order to move “Nicole” forward with Brady? Zucker says to look out: Kristen is gonna “keep people where they need to be in order to get where she wants to go!"

    Olivia Rose Keegan Says Goodbye to DAYS OF OUR LIVES

    (7/11/19) ( Claire Brady said farewell to her friends and family in Salem in the July 9 episode, and in real life, portrayer Olivia Rose Keegan said goodbye to DAYS OF OUR LIVES on social media with a couple pics and a video from her last day on the set. "Dear DAYS," she shared. "Thank you for the best four years of my life. To everyone who watches the show, I cannot thank you enough for sticking with Claire through the good, bad, and bat****. Reading everyone's comments/tweets this past week as been the most overwhelmingly amazing thing — it means more than you know.

    "I also owe a huge thank you to the DAYS writers for giving me an opportunity to dig my nails into some fascinating material with this past storyline," Keegan continued, "as well as shine a light onto mental health awareness. It would be too difficult to explain how much I love every single person in my DAYS family. It was a four year dream. I met lifelong friends, learned an infinite amount, and simply loved every minute of it. Farewell from Salem's newest pyro!"

    Keegan's on-screen parents wished their TV daughter well in her future career. "You're incredible and lovely and hilarious and kind and sweet and amazing times infinity!" expressed Martha Madison (Belle). Brandon Beemer (Shawn-Douglas) chimed in with "You're a super special human." Victoria Konefal (Ciara) also got in on the love-fest. "My little pyro niece!" she commented. "Salem will never be the same. Love you to pieces, and one of those dangly stars is still in the hallway so you're always with us. Also, you're always in my heart without the dangly star. You are a star. The star of our lives."

    Inside Salem - 7/8/19 - Lauren Koslow, Paul Telfer, Stacy Haiduk

    (7/8/19) (Listen / download) Lauren Koslow Talks About Kate Putting the Nicole/Kristen Puzzle Together; Paul Telfer Joins Stacy Haiduk in Her Dressing Room

    Lauren Koslow talks about Kate putting together the Nicole/Kristen puzzle and her influence on Kate's distinct fashion sense. Then in two can't-miss clips, Kate asks too many questions and Hope begs for her daughter's life. And later, join Paul Telfer and Stacy Haiduk in her dressing room to hear how they help each other out in between scenes.

    Soaps InDepth Podcast - 7/8/19 - Summer Preview & Predictions

    (7/8/19) (Listen / download) If there’s one thing Soaps In Depth editors Richard and Charlie love more than previewing what’s to come on your favorite soaps (which they’ll do this week), it’s predicting what they hope will happen (which they’re also going to do). Get a glimpse of what’s to come, whether on the air or in their imaginations, and then weigh in with your own predictions, all this week!

    Brandon Barash Opens up About Taking Over as Stefan on DAYS OF OUR LIVES

    (7/4/19) ( Forget what you’d concluded about DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Stefan O. DiMera. His current portrayer, Brandon Barash, is making the character his own. “Reading it on the page, you can certainly infer that Stefan is evil or that he’s out to take what is rightfully his and screw everybody that gets in his way,” the actor suggested to Soaps In Depth. “But that guy is just not interesting to watch for me.”

    Rather, what drew the former star of GENERAL HOSPITAL (where he played bad boy Johnny Zacchara) back to daytime was the opportunity to play Stefan’s duality. “He can be one way with one person in a certain situation and another way with somebody different,” his portrayer observed. “He can also be two very different people with the same person, as you’re kind of seeing with Gabi. As an actor, you have to go deeper, and that’s where I really start to enjoy myself and geek out.”

    While all of that makes Stefan’s response to any given situation unpredictable, Barash said that his human nature makes him relatable. “Stefan is an orphan, and one of his driving forces is wanting to have the family experience,” the actor mused. “Even if he sometimes doesn’t want to believe that, or thinks that he’s tough and doesn’t need a relationship or a family to define who he is, Stefan absolutely does crave it.”

    To that end, both of the women in the CEO’s life — single moms Chloe and Gabi — have the potential to fill that void, but in unique ways. “Chloe would be a great partner for him because she represents the maternal side: what he’s always kind of longed for [and lost after Vivian was presumed dead],” Barash observed. “On the other side of that coin is Gabi, who’d be a great fit for him because together, they really feel that they could conquer the world and accomplish whatever they want as far as business goes. And there’s fire between them, for sure!

    However, while Chloe’s feelings for Stefan come from a place of gratitude and friendship, Gabi’s stem from intense disdain for the fact that he helped put her in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. In fact, she’s been seducing Stefan (as a favor to Brady) in an attempt to ruin his relationship with Chloe, while at the same time, succumbing to the genuine, if very unexpected, chemistry that they share.

    Whichever lady winds up winning the heart of the DiMera heir might do well to remember his gene pool, lest he turn out to be a chip off the ol’ block! “There’s a different, more selfless side that’s woken up when you first make eye contact with your child, who is depending on you for everything,” Barash suggested. “Maybe if Stef were to become a father, that instinct would awaken in him, but I think he would struggle with it.

    “It comes more naturally to me,” he concluded, “than it would to him.”

    Soaps InDepth Podcast - 7/1/19 - The Worst Kept Secret in Daytime

    (7/1/19) (Listen / download) By now, half the canvas knows the truth about Hope’s baby on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL... and Thomas has committed some absolutely atrocious acts in order to keep it under wraps. Has Thomas gone too far... or can he be redeemed? Richard and Charlie discuss why the time is now to give Hope back her baby, and some of the most notorious characters in daytime to ever be redeemed. (We're looking at you, DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Ben and GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Franco!) All this, plus listener mail and calls!

    Talk Show Appearance

    (6/28/19) The Talk – CBS

    Tuesday, July 2

    actress Sofia Pernas (CBS’ BLOOD & TREASURE); actress Alison Sweeney guest co-hosts (n)

    NATAS Exec Revamp Includes Changes For Daytime Emmys

    (6/28/19) The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is realigning some of its executive structure, the organization said Thursday, moves designed to consolidate oversight of planning and producing its shows including the Daytime Emmy Awards.

    The moves include David Michaels exiting as SVP of Daytime Emmy Awards & Events and executive producer of the Daytime Emmys, a post he has held for nearly five years, and come after NATAS launched a probe last summer when the four network daytime dramas in a rare show of unity threatened to boycott the Daytime Emmys unless structural changes were made.

    Steve Ulrich, the former NBC Sports exec who since 2010 has overseen administration of the Sports Emmy Awards, will now move to the newly created role of SVP Production & Events. He will oversee overseeing the planning and production of the Daytime, Sports, News & Documentary, and Technology & Engineering Emmy ceremonies, along with the the National Student Production Awards announcement and other NATAS programs and events.

    In addition, Lisa Armstrong, who joined NATAS in February, will become Director, Production & Events.

    Among the soaps’ demands last year during the boycott threat was for NATAS to “hire a team, separate from the competition executive(s), to produce and executive produce the actual awards show” after questions arose about voting and accounting practices and the way the competition is held.

    The organization said the new structure will create greater independence and differentiation between the production of the Emmy ceremonies and the top-level administration of the competitions.

    “This realignment allows our leadership team to think more strategically across all our programs as we work to serve this growing audience,” Adam Sharp, who took over as president and CEO in November, said today. “Further, it builds on efforts initiated last year to strengthen confidence in the Emmy Awards process by responding to concerns raised regarding common oversight of awards administration and production.”

    Sharp also noted audience growth for NATAS events like the Daytime and Sports Emmys, both of which have seen boosts in social media viewership. The Daytime Emmys streamed live in May on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and

    Alison Sweeney Reveals Her Skin Cancer Diagnosis

    (6/27/19) ( Daytime star Alison Sweeney (Sami, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) has announced her skin cancer diagnosis on social media in the hopes of inspiring others to be more vigilant about getting themselves checked out. "So, I just got off the phone with my dermatologist," she reported in a caption with a makeup-free selfie. "Kind of a bummer, but turns out I need to have a small bump removed from my nose that came up positive for skin cancer.

    "She assured me that we caught it early and I just wanted to share her advice," Sweeney continued. "Check your skin for any noticeable changes and ask your doctor about it! Even if it seems like nothing, let an expert decide. Early detection of skin cancer gives you the greatest chance for successful skin cancer treatment and prevents it from developing into something more complicated. And of course, use sunscreen (which I do!)."

    Sweeney is currently in the midst of another stint on DAYS as Sami Brady, the role she began playing back in 1993. The actress is also starring as Alex McPherson in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries series of The Chronicle Mysteries films. Thankfully, she had the bump checked out early enough that it can easily be removed so she can get right back to work, and the doctor's advice she shared is good advice for everyone.

    Inside Salem - 6/24/19 - Chandler Massey, Rob Scott Wilson, Victoria Konefal

    (6/24/19) (Listen / download) Chandler Massey Talks About Shooting His Crossing-Over Scenes; Rob Scott Wilson and Victoria Konefal Comment On Their Plan to Expose Claire

    Chandler Massey talks about shooting his crossing-over scenes and reflects on Will's place as an LGBT character in Daytime. In two can't-miss clips, Ciara finally learns the truth and Will overcomes his brain tumor. Rob Scott Wilson and Victoria Konefal offer up their commentary on the plan to expose Claire.

    Soaps InDepth Podcast - 6/24/19 - The Stories Soaps Should Be Telling

    (6/24/19) The Stories Soaps Should Be Telling (Listen / download).

    This week, Charlie and Richard discuss the hot-button topics which soaps of the past turned into major storylines… and why today’s daytime dramas seem afraid to tackle them. From Erica Kane’s abortion on All My Children to Christine’s sexual assault on The Young & The Restless, social issues have given soaps some of their most powerful moments. We look at how today’s most buzzed about topics could be woven into your favorite shows.

    Dishing with Digest - 6/14/19 - Stacy Haiduk

    (6/16/19) Stacy Haiduk Talks About Double Trouble On DAYS (Listen / download).

    Stacy Haiduk (Kristen) dishes about her current DAYS tale, her past on Y&R and ALL MY CHILDREN, how she kept busy during her time in between acting gigs, and more with Digest’s Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also discuss Caroline’s upcoming memorial on DAYS and recent recasts.

    Mark Valley on Blood And Treasure 7/2/19

    (6/12/19) “The Lunchbox of Destiny” – The FBI offers Danny and Lexi information that will help them in their search for Cleopatra, but only if Danny is able to get his incarcerated father, Patrick (Mark Valley), to give up the location of paintings that he helped steal 20 years earlier. Also, Farouk deals with a loose end and takes a big step forward in his master plan, on BLOOD & TREASURE, Tuesday, July 2 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    DAYS Alum Officially Adopts Son

    (6/10/19) Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa, DAYS) revealed on Twitter that she and husband, Jason, have officially adopted their foster son. “I spent 984 days in foster care but today I am adopted,” reads a plaque in her hand. “It’s official!!!!! #adoption #fostercare #thisisus,” she posted. To see the adorable video, click here.

    Inside Salem - 6/10/19 - Matthew Ashford, Camila Banus, Freddie Smith

    (6/10/19) (Listen / download) Matthew Ashford Gives His Take on Jack’s Controversial Role in the Immigration Storyline; Camila Banus Hangs Out with Freddie Smith in Her Dressing Room

    Matthew Ashford gives his take on Jack’s controversial role in the immigration storyline and naming Eve as Salem’s police commissioner. Then, in two can’t-miss clips, a drunk Maggie reels from seeing Kristen DiMera and Jack arrest his son. Later, Camila Banus hangs out with Freddie Smith in her dressing room to talk about slaps, snaps and scenes.

    Soaps InDepth Podcast - 6/10/19 - Grading The Soaps

    (6/10/19) (Listen / download) This week, Richard and Charlie look at what worked — and what didn’t — during the all-important May Sweeps period. Which shows had the best stories? Which stories seemed to miss the mark? And which shows came out of May ready to heat up the summer months? Find out on this week’s episode of the Soaps In Depth podcast!

    Dishing with Digest - 6/7/19 - Greg Rikaart

    (6/7/19) (Listen / download) Greg Rikaart Dishes About Y&R Return.

    Greg Rikaart talks about his surprising exit and welcome return as Y&R’s Kevin, his stint as DAYS’s Leo, his path to Genoa City and more with Digest’s Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also discuss characters who became suddenly interesting.

    Multiple Stars Returning to DAYS OF OUR LIVES

    (6/7/19) (Video - USA Only) Summer is bringing romance, multiple weddings, surprises, and some major returns to DAYS OF OUR LIVES! In a new promo released by NBC, among the preview clips, you’ll see some very familiar faces coming back for another visit. While some may be returning to Salem for the special episode paying tribute to Caroline Brady, who knows what other drama might ensue once they’re all back?

    Among the high-profile returns coming up on DAYS are Martha Madison (Belle), Alison Sweeney (Sami), Brandon Beemer (Shawn Douglas), Leann Hunley (Anna), Thaao Penghlis (Andre or Tony… who knows?), Bryan Dattilo (Lucas), and Christie Clark (Carrie). Unfortunately, there is no additional information on first air dates for any of these returns or details on the length of the particular stints this time around.

    Oh, and another character is also returning to Salem even though the actress is already back on DAYS. While Stacy Haiduk has already been appearing as Kristen DiMera (masquerading as Nicole!), the promo shows that she’ll also be reprising another of her characters as Susan Banks pops up again! In the promo clip, she’s quite excited by the sight of a shirtless Brady, but who wouldn’t be? Check out the exciting summer preview right here to see what else is coming up!

    Jen Lilley Prepares for an Emotional Custody Battle

    (6/2/19) Our hearts go out to DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa) as she and her family are facing a custody battle over her young foster son. Lilley, who is pregnant with her first child and began her journey as a foster parent back in 2016, successfully adopted her first foster son in 2018. When her son’s biological mother fell pregnant at the same time as Lilley’s first pregnancy, Lilley and her husband Jason discussed the possibility of fostering again. “We went on a bittersweet discussion of how we’d just have ‘twins,’” Lilly said at the time.

    Unfortunately, Lilley suffered a miscarriage, but when the call came asking if she and her family would foster her son’s younger brother they said yes, and took in the baby boy. The family had been working towards legally welcoming his brother into the family when trouble appeared on the horizon. “I cried tears of love the moment I met this little one," Lilley gushed on Instagram. Having my son’s younger brother in our house has been one of the most beautiful blessings of my life,” she wrote. "Seeing the boys interact, growing as a family, and celebrating all of this little one’s milestones to date, is more than I could ever ask for or imagine.

    “We had an update in his case today,” Lilley continued, “A random great aunt he’s met once for less than an hour, and only after he was already 12 months old and deeply bonded with us, and more importantly, his biological brother, is fighting for custody. I’m not going to lie y’all, foster care is hard. It’s emotional, it’s unpredictable, but my goodness, it’s still worth it. I am so grateful to know he has extended family who is also concerned about him, but I cannot fathom what it would do to both of these boys if they were separated. A sibling relationship is one of the strongest bonds on earth. And these two tots are inseparable.”

    The entire ordeal has been an emotional one and it has only just begun. ”Driving to the meeting today, trying not to cry (totally cried twice), I had a lot of time to pray," she confessed. "Here’s what I know; no matter how much I love this little boy, and I want the very best for him and will do my best every day he’s in my care to assure that he is loved, nurtured, and thriving, God loves him more, and created him for a life full of hope and goodness (Jeremiah 29:11). God goes before him, watches over him, and while I think Jason, my dad, and my father-in-law are just about the greatest dads on earth, I have peace knowing that God is the best dad there ever was, is, or will be. And He’s also my Heavenly Father. My concerns are not lost on Him, and He can take care of this little one, my son, my heart and Jason’s, and our entire family and friends who’ve fallen head over heels for this munchkin."

    Lilley went on to state, "Please pray God’s will for this little one. We’re thrilled that as of now, he’s staying with us and his big brother, who love him beyond words," and then she ended her message,"But PSA, If you’re like so many people I talk to who say they would foster, but just can’t because they’d get too attached, can I lovingly say that that makes you the perfect foster parent! These kids desperately need your love and attachment more than you need your heart protected. Trust me. It’s worth it.”

    The DAYS star is a strong foster care and adoption advocate and while celebrating her son’s birthday earlier this year, she opened up about what her kids mean to her. "But family is so much more than blood to me," she declared. "The children we foster are our children while they are in our house, and they’re in our hearts forever...”

    For Older News Visit The Daytime Soap Operas News Archives: Here!


    1. October 12, 2011 marked James Reynolds 30th anniversary as Abe Carver

    2. Jan 6, 2012 marked Alison Sweeney's 19th anniversary as Sami Brady

    3. The song that played for Morgan & Phillip on July 30, 2008 was 'Magic' by Colbie Caillat. You can find the song on her CD 'Coco'

    4. Q. What is the name of the song Max and Stephanie danced to in the Cheating Heart on the "Days of Our Lives" episode that aired Dec. 3, 2007?
      A. That was "Save a Dance," written by Peter Reckell's (Bo) wife, Kelly Moneymaker.

    5. February 21, 2005 NBC's "Days of our Lives" airs its 10,000 episode

    6. In 1968, the show toyed with an incest storyline: Marie Horton fell in love with a doctor at the hospital named Mark Brooks. Mark reminded Tom & Alice Horton of their son, Tommy, who had died in the Korean Was 15 years earlier. Sure enough, after Mickey had Mark’s fingerprints checked, it turned out that they matched Tommy’s. Marie was devastated to learn that she was in love with her own brother.

    7. Q. What song was playing during Lucas and Sami's wedding on "Days of Our Lives"?
      A. "I Can't Stop Loving You" by Whiskey Falls.

    8. The romance of Doug and Julie was so popular that they landed on the cover of Time magazine on January 12, 1976, a first for daytime actors.

    9. In 1995, Satan came to Salem in what is considered one of the riskiest out-of-this world plots ever seen on daytime. Town favorite Marlena Evans was possessed and carried out the devil’s work. Eventually, Father John performed an exorcism, which saved Marlena.

    10. On November 10, 1995, Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) suddenly left her Days role for what she described as personal reasons. Shortly after, Corday Productions filed a breach of contract suit, which was settled out of court in 1997. The next year, Stephanie Cameron, who replaced Reeves, was let go. Last fall, Days expressed interest in Reeves returning, but at press time, their calls hadn't been returned.

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