Port Charles
Daytime Soap Operas
Port Charles

  • Debuted on: June 1, 1997
  • Last Episode: October 3, 2003
  • Network: ABC
  • Created by: Wendy Riche and Richard & Carolyn Culliton
  • Takes place in: Port Charles, NY

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    Port Charles

    News & Cast Updates

    (News section last updated April 19, 2019)

    Dishing with Digest - 4/19/19 - Kin Shriner

    (4/19/19) GH’s Kin Shriner Traces His Soap Roots (Listen / download).

    Kin Shriner looks back on 40-plus years as GH’s Scott Baldwin, his roles on other soaps, his daytime pals, favorite memories and so much more with Digest’s Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also debate the pros and cons of ripped-from-the-headlines stories.

    Rebecca Staab Previews Her Inspirational New Movie, 'Breakthrough'

    (4/16/19) (abc.soapsindepth.com) Soap fans remember Rebecca Staab for her role as Elizabeth Barrington on GENERAL HOSPITAL spinoff PORT CHARLES, but since leaving daytime, she has appeared in numerous primetime television series and movies, and can now be seen on the big screen in Breakthrough. The movie, based on an incredible true story, premieres on Wednesday, April 17, in theaters across America. “It’s so good,” the actress exclaimed to Soaps In Depth. “The script made it very real. And the actors performances make it very real. And anybody watching it, you very quickly get lost. In a good way. All of a sudden you’re in the story. It’s not like you’re watching a movie. They draw you in and keep you there and you really go along on the ride. It’s really very effective.”

    Breakthrough tells the true story of John Smith, a 14-year-old boy who falls through the ice and is dead for an hour before returning to life after his mother prays over him in the hospital. And although the doctors are not optimistic for any kind of recovery at all, his loved ones refuse to give up on him. “The mother, Joyce Smith, who is played by Chrissy Metz, is like, ‘No, you don’t know my son. He’s a fighter and I have faith that God is going to restore him to full health,’” Staab previewed. “And the movie kind of takes off from there.”

    The daytime alum portrays Cindy Reiger, the mother of one of the other boys who fell through the ice with John. “The boys had been at my house on the lake,” Staab related. “So basically, it was on my watch that the boys fell through the ice. And then living with the guilt that not only did it happen on my watch but my son’s fine. And it’s also the stress and strain on the relationship of the two mothers because my character just couldn’t handle the guilt.”

    Because the film is based on real life events, Staab tried reaching out to the real Cindy Reiger. “Getting ahold of people is really easy on social media… unless that person isn’t on social media,” she admitted with a chuckle. “I just tried really hard to get ahold of Cindy and by the time she contacted me back we had long since finished shooting.” Thankfully, Staab had been able to get in touch with Joyce Smith to discuss the reality of what they were portraying for the movie. “We talked on the phone for over two hours,” she revealed. “So I spoke to her and I got her whole perspective on the situation as well as the character that I was playing.”

    Although the story of Breakthrough is very heavy and emotional, Staab confided that it was a wonderful film to shoot. “It was just the greatest set to work on,” she declared. “Because it was just so fluid. It felt so real. Everybody really knew the story and we also knew about the honor of communicating this very rare miracle.” Staab was also thrilled to be able to work with Metz, being a big fan of the actress. “I just so admire her work,” she marveled. “I loved watching her in this because she’s just so good. And to have the opportunity to work with her and to have scenes with her, I’m just so honored to be part of this timeless story that I think will really touch so many people.”

    George R.R. Martin's Soapy New Adventure

    (4/2/19) Andrew Miller, real-life husband of Eden Riegel (ex-Bianca, ALL MY CHILDREN, et al), is the showrunner of Hulu’s upcoming WILD CARDS series, based on the sci-fi anthology series edited by George R.R. Martin. In a big reveal that just so happens to fall on April Fool’s Day, Riegel, Thorsten Kaye (Ridge, B&B) and Greg Rikaart (ex-Leo, DAYS) appear in leaked footage from the set of the new shows, which can be viewed on Martin’s official site at http://georgerrmartin.com/notablog. Tweeted Riegel, “I think we are breaking new ground for soaps. So proud to work with you!”

    Carly Schroeder Joined the Army!

    (3/11/19) (abc.soapsindepth.com) Soap stars will often move on to acting careers in primetime television or film, but others sometimes leave show biz altogether to pursue another line of work. But GENERAL HOSPITAL and PORT CHARLES alum Carly Schroeder (ex-Serena) is taking a break from Hollywood to join the Army! “For 22 years, I’ve played dress up for a living,” she shared on Instagram. “As an actress, I’ve been kidnapped, gone blind, nearly eaten by lions, and murdered on more than one occasion. I tormented Lizzie McGuire’s little brother on the Disney Channel, was a dolphin trainer, the first female soccer player on an all-boys team, and Harrison Ford once rescued me during an intense home invasion.

    “That’s exciting and all, but in January I decided to raise my right hand and swear into the United States Army,” Schroeder continued. “With a college degree from Cal Lutheran in Criminal Justice, an ASVAB score of 92, and qualifying PFT’s, I was accepted in to Army Officer Candidate School.”

    She also admitted that there are three major reasons why she made this life decision. “College opened my eyes to global injustices,” Schroeder revealed. “But on a more tangible micro level, there is human trafficking occurring within the United States. I’ve written papers, spread awareness, and as an Army Officer, I intend to learn skills I can later apply when I’m on a team helping these victims.

    “Serving my country will give my voice more validity,” she added. “I can better serve and advocate for veterans once I am a part of their community. The military is family and family always has each others’ back.”

    Plus, there’s also the whole aspect of keeping it in the family! “My brother is a Marine and my Papa was a Green Beret,” Schroeder concluded. “There is no way I am going to let the boys have all the fun.”

    Please join us in wishing Schroeder all the best on her new journey in life.

    Jon Lindstrom Reveals How He Fell in Love With Wife Cady McClain

    (3/4/19) (abc.soapsindepth.com) The real-life love story between GENERAL HOSPITAL star Jon Lindstrom (Kevin/Ryan) and ALL MY CHILDREN’s Cady McClain (Dixie) didn’t start simply because their AS THE WORLD TURNS characters, Craig and Rosanna, were paired together on the CBS sudser back in 2002. “It didn’t hurt that we were playing characters that were falling in love,” he conceded to Soaps In Depth with a smile. “But that’s not necessarily how it happened.”

    What happened was actually as New York as can be: The castmates fell for each other during their daily commutes from work! “ATWT shot on a stage way out in the middle of Brooklyn, and Cady and I both lived in Manhattan,” he explained. “We would finish our scenes and be done around the same time, so we often ended up taking the hour-long train ride back to Manhattan together and got to know each other that way. We got to be very very good friends before anything else transpired.” In other words, it wasn’t love at first sight — or first love scene! “Not at all,” Lindstrom said. “I just realized I’d met this really amazing person... who was hugely intelligent and creative.”

    One of the biggest thrills for Lindstrom in falling for McClain and marrying her in 2014 has been seeing her blossom as a director, producer, writer, artist and activist. The Daytime Emmy winner has earned film-festival awards across the country for projects like her short, Butterflies, and her documentary, Seeing Is Believing: Women Direct. “People have asked me if I ever expected Cady to do something like this, Lindstrom confided. “Yeah, of course! That’s who she is. If she needs to learn it, she will master it and get it done. That’s my wife. It’s pretty cool!”

    And Lindstrom, an award-winning filmmaker in his own right, is still keen to work with his leading lady anytime. In fact, after McClain directed him in the series, SWITCH, last summer, she pulled out one of his old scripts. “She said, ‘I think this is going to be timely,’” recounted Lindstrom. “And when Cady says something’s going to be timely, I listen! It’s like real estate. If she says a building is a good investment, I listen. She has incredibly good instincts for things like that. So we pulled that script out, and I’m getting some very good feedback on it. It turns out she’s right! It is very timely. I expect to direct it... I just don’t know when.”

    PORT CHARLES Alum Carly Schroeder Joins The Army

    (2/15/19) Carly Schroeder (ex-Serena, PORT CHARLES) announced on Instagram that she has traded in her life in Hollywood to serve her country in the armed forces. “For 22 years, I’ve played dress up for a living,” Schroder posted. “As an actress I’ve been kidnapped, gone blind, nearly eaten by lions and murdered on more than one occasion. I tormented Lizzie McGuire’s little brother on the Disney Channel, was a dolphin trainer, the first female soccer player on an all-boys team, and Harrison Ford once rescued me during an intense home invasion. That’s exciting and all, but in January I decided to raise my right hand and swear into the United States Army. With a college degree from @callutheran in Criminal Justice, an ASVAB score of 92, and qualifying PFTs…. I was accepted into Army #OCS Opens a New Window. (Officer Candidate School).”

    The actress was last seen in Port Charles on GH in July of 2017 when Serena returned home to visit with parents Scotty (Kin Shriner) and Lucy (Lynn Herring) after the passing of her grandpa, Lee, played by the late Peter Hansen.

    To read more about the reasons behind Schroder’s big decision, click here: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt04x08gNba/

    Travel Guide to Port Charles By Lucy Coe

    (12/26/18) (Book Cover) (Promo Video) (Get your copy here!) Fans of GENERAL HOSPITAL who watch the soap religiously every day may think they know Port Charles inside and out, but a new book may have some surprises in store for them! The Travel Guide to Port Charles promises to tell you “when to go, where to live, who to love, and who to never, ever cross in America’s most dramatic city!”

    Written by librarian-turned-real estate agent Lucy Coe — with additional material by some of the town’s other notable residents — the book chronicles the history of Port Charles and offers suggestions of places to go and the people you might see there with some gossipy tidbits along the way. There are sections devoted to the town’s heroes, tips on where to dine, a suggested scavenger hunt, reviews of the many Port Charles Balls, and quizzes so the reader can determine where they would fit in if they lived in this hustling, bustling town.

    The Travel Guide to Port Charles (actually written by GH scribe Chris Van Etten) is available at bookstores now, and while the paperback lists for $15.99, you can get it for just $10.99 from Amazon.com. It may be too late to give as a gift for the holidays, but now’s the best time to get a little something for yourself, right?

    Amazon Promo Copy:

    Lucy Coe, the once mousy librarian who turned into a villainous liar, schemer, vixen and unlikely heroine takes us on a tour of Port Charles where, she says, you're as likely to encounter a den of not-so-secret agents as you are a gold-hearted, gun-toting "coffee importer." But Lucy isn't your only guide. Other storied characters from the show step in to take a leg of the tour.

    In these pages, you'll find the lowdown on the history of their fair (if not always just) city, where to settle, what to eat, how to have fun, whom to befriend and whom to avoid. Please don't be put off by some of the more evocative tidbits you'll find within.

    There are walking tours. Even though Lucy says the best way to see any city is in the back of a chauffeured limousine ? or better yet, by helicopter, but some have budgets. For economy-conscious travelers Lucy offers a slew of tours that'll cost you nothing but the indignity of being seen in sturdy footwear.

    Stop along the way provides gossip, history and sordid details. There is section devoted to the town's heroes, tips on "Where to Gorge," "Where to Worship," a suggested scavenger hunt, reviews of the many Port Charles Balls, and, of course, quizzes the reader can take to determine where they would fit if they were lucky enough to be a Port Charles resident. (Get your copy here!)

    Jon Lindstrom & Tim Lounibos Join ‘Bosch’

    (11/21/18) Jon Lindstrom (S.W.A.T.) and Tim Lounibos (The West Wing) have booked recurring roles on the upcoming fifth season of Amazon’s drama series Bosch. Based on Michael Connelly’s best-selling novels, Bosch stars Titus Welliver as homicide Detective Harry Bosch, Lindstrom will play Lance Cronyn, a lawyer who goes toe-to-toe with Bosch (Welliver). Lounibos is Ed Sung an investigator armed with patrol cop instincts and level-headed humor during a season-long investigation. Lindstrom’s other television credits include S.W.A.T., NCIS and Blue Bloods and he also stars in the upcoming film The Great Illusion, with Selma Blair and Graham Greene. He’s repped by Gilbertson Entertainment and BRS/Gage. Lounibos’ recent credits include guest roles on A.P. Bio, Criminal Minds and Doubt. He previously recurred on Beverly Hills 90210,The Practice, JAG and The West Wing. Lounibos is repped by Rooster Films.

    Constance Zimmer, Joe Manganiello & Mike Colter Star In Scripted Crime Podcast ‘The Angel Of Vine’

    (11/14/18) UnREAL’s Constance Zimmer, Luke Cage’s Mike Colter and True Blood’s Joe Manganiello are starring in The Angel of Vine, a ten-part scripted true crime podcast.

    The trio are narrating the series, which is a fictional account of an unsolved murder mystery told in the style of a modern true crime podcast. It was created by actor Oliver Vaquer, who starred in Jane The Virgin and Andi Mack, and former WME and UTA in-house voice director Ryan Martz.

    It is the latest high-profile scripted podcast and comes after the TV launch of Julia Roberts-fronted Homecoming, which was based on a Gimlet Media podcast.

    The Angel of Vine follows a journalist who uncovers the audio tapes of a 1950’s private eye, who cracked the greatest unsolved murder mystery Hollywood has ever known. The series explores the investigation in 30-minute segments voiced by actors and a supporting cast of voice-over professionals.

    Misha Collins (Supernatural), Cree Summer (Voltron: Legendary Defender), Alfred Molina (Feud), Khary Payton (The Walking Dead), Alan Tudyk (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) and Camilla Luddington (Grey’s Anatomy), star alongside Matthew Mercer (Critical Role), Steve Blum (Cowboy Bebop) and Nolan North (Uncharted)

    The show has launched on all podcast platforms with new episodes every Wednesday. It is produced by Martz’s Vox Populi. Diageo’s Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a branded advertiser and will be featured within the storyline.

    “At its core, The Angel of Vine is a story that’s entertaining for anyone and at the same time feels familiar to an avid podcast listener,” said Vaquer. “We treated the recording of Angel of Vine like live theater so that the actors could work off of each other. We would place entire scenes in front of them, let them play and watch it come to life, which shows in the final product.”

    “This production created an opportunity to combine the nostalgia of classic radio dramas with the modern vehicle of podcasting,” added Martz. “We partnered with actors, companies and brands that embodied that same collision of a classic aesthetic with a modern audience to make sure that Angel of Vine provided an authentic experience to listeners.”

    Jon Lindstrom Lands a Prime Role on Amazon's BOSCH!

    (11/1/18) (abc.soapsindepth.com) In his career, Jon Lindstrom (Kevin/Ryan, GENERAL HOSPITAL) has been on plenty of television, but now he’s playing a role he’s very excited about. He’ll be playing the recurring role of Lance Cronyn in multiple ep0isodes of the fifth season of BOSCH! “I get to play a great character on one of my favorite shows!” the actor announced on Instagram.

    Lindstrom had been teasing fans on social media for a couple weeks that he’d landed a new role but had kept details close to the vest until he could finally share the news. Amazon renewed BOSCH for a fifth season even before the fourth premiered, but there is still no premiere date for the series’ fifth season beyond just 2019.

    BOSCH stars Titus Welliver as Los Angeles Police detective Harry Bosch, and is based on characters and storylines taken from novels by author Michael Connelly. In the books, Lindstrom’s character of Lance Cronyn is a former district attorney who has moved into private practice. He’s also not entirely on the right side of the law, and willing to do whatever it takes to get the verdict he’s after. Whether or not the TV series will follow the same storyline as the books, you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out!

    We’ll let you know when the fifth season of BOSCH is going to premiere so you can check out Lindstrom in his newest role.

    GENERAL HOSPITAL Stars Remember the Late Susan Brown

    (10/25/18) (abc.soapsindepth.com) Susan Brown hasn’t been seen in Port Charles since 2004, but in the wake of her August 31 passing, it’s clear that the beauty who brought Gail Baldwin to life is still cherished by her GENERAL HOSPITAL family. In fact, Kin Shriner (Scott), Leslie Charleson (Monica) and Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie) can still recall their first experiences with the late actress. “In 1977, Gail came to Greenwich Village to get young Scotty, because she wanted to reunite him with Lee,” Shriner told Soaps In Depth. So Susan was the first person I worked with on GH, and it was certainly the best way to come onto a soap. She kind of shepherded me right through the whole thing.”

    Brown had joined GH earlier that year — armed with 20 years of TV experience — and along with the late Peter Hansen’s Lee, the Baldwins would become an important Port Charles family in the ’80s. Gail was also Monica’s foster mom, which meant Brown got to welcome Charleson to the fold when she assumed her role from Patsy Rahn… during a strike… on the morning Elvis died! “It was a nightmare of a day, Charleson recalled. “Nobody really liked me, and it was not a comfortable situation, but Susan was kind and gracious — as she always was! — and she got me through it. “I just adored her,” she continues. “And those scenes we had when Monica slept with Gail’s husband were some of the most fun I’ve ever had actingwise. Working with someone who challenges you only makes you better — and that’s what she did.”

    While Zeman remembers being awed by Brown’s legendary beauty, it was the voice that got her. “She had a very calming, low, embracing voice that made you feel good,” she reflected. “She was one of those people who just made you feel warm and fuzzy.” It turns out, much of Gail’s sensibility came from Brown. “Susan brought her class and style right to the show,” Shriner shared. “She played a psychiatrist, and she certainly knew how to talk to people and was very good with them. She was understanding and loved laughing. She’d come out of New York and soaps and commercials, so she had this great, wry humor.”

    But Brown’s laughs were never at any one else’s expense. “You couldn’t get any dirt out of her,” Charleson said. “She was fiercely loyal. She was generous. She always had a smile and a nice thing to say. She had impeccable taste. And everything she wore never wrinkled. I mean that!” Chimed in Zeman: “You can’t always count on people who are such free spirits to give you the right line or cue, but they’re a lot of fun on set, so they get away with it. But Susan always hit her mark, always knew her line, always looked beautiful. She was sheer perfection.”

    During GH’s heyday, Brown’s dressing room was a hub of activity. “Susan always had the door open,” Shriner recalled. “There were a lot of laughs! And I looked forward to any time I had scenes with her and Peter. I knew we were going to have a hell of a lunch. Susan and Peter loved to eat!” While Gail was written off in ’85, Brown recurred in the ’90s and even brought her character to the spin-off PORT CHARLES before appearing on GH one last time in 2004. But whether she was on the show or not, her GH family lunches continued. “On Sundays, there were usually four or five of us going to lunch, and Susan was always dolled up — even when we picked her up to go to DuPar’s,” Shriner chuckled before noting that most of their favorite eateries, including that diner, have since closed.

    “Everything in L.A. eventually disappears and now, Susan’s disappeared,” he concluded wistfully. “She and Peter are up there in soap heaven, doing some Lee/Gail scenes without me... but she’ll be locked in my memory for the rest of my life.”

    Molly Shannon, Glynn Turman, Debbi Morgan Join Marlon Wayans’ Netflix Comedy ‘Sextuplets’

    (10/23/18) Molly Shannon (Private Life, SNL), Glynn Turman (Queen Sugar, How To Get Away With Murder), Michael Ian Black (Insatiable, Wet Hot American Summer) and Debbi Morgan (Power, The Defenders) are set for supporting roles as production on the Netflix original film Sextuplets is currently underway. Starring Marlon Wayans and Bresha Webb, the comedy will get a global release on the streaming platform next year.

    Michael Tiddes (A Haunted House) is at the helm, directing from a script by Mike Glock, Rick Alvarez, and Wayans. The plot centers on Alan (Wayans), a man embarking on a personal journey to meet his birth mother before the arrival of his first child. When Alan meets his brother, Russell, he discovers that he was born a sextuplet and decides to seek out his four other siblings (all played by Wayans).

    Wayans and Alvarez are producing the pic, which is shooting in Atlanta, with Nathan Reimann.

    Shannon is repped by Framework Entertainment and UTA; Turman by Marni Rosenzweig at The Rosenzweig Group and SMS Talent; Black by UTA and Schachter Entertainment; Morgan by PH Entertainment Group.

    Video: Thorsten Kaye and Ingo Rademacher

    (10/3/18) Thorsten Kaye and Ingo Rademacher Facebook Live: Video.

    General Hospital Vet Susan Brown Dead at 86, Remembered by Co-Stars

    (9/1/18) General Hospital alum Susan Brown, who played Scotty Baldwin’s stepmother, Dr. Gail Adamson Baldwin, died on Friday at the age of 86.

    GH vet Kin Shriner, who plays Scotty, shared the news on Twitter, hailing Brown as “one of my best friends and costars…. R.I.P., Susan. I will miss all our laughs.”

    Brown first joined GH in 1977, earning a Daytime Emmy nomination two years later. She exited GH in the mid-80s, but recurred now and again, especially when Scotty’s family helped launch the ABC Daytime spinoff Port Charles. Brown last appeared on GH in a 2004 episode honoring the late Anna Lee, who had Lila Quartermaine.

    Brown’s previous TV credits included As the World Turns (as Adelaide Fitzgibbon), ABC’s mid-1960s sudser The Young Marrieds, Death Valley Days and Santa Barbara (as Dorothy Lane). Her most recent primetime role was a 1994 episode of Frasier.

    “She was so very special, on set and in friendship,” GH vet Jackie Zeman shared on Twitter, offering Shriner her condolences. “I remember all the good times we shared on our lunch breaks and at at her amazing dinner parties at her beautiful home. RIP Susan + God Bless.”

    Current GH boss Frank Valentini tweeted, “It’s a very sad day in Port Charles as the wonderful Susan Brown (“Gail Baldwin”) passed away today. My sincerest condolences to her family and to all who knew this amazing woman.”

    Brown’s GH husband, Peter Hansen (who played Scotty’s father, Lee Baldwin), passed away in April 2017, at the age of 95.

    GH’s Kelly Monaco Recovering From Surgery

    (8/24/18) Kelly Monaco (Sam, GH) is recovering from hip surgery. She revealed on Instagram Opens a New Window. , “After over a decade of suffering from chronic, excruciating pain from a torn labrum in my hip, I finally took the first steps in bettering my health and myself. Looking forward to MANY positive changes coming soon! Thank you @heathmonster Opens a New Window. for holding my hand and drying my tears pre and post surgery … then stocking my home to keep me comfy while healing. Thank you@Valentinifrank Opens a New Window. @generalhospitalabc Opens a New Window. for the beautiful “get well” flowers. … and thanks to that guy at work who always has my back, for being a cheer up florist and an awesome handyman!!! #staytuned Opens a New Window. #GH Opens a New Window. #smallbutmighty Opens a New Window."

    For Older News Visit The Daytime Soap Operas News Archives: Here!


    1. March 30, 1994: Jagger Cates and Karen Wexler were married at Kelly’s Diner on GH.

    2. April 18, 2000: Wheelchair-bound Matt used a groundbreaking device that allowed him to take his first steps.

    3. April 20, 2001 PC celebrated the show's 1,000th episode

    4. April 25 and 27, 2000: Sonny turned up in PC along with his dad, Mike, and bodyguard Johnny.

    5. May 5, 2000: Dr. Ian Thornhart arrived in Port Charles.

    6. May 24: On this date in 1999, as they looked back at how their lives had changed since they first met, Scotty presented Lucy with an engagement ring.

    7. June 1, 1997: PORT CHARLES premiered on ABC, with Lucy getting her pregnancy-test results.

    8. August 20, 2001: The Tainted Love story arc brought Rafe, a vampire slayer-turned-angel, to Port Charles.

    9. August 1999: Frank found out that he was Neil’s biological father.

    10. September 17, 1999: Chris and Julie were married.

    11. October 26, 1999: The murdered victims of General Homicide, Jake, John, Bennett and Grace, returned to Port Charles for a visit.

    12. December 1999: Courtney was in a car accident, which resulted in her miscarrying her and Frank’s baby.

    13. The Book Titles:

      1. "Port Charles: Fate" (2000)
      2. "Port Charles: Time In a Bottle" (2001)
      3. "Port Charles: Tainted Love" (2001)
      4. "Port Charles: Tempted" (2001)
      5. "Port Charles: Miracles Happen" (2001)
      6. "Port Charles: Secrets" (2002)
      7. "Port Charles: Superstitions" (2002)
      8. "Port Charles: Torn" (2002)
      9. "Port Charles: Naked Eyes" (2002/03)
      10. "Port Charles: Surrender" (2003)

    14. In June of 1997, the first spin-off of ABC’s venerable GH debuted. Port Charles is the only show that takes place in the same town as its sister soap.

    15. In November 1997, wheelchair-bound surgeon Dr. Matt Harmon (Mitch Longley) overcame hospital prejudice when he performed his first operation with the aid of the revolutionary Levo stand-up wheelchair.

    16. Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe, PC) has appeared on primetime series such as "Hotel," "The Colbys," "T.J. Hooker" and "L.A. Law."

    17. Michael Dietz (ex-Joe, PC) met his manager when he tagged along with a friend who was catering a party for Woody Harrelson.

    18. Kin Shriner's (Scott, PC) dressing room was used by John Travolta when he was on the television series "Welcome Back Kotter".

    19. When a garment is removed from the show's inventory, it is taken to a resale shop in Burbank called It's a Wrap to be resold.

    20. While the character of Lucy has 65 pairs of shoes, all of the other actresses on Port Charles have approximately eight pairs of shoes in inventory while the men have only three pairs each.

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