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  • Debuted on: April 1, 1963
  • Network: ABC
  • Created by: Frank & Doris Hursley
  • Takes place in: Port Charles, NY

  • Current Cast

    • Lexi Ainsworth as Kristina Corinthos Davis
    • Tajh Bellow as T.J. Ashford
    • Maurice Benard as Sonny Corinthos
    • Tamara Braun as Kim Nero
    • Paulina Bugembe as Valerie Spencer
    • Steve Burton as Jason Morgan
    • Ryan Carnes as Lucas Jones
    • Leslie Charleson as Monica Quartermaine
    • Derk Cheetwood as Max Giambetti
    • Drew Cheetwood as Milo Giambetti
    • Celesta DeAstis as Francesca
    • William deVry as Julian Jerome
    • Risa Dorken as Amy Driscoll
    • Chad Duell as Michael Corinthos
    • Michael Easton as Hamilton Finn
    • Sonya Eddy as Epiphany Johnson
    • Scarlett Fernandez as Charlotte Cassadine
    • Lily Fisher as Georgie Spinelli
    • Joe Flanigan as Neil Byrne
    • Genie Francis as Laura Collins
    • Max Gail as Mike Corbin
    • Kathleen Gati as Liesl Obrecht
    • Nancy Lee Grahn as Alexis Davis
    • Elizabeth Hendrickson as Margaux Dawson
    • Carolyn Hennesey as Diane Miller
    • Briana Nicole Henry as Jordan Ashford
    • Rebecca Herbst as Elizabeth Webber
    • Lynn Herring as Lucy Coe
    • Roger Howarth as Franco Baldwin
    • Finola Hughes as Anna Devane
    • Wally Kurth as Ned Quartermaine
    • Cassandra James as Terry Randolph
    • Jon Lindstrom as Kevin & Ryan Collins
    • William Lipton as Cameron Webber
    • Lisa LoCicero as Olivia Falconeri Quartermaine
    • Katelyn MacMullen as Willow Tait
    • Sofia Mattsson as Sasha Gilmore
    • Eden McCoy as Josslyn Jacks
    • Coby Ryan McLaughlin as Hank / Shiloh
    • Billy Miller as Drew Cain
    • Kelly Monaco as Sam Morgan
    • O’Neill Monahan as Rocco Falconeri
    • Anthony Montgomery as Andre Maddox
    • Haley Alexis Pullos as Molly Lansing
    • Ingo Rademacher as Jasper 'Jax' Jacks
    • Wes Ramsey as Peter August
    • James Read as Gregory Chase
    • Caden & Corben Rothweiler as Danny Morgan
    • Emme Rylan as Lulu Spencer Falconeri
    • Marc Anthony Samuel as Felix Dubois
    • Parry Shen as Brad Cooper
    • Kin Shriner as Scott Baldwin
    • Michelle Stafford as Nina Reeves Cassadine
    • Garren Stitt as Oscar Nero
    • Kirsten Storms as Maxie Jones
    • James Patrick Stuart as Valentin Cassadine
    • Josh Swickard as Harrison Chase
    • Kelly Thiebaud as Britt Westbourne
    • Jessica Tuck as Cassandra Pierce
    • Donnell Turner as Curtis Ashford
    • Kristina Wagner as Felicia Jones
    • Kelsey Wang as Daisy
    • Vernee Watson as Stella Henry
    • TK Weaver as Danny Morgan
    • Hudson West as Jake Spencer
    • Maura West as Ava Jerome
    • Laura Wright as Carly Corinthos Jacks
    • John J. York as Mac Scorpio
    • Dominic Zamprogna as Dante Falconeri
    • Jacklyn Zeman as Bobbie Spencer
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    This Week On General Hospital

    May 27
    (Repeat from Apr 01, 2019) Scott receives a heartfelt message; Franco is curious; Bobbie and Felicia hug; Epiphany interrupts; Monica is called back to work.
    May 28
    Ava bides her time; Monica gives Drew her blessing; Curtis stays by Jordan's side; Neil makes a house call; Alexis puts two and two together.
    May 29
    Shiloh plays both sides; Kristina pleads her case; Nina and Sasha enjoy a mother-daughter lunch; Carly is proud of Michael; Lulu seeks Maxie's advice.
    May 30
    Willow has Lulu's support; Julian suggests Sam would be a better bet; Franco is confrontational; Nina is met with a rude awakening; Anna is creeped out.
    May 31
    Sam propositions Jason; Scott gives Ava the support she needs; Margaux is torn; Curtis looks to Laura for help; Anna is bent on confronting Alex.
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    General Hospital

    News, Cast Updates and Scoop

    (News section last updated May 26, 2019)

    Jason Thompson Reveals How His Son Changed His Life

    (5/26/19) ( It was a very special day on May 23 when THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' Jason Thompson's (Billy) celebrated the third birthday of his son, Bowie. To commemorate the milestone,Thompson posted a beautiful photo of his happy, chubby-cheeked baby boy on Instagram. Accompanying the photo was a heartfelt note where he ruminated on parenting, the joys of fatherhood, and how much his children have changed his life in innumerable and wonderful ways.

    "This boy. Three years today. Paloma and I were talking last night about the last three years.The challenges that have surprised us, and the realities of what parenting actually is," marveled the Y&R star. "The amount of times we disappointed ourselves with how we handled something, and the moments later that you realize how you could have been better, more patience, more understanding. And yet, you are aware that they look to you to anchor them, to not let them drift into a space without boundaries, looking up at you, to tell them it’s going to be okay, to be in control when they aren’t."

    The challenges of being a parent have been worth it to Thompson, who rose to fame as GENERAL HOSPITAL's Patrick. "To push back on that not so little voice inside your head that wants to tell them 'they should know better.' It’s confusing... for adults, let alone young hearts and minds," he continued. "And the joy. The love is unmeasurable. He brings so much joy to people. He’s sweet. He’s emotional. He loves to laugh. He likes to share with sister... when he wants to share. When he doesn’t, he lets everyone know. He is so clearly his own person. And it’s the most beautiful thing to watch. There will be no bigger honor of my life, there is nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for him. Our worlds forever changed three years ago. Thank you universe, thank you stars, for our Bowie Banjo."

    Dishing with Digest - 5/24/19 - Ingo Rademacher

    (5/24/19) Ingo Rademacher Dishes About GH Return (Listen / download).

    GH’s Ingo Rademacher (Jax) talks about his recent Port Charles comeback, recalls his early years with Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda) and Maurice Benard (Sonny), his B&B stint as Thorne and more with Digest’s Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also preview the hottest summer stories and discuss the latest casting scoop.

    Risa Dorken on Life In Pieces

    (5/24/19) “Four Short Fairy Tales” – When Tim gets a toupee, the family tries their best to hide their horrified reactions. Also, Jen fights for face time with her boss when she returns to work after maternity leave; Joan decides to retire but gets cold feet; and Greg and Matt build a playhouse for the kids, on LIFE IN PIECES, Thursday, June 13 (9:30-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    GUEST CAST includes: Vivaan Bisoi (Lucas), Martin Starr (Oscar), Risa Dorken (Elle)

    Rebecca Budig On GH Return

    (5/23/19) Rebecca Budig, who played the role of Hayden on GH from 2015-17, tells Digest exclusively that when the show reached out to her about a possible comeback, “It was a very nice feeling and very flattering to know that they could see the potential story for Hayden and Finn. I think there is a lot left untold there.” Budig will be back on-screen this summer and says, “I am curious about how they are going to bring Hayden back and who I’ll be working with. It should be fun!” For more with the actress, check out the new issue of Soap Opera Digest, on sale Friday.

    Cynthia Watros Joins Web Series MISGUIDED

    (5/23/19) Cynthia Watros, who is slated to start taping as GH’s Nina next month, will appear in the upcoming third season of the digital daytime drama MISGUIDED, the first episode of which drops on on Monday, May 27. She will portray Anne, a waitress at The Lighthouse Restaurant & Lounge. According to the press release, “Fans of GUIDING LIGHT [where Watros played Annie] will enjoy the homage to the character she once portrayed in Springfield while fans of MISGUIDED will see a waitress who is unlike anyone they have ever come upon before.” Here is a sneak peek at the actress as Anne opposite MISGUIDED’s creator/writer/director Paul Gosselin, who plays Paul.

    The True Story Behind Oscar and Josslyn's Song, 'I Never Knew,' on GENERAL HOSPITAL

    (5/23/19) ( In an episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL that aired in September of 2018, Oscar showed Josslyn a video he’d created for their first anniversary featuring clips and photos of them together set to his “favorite song.” That song is “I Never Knew,” which some fans might recall as the duet that the young couple sang together at the 2018 Nurses Ball. But many might not be aware of the story behind the song and the surprising person who wrote it!

    “I Never Knew” was written by Daytime Emmy-winning GH director Phideaux Xavier after filming one of the soap’s dramatic episodes earlier in the year. “The reason the song even came into existence,” he revealed, “is because we did an episode involving an earthquake and [Josslyn] had this monologue over Oscar’s bedside when he was unconscious where she talked about, you know, if she couldn’t wear her dress, she used to think that was a tragedy. And so I went home and I couldn’t sleep that night and I came up with this idea for this song for Eden to sing at the Nurses Ball about coming of age and realizing that life has more ramifications and meaning than we ever knew. And now we know.”

    (Video) You can rewatch the scene where Oscar shows Josslyn the video he edited and they smile about how happy they are together right here if you like… but if you want to keep the mood light, be sure to turn it off when their scene ends because the clip continues with Kim’s emotional breakdown and Drew’s promise to help her deal with Oscar’s cancer.

    Although Josslyn hoped to sing "I Never Knew" again with Oscar at the 2019 Nurses Ball, sadly he succumbed to his brain tumor before that could happen. But a final video message from her late boyfriend inspired her to go to the ball and sing it herself. It will always be their special song that brings back memories of a happier time for Joss.

    GH's Bryan Craig Celebrates His Incredible Success in Hollywood

    (5/23/19) ( Viewers of GENERAL HOSPITAL already know what an incredible actor Bryan Craig is from the five years he spent on the soap playing Morgan Corinthos. But now everyone else is finding out for themselves as his career continues to blow up outside of daytime. Craig is starring in the upcoming primetime sudser, GRAND HOTEL, and a billboard for his new show featuring his torso inspired him to stop for a quick photo… and some reflection. “I don’t usually get sentimental about things,” he shared, “but now feels like an appropriate moment.

    “I’ve lived in LA for 10 years busting my [butt] trying to turn my passion into a career,” Craig continued. “You have all these ideas about how things might turn out and what could happen and for the most part it’s a long, hard journey of ‘No’s’ and ‘He or she just isn’t right for this role.’ You’ve got to savor the good moments and the victories because we all know they are not easy to come by. This is a good moment for me. Thank you GRAND HOTEL and ABC and everyone who has supported me over the years for this. And tune in to see my full face!”

    Craig got his big break in 2013 when he was hired to play Morgan on GH, and earned four Daytime Emmy Award nominations over the years, taking home the trophy for Outstanding Younger Actor twice. But in 2015, the young actor left daytime to pursue other career opportunities and immediately hit it big with roles in films like Ride and American Fighter as well as primetime series like VALOR.

    His newest series, GRAND HOTEL premieres Monday, June 17, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC, so be sure to tune in and watch as Craig’s star continues to rise.

    E! News To Air Soap-centric Special

    (5/22/19) E! NEWS will be airing E! NEWS DAYTIME DRAMA DEEP DIVE, which will be hosted by Giuliana Rancic and Jason Kennedy on May 23 at 7PM ET/8PM PT on E!. Among the actors interviewed are: DAYS’s Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Deidre Hall (Marlena) Drake Hogestyn (John), GH’s Laura Wright (Carly), Steve Burton (Jason), Kristina Wagner (Felicia) and Casting Director Mark Teschner and Y&R’s Eric Braeden (Victor) and Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren). Check out a promo for it here and be sure to tune in!

    Ingo Rademacher: Nurses Ball 2019: Follow Me (Behind The Scenes)

    (5/21/19) Nurses Ball 2019: Follow Me (Behind The Scenes): Video.

    Cynthia Preston Mourns the Loss of Her Father

    (5/19/19) ( Please join us in sending love to Cynthia Preston (Faith, GENERAL HOSPITAL), whose father, Stanley Charles Preston, has died. ”My dad, Stanley Charles Preston, turned 98 on April 26th.” She shared on Instagram with a series of vintage family photos. “He passed away yesterday at Sunnybrook Veterans Centre in Toronto. He served in WWII in the RCA as a wireless operator air gunner and Warrant Officer II (1941-1945), and after the war, completed grades 9 to 13 in a space of 6 months and then went to the University of Toronto through the Veterans Charter, graduating in Engineering Physics. He worked as a Professional Engineer with the Ontario Hydro (now the OPG) for 32 years, during which the he designed power plants. He had great humor and generosity, and loved spending time with children.”

    "Forgive me for copying most of this from the obituary we have prepared.” Preston continued. “He was the beloved husband of the late Doris Lillian (Sidney) Preston for 69 years. He was the dear father of Lorne Preston (Dorie) of Toronto, Larry Preston (deceased), Marianne Moore (Cliff) of Ottawa, Janet Preston of Toronto, Susan Falls (Larry, deceased) of Oakville, Robert Preston (Janice) of Penetanguishene, and Cynthia Preston (Shawn Theriault). Greatly missed by 17 grandchildren, 2 step-children, and 31 great-grandchildren, with more on the way. Survived by his sister Muriel Nickerson. Predeceased by siblings Margaret, Audrey, Helen (Miller), Harold, Russell, Ken, Reg, Cliff, Merle (Whibley), and Fred. He will be greatly missed by his large extended family and friends. Interment to take place at Park Lawn Cemetery in a private family ceremony. Those who wish to remember Stan in a special way may make gifts in his memory to The Salvation Army, The War Amps, and The Scott Mission. We wish to extend our thanks and gratitude to the wonderful staff at Sunnybrook Veterans Centre, L Wing.”

    GH fans remember Cynthia Preston as villainess Faith Rosco, who she played from 2002 to 2005. After her character was killed off on the soap, Preston has appeared on numerous television shows, including TWO and a HALF MEN, BONES, ASCENSION and TOM CLANCY’s JACK RYAN.

    Our thoughts are with Preston and her family during this difficult time.

    Elena Tovar Joins the Cast of DESIGNATED SURVIVOR

    (5/19/19) ( Netflix has revived DESIGNATED SURVIVOR! The show's brand new third season (as well as seasons one and two), in its entirety, drops on the streaming network on Friday, June 7. Joining in on all the nail-biting drama, is Elena Tovar (ex-Rosalie, GENERAL HOSPITAL), who has a major recurring role on the series. “Can’t wait for our Netflix release so you can meet Isabel Pardo!” she exclaimed on Instagram.

    Tovar joins an impressive recurring cast that includes Anthony Edwards, Julie White, and Virginia Madsen. Tovar is playing President Tom Kirkman’s (Kiefer Sutherland) White House Director of Social Innovation and part of a power couple.The show’s trailer gives a few hints of this season’s action. There’s an election on the horizon, bioterrorism, skullduggery and a marriage in trouble — whose? You’ll have to watch to find out!

    Tovar played the scheming Rosalie Martinez on GH from June 2014 to August 2015, and during her brief run on the soap became a character many viewers loved to hate. Since leaving daytime, the actress has had roles on primetime series like DYNASTY and HOME as well as a recent guest appearance on NCIS: LOS ANGELES. Catch a few glimpses of Tovar as Isabel Pardo in the trailer below for DESIGNATED SURVIVOR's Thrilling Third Season: (Video)

    Talk Show Appearance

    (5/17/10) The Talk – CBS

    Wednesday, May 22

    Singer Rick Springfield discusses his new album Orchestrating My Life and performs live

    Preview Bryan Craig's New Soap, GRAND HOTEL!

    (5/15/19) ( (Video) As much as fans would love to see Bryan Craig back on GENERAL HOSPITAL as Morgan Corinthos, the in-demand actor is too buy with yet another new project — he’s starring in the new primetime soap GRAND HOTEL! Produced by Eva Longoria (ex-Isabella, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS), the adaptation of a Spanish-language telenovela centers around the drama in the lives of the family who own a Miami Beach hotel and the staff who run it.

    ABC has announced that the new sudser will premiere on Monday, June 17, but you can get a sneak peek of the glamour, scandal, and sex coming your way — as well as a look at Craig as Javi Mendoza — in the newest teaser trailer focusing on the mystery at the core of the drama.

    Craig has been snapping behind the scenes pics since he started work shooting the pilot, from some painful waxing to get himself picture perfect for the new role to on-set snaps with director Ken Olin and writer/producer Brian Tanen. There’s even a shot of Craig with Demián Bichir, who plays his TV dad, Gonzalo Cardenas, and you can see just how spot-on the casting is!

    After Morgan was killed off of GH back in October of 2016, Craig landed starring roles in the indie films Ride and American Fighter, as well as a recurring role as Adam Coogan on The CW military series VALOR. Still, the young star managed to make a return to Port Charles, even if just for one episode to appear in Ava’s nightmare. But with Craig’s career continuing to take off, if GH ever decides to bring Morgan back from the dead, they’re going to have to recast.

    Jon Lindstrom Promises There's No Rivalry Among the GENERAL HOSPITAL Cast

    (5/15/19) ( Every year, fans root for their favorites at the Daytime Emmy Awards, and are disappointed if they don’t win. This can get even trickier when there are multiple stars from the same soap nominated in the same category. But while fans may be heavily invested in the competition, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Jon Lindstrom (Kevin) took to social media to reveal that the actors don’t feel the same way. “In response to those who tend to think there’a a rivalry or competitiveness within our cast, I offer you this,” he tweeted with a pic of himself and Lead Actor winner Maurice Benard (Sonny) smiling alongside Lead Actress nominees Maura West (Ava) and Laura Wright (Carly).

    Although Lindstrom identified this as “a typical day at work,” it looks as though the actors are all dressed up for the annual Nurses Ball, so that probably wouldn’t be as average a day as most. “Happy to be there,” he continued. “Happy to be with each other and making TV for those who want it. We couldn’t be happier for Maurice and Hayley Erin (ex-Kiki) and Max Gail (Mike) and Patricia Bethune (ex-Mary Pat). Oh, and the extraordinary Vernee Watson (Stella), who shows us all how to do humor and dignity at the same time.”

    So despite losing to Benard in the Lead actor category, Lindstrom assures viewers there are no hard feelings. “We’re honored to make the trip to the big show together,” he declared. “Congrats my friends. You are the bar we aspire to.”

    Erin, who took home the trophy for Outstanding Younger Actress a this year’s ceremony, agreed with Lindstrom’s sentiment. “I think you’re the bees knees and you murdered me,” she joked. “Nothing but good vibes with this crowd.” And Gail, who won Outstanding Supporting Actor, also offered support to his castmate. “So you to say what’s true so well,” he posted.

    GH’s Vernee Watson In New CBS Series

    (5/15/19) Vernee Watson (Stella, GH), who just won a Daytime Emmy as Outstanding Supporting Actress, will appear in a new CBS series from Chuck Lorre, BOB Hearts ABISHOLA which will debut this fall. The show was announced today by the network during its upfront presentation. The release describes the comedy as “a love story about a middle-aged compression sock businessman from Detroit who unexpectedly falls for his cardiac nurse, a Nigerian immigrant, while recovering from a heart attack and sets his sights on winning her over.” Watson will play Gloria. No word yet on what this means for her GH gig.

    FB Live Q&A: Best of The Nurses Ball

    (5/14/19) FB Live Q&A: Best of The Nurses Ball: Video.

    Josh Swickard Admits He's a 'Mama's Boy'

    (5/13/19) ( Daytime newcomer Josh Swickard (Chase, GENERAL HOSPITAL) may only get back to Illinois to see mom Gina a few times a year, but he’s still her No. 1 fan. “I suppose I am the definition of a mama’s boy,” the actor confessed to Soaps In Depth. “I think I was in the fifth grade the first time I could spend a full night away from my parents. I was that kid.”

    Now that he’s living way out in Hollywood, Swickard relies on technology to stay close to his mother. “I use car time to really catch up with her, and we usually FaceTime when I’m attempting to cook something,” explained the hunk, who admits he misses Gina’s “exquisite” kitchen skills and “unreal” enchiladas. “One of the main things I took for granted growing up was a home-cooked meal.”

    Though he’s picking up great tips during his kitchen convos with Mom these days, Swickard’s taken his biggest lesson from Gina’s approach to life. “She is a really joyful person, and that has helped me more than I’ll ever know,” he reflected. “She has this ability to keep a hardy attitude no matter what life throws at her, and it’s inspiring to be around. I try to live my life the same way.”

    Last year, Swickard was thrilled to have both of his folks in town for some fun in the sun. “We rented motorcycles and rode up the coast,” shared the biker. “Every time they’re here is such a blessing. In a perfect world, I’d get them to move out here.” In the meantime, nothing will keep him from sitting down across from his own mother on Mother’s Day. “FaceTime,” he winks. “I’ll ask them to prop me up on the dinner table, and I’ll just pretend I’m home!”

    Lisa LoCicero Shares Her Love of Motherhood

    (5/13/19) ( (Video) With a teenager and a toddler in the house, GENERAL HOSPITAL's Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) doesn’t actually know when Mother’s Day is... but she’s sure looking forward to it! “They usually make me take the day off and do something relaxing,” she told Soaps In Depth of son Luke, 17, and husband Michael Patrick Jann. “It evolves every year, but I’ll certainly get flowers and cards, and usually a nice brunch and some time to myself.”

    With Verity a very talkative tyke, this mom can use a bit of quiet time. “For better or worse, both kids were fully conversant at early ages — which fools you into thinking they’re also emotionally mature when they’re 2,” LoCicero cracked. “Verity’s very funny. And ‘full of energy’ doesn’t even begin to describe it! She doesn’t give a crap what anybody thinks, which is great. When you think of her becoming a young woman, you want her to be strident and have fire and confidence. But it’s challenging when you’re the mom, and she’s just like, ‘Nope, not going to do it.’”

    Luckily, she’s got backup when her director hubby is on location for work. “My son should be dipped in gold and made into a trophy,” LoCicero bragged. “The kid is so sweet, helpful, smart and kind, and doesn’t talk back — which is of course why I thought I could do it again. I figured I was a really great mom! Then I made this next one, who’s like, ‘Go to hell, lady. I’m going to do whatever I feel like.’ When she’s giving me a hard time, he always says, ‘Mom, you can’t negotiate with terrorists. Let her cry. He’s right, of course. He’s very responsible and loving with her, and she looks up to him like a god.”

    Having survived the “terrible 2s,” LoCicero does her best to keep perspective. “On my deathbed, the thing that’s going to put a smile on my face is these years I’ve had with my kids in my house, safe and under my roof,” she previewed. “I just have to remind myself of that during moments where it’s challenging! Mother’s Day is my family all around me and beautiful California weather. Maybe we can all just sit around the pool, have a nice meal and go swimming. Maybe they’ll cook for me. Going out with Verity to a nice restaurant isn’t always the most relaxing thing, so just staying home would be perfect!”

    Ryan Paevey Previews His Romantic New Movie "From Friend to Fiancé"

    (5/13/19) ( As GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Nathan, Ryan Paevey walked down the aisle with Kirsten Storms' Maxie. Then on Hallmark’s Marrying Mr. Darcy, he tied the knot with Cindy Busby's Elizabeth. Now, the real- life bachelor is set to take the plunge with Kimberly, played by Kelly Kruger (Mackenzie, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS) in From Friend to Fiancé, premiering Saturday, May 25, at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel. But will they go through with it?

    “I play Ted, who used to be the fat kid that everyone made fun of. Jocelyn Hudon [from WHEN CALLS THE HEART] plays Jessica, with whom Ted has been best friends his whole life,” Paevey previewed to Soaps In Depth of the film formerly titled BFF Bride. “Fast forward to adult life, and I’ve lost a bunch of weight and become a successful businessman. When I return to town, I announce to [Jessica] that I am engaged to [Kimberly] the mean girl [played by Kruger] from back in the day… you can tell right off the bat that Jess is not super stoked about it.”

    Might Ted’s eyes be opened to the love that’s always been right in front of him? Or will his pride in landing Kimberly prompt him to keep his commitment? Paevey suggested, “Everybody’s got a classic case of doing all the right stuff, for all the wrong reasons.”

    For the actor, spending last summer in Toronto with Kruger and Hudon was “a blast.” “It was super weird — the three of us were like old friends from day one,” he shares. “These movies are like the film equivalent of soap operas from a work standpoint: super long days, lots of dialogue, long hours… But it’s good to work with soap peeps like Kelly because we’re used to that. It frees you up to just have a good time on set because everybody’s relaxed.” Might continuing to play the leading man in such romantic films lead Paevey to wed himself some day? “I don’t know. I’m getting plenty of practice!” he chuckled. “I think when it comes time to get married, I’ll know what to do.”

    Soaps InDepth Podcast - 5/13/19 - Comings & Goings

    (5/13/19) (Listen / download) On this week's episode of the Soaps in Depth Podcast, Charlie and Richard discuss all the latest news to hit the soaps. Now that THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Adam has reunited with Sharon, what comes next? Now that Chelsea, Kevin and Chloe are all Genoa City bound, how might their returns impact the canvas… and who should be next? Who should GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Jax be paired up with? Plus, all the news, preview and laughs you can stand!

    Dishing with Digest - 5/10/19 - Suzanne Rogers

    (5/10/19) (Listen / download) DAYS's Suzanne Rogers On 46 Years As Maggie On the newest Dishing With Digest.

    Suzanne Rogers talks about her remarkable run as DAYS¹s Maggie, her real-life health battle and more. We also talk about the latest casting shockers at DAYS, GH and Y&R and the big surprises at this year¹s Daytime Emmys.

    Kirsten Storms Reveals What It's Like Working With Wes Ramsey on GH

    (5/10/19) ( Although some GENERAL HOSPITAL fans are still struggling with Maxie finding new love after Nathan’s death, her portrayer, Kirsten Storms, loves her alter ego’s budding romance with Peter. Of course, that might have something to do with the terrific working relationship she has with his portrayer! “He’s the sweetest,” Storms raved to Soaps In Depth of Wes Ramsey, who in real life is dating her close friend and co-star, Laura Wright (Carly).

    “I couldn’t love working with him more," she continued. "He’s probably the most prepared person on the show, which is awesome. He’s very professional, and he takes it very seriously. He cares about how his work comes across, and not in an arrogant way. I enjoy having scenes opposite somebody like that.” What’s more, her energy and approach to the work fits well with Ramsey’s. “I come in there going 100 miles an hour, and I want to know the other person’s prepared… and ready to stop me,” she admitted with a laugh. “So working with Wes has been awesome.”

    While Storms and Ramsey have a great working relationship, it’s going to be a rocky road for Maxie and Peter’s on-screen relationship, so stay tuned to see how things progress between the pair.

    GENERAL HOSPITAL's Hudson West Shares the Love on Mother's Day

    (5/10/19) ( Young actor Hudson West has seen some big drama as Jake on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but thankfully, his mom keeps his real life a lot saner! “I love everything about my mom,” the adorable kid told Soaps In Depth with a grin. “She does everything for me. She takes care of me, she drives me to auditions, she supports me, she’s nice to me, and she’s pretty chill about letting me do what I want.” That’s why on Mother’s Day, it’s all about what she wants. “I usually make her a card, try to be on my best behavior and let her go wherever she wants and do whatever she wants,” West explained. But of course, his mom will only confess to wanting one thing: “Just to spend a special day with me!”

    While Mom has taught West to be a gentleman — “I’ve learned manners, politeness, generosity and to never be late,” he said — he also takes cues from his grandmothers and loves when Mimi and Gray visit from Virginia and Texas, respectively. “It’s great to have all of the generations together and hear stories about when [my parents] were kids. I definitely see how my mom is like her mom — she’s very generous, fun and easy to be around,” admitted West. “She’s taught me to work hard and have pride in my work. And to be kind.

    “I love my grandmas because they are very good people, they are fun, they are good to me, and they are great mothers,” he added. “I like bringing them on set with me, going to the movies and my favorite restaurants and just hanging at home watching TV, talking or playing games.” He also appreciates his grandmothers’ nicknames for him, including “my sweet darling,” “angel face,” “Hud-bud” and “little bug.” “But no, you can’t call me any of those — only my grandparents are allowed,” West declared with a big smile. Whatever you call him, you can bet this young man will be busy making cards — and calls — for the three most important women in his life this Mother’s Day!

    Nancy Lee Grahn's Daughter, Kate Grahn, Released Another Amazing Song — Listen to It Here!

    (5/10/19) Talent runs in the family! Kate Grahn, daughter of GENERAL HOSPITAL star Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), is an incredibly talented musician who has released another single. “My daughter has a new song!” Grahn announced on Instagram. “‘Over Again’ will air on PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: THE PERFECTIONISTS on May 15. Have a listen and let her know if you like it.” “Over Again” was written by Kate Grahn and Adam Yaron, and is an absolutely lovely romantic ballad. You can visit the Song Link to find links to listen to or download the song from a variety of sources.

    Back in February, Kate released her debut single, “Someday Baby.” a driving rock song with a little bluesy twang featuring lyrics about a woman who refuses to settle and be just your “someday baby.” “It would mean so much to me if you would help me celebrate my Kate’s 21st birthday by listening to her new single,” Grahn proudly tweeted upon the song's release.

    Kate may be young but she’s already a confident presence on the stage, having performed live numerous times over recent years. And you can hear that confidence in her powerful vocals in “Someday Baby.” The song is available to stream and purchase on platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Google, Amazon, TIDAL, and more. Just click this song link and you can choose the way you want to listen to it. Or, you could just click play on the YouTube video below… then follow the links to buy it and download it to listen to it whenever you like!

    Now that Kate has released two songs, hopefully this means that an EP or a full album is going to be released soon so that we can hear more music from this talented young artist.

    General Hospital is bringing back Rebecca Budig

    (5/9/19) ( It’s finally happening: Hayden Barnes is coming back to Port Charles.

    EW has learned exclusively that Rebecca Budig — a.k.a. Hayden, that conniving little heartbreaker who ran out on Finn (Michael Easton) — will return to General Hospital this summer. The brass is staying mum about Hayden’s much-anticipated return, though it seems kind of obvious that she’s ready to introduce her baby to its father!

    Let’s recap: The last time fans saw Hayden was in September 2017, when she was writing an apology letter to Finn for leaving him at the altar. She was also clearly pregnant, even though she let Finn believe the baby had been lost.

    Since then, fans have wondered whether Budig would ever return and put Finn out of his misery. (Though he hasn’t suffered too much; he’s now in a relationship with Anna, played by Finola Hughes.) ABC executive Nathan Varni certainly teased the possibility earlier this year on Blog Talk Radio’s Daytime After Dark.

    “I think it’s definitely a possibility,” he said. “As you know, we left Hayden telling Finn she lost the baby, but the reality of the situation was that she did not lose the baby. So I think with that cliffhanger, there’s definitely room to perhaps one day play that again. Obviously no guarantees, but I think the writers did a good job of kind of tying that story up and leaving a lot to be desired, and that could be a potential obstacle down the road for Finn and kind of a big surprise. So we’ll have to see. But I think it’ll be a while, as we’re not quite yet to that point where we’re ready to return Hayden to the canvas.”

    Budig first joined GH in 2015. Before that, she starred as Greenlee Smythe on All My Children.

    She’s also set to appear in Charter Communications’ upcoming Bad Boys spin-off, LA.’s Finest. It drops on Spectrum’s On Demand platform May 13 and stars Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union.

    General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

    ‘Interrogation’ Casts Vinessa Antoine

    (5/9/19) Diggstown‘s Vinessa Antoine is set for a recurring role opposite Kyle Gallner in CBS All Access’ straight-to-series true-crime drama Interrogation. Co-created by Swedish writer-producer Anders Weidemann and John Mankiewicz, Interrogation is an original concept based on a true story that spanned more than 30 years, in which a young man (Gallner) was charged and convicted of brutally murdering his mother. The series’ first nine episodes will be available to binge in any order with each episode structured around an interrogation. The multi-linear approach will give viewers the opportunity to follow their instincts and develop their own interpretations of the facts of the case and ultimately decide innocence or guilt. Antoine plays a street-smart diner waitress who becomes crucial in a decades-old murder investigation after becoming involved with the private investigator. Canadian born Antoine’s TV credits include Fox’s The Resident, Being Erica, Haven, Heartland, NCIS, Lucky 7 and General Hospital. She’ll return for Season 2 playing the lead role of Marcie Diggs in CBC’s Diggstown. She is repped in the U.S. by Buchwald and manager Brinda Bhatt, and The Characters Talent Agency in Toronto.

    General Hospital's Nurses Ball Returns Friday May 17

    (5/8/19) General Hospital's infamous Nurses Ball returns to Port Charles, Friday, May 17 on ABC. The much-anticipated event kicks off with stunning red carpet arrivals beginning Friday, May 17; followed by awe-inspiring original music and performances, Monday, May 20, Tuesday, May 21, and Wednesday, May 22. Celebrating its 25th year and founded in 1994 by Port Charles resident Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring), the Nurses Ball is one of General Hospital's most enchanting charity events dedicated to raising money for HIV/AIDS awareness and research. Stunning red carpet fashion with plenty of romance and folly define this exciting programming event.

    "This will be 'GH''s 15th Nurses Ball. In the 25 years that we have been doing this, it's been a thrill to treat our wonderful viewers with something a little out of the ordinary. This year will be particularly special and personal. We were able to incorporate original music and performances from a few of our actors, including James Patrick Stuart," shared Frank Valentini, executive producer, General Hospital. "There's a lot of heart in these amazing performances. You won't want to miss them!"

    Television actor, director and 40-year fan of GH, Chandra Wilson (Grey's Anatomy and Station 19) makes her official Nurses Ball debut as Sydney Val Jean, Crimson magazine's New York City fashion editor, with a little red carpet rivalry against media maven Nina Clay-Cassadine (Michelle Stafford). In addition to the gorgeous gowns and elegant tuxedos, viewers can expect to see at least one familiar face: KABC Los Angeles Emmy® Award-winning entertainment reporter George Pennacchio returns to the red carpet for the sixth time. As always, the Nurses Ball will be the backdrop for several dramatic events taking place in Port Charles, including an evening of romance that includes a surprise proposal!

    Michelle Stafford Wishes Cynthia Watros Well as GENERAL HOSPITAL's New Nina

    (5/8/19) ( Fans may be sorry to see Michelle Stafford leaving GENERAL HOSPITAL, but the actress wants to make sure they know that the role of Nina is in very good hands! She and her replacement, Cynthia Watros, hung out on May 6 and got along famously! “I had the best afternoon with this beautiful soul,” Watros declared.

    Stafford shared a couple of the selfies they took together and wished the new Nina well as Watros steps into the role she created on GH back in 2014. “I have loved this girl and her talent from afar for so many years,” she enthused. “I can say that I ‘Shared a character’ with her. You are spectacular in every way, Cynthia. Go get ‘em, gorgeous beauty!”

    The two Emmy winners just missed each other over on CBS sudser THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS as Stafford left her role of Phyllis just before Watros joined the soap as Kelly in 2013. Watros is also beloved by CBS Daytime fans for her memorable stint as Annie Dutton on GUIDING LIGHT in 1997-98 that earned her the Outstanding Lead Actress Emmy Award.

    “I can’t wait to join the talented cast and crew of GH,” Watros said after the news broke of her taking over the role of Nina. And as viewers look forward to her making her debut in Port Charles, it sounds like Stafford will be watching as well to see how the recast makes the role her own! Stay tuned to see for yourself, and for more GH news, keep reading the ABC edition of Soaps In Depth magazine.

    Soaps InDepth Podcast - 5/6/19 - The UN-Emmy's

    (5/7/19) The UN-Emmy's (Listen / download)

    This week Richard and Charlie hand out awards in categories that the Emmy's seem to have ignored. Who will be Man-Ho of the year? Listen to find out.

    2019 Daytime Emmy Winners & Nominees

    (5/5/19) Read the list of the 2019 Daytime Emmy Winners & Nominees in all the soap categories here and see our picks too.

    Talk Show Appearance

    (5/4/19) The Talk – CBS

    Monday, May 6

    THE TALK’s Annual Daytime Emmy “After-Party” with exclusive appearances from many of the night’s biggest winners (n)

    Dishing with Digest - 5/3/19 - Sal Stowers

    (5/3/19) DAYS's Sal Stowers Traces Her Soap Roots (Listen / download) Sal Stowers talks about her emotional year as DAYS's Lani, her first soap job as ALL MY CHILDREN's Cassandra, winning AMERICA'S TOP MODEL AND MORE with Soap Opera Digest's Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also talk about the AMC and ONE LIFE reboots, and the comebacks of DAYS's Stephen Nichols and GH's Ingo Rademacher.

    Preview the 2019 GENERAL HOSPITAL Nurses Ball!

    (5/3/19) ( Nothing can stop the GENERAL HOSPITAL Nurses Ball and this year, the annual event will be kicking off in the episode scheduled to air on Friday, May 17! Of course, that’s just the glamorous red carpet and all the drama that goes along with it. The actual stage show, featuring all the musical performances, will air on Monday, May 20, Tuesday, May 21, and Wednesday, May 22. Founded in 1994 by Lucy Coe, the annual GH Nurses Ball is celebrating its 25th year raising money for HIV/AIDS awareness and research.

    “This will be GH’s 15th Nurses Ball. In the 25 years that we have been doing this, it’s been a thrill to treat our wonderful viewers with something a little out of the ordinary. This year will be particularly special and personal. We were able to incorporate original music and performances from a few of our actors, including James Patrick Stuart (Valentin),” shared GH’s executive producer, Frank Valentini. “There’s a lot of heart in these amazing performances. You won’t want to miss them!”

    GREY’S ANATOMY star and self-confessed GH super fan, Chandra Wilson, has already been revealed as a special guest star as she returns to the soap for a third time to play another character, this time co-hosting the red carpet with Michelle Stafford’s Nina. And they will be joined by KABC Los Angeles entertainment reporter George Pennacchio, who is returning to cover the red carpet for another year.

    There will be plenty of surprises in store at the Nurses Ball as there are every year, but the soap has teased that among the many dramatic events taking place at the gala, an evening of romance for one Port Charles couple will end in a proposal! Stay tuned to see who puts a ring on it

    Hayley Erin Opens up About Leaving GENERAL HOSPITAL for Primetime

    (5/2/19) ( As one of Kiki’s biggest fans, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Hayley Erin hasn’t yet seen her character laid to rest. “I watched all of Maura West’s beautiful scenes when Ava found out, but I can’t watch the funeral,” she admitted to Soaps In Depth. “Leading up to this, I thought I was going to relish in it. ‘I’ve cried over graves. Now I want to watch you cry over my grave!’ But it’s so not like that. It’s genuinely sad for me.”

    While Erin misses working with her friends at GH, she’s “super flattered” Kiki was snuffed out when she landed a new gig in Portland last fall. “I take it as a compliment they didn’t want to bring in another Kiki,” she said. “It worked for the story, and I got to move on to this new chapter.” That new chapter finds her a central player in Freeform’s PRETTY LITTLE LIARS’ spin-off. “Any person of any age who watches GH will love THE PERFECTIONISTS,” she promised. “It’s a teen murder-mystery soap opera with storylines involving college professors and students. It’s edgy, sexy and dark. But it’s still funny.”

    With her new character referred to only as TBA (To Be Announced) leading up to the March premiere, Erin went radio silent on social media after leaving GH. “I was scared about accidentally spilling a secret, between Kiki being dead and TBA!” she explained. “I didn’t want to overstep, so I didn’t step at all.” Now that she’s premiered as Taylor Hotchkiss, Erin’s back online, but she’s still playing things close to the vest. “Every question you ask on this show gets answered... and then it just blows up into a million different questions,” she teased. “It’s like a web — a web of exponential questions. It’s awesome.”

    While Erin imagines Kiki’s enjoying the hereafter with first love Morgan, the actress has fallen for someone new. “She is a badass,” she cheered of her new alter ego. “By the end of the season, you’re either going to love Taylor or hate her. She is unapologetically driven and will do what she’s going to do. I love her, personally!” And if Erin has her way, she’ll get to return to the role and Portland for a second season. “It’s just such a high working with a great group of people in a beautiful place on a fun show,” she said. “It was a lot of work, especially toward the end, but I felt like I was at camp. I can’t wait to go back — hopefully, fingers crossed, knock on wood!”

    Daytime Emmy Awards will be streamed online via, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

    (4/30/19) This Sunday’s Daytime Emmy Awards will be streamed online via, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. At 8pm ET/ 5pm PT — get the details on how to watch here:

    View the Emmys LIVE on the following outlets
    On The Web:
    On Facebook: and
    On Twitter: @TheEmmys and @DaytimeEmmys
    On YouTube:
    KNEKT TV network (

    — Daytime Emmy Awards (@DaytimeEmmys) April 29, 2019

    Video: Daytime Emmy Awards 2019: GH Facebook Live

    (4/30/19) Video: Daytime Emmy Awards 2019: GH Facebook Live.

    Presenters Announced For The Daytime Emmys

    (4/30/19) The list of presenters has been released for this weekend’s 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. At the Creative Arts Emmys on Friday, May 3, B&B’s Courtney Hope (Sally) and Annika Noelle (Hope), DAYS’s Lamon Archey (Eli) and Sal Stowers (Lani), GH’s Josh Swickard (Chase) and Katelyn MacMullen (Willow), and Y&R’s Sasha Calle (Lola), Hunter King (Summer) and Michael Mealor (Kyle), as well as DAYS alum Kevin Spirtas (ex-Craig), who is nominated for his series AFTER FOREVER, will do the honors. At the May 5 ceremony, B&B’s Don Diamont (Bill) and Darin Brooks (Wyatt), DAYS’s Camila Banus (Gabi), Billy Flynn (ex-Chad), Kate Mansi (ex-Abigail) and Marci Miller (ex-Abigail), GH’s Steve Burton (Jason) and Ingo Rademacher (Jax), Y&R’s Daniel Goddard (Cane) and Melissa Ordway (Abby) will be presenting, as will S.W.A.T star Shemar Moore, who just reprised his role of Y&R’s Malcolm, and ALL MY CHILDREN alum Cameron Mathison (ex-Ryan).

    Soaps InDepth Podcast - 4/29/19 - Love It/Hate I

    t (4/30/19) Love It/Hate It (Listen / download)

    This week, hosts Richard Simms and Charlie Mason discuss things some of the most hotly-debated soap plots currently unfolding on daytime... but with a twist. The plots they’re focusing on are ones that many people on platforms like Twitter and Facebook don't seem to like for one reason another… but Richard and Charlie do. What are they seeing that others aren't... or vice versa? From THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Hope-obsessed Thomas to the dark fate which seems unavoidable for GENERAL HOSPITAL's Oscar and everything in between, it's a laugh-filled episode that will definitely have you taking side.

    B&B’s Rena Sofer To Re-Wed

    (4/30/19) Rena Sofer (Quinn, B&B et al) and Sandford Bookstaver are tying the knot — again! The pair first wed in 2003 then quietly split and reconciled. “I have spent almost 19 years of my life with you and am so happy to spend the rest of my remaining years on this earth by your side,” Sofer posted on Instagram today. “While I don’t recommend divorce as a marriage counseling tool, it sure worked for us!” For the rest of the post, click here. Best wishes to the happy couple!

    Chandra Wilson Returns to GH

    (4/26/19) Chandra Wilson is headed back to General Hospital — but not as one of the characters she previously played on the ABC daytime soap.

    The Grey’s Anatomy star will portray Sydney Val Jean, a fashion editor at Crimson magazine who will appear alongside editor-in-chief Nina Clay-Cassadine (Michelle Stafford) on the Nurses Ball red carpet, People reports. In her past visits to Port Charles, Wilson appeared as one of Kevin’s patients, then as a marriage and family therapist.

    Wilson’s return is slated to air on Friday, May 17.

    NATAS Explains Why Daytime Emmy Nominee Reels Weren't Made Public

    (4/26/19) For the 2019 Daytime Emmy Awards, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has made some changes, which NATAS president Adam Sharp told Soaps In Depth all about back in November before nominees were announced for this year’s ceremony. But now another new rule has come to light, which is that they will no longer be posting the acting reel submissions online. While they originally began sharing the clips five years ago in the hopes of sparking interest and engagement among fans, it ended up having some unforeseen consequences as the reels that were made public underwent scrutiny by competitors. This is what caused the revocation of Patrika Darbo's Emmy for Outstanding Guest Performer in a Digital Daytime Drama Series last year after it was found that rules had been broken.

    “Looking at the original issue that brought up these protests and this investigation last year, where one entrant in the competition had gone on YouTube and pulled the reels of his competitors and, awards manual in hand, scrutinized every second of those reels and found potential violations that our staff in the vetting process and our judges in the judging process had missed; well, he only screened the categories that his show was competing in,” Sharp explained to Variety. “So the same way as you wouldn’t want a scenario where, in the middle of a trial all the evidence is put on the courthouse steps and the public can just come up and challenge whatever pieces they want and overrule the jury in the process, we determined that essentially handing these on-air raw submission materials over to competitors in a category would create the potential for abuse and the potential for an unfair imbalance.”

    So the only options were to upload clip reels for every category or none of the categories, and because they simply didn’t have the resources or the rights to every clip, NATAS unfortunately had to choose the latter. All four daytime dramas threatened a boycott of the Daytime Emmys following the scandal last year, but as NATAS announced the changes they were making to the various processes, including nominating and voting, everything got back on track.

    Although fans will not be able to see the reels for themselves this year to make predictions as to who will take home the Emmy, they can all tune in on Sunday, May 5.

    GH’s William deVry Heads To Philadelphia For A Good Cause

    (4/26/19) William deVry, a celebrity amabassador for the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation, is heading to Philadelphia for the 15th Annual Sandy Sprint Superhero 5k/10k, which will be held on Saturday, April 27 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The event, which kicks of at 7:30 a.m., features runners, walkers and four-legged racers decked out in superhero costumes to honor the heroes impacted by ovarian cancer — survivors and patients, but also their caretakers, families and friends. For more information, visit

    Sonya Eddy Is Saddened by the Cancellation of Her Primetime Series THOSE WHO CAN'T

    (4/24/19) ( Fan-favorite GENERAL HOSPITAL actress Sonya Eddy (Epiphany) shared some sad news with her fans on social media when she expressed her disappointment over the cancellation of THOSE WHO CAN’T, the TruTV series on which she played the recurring role of Tammy Sherman. “So, the news is in,” she wrote, retweeting a video announcing the news from series creator/writer/actor Ben Roy. “I can’t tell all the fans of THOSE WHO CAN’T how much I loved being a part of this! My deepest gratitude to every single one of you!”

    THOSE WHO CAN’T, a sitcom following a group of dysfunctional high school teachers, originally premiered in February of 2016, and ran for three seasons on TruTV. Eddy played Tammy, the secretary to the principal of the school, often the only sane person in the entire building! “To my beloved castmates, Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Overdahl, Ben Roy, Maria Thayer, Rory Scovel, Randy and Jason Sklar, Susie Essman, Patton Oswalt, and the list goes on," she tweeted. "I love you all to the moon and back!”

    When Roy expressed his love for Eddy in a tweet calling her “a constant light on set,” she returned the sentiment. “THOSE WHO CAN’T will always have a place in my heart because it led me to you, my friend!” she declared. “Working with you will always be a career highlight I’ll forever look on with joy! Baby, you are awesome!”

    Eddy doesn’t appear on GH that much currently, but she’s been keeping busy with side projects like roles in FRESH OFF THE BOAT, CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, and Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday. And we have no doubt that she’ll be continuing to demonstrate her talents in plenty more TV series and movies in the future, so stay tuned and we let you know what they are!

    Chloe Lanier Reveals What She Submitted for the Daytime Emmys and Her Plans for the Big Night

    (4/24/19) ( Since she’s no longer on GENERAL HOSPITAL, Chloe Lanier admitted to Soaps In Depth that she was surprised to be nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for her work as Nelle. But given her stellar performances as her GH alter ego went completely off the rails towards the end of her run, she probably shouldn’t have been! “I’m very honored to be nominated again,” Lanier admitted. “And especially to be nominated alongside Hayley [Erin, ex-Kiki], Eden [McCoy, Josslyn], Victoria [Konefal, Ciara, DAYS OF OUR LIVES], and Olivia [Rose Keegan, Claire, DAYS].”

    But will the scenes that she submitted convince the Blue Ribbon Panel to award her with another trophy to pair with the Emmy she brought home in the same category last year? “I submitted a quick clip when Carly and Nelle were in the nursery and I’m revealing I’m the one who’s been gaslighting her this whole time,” Lanier revealed. “Then with Chase on the pier, when I was trying to convince him to kill Michael for me. Then a scene with Ava — because a reel is not complete without Maura West. Then the scene where I convinced Brad to take my baby, and then the last one was Chad Duell and I where I’m trying to win Michael back over in the hospital after he’s found out all the bad things I’ve done.”

    Win or lose, Lanier is just looking forward to attending the big show and seeing some of her old friends again. “I’m going to be there and my boyfriend’s going to come with me, so it should be a fun night,” she predicted. “I’m more excited to see everyone from GH that I don’t get to see as much anymore. I haven’t been in the game long enough to know everybody on the other shows. I met Olivia briefly last year and she was super duper sweet, so I’d like to say 'Hi' to her again. And I was a huge SUMMERLAND fan, so I’m going to be stalking Shawn Christian at every party I go to!”

    Make sure you watch the Daytime Emmys on Sunday, May 5, to see if Lanier brings home the gold.

    Nathan Parsons' Roswell, New Mexico Renewed for Season 2 at The CW

    (4/24/19) Roswell, New Mexico is remaining in The CW’s orbit with a Season 2 renewal, TVLine has learned.

    A new adaptation of Melinda Metz’s Roswell High books, the series stars Jeanine Mason as biomedical researcher Liz Ortecho, who returns to her hometown after a decade-long absence to discover that much has changed. Roswell, New Mexico also stars Nathan Parsons as alien Max Evans, Michael Vlamis as alien Michael Guerin, Lily Cowles as alien Isobel Evans-Bracken, Tyler Blackburn as war veteran Alex Manes, Heather Hemmens as bartender Maria DeLuca, Michael Trevino as doctor Kyle Valenti and Trevor St. John as chief master sergeant Jesse Manes.

    SPOILERS AHEAD… Tuesday’s game-changing season finale featured the final showdown between Max and Noah (played by Karan Oberoi), from which Max emerged victorious. Unfortunately, Max would later sacrifice his life to revive Liz’s sister Rosa, whose charred corpse had been preserved in an alien pod for years. “Rosa thinks she just woke up from a bad hangover, and she’s about to be very confused,” showrunner Carina Adly MacKenzie told TVLine. “We’ll literally pick up moments after this. Things will start to click for her, like how Liz looks a little different, and she’ll have to learn to adapt.” As for Liz’s alien lover, “Max’s story definitely isn’t over, but there are consequences for raising somebody from the dead.”

    Roswell, New Mexico this season averaged a 0.28 demo rating and 1.06 million total viewers, ranking ninth and an impressive sixth among The CW’s 16 dramas. With its April 23 finale, it ticked up in the demo (to a 0.3) while delivering its biggest audience (1.05 mil) since Feb. 12.

    GENERAL HOSPITAL's TK Weaver Nominated for a 2019 Young Artist Award

    (4/23/19) Congratulations to young GENERAL HOSPITAL actor TK Weaver (Danny), who has been nominated for Best Performance in a TV Series in the Recurring Young Actor category for the 2019 Young Artist Awards! “Thank you, Young Artist Awards,” he posted to Instagram. “Honored to be nominated again for my role of Danny Morgan on GH. I love the character and I’m so glad that you all love him, too.”

    Weaver made his debut as Jason and Sam’s son in May of 2016, and immediately earned tons of loyal fans for his work as Danny Morgan. In 2018, the talented performer was nominated in two separate categories at the Young Artist Awards, but while he didn’t win for his work in a Subaru Impreza commercial, Weaver took home the trophy for his terrific work on GH as Danny struggled with the revelation that the man he’d thought to be his father was actually his uncle. (It's complicated!)

    In this year’s Recurring Young Actor category, Weaver is up against Marcello Reyes, who plays Calhoun Johnson on MODERN FAMILY and Paul-Mikél Williams, who plays Charlie on HBO’s WESTWORLD. The 40th Annual Young Artist Academy Awards will be held on Sunday, July 14, at Avalon Hollywood. Please join us in wishing Weaver the best of luck!

    Soaps InDepth Podcast - 4/22/19 - Fixer Uppers

    (4/22/19) (Listen / Download) Fixer Uppers.

    On this week’s episode of the Soaps In Depth podcast, Charlie and Richard take a look at several characters who could stand to be pushed in a new direction. Can GH’s Drew go from out-man-out to Big Man On Canvas? What will it take for Y&R’s Cane to get his life back on track? Should B&B’s Quinn take another trip to the dark side? And can anyone make DAYS’ JJ smile? Plus, preview of the week’s hottest stories and more!

    Talk Show Appearance

    (4/20/19) Pickler & Ben - Syndicated

    AIRING Apr 22, 2019

    Scott Reeves and Melissa Reeves

    General Hospital first look: Ingo Rademacher is back as Jax

    (4/20/19) ( (Pic1, Pic2) Ingo Rademacher is checking back into General Hospital — and EW has an exclusive first look!

    Rademacher, who was last seen in Port Charles two years ago, will reprise his role as Jasper “Jax” Jacks starting May 7. He’s back to see his daughter Josslyn (Eden McCoy) and ex-wife Carly (Laura Wright). He’ll also make time for his favorite dude, er, we mean personal nemesis, Sonny (Maurice Bernard).

    At the end of the Feb. 14 episode of General Hospital, Rademacher revealed that he was returning to the soap during a fun clip that included his 2017 goodbye scene with Wright. “I’m coming back to GH,” he teased. “And Jax’s legacy is going to continue in a big way. See you soon!”

    After leaving GH in 2017, Rademacher joined The Bold and the Beautiful to play Thorne Forrester, a gig he held until December of 2019.

    The Australian hunk first joined GH in 1996 to play Jax. Besides his work in daytime, he’s also traveled to the big island to play Robert Coughlin — or is it Malcolm Schafer? — in the CBS drama Hawaii Five-0.

    General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

    Dishing with Digest - 4/19/19 - Kin Shriner

    (4/19/19) GH’s Kin Shriner Traces His Soap Roots (Listen / download).

    Kin Shriner looks back on 40-plus years as GH’s Scott Baldwin, his roles on other soaps, his daytime pals, favorite memories and so much more with Digest’s Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also debate the pros and cons of ripped-from-the-headlines stories.

    Can Chase Repair His Family on GENERAL HOSPITAL? — Josh Swickard Speaks Out

    (4/19/19) ( Among the fans of the renewed relationship between formerly-estranged half brothers Chase and Finn on GENERAL HOSPITAL is the cop’s portrayer, Josh Swickard. “It’s a fun storyline we’ve got going on,” said the actor. As viewers will surely remember, Finn had cut himself off from his family long ago, and when his sibling showed up in Port Charles, he was incredibly short with him. “But Chase just longed for that relationship, so he slowly chiseled away at Finn,” Swickard recalled with a grin. “Every time he ran into Finn, he tried to warm him up a bit. That was his evil plan.”

    And miraculously, it worked! Now the guys have each other’s back. “I loved the episode where Chase was there for Finn through Anna’s scare,” raved Swickard, flashing back to when Anna went blind. “It was really sweet. I enjoy that brother relationship so much — and Anna’s becoming part of this little family. I felt brotherly in those scenes because I was there for Finn but also for Anna.”

    Of course, we still have no idea what Finn’s drama with his family was — and he clearly wasn’t over it when their father, Gregory Chase, popped in for a surprise check-up last year! In fact, he was so stung by Finn’s coldness that he asked his detective son to get to the bottom of his brother’s ire. “I don’t know if we’re going to go back and discover what caused that big rift between them,” Swickard says. But whether the show goes there or not, “I like where we’re at now — [with Finn and Chase] just being good buddies who are there for each other.”

    Catching up With GENERAL HOSPITAL's Sean Kanan

    (4/19/19) ( Looking back, Sean Kanan calls GENERAL HOSPITAL’s A.J., the character he last played in 2014, “a romantic whose aspirations and dreams were crushed.” Try as he might, Alan’s son never did live up to the Quartermaine name and legacy, which was a huge weight on his shoulders. “It fermented his becoming cynical about life and feeling like he was this self-fulfilling prophecy of failure... and that fueled his alcoholism,” the actor suggested to Soaps In Depth. “I don’t feel like the character ever really got a fair shake.”

    Likely, A.J. could have benefited from reading Kanan’s new book, Success Factor X (now available for pre-order at and other similar retailers). “My partner, Jill Liberman, and I went out to 50 interesting people and asked, ‘What is the best advice that you’ve been given about success or that you would like to share about success?’” he explained, adding that everyone from Mark Cuban to ALL MY CHILDREN’s Erica, Susan Lucci (amongst numerous other daytime stars), participated. “I learned that there are somewhat identical trails that many people take on the journey, even if they’re trying to accomplish something very different.”

    Fans will get a chance to meet Kanan in person as he travels the country for a special book signing tour. He and Liberman will kick things off on Thursday, May 16, at the Barnes and Noble in Country Glen Center in Long Island, NY. There are also dates scheduled in New Jersey, Florida, and California, however Kanan has said he will not be appearing at the Thursday, June 10, signing at The Grove in Los Angeles. A full list of dates, times, and stores where the signings will be held is available on the Success Factor X Official Website, so click through to there for updated information.

    The actor plans to use the book as a springboard for a nationwide speaking tour on the topic. And fans will now be able to recognize him in person again after he shaved his hair off for his upcoming film, Dark Stories, which is based on Verotik, the series of dark comics by rocker-turned-director Glenn Danzig. “I play a character named Sgt. Anders, who is the lead detective in a homicide investigation,” Kanan previewed. “I chose to play him with a gravelly voice — it was a real departure for me. I may keep [this look] for a while and see what other work I can do.”

    In the meantime, Kanan is putting the finishing touches on THE BUBBLE, the single-camera dramedy he’s penned and is working toward getting produced this year. “It’s about an aging soap star who wants more from life, and it comes in the form of the 16-year-old daughter that he didn’t know he had,” Kanan said. “He’s thoroughly unequipped to be a father but decides to give it a shot and just can’t get out of his own way.”

    ‘Child’s Play’ Trailer #2: Chucky Speaks – And Sounds Just Like Mark Hamill

    (4/19/19) (Video) Chucky speaks! And yes, he sounds just like Mark Hamill. “Good night, Andy,” says the murderous, knife-wielding devil doll at the end of this new trailer for Orion’s Child’s Play, the second trailer but the first featuring Hamill’s voice as Chucky.

    As with the first trailer, the new one makes good, twisted use of “Best Friend,” Harry Nilsson’s classic, feel-good theme song from the 1969-72 TV series The Courtship of Eddie’s Father. We see a bit more of Chucky’s various and nefarious doings, including that suddenly infamous death by Christmas lights.

    Hamill’s participation was announced last month at WonderCon, with the Star Wars vet taking over from original Chucky Brad Dourif. Hamill joins a cast that includes Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, and Brian Tyree Henry in what’s been described as a “contemporary re-imagining” of the 1988 horror hit.

    Child’s Play follows single mom Karen (Plaza), who gifts her son Andy (Bateman) with an all-the-rage Buddi doll, unaware of its more sinister nature (or the name that has long since become better known).

    The film is directed by Lars Klevberg, from a script by Tyler Burton Smith. Producers are Seth Graham-Smith and David Katzenberg.

    Orion releases Child’s Play to theaters June 21.

    'Deeply candid' Demi Moore memoir coming in September

    (4/18/19) Nine years after her book deal was first announced, Demi Moore is ready to release a memoir her publisher calls "deeply candid and insightful."

    Moore's "Inside Out" is scheduled for Sept. 24, HarperCollins announced Wednesday. According to the publisher, she will write openly about everything from her "tumultuous relationship" with her mother, from whom she was long estranged, to her three marriages, among them to Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher.

    "Throughout her rise to fame and during some of the most pivotal moments of her life, Moore battled addiction, body image issues, and childhood trauma that would follow her for years — all while juggling a skyrocketing career, celebrity status, and raising a family," HarperCollins announced. "In this emotionally charged memoir, she opens up about her career and personal life — laying bare her defining tumultuous relationship with her mother, her marriages, her struggles balancing stardom with motherhood, and her journey toward open heartedness. 'Inside Out' is a story of survival, success, and surrender — as well as resilience: a wrenchingly honest portrayal of one woman's at once ordinary and iconic life."

    Moore, 56, was a high school dropout who became a television star in her early 20s on the daytime soap opera "General Hospital" and later starred in such hit films as "St. Elmo's Fire," ''Ghost" and "A Few Good Men." She is also a longtime activist for children's rights and is the co-founder of Thorn, a nonprofit which combats child sex trafficking.

    The deal for her memoir, reportedly worth seven figures, was announced in 2010, when she and Kutcher were still together. Moore announced in 2011 that she was ending the marriage and they divorced two years later. HarperCollins, which originally set a publication date of 2012, declined comment on financial details or whether the breakup with Kutcher contributed to the book's delay.

    The Boys in the Band Coming to Netflix From Ryan Murphy; Entire Broadway Cast of All-Gay Actors Set to Return

    (4/17/19) Following a successful limited engagement on Broadway last year, The Boys in the Band will bring the party to Netflix in 2020, Ryan Murphy announced Wednesday on Instagram.

    “Last summer, THE BOYS IN THE BAND were on Broadway, breaking house records at The Booth,” Murphy wrote. “THIS summer, The Boys In the Band will be filming a Netflix movie event. The incomparable Joe Mantello, who directed the Broadway revival, will direct the film adaptation. The Broadway cast of BOYS was so important to me, and as equally groundbreaking as Mart Crowley’s seminal work. Everyone in the cast was out and proud…and feeling so blessed to mark the 50th anniversary of Mart’s landmark play. … I will be producing the film with David Stone and Ned Martel. Look for THE BOYS on Netflix in 2020.”

    Reprising their roles from the 2018 Broadway production are Matt Bomer (White Collar), Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory), Zachary Quinto (Heroes), Andrew Rannells (Girls), Charlie Carver (Teen Wolf), Brian Hutchison (Madam Secretary), Michael Benjamin Washington (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), Robin de Jesús (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), and Tuc Watkins (Desperate Housewives).

    Set in New York City’s Upper East Side, The Boys in the Band takes place over a single evening, as a group of gay men face uncomfortable truths at a friend’s birthday party.

    This marks the second Broadway production Murphy intends to bring to Netflix. Last week, he announced that new musical The Prom will be turned into a “movie event” for the streaming giant. Other upcoming Netflix titles from Murphy include Ratched, a prequel series about the iconic nurse (played by Sarah Paulson) from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; Hollywood, a “love letter” to Los Angeles; and The Politician, a new series starring Ben Platt.

    Daytime Emmys Sets Mario Lopez & Sheryl Underwood As Hosts

    (4/16/19) Mario Lopez and Sheryl Underwood have been named hosts for the 46th annual Daytime Emmy Awards, which are set for May 5 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. Organizer the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences unveiled the news today when it also revealed that David Osmond will host the Daytime Emmy Creative Arts ceremony May 3.

    “I am thrilled to have one of the most entertaining combinations in daytime television hosting our grand gala at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium,” said David Michaels, SVP Daytime at NATAS. “With their combined wit and charm, plus America’s favorite arbiter, Judge Judy, receiving this year’s lifetime achievement award as well as the best of Daytime nominated in all genres and a stellar list of presenters yet to be announced, it promises to be a memorable night for the daytime community.”

    In addition to the hosts, Carolyn Hennessy will return as host of the Daytime Emmys’ livestream from the red carpet and backstage post-show interviews with the winners May 5.

    The Daytime Emmy noms were announced March 20, with Days of Our Lives leading all programs with 27 noms. CBS leads all networks with 61 nominations. Amazon Prime Video tied Netflix for second this year with 49 noms apiece, followed by NBC (38), ABC (35) and PBS (31).

    Soaps InDepth Podcast - 4/15/19 - The Argument For (And Against) Julian & Alexis

    (4/16/19) The Argument For (And Against) Julian & Alexis (Listen / download).

    Sure, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Julian held a knife to the throat of then-wife Alexis, but does that really mean they can never be together? Soaps In Depth editors Richard Simms and Charlie Mason look at exactly why the clearly-still-besotted pair should (and shouldn’t) get another shot at happily ever after. Plus, other couples who had to overcome not only ridiculous odds but difficult pasts in order to have a future together.

    Inside Salem Podcast - 4/15/19 - Chrishell Hartley, Wally Kurth, Judi Evans and Freddie Smith

    (4/16/19) (Listen / download) Chrishell Hartley Spills the Beans on Jordan's Secret Baby; Wally Kurth, Judi Evans and Freddie Smith Play "Dish, Dirt or Delight"

    Chrishell Hartley tells us everything she knows about Jordan Ridgeway's surprise baby and feelings toward Rafe. Then, Wally Kurth, Judi Evans and Freddie Smith join Michael Fairman in the studio to discuss the Kiriakis family dynamic and talk about their favorite cast members in a game of "Dish, Dirt or Delight."

    GH's Scarlett Fernandez Said the Sweetest Goodbye to Michelle Stafford

    (4/16/19) ( Now that the news of Michelle Stafford (Nina) leaving GENERAL HOSPITAL is official, her castmates have been weighing in on social media wishing her all the best in her future career. And one of the sweetest was a heartfelt message from her pint-sized co-star Scarlett Fernandez, who plays Charlotte, Valentin’s daughter whom Nina has come to love as her very own.

    “I will miss you,” Fernandez shared on Instagram with a backstage selfie of them together. “Thank you for everything you did for me at GH to make me a better actor! It was always fun with you on set! Best of luck to you! Love always!”

    Fernandez joined the cast of GH back in October of 2016, a couple years after Stafford debuted as Nina, and the two worked together often as Charlotte bonded with her father’s girlfriend (who quickly became his wife to help him in his custody battle with Lulu over the girl). However, it seems as though Nina and Valentin may not have been the best influence on Charlotte, who has been exhibiting some really bad behavior, bullying her cousin and being disrespectful to adults.

    We look forward to seeing the talented Fernandez working opposite the new Nina, Cynthia Watros, when she debuts sometime around July.

    Claire Coffee in S.W.A.T. 4/25/19

    (4/16/19) “Rocket Fuel” – The SWAT team discovers a new version of PCP with ties to an escaped drug dealer who created a version that ravaged the city decades earlier. Tan’s personal ties to the case emerge when he brings in his mentor, Ben Mosley (Dominic Hoffman), the former lead detective on the original drug case, to help. Also, Chris weighs a major decision regarding her romantic relationship with Kira and Ty, and Hondo’s patience is tested by his new familial responsibilities, on S.W.A.T., Thursday, April 25 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Debbie Allen guest stars as Charice Harrelson, Hondo’s mother.

    GUEST CAST includes: Claire Coffee (Kira), Daniel Lissing (Ty), Erwin Stone (Chef J)

    Jack Wagner's When Calls the Heart Renewed for Season 7

    (4/15/19) Good news, Hearties: Hallmark Channel has renewed When Calls the Heart for Season 7, weeks ahead of Season 6’s return. The big announcement was made by series star Erin Krakow during the premiere of the cabler’s latest original TV-movie Bottled With Love.

    “I am thrilled to announce When Calls the Heart Season 7, coming next year,” she said. “We can’t wait to get back to Hope Valley.” (TVLine’s Cable Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the news.)

    As previously reported, the popular period drama will resume airing new Season 6 episodes on Sunday, May 5 — the first since the show’s sudden hiatus in the wake of the college admissions scandal involving former cast member Lori Loughlin. A new installment will also air on Monday, May 6, after which the show will resume airing in its regular time slot on Sundays at 8 pm.

    Loughlin, who was indicted last month in connection with a bribery scheme in which rich parents paid big bucks to get their kids into elite schools, was fired by Hallmark soon after the scandal hit, and the show took a break to explore its “creative options.” Since then, it has been reported that the upcoming episodes have been edited so as to remove Loughlin’s Abigail Stanton from any scenes.

    There’s still no word yet, though, on whether Loughlin’s character will ultimately be recast or written out of the series entirely. When we recently polled fans of the show, 60 percent of you wanted to see the role recast, with just 27 percent preferring that the role be written out.

    Billy Dee Williams on Star Wars return: ‘Lando never left me!’

    (4/14/19) (Video) Look who’s back in the fastest hunk o’ junk in the galaxy!

    The first trailer for “Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker” premiered Friday — and it included a shot of Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian piloting the Millenium Falcon.

    Asked at a fan event Friday how he prepped to reprise the role made famous in “The Empire Strikes Back,” Williams, 82, said, “Lando never left me!”

    Dishing with Digest - 4/12/19 - Brytni Sarpy

    (4/12/19) Brytni Sarpy On Jumping From GH To Y&R (Listen/download).

    Brytni Sarpy talks about making the move from GH's Valerie to Y&R's Elena, working closely with Bryton James (Devon), her Lay's commercial and more with Digest's Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also discuss the most recent GH casting news.

    General Hospital Recasts Nina With Guiding Light Vet Cynthia Watros

    (4/12/19) General Hospital has replaced one Daytime Emmy winner with another, by recasting the role of Nina with Guiding Light vet Cynthia Watros.

    As previously reported, Michelle Stafford is parting ways with ABC’s one and only daytime drama (after an alleged contract standoff) and returning to the role of The Young and the Restless‘ Phyllis, where she will replace her own recast, One Life to Live/GL vet Gina Tognoni.

    “It’s a bittersweet day,” GH boss Frank Valentini said on Twitter, shortly after broke the news. “I love @TheRealStafford and wish her all the best. I’m also really excited about @watroswatros joining the #GH family and continuing Nina’s legacy.”

    Since wrapping her Daytime Emmy-winning run as GL‘s Annie Dutton, Watros’ TV credits have included Titus, The Drew Carey Show, Lost, House, Finding Carter and Y&R (as Kelly Andrews).

    Watros beings taping at GH sometime in June.

    New Holiday Film For DAYS Faves And Alums

    (4/10/19) A MERMAID FOR CHRISTMAS, a new film from executive producers Kyle Lowder (Rex, DAYS), Michael Caruso and Barbara Caruso, has been officially greenlit and is in pre-production. “Filled with warmth, humor, whimsy, and just a touch of magic, A MERMAID FOR CHRISTMAS combines classic Christmas themes with an escapist fantasy element that only a mermaid can provide,” said the film’s creator, writer and executive producer Michael Caruso. The cast includes Jessica Morris (ex-Jennifer, ONE LIFE TO LIVE), Lowder, Arianne Zucker (Nicole, DAYS) Kathleen Gati (Dr. Obrecht, GH), Sheree J. Wilson (DALLAS) and newcomer Emma Demirjian. Michael and Barbara Caruso Productions, best known for the multiple Daytime Emmy® nominated drama WINTERTHORNE, as well as producing two seasons of the Daytime Emmy® nominated LADIES OF THE LAKE on Amazon Prime Video, will produce the feature film in association with WFL Productions. Principal photography will begin in spring for a 2019 holiday release.

    Alicia Leigh Willis Says She'd "Love to Go Back" to GENERAL HOSPITAL

    Back in the spring of 2015, Alicia Leigh Willis reprised her fan-favorite role of Courtney Matthews on GENERAL HOSPITAL for a ghostly visit to Nikolas and Spencer, and she was absolutely thrilled to be asked back, especially because of the very special way the return came about. “There was actually some kind of thing on Facebook where fans were voting to bring a character back for a guest star or something like that,” the actress recalled to Soaps In Depth. “And they called me and they’re like, ‘Oh, they voted for you to come back.’ And I was so excited because I got to go back and it was like a family reunion.

    “To see all of these people that I’d worked with for so many years,” Willis continued, “It was really nice. It was really nice getting to give everybody such big hugs. I loved playing Courtney. That was such a big part of my life for such a long time. Even my family got involved. When I ended up getting it, my whole family was super thrilled because they loved everybody that I worked with over there.”

    And even to this day, GH fans miss Willis’ character of Courtney, and while Spencer’s mom is dead, that’s never stopped soap characters before. And the actress admitted she would be happy to come back as Courtney’s ghost again, or even another character. “Always,” Willis declared. “I would love to go back and work with them again. Yeah, if the opportunity ever came up, I would love that. It would be fun.”

    In fact, Willis confided she’d recently screen tested for another daytime drama, but just missed out on the role. “Between me and one other girl and the other girl got it,” she admitted. “But she’s a friend of mine so… But yeah, I definitely have thrown my hat in the ring a couple of times. You never know how it is with the soaps. Everyone knows each other so it’s really nice when you go to the other soaps, you’re usually seeing people that you’ve worked with in the past. It’s pretty cool.”

    GH's Eden McCoy Opens up About Her Heartbreaking Storyline

    (4/9/19) ( When GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Josslyn learned that boyfriend Oscar was terminally ill, she was devastated... but her portrayer couldn’t wait to dive into the drama! “When I was just cute little Josslyn, I wanted to cry and be able to really act,” Eden McCoy — who was only 12 when she joined the show — recalled to Soaps In Depth. “Now I’ve been diving into it for six months straight, bawling my eyes out at work every single day. It’s been challenging and dark, but I love doing the heavy stuff. You learn so much, and I’m grateful that the writers trusted me with this storyline. It’s touching so many people and so many lives. That’s what’s really special.”

    Having gone through a lot with the Corinthos clan already, McCoy is enjoying GH’s new teen scene. “For so long, I was surrounded by adults — which is fantastic,” the 15-year-old maintained. “I really appreciate any advice they have to offer, and Laura Wright (Carly) is literally my mentor and one of my very closest friends. But there’s less pressure with the kids when we’re all together. We just feed off each other’s energies and abilities and try to do our best. It’s been refreshing.”

    It’s also been a lot of fun behind the scenes. “Garren Stitt (Oscar) has a really tough story to play, so he’s doing his best to stay light when the cameras stop rolling,” McCoy revealed. “And William Lipton (Cameron) and I just laugh doing our scenes. The cameras stop, and I can’t even breathe. He’s the complete opposite of Cameron. He’s so innocent and sweet, so it’s just so funny to see him completely become a totally different person when the cameras start.”

    McCoy is having a blast in Port Charles but she has to admit that Joss’ emotions can take their toll. “When I get home, I can’t smile or cry for the life of me,” she confessed. “I don’t care about anything. I’m just a potato.”

    And as exhausting as playing Joss can be, McCoy also clocks in at a full-time prep school and is so fierce at beach volleyball that she’s already landed a spot at the University Of Southern California. “I feel lucky and privileged to live two lives,” she said. “My parents are really traditional and strict about grades, sports and those important aspects of life that children growing up in this business don’t always get. So I’m this kid growing up in Hollywood with an audience watching, but I also have this amazing private life. I’m just going to normal school, playing in normal sports tournaments and being a normal person. I’m doing what every other sophomore is doing — the good things, at least!”

    If McCoy’s being honest, it can be a bummer when she has to prioritize her less-than-normal day job over going to a party or just hanging out with her pals. “But then I remind myself how freaking cool what I’m doing is — and they’re not doing any of it, so whatever!” she grinned. “This is the life I chose. I love it, and I’m proud of the work I’m doing.”

    GH's Rebecca Herbst and Cassandra James Support GLSEN's Day of Silence

    (4/9/19) (Video) Soap operas have always been at the forefront of using entertainment to address topical real-life issues affecting the world, and GENERAL HOSPITAL has shared a video in support of LGBTQ youth for GLSEN’s annual Day of Silence. In the video, actresses Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) and Cassandra James (Terry) stand in silence backstage on the Charlie’s Pub set to communicate the powerful message.

    The Day of Silence was first organized by students at the University of Virginia in 1996, and the event went national in 1997 with almost 100 colleges and universities participating. And in 2000, it became an official project of GLSEN, which stands for Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network. This year, the Day of Silence will be held on Friday, April 12, as people take a vow of silence to highlight the silencing and erasure of LGBTQ people at school.

    GH has been addressing this issue with the storyline of Liz’s son, Aiden, being bullied in school simply because he enjoys things like baking and princess pencils. Liz has been supportive of her little boy, and portrayer Herbst is doing the same thing with this video alongside co-star James, who is the first trans actress to play a regular character on a daytime soap. GH has also urged their fans to make their own video and tag three friends to spread the important message across social media to raise awareness.

    Jen Lilley, Chris McNally, Dan Jeannotte, Nathan Parsons & More Cast In Hallmark Channel’s ‘Countdown To Summer’ Movie Event

    (4/9/19) Hallmark Channel has rounded out cast, firmed up titles and loglines and set premiere dates for its Countdown To Summer movie programming event.

    Announced at TCA in February, the channel will premiere A Paris Romance, starring Jen Lilley (Days Of Our Lives) and Dan Jeannotte (The Bold Type, Reign) on Saturday, May 4; Feels Like Home (working title) starring Jonna Walsh (The Fosters, Baby Daddy) and Nathan Parsons (Roswell, New Mexico, The Originals) on Saturday, May 11; Sailing Into Love (fka Four Summer Weddings), starring Leah Renee (Grimm, Satisfaction) and Chris McNally (When Calls The Heart, Altered Carbon) on May 18; and Love in the Sun, starring Emeraude Toubia (Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments), Tom Maden (Scream: The TV Series, Famous In Love) and Shawn Christian (Days Of Our Lives, Famous In Love) on May 25.

    “We strive to provide our fans with a viewing experience that immerses them in the sights, sounds and feelings of the seasons that is only available on our network,” said Michelle Vicary, Executive Vice President, Programming and Network Publicity, Crown Media Family Networks. “Viewers have enthusiastically embraced our seasonal event strategy so we’re thrilled to expand on these offerings with the addition of ‘Countdown to Summer’ to the schedule.”

    Complete details of the four movies follow below.

    A Paris Romance
    Premieres: Saturday, May 4 at 8 PM
    Stars: Jen Lilley, Dan Jeannotte

    Logline: Isabella is the ambitious new owner of her family’s Oregon winery whose dream of becoming world-renowned takes a big step forward when she enters a prestigious wine competition in Paris. Upon arrival, Isabella meets her biggest competitor, Jacques, from one of the world’s foremost winemaking families. Impressed by Isabella and her expertise in wine, a budding romance develops between them. However, as the results as the competition are announced, Isabella believes Jacques badmouthed her wine. Hurt, she returns home. When Jacques discovers what upset her, he seeks to win her back, even if it means leaving behind his beloved winery.

    Feels Like Home (wt)
    Premieres: Saturday, May 11 at 8 PM
    Stars: Jonna Walsh, Nathan Parsons

    Logline: Host of a New England web series, Abby is set to launch her own line of home products. All she needs is a few more authentically northeastern webisodes and the deal is done. But Abby’s roots are actually in Texas, and now she must return to her dad’s ranch to help him. Surprised to find her former boyfriend Ryan is the ranch manager, Abby is soon swept up in their old chemistry. Torn between her Texas roots and her New England aspirations, Abby must decide where she belongs – with work in the northeast, or deep in the heart of Texas.

    Sailing Into Love (fka Four Summer Weddings)
    Premieres: Saturday, May 18 at 8 PM
    Stars: Leah Renee, Chris McNally

    Logline: Biology teacher Claire is busy juggling her duties as bridesmaid to three friends, as well as teaching a summer enrichment class at her most favorite place in the world, Blue Island. Claire learns that the sailboat used to ferry to her students has been sold to a former Navy man, Captain Tom, with the stipulation that he continues to sail the class to the island. Claire’s life gets complicated when she learns her former boyfriend Jason works for the developer intent on building a resort on Blue Island.

    Love in the Sun
    Premieres: Saturday, May 25 at 8 PM
    Stars: Emeraude Toubia, Tom Maden, Shawn Christian

    Logline: When successful dating app creator Alana hesitantly gets engaged, she returns to her hometown in Florida to deliver the news to her dad. Upon returning home, she crosses paths with her former flame, Kai, and finds herself falling in love with the fun and adventurous lifestyle tied to her community. As Alana and Kai work together to help her dad restore his declining property, Alana finds herself conflicted as to whether or not her current way of living makes her happier than the home and community that she always knew and loved.

    Soaps In Depth Podcast 4/8/19

    (4/9/19) (Listen / download) The hits keep on coming as Soaps In Depth editors Richard Simms and Charlie Mason discuss the latest big news to rock daytime, including Michelle Stafford exiting GENERAL HOSPITAL to step back into the role of Phyllis on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS. Plus, with Y&R having recast Adam Newman, how might the character’s arrival shake things up in Genoa City? Listen in for the latest news, preview and more!

    Listen to 'Good Times,' the Beautiful Song From GENERAL HOSPITAL's Anniversary Episode

    (4/5/19) ( The ending of the April 2 anniversary episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL featured a series of flashbacks from the soap’s history set to a beautiful song with appropriate lyrics like “Time flies. Hold onto these good times. I wish that we could slow the clock and make this moment never stop. A memory’s not enough. Oh these good, good times. Oh, hold onto these good times.”

    GH fans were naturally curious about the tune, wanting to use it to hold on to those good times, but as it turns out, “Good Times” is an original composition by Becky Shaheen and Gavin Linnahan written specifically for the anniversary show and it is not currently available for purchase or download anywhere. However, you can hear more of Shaheen’s music on her official website.

    So unfortunately, for now, the only way to enjoy this emotional song is to watch the clip from the anniversary episode. Although on the plus side, this way you get to enjoy seeing the flashbacks and your favorite GH characters while you listen, which honestly, makes it even more effective! (Listen)

    Catching up With GENERAL HOSPITAL's Jessica Tuck

    (4/5/19) ( Admittedly, Jessica Tuck plays a lot of moms on TV. That’s part of the reason why the invitation to portray a complicated villain like GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Cassandra appealed to her. “It’s always more fun to play somebody that wicked!” she confided to Soaps In Depth with a laugh. “Plus, I knew that I’d be working with a really delicious lineup of Finola Hughes (Anna), James Patrick Stuart (Valentin), Michael Easton (Finn) and Michelle Stafford (Nina).”

    Last August, Cassandra had awakened from her coma, only to be kidnapped by someone wearing a Cassadine ring. Where has she been since? “Right now I feel like I’m in limbo; it would be fun to know who she’s with and what’s happened to her,” Tuck says. “I would be happy to continue to twist my mustache or to dive in to the other side of things!”

    However, the in-demand actress isn’t just waiting for GH to call. In 2019 alone, she’s appeared on LETHAL WEAPON, BLACK-ISH, and GOOD TROUBLE. In fact, she recently returned to the Freeform drama as Libby. “She’s not the uptight wife that you’d expect conservative Judge Wilson to have,” Tuck said. “She has some spice to her.” Also ahead is UPLOAD, a futuristic Amazon comedy from THE OFFICE creator Greg Daniels in which humans — and in this case, a young man named Nathan — can “upload” their consciousness into a choice of afterlives prior to death. “I’m the mother of Nathan, played by Robbie Amell, but I’m still living, in the flesh and on the ground,” Tuck shared. “In the pilot, we travel between the two [realms], and we’ll continue to do so in the series... What makes it funny is it presses very close to real life, as much of the best humor does. It’s believable.”

    Tuck appreciates an entertaining tale, having run Spark Off Rose, a storytelling production, for 17 years. “I just love the exploration of human beings,” she explained. “Working as a director/producer on Spark has allowed me to connect with people in really beautiful and intimate ways.” While recordings of past performances are available at, Tuck has currently put new shows on hiatus in order to focus on coaching. “I think when we’re so close to our own stories,” she explains, “we lose sight sometimes of what’s interesting about ourselves.”

    How Will Lucas React to GENERAL HOSPITAL's Baby Swap? — Ryan Carnes Speaks Out

    (4/4/19) ( Ever since Brad swapped babies with Nelle on GENERAL HOSPITAL, fans have been desperately awaiting the day that the truth finally comes out and Michael is given back the son he believed he’d lost. Of course, that also means that Lucas will have to give up the son he adopted and has fallen in love with. “I’m really interested to see how Lucas is gonna deal with it!” Ryan Carnes chuckled to Soaps In Depth as he pondered how his alter ego would react to the devastating news. “Because it’s like, does Lucas have a three-strikes and you’re out policy with Brad?”

    Although Lucas was well aware of Brad’s shady past when they fell in love and got married, the fact that Brad has continued to do terrible things — even for good reasons — could spell the end for the couple. “Brad just keeps using bad judgement,” Carnes admitted, “and I can’t help but wonder if at some point, Lucas is going to run out of forgiveness and understanding and say, ‘You know, man, I love you but… you keep making choices that are really bad for me and my family.’ One of the things that I love most about Lucas and one of the things that I love least about Lucas is that he seems to have this never-ending supply of understanding for Brad. So we’ll see.”

    Because finding out that the baby they’d adopted died the night Brad brought him home and was swapped with Nelle’s newborn making Michael believe he’d lost his first born son is going to be one bombshell that’s going to leave devastation in its wake. “Lucas is probably going to be pretty crushed by that reveal,” Carnes confided. “Because he’s fallen in love with this baby and it’s something that he desperately wanted for some time before he and Brad went through with it. For any parent, losing a child — whether it’s because it’s the wrong child or because something happens to that child — I think that’s a crushing blow.”

    One that might just bring out a new side of the usually kind and understanding Lucas, especially where Brad is concerned! “As an actor, it would be fun to get to do that,” Carnes mused. “So we’ll see. I’m sure the writers and [executive producer] Frank [Valentini] will come up with something great. It’ll be dramatic, no matter what it is!”

    Laura Wright Declares: "I'm Not Pregnant"

    (4/4/19) ( When her GENERAL HOSPITAL alter ego of Carly Corinthos became pregnant on the soap, some fans naturally began to wonder if actress Laura Wright was pregnant in real life. But she took to social media to inform them that her baby bump is completely 100% fictional! “Oh, I love this man,” she posted to Instagram with a photo of her and real-life love Wes Ramsey (Peter), “but we are not pregnant! Only Carly! Thank you for loving and supporting us, though!”

    GH fans also jumped to the same wrong conclusion back in September of 2018 when Wright randomly tweeted about a particular food craving. “On a different note, why am I craving french toast?" she mused at the time. "I never eat french toast!" But by the following day, Wright had gotten wind of the rumors, and quickly shut them down. “Hey guys, I’m not pregnant,” she announced. “I was just craving french toast. That’s all.” And she added a hashtag to say “#stillam.” And unfortunately, by the end of the weekend, Wright still reported: “Still no french toast.” What does it take to get this woman some french toast?!

    Wright married her husband, John, back in October of 1995, and the couple had two children together, Lauren, 19, and John, 17. But in April of 2016, she publicly announced that she and John had been separated for over a year and were officially divorcing. Just over a year later, Wright then went public with her new romance with Ramsey, whom she had originally met many years ago when they were both castmembers on the CBS sudser GUIDING LIGHT.

    While Ramsey is now a part of Wright’s family, spending New Year’s with the extended clan and going along with Wright and her kids on vacation to Turks and Caicos, the pair are not starting a family of their own together. Any baby bump you see on Carly is simply a prop from the wardrobe department, not the real thing.

    GENERAL HOSPITAL Veterans Open up About the Emotional Anniversary Show

    (4/4/19) (Video) On April 1, GENERAL HOSPITAL celebrated the 56th anniversary of its premiere, and on April 2, the soap aired a very special episode that featured many of their veteran actors reminiscing about all the drama that has gone on over the past five decades. “There’s a core group of people that are still all here today even after all those years,” marveled Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie). “And we grew up on this show.”

    Some of the GH stars appearing in the anniversary episode offered up their reflections on taping the very special show as well as their own experiences living and working in Port Charles for so many years. “It was great to have us all back together again,” declared Kin Shriner (Scotty). “It’s just the history. The history is all there. The characters… we just show up and they’ve got history.” Reunited with longtime co-star Denise Alexander (Lesley), Leslie Charleson (Monica) called the experience of shooting the anniversary “just fabulous.”

    The episode was centered around the characters reminiscing about their lives as they followed scavenger hunt clues around the hospital as required in the will of Gail Baldwin, who was played by the late Susan Brown. And the actors also remembered their dear friend and former castmate fondly. “Susan Brown is what I would like to grow up to be,” confided Lynn Herring (Lucy). “The graciousness and the love and her smile and her joy that she brought to all of us is something I’d love to emulate. So to watch us honor her and to have her picture revealed on our memorial wall… and to watch Kin Shriner as Scotty because Susan and Kin were very good friends.”

    “We had a very tight relationship,” confirmed Shriner. “So it was great that the anniversary is saluting Susan — Gail — she was very important to all of us in all of our lives.” Alexander declared that Brown was one of the most beautiful people she’d ever known. “And I never thought less than that every day that I knew her,” she added, her voice choking with emotion. “She was the nicest human being you will ever meet.”

    Of course, GH wouldn’t have lasted 56 years without its loyal fans tuning in day after day to see the latest drama in Port Charles, and the stars are grateful for their love and support over the decades. “Our audience is the best!” enthused Zeman. “Love you guys! Because if it weren’t for you watching and investing your hearts and wanting to be interested in what’s going on with us all these years, we wouldn’t still be here.” And Shriner suggested we see if we can get to 60 years!

    Creepshow Castings

    (4/4/19) Adrienne Barbeau (Swamp Thing), Tobin Bell (Saw) and Giancarlo Esposito (Better Call Saul) will star in the Stephen King story “Gray Matter,” as part of the Shudder streaming service’s upcoming Creepshow horror anthology (based on King’s 1982 film).

    Michelle Stafford Thanks Everyone for Their Love and Support

    (4/2/19) ( During all the behind the scenes drama being reported about GENERAL HOSPITAL and THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, Michelle Stafford (Nina) was quiet, but there was a very good reason for that. Her father, Michael, was undergoing surgery. But the actress has finally reached out via social media to give an update and express her gratitude.

    “I love all of you guys!” Stafford declared. “Truly… you are so lovely to me. Thank you for all of your kind words and love. I wanted to thank all of you who reached out to me and DM’d me in the last few days about my father’s heart surgery. You cannot know what that has meant to me. All is good. Thank you.”

    Stafford has been at the center of many online reports that she is leaving GH to return to Y&R to play Phyllis again. Although at this time, neither show has confirmed any of the casting news, Y&R’s current Phyllis, Gina Tognoni, has already said her goodbye to the soap, and GH’s James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) said his own emotional goodbye to co-star Stafford.

    Whatever Stafford’s future holds, we’re just glad to hear that her father’s surgery went well and he will still be a part of it!

    GH Releases Nurses’ Ball Episode Collection

    (4/2/19) A 16-episode collection titled “Best of the Nurses’ Ball 2014-2018”, will be available for streaming for free at and on the ABC App from now through June 30. In addition to announcing the collection, ABC has revealed that the 2019 Nurses’ Ball will kick off on GH on May 16. To check out the episodes on the ABC website, head to

    Stars React To Y&R’s Tognoni/Stafford Switch

    (4/2/19) Stars from Y&R and GH took to social media to weigh in on Gina Tognoni’s Y&R exit and Michelle Stafford’s (Nina, GH) return to the role of Phyllis. In response to Tognoni’s Instagram message, Alice Hunter (ex-Kerry, Y&R) posted, “You are the smartest, sharpest, deepest and most layered actor I saw on that set and I enjoyed watching you work beginning to end. Thank you for pouring your heart into Phyliss and demonstrating how to love and understand such a deeply flawed character. I’m better for having worked with you. X.” Beth Maitland (Traci, Y&R) wrote, “Love you for reals!!” Jessica Collins (ex-Avery, Y&R) added, “As always, you are a class act. Nothing but love for you lady and can’t wait to see what amazing things come next! Xoxo.” B&B’s Courtney Hope (Sally) posted, “??.. You’re iconic ?? I will miss seeing your brilliant work and smiling face in the halls! You deserve the beauty of whatever comes next ??!” In the GH camp, Stafford’s on-screen love interest James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) lamented, “It’s all fun and games…. Until you lose Michelle Stafford.” Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix) shared, “Gonna miss you around the water cooler @TheRealStafford! All the best to you for the future! Xo.” And Laura Wright (Carly), who worked with both women (she and Tognoni were both on GUIDING LIGHT), enthused, “Onward and upward to these two talented beauties!!!! #daytimefamily Opens a New Window. .”

    Soaps InDepth Podcast - 4/1/19 - Ins & Outs, Preview & More!

    (4/1/19) (Listen / download) Join Soaps In Depth editors Richard Simms and Charlie Mason as they discuss the big changes impacting the soaps this week and in the months to come. How will incoming headwriter Josh Griffith, whose material begins airing this week, change the Genoa City landscape? Now that Ingo Rademacher is taping at General Hospital, how long until he hits Port Charles? And what should Bold & Beautiful fans expect when a Real Housewife takes on a major new role? All this, plus exciting preview and more on the latest episode of the Soaps In Depth Podcast!

    ‘Child’s Play’: Mark Hamill Will Be The Voice Of Chucky In Killer Remake

    (3/31/19) After decades as a heroic action figure, Mark Hamill is going to be Hollywood’s most demonic doll. The Star Wars stalwart who has portrayed Luke Skywalker in four feature films to date will provide the voice of the iconic horror character Chucky in the Orion Pictures revival of the Child’s Play franchise.

    Hamill joins a cast that includes Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, and Brian Tyree Henry in the “contemporary re-imagining” of the 1988 horror hit that follows the malevolent path of a Buddi doll that is sentient, bloodthirsty, and not as friendly as his smile. The news was announced at Orion’s pane presentation today at WonderCon, in Anaheim. Fans bellowed their excitement when Hamill appeared on overhead video screens in a taped greeting.

    “If you’re wondering who’s going to play Chucky in the new Child’s Play,” the bearded Hamill said, “you’re looking at him.”

    Hamill can be seen in medieval mode in History’s Knightfall, the Knights Templar series now in its Season 2. Hamill will be a knight of a more cosmic variety this December when Disney’s Lucasfilm releases Star Wars: Episode IX. The J.J. Abrams-directed film has been billed as the concluding chapter of the Skywalker family screen saga that has made cinema history for more than four decades.

    Hamill is an accomplished voice actor with scores of credits in animated films, television shows, video games, radio dramas, and web projects. The signature role among his voice credits to date is the Joker, the DC Comics villain he portrayed first in 1992 on Batman: The Animated Series and then it’s tie-in 1993 feature film, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. The maniacal energy Hamill has brought to the Joker in follow-up animation projects (as well as video games, among them Arkham Asylum) has established the Clown Prince of Crime as perhaps the best-reviewed role of Hamill’s entire acting career.

    Last year marked the 30th anniversary of the original Child’s Play, which effectively melded the slasher terror of Halloween with the equally scary Cabbage Patch Dolls fad to deliver historic horror results. The original became such a cult classic that Chucky now ranks up with Jason, Freddy, Leatherface, Pinhead, and Ghostface on the all-time honor roll of one-name icons of R-rated horror. The movie has echoed throughout pop culture and influenced non-horror works, too, among them Toy Story and Ted.

    For the new revamp, Lars Klevberg (Polaroid) directs from a script by Tyler Burton Smith based on the original motion picture. David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith produce under their KatzSmith Productions banner. Orion Pictures will release Child’s Play on June 21 through their United Artists Releasing banner. “More Than A Toy… He’s Your Best Friend,” is the tagline.

    In the new Child’s Play, Hamill will play a sinister entity that has been updated to match today’s marketplace concepts of playthings. This time around, Buddi is an “Artificial Intelligence human companion” manufactured by the Kaslan Corp, the world’s leading developer of interactive tech products for home and lifestyle. When Karen (Plaza), a single mother, gifts one of the state-of-the-art toys to her son, Andy (Bateman), playtime takes a terrifying turn.

    WonderCon runs through Sunday. The pop-culture expo is the sister event of Comic-Con International in San Diego. The 80th anniversary of Batman, which arrives this Sunday, is a major theme of this year’s edition. The Anaheim event has a slate of presentations for film and television projects that include The Big Bang Theory, Dark Phoenix, Fear the Walking Dead, Stargirl, Swamp Thing, NOS4A2, Hanna, Deadly Class, Into the Badlands, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Legion, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Twilight Zone, A Conversation of Witches, and an unspecified preview from Warner Bros./New Line.

    Huge Y&R Casting News! Gina Tognoni OUT; Michelle Stafford IN!

    (3/30/19) Big shakeup at Y&R: Michelle Stafford (Nina, GH) is returning to the soap she first called home. The Emmy-winning actress will be leaving Port Charles to reprise the role of Phyllis, which she played from 1994-97, and then again from 2000-13. Gina Tognoni, who assumed the role in 2014 — and also won a Daytime Emmy for it — was reportedly let go. Daytime Confidential first reported the news.

    Eden McCoy Reveals Why Josslyn Is so Much Like Carly on GENERAL HOSPITAL

    (3/30/19) ( As she stands by Oscar during his time of need, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Josslyn has proven herself to be one fierce and formidable teenager. Maybe that’s because she — and portrayer Eden McCoy — have learned from the best. “The similarities between Joss and Carly are obvious,” the actress told Soaps In Depth. “They’re both very opinionated, go places they shouldn’t, and have very powerful energy.

    “Also, I’ve been on the show since I was 12, and Laura Wright (Carly) has taught me pretty much everything I know!” she added. “There’s been the lessons taught with words, but I just watch her and have performed with her for so long that my tendencies are her tendencies. I’m my own actor and my own person, but I’ve adopted her character into mine. I’ll see edits online comparing us, and I didn’t even realize I was doing that! And it’s really cool, because that’s exactly what the show wanted when I started.”

    While Josslyn has inherited Carly’s fire, McCoy insists her character is also very much her father’s daughter. “I see a lot of Jax in Josslyn as well,” contended the actress, who can’t wait to get back to work with Ingo Rademacher now that he’s reprising his popular role once more. “Jax, like Josslyn, sees the best in people. He’s very forgiving and just wants to go surf. Not that Carly isn’t nice... but she’s a mama bear. She’s been around. She doesn’t see the best in people, she sees the reality of people. And she holds more of a grudge.

    “It’s like Jax and Carly are polar opposites — and that’s why they get along so well,” she added. “They learn from each other and bring out the best in each other. Josslyn is just a product of that.”

    Dishing with Digest - 3/29/19 - Beth Maitland

    (3/29/19) Beth Maitland Talks Emmys And Y&R Run (Listen / Download)

    Beth Maitland (Traci, Y&R) talks about the story-rich year that led to an Emmy nomination and the joys of playing an Abbott with Digest’s Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. Plus, we talk about the biggest surprises of this year’s Emmy list, Matt Cohen’s exit from GH and more.

    GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers — A Once-in-a-Lifetime Special Event

    (3/29/19) (Video) It’s time to celebrate the history of daytime’s longest running soap on the air in these GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers! April 1 will mark GH’s 56th anniversary, although due to a recent preemption, the special episode marking the occasion will air on Tuesday, April 2.

    “The hospital has changed a lot in 56 years,” Monica marvels to Bobbie as they stand at the nurses station looking around. “I think we like the drama.” And Bobbie smiles as she remarks to Scotty: “Look at us, we’re still here after all this time.”

    The promo for this very special daytime event features tons of retro clips including Jon Beradino as Dr. Steve Hardy, Scotty and Laura’s wedding, a vicious fight between Lesley and Monica, Bobbie comforting a distraught Felicia, and more. And at the very end, Sonny declares: “Thank God for General Hospital,” a sentiment many fans would definitely agree with!

    Check out the teaser for the milestone episode above and be sure to set your DVRs to record this particular show forever so you can watch it again and again.

    GH Recasts Valerie

    (3/29/19) Paulina Bugembe is taking over the role of Valerie Spencer on GH, which was vacated by Brytni Sarpy last month when Sarpy joined the Y&R cast as Elena. “My first day was wonderful,” Begumbe, who began taping last week, tells Digest. “Everyone was so warm and welcoming that any nerves I had were gone immediately.”

    Hillary B. Smith Returns To GH

    (3/29/19) Hillary B. Smith is popping back in to Port Charles as Nora Buchanan, her ONE LIFE TO LIVE role. She last appeared in 2017, representing Valentin and Olivia Jerome. This time around, she’ll have a new client. GH announced the news by posting a photo of the actress on set with James Patrick Stuart (Valentin).

    Audiobooks Narrated By Soap Stars

    (3/29/19) The Secret Garden by Finola Hughes (Narrator) Frances Hodgson Burnett (Author) (Order here)

    People are naturally inclined to hand out the "instant classic" award to the books they like, but there are only a precious few books that can hold on to such a title for over a hundred years, (this was published in book form in 1911), and still stay fresh, engaging and appealing. This book is the source and template for so many children's lit conventions that it is hard to imagine a library without multiple copies.

    You can sample the book as a Kindle freebie or in some other downloadable form, since it's out of copyright and readily available. Then, and better yet, after you read it and discover its pleasures, look for a nice edition to give to each young reader you know. There are easy to read books that are shallow, and there are harder to read books with considerable depth, but this one manages to be accessible to a fairly young reader and yet still loaded with fine writing, style, character, mystery, romance, adventure and inspiration. An excellent choice.

    And while you're at it, take a look at Burnett's "Little Lord Fauntleroy". He's gotten a bad rap, (probably as a result of those Fauntleroy suits and haircuts that were the rage in the twenties), but he's actually smart , level headed, and shrewdly decent in unexpected ways. So go and get your Burnett on.

    Get your copy here.

    See how General Hospital brings back Denise Alexander for its 56th-anniversary episode

    (3/28/19) (Video) Laura’s mom is back in Port Charles!

    EW has obtained an exclusive sneak peek of Denise Alexander’s April 2 return to General Hospital to help celebrate the show’s 56th anniversary. In this clip, Alexander reprises her role as Dr. Lesley Webber, the mother of Laura (Genie Francis). She’s back in town to honor the late Dr. Gail Adams Baldwin (previously played by Susan Brown, who died in August). Gail’s final wish was to have all her friends together, so Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) arranges the big gathering.

    While sitting in the hospital chapel, Lesley and Laura realize how Gail’s passing has dredged up good memories about the hospital and their time together.

    “I remember when I was a candy striper,” Laura tells her mom. “And I was so proud that my mother was a doctor in the hospital. I was really fortunate to have a role model like you.”

    Alexander originated the role of Lesley in 1973. She played the role from 1973 to 1984 and from 1996 to 2009, as well as in 2013 and 2017.

    On April 1, General Hospital celebrates its 56th anniversary as the longest-running American soap opera that’s currently in production and the longest-running scripted television drama currently in production.

    General Hospital just earned a Best Drama nomination from the Daytime Emmys, which will be awarded Sunday, May 5, in Pasadena, Calif. The daytime sudser airs weekdays on ABC.

    Jen Lilley Opens up About Being Pregnant With a Baby Girl

    (3/26/19) ( Congratulations are in order for DAYS OF OUR LIVES alum Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa) and husband, Jason Wayne, who are expecting a baby girl! The couple already have two sons who they are fostering, but now the actress is pregnant with a girl. “I’m getting a baby for my birthday,” Lilley enthused on Instagram, expecting to give birth in August.

    The expectant parents have already considered names, and seem to have settled on Julie. They even did a photo shoot where he held pink balloons while she held her growing baby bump to share the blessed news with their family. “I love everything about it,” Lilley declared. “We’re definitely going to frame it in baby Julie’s nursery.”

    Lilley, who also filled in for Kirsten Storms as GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Maxie, reprised her DAYS role of Theresa Donovan in the spring of 2018 and in October of that year, released “King of Hearts,” the first single from her upcoming album. Not to mention her frequent appearances in romantic Hallmark movies such as Mingle All the Way and Harvest Love. But her career is going to take a back seat now that she’s welcoming a third child into their loving family that already includes their two-year-old foster son they are currently in the process of adopting, and his biological half-brother who is just 11 months old.

    “I absolutely love being a mom of boys, but there’s a couple of reasons we wanted a girl,” Lilley told People Magazine. “One [being], we don’t have one. More importantly, the reason we wanted the girl is now my sons won’t have a bio-son to compare themselves to and I think that’s really, really important.”

    Soaps InDepth Podcast - 3/25/19 - What Will Happen Next?

    (3/26/19) What Will Happen Next? (Listen / download)

    This week on the Soaps In Depth Podcast, Charlie and Richard make a few fearless predictions about what will happen on the soaps in the weeks and months ahead. Plus, they discuss whether the all-important Sweeps ratings periods aren’t nearly as important as they once were.

    John Stamos rips his pants mid-concert

    (3/22/19) John Stamos might be gaining some new father weight.

    The “Full House” actor, 55, is currently on tour with the Beach Boys, but his Dallas show got off to a rough start when Stamos ripped his pants.

    “First time Tom Ford has ever let me down. Ripped pants five minutes in to @TheBeachBoys show in Dallas,” he tweeted. “I think that Jonas kid is behind this! (or my butt is getting bigger –) #Rippers #Beachbums.”

    Stamos also included photos of himself onstage with the rip and a clearer view of the trousers, which are one part of a three-piece suit worth $5,080.

    Nick Jonas and Stamos have been embroiled in a fake feud for months, wearing each other’s faces printed on T-shirts, hoodies and even a duvet cover. Stamos even recently revealed a fake tattoo of the 26-year-old musician on his arm.

    Though their repartee has been friendly throughout, Jonas was born in Dallas — so perhaps a bit of his spirit persisted in Stamos’ dressing room.

    Dishing with Digest - 3/22/19 - Donnell Turner

    (3/22/19) Donnell Turner On His Road To GH (Listen / download)

    Donnell Turner (Curtis) traces his path from background actor to GH heartthrob with Digest’s Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. Plus, we remember late DAYS star Jed Allan and discuss Brandon Barash’s debut as DAYS’s Stefan.

    Alla Korot on MacGyver 4/12/19

    (3/22/19) “Friends + Enemies + Border” – MacGyver and Desi help a group of Syrian refugees who are being pursued by human traffickers. Also, in Los Angeles, Bozer is trapped in Oversight’s car which is rigged to explode, on MACGYVER, Friday, April 12 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    GUEST CAST: Alla Korot (Dr. Arza Terzic), Andre Reed (Prosecutor), Faruk Amireh (Adnan).

    Matt Cohen Leaving GH

    (3/22/19) After three years as GH’s Griffin, Matt Cohen has opted to leave the show, he tells The actor will last air on March 22. To find out why, go to

    General Hospital Q&A: Rebecca Herbst & Roger Howarth

    (3/22/19) General Hospital Q&A: Rebecca Herbst & Roger Howarth: Video.

    Ingo Rademacher Is Back at GENERAL HOSPITAL

    (3/21/19) ( On Feb. 14, longtime GENERAL HOSPITAL fans got a Valentine's Day treat with an extra bonus added to the end when the soap shared a clip from the April 24, 2017, episode that ended with Ingo Rademacher revealing he is returning to GH! In the scene, having just split with Sonny, Carly asked Jax to give her time to process everything before jumping back into a relationship with him. Since she wouldn’t leave with him, Jax kissed her goodbye and walked out the door. But then the camera cut to a man watching the scene on TV. “Oh, come on,” he exclaimed as he paused the clip. “That can’t be the end.”

    Then the camera swung around to show that it’s actually Rademacher himself watching the last scene he shot for the soap. “‘Cause it’s not,” he continued with a sly smile. “I’m coming back to GH. And Jax’s legacy is going to continue in a big way. See you soon!”

    On March 20, the actor shared a photo of himself outside of the GH studio where he shared a little more information about his big comeback. “Won’t be long now,” he teased. “Just had my fitting. All new look for Jax. Start shooting next week. No air date yet. Stay tuned. Can’t wait!” Given the show’s shooting schedule, if he’s beginning to shoot at the end of March, then look for Jax to return somewhere around the end of April or beginning of May. Just in time for sweeps!

    The last time Jax was seen in Port Charles was in April of 2017 when he came to visit Josslyn and break the news that Lady Jane had died. (Actress Barbara Tarbuck had passed away four months earlier.) And when Carly told him about Nelle Benson’s scheme to ruin her life, Jax confessed that he’d paid Frank Benson to buy Nelle’s kidney for Josslyn. Furious that Carly had slept with Jax, Sonny tried to have him deported but Jax left of his own volition.

    By November of 2017, Rademacher had joined the cast of CBS sudser THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL as a recast Thorne Forrester, although they reached a mutual agreement to part ways in December of 2019.

    What could bring Jax back to Port Charles, and how will his legacy continue "in a big way?" Carly is back with Sonny and they are expecting another child together. How will the Aussie’s return impact their lives? The soap still hasn't announced Rademacher's first air date back, so stay tuned for more information as it is released.

    Jen Lilley Pregnant with Baby Girl After Fostering to Adopt Two Sons - Why She's 'Relieved'

    (3/21/19) ( Even though Jen Lilleythis link opens in a new tab doesn’t “wish three under 3 on anyone,” she and her husband couldn’t be more excited to welcome a baby girl into their unique family.

    “I’m so relieved,” the Hallmark Channel star, 34, tells PEOPLE, revealing her pregnancy news exclusively. “I absolutely love being a mom of boys, but there’s a couple of reasons we wanted a girl — one [being], we don’t have one.”

    She adds, “More importantly, the reason we wanted the girl is now my sons won’t have a bio-son to compare themselves to and I think that’s really, really important.”

    Lilley and her husband, Jason Waynethis link opens in a new tab, are already parents to two sons via foster care: a 2-year-old, whom they took in when he was just 4 months old, and his biological half-brother, who is now 11 months old. The couple is currently undergoing the adoption process with their older son, awaiting the final court date for confirmation.

    “All the legal paperwork is in … but we’re still waiting for his adoption day, which is going to be absolutely ridiculously exciting,” she enthuses to PEOPLE.

    For Lilley, foster care was something of a no-brainer. Growing up, her parents were “unofficial foster parents” with their line of work — her father as a judge, and her mother as a director of a women and children’s charity — making their home a “safe house” of sorts, for those who needed it.

    Aside from that experience, she found that foster care, particularly in her home of Los Angeles, was in a crisis — accounting for nearly 10 percent of the children in foster carethis link opens in a new tab across the country, according to Lilley. It was something the actress couldn’t turn a blind eye to, and she and her husband wanted to be part of the solution.

    “Every child deserves love, safety and a strong family,” the Days of Our Lives star explains. “Whether that means staying in my home temporarily and returning to a biological family who’s gotten back on their feet, or adoption.”

    And while her “heart and passion” is with foster care and adoption, Lilley — who’s currently 21 weeks along in her pregnancy — is looking forward to expanding her family with a biological child too.

    “I always knew I wanted to be pregnant and have a child once because I think it is so amazing what a woman’s body can do,” she tells PEOPLE. “It’s scary and beautiful, and also the most natural thing on Earth.”

    This pregnancy is even more special, because Lilley and her husband experienced a miscarriage last year, at 12 weeks along. The excited couple have even already begun thinking of names for their baby girl.

    “Right now, we are considering Julie,” the “Winter Love Story” actress reveals. “Which means ‘childlike and beautiful like a flower’ … so we’re thinking of Julie Evangeline.”

    The couple are expecting to welcome their daughter via natural birth sometime in August.

    Maurice Benard Reveals the GH Scene That Brought Him to Tears

    (3/20/19) Emotions have been running high throughout GENERAL HOSPITAL’s powerful Alzheimer’s storyline, but there was one scene in particular that brought actor Maurice Benard to tears, and that was the moment when Sonny finally had to move his father into Turning Woods as a permanent resident. But it wasn’t simply because of the emotional dialogue or the performance of co-star Max Gail as Mike. It was also because they taped the scene shortly after the death of Benard’s dear friend, GH hair and makeup head Donna Messina. “The day after I found out Donna died, I had to tape the scene where Sonny puts his dad away,” Benard confided to Soaps In Depth. “Usually, with great stuff like that, I try to personalize [the material] and make it better.”

    However, with the loss of a dear friend he considered to be his sister still fresh in his heart, the Daytime Emmy winner didn’t have to do very much to access those particular emotions when the cameras began to roll. “This time, I didn’t want to personalize it,” Benard revealed. “I just said the lines and [the scene] went crazy!”

    With Mike’s storyline still unfolding, and the Alzheimer’s patient’s condition continuing to deteriorate, there will likely be even more heartbreaking scenes and Emmy-worthy performances in the future, so make sure you have your tissues at hand!

    Bryan Craig Boards Indie Feature ‘Women Is Losers’

    (3/20/19) Bryan Craig has joined Bowery Hill Entertainment’s feature Women Is Losers from Tribeca Institute and NYU Alum, Lissette Feliciano.

    Craig will star opposite Lorenza Izzo. She plays a young Latina whose promising future is cut short with an unexpected pregnancy during the mid 1970s in San Francisco and against all odds fights her way to become a successful landowner.

    Craig stars on the ABC series Grand Hotel opposite Demian Bichir and Roselyn Sanchez. His film credits include Ride and American Fighter both scheduled for release this year. Craig recurred on the CW series Valor and won his second Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series in 2017 for his portrayal as Morgan Corinthos on ABC’s General Hospital after previous nominations. Prior to this, Craig recurred on the award winning web series Youthful Daze. He is repped by Innovative Artists and RKM management.

    Kimberly McCullough Shares Her Skin Care Secret

    (3/20/19) During her years as GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Robin Scorpio Drake, Kimberly McCullough amassed quite a group of fans who have followed her career as it moved behind the camera and she’s directed episodes of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, THE CONNORS, FULLER HOUSE, ONE DAY AT A TIME, and more. But she’s never used her celebrity to endorse a product on social media… at least not until now! McCullough shared a makeup-free selfie and revealed her skin care secret to everyone. “Hey y’all,” she wrote. “I’ve never done this before but I’ve gotten so many compliments on my skin after using this product that I’d thought I share with you. (No, this isn’t a paid advertisement.) This is me with absolutely no makeup on. 41, baby! The product is by Image Skin Care, its called “Vital C” and it smells like springtime."VITAL C Hydrating Antioxidant ACE Serum is infused with vitamins A, C, E, and a blend of plant antioxidants that are supposed to help reduce visible signs of aging. And judging by McCullough’s selfie above, it’s really working great for her! Image Skin Care products are available in stores nationwide, and also on their website, where you can learn more about and purchase the VITAL C serum for yourself.

    McCullough is looking good, and hopefully we’ll get to see Robin again this spring for the annual GH Nurses Ball? Fingers crossed!

    Soaps In Depth Podcast - 3/18/19 - Ask Us Anything!

    (3/19/19) (Listen / download) On this very special episode of the Soaps In Depth Podcast, hosts Richard and Charlie answer your burning questions about soaps, the magazine and much, much more

    Talk Show Appearance

    (3/17/19) JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE, ABC

    Tu 3/19: Mark Hamill

    Brytni Sarpy Says Goodbye to GENERAL HOSPITAL

    (3/15/19) ( In the March 14 episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL, Brytni Sarpy aired for the final time as Valerie Spencer, the character she first began playing back in March of 2015. She actress shared some clips on Instagram as she said farewell to Port Charles. “It has been an incredible journey bringing Valerie Spencer to life,” she expressed. “I am so honored to have been given the opportunity to live in her shoes and paint her story on the Port Chuck Canvas.

    “Thank you GH and [executive producer] Frank Valentini for the incredible opportunity,” Sarpy continued. “‘Parting is such sweet sorrow, I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.’ Sending so much love to my GH family. Thanks for inspiring me. Always.”

    Sarpy landed a regular role on CBS sudser THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, and will make her debut as Elena on Tuesday, March 19. However, since the last time viewers saw Valerie, she was reflecting on the kiss she’d shared with Kristina, it seems as though there is still more story to tell with the GH character. At this time, the soap hasn’t made any announcements about recasting the role, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as any more information is released.

    Be sure to check out Sarpy in her exciting new role on Y&R.

    Ryan Carnes Previews His New Movie, 'Mommy Group Murder'

    (3/15/19) ( Get ready to see a whole new side of GENERAL HOSPITAL star Ryan Carnes (Lucas) when he stars in the new thriller, Mommy Group Murder, premiering Saturday, March 16, at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime! “It’s a very different character than Lucas,” he confided to Soaps In Depth, urging his GH fans to tune in. “There’s a lot of drama going on in this movie, so if they like drama and they like being scared a little bit and having a few jumps here and there, then I think it’s something they’d really enjoy!”

    In the film, Carnes plays Ryan, a husband trying to keep his family together. “Ryan has a wife who is dealing with postpartum depression and also recently just lost her mother,” the actor previewed. “And not to mention just had a newborn child, so it’s a lot. And he really makes it a priority to make sure he’s supportive of his wife and taking care of her and make sure that things aren’t getting worse before they get better. And I think he’s maybe an unusual character in this type of film because without giving too much away, he does end up doing the right thing.”

    Of course, being a Lifetime movie, the emotional family drama takes a turn when Ryan’s wife, Natalie, played by THE ORIGINALS star Leah Pipes, joins a local mommy group to help deal with the stress and learns that membership comes with a very high price. “It’s about this couple and their new family expanding and trying to find their rhythm,” Carnes explained, “and then the mommy group comes into play and the wheels fall off from there!”

    The cast also includes DAYS OF OUR LIVES alum Kate Mansi (ex-Abigail) as Maria, and the two soap stars found the fast-paced film shoot a breeze. “I had a couple scenes with Kate,” Carnes revealed. “But we shot the movie in such a short period of time that we were pretty much all there on the set at the same time. We were moving really quickly. But it was a really smooth shoot. The crew was one of the best crews that I’ve ever worked with. Everybody worked together really well.”

    Before you tune in to Lifetime to see the result of all that hard work.

    Alicia Leigh Willis Previews Her New Movie, 'Mommy's Little Princess'

    (3/15/19) ( Since Courtney died just after Spencer was born on GENERAL HOSPITAL, Alicia Leigh Willis never got to play mom to her troublemaking son on the soap. But fans can watch her playing another mother, this time to a very troubled little girl in the new movie, Mommy’s Little Princess, premiering Sunday, March 17, at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime! “Lifetime is notorious for bringing the drama,” Willis teased to Soaps In Depth. “We all know that. It’s definitely a good movie for soap fans.”

    In the film, Willis plays Julianna, who welcomes adopted daughter Lizzy into her family that already consists of her husband, Greg, and his daughter, Allie. Hoping to give the little girl a look into her family tree, Julianna buys her an online genetics test, but when the results indicate Lizzy is descended from German royalty, the kid becomes obsessed with claiming her “crown.” “She’s on the journey of learning how to be a mother,” the actress said of her beleaguered character. “She’s not only got her adopted daughter, but her stepdaughter, and it’s just really interesting to watch. Because I think she’s doing the best she can with a really difficult situation… to say the least!”

    Willis laughed as she admitted that her real-life daughter wouldn’t get away with half of what Lizzy gets away with in the movie! “I can’t really give anything away,” she confided, “but when she realizes that Lizzy is behind some of the really bad things that are going on, I think that’s when it all kind of clicks and she realizes that she’s got some… real problems. Real problems!”

    The GH alum also had nothing but praise for her young co-star. “Sarah Abbott is by far the most professional person I’ve ever worked with,” Willis declared. “And she’s a kid! It’s amazing. She showed up, she knew her stuff, she grasped the emotions that went with it and gave stellar performances. And at the end of the day, no matter how long a day it had been, no matter how exhausted she was, she wanted to meet at the little diner at our hotel and run lines to make sure that she was ready for the next day. And there were times when I had to remind her, I’m like, ‘You need to get out and go play! Just unwind a little bit!’”

    You can check out a preview for Mommy’s Little Princess at this link, and join Willis on Sunday night to watch the premiere. That’s right — she hasn’t seen it yet, either! “I’m so excited to see it,” she exclaimed, “because just being a part of it was so much fun to shoot. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’m gonna see it with everyone else!”

    Catching up With GENERAL HOSPITAL's Sean Kanan

    (3/15/19) ( Looking back, Sean Kanan calls GENERAL HOSPITAL’s A.J., the character he last played in 2014, “a romantic whose aspirations and dreams were crushed.” Try as he might, Alan’s son never did live up to the Quartermaine name and legacy, which was a huge weight on his shoulders. “It fermented his becoming cynical about life and feeling like he was this self-fulfilling prophecy of failure... and that fueled his alcoholism,” the actor suggested to Soaps In Depth. “I don’t feel like the character ever really got a fair shake.”

    Likely, A.J. could have benefited from reading Kanan’s new book, Success Factor X (now available for pre-order at and other similar retailers). “My partner, Jill Liberman, and I went out to 50 interesting people and asked, ‘What is the best advice that you’ve been given about success or that you would like to share about success?’” he explained, adding that everyone from Mark Cuban to ALL MY CHILDREN’s Erica, Susan Lucci (amongst numerous other daytime stars), participated. “I learned that there are somewhat identical trails that many people take on the journey, even if they’re trying to accomplish something very different.”

    The actor plans to use the book as a springboard for a nationwide speaking tour on the topic. However, fans might not recognize him in person as he shaved his hair off for his upcoming film, Dark Stories, which is based on Verotik, the series of dark comics by rocker-turned-director Glenn Danzig. “I play a character named Sgt. Anders, who is the lead detective in a homicide investigation,” Kanan previewed. “I chose to play him with a gravelly voice — it was a real departure for me. I may keep [this look] for a while and see what other work I can do.”

    In the meantime, Kanan is putting the finishing touches on THE BUBBLE, the single-camera dramedy he’s penned and is working toward getting produced this year. “It’s about an aging soap star who wants more from life, and it comes in the form of the 16-year-old daughter that he didn’t know he had,” Kanan said. “He’s thoroughly unequipped to be a father but decides to give it a shot and just can’t get out of his own way.”

    Brytni Sarpy Previews Her New Role of Elena on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

    (3/15/19) ( As she prepared to make her debut as Elena on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS on Tuesday, March 19, Brytni Sarpy chatted with us about how the soap lured her away from her recurring role as Valerie Spencer on GENERAL HOSPITAL and what it’s like going from playing a cop to a doctor! “An opportunity came up for a series regular role on Y&R that kind of fit my type,” she confided to Soaps In Depth. “And my team came to me about it and asked if I was interested in it, then I met Nancy Nair, who does the casting, did a screen test, and the rest is recent history!”

    Thankfully, Sarpy was already familiar with some of her new Y&R castmates, so she felt right at home in Genoa City. And not just Jason Thompson, who she worked with on GH where he played Patrick! “Christian LeBlanc (Michael), we’ve done some events together,” the actress recalled. “I actually went to college with Noemi [Gonzalez, Mia]. I know Camryn [Grimes, Mariah] from some fan events as well. It’s a small world for me!”

    Although she couldn’t say too much about her new role without spoiling upcoming storyline, Sarpy is excited to be tackling the role of a doctor. “There are a lot of parallels with Valerie,” she teased, referencing her former GH role. “They are pretty similar in how they get on the scene and their interactions. I do like that she’s a doctor. Its a little different than playing a cop and a detective. It’s fun.” Of course, that could all change when she has to memorize pages and pages of dialogue filled with medical jargon! “Most of the scenes have been normal interactions and conversations,” the actress admitted. “But I will definitely feel a little nervous when I start talking about arteries or whatever!”

    Although she's only just started on the CBS sudser, it's already going great. “I’m really excited,” Sarpy happily reported. “I feel really embraced. The thing with the soap community in coming to another soap is that as much as we get a lot of naysayers online, there is so much positivity and encouragement that I felt through this transition. It’s been really humbling and I feel very appreciated. I value all the fans who not only watch GH but watch Y&R or watch both. The role has shown me what a great community of fans that we have.”

    Stay tuned to see Brytni make her debut in Genoa City.

    ‘The Last Kids On Earth’: Mark Hamill, Rosario Dawson, Catherine O’Hara and Others Set For Netflix Animated Series

    (3/13/19) The battle against the zombies is upon us! The voice cast for Netflix’s forthcoming animated series based on the best-selling The Last Kids on Earth books by Max Brallier have been revealed and it includes the talents of Mark Hamill, Rosario Dawson, Catherine O’Hara, Keith David, Bruce Campbell, Garland Whitt, Montse Hernandez and Charles Demers, in addition to Nick Wolfhard as the lead character Jack Sullivan. As an added bonus, Penguin Random House exclusively revealed the first look at the cover of the fifth book in the series The Last Kids on Earth and the Midnight Blade, which will be released Sept. 17.

    “The way the series resonates with readers around the world — it’s absolutely humbling. I’m so pleased that the adventures of Jack Sullivan and his friends will continue to grow, both on the page and now on screen,” said Brallier. “I couldn’t ask for better partners – Atomic Cartoons, Netflix and Penguin – to help me share these stories. And I’m beyond excited to reveal the newest cover while announcing this incredible cast. Seeing these actors bring the characters to life is a dream come true.”

    Developed by Atomic Cartoons, the animated series is set to launch later this year on the streaming giant. The Last Kids on Earth follows 13-year-old Jack Sullivan and a band of suburban middle schoolers who live in a decked-out tree house, play video games, gorge themselves on candy, and battle zombies in the aftermath of the monster apocalypse. It’s a hilarious series filled with wisecracking kids, crazy gadgets, a lifetime supply of zombies and giant-sized monsters.

    The news follows the announcement that Atomic Cartoons entered into a worldwide licensing agreement for the series with Cyber Group Studios. Under the terms of the agreement, Cyber Group Studios becomes the sole and exclusive representative worldwide for merchandising, ancillary and second window TV rights for the series.

    Atomic cartoons acquired The Last Kids on Earth in 2017, and the animated series was ordered to series by Netflix in February 2018. Brallier is participating in the series as creator and executive producer, along with Scott Peterson, who is the showrunner and also an executive producer. Matthew Berkowitz and Jennifer Twiner McCarron are executive producers on the show on behalf of Atomic.

    Maurice Benard to Bullies: "Stop It"

    (3/12/19) ( (Video) Bullying is a very serious issue, and GENERAL HOSPITAL star Maurice Benard (Sonny) has taken to his Instagram page to share an important message in the hopes of inspiring people to stop bullying others. “Break the chain,” he posted.

    “I read something today and I thought I should address bullying,” Benard said in the heartfelt video clip. “Ever since I was a little boy, a teenager, or even now, if I hear or see somebody that’s bullied, it makes my blood boil. So I thought I would address the bullies. Stop it. I know you’re only doing it because maybe somebody did it to you, a friend, a parent… you thought maybe, you know, you’ve seen somebody bully somebody else and you thought that’s the way to be, maybe that’s cool. It’s not.”

    If the comments on the actor’s Instagram post are anything to go by, there is still quite a ways to go in dealing with this very prevalent problem. Children are being bullied at school by classmates, adults are being bullied at work, and that’s nothing compared to the bullying going on all across the internet on social media, message boards, and more. If Benard’s words can get through to one bully to get them to reconsider their actions, or offer someone who is being bullied hope that there are people there to support them, it will all be worth it.

    For more resources and information about bullying and how to get help, please visit

    GENERAL HOSPITAL Celebrates the Memory of the Late Donna Messina

    (3/12/19) The cast and crew of GENERAL HOSPITAL gathered together to celebrate the late, great Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Donna Messina as executive producer Frank Valentini unveiled a new bench with a plaque dedicated to her memory. Sitting just outside of the set, it’s located in the exact place where Messina would enjoy her breaks — and fresh air and sunshine. Now her GH family will forever be able to touch the warmth that the beloved Messina radiated.

    For those interested in assisting in providing for the college education of Messina’s sons, Nick, Vito and Antonio, Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) and Jane Elliot (ex-Tracy) have joined others in creating a GoFundMe page. “The GH family would like to honor our beloved Donna through this GoFundMe page,” the campaign states. “Her love for us was immeasurable, as ours is for her.”

    Josh Swickard Reveals it Was Love at First Sight With Fiancée Lorynn York

    (3/12/19) ( When GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Josh Swickard (Chase) signed on to do the movie Roped, he knew he’d have to pick up some rodeo skills. But he wasn’t expecting to fall for his leading lady, Lorynn York, let alone fall for her so fast. “I never believed people when they said, ‘When you know, you know,’” he admitted to Soaps In Depth. “And then I met Lorynn — and when you know, you know! I called my dad early on and said, ‘She’s the one.’ And his advice was, ‘Know a girl in every season,’ so I waited a full year. It actually has been about a year and a half... and she’s still the one!”

    While York is clearly a knockout, it’s her energy that drew in Swickard. “She’s very fun,” he grinned. “We laugh all the time. And she’s also very adaptable. We’ve traveled a lot together and been put in a lot of interesting situations, and she always takes it in stride and does it with a good attitude. We also view life on the same plane. We have the same ideals, values and goals.”

    That’s why Swickard popped the question over the holidays. “We were skiing in Beaver Creek with our families,” he set up. “Her family has a tradition of playing charades, so I proposed during a game. After I acted it out, I said, ‘Well... this was not a charade.’ It was super cheesy, hokey and fun! They were all in on it, but we did a good job of keeping her out of the loop. She had no idea it was coming, so that made it all the better!”

    It’s a super-cute story they’ll be able to tell their kids… and then their grandkids! All the best to the happy couple for a lifetime of happiness together!

    Carly Schroeder Joined the Army!

    (3/11/19) ( Soap stars will often move on to acting careers in primetime television or film, but others sometimes leave show biz altogether to pursue another line of work. But GENERAL HOSPITAL and PORT CHARLES alum Carly Schroeder (ex-Serena) is taking a break from Hollywood to join the Army! “For 22 years, I’ve played dress up for a living,” she shared on Instagram. “As an actress, I’ve been kidnapped, gone blind, nearly eaten by lions, and murdered on more than one occasion. I tormented Lizzie McGuire’s little brother on the Disney Channel, was a dolphin trainer, the first female soccer player on an all-boys team, and Harrison Ford once rescued me during an intense home invasion.

    “That’s exciting and all, but in January I decided to raise my right hand and swear into the United States Army,” Schroeder continued. “With a college degree from Cal Lutheran in Criminal Justice, an ASVAB score of 92, and qualifying PFT’s, I was accepted in to Army Officer Candidate School.”

    She also admitted that there are three major reasons why she made this life decision. “College opened my eyes to global injustices,” Schroeder revealed. “But on a more tangible micro level, there is human trafficking occurring within the United States. I’ve written papers, spread awareness, and as an Army Officer, I intend to learn skills I can later apply when I’m on a team helping these victims.

    “Serving my country will give my voice more validity,” she added. “I can better serve and advocate for veterans once I am a part of their community. The military is family and family always has each others’ back.”

    Plus, there’s also the whole aspect of keeping it in the family! “My brother is a Marine and my Papa was a Green Beret,” Schroeder concluded. “There is no way I am going to let the boys have all the fun.”

    Please join us in wishing Schroeder all the best on her new journey in life.

    Jed Allan Dies: Soap Star On ‘Days Of Our Lives’ And ‘Santa Barbara’ Was 84

    (3/10/19) ( Actor Jed Allan, who built a long career in soap operas and other media as a family patriarch, died Saturday. according to his son’s post on Facebook. He was 84.

    Allan began his career on the CBS soaps Love of Life and The Secret Storm, then joined Days of Our Lives in 1971. He played the role of Don Craig for 14 years, then segued in 1986 to patriarch C.C. Capwell on Santa Barbara.

    When that show ended in 1993, he joined Beverly Hills 90210 as Rush Sanders, the father of Ian Ziering’s Steve.

    Ziering posted a tribute to his TV father via Instagram: “So sad to hear we’ve lost another 90210 castmate. I had the pleasure of working with Jed Allan from 94 to 99. He played Rush Sanders, Steve’s father. Such a great guy to work with, he will be missed. #ripjedallan”

    But the lure of soaps was still strong and in 2004, he temporarily took over the role of General Hospital‘s Edward Quartermaine.

    Aside from soaps, Allan played Forest Ranger Scott Turner on Lassie for three years, the main human companion for the collie. He also appeared as the host of Celebrity Bowling in the 1970s, and hosted a game show pilot, Temptation, in 1981. He was also in numerous TV movies.

    Born Jed Allan Brown, he was married to Toby Brown until her death in 2001. The couple had three sons, Mitch, Dean, and Rick.

    No memorial plans have been announced.

    Amber Tamblyn slams Aziz Ansari for being ‘untouched’ by sexual misconduct accusation

    (3/9/19) Stars from Harvey Weinstein to Kevin Spacey have been accused of sexual abuse during the #MeToo movement. Although some celebrities are facing the consequences of their actions, others have been unscathed.

    In Amber Tamblyn’s new book Era of Ignition: Coming of Age in a Time of Rage and Revolution, she slams comedians Aziz Ansari and Louis C.K. for “steamrolling over the topics” despite the accusations against them.

    “In one of the more controversial stories to come out of the #MeToo reckoning, comedian Aziz Ansari was accused of heavily coercing a woman into coming back to his apartment to have sex when she didn’t want to,” the book, which was released on March 5, read. “Aziz laid low for a few months, only to reemerge later, untouched and ready for another international comedy tour.”

    She continued, “The American public was so hungry for its #MeToo backlash, so ready for Woody Allen’s words to come true, that they pointed to this story about Aziz as nothing more than a bad date and an inevitable example of all the false allegations to come against men.”

    As Radar has reported, a woman claimed Ansari, 36, sexually harassed her despite “giving off cues that she wasn’t interested.” She described it as the “worst night” of her life.

    Ansari confirmed the two engaged in sexual activity, which he felt was “completely consensual.”

    “The next day, I got a text from her saying that although ‘it may have seemed okay,’ upon further reflection, she felt uncomfortable,” he said in a statement. “It was true that everything did seem okay to me, so when I heard that it was not the case for her, I was surprised and concerned. I took her words to heart and responded privately after taking the time to process what she had said.”

    A friend told Tamblyn, 35, that she had been coerced and sexually assaulted by the creator of a popular TV show.

    “He lured her back to his house and gotten her drunk, wearing her down with requests to have sex until she finally ‘gave up and got it over with,’” she penned. “Sound familiar? Upon seeing how the woman in the Ansari story was treated publicly, she said, ‘I don’t want to say something about it now. I’m too scared that I will end up like that woman.’”

    Tamblyn then went on to discuss Louis C.K.’s career. She explained how he wrote “the most believable and acceptable” apology letter of the #MeToo movement.

    “He ended it by saying, ‘I have spent my long and lucky career talking and saying anything I want. I will now step back and take a long time to listen,’” she wrote of the apology. “It is clear that Louis delivered on the first two promises in that sentence: to step back and to take a long time (sort of.)”

    But she then slammed, “In his return to the stage at the Comedy Cellar – an unannounced performance given without audience consent – he made absolutely no mention of his misdeeds and provided no reflection as to what exactly he had listened to and perhaps learned during his year of stepping back.”

    She added, “Instead, he dog whistled with a rape whistle joke, as if signaling that he owed nothing to anyone – no explanation – no comment, no recourse – and neither did other men like him.”

    Vinessa Antoine Teases Her New Role on THE RESIDENT!

    (3/8/19) ( March 6 may have been the premiere of her new Canadian TV series, DIGGSTOWN, but after live-tweeting along with the show, Vinessa Antoine (ex-Jordan, GENERAL HOSPITAL) was up bright and early to report to work for a guest appearance on FOX’s THE RESIDENT! “When the first thing that you see to start your day of work is this,” she tweeted of the fake pregnancy pad amongst her wardrobe for the shoot, “you know it’s gonna be a good day.”

    THE RESIDENT stars Matt Czuchry, Emily VanCamp and Bruce Greenwood, and centers around the drama in a hospital located in Atlanta, GA, specifically diving into the thorny issues of medical ethics and the bureaucracy of the health care industry. The script that Antoine snapped a pic of is from episode 20 of the series’ second season, titled “Black Cloud.” There’s no air date or summary available yet for this episode, but hopefully the pregnant woman she’s playing doesn’t meet a tragic end!

    But on the plus side, Antoine’s fans in the United States will be able to watch her in an exciting new role on THE RESIDENT while they wait for details on American distribution for her acclaimed series, DIGGSTOWN. As soon as we have more details on her episode, we’ll be sure to let you know!

    Dominic Zamprogna Shares Details of His GENERAL HOSPITAL Return

    (3/7/19) ( Fans were excited when Dominic Zamprogna announced that he would be returning to GENERAL HOSPITAL as the popular character of Dante Falconeri, and now the actor has offered up some details regarding his comeback. Sitting down with GH castmates and friends Steve Burton (Jason) and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) as a guest on their That’s Awesome With Steve and Bradford podcast, Zamprogna was clearly excited to be back with his pals in Port Charles, even if just for a short time. “I don’t’ think they secretly want me back,” Zamprogna joked. “I think they just want me back for little two-week adventures.”

    When Burton insisted that would be a great way to work, Zamprogna agreed. “It’s an amazing gig!” he declared. “We did six episodes, and we got four more. I signed a 10-episode contract. So technically I’m under contract right now!”

    However, Burton also expressed his desire that his buddy would come back for good. “I don’t want you to go,” he admitted. “Because I love you and honestly, I think you’re a fantastic actor and the more we have the better off we are. You’re an asset to the show. And I know you didn’t feel like that all the time, but that being said…” Zamprogna interrupted to insist: “I do right now. I feel like it’s kind of the way it was back in the old days, being back this little stint.”

    The beginning of the episode was taken up by Zamprogna sharing how his acting career began in his native Canada until landing the job on GH brought him to America and opened up his entire world, so he’ll always be grateful to the soap for that. “I came here with the job,” he explained. “So for the first 8, 9 years I was here, I didn’t get out a lot. Because casting people didn’t really know who I was. I had to do self tapes all the time, but those don’t really go very far sometimes. They go further now, especially if the casting people know you. So for the last seven months that I’ve been gone, I’ve been getting in rooms and I’ve been getting pinned for jobs. So I did tapes in the last few months that are going to lead to me getting pinned for a job whereas a tape five years ago wouldn’t have gotten seen by anybody.”

    Zamprogna has already shared some of his other outside projects he’s been working on with Soaps In Depth, so fans will also be able to see him in those films and television shows if his brief stint on GH isn’t enough for them.

    Bryan Craig Thinks Billy Flynn Would Be a "Great" Morgan Recast on GENERAL HOSPITAL

    (3/7/19) ( A couple of GENERAL HOSPITAL stars are suggesting that former DAYS OF OUR LIVES actor Billy Flynn would make a good recast for the role of Morgan Corinthos, and one of them is the character’s former portrayer, Bryan Craig! The whole thing kicked off on Twitter when Flynn, who recently left the role of Chad DiMera on DAYS, remarked that he’d stand in line for the stars attending an upcoming GH fan event. One of the attendees, William deVry (Juilan), remarked: “Hey, Billy, you would make a good Morgan should he ever appear again. I hear Bryan Craig is otherwise booked. Ha!” To which Flynn replied: “I do believe I would give it my best shot. Ha ha! That escalated quickly from getting a few autographs. My buddy Ken worked with Bryan on his new show. He’s great.”

    After vacating the role of Morgan, Craig returned for a cameo appearance in one episode back in January of 2018, but the actor has been keeping extremely busy since leaving daytime with roles in the CW military drama VALOR, the film Ride, and his upcoming primetime sudser GRAND HOTEL. Morgan’s body was never actually found, but if GH wanted to bring him back, they’d naturally have to recast the role. And Craig got mixed up in the fun Twitter exchange to offer his endorsement to Flynn! “You’d be a great Morgan,” he replied. “Thanks for the kind words, brother.”

    Flynn was flattered, but now realized that the three of them had stirred up a hornets nest with excited fans jumping all over the idea. “Thanks Bryan,” he responded. “Not sure how one could follow what you did, though. This, on the other hand, is gonna escalate quickly now. Ha ha ha! Congrats on everything, man.”

    For his part, Craig knew exactly what he’d started. “Yeah, prepare for the copy and paste of this conversation in articles!” he teased. But how could we resist? It’s a great casting suggestion, and one we hope GH keeps in mind should they ever want to bring Morgan back from the dead!

    Meet GH’s Michelle Stafford In Austin, TX

    (3/7/19) Michelle Stafford (Nina, GH) will be at the SXSW Wellness Expo this Sunday, March 10, in Austin, TX. “I am so very honored to be on this panel and a part of the SXSW Wellness conference,” she tells Digest. “I am joining five other amazing women! We will be discussing how to change your life (for the better) and starting a company and doing it all as a working woman and (in some cases) a working mother.” For more info, click here.

    Laura Wright and Maurice Benard Preview Carly and Sonny's Future on GENERAL HOSPITAL

    (3/6/19) ( Being happily married on a soap doesn’t have to mean being hopelessly boring, and GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Sonny and Carly have proven that by how strong they have been as a team ever since tying the knot for the fourth time. “They’re so solid,” Laura Wright (Carly) declared to Soaps In Depth. “Carly has her stuff going on, and Sonny has his — and because they’re married, it mixes. What’s nice is they can still be the characters you love without having to split them up.”

    And naturally, there will still be conflict to create some drama between the pair. “Sonny and Carly are still the voice of truth for each other,” she suggested. “Carly calls Sonny on his stuff when he doesn’t want to hear it, and that’s what Sonny does for Carly. Just because they’re in love doesn’t mean you have to lose the intensity between them.”

    Maurice Benard (Sonny) agrees with his leading lady, and also enjoys seeing the couple presenting a united front for a change. “We’ve been married for 50,000 years and it’s nice because it’s settled,” he argued. “That’s what I like about it — you can have problems. Why keep Carly and Sonny as this perfect, happily married couple? I don’t mind Sonny being married… but you got to spice it up a bit!”

    So even as Carly finds herself mixed up in the Ryan murder mystery during her high-risk pregnancy and Sonny puts himself in danger while searching for a missing Dante, fans can rest assured that they will both be able to rely on the other when the chips are down. of course, there’s still one thing GH fans are still worried could come between them — Sonny’s growing friendship with D.A. Margaux Dawson!

    “I don’t know if this is one of those things where Margaux and Sonny have to get physically close,” Benard mused. “It’s an emotional relationship — and neither Sonny nor Margaux know why! Just the hint of it is what makes it work, even if they’re friends. I don’t even know where this is going. But if the writers are into writing for Carly, Sonny, and Margaux, I’m all for that. I’m kind of excited about it!”

    Soaps In Depth Podcast - 3/4/19 - Back from the Dead

    (3/6/19) Back from the Dead (Listen / download)

    As The Young & The Restless prepares to resurrect the supposedly-dead J.T. from his apparently premature grave, Richard and Charlie discuss the fact that more often than not, death is a temporary condition on soaps. They offer up their takes on the pros and cons of soap resurrections. Plus, a look at who could step into the role of Y&R’s Adam Newman, the Bold & Beautiful reunion that could use a bit more drama, the game-changing performance of one General Hospital actor and more!

    Jon Lindstrom Reveals How He Fell in Love With Wife Cady McClain

    (3/4/19) ( The real-life love story between GENERAL HOSPITAL star Jon Lindstrom (Kevin/Ryan) and ALL MY CHILDREN’s Cady McClain (Dixie) didn’t start simply because their AS THE WORLD TURNS characters, Craig and Rosanna, were paired together on the CBS sudser back in 2002. “It didn’t hurt that we were playing characters that were falling in love,” he conceded to Soaps In Depth with a smile. “But that’s not necessarily how it happened.”

    What happened was actually as New York as can be: The castmates fell for each other during their daily commutes from work! “ATWT shot on a stage way out in the middle of Brooklyn, and Cady and I both lived in Manhattan,” he explained. “We would finish our scenes and be done around the same time, so we often ended up taking the hour-long train ride back to Manhattan together and got to know each other that way. We got to be very very good friends before anything else transpired.” In other words, it wasn’t love at first sight — or first love scene! “Not at all,” Lindstrom said. “I just realized I’d met this really amazing person... who was hugely intelligent and creative.”

    One of the biggest thrills for Lindstrom in falling for McClain and marrying her in 2014 has been seeing her blossom as a director, producer, writer, artist and activist. The Daytime Emmy winner has earned film-festival awards across the country for projects like her short, Butterflies, and her documentary, Seeing Is Believing: Women Direct. “People have asked me if I ever expected Cady to do something like this, Lindstrom confided. “Yeah, of course! That’s who she is. If she needs to learn it, she will master it and get it done. That’s my wife. It’s pretty cool!”

    And Lindstrom, an award-winning filmmaker in his own right, is still keen to work with his leading lady anytime. In fact, after McClain directed him in the series, SWITCH, last summer, she pulled out one of his old scripts. “She said, ‘I think this is going to be timely,’” recounted Lindstrom. “And when Cady says something’s going to be timely, I listen! It’s like real estate. If she says a building is a good investment, I listen. She has incredibly good instincts for things like that. So we pulled that script out, and I’m getting some very good feedback on it. It turns out she’s right! It is very timely. I expect to direct it... I just don’t know when.”

    On His Birthday, GENERAL HOSPITAL's Maurice Benard Shares a Heartfelt Message to You

    (3/4/19) ( (Video) (Photo) Normally on someone’s birthday, they receive special messages from their friends and loved ones, but GENERAL HOSPITAL star Maurice Benard (Sonny) decided to switch it up this year, expressing his heartfelt appreciation to everyone on his March 1 birthday! “I didn’t know what I was gonna do,” he said of the Instagram video he planned to post on his big day. “Maybe sing? ‘Happy birthday to me…’ Nah, I’m not doing that. I didn’t know if I was gonna put a cool picture out or a fun video with the goats… but I’ve done that a lot. I love my goats.

    “I just wanted to say thank you to everybody,” Benard continued. “To my mother and father, my wife, my kids, my friends for their support. This has been an incredible year. And it’s not over… it’s just starting! But I’m so thankful and grateful. And I want to say that we all gotta love each other. Love makes the world go round. I know it doesn’t seem that way right now, but it is the truth. Alright, thank you. Bye.”

    That’s not to say that others didn’t have birthday wishes for Benard. His daughter, Cailey, shared some vintage family photos of her pop with her own loving message. “Talented + handsome + determined + strong + family man + hilarious = My Daddy. Happy birthday to the #GOAT and best dad you could ever want.” GOAT stands for “Greatest of All Time” and if you swipe through the photos she posted, you’ll see why she believes that with all her heart. That last pic is a doozy!

    Please join us in sending birthday wishes to Benard on his special day — hope it’s a great one!

    Talk Show Appearance

    (3/3/19) WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE, Bravo

    We 3/6: Amber Tamblyn

    Morning Show Appearance

    (3/1/19) Today – NBC

    Tuesday, March 5: Actress Amber Tamblyn on her new book, “Era of Ignition.”

    Talk Show Appearance


    Tuesday, March 5: Amber Tamblyn

    Joe Flanigan on Seal Team 3/20/19

    (3/1/19) “What Appears to Be” – Bravo Team works with the Congolese Army on a covert mission to capture the head of a rebel militia group. Also, Jason argues with Emma about college, and Sonny and Davis make a big decision about their future, on SEAL TEAM, Wednesday, March 20 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    GUEST CAST includes: Roger Davies (Roland Benga), Joe Flanigan (General Trask), Antonio David Lyons (General Sunda).

    Carolyn Hennesy on NCIS: LOS ANGELES 3/24/19

    (3/1/19) “Born to Run” – Sydney (Ashley Rae Spillers) turns to her sister Nell for help after her high school crush, Andre Martinez (Delon de Metz), is mixed up in a Russian plot to steal intelligence from the Department of Defense. Also, Special Prosecutor John Rogers (Peter Jacobson) conducts mandatory performance reviews with the team, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Sunday, March 24 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    GUEST CAST includes: Peter Jacobson (Special Prosecutor John Rogers), Ashley Rae Spillers (Sydney Jones), Carolyn Hennesy (Bunny).

    Laura Harring on NCIS: LOS ANGELES 3/17/19

    (3/1/19) “Till Death Do Us Part” – After months of planning, the NCIS family celebrates the wedding of Kensi and Deeks. Also, an old acquaintance, Anatoli Kirkin (Ravil Isyanov), pays Deeks a surprise visit on his wedding day and he isn’t alone, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Sunday, March 17 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    GUEST CAST includes: Peter Jacobson (Special Prosecutor John Rogers), Medalion Rahimi (NCIS Special Agent Fatima Namazi), Laura Harring (Julia Feldman).

    Ryan Paevey Shows Off His Awesome New Ride

    (2/28/19) ( (Photo) Looks like GENERAL HOSPITAL alum Ryan Paevey (ex-Nathan) has a new lady in his life… and we’re talking about a new motorcycle! “She’s no pushover, she’s got moxie,” he declared on Instagram. “I think that’s what I’ll call her.” The actor shared a few photos of the new bike as well as a video clip of him revving its engine. Just swipe through on the pictures below to see them all!

    “I’m obsessed with motorcycles,” he has confessed to Soaps In Depth. And there’s nothing he loves more than hitting the open road and going for a ride. “I often end up in the middle of nowhere — it takes some doing to get to some of those places!” Paevey’s last bike was named Morrigan, and the motorcycle before that, he chose to call Lilith (originally Sage).

    Since leaving GH, Paevey has continued to act in between motorcycle trips, guest-starring on BROOKLYN NINE-NINE and starring in the TV movies Marrying Mr. Darcy and Hope at Christmas. His most recent project is the romantic comedy BFF Bride, co-starring THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Kelly Kruger (Mac).

    Hopefully, Paevey will ride Moxie carefully because we all want to keep seeing his performances in future movies and television shows!

    GENERAL HOSPITAL Headwriter Previews Dante's Return

    (2/27/19) ( Ever since the moment that Dante left Port Charles, fans have been eagerly awaiting his return to GENERAL HOSPITAL, and so have his friends and family! Now that Dominic Zamprogna has announced that he will once again be reprising his role, the question remains — Where is he, and what will he come home to?

    Dante went off on a secret mission to help the WSB bring to justice the criminal who had once tried to kill Lulu in the past, but while he was away, Dante missed his wife almost losing her life again, this time at the hands of Ryan Chamberlain! But Lulu’s near-death experience has led Dante’s family to try a little harder to track the guy down to bring him home. “As Dante remains under deep cover, other people become involved in the search,” co-headwriter Shelly Altman previewed to Soaps In Depth. “It appears he is in greater danger than was previously assumed!”

    But if Dante is in such tremendous danger, what does that mean for whoever goes after him? Plus, even when he’s brought safely back to Port Charles, Dante is going to have a lot on his plate. And not just because Lulu was almost murdered! After Dante took off, Lulu was left to balance raising the kids while also getting her new career as a reporter off the ground. So while she'll likely be thrilled to be reunited with her hubby, after that initial rush wears off, there are going to be some difficult conversations!

    “Dante left town so suddenly,” Altman admitted, “and he never expected to be gone as long as long as he has been. And we’ve seen signs of the friction that this is causing. So it certainly seems safe to say that he and Lulu will have to deal with the ramifications of his decision.”

    Nancy Lee Grahn's Daughter, Kate Grahn, Released Her Debut Single — Listen to It Here!

    (2/27/19) ( (Listen) Talent runs in the family! Kate Grahn, daughter of GENERAL HOSPITAL star Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), has just released her debut single, “Someday Baby,” and it’s amazing! Written by Kate and McCall Kimball, the tune is a driving rock song with a little bluesy twang featuring lyrics about a woman who refuses to settle and be just your “someday baby.” “It would mean so much to me if you would help me celebrate my Kate’s 21st birthday by listening to her new single,” the proud mom tweeted.

    Kate may be young but she’s already a confident presence on the stage, having performed live numerous times over recent years. And you can hear that confidence in her powerful vocals in “Someday Baby.” The song is available to stream and purchase on platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Google, Amazon, TIDAL, and more. Just click this song link and you can choose the way you want to listen to it. Or, you could just click play on the YouTube video below… then follow the links to buy it and download it to listen to it whenever you like!

    If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can catch Kate live on stage at The Love Song Bar on Sunday, March 10. Tickets are free, but you can RSVP by following this link on her official website. Otherwise, you’re just going to have to enjoy listening to “Someday Baby” and wait for an EP or a full album to be released soon to hear more music from this talented young artist.

    Vinessa Antoine Shows Off Her Gorgeous New Shorter Hairstyle

    (2/27/19) ( (Photo) Not only does GENERAL HOSPITAL alum Vinessa Antoine (ex-Jordan) have a new job, but she’s got a whole new look! The actress, whose new primetime series, DIGGSTOWN, is set to premiere in Canada in March, showed off a fabulous new haircut on her Instagram. “I did it mostly for you, Lindsay Thorne,” she joked, “but mostly for me. #newhairwhodis” (Thorne is a makeup artist who works with Antoine on the CBC series.)

    After joining GH in March of 2014, Antoine opted out of her contract in 2018 when she landed the starring role as a high-powered corporate lawyer in DIGGSTOWN. But fans have eagerly followed her career, and the US-based ones are also looking forward to seeing the Canadian series soon.

    Soaps In Depth Podcast - 2/25/19 - Fan Favorites Return!

    (2/25/19) (Listen / download) On this week’s edition of the Soaps In Depth podcast, Richard and Charlie talk about the returns of General Hospital’s Ingo Rademacher (Jax) and Dominic Zamprogna (Dante), as well as The Young & The Restless’ Doug Davidson (Paul). Plus, The Bold & The Beautiful kicks off a new plot that could shake-up the entire canvas. All this, plus preview and more!

    Catching up With GENERAL HOSPITAL's Tequan Richmond

    (2/25/19) ( According to Tequan Richmond, seeing the role of GENERAL HOSPITAL’s T.J. recast was “bittersweet. I got to somewhat graduate to something else to where I was a lead in a show,” he explained to Soaps In Depth, “and at the same time, I’d worked hard and wanted to keep the relationship.” But knowing that GH needed someone whose focus wasn’t split, Richmond understood. “They did what they had to do, so for me, it’s nothing but love for them,” he reflected. “I wish the new T.J. [Tajh Bellow] the best.”

    Richmond certainly can’t dwell on it too much. He’s excited about his new series, BOOMERANG, the romantic comedy currently airing on BET in which he stars as Bryson, the son of ad executive Jacqueline Broyer (Robin Givens’ character in the 1992 movie). In joining her firm, Bryson reveals himself to be a “very ambitious businessman who wants to step out from his mother’s shadow,” explained Richmond. But he might find a stumbling block in fellow newcomer Simone, the daughter of Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry’s movie characters.

    While the show contains plenty of laughs, look for Bryson to ride an emotional roller coaster. Having portrayed all that to critical acclaim as T.J., Richmond felt well-prepared. Of course, working opposite Tetona Jackson as Simone helped, too! “We played twins in a show called ALL NIGHT,” Richmond shared, “so we already had a cool bond.”

    One of the things the actor appreciated most about the project is that it re-teamed him with producer Lena Waithe, for whom he’d worked on Showtime’s THE CHI. “Working with Lena is one of the best experiences of my life!” he enthused. “I was able to voice a lot of opinions that were actually accepted.”

    That reminded the actor of when he was learning about producing while making Nowhere, Michigan, the recent digital release in which he also starred as a guy who, while dodging deadly con men, sets up a meth lab and winds up in a love triangle in a small town. “I’ve been wanting to add things to my repertoire,” he said, “because soon, I hope to step behind the camera indefinitely.” Growth is important to Richmond, which is why he maintains just one regret about walking away from T.J.: “I wanted to see him become a doctor!”

    Jaime Ray Newman wins Academy Award for Best Short Film

    (2/24/19) Israeli director Guy Nattiv won an Academy Award Sunday night for his Live-Action Short Film "Skin." The win was made all the more special for the 45-year-old Tel Aviv native because he won the Oscar with his wife, American actress Jaime Ray Newman (ex-Kristina Cassadine, General Hospital) who served as a producer on the film.

    "I moved here five years ago from Israel," a stunned Nattiv told the crowd at the Dolby Theatre. "This film is about education. It's about teaching your kids a better way."

    Added Newman, who joined him on stage: "We dedicate this to our 5-month-old baby who's sitting at home with my parents watching this. We hope that you grow up in a world where these things don't happen because people learn to love and accept each other."

    Despite this being Nattiv's first Oscar nomination, he was the odds-on favorite walking into the awards in Los Angeles: both The Hollywood Reporter and The New York Times predicted he would win. Variety magazine called Nattiv an "undeniably gifted filmmaker" and said the short film was a "stunner."

    Nattiv and Newman – who together run the New Native Pictures production company – have been promoting the movie non-stop since the nominations were announced on January 22.

    They've been attending screenings of the film, fielding interviews and meeting their fellow Oscar nominees. Lady Gaga and Spike Lee have offered them advice. They, along with their daughter Alma, had been prepping all day. Nattiv's brother Gil flew in from Israel for the big night. The film's co-writer, fellow Israeli Sharon Maymon, joined them on stage when they won.

    "Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that this little short film we made, literally in our garage, would be seen by so many people around the world," Newman told us. "It just goes to show you, focus on your art and do what you think is important and all the rest will fall into place."

    Nattiv joins a small class of fellow Israelis who have won Oscars – although several have been nominated, including producer Arnon Milchan for "The Revenant" and "L.A. Confidential," and who also served as a producer on this year's nominated "Bohemian Rhapsody." The Jerusalem-born Natalie Portman has been nominated multiple times and won for her role as a ballet dancer in 2011's "Black Swan." (The actress walked away with more than just an Academy Award for that role; she met her future husband on the set.) Israeli filmmaker Moshe Mizrahi, the country’s only director of an Oscar-winning film, passed away this past summer.

    David Gidali is a fellow Israeli director who specializes in short films. "I'm so happy for Guy," he told From The Grapevine. "I still vividly remember 'Strangers,' his short from 2003 which also dealt with prejudice and racism. I believe that making a short film that's impactful enough to pierce through the noise and win an Academy Award is possibly even more challenging than doing the same with a feature film. Short films impose strong creative limitations, and succeeding that format is an incredible feat."

    Due to the success of the short film, the couple was able to make a feature-length version. It stars Vera Farmiga, Jamie Bell and Danielle Macdonald from the hit Netflix movie "Dumplin." Sting's wife, Trudie Styler, is a producer on the film. The feature-length version premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, where it won the prestigious Fipresci Prize, an award given by the International Federation of Film Critics. The Hollywood Reporter called Bell's performance "moving" and "powerful." That version is expected to arrive in theaters this August.

    Nattiv's next project will be a movie based on the life of his grandmother, a World War II survivor, who ended up as part of a cult in Virginia. "It's about the pursuit of happiness at all costs," he told us. He plans to start filming it later this year.

    In the meantime, Fox Searchlight has acquired the "Skin" short film and plans to make it available for streaming online. It is already available for purchase on the iTunes store.

    Dishing with Digest - 2/22/19 - Emme Rylan

    (2/22/19) Emme Rylan On Why She Loves Playing GH’s Lulu (Listen / download).

    GH’s Emme Rylan dishes Lulu’s current tale, Dominic Zamprogna’s return as Dante, working with Genie Francis (Laura) and Anthony Geary (ex-Luke) and more with Digest's Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. Plus, we discuss the latest casting news, and whether AMC and ONE LIFE will return to TV.

    Maurice Benard's Family Sing-Along Leaves His Fuzzy Audience Unimpressed!

    (2/21/19) ( When GENERAL HOSPITAL star Maurice Benard (Sonny) showed off three generations of musical talent, their audience was decidedly unimpressed! The actor shared a hilarious video to his Instagram he titled: ”The Quinceanera.” In it, he, his son, Joshua, and his father, Humberto, all sing the popular Cuban song “Guantanamera.” Benard leads the family singalong and he and his father dance as Joshua goes from pretending to play the guitar to just keeping time by slapping it in rhythm.

    Then the camera pans across the yard to the nearby alpacas Benard owns, whose responses are given captions as they joke that the “Three Amigos” are “three guys who can’t sing or play guitar.” Then one decides, “I’ve had enough” and begins to walk away from the whole thing! Watch the creative and funny video here: Video.

    Although Benard has often downplayed his musical abilities and last year’s GH Nurses Ball was the first time that Sonny Corinthos ever took the stage (to help out his father, Mike Corbin), the proud pop showed off Joshua’s singing voice back in 2017. And honestly, in this case, it doesn’t matter what the guys sounded like, because the alpacas are clearly the stars of the show!

    Soaps In Depth Podcast - 2/18/19 - A Reunion For Julian & Alexis?

    (2/18/19) A Reunion For Julian & Alexis? (Listen / download).

    This week on the Soaps in Depth podcast, Richard and Charlie ponder whether General Hospital’s Julian and Alexis can — or even should — find their way back to one another. Also on tap this week: How Days Of Our Lives has kept John and Marlena front-and-center, why Bold & Beautiful should let Hope go over the edge and a celebration of Melody Thomas Scott’s four decades as The Young & The Restless’ Nikki.

    Writers Guild Awards 2019 - Winners

    (2/18/19) 71st annual Writers Guild Awards, which were handed out tonight during simultaneous ceremonies in Los Angeles and New York.

    DAYTIME DRAMA: General Hospital, Head Writers: Shelly Altman, Christopher Van Etten; Writers: Barbara Bloom, Anna Theresa Cascio, Suzanne Flynn, Charlotte Gibson, Lucky Gold, Kate Hall, Elizabeth Korte, Daniel James O’Connor, Donny Sheldon, Scott Sickles; ABC

    Rena Sofer Announces Reunion With Ex

    (2/15/19) In a Valentine’s Day post, Rena Sofer (Quinn, B&B) announced that she and ex-hubby Sanford Bookstaver are back together. “Sometimes you are lucky enough to find the man of your dreams early in your life… and sometimes you divorce the man of your dreams after 13 years of marriage…,” she wrote. “Then… sometimes you are DOUBLY lucky enough to find the man of your dreams all over again!!! Realizing the love of my life has been there, all the time, for the last 18 years is the best gift I could have ever hoped to receive. @sbookstaver will you be my valentine? FOREVER?? #loml #happyvalentinesday.” Bookstaver tweeted, “This woman @rena.sofer is the love of my life! It’s been a long journey together, and I couldn’t be happier that we have found each other again. Here’s to a long and beautiful life together forever. Happy Valentine’s Day! #valentinesday#love #forever.”

    GH's Jax Returns

    (2/14/19) Having wrapped his run as The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Thorne, Ingo Rademacher is heading back to ABC’s General Hospital to build on Jax’s legacy. Watch his announcement video here.

    Dominic Zamprogna Returns to GENERAL HOSPITAL!

    (2/14/19) Get ready for Dominic Zamprogna to return to GENERAL HOSPITAL as Dante Falconeri! The actor shared a quick selfie from his dressing room which sent fans into a major tizzy. When Lulu was nearly murdered by Ryan, everyone immediately tried to track down her husband so he could come home and protect his wife. And whether or not Dante is the one to finally stop Ryan's reign of terror in Port Charles, at least this return will be longer than the single episode Zamprogna came back for in 2018.

    Zamprogna joined the cast of GH in 2009 as Dante, receiving a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 2014 for Outstanding Supporting Actor. Fans of the soap were saddened to learn in the spring of 2018 that he had chosen to leave GH and filmed his last scenes. Thankfully, the writers didn't have Dante fall in the line of duty like Nathan West, and instead sent him out of town on an important mission.

    Zamprogna made an appearance in the Nov. 12 episode that showed the alternate reality that would have occurred if Sonny hadn’t made the decision to join the mob, and he teased that appearance much in the same way on social media. On Oct. 29, Zamprogna tweeted at Maurice Benard (Sonny): “Big day tomorrow.” And when William deVry (Julian) replied: “Um, you forgetting someone?” Zamprogna joked: “Yes. Will, thanks for reminding me. Lisa LoCicero (Olivia), see you in the AM, ma!” Things became a whole lot clearer the following day when the actor shared a photo of himself outside of the GH studio. “Dante for a day?” he shared. “Happy to be back with the GH fam.”

    Then, on the same day, LoCicero shared a photo of herself with her on-screen son joined by deVry and Benard at a restaurant. "Good (not so) old days," she captioned it. Looks like everyone was having fun seeing each other again and catching up! (And the food doesn't look half-bad, either!)

    The actual date of Zamprogna's first episode back has not yet been revealed, so stay tuned as the exciting storyline unfolds in anticipation of Dante's return to Port Charles!

    Steve Burton Reveals He Treats Every Day With Wife Sheree Like Valentine's Day

    (2/13/19) ( Valentine’s Day isn’t particularly special for GENERAL HOSPITAL star Steve Burton (Jason), because he and his wife, Sheree Gustin, celebrate their love every day of the year! “I have the greatest wife in the world,” he bragged to Soap In Depth. “She’s just an incredible mom and partner. I couldn’t do any of the stuff I do without her. It’s the cliché of, ‘Behind every man is a great woman.’ She’s everything.”

    When the couple was just starting out, they actually did do a little more on February 14. “There were years when I came home from work, and she’d done it up,” Burton recalled. “She made a romantic dinner at our place and decorated with rose petals and candles all over the place.” As for what happened after dinner, the actor jokes: “I’ll leave the rest of the evening up to the imaginations of the American people!”

    But even after 20 years of marriage — and the addition of their three beautiful children, Makena, 15, Jack, 12, and Brooklyn, 4, to the family — Burton and his wife are still just as in love as they’ve ever been. They just don’t feel the need for a holiday to express their feelings for each other. “Is Valentine’s Day really just that one day?” he mused. “Or should it be more than one day? Maybe every day, if possible?”

    Can’t argue with that one! “I have an amazing wife,” Burton concluded. “And an amazing life.”

    GENERAL HOSPITAL's Emme Rylan Is Moving!

    (2/13/19) ( As you grow up and start a family, it’s only natural that a person would move from small apartments to bigger homes. But having done that, GENERAL HOSPITAL star Emme Rylan (Lulu) is now downsizing because it turns out that bigger is not always better! The actress, Don Money, and their children — Jackson, Levi, and Dakota — are moving into a smaller home, and she couldn’t be more excited.

    “Don and I lived in NYC in 400 square feet happily for a decade,” Rylan explained on Instagram. “Then we moved to L.A. and our apartment got bigger. Then we had Jackson and we moved into a house, then we had Levi and Dakota and we moved into a bigger house! We have spent the last few years in a 2,900 square foot house that we have NEVER been able to get organized in. So we are returning to our New Yorker roots — No, we did not move to NYC. Yes we are still living in L.A., just “returning” to our smaller way of life — and moving our family of five into a 1,500 square foot house in L.A.”

    Naturally, moving to a home that’s half the size of the one in which they’re living currently means that they’re all going to have to make some sacrifices, and Rylan seems to be inspired by Japanese lifestyle coach Marie Kondo, who developed the KonMari method of keeping only the belongings that “spark joy” that has become all the rage these days. “We will obviously have to KonMari like crazy and only bring the things that spark joy,” the mom remarked before joking: “So I guess that means the kids will have to come with us?”

    It doesn’t matter where you live, really, because it’s the love between the people living in the house that makes it a home. And Rylan is really looking forward to the move, sharing a sneak peek of a special place in their new home. “I am so excited about this change!” she exclaimed. “This little view from the sink is my favorite part!”

    Good luck with the move, and we’re looking forward to seeing even more photos of the place once everyone’s all settled!

    Maurice Benard Shares a Special Message to His Mother on Her Birthday

    (2/13/19) ( (Photo) To honor his mother’s birthday, GENERAL HOSPITAL star Maurice Benard (Sonny) shared a vintage picture of Martha and himself from back in the day when her hair was a little bigger and he was a lot smaller! “I remember my mother used to put me in outfits that I really hated,” the actor confided. “This one in particular, I felt like Frankenstein in the shoes. The socks were way too tight and came up to my thighs. The suit was way too itchy and a hat… that’s all I’m gonna say about that.”

    However, questionable wardrobe choices aside, Benard knew just how much his mother loved and supported him and continues to do so to this day. “The one thing I will say about my mother is she protected me like no other,” he declared. “She loves me with all of her heart. And if I ever needed her for anything — and I mean anything — she was right there for me. Happy birthday mother. I love you very much.”

    Well, we think Benard looks just darling in his snazzy little outfit, and his beautiful mother looks like a glamorous movie star! Please join us in sending Mrs. Benard special birthday wishes — hope it’s a great one!

    Catching up With GENERAL HOSPITAL's Nathan Parsons

    (2/13/19) ( Believe it or not, it’s been 10 years since Nathan Dean Parsons debuted on GENERAL HOSPITAL, where he set hearts fluttering as Ethan Lovett. So extraordinary and unmistakable is his talent that after his audition, the writers created a role that would allow him to shine. That being the case, it should come as no surprise that he has since taken on one unique character after another, the latest of which is lovelorn alien Max on The CW’s hot new series, ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO. In a rather unexpected twist, Parsons told Soaps In Depth that playing a being from another planet has “sort of forced me to examine parts of myself that I generally shy away from. But it’s been a really fun journey to sort of discover the second, third and fourth layers of Max.”

    In other ways, the role has proven to be a natural fit for the actor. “I’ve always been drawn to... I won’t say science fiction but science in general and the search for life outside of this planet,” he admitted. “I mean, we feel so isolated as we are, but the more we learn about the galaxy — and we’re finding Earth-like planets everywhere — it’s just weird to think that we’re alone!” And yes, that does mean that he believes in aliens. “I’ve always thought that the universe is just too big, and even the Milky Way is far too vast, to not have developed intelligent life. It’s absurd to think that we’re all by ourselves, that we are the one standout in a galaxy with billions of stars and planets and potentials for life!”

    This isn’t the first non-human character Parsons has played, thanks to TRUE BLOOD (where he was vampire James) and THE ORIGINALS (where his Jackson was a werewolf). “I think the only thing I haven’t done is play a zombie,” he laughed. “I love exploring characters that sort of push the boundaries of reality.” As the leads of ROSWELL, Parsons and his co-star, Jeanine Mason (Liz), have amazing chemistry. “Liz is a girl who Max went to high school with — and he’s been madly in love with her ever since,” he smiled. “Jeanine is great, an incredible actress and a wonderful person.” Clearly, the two connected on screen from the very first episode, and their scenes are exciting to watch. “The energy Jeanine brings to Liz and to ROSWELL is infectious — I couldn’t ask for a better scene partner.”

    Like Max, Parsons often reflects on the path which led him to where he is now, including the time he spent in Port Charles. “I was 20,” he says flashing back to that life-changing time. “A kid. I probably was more fun back when I was in my early 20s, but I think I’ve become much wiser. And more adept at navigating how to operate on a set, how to comport yourself with respect, and I learned all that from the wonderful people I got to work with on GH. I was welcomed by Tony Geary (ex-Luke), Maurice Benard (Sonny), and the whole crew over there. They were amazing to me and so welcoming. It was a wonderful time in my life.”

    And where does he see himself 10 years from now? “I hope I’m sipping mojitos in Costa Rica,” he smiles, “and able to go retire in the evenings to my ski house up in the mountains somewhere, and go shot a movie every now and then. And just relax and raise my kids and maybe teach and take care of myself a little bit.”

    Harmony on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need to Know

    (2/13/19) ( The mysterious Harmony first appeared on GENERAL HOSPITAL in the Feb. 11 episode when Jason met with her in Beecher’s Corners to try and learn more about the mysterious Dawn of Day group she and Shiloh founded. And if she looks familiar, it’s probably because portrayer Inga Cadranel has appeared in quite a few primetime TV series!

    Jason Morgan met with Harmony at a cafe in Beecher’s Corners looking for some background on Dawn of Day. Harmony insisted that the group had opened her mind and changed her life. She had originally been named Lorraine, but had never felt that was right. She noted a nearby community center she and Shiloh had built and explained she’d remained behind while Shiloh went to Port Charles to start an outreach program there. Jason continued to press her for more on Shiloh’s past, but Harmony didn’t divulge anything important. And when a cop harassed Jason after running his plates, Harmony defused the situation for him. However, after Jason left to return to Port Charles, Harmony called Shiloh to assure him Jason had been handled and he didn’t learn anything they didn’t want him to know. What are they really up to?

    GH marks Cadrenal’s daytime debut, although the actress has starred in numerous primetime series such as LEAP YEARS, THE BRIDGE, THE STRAIN, LOST GIRL, ORPHAN BLACK, and DARK MATTER as well as making guest appearances on shows like BONES, and DESIGNATED SURVIVOR.

    Whether or not Cadrenal continues to make more appearances as Harmony remains to be seen, but the Dawn of Day storyline is definitely far from over, so who knows what twists and turns are to come? Stay tuned to find out.

    GH Star To Y&R!

    (2/10/19) Brytni Sarpy (Valerie) has joined the cast of Y&R in the contract role of Elena Dawson. The actress will begin taping next week, and her character will cross paths with several key players in Genoa City. Sarpy first hit the daytime scene in 2015 as Valerie Spencer and has seen a recent uptick in Port Charles appearances. No word yet on what will happen to Valerie.

    Who Is Neil on GENERAL HOSPITAL? — Meet Joe Flanigan!

    (2/10/19) ( If Neil on GENERAL HOSPITAL looks familiar to you, it’s probably because you’ve seen his portrayer, Joe Flanigan, in one of his many primetime roles. This is his daytime debut as Neil finds himself getting mixed up with Alexis. Might the guy be just the thing to take Alexis’ mind off of Julian?

    In addition to numerous guest appearances, Flanigan has had recurring roles on primetime series like SISTERS, CUPID, PROVIDENCE, PROFILER, and FIRST MONDAY. But he is probably best known for playing Lt. Colonel John Sheppard in the popular science-fiction series STARGATE: ATLANTIS from 2004-09. During those years he starred opposite actors like Jason Momoa, Jewel Staite, Robert Picardo, and Mitch Pileggi.

    There has been no official word as to exactly how long Neil will be sticking around Port Charles, so you’re going to want to stay tuned to see how his storyline plays out and how it involves Alexis.

    Matt Cohen Opens up About His Deep Love for Wife Mandy Musgrave

    (2/10/19) ( One audition can change an actor’s life forever, and in the case of GENERAL HOSPITAL star Matt Cohen (Griffin), that was doubly true! Over a decade ago, not only did he land his first series role in SOUTH OF NOWHERE, but he also met a beautiful girl who would one day become his wife — Mandy Musgrave! “I don’t know if I’d be alive if I hadn’t found my wife,” Cohen confided to Soaps In Depth. “She’s taught me everything I know about enjoying love and life. She is my world. And we’re both the same kind of crazy — we’re both obsessive and overly passionate about everything we do. So that works out!”

    While Cohen is now starring on GH, Musgrave has her own history in daytime, having originated the role of Chelsea Brady on DAYS OF OUR LIVES back in 2004. After her stint on the NBC soap, she landed the role of Ashley Davies on SOUTH OF NOWHERE and fell in love with her co-star, Cohen, who played Aiden Dennison. The pair were married in May of 2011 and in April of 2015, they welcomed their adorable son, Macklin, and created the perfect family.

    “We have a better time, the three of us,” Cohen declared. “Macklin’s everything that’s right in the world, and we made him together. Now, Mandy and I appreciate each other as Mom and Dad as well as husband, wife, and best friends. I’m a lucky guy!”

    Every Day Is a New Dawn — The Book That Changes Lives on GENERAL HOSPITAL

    (2/8/19) ( When Daisy first appeared on GENERAL HOSPITAL, many fans suspected she was being introduced as a new love interest for Kristina Davis. But after she offered Oscar Nero a place to live, it became clear that she was much more. And when she offered Kristina a copy of Every Day is a New Dawn, fan speculation assumed that the young woman was trying to lure Krissy into a cult!

    Daisy stopped by Charlie’s Pub to chat with Kristina, urging her to hang out with her and her friends more, and suggesting that she was putting up an emotional wall and should live more openly. Kristina was intrigued, and when Daisy suggested she join her and her friends in renovating a building, she seemed to be considering it. “Everybody’s welcome,” Daisy insisted.

    Then Oscar, who was trying to do his job at the pub, began suffering a headache, and Julian panicked, knowing the boy has an inoperable brain tumor. Oscar dismissed his concerns, and Daisy offered to help instead. She placed her hands on Oscar’s temples and instructed him to breathe in and out slowly, quickly getting rid of his pain. Everyone was impressed, especially Kristina. Daisy insisted it was no big deal, and any of her friends could have done exactly the same thing.

    When Kristina said she really did want to know how she did that, Daisy offered her a copy of a book titled Every Day Is a New Dawn. “Try reading this,” she suggested with a smile. “It might help you in your own life.” And with Kristina feeling directionless following her breakup with Parker, she was intrigued by something that could offer her a new perspective.

    Later, Kristina moved in with the Dawn of Day group and their enigmatic leader, Shiloh. However, her family remains suspicious as to their true motives. And given Shiloh's past connection to Sam, they may be right to be concerned. But as Every Day is a New Dawn makes its way around Port Charles, will the self-help book bring positive change to people? Or is it all just a big scam?

    Stay tuned as the storyline unfolds.

    Parry Shen Was Thrilled to Get the Autograph of GENERAL HOSPITAL Co-Star Tristan Rogers!

    (2/8/19) ( Soap stars are just like us — sometimes they’re also big fans of the show and its actors! Case in point, GENERAL HOSPITAL star Parry Shen (Brad) managed to get the autograph of a Port Charles legend that would have made his childhood self thrilled beyond belief. Heck, even as an adult it was pretty awesome! “I saw Tristan Rogers for the first time on GH when I was eight years old during the Cassadine Island storyline,” Shen revealed on Instagram. “And I thought he was the coolest guy with the whole Aussie accent, holster, etc. And as soon as I learned his name, jotted it inside the cover of my Volume Three Charlie Brown ‘Cyclopedia. Well, guess who just signed it today, 37 years later?!”

    Back in 1981, Rogers had only just arrived on GH as Robert Scorpio, an international spy for the WSB and found himself caught up in the iconic “Ice Princess” storyline which found him traveling to Cassadine Island with Luke Spencer and Laura Webber to defeat Mikkos Cassadine and his evil scheme to take over the world with a weather machine. So it’s completely understandable that an eight-year-old Shen would be enthralled by the superspy and want to remember him well.

    And it’s incredible that Shen still had his copy of the Charlie Brown’s ‘Cyclopedia Volume Three (“Featuring All Kinds of Animals from Dinosaurs to Elephants”) where you can see where he’d written “Tristan Rogers” on the inside front cover. An odd place to make note of a new favorite actor, but it turned out to be perfect since he could bring it into the GH studio today for Rogers to personally autograph! “It’s a great set,” Shen revealed on Twitter of why he kept the books. “Very informative, and to pass down to my kids.”

    Now, if only we could get a scene between Robert and Brad!

    Shop the GENERAL HOSPITAL Store Online!

    (2/8/19) ( (Video)

    Ever dream of sipping out of a Corinthos Coffee mug while wearing your Floating Rib T-shirt and hanging out with Sonny and Carly on GENERAL HOSPITAL? Well, now fans can do just that — sort of — with the amazing products available at the ABC Shop!

    Among the items on offer are the popular Travel Guide to Port Charles book, GH T-shirts and hoodies featuring logos for the soap, Corinthos Coffee, Kelly’s, the Metro Court, and more, as well as mugs and even standees of your favorite characters. That’s right, you can purchase life-size cardboard standees of Sonny, Carly, Jason, Peter, Anna, and others!

    So visit the GH section of the ABC Shop and before you know it you can imagine you’re sipping your Corinthos Coffee alongside the guy who imports it! (For extra drama, get the Carly standee so she can get jealous of the time you’re spending together!)

    Emme Rylan Renews GH Contract

    (2/6/19) Emme Rylan, who took over the role of Lulu Spencer-Falconeri in 2013, announced on Instagram that she has inked a deal to remain with the show. “Renewed my contract!” she reported. “So happy to continue living Lulu’s life.”

    GH's Vinessa Antoine Shared a Special Memory of the Late Kristoff St. John

    (2/6/19) As the daytime community reacted to the death of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS star Kristoff St. John (Neil) on social media, GENERAL HOSPITAL alum Vinessa Antoine (ex-Jordan) shared the story of a very special encounter with the late actor she will always hold dear to her heart. “I met Kristoff the day before my audition test for GH,” she recalled on Instagram. “We were at a juice bar in Calabasas. When I saw him, I knew immediately who he was. You see, I had kind of grown up with this man in my living room so I felt as if I had already known him. But I didn’t. I had no idea that he was this kind and incredibly generous man.”

    The actress is now starring in the Canadian primetime drama DIGGSTOWN, but back in 2014, she was still on the verge of becoming a soap star with her role on GH. “So there I was,” Antoine related. “Standing behind him in line when I finally said, ‘My mom loves you on Y&R.’ (I meant to say I love you on Y&R.) He smiled and said to tell my mom thanks for watching.”

    Standing there looking at the juice menu, Antoine wondered if she should tell her fellow actor that she was auditioning for GH the following day. “Sweaty armpits and heart racing, I told him,” she confided. “He replied, ‘That’s amazing!’ And without skipping a beat, he asked, ‘Do you have the scenes with you?’ I said , ‘Yes, but they’re in the car.’ He told me to go grab them and he would work with me if I wanted to! Um… yeah!”

    Grateful that this daytime vet would be willing to share his wealth of knowledge with her, Antoine ran to her car and returned with the pages. “He did not know me at all but he took the time to sit with me over lunch and break down my audition scenes with me,” she revealed. “I have no doubt that the notes he gave and the suggestions he told me helped me land the role of Jordan. For the next four years, we would speak periodically, give each other that knowing smile, and hug at events. He was always so warm, honest, and just so damn supportive. Even with all that he had to face.

    “Thank you, Kristoff, for everything you were and what you gave to this planet,” Antoine concluded. “You are a kind spirit who is with your son, now. I’ll miss you.”

    Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Premiering in March — Watch Trailer

    (2/6/19) (Video) Freeform is finally done keeping one of its biggest secrets: The long-awaited Pretty Little Liars spinoff, The Perfectionists, will be premiere Wednesday, March 20, the network announced today at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena.

    In addition to Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish — both of whom will reprise their PLL roles of Alison DiLaurentis and Mona Vanderwaal, respectively — the spinoff also stars Sofia Carson (Famous in Love), Sydney Park (The Walking Dead), newcomer Eli Brown, Kelly Rutherford (Gossip Girl), British actor Graeme Thomas King and Hayley Erin (General Hospital).

    Based on The Perfectionists, a book series by PLL author Sara Shepard, the spinoff relocates Ali and Mona to the mysterious city of Beacon Heights, Ore., where they soon find themselves navigating a deadly mystery in which practically everyone they meet is a potential suspect. In other words, it’s business as usual for the Rosewood-raised sleuths.

    Along with a premiere date, Freeform has also released the series’ first full-length trailer, giving us a first look at the new generation of liars in action — including one that won’t live to see the mystery unfold.

    Nathin Butler on Hawaii Five-0 2/22/19

    (2/5/19) “E'ao lu'au a kualima” – Junior is torn between his duties as a member of Five-0 and his feelings for his former girlfriend when her new love, the father of her son, is one of the culprits in a bank-heist-turned-homicide, on HAWAII FIVE-0, at a special time Friday, Feb. 22 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Episode directed by series star Alex O’Loughlin.

    (“E'ao lu'au a kualima” is Hawaiian for “Offer young taro leaves to”)

    GUEST CAST includes: J.J. Soria (Tory), Nathin Butler (Nick), Michael Camp (Owen).

    Soaps In Depth Podcast - 2/4/19 - Jason & Sam’s Sexy New Story

    (2/4/19) Jason & Sam’s Sexy New Story (Listen / download)

    At long last, GH’s Jason and Sam have reunited. But there could be trouble ahead! Plus, a look at what we’re loving on all four shows and a recreation of a classic B&B moment!

    Julie Adams Dies: ‘Creature From The Black Lagoon’ Actress Was 92

    (2/4/19) Creature From the Black Lagoon star Julie Adams (Paula, Capitol/Denise, GH), an actress who, like Fay Wray and Evelyn Ankers before her won the hearts of classic Hollywood monsters and then generations of devoted fans, died Sunday in Los Angeles. She was 92.

    Adams’ death was confirmed on her official website.

    Where Wray perched atop the Empire State Building with King Kong and Ankers ran through fog-shrouded forests pursued by The Wolf Man, Adams secured her place in horror iconography underwater, notably an indelible scene in the 1954 Creature during which the actress, in a one-piece white bathing suit, swims atop the lagoon water as the creature known as the Gil-Man mimics her moves some feet below. The imagery would be echoed in countless films thereafter, memorably in both Jaws and 2017’s The Shape of Water.

    “I mourn Julie Adams passing,” tweeted del Toro today. “It hurts in a place deep in me, where monsters swim.”

    While Adams might best be remembered for her place in the Universal monster movie canon, her role as Kay Lawrence was but one of many over a career that stretched from 1949 well into the 2000s. Adams’ career ranged from B movies of the 1950s – despite her notable monster flick entry, her steadiest genre was the Western – to the episodic TV that kept her busy throughout the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. As late as 2007 she appeared on CSI:NY, and had a small role in the 2006 feature film World Trade Center.

    Among her film credits: Tickle Me, a 1965 Elvis Presley vehicle; Dennis Hopper’s The Last Movie (1971); McQ with John Wayne (1974); The Underwater City (1962); The Killer Inside Me (1976); The Fifth Floor (1978); Champions (1984); and Catchfire (1990). Her final credit was a voiceover in director Roman Polanski’s 2011 film Carnage.

    A small selection of TV credits through the decades include Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Rifleman, Bonanza, The Streets of San Francisco, Marcus Welby, M.D., The Andy Griffith Show, Murder She Wrote, Beverly Hills 90210 and The Jimmy Stewart Show.

    In 1955 Adams married actor Ray Danton, her costar in the film The Looters, and the two remained together until divorcing in 1981. She was in a long-term partnership with film and TV writer Ronald M. Cohen until his death in 1998.

    Adams is survived by sons Steve Danton, an actor and assistant director, and Mitchell Danton, a TV editor, among other family.

    Maurice Benard Reveals the Moment That Changed Sonny Forever on GH

    (2/3/19) ( When Maurice Benard first joined the cast of GENERAL HOSPITAL, the character of Sonny Corinthos was only meant to be a short-term role, lasting about six months. But now, 25 years later, the actor reveals how everything changed. “It was towards the end of the six months,” Benard confided to Soaps In Depth. “I decided, ‘You know what? Maybe I’ll stay here and change the way I’m playing this character to get some compassion from the audience.’

    “So I did that,” he continued. “The audience at first hated me. They didn’t want me on the show. But slowly, the started saying, ‘I hate this guy… but there’s something about him.’ Then, eventually it was love/hate, and then it started changing.”

    Looking at Sonny today, it might be hard for some fans to imagine that he was once more of a supporting character. But we have Anthony Geary (Luke) for helping make Sonny into the character he became. “I was like his sidekick,” Benard recalled of his former castmate, “and he took me aside and said, ‘Do you want to be the Tonto to my Lone Ranger?’ I said, ‘I don’t mind, Tony, because you’re Tony Geary, and I’m cool with that.’ He said, ‘You don’t want to do that. Go upstairs and tell them you want a family.’

    “So I went upstairs and said to them, ‘Look, this isn’t any kind of demand or threat, but creatively, I need to do more,’” he explained. “I think my contract was coming up, and I suggested it would be good for Sonny to have a family and some history on the show. I said, ‘You don’t have to do it. You can say ‘Thank you, but no thank you,’ and I’ll leave. Or we can do this and I’ll work hard and it’ll be great.’ So they wrote Brenda and Mike — a girlfriend and a father. And then it kind of grew from there.”

    The Stars of General Hospital Say Goodbye to Retiring Crew Member Dean Carson

    (2/3/19) The cast and crew of GENERAL HOSPITAL said goodbye to a member of their family on Jan. 31 when longtime cameraman Dale Carson retired after nearly four decades with the soap. In addition to GH, he also worked on spinoffs PORT CHARLES and GENERAL HOSPITAL: NIGHT SHIFT as well as operating cameras for CBS sudser THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL.

    Carson’s career behind the camera began in the ‘70s where he worked on series such as WHO’S THE BOSS, FAMILY FEUD, BENSON, THE GOLDEN GIRLS, DIFF’RENT STROKES, and THE FACTS OF LIFE. He also was on the crew for a couple broadcasts of The Academy Awards!

    Everyone at GH came together to congratulate their dear friend on his amazing career and wish him all the best in his retirement.

    Does GH's Willow Have a Dark Side? — Katelyn MacMullen Speaks Out!

    (2/1/19) ( Willow is a champion for her students on GENERAL HOSPITAL and seems to be a cool, funny young woman... and yet the same guys who fell for Nelle are quite taken with the newcomer! What does that say about her? “Willow’s a very strong individual who’s been through a lot,” portrayer Katelyn MacMullen confided to Soaps In Depth. “She and Nelle are similar in the sense that they’re both broken people. Willow definitely has weaknesses, just like anyone, but for the most part, she’s a fighter. She has to keep it together... otherwise, she knows she’ll crumble.”

    As we’ve seen, both Chase and Michael enjoy playing hero to damaged women. But MacMullen believes that her alter ego is a far cry from Nelle! “Willow has a good heart and she’s trying to make a good life for herself,” the actress explained. “And she cares for children, intensely. Her motto is to make sure all children are taken care of and healthy. She’s a protector.”

    That’s exactly why she let Brad and Lucas adopt her baby — and also why she’s struggled with her decision to do so. Of course, she has no idea that her baby boy actually died months ago! “I haven’t even thought about how Willow will respond when she finds out the truth... because I don’t even want to think about it,” MacMullen admitted. “It’s heartbreaking, knowing the truth and watching how she and Michael are completely in the dark. It’s going to crush her!”

    As the story moves forward, there is definitely one scene MacMullen is hoping to see play out. “It would be interesting to see Willow and Nell face off,” grins the actress. “First of all, Chloe Lanier (Nelle) is a brilliant actress! But also, Willow will do anything to protect her baby. If she found out that Nelle did something malicious... I think the women would both be pretty dangerous to each other!”

    Invincible Cast Voice Actors

    (2/1/19) Robert Kirkman’s animated Amazon series Invincible — debuting in 2020 — will feature the voices of Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead), J.K. Simmons (Counterpart), Sandra Oh (Killing Eve), Seth Rogen (This Is the End), Gillian Jacobs (Community), Andrew Rannells (Black Monday, Girls), Zazie Beetz (Atlanta) and Mark Hamill (The Flash, Star Wars).

    Catching up With GENERAL HOSPITAL's Scott Reeves

    (1/31/19) ( With both of his children now married, GENERAL HOSPITAL alum Scott Reeves (ex-Steve) has recently thrown himself wholeheartedly back into a host of projects. “People started reaching out and asking, ‘Whatever happened to Blue County?’” the actor/singer revealed to Soaps In Depth, referencing the band with whom he had several hits.

    With new music already produced, the group readily embraced the idea of hitting the road again. Besides, Reeves added, “I love nothing better than to get on stage and perform our stuff live.” Their acoustic tour, called Population 2, will take them to the UK in April. For US dates and locations, pay a visit to www.

    In between gigs, Reeves is busy with his family coffee business, Revival Roasting Company, which has several new offerings, some of which are named to honor his grandfather, Rex. “He instilled the passion in me when I was 5 years old,” the entrepreneur explained. “We pride ourselves on grade-one, single-origin coffees that are really unique.”

    Having wrapped his stint on CMT’s NASHVILLE when the series concluded, Reeves will return to the screen in a new, country music-themed project this year: DOLLY PARTON’s HEARTSTRINGS, a Netflix anthology series in which each episode is named for one of the icon’s much-loved hits. In “Jolene,” “I’m a sly silver fox going through a mid-life crisis,” Reeves previewed of the flick. “He starts seeing [a singer whose name is] Jolene, who is played by Julianne Hough, unbeknownst to his super sweet wife, Willa, whose best friend is played by my dear friend, Kimberly Williams-Paisley.”

    The actor also has some good news to share with soap fans. With wife Melissa Reeves living part-time in Los Angeles while playing DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Jennifer, he’s open to reprising his role on GH. “It would be interesting to see how prison affected Steve,” he proposes. And since his old on-screen flame is now happily married, “I would love nothing more than to go stir things up in Olivia’s perfect, stable life.”

    GENERAL HOSPITAL's 'Baby, Come to Me' Singer James Ingram Dead at 66

    (1/31/19) (Video) Musician James Ingram has passed away at the age of 66. The Grammy-winning singer of hits like “Somewhere Out There” and “I Don’t Have the Heart” is best known to soap fans for his duet with Patti Austin, 1982’s “Baby, Come to Me,” which was used on GENERAL HOSPITAL as the romantic theme for the couple of Luke Spencer and Holly Sutton.

    “Baby, Come to Me” was released as a single in April of 1982, and peaked at number 73 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. However, when GH began using it heavily a few month later, the tune’s popularity rose and Warner Bros. decided to re-release the single in October. It re-entered the charts and hit number one in February of 1983, where it remained for two weeks.

    “I remember singing his songs during sleepovers in high school,” recalled Sonya Eddy (Epiphany) on Twitter. And Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix) posted simply: “RIP James Ingram. Such a beautiful voice.”

    Ingram was a talented songwriter, penning tunes for artists like Michael Jackson “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing),” but is best known for his duets such as “Somewhere Out There” with Linda Ronstadt and “The Day I Fall In Love” with Dolly Parton. He passed away on Jan. 29 at his home in Los Angeles from brain cancer. Our thoughts are with his friends and family during this difficult time.

    Sean Kanan Invites You to Dinner With Deacon and Amber!

    (1/31/19) This June, fans of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL and THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS characters Deacon Sharpe and Amber Moore will be able to have dinner with them! Actors Sean Kanan and Adrienne Frantz will be hosting a memorable night out in Los Angeles, CA, on Saturday, June 22, from 8-10 p.m. PDT. “After all these years, the fans still love Deacon and Amber,” Kanan confided to Soaps In Depth. “This special evening will be a great opportunity to spend an intimate dinner with us. The evening will have a fantastic dinner followed by a Q&A and some very cool surprises.”

    B&B viewers remember Deacon as the biological father of Little Eric, who tried to seduce Amber away from Rick, and the two characters eventually reconnected years later on Y&R as Deacon blackmailed Amber into marriage. Thankfully, the actors are nothing like their troublemaking alter-egos, so the dinner should be a lot of fun!

    Tickets are available now, but they are also limited. They will include a catered dinner, photo opportunities, a Q&A session, a surprise gift, and more. You can find more information on the Facebook Event Page and you can order tickets directly from Kanan’s official website.

    Dick Miller Dies: ‘Bucket Of Blood’ Star Who Worked Regularly With Roger Corman & Joe Dante Was 90

    (1/31/19) Dick Miller (Dr. Henry, General Hospital), a character actor who starred in Roger Corman’s A Bucket of Blood and whose six-decade career included all of Joe Dante’s movies, died today in Toluca Lake, CA. He was 90.

    His résumé includes more than 150 film and TV credits ranging from 1950s westerns to 2000s features including Dante’s Looney Tunes: Back in Action and Burying the Ex. Along the way he appeared in films by such acclaimed directors as Martin Scorsese (New York, New York), James Cameron (The Terminator), Ernest Dickerson, Jonathan Demme, Allan Arkush, Jonathan Kaplan, John Sayles along with such popular Dante-helmed pics as Innerspace, Gremlins and The Howling.

    Born on Christmas Day 1928, the Bronx native and Army veteran likely is best remembered for starring as Walter Paisley, the dimwitted busboy-turned-cause célèbre sculptor in Corman’s 1959 graphic cult-classic Beat satire A Bucket of Blood. After accidentally killing his landlady’s cat, Walter casts it in plaster and has his “creation” mistaken as a great work of art. The actor went on to appear in many of Corman’s movies of the next two decades, including playing flower gobbler Vurson Fouch in The Little Shop of Horrors (1960).

    On the small screen, he guested in such memorable series as Dragnet, The Untouchables, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Wagon Train, The Virginian, Mannix, McCloud, Police Woman, Police Story, Soap, Alice, Taxi, Police Squad!, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, NYPD Blue and ER.

    Miller is survived by his wife of 60 years, Lainie; daughter Barbara; and granddaughter Autumn. Plans for a memorial service are pending.

    Scandal's Darby Stanchfield to Star in Netflix Comic Book Drama Locke & Key

    (1/31/19) Netflix has locked down a Scandal alum to star in its Locke & Key adaptation: Darby Stanchfield has signed on to play a lead role in the streamer’s upcoming comic book drama, our sister site Deadline is reporting.

    Stanchfield will play Nina Locke, the mother of three kids who moves her family to Massachusetts after the gruesome murder of her husband. In their new house, the three kids discover a set of magical keys that give them supernatural powers — along with a demon who will stop at nothing to obtain those keys. An artist and house renovator, Nina struggles in her new role as a single mom, and is driven to solve the mystery of who killed her husband.

    Locke & Key earned a 10-episode series order from Netflix last May, with Bates Motel‘s Carlton Cuse on board as an executive producer. (Fox and Hulu previously attempted to adapt the popular graphic novel, but those efforts never made it to air.) Joining Stanchfield in the cast are American Crime veteran Connor Jessup as Nina’s son Tyler Locke, and The Fosters‘ Sherri Saum as teacher Ellie Whedon.

    Stanchfield is best known for playing Abby on ABC’s Scandal, which wrapped up its seven-season run last year. Her other TV credits include Jericho, Mad Men, NCIS and General Hospital.

    GENERAL HOSPITAL's Steve Burton Reveals Why He Moved His Family Back to L.A.

    (1/30/19) ( Five years ago, Steve Burton moved his family to Tennessee “for good.” And even when he signed back on to play GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Jason again, he had no intention of giving up the life that he, wife Sheree, and their kids, Makena, 15, Jack, 12, and Brooklyn, 4, were building in Nashville. “We were in the house where I wanted to raise my kids, so it felt good,” he shared with Soaps In Depth. “It was our home, and when I wasn’t working, it was great to just hang out with the family and enjoy some time off there.”

    He also enjoyed sharing actual seasons with his kids. “I can’t say I missed the snow... but growing up in Ohio, that was a huge part of my life,” he explained. “Halloween comes, football season and Christmas... It was awesome growing up that way, so I wanted them to experience that.” After decades in Los Angeles, however, those Nashville winters were rough. “The drawback is that it does get as cold as it does in the north... but there’s never any snow,” Bur ton grumbled good-naturedly. “I’m like, ‘Man, this sucks!’ When we were there, we had a few super-cold winters. We had ice storms. They got to experience that. But my wife’s from California. She’s like, ‘Okay, time to go!’”

    At its heart, the move back to L.A. was about a much bigger issue than the weather. Burton had left GH so that he could spend more time with his family in their new home state. The commute worked when he was playing THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Dylan, but not long after he returned to GH, “it was just like, ‘I’m done. It’s over,’” he recalled. “Obviously, we get time off from GH, but when we’re taping, I’m doing four or five days a week. Especially before the big breaks like the three-week hiatuses, we tend to shoot a lot! It became a situation where I wasn’t with my family enough. And the traveling was tough. It wasn’t sustainable. It was a lot of wasted time on the plane. Being back at GH, it was more conducive for my family that we be here so we could be together.”

    Now, instead of being shivering in Nashville, the Burton clan has sandy feet from strolling down the coast. “I hate even posting [on social media] that we live at the beach, because people who are buried under snow get jealous,” the actor chuckled. “You really forget how good the weather is in California until you’re gone and you come back. I’m not complaining about the weather out here ever again!

    “We’re loving it,” he concluded. “Moving back was 100 percent the right decision for us. It’s amazing how many doors have opened up since we’ve been out here now. Everything is just better. We’re having the times of our lives!”

    Jon Lindstrom Loves All the Twists and Turns in His GENERAL HOSPITAL Storyline

    (1/30/19) ( Sure, some GENERAL HOSPITAL fans suspected long ago that Ryan Chamberlain was still alive, but many were still surprised when the serial killer was revealed as Kevin’s secret patient at Ferncliff. And they weren’t the only one — portrayer Jon Lindstrom admitted to Soaps In Depth he had no idea the shocking twist was coming until GH’s executive producer Frank Valentini called him into his office for a private meeting! “He said, ‘Please close the door. Remember Kevin’s brother? Guess what?’” the actor recalled. “I said, ‘He not dead, is he, Frank? When do we start?!’ And I’m having a ball!”

    Being called into your boss’ office for a private meeting sounds like it could be a little nerve-wracking, but Lindstrom seems to have really good luck where Valentini is concerned. The last time the EP pulled the star aside it was to reveal that the soap was going to be pairing Kevin with Laura. “I said, ‘Use me any way you want — if I’m available, I’ll do it,’” Lindstrom confided. “But if you’re asking me if I want to work with Genie Francis? The answer is Hells to the yeah! Of course! Genie is brilliantly talented, and it’s been a real pleasure to be able to work with her. That’s a long way around the barn to say that it was a big surprise… but a very welcome one!”

    Of course, Ryan isn’t just tearing Port Charles asunder. Francis herself has told us that the serial killer could mean the end of Laura and Kevin’s relationship in more ways than one. Lindstrom is doing a bang-up job portraying the evil Ryan, and the story is not over yet! Stay tuned to see what happens next.

    Audiobooks Featuring Soap Actors

    (1/29/19) I Love Lucy: A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Sitcom (Order here)

    Seamus Dever (ex-Ian, GH) is one of the supporting voices in this L.A. Theatre Works production

    The onscreen pairing of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz is at the heart of one of the most popular TV shows in history. Who would have thought that to get on the air, they had to battle both a network and a sponsor who thought the show couldn't possibly succeed? Playwright Gregg Oppenheimer son of I Love Lucy's creator Jess Oppenheimer spins the hilarious true story behind America's beloved TV comedy.

    Directed by Michael Hackett.

    Includes an interview with playwright Gregg Oppenheimer.

    An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast production, starring (in alphabetical order): Ron Bottitta as William S. Paley, William Frawley, and others
    Seamus Dever as Jess Oppenheimer
    Sarah Drew as Lucille Ball
    Abigail Marks as Vivian Vance, Betty Garrett, and others
    Matthew Floyd Miller as Don Sharpe, Bob LeMond and others
    Rob Nagle as Hubbell Robinson and others
    Oscar Nunez as Desi Arnaz
    and Nick Toren as Harry Ackerman

    Music performed by Doug Walter. The "I Love Lucy" theme song used with permission of MPL Music Publishing and Songwriters Guild of America. Original music by Doug Walter.

    Sound Effects Artist, Aaron Lyons. Production Manager, Rick V. Moreno. Script Supervisor, Nikki Hyde. Senior Radio Producer, Ronn Lipkin. Associate Artistic Director, Anna Lyse Erikson. Editor, Mitchell Lindskoog. Recording Engineer, Sound Designer, and Mixer, Mark Holden for The Invisible Studios, West Hollywood

    Recorded before an audience at UCLA's James Bridges Theater. (Order here)

    Rebecca Budig and Michael Easton Reunite

    (1/27/19) Although Finn is now in a relationship with Anna, there are still plenty of GENERAL HOSPITAL fans who miss Michael Easton’s chemistry with Rebecca Budig’s Hayden. And although Finn and Hayden won’t be getting back together anytime soon on GH, the two actors will be making a very special appearance at a GH Fantasy event in May for a very special cause, the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation. “This is a cause that means a lot to me,” Budig shared on Instagram. “Am looking forward to it, Philadelphia!”

    The “Teal’s Got Talent” event will be held at the Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia, PA, on Saturday, May 4. Also joining Easton and Budig will be Lynn Herring (Lucy), Wes Ramsey (Peter), and Josh Swickard (Chase). Tickets range from $75 to $150, with the more expensive ones including personal meet-and-greets as well as photo and autograph opportunities with the stars. The entire show will feature a Q&A session with the actors and performances by ovarian cancer survivors. You can find more information as well as order tickets at this link.

    Unfortunately, while some of Budig’s fans are hoping that her participation in a GH fan event means that she will be bringing Hayden back to Port Charles soon, there has been no official word on her return. Budig herself has told us that she would love to return to GH, and ABC executive Nathan Varni has also said Hayden’s comeback is “definitely a possibility” so you’ll just have to stay tuned to see if it ever happens!

    Kirsten Storms Celebrates Her Zenon Anniversary!

    (1/27/19) ( Fans may know Kirsten Storms best as beleaguered heroine Maxie Jones on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but some also remember her fondly as Belle Black on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, and others still will never forget her as Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century! “20 years ago today I slapped on spandex and ventured into outer space!” Storms recalled on Instagram. “This stellar movie has a special place in my heart forever (maybe not the spandex, though).”

    Released on Jan. 23, 1999, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century centers around Storms as Zenon Kar, a 13-year-old girl used to living on a space station with her family who is punished by being sent to live with her aunt on Earth where she has trouble fitting in with the Earth-bound kids. After she finally starts to make friends, Zenon then finds herself trying to save everyone on the space station from a villain trying to destroy it, but runs into trouble because she’s just a kid and no one believes her story!

    Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century was such a huge hit for the Disney Channel that Storms reprised the role in two sequels, Zenon: The Zequel and Zenon: Z3, where her outer space adventures continued. The cast also included Raven-Symoné as Zenon’s best friend, Nebula Wade.

    Storms did more work for Disney, playing Emily in the TV movie Johnny Tsunami and voicing Bonnie Rockwaller in the animated series KIM POSSIBLE, but moved her career into a more adult arena when she joined the cast of DAYS as Belle. After a brief stint in primetime with the ill-fated Aaron Spelling series CLUBHOUSE, Storms returned to daytime to take over the role of Maxie on GH starting in 2005 and continues to play the fan-favorite character to this day. (But to some fans, she’ll always be Zenon!)

    Dishing with Digest - 1/25/19 - James Patrick Stuart

    (1/25/19) (Listen / download) James Patrick Stuart Chats About GH And Music

    GH James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) opens up about his two daytime roles, meeting Rick Springfield (ex-Noah/Eli, GH), growing up with famous musicians in his house and more with Digest's Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also discuss the pros and cons of showing characters grieve.

    GLAAD Media Awards Drop Soap Operas

    (1/25/19) Acknowledging the fairness, accuracy, inclusiveness, boldness, originality, impact and overall quality of LGBTQ representations in the media, this year’s GLAAD Media Awards has decided to drop the Daily Drama category, which recognized achievements on soap operas (The Bold and the Beautiful won the past three years).

    Stars React To Their Daytime Emmy Pre-Noms

    (1/25/19) Stars took to Twitter to share their feelings about landing pre-noms for the 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. “You know as much as I try to b cool about getting nominated not getting nominated,” posted Maurice Benard (Sonny). “the reality is I always feel lucky and honored to be in the company of these actors Thank you” His co-star Michelle Stafford (Nina), in the hunt for Lead Actress, wrote, “I am HONORED to be included in this group of extremely talented women.” Billy Flynn (Chad, DAYS), who is on the list in the Best Actor category, posted, “I’m honored to be prenominated this year along side so many great actors. All my love to my @nbcdays family. Everyone of you is deserving. My heart is beaming… I’m filled with so much joy & love for the nominations of @MarciMiller [ex-Abigail, in Lead Actress] & @KateMansi [Abigail, in Guest Performer]. Y’all are my heart. #Chabby.” Jon Lindstrom (Ryan/Kevin, GH), in the Lead Actor category, enthused, “OK, my day just got made. Thx to all who voted and CONGRATS to my fellow pre-nominees!” Real-life duo Darin Brooks (Wyatt) and wife, Kelly Kruger (Mac, Y&R), both got nods. “Congrats to my babe @THEEdarinbrooks and everyone on both shows who got a prenom today!” posted Kruger, up in the Guest Performer category. Brooks, in Supporting Actor, responded, “Aww and Congrats to you too babe!!! @KrugerKelly so proud of both shows!!”

    Daytime Emmys Unveil Peer-Judged Drama Pre-Nominations

    (1/25/19) Daytime Emmys Unveil Peer-Judged Drama Pre-Nominations: read the nominees here.

    GH’s Third Annual Convention Set For June

    (1/25/19) GH announced that for the third year in a row, it will host a star-studded fan convention in Burbank, CA. This year’s event will take place from June 7-9, adding an extra day to the festivities. “More days, more stars, more fun!” the show’s Twitter account trilled. For tickets and more info, click here.

    SAG Awards Reveals Presenters For Sunday’s 25th Anniversary Show

    (1/25/19) The 25th annual SAG Awards has revealed a second group of presenters for Sunday’s ceremony at the Beverly Hilton: Awkafina, Alex Baldwin, Matt Bomer, Laverne Cox, Richard Madden, Ricky Martin, Tracy Morgan, Chris Pine and Keri Russell.

    FB Live Q&A: Briana Henry, Vernee Watson, and Donnell Turner

    (1/24/19) Video: FB Live Q&A: Briana Henry, Vernee Watson, and Donnell Turner

    Michael Easton Reveals Why GENERAL HOSPITAL's Anna and Finn Are a Perfect Match

    (1/24/19) ( Finn and Anna certainly are one of GENERAL HOSPITAL’s more unlikely couples, but the doc’s portrayer, Michael Easton, believes that’s exactly why the duo works! “It’s certainly an eclectic pairing,” he admitted to Soaps In Depth with a chuckle. “You always hope that opposites attract, and they are really different in a lot of ways.”

    However, Anna and Finn also have quite a bit in common, something their Port Charles friends have noted. “What Felicia said a while back really stuck with me,” Easton recalled. “It was something to the effect of, ‘You both save lives and care about humanity but try to shut everybody out. If you could find each other, you could be good for each other.’

    “I think that sums them up really well,” the actor continued. “Amid all the differences, Finn became an addict to distance himself from people and from his loneliness, self-loathing, pain, and sadness. I think Anna does a similar thing with her work: Her addiction is her job. They both have these strange, addictive personalities. So it’s always going to be volatile… but she’s very charming, obviously!”

    Of course, every successful soap opera couple needs chemistry, something that Anna and Finn have in spades, thanks to the connection Easton shares with his co-star. “I must be the luckiest guy in daytime, with the actresses I’ve been able to work with,” he marveled. “Every time I step on stage, [Finola Hughes] makes me better!” It’s an opinion that Hughes herself shares. “I have a great scene partner in Michael,” she raved with a grin. “I couldn’t ask for a better person to bounce this off of.”

    Finn has been helping Anna navigate her new relationship with her son, Peter, while she’s been on his side as he struggles to deal with his own family demons. Of course, all that took a back seat when Anna was stricken blind and the pair teamed up to uncover the truth behind the virus that caused her ailment. It looks as though there’s nothing these two can’t face together… of course there is that baby Finn doesn’t know he has!

    Robert Palmer Watkins Shares His Life-Changing Trip to Africa

    (1/24/19) (Video) While many enjoyed the holidays at home with their families, Robert Palmer Watkins (ex-Dillon, GENERAL HOSPITAL) spent his with his family... in Africa! “I am so ready to embark on this 10-day trip to Africa today to finally visit my little sis, Kate, in the Peace Corps,” he posted to Instagram on Dec. 18. “She has been in Tanzania for over two years. I haven’t seen her the entire time she’s been gone and it’s been killing me. She’s my little baby sis and we have always been super close.”

    While visiting the village where his sister was doing her work, Watkins even got to bring a little bit of holiday cheer to the kids with a special Santa’s elf costume. “Many children in this village in the Kilimanjaro region had heard of Santa but had never seen an elf like this,” he shared. “The laughter speaks for itself.”

    The actor had also been looking forward to the adventure for another reason, one that was even more personal. “I couldn’t be more ready and open to taking this trip,” Watkins confided. “This past year has been a journey to say the least. I’ve experienced loss, but more gain, and the most internal growth of my entire life. I’m learning it’s okay to ask the universe and God for guidance, while also seeking out the answers, and if you just listen and allow doors to open, it’s pretty astonishing what comes next. I’m excited for those answers to come and I look forward to surrounding myself this coming year with like-minded explorers who also want growth.

    “I plan to self-reflect while in Africa and come back ready to tackle 2019 full-force,” he concluded. “Here’s to checking back in with myself and cutting out the areas of my life that drain me. 2019, baby! Only positive frequencies propelling me to reach my full potential as a human, as an artist, as a man.”

    Former GH Star Jaime Ray Newman Gets Oscar Nomination

    (1/22/19) The Oscars are Sunday, February 24 live on ABC from the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland.

    Live Action Short Film

    A Twelve Media Production
    Vincent Lambe and Darren Mahon

    Fauve (H264 Distribution)
    An Achromatic Media and Midi La Nuit Production
    Jeremy Comte and Maria Gracia Turgeon

    Marguerite (H264 Distribution)
    A DIY Films Production
    Marianne Farley and Marie-Hélène Panisset

    A Malvalanda and Caballo Films Production
    Rodrigo Sorogoyen and María del Puy Alvarado

    A New Native Pictures Production
    Guy Nattiv and Jaime Ray Newman

    The Soaps In Depth Podcast #1: The Inaugural Episode

    (1/22/19) (Listen / download) In this first episode of The Soaps In Depth Podcast hosts Richard Simms and Charlie Mason discuss the new General Hospital opening, 5 Things We Love Right Now, and share their thoughts on what would happen if they wrote the soaps.

    Video: Facebook Live with Daniel Goddard and Jason Thompson

    (1/18/19) Facebook Live with Daniel Goddard and Jason Thompson: Video.

    Will Luke Return to GENERAL HOSPITAL? — Anthony Geary Speaks Out

    (1/17/19) ( Fans of GENERAL HOSPITAL were crushed when Anthony Geary announced his retirement and Luke Spencer made his exit from Port Charles In July of 2015. And although the actor had moved to Amsterdam, he made a brief cameo appearance in May of 2017 to help usher Jane Elliot’s Tracy off the canvas when she, too decided to retire. But could Luke make a real return to Port Charles some day? “I don’t rule anything out,” Geary confided to Soaps In Depth. “One of the things I’ve learned from being on the planet 70 years is to say ‘I don’t do this’ or ‘I don’t do that’ just limits your options. I try to keep an open mind about everything.”

    Geary joined the cast of GH back in 1978, and the original planned 13-week stint was extended into a contract role that lasted for decades. He also racked up an impressive 16 Daytime Emmy Nominations during his career, taking home the trophy eight times. But all good things must come to an end, and he eventually packed his bags and moved to Amsterdam to enjoy his retirement.

    “I don’t need to work, gratefully, so if I choose to do anything now, it will be for art, interest, love, or as a favor for a friend” Geary explained.. “Not to have to make a living scratching and clawing your way to the top is such a relief. I think maybe I did that more than I realized. At the time you’re doing it, you don’t realize what a battle you’re waging, how exhausting it is, and how much damage you can do. I look back on it all now and wonder how necessary it was for me to be so combative.

    “The short answer is, ‘Never say never,’” Geary concluded. “Whatever makes people happy.”

    Briana Nicole Henry Opens up About the Challenges of Taking Over as Jordan on GENERAL HOSPITAL

    (1/17/19) ( In some ways, Briana Nicole Henry was born to play GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Jordan. “My mom always says I was bossy from the time I came out,” the actress cracked to Soaps In Depth. “I definitely do enjoy leadership roles, and Jordan’s at the top of her game. She’s the boss and she has her hands in all the mess, which is something I can relate to.” The GH newcomer can also relate to her character’s heart of gold. “Jordan’s a powerhouse, but her motivation for this job has less to do with power and more to do with actually wanting to protect [Port Charles] and make a difference in people’s lives,” she maintained. “And I try to move through the world in a similar way and do what’s right by other people and by myself.”

    While Henry immediately clicked with her character, the procedural element of Jordan’s job was a hurdle. “When you’re rattling off a victim’s case and the number of bullet wounds, it’s challenging,” she admitted. But she found support in a friend she’d made during her stint as a model on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS. That show’s former Chloe, “Lizzy Hendrickson (Margaux) was my first scene partner at GH and she was a huge comfort. I told her I’d never done procedural stuff before, and she was like, ‘Girl, me, neither! It is hard. You will get it. Just know you are not alone.’ That upped my confidence, for sure.”

    Then, after a few weeks of casework, GH took off the training wheels and thrust Henry into the rest of Jordan’s world. “I went from working a few days a week to four or five days a week, with 65 pages of dialogue,” she recalled. “I was getting hit pretty hard! But it’s amazing how quickly we’re able to adapt. I feel like I’m getting into a rhythm. I’m able to pick up dialogue quicker and understand the storylines. We have some serious vets on the show, and I’m like a sponge. I just want to gain as much knowledge and experience as I can from these amazing actors!” One of those amazing actors is on-screen hubby Donnell Turner. “He’s just so kind,” Henry raves. “One day, I was having a rough day with dialogue, and every time I messed up, Donnell was like, ‘You got it. We’re good.’ He’s very reassuring.”

    As we head into a new year, Henry is starting to feel at home in the role created by Vinessa Antoine — and that took some time! “Talk about pressure, right?” she says. “Vinessa has a beautiful element of being a mature, strong woman, and I hoped I’d be able to bring that same energy to the role. I was nervous. These are big shoes to fill! But it was inspiring more than anything else.”

    Even as Henry dug in, she understood it would take fans time to warm to her. “It’s hard to fall in love with a new person in a role you’ve already fallen in love with,” she concedes. “And the response has been mixed. I’ve been getting a lot of love, and Donnell has stood up for me a couple times. “But most of the criticism has been, if anything, kind of funny,” she adds. “A couple people have said, ‘She’s huge! She’s so big next to everyone.’ I’m 5’7”. They put me in heels. If that’s what you guys are complaining about... I feel pretty good about it!”

    Katelyn MacMullen Opens up About Willow's Feelings for Chase and Michael on GENERAL HOSPITAL

    (1/15/19) ( Between her students, their parents, and her own grief over the baby she gave up for adoption, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Willow has her hands full — which is why finding a sweet guy like Chase was the last thing on her mind. “They came as a surprise to one another,” the teacher’s portrayer, Katelyn MacMullen, admitted to Soaps In Depth. “But Chase and Willow have potential, for sure, because for the most part, they’re honest with each other and have great chemistry.”

    The thing is, while Chase is fun and flirty, Willow also has chemistry with Michael… who happens to be her confidant! “Maybe it’s because they are sharing the same grief and opened up to each other about that when they couldn’t do that with anybody else,” MacMullen considered. “Michael became the person Willow talked to about everything. With Chase, for whatever reason, she feels she has to hide what she’s been through and who she is, to a degree. It’s a different thing drawing her to each man — it’s a body versus heart thing.”

    Michael’s connection to Brad and Lucas’ baby, however, complicates matters — in more ways than they even realize! Thanks to Nelle’s baby swap, Michael is now his own baby’s godfather. But Willow still believes Wiley is the son she gave up. “Finding out Michael is the godfather was very overwhelming,” MacMullen admitted. “On the one hand, it’s great, because he’s a great person — and of course, Willow wants her baby to have someone like that in his life. But on the other, it’s so awkward. And it makes her secret and the guilt she feels even more prominent.”

    As tense as it’s gotten with Michael, however, the actress suspects he can still give Chase a run for his money when it comes to capturing Willow’s heart for good. “It’s very possible,” MacMullen teased with a wink.

    The Truth Behind Anna's Vitreous Hemorrhage Diagnosis on GENERAL HOSPITAL

    (1/15/19) ( Fans were just as stunned as Anna when she suddenly went blind on GENERAL HOSPITAL. But what is a vitreous hemorrhage, and can her eyesight be restored?Thankfully, she’s got a good team on her side!

    Anna was at Kelly's with her son, Peter, when she suddenly got a terrible headache. While she could blame that on her recent phlebotomy treatment, she couldn’t explain why her vision suddenly turned dark and she found herself unable to see! Peter rushed her to the hospital where Finn was desperate for answers as Griffin ran tests. Eventually, Griff revealed that she had suffered a vitreous hemorrhage, but they had no idea why.

    A vitreous hemorrhage is the leakage of blood into the vitreous humor, the clear gel that fills the space between the lens and the retina of the eye. It can cause faint cobweb-like apparitions that float through the field of vision, blurry or reddish tint to vision, or brief flashes of light. The mildest cases will cause the cobweb-like “floaters” while extreme cases can cause seriously impaired vision. The hemorrhage can have various causes, including trauma, age-related macular degeneration, or a macroaneurysm. Treatments vary case by case, but the goal is to fix the cause of the hemorrhage as quickly as possible. Retinal tears can be repaired, while detached retinas are reattached surgically.

    However, before the doctors can repair Anna’s vitreous hemorrhage, they’ll need to figure out exactly what caused it in the first place. It can also take months for the body to clear all of the blood from the vitreous even after treatment, so Anna will have quite a rocky road in front of her. Might the loss of her eyesight be permanent?

    Steve Burton Reveals How Maurice Benard Inspired Him Not to Leave GENERAL HOSPITAL

    (1/13/19) ( Fans of GENERAL HOSPITAL were first introduced to Steve Burton as Jason Quartermaine back in 1991, but they may not be aware that they almost didn’t get to enjoy the character of Jason Morgan he became after the car accident! “Maurice Benard (Sonny) really took me under his wing,” Burton confided to Soaps In Depth of his early days on the soap. “Maurice and I didn’t really talk that much at first, but we saw each other around, and one day, we started talking. I was actually about to leave the show, and he said, ‘I’ve seen some of your work. You’re really good. Do you have a technique?’ I said, “I have no idea, man.’ And he said, ‘Man, I’d love to help you!’ I was like, ‘Awesome! Let’s do it!’

    “This was when I was still playing Jason Quartermaine,” he continued, “so I’d go to his house, and we’d rehearse and rehearse, and he’d teach me. I spent a lot of time with him and his family. I didn’t really have a teacher before, and it was like I was in acting class all the time.”

    Whether or not the bond between Benard and Burton inspired the GH writers to turn the Quartermaine heir into Sonny’s right-hand-man, but the actor suspects it may have played a part in it. “I don’t know whether that was the trigger or not,” Burton admitted, “but he is a huge mentor of mine and taught me a lot. It was just amazing. It changed my career, actingwise.”

    Burton also revealed the two most important lessons that he learned from his co-star and friend, both for his acting career and just for life in general. “First of all, you have to be honest with yourself,” he declared. “If you can’t be honest with yourself in life, you will never grow as a person. I found that to be true. Whether we like the truth or not, if you can be honest with yourself, you can grow as a person and an actor. And number two is, if it’s not there, never force it. No matter what you think a scene should be or what place you think you should be at as an actor, if it’s not there, do not force it. I still follow both of those suggestions today.”

    Laura Wright Reveals Why She Originally Turned Down the Role of Carly on GENERAL HOSPITAL

    (1/11/19) ( When Laura Wright joined the cast of GENERAL HOSPITAL in 2005 as Carly Corinthos, she knew that the role was the perfect fit for her, but it almost didn't happen! “At first, I turned it down,” the actress confided to Soaps In Depth, “because I didn’t want to leave the East Coast, and I was nervous about moving my family.”

    At the time, Wright was living on the East Coast and starring as Cassie on the CBS sudser, GUIDING LIGHT, a role she’d been playing since 1997. “When my friend asked why I was so nervous to say yes, I told her I was afraid to leave GL. It’s been my family. It’s a part of me. Then she asked me if I thought I could do this part and I said, ‘Oh hell yeah. I was made to do the role!’ That was my answer. After playing Ally on LOVING and THE CITY and Cassie on GL, the next logical step was Carly. It all felt like prep for Carly.

    “I couldn’t have played her early on,” she continued. “I didn’t have the strength or confidence as an actor. I needed the experience and all the incredible actors who helped me become the actress I am today. I just didn’t yet have a lot of things I needed to play Carly.”

    But even though she felt like the GH heroine was the perfect role for her to tackle at that point in her career, Wright admitted that she still felt the pressure taking over the fan-favorite character. “Carly was a character fans had a complete love for, and there was definitely love for the first two actresses [Sarah Brown and Tamara Braun] who played her. They weren’t sold on the third [Jennifer Bransford], so I had to prove myself. I was concentrating on the dialogue and talking to the writers and finding out who she was — I really wanted to give the audience what they loved about Carly.”

    And if you ask GH fans today, they’ll agree that Wright has done an absolutely tremendous job making Carly her own, so it turns out she really was born for this role!

    Soap Alum In New Ad For PETA

    (1/11/19) Ignacio Serricchio (ex-Alex, Y&R; ex-Diego, GH) appears in a new ad for PETA Latino with his dog, Hero, that encourages people to treat their animals like family. “I don’t consider Hero to be just my pet—he’s my partner,” says Serricchio in a statement. “Taking him with me everywhere I go makes the experiences 10 times better. I saved his life when I rescued him from a man who abused him, and a year later, he saved mine after I lost my little brother. We need each other, and we share the same adventurous spirit and love for people. He’s a member of the family, and I encourage everyone who has animal companions to take their time to train them with lots of praise and treats and give them all the love and attention that they deserve.” For more information, please visit

    Sean Donely on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need to Know

    (1/10/19) ( Recently, Jordan made a call to Sean Donely on GENERAL HOSPITAL leading some longtime fans to recall the glory days of Port Charles in the ‘80s and newer viewers to wonder who that guy even is! Well, Sean first appeared back in 1984 when actor John Reilly joined GH as Robert Scorpio’s old boss from the WSB. He left the soap in 1995 but made an additional appearance on the GH spinoff, NIGHT SHIFT as well as one last visit to GH proper in 2013.

    When Sean first appeared, he was actually bored of retirement and wanted to challenge himself by going up against another experienced spy — namely his old friend, Scorpio. He kidnapped those close to Robert, but his hoped-for excitement turned to horror when he thought he’d accidentally killed Robert in the process. Thankfully, Scorpio turned up alive, and Sean was so relieved he didn’t even fight back when he arrested him.

    Sean and Robert made amends and teamed up to defeat the evil Mr. Wu in the Asian Quarter adventure. In gratitude, Robert made Sean godfather to his daughter, Robin Scorpio. During this time, Sean also had an affair with Monica Quartermaine which was vehemently opposed by both Alan and Edward Quartermaine.

    In 1987 Sean found himself on a hit list made by terrorists targeting spies. Robert returned to Port Charles to help him, and together with Anna Devane, Tiffany Hill, and Duke Lavery, they traveled to Mt. Rushmore and defeated the terrorists and their leader. Next, Sean suffered a bit of a mid-life crisis, and fell for Dr. Greta Ingstrom, but soon went back to his one, true love, Tiffany. The two were finally married in the Quartermaine mansion before their friends and family.

    Sean’s past came back to haunt him when his arch-nemesis, Cesar Faison, arrived in Port Charles in 1990. It was revealed that in the past, Sean had teamed up with Faison to split up Anna and Robert because he feared losing his two best spies to a life of wedded domesticity. The pair weren’t thrilled to learn this, but teamed up with Sean to defeat Faison before he could force Anna to marry him. Faison later tried to take revenge by poisoning Tiffany, and Sean again teamed up with Robert and Anna to bring him down.

    In 1992, Sean became police commissioner when Robert and Anna were presumed dead in a boat explosion. His marriage to Tiffany began to fracture as she became obsessed with adopting her late sister’s son, Lucas. Sean had an affair with attorney Jessica Holmes, and both women discovered they were pregnant at the same time. Sadly, Tiffany miscarried, and Jessica confessed she’d lied about being pregnant. When Jessica turned out to actually be pregnant, Sean threatened her to keep her mouth shut, and when the woman was found dead, he feared a jealous Tiffany had killed her. However, it was later revealed that her murderer was the notorious Ryan Chamberlain.

    Caught in a shootout alongside Luke Spencer with mobster Frank Smith, Sean was shot by the villain. Later that year, Luke accidentally shot Sean himself. As the former spy was sent off to recuperate, a delighted Tiffany revealed that she was finally pregnant. The happy couple left for Boston to get Sean the best care possible and start a new life with their child.

    Sean and Tiffany returned to Port Charles in 2008 to offer support to Robert, who was battling colon cancer. They also shared the news that their daughter was now a teenager and was named Anna. Sean showed up again in 2013 when Luke and Holly discovered that the money Jerry Jacks had extorted had been collected by Sean. They went to his place and met Anna Donley before Sean appeared in a wheelchair. Sean had been poisoned like Luke and Jerry, and had taken the money in the hopes of buying a cure from Jerry. However, he’d only been given a temporary cure, and Luke made sure he found a permanent cure for his old friend.

    Hoping for some information about the current spate of murders plaguing Port Charles that are so similar to the Ryan Chamberlain case, Jordan called Sean to see if he could help, but sadly, Tiffany told the current police commissioner that Sean was suffering from serious memory problems and couldn’t help.

    A First Look at Rebecca Budig's New Role on L.A.'S FINEST!

    (1/8/19) ( Fans who miss seeing Rebecca Budig as Hayden Barnes on GENERAL HOSPITAL can take heart that they will soon be able to see her in a brand new series: L.A.’S FINEST! The drama series is slated to premiere this spring on Spectrum cable, and Budig is slated to appear as Carlene Hart. “I’m trying hard to stay off social media as an example to my daughter but checking in from time to time,” the actress tweeted back in November of 2018. “Loving L.A.’S FINEST. I’ll be in a few episodes. Can’t wait for you to see it next year!”

    (Photo) The series stars Gabrielle Union as Sydney “Syd” Burnett, the character she played in the 2003 movie Bad Boys II, and Jessica Alba as Nancy McKenna, both LAPD detectives who don’t agree on much but find common ground when taking down dangerous criminals. The cast also includes actor Ryan McPartlin, who may be best known for playing Devon “Captain Awesome” Woodcomb on the NBC series CHUCK, but who soap fans will remember as Hank Bennett on the NBC soap PASSIONS. And Budig has shared some images from the L.A.’S FINEST set alongside her co-star.

    (Video) Although Budig hasn’t said yet exactly what her role on the series is, she’s obviously sharing her scenes with McPartlin, and possibly playing his office co-worker, based on the Boomerang animation she shared (and taken by McPartlin) of her on set pretending to answer a call. “Answering phones,” she joked. “I do it all.”

    (Video) Over on his own Instagram, McPartlin shared a cute little animation from the set where the two of them looked at each other and then at the viewer as they waited for their turn in front of the cameras. But he also hasn’t revealed any details about their roles, so we’ll just have to stay tuned.

    Budig was already well known to soap fans for her roles as Michelle on GUIDING LIGHT and Greenlee on ALL MY CHILDREN when she made her GH debut as the mysterious Hayden in 2015. The character became a hit with fans, but was written out in September of 2017 leaving them waiting for her return, preferably with Finn’s baby in tow! Although Budig has told Soaps In Depth she would love to come back, and ABC executive Nathan Varni admitted Hayden’s return is “definitely a possibility,” there are currently no plans in the works. So fans will just have to keep an eye out for L.A.’S FINEST this spring. We will keep you up to date on a premiere date as well as any other projects Budig has in the works, so stay tuned!

    A First Look at Rebecca Budig's New Role on L.A.'S FINEST!

    (1/8/19) ( (Photo1, Photo2) It’s unlikely you’ll see it her alter ego of Quinn Forrester sporting it on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, but Rena Sofer just got a new tattoo with a very special meaning. Shortly after the New Year, the actress teased fans with a shot of her getting the ink on her left forearm. “I’ll show it when it’s healed!” she promised. “48 hours!”

    Once her arm was healed, Sofer shared a shot of the image that was designed by her daughter, artist Rosabel Rosalind Kurth, and then transformed into skin art by Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Daniel Winter. And each part of the detailed design carries a special meaning for the actress and mother. “I am the queen bee,” she explained. “And the MRA in my scepter are for my girls. The shoes show while I can be a woman in every sense of the word, I’ll also protect my family with everything I have. The crown says what I am: MAMA.”

    Sofer has other tattoos that she has gotten over the years, but this one is extra-special and one that took extra planning. “I’ve thought about this for years so it wasn’t a snap decision, and while I’ve had many tattoos in my life, this is my most meaningful,” she expressed. “Thank you, Rosabel, for the amazing art, and Daniel Winter for the amazing work.”

    Rosabel really is a very talented artist, and Winter did an incredible job translating it into a tattoo for Sofer. Of course, now we can’t help but wonder what kind of tattoos Quinn might get for herself!

    Emme Rylan Requests Help for Her Sister's Battle With Cancer

    (1/7/19) ( It may appear that GENERAL HOSPITAL star Emme Rylan (Lulu) shares basically everything with her fans on social media, but as with any person, there is still so much going on that you don’t see on Twitter or Instagram. “Although I share so much of my life with you, there has still been a very private side,” Rylan confided in a recent Instagram post. “My sister, Lara, is battling stage four cancer. My family would be so grateful if you could take a look at her page. Even a dollar helps.”

    Lara Behrens’ family has set up a GoFundMe Page that details how she learned in October of 2018 that the back pain she had been suffering from was due to a cancerous mass on her sacrum, the bone at the base of the spine just above the tailbone. While exploring alternative options, the current treatments to bring the cancer under control and offer some relief have already depleted Lara’s savings, and she reluctantly allowed her family to set up the page to ask for donations to contribute towards her medical needs and living expenses. After just 20 days, the page was $25,815 towards its goal of $30,000.

    Some of Rylan’s GH castmates also helped to get the word out. “Hey, beautiful ones,” posted Tamara Braun (Kim). “This is our dear Emme Rylan’s sister, Lara. She is battling stage four cancer. Please visit Emme’s page and click the link in her bio to learn more. I don’t know Lara personally, but she sure does sound like a kind and giving person who could use some help. Any contribution would help. Sending love and gratitude.” Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) also tweeted: “Please read Emme Rylan’s post and if you can spare a bit of healing love wrapped in a donation for her sister, Lara, we who love our Emme would be so grateful.”

    Our thoughts are with Rylan’s entire family during this difficult time, and we wish them all the best as Lara continues her treatments and hopefully beats this thing.

    (GoFundMe Page)

    Laura Wright Thanks Fans for Their Love as She Mourns Her Parents

    (1/7/19) ( The end of 2018 was challenging for GENERAL HOSPITAL star Laura Wright (Carly), but she’s determined to start 2019 on a positive note and also thank her loyal fans for their unwavering support as she mourned the loss of her parents. “I wanna thank you all for your condolences,” she posted to Instagram. “It’s been an interesting couple months (I refuse to use a negative label). Honestly, I’m just grateful. Taking deep breaths and being present. And I’m excited for what 2019 has to bring!” She also included the hashtags: “#lifeisbeautiful, #grateful, #itsuptoyou, #itsreallyuptoyou, and #2019Baby.”

    GH fans have been flooding Wright’s social media accounts with heartfelt messages of love and support both when she lost her mother back in October of 2018 and again when her father passed away in December. The actress traveled home to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with boyfriend Wes Ramsey (Peter) to join her family and friends in memorializing both Betty and Rector Sisk.

    Our thoughts continue to go out to Wright and her entire family during this difficult time.

    Maurice Benard Previews His New Role as John Gotti

    (1/6/19) ( Back in September of 2018, GENERAL HOSPITAL star Maurice Benard teased that he had an exciting new project he was working on that was later revealed to be a Lifetime movie titled Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter, in which he would be playing the infamous crime lord, John Gotti. The film is scheduled to premiere on Saturday, Feb. 9 at 8 p.m. ET, and Soaps In Depth managed to chat with Benard about his role from the movie’s Vancouver set while he was filming it. “It’s a great role and I’m having a great time playing a real-life character,” he enthused. “This was a really great opportunity.”

    Thankfully, the filming of Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter coincided with GH’s summer break, so the Emmy-winner was able to schedule in this moonlighting with a little assistance from the soap’s executive producer, Frank Valentini. “Frank was great,” Benard confided. “The timing worked out with the hiatus, and Frank was able to shift some stuff around to make it work.” Of course, it was still quite the whirlwind, with the actor on a plane to Canada just 48 hours after being cast as the Teflon Don. “I didn’t have time to think about stressing out,” admitted Benard, who notoriously hates to fly.

    Benard was joined on location with his wife, Paula, and when he wasn’t hard at work for director Catherine Cyran, the pair were able to take in the sights. “It’s beautiful up here,” he said of Vancouver. One one of his days off, they even rented a boat for what the actor called “a great, relaxing day.”

    But there was still plenty of hard work to be done, especially since Benard was tasked with portraying a real-life person. Thankfully, he did have the advantage of meeting John Gotti’s daughter, Victoria, on set to get some insight. “She gave me some great tips about her father,” he revealed, adding that playing such a larger-than-life historical figure was “very difficult but at the same time exhilarating.”

    As Benard said on Instagram, "Put it in your calendars" and be sure to watch in February. But you can get a sneak preview of the film right now courtesy of this trailer (Video)!

    Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson Explain the Cancellation of the Port Chuck Tour

    (1/6/19) ( Unfortunately for fans looking forward to the upcoming Port Chuck concerts, the planned tour has been cancelled and GENERAL HOSPITAL stars Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) and Steve Burton (Jason) took to Facebook to explain why. The original plans were to do a “Tour for the Cure” in support of the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation with dates in Cincinnati, Nashville, Dallas, San Antonio, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Sacramento, and Irvine, CA. But the group ran into a snag with the computer containing all the song files they had recorded.

    “We finally found the computer, and Scott [Reeves, ex-Steven] tried to get the tracks off the hard drive,” explained Burton in a video they recorded. “because the computer was no longer working. And that didn’t work. He took it to a computer expert, which took a couple days to figure out if they could recover the files. And it turns out all the tracks were completely corrupted. So 20-plus tracks were completely corrupted.”

    Anderson joked that even Spinelli wouldn’t have been able to salvage the computer files, but then turned serious as the duo admitted that they also considered re-recording all the tracks but it proved impossible. “That being said, 20-plus tracks was gonna be almost impossible to get recorded, mastered, and done over the holidays in time to put together a kick-ass show that we couldn’t have done it in time anyway,” Burton revealed.

    The original plan had been for Burton to act as DJ and spin the instrumental tracks for the others to sing over. Without those song files, the next option would have been to coordinate an actual band, but that proved impossible to coordinate in time for the tour dates already scheduled. “We didn’t want to throw something together the last week and just hope for the best,” Anderson admitted. “We wanted to make sure that we’re giving a good product. Something we can be proud of and you guys could enjoy.”

    Burton assured fans that they would all be refunded their money for the tickets, and promised they were still trying to get Port Chuck on tour again, but couldn’t announce anything at this time because they were still coordinating everyone's schedules. Check out their video below for their full explanation, and for more GH news, keep reading the ABC edition of Soaps In Depth magazine. (Video)

    Dishing with Digest - Linda Dano - 1/4/19

    (1/4/19) (Listen/download) Linda Dano Reflects On Daytime Career

    Beloved soap vet Linda Dano looks back on her ANOTHER WORLD years as Felicia Gallant, her friendship with Stephen Schnetzer (ex-Cass), her jump to ABC and more with Digest’s Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also discuss Ingo Rademacher’s upcoming departure from B&B and what it means for the canvas.

    Hank on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need to Know!

    (1/3/19) ( Port Charles newcomer Hank has GENERAL HOSPITAL fans buzzing about who this mysterious man is and what is his real motive for seeking out Drew. They're also wondering who is Shiloh, but we'll explain that twist in a little bit! While the character is new, the actor may look familiar to viewers since Coby Ryan McLaughlin has appeared in numerous primetime series over the years as well as another soap.

    Hank first appeared in the Dec. 27 episode of GH when he saw Jason Morgan shooting pool at The Floating Rib and assumed he was Drew Cain. Jason explained to the stranger that he is actually Drew’s twin brother and Hank admitted that Drew had never mentioned he had a brother before. Hank said he was a friend of Drew’s from Afghanistan, and learning that he was now living in Port Charles, asked Jason for his information. Naturally suspicious, Jason hedged his bets and instead offered to take Hank’s information to give to Drew to contact him.

    Jason then located Drew and passed along the info, admitting he suspects Hank has an agenda because he was a little too eager to tell his story to a complete stranger. Drew ran into his “old friend” at the hospital, and admitted he doesn’t remember anything about him, so Hank revealed that he’d saved his life after an explosion and was happy to finally be able to say thank you.

    But things took an even more interesting turn when Sam and Jason went to visit the new place Kristina had moved into and discovered that Dawn of Day’s group leader, Shiloh, was none other than Hank himself!

    Shiloh/Hank isn’t actually McLaughlin’s first daytime role. The actor appeared on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS in a handful of episodes in September of 2018 playing Andrew Lynford, the man Ashley used to fake a DNA test to make her brother think he wasn’t really a member of the Abbott family.

    McLaughlin has also had recurring roles on primetime shows like PARENTHOOD, GRACELAND, and WOMEN’S MURDER CLUB in addition to guest appearances on series including TWO AND A HALF MEN, THE CROSSING, NCIS, and CASTLE.

    Stay tuned to see exactly what Hank is up to in Port Charles.

    Wes Ramsey Expresses His Deep Love for Laura Wright

    (1/3/19) ( As 2019 began, GENERAL HOSPITAL star Wes Ramsey (Peter) shared a beautifully heartfelt message to his love, Laura Wright (Carly). “As I close out this powerful calendar year,” he posted to Instagram, “I’m reflecting continually on — and humbly moved by — the grace with which this strong woman moves through the world. We’ve been blessed with so much this year, yet she has lost so much more.”

    Ramsey is referring to Wright having lost her beloved mother back in October, followed by the death of her father at the end of December. But throughout any hardships, the actress has remained grateful for the good things in her life, and it’s an attitude he is hoping to emulate himself. “Her unplanned, unprepared stoicism in spite of such loss is revering to my heart and inspiring to my spirit,” Ramsey declared. “She’s a tour de force — paving the road in spite of the path or its forced directions. I know this because I, too, am on that path. Her path. I am here to vouch that the road is smooth and placed with both intention and foundation, no matter the obstacle.

    “So as I close out this year — one of the best of my life,” Ramsey concluded, “I’ve never thought less about my worried self and been more honored by this magical angel as her laughter (my distraction) keeps my dreams not just afloat, but out in front. I’m proud of you. I admire you. I thank you for letting me walk with you.”

    For her part, Wright is also grateful to have Ramsey by her side. “I’ve had a beautiful January 1,” she shared on her own Instagram. “Reflection, tears, and gratitude for this view. I wrapped myself in love and memories and took deep breaths (and a quick dip in the hot tub), staying quiet with my thoughts on this new day. Thank you, Wes, for being by my side.”

    The love these two share is an inspiration to everyone. All the best for a happy 2019 for the both of them!

    GENERAL HOSPITAL's Emma and Robin Reunite!

    (1/3/19) ( (Photo) Although neither of them are regular cast members anymore, Kimberly McCullough (Robin) and Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma) both return to GENERAL HOSPITAL for occasional visits… but not always together! However, the on-screen mother and daughter were reunited on New Year’s Day when Silzer attended a gathering at McCullough’s home! “The best of the New Years,” McCullough tweeted, adding on Instagram: “My heart is so big this year.” Silzer responded to the tweet with: “Best day ever! Love you tons!” followed by a bunch of heart emojis.

    McCullough first joined the cast of GH back in 1985, and viewers watched the little girl grow up on screen into a teenager and finally a woman with a little girl of her own. Silzer made her initial appearance as Robin’s daughter, Emma, back in 2011, and just like her on-screen mom, grew up on television episode after episode. Although both left the soap — along with Jason Thompson’s Patrick — when the family moved to California in January of 2016, the actresses have both continued to return for visits every so often. The last time McCullough and Silzer were both on GH at the same time was in May of 2018 when they were in town for the annual Nurses Ball.

    Although McCullough didn’t reveal any details of the event that brought her and Silzer back together for the day, she did share another photo that showed Silzer playing Loteria with some other kids. Loteria is a game of chance similar to bingo, and you can see the game cards on the table where they’re marking off the matches in the hopes of winning.

    It’s wonderful to know that McCullough and Silzer have remained close in real-life, and we can’t wait to see them together on GH again someday. Hey, that Nurses Ball is coming up again in the spring!

    Kelsey Wang Reveals Daisy's True Motives on GENERAL HOSPITAL

    (12/31/18) ( Of all the new characters introduced to GENERAL HOSPITAL recently, the mysterious Daisy is the one that has fans buzzing. Already suspicious of the young woman who shared a copy of the book Every Day Is a New Dawn with Kristina, the revelation that Daisy works at Turning Woods care facility has the theories flying fast and furious! “I read a lot of fan responses on Twitter, and there are tons of rumors,” Daisy’s portrayer, Kelsey Wang, confided to Soaps In Depth. “Am I Kristina’s new love interest? Oscar's new love interest? Am I in a cult? It’s just so much fun to keep people guessing!”

    One thing the actress knows for sure about her daytime alter ego is that she’s not part of a coven. GH has done some pretty far-out plotlines over the years, but this isn’t one of them. “I don’t think Daisy has special powers,” Wang smiled. “I’m not playing a witch.” And despite her healing touch with Oscar’s headaches, Daisy isn’t some kind of miracle worker, either. “I don’t think Daisy’s healing Oscar’s brain tumor,” she added. “People get stress migraines all the time, and breathing and just calming down the body can really help. I think Daisy’s doing that, with a little bit of Reiki.”

    However, while many viewers are convinced that Daisy and her friends are a suspicious group, Wang insisted that her character’s motivations are pure. “Daisy’s found her purpose in helping others and volunteering,” she explained, “and she kind of sees herself — or her past self — in Kristina, who is lost. She truly believes she can help Kristina find her way. She wants to hang out with this girl and just get to know her… and if she can help her, that would be even better. And in Oscar, again, Daisy saw someone who needed help and helped him. She and her friends all have the same mission and spirits, so they’re living together.”

    But what about the fact that Daisy was spotted working at Turning Woods and seems to be somehow connected to the obituary that Sam received in the mail? Wang isn’t going to spoil the upcoming twists and turns, but promised “viewers will definitely be surprised” by what’s coming up next!

    Ricky Martin and husband Jwan Yosef welcome a baby girl

    (12/31/18) Ricky Martin and his husband Jwan Yosef have a lot to celebrate going into the new year.

    “We are beyond happy to announce that we have become parents to a beautiful and healthy baby girl, Lucia Martin-Yosef,” Martin wrote on Instagram Monday alongside a photo of the couple holding their daughter’s hands. “It has been a special time for us and we cant wait to see where this stellar baby will take us. Both her beautiful brothers and me and [Jwan] have fallen in love with Lucia”

    Martin also announced his news in Spanish with roughly the same message, but added the family is “grateful to be able to start this 2019 with the best gift we could receive, the gift of life.”

    The 47-year-old singer is already a parent to 10-year-old twins Valentino and Matteo.

    Martin revealed in January 2018 that he and Yosef, a 34-year-old artist, were married. The couple was first linked in April 2016, and announced their engagement later that year.

    Congratulations to the proud papas.

    Laura Wright Mourns the Death of Her Father

    (12/31/18) ( Please join us in sending love to GENERAL HOSPITAL star Laura Wright (Carly), who is mourning the death of her father, Rector Sisk. She shared the heartbreaking news on Instagram with a series of photos of her dad with her mother, Betty, who passed away just two months earlier in October. “Together is a beautiful place to be,” Wright said of her parents’ passing. “RIP, Dad. I love you.” Her father was 75.

    Wright, who began her daytime career as Aly on LOVING and THE CITY before playing Cassie on GUIDING LIGHT and then joining the cast of GH, has always enjoyed a warm, loving family. She has two children, Lauren, and John, and a brother, Jeffrey Sisk. Now her parents, Rector and Betty, are reunited in heaven to watch over all of them. Our thoughts are with Wright and her entire family during this difficult time.

    Another GH Star Engaged

    (12/31/18) Josh Swickard (Chase, GH) reported on Instagram that he proposed to girlfriend Lorynn York, who said yes. “I have always had a hard time posting about my private life,” he posted. “However I can’t keep this to myself, l just asked this beautiful girl to spend the rest of her life with me. @lorynnyork I love you so much and I can’t wait to grow old with you.” Check out the photos here Swickard’s co-stars Briana Nicole Henry (Jordan) and Elizabeth Hendrickson (Margaux) announced their engagements last week.

    Best & Worst of '18: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    (12/30/18) Read our take on the year that was 2018.

    Including Highs & Lows from each soap, Wishes for the future, Best Newcomer and more.

    Read it all here!

    Kirsten Storms Reveals How Her Daughter's Dancing Moved Her To Tears

    (12/28/18) ( Harper Rose Barash is turning five soon, and the daughter of GENERAL HOSPITAL stars Kirsten Storms (Maxie) and Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny) caused just a little bit of drama for her folks at her ballet class! “There’s no accurate way for me to describe how seriously this girl takes being a ballerina,” Storms explained to Soaps In Depth, noting how different she and her baby girl are. “I’m very T-shirt and jeans. My daughter just adores fashion. She picks out shoes that have sparkles and resemble a ballet slipper. She’s very girly.”

    Maybe she gets that from dad, who was a little taken aback to find his ex-wife fighting back tears while picking Harper up from ballet class. But don’t worry — they were happy tears because Storms had gotten some very good news about her tiny dancer. “The teacher came to tell me Harper’s paying attention too well for her age,” the proud mom declared. “She’s pretty smart, so they’re moving her to the six-to-seven-year-old class!

    “I was standing there, literally drying my eyes,” Storms recalled with a smile. “The teacher comes out and tells me my daughter’s advanced and I’m trying not to sob? Brandon walked over and was like, ‘What is wrong?’ So the pride I felt was apparent!”

    Storms has shared some pictures of Harper in dance class on her Instagram, and we can’t wait to see some videos… maybe of one of her stage performances? We’ll keep an eye out and be sure to share them when it happens!

    Season 4 Of THE BAY Drops Today

    (12/28/18) On Friday, December 28, season four of the Emmy-winning digital drama series THE BAY will be released. Expect five all–new installments, totaling over three hours worth of new content. The first half of the season will be available for 48 hours for free on the show’s official website at, with an Amazon Prime Video release to follow. Check out this season 3 recap to get you up to speed, and get prepared to #BingeTheBay on Friday!

    Travel Guide to Port Charles By Lucy Coe

    (12/26/18) (Book Cover) (Promo Video) (Get your copy here!) Fans of GENERAL HOSPITAL who watch the soap religiously every day may think they know Port Charles inside and out, but a new book may have some surprises in store for them! The Travel Guide to Port Charles promises to tell you “when to go, where to live, who to love, and who to never, ever cross in America’s most dramatic city!”

    Written by librarian-turned-real estate agent Lucy Coe — with additional material by some of the town’s other notable residents — the book chronicles the history of Port Charles and offers suggestions of places to go and the people you might see there with some gossipy tidbits along the way. There are sections devoted to the town’s heroes, tips on where to dine, a suggested scavenger hunt, reviews of the many Port Charles Balls, and quizzes so the reader can determine where they would fit in if they lived in this hustling, bustling town.

    The Travel Guide to Port Charles (actually written by GH scribe Chris Van Etten) is available at bookstores now, and while the paperback lists for $15.99, you can get it for just $10.99 from It may be too late to give as a gift for the holidays, but now’s the best time to get a little something for yourself, right?

    Amazon Promo Copy:

    Lucy Coe, the once mousy librarian who turned into a villainous liar, schemer, vixen and unlikely heroine takes us on a tour of Port Charles where, she says, you're as likely to encounter a den of not-so-secret agents as you are a gold-hearted, gun-toting "coffee importer." But Lucy isn't your only guide. Other storied characters from the show step in to take a leg of the tour.

    In these pages, you'll find the lowdown on the history of their fair (if not always just) city, where to settle, what to eat, how to have fun, whom to befriend and whom to avoid. Please don't be put off by some of the more evocative tidbits you'll find within.

    There are walking tours. Even though Lucy says the best way to see any city is in the back of a chauffeured limousine ? or better yet, by helicopter, but some have budgets. For economy-conscious travelers Lucy offers a slew of tours that'll cost you nothing but the indignity of being seen in sturdy footwear.

    Stop along the way provides gossip, history and sordid details. There is section devoted to the town's heroes, tips on "Where to Gorge," "Where to Worship," a suggested scavenger hunt, reviews of the many Port Charles Balls, and, of course, quizzes the reader can take to determine where they would fit if they were lucky enough to be a Port Charles resident. (Get your copy here!)

    Elizabeth Hendrickson Got Engaged to Rob Meder This Christmas!

    (12/26/18) (Photo) It was a very special Christmas for GENERAL HOSPITAL actress Elizabeth Hendrickson (Margaux), who became engaged to boyfriend Rob Meder over the holiday! “Officially my favorite Christmas ever!” she announced on Instagram with a pic of her holding up a glass of champagne to the camera, showing off her absolutely gorgeous ring. “I have a feeling it’s going to be a great year!”

    Meder shared the same image on his own Instagram, being sure to point out that selfie cameras on cell phones reverse the image so everything is backwards. “That’s Lizzie’s left,” he noted of the ring finger, “making for an extra special Xmas.”

    Hendrickson joined the cast of GH in May of 2018 as the town’s new district attorney, Margaux Dawson, but she was already well-known to soap fans from her roles as THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Chloe and ALL MY CHILDRENS’ Maggie and Frankie. Her Instagram is full of sweet pics with her romantic beau, and last Thanksgiving she expressed her love to Meder with a sweet message. “Thank you for always keeping me in check while simultaneously letting me be me,” she shared. “I’d also like to thank you for listening to all of my new karaoke song choices on repeat in the mornings. You’re a great man and an amazing partner.”

    Congratulations to the couple for a lifetime of happiness!

    GH Actress Engaged!

    (12/24/18) On Instagram, Briana Nicole Henry (Jordan, GH) revealed she had gotten engaged to beau Kris Bowers. “I get to love you for a lifetime now,” she posted, along with a video of the big moment. “Wow. I love you @krisbowersmusic Opens a New Window. . Here’s to all that’s to come. You are a dream.” Congratulations to the happy couple and check out her reaction here.

    Vernee Watson on Young Sheldon - 1/10/18

    (12/24/18) “A Tummy Ache and a Whale of a Metaphor” – When Sheldon has to spend a few days in the hospital, he turns into the world’s worst patient. Also, Missy gets a taste of what life would be like without her twin, on YOUNG SHELDON, Thursday, Jan. 10 (8:31-9:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    GUEST CAST includes: Vernee Watson (Nurse Robinson), Wayne Wilderson (Dr. Gilbert), Mauricio Lara (Ricky).

    Elizabeth Hendrickson Opens up About Margaux and Sonny's Relationship on GENERAL HOSPITAL

    (12/23/18) ( Since GENERAL HOSPITAL’s D.A. Dawson came to town with a Sonny-sized chip on her shoulder, she’s rubbed a lot of locals the wrong way. But portrayer Elizabeth Hendrickson is crazy about Margaux. “I love her so much,” she confided to Soaps In Depth with a grin. “I know she’s been hard as nails and a bit persistent, but she kind of has to be. If she backs down, look at who she’s up against! She’s been going at some of the strongest characters in Port Charles, and there’s a lot stacked up against her.”

    In an interesting turn, however, it’s the don himself who’s shown fans — and Hendrickson — another side of her character by exposing Margaux’s mother’s part in her father’s Mob hit. “Not only did her mother have an affair,” marveled the actress, “but she had it with someone who’s on the wrong side of the law — which goes against everything Margaux grew up believing in. Learning the truth shook her to the core. It really blew up in her face.”

    While Sonny’s play hasn’t gotten the D.A. to back down yet, he’s certainly made progress. “Margaux has been gunning for him and disgusted with him, and all of a sudden, he’s kind of getting through to her,” Hendrickson admitted. “Sonny’s tugging at her heartstrings in ways she wasn’t expecting — and doesn’t really want — to feel! This falls under that whole umbrella of her questioning everything she’s been doing and believing in. Margaux’s definitely at odds with herself now.”

    With Margaux’s tough exterior cracking, she may become a character who’s easier to root for. “I realize I tend to play unliked characters,” conceded the soap-hopper. “It took a long time for people to come around and like THE YOUNG THE RESTLESS’ Chloe. And ALL MY CHILDREN’s Frankie was a little firecracker who stirred the pot. But we’re all unlikable to a certain extent, so Maurice Benard (Sonny) and I have had a lot of fun trying to find all those great, intimate moments to show the humanity in both of our characters.”

    As Margaux reevaluates her life, fans are wondering how close she and Sonny will get. (She wouldn’t be the first law enforcer to fall for him, after all!) “I always say to Maurice, ‘Don’t get too close, because I don’t want to fall down an elevator shaft,’” Hendrickson cracked. “But if there was any supercouple I would ever interfere with, Sonny and Carly would be the one to get in the middle of, because I respect Maurice and Laura Wright so much. I’ll take any opportunity to work with them. I know the fans would come after me, but sometimes, you have to shake things up. So if that’s the path these two characters go, I would love it!”

    Of course, the hard-nosed D.A. isn’t thinking about romance right now. She’s just trying to make sense of her lying mother and the mobster she came to Port Charles to take down. “I hope she turns and starts working with Sonny,” Hendrickson revealed, adding that she’s happy to see her character go anywhere on the canvas. “Anywhere but dead!”

    Listen to 'Live On,' the Song From Kiki's Funeral on GENERAL HOSPITAL

    (12/23/18) ( (Listen) Fans were in tears during Kiki’s emotional funeral service on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but they were still able to appreciate Sonya Eddy’s Epiphany singing an absolutely beautiful song and wonder where it came from. “It’s an original written for that scene,” the actress revealed on Twitter. “Title is ‘Live On.’” And then GH musical director Paul S. Glass tweeted that it was composed by Eve Nelson and Matthew Naylor, adding: “Written specifically for that scene and the incredible Sonya Eddy.”

    During the powerful musical performance, viewers watched as those in attendance at the memorial shared glances with each other or simply stared ahead as tears ran down their faces. Julian turned in his seat to connect with Alexis, and Liz gripped Franco’s hand to hold him close. In the back pew, Griffin was consumed by his grief, and in the front, Ava sat rigidly upright, desperately trying to hold herself together.

    While the song isn’t available for download anywhere, GH did make it available on social media so fans can watch the emotional scene and Eddy’s incredible vocal performance whenever they like.

    “Live On” by Eve Nelson and Matthew Naylor

    In a memory that’s locked inside our hearts, you will always live on. Live on. Live on.

    Like a melody that’s written in the stars, you will always live on. Live on.

    In everyone you’ll live on.

    Like the sun rising up every day, like the moon guiding my way

    You made this world a brighter place and a life like that never fades.

    Looking in the sky you have changed our lives.

    In a memory that’s locked inside our hearts, you will always live on. Live on. Live on.

    Like a melody that’s written in the stars, you will always live on. Live on.

    In everyone you’ll live on.

    You’ll live on. Live on. Live on.

    Jacob Young Opens up About Returning to GENERAL HOSPITAL as Lucky

    (12/19/18) ( Whenever GENERAL HOSPITAL mentions the character of Lucky Spencer, fans can’t help but wonder if he’ll be coming back to the canvas again. And one of the actors to play the role, Jacob Young, is available now that he’s off-contract at THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL where he played Rick. “It’s always been on my radar,” the actor told Soaps In Depth of a possible return to Port Charles. “Lucky was a really special time and of course, I won the Emmy for that role, so that’s always gonna stick out in my mind.”

    Young joined the cast of GH as a recast Lucky in 2000, taking over for Jonathan Jackson. He played the role until 2003, taking home the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor in 2002. Young went on to play JR Chandler on ALL MY CHILDREN before returning to B&B in 2011. However, in May of 2018, the actor announced that he was not renewing his contract with the CBS sudser to pursue other opportunities. “If B&B doesn’t have any stories for me to play and GH does, then I am more than willing to,” Young admitted before adding, “I don’t see myself going under contract.”

    Having launched a talk show series on YouTube, a new album, and starred in a couple of TV movies, Young has definitely made the most of his available time and wants to continue to explore new paths. “It’s always a struggle,” he confided. “If there’s a storyline written on one of the shows, then I’m not going to be able to mostly likely be part of a film. So I don’t want to limit myself and I think that they understand that. But a lot of times they want you to sign a contract, so it’s a catch-22.”

    However, a short stint would definitely be doable if it worked with his schedule. “Yes, absolutely,” Young concluded. “And I’m totally open to that. I think [GH executive producer] Frank Valentini is aware of that, too.”

    Stay tuned to see if Young returns to either GH or B&B in the future.

    Maurice Benard Previews His New Role as John Gotti

    (12/19/18) ( Back in September, GENERAL HOSPITAL star Maurice Benard teased that he had an exciting new project he was working on that was later revealed to be a Lifetime movie currently titled Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter, in which he would be playing the infamous crime lord, John Gotti. The film is scheduled to premiere on Saturday, Feb. 9 at 8 p.m. ET, and Soaps In Depth managed to chat with Benard about his role from the movie’s Vancouver set while he was filming it. “It’s a great role and I’m having a great time playing a real-life character,” he enthused. “This was a really great opportunity.”

    Thankfully, the filming of Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter coincided with GH’s summer break, so the Emmy-winner was able to schedule in this moonlighting with a little assistance from the soap’s executive producer, Frank Valentini. “Frank was great,” Benard confided. “The timing worked out with the hiatus, and Frank was able to shift some stuff around to make it work.” Of course, it was still quite the whirlwind, with the actor on a plane to Canada just 48 hours after being cast as the Teflon Don. “I didn’t have time to think about stressing out,” admitted Benard, who notoriously hates to fly.

    Benard was joined on location with his wife, Paula, and when he wasn’t hard at work for director Catherine Cyran, the pair were able to take in the sights. “It’s beautiful up here,” he said of Vancouver. One one of his days off, they even rented a boat for what the actor called “a great, relaxing day.”

    But there was still plenty of hard work to be done, especially since Benard was tasked with portraying a real-life person. Thankfully, he did have the advantage of meeting John Gotti’s daughter, Victoria, on set to get some insight. “She gave me some great tips about her father,” he revealed, adding that playing such a larger-than-life historical figure was “very difficult but at the same time exhilarating.”

    As Benard said on Instagram, "Put it in your calendars" and be sure to watch in February.

    O Little Town of Bethlehem - James Patrick Stuart

    (12/16/18) O Little Town of Bethlehem - James Patrick Stuart: Listen.

    Dishing with Digest - 12/14/18 - Kathleen Gati

    (12/14/18) Kathleen Gati On GH Run: Download / listen.

    GH’s Kathleen Gati looks back on her Port Charles run and Obrecht’s most dastardly deeds with Digest’s Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also discuss this year’s Best and Worst issue.

    Facebook Q&A: Maurice Benard & Laura Wright

    (12/14/18) Facebook Q&A: Maurice Benard & Laura Wright: Video.

    Kirsten Storms Opens up About Co-Parenting Harper With Brandon Barash

    (12/14/18) ( When GENERAL HOSPITAL stars Kirsten Storms (Maxie) and Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny) announced they were divorcing in April of 2016, they also revealed they would continue to co-parent their daughter, Harper. And as their little girl approaches her fifth birthday, the exes have proven that such an arrangement isn’t just possible, it’s essential! “It’s what’s best for her,” Storms insisted to Soaps In Depth. “It’s important to us that Harper get the best possible experience growing up — and that means seeing her mom and dad in the same room with each other, frequently.”

    As a child grows up, they absorb everything around them, which impacts their development. So Storms knew it would be important important to create the right environment for Harper. “She’s at an age where she’s very into the idea of family and playing houses,” the mom revealed. “And however she sees family, I know that includes Brandon and myself. She couldn’t be happier than when we’re all together.”

    Of course, that’s not to say that co-parenting a child with your ex is as easy as these two make it appear. “We are divorced. Something went wrong, obviously, in our relationship for that to happen,” Storms noted. “But we work through it because we care about her enough. I’m serious when I say it’s just because we each love Harper more than anything else in the world that we can swallow our pride sometimes when something comes up.”

    A lesson all parents can take to heart!

    Bryan Craig's New Soap, GRAND HOTEL, Premieres in June!

    (12/13/18) ( As much as fans would love to see Bryan Craig back on GENERAL HOSPITAL as Morgan Corinthos, the in-demand actor is too buy with yet another new project — he’s playing Javi in the new primetime soap GRAND HOTEL! Produced by Eva Longoria (ex-Isabella, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS), the adaptation of a Spanish-language telenovela centers around the drama in the lives of the family who own a Miami Beach hotel and the staff who run it.

    ABC has finally revealed that the new sudser will premiere on Monday, June 17, but you can get a sneak peek of the glamour, scandal, and sex coming your way — as well as a look at Craig as Javi Mendoza — in this official teaser trailer!

    Craig has been snapping behind the scenes pics since he started work shooting the pilot, from some painful waxing to get himself picture perfect for the new role to on-set snaps with director Ken Olin and writer/producer Brian Tanen. There’s even a shot of Craig with Demián Bichir, who plays his TV dad, Gonzalo Cardenas, and you can see just how spot-on the casting is!

    After Morgan was killed off of GH back in October of 2016, Craig landed starring roles in the indie films Ride and American Fighter, as well as a recurring role as Adam Coogan on The CW military series VALOR. Still, the young star managed to make a return to Port Charles, even if just for one episode to appear in Ava’s nightmare. But if Craig’s career continues on this upward trajectory, for GH to bring Morgan back from the dead, they’re going to have to recast.

    Ryan Paevey Is Teaching Himself to Play Guitar... and He's Already Pretty Amazing!

    (12/13/18) (Video) What’s sexier than a hot guy playing a guitar? Not a whole lot, which is why we would recommend making sure you’re sitting down when you watch this video in case you swoon! GENERAL HOSPITAL alum Ryan Paevey (ex-Nathan) has decided to learn how to play the guitar and he shared a sample of his new skills on Instagram. “Okay, so I’m a super newb, and I’m trying to play very quietly while I teach myself from scratch (so I don’t offend anybody’s ears),” he wrote. “But always wanted to learn and figured I’d give it a go.”

    The actor set up his phone and captured a video of himself strumming away on his guitar, but admitted the song won’t be recognizable to many, and not just because he’s not that good at playing yet. “Because I totally don’t have enough hobbies already, I’m picking up a new one,” Paevey admitted in the video. “I’m like, five days deep, and I really suck, so take it easy on me. But the nerd in me has decided to learn videogame stuff, and extra credit if you have any clue what I’m attempting to play.” While the melody isn’t familiar, it’s certainly lovely, and the self-taught Paevey should be proud of himself for playing so well after just five days!

    Paevey became an instant fan-favorite when he joined the cast of GH in 2013, and in 2018, he left to pursue other career opportunities which have included the recent movies Marrying Mr. Darcy and Hope at Christmas. He is also an avid hiker and loves the outdoors and riding his motorcycle. In addition to everything else he does, Paevey sells prints of his photography and handmade jewelry via his brand, Fortunate Wanderer. How long before he releases an album?

    New Role For GH’s Carolyn Hennesy

    (12/13/18) Carolyn Hennesy (Diane, GH) has landed the plum voiceover role of Princess Leia (also known as General Leia Organa), played in the Star Wars movies by the late Carrie Fisher, in the animated series LEGO STAR WARS: ALL STARS and STAR WARS RESISTANCE.

    GH Stars Pay Tribute To Beloved Colleague

    (12/7/18) Donna Messina, who was the head of GH’s hair and makeup department and beloved by cast and crew, passed away on December 6.

    “Sometimes you meet someone in life you just connect with and then unfortunately life just takes that person away,” Maurice Benard (Sonny) wrote on Instagram, calling Messina “my best friend my sister”.

    “I will never forget what you meant in my life.” Dominic Zamprogna (ex-Dante) tweeted, “Donna welcomed me and treated me like a long lost Italian family member from day 1. Always supportive always smiling. Heart. Broken. Rest easy beautiful Donna.”

    Wrote Jon Lindstrom (Ryan/Kevin), “Donna Messina preceded my arrival to ‘GH’, and I got there in ’92! I loved her, as we all did, for her support and kindness, her no-bullshit attitude and honesty. I miss her already. R.I.P.”

    Wally Kurth (Ned) added, “my heart breaks. I had not heard this until now. I was at the studio on Wednesday and as always, wanted to know how she was doing. Now this. She was a fan of the show and a fan of the entire cast and crew. We were HER fans! I will miss you Donna…”

    GH’s Laura Wright In Lifetime Movie

    (12/7/18) Laura Wright (Carly, GH) will be starring in the Lifetime film STALKED BY MY PATIENT, which airs December 14 at 8 p.m. ET. Two of her co-stars in the film are familiar faces to Port Charles fans, Bree Williamson (ex-Claudette, GH) and Eddie Matos (ex-Ricky, PORT CHARLES). Wright posted the news on Instagram.

    Dishing with Digest 12/7/18 - Rena Sofer

    (12/7/18) B&B's Rena Sofer Gets Personal (Listen / download)

    B&B's Rena Sofer talks about playing B&B's Quinn, her early soap roots on LOVING and GH, her prime-time past, some changes in her personal life and much more with Digest's Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also examine how it plays out when actors reclaim their roles, and discuss soaps' most romantic moments.

    WGA Awards TV Nominations

    (12/7/18) The WGA on Thursday unveiled its nominations for in TV, new media, news, radio/audio and promotional writing for 2018. Winners will be announced February 17 at the WGA Awards held in concurrent ceremonies in Los Angeles and New York.

    The guild will unveil its motion picture nominees January 7.


    Days of Our Lives, Head Writer: Ron Carlivati; Writers: Sheri Anderson, Lorraine Broderick, David Cherrill, Joanna Cohen, Lisa Connor, Carolyn Culliton, Richard Culliton, Rick Draughon, Cydney Kelley, David Kreizman, David A. Levinson, Rebecca McCarty, Ryan Quan, Dave Ryan, Katherine Schock, Elizabeth Snyder, Tyler Topits; NBC

    General Hospital, Head Writers: Shelly Altman, Christopher Van Etten; Writers: Barbara Bloom, Anna Theresa Cascio, Suzanne Flynn, Charlotte Gibson, Lucky Gold, Kate Hall, Elizabeth Korte, Daniel James O’Connor, Donny Sheldon, Scott Sickles; ABC

    Video: #25DaysOfChristmas: #GH Donates 'Toys For Tots'

    (12/7/18) Video: #25DaysOfChristmas: #GH Donates 'Toys For Tots'

    Laura Wright Reveals the Only Way Carly and Jason Could Be a Couple on GENERAL HOSPITAL

    (12/6/18) ( Some GENERAL HOSPITAL fans think that Jason and Carly are a little bit too close for comfort... especially given the fact they were once lovers! One person who doesn’t agree? Carly’s portrayer, Laura Wright! “It’s the best friendship on the show,” she says. “He’s like her safety net. It wouldn’t be a healthy relationship to rely on someone that much romantically... but as a friendship, it’s incredible. He’s her best friend, and there’s a loyalty they share that is beyond anything else.”

    And the open-minded enforcer is not a bad bestie to have — especially for someone like Carly, who tends to make trouble anywhere she doesn’t find it. “Jason sees people differently, and I think it’s because he needs people differently,” Wright explains. “A lot of times, our perception of other people is blocked by our own needs and expectations in life. We’re such flawed people, so the relationships we have are reflections of what we see in ourselves. Well, Jason is so selfless. It’s easy for him to see what others need, because he seems to need so little. He sees the bigger picture, and he sees that with Carly.”

    As long as Maurice Benard’s Sonny is around, Wright doesn’t see her character’s feelings shifting. “The only way that would work is if Maurice ever decided to leave and, in the loss of Sonny, Carly and Jason found each other. The love is there with Jason, but they’re such great friends, and Carly and Sonny are so bonded as husband and wife at this moment. They just are.

    “And it’s a beautiful truth that Sonny’s terrible, but he’s my terrible,” she adds. “To own that is beautiful, because everyone’s got their stuff. They may not be mobsters, but you know what I mean!”

    Don't miss out on Soaps In Depth's newest coffee-table book, Soaps Greatest Love Stories, available in Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Sam's Club, and newsstands everywhere. If you can't find one in a store, click here to order a copy online!

    Jon Lindstrom Reveals the Method Behind Ryan's Madness on GENERAL HOSPITAL

    (12/5/18) ( When Jon Lindstrom joined GENERAL HOSPITAL as Ryan Chamberlain in May of 1992, “I was supposed to play what I call a surgical-strike villain,” he confided to Soaps In Depth. “I was hired to come in, create a wedge between Mac and Felicia, and then be exposed as the psycho-killer stalker. I figured I’d work till the end of the summer, pay off some credit-card bills and be on my way.” Instead, “they just couldn’t get rid of me,” he chuckled. “It became evident we had some gold, so why get rid of it?

    Of course, it was good twin Kevin who actually got to stick around. After taking down his brother, the psychiatrist became a beloved character, helped launch GH spin-off PORT CHARLES and then fell for Laura. “Genie Francis and I were both blindsided by that,” Lindstrom admitted. “She said, ‘I thought that whole thing of getting paired up was long behind me. Then they go surprise us with this!’ It was a big vote of confidence. Listen, if you’re going to hitch your wagon to anybody, Laura Spencer is a great one!”

    After a quiet year in Port Charles, Lindstrom is thrilled to be once again sharing the screen with his leading lady... and with himself! “I forgot how much I enjoyed playing Ryan — and those Kevin/Ryan scenes,” he marveled. “After shooting the other day, Genie looks at me and says, ‘Are you going to miss Ryan when this is done?’ Yes, I am — which is strange. You’re talking about a serial killer… but he has become one of the great villains of daytime, hasn’t he?”

    Lindstrom has a theory about why that is, too. “Ryan’s not some raving, drooling, two-dimensional villain,” he noted. “I have to give kudos to the writers for being careful to make sure his intelligence is intact. He knew, for example, if he was ever going to be able to take over his brother’s life, he had to become a psychiatrist, to some degree. So he’s prepared himself. That’s the kind of killer he is. Very smart and very prepared. I just love that.” At the same time, Lindstrom isn’t just playing the killer — he’s playing Ryan playing Kevin! “The only time Ryan is himself with his guard down is when he talks to Kevin,” the actor explained. “He’s starting to loosen up with Ava, but he still has to keep up a certain amount of facade. He has to be extremely careful.”

    For all his maniacal plotting, Ryan is desperate for a partner — in love and crime. “Unlike Kevin, Ryan never had the kind of nurturing he needed when it was most important, so he craves that attention now,” Lindstrom suggested. “But what he would equate as love is that simpatico of revenge.” Which is why his gaze has shifted away from sweet Felicia to a blonde with a much darker dark side. “Oh, Ava’s just his type!” Lindstrom winked. “She has this credo of living that Ryan can get behind. She’s all the things he thought Felicia could have been, personified.

    “And she’s love-starved,” he continued. “She needs some TLC. It’s just... in what form does that come? That’s where the danger of it all lies. Sooner or later, she’s going to see something in him that lets her know this guy is dangerous in a way she’s never seen before. It doesn’t matter how bad D.A. Hornsby was — Ryan Chamberlain’s a whole new low! The question is, how much alike are he and Ava, really... and how far is she willing to go?”

    Rena Sofer Celebrates Her 50th Birthday With an Inspirational Message to Fans (and an Awesome Party!)

    (12/5/18) (Photo) On Dec. 2, Rena Sofer celebrated her 50th birthday and the star of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL (as Quinn) and alum of GENERAL HOSPITAL (as Lois) shared a very special message with her fans on Instagram. “Today I get to celebrate the fact that I have been occupying space on this beautiful planet for 50 years,” she mused. “As a child we think, ‘Wow, 50! That is so old!’ But I don’t feel old at all. I think what I feel most is wise and humbled.”

    The baby photo of herself that Sofer posted also had a special meaning to her. “When I was born, the last thing my mother wanted was to be my mother,” she explained. “This picture I posted was in her album. I had a name, but to her I was ‘It.’ She finally walked out when I was just about to turn two years old. Growing up without a mother can lead to a very lonely and isolating existence. You have no one to guide you or help you navigate the rights and wrongs of society and relationship. At least that is how it affected me.”

    Though the actress admitted to struggling to decipher right from wrong, she knew she wanted to live the best life she could, and be the best person she could be no matter how difficult it was. “The last three years have been a huge fall and greatly challenging,” Sofer confided. “Extremely fulfilling, full of new friends and adventures and causes to be consumed with. And with that it has also been lonely and devastating at times. But I stand here today, feet firmly on the ground and I say, ‘I forgive you your trespasses, Rena. I love you Rena. You always try your best and when you fail, you always get up.’

    “I am excited for this next half of my life,” Sofer concluded. “I see this birthday as a rebirth. I can build on the life I have with the tools I have spent 50 years cultivating. Try to live a life without judgement of myself and others. Realize it isn’t always about me and forgive myself when I forget that. Take responsibility for my actions. Be kind and generous and be part of the human race, and that means anything with a heartbeat. Be a friend to those who need me and cherish the ones who see my heart for what it is and love me. Open my heart to new love and rekindled love. Love my animals and show them patience and care. And for my three daughters, never leave them. Never turn my back on them. Be the mother to them I never had. So happy birthday to me! May I never stop learning and growing and loving. Here’s to the next 50 years!”

    Lifetime Unveils Premiere Dates For Winter Movie Slate

    (12/4/18) Lifetime has unveiled the premiere dates for their robust slate of winter movies. From music icons to deadly cheerleaders to the daughter of a notorious mob boss, the network isn’t holding back when it comes to the drama — some based on true stories, some not — for 2019.

    Highlights of their slate include Love You to Death (January 26) starring Marcia Gay Harden, which is based on the true story of a mother and daughter who are nothing like they seem, their tumultuous relationship ending in a brutal murder. Also based on a true story is Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story (January 19) starring Christina Ricci. The movie is inspired by Nellie Bly’s undercover stay at the impenetrable Women’s Lunatic Asylum. For something a little lighter, there’s Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You (February 16) which follows the personal and professional journey of the titular Grease icon. Lifetime acquired the biopic for its U.S. premiere.

    Other features on the slate include Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter (February 9) which is executive produced by the real-life Victoria Gotti. Lifetime will also bring back the cult classic Death of a Cheerleader (February 2). The remake will see the return of Kellie Martin, who starred in the 1994 original.

    Lifetime has also acquired Best Friend’s Betrayal and My Mother’s Split Personalities for January. The network will feature five weeks of premieres every Saturday at 8 pm PT/ET, beginning January 19.

    See the complete list and summaries of the features below.

    Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story
    Starring Christina Ricci, Judith Light and Josh Bowman
    January 19

    The Lifetime feature is inspired by Nellie Bly’s undercover stay at the impenetrable Women’s Lunatic Asylum and stars Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actress Christina Ricci (Monster), two-time Tony award-winner, Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Judith Light (Transparent, The Assassination of Giannni Versace) as Matron Grady and Josh Bowman (Revenge).

    On a mission to expose the deplorable conditions and mistreatment of patients at the notorious Women’s Lunatic Asylum, investigative reporter Nellie Bly (Ricci) feigns mental illness in order to be institutionalized to report from the inside. The movie delivers an intense and fictionalized account of actual events surrounding Nellie’s stay beginning after Nellie has undergone treatment, leaving her with no recollection of how she came to the asylum or her real identity. Nellie’s unwillingness to submit to authority results in unspeakable torture at the hands of the head nurse, Matron Grady (Light). When Nellie captures the attention of Dr. Josiah (Bowman) who tries to help her, Grady’s barbaric tactics only intensify, leading Nellie to questions if she actually does belong in the asylum after all.

    A real-life hero, Nellie Bly’s expose was the first of its kind in America and inspired the global reformation of mental health care.

    Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story is executive produced by Howard Braunstein along with Ricci of Grey Team Productions. Michael Tive, David Sigal, Peter Werner and Jonathan Baruch of StoryBy Entertainment also serve as executive producers with Karen Moncrieff as director (Petals on the Wind) with a screenplay by Helen Childress (Reality Bites).

    Love You to Death
    Starring Marcia Gay Harden, Emily Skeggs and Tate Donovan
    January 26

    Inspired by a true story, Love You to Death is a shocking tale of a mother and daughter who are nothing like they seem, their tumultuous relationship ending in a brutal murder. Camile (Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden, Fifty Shades features, Code Black, Point Blank) and Esme (Emily Skeggs, Miseducation of Cameron Post, Mile 22) are well-known in their community – Esme as the sickly, child-like wheelchair-bound daughter, and Camile as the perfect caretaker and mother. They seem a perfect pair until Camile is found stabbed to death in her home, and Esme has vanished, believed to be kidnapped by the killer. But when Esme is found, a terrible secret emerges. Esme was not kidnapped. Instead she ran away with her boyfriend (Brennan Keel Cook) after working with him to murder Camile. More than that, Esme is perfectly healthy, mentally and physically, and has been a victim of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, forced to believe she was ill by her controlling, abusive mother.

    Tate Donovan (The Man in The High Castle) plays Travis, Esme’s estranged father who tries to reconnect with his daughter, despite her mother’s objections.

    Marcia Gay Harden is repped by ICM Partners and Framework Entertainment.

    Love You to Death is produced by Sony Pictures Television and Davis Entertainment Television. Executive producers are Jordan Davis and John Davis. Alex Kalymnios directs from a script written by Anthony Jaswinski.

    Death of a Cheerleader
    Stars Kellie Martin, Aubrey Peeples and Sarah Dugdale
    February 2

    In a remake of the cult-classic, Death of a Cheerleader is inspired by Randall Sullivan’s Rolling Stone article of the same name about the real-life murder of a popular, affluent and beautiful Northern California high school cheerleader at the hand of a classmate. Bridget Moretti (Aubrey Peeples) is a shy outsider from a lower middle-class background who aspires to be beautiful, popular and perfect in everything. Believing that a friendship with rich and pretty Kelly Locke (Sarah Dugdale), leader of the school’s most prestigious clique, will get her all that she desires, Bridget tries to forge a friendship with her. When Kelly rejects Bridget’s attempts, it leaves her humiliated and feeling like a failure and ultimately fuels a jealous rage that will lead to murder. Death of a Cheerleader explores the events leading up to and after the shocking crime that took place in this upper-middle-class community.

    Kellie Martin, who starred alongside Tori Spelling in the original, plays the FBI agent who cracks the case.

    Death of a Cheerleader is produced by Just Singer Entertainment and Reunion Pacific Entertainment. Executive producers are Matthew O’Connor, Paddy Bickerton, Steve White and Sheri Singer. Paul Shapiro directs from a script written by Caitlin D. Fryers.

    Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter
    Executive Produced and Narrated by Victoria Gotti and
    Starring Chelsea Frei and Maurice Benard
    February 9

    Executive produced by Victoria Gotti herself, the movie takes us deep into the world of what it was really like to grow up as the daughter of mob boss John Gotti, revealing the glamour, glitz and unique hardships of her world. Sharing never-before-revealed stories about her life, Victoria (played by Chelsea Frei) tells of a sensitive child growing up with a beloved father (Maurice Benard) she worried about constantly; the tragedy of her younger brother’s death; and her turbulent romance, forbidden by her father, with the man who later became her husband. Victoria had a front-row seat to a life the world became fascinated with, all while trying to reconcile the loving father she adored with a man the outside world was determined to bring down.

    Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter is produced by Relevé Entertainment for Lifetime with Victoria Gotti, Jennifer Wachtell (The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks) and Holly Carter (Home is Where You Find It) executive producing. Catherine Cyran (The Prince & Me) directs from a script co-written by Victoria Gotti and David Schneiderman (Chasing Liberty). The film is based on Gotti’s book This Family of Mine: What It Was Like Growing Up Gotti. Victoria Gotti will appear on camera narrating her story.

    Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You
    Starring Delta Goodrem
    February 16

    Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You is the remarkable personal and professional journey of international superstar Olivia Newton-John, illustrated through her music. Covering her lasting power across more than five decades in one of the world’s toughest industries, the film delves into both Olivia’s public persona as well as the private woman behind-the-scenes, including her multiple battles with cancer and her intense fight to survive.

    Australian singer, songwriter and actress Delta Goodrem (House Husbands, judge on The Voice, Australia) stars as Olivia Newton-John and re-records her classic hits for the film. Hugo Johnstone-Burt (San Andreas, The Wrong Girl) is Bruce Welch and Todd Lasance (The Flash, The Vampire Diaries) plays Lee Kramer. Richard Brancatisano (Chasing Life) is featured as Matt Lattanzi, Anthony Brandon Wong (The Matrix Revolutions) is Patrick McDermott, Morgan Griffin (San Andreas, The Sleepover Club) is young Olivia, and Georgia Flood (American Princess, Wentworth) is young Pat Carroll.

    Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You is produced by Fremantle with the assistance of Screen Australia and Film Victoria for Channel Seven. Lifetime has acquired the film for the U.S. premiere.


    Best Friend’s Betrayal
    Starring Mary Grill, Vanessa Walsh, Jaime M. Callica
    Premieres January 13

    Best friends Katie (Mary Grill) and Jess (Vanessa Walsh) are inseparable and have always had each other’s backs. When Jess begins a new serious relationship with famous crime writer, Nick (Jaime M. Callica), Katie is unsure of this new seemingly perfect man. Katie wants to support her friend’s newfound happiness but is fiercely protective of her. But Katie’s obsession with Jess soon proves deadly and it is up to the recently vilified Nick to expose this supposed ‘best friend’ before it is too late. Best Friend’s Betrayal is produced by Reel One Entertainment.

    My Mother’s Split Personalities
    Starring Lindsay Hartley, Kayla Wallace, Jefferson Brown
    Premieres January 12

    After her father dies of a heart attack, Julie Price (Kayla Wallace) has returned home after two years of living in estrangement from her mother Gail (Lindsay Hartley). But Gail is not herself these days, acting bizarrely and under the control of Warren (Jefferson Brown), a highly intelligent criminal, who has become Gail’s boyfriend and is plotting to get his hands on a vast amount of money left behind by her dead husband. As Julie investigates the cause of her mother’s strange behavior, she gets closer to the truth about Warren, and a deadly game of cat and mouse begins, in which the dark criminal operator will do anything to protect his payday. It’s up to Julie to save her mother from not only Warren but also from her own split personalities and get her the help she desperately needs. My Mother’s Split Personalities is produced by Reel One Entertainment

    Is Maxie Falling for Peter on GENERAL HOSPITAL? — Kirsten Storms Speaks Out!

    (12/2/18) ( Ever since Nathan’s death, Maxie has been leaning on Peter on GENERAL HOSPITAL, and now it’s beginning to seem as though there’s the potential for romance! Sure, when Maxie first learned that Peter was really Henrik Faison, it was a bit of a shock, but over time she’s softened and found herself leaning on him in times of crisis. But while she’s been adamant about keeping Peter squarely in the friend zone, could she just be denying her own feelings? “I think there’s something there,” Kirsten Storms admitted to Soaps In Depth of her character’s emotions. “I don’t know what’s in the future for them, but they’re making so much of how Peter feels about her. And I’ve spent a lot of the time Maxie’s not with Peter talking about him… so that has to mean something!”

    While it might seem a little inappropriate that Maxie would find happiness with the brother of her late husband, that sibling connection might actually work in his favor. “Before Maxie knew they were related, she told Nina there was something about him that reminded her of Nathan,” Storms reminded. “I think she sees similarities in them… and I think that’s an appealing thing for her.”

    Despite the trauma of Nathan's death being what brought them together, there's no denying that Maxie relied heavily on Peter in the aftermath which created an extremely deep connection between the two. But might she feel as though she's betraying Nathan's memory by becoming romantically involved with his brother?

    Stay tuned to see how Maxie and Peter’s relationship develops.

    Watch Jen Lilley in the Swinging New 'King of Hearts' Music Video!

    (12/2/18) ( (Video) Soap fans already know that Jen Lilley is a talented actress from her roles as Theresa Donovan on DAYS OF OUR LIVES and her stint as Maxie Jones on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but they might not be aware that she’s also an incredible singer! Her new single, “King of Hearts” has just been released, and you can watch the music video for it below. Then you can click here to listen to it or download it for yourself . “Let me know what you think,” she posted to Instagram. “I can’t stop dancing to it!”

    The retro-tinged tune is a sassy ‘60s throwback with an inspirational message for today, and is the lead-off single to her upcoming album that is due out in February of 2019. Lilley also released a Christmas album, Tinsel Time, back in November of 2015.

    Lilley is also heavily involved in charities, and 100% of the proceeds from the initial sales of “King of Hearts” went towards providing a young boy named John who lives in Africa with a life-saving heart surgery. “After that, i’m donating to Project Orphans to help support their monthly operations through March,” Lilly shared. In addition, she launched the “King of Hearts Challenge” to help raise more money for John, urging people to download her single and upload a video of themselves dancing to it before challenging three friends to do the same.

    A great song and a great cause? What could be better? And if “King of Hearts” is just a taste of what Lilley’s full album will sound like, we can’t wait for February to hear the whole thing!

    Wes Ramsey Previews His Thrilling New Movie

    (12/2/18) ( (Trailer) When Wes Ramsey first appeared on GENERAL HOSPITAL, viewers weren't sure if they can trus his character of Peter August, and they’re going to feel the same way about his character in his thrilling new movie, Last Seen in Idaho. And coincidentally, he’s playing a shady guy named Franco! “I’m excited for my character,” Ramesy told Soaps In Depth, “because before this movie I’ve never had a chance to play a character like Franco.”

    The story surrounds a young woman named Summer (played by the film’s writer and producer, Hallie Shepherd) who awakens from a coma after a car accident and begins having visions of her own future murder. But without knowing exactly who she can trust, can Summer prevent her visions from coming true? “It has an incredible story about someone who witnesses something they shouldn’t have seen and how their life is forever changed because of it,” Ramsey previewed. “From that one moment, a chain of events unfolds and it’s interesting, because it deals with time and memory in a very unique way. I don’t want to give away too much, because it’s really well done the way she created the story.”

    Ramsey’s character of Franco is Summer’s love interest, but also a seasoned criminal who will leave you wondering which side he’s really on. Last Seen in Idaho also stars a couple of other faces that will be familiar to soap fans. “We shot all over the state of Washington,” the actor reported. “And some other awesome guys who spent time in daytime were with me — Shawn Christian (ex-Daniel) from DAYS OF OUR LIVES and Casper Van Dien (Ty) was once on ONE LIFE TO LIVE.”

    Last Seen in Idaho was released on DVD and on demand back in April, and premiered on Showtime Dec. 1. Ramsey is thrilled his GH fans will finally be able to see his work. “It’s been a long time coming,” he admitted. “When you make a movie, you never know if it’s going to see the light of day in six months or a year or two years. This is certainly the longest I’ve ever waited for one of my movies to come out, so I’m excited for it!”

    For Older News Visit The Daytime Soap Operas News Archives: Here!


    1. January 26, 1990: Felicia and Frisco’s second wedding was a private and impromptu affair at Sean’s penthouse.

    2. February 7, 1983: Robert Scorpio wed Holly Sutton.

    3. February 9, 1994: A heap of trouble spoiled the wedding of Mac Scorpio and Felicia Jones.

    4. February 11 & 12, 1992: NFL Quarterback Jim Kelly played himself in two episodes

    5. February 15, 1993: Scott wed his true love, Dominique, even though the bride had an inoperable brain tumor.

    6. February, 23, 2010: General Hospital aired it's 12,000th episode

    7. February 26, 1988: Dr. Tom Hardy wed Dr. Simone Ravelle.

    8. February 27: Sage Alcazar celebrates her birthday.

    9. March 7: In 1997, Brenda told Sonny she loved him, and they made love while trapped in a cave.

    10. March 30, 1994: Jagger Cates and Karen Wexler were married at Kelly’s Diner

    11. April 1, 1963: GH premiered on ABC.

    12. April 11, 2000: Robin Christopher (Skye) and Matt Crane (Ross, GH/ex-Matt, AW) tied the knot.

    13. April 26, 1990: Alan Quartermaine wed Lucy Coe, who wore a red cocktail dress and matching hat for the ceremony.

    14. April 28, 2000: Lucky returned from the "dead" — and from Helena’s clutches.

    15. May 1, 1987: Anna Devane walked down the aisle to marry Duke Lavery.

    16. May 4, 1998: Luke and Alexis plotted to kill Helena.

    17. May 4, 1998: The ELQ jet crashed with Jason and Brenda on board.

    18. May 15, 1998: Brenda and Jax took a romantic trip to Malibu as her old flame, Sonny, returned to Port Charles.

    19. May 29, 2000: Sonny and Carly both grieved for the baby they lost.

    20. June 1, 2001: In real life, Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) and Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan) wed.

    21. June 13, 1997: Billy Warlock debuted as A.J., succeeding Sean Kanan (now Deacon, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL).

    22. June 20, 1986: Star-crossed lovers Frisco and Felicia wed for the first time.

    23. June 28, 1991: The spy team of Robert and Anna married for the second time.

    24. June: Scotty Baldwin made Laura Webber his teen bride in 1979.

    25. June: In 1986, Anna Devane met Duke Lavery, the man who would soon sweep her off her feet.

    26. June: Felicia wed Colton Shore, unaware that presumed-dead husband Frisco had returned in time to watch in 1989.

    27. June: In 1990, Ned and Lois were married again — this time in a Brooklyn church, surrounded by friends and family.

    28. June: Breast cancer claimed the life of Emily’s mother, Paige Bowen, in 1995.

    29. July 6, 1979: Scott Baldwin and Laura Webber were married.

    30. July 11, 1980: Luke nearly tied the knot with Jennifer Smith.

    31. July 11, 2001: Amber Tamblyn (ex-Emily) last appeared as the teenage daughter of the powerful Quartermaines.

    32. July 15, 1997: While enjoying a romantic dinner with Robin, Jason was shot by the Tin Man.

    33. July 24, 1964: Jessie and Phil’s marriage was shattered when she suffered a miscarriage

    34. July 30, 2001: Jax breezed back into Port Charles, after his fruitless search for Brenda, with no excuse for his absence or his whereabouts.

    35. July: Duke first appeared on the serial as Anna’s dangerous new love, in 1987.

    36. August 1, 1997: Elizabeth was first seen in Port Charles as Sarah Webber’s younger sister.

    37. August 6: In 2002, Alexis’ sister Kristina died from a warehouse explosion caused by Alcazar.

    38. August 13, 1993: Sonny made his first appearance in Port Charles as Karen’s charismatic boss.

    39. August 15, 1977: Alan and Monica tied the knot.

    40. August 16, 1999: Sonny learned that Juan was his dead wife Lily’s child.

    41. August 19, 2005: The vows that Sam said when marrying Andrew- I take you to be my husband, my life partner, and my one true love. I will honor our commitment by loving you more each day than I did the day before. By trusting you above all others. By laughing and crying with you. By staying loyal to you, in good times and in bad. By being the one person in the world you can count on. I give you my heart, and all my love - tonight and forever.

    42. August 26: On this date in 2002, after nearly being drowned by Alcazar’s men, Zander was fished from the water with amnesia

    43. August 2001: Sorel held Carly and Alexis hostage in Sonny’s penthouse. Zander, trying to be a hero, was shot for his effort.

    44. September 25, 2000: Eva Longoria played a "Brenda Barrett look-alike" (uncredited)

    45. October 1, 1999: Roy DiLucca returned to Port Charles after being presumed dead since 1979.

    46. October 5: In 1979, Luke raped Laura on the Campus Disco floor.

    47. October 13, 1989: Tony Jones surprised Bobbie with a wedding ceremony in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    48. October 16, 1987: Anna Devane married Duke Lavery in a traditional Scottish ceremony.

    49. October 17, 2005: "I Just Wanna Live" by Good Charlotte was the song/artist playing during Sonny's shootout with the Ruiz family

    50. October 1977: Dr. Rick Webber married fellow doctor Lesley Faulkner for the first time; their second trip down the aisle came four years later.

    51. November 9, 2001: After a bitter fight with Luke, Stavros plunges to his death.

    52. November 23, 1993: Scott almost married conniving Katherine Bell until Lucy Coe informed the unsuspecting groom that the bride-to-be was a con artist.

    53. November 25, 2003: Tony Geary (Luke, GH) celebrated 25 years on GH

    54. November 1979: Laura was raped by her then boss Luke.

    55. December 6, 1999: Jerry and Bobbie’s nuptials came to an abrupt end when the Feds arrested the groom for money laundering.

    56. December 29, 1997: Carly gave birth to her son, Michael

    57. Wednesday, April 17 2005 GH aired it's airs its 10,000th episode

    58. Song at Luke & Laura's 2nd wedding: 'Angels' by Robin Thicke (son of Growing Pains star Alan Thicke). You can find it on the album "The Evolution of Robin Thicke"

    59. Broken by Lifehouse played at the end of the Novemer 21, 2007 (Thanksgiving) episode

    60. The suit that Carly was wearing on 10/17/2007 was made by Bebe and can be found at Bebe stores nationwide.

    61. Mark's Song by EastMountainSouth played as Nikolas remembered Emily at her funeral

    62. The song at the end of the January 21, 2008 episode was "I should Get Up" by Teddy Thompson

    63. "Broken" by Lifehouse played for May 1, 2008 Nikolas & Emily montage

    64. GH's Zaccharas: The new "family" on the block: The Patriarch: Anthony Zacchara. He drove his first wife away, killed his second wife, neglected his daughter, and smothered his son. This was all before he went on a killing rampage at a charity ball! Anthony ended up paralyzed from the neck down and put in an asylum. With manipulative lawyers on his side, Anthony may be allowed to return to the Zacchara throne...and pretty soon he might even ditch that wheel chair.

      The Mafia Princess: Claudia Zacchara. Sent away at sixteen, Claudia's back with a vengeance. There's no love lost between her and daddy, with both itching to wipe the other out. The only person Claudia cares about protecting is her younger brother Johnny, but a little betrayal goes a long way if it means taking over the family business.

      The Tortured Son: Johnny Zacchara. While older sis was banished from the home, Johnny was left to fend for himself in the crazy Zacchara household. He coped with his father's dysfunction by racing cars and jumping off buildings. But when he met Lulu Spencer, he realized the power of love may far outweigh the love of power.

      The Lawyers: Trevor and Ric Lansing. This father and son legal team hates each other, but working together means better aim at stabbing each other in the back. They may not be biologically related to the Zacchara's, but they fit right in.

    65. August 2008: The Tie-dye dress that Carly wore the other day is availble at here! (Thanks to Kaysie for the link)

    66. The song used in the fall 2008 preview ads for "GH," is called "Wonderful Surprise" by Shawn Hlookoff

    67. Q. Why does Luke call Carly "Caroline"?
      A. Carly was born "Caroline Benson," and Luke was the first person in Port Charles to learn her true identity. He used to call her "Caroline" to let her know he was on to her scheming. Now he just does it as a term of endearment.

    68. Q. When did Sonny and Brenda first meet?
      A. Back in 1993 -- quite by accident! Sonny ran into Brenda on the docks of Port Charles, and he was smitten from the start.

    69. Q. Where can I get the compass necklace that Jason gave Sam before he was sent to prison?
      A. The sterling silver locket can be purchased here.

    70. Q. On General Hospital, how many Quartermaines are there?
      A. The Quartermaine family is pretty large and has many branches. However, the main branch in Port Charles was headed up by Edward and Lila Quartermaine (who is now deceased), who had two children, Alan and Tracy. Alan (who married Monica) had three children: Jason (whose son is Jake Spencer), AJ (whose son is Michael Corinthos), and Emily -- the latter two are deceased. Tracy has two children: Ned (whose daughter is Brook Lynn Ashton) and Dillon. Edward had two illegitimate children, Jimmy Lee Holt and Bradley Ward.

    71. Q. Can you tell me where to get the leather jackets that Claudia and Rebecca wore in the 4/8/2009 episode of General Hospital?
      A. Claudia's jacket was a navy quilted Moschino. Rebecca's jacket was a putty leather piece by Ben Sherman.

    72. Q. Maxie is referred to as baby Emma's aunt on General Hospital. But aren't they technically cousins?
      A. Actually, Maxie and Emma are technically second cousins since Maxie and Robin, Emma's mom, are cousins. The term "aunt" is sort of shorthand for the closeness between Maxie and Robin, much like many women's best friends are "aunts" to their children.

    73. Q. I really like the scrubs that they wear on General Hospital. Where can I get them?
      A. Scrubs that look exactly like those worn by the staff of General Hospital are available at the ABC store

    74. Q. Is the actress who plays Kate on General Hospital in the movie Encino Man?
      A. Megan Ward, who portrays Kate, was in Encino Man. She played the part of Robyn.

    75. Q. Where can I get the cute green handbag Maxie wore on the July 25, 2008 episode of General Hospital?
      A. Maxie's bag comes from Bebe.

    76. Want Maxie's jacket? Bebe's Ruffled Cropped Leather Bomber Jacket in Pearl Grey is a bit of a splurge, but with details like tuxedo-style pleats, ruffles, and a belted mock collar, you'll be seriously fashion-forward.

    77. Q. Who sings the song "Believe" that plays in the OLTL and GH ads?
      A. It's by a band called "The Bravery."

    78. Q. Where did Kate get those hoop earrings she wore on the 7/7/08 episode of General Hospital?
      A. The earrings are by Nadri and can be purchased at Nordstrom's.

    79. Q. There was a silver diamond shaped necklace that Claudia on GH wore in a few episodes in May. Where can I find it?
      A. It's from Bloomingdale's.

    80. Q. Who sings the song played during Lulu and Johnny's love scene on Friday, 5/23/08?
      A. The song is titled "I'm in Love" by Ana Victoria.

    81. Q. What was the song that played during Carly and Jax's moment at the end of General Hospital on 6/5/08?
      A. It is the ABC owned song "Patience" by Robert Hartry and Jason Belt. Sung by Chad Heam. It's available on iTunes.

    82. Q. I must have the brown & white off shoulder dress GH's Kate was wearing in the 4/30, 5/1 and 5/2, 2008? Who designed this dress?
      A. Kate's brown and white dress is by St. John's and was purchased at the Beverly Hills Store.

    83. Q. Where can I find the white shirt Sam McCall was wearing when she visited Dr. Devlin's hotel room on April 23, 2008's GH?
      A. Sam's white T-shirt was purchased in Los Angeles at the Bleu Clothing Store. The label is A La Disposition.

    84. Q. Where can I find the grey and black animal print sweater and tee that Lulu wore on the March 27, 2008 episode of GH?
      A. Lulu's sweater is by LAMB and the t-shirt is by Club Monaco.

    85. Q. I am dying to find the navy sleeveless dress with ruffled edge Maxie wore on the 4/2/08 GH episode. Where do you get her fabulous outfits?
      A. Maxie's navy ruffle dress is by Milly purchased at Saks.

    86. Q. I Love the gorgeous dress Maxie wore on the March 26, 2008 GH episode! It was navy blue on the bottom and tan with a bow on top. Where can I buy it?
      A. The 2-tone dress is by Marc Jacobs and is available wherever his line is.

    87. Q. What was the song played at the end of March 3rd, 2008 episode of General Hospital with the lyrics "It's time to fly a final delight my love arise you touch me tonight..."
      A. The song is called "This Love" by Robert Howard Hartry.

    88. Q. What song was used in the 2/21 episode of GH, where Johnny and Lulu make love to one another?
      A. The song is called "Breathless" by Better Than Ezra.

    89. Q. What's the name of the song played at the end of the 01/21/08 GH episode when Sonny was destroying a Bensonhurst restaurant?
      A. The song is called "I Should Get Up" by Teddy Thompson.

    90. Q. GH's Cassius sang the most beautiful song while Logan and Kate were in the hospital. Can you give me the name of the song?
      A. Actor Reign Morton, who plays Cassius, sang the hymn "Take my Hand Precious Lord."

    91. Q. Robin conceived a baby with Patrick and she's HIV-positive. Does that mean Patrick and the baby are also infected with HIV?
      A. Patrick tested negative for HIV after the condom broke with Robin, which was the incident resulting in her pregnancy. There is only a 2% chance that Robin will pass on her HIV status to her unborn child.

    92. Q. Can you please tell me the name of the tune Johnny Zacchara played on the piano on GH's January 24, 2008 episode? Does the actor play the piano?
      A. The tune was called "Clair de Lune" by Claude Debussy. Brandon Barash, who plays Johnny, plays the piano and the harmonica.

    93. Q. Where can you get the beige or tan short sleeved sweater that Maxie's been wearing on GH? She wore it on 1/29 until about the beginning of February.
      A. The sweater jacket that Maxie wore was from Barney's Co-Op in New York City.

    94. Q. Carly on GH has been sporting a fabulous leather coat with fur-trimmed hood during the first two weeks of January 2008. Please tell me where I can purchase it.
      A. Carly's black leather coat was purchased from DKNY

    95. Q. Was Anthony Geary (Luke) really singing on the 2007 Christmas episode of GH?
      A. Yes. Anthony Geary sang "My Way" and "I'll Be Home For Christmas" for General Hospital's Christmas episode.

    96. Q. Where can I find the dress that Robin wore to the Black and White ball (2007) on GH?
      A. Robin's dress was from Nicole Miller Bridal.

    97. Q. Please tell me the name of the song that played at the end of GH on Dec. 21, 2007. It was played while they were showing the past clips of Georgie. It was beautiful.
      A. The song used for Georgie's funeral was "When I'm Gone" by Brian Vander Ark

    98. Q. What song was played when Elizabeth and Jason were kissing after Emily's funeral on GH? The episode aired on November 29, 2007.
      A. This song is called "Ours To Keep" by Deborah Ellen and Rachael Lawrence. It is part of the ABC library.

    99. Q. Who designed the dress that Nadine wore to the black and white ball on GH and where can I buy it?
      A. Lulu and Nadine were wearing identical dresses during the ball. They were from Alfred Sung and if you're interested in purchasing, you can look at

    100. Q. What was the song played at the end of the Thanksgiving episode of GH? The singer and the lyrics of the song were both awesome. It had the lyrics, "I'm holding on, I'm barely breathing" in it. I want to listen to this song over and over!
      A. The song used at the end of the Thanksgiving (November 21) episode is called "Broken" by Lifehouse.

    101. Q. Where can I find the black and white cocktail dress Maxie on General Hospital wore on the October 4, 2007 show?
      A. The dress Maxie wore was by LaRok from Harmony Lane in Beverly Hills, CA.

    102. Q. On the August 13, 2007 General Hospital, Spinelli wore a large medieval dragon on the left side of the shirt. I would like to get one. Where was it purchased?
      A. The shirt that Spinelli wore on August 13 was purchased at Pacific Sunwear.

    103. Q. Where can I get the red dress Kate Howard was wearing on GH's 10/19 episode?
      A. The red dress is by Diane von Furstenberg. It can be found at Bloomingdales or Diane von Furstenberg retail stores.

    104. Q. What was the song played on General Hospital during Kate and Sonny's love making scene on the 10/02/2007 episode?
      A. That song is called Lost Without U by Robin Thicke.

    105. Q. Elizabeth was wearing a beautiful top on the 8/23/2007 episode. It was a cream colored baby doll blouse with lace on the bottom. Can you tell me the brand and where to purchase?
      A. The label of Elizabeth's blouse is Language and the top was purchased at Nordstrom's Department Store.

    106. Q. Maxie has been wearing really cute clothes lately -- where did you get the darling brown blouse she wore on the episode on 8/30/2007?
      A. The label of Maxie's brown blouse is Joie and it was purchased at Bleu on La Brea in Los Angeles

    107. Q. What is the name of the song played during Elizabeth and Jason's amazing kiss in the barn on the 9/24/2007 episode of General Hospital?
      A. Elizabeth and Jason's love song is called "Ours To Keep" written by Deborah Ellen and Rachael Lawrence.

    108. Q. Logan has tattoos on his upper arms, what are his tattoos and are they real?
      A. Yes, Josh Duhon's tattoos are real. One of them is an American flag and the other one is an American flag with Texas in the middle.

    109. Q. I was really touched by the scene of Elizabeth and Lucky's goodbye on the 9/25/2007. What was the song played in the background?
      A. "Where You Are" by Rie Sinclair and it's now available on iTunes.

    110. Q. Can I please get more information on Kate's cream colored blouse with chains and dress pants outfit worn on GH on the week of 8/27/2007?
      A. Kate's blouse is a Tori Burch top and her pants are by Alice & Olivia.

    111. Q. Where can I purchase the flower tank top that was worn by Lulu on General Hospital weeks ago and then again by Sarah on One Life to Live?
      A. The flower tank top is by Lucky Brand and should be available at their stores.

    112. Q. I love the T-shirt that Noah Drake was wearing while impersonating Eli Love on the August 7 episode. Where can I find this fabulous shirt?
      A. Noah/Eli's shirt brand is Division E and is available at Nordstrom stores.

    113. Q. What song was playing when Logan gave Lulu the charm bracelet for her birthday?
      A. The song is called "Something About You" written by Rie Sinclair and Dan Beyer. The singer is Ryan Hanifl. The song will be available on iTunes

    114. Q. I love the skirt and blouse that Elizabeth wore at Jason's trial. Who is the designer and where can I purchase?
      A. The skirt and blouse are from Nannette Lepore. Her line is available in many department stores and she also has stores from New York to Los Angeles.

    115. Q. What is the tattoo that Jason Thompson (Patrick, GH) has on his right underarm and what is the meaning behind it?
      A. It is a symbol of his creation that represents his family.

    116. Q. Lulu had a shirt on that said "Monaco" across it. Where can I find that shirt?
      A. Lulu's shirt is Lucky brand. The brand is carried in various department stores and Lucky Jean stores nationwide.

    117. Q. Is the beautiful wedding dress that Carly wore for her wedding available for purchase? If so, who designed it and where can it be purchased? I'd also like to now about the gorgeous shoes she wore.
      A. Both the dress and the shoes are from Renee Strauss in Los Angeles. You can go to for more info. All of her wedding jewelry can be found in the GH on-line store at

    118. Q. What is the name of the song playing during the shootout with Jason and Sonny on the 4-12-07 episode of GH?
      A. The song is called "Shooter." It's by Robin Thicke

    119. Q. I really want to know who made Elizabeth's wedding dress.
      A. The dress is by BCBG. The straps were altered on it by the wardrobe department.

    120. Q. Where can I buy the black and gold tunic that Carly wore on GH on March 7-9? Also, who is the designer?
      A. Carly's top is by Marciano. You can visit to see the collection, and check the list of store locations throughout the country

    121. Q. What is the name of the song that was playing when Sonny and Carly made love on GH after they got out of the hostage situation on Thursday the 22nd?
      A. "The Nearness of You" by Nora Jones.

    122. Q. What is the breed of dog that Maxie found outside of Kelly's?
      A. It's a four-month old Shetland Sheepdog.

    123. Q. Where can I buy the dress Carly wore to Luke and Laura's wedding?
      A. Carly's dress is by Dina-Bar-El. The brand can be found at Neiman's, Saks, Nordstrom, and Specialty Boutiques.

    124. Q. I'm getting married next year and I need to find dresses for my bridesmaids. I loved the dress Lulu wore at Luke and Laura's wedding. Where can I find it?
      A. Lulu's dress is by Jessica McClintock.

    125. Q. Where did you get the dress that Elizabeth wore to Luke and Laura's wedding?
      A. Liz's dress is from Laundry.

    126. Q. Can you tell me what the name of the store is that Laura (Genie Francis) owns in her private life in Maine?
      A. The Cherished Home (

    127. Q. What's the name of that instrumental theme that played during the scene when Luke and Laura were dancing in Wyndhams back in the '80s?
      A. The name of the song is "Fascination."

    128. Q. Who makes the black nail polish that Sam, Maxie, and Lulu have been wearing on GH?
      A. The polish is from Opi.

    129. Q. Sam had on the prettiest blue blouse with matching tank underneath this week (10/13).
      A. Sam's blouse is from Armani Exchange.

    130. Q. Where can I buy the "Everyone Loves a Brunette" t-shirt that Georgie wore on GH on Oct. 4 &5?
      A. Georgie's t-shirt is from Macy's.

    131. Q. Can you tell me where Robin (on GH) got that sweater that she's been wearing for the past couple of shows? It's the grey, blue, and yellow striped one.
      A. Robin's sweater is from Banana Republic.

    132. Q. Can you please tell me where Sam's dress is from that she wore to the Mayor's Ball?
      A. The dress is by "ABS" by Allen B. Schwartz and can be purchased at ABS stores nationwide.

    133. Q. Could you tell me where to get the yellow dress that Carly (on GH) wore to the Mayor's Fundraiser party on the 9/14/06 episode?
      A. The dress is by "ABS" by Allen B. Schwartz and can be purchased at ABS stores nationwide.

    134. Q. Georgie (on GH) wore a rainbow striped halter top that was backless except for a green strip of fabric across the back on Aug. 10th, 2006. Could you please tell me where I can get one?
      A. Many of you asked about this one. Georgie's rainbow striped halter is by "MISS SIXTY." The line is sold at various stores nationwide.

    135. Q. I like the jeans that Carly wears on GH. What are the designers?
      A. Carly wears either Joe Jeans (style "Honey") or Lucky Brand Jeans. Both of these labels are sold nationwide.

    136. Q. Sam wore a brown and turquoise tankini on the July 15 episode of GH. Who made it and where can I get it?
      A. Sam's bathing suit was from the Everything But Water store, and the label is W Swim.

    137. Q. I love the black and white top that Carly was wearing on May 26, 2006. Where can I buy it?
      A. The top is by Trina Turk. The brand can be found in stores nationwide.

    138. Q. I loved the top that Elizabeth was wearing on the 5/25/06 episode of GH. Could you please tell me where it was purchased?
      A. The light blue chiffon top is by Tahari and was bought at Macys.

    139. Q. When Emily was visiting Jason and was shot at (on May 25/26, 2006), she was wearing a gorgeous orange top with beadwork on the chest. Who makes it?
      A. The brand of the top is Skye. It was purchased at the store on Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles, but it may also be carried by other stores.

    140. Q. Could you please give me the name of the artist as well as the song that played at the end of the May 11 episode as Sam was being wheeled into surgery?
      A. The artist is Anna Nalick and the song is "Breath." Her website is Tell her that you heard her song on GH

    141. Q. I love Sonny and Emily. Can you please tell me what they said to each other in Spanish during the March 31st show? A. Emily said, "Your hands speak and my heart listens." Sonny replied, "I hope it never stops."

    142. Q. Could you please tell me the name of both the song and the artist that was played at the end of the show on GH on Monday, Feb. 27, 2006?
      A. Yes. The song was "Answer" by Sarah McLachlan. The song was on her 2003 release "Afterglow"

    143. Q. Can you tell me where Lulu got the sweater she was wearing last week (Feb 2006)? It had green and red stripes and it looked like it was a sweater with another shirt underneath.
      A. Yes - the sweater was by L.A.M.B. (Gwen Stefani's clothing line) that is available at select retailers nationwide. The thermal t-shirt underneath it was by the label Free People.

    144. Q. Could you please tell me who Lucas Jones' biological parents are? And how did Bobbie end up adopting him? A. Lucas' birth parents were Cheryl Stansbury and mobster Julian Jerome. At one time it was thought that Robert Scorpio may be his father, but DNA tests revealed that Julian was his real father. Bobbie came to adopt him by buying him on the black market when she was driven to desperation when a planned legal adoption fell through (Cheryl was told that her baby had died). Bobbie named the baby "Lucas" after her brother, Luke Spencer.

    145. Q. Who sang the version of "Auld Lang Syne" at the end of GH on 12/30/05? A. It was performed by Kate Taylor (James Taylor's sister)

    146. Q. The wedding episode for Emily and Nikolas (on GH) was played again on Thanksgiving (2005) so I thought I would ask it now. Who made Emily's wedding dress? I think it's gorgeous and want to know the designer of if it was designed for the show?
      A. So many of you have been asking about this, that we thought we would post the information again. Her dress, veil and crown are all from Renee Strauss Bridal in Beverly Hills, CA, tel. (310) 657-1700. The dress was custom altered by the GH costume department.

    147. Q. the butterfly top that Maxie wore on Wednesday, May 25, 2005. Where can I get one?
      A. It's by Lucky Brand, so you could check at a Lucky Store near you or at a major department store that carries that brand.

    148. Luke & Laura's 20th anniversary is November 15, 2001

    149. In 1995, GH took the groundbreaking step of fully involving one of its major characters in an AIDS storyline. It was revealed the Robin Scorpio’s boyfriend, Stone Cates, had contracted the HIV virus from an ex who was an IV drug user. In November of that year, Stone became the first soap character to succumb to the disease on-screen.

    150. After being named soaps’ most outstanding Drama for the third year in a row at 1999’s Daytime Emmys, GH became the first show to have won the award six times.

    151. GH is a 24 hour operation. A night crew arrives at 9:00PM, after the taping day is completed, to take down sets and rearrange the lighting. They also erect the next day's sets before leaving at 5:00AM.

    152. Steve Burton (Jason Quartermaine) made his daytime drama debut in the recurring role of Harris Michaels on "Days of Our Lives."

    153. GH's casting department receives more than 350 unsolicited photos and resumes each week.

    154. Jonathan Jackson (Lucky Spencer) has appeared in the TV movie, "Legend of the Ruby Silver," and the cable feature, "The Prisoner of Zenda."

    155. The original pilot for GH, entitled "Emergency Hospital," starred Denise Alexander as an anguished patient. Denise later starred on GH as Lesley Webber

    156. In July of 1994, two weeks into Maurice Benard's new role as brooding Sonny, he phoned the show's producers to say he could not physically report to work. As he recounted in a later interview, "I said, 'I'm wacked out, I'm not going back to GH.' My mind was gone." Benard, who had previously been diagnosed as manic-depressive, had stopped taking his prescribed medication under the mistaken impression that it would help his acting. He was coaxed back to work by Exective Producer Wendy Riche and Director Shelley Curtis (who was then GH's supervising producer). "They saved my ass," Benard praised. "They could've fired me. When you go through a breakdown, it's tragic. You're weak...fragile...vulnerable."

    157. What Is The Ice Princess?: When GENERAL HOSPITAL executive producer Frank Valentini and headwriter Ron Carlivati said there were some surprise returns as the show approached its 50th birthday on April 1, they weren't kidding! They orchestrated the comeback of all comebacks -- the Ice Princess! For those unfamiliar with the chunky knick-knack, here's a little history lesson:

      The Ice Princess was to the Cassadines what the One Ring was to Sauron in The Lord Of The Rings -- an artifact that would bring them ultimate power! It began in 1981, when Edward Quartermaine's niece, Alexandria, obtained the Ice Princess, the world's largest uncut diamond, which she painted black, had mounted on a pedestal and shipped from Rio to Port Charles. When it reached the docks, Alex realized it had been stolen. She and Edward hired Luke to find the assumed thieves, the Cassadines, and regain possession of the statuette.

      Luke, Laura and WSB agent Robert Scorpio (his introduction onto the canvas) wound up on the Cassadine's private island, where they learned that Mikkos Cassadine (Helena's husband) was planning on using the Ice Princess to hold the world for ransom. His master scheme was to create a new ice age, and Port Charles would be the first to feel the chill! Luke figured out how to turn off Mikkos' weather machine and, in the process, the Cassadine patriarch was killed.

      Mourning the death of her husband, Helena placed a curse on Luke and Laura during their lavish wedding... and the three-decade vendetta between the Spencers and the Cassadines began.

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