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  • Debuted on: March 23, 1987
  • Network: CBS
  • Created by: William J Bell & Lee Phillip Bell
  • Takes place in: Los Angeles, CA

  • Current Cast

    • Matthew Atkinson as Thomas Forrester
    • Obba Babatundé as Julius Avant
    • Kiara Barnes as Zoe Buckingham
    • Katrina Bowden as Florence 'Flo' Fulton
    • Adain Bradley as Alexander Avant
    • Wayne Brady as Dr. Reese Buckingham
    • Darin Brooks as Wyatt Fuller
    • Kimberlin Brown as Shelia Carter
    • Mick Cain as C.J. Garrison
    • Dick Christie as Charlie Webber
    • Scott Clifton as Liam Spencer
    • Andrew Collins as Jarrett Maxwell
    • Felisha Cooper as Sasha Thompson
    • Patrika Darbo as Shirley Spectra
    • Don Diamont as Bill Spencer, Jr.
    • Reign Edwards as Nicole Avant
    • Jennifer Gareis as Donna Logan
    • Finnegan George as Will Spencer
    • Courtney Grosbeck as Coco Spectra
    • Courtney Hope as Sally Spectra
    • Anna Maria Horsford as Vivienne Avant
    • Ashley Jones as Bridget Forrester
    • Thorsten Kaye as Ridge Forrester
    • Joe Lando as Judge Craig McMullen
    • Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke Logan
    • Karla Mosley as Maya Avant
    • John McCook as Eric Forrester
    • Alley Mills as Pamela Douglas
    • Annika Noelle as Hope Logan
    • Nicola Posener as Amelia
    • Denise Richards as Shauna Fulton
    • Lawrence Saint-Victor as Carter Walton
    • Nia Sioux as Emma
    • Rena Sofer as Quinn Fuller
    • Aaron D. Spears as Justin Barber
    • Heather Tom as Katie Logan
    • Anthony Turpel as R.J. Forrester
    • Jeremy Ray Valdez as Alex Sanchez
    • Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy Forrester
    • Jacob Young as Rick Forrester
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    Special Thanks to Leo Logan (Willimantic, CT) for helping us keep this up to date

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    This Week On The Bold & The Beautiful

    May 27
    Liam vows to Thomas that Hope may love Douglas but that she will never love him; Hope leaves Steffy speechless with her request to build her future based upon Hope's vision.
    May 28
    Thomas stuns Hope with a kiss after learning that his scheme involving Caroline has worked; Flo and Wyatt take full advantage of having the Forrester mansion to themselves.
    May 29
    Hope and Liam share an emotional moment over the life they were supposed to have with Beth; Wyatt and Flo rekindle their romance.
    May 30
    Liam sets up a romantic dinner for Hope; Flo and Zoe weigh the pros and cons of coming clean when they learn that Hope and Liam are divorcing.
    May 31
    Steffy confronts Thomas about the true reason he wants Hope in Douglas' life; Xander demands answers from Zoe about Beth.
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    The Bold & The Beautiful

    News, Cast Updates and Scoop

    (News section last updated May 24, 2019)

    Dishing with Digest - 5/24/19 - Ingo Rademacher

    (5/24/19) Ingo Rademacher Dishes About GH Return (Listen / download).

    GH’s Ingo Rademacher (Jax) talks about his recent Port Charles comeback, recalls his early years with Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda) and Maurice Benard (Sonny), his B&B stint as Thorne and more with Digest’s Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also preview the hottest summer stories and discuss the latest casting scoop.

    Kimberlin Brown Reveals Secrets of the Epic Lauren/Sheila Feud on Y&R and B&B

    (5/24/19) ( When THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' fans think about the show’s all-time greatest baddies, Sheila Carter’s name is always near the top of the list. But, despite the fact that the evil nurse roofied married man Scott to have sex with him, stole wife Lauren’s newborn to pass off as her own and plotted murder the way some people do their vacations, portrayer Kimberlin Brown told Soaps In Depth her alter ego didn’t start out as a villainess with a capital V. “Lauren didn’t want Scott and then only wanted him when Sheila did,” she pointed out. “Sheila was doing everything she could for a man that she fell in love with... And that’s when the big V hit: when Lauren pushed her over the edge.”

    Some would say that Lauren was the baddie in that case — and Brown agreed! — but then again, Sheila’s nemesis didn’t have homicidal tendencies that needed to be kept in check. “I almost drowned her [in a Jacuzzi when we crossed over to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL in the early 1990s],” the actress recalled in character. “There were also all the fights int he lab and the fights at the cabin… Even our small confrontations were something.” Even if it was as simple “as knocking a teacup out of somebody’s hand.”

    Of course, for all the bitter words and threats that were exchanged between Sheila and Lauren, there were as many shared only with viewers. In Sheila’s case, that often meant being a version of Snow White’s Evil Queen. “There were so many shots that were superimposed, where you had to be so still while looking into the mirror and talking to yourself and then the mirror talked back as evil Sheila,” Brown laughed. “And Tracey [E. Bregman, Lauren] was a part of all of that. I relied on her reality to help my reality work as well.”

    In fact, the actress maintained that Sheila and Lauren’s ongoing battle was “one of the most successful storylines in daytime.” Why? “Because Tracey and I believed what we were doing. We both came up with our own reality that made our characters so convincing in those storylines. I look forward to more of those days ahead.”

    Behind the scenes, Brown and Bregman were much more friendly than their alter egos and remain so today. “We talk periodically, catch up on Instagram and that kind of thing,” Brown revealed. “I don’t live in Los Angeles, but when I’m in town [to shoot B&B, where Sheila makes appearances], we definitely run into each other in the hallway and scream and hug. I wish nothing but the best for Tracey, and I know that she feels the same.”

    ‘Bold & The Beautiful’ Producer Colleen Bell Named California Film Commission Boss By Governor

    (5/23/19) Colleen Bell has been picked by Gov. Gavin Newsom to become the new director of the California Film Commission.

    The announcement of the former The Bold and the Beautiful producer as overlord of the Golden State’s annual $330 million film and television tax incentive program comes less than a month after it was revealed that now-former executive director Amy Lemisch was exiting the job after 15 years in the job.

    As well as her work over the years at Bell-Phillip Television Productions and for CBS, Democratic donor Bell was also President Barack Obama’s ambassador to Hungry from 2014-2017.

    “I am looking forward to working in partnership with someone with Ms. Bell’s experience and qualifications as we strive to maintain California’s longstanding status as the home to the motion picture and television industry,” Thom Davis, chair of the CFC’s board of directors and IATSE VP, told Deadline on Thursday of Bell taking on the position, which has a salary of $170,004 a year. “Her prior experience in the entertainment industry will further strengthen the skills and expertise of the current California Film Commission staff, which includes several industry professionals.”

    First appointed to a much leaner CFC by in 2004 Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lemisch held the executive director gig for a record tenure amid a tidal wave of change both legislatively and in the industry. In 2014, Gov. Jerry Brown, who had re-appointed Lemisch in 2010, signed a massive expansion that tripled the state’s $100 million tax incentive program, dumped the lottery system that had made it a mockery, and allowed tentpoles to get a piece of the allocations. That 2.0 program was re-upped for another five years by Brown in 2018 just before the election that saw his Lt. Governor Newsom win the governorship.

    Bell won’t have a lot of time before getting into the thick of it, with the next application round for TV projects happening right now and ending tomorrow. On the feature film side, the next round of applications will be digitally submitted between June 17-21 this year.

    Allocations for successful TV and movie projects are expected to be announced sometime in late June and late July, respectively.

    B&B’S Steffy Returns!

    (5/22/19) Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy, B&B) is back from maternity leave, as her character returns from Paris in tomorrow’s episode with baby daughters Kelly and Phoebe in tow. Wood, hot off her Daytime Emmy win for Outstanding Lead Actress, was last seen in March when Steffy was headed to Forrester International on business — and she’ll be surprised to learn of everything that has transpired in her absence. “Jacqui wanted to come back to work immediately,” praises her TV sib, Matthew Atkinson (Thomas). “She 100 percent embodies the love of the work. It’s infectious, and that’s awesome to be around.” Wood is back full-time beginning Thursday, May 23. For more, check out the issue of Digest, on sale now.


    (5/21/19) The special BLUE BLOODS issue of CBS’ Watch! magazine features covers with four of the hit series’ beloved stars: Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes and Vanessa Ray. This May/June issue, on newsstands now through mid-July, also includes a nostalgic look back at decades of show-stopping moments from past Tony Awards broadcasts, a celebration of 30 seasons of heart-stopping action on THE AMAZING RACE, a Q&A with ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT co-host Kevin Frazier, “24 Hours With... Heather Tom” (THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL), a guide to superb summer fashions, and much more!

    It’s been exactly eight years since Watch! featured multiple covers of BLUE BLOODS cast members shortly after the end of the popular show’s freshman season. For the newest BLUE BLOODS issue, Moynahan, Wahlberg and Estes were once again photographed by David Needleman, and Vanessa Ray (who joined the series in season four as Estes’ character’s cop partner, who just became his wife in the high-rated ninth season finale) was a welcome cover addition.

    When the cast members gathered for their shoots – Moynahan and Wahlberg one day, and Estes and Ray the next – their kinship was palpable. They were playful and supportive of each other and enjoyed reminiscing about fun/special times they’ve shared with their entire TV family. This fall, BLUE BLOODS’ Reagan clan will return for its 10th season, premiering with its 200th episode – and, as usual, Watch! will be along for the ride!

    Wahlberg, styled by Watch! style director Sasha Charnin Morrison, was a bundle of positive energy and cheerful collaboration at the photo studio. While being interviewed by Fred Schruers during a break at the shoot, Wahlberg talked about the evolution of his BLUE BLOODS character, how he and Bridget have had a “parallel journey as friends and have been there for each other,” how Tom Selleck encourages the improvising Wahlberg does during the dinner scenes (“What a great thing that the head of the table trusts me. It means the world to me.”), and his continued appreciation for the role: “I never could understand when an actor would say they got burnt out on a TV show…We fight so hard to get these jobs. I worked for years just to get an acting gig, and I’m hearing of actors quitting shows because they’re bored. And I think, ‘What the hell are you talking about?’”

    Moynahan’s modeling background was evident as she posed with a soulful vitality in an array of feminine formal dresses and tailored looks, also selected by Morrison. During her interview with Chip Brown, Moynahan discusses her childhood and early career, the inspiration for her second book, Our Shoes, Our Selves: 40 Women, 40 Stories, 40 Pairs of Shoes, a charity benefitting girls that’s receiving some of the book’s proceeds, and the boots that helped bolster her battered confidence 12 years ago, when she was the subject of a tabloid press frenzy. She also talks warmly of her BLUE BLOODS experience (“The show feels like family now”) and some of the particularly emotional moments the show and actors have tackled this past season. “There’s a level of vulnerability in some performances,” she says. “Vulnerability has a stigma of being weak, but it’s inspiring.”

    Estes and Ray, both styled by Christina Pacelli, each got a kick out of the glamorous shoot and offered each other heartfelt compliments about how the other looked in various ensembles. Interviewed together by Jessica Shaw, the TV couple talked about their first auditions for their roles, their initial reactions to hearing their characters would couple up (Estes: “We were nervous about what it was going to mean once we were together”), how their off-camera conversations often make it into the scripts, having some street cred with New York City police officers (Ray: “It is fun to live in New York City and hear cops in a grocery store or something going, ‘Hey, Janko [their characters’ combined name from fans on social media].’ For them to recognize anything that we do is the best thing about this job.”), and how one day in the makeup trailer military veteran Tom Selleck ended up teaching Ray how to salute and stand at attention for her role.

    Also, in honor of CBS’ THE 73rd ANNUAL TONY AWARDS® broadcast on June 9, writer Melissa Rose Bernardo provides a nostalgic Tony Awards Viewers Guide, which includes Tony Awards trivia, a look back at the top 10 favorite Tony telecast performances, five sensational song-and-dance moments by Tony hosts, a look at some of the most infamous Tony snubs – and 10 winning looks on past Tony red carpets.

    Additional stories in the issue include:

    Phil Keoghan, host of THE AMAZING RACE for 18 years, reminiscing about 30 seasons of racers and milestones for the show, which is currently in its 31st season.

    ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT co-host Kevin Frazier relaying to Brantley Bardin how he couldn’t help feeling like a regular fan while spending time with a certain legendary musician, how he’s learned to face the fact that not every interview will be perfect nor will every star love chatting with him, and how lucky he feels to be married to someone who balances what he does. “I’m interviewing celebrities while she’s out there defending people [as a Los Angeles public defender] on the worst days of their lives.”

    “24 Hours with…Heather Tom,” taking readers through a typical day for THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL star (who is also a rising TV director, interior designer, wife and mom).

    A summer fashion guide based on the vastly different signature styles of the four female characters on Pop’s hit series SCHITT’S CREEK, plus separate stories on must-have colors and looks for the season.

    CBS SUNDAY MORNING executive producer Rand Morrison talking about creating a blend of news, culture and quirky human interest stories. Says Morrison, “I love this show. It’s like being given a gift…We have 90 minutes. We can do almost anything, in a way that we can be proud of and our audience is happy with. We have 6 million viewers. So how can you complain?”

    GOD FRIENDED ME star Suraj Sharma sharing how – and why -- he’s rediscovering the power of martial arts.

    Novelist Mary Beth Keane talking about the inspiration for her newest book, Ask Again, Yes, and what she hopes readers will take away from it.

    CBS Sports lead play-by-play announcer Jim Nantz and Kerry Haigh, the chief championships officer of the Professional Golfers’ Association of America, recalling highlights of past PGA Championships.

    Sofia Pernas, star of CBS’ new globe-trotting adventure series BLOOD & TREASURE, revealing some of her favorites styles, designers, beauty products and accessories.

    Also, continues to complement the print magazine’s articles while still showcasing its own unique content, including photos and videos that are original to Watch!

    Days Of Our Lives and Bold & Beautiful Actress Linsey Godfrey on Abortion Bans

    (5/21/19) Days Of Our Lives and Bold & Beautiful Actress Linsey Godfrey on Abortion Bans: Video.

    Soaps InDepth Podcast - 5/20/19 - Make a Wish

    (5/20/19) Make a Wish (Listen / download) Like many THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS viewers, Richard and Charlie — hosts of the Soaps In Depth Podcast — have noticed that Traci has been looking at Cane with a certain twinkle in her eye. This week, the talk turns to something modern soaps don’t do as much as they once did: fantasy fulfillment. From RYAN’S HOPE’s Kim to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Shauna, we’re looking at why it’s so important that soap feature everyday (read: not rich) folks who, like the rest of us, are just doing their best to get by… and maybe dreaming of one day moving into a mansion or catching the eye of someone whom everyone else believes to be out of our reach! Plus, news, preview and more, on this week's jam-packed episode of the Soaps In Depth Podcast!

    Denise Richards & John Schneider Join Teenage Cyber-Bully Faith Based Pic ‘Switched’

    (5/20/19) Denise Richards and John Schneider have joined John K. D. Graham’s teenage faith-based movie Switched.

    In the project, which is currently filming in Louisville, Kentucky, ultra-popular high schooler Katie Sharp (Madeleine Byrne) torments Cassandra Evans (Miya Horcher) until a nighttime prayer switches their bodies. As the complexity of their lives play out, each girl learns a lesson in empathy and love, while addressing issues of cyber-bullying and peer pressure.

    The film co-stars Instagram and YouTube personalities Vanessa Merrill and Chelsea Crockett.

    The film’s EP is Nicole Weider, founder of the faith based website Project Inspired, which mentors teenage girls dealing with issues like those addressed in the film. Switched is produced by Boylan, Graham, and Polnaszek for Mustard Seed Entertainment (Catching Faith, A Wish For Christmas).

    Says Weider, “Our film is a fun, lighthearted faith based film that has a message of forgiveness and friendship with mainstream appeal. Best of all, Switched features women in the starring roles—it’s a film for everybody.”

    Richards credits include The World Is Not Enough, Starship Troopers, Love Actually, and the TV soap The Bold and the Beautiful. She is repped by Abrams Artists, Link, and Del, Shaw, Moonves, Tanaka, Finkelstein & Lezcano.

    Schneider is well known for his role as Bo Duke on CBS’ The Dukes of Hazzard which ran for 128 episodes. He also stars on OWN’s The Haves And The Have Nots. Schneider’s career as a country singer spans nine studio albums, a greatest hits package, as well as eighteen singles many of which reached the top of the Billboard country singles chart. He is repped by Maven Entertainment.

    MTV Movie & TV Awards: 2019 Nominees

    Elisabeth Moss (June Osborne/Offred), The Handmaid’s Tale
    Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), Game of Thrones
    Gina Rodriguez (Jane Villanueva), Jane the Virgin
    Jason Mitchell (Brandon), The Chi
    Kiernan Shipka (Sabrina Spellman), Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

    Katrina Bowden Defends THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL's Flo

    (5/8/19) ( There’s no such thing as a simple favor, as THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Flo has lamentably discovered. Reese skipped town following his dastardly baby switcheroo, leaving his accessory to that crime behind in L.A., agonizing over whether or not to (per his edict) take their secret to the grave. Katrina Bowden isn’t about to excuse her alter ego’s role in this malfeasance. “She wasn’t right in this, obviously,” the actress admitted to Soaps In Depth. “She said yes before thinking things through and got in way over her head.”

    By the time Flo started to pump the brakes on Reese’s plan, it was too late to back out without putting her own future in jeopardy. So, needless to say, the attraction and fondness that she once felt for Dr. Buckingham have given way to bitter anger and resentment. “She’s furious at Reese for bringing her into this mess,” said Bowden, “and she’s also really sick of Zoe telling her what to do every two seconds!”

    Just when she was contemplating taking Zoe’s advice to leave Los Angeles and never look back, Flo bumped into her high-school sweetheart, Wyatt, thereby adding a whole new layer to Bowden’s storyline. “I wasn’t really surprised by that, because in my audition, I’d actually read with Darin [Brooks, Wyatt],” she revealed. “So I suspected something was going to happen there, but it’s all very interesting to get to learn about our families’ history.” Flo’s strong connection with Wyatt has put his relationship with current girlfriend Sally in serious jeopardy, of course. “Oh yeah — Flo’s still totally in love with him,” Bowden acknowledged. “He’s the guy she’s never gotten over.”

    The recent arrival of Flo’s mother, Shauna (played by showbiz veteran Denise Richards), further cements Bowden’s place on the B&B canvas. “She was a single mom raising her daughter, so they have a very close bond and love each other a lot,” said Bowden, who added that it’s been a privilege getting to welcome Richards to the set. “I’m still very new, too, but it was nice to show her what I’ve learned so far. She’s awesome.” Since joining the show late last year, Bowden’s scenes have been full of angst, tears and drama, making her workdays intense, to say the least. “It’s draining but fun,” agreed the actress, who has no problem crying on cue. “I love those really intense, emotional scenes.”

    Exactly how much empathy should we really feel for the former Vegas croupier? Given the Fulton ladies’ close bond with erstwhile bad girl Quinn, it’s easy to wonder whether they are truly on the up-and-up. As Flo searches for answers regarding the identity of her father, meanwhile, it’s anyone’s guess what she’ll ultimately do with that intel. Bowden doesn’t believe her alter ego is a gold digger but an opportunist... ? Maybe. “That’s a hard question to answer,” she reflected. “Not every single intention is pure with her. I think she is a genuinely good person, but she definitely is looking out for herself. She wants as much success as she can get, and she’ll take advantage of things that could potentially come her way. That’s all I can say!”

    Linsey Godfrey Fires Back at Internet Haters

    (5/8/19) ( At this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards, Linsey Godfrey (Sarah, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet, and she was happy to show off her gorgeous dress and handsome beau Breckin Meyer in various photos on Instagram. However, she ended up taking some of them down because of the rude, insensitive comments that were made which upset her. So the actress, who previously starred as Caroline on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, shared one of the photos again with a special message for those particular “fans.”

    “Apparently my abs made a bunch of [jerks] question if I’m pregnant,” she shared, using much less polite language in her caption on the photo below. “So, dear rude Instagram users, [screw] you! Those are my ab muscles. Sometimes abs lay flat, sometimes they stick out, the other lines to the side are my hip bones. Asking a woman if she’s pregnant, which I am definitely not, is beyond rude an honestly stupid. The lighting in this pic isn’t the best, but I loved these photos of me and the love of my life sharing in a special moment together, but I ended up taking them down because of the [awful] comments and how people made me feel.”

    Godfrey is speaking out in the hopes of making people confront why they feel comfortable saying things to people online that they would never actually say to their face. “When you make rude comments on people’s appearances, you do damage,” she declared. “I’m in a healthy place in my life with a healthy body. This is how my body is shaped and I feel great, so I don’t know what inspires people to be the absolute worst when making comments, but here we are. I only mention it because I’m not the only person people do this to, but I will be someone that speaks out against it.”

    The actress had some support from fellow daytime stars, such as B&B’s Annika Noelle (Hope), who assured her: “You looked absolutely breathtaking. Don’t let other people’s unhappiness steal your shine. I adore you and you were gorgeous.” Also, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Laura Wright (Carly) chimed in to add: “Yes! You are beautiful and sexy as hell!”

    So maybe think twice before posting that comment on social media and consider how it will make the person feel when they read it.

    Soaps InDepth Podcast - 5/6/19 - The UN-Emmy's

    (5/7/19) The UN-Emmy's (Listen / download)

    This week Richard and Charlie hand out awards in categories that the Emmy's seem to have ignored. Who will be Man-Ho of the year? Listen to find out.

    ‘Jane the Virgin’ star Gina Rodriguez and Joe LoCicero are married

    (5/7/19) (Video) Meet Jane the Wife.

    “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez married Joe LoCicero on Saturday, May 4, she confirmed on her Instagram with footage from her nuptials.

    “‘With that one kiss we got 100 new family members’ my 9 year old niece, Mia ??Thank you to my mother in law for the wedding of my dreams. And the village that helped her!” Rodriguez captioned the video, noting that “Jane the Virgin” co-star Justin Baldoni and LoCicero’s brother, Michael, sang her down the aisle.

    “… To my husband Joseph, I am yours forever.”

    In the video, Rodriguez glows as she walks down the aisle in a silky white gown. Waiting for her is a teary-eyed LoCicero, looking handsome in a blue suit. It appears Rodriguez changed into another white dress for the reception that featured a sheer top.

    Rodriguez confirmed her engagement to LoCicero in August, though it was speculated that he proposed in July after a large diamond ring appeared on her left hand. Rodriguez, 34, and LoCicero met on the set of “Jane the Virgin” in 2016 when he guest-starred on the CW show.

    He also appeared in her recent Netflix movie “Someone Great.”

    2019 Daytime Emmy Winners & Nominees

    (5/5/19) Read the list of the 2019 Daytime Emmy Winners & Nominees in all the soap categories here and see our picks too.

    Talk Show Appearance

    (5/4/19) The Talk – CBS

    Monday, May 6

    THE TALK’s Annual Daytime Emmy “After-Party” with exclusive appearances from many of the night’s biggest winners (n)

    Talk Show Appearance

    (5/4/19) The Talk - CBS

    Friday, May 10

    Actress and reality television star Denise Richards (CBS’ THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL)

    Video: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Heather Tom Facebook Live

    (5/3/19) Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Heather Tom Facebook Live: Video.

    Daytime Emmy Awards will be streamed online via, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

    (4/30/19) This Sunday’s Daytime Emmy Awards will be streamed online via, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. At 8pm ET/ 5pm PT — get the details on how to watch here:

    View the Emmys LIVE on the following outlets
    On The Web:
    On Facebook: and
    On Twitter: @TheEmmys and @DaytimeEmmys
    On YouTube:
    KNEKT TV network (

    — Daytime Emmy Awards (@DaytimeEmmys) April 29, 2019

    Young and Restless, Bold and Beautiful Renewed at CBS for 2019-20 Season

    (4/30/19) CBS will remain in a lather for another year (at least), with the network renewing The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful for the 2019-2020 TV season. The network actually renewed its entire daytime lineup, which also includes The Talk and game shows Let’s Make a Deal and The Price is Right.

    “For almost a third of a century, CBS has demonstrated a remarkable legacy of success in Daytime,” said Angelica McDaniel, Exec VP of CBS Daytime. “Our programming continues to maintain a level of achievement unheard of in today’s television landscape, thanks to the passion and dedication of the extraordinary producers, casts, staff and crew on the shows, our studio partners, and most importantly, the fans. They have our deepest gratitude, and we look forward to entertaining them for many years to come.”

    The 47-year-old Y&R has maintained its position as No. 1 soap for 32 years running. The upcoming season will mark leading man Eric Braeden’s fourth decade with the series. B&B, meanwhile, recently marked its 32nd anniversary.

    Presenters Announced For The Daytime Emmys

    (4/30/19) The list of presenters has been released for this weekend’s 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. At the Creative Arts Emmys on Friday, May 3, B&B’s Courtney Hope (Sally) and Annika Noelle (Hope), DAYS’s Lamon Archey (Eli) and Sal Stowers (Lani), GH’s Josh Swickard (Chase) and Katelyn MacMullen (Willow), and Y&R’s Sasha Calle (Lola), Hunter King (Summer) and Michael Mealor (Kyle), as well as DAYS alum Kevin Spirtas (ex-Craig), who is nominated for his series AFTER FOREVER, will do the honors. At the May 5 ceremony, B&B’s Don Diamont (Bill) and Darin Brooks (Wyatt), DAYS’s Camila Banus (Gabi), Billy Flynn (ex-Chad), Kate Mansi (ex-Abigail) and Marci Miller (ex-Abigail), GH’s Steve Burton (Jason) and Ingo Rademacher (Jax), Y&R’s Daniel Goddard (Cane) and Melissa Ordway (Abby) will be presenting, as will S.W.A.T star Shemar Moore, who just reprised his role of Y&R’s Malcolm, and ALL MY CHILDREN alum Cameron Mathison (ex-Ryan).

    Soaps InDepth Podcast - 4/29/19 - Love It/Hate I

    t (4/30/19) Love It/Hate It (Listen / download)

    This week, hosts Richard Simms and Charlie Mason discuss things some of the most hotly-debated soap plots currently unfolding on daytime... but with a twist. The plots they’re focusing on are ones that many people on platforms like Twitter and Facebook don't seem to like for one reason another… but Richard and Charlie do. What are they seeing that others aren't... or vice versa? From THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Hope-obsessed Thomas to the dark fate which seems unavoidable for GENERAL HOSPITAL's Oscar and everything in between, it's a laugh-filled episode that will definitely have you taking side.

    B&B’s Rena Sofer To Re-Wed

    (4/30/19) Rena Sofer (Quinn, B&B et al) and Sandford Bookstaver are tying the knot — again! The pair first wed in 2003 then quietly split and reconciled. “I have spent almost 19 years of my life with you and am so happy to spend the rest of my remaining years on this earth by your side,” Sofer posted on Instagram today. “While I don’t recommend divorce as a marriage counseling tool, it sure worked for us!” For the rest of the post, click here. Best wishes to the happy couple!

    NATAS Explains Why Daytime Emmy Nominee Reels Weren't Made Public

    (4/26/19) For the 2019 Daytime Emmy Awards, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has made some changes, which NATAS president Adam Sharp told Soaps In Depth all about back in November before nominees were announced for this year’s ceremony. But now another new rule has come to light, which is that they will no longer be posting the acting reel submissions online. While they originally began sharing the clips five years ago in the hopes of sparking interest and engagement among fans, it ended up having some unforeseen consequences as the reels that were made public underwent scrutiny by competitors. This is what caused the revocation of Patrika Darbo's Emmy for Outstanding Guest Performer in a Digital Daytime Drama Series last year after it was found that rules had been broken.

    “Looking at the original issue that brought up these protests and this investigation last year, where one entrant in the competition had gone on YouTube and pulled the reels of his competitors and, awards manual in hand, scrutinized every second of those reels and found potential violations that our staff in the vetting process and our judges in the judging process had missed; well, he only screened the categories that his show was competing in,” Sharp explained to Variety. “So the same way as you wouldn’t want a scenario where, in the middle of a trial all the evidence is put on the courthouse steps and the public can just come up and challenge whatever pieces they want and overrule the jury in the process, we determined that essentially handing these on-air raw submission materials over to competitors in a category would create the potential for abuse and the potential for an unfair imbalance.”

    So the only options were to upload clip reels for every category or none of the categories, and because they simply didn’t have the resources or the rights to every clip, NATAS unfortunately had to choose the latter. All four daytime dramas threatened a boycott of the Daytime Emmys following the scandal last year, but as NATAS announced the changes they were making to the various processes, including nominating and voting, everything got back on track.

    Although fans will not be able to see the reels for themselves this year to make predictions as to who will take home the Emmy, they can all tune in on Sunday, May 5.

    GH’s William deVry Heads To Philadelphia For A Good Cause

    (4/26/19) William deVry, a celebrity amabassador for the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation, is heading to Philadelphia for the 15th Annual Sandy Sprint Superhero 5k/10k, which will be held on Saturday, April 27 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The event, which kicks of at 7:30 a.m., features runners, walkers and four-legged racers decked out in superhero costumes to honor the heroes impacted by ovarian cancer — survivors and patients, but also their caretakers, families and friends. For more information, visit

    Soaps InDepth Podcast - 4/22/19 - Fixer Uppers

    (4/22/19) (Listen / Download) Fixer Uppers.

    On this week’s episode of the Soaps In Depth podcast, Charlie and Richard take a look at several characters who could stand to be pushed in a new direction. Can GH’s Drew go from out-man-out to Big Man On Canvas? What will it take for Y&R’s Cane to get his life back on track? Should B&B’s Quinn take another trip to the dark side? And can anyone make DAYS’ JJ smile? Plus, preview of the week’s hottest stories and more!

    Tracy Melchior Previews Her New Role on GAMES PEOPLE PLAY

    (4/20/19) ( (Trailer) Soap fans who remember Tracy Melchior as Kristen Forrester on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL will get to see the actress in a whole new role as a tatted, pierced, openly lesbian “talent recruiter” in the new BET primetime sudser, GAMES PEOPLE PLAY, premiering on Tuesday, April 23. “I play Roxanne Wood, a Hollywood madam. How much fun is that?” Melchior shared with Soaps In Depth. “Mostly, I interact with [Parker McKenna Posey’s] actress character. She’s my first client that I get — I basically seek her out in a casting office.”

    GAMES PEOPLE PLAY is based on the popular book, Games Divas Play, by Angela Burt-Murray and centers around a basketball wife trying to protect her family, a tenacious journalist struggling to rebuild her career, and a groupie who is looking to become a star. Laila, the struggling actress who signs on with Melchior’s character, will clearly do whatever it takes to make her dreams come true, but how far will she really go?

    With her roles as Veronica on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, Tess on SUNSET BEACH, Renée on PASSIONS, and Kelly on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, Melchior knows her drama, and promises soap fans that GAMES PEOPLE PLAY is right up their alley describing it as “a very sexy show with a MELROSE PLACE vibe.” Check out this preview of what viewers can look forward to!

    GAMES PEOPLE PLAY premiers on Tuesday, April 23, at 10 p.m. ET on BET, so don’t miss it!

    Dishing with Digest - 4/19/19 - Kin Shriner

    (4/19/19) GH’s Kin Shriner Traces His Soap Roots (Listen / download).

    Kin Shriner looks back on 40-plus years as GH’s Scott Baldwin, his roles on other soaps, his daytime pals, favorite memories and so much more with Digest’s Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also debate the pros and cons of ripped-from-the-headlines stories.

    Talk Show Appearance

    (4/19/19) The Talk – CBS

    Monday, April 22

    television host, actor and singer Wayne Brady (CBS’ LET'S MAKE A DEAL) guest co-hosts (n)

    Soap Vet Patrika Darbo Talks New Film

    (4/19/19) Patrika Darbo (ex-Shirley, B&B; ex-Nancy, DAYS) has a new short film available for viewing online, which is part of the 2019 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge, titled Second Date. Reports Darbo, “The director is my friend, John Lawson, who lost his hands and part of his arms. So, he has hooks, hence his production company name, Star Hooks.” The short is a time travel comedy, which features Micah Fowler (SPEECHLESS) and Jamie Brewer (AMERICAN HORROR STORY). “This was such a wonderful experience, as an actor and as a human being, and I think everyone should get involved with this project.” Voting in the Challenge runs until April 22.

    To view the film, click here:

    To learn more about the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge 2019, click here:


    Catching up With GENERAL HOSPITAL's Sean Kanan

    (4/19/19) ( Looking back, Sean Kanan calls GENERAL HOSPITAL’s A.J., the character he last played in 2014, “a romantic whose aspirations and dreams were crushed.” Try as he might, Alan’s son never did live up to the Quartermaine name and legacy, which was a huge weight on his shoulders. “It fermented his becoming cynical about life and feeling like he was this self-fulfilling prophecy of failure... and that fueled his alcoholism,” the actor suggested to Soaps In Depth. “I don’t feel like the character ever really got a fair shake.”

    Likely, A.J. could have benefited from reading Kanan’s new book, Success Factor X (now available for pre-order at and other similar retailers). “My partner, Jill Liberman, and I went out to 50 interesting people and asked, ‘What is the best advice that you’ve been given about success or that you would like to share about success?’” he explained, adding that everyone from Mark Cuban to ALL MY CHILDREN’s Erica, Susan Lucci (amongst numerous other daytime stars), participated. “I learned that there are somewhat identical trails that many people take on the journey, even if they’re trying to accomplish something very different.”

    Fans will get a chance to meet Kanan in person as he travels the country for a special book signing tour. He and Liberman will kick things off on Thursday, May 16, at the Barnes and Noble in Country Glen Center in Long Island, NY. There are also dates scheduled in New Jersey, Florida, and California, however Kanan has said he will not be appearing at the Thursday, June 10, signing at The Grove in Los Angeles. A full list of dates, times, and stores where the signings will be held is available on the Success Factor X Official Website, so click through to there for updated information.

    The actor plans to use the book as a springboard for a nationwide speaking tour on the topic. And fans will now be able to recognize him in person again after he shaved his hair off for his upcoming film, Dark Stories, which is based on Verotik, the series of dark comics by rocker-turned-director Glenn Danzig. “I play a character named Sgt. Anders, who is the lead detective in a homicide investigation,” Kanan previewed. “I chose to play him with a gravelly voice — it was a real departure for me. I may keep [this look] for a while and see what other work I can do.”

    In the meantime, Kanan is putting the finishing touches on THE BUBBLE, the single-camera dramedy he’s penned and is working toward getting produced this year. “It’s about an aging soap star who wants more from life, and it comes in the form of the 16-year-old daughter that he didn’t know he had,” Kanan said. “He’s thoroughly unequipped to be a father but decides to give it a shot and just can’t get out of his own way.”

    Daytime Emmys Sets Mario Lopez & Sheryl Underwood As Hosts

    (4/16/19) Mario Lopez and Sheryl Underwood have been named hosts for the 46th annual Daytime Emmy Awards, which are set for May 5 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. Organizer the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences unveiled the news today when it also revealed that David Osmond will host the Daytime Emmy Creative Arts ceremony May 3.

    “I am thrilled to have one of the most entertaining combinations in daytime television hosting our grand gala at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium,” said David Michaels, SVP Daytime at NATAS. “With their combined wit and charm, plus America’s favorite arbiter, Judge Judy, receiving this year’s lifetime achievement award as well as the best of Daytime nominated in all genres and a stellar list of presenters yet to be announced, it promises to be a memorable night for the daytime community.”

    In addition to the hosts, Carolyn Hennessy will return as host of the Daytime Emmys’ livestream from the red carpet and backstage post-show interviews with the winners May 5.

    The Daytime Emmy noms were announced March 20, with Days of Our Lives leading all programs with 27 noms. CBS leads all networks with 61 nominations. Amazon Prime Video tied Netflix for second this year with 49 noms apiece, followed by NBC (38), ABC (35) and PBS (31).

    Kelly Kruger Expecting First Child with Husband Darin Brooks 'After About a Year of Trying'

    (4/16/19) ( Kelly Kruger is going to be a mom!

    Soap stars Kruger and her husband Darin Brooks, who wed in March 2016, are expecting their first child together, PEOPLE can exclusively reveal.

    “After about a year of trying to have a baby, we couldn’t be more excited to be bringing our love into this world!” says Kruger, 34, who stars as Mackenzie Browning on The Young and the Restless.

    “It still doesn’t feel real aside from the morning sickness, fatigue, crazy changes to my body and the fact that I sobbed on the airplane watching Instant Family — it usually takes a lot to make me cry,” Kruger admits. “I get so emotional when I think about the fact that I’m growing a little human in my body that’s half me and half Darin. I cry every time I think about it!”

    Brooks, who is well-known as Wyatt Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful, is also elated to enter the world of parenthood and has been astonished at his wife throughout her pregnancy journey thus far.

    “Kelly’s been truly amazing through this whole process! She’s been filming and working through it all, which is incredible! And just the strength and energy she has had to be the bearer of this new little life form is inspiring!” he says.

    Adds the dad-to-be, 34, “Pregnancy can have its challenges, for sure, but it’s definitely worth it! It has brought us closer together and we just can’t wait to meet the little me or Kelly!”

    To celebrate their love and their little one on the way, who is due in September, the couple recently enjoyed a trip to Hawaii, where they documented Kruger’s growing baby bump with a beachfront photo shoot.

    “Pregnancy has been an incredible journey so far and I couldn’t be luckier to have a husband like Darin to experience this with. He’s always been a caregiver and nurturer but since being pregnant, he’s just stepped up in a way I never expected,” says Kruger, who appears in Hallmark Channel’s upcoming film From Friend to Fiancé, premiering May 27.

    She quips to PEOPLE, “Makes me want to be pregnant all the time!”

    Though the couple doesn’t yet know the sex of their baby (they plan to find out), they are already over the moon about meeting their bundle of joy this fall.

    Says Kruger, “We can’t wait to meet this little one and are enjoying every step of this process. Pregnancy isn’t easy, but we are so grateful to be experiencing it.”

    Jack Wagner's When Calls the Heart Renewed for Season 7

    (4/15/19) Good news, Hearties: Hallmark Channel has renewed When Calls the Heart for Season 7, weeks ahead of Season 6’s return. The big announcement was made by series star Erin Krakow during the premiere of the cabler’s latest original TV-movie Bottled With Love.

    “I am thrilled to announce When Calls the Heart Season 7, coming next year,” she said. “We can’t wait to get back to Hope Valley.” (TVLine’s Cable Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the news.)

    As previously reported, the popular period drama will resume airing new Season 6 episodes on Sunday, May 5 — the first since the show’s sudden hiatus in the wake of the college admissions scandal involving former cast member Lori Loughlin. A new installment will also air on Monday, May 6, after which the show will resume airing in its regular time slot on Sundays at 8 pm.

    Loughlin, who was indicted last month in connection with a bribery scheme in which rich parents paid big bucks to get their kids into elite schools, was fired by Hallmark soon after the scandal hit, and the show took a break to explore its “creative options.” Since then, it has been reported that the upcoming episodes have been edited so as to remove Loughlin’s Abigail Stanton from any scenes.

    There’s still no word yet, though, on whether Loughlin’s character will ultimately be recast or written out of the series entirely. When we recently polled fans of the show, 60 percent of you wanted to see the role recast, with just 27 percent preferring that the role be written out.

    ‘Into The Dark’: Barbara Crampton, Shawn Ashmore Among 6 Cast In Hulu’s “Culture Shock” Installment

    (4/13/19) Martha Higareda (Queen of the South, Altered Carbon), Shawn Ashmore (The Rookie), Barbara Crampton (You’re Next, Re-Animator), Felipe de Lara (The Lord of the Skies) and Creed Bratton (The Office) will join previously announced Richard Cabral (Mayans M.C.) in Into The Dark‘s “Culture Shock” installment, Hulu’s monthly horror event series from Blumhouse Television on Hulu. In addition, Gigi Saul Guerrero aka La Muñeca Del Terror (Luchagore Productions, La Quinceañera) will direct the feature-length episode as well as co-write.

    The Into the Dark series includes 12 feature-length episodes, released each month over one year and inspired by a holiday, featuring Blumhouse’s signature genre/thriller spin on the story. The Culture Shock installment will premiere July 4.

    Written by Efren Hernandez, James Benson and Guerrero, from a story by Hernandez and Benson, Culture Shock is a thriller that follows a young Mexican woman in pursuit of the American Dream, who crosses illegally into the United States, only to find herself in an American nightmare.

    Blumhouse Television has upcoming The Loudest Voice, starring Russell Crowe, which will premiere on June 30 on Showtime. On the feature film side, Blumhouse Productions will release the thriller MA starring Octavia Spencer in late-May, and they recently announced that Elisabeth Moss has been cast in their upcoming Universal film, The Invisible Man.

    Guerrero is repped by Carlos Bobadilla of Valor Entertainment and Verve. Higareda is repped by ICM. Cabral is repped by Paradigm, Atlas Artists and Morris Yorn. Ashmore is repped by Gersh, Paul Nicholls and JTWAMM. Crampton is repped by Michael Eisenstadt at AEFH and Josh Silver at Silver J Mgmt. Bratton is repped by Michael Eisenstadt at AEFH Talent. de Lara is repped by Vision Entertainment.

    New Holiday Film For DAYS Faves And Alums

    (4/10/19) A MERMAID FOR CHRISTMAS, a new film from executive producers Kyle Lowder (Rex, DAYS), Michael Caruso and Barbara Caruso, has been officially greenlit and is in pre-production. “Filled with warmth, humor, whimsy, and just a touch of magic, A MERMAID FOR CHRISTMAS combines classic Christmas themes with an escapist fantasy element that only a mermaid can provide,” said the film’s creator, writer and executive producer Michael Caruso. The cast includes Jessica Morris (ex-Jennifer, ONE LIFE TO LIVE), Lowder, Arianne Zucker (Nicole, DAYS) Kathleen Gati (Dr. Obrecht, GH), Sheree J. Wilson (DALLAS) and newcomer Emma Demirjian. Michael and Barbara Caruso Productions, best known for the multiple Daytime Emmy® nominated drama WINTERTHORNE, as well as producing two seasons of the Daytime Emmy® nominated LADIES OF THE LAKE on Amazon Prime Video, will produce the feature film in association with WFL Productions. Principal photography will begin in spring for a 2019 holiday release.

    Talk Show Appearance

    (4/7/19) Strahan & Sara – ABC

    Monday, April 8 – actress Lindsay Price (“Splitting Up Together”);

    Jennifer Gareis Reveals That the Audition for Her B&B Son Took an Interesting Twist!

    (4/5/19) ( When THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL producers informed Jennifer Gareis (Donna) back in 2008 that they wanted her to be part of the audition process for a new male character on the show, the actress assumed that meant her alter ego would be getting a new love interest. “My first response was, ‘Are they hot?’” she laughingly recalled to Soaps In Depth. “They told me, ‘Believe us, you’re not going to think of them that way.’"

    The remark left Gareis feeling a little perplexed until she finally became aware that they were looking to cast Donna’s long-lost son, Marcus! Texas Battle ultimately landed that role, but ironically, the audition process ended up taking an interesting twist! “Brandon Beemer initially auditioned to play my son, too,” she explained of the actor who’d wind up playing Owen, “and they thought I had a lot of sexual chemistry with him.” So ultimately, Gareis walked away from the process with both a new “son,” and a new “flame” to contend with!

    Has Bill Really Changed on B&B? — Don Diamont Speaks Out

    (4/4/19) ( Getting pushed over a balcony last year ended up pushing THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Dollar Bill to be a better man. Pleasantries, pacifism and a more affectionate parenting style have shined new light on the once-cutthroat businessman, a light his ex-wife, Katie, can’t help but notice. But how long can this kinder, gentler Bill actually last? “Well, I hope not too long,” his portrayer, Don Diamont, told Soaps In Depth, admitting he prefers it when Bill isn’t so careful about minding his Ps and Qs. That said, the actor would love to see Bill’s best behavior backfire in a way that leaves people thinking twice about the new and supposedly improved version. “It would be interesting if something happened where everybody needs Bill to be Bill, if people were like, ‘There’s only one person who can handle this! We need the old Bill!’ That would be funny.”

    Bill’s pal, Justin, has openly balked at his buddy’s new m.o., knowing that it’s just not like him to have such a live-and-let-live attitude. “Justin used to always be on Bill’s case, [reprimanding him] for things he did that were wrong, but when Bill started acting nicer, Justin didn’t like that!” noted Diamont. Katie, on the other hand, appreciates what she’s seeing from her former spouse. With Bill recently deciding he wants her back — and Katie’s husband, Thorne, bowing out of their marriage — a reunion seemed inevitable. “He’s in a very introspective place, looking at his life and how much damage was done,” said Diamont. “He’s starting to see that [their relationship] could have been the greatest thing in his life, had he not behaved a certain way. His perspective has changed.”

    Even when Katie and Bill are at each other’s throats, Diamont and Heather Tom (Katie) manage to make their scenes together electric. “I feel that as well,” he said. “There’s just something about Bill and Katie together, even when they’re fighting.” Of course, the actor gives ample credit to his co-star for keeping that spark alive. “Heather and I are very close friends, and we’ve been around each other since she was a teenager,” he explained. “We go way back, and I think it shows. We really like each other, and she is so specially gifted.”

    Though Bill’s re-emerging feelings for Katie might be viewed as reboundish (given that he was obsessed with both Brooke and Steffy last year), the fact that it comes in conjunction with his trying to be his best self helps give credence to his romantic conversion. “It’s not just some ‘default,’” Diamont insisted. “Katie and Bill have a very special bond. There’s a ‘knowing’ there, about each other, that’s very unique.”

    Not only does Katie recognize both the good and the bad within Bill, but she plays a strong role in keeping him on the right path. “Katie maybe knows him better than anybody,” mused the actor. “This isn’t a new side we’re seeing in Bill. It’s a side she knew he had in him. He can be the most loving, caring person and yet... not be. I think that will continue to be a battle for him. At the end of the day, Bill has to be Bill.”

    George R.R. Martin's Soapy New Adventure

    (4/2/19) Andrew Miller, real-life husband of Eden Riegel (ex-Bianca, ALL MY CHILDREN, et al), is the showrunner of Hulu’s upcoming WILD CARDS series, based on the sci-fi anthology series edited by George R.R. Martin. In a big reveal that just so happens to fall on April Fool’s Day, Riegel, Thorsten Kaye (Ridge, B&B) and Greg Rikaart (ex-Leo, DAYS) appear in leaked footage from the set of the new shows, which can be viewed on Martin’s official site at Tweeted Riegel, “I think we are breaking new ground for soaps. So proud to work with you!”

    Soaps InDepth Podcast - 4/1/19 - Ins & Outs, Preview & More!

    (4/1/19) (Listen / download) Join Soaps In Depth editors Richard Simms and Charlie Mason as they discuss the big changes impacting the soaps this week and in the months to come. How will incoming headwriter Josh Griffith, whose material begins airing this week, change the Genoa City landscape? Now that Ingo Rademacher is taping at General Hospital, how long until he hits Port Charles? And what should Bold & Beautiful fans expect when a Real Housewife takes on a major new role? All this, plus exciting preview and more on the latest episode of the Soaps In Depth Podcast!

    Scott Clifton Opens up About Liam's Pain

    (3/28/19) ( Tough emotional scenes can be both a trauma and a treat for actors, which is how THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Scott Clifton (Liam) likens his experiences with Beth’s faux death. “I don’t think I’ve ever had to sustain an emotional state for as long as this one,” he admitted to Soaps In Depth. “But there have been pockets of really rewarding storytelling, which has been fun to do.” Case in point: Clifton enjoyed taping the agonizing scene in which Liam broke the news to Hope that their daughter had died. “I had to walk this tightrope,” he said, referencing Liam’s reluctance to drop that bombshell on his wife’s joy. “It’s a dance between what the characters know and what the audience knows. That’s kind of rare and precious on shows like this.”

    When will Liam and Hope discover that Steffy’s newly adopted daughter, Phoebe, is actually Beth, the baby they believe to have died? Clifton doesn’t have an answer to that, though he acknowledges that timing will make all the difference in how things play out. “When they reveal it actually matters, because it changes the nature of the conflict,” he explained. “The longer this baby is ‘Phoebe’ and not ‘Beth,’ the longer she is bonding with Steffy and Kelly. The more maternal Steffy feels, the less it’s going to matter, as far as she is concerned, that the baby is biologically Hope’s. Potentially, you have this conflict where Hope’s saying, ‘I’ve been robbed,’ and Steffy’s saying, ‘I don’t care; you can’t rip a baby away from [the only mother she’s known] at this point. Then you have the philosophical question, which is, ‘Who is really the baby’s ‘mother?’”

    Though Liam is the child’s father, we’re not sure he’d have any definitive answer to that specific question, given how loath he is to take sides (or even decide which woman he really wants to be with). Does Liam’s waffling ever wear on Clifton? “It was uncomfortable the first year or two, but at this point, it’s part of the gig to have people constantly upset with me,” he confided with a good-natured laugh. “Yeah, it’s a little gross, but that’s the character. Liam tends to Forrest Gump his way through it, but he does love and deeply cares about both of these women. Once I got over the potential of being hated by [Hope fans or Steffy fans] at any given moment, I got really comfortable with who this character is.”

    Whether he’s having a daughter stolen from under his nose or getting amnesia, one could argue that Liam has the worst luck on the planet. And though he tries to keep a stiff upper lip, Clifton is convinced his alter ego would give even the best shrinks a run for their money. “I wouldn’t say he’s well-adjusted,” said the actor, who thinks Liam’s issues primarily stem from his childhood, specifically, his mom’s death. “There are holes he’s constantly trying to fill. He couldn’t save her, so he tries to save every other woman in his life, and often, rescuing one woman is perceived as a betrayal of another. He’s neurotic, but he also cares about doing the right thing and just keeps messing up.” Needless to say, this latest grenade in his personal life isn’t going to help matters!

    Soaps InDepth Podcast - 3/25/19 - What Will Happen Next?

    (3/26/19) What Will Happen Next? (Listen / download)

    This week on the Soaps In Depth Podcast, Charlie and Richard make a few fearless predictions about what will happen on the soaps in the weeks and months ahead. Plus, they discuss whether the all-important Sweeps ratings periods aren’t nearly as important as they once were.

    B&B Chat with the Spencer Men

    (3/22/19) Join the Spencer men in celebrating 32 years of The Bold and the Beautiful!: Video.

    Soaps In Depth Podcast - 3/18/19 - Ask Us Anything!

    (3/19/19) (Listen / download) On this very special episode of the Soaps In Depth Podcast, hosts Richard and Charlie answer your burning questions about soaps, the magazine and much, much more

    Linsey Godfrey Addresses Caroline's B&B Death

    (3/18/19) Linsey Godfrey (Sarah, DAYS) took to social media to weigh in on the death of her previous alter ego, B&B’s Caroline. “Hi Everyone, So I just got back from Caroline’s was beautiful. It appears it’s time to say goodbye to our Caroline Spencer. I just want to first say a huge thank you to Brad Bell [executive producer/head writer] and the entire Bold and the Beautiful family. I truly adored every aspect of the wacky, feisty, sassy Caroline. I loved my time at Bold! Don’y be sad, even though she is gone, I promise Brad and the writers have some awesome drama up their sleeves for you! Thank you for all your support and love over the years! Don’t worry I hear Caroline has a brunette doppelgänger over in Salem, might be worth investigating.” Godfrey played Caroline from 2012-17 and appeared again in 2018 before joining the cast of DAYS as Sarah.

    Courtney Grosbeck Joins ‘Lincoln’

    (3/15/19) Courtney Grosbeck (ex-Coco, B&B) is set for a series regular role opposite Arielle Kebbel, Russell Hornsby and Michael Imperioli in NBC’s Lincoln, a drama pilot based on Jeffery Deaver’s bestselling The Bone Collector book series. Written by VJ Boyd and Mark Bianculli and directed by Seth Gordon, Lincoln follows legendary forensic criminologist Lincoln Rhyme (Hornsby), who was seriously injured during his hunt for the diabolic serial killer known as the Bone Collector. Called back into action when the killer re-emerges, Lincoln forms a unique partnership with Amelia Sachs (Kebbel), a young beat cop who helps him hunt the deadly mastermind while also taking on the most high-profile cases in the NYPD. Grosbeck will play Rae Sachs’, Amelia’s kid sister, stalked and tormented by the serial killer. Grosbeck was recently seen as Josie on Showtime’s Homeland, and is known for her recurring role as Ruby Rizzoli on NBC’s Parenthood. Additional TV credits include The Player and Modern Family. She’s repped by GSA Entertainment, Ashley Silver and Bloom Hergott Diemer.

    Catching up With GENERAL HOSPITAL's Sean Kanan

    (3/15/19) ( Looking back, Sean Kanan calls GENERAL HOSPITAL’s A.J., the character he last played in 2014, “a romantic whose aspirations and dreams were crushed.” Try as he might, Alan’s son never did live up to the Quartermaine name and legacy, which was a huge weight on his shoulders. “It fermented his becoming cynical about life and feeling like he was this self-fulfilling prophecy of failure... and that fueled his alcoholism,” the actor suggested to Soaps In Depth. “I don’t feel like the character ever really got a fair shake.”

    Likely, A.J. could have benefited from reading Kanan’s new book, Success Factor X (now available for pre-order at and other similar retailers). “My partner, Jill Liberman, and I went out to 50 interesting people and asked, ‘What is the best advice that you’ve been given about success or that you would like to share about success?’” he explained, adding that everyone from Mark Cuban to ALL MY CHILDREN’s Erica, Susan Lucci (amongst numerous other daytime stars), participated. “I learned that there are somewhat identical trails that many people take on the journey, even if they’re trying to accomplish something very different.”

    The actor plans to use the book as a springboard for a nationwide speaking tour on the topic. However, fans might not recognize him in person as he shaved his hair off for his upcoming film, Dark Stories, which is based on Verotik, the series of dark comics by rocker-turned-director Glenn Danzig. “I play a character named Sgt. Anders, who is the lead detective in a homicide investigation,” Kanan previewed. “I chose to play him with a gravelly voice — it was a real departure for me. I may keep [this look] for a while and see what other work I can do.”

    In the meantime, Kanan is putting the finishing touches on THE BUBBLE, the single-camera dramedy he’s penned and is working toward getting produced this year. “It’s about an aging soap star who wants more from life, and it comes in the form of the 16-year-old daughter that he didn’t know he had,” Kanan said. “He’s thoroughly unequipped to be a father but decides to give it a shot and just can’t get out of his own way.”

    Annika Noelle Opens up About Her Heartbreaking B&B Storyline

    (3/12/19) ( Like millions of viewers reduced to tears in sympathy for Hope’s plight on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, Annika Noelle revealed the story has made her heart ache, too. “I was honestly hoping for a happier ending for her,” she confided to Soaps In Depth, “but this story certainly created a wonderful challenge to go to those depths.”

    The actress, deservedly, has been hearing heaps of praise for her portrayal of Hope’s ill-fated delivery and its tragic aftermath. Noelle admitted she worked hard to make the scenes realistic, from the physicality of Hope’s labor pains to her anguish at learning of Beth’s “death.” After doing as much research as possible, however, she ultimately decided to trust her gut. “I took a step back from it and just let whatever was going to happen do so organically,” she explained. “Everyone on set was so respectful of the storyline, and it was a collaborative effort, from the writing and directing to the crew. Everything was aligned that day to let us reach those very hard emotional notes, and it wound up being a very beautiful thing. It was a kind of a kismet day where all the pieces just fell together.”

    In portraying the heartbroken new mother, Noelle says she has felt a huge responsibility to make sure her performance was as authentic as possible for those who have really suffered such a loss. “I wanted to do the story justice. I didn’t want to let those people down, especially the people in my personal life who have been affected by something similar. Not for one second did I want my performances to feel ‘phoned in’ or not truthful.” Indeed, among the over whelming positive feedback the actress has gotten in recent weeks, she’s most gratified to have heard from women who have experienced a loss like Hope’s. “It was very touching that those women reached out to me to say that it felt respectful and genuine, and I want to say thank you to them and that I’m sorry for the loss they had to go through. I wish them all the love in the world.”

    Dealing with the “death” of her daughter isn’t the only challenge Hope has found herself up against in recent weeks. The incident has put a strain on her marriage to Liam, despite their best efforts to lift each other up. “She’s struggling to come to terms with the fact that he does have a daughter, but she doesn’t. It’s two very different processes for how they deal with it, and we’re going to see whether they come together as a couple or whether this is going to push them apart.”

    While Hope has no idea that her rival’s newly-adopted daughter is actually Beth, it’s been gut-wrenching for her to come to terms with Steffy’s latest blessing in the face of her own despair. “Yeah, it was difficult for her, so soon after the loss of her child, to hear that Steffy now has two beautiful baby girls,” said Noelle. “But she’s trying to show everyone that she’s fine, while internally, she is falling apart. That’s Hope. She thinks she needs to just rise to the occasion and be a functioning human being who can handle this.”

    The fact that Steffy’s new daughter, Phoebe, is actually the daughter Hope thought she lost has all of the makings of a classic soap storyline, and Noelle says she’s relieved that Beth actually did survive. “I honestly have no idea how long they might hold this secret for. I’m literally in the same boat as everyone else, thinking, ‘What’s gonna happen?!?’ There are so many different paths they could take, so I’m certainly looking forward to what lies ahead.”

    Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Assures Fans Her Baby Boy and Pit Bull Get Along Great

    (3/12/19) (Photo) Now that THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) has brought her beautiful baby boy home from the hospital, she wants to reassure worried fans that Rise is getting along just famously with the family pet. “When Ja’mie met Rise the first thing she did was gently lick his feet,” the proud mom reported on Instagram. “They have been inseparable ever since. She thinks he’s her baby. If he cries, within seconds, Ja’mie is there to check on him and give him sweet kisses. My heart melts.

    “Pit bulls get such a bad rep,” Wood continued. “And sadly, people think they were bred to fight but in actuality, they were bred to watch over children. The 'Nanny Dog.’ If you wanted to keep your children safe, the pit bull was the most faithful and loving dog of any dog breed, especially with children. They are strong and loyal and love children. If your child had a pit bull dog as a pet, you felt that they were safe. So what happened?”

    In addition to her pic of Rise and Ja’mie, Wood included a few photos from the Good Old Days of small children posing happily with pit bulls. A longtime advocate for the breed, she urges people to blame the owner, not the breed, when a dog does something bad. “Ironically enough, it is the wonderful qualities of the pit bull that have attracted it to the ‘criminal element,’ which have victimized this wonderful breed of dog,” she declared. “The pit bull breed is strong and very intelligent. They are loyal and courageous. Their main goal is to please their owner. Yes, they look tough, but again, they have not been referred to as the ‘Nanny Dog’ for almost 100 years for nothing! At one time, the pit bull dogs were the most beloved dogs in England and the United States.

    In fact, back in December, shortly after Christmas, Wood stirred up some concerned fans when she posted a photo of herself in bed with Ja’mie cuddled up to her baby bump. “Did your dog know you were pregnant?” she asked. “This little girl does. She won’t leave my side. Guess she’s getting me ready for motherhood.”

    Plenty of fans have expressed their worries about the pit bull and the new baby in the comments on Wood’s Instagram, but the actress is eager to reassure everyone that there’s nothing to worry about. And she’s got the super-cute pics to prove it!

    Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Welcomes Son Rise Harlen

    (3/9/19) ( Jacqueline MacInnes Woodthis link opens in a new tab is a mom!

    The Bold and the Beautiful star welcomed her first child, son Rise Harlen Ruspoli, with husband Elan Ruspolithis link opens in a new tab on Monday, March 4, her rep confirms exclusively to PEOPLE. Baby Rise weighed 7 lbs., 13 oz., and measured 21½ inches.

    “We chose Rise because to us Rise means growth, the simplicity of moving forward,” Wood tells PEOPLE of the inspiration behind her baby boy’s unique moniker. “We look to our son as an uplifting force toward positive change and a better world.”

    The 31-year-old actress announced she was expecting in October with an Instagram videothis link opens in a new tab featuring her soap-opera character, Steffy Forrester, modeling in the Intimates Lingerie fashion show.

    “The rumors are truuuuee!! It’s not just a burrito in my belly it’s a burrito AND A BABY!!!! Ya gurrrlls PREGNANT!!” Wood wrote. “So excited for this new chapter and SO happy I get to share it with all of you!”

    Wood wrote she was hesitant to let Steffy strut her stuff on the runway due to her real-life pregnancy, but opted instead to “embrace it.”

    Since then, the television star has chronicled her journey toward motherhood on social media, frequently sharing photographs baring her bellythis link opens in a new tab.

    “Yes, I’m rolling around in flowers … No, I will not put clothes on … I’m in my 9 month of pregnancy and living my best life … okurr,” she wrote on Jan. 21 alongside a nude snapshotthis link opens in a new tab of herself covered only in blue flowers.

    She revealed in November that she was expecting a sonthis link opens in a new tab with a sweet photo shoot featuring her and Ruspoli sporting blue outfits, and in December, celebrated with a lavish, Italian-themed baby showerthis link opens in a new tab.

    Wood and Ruspoli, an agent, were engaged in November 2017 and eloped the following July, according to Entertainment Tonightthis link opens in a new tab.

    “Biggest surprise of my life. IM ENGAGED!! Elan, you are my everything and I can’t wait to begin this new chapter with you,” she wrote on Instagramthis link opens in a new tab. “I feel like the luckiest girl in the world … I love you beyond words. My soulmate.”

    Reign Edwards On MacGyver 3/15/19

    (3/8/19) Note: The air date of this episode has changed.

    “Seeds + Permafrost + Feather” – MacGyver and team are asked to solve a locked-door mystery when a man working inside a remote, ultra-secure international seed vault disappears, on MACGYVER, Friday, March 15 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    RECURRING CAST: Levy Tran (Desi), Reign Edwards (Leanne), Tate Donovan (Oversight).

    Kiara Barnes Reveals the Truth Behind Zoe's British Accent on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

    (3/7/19) ( Xander and Zoe trying to ditch their British accents on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL actually gave viewers a chance to hear Kiara Barnes’ real voice for a change. But when the soap put out a casting call for an English actress to play he new role of Zoe, the Utah native didn’t let a little thing like the country of her birth get in the way! “I gave them my British accent and they were really into it,” she told Soaps In Depth of her B&B audition. “They said, ‘Wow! We really felt that voice,’ which is great because I knew then that I had a convincing accent.”

    While Barnes is obviously a natural at faking her British accent, she did admit to an unusual trick she has for getting back into it if necessary. “If I’ve been out of it a while,” the actress confessed, “I’ll watch episodes of THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF.”

    And as impressed as the B&B producers were with Barnes’ English accent, the true stamp of approval came from British-born co-star Adain Bradley (Xander). After she used the accent during her audition opposite him, he recalled how surprised he was to hear her real voice weeks later. “Her accent is really good!” he praised. Although since Bradley hails from York, England, Barnes has asked him for pronunciation tips from time to time. “She’ll say, ‘Does this sound right?’” he revealed. “I’m like, ‘I should be asking you for advice! Her accent is more convincing than mine!”

    Soaps In Depth Podcast - 3/4/19 - Back from the Dead

    (3/6/19) Back from the Dead (Listen / download)

    As The Young & The Restless prepares to resurrect the supposedly-dead J.T. from his apparently premature grave, Richard and Charlie discuss the fact that more often than not, death is a temporary condition on soaps. They offer up their takes on the pros and cons of soap resurrections. Plus, a look at who could step into the role of Y&R’s Adam Newman, the Bold & Beautiful reunion that could use a bit more drama, the game-changing performance of one General Hospital actor and more!

    Talk Show Appearance

    (3/3/19) WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE, Bravo

    Tu 3/5: Denise Richards

    Talk Show Appearance

    (3/3/19) LIVE WITH KELLY AND RYAN, syndicated

    Mo 3/4: Denise Richards

    Dishing with Digest - 3/1/19 - Katherine Kelly Lang and John McCook

    (3/1/19) Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and John McCook (Eric) Reflect On 30+ Years At B&B (Listen / download)

    Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and John McCook (Eric) look back on day one of B&B, and three decades of working together with Digest’s Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also discuss the latest casting news and B&B’s current storylines.

    Annika Noelle Previews Hope's Future on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

    (2/27/19) ( Hope is usually a ray of light on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, but ever since she lost her baby, she has been in a very dark place. Darker than ever before, in fact. “Keep in mind that we weren’t really present to see how she originally grieved the loss of her her first child [with Wyatt],” Annika Noelle reminded Soaps In Depth of her alter ego's history. “It was devastating to the point where she had to leave the country. Now, this second loss — where she held the child that she’d felt kicking only hours before — is in her every thought every second of the day.”

    The grieving young woman has found some happiness bonding with Steffy’s newly adopted daughter, Phoebe, not realizing that because of Reese’s cruel baby switch, she’s actually spending time with the baby girl she was told had died. However, since everyone who knows the truth about the infant has decided to keep quiet, it doesn’t appear that Hope will learn the truth anytime soon, so she will have to face her loss head-on.

    “She’s really going through the seven stages of grief,” Noelle mused. “Some days she’s angry. Other days she’s in denial. There will be times when she feels an overwhelming sadness and other times where she’s just numb. Right now, she doesn’t even know what she’s feeling.”

    But as Hope pushes Liam to leave her and make a family with Steffy, it seems as though things are definitely going to get a whole lot worse before they get any better. “I think it’s very natural for her to harden after something like this,” the actress admitted. “I’m still waiting in suspense for what lies ahead. Does she push the people she loves away? Does she turn to something else to make her feel something… anything? She’s lost in her own grief and despair, and we’re going to have to wait and see if she gets that light back or not.”

    The CW Pilot ‘Glamorous’ Finds Its Gender-Nonconforming Teen Lead In Ben J. Pierce, Casts Pierson Fodé, Adds EP

    (2/27/19) Ben J. Pierce (Fuller House) has landed the younger lead opposite Brooke Shields in the CW’s drama pilot Glamorous, from Damon Wayans Jr. and CBS TV Studios. Pierson Fodé (The Bold and the Beautiful) also has been cast in the pilot, which Michael Rauch (Instinct) has boarded as executive producer.

    Written by Jordon Nardino and directed by Eva Longoria, Glamorous centers on a gender-nonconforming recent high school graduate (Pierce) who lands the gig of a lifetime interning at a cosmetics company whose products he panned on YouTube.

    Pierce’s Marco is an ambitious and creative gender-nonconforming teenager who uses makeup and fashion to let his queer self bloom. Fresh off his high school graduation, Marco’s life changes when an unplanned rant on YouTube bashing a cosmetics company for their shoddy products lands him a dream internship at the side of its founder and CEO, Madolyn (Shields). On his own for the first time, this is Marco’s chance to live, love and grow to understand what it really means to be queer.

    Fodé will play Chad, an ambitious alpha male who works at the cosmetics company his mother founded, styling himself as her heir apparent. While openly gay, Chad is buttoned down and unsophisticated, with a personality and wardrobe that would be more at home on Wall Street than the beauty industry.

    Nardino, Wayans Jr. and Longoria executive produce. Two Shakes VP Development and Production Kameron Tarlow is co-executive producer. CBS TV Studios, where Wayans Jr. and his Two Shakes are under a first-look deal, is the studio.

    Pierce most recently was seen on Netflix’s Fuller House as its first openly gay character and on NBC’s Reverie. His debut single “Little Game,” a power anthem about gender roles and equality, reached viral success in 2014 with more than 15 million views.

    Fodé’s credits also include the upcoming feature It’s Time.


    (2/26/19) For the week ending Feb. 22, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL scored 3.62 million viewers, its largest audience in 11 months - since the week ending March 23, 2018. The daytime drama also hit a season high in women 25-54 rating (1.0).

    Source: Nielsen, live plus same day ratings for the week ending Feb. 22, 2019.

    Soaps In Depth Podcast - 2/25/19 - Fan Favorites Return!

    (2/25/19) (Listen / download) On this week’s edition of the Soaps In Depth podcast, Richard and Charlie talk about the returns of General Hospital’s Ingo Rademacher (Jax) and Dominic Zamprogna (Dante), as well as The Young & The Restless’ Doug Davidson (Paul). Plus, The Bold & The Beautiful kicks off a new plot that could shake-up the entire canvas. All this, plus preview and more!

    Andrea Evans Opens up About Her #MeToo Documentary 'Rocking the Couch'

    (2/21/19) ( (Trailer) (Order here) Amazon’s THE BAY THE SERIES has added yet another beloved soap veteran to its roster: ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Tina, Andrea Evans. In the just-released season, she plays Mickey’s kid sister, Patty Walker, whom Evans told Soaps In Depth, “has taken over Patrick’s Roadhouse.” While Mickey is a no-nonsense nurturer, Patty’s someone that people should hesitate to trust. “She hears all the gossip,” Evans explained. “As she’s going from table to table, she picks up this and that.”

    While it’s yet to be revealed what Patty will do with all that information, Evans is pretty sure that it won’t be anything good. “Typically, if I’m playing [someone], she’s probably not a very nice person,” the actress admitted with a laugh. “That seems to be my thing, so I think we’ll see some surprises from Patty!” The OLTL alum was very proud of the growth that Tina showed over the years, especially when she turned over her inheritance to Todd during that last return to Llanview. “She became a much fuller, more interesting person, and her heart came through in the end,” Evans recalls, “making her much more grounded in that she realized what’s important.”

    What’s important to Tina’s portrayer is helping the entertainment industry grow in such a way that it becomes a better place for women. To that end, she’s been working as an executive producer on a project called Rocking the Couch, which is currently available to watch in the US and UK on Amazon Prime and internationally on Vimeo. “I started talking to my friends in the [biz] — everyone has #MeToo stories — and generously, several soap stars were willing to come on camera and share theirs,” she revealed. “Tonja Walker (OLTL’s Alex) gave some really heart-wrenching details.”

    While many recognizable names contributed, Evans confided that “the most horrible stories are from those who are people trying to get into the business.” However, the jumping-off point for everything is a look back at the 1992 case in which talent agent Wallace Kaye was arrested for numerous sexual assaults. “I spent six months researching and tracking down everyone involved,” Evans says, “and was present for each interview. Now we have distribution, so we’re debating whether it’s going to be a stand-alone documentary or perhaps a docuseries.”

    Evans had thought long and hard about allowing her teenaged daughter, Kylie, to join the project as a production assistant before eventually deciding, “If she wants to be in the entertainment industry, she has to know how to protect herself. And the only real way to know how to protect yourself is to be aware of the problem.”

    Denise Richards Joins the Cast of The Bold and the Beautiful — All About Her Role

    (2/20/19) Denise Richards is adding another acting credit to her lengthy resume.

    PEOPLE can exclusively announce that Richards is joining the cast of CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful. The actress, who recently joined season 9 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has landed the contract role of Shauna Fulton.

    “Shauna is a fun-loving, hard-working single mother from Las Vegas who aspires to live life to its absolute fullest,” executive producer and head writer Bradley Bell tells PEOPLE. “She heads for Los Angeles when she learns that her daughter, Florence ‘Flo’ (portrayed by Katrina Bowden), the pride and joy of her life, is entangled in a complicated situation. However, Shauna’s involvement won’t stop there. She’s got a past and big secrets to spill.”

    Richards begins taping Friday, and her first episode airs April 3.

    Richards, 48, has appeared in a number of films and TV shows, including the 1998 thriller Wild Things and the sitcom Blue Mountain State. She was a Bond girl in 1999’s The World Is Not Enough and has guest-starred in Seinfeld, Friends and Beverly Hills, 90210.

    Richards isn’t the only Beverly Hills Housewife to land a soap opera role: Her costar Lisa Rinna starred on Days of Our Lives. Rinna, 55, first joined the NBC daytime drama in 1992 and has re-appeared several times over the years. Plus, Kyle Richards had a three-episode arc on Days in 2013, and Erika Girardi has appeared on The Young and the Restless many times.

    The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays (check local listings).

    Tamar Braxton Lands Dream Role On ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’ After ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Win

    (2/20/19) ( She brought drama to the Celebrity Big Brother house, so now she’s going to lend some hyper-emotion to The Bold and the Beautiful!

    EW has learned exclusively that Tamar Braxton — who won the second installment of Celebrity Big Brother — will continue with tradition by appearing on the CBS sudser. Braxton will portray Chef Chambre in a scene with actors Don Diamont (Bill Spencer) and Heather Tom (Katie Logan), who are set up on a private dinner date by an anonymous cupid.

    Even though it’s customary for BB winners to do stints on B&B, this gig is particularly special to Braxton. As a huge fan of the CBS soap, Braxton named her child Logan after Brooke Logan, the character originally played by Katherine Kelly Lang. That’s devotion.

    Braxton will tape her episode of B&B on Feb. 20. It will air on March 28.

    On Feb. 13, Braxton became only the second person to ever win a U.S. Big Brother season unanimously (after season 10’s Dan Gheesling). She beat out runner-up Ricky Williams.

    “I can’t even really put it into words,” the reality TV personality told EW of her win. “It’s like the best day on top of the best feeling. I’ve been watching this show since Chicken George. And I can’t believe that I was actually blessed to be a part of it, let alone win. Like, that is crazy to me.”

    The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

    Soaps In Depth Podcast - 2/18/19 - A Reunion For Julian & Alexis?

    (2/18/19) A Reunion For Julian & Alexis? (Listen / download).

    This week on the Soaps in Depth podcast, Richard and Charlie ponder whether General Hospital’s Julian and Alexis can — or even should — find their way back to one another. Also on tap this week: How Days Of Our Lives has kept John and Marlena front-and-center, why Bold & Beautiful should let Hope go over the edge and a celebration of Melody Thomas Scott’s four decades as The Young & The Restless’ Nikki.

    Courtney Hope and Darin Brooks Facebook Live

    (2/15/19) Video: Courtney Hope and Darin Brooks Facebook Live.

    Rena Sofer Announces Reunion With Ex

    (2/15/19) In a Valentine’s Day post, Rena Sofer (Quinn, B&B) announced that she and ex-hubby Sanford Bookstaver are back together. “Sometimes you are lucky enough to find the man of your dreams early in your life… and sometimes you divorce the man of your dreams after 13 years of marriage…,” she wrote. “Then… sometimes you are DOUBLY lucky enough to find the man of your dreams all over again!!! Realizing the love of my life has been there, all the time, for the last 18 years is the best gift I could have ever hoped to receive. @sbookstaver will you be my valentine? FOREVER?? #loml #happyvalentinesday.” Bookstaver tweeted, “This woman @rena.sofer is the love of my life! It’s been a long journey together, and I couldn’t be happier that we have found each other again. Here’s to a long and beautiful life together forever. Happy Valentine’s Day! #valentinesday#love #forever.”

    GH's Jax Returns

    (2/14/19) Having wrapped his run as The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Thorne, Ingo Rademacher is heading back to ABC’s General Hospital to build on Jax’s legacy. Watch his announcement video here.

    Schae Harrison's Health Crisis — and How You Can Help

    (2/14/19) ( When Darla Einstein was mentioned recently on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, some viewers found themselves wondering what happened to her portrayer, Schae Harrison. Well, it turns out that the reason that the actress hasn’t been seen on screen in recent years is because she has become quite ill and the soap even shared the link to a GoFundMe page hoping to raise emergency funds to offset the costs of her medical expenses.

    “Schae was formally diagnosed with Chronic Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,” wrote Cathy Tomas, who set up the fundraising effort. “Her symptoms started almost two years ago but it took a lot of time and heartache before she got formally diagnosed. It’s been so hard for her and she had to quit her job on CASTLE because she couldn’t stand and work long hours. She is now sometimes in a wheelchair. She is on medication and getting treatments but because she can’t work, she’s run through her savings and is finding it hard to pay for medical expenses and for taking care of her son, Haven. She loves Haven more than anything and her heart is broken that he’s suffering because of her illness.”

    Harrison reportedly filed a claim for social security disability two years ago but her case isn’t scheduled to be heard until April of 2019, so Tomas is hoping to raise $8,000 to pay her overdue bills as well as rent, food, utilities, and medications until the disability is approved. The fundraising is well on its way, and if you would like to donate even just a little bit, you can do so at the GoFundMe link above.

    Longtime B&B fans remember Harrison as the ditzy and lovable Darla, a role she played from 1989 until 2006 when the character was killed off. Although she did make a handful of ghostly appearances in 2014 and 2015. The character was mentioned on the soap recently when Thorne brought up his late wife in a conversation with current wife, Katie.

    Lauralee Bell To Star In & EP Lifetime Movie ‘Nightmare Tenant’

    (2/13/19) Lauralee Bell is set to star in and executive produce Nightmare Tenant, a Lifetime movie thriller that premieres March 22 as the anchor of the channel’s Spring Breakdown films.

    Bell, a Daytime Emmy nominee for her decades-long role on The Young and the Restless, plays Dr. Carol Allen, a kind-hearted Ivy League alum and single mom whose high-achieving and well-rounded daughter (Heather Hopkins) gets accepted into the same university. At her daughter’s suggestion, she takes in a hard-luck student so she won’t be living alone when her daughter starts college.

    Rob Malenfant directs Nightmare Tenant, and Ken Sanders produced it in a reteaming with his Mistress Hunter star Bell.

    Bell wrote, directed and produced mI promise, a 2014 Daytime Emmy-winning web series that follows a 16-year old girl who makes a critical error by texting and driving. It premieres this week on Amazon Prime. Her credits also include web series Family Dinner and Just Off Rodeo and the 2006 Lifetime movie Past Sins. Bell is repped by House of Representatives Denny Sevier and Focused Artists.

    NAACP Image Awards Nominees

    (2/13/19) 50th NAACP Image Awards celebrate the accomplishments of people of color in the fields of TV, music, literature and film will be unveiled March 30 at the Dolby Theatre in a ceremony that will air live on TV One.

    Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture
    Chadwick Boseman – Black Panther (Marvel Studios)
    Michael B Jordan – Creed II (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios)
    Denzel Washington – The Equalizer 2 (Columbia Pictures)
    John David Washington – BlacKkKlansman (Focus Features)
    Stephan James – If Beale Street Could Talk (Annapurna Pictures)

    Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture
    Brian Tyree Henry – If Beale Street Could Talk (Annapurna Pictures)
    Mahershala Ali – Green Book (Universal Pictures, Participant Media, DreamWorks)
    Michael B. Jordan – Black Panther (Marvel Studios)
    Russell Hornsby – The Hate U Give (20th Century Fox)
    Winston Duke – Black Panther (Marvel Studios)

    Outstanding Ensemble Cast in a Motion Picture
    Black Panther (Marvel Studios)
    BlacKkKlansman (Focus Features)
    Crazy Rich Asians (Warner Bros. Pictures)
    The Hate U Give (20th Century Fox)
    Widows (20th Century Fox)

    Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
    Jay Ellis, Insecure (HBO)
    John David Washington, Ballers (HBO)
    Laurence Fishburne, black-ish (ABC)
    Marcus Scribner, black-ish (ABC)
    Tituss Burgess, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)

    Outstanding Actor in a Television Movie, Limited-Series or Dramatic Special
    Brandon Victor Dixon, Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert (NBC)
    John Legend, Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert (NBC)
    Michael B. Jordan, Fahrenheit 451 (HBO)
    Russell Hornsby, Seven Seconds (Netflix)
    Woody McClain, The Bobby Brown Story (BET)

    Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series
    Donald Glover – Atlanta – FUBU (FX Networks)
    Gina Rodriguez – Jane the Virgin – Chapter Seventy-Four (CW)
    Hiro Murai – Atlanta – Teddy Perkins (FX Networks)
    Ken Whittingham – Atypical – “Ernest Shackleton’s Rules for Survival” (Netflix)
    Millicent Shelton – Insecure – High-Like (HBO).

    Obba Babatunde In ‘Miss Havisham’

    (2/12/19) Obba Babatunde (Dear White People), Ella Joyce (Set it Off), and Wesley Jonathan (The Soul Man) have joined indie drama Miss Havisham Effect, which stars Rochelle Aytes and Brian White. Directed by Leila Djansi, the Lawren Henderson-written screenplay deals with Aytes’ real-life account of the long-term damage caused by a drug addict father and the toll it takes on a family. Aytes, White, and Ryan Daly from Zero Gravity Management are producing the project. Lou Ariola, Jenny Alonzo, Dave Ross, and Taryn Sims serve as exec producers. Babatunde is repped by Stone Manners Salners; Joyce by Arthur Toretzky and Landmark Artists Management; Jonathan by Innovative Artists & Marsh Entertainment.

    THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Casts Matthew Atkinson as the New Thomas!

    (2/12/19) The Forrester Family is growing again as Matthew Atkinson joins the cast of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL as the much-missed Thomas Forrester beginning on Thursday, March 14! He will be the fourth adult actor to portray the character, most recently played by Pierson Fodé. “We are thrilled you are here with us portraying Thomas!” the soap tweeted when the news broke.

    Atkinson will be familiar to CBS Daytime fans from his stint as Austin Travers on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS from 2014-15. During his time in Genoa City, Austin started as a television cameraman before graduating to kidnapper, but his romance with Summer Newman hit the skids when he was unexpectedly found murdered!

    Before joining Y&R, Atkinson had roles on JANE BY DESIGN and PARENTHOOD, and after leaving daytime, he could be seen in shows like YOUNG & HUNGRY, POWERLESS, and NCIS: LOS ANGELES. And now the actor is returning to daytime to bring Thomas back to B&B. The Forrester heir was last seen in the spring of 2018 when he returned to New York City to live with Caroline and their son, Douglas.

    What brings Thomas back home again? And will he attempt to rekindle his relationship with Sally? Stay tuned to find out.

    Kim Matula Previews Her New Movie, 'Fighting With My Family'

    (2/10/19) ( Fans of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL alum Kim Matula (ex-Hope) who were sad when her sitcom, LA TO VEGAS was cancelled after just one season can look forward to the actress showing off her comedic flair in the upcoming movie, Fighting With My Family, when it premieres on Friday, Feb. 22! “This film is funny, it’s moving, and I’m proud to have been a part of it,” she shared on Instagram. “I can’t wait for you guys to see it.”

    (Video) The film is based on the 2012 documentary The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family, which depicted the career of professional wrestler Paige, who won the WWE Divas Championship in 2014. This version stars actress Florence Pugh as Paige, and the cast also includes Nick Frost, Lena Headey, Vince Vaughan and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as himself! Kim Matula plays the character of Jeri-Lynn, and she shared a quick clip of one of her hilarious moments in the movie.

    Matula got her big break when she landed the role of Hope Logan on B&B in 2010, earning a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in 2014. While she left the soap in December of 2014, the actress did pop back for a couple brief guest appearances in 2015 and 2016, although the role was eventually recast with Annika Noelle in 2018 when the character was brought back full-time.

    After leaving daytime, Matula found success in primetime with the role of Tiffany in the second season of Lifetime’s critically-acclaimed series UnREAL and in 2018 starred as Ronnie in FOX’s LA TO VEGAS. And now she’s hitting the big screen in Fighting With My Family! “An honor for me to play a small part in Paige’s career-defining moment, as well as bringing her family’s fascinating story to the big screen,” Matula expressed.(Trailer) Fighting With My Family, written and directed by British comedian Stephen Merchant (THE OFFICE), has already premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, but will be in theaters near you starting on Feb. 22. So make sure to check it out. And for a real taste of the whole movie, you can watch this official trailer first!

    Reign Edwards Recurs on MacGyver 2/15/19

    (2/8/19) “K9 + Smugglers + New Recruit” – After a surprising introduction to Phoenix’s newest recruit, Desi (Levy Tran), MacGyver and team are assigned to escort and protect an ATF (alcohol, tobacco, firearms) gun-sniffing dog who has a bounty on his head, only to discover they’re not the only ones crashing the weapon drop, on MACGYVER, Friday, Feb. 15 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    RECURRING CAST: Reign Edwards (Leanne), Levy Tran (Desi).

    B&B's Katherine Kelly Lang Shares Her Experience on I'M A CELEBRITY... GET ME OUT OF HERE!

    (2/7/19) As Brooke Logan Forrester on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, Katherine Kelly Lang always looks glamorous, but the actress had quite a different television experience when she joined the cast of the Australian version of the popular reality series, I’M A CELEBRITY... GET ME OUT OF HERE!. “I’m very nervous,” Lang admitted to 10 daily as she prepared to enter the jungle. “I am. It’s like, what am I doing, you know?”

    Based on the long-running British TV series of the same name, I’M A CELEBRITY... GET ME OUT OF HERE! sticks a group of celebrities into a special camp in the South African jungle where they compete against each other in challenges to earn meals and luxuries while also trying to avoid being voted off. And if at any point the experience gets to be too much, the contestant can quit by declaring: "I'm a celebrity... get me out of here!" Lang made her first appearance on the 17th day of this season, and joins Australian TV presenters, comedians, reality TV personalities, and former politicians. There is only one other American in the cast currently, former TODAY gossip correspondent Richard Reid. Watch the promo for her first appearance here: Video.

    The grand prize for the celebrity who lasts the longest is a $100,000 prize donated to the charity of their choosing. In Lang’s case, it would be Breakaway from Cancer. “It’s personal for me because my father passed away from cancer when I was 13,” the actress confided. “They’re really amazing. They do so much for the people that are struggling with cancer. They’re very dear to my heart.”

    (Video) Sadly, Lang didn’t last very long in the jungle, and was eliminated from the series after just one week in the competition. “I met some amazing people,” the actress tweeted afterwards, “had good chats, lots of laughs, lost 10 pounds — so hungry — challenged myself in trials, learned to live 24/7 with complete strangers, learned more about myself, brought awareness to Breakaway From Cancer… thank you for the opportunity!” In her exit interview, Lang grew emotional as she talked about the wonderful people she’d met there and admitted the first thing she wanted to do was take a shower!

    (Video) The show also shared another clip where she expresses her disappointment at being eliminated but her joy at being able to eat real food again, especially the giant tray of tacos they served her!

    Talk Show Appearance

    (2/4/19) THE REAL, syndicated

    We 2/6: Wayne Brady

    Dishing with Digest - 2/1/19 - Heather Tom

    (2/1/19) B&B’s Heather Tom Looks Back On her Daytime Run (Listen / download).

    Heather Tom (Katie) talks about on her soap past, her five Emmy wins, her B&B leading men, becoming a director and more with Digest’s Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also look at the actors who made the cut to receive Emmy pre-nominations.

    Diary of a Female President, From EP Gina Rodriguez, Ordered to Series at Disney+ Streaming Service

    (2/1/19) The glass ceiling is about to come crashing down at Disney’s streaming service.

    Disney+ has given a 10-episode, straight-to-series order to Diary of a Female President, executive-produced by Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez.

    The project follows a 12-year-old, Cuban-American girl (via the narration of her diary) as she navigates the ups and downs of middle school and her journey to becoming the future president of the United States.

    Rodriguez will work alongside producing partner Emily Gipson on the series, with Robin Shorr (The Carmichael Show, The Middle) attached as showrunner. Series creator Ilana Peña (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) will pen the scripts.

    Though a specific premiere date has not yet been announced for Diary of a Female President, the Disney+ streaming service is expected to launch in late 2019.

    The platform’s scripted lineup also includes two live-action Star Wars series — the Pedro Pascal-led Mandalorian and a Rogue One prequel — as well as a gender-flipped High Fidelity adaptation and multiple potential standalone series centered on characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Loki, Scarlet Witch, Falcon and Winter Soldier.

    Sean Kanan Invites You to Dinner With Deacon and Amber!

    (1/31/19) This June, fans of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL and THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS characters Deacon Sharpe and Amber Moore will be able to have dinner with them! Actors Sean Kanan and Adrienne Frantz will be hosting a memorable night out in Los Angeles, CA, on Saturday, June 22, from 8-10 p.m. PDT. “After all these years, the fans still love Deacon and Amber,” Kanan confided to Soaps In Depth. “This special evening will be a great opportunity to spend an intimate dinner with us. The evening will have a fantastic dinner followed by a Q&A and some very cool surprises.”

    B&B viewers remember Deacon as the biological father of Little Eric, who tried to seduce Amber away from Rick, and the two characters eventually reconnected years later on Y&R as Deacon blackmailed Amber into marriage. Thankfully, the actors are nothing like their troublemaking alter-egos, so the dinner should be a lot of fun!

    Tickets are available now, but they are also limited. They will include a catered dinner, photo opportunities, a Q&A session, a surprise gift, and more. You can find more information on the Facebook Event Page and you can order tickets directly from Kanan’s official website.

    GLAAD Media Awards Drop Soap Operas

    (1/25/19) Acknowledging the fairness, accuracy, inclusiveness, boldness, originality, impact and overall quality of LGBTQ representations in the media, this year’s GLAAD Media Awards has decided to drop the Daily Drama category, which recognized achievements on soap operas (The Bold and the Beautiful won the past three years).

    Stars React To Their Daytime Emmy Pre-Noms

    (1/25/19) Stars took to Twitter to share their feelings about landing pre-noms for the 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. “You know as much as I try to b cool about getting nominated not getting nominated,” posted Maurice Benard (Sonny). “the reality is I always feel lucky and honored to be in the company of these actors Thank you” His co-star Michelle Stafford (Nina), in the hunt for Lead Actress, wrote, “I am HONORED to be included in this group of extremely talented women.” Billy Flynn (Chad, DAYS), who is on the list in the Best Actor category, posted, “I’m honored to be prenominated this year along side so many great actors. All my love to my @nbcdays family. Everyone of you is deserving. My heart is beaming… I’m filled with so much joy & love for the nominations of @MarciMiller [ex-Abigail, in Lead Actress] & @KateMansi [Abigail, in Guest Performer]. Y’all are my heart. #Chabby.” Jon Lindstrom (Ryan/Kevin, GH), in the Lead Actor category, enthused, “OK, my day just got made. Thx to all who voted and CONGRATS to my fellow pre-nominees!” Real-life duo Darin Brooks (Wyatt) and wife, Kelly Kruger (Mac, Y&R), both got nods. “Congrats to my babe @THEEdarinbrooks and everyone on both shows who got a prenom today!” posted Kruger, up in the Guest Performer category. Brooks, in Supporting Actor, responded, “Aww and Congrats to you too babe!!! @KrugerKelly so proud of both shows!!”

    Daytime Emmys Unveil Peer-Judged Drama Pre-Nominations

    (1/25/19) Daytime Emmys Unveil Peer-Judged Drama Pre-Nominations: read the nominees here.

    Gina Rodriguez tearfully responds to 'anti-black' criticism

    (1/24/19) Gina Rodriguez has tearfully hit back after a controversial interview saw her criticized for being “anti-black.”

    The 34-year-old actress hit headlines last year when she said in an interview with Net-a-Porter: “I get so petrified in this space talking about equal pay especially when you look at the intersectional aspect of it, right? Where white women get paid more than black women, black women get paid more than Asian women, Asian women get paid more than Latina women, and it’s like a very scary space to step into.”

    Following the release of the interview, many people accused Gina of being “anti-black,” and promoting the Latina community at the expense of the black community, but the Jane the Virgin star defended herself during a chat on SiriusXM’s Sway In The Morning.

    “I never said actresses. I wasn’t speaking about my industry. I always find it difficult to talk about equal pay as a woman who makes a substantial amount of money. As somebody who came from poverty to now the amount of money I get paid, it doesn’t feel right that I’m the one talking about it, because I’m so damn grateful,” Gina said.

    “What I was saying, was that when we talk about equal pay, we have to talk about intersectionality because we all must rise. And so the backlash was devastating to say the least,” she continued, before breaking down into tears.

    Attempting to compose herself, Gina then explained: “Because the black community was the only community I looked towards growing up. We didn’t have many Latino shows and the black community made me feel like I was seen, so to get anti-black is to say I’m anti-family.”

    The screen star continued that she made the decision to step away from social media after the scandal, because she found the backlash so difficult to deal with.

    “That was a really dark time for me… it made me get away from social media,” she went on. “What do you say sorry for cheating when you didn’t cheat?

    “Right now we are living in a culture that is very very terrifying. You make or misstep or say something that’s (taken) out of context, and all of a sudden any work you’ve ever done is deleted.”

    She concluded her interview by stating: “If I have hurt you, I am sorry, and I will always be sorry, but you have to know, until you know my heart, there is no way we can live off clickbait.”

    American Actress Joining 'I'm A Celeb'

    (1/22/19) ( She's one of the longest running cast members in one of the world's most celebrated soap opera's but will the drama of the jungle live up to that of the Forrester family?

    Sources within the South African jungle have confirmed that Katherine Kelly Lang from 'The Bold And The Beautiful' will be the next celebrity 'intruder' on Australia’s 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'.

    TV Blackbox claim the American actress, best known for playing Brooke Logan on the long-running soap opera since 1987, will be joining the reality show in the upcoming days.

    Katherine Kelly Lang is no stranger to the Australian media. During her appearances on Studio 10, she performed in skits alongside Ita Buttrose, and took part in games involving pancake mixture being poured over her head.

    It's safe to say that she is not afraid to get her hands dirty!

    The 57-year-old has also expressed interest in temporarily relocating to Australia.

    "I love the idea of having a place here," she told TV Week.

    "We've looked around the Manly area and hopefully we can buy in the near future. But we couldn't live here full-time, because of my job on Bold."

    Lang will be joining Love Island's Justin Lacko, MasterChef's Justine Schofield, Gogglebox duo Angie Kent and Yvie Jones, former X-Factor host Luke Jacobz, journalist Natasha Exelby, actor Tahir Bilgic, entertainment reporter Richard Reid, politicians Jacqui Lambie and Sam Dastyari, and AFL legends Shane Crawford and Dermott Brereton.

    The Soaps In Depth Podcast #1: The Inaugural Episode

    (1/22/19) (Listen / download) In this first episode of The Soaps In Depth Podcast hosts Richard Simms and Charlie Mason discuss the new General Hospital opening, 5 Things We Love Right Now, and share their thoughts on what would happen if they wrote the soaps.

    Fiji Water Girl Kellen Cuthbert Snags ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Appearance

    (1/20/19) It apparently pays to photobomb.

    Kelleth Cuthbert, the Fiji Water Girl whose blue dress, coy smile and knack for being in strategic places captivated the online world on the 2019 Golden Globes red carpet, has been working on the soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful. Her appearance will air Feb. 6, according to reports.

    Cuthbert posted a photo of herself on Instagram with some of the soap’s cast this week, captioning the shot, “Thank you to the lovely folks of @boldandbeautifulcbs for having me yesterday!” (Photo)

    Details of her appearance or the possibility of an ongoing role were not revealed. Since the Golden Globes, Cuthbert and her water tray have become a favorite meme in social media.

    Carol Channing Dead at 97

    (1/16/19) Broadway legend Carol Channing, who won a Tony Award for her starring role in Hello, Dolly!, died Tuesday of natural causes. She was 97.

    Channing’s publicist gave the following statement to BroadwayWorld:

    It is with extreme heartache that I have to announce the passing of an original Industry Pioneer, Legend and Icon — Miss Carol Channing. I admired her before I met her, and have loved her since the day she stepped … or fell rather … into my life. It is so very hard to see the final curtain lower on a woman who has been a daily part of my life for more than a third of it. We supported each other, cried with each other, argued with each other, but always ended up laughing with each other. Saying good-bye is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but I know that when I feel those uncontrollable urges to laugh at everything and/or nothing at all, it will be because she is with me, tickling my funny bone.

    Channing was best known for her stage work, which earned her three more Tony nominations (for The Vamp, Show Girl and Lorelei) in addition to her Hello, Dolly! win in 1964. She also received a Lifetime Achievement Tony Award at the 1995 ceremony. After gaining national attention for her theater work, Channing became the first celebrity to perform at a Super Bowl halftime show, taking the field at Super Bowl IV in 1970. TV audiences knew Channing as The Love Boat‘s Aunt Sylvia Duvall, who appeared numerous times during the series’ decade-long run. She also did voiceover work throughout her career, lending her pipes to an animated version of The Addams Family, as well as Where’s Waldo?, The Magic School Bus and an episode of Family Guy. Other TV work included The Bold and the Beautiful, Touched by an Angel and dozens of game show episodes in the 1970s and ’80s.

    Channing’s most notable film role was Thoroughly Modern Millie‘s Muzzy Van Hossmere, for which she won a Golden Globe in 1968 and snagged an Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

    Meet B&B’s Newest Guest Star

    (1/16/19) Kelleth Cuthbert, better known as the Fiji Water Girl from this year’s Golden Globe Awards, makes her daytime debut on B&B. Cuthbert plays Raine, a Forrester model. The real-life Canadian-born model/actress became an American media sensation after appearing in the background numerous times throughout the red carpet event, reportedly jumping from 54,000 followers before her Fiji stint to 208,000 just days afterward. Cuthbert is scheduled to air on B&B on February 6.

    Florence on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Everything You Need to Know

    (1/16/19) ( Another familiar face has joined the cast of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL! The soap cast Katrina Bowden in the newly-created role of Florence, and Flo made her first appearance in the episode that aired on Jan. 14. Viewers will most likely recognize Bowden from her role on the hit NBC sitcom 30 ROCK, although this isn't her first soap role!

    Florence introduced herself to Taylor as the mother of the baby girl that Dr. Reese Buckingham is offering for Steffy to potentially adopt. She insisted that the father wants nothing to do with them and that she desperately needs the money. However, when Reese asked that his name be kept out of the arrangement, it became clear things may not be exactly as they appear.

    Bowden is best known for playing Cerie Xerox, Liz Lemon’s assistant on 30 ROCK, and she also played Fortune on the TNT original series PUBLIC MORALS in 2015. She has also guest starred on primetime series like PSYCH, UGLY BETTY, and NEW GIRL. Bowden can also be seen in films like Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, Piranha 3DD, and Framed By My Fiancé. B&B also won’t be her first appearance in daytime, as Bowden appeared in a couple episodes of ABC’s ONE LIFE TO LIVE as Britney back in 2006 when her career was just beginning to take off.

    Gina Rodriguez reveals she exposed her butt during 'Jane the Virgin' audition

    (1/14/19) Actress Gina Rodriguez still blushes when she recalls ripping her skirt and exposing her butt while auditioning for Jane the Virgin.

    The TV beauty was dressed to impress for the screen test, but an unexpected wardrobe malfunction left her face red and her rear exposed.

    “My most embarrassing moment during an audition was pilot season (of Jane the Virgin),” the 34-year-old tells Us Weekly. “The year I booked Jane, I ripped my pencil skirt down the back in the audition, no panties. It was awful.”

    As Gina prepares to debut the fifth and final season of her hit comedy series this spring, her attention is turning to fiance Joe LoCicero, who she met on set and then reconnected with at her local boxing gym.

    The star can’t wait to spend more time relaxing with her man at home.

    “The ideal perfect date night (includes) bomb food, a movie and talking ’til it’s time to go to sleep,” she gushes, before admitting he has won the key to her heart forever by scrubbing her floors.

    “The most romantic thing (my fiance) Joe LoCicero does is cleaning because he knows that my peace and balance come from everything being clean,” Gina smiles. “Cleaning my house is what I do to escape.”

    The final season of Jane the Virgin premieres on March 27, but Gina has plenty of other career news to celebrate before that – the star’s new highly-anticipated action thriller Miss Bala, about a woman who takes on the bosses of a Mexican drug cartel to rescue her kidnapped friend, reaches U.S. theatres on February 1.

    Nominations for the sixth annual Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards

    (1/11/19) IATSE Local 706 will hand out its hardware February 16 during its ceremony at Novo in Los Angeles.


    The Bold and the Beautiful
    Christine Lai Johnson, Chris Escobosa, Jennifer Wittman

    The Price Is Right
    Carol Wood, Jason Collins

    The Real DaytimeMelanie Mills, Glen Alen Gutierrez, Motoko Honjyo Clayton

    The Young and the Restless
    Patricia Denney, Marlene Mason, Kathy Jones


    The Bold and the Beautiful
    Lisa Long, Danielle Spencer, Danielle Dixon

    The Real Daytime
    Roberta Gardener-Rogers, Rachel Mason, Ray Dodson

    The Young and the Restless
    Regina Rodriguez, Adriana Lucio, Vanessa Bragdon

    A First Look at Rebecca Budig's New Role on L.A.'S FINEST!

    (1/8/19) ( (Photo1, Photo2) It’s unlikely you’ll see it her alter ego of Quinn Forrester sporting it on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, but Rena Sofer just got a new tattoo with a very special meaning. Shortly after the New Year, the actress teased fans with a shot of her getting the ink on her left forearm. “I’ll show it when it’s healed!” she promised. “48 hours!”

    Once her arm was healed, Sofer shared a shot of the image that was designed by her daughter, artist Rosabel Rosalind Kurth, and then transformed into skin art by Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Daniel Winter. And each part of the detailed design carries a special meaning for the actress and mother. “I am the queen bee,” she explained. “And the MRA in my scepter are for my girls. The shoes show while I can be a woman in every sense of the word, I’ll also protect my family with everything I have. The crown says what I am: MAMA.”

    Sofer has other tattoos that she has gotten over the years, but this one is extra-special and one that took extra planning. “I’ve thought about this for years so it wasn’t a snap decision, and while I’ve had many tattoos in my life, this is my most meaningful,” she expressed. “Thank you, Rosabel, for the amazing art, and Daniel Winter for the amazing work.”

    Rosabel really is a very talented artist, and Winter did an incredible job translating it into a tattoo for Sofer. Of course, now we can’t help but wonder what kind of tattoos Quinn might get for herself!

    Golden Globes Awards: 2019 Presenters

    (1/4/19) Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga will bring their A Star is Born buzz to the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards Sunday as presenters: The co-stars are among the second round of presenters announced today by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

    Also included in the second presenters batch are: Antonio Banderas, Kristen Bell, Emily Blunt, Steve Carell, Olivia Colman, Taron Egerton, Richard Gere, Danai Gurira, Nicole Kidman, Lucy Liu, Julianne Moore, Maya Rudolph, Megan Mullally, Chris Pine, Amy Poehler, Gina Rodriguez, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz.

    Today’s round of presenters joins those previous announced: Halle Berry, Chadwick Boseman, Sterling K. Brown, Jessica Chastain, Kaley Cuoco, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dick Van Dyke, Idris Elba, Harrison Ford, Johnny Galecki, Justin Hartley, Taraji P. Henson, Felicity Huffman, Allison Janney, Michael B. Jordan, William H. Macy, Chrissy Metz, Mike Myers, Lupita Nyong’o, Gary Oldman, Jim Parsons, Sam Rockwell, Saoirse Ronan, Octavia Spencer, Ben Stiller, Lena Waithe and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

    Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg will host the ceremony airing live coast to coast on Sunday, January 6, from 5-8 p.m. PT/8-11 p.m. ET on NBC from The Beverly Hilton.


    (1/4/19) Viewers of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL saw that at the end of the Jan. 2 episode of each soap there was a special dedication in loving memory of Scha Jani. But because he worked behind the scenes, many fans aren’t aware of his contribution to the shows.

    Part of the technical crew, Jani worked as a video operator, lighting director, and technical supervisor at B&B and as a video operator at Y&R. He began working in Genoa City back in 1984 and added B&B to his resume in 1987. Jani was also a video controller and operator for the CBS primetime reality competition show SURVIVOR. As part of the technical team, Jani earned 30 Daytime Emmy Award nominations for his work — and two Primetime Emmy nods — taking home 16 trophies over the course of his daytime career.

    Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones during this difficult time.

    Best & Worst of '18: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    (12/30/18) Read our take on the year that was 2018.

    Including Highs & Lows from each soap, Wishes for the future, Best Newcomer and more.

    Read it all here!

    Usher Files for Divorce from Estranged Wife Grace Miguel

    (12/30/18) Usher has officially filed from divorce from his estranged wife, Grace Miguel, who he publicly split with earlier this year.

    The "Let it Burn" singer filed docs -- obtained by TMZ -- in Atlanta Friday to call it quits on the marriage. The move is anything but surprising ... it was back in March -- on the heels of several allegations and lawsuits claiming Usher spread herpes -- the couple announced things were over.

    The docs state December 24, 2017 as the couple's date of separation. They also say the two reached a confidential settlement agreement ... so it's all finished and just waiting on a judge to sign off.

    In a joint statement, Usher and Grace said, "After much thought and consideration we have mutually decided to separate as a couple. We remain deeply connected, loving friends who will continue supporting each other through the next phases of our lives."

    The two got hitched back in 2015 and did not have any children together.

    PLAYER PRESS RELEASE: Beckett and Moss Settle their Trademark dispute!!

    (12/28/18) Beckett and Moss Settle their Trademark dispute!!

    Ronn Moss and Peter Beckett announced that they have resolved their trademark dispute over the band’s name PLAYER

    PLAYER is an American rock band from the 1970s which had several top 100 hits, 3 top 40 hits, 2 that were in the top 10 including their #1 single, “Baby Come Back”

    In a joint statement, both artists have announced that they will be going in separate directions, but each agrees that the name “PLAYER” belongs to both of them.

    That said, Beckett and Moss have agreed to allow each other limited use of the PLAYER mark going forward.

    “So as to avoid any potential fan confusion, Beckett and Moss have agreed to add their own name in front of the PLAYER mark…i.e. Peter Beckett’s PLAYER and Ronn Moss’ PLAYER. Beckett and Moss each wish the other nothing but success going forward.”

    Season 4 Of THE BAY Drops Today

    (12/28/18) On Friday, December 28, season four of the Emmy-winning digital drama series THE BAY will be released. Expect five all–new installments, totaling over three hours worth of new content. The first half of the season will be available for 48 hours for free on the show’s official website at, with an Amazon Prime Video release to follow. Check out this season 3 recap to get you up to speed, and get prepared to #BingeTheBay on Friday!

    Ingo Rademacher Announces B&B Exit

    (12/23/18) In a post on Instagram, Ingo Rademacher revealed he will be wrapping up his run as B&B’s Thorne. “I think it’s time to set the record straight,” he posted. “I have decided to not continue with my contract on The Bold and The Beautiful and I’ll be finishing up my last episodes in January. I want to thank [Executive Producer/Head Writer] Brad Bell( we’ve been communicating) the entire show and cast (truly awesome people) and also CBS for a fun year of playing Thorne.” The actor, who has spent the last two months in Hawaii with his family, indicated that this might not be the end of him as Thorne. “We are parting on good terms and with the possibility of a return,” he added. “We shall see what the new year brings.”

    Jacob Young Opens up About Returning to GENERAL HOSPITAL as Lucky

    (12/19/18) ( Whenever GENERAL HOSPITAL mentions the character of Lucky Spencer, fans can’t help but wonder if he’ll be coming back to the canvas again. And one of the actors to play the role, Jacob Young, is available now that he’s off-contract at THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL where he played Rick. “It’s always been on my radar,” the actor told Soaps In Depth of a possible return to Port Charles. “Lucky was a really special time and of course, I won the Emmy for that role, so that’s always gonna stick out in my mind.”

    Young joined the cast of GH as a recast Lucky in 2000, taking over for Jonathan Jackson. He played the role until 2003, taking home the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor in 2002. Young went on to play JR Chandler on ALL MY CHILDREN before returning to B&B in 2011. However, in May of 2018, the actor announced that he was not renewing his contract with the CBS sudser to pursue other opportunities. “If B&B doesn’t have any stories for me to play and GH does, then I am more than willing to,” Young admitted before adding, “I don’t see myself going under contract.”

    Having launched a talk show series on YouTube, a new album, and starred in a couple of TV movies, Young has definitely made the most of his available time and wants to continue to explore new paths. “It’s always a struggle,” he confided. “If there’s a storyline written on one of the shows, then I’m not going to be able to mostly likely be part of a film. So I don’t want to limit myself and I think that they understand that. But a lot of times they want you to sign a contract, so it’s a catch-22.”

    However, a short stint would definitely be doable if it worked with his schedule. “Yes, absolutely,” Young concluded. “And I’m totally open to that. I think [GH executive producer] Frank Valentini is aware of that, too.”

    Stay tuned to see if Young returns to either GH or B&B in the future.

    Nash Grier, ‘Dance Moms’ Nia Sioux, D’Ambrosio Twins, & Nina Kiri To Star In Indie Film ‘The Code’

    (12/19/18) Social media star Nash Grier, Dance Moms original Nia Sioux, twins Bianca and Chiara D’Ambrosio (Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn), and Nina Kiri (The Handmaid’s Tale) have all been tapped as leads in The Code, a sci-fi adventure feature written and directed by Tony Aloupis (Safelight, Sugar).

    Co-produced by Origin Entertainment and Hacienda Film Co., the film is set in the distant future, in an age where humans have enjoyed centuries of peace, prosperity, and immortality due to a genetic modification called ‘The Code. In this utopian society, a small band of rebels — Suria (Bianca D’Ambrosio), Siona (Chiara D’Ambrosio), Medorin (Kiri), Sonitas (Sioux), and Gergot (Grier) — dares to question whether they want to live forever, launching a revolution of unparalleled proportions.

    Filming is currently underway.

    Grier is repped by UTA and Legacy Talent and Entertainment; Sioux by UTA and Monogram Management Group; D’Ambrosio twins by Snow Entertainment and The Savage Agency; Kiri by Gersh and Inphenate.

    B&B’s Young Addresses Story Twist

    (12/14/18) Jacob Young tweeted an update about Rick’s B&B story and his status with the show. “I for one am incredibly sad and disappointed. Rick and Maya have split. (Love that would never die)” the actor posted on Twitter. “I loved working with @karlamosley Opens a New Window. it has been the highlight of my 21 year career in daytime.” Young also included a note to fans if they’d like to see Rick back in action, adding, “TRUST ME when I say your opinion matters.”

    B&B Airs 8,000th Episode

    (12/14/18) On January 4, 2019, B&B will air is 8000th episode. “It’s astonishing to look at the script we’re working on today and see episode 8000,” said Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell in a statement. “We’re grateful that you’ve allowed us into your homes for over 30 years. The 8000th episode is classic BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL drama. The story arc centers around an event so profound, it sends shockwaves throughout the lives of the Forresters, Spencers, Avants, Spectras and Logans for years to come.” The show debuted on March 23, 1987.

    Jennifer Gareis Reveals Why She Returned to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

    (12/14/18) ( In “mom mode” for the past few years raising her children, Gavin, 8, and Sophia, 6, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL’s Jennifer Gareis (Donna) had hoped to resume her acting career once both kids were in school full-time. “My priority was motherhood, and I thought it was worth that sacrifice,” Gareis admitted to Soaps In Depth, also acknowledging she wasn’t sure how easy it would be to find work again after taking a break to be with her babies. Around the time she was sending little Sophia off on her first day of kindergarten, Gareis happened to be back at CBS making a guest appearance for a B&B wedding. “I went up to [executive producer and headwriter Bradley Bell’s] office just to say hi, and he said, ‘Jenny! What’s your schedule like?’”

    The actress later felt hopeful when her scenes at Katie’s wedding included a sentimental flashback of Eric and Donna’s relationship. “That wasn’t originally in the script,” she explained. Bell eventually revealed he wanted Gareis back on contract to help stir the (honey) pot where Eric and Quinn’s storyline was concerned. “It’s like the stars aligned,” she says. “The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.”

    Gareis says it wouldn’t have mattered what storyline she was brought back in for, she was simply thrilled to be home again on the B&B set. “It’s the only job I ever really wanted, because it’s a good fit, from the people who work there to the schedule,” she noted. “Everyone seems to have the same thoughts there toward family and work/life balance.”

    Though a lot of the cast has changed since Gareis was last on contract with the show in 2015, she never felt too out of sync with things because she’s done so much recurring work, popping in for holidays and weddings over the years. “If I hadn’t done that, it might have seemed like a bit of a shock, but I’ve been on set so many times in the past few years that it feels like I never stopped,” the actress revealed. On the home front, there have been adjustments to be made, of course. “The kids kind of got upset when I told them, ‘Mommy is going back to work,’ but [husband Bobby Ghassemieh] has really stepped up [to help with the kids], which is kind of cool. It’s been good for their relationship.”

    Gareis’ B&B co-workers are thrilled to have her back in more ways than one. Having Donna once again in the mix means an uptick in storyline for John McCook (Eric), Rena Sofer (Quinn) and Alley Mills (Pam), all of whom will be interacting with the blonde, for better or (in Quinn’s case) worse! “I don’t think Donna is a homewrecker, but she doesn’t believe that Quinn is appropriate for Eric,” Gareis maintained. “Donna saw her dark side a long time ago, and even though Eric may be oblivious to it, Donna thinks that side of Quinn is still there.”

    If so, things could end up getting pretty intense for the middle Logan sister, though Gareis predicts there will still be a lot worth chuckling over. After all, Donna’s comedic moments are fairly legendary. Remember, she’s been doused in goo and glitter, got an “ugly make-under” courtesy of Pam, and was strapped to a chair, covered with honey and left to tempt a hungry bear! “I love poking fun at myself,” says Gareis. “Those were some of the best scenes, and I can’t wait to get back to that. Of course, it could end up being Pam and Donna doing those sort of things to Quinn. Who knows?!”

    Ashley Jones Returns to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

    (12/13/18) Bridget is back! Ashley Jones is returning to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL for another visit just in time for the holidays. The soap has confirmed that the actress will first appear in the episode scheduled to air on Tuesday, December 25. “I have a really deep affinity for B&B," she admitted to Soaps In Depth. "And I always will. So any time they want to write for Bridget, those are my roots, so I would love to do that. And with Bridget, I think there's plenty of story to tell."

    Jones took over the role of Eric and Brooke’s daughter in 2004 from Emily Harrison, who only lasted a few months in the role after Jennifer Finnigan had vacated it. She left in 2010, returned on a recurring basis from 2011-12, and continued to reappear for brief stints in 2013 and 2015. The last time viewers saw Bridget was in September of 2018 when she came home to attend the wedding of her Aunt Katie when she was tying the knot with Thorne Forrester.

    Before B&B, Jones had appeared on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS from 1997-2000, earning two Daytime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Younger Actress in the process. After leaving B&B, the actress starred as Daphne on the second season of HBO’s supernatural drama TRUE BLOOD and appeared in numerous Lifetime movies like A Teacher’s Crime, Secrets From Her Past, and A Sister’s Revenge. In 2016, Jones was cast as Parker Forsyth on the ABC sudser GENERAL HOSPITAL, and she made sporadic appearances as that character until 2017.

    While this will likely be just another brief stint over the holiday season, perhaps this visit will mix Bridget up in some big drama and she'll stick around. You never know!

    30 Rock Alum Katrina Bowden Joins Bold and the Beautiful as Series Regular

    (12/12/18) 30 Rock vet Katrina Bowden is returning to her soap opera roots with a series-regular role on CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful, TVLine has learned exclusively.

    The actress — who made her acting debut in 2006 via a multi-episode arc on ABC’s now-defunct One Life to Live — will play Flo, a character who shares a past with Dr. Reese Buckingham’s (Wayne Brady). Her first episode is slated to air on Jan. 14.

    Bowden appeared in all seven seasons of 30 Rock as Liz Lemon’s assistant Cerie Xerox. Additional TV credits include guest stints on Psych, Ugly Betty and New Girl, as well as starring roles in the Lifetime movies I Killed My BFF and Framed By My Fiance. Earlier this year, she headlined the Hallmark pic Love on the Slopes.

    B&B’s Adain Bradley Shoots First Movie

    (12/7/18) Adain Bradley (Xander, B&B) is spending his holiday hiatus shooting a film. The actor took to Instagram to share the news, stating he’d wrapped taping for the year and, “I’m going to shoot my movie, my first movie.” While he divulged no details of the project, Bradley thanked the fans for their support, adding, “There’s more coming next year, but I’m going to go and shoot this movie real quick. Thanks, guys!”

    Dishing with Digest 12/7/18 - Rena Sofer

    (12/7/18) B&B's Rena Sofer Gets Personal (Listen / download)

    B&B's Rena Sofer talks about playing B&B's Quinn, her early soap roots on LOVING and GH, her prime-time past, some changes in her personal life and much more with Digest's Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also examine how it plays out when actors reclaim their roles, and discuss soaps' most romantic moments.

    Will Rick Return to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL? — Jacob Young Speaks Out

    (12/7/18) ( It was back in May of 2018 that Jacob Young revealed that he had chosen not to renew his contract with THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, and Rick Forrester was last seen at the end of that same month. But with Maya set to return to the screen soon, fans are wondering if Rick will ever return to Los Angeles to rejoin his wife and the rest of his family. “They’ve talked to me briefly about possibilities coming up,” Young confided to Soaps In Depth. “Whether that is just hearsay or they really have me on their radar…”

    Since leaving B&B, Young had launched a new talk show on YouTube, released a new album of music, and appeared in the Lifetime thriller Killer Vacation as well as Hallmark’s Christmas Made to Order. So the actor has no interest in going back on contract at this time. “I told them, if you have something for me to come in and play, I’d be more than happy to,” Young revealed. “I don’t want to just completely abandon the fans, and of course the character. I’m not holding my breath, so to speak, but if they need me, I’ll be there for them.”

    And Young doesn’t need to sit around waiting for the phone to ring because he’s been keeping very busy exploring other career opportunities. “Exactly,” he declared. “My wife, she said the same thing. She said, ‘You know, you could be sitting around waiting for them to call you, but you’ve been busting your butt and getting out there and auditioning for everything you feel that you’re right for and I’m just really proud of you and happy that you’re doing that.’”

    So while there’s no official plans to bring Rick back to B&B currently, fans can take heart that Young is willing to reprise the role if the soap has a juicy story for him to play… and if he can fit it into his busy schedule!

    B&B Facebook Video

    (12/5/18) The Logan Women Are Live To Toast To 8000 Episodes Of B&B: Video.

    Rena Sofer Celebrates Her 50th Birthday With an Inspirational Message to Fans (and an Awesome Party!)

    (12/5/18) (Photo) On Dec. 2, Rena Sofer celebrated her 50th birthday and the star of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL (as Quinn) and alum of GENERAL HOSPITAL (as Lois) shared a very special message with her fans on Instagram. “Today I get to celebrate the fact that I have been occupying space on this beautiful planet for 50 years,” she mused. “As a child we think, ‘Wow, 50! That is so old!’ But I don’t feel old at all. I think what I feel most is wise and humbled.”

    The baby photo of herself that Sofer posted also had a special meaning to her. “When I was born, the last thing my mother wanted was to be my mother,” she explained. “This picture I posted was in her album. I had a name, but to her I was ‘It.’ She finally walked out when I was just about to turn two years old. Growing up without a mother can lead to a very lonely and isolating existence. You have no one to guide you or help you navigate the rights and wrongs of society and relationship. At least that is how it affected me.”

    Though the actress admitted to struggling to decipher right from wrong, she knew she wanted to live the best life she could, and be the best person she could be no matter how difficult it was. “The last three years have been a huge fall and greatly challenging,” Sofer confided. “Extremely fulfilling, full of new friends and adventures and causes to be consumed with. And with that it has also been lonely and devastating at times. But I stand here today, feet firmly on the ground and I say, ‘I forgive you your trespasses, Rena. I love you Rena. You always try your best and when you fail, you always get up.’

    “I am excited for this next half of my life,” Sofer concluded. “I see this birthday as a rebirth. I can build on the life I have with the tools I have spent 50 years cultivating. Try to live a life without judgement of myself and others. Realize it isn’t always about me and forgive myself when I forget that. Take responsibility for my actions. Be kind and generous and be part of the human race, and that means anything with a heartbeat. Be a friend to those who need me and cherish the ones who see my heart for what it is and love me. Open my heart to new love and rekindled love. Love my animals and show them patience and care. And for my three daughters, never leave them. Never turn my back on them. Be the mother to them I never had. So happy birthday to me! May I never stop learning and growing and loving. Here’s to the next 50 years!”

    Y&R’s Kelly Kruger Launches New Line

    (12/5/18) Kelly Kruger (Mac, Y&R) has launched a line of essential oil roller perfumes on her website, “I have been into essential oils for a while now,” the actress tells Digest. “I am completely amazed at what they can do. Every time I travel, I literally pack about 10 oils with me and was looking for a more convenient way to have them on the go. I started making rollers for myself and people were always asking what perfume I wear or what that smell is. Whenever someone had a problem like a cold, allergies or pain, I would immediately make them a roller to try to help, my sister-in-law, Cherise, is a yoga and Ayurvedic specialist and taught me all about these blends so I thought why not find a way to offer this to everyone! We decided to partner up and bring the most effective blends to people to really help in their daily lives. I’m always wanting to help people, especially in the wellness department. This is a great, affordable way to introduce people to essential oils. My hope is that they help everyone the way they have helped me.” The actress has a handful of oils available for purchase now. “I am offering five rollers with one blend changing monthly,” she explains. “You can purchase one at a time or the whole bundle for a discounted price. Prices range from $20-$25 depending on the blend. We use 100% pure grade essential oils mixed with organic fractionated coconut oil. Each blend is therapeutic, non gmo and 100% healing!” Here’s a breakdown of what’s for sale:

    Immunity: Perfect for the holidays! Especially if you’re going to be around large groups of people or on a plane. This scent is warm and spicy with notes of cinnamon clove and rosemary.

    Just Breathe: This roller is magic if you’re someone who suffers from allergies, are congested, get headaches or just want to take a minute and breathe. Notes of peppermint and lavender will have you breathing deeply and clearly in no time!

    Kelly’s Blend: This one changes monthly. This way I can share all my favorite blends! For the month of December you can expect a citrus/jasmine blend.

    Sleepy Time: This one has been a lifesaver for me!! Not only does it help you fall asleep faster it also gives you a better night’s rest. Also great for stress and anxiety as well as Jet lag. The scent is warm vanilla with notes of lime and lavender.

    Calm On Get Happy: This one will instantly uplift any mood! Just smelling directly from the bottle will brighten your day! You can expect soothing notes of jasmine and rose along with orange Ylang Ylang and much more! This blend has the most essential oils in it and is a great all-around perfume.

    Jane the Virgin Spinoff Eyed at The CW

    (12/4/18) Jane the Virgin‘s story is wrapping up… but her books may soon be coming to The CW: The network is developing a spinoff based on the title character’s fictional novels.

    The untitled project is described as a soapy, telenovela-inspired anthology series that would feature a different book “written by” Jane every season, with star Gina Rodriguez narrating the episodes. The first installment, dubbed “Tar & Roses,” is set at the intersection of Napa Valley wine country and the San Francisco art scene.

    Jane vets Valentina Garza and Brad Silberling will write and direct, respectively, with creator Jennie Snyder Urman, Rodriguez and Ben Silverman on board as executive producers.

    Jane the Virgin returns for its fifth and final season next spring, airing on Wednesday nights once All American concludes its freshman run. In case you need a refresher of where the crazy action left off: Jane and Rafael were on the verge of getting engaged when he dropped a bombshell on her, opening the door to reveal… her dead husband Michael!

    “It’s not a surprise twin, that I can tell you,” showrunner Jennie Urman told TVLine in a post-finale Q&A. But she wouldn’t confirm that the man we saw was exactly the Michael we remember, either: “That is… going to be answered in the beginning of the fifth season.”

    For Older News Visit The Daytime Soap Operas News Archives: Here!


    1. January 1, 2004: On New Year's Day, Darla gave birth to her and Thorne's daughter, Alexandria.

    2. January 6, 2003: On this unforgettable day, Brooke sailed into Italy’s Portofino harbor wearing the showstopper bridal gown during Forrester Creations’ fashion show.

    3. January 17, 2001: Thorne and Brooke were married in the bride’s courtyard garden.

    4. January 19, 1990: Ridge wed Spencer debutante Caroline with the bride dressed in the style of Grace Kelly.

    5. February 8, 2006: Bridget miscarried Nicole, the baby she was expecting with Nick.

    6. February 10: On this day in 1992, Columbia Pictures TV hosted a tribute to Bill Bell (creator of Y&R and B&B) in honor of his 35th anniversary in daytime television.

    7. February 13, 1998: Macy agreed to marry Grant.

    8. February 14, 1990: Macy and Sally staged a feisty fashion show to catapult Macy right to the top.

    9. February 15, 2007: Squeezed out of the distribution market by Nick, the family's new company, Forrester Originals, decided to open their own boutiques.

    10. February 26, 2001: Taylor found her presumed-dead daughter, Steffy, at Morgan's house.

    11. February 1993: Eric asked Sheila to marry him.

    12. March 1, 2010: Agnes Jones learned that a fall down the stairs had caused her to miscarry Bridget and Nick's baby.

    13. March 9, 2007: Eileen Davidson debuted when she crossed her longtime Y&R character (who was supposed to have moved to Hong Kong) over to B&B to pay a visit to Rick Forrester.

    14. March 11, 2004: Sally and Amber quit Sharpe Designs

    15. March 12, 2007: The Forresters decided to debut a new fragrance named after Phoebe.

    16. March 23, 1987: The serial debuted, replacing the soap opera CAPITOL.

    17. March 25, 2004: Caitlin and Thomas shared their first kiss.

    18. April: In 1998, Grant wed Macy at Insomnia, with the bride wearing a wedding dress designed by the groom.

    19. April 1998: Rick was in a car accident and had to have a kidney transplant. Amber was Rick’s kidney donor.

    20. April 1, 1993: Eric announced his engagement to Sheila at the Forrester fashion show.

    21. April 3, 2000: Amber learned cousin Becky was dying of pancreatic cancer.

    22. April 16, 1987: Upset by seeing photos of Ridge with another woman, bride Caroline fainted at the altar.

    23. April 22, 2002: Ridge betrayed Eric by joining Marone Industries.

    24. April 29, 2003: Cancer surgery left Macy unable to bear children

    25. May 3, 2005: After finding a dummy in Taylor's grave, Ridge looked up and saw her standing there, alive!

    26. May 9, 2001: While attacking Stephanie, Morgan hit her own head and fell into the swimming pool — where Stephanie left her to die!

    27. May 17, 2007: Taylor and Nick discovered that their in vitro fertilization procedure was successful: They were pregnant!

    28. May 22, 2001: Amber and Rick married with Deacon turning up as a surprise guest.

    29. May 24, 1999: Rick tested negative for HIV.

    30. May 24, 2001: Deacon and Bridget were wed in Las Vegas.

    31. May 28, 1999, Thorne's restaurant proposal to Macy went awry when the engagement ring ended up hidden in another patron's meal!

    32. May 29, 2007: AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL judge/shutterbug Nigel Barker played himself during a two-day stint as the host of the soap's fictional reality series, EXTREME CATWALK.

    33. May 1993: Eric wed crazy Sheila, but not for long, since she was put into a sanitarium and granted him a divorce shortly thereafter.

    34. May 1998: Brooke and Ridge told Bridget and Rick that their marriage was over.

    35. June 4, 2003: Macy learned that the baby she and husband Thorne were going to adopt from Darla had actually been fathered by Thorne!

    36. June 9, 2003: Macy and Deacon forged a connection when they met at an AA meeting.

    37. June 10, 1999: Amber threw a party to celebrate Rick’s graduation.

    38. June 24. 1998: Ridge married Taylor, creating a family with her and their son, Thomas.

    39. June 29, 2006: Bridget signed papers finalizing her divorce from Nick

    40. June 1997: Rick shot his new stepdad, Grant.

    41. July 1, 2009: Thinking that Ridge would never accept her son, Rick, remaining in her life, Brooke agreed to end their relationship.

    42. July 6, 2006: Brooke married Nick in Marina Del Rey.

    43. July 18, 1997: Adrienne Frantz debuted as Amber, a precocious teen who befriended Sheila.

    44. July 18, 1999: Craig Kilborn made a guest appearance as a male nurse.

    45. July 18, 2006: Schae Harrison exited when her longtime character, Darla, was involved in a tragic accident.

    46. July: Sally's bachelorette party featured Fabio in 1993.

    47. August 1, 2008: Marcus celebrated his promotion from the Forrester Creations shipping department and made his relationship with Steffy official.

    48. August 6, 1998, Grant broke the news to wife Macy that he had cancer

    49. August 8, 2000: Phyllis Diller reprised her role of Gladys, the wacky makeup artist.

    50. August 8, 2003: Macy and Deacon were wed, despite Amber's interruption to fight for custody of her son.

    51. August 22, 2011: Hope accepted Liam's marriage proposal on the Forrester rooftop.

    52. August 28, 2002: Brooke and Whip signed annulment papers to end their marriage.

    53. August 30, 2006: Although he was still grieving for Darla, Thorne kissed Taylor for the first time.

    54. September 3, 2008: Eric finally woke up from his drug-induced-heart-attack-turned-coma just as his wife, Donna, gave in to passion with her hunky assistant, Owen.

    55. September 9, 2003: Ridge offered Samantha a job designing home fashions for Forrester Creations

    56. September 14, 2006: Just weeks after losing his wife, Darla, Thorne began romancing Taylor, whom he didn't know was the driver responsible for Darla's death.

    57. September 19, 1997: Eric and Stephanie’s supposed wedding took a dive when Sally played an incriminating tape starring Lauren and the groom.

    58. September 19, 2003: Having stolen away to Puerto Vista, Brooke became Ridge's missus — again!

    59. September 25, 2001: Amber told Deacon that she was pregnant with Rick’s child.

    60. September 30, 1999: Stephanie suffered a stroke after seeing Brooke and Thorne together.

    61. October 2 and 3, 2003: Macy suffered fatal injuries while performing at Oscar's club.

    62. October 5, 2006: expectant mom Bridget learned that the baby belonged to Dante, not Nick

    63. October 13, 2006: Taylor confessed to Thorne and the police that she was the driver responsible for Darla's death. She pled guilty on October 18.

    64. October 21, 2002: Sean Kanan (Deacon) begins taping new episodes. (He will begin airing on November 20.)

    65. October 22, 2008: While fighting with Ridge at Forrester Creations, Rick fell off the roof and became temporarily paralyzed.

    66. October 23, 1990: Thorne and Macy wed on the bride's birthday.

    67. October 26, 2006: While arguing over which of their respective sons should be with Brooke, Stephanie sent Jackie plunging over a banister!

    68. October 31, 2007: Brooke signed away her parental rights to baby Jack.

    69. November 4, 2002: Phoebe and Steffy sang at Taylor's funeral.

    70. November 4, 2003: Massimo and Jackie were married.

    71. November 12, 2001: Stephanie realized that Massimo is Ridge's biological father.

    72. November 15, 2001: Deacon asked Bridget for a divorce, claiming that his heart belonged to Amber.

    73. December 1, 2006: Betty White debuted as Stephanie Forrester's mother, Anne, and Alley Mills debuted as Stephanie's sister, Pamela Douglas.

    74. December 4, 2001: Kristen married Tony, who was HIV positive

    75. December 5, 2001: Deacon and Bridget renewed their marriage vows, Brooke realized she was pregnant with her son-in-law's baby!

    76. December 9, 2005: Sally announced her plans to close down Spectra Fashions.

    77. December 19, 2007: Storm Logan revealed that he was the person who shot Stephanie and framed his own father, Stephen Logan, for the crime.

    78. December 30, 2005: Brooke caught a scantily-clad Taylor kissing Hector while Ridge was out of town.

    79. December 1992: Brooke gave birth to her second child, Bridget, in a cabin with Ridge’s help.

    80. Bobbie Eakes (ex-Macy, B&B) was in the 1980's all girls band Big Trouble.

    81. The beautiful song from the Oct. 13, 2010 episode of BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL is called "Angels in the Light." Composed by David Kurtz, Jack Allocco and Gary Verna, it's available for purchase on iTunes.

    82. The Bold and the Beautiful has the winning number on March 22 as the show celebrated its 15th anniversary with the cast of The Price Is Right. Price host Bob Barker and Barker beauties Nikki Ziering and Claudia Jordan help introduce Amber's new fashion line, Ambrosia.

      B&B also kicks off its 15th season with two new characters. Daytime newcomer Courtnee Draper joins the cast as Erica Lovejoy, a Forrester admirer. Draper has appeared in several films, including The Duke, Hannah and the about-to-be-released The Biggest Fan. On the Disney Channel's The Jersey, Draper played series regular Morgan Hudson. All My Children alumnus Matt Borlenghi (ex-Brian) is also making his way onto the B&B canvas. He'll play Ziggy, Erica's apartment manager. Borlenghi's previous credits include A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, The Jeff Foxworthy Show and Kate's Addiction.

    83. The exterior shots of the Forrester mansion is Creator William J. Bell’s real-life estate (formerly owned by Howard Hughes). Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell’s Beverly Hills home provides the exterior shots for Brooke’s house .

    84. Bill Bell named the character Ridge after one of son Bradley’s friends, who lived near the Bells’ summer home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

    85. Although Bold And the Beautiful has won numerous technical Daytime Emmys, Ian Buchanan (ex-James) has been the only cast member awarded for performance. In 1998, he won for Outstanding Supporting Actor.

    86. In March, 1994, Hunter Tylo (Taylor) quit B&B to film a miniseries in india. A few weeks later, Hunter's husband, Micheal Tylo (ex-Blade/Rick, Y&R;ex-Quint, GL) announced they were divorcing. Hunter returned to B&B in August and the couple eventually reconciled. In a 1996 interview, Hunter hinted that their marital problems came to a boiling point during her India remote. "I wasn't possessed, but I was demonically attacked," she explained.

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