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  • Debuted on: March 23, 1987
  • Network: CBS
  • Created by: William J Bell & Lee Phillip Bell
  • Takes place in: Los Angeles, CA

  • Current Cast

    • Obba Babatundé as Julius Avant
    • Kiara Barnes as Zoe
    • Adain Bradley as Alexander Avant
    • Darin Brooks as Wyatt Fuller
    • Kimberlin Brown as Shelia Carter
    • Mick Cain as C.J. Garrison
    • Dick Christie as Charlie Webber
    • Scott Clifton as Liam Spencer
    • Andrew Collins as Jarrett Maxwell
    • Felisha Cooper as Sasha Thompson
    • Patrika Darbo as Shirley Spectra
    • Don Diamont as Bill Spencer, Jr.
    • Reign Edwards as Nicole Avant
    • Jennifer Gareis as Donna Logan
    • Finnegan George as Will Spencer
    • Courtney Grosbeck as Coco Spectra
    • Courtney Hope as Sally Spectra
    • Anna Maria Horsford as Vivienne Avant
    • Ashley Jones as Bridget Forrester
    • Thorsten Kaye as Ridge Forrester
    • Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke Logan
    • Karla Mosley as Maya Avant
    • John McCook as Eric Forrester
    • Alley Mills as Pamela Douglas
    • Annika Noelle as Hope Logan
    • Nicola Posener as Amelia
    • Ingo Rademacher as Thorne Forrester
    • Lawrence Saint-Victor as Carter Walton
    • Nia Sioux as Emma
    • Rena Sofer as Quinn Fuller
    • Aaron D. Spears as Justin Barber
    • Heather Tom as Katie Logan
    • Anthony Turpel as R.J. Forrester
    • Jeremy Ray Valdez as Alex Sanchez
    • Fred Willard as John Forrester
    • Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy Forrester
    • Jacob Young as Rick Forrester
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    This Week On The Bold & The Beautiful

    September 17
    Brooke reacts to Bill's unexpected kiss; Thorne announces his and Katie's engagement to the Forrester family.
    September 18
    Steffy and Sally share a surprising moment with Xander; news of Thorne and Katie's engagement pushes Bill to fight for his son.
    September 19
    Hope and Steffy's difference of opinion regarding Sally quickly turns into an argument; Zoe gets flirtatious with Xander after he explains the story behind Steffy and Sally hiring him to model.
    September 20
    Bill and Ridge each take steps to ensure the custody battle ends in their favor; Liam and Wyatt debate whether Bill deserves to win custody of their brother Will.
    September 21
    Thorne reveals a new strategy to Katie; Ridge holds a secret meeting with Judge McMullen.
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    The Bold & The Beautiful

    News, Cast Updates and Scoop

    (News section last updated September 19, 2018)

    Hunter Tylo Reveals the Reason Behind Her Blonde Hair

    (9/19/18) ( Over the years, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL fans got used to seeing Hunter Tylo (Taylor) as a brunette, so they were naturally a little startled when the actress returned to the soap in April of 2018 as a blonde. (In addition to B&B keeping her return a closely-guarded secret and the reveal she was the one who shot Bill!) However, this wasn’t just Tylo wondering if blondes really do have more fun. In fact, she tells Soaps In Depth she was actually just helping out her 20-year-old daughter, Katya!

    “She’d been going to Paul Mitchell [hairstyling and cosmetology school] to learn how to do her hair, and so I became her subject,” Tylo revealed. “I got to get gel nails, and she started giving me all these nice treatments — including bleaching my hair.”

    Although Tylo has experimented with some lighter highlights in the past, she has never before gone quite this blonde with her beautiful mane of hair. Still, she was willing to give her daughter free reign in doing whatever she wanted if it helped her hone her stylist skills. “It was a little scary,” the star confessed, “because we went full-on Gwen Stefani blonde. But she did a great job, and I didn’t have as much breakage as I thought.”

    Sounds like Katya knows her stuff! And while Tylo is already slowly bringing her hair back to her more natural brown, she appreciated the opportunity to try on a different look for a while. “I needed a change, too,” she smiled, “and I just wanted to see what it would be like.”

    Reign Edwards & Wole Parks on MacGyver 10/5/18

    (9/14/18) “Bravo Lead + Loyalty + Friendship” – When Jack receives an emergency distress signal from one of his old Delta buddies who is falsely accused of terrorism in a foreign country, MacGyver and Jack quickly recruit the rest of Jack’s old Delta team and stage an unsanctioned rescue op, on MACGYVER, Friday, Oct. 5 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    RECURRING CAST: Reign Edwards (Leanna Martin)

    GUEST CAST includes: Jesse C. Boyd (Ryan Thorpe), Wolé Parks (Caleb Worthy), Josh Stamberg (Paul “Deacon” Hern).

    Dishing with Digest - 9/14/18 - Kyle Lowder

    (9/14/18) (Listen / Download) Kyle Lowder chats with Soap Opera Digest's Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky about his return to DAYS after a 13-year absence and how he'll be playing a different character. He also discusses his close relationship with ex-wife, Arianne Zucker (Nicole). Plus, we discuss the importance of keeping veteran stars front and center.

    THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL's Adain Bradley Reveals How He Got From England to Hollywood

    (9/13/18) ( There had been several auditions and callbacks with THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL before Aidain Bradley revealed one very significant facet about himself: namely, that he’s British! “Xander was supposed to be a fully American role,” the actor confided to Soaps In Depth, “but at the end of my penultimate audition, I dropped my [American] accent.” Needless to say, casting director Christy Dooley was floored by the surprise — and executive producer and headwriter Bradley Bell was inspired! “I suppose he saw that I could do both [accents], and he thought, ‘Oh, this would be a great storyline,’” says the newcomer. “So that became part of my character.”

    As every actor will admit, the pace of working in daytime is vastly different than any other acting gig. “Getting used to memorizing 30 pages a day instead of three pages [in a typical lm or TV project] has been a bit of a transition, and that’s the thing that surprises me the most,” Bradley confessed, though he is loving the challenge. “These guys are doing 12 items [aka scenes] in a row, and if I can do that, then I’m sure I can do anything.”

    That’s not to say the daytime rookie doesn’t have some experience under his belt. Prior to landing B&B, he played Trev Brown on RIVERDALE, The CW’s dark take on the Archie comics world. “That show opened doors for me that I didn’t even know existed,” he explained. “All of a sudden, I was [auditioning for] series-regular roles or major recurring roles, movies and stuff like that. So it was a really big deal for me.”

    Though Bradley was born in Kansas (his mother is American), his family moved to his father’s native England when he was very young, and he considers “home” to be the historic city of York, about three hours north of London. “I’m English,” he declared, as if settling any debate. “I’ve lived there my whole life, but my claim to fame is that I have an American passport!”

    Bradley was “discovered” at the age of 10 when, after landing the lead in several school plays, he beat out 400 other contenders for a role in the musical, Bugsy Malone, which was playing at York’s Grand Opera House. By the time he was 15, he’d convinced his parents to bring him to Los Angeles for his first pilot season, where he landed not just any commercial but a Pepsi Super Bowl ad! “I was extremely fortunate my first go-’round,” he humbly acknowledged. “That was almost four years ago.”

    Though his first experience in L.A. was a whirlwind, his folks soon thought it best if he returned to Britain to finish up high school. But as soon as he had diploma in hand, that little voice inside his head was calling him back to Tinseltown. “Sometimes I miss my older brother and sister [who still live in England],” Bradley confessed, “but my parents are still out here with me, and they really like L.A. — they especially love the weather. I’ve come to realize how much I fit in here.”

    Still, if he happens to miss his favorite British candy bars, he can always call on one of his siblings to pack a few the next time they visit. Or maybe not, if he’s going to be baring his abs on the soap! Bradley laughed and admitted: “I probably shouldn’t be eating anything like that, anyway!”

    'She loves pizza and vodka': Jennifer Love Hewitt recalls drunken night with Betty White

    (9/12/18) Jennifer Love Hewitt once enjoyed a drunken night out with Hollywood legend Betty White.

    The actresses worked together on television film The Lost Valentine in 2011, and then again the following year when Betty was tapped to make a one-off appearance in The Client List series, which Jennifer starred in until it was cancelled in 2013. Reflecting on the close friendship she developed with The Golden Girls icon, Jennifer recalled an evening rendez-vous that got a little out of control.

    “She loves pizza and vodka. Right? She’s all of us,” she said of the 96-year-old actress when she appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday. “One night we were filming, and we went out and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m going on a date with Betty White.’ It’s the most nervous date I’ve ever been on in my life.”

    However, as Jennifer started to feel the effects of the alcohol, panic set in when she realized Betty was in a similar state.

    “So, we go to leave and it’s great and then all of the sudden I see that Betty’s sort of going this way (tilting),” the 39-year-old laughed, before emphasizing the grave amount of responsibility she had on her shoulders.

    “I was like, ‘Oh my god, I am like the bodyguard of a national treasure. You have got to snap it together and don’t kill Betty White on your date!’” she gasped. “So we get her from the bushes. She didn’t really go in the bushes, but she was on her way.”

    After escorting the five-time Primetime Emmy Award winner to the safety of her hotel, Jennifer was invited up to her room for an unusual “nightcap.”

    “Her nightcap is gummy bears. I mean, shut the front door and lock it. She’s perfect,” Hewitt giggled. “We got drunk and we had gummy bears, and it was amazing.”

    B&B Alum Directs Music Video

    (9/12/18) BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s Ashlyn Pearce (ex-Aly) went behind the camera to direct her first music video. “ ‘Life in Rear View’ by Kara Connolly was just released, and I am really excited about it,” Pearce beams. “The song is very much about letting go, about a woman finding herself, finding her voice and being confident in herself — and it’s definitely relatable to both women and men.” Pearce and her crew shot the video in the Yermo desert of California. “I don’t think I fully anticipated how hard it would be to shoot in the desert,” she chuckles. “It was a lot of dust!” The actress/director adds that the music video also features a unique, real-life twist: “In it, this girl is finally ready to let go of from her past relationship and so she treks through the desert and ends up burning these items in a very spiritual way. It’s like she’s releasing them to the universe, and what’s cool about the items is that we actually asked fans of hers and mine to send us items that they wanted to let go of, and we’d include them in the video. It’s very ethereal and very empowering.” The video can be found on the actress’s new YouTube Channel by clicking here.

    And, to read more about what Pearce has been up to since her B&B exit, check out an upcoming issue of Soap Opera Digest.

    Dishing with Digest - 9/7/18 - Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

    (9/7/18) (Listen/download) B&B's Jacqueline MacInnes Wood chats about her recent elopement, Steffy's messy love life, newfound independence and more with Soap Opera Digest's Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky. We also discuss soap characters marrying members of the same family and how actors tackle playing returns from the dead.

    More Taylor on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL? — Hunter Tylo Speaks Out

    (9/6/18) ( Ever since Hunter Tylo made her return to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL when Taylor Hayes showed up as the shocking twist in the “Who Shot Bill?” mystery, the actress had made the occasional appearance on the soap. And while she told Soaps In Depth that being part of that twist was an offer she couldn’t refuse, just how much more will fans get to see of Taylor on B&B?

    “I never know,” Tylo confessed. “I’m at a point in my life where I am spending more time with my girls [daughters Isabella, 21, and Katya, 20] which is probably why I can connect to this storyline [of Taylor defending Steffy] so well.”

    Tylo first joined the cast of B&B as Taylor back in 1990, and has played the character on and off over the years that followed, most recently causing quite a stir at Liam and Hope's wedding reception! Although not officially on contract with the show, the actress appears willing to continue to make recurring appearances whenever Taylor is needed. Because even though Steffy insists that she’s in control of her own life now, that can change on a dime, so it’ll be good to have her mom around for support when the time comes. And remember that Taylor isn't at her most stable right now herself, so there's definitely story to tell there, too!

    As to what the future holds for Taylor and if it means Tylo appearing on a more regular basis, even the actress doesn’t know for sure. “We’ll see!” she declares. “We’ll see!”

    B&B Star Welcomes Son

    (9/3/18) BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter) and wife Shay welcomed their first child, a son, into the world. Posting on social media on September 1, Saint-Victor stated, “Today I celebrate 11 years of marriage with the love of my life, and this year on 8/21/18 I received the most precious gift I could ever ask for. My son Christian Lavelle Saint-Victor. #blessed” Congratulations to the happy family. To see Saint-Victor’s Instagram post, click here.

    The Bold and the Beautiful recruits former Dr. Quinn hottie to play a judge

    (8/24/18) ( The Bold and the Beautiful has found the actor who will mediate the acrimonious custody battle between Dollar Bill Spencer and Katie Logan.

    Veteran actor Joe Lando (Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman) will recur as judge Craig McMullen, who presides over the court battle between the characters played by Don Diamont and Heather Tom. Complicating matters how Katie (Tom) has begun a new relationship with Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) who convinced her to sue Bill for custody. Since Thorne’s own wife and daughter died on the show, he’s looking for a new family.

    Lando is best known for playing mountain man Byron Sully, Jane Seymour’s husband, on Dr. Quinn from 1993-1998. He’s also a soap vet, having played Jake on One Life to Live and Macauley West on Guiding Light.

    His first episode will air Sept. 20.

    The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

    Reign Edwards on MacGyver 9/28/18

    (8/24/18) “Improvise” – Three months after quitting the Phoenix Foundation and moving to Nigeria, Mac puts aside his differences with his father and returns when he hears Jack is the target of a murderous dictator he double-crossed, on the third season premiere of MACGYVER, Friday, Sept. 28 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    RECURRING CAST: Tate Donovan (Oversight), Reign Edwards (Leanna Martin), David Dastmalchian (Murdoc), Kate Bond (Jill)

    B&B Alum Expecting Baby No. 3

    (8/22/18) Ashley Tesoro (nee Cafagna, ex-Kimberly, B&B) announced via social media that she and her husband, Anthony, are expanding their family. “We’re expecting a baby girl due in February!!!” Tesoro posted. “We are so thankful & feeling blessed!!! 15 weeks along!” The couple has been wed since September 30, 2001, and they are the proud parents of daughter Gabriella Lyn, 4, and son John III, 2. Congratulations to the happy family!

    B&B’s Mosley Welcomes Daughter

    (8/21/18) BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s Karla Mosley (Maya) and beau John Rogers joyfully welcomed the birth of their daughter, Aurora Imani Mosley Rogers, who entered the world on August 17 at 12:29 a.m. She weighed in at 8.1 pounds and was 22 inches long. Congrats to the new parents and their families!

    GH’s Kin Shriner Guest Hosts New Game App

    (8/21/18) GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Kin Shriner (Scott) @kinshriner Opens a New Window. reunites with former PORT CHARLES co-star Michael Dietz (ex –Joe et al) to guest-host the latter’s popular new phone game, FAST FACTS, this Wednesday, 8/22, at 3:15 EST/1:15 PST, just after the east coast airing of Wednesday’s GH episode. Dietz, who is currently the CCO of, says, “There are so many ways to utilize this new platform, and I am so happy that we can do this with my dear friend, Kin. I think it will be great fun for our regular gamers, and especially for soap fans who want to check it out!” To get in on the action, download the free app at for a chance at $300! And to read more about Dietz’s new venture, check out next week’s issue of Soap Opera Digest.

    Vida Adds Recurring Cast

    (8/16/18) Raúl Castillo (Looking) and Adrian Gonzalez (Your Family or Mine, The Bold and the Beautiful) will recur during Season 2 of the Starz drama Vida as the bar’s new handyman and a city councilman, respectively.

    Teen Choice Award Winners

    (8/13/18) Choice Movie Villain (#ChoiceMovieVillain)
    Michael B. Jordan – “Black Panther”

    Choice Comedy TV Actress (#ChoiceComedyTVActress)
    Gina Rodriguez – “Jane the Virgin”

    Choice TV Villain (#ChoiceTVVillain)
    Mark Consuelos – “Riverdale”

    Dishing with Digest - Episode 20

    (8/10/18) (Listen / download) BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s Don Diamont chats with Soap Opera Digest’s Stephanie Sloane and Mara Levinsky about the appeal of his alter ego Bill Spencer, the “Still” dynamic, his relationship with Darin Brooks (Wyatt) and Scott Clifton (Liam) and much more. We also look back on 25 years of GH’s Sonny, and his portrayer, Maurice Benard.


    (8/10/18) CBS, the #1-rated network in daytime for 31 years, today announced season premiere dates for its entire Daytime Emmy Award-winning schedule for the 2018-2019 season. The full lineup was just recently honored with an industry-leading 20 Daytime Emmy Awards.

    “CBS Daytime continues to deliver award-winning, fan favorite programming that has led the industry for more than 31 years. The lineup offers an unmatched blend of heart and humor in our talk and game shows and stunning storytelling in our daytime dramas, connecting our audience with compelling programming throughout the year,” said Angelica McDaniel, Executive Vice President, Daytime Programs and Syndicated Program Development, CBS Entertainment and CBS Television Distribution.

    THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, the #1 daytime drama for 29 consecutive years, premieres Monday, Sept. 3. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS is averaging 4.75 million viewers. The series, which is entering its 46th season, is broadcast weekdays (12:30-1:30 PM, ET/11:30 AM-12:30 PM, PT) and is produced by Bell Dramatic Serial Company, in association with Sony Pictures Television. Mal Young is the executive producer.

    The ninth season of the Daytime Emmy Award-winning talk show THE TALK debuts Monday, Sept. 10, hosted by Julie Chen, Eve, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood. Currently, THE TALK is averaging 2.53 million viewers. The series airs weekdays (2:00 PM, ET/1:00 PM, PT/CT). It is produced by CBS Television Studios. John Redmann and Sara Gilbert are executive producers.

    THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, the most-watched dramatic serial in the world, premieres Monday, Sept. 17 and will celebrate its 8,000th episode during its 32nd season. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL is averaging 3.80 million viewers. The series is broadcast weekdays (1:30 PM-2:00 PM, ET/12:30-1:00 PM, PT). It is a Bell-Phillip Television production. Brad Bell is the executive producer.

    Also kicking off on Sept. 17 are the Daytime Emmy Award-winning game shows THE PRICE IS RIGHT, network television’s #1-rated daytime program hosted by Drew Carey, and the longest-running game show in television history, and LET’S MAKE A DEAL, which returns for its milestone 10th season.

    Network television’s most-watched daytime program, entering in its 47th season, THE PRICE IS RIGHT 1 is averaging 4.73 million viewers, while THE PRICE IS RIGHT 2 is averaging 5.35 million viewers. The series is broadcast weekdays (11:00 AM-12:00 PM, ET/10:00-11:00 AM, PT). The series is produced by FremantleMedia North America. Mike Richards and Jennifer Mullin are executive producers.

    LET’S MAKE A DEAL, with Daytime Emmy Award-winning host Wayne Brady, is averaging 3.04 million viewers, while LET’S MAKE A DEAL 2 is averaging 3.44 million viewers. The show is broadcast weekdays (check local listings). It is produced by FremantleMedia North America. Mike Richards, Dan Funk and Jennifer Mullin are executive producers.

    Katherine Kelly Lang Opens up About Why Being a Grandma is "So Great"

    (8/8/18) ( Mother’s Day was extra special for THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) this year, as only days before, her youngest daughter, Zoe, gave birth to a daughter of her own. “Life is such a miracle, and when you see your daughter have her own baby, that’s priceless,” the actress told Soaps In Depth. “I’m so happy for her, and I’m so happy to have this new little baby in the family.”

    The baby was named Zuma, which means “peace” in Arabic. (Coincidentally, it’s also the name of the Malibu locale where B&B’s Brooke occasionally wed Ridge.) “I never thought of that!” Lang says with a laugh. “I definitely used to take my kids to Zuma Beach when they were little, but I didn’t really make that connection.”

    These days, Lang can’t resist shopping for her grandchild — “It’s probably overkill, but that’s the fun part” — and needless to say, she can’t wait to babysit. “I think maybe you can enjoy it a little bit more when you don’t have all the responsibility, which is what makes being a grandma so great,” she notes. “I can’t wait to spoil her and take her places.”

    As for giving her daughter advice about childrearing, Lang says she’s the one who should be getting pointers from the new mom. “I’m a nervous wreck, and she’s the one saying, ‘Mom — calm down, I’ve got this under control,’” she jokes. “She’s so grounded. It’s like this is what she was meant to do and be. I was the kind of mom who’d always put my finger under the baby’s nose to make sure they were breathing! I was always too nervous. She’s much more relaxed.”

    And while Lang frequently travels around the globe for work and play, home for the actress will always be Los Angeles, where she can be close to her now-grown children, including Zoe, her sons, Julian and Jeremy, as well as Danyelle D’Andrea, who is her stepdaughter from a previous marriage. “They will always be my little babies. I miss those years when they would follow me around like little ducklings,” says Lang, “but I love to see how each of them are living their adult lives and seeing the choices they make. We’re all still really tight.”

    Gina Rodriguez confirms engagement to Joe LoCicero

    (8/7/18) Gina Rodriguez is ready to show off that ring.

    “I have a very, very special man in my life,” the actress told Us Weekly of her husband-to-be Joe LoCicero. “I am engaged.”

    The couple’s engagement was speculated about in July when the actress was seen sporting a diamond ring on that finger in pictures celebrating her 34th birthday in Mexico.

    Rodriguez and LoCicero, 31, met on the set of “Jane the Virgin” in 2016 when he guest-starred on the CW show — and since he proposed, the two haven’t held back with PDA.

    Wedding planning may take some time, as the actress told Us Weekly that she’s keeping busy working with Always and Feeding America to help provide feminine hygiene products to underprivileged women. She said it is the “reason why I’m working days after my engagement,” but not without the support of her husband-to-be.

    “I have been very, very blessed including being blessed with a very incredible man that understands that during my time of the month, I should be protected and cared for and loved and celebrated and he does that every single time, every single month. It’s really great to be apart the campaign that makes sure all women feel that way because I have a man in my house that makes me feel that way,” she said.

    “I am marrying a feminist. I am marrying a man that is incredible and loving and understanding and kind and patient. I’m marrying a really incredible human being.”

    Meet Finnegan George, the New Will Spencer on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL!

    (8/3/18) ( You may notice that little Will is looking a little more grown up on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL… and completely different! That’s because child actor Finnegan George has taken over the role of Bill and Katie’s son. This will be George’s first daytime role, but TV viewers might recognize the young man from his appearances on primetime series like SON OF ZORN, MODERN FAMILY, and THE AFFAIR.

    Since 2013, the role of Katie’s little boy was played by Zane Achor, Heather Tom’s real-life son with husband James Achor. However, now that her son is growing up, the actress made the decision to focus on his schooling instead of show-business. “He’ll be in kindergarten and missing days,” Tom explained on twitter. “Want him to be a normal kid. I was lucky. But it’s a weird childhood.”

    Having made her own daytime debut at the age of 15 on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, Tom knows exactly how complicated it can be to have a normal childhood while growing up on a TV set. And who knows, maybe when he gets a little older, Zane will remember how much fun he had on the B&B set and want to follow in his mom’s footsteps!

    Since recasting the role means Will should be making more appearances on the soap, how will he factor into storylines? Will he have to adjust to another father figure as mom Katie explores her feelings for Thorne? Or will Bill, bitter over being left broken-hearted by Steffy, use his son to heal himself? Stay tuned to find out.

    B&B's Bridget Returns

    (8/2/18) The doctor is in at The Bold and the Beautiful: Ashley Jones will reprise her role as Dr. Bridget Forrester, who returns for a very special family occasion, Soap Opera Digest reports.

    “Bridget is surprised to see some faces she hasn’t seen in awhile,” the actress told the site.

    Jones, who joined the CBS soap in 2004, last appeared in a February 2016 episode.

    Daytime Emmys: NATAS To Launch Inquiry Following Daytime Dramas’ Call For Changes & Boycott Threat

    (7/31/18) The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has responded to the threat by all four daytime dramas to boycott the Daytime Emmy Awards unless changes are made in a joint letter they sent to the organization’s leadership yesterday.

    “Today I received correspondence raising concerns about some elements of the 2018 Daytime Emmy Awards and concerns over its administration,” Terry O’Reilly Chairman, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, said in a statement. “We have great confidence in the integrity of our Emmy awards system, and believe it effectively honors the best work being done in Daytime Television today. That having been said, we always take concerns about our systems seriously…and out of an abundance of caution I have instructed that outside counsel be retained to evaluate these concerns and conduct an independent look at them.”

    O’Reilly’s statement was in response to Deadline’s report Monday that all four daytime dramas, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days Of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless, vowed not to participate in the Daytime Emmy Awards unless changes are made to the voting and accounting practices and the way the competition is held.

    In a show of unity, the four dramas made their concerns known in the letter, addressed to O’Reilly and NATAS’ interim president and CEO Adam Sharp. It was in response to the recent gaffe in which Patrika Darbo’s 2018 Daytime Emmy for her guest-starring role on Amazon’s soap opera The Bay was rescinded after NATAS found submission errors in her category and others. Last month, Darbos called out the group for its actions and called for an outside audit “to restore integrity and confidence in the awards.”

    Here are a few of the concerns reps for the four shows listed in the letter:

    • Voting should be limited to members of NATAS or the Television Academy.

    • All members should be eligible to vote for outstanding show. The current process in which NATAS selects who votes is unacceptable.

    • NATAS must stop instructing the accounting firm to disqualify certain ballots because of NATAS perception of block voting or other issues that NATAS arbitrarily deems a reason to disqualify.

    • NATAS must have an arm’s length relationship with the accountants.

    • Despite (NATAS senior management’s) assurance, it was clear during the April 2018 ceremony that the winners were known by many in advance. This is unacceptable.

    • NATAS must hire a team, separate from the competition executive(s), to produce and executive produce the actual awards show.

    Daytime Emmys Revolt: All 4 Daytime Dramas Threaten To Boycott Awards Unless Major Changes Are Made

    (7/30/18) The Daytime Emmy Awards are in danger of losing one of their biggest attractions, the daytime dramas, whose acting nominees bring star power to the ceremony. In an unprecedented show of unity, I have learned that all four daytime soaps, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless, have come together to demand changes in the voting and accounting practices for the awards.

    The joint letter, sent today to National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences interim president and CEO Adam Sharp, is in response to the recent gaffe, in which Patrika Darbo’s Daytime Emmy for her guest-starring role on Amazon’s soap opera The Bay was rescinded after NATAS found submission errors in her and other categories. At the time, Darbos called out the group for its actions and called for an outside audit “to restore integrity and confidence in” the awards.

    “We are disheartened by the recent events involving NATAS and the 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards competition and the decisions made by NATAS regarding the Digital categories of Supporting Actor and Guest Star.reps for all four soaps,” reps for the four series wrote in in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by Deadline. “We feel the time is appropriate to bring to your attention our serious concerns about the Daytime Emmy Awards competition.” The four shows went on to say they “are united in their decision not to participate in the Daytime Emmy Awards moving forward until these important issues are resolved.”

    Such a boycott would be a huge hit to the Daytime Emmy Awards, which has lost a lot of its luster of one-time premiere TV event.

    The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless said that they “want a competition free of bias, perceived collusion, and personal agendas.” They went on to list their concerns:

    1. Voting:
    • Voting should be limited to members of NATAS or the Television Academy.
    • All members should be eligible to vote for outstanding show. The current process in which NATAS selects who votes is unacceptable.
    • All qualified members in a given category should be eligible to vote in that category.
    • We are concerned about conflict of interest in the voter pools. We require complete transparency of the voting process.

    2. Accountancy Firm:
    • NATAS must stop instructing the accounting firm to disqualify certain ballots because of NATAS perception of block voting or other issues that NATAS arbitrarily deems a reason to disqualify.
    • A written procedure must be put in place for questioning and if necessary disqualify a ballot.
    • An independent body needs to deal with all process issues and or discrepancies.
    • NATAS must have an arm’s length relationship with the accountants.
    • An outside, neutral third party must be hired to audit the voting process across all categories for the 2017/2018 awards and those results must be made available to us and to the TV Academy.

    3. Winners Known in Advance:
    • We were promised by NATAS senior management that the winners would only be known to the accountants prior to being announced on stage. This has not been the practice.
    • Despite their assurance, it was clear during the April 2018 ceremony that the winners were known by many in advance. This is unacceptable.

    4. Competition vs. Awards Show:
    • We feel that it is a conflict of interest for the executive(s) administering the competition in any way, shape or form to also produce the awards show. The executive in charge of the competition is responsible for the integrity of the competition and the awards. We feel that this conflict contributed to recent transgressions regarding the Digital Guest and Supporting performer categories.
    • NATAS must hire a team, separate from the competition executive(s), to produce and executive produce the actual awards show.
    • The rules need to be more detailed and include the procedure and process for all aspects of the competition. The concerns listed above are very serious to us. Our goal is to bring integrity back to the Daytime Emmy competition and awards show. We have no confidence in the ability of the persons currently running the competition to accomplish this goal.

    The letter was signed by Greg Meng, Co-Executive Producer, Days of Our Lives; John Fisher, Supervising Producer, The Young and the Restless; Steven Kent, SEVP Programming, Sony Pictures Television; which produces Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless; Frank Valentini, Executive Producer, General Hospital; Eva Basler, VP Communications, Bell-Phillip TV Prods., The Bold and the Beautiful. Kent and Basler also are Governors of the TV Academy.

    NATAS had said after the Daytime Emmys were handed out in April that it discovered “some entrants’ submissions in two categories may have been in violation of the published guidelines for the competition,” which state that prior-season appearances are disqualifying.

    But in her open letter last month, Darbo said that NATAS knew about the submission errors “two days prior to the ceremony and made a conscious decision not to deal with it until after the ceremony was over.” She said the organization’s “arbitrary and after-the-fact ruling feels inequitable and wrong.”

    Darbo, The Days of Our Lives and Bold and the Beautiful veteran, a co-governor of the Performers Peer Group at the TV Academy, which oversees the Primetime Emmys, called for an outside audit of this year’s Daytime Emmys’ submission and voting process.

    “The inequity in this year’s Daytime Emmys based on ageism, gender inequality, and perceived favoritism is, in my opinion, a big blow to the Emmy brand,” she wrote. “The TV Academy, who administers the Primetime Emmy Awards, is very clear that Emmys are awarded to those who achieve excellence in television. I’m beginning to wonder what NATAS feels the Emmys stand for.”

    Deadline has reached out to NATAS for comment.

    Gina Rodriguez is engaged to Joe LoCicero

    (7/30/18) Jane the fiancée!

    Gina Rodriguez and Joe LoCicero are engaged, Us Weekly reported. Fans suspected LoCicero proposed when Rodriguez showed off a brand-new diamond ring on that finger in pictures celebrating her 34th birthday.

    “‘They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn’t,'” she wrote on Instagram, quoting artist Frida Kahlo. “‘I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.'”

    The couple met in 2016 when LoCicero guest starred on Rodriguez’s hit CW series “Jane the Virgin.” Since becoming official they’ve often publicly gushed about each other, with the Golden Globe winner calling the actor her “king” in photos.

    Neither has commented publicly on the news.

    Reps for Rodriguez and LoCicero didn’t immediately return Page Six’s request for comment.

    Soap Alum Michael Dietz Got Games

    (7/29/18) Michael Dietz (ex-Mark, B&B; ex-Joe, PORT CHARLES et al) is now the host and CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of a series of games shows on the new app from Opens a New Window. , which can be played several times a day via cell phone. “It’s appointment viewing on your phone,” explains Dietz. “Ripkord is a mobile live-gaming television network. We have several games going on now, with more to come — and not only do I get to come up with creative content and produce the shows, I get to host, too! And, the best part? There’s a cash prize for each and every game. It’s free money! The app is free, and the soap fans, especially, have been very supportive. We’ve got a great gaming community out there, and it just keeps growing and growing! Download the app and see for yourself!”

    Betty White reveals she has no plans to retire at age 96

    (7/29/18) At age 96, Betty White has zero plans to retire.

    The Hollywood icon is the subject of a new PBS documentary, titled “Betty White: First Lady of Television,” which details her rise to stardom as a beloved actress and comedienne.

    Steven J. Boettcher, who co-directed the film, revealed that after nearly 80 years in showbiz, White still loves working.

    “She told me, ‘I’m going to be in the saddle forever,’” Boettcher recently told Closer Weekly. “She loves working; she loves the challenge. She’s someone that we’re all better off for that she’s lived this long.”

    While the film is set to premiere on August 21, White and her closest friends had the chance to see it back in January during her birthday celebration.

    “It was at her party with 400 of her closest friends,” said Boettcher. “When it was over, she asked, ‘Does it have too much Betty White?’ It was so cute!”

    White, who has been acting since her early 20s, was eager to let viewers know that she takes nothing for granted.

    “I got an award for everything: inhaling, exhaling,” she joked. “I’ve been so spoiled rotten. I’m the luckiest old broad on two feet. Truly! I’ve always been working at something.”

    Boettcher said it took 10 years to complete the upcoming movie, giving him a personal and extensive look at White’s life and career.

    “We spent a great deal of time with her [on this project’ and she never said a bad word about anyone,” he explained. “Through her career, every cast and crew member loved working with her. She’d remember every one of those names, their kids and most importantly, the names of their pets!”

    Back in January while celebrating her birthday, White told Parade Magazine she always had dreams of becoming a star and she visited numerous Hollywood studios during her 20s in hopes of making her mark. However, she was frequently turned down for being “unphotogenic.”

    That didn’t stop White.

    “You just keep plugging away,” she said at the time. “You don’t give up.”

    Her persistence has paid off. She got her big break in the TV series “Life with Elizabeth,” which aired from 1952 until 1955. She was also a regular guest on the hit game show “Password” from 1961 until 1975, where she met the love of her life, host Allen Ludden. They were married from 1963 until his death in 1981 at age 63 from cancer.

    “Not long enough,” she said about her relationship with Ludden.

    White never remarried and instead, remained a proud stepmother to Ludden’s three children from his first marriage.

    And she has stayed busy. In addition to acting, White has served for more than four decades as a trustee and on the board of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association.

    According to the six-time Emmy winner and last living star from the hit ‘80s sitcom “The Golden Girls,” the secret to success is enjoying life.

    “Accentuate the positive, not the negative,” she explained. “It sounds so trite, but a lot of people will pick out something to complain about, rather than say, ‘Hey, that was great!’ It’s not hard to find great stuff if you look.”

    White said she also loves vodka and hot dogs “probably in that order.”

    She also insisted there is nothing about her career she would want to repeat.

    “I don’t have time to miss much,” said White. “Because I’m still working. I just love to work, so I’ll keep working until they stop asking.”

    And White already has a future project in mind. She has yet to co-star alongside her big-screen idol, Robert Redford.

    “Oh, there’s an idea!” she exclaimed. “That could be a very good idea!”

    Linsey Godfrey Joins DAYS!

    (7/26/18) Birthday girl Linsey Godfrey (ex-Caroline, B&B) has a lot to celebrate today (July 25): The actress has been cast as Sarah Horton on DAYS. Godfrey first reported to set in May, so look for her to make her Salem debut in the fall. Sarah, who is Maggie’s daughter, was last seen in 1991. “She’s sweet, adorable and perfect,” co-star Greg Vaughan (Eric) tells Digest exclusively. For more, see the new issue of Digest, on sale Friday.

    Heather Tom Shares the Terrifying Experience of When Her Son Was Missing

    (7/25/18) During a family trip to the beach, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL star Heather Tom (Katie) experienced every mother’s nightmare when her five-year-old son, Zane, went missing. The actress was wary about sharing her terrifying experience, but finally decided to share her story on Twitter as her fans have always been so supportive.

    Tom related how her husband, James Achor, had taken Zane to the showers and after he turned around for two seconds, the boy was gone. “Like gone gone,” she confided. “I was on the beach and James came running up to me asking if he had run past me to the water. I said no and we started a frantic search for him. He was nowhere. I told the lifeguards my son is missing and every horrible thought flashed through my head in a single second.

    “James went one way and I went the other screaming his name,” she continued. “A man and his wife said they’d seen a little boy who looked lost wandering down the beach. She was a school teacher and recognized his confusion. I ran that way and I found him. He had actually gone to a lifeguard station but was too shy to talk to the guard. He was looking for our rainbow umbrella. I had never felt such cold, feral fear. I held my boy until he insisted I let go and didn’t take my eyes off of him for the rest of the day.”

    And after she regained her composure, Tom found herself reflecting on current events and empathizing with families who are currently without their children. “All I could think about were the women and men who had their kids taken away — sometimes without warning — at the border,” she mused. “I’ve thought it was horrific, but Zane was gone probably less than 10 minutes and I had police and kind people helping to look for him. I didn’t know where my child was, if he was safe, if he was being abused, if he was taken or worse for 10 minutes maybe. These mothers have gone weeks. I don’t know if any of you have experienced anything similar, and I hope you won’t judge me, but believe me, I didn’t feel like he was in summer camp. Thank God we found him.”

    We’re just grateful that Zane was found so quickly because fearing for the safety of their child who has gone missing is a nightmare no parent should ever have to go through... for any length of time.

    Video: Behind The Scenes Of Cast Photo Shoot

    (7/25/18) Video: Behind The Scenes Of Cast Photo Shoot.

    Nicola Posener Joins the Cast of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL as Amelia

    (7/19/18) ( (Photo) Another Brit is coming to Los Angeles as Nicola Posener joins the cast of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL as Amelia! “Today’s the day I can finally share what I’ve been working on,” the actress posted to Instagram. “Absolutely thrilled to be joining the cast of B&B recurring as Amelia! Tune in starting this Monday to see my debut as Amelia the Spencer nanny!”

    Posener will be making her first appearance in the episode airing on Monday, July 23, although she joked: “My intro is very gradual so don’t blink!” Just the day before, she took a selfie in her dressing room to tease her exciting new role, but was unable to say exactly where she was working was at the time.

    Born in London, Poesner got her big break back in 2008 playing Pyper for two seasons on the Disney Channel UK series LIFE BITES. She also played the beautiful priestess Teela in the Mythica series of films as Yvonne in the British sci-fi/horror TV series AGE OF THE LIVING DEAD.

    With the actress slated to play the Spencer nanny, does that mean she’ll be working for Liam and Steffy taking care of baby Kelly or minding Will for Katie and Bill? With all four parents busy people, it could be either option, but working for Liam would probably be a lot nicer than working for Bill!

    Todd McKee Returns to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL as Jake Mclaine

    (7/16/18) Actor Todd McKee is set to return to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL as Jake Maclaine on Thursday, July 19. But for newer viewers who aren’t familiar with the character, we’ve got a little background information on the guy. Plus, we’ll explain why he might look a little familiar to longtime soap fans!

    McKee joined the cast of B&B back in 1990 as Jake, but before that, he was best known for playing Ted Capwell on the NBC sudser SANTA BARBARA, a role he portrayed from the soap’s premiere in 1984 until 1989. You might also have caught him in primetime featured in episodes of MELROSE PLACE, CSI, and 7TH HEAVEN.

    Jake was the younger brother of Margo Maclaine, who was played by Lauren Koslow (now Kate, DAYS OF OUR LIVES). Although she wanted nothing to do with the sibling who had abandoned their family, Margo softened towards him when he confessed that their father had sexually abused him when he was younger. She attempted to heal the wounds between Jake and their father, Ben, but the patriarch flatly denied any abuse. Eventually, Margo recalled their uncle, Charlie, had been living in the house at the time and when she went to confront him, saved Jake’s life in the process.

    Jake was a former tennis pro who was romantically tied to Felicia, Donna, and Macy. After he confessed to stealing the BeLieF formula to protect Macy, he and Margo returned to their home in Wisconsin. However, in 2007, Jake reappeared working as a “jack of all trades” at Forrester Creations, doing technical work and production for their various fashion shows and press events. The last time Jake was seen for a couple episodes in 2016, first coordinating a Forrester fashion show, and then helping Ridge by digging a massive heart in the sand to woo Brooke.

    What brings Jake back this time around? Well, with Hope for the Future gearing up for its big show, it’s likely he’ll be helping to bring that off without a hitch… even though on this show that hardly ever happens!

    Forget DANCE MOMS — Watch Nia Sioux In the Hilarious SOAP OPERA MOMS!

    (7/11/18) (Video) Before joining the cast of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, Nia Sioux (Emma) was part of the cast of the Lifetime reality series DANCE MOMS. And now the dancer/actress has released a hilarious new video combining the two to see which has more drama: Dance Moms or Soap Opera Moms!

    Mom Holly Frazier kicks things off by explaining that her daughter had to go to “Soap Opera Orientation” with none other than daytime legend Ian Buchanan (ex-James, B&B; ex-Duke, GENERAL HOSPITAL; ex-Ian, DAYS OF OUR LIVES; Greg, ALL MY CHILDREN)! However, she’s not entirely sure about the Emmy-winning actor's... unique teaching techniques.

    Lessons include dramatically staring down a mannequin, demonstrating “attitude and sassiness,” and even a wardrobe makeover called “The Stephanie.” Thankfully Nia has her mom there to step in and take control! Check out the short — but very funny — video right here!

    Sioux joined the cast of B&B in the episode that aired on April 23, although before her first appearance had even occurred, she revealed that this was no guest appearance — she’s a series regular! And Emma immediately made a splash as the new Forrester intern, getting into trouble for photographing dresses and when it was revealed her uncle is Bill Spencer's right-hand-man, Justin Barber. While Sioux has had plenty of drama to play on the soap, hopefully she’ll be given plenty of comedy as well, since she’s clearly very good at it!

    Jacob Young Is "Pretty Sure" He Broke His Ankle!

    (7/11/18) Please join us in sending best wishes for a speedy recovery to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL star Jacob Young (Rick), who injured himself shortly after returning home from filming a movie! “Dang!” he shared on Instagram. “Just arrived at home and started doing some work outside, rolled my ankle and pretty sure it’s broken.” But he also assured fans that he’s being well taken care of by his better half. “Christen Young has got it under control!” he promised. He also joked: “I’m sure I’ll milk it for all it’s worth.”

    It looks pretty painfully swollen, and fans flooded his comments with messages urging him to be careful and make sure to go to the doctor. Young responded that X-rays are definitely on the agenda for the following day. Hopefully he had returned home because he was all finished filming his upcoming movie, They Call Him Angel, where he’s playing the mysterious Mr. Jones.

    Young has been a part of the daytime community since 1997 when he first joined the cast of B&B. He has also played Lucky on GENERAL HOSPITAL and JR on ALL MY CHILDREN. He dropped to recurring status with B&B back in April in order to pursue outside projects like this film and his new music. With all of his other opportunities, hopefully this injury won’t keep him out of commission for too long! “All I wanted to do was be at home and sit back and put my feet up,” Young admitted. “Not like this!”

    Hopefully, the doctor will have some good news and it won’t be too bad. Get well soon!

    Karla Mosley Announces She's Taking a Break From THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL... to Have Her Baby!

    (7/5/18) ( (Video) The cast and crew of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL have left on their summer vacation, but while most of them will be returning to work in a month, Karla Mosley (Maya) will be taking a little bit more time off from work because she’s getting ready for her maternity leave! Back in April, the pregnant actress revealed that she and boyfriend John Rogers are expecting a baby this summer. “Last day before baby break!” she posted on Instagram.

    In the video, Mosley brings fans up to date before giving them an inside peek at some of the cast photos on the walls of the studio. “Well, it’s super-quiet here at the B&B offices,” she smiled before laughing and adding, “And I am about the last person here! I think it’s probably because I’m so sad to leave. But I’ll be back! Everyone’s going on hiatus and then I’ll have a SUPER-long hiatus.” She then pans the camera around the room to show the images the soap uses in its opening credits. At the end, she turns the camera back on herself and says: “Thanks for an amazing year, and I’ll see you soon, B&B” before blowing a kiss.

    Despite the fact that she and Rick are happily married, Maya has been seen more in recent episodes without her husband. That’s due to the fact that Rick Forrester’s portrayer, Jacob Young, has dropped to recurring status with the soap to pursue other opportunities on the side. But with Mosley about to take her maternity leave to welcome her new baby, what will happen to Maya while she’s gone?

    For Older News Visit The Daytime Soap Operas News Archives: Here!


    1. January 1, 2004: On New Year's Day, Darla gave birth to her and Thorne's daughter, Alexandria.

    2. January 6, 2003: On this unforgettable day, Brooke sailed into Italy’s Portofino harbor wearing the showstopper bridal gown during Forrester Creations’ fashion show.

    3. January 17, 2001: Thorne and Brooke were married in the bride’s courtyard garden.

    4. January 19, 1990: Ridge wed Spencer debutante Caroline with the bride dressed in the style of Grace Kelly.

    5. February 8, 2006: Bridget miscarried Nicole, the baby she was expecting with Nick.

    6. February 10: On this day in 1992, Columbia Pictures TV hosted a tribute to Bill Bell (creator of Y&R and B&B) in honor of his 35th anniversary in daytime television.

    7. February 13, 1998: Macy agreed to marry Grant.

    8. February 14, 1990: Macy and Sally staged a feisty fashion show to catapult Macy right to the top.

    9. February 15, 2007: Squeezed out of the distribution market by Nick, the family's new company, Forrester Originals, decided to open their own boutiques.

    10. February 26, 2001: Taylor found her presumed-dead daughter, Steffy, at Morgan's house.

    11. February 1993: Eric asked Sheila to marry him.

    12. March 1, 2010: Agnes Jones learned that a fall down the stairs had caused her to miscarry Bridget and Nick's baby.

    13. March 9, 2007: Eileen Davidson debuted when she crossed her longtime Y&R character (who was supposed to have moved to Hong Kong) over to B&B to pay a visit to Rick Forrester.

    14. March 11, 2004: Sally and Amber quit Sharpe Designs

    15. March 12, 2007: The Forresters decided to debut a new fragrance named after Phoebe.

    16. March 23, 1987: The serial debuted, replacing the soap opera CAPITOL.

    17. March 25, 2004: Caitlin and Thomas shared their first kiss.

    18. April: In 1998, Grant wed Macy at Insomnia, with the bride wearing a wedding dress designed by the groom.

    19. April 1998: Rick was in a car accident and had to have a kidney transplant. Amber was Rick’s kidney donor.

    20. April 1, 1993: Eric announced his engagement to Sheila at the Forrester fashion show.

    21. April 3, 2000: Amber learned cousin Becky was dying of pancreatic cancer.

    22. April 16, 1987: Upset by seeing photos of Ridge with another woman, bride Caroline fainted at the altar.

    23. April 22, 2002: Ridge betrayed Eric by joining Marone Industries.

    24. April 29, 2003: Cancer surgery left Macy unable to bear children

    25. May 3, 2005: After finding a dummy in Taylor's grave, Ridge looked up and saw her standing there, alive!

    26. May 9, 2001: While attacking Stephanie, Morgan hit her own head and fell into the swimming pool — where Stephanie left her to die!

    27. May 17, 2007: Taylor and Nick discovered that their in vitro fertilization procedure was successful: They were pregnant!

    28. May 22, 2001: Amber and Rick married with Deacon turning up as a surprise guest.

    29. May 24, 1999: Rick tested negative for HIV.

    30. May 24, 2001: Deacon and Bridget were wed in Las Vegas.

    31. May 28, 1999, Thorne's restaurant proposal to Macy went awry when the engagement ring ended up hidden in another patron's meal!

    32. May 29, 2007: AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL judge/shutterbug Nigel Barker played himself during a two-day stint as the host of the soap's fictional reality series, EXTREME CATWALK.

    33. May 1993: Eric wed crazy Sheila, but not for long, since she was put into a sanitarium and granted him a divorce shortly thereafter.

    34. May 1998: Brooke and Ridge told Bridget and Rick that their marriage was over.

    35. June 4, 2003: Macy learned that the baby she and husband Thorne were going to adopt from Darla had actually been fathered by Thorne!

    36. June 9, 2003: Macy and Deacon forged a connection when they met at an AA meeting.

    37. June 10, 1999: Amber threw a party to celebrate Rick’s graduation.

    38. June 24. 1998: Ridge married Taylor, creating a family with her and their son, Thomas.

    39. June 29, 2006: Bridget signed papers finalizing her divorce from Nick

    40. June 1997: Rick shot his new stepdad, Grant.

    41. July 1, 2009: Thinking that Ridge would never accept her son, Rick, remaining in her life, Brooke agreed to end their relationship.

    42. July 6, 2006: Brooke married Nick in Marina Del Rey.

    43. July 18, 1997: Adrienne Frantz debuted as Amber, a precocious teen who befriended Sheila.

    44. July 18, 1999: Craig Kilborn made a guest appearance as a male nurse.

    45. July 18, 2006: Schae Harrison exited when her longtime character, Darla, was involved in a tragic accident.

    46. July: Sally's bachelorette party featured Fabio in 1993.

    47. August 1, 2008: Marcus celebrated his promotion from the Forrester Creations shipping department and made his relationship with Steffy official.

    48. August 6, 1998, Grant broke the news to wife Macy that he had cancer

    49. August 8, 2000: Phyllis Diller reprised her role of Gladys, the wacky makeup artist.

    50. August 8, 2003: Macy and Deacon were wed, despite Amber's interruption to fight for custody of her son.

    51. August 22, 2011: Hope accepted Liam's marriage proposal on the Forrester rooftop.

    52. August 28, 2002: Brooke and Whip signed annulment papers to end their marriage.

    53. August 30, 2006: Although he was still grieving for Darla, Thorne kissed Taylor for the first time.

    54. September 3, 2008: Eric finally woke up from his drug-induced-heart-attack-turned-coma just as his wife, Donna, gave in to passion with her hunky assistant, Owen.

    55. September 9, 2003: Ridge offered Samantha a job designing home fashions for Forrester Creations

    56. September 14, 2006: Just weeks after losing his wife, Darla, Thorne began romancing Taylor, whom he didn't know was the driver responsible for Darla's death.

    57. September 19, 1997: Eric and Stephanie’s supposed wedding took a dive when Sally played an incriminating tape starring Lauren and the groom.

    58. September 19, 2003: Having stolen away to Puerto Vista, Brooke became Ridge's missus — again!

    59. September 25, 2001: Amber told Deacon that she was pregnant with Rick’s child.

    60. September 30, 1999: Stephanie suffered a stroke after seeing Brooke and Thorne together.

    61. October 2 and 3, 2003: Macy suffered fatal injuries while performing at Oscar's club.

    62. October 5, 2006: expectant mom Bridget learned that the baby belonged to Dante, not Nick

    63. October 13, 2006: Taylor confessed to Thorne and the police that she was the driver responsible for Darla's death. She pled guilty on October 18.

    64. October 21, 2002: Sean Kanan (Deacon) begins taping new episodes. (He will begin airing on November 20.)

    65. October 22, 2008: While fighting with Ridge at Forrester Creations, Rick fell off the roof and became temporarily paralyzed.

    66. October 23, 1990: Thorne and Macy wed on the bride's birthday.

    67. October 26, 2006: While arguing over which of their respective sons should be with Brooke, Stephanie sent Jackie plunging over a banister!

    68. October 31, 2007: Brooke signed away her parental rights to baby Jack.

    69. November 4, 2002: Phoebe and Steffy sang at Taylor's funeral.

    70. November 4, 2003: Massimo and Jackie were married.

    71. November 12, 2001: Stephanie realized that Massimo is Ridge's biological father.

    72. November 15, 2001: Deacon asked Bridget for a divorce, claiming that his heart belonged to Amber.

    73. December 1, 2006: Betty White debuted as Stephanie Forrester's mother, Anne, and Alley Mills debuted as Stephanie's sister, Pamela Douglas.

    74. December 4, 2001: Kristen married Tony, who was HIV positive

    75. December 5, 2001: Deacon and Bridget renewed their marriage vows, Brooke realized she was pregnant with her son-in-law's baby!

    76. December 9, 2005: Sally announced her plans to close down Spectra Fashions.

    77. December 19, 2007: Storm Logan revealed that he was the person who shot Stephanie and framed his own father, Stephen Logan, for the crime.

    78. December 30, 2005: Brooke caught a scantily-clad Taylor kissing Hector while Ridge was out of town.

    79. December 1992: Brooke gave birth to her second child, Bridget, in a cabin with Ridge’s help.

    80. Bobbie Eakes (ex-Macy, B&B) was in the 1980's all girls band Big Trouble.

    81. The beautiful song from the Oct. 13, 2010 episode of BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL is called "Angels in the Light." Composed by David Kurtz, Jack Allocco and Gary Verna, it's available for purchase on iTunes.

    82. The Bold and the Beautiful has the winning number on March 22 as the show celebrated its 15th anniversary with the cast of The Price Is Right. Price host Bob Barker and Barker beauties Nikki Ziering and Claudia Jordan help introduce Amber's new fashion line, Ambrosia.

      B&B also kicks off its 15th season with two new characters. Daytime newcomer Courtnee Draper joins the cast as Erica Lovejoy, a Forrester admirer. Draper has appeared in several films, including The Duke, Hannah and the about-to-be-released The Biggest Fan. On the Disney Channel's The Jersey, Draper played series regular Morgan Hudson. All My Children alumnus Matt Borlenghi (ex-Brian) is also making his way onto the B&B canvas. He'll play Ziggy, Erica's apartment manager. Borlenghi's previous credits include A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, The Jeff Foxworthy Show and Kate's Addiction.

    83. The exterior shots of the Forrester mansion is Creator William J. Bell’s real-life estate (formerly owned by Howard Hughes). Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell’s Beverly Hills home provides the exterior shots for Brooke’s house .

    84. Bill Bell named the character Ridge after one of son Bradley’s friends, who lived near the Bells’ summer home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

    85. Although Bold And the Beautiful has won numerous technical Daytime Emmys, Ian Buchanan (ex-James) has been the only cast member awarded for performance. In 1998, he won for Outstanding Supporting Actor.

    86. In March, 1994, Hunter Tylo (Taylor) quit B&B to film a miniseries in india. A few weeks later, Hunter's husband, Micheal Tylo (ex-Blade/Rick, Y&R;ex-Quint, GL) announced they were divorcing. Hunter returned to B&B in August and the couple eventually reconciled. In a 1996 interview, Hunter hinted that their marital problems came to a boiling point during her India remote. "I wasn't possessed, but I was demonically attacked," she explained.

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