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  • Debuted on: March 23, 1987
  • Network: CBS
  • Created by: William J Bell & Lee Phillip Bell
  • Takes place in: Los Angeles, CA

  • Current Cast

    • Zane Achor as Will Spencer
    • Obba Babatundé as Julius Avant
    • Kiara Barnes as Zoe
    • Adain Bradley as Alexander Avant
    • Darin Brooks as Wyatt Fuller
    • Kimberlin Brown as Shelia Carter
    • Mick Cain as C.J. Garrison
    • Dick Christie as Charlie Webber
    • Scott Clifton as Liam Spencer
    • Andrew Collins as Jarrett Maxwell
    • Felisha Cooper as Sasha Thompson
    • Patrika Darbo as Shirley Spectra
    • Don Diamont as Bill Spencer, Jr.
    • Reign Edwards as Nicole Avant
    • Rome Flynn as Zende Forrester Dominguez
    • Jennifer Gareis as Donna Logan
    • Linsey Godfrey as Caroline Spencer
    • Courtney Grosbeck as Coco Spectra
    • Danube Hermosillo as Darlita
    • Courtney Hope as Sally Spectra
    • Anna Maria Horsford as Vivienne Avant
    • Sean Kanan as Deacon Sharpe
    • Thorsten Kaye as Ridge Forrester
    • Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke Logan
    • Karla Mosley as Maya Avant
    • John McCook as Eric Forrester
    • Alley Mills as Pamela Douglas
    • Annika Noelle as Hope Logan
    • Nicola Posener as Amelia
    • Ingo Rademacher as Thorne Forrester
    • Lawrence Saint-Victor as Carter Walton
    • Nia Sioux as Emma
    • Rena Sofer as Quinn Fuller
    • Aaron D. Spears as Justin Barber
    • Heather Tom as Katie Logan
    • Anthony Turpel as R.J. Forrester
    • Jeremy Ray Valdez as Alex Sanchez
    • Fred Willard as John Forrester
    • Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy Forrester
    • Alex Wyse as Saul Feinberg
    • Jacob Young as Rick Forrester
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    This Week On The Bold & The Beautiful

    July 23
    Xander comforts Emma who is furious at Zoe's surprise appearance on the runway; Steffy makes a shocking discovery.
    July 24
    Steffy finds Liam and Hope in a compromising position; Bill explains to Justin how he's convinced Steffy that Liam and Hope belong together.
    July 25
    Brooke comforts Hope; Steffy makes a shocking deal with Bill.
    July 26
    Brooke reminds a guilt-ridden Liam that he is single and has done nothing wrong; Hope reveals that Steffy caught her and Liam in a moment of passion.
    July 27
    Ridge arrives at Bill's to confront him over Steffy but instead finds Wyatt; Steffy and Liam face their past, present and future as the fallout from their betrayals unfolds.
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    The Bold & The Beautiful

    News, Cast Updates and Scoop

    (News section last updated July 19, 2018)

    Nicola Posener Joins the Cast of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL as Amelia

    (7/19/18) ( (Photo) Another Brit is coming to Los Angeles as Nicola Posener joins the cast of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL as Amelia! “Today’s the day I can finally share what I’ve been working on,” the actress posted to Instagram. “Absolutely thrilled to be joining the cast of B&B recurring as Amelia! Tune in starting this Monday to see my debut as Amelia the Spencer nanny!”

    Posener will be making her first appearance in the episode airing on Monday, July 23, although she joked: “My intro is very gradual so don’t blink!” Just the day before, she took a selfie in her dressing room to tease her exciting new role, but was unable to say exactly where she was working was at the time.

    Born in London, Poesner got her big break back in 2008 playing Pyper for two seasons on the Disney Channel UK series LIFE BITES. She also played the beautiful priestess Teela in the Mythica series of films as Yvonne in the British sci-fi/horror TV series AGE OF THE LIVING DEAD.

    With the actress slated to play the Spencer nanny, does that mean she’ll be working for Liam and Steffy taking care of baby Kelly or minding Will for Katie and Bill? With all four parents busy people, it could be either option, but working for Liam would probably be a lot nicer than working for Bill!

    Todd McKee Returns to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL as Jake Mclaine

    (7/16/18) Actor Todd McKee is set to return to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL as Jake Maclaine on Thursday, July 19. But for newer viewers who aren’t familiar with the character, we’ve got a little background information on the guy. Plus, we’ll explain why he might look a little familiar to longtime soap fans!

    McKee joined the cast of B&B back in 1990 as Jake, but before that, he was best known for playing Ted Capwell on the NBC sudser SANTA BARBARA, a role he portrayed from the soap’s premiere in 1984 until 1989. You might also have caught him in primetime featured in episodes of MELROSE PLACE, CSI, and 7TH HEAVEN.

    Jake was the younger brother of Margo Maclaine, who was played by Lauren Koslow (now Kate, DAYS OF OUR LIVES). Although she wanted nothing to do with the sibling who had abandoned their family, Margo softened towards him when he confessed that their father had sexually abused him when he was younger. She attempted to heal the wounds between Jake and their father, Ben, but the patriarch flatly denied any abuse. Eventually, Margo recalled their uncle, Charlie, had been living in the house at the time and when she went to confront him, saved Jake’s life in the process.

    Jake was a former tennis pro who was romantically tied to Felicia, Donna, and Macy. After he confessed to stealing the BeLieF formula to protect Macy, he and Margo returned to their home in Wisconsin. However, in 2007, Jake reappeared working as a “jack of all trades” at Forrester Creations, doing technical work and production for their various fashion shows and press events. The last time Jake was seen for a couple episodes in 2016, first coordinating a Forrester fashion show, and then helping Ridge by digging a massive heart in the sand to woo Brooke.

    What brings Jake back this time around? Well, with Hope for the Future gearing up for its big show, it’s likely he’ll be helping to bring that off without a hitch… even though on this show that hardly ever happens!

    Forget DANCE MOMS — Watch Nia Sioux In the Hilarious SOAP OPERA MOMS!

    (7/11/18) (Video) Before joining the cast of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, Nia Sioux (Emma) was part of the cast of the Lifetime reality series DANCE MOMS. And now the dancer/actress has released a hilarious new video combining the two to see which has more drama: Dance Moms or Soap Opera Moms!

    Mom Holly Frazier kicks things off by explaining that her daughter had to go to “Soap Opera Orientation” with none other than daytime legend Ian Buchanan (ex-James, B&B; ex-Duke, GENERAL HOSPITAL; ex-Ian, DAYS OF OUR LIVES; Greg, ALL MY CHILDREN)! However, she’s not entirely sure about the Emmy-winning actor's... unique teaching techniques.

    Lessons include dramatically staring down a mannequin, demonstrating “attitude and sassiness,” and even a wardrobe makeover called “The Stephanie.” Thankfully Nia has her mom there to step in and take control! Check out the short — but very funny — video right here!

    Sioux joined the cast of B&B in the episode that aired on April 23, although before her first appearance had even occurred, she revealed that this was no guest appearance — she’s a series regular! And Emma immediately made a splash as the new Forrester intern, getting into trouble for photographing dresses and when it was revealed her uncle is Bill Spencer's right-hand-man, Justin Barber. While Sioux has had plenty of drama to play on the soap, hopefully she’ll be given plenty of comedy as well, since she’s clearly very good at it!

    Jacob Young Is "Pretty Sure" He Broke His Ankle!

    (7/11/18) Please join us in sending best wishes for a speedy recovery to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL star Jacob Young (Rick), who injured himself shortly after returning home from filming a movie! “Dang!” he shared on Instagram. “Just arrived at home and started doing some work outside, rolled my ankle and pretty sure it’s broken.” But he also assured fans that he’s being well taken care of by his better half. “Christen Young has got it under control!” he promised. He also joked: “I’m sure I’ll milk it for all it’s worth.”

    It looks pretty painfully swollen, and fans flooded his comments with messages urging him to be careful and make sure to go to the doctor. Young responded that X-rays are definitely on the agenda for the following day. Hopefully he had returned home because he was all finished filming his upcoming movie, They Call Him Angel, where he’s playing the mysterious Mr. Jones.

    Young has been a part of the daytime community since 1997 when he first joined the cast of B&B. He has also played Lucky on GENERAL HOSPITAL and JR on ALL MY CHILDREN. He dropped to recurring status with B&B back in April in order to pursue outside projects like this film and his new music. With all of his other opportunities, hopefully this injury won’t keep him out of commission for too long! “All I wanted to do was be at home and sit back and put my feet up,” Young admitted. “Not like this!”

    Hopefully, the doctor will have some good news and it won’t be too bad. Get well soon!

    Karla Mosley Announces She's Taking a Break From THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL... to Have Her Baby!

    (7/5/18) ( (Video) The cast and crew of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL have left on their summer vacation, but while most of them will be returning to work in a month, Karla Mosley (Maya) will be taking a little bit more time off from work because she’s getting ready for her maternity leave! Back in April, the pregnant actress revealed that she and boyfriend John Rogers are expecting a baby this summer. “Last day before baby break!” she posted on Instagram.

    In the video, Mosley brings fans up to date before giving them an inside peek at some of the cast photos on the walls of the studio. “Well, it’s super-quiet here at the B&B offices,” she smiled before laughing and adding, “And I am about the last person here! I think it’s probably because I’m so sad to leave. But I’ll be back! Everyone’s going on hiatus and then I’ll have a SUPER-long hiatus.” She then pans the camera around the room to show the images the soap uses in its opening credits. At the end, she turns the camera back on herself and says: “Thanks for an amazing year, and I’ll see you soon, B&B” before blowing a kiss.

    Despite the fact that she and Rick are happily married, Maya has been seen more in recent episodes without her husband. That’s due to the fact that Rick Forrester’s portrayer, Jacob Young, has dropped to recurring status with the soap to pursue other opportunities on the side. But with Mosley about to take her maternity leave to welcome her new baby, what will happen to Maya while she’s gone?

    Dishing with Digest - Episode 14

    (6/30/18) (Listen / download) B&B star Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) about his four daytime roles, real-life fatherhood and more on the latest edition of Dishing With Digest.

    Nia Sioux and Karla Mosley Facebook Live

    (6/28/18) Nia Sioux and Karla Mosley Facebook Live: Video.

    Talk Show Appearance

    (6/29/18) The Talk – CBS

    Monday, July 2

    actress Jennifer Finnigan (CBS’ SALAVATION)

    Patrika Darbo on Me, Myslef & I 7/21/18 - 8pm

    (6/29/18) “Phil Ricozzi” – Mid-life Alex sells one of his inventions to his childhood arch-nemesis, Phil (Stephen Rannazzisi). Also, Young Alex is challenged to a fight by his classmate, Phil (Justin Stella), and Older Alex accompanies Eleanor to Phil’s funeral and gives an eulogy when no one steps up to speak, on ME, MYSELF & I, Saturday, July 21 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    GUEST CAST includes: Stephen Rannazzisi (Adult Phil), Kale Culley (Shart), Patrika Darbo (Joan).

    Gina Rodriguez Funds Undocumented Student's Princeton University Tuition

    (6/20/18) A young woman won't have to worry about her college tuition, and it's all thanks to Gina Rodriguez.

    Instead of using her For Your Consideration studio money on an Emmy campaign, the Jane the Virgin actress decided to fund an undocumented high school student's upcoming Princeton University tuition. Rodriguez partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles to find a student to receive the college scholarship, and now the unnamed college-bound woman's four years at Princeton will be fully funded.

    "FYC is a bizarre dance," Rodriguez told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview, published Tuesday. "Whatever you do requires an insane amount of money."

    "Our show has always jumped at any opportunity to help me do something for the Latinx community," Rodriguez continued. "So I asked my showrunner, Jennie [Snyder Urman], if we could do something different with the money this year."

    And Rodriguez hopes her decision inspires others to make similar gestures.

    "It's taboo to talk about the money being spent, but it's the reality," she told THR. "I think sharing this might inspire other people to do something similar. You can desire recognition and, at the same time, decide to not play in the confines of the game as it's set up."

    Rodriguez gave her showrunner a shout-out on Instagram Tuesday, writing, "Thank you to my showrunner Jennie Urman for helping me make a young girl's dream come true #educationispower."

    B&B Episodes Available For Streaming On Amazon Prime!

    (6/20/18) Past episodes of B&B are available for streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime. Relive the battle between Ridge and Rick for control of Forrester Creations, the arrival of Nicole, Ivy and Liam’s romance that was upended by Steffy’s return, and more. Beginning with the special 7000th episode, which aired on January 23, 2015, episodes 7000-7100.

    Monte Carlo Television Festival Award Winners

    (6/19/18) The Monte Carlo Television Festival has a habit of handing awards to recently cancelled U.S. dramas and this year is no different – CBS’ Scorpion was among the winners at the prestigious Golden Nymph Awards.

    The high-tech series, which ran for four seasons, was named Best Action & Science Fiction TV Series at the glamorous event. British drama Little Boy Blue, which aired on ITV, cleaned up with two awards – as Best Long Fiction Program and with Sinèad Keenan winning Outstanding Actress.

    Elsewhere at the ceremony, which was attended by HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco, Ewan McGregor was named Outstanding Actor for his role in Fargo, Netflix co-pro The End Of The F***ing World won Best Comedy, Lethal Weapon, which had problems of its own this year, was called Best Crime TV Series and Tony Shalhoub was named Outstanding Actor for his performance in Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

    Laurent Puons, CEO of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, said, “The 58th edition of our Festival has been a true celebration of the depth and breadth of global programming. We are delighted to have once again played host to this unique showcase of the world’s leading fiction, documentary and news content. Congratulations to the worthy recipients of the Golden Nymphs and our other awards this evening, and many thanks to our juries, our sponsors, and the fans who have contributed so much to make this year’s event such a success.”


    Best Long Fiction Program
    Little Boy Blue
    ITV Studios (UK)

    Outstanding Actress
    Sinèad Keenan
    Little Boy Blue (UK)

    Outstanding Actor
    Ewan McGregor
    Fargo (USA)


    Best Comedy TV Series
    The End Of The F***ing World
    Clerkenwell Films / Dominic Buchanan Productions (UK)

    Outstanding Actress
    Daisy May Cooper
    This Country (UK)

    Outstanding Actor
    Tony Shalhoub
    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (USA)


    Best Drama TV Series
    La Casa De Papel
    Vancouver Media (Spain)

    Outstanding Actress
    Lynn Van Royen
    Hotel Beau Sejour (Belgium)

    Outstanding Actor
    Johannes Lassen
    Below The Surface (Denmark)


    Best Action & Science Fiction TV Series
    CBS TV Studios, SB Films, Perfect Storm Entertainment, Blackjack Productions, K/O Paper Products (USA)

    Best Crime TV Series
    Lethal Weapon
    Lin Pictures In Association With Good Session Productions And Warner Bros. TV (USA)

    Soap Opera / Best Telenovelas
    The Bold And The Beautiful
    Bell-Phillip Television Productions (USA)

    B&B Casting News

    (6/18/18) BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL has hired a new contract player. Actress/singer Kiara Barnes joins the cast as Zoe, a mystery woman who has a secret past with a core character. For more details, check out an upcoming issue of Soap Opera Digest.

    Antonio Sabato Jr. is Officially Divorced, He Gets House and Car

    (6/18/18) Antonio Sabato Jr. is officially a single man, just in time to hit the Congressional campaign trail.

    According to the docs, the former soap star and his ex, Cheryl Marie, reached an agreement on their divorce back on December 31, 2017. Happy new year, indeed. However, it took several months for the judge to sign off.

    The exes have joint legal and physical custody of their 7-year-old son, Antonio III. As for property, he gets the house and a 2015 Fiat. They both agreed to return the Maserati they were leasing.

    Antonio has to pay child and spousal support, though it's light for a Hollywood divorce. He'll fork over $533 a month for his kid. Cheryl gets $350 monthly in alimony, but only until April 2019. They were only married for 5 years.

    He also has to pay her $10k for attorney fees, and agree not to take any drugs without a valid prescription. As we reported, Cheryl claimed Antonio abused prescription drugs, and was worried about their son's safety. Sabato admitted issues with sleeping pills, but told us he's an outspoken advocate on fighting addiction.

    He'll be the Republican candidate for California's 26th District, come November.

    When Calls the Heart Movie

    (6/18/18) Hallmark Channel will air a When Calls the Heart Christmas movie later this year, featuring series stars Lori Loughlin, Erin Krakow, Jack Wagner, Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith and Paul Greene, reports. In the special installment, Abigail and the other residents band together to create an unforgettable Christmas when a group of orphans are stranded in Hope Valley for the holidays, while Elizabeth prepares to give birth.

    New Gig For B&B’s Aaron D. Spears

    (6/14/18) BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s Aaron D. Spears (Justin) begins a recurring arc on GIRLFRIENDS’ GUIDE TO DIVORCE, which kicks off its fifth and final season this evening. “TONIGHT at 10pm on @BravoTV… My character LEON’s story begins!” posted the actor on social media. The series also features soap vet Ignacio Serricchio (ex-Diego, GH et al).

    Teen Choice Awards 2018

    (6/13/18) Voting is open here through June 19, and the kudosfest will air Sunday, Aug. 12, at 8/7c on Fox.

    Choice Comedy TV Actress (#ChoiceComedyTVActress)
    America Ferrera — Superstore
    Candace Cameron Bure — Fuller House
    Gina Rodriguez — Jane the Virgin
    Kristen Bell — The Good Place
    Sarah Hyland — Modern Family
    Yara Shahidi — blackish, grown-ish.

    Who Plays Xander on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL? — Meet Adain Bradley!

    (6/13/18) ( The Avant Family has grown by one now that Adain Bradley has joined the cast of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL as Alexander Avant! The actor might be familiar to viewers of RIVERDALE, as he played Trev Brown in two episodes of The CW series’ first season. He also appeared in the online series MR. STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT along with GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Haley Pullos (Molly).

    Xander is the nephew of Julius, played by Obba Babatundé, which makes him cousin to Karla Mosley’s Maya and Reign Edwards’ Nicole. Bradley was born in Kansas, but raised in the United Kingdom, so he’ll be able to use his accent since Alexander was also raised in England by Julius’ brother and his wife. The only question is, will Julius be at all happy to see his nephew? The guy doesn’t seem to get along with much of his immediate family, but maybe the extended clan is okay?

    What brings Alexander to Los Angeles in search of the American side of his family is still being kept tightly under wraps, but we hear he’s going to be keeping a big secret which will certainly make things interesting. So be sure to stay tuned to see how his storyline develops and what he's hiding from his family.

    With Nia Sioux now a regular player on B&B as Forrester intern Emma, perhaps she’ll catch his eye? Anything is possible, so stay tuned!



    Ex-'Dance Moms' Star Nia Sioux Cashing In On 'Bold and the Beautiful'

    (6/13/18) Former "Dance Moms" star Nia Sioux's crossover into scripted TV on "The Bold and the Beautiful" is keeping her pockets deep now that she's no longer on the dance competition reality show.

    We got ahold of her minor's contract for the soap opera and Nia, who's 16, is making $2,500 per episode. She's already appeared in 6 episodes this year.

    Unclear how long her story arc will run but, if she does return next season, her rate goes up to $2,800.

    She's no stranger to the camera, having appeared on 7 seasons of "Dance Moms." TV experience aside, she still only gets 2 weeks vacation, according to her contract. Just like the rest of us.

    Courtney Hope Returning to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL!

    (6/12/18) ( Back in March, Courtney Hope stunned fans when she announced she was leaving THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL. And while Sally did indeed leave town to live happily ever after with Thomas, she's already coming back! “Well, guys! It’s official,” she shared on Instagram. “Sally is coming back! Very happy to be back home at B&B. Now, let’s see where Sally lands next? I love you all and thanks for your undying support.” And now she's shared a photo of Sally with Wyatt as she reveals that the date fans can expect to see her back on the soap is Friday, June 15! "One. Week," she wrote.

    On March 19, Hope shared a heartfelt message to the fans thanking them for following her on her journey as Sally Spectra and sadly confirming that she was moving on. “I’ve been waiting for the right time to say this, but I’ve realized the more I wait, the longer it takes me to move on and accept life’s new chapter,” she wrote. “Thank you to all the Sally and Spectra fans! Your love and support has meant the world and I will miss you all. Hopefully Sally can return to ‘Los Angeles’ Fashion’ soon, but until then, I love you all. It’s been the greatest year and I will forever be thankful for my time as Sally Spectra.

    “Being blessed to grace your homes and screens with love, light, and the pursuit of dreams and truth,” she continued. “It’s been an honor to be a part of B&B, and I am grateful for the memories and friendships made! God apparently has new and bigger plans for me at the moment, and I can’t wait to see what those are! Again, I love you all and hope to entertain and hang out with you again very soon!”

    Hope first debuted as the original Sally Spectra’s grand-niece back in January of 2017 along with Patrika Darbo’s Shirley Spectra as part of B&B's revival of the Spectra family and their fashion rivalry with Forrester. She enjoyed a romance with Thomas Forrester, and enjoyed a brief flirtation with Liam Spencer that nearly destroyed his marriage to Steffy, but was primarily focused on building Spectra Fashions back into a force to be reckoned with.

    Sally reunited with Thomas and left with him for New York to live happily ever after, so what brings the redhead back to Los Angeles? You'll have to stay tuned to find out! One thing's for sure, she'll probably have something to say about Liam's current love triangle with Hope and Steffy! And since he's otherwise occupied, might Sally wind up with Wyatt instead?

    B&B Star Expecting

    (6/12/18) Congratulations are in order for Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter, B&B). The star took to Instagram to announce that he and wife Shay are expecting! “@shaysaintvictor and I have been working on the biggest project of our lives!!!” Saint-Victor wrote, also announcing that “#itsaboy.”

    Patrika Darbo Calls For Outside Audit After Daytime Emmy Gaffes

    (6/12/18) Patrika Darbo, whose Daytime Emmy for her guest-starring role on Amazon’s soap opera The Bay was rescinded after organizer the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences found submission errors in her and other categories, has called out the group for its actions and wants an outside audit “to restore integrity and confidence in” the awards.

    NATAS said after the Daytime Emmys were handed out in April that it discovered “some entrants’ submissions in two categories may have been in violation of the published guidelines for the competition,” which state that prior-season appearances are disqualifying.

    But Darbo says in an open letter today that NATAS knew about the submission errors “two days prior to the ceremony and made a conscious decision not to deal with it until after the ceremony was over.” She says the organization’s “arbitrary and after-the-fact ruling feels inequitable and wrong.” (Read the letter in full below.)

    NATAS said earlier June 1 that it made its decision when it was discovered both Darbo and fellow The Bay castmate and nominee Thomas Calabro were found ineligible in the category of Guest Performer in a Digital Daytime Drama Series. After it rescinded Darbo’s win, it said it would not re-give the award in the category.

    Darbo said today said “the onus for a correct submission is not on the producers of The Bay, or any other producers; the ultimate responsibility lies squarely on the shoulders of NATAS. … These errors were then not brought to light until after the Daytime Emmys were presented and awarded, meaning that other actors who did properly submit have now lost their chance at winning a Daytime Emmy.”

    The Days of Our Lives and Bold and the Beautiful veteran, a co-governor of the Performers Peer Group at the TV Academy, which oversees the Primetime Emmys, is calling for an outside audit of this year’s Daytime Emmys’ submission and voting process.

    “The inequity in this year’s Daytime Emmys based on ageism, gender inequality, and perceived favoritism is, in my opinion, a big blow to the Emmy brand,” she wrote. “The TV Academy, who administers the Prime Time Emmy Awards, is very clear that Emmys are awarded to those who achieve excellence in television. I’m beginning to wonder what NATAS feels the Emmys stand for.”

    Here’s her letter:

    As disappointed as I am about having my Daytime Emmy taken back by NATAS, as a Co-Governor of the Performers Peer Group at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in Los Angeles, overseeing the Primetime Emmys, I am more concerned about how this incident tarnishes the Emmy brand. I did not submit myself for Daytime Emmy consideration, my producers at The Bay made the submission. However, at the end of the day, the onus for a correct submission is not on the producers of The Bay, or any other producers; the ultimate responsibility lies squarely on the shoulders of NATAS. They should have vetted each and every submission and then notified those submitting of any submission errors in advance of the voting and the ceremony.

    I understand that in my category there were at least four submission errors. NATAS was made aware of these potential errors two days prior to the ceremony and made a conscious decision not to deal with it until after the ceremony was over. These errors were then not brought to light until after the Daytime Emmys were presented and awarded, meaning that other actors who did properly submit have now lost their chance at winning a Daytime Emmy.

    In addition to the rule violations in my category, there was a similar rule violation in the category for Supporting Actor in a Digital Drama. I was made aware of this violation when NATAS called to inform me of the situation. After taking back my Daytime Emmy, NATAS called another female performer in my category to re-issue the Emmy, as she was the next runner up according to the accountancy firm. The very next day, NATAS called her back and said she could not have it as she had submitted one episode too many (the rule is that one episode may be submitted for consideration and the new recipient submitted two). However, the winner of the Daytime Emmy in a Supporting Actor in a Digital Drama was allowed to keep his statue, (the rule is that four episodes may be submitted for consideration, the recipient submitted five episodes). NATAS determined after the fact that the rules for Supporting Actor and his show were “ambiguous.”

    As a performer in film and television for over three decades, who fights diligently for fairness and equity for my fellow actors by volunteering my time and leadership at both SAG/AFTRA and the TV Academy (ATAS), the arbitrary and after-the-fact ruling feels inequitable and wrong. A rule is a rule. If the rule is going to be changed or declared “ambiguous” it should be done prior to voting, not after the votes are in and the Emmys have been handed out.

    The inequity in this year’s Daytime Emmys based on ageism, gender inequality, and perceived favoritism is, in my opinion, a big blow to the Emmy brand. The TV Academy, who administers the Prime Time Emmy Awards, is very clear that Emmys are awarded to those who achieve excellence in television. I’m beginning to wonder what NATAS feels the Emmys stand for.

    For the sake of the overall Emmy brand, I feel an outside audit of the submission and voting process of this past Daytime Emmy Awards would be a show of good will by NATAS and would help to restore integrity and confidence in the Daytime Emmy Awards.

    SAG-AFTRA Reaches Tentative New Contract With Four Broadcast Networks

    (6/11/18) SAG-AFTRA has a tentative agreement with the four major television broadcast networks and other producers on a new contract, it was announced today.

    ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox have agreed on a successor to the National Code of Fair Practice for Network Television Broadcasting. If approved, the new contract starts July 1 and runs through June 30, 2021.

    The tentative agreement will be submitted for approval to the SAG-AFTRA National Board at its meeting July 21. Subject to the board’s approval, the agreement will then be sent to the union’s membership for ratification.

    “This deal delivers overall gains in important areas, including meaningful increases in wages and residuals rates that will put real money in members’ pockets,” said AFTRA president Gabriell Carteris. “Additionally, the agreement now reflects important new language limiting auditions or meetings in private hotel rooms and residences, which represents a partial realization of our work toward industry culture change.”

    The agreement includes increases in contract minimums spread over a three-year period. That includes an 8.7 percent overall wage increase to most program fees, implemented through increases of 2.5 percent the first year, 3 percent the second year and 3 percent the third year. The AFTRA Retirement Fund also gets a bump in funding

    The new agreement will also include automatic increases for daytime serial performers, background actors, certain group dancers, stand-ins, and dance-ins, among other notables.

    In a continuing nod to #MeToo, the agreement includes improved harassment-prevention language, underling clauses prohibiting harassment, and also adjusts the working hours language for minors, SAG-AFTRA said.

    The TV networks contract generates more than $200 million a year in covered member earnings and covers programming in nearly all television day parts, as well as programming produced for digital media.

    Dishing with Digest - Episode 11

    (6/10/18) (Download / listen here) GH’s Michelle Stafford (Nina) interview plus we discuss the impact that Y&R/B&B Co-Creators Lee Phillip Bell and William J. Bell, and the Bell family, has had on daytime.

    Danny Woodburn Returns to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL!

    (6/8/18) (Photo) A familiar face is coming back to Los Angeles — character actor Danny Woodburn is returning to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL! Ingo Rademacher (Thorne) shared a photo of himself and Heather Tom (Katie) on set with their guest star on Instagram to break the news. “Got some fun stuff coming up with Danny Woodburn,” he wrote. “Awesome work today on B&B, buddy. Was great working with you.”

    Woodburn made his debut as Ken in October of 2017 playing the tech expert who helped Bill Spencer retrieve incriminating evidence against him that Liam had on his computer. But now it looks as though the Forresters are going to be the ones hiring Ken this time around. To dig up dirt on the Spencers, perhaps? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

    After taping his first B&B appearance, the actor told TV Insider that he was cast on the soap after speaking at a luncheon for CBS casting directors on the subject of diversity. “I advocate for performers with disabilities to play all kinds of people, not just characters with disabilities,” he explained. “It’s a tough business for everybody. This is my 27th year with a union card and I’m always excited to be on a set. To me, being at B&B isn’t work. It’s a vacation. When I have a job, I can actually relax!”

    This isn’t Woodburn’s first brush with daytime. In addition to roles on CONAN, CHARMED, and BONES, the actor also appeared in some episodes of SEINFELD, one of which found his character, Mickey, appearing as a stand-in on ALL MY CHILDREN along with his pal, Kramer! But Woodburn has also appeared on an actual soap himself, having played a demon elf on the NBC supernatural sudser PASSIONS back in 2006 and 2007!

    At this time, there are no details as to when, exactly, Woodburn will be appearing as Ken, but if he taped his appearance in early June, you can likely expect to see him sometime after the Fourth of July holliday, so be sure to tune in.

    HTGAWM Promotes Rome Flynn to Series Regular Ahead of Season 5

    (6/8/18) A mysterious new character introduced in the final episode of How to Get Away With Murder‘s fourth season is about to get fleshed out big time.

    Rome Flynn (aka Gabriel Maddox) will be a full-fledged series regular when the Shondaland drama returns for Season 5 this fall, our sister site Deadline reports.

    As you may recall — or not, it’s been a while! — overhearing the name “Gabriel Maddox” during a visit to Middleton piqued Frank’s interest, prompting him to call someone and say, “The good times didn’t last too long. Her kid is here.” But who’s “her,” you ask? In true, HTGAWM fashion, the mother’s identity remains a big fat question mark.

    In addition to making guest appearances on shows like NCIS: New Orleans and MacGyver, Flynn held down the role of Zende Forrester Dominguez on The Bold and the Beautiful from 2015 to 2017.

    B&B’s Brown Advances In Congressional Race

    (6/7/18) Kimberlin Brown (Sheila, B&B) will advance to the next step of her congressional run, according to The Desert Sun. Based on preliminary returns, U.S. House member Raul Ruiz and challenging Republican Kimberlin Brown Pelzer are poised to advance to November’s midterm elections, where they will go head to head in the race to represent California’s 36th District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Ruiz garnered nearly 55 percent of the vote, as of 9 a.m. Wednesday, with all precincts reporting. Brown Pelzer got nearly 23 percent, coming in far above other Republicans, who each earned between 4 percent and 8 percent of the vote.

    Antonio Sabato Jr. Advances In Primaries

    (6/7/18) Soap vet Antonio Sabato Jr. (ex-Jagger, GH et al) has advanced as the California Republican nominee for a congressional seat representing Ventura County. Sabato Jr., who was on the ballot in U.S. House District 26, will now compete with Democrat Julia Brownley.

    Video: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Scott Clifton Facebook Live

    (6/6/18) Video: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Scott Clifton Facebook Live.

    Daytime Emmy For ‘The Bay’ Guest Star Patrika Darbo Revoked For Improper Submission

    (6/2/18) The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has rescinded the Daytime Emmy Award it gave last month to Patrika Darbo for her guest-starring role on the Amazon soap opera The Bay. The organization said today a submission error regarding her and her The Bay castmate Thomas Calabro in the category of Guest Performer in a Digital Daytime Drama Series had been discovered, and that both were determined to be ineligible because they had appeared in a prior season of the series.

    NATAS said today it “received a credible report” after the Daytime Emmys were awarded April 27 and April 29 “that some entrants’ submissions in two categories may have been in violation of the published guidelines for the competition.” After an investigation, it rescinded Darbo’s honor and the nominations of both her and Colabro’s, saying it will not re-award the trophy.

    Other nominees in the Guest Performer category included Jennifer Bassey of Anacostia, Mike E. Winfield from Conversations in L.A. and The Bay‘s Chad Duell.

    “While the Daytime judges found each performance worthy of distinction, and the investigation determined that neither performer was involved in the selection of categories in which their performances were submitted, prior-season appearances are nonetheless a disqualifying violation of the guidelines for the category,” NATAS said in its statement. “Ms. Darbo’s Daytime Emmy Award and nomination and Mr. Calabro’s nomination have been withdrawn. Other nominations in the category will remain, but no Emmy Award will be presented in the category this year.”

    NATAS added that the second investigation into “whether entrants in this or other categories violated guidelines limiting the number of program episodes from which submitted excerpts could be drawn” found “their inclusion was deemed not to have impacted the outcome of the competition.” No penalties were given, but the org said it would update its submission guidelines for future competitions to clear up any ambiguities.

    Darbo is known for her longtime roles on Days of Our Lives and Bold and the Beautiful. She was previously nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 2000 for Days and won a Primetime Emmy in 2016 for Acting Dead, in the Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series category.

    She told Deadline’s sister publication Variety, which broke the news today, that The Bay executive producer Gregori Martin first told her about NATAS’ investigation into the submission. Variety reported that Martin took the blame for submitting her nomination improperly.

    Here’s the full statement from NATAS:

    “The core mission of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) is to honor excellence in television. Serving that mission has involved making every effort to preserve the integrity and distinction of the Emmy® Award through more than 60 years of technological and industry change.

    “Following the 45th Daytime Emmy® Awards in Pasadena, California, on April 27th and 29th, NATAS received a credible report that some entrants’ submissions in two categories may have been in violation of the published guidelines for the competition. NATAS immediately commissioned a thorough internal investigation, and determined that Patrika Darbo and Thomas Calabro, both of Amazon’s The Bay, should have been deemed ineligible for consideration in Category 40 (“Outstanding Guest Performer in a Digital Daytime Drama Series”) as they had each appeared in a prior season of the program.

    “While the Daytime judges found each performance worthy of distinction, and the investigation determined that neither performer was involved in the selection of categories in which their performances were submitted, prior-season appearances are nonetheless a disqualifying violation of the guidelines for the category. Ms. Darbo’s Daytime Emmy® Award and nomination and Mr. Calabro’s nomination have been withdrawn. Other nominations in the category will remain, but no Emmy® Award will be presented in the category this year. Ms. Darbo has been nominated previously for a Daytime Emmy® Award and was recognized with a Primetime Emmy® Award in 2016.

    “NATAS also investigated whether entrants in this or other categories violated guidelines limiting the number of program episodes from which submitted excerpts could be drawn. The questioned materials were often fleeting, representing only a single line of dialogue, and their inclusion was deemed not to have impacted the outcome of the competition. Further, in retrospect, the guidelines were not sufficiently reflective of current digital distribution trends, causing ambiguity regarding the submissions’ qualification. The questioned entries will not be penalized for this ambiguity, and the guidelines will be updated for future competitions.”

    Jacob Young's Whiskey Kiss

    (6/1/18) @Jacob_W_Young .Tonight Whiskey Kiss is available!! Everywhere!! Check it out!!!#applemusic #itunes #Spotify #amazon #googleplay

    Talk Show Appearance

    (6/1/18) The Talk – CBS

    Monday, June 4

    Don Diamont (CBS’ BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL) discusses his new book

    Talk Show Appearance

    (6/1/18) The Talk – CBS

    Friday, June 8

    “Summertime Santa Giveaways” continue with must-haves for Dads presented by actor Bryton James (CBS’ THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS)

    New Don Diamont Book

    (5/28/18) My Seven Sons and How We Raised Each Other: (They Only Drive Me Crazy 30% of the Time) by Don Diamont (Hardcover) (Kindle)

    Soap star Don Diamont's most interesting storyline to date is being the real-life father and ringleader of his seven rambunctious boys.

    Called a "daytime deity" by Soap Opera Digest, Don Diamont is best known as the dashing publishing titan with steel abs, "Dollar Bill Spencer," on the most-watched daytime drama in the world, The Bold and the Beautiful.

    But all of that takes second place to his most important role to date: father to seven boys.

    By turns hilarious and poignant, MY SEVEN SONS AND HOW WE RAISED EACH OTHER is a family memoir for our time. Don writes with openness and courage about the ways his family came together: by marriage, divorce, the death of his sister, and marriage again. Today's blended families might look different from the households of even a few decades ago, but the first dates, first cars, busting curfew, talking back, grounding, broken hearts, laughs, tears, and the love are the same.

    From his childhood growing up in LA, to his Zoolander phase as a model in both Paris and Los Angeles, to the iconic place he now occupies in daytime television, Don also gives us a glimpse into a life that at times could have been scripted for a soap opera. And, with brutal honesty, he tells of the personal devastation he suffered after the deaths of his father, brother, and sister.

    MY SEVEN SONS is required reading for everyone who is a parent, and all those who have one.


    "Isn't it a bit too soon for soap heartthrob Don Diamont to be writing his memoirs? Oh, hell no! My Seven Sons is a fresh and fantastic surprise-one that delivers big laughs, wondrous adventures, and so much triumph over tragedy that it will leave you breathless. Diamont is a wise and inspiring raconteur with a life that must be shared!"? Michael Logan, TV Critic

    "I've known Don for years, and, like millions of fans worldwide, have enjoyed him as "Dollar Bill" every day on The Bold and the Beautiful. Now, as a parent myself, it was fascinating to go on the journey behind the scenes and into his life as a devoted dad to his seven sons... and loving husband to a patient wife!"?Julie Chen, Host of The Talk and Big Brother, CBS

    My Seven Sons and How We Raised Each Other: (They Only Drive Me Crazy 30% of the Time) by Don Diamont (Hardcover) (Kindle)

    Winsor Harmon Arrested Again for Drunk in Public

    (5/27/18) ( Winsor Harmon's gotta learn how to booze and head the hell home -- the soap star got arrested again for being drunk in public ... TMZ has learned.

    Law enforcement sources tell us the ex-'Bold and the Beautiful' stud was busted earlier this month after cops were called to check on a man sleeping in his car in a burb of the San Fernando Valley. Upon arrival, we're told cops discovered Winsor sleeping in his SUV.

    Sources say Winsor was passed out in the back seat, and that beer cans were all over the floorboard. One of the SUV's tires was also flat, apparently. Winsor eventually woke up, and appeared disoriented and inebriated after exiting the vehicle, according to police.

    Cops determined he was too drunk to care for himself, so they cuffed him and took him to jail. He was eventually released and issued a citation.

    Not much different from a few months ago when Winsor was initially arrested for drunk in public -- except this time there didn't appear to be any alleged public peeing. Dun-dun!

    Talk Show Appearance

    (5/25/18) The Talk – CBS

    Friday, June 1

    “Summertime Santa Giveaways” for Grads presented by Darin Brooks (CBS’ THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL)

    B&B Casts TOP MODEL Winner

    (5/25/18) B&B has cast AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL winner Keith Carlos as Danny, a bartender who will interact with Wyatt and Sally, reports Carlos is a former wide-receive for the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants and was the first male winner of TOP MODEL. Look for Carlos to appear in at least three episodes beginning on Friday, June 15.

    Michael B. Jordan, Gina Rodriguez slated to present at MTV Movie & TV Awards

    (5/23/18) Presenters for the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards include “Black Panther” star Michael B. Jordan, Seth Rogen, Kristen Bell, Zendaya, Gina Rodriguez and Common, the network announced Wednesday. The ceremony, hosted by Tiffany Haddish, is scheduled to be held on June 18 at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica.

    In addition, the show will feature musical performances from Mustard and Nick Jonas, whose just-released single “Anywhere” will be performed in its entirety for the first time (as opposed to their appearance on the “American Idol” finale in May 21, which saw an abridged version of the song). The video for “Anywhere” premiered on MTV on Tuesday. Newcomer duo Chloe x Halle are also set to perform.

    The awards show began including TV nominees last year and also replaced the best actor and best actress categories with non-gendered distinctions — best actor in a movie and best actor in a show — along with longtime fan favorite categories like best kiss, best hero and best villain.

    Executive producers for the 2018 edition of the MTV Movie & TV Awards include Joel Gallen/Tenth Planet Productions with MTV’s Amy Doyle, Garrett English and Wendy Plaut and Rick Austin. Vanessa Whitewolf serves as co-EP. Melanie Block is executive in charge of production. Amani Duncan is executive in charge of music.

    Jacob Young Stars In Two New Films

    (5/23/18) Jacob Young (Rick, B&B) is keeping busy. The soap vet will star in the upcoming Lifetime movie DEADLY DESERT VACATION, which also stars Young’s ALL MY CHILDREN co-star Alexa Havins (ex-Babe). Young will also play the lead role in the upcoming film Faithfully.

    CBS Daytime Ratings - week ending May 18

    (5/23/18) For the week ending May 18, the shows of CBS Daytime, which recently received a leading 20 Daytime Emmy Awards, all hit ratings highs, including:

    LET’S MAKE A DEAL (one) attracted 2.81 million viewers – the show’s largest audience since the week ending May 4, while LET’S MAKE A DEAL (two) scored 3.22 million viewers, its best number since the week ending April 27. LET’S MAKE A DEAL (two) also had its best women 18-49 rating (0.6) since the week ending April 6.

    THE PRICE IS RIGHT (one) had its largest audience since the week ending April 27 (4.29m), and THE PRICE IS RIGHT (two) hit its biggest audience number since the week ending April 20 (4.84m).

    THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (which is celebrating its 45th anniversary and 29 consecutive years as daytime’s #1 drama) delivered 4.17 million viewers, 1.2 in women 25-54 and 0.7 in women 18-49, its largest weekly numbers in those demos since the week ending April 27.

    THE BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL scored 3.40 million viewers, a 1.0 in women 25-54 and 0.6 in women 18-49, the show’s largest weekly numbers in those measures since April 20.

    THE TALK delivered 2.36 million viewers and a 0.7 in women 25-54, its best week in those measures since April 20.

    Source: Nielsen, Live plus Same Day Ratings for the week ending May 18, 2018.

    LA to Vegas Cancelled at Fox

    (5/22/18) Please return your seatbacks to their full upright and locked position: After only one zippy season, LA to Vegas has been cancelled by Fox.

    Co-star Amir Talai shared the news of the show’s axing via Twitter on Monday evening. “I love you so much #LAtoVegas fans,” Talai wrote. “That’s why it breaks my heart to tell you that our show is not coming back.”

    The comedy about the crew and passengers on discount Jackpot Airlines’ weekend jaunts from [see title] and back starred Dylan McDermott as kooky Captain Dave and UnREAL alumna Kim Matula as Ronnie, the level-headed flight attendant who miraculously keeps her wacky friends, er, grounded.

    The series’ chances of renewal started looking up back in January when the network ordered three additional episodes (bringing its total to 15). But apparently, it couldn’t even be saved by answering once and for all the question of “Are Dylan McDermott and Dermot Mulroney the same person?” by casting them as rival captains.

    Gina Rodriguez And David Thewlis Join Pubescent Animated Comedy ‘Big Mouth’

    (5/22/18) Netflix’s Big Mouth has added two noted actors to join the hormonally driven — and hilariously inappropriate — animated comedy. Gina Rodriguez (Jane: The Virgin) and David Thewlis (Fargo, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) will lend their voices to the series about the awkwardness and glorious nightmare that is teenaged puberty.

    Rodriguez will conveniently voice the character of Gina, a girl on Missy (Jenny Slate) and Jessi’s (Jessi Klein) soccer team who shakes up the social dynamics of the school — which is bound to bring some drama to the fold.

    Thewlis will join the fantastical character roster as The Shame Wizard, the Hormone Monster’s (Nick Kroll) mortal enemy who haunts the kids, stoking their deepest shame.

    Big Mouth comes from Kroll and his real-life best friend Andrew Goldberg (Family Guy) and includes a roster of noteworthy comedic actors including John Mulaney, Maya Rudolph, Jason Mantzoukas, Jordan Peele, Fred Armisen, and Andrew Rannells.

    Kroll, Goldberg and screenwriter-directors Mark Levin & Jennifer Flackett are all creators and executive producers on the Netflix series.

    Kyle Lowder Back At DAYS

    (5/18/18) Soap vet Kyle Lowder, who previously played Brady Black on DAYS from 2000-05, is back filming at the soap but the details of his return are being kept under wraps for now. “DAYS has always been very close to my heart,” Lowder tells Digest exclusively. “To be part of this family and this energy again is truly special to me.” Eric Martsolf, who assumed the role of Brady in 2008, and won a Daytime Emmy in 2014, is not going anywhere, report setsiders. For more, see the next issue of Digest, on sale tomorrow.

    Soap Faves In New Film

    (5/18/18) LANY Entertainment has acquired the star-studded psychological thriller JACK RIO from the independent motion picture company, Gruntworks Entertainment. The thriller is now available for the first time ever on Amazon Prime Video. Written and directed by THE BAY’s creator, Gregori J. Martin, JACK RIO tells the story of a famous actor named Tommy Jamison, played by Matt Borlenghi (ex-Brian, ALL MY CHILDREN et al), who tries to escape his on-screen persona, the TV character that made him famous. A string of murders seem to follow in his wake begging the question, is this the work of an obsessed fan — or something worse? The film also features Sean Kanan (Deacon, B&B), James Patrick Stuart (Valentin, GH), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe, DAYS), Brian Krause (ex-Matt, ANOTHER WORLD) and Tristan Rogers (Scorpio, GH; Lex, THE BAY).

    Brooklyn 99 Finale Video: Rosa Falls for Special Guest Star Gina Rodriguez

    (5/18/18) (Video) Has Detective Rosa Diaz finally met her match?

    TVLine has your exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine season finale (Fox, 8:30/7:30c), which introduces Jane the Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez as a potential love interest for Rosa.

    As previewed by series co-creator Dan Goor, Rodriguez plays Alicia, an Uber driver who comes into Rosa’s life when she least expects it. “They meet by chance… and Rosa is not looking for love,” he says. “But the question is, once she meets Gina Rodriguez’s character, will she be able to avoid it?” (Judging by Rosa’s googly-eyed expression, we’re guessing the answer is no.)

    As previously reported, Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Season 5 finale marks the Andy Samberg sitcom’s last episode on Fox, before moving to NBC for a 13-episode Season 6. The very special outing, titled “Jake and Amy,” will feature the highly antipicated Peraltiago wedding.

    Patrika Darbo Takes To The Stage

    (5/17/18) BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s Patrika Darbo (Shirley) tweeted that she’ll be hitting the boards in Los Angeles this Friday: “Exciting news! I’ll be performing live in a charity production of Eve Ensler’s critically-acclaimed play, 5/18/18, of The Vagina Monologues at the Loft Ensemble in Sherman Oaks, CA: 13442 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA. 91423. Join us!” All proceeds will benefit V-Day (, A Global Movement to End Violence Against Women and Girls, and various local anti-violence charities. Tickets are $25 and may be purchased online at or by phone at (818) 437-0886.

    Veteran Character Actor Joseph Campanella Dies at 93

    (5/17/18) (Video) Joseph Campanella, a character actor who appeared in more than 200 TV and film roles over his 50-year career, died at his Sherman Oaks, Calif., home on Wednesday, his daughter-in-law told Variety. He was 93.

    Campanella appeared across five seasons of late ’60s and early ’70s crime drama “Mannix,” for which he earned a supporting actor Emmy nomination in 1968, and six seasons of ’70s sitcom “One Day at a Time.” He had a number of other co-starring roles on the small screen, including ’60s hospital drama “The Doctors and the Nurses,” the ’70s medical series “Marcus Welby, M.D.,” and ’80s primetime soap story “The Colbys.” In more recent years, the actor held a recurring role on daytime soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful” from 1996 to 2005 and worked on “The Practice” and “That’s Life.”

    Along with his on-screen roles, Campanella also built a career as a voice actor, voicing characters in ’90s animated shows “Spider-Man” and “Road Rovers,” along with narrating the “Discover” science series on Disney Channel. He appeared in three Broadway plays, with “The Captains and the Kings” in 1962, “A Gift of Time” in 1962, and “Hot Spot” in 1963. He was nominated for a Tony for his performance in “A Gift of Time.”

    Campanella is the younger brother of fellow actor Frank Campanella, who died in 2007. He was born in New York City and attended Columbia University before moving to Hollywood. He is survived by Jill Campanella, his wife of 53 years, as well as his seven sons and eight grandchildren.

    Dishing With Digest Episode 7

    (5/12/18) B&B stars Darin Brooks (Wyatt) and Scott Clifton (Liam) chat about their real-life friendship plus we discuss the latest daytime casting news: Download / listen

    Y&R And B&B On The Hunt For New Roles

    (5/10/18) Y&R and B&B have sent out casting calls to fill three contract roles. Y&R is looking for an actress in her early 20s to play Sofia, described as “beautiful, independent and ambitious.” The soap is also casting the part of the “strikingly handsome” Carlos, a good guy in his early 30s. There’s no indication if Sofia and Carlos are related but both roles have an approximate starting date of mid-June. B&B has an upcoming short-term contract role for Clara, a young, British woman of 18-21 years old, who seems innocent but has a manipulative side.

    Katherine Kelly Lang Calls Her New Granddaughter "an Amazing Little Soul"

    (5/10/18) ( (Photo1, Photo2) The birth of a grandchild is a very special day, and THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL star Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) could barely put into words the joy she felt at becoming a grandmother! Her daughter, Zoe, gave birth to a baby girl on May 8, and the whole family was gathered around to welcome Zuma into the world. “I can’t begin to express in words the feelings of the last 24 hours,” Lang shared on Instagram. “Just incredible. Congrats to Zoe and Tyler on their brand new baby girl! We are so excited! Now time for some sleep.”

    In the hashtags to her post, Lang also revealed that the baby’s name, Zuma, means peace. “So incredible to meet the sweet little spirit as she was coming into this world,” the proud grandma expressed. “She is such a doll!”

    The next day, the actress shared another photo of herself and Zuma, this time holding the newborn swaddled in her hospital blankets. “I am amazed at how alert Zuma is on her second day in this world,” Lang marveled. “She is an amazing little soul and so excited to finally meet her. So happy for my daughter, Zoe, and excited for Dom and me to spoil little Zuma. Already making plans on how to do that! I am sure she will be spoiled and loved by the whole family!”

    Zuma is just beautiful, and we look forward to seeing more photos of the baby girl as she grows up, courtesy of her doting grandmother!

    B&B Star Scott Clifton's Beautiful Birthday Message to His Son Brought Us to Tears

    (5/8/18) ( Ford Clifton is turning two and his father, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL star Scott Clifton (Liam) has penned an absolutely beautiful message to his little boy that brought tears to our eyes. “Happy second birthday to the most beautiful soul I know,” he shared on Instagram. “I couldn’t have imagined how much would change after you took your first breath.

    “The point of my life, it turns out, is yours,” Clifton continued. “Self-interest consumes so much of my stupid, fleeting, fickle human existence; what a gift you are — to exhale, step off the stage, take my seat in the audience, and enjoy the Story of Ford. I won’t be here for the third act, little one, but I know you’ll get a standing ovation.”

    Cilfton then expressed feelings that every mother and father can understand and relate to. “It’s an experience shared by every parent, I’m sure, but you make it so easy for your mom and me,” the proud papa declared. “Your intelligence, your kindness, your sense of humor, your curiosity, your imagination, your perceptiveness, your focus, your warmth, your smile… God,that smile. There is so much I want to show you, so much I want to see again through your eyes, and so much to learn from you, when you’re ready to show me my own blind spots.

    “You’re better than I’ll ever be,” Clifton concluded. “What a privilege to claim you as my legacy. What a relief to know I left the world a better place than I found it, because I left it you. I love you.”

    Don Diamont Reveals the Truth Behind the "Who Shot Bill" Mystery on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

    (5/5/18) ( The “Who Shot Bill” mystery was a big storyline for THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL that built to the shocking return of Taylor Hayes as it was revealed she was the culprit, but it was the lead-up to the attempted murder that kept actor Don Diamont on his toes. For weeks, Bill became more and more antagonistic, turning everyone in Los Angeles against him, which meant there were plenty of suspects to go around when he got shot in the back! “It was a great opportunity for me to do my thing, so to speak, but it was also exhausting,” Diamont admitted to Soaps In Depth. “Going to work every day and yelling at everyone is tiring!”

    Also exhausting was the actual filming of the dramatic scenes where Bill was shot by the mystery assailant. “They wanted the look of those scenes to have a suspenseful, ‘film’ quality to them,” Diamont revealed. “So those were painstaking and took quite a bit of time. They shot a lot of footage of me on the floor, and let me say, you get stiff and sore laying on hard ground for that long. It’s really uncomfortable!”

    Since the actor suffers from chronic lower back issues, you’d think he would’ve enjoyed the subsequent episodes where he was unconscious in the hospital… but you’d be wrong! “You’d think ‘Oh, I get to just lay in bed and not say anything? Great’” Diamont confided. “But it’s really tedious, actually. I think I’d prefer to have a ton of dialogue than just laying in bed with a pretend intubation tube in my mouth.”

    Of course, now Bill is fully recovered and back in fine form as he continues to wreak havoc manipulating the lives of those around him. Looks like that particular brush with death didn’t change him one bit! He’d better be careful because Taylor might take another shot at him if he doesn’t leave Steffy alone!

    B&B’s Hires A New Avant

    (5/4/18) BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s Avant clan has a new family member in Adain Bradley, who is joining the soap as Julius’s (Obba Babatundé) nephew, Alexander Avant, reports Alexander is described as half-British and was raised in England by Julius’s brother and his wife and, naturally, he has a big secret. Bradley debuts on Tuesday, June 12. Bradley previous appeared on RIVERDALE (ex-Trev).

    AMC Faves Reunite For New Film

    (5/4/18) Jacob Young (Rick, B&B) is working on location in New Mexico on a new film project — and he shared on social media that one of his co-stars is none other than Alexa Havins, his on-screen wife in his ALL MY CHILDREN days (he played JR, she played Babe). “Guess who I’m working with on this movie!?? #reunion #babeandjr#newmexico #alexahavins,” he enthused on Instagram. Havins went on to marry Young’s AMC stepbrother, Justin Bruening (ex-Jamie) and they now have three children.

    Jacob Young Reveals What's Next After THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

    (5/4/18) ( After almost 10 years playing Rick Forrester on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, Jacob Young has decided to strike out and explore new career opportunities. However, while he’s no longer on contract with the soap, Young remains available to appear on B&B on a recurring basis, so this shouldn’t be the last fans see of Rick. “I’m pursuing wholeheartedly my other passions,” he told Variety, “but I’m still around.”

    Young has already begun releasing new music with the intention of producing an EP down the line, and has already landed a role in a new film, though he’s been careful not to reveal too much about it. “I am shooting a film currently right now in Albuquerque, and I feel that this is the first step of many steps in the right direction,” he revealed. “We’ve been hard at work as a team pushing to get these projects going, and as you know, work breeds more work, and right now I’ve taken those initial steps to continue doing so.”

    As an actor, Young is looking forward to really delving into a character and exploring all the layers, something that’s not always possible with the hectic pace of daytime. “Anybody who has an opportunity in TV, that’s fantastic, and we’re always grateful, but when it becomes a job, it starts to lose that pizzazz,” he confessed, “and it was really starting to become a job and it was starting to break my heart inside.”

    Another project Young is currently developing is about the legendary comedian Jerry Lewis. “I was dear friends with Jerry right up until the very end,” he explained, “and this is a project that we have a lot of interest from major A-list comedians that may want to [take on] this role. So yes, producing, developing, that’s the next step.”

    Having been in daytime for decades with roles on B&B, GENERAL HOSPITAL (as Lucky Spencer), and ALL MY CHILDREN (as JR Chandler), Young is eager to see what else is out there for him. “There’s just so much great content that’s out there right now through the streaming media outlets,” he admitted, “there’s a lot more risks that are being taken with the kinds of shows that are out there, so I’m open in general to exploring multiple possibilities. It’s not just two or three different roles. There’s just so much material out there!”

    Annika Noelle Teases Hope's Plans for Liam on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

    (5/3/18) ( It was in early January when Annika Noelle debuted as Hope Logan on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, but while the actress was a daytime newcomer, the character had quite a bit of history on the soap. So not only did Noelle have to fill the shoes of previous Hope, Kim Matula, she had to step in as one-third of B&B’s biggest love triangles as Hope plots to win Liam back from Steffy.

    “Team Steffy is out in full force,” Noelle acknowledged to Soaps In Depth of the character’s passionate legion of fans. “Hey, I get it. Hope’s been gone for a while, so to all of a sudden have her back and going after someone else’s man? It’s to be expected.”

    Thankfully, she’s also discovering what it’s like to have loyal fans of her own. “I’m starting to see Lope fans come out of hiding,” Noelle confided. “I think it’s fun, and honestly, the person whom I’m having most fun with through it all is [Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Steffy].”

    While Hope and Steffy will likely never be BFF’s on screen, backstage, Noelle and Wood get along much better. “She and I have a lot of similar interests and I think she is so fun,” Noelle revealed. “When she and I run lines in her dressing room, I’m usually rolling around on the floor playing with her dog, Ja’mie. I’m pretty much in heaven that I get to play with her puppy at work!”

    Despite Hope’s insistence when she first returned to Los Angeles that she wanted Liam and Steffy to work through their differences and repair their marriage, her true colors have shown through and she has confessed that she wants nothing more than to get him back. “She knows she should respect their marriage,” Noelle related, “but there’s that little part of her that can’t help herself. I think she’s under that magical ‘Liam’ spell that he puts every lady under!”

    But despite Hope now looking like a complete hypocrite, Noelle isn’t bothered, arguing that it gives the character depth. “No one is perfect,” she reminded. “What makes characters interesting is their flaws; it’s what makes them real. Hope always wants what’s best for everyone, but she’s not always good at executing that.”

    Soap Story Scion Bradley Bell Lists Impressively Pedigreed Bel Air Estate

    (4/29/18) ( A renowned estate with an illustrious pedigree in what is arguably the plummiest pocket of Los Angeles’s tony Bel Air community, owned for the last 25-plus years by Bradley Bell, scion of the Bell family soap opera dynasty, and his former soap opera writer/producer wife Maria Arena Bell, has come up for sale with an asking price of $37.5 million. Designed in the early 1930s by esteemed high-society architect Wallace Neff for film producer and studio mogul Sol Wurtzel, the elegant Spanish Colonial mansion, represented by Kurt Rappaport at Westside Estate Agency, measures in at 13,361-square feet with five bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms.

    According to Michael Gross’s 2011 real estate page-turner Unreal Estate, the property was purchased in 1953 for a reported $125,000 by celebrity psychic and astrologer-to-the-stars Anthony Norvell, who claimed to have sublet it at various times to Howard Hughes, Prince Ranier of Monaco and, “The King” himself, Elvis Presley. At some point the house came to be owned by British character actor Reginald Owen who, according to Gross, sold it 1962 to heiress, philanthropist and thoroughbred horse owner Dolly Green, daughter of oilman Burton Green, a co-founder of the city of Beverly Hills. Green lived in the house until her death in the fall of 1990 and it was from her heirs and estate the Bells purchased the property in 1991 for $4.775 million.

    Positioned high on 1.35 up-sloped acres with a view of the ocean over the Bel-Air Country Club, the elegant home stands the end of a long, gated driveway that swoops up from the street and around the eastern end of the mansion to a discreet motor court at the front of the house where a flamboyant pair of Corinthian columns frame the front door. According to the exhaustively researched, 428-page coffee table book The Legendary Estates of Beverly Hills, written by powerhouse real estate broker Jeff Hyland, co-founder of the Hilton & Hyland brokerage firm, the 180-foot long house was designed with a curved shape that followed the contour of the land with each of the main floor rooms having at least two exposures that opened to deep loggias and/or broad terraces that overlook terraced gardens. According to Shapiro’s tome, “The front door opened into an intimate, circular foyer, which led into a very large—and very grand—oval reception room, with the curving grand staircase on one side. To the right was the huge living room with French doors leading to the arched loggia. To the left was the dining room and breakfast room, both opening onto their loggia, and the kitchen and service wing. The second floor contained the library and four master bedrooms.”

    Current marketing materials show the estate additionally offers a gym, spa and screening room and there is additional unspecified living space tucked up under the terrace that surrounds the swimming pool at the western end of the house. Curved staircases cascade down from the terrace that runs along the curved rear façade to a tennis court and vast sweep of lawn surrounded by manicured gardens.

    The property is surrounded by other equally plush estates and even larger mansions unsurprisingly owned by financial heavy hitters like Packard Bell founder Beny Alagem, mobile home tycoon Jeffrey Kaplan, A&M Records co-founder Jerry Ross, billionaire financier Gary Winnick, nightclub mogul and hotelier Sam Nazarian and luxury property developer Jason Grosfeld who owns a mansion previously owned by English crooner Dean Martin, Tom Jones and Nicholas Cage.

    Property records suggest the Bells additionally maintain a partial interest in a shingled cottage on a rare, double-lot ocean-front property with a beachside swimming pool and spa inside the guarded gates of Malibu’s Colony enclave with the other half being owned by his mother Lee Bell, creator with her late husband William Bell of “The Young and The Restless” and “The Bold and The Beautiful,” and the architectures savvy couple recently completed construction of an über-modern mansion on almost six bluff-top acres above Malibu’s Paradise Cove.

    B&B Alum In Lifetime Movie

    (4/28/18) Felisha Cooper (ex-Sasha, B&B) stars in the Lifetime Original Movie FIANCE KILLER, which premieres on LMN on Saturday, April 28 at 8pm ET/PT. “It’s a great thriller,” coos Cooper ‘It’s an exciting cast, which includes Adam Huss (ex-Lance, B&B) and Kari Wuhrer (ex-Reese, GH). My character goes to Mexico, meets this guy, falls in love, comes home and surprises her mother by announcing she’s engaged. What’s great about the story is it goes a little sideways and you can’t predict how it’s going to end up. There are lots of twists and turns. I really love how it came out — but you’ll have to see for yourself!”

    45th Annual Daytime Creative Emmy Red Carpet Show

    (4/27/18) 45th Annual Daytime Creative Emmy Red Carpet Show: Video.

    Talk Show Appearance

    (4/27/18) The Talk – CBS

    Monday, April 30

    THE TALK’s Annual Daytime Emmy “After-Party” with exclusive appearances from many of the night’s biggest winners

    KNEKT at the 45 Daytime Emmy Nominee Reception

    (4/26/18) KNEKT at the 45 Daytime Emmy Nominee Reception: Red Carpet Video.

    Facebook Live with John McCook and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

    (4/25/18) Facebook Live with John McCook and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood: Video.

    Presenters for 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Announced

    (4/25/18) Some of the biggest and brightest stars of daytime television are scheduled to present at the 45th Annual Daytime Creative Arts Emmy® Awards on Friday, April 27, 2018 and the 45th Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards on Sunday, April 29, 2018 at the historic Pasadena Civic Auditorium located in Pasadena, Southern California. The Sunday Daytime Emmy Awards will be streamed-live on Facebook Live, Twitter, the NATAS website (, and the KNEKTtv platform.

    In addition to our previous announced hosts, Mario LOPEZ (EXTRA) and Sheryl Underwood (The Talk), the line-up of presenters for the Sunday, April 29 show include, Marie & David Osmond, Jane Pauley (CBS Sunday Morning), Loretta Swit and Jamie Farr, Tom Bergeron (Dancing with the Stars), Peter Marshall, Larry King (Larry King Now), Chris Harrison (Who Wants to be a Millionaire/The Bachelor), Nancy O'Dell and Kevin Frazier (ET), Valerie Bertinelli (Valerie's Home Cooking), Julie Chen, Eve, Sara Gilbert (The Talk), Adrienne Houghton, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Loni Love, and Jeannie Mae (The Real), Gaby Natale (Super Latina), Mark Steines, Debbie Matanopoulis (Home and Family), A.J. Gibson, Viveca A. Fox, Martha Byrne and Elizabeth Hubbard, and Gloria Allred, plus Brandon McMillan (Lucky Dog), Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron (Pickler & Ben). Also presenting are cast members from the four daytime soaps, including Deidre Hall, Suzanne Rogers, Sal Stowers and Greg Vaughan (Days of Our Lives), Carolyn Hennesy, Finola Hughes, Michelle Stafford, Chris Van Etten and Laura Wright (General Hospital), Katherine Kelly Lang, Heather Tom and Rena Sofer (The Bold & the Beautiful), and Sharon Case and Kristoff St. John (The Young & the Restless) and from the digital soaps, James Bland (Giants), Molly Burnett (Relationship Status), Anne Marie Cummings (Conversations in LA) and Kristos Andrews (The Bay). A special musical performance by Joely Fisher. Music provided by Caleb Nelson and The Remotes.

    The line-up of presenters for the Friday, April 27, show include David Arquette (Actor, Director, Producer, Screenwriter), David Osmond (Wonderama), Rodrigo Blaas, Marc Guggenheim and Chad Hammes (Trollhunters), Emily Calandrelli (Xploration Outer Space), Steve Spangler (Xploration, DIY), Michael Stevens (Mind Field), Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants), Vanessa Lachey, Curtis Stone, and Tiffany Derry (Top Chef Jr.), Michela Luci (Dino Dana), Raven-Symone (Raven's Home), Danny Seo (Naturally Danny Seo), Josh Garcia (The Voyager with Josh Garcia), Alie Ward (The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation), Maureen Fan and EricDarnell (Baobab). In addition, also presenting from the world of daytime soaps, Annika Noelle, Jeremy Ray Valdez (The Bold and the Beautiful), Victoria Konefal, Lamon Archey (Days of Our Lives), Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey (General Hospital), Kate Linder and Christian LeBlanc (The Young & the Restless), Kit Williamson (Eastsiders), Anne Marie Cummings, Gustavo Velasquez (Conversations in LA), Vanessa Baden Kelly (Giants), and Richard Brooks (The Rich and the Ruthless).

    The Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards and THE DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS recognize outstanding achievement in all fields of daytime television and are presented to individuals and programs broadcast from 2:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. during the 2017 calendar year.

    The 45th Annual Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards and THE DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS is a presentation of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Yangaroo, Inc. is the official provider of the Digital Media Distribution System Awards Management Solution ("DMDS") for the submission, judging and voting of all programs in the 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

    United Airlines is the official airline of THE DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS and The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

    About The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences: The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) is a professional service organization dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of television and the promotion of creative leadership for artistic, educational and technical achievements within the television industry. It recognizes excellence in television with the coveted Emmy Award for News & Documentary, Sports, Daytime Entertainment, Daytime Creative Arts & Entertainment, Public & Community Service, and Technology & Engineering. NATAS membership consists of over 16,000 broadcast and media professionals represented in 19 regional chapters across the country. BEYOND awards, NATAS has extensive educational programs including Regional Student Television and its Student Award for Excellence for outstanding journalistic work by high school students, as well as scholarships, publications, and major activities for both industry professionals and the viewing public. For more information, please visit the website at

    B&B’s Nia Sioux Upped To Series Regular

    (4/22/18) ( An original member from the cast of Lifetime’s Dance Moms is sashaying over to the daytime drama world.

    EW has learned exclusively that Nia Sioux is joining the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful. She will play Emma, an intern at Forrest Creations. After guesting on the show for a brief story arc, executive producer and head writer Bradley Bell offered her a contract as a series a regular.

    Sioux’s first episode will air April 23.

    Sioux, 16, spent seven seasons on the Lifetime unscripted show. A dancer since the age of 3, she was the only main cast member to be featured on all seasons of the series. Her mother, Holly, would routinely get up in Abby Lee Miller’s grill for not paying more attention to Sioux.

    Jacob Young Recurring At B&B

    (4/20/18) In the new issue of Soap Opera Digest, on newsstands tomorrow, Jacob Young discusses his move from contract to recurring status as B&B’s Rick, noting, “They do still have me working, which is great.” The actor tweeted fans about the change, saying, “Im recurring and just starting to shoot a movie for Lifetime. I have been under contract for 21 years and this to me is a blessing. I can now have the time to pursue all my passions. Xo.” For the full scoop, check out the new issue of Digest.

    Courtney Hope Back To B&B!

    (4/20/18) A month after announcing on social media that she was off the canvas, Courtney Hope — who was moved to recurring status — is heading back to B&B. “WELL Guys!! It’s OFFICIAL. Sally is coming BACK! …. Very happy to be back home @boldandbeautifulcbs! Now, let’s see where Sally lands next? … I love you all and thanks for your undying support,” she posted today.

    B&B’s Karla Mosley Pregnant!

    (4/17/18) Congratulations to B&B’s Karla Mosley (Maya), who is expecting her first child with boyfriend John Rogers. The actress, who is due in August, showed off her baby bump on the red carpet of the GLAAD Media Awards on Thursday, April 12. Since Maya is transgender, expect the actress to carry big purses and hide behind potted plants on-screen through the summer.

    Kelly Kruger Books New Role

    (4/17/18) Kelly Kruger (Eva, B&B) is busy filming a new role: A guest spot on season 2 of Freeform’s THE BOLD TYPE. The actress posted two behind the scenes shots, including one with one of the series stars, Katie Stevens (Jane). The show returns on Tuesday, June 12.

    Reign Edwards on MacGyver 5/4/18

    (4/17/18) “MacGyver + MacGyver” – MacGyver gets a shocking surprise when he tries to tell Matty that he’s quitting the Phoenix Foundation, on the second season finale of MACGYVER, Friday, May 4 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Tate Donovan guest stars as Oversight, a man with a history with Matty.

    GUEST CAST includes: Tate Donovan (Oversight), Billy Baldwin (Elwood Davis), Reign Edwards (Leanna Martin).

    NATAS and KNEKT TV Partner on 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Digital Telecast

    (4/13/18) ( The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) and KNEKT TV are partnering on an inaugural digital telecast of the 45th annual Daytime Emmy Awards taking place April 29, Variety has learned exclusively.

    “NATAS is thrilled to have this partnership which gives us the potential of the largest world-wide audience we have ever had,” NATAS senior vice president and Daytime Emmy Awards executive producer David Michaels said in a statement. “In addition we are very excited about the live red carpet show and the backstage winner interviews KNEKT is doing with Carolyn Hennesy which allows the fans to ‘see it all.'”

    The event will begin with the red carpet pre-show which will live-stream on all of the Daytime Emmys’ social media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and its website), as well as on KNEKT’s digital television network on platforms including Apple TV, Roku, iOS and Android.

    “Focusing on socially conscious content 90% of the programming on KNEKT TV is around non-profits, animal rights, environment, health & wellness, and living a more balanced and positive life. Celebrating the success of the nominees and winners of the daytime Emmys is reflective of how hard work and persistence pays off. It is an inspiration to fans, members of the entertainment industry and audiences who now have access to watch the show on a global scale,” said Kent Speakman of KNEKT TV.

    Speakman will supervise this digital telecast, which will be streamed to multiple social destinations such as Facebook, Youtube, Periscope & Twitter — powered by Switchboard — as well as for viewers who wish to have a traditional television experience on KNEKT Television, a new digital OTT network built by UnReel.

    B&B Shocker: Hunter Tylo Is Back!

    (4/12/18) As BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL viewers saw at the end of today’s episode, longtime fan fave Hunter Tylo (Taylor) is back on the canvas. Much like Sheila’s return last summer, Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell managed to keep the Taylor reveal a surprise. “It was just so out of the blue,” Tylo tells Digest. “They had me hidden away … I had a code name … They kept it quiet from everybody.”

    29th GLAAD Media Award Winners

    (4/12/18) Outstanding Daily Drama: The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)

    Soap Director Granted Guardianship Over Granddaughter

    (4/12/18) ( The director of the daytime soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful” was granted permanent guardianship Thursday of her 7-month-old granddaughter, who she says was born to drug-addicted parents.

    Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mary Thornton House granted Cynthia Popp’s petition, which states that her daughter and the infant’s father both consent to the proposed guardianship of the infant, who was born Aug. 25.

    “You’re the stand-in parent right now,” House told Popp, explaining that the petitioner has complete authority over where the child lives and her medical needs.

    The baby’s mother was clean during her pregnancy but relapsed after giving birth and is back in treatment, Popp’s petition stated. The father is not actively involved in the baby’s life and lives with his mother, according to Popp’s court papers.

    Popp, 55, took parenting classes before her granddaughter was born to refresh herself with those skills, according to her petition, which says she works two days a week at the studio and can do so all other days from home. She hopes that her daughter “will become clean so that she can be a mother to (her daughter) in the future,” the petition says.

    The judge said Popp does not have to give notice of her guardianship effort to her ex-husband, who has been in prison on a murder conviction since 1995 and has been out of the lives of his former spouse and daughter since then, according to the petition.

    Daytime Emmys 2018: Watch the Outstanding Lead Actor Nominee Reels

    (4/12/18) Peter Bergman (Jack, Y&R): Video.

    Michael Easton (Finn, GH): Video.

    John McCook (Eric, B&B): Video.

    Billy Miller (Drew, GH): Video.

    James Reynolds (Abe, Days): Video.

    Daytime Emmys 2018: THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Actors on Their Nominations and Plans for Emmy Night!

    (4/11/18) ( For this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL racked up an impressive 18 nominations both in front of and behind the camera. And three of their nominated actors — Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy), John McCook (Eric), and Rome Flynn (ex-Zende) — opened up to Soaps In Depth about the honor and their exciting plans for Emmy night!

    Jacqueline MacInees Wood (Steffy)

    Having been nominated twice before (in the Younger Actress category), Supporting Actress nominee Wood is hoping that the third time is the charm! “Who knows?” she smiled. “We’ll see! I mean, if it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I put in the work and that’s all I can really do. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.”

    For the big night, she’s debating between bringing her fiancé, Elan Ruspoli, or her gay BFF. “They’re kind of fighting for it!” Wood laughed. “It’s going to be a throwdown, because my best friend wants to go and he’s the one who set us up, so I might have to lean towards him!” The fashionable actress is also still debating how to dress on Emmy evening. “My schedule is always a little crazy, so I end up getting a dress at the last minute,” she confided, “so this time I may have to put some thought into it. Who knows, maybe it will be the opposite. Maybe being nominated, I’ll want to do something relaxed!”

    John McCook (Eric)

    McCook admitted that his reel is short, but powerful. “There were two scenes,” he reported. “One was a scene with Eric and Quinn when she has admitted to him that she and Ridge have been having an affair, and Eric is not just angry, he’s very, very hurt. And then the end of the scene I did with Ridge in the hotel room when I said, ‘You’re not my son anymore.’ Those were two good scenes with wonderful actors. That’s why I’m up for this, because of that story with these three characters.”

    When McCook is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor, he’s usually competing with fellow daytime powerhouse Peter Bergman (Jack, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS), but he admitted that it’s not really a competition. “He was one of the first people to call me,” McCook confided. “He’s a very enthusiastic member of the Academy and the daytime community and he respects the process more than a lot of the actors do, so he’s very excited for me as friends. This is great; it’s only my third time, but it must be his twelfth time!”

    Rome Flynn (ex-Zende)

    Since he left B&B last summer, the Daytime Emmys weren’t really on Flynn’s radar. “Last year when the nominations came out I was really anticipating [getting one],” he confessed. “I feel lik eI had a really good year that year, but it didn’t pan out, so I kind of learned to just ignore it, honestly. This year, I sat down with [B&B producer] Casey [Kasprzyk] and looked at tapes [to pick my reel], but after that, I just kind of moved on until they were announced and I was like, ‘I got nominated!’”

    Flynn said that he chose the scenes for his Emmy reel of Zende trying to reveal to her the right thing to do with signing the custody papers. “I had to walk a tightrope of being on her side, but also getting her to see for herself,” he explained. “She and I were both happy with those scenes. There were other scenes we were looking at that were maybe more emotionally impactful, but I really wanted my peers to see these scenes because they showed a certain restraint and compassion.”

    Daytime Emmys 2018: Watch the Outstanding Supporting Actress Nominee Reels

    (4/5/18) Marla Adams (Dina, Y&R): Video.

    Camryn Grimes, (Mariah, Y&R): Video.

    Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie, Days): Video.

    Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe, Y&R): Video.

    Mishal Morgan (Hilary, Y&R): Video.

    Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy, B&B): Video.

    Daytime Emmys 2018: Watch the Outstanding Younger Actor Nominee Reels

    (4/3/18) Lucas Adams (Tripp, Days): Video.

    Rome Flynn (Zende, B&B): Video.

    Tristan Lake Leabu (Reed, Y&R): Video.

    Casey Moss (J.J., Days): Video.

    Hudson West (Jake, GH): Video.

    Ashleigh Brewer joins Home and Away

    (4/3/18) Former Neighbours star Ashleigh Brewer has revealed that she is joining the cast of Home and Away.

    The actress, known for her Kate Ramsay role in the Aussie soap, has begun filming in Summer Bay as a new character called Chelsea.

    "I'm very excited to dive into a show that is so long-standing and one that I know very well," the actress told Digital Spy.

    "I was in LA when the role came up, so the audition side came to me by email and I recorded a tape that I sent through. I was later asked to do another tape, so I did that and then we signed off. It all happened really fast."

    Brewer is not allowed to reveals facts about her character just yet, but she will play a police officer, who arrives in Summer Bay "to give a real shock" to an established character in the soap.

    Asked it her new character was nice or nasty, Brewer said: "I would say she is an extremely nice person with a strong head on her shoulders, but she'll be causing a little bit of trouble through circumstances out of her control."

    Daytime Emmys 2018: Watch the Outstanding Younger Actress Nominee Reels

    (3/30/18) Reign Edwards (Nicole, B&B): Video

    Hayley Erin (Kiki, GH): Video

    Cait Fairbanks (Tessa, Y&R): Video

    Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire, DAYS): Video

    Chloe Lanier (Nelle, GH): Video

    Obba Babatundé on S.W.A.T 4/19/18

    (3/30/18) “Patrol” – Hondo confronts his long-held resentment towards his ailing father, Daniel Harrelson, Sr. (Obba Babatundé), when he and his sister, Briana (Gabrielle Dennis), try to convince their dad he’s no longer well enough to live alone. Also, when the SWAT team works as patrol officers for a day, Chris is partnered with Mumford, who intends to make her a surprising offer, on S.W.A.T., Thursday, April 19 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    Evan Rachel Wood, Gina Rodriguez To Topline Untitled Heist Feature For Annapurna

    (3/30/18) Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld) and Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) have been tapped to star in Miranda July’s untitled heist film, along with Richard Jenkins and Debra Winger. Annapurna is once again teaming with Brad Pitt’s Plan B as the project is slated to begin shooting in May. The plot follows Old Dolio, a woman raised by con artists, whose life is interrupted when an outsider is invited to take part in the family’s latest heist. The Beguiled producer Youree Henley will produce the pic.

    Marissa Jaret Winokur on B&B

    (3/28/18) Celebrity Big Brother winner Marissa Jaret Winokur will guest-star on the Tuesday, May 15, episode of CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful, per

    Gina Rodriguez To Star As Carmen Sandiego In Netflix Live-Action Feature

    (3/26/18) Netflix has acquired the live-action feature film rights to Carmen Sandiego and has attached Gina Rodriguez to star as the title character. Rodriguez, who won a Golden Globe for Jane the Virgin and continues to play the character, began her transfer to feature star with the Alex Garland-directed Annihilation and continues with the remake of the thriller Miss Bala that Sony Pictures releases January 25. She will produce Carmen Sandiego through her I Can and I Will productions alongside Kevin Misher and Caroline Fraser who will also produce. Misher’s Misher Films produced Miss Bala.

    Andy Berman of Misher films is exec producer.

    This is an extension of the brand as Netflix last year announced a new Carmen Sandiego animated series for 2019 with Rodriguez voicing the title character. Publisher and learning company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) is the owner of the Carmen Sandiego property. Caroline Fraser is head of HMH Productions and is the executive producer of the Carmen Sandiego Netflix original series and feature film. A line of books from HMH featuring Carmen will launch in 2019 timed to the series release.

    The movie will be a standalone Carmen adventure that will embrace the beloved ’90s property. No writer or director is yet attached to the movie. Rodriguez also voiced a lead role in the upcoming Warner Bros. animated film Small Foot. Catherine Hardwicke directed Miss Bala, the remake of the festival award-winning Mexican pic about a beauty pageant contestant who witnesses the brutality of a drug gang and is dragged into its dangerous business.

    CAA and attorney Karl Austen rep Rodriguez.

    Soap Stars Tweet Emmy Nomination Reactions

    (3/22/18) The soap world is bursting with excitement at the announcement of the 2018 Daytime Emmy nominations. Check out these tweets from nominees and actors who are showing their support! Click here (will link) for the full list of nominees.

    @1CaseyMoss (JJ, DAYS): Congrats to all of our @nbcdays @DaytimeEmmys nominees! @JreynoldsJames @wallykurth @ChandlerMassey @MarciMiller @DaysHayes @greg_vaughan @oliviakeegann @lucasbrentley Very humbled to be included with all of these talented people.

    @BethMaitlandDQB (Traci, Y&R): FANTASTIC EMMY SHOWING FOR #YR45 WITH 25 NOMINATIONS. Especially excited for #MarlaAdams first time nom in 50 year daytime career and @eileen_davidson and #PeterBergman #goteamabbotts #family #longlivedaytime

    @josh_swickard (Chase, GH): HUGE congrats to all the @GeneralHospital actors that have been nominated for an Emmy this year. Y’all deserve it! I’m rooting for you big bro! #MichaelEaston #GH

    @lldubs (Carly, GH): Yes Yes Yes !!!!! #GHBaby !!!!!! So excited for my #GHfamily #GHkicksAss

    @camryngrimes (Mariah, Y&R): I’m lucky enough already to work alongside these women but to be nominated with them is a surreal blessing. Congratulations ladies!!

    @linseygodfrey (Caroline, B&B): Congratulations to everyone at my @BandB_CBS family on their @DaytimeEmmys nominations! @JohnMcCook44 @JacquelineMWood @RomeTrumain @reignedwards! And of course congratulations to my best friend& Aleda’s amazing auntie @camryngrimes! Love you all! @CBSDaytime

    @caitfairbanks (Tessa, Y&R): Is this real life or

    @lisalocicerogh (Olivia, GH): Woohooo!! Congratulations to all my lovely castmates! So well deserved!!

    @RomeTrumain (ex-Zende, B&B): Me & @reignedwards we’re both nominated I’m not crying YOU ARE.

    @ChloeLanier (Nelle, GH): So happy and humbled!

    @MarciMiller (Abigail, DAYS): I can’t even…WHAT??? Truly humbled. Wow. SO many talented women. What company. Xx

    Alex Wyse Addresses B&B Status

    (3/21/18) After Courtney Hope (Sally) revealed that she was out at B&B, her co-star, Alex Wyse (Saul) followed suit. “It was one hell of a year,” he posted on Instagram. “Thanks to everyone who watched us on @boldandbeautifulcbs. I got to film 66 episodes, work with incredible people, and be a part of the Bold Cinematic Universe (trying to get that to catch on.) Here’s to the next adventure!”


    (3/20/18) For the week ending March 16, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (which celebrates its 45th anniversary next week, and is also celebrating 29 consecutive years as daytime’s #1 drama) delivered 4.40 million viewers, its largest weekly audience since the week ending Feb. 9.

    THE BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL scored 3.71 million viewers, its largest audience since the week ending Jan. 19.

    THE TALK delivered 2.60 million viewers, its biggest week since Feb. 9.

    Source: Nielsen, Live plus Same Day Ratings for the week ending March 16, 2018.

    Courtney Hope Out At B&B

    (3/20/18) Courtney Hope (Sally, B&B) has taken to social media to announce that Los Angeles is about to have a lot less Spectra. “I’ve been waiting for the right time to say this, but I’ve realized the more I wait the longer it takes me to move on and accept life’s new chapter,” she posted on Instagram. “Thank you to all the Sally and Spectra fans! Your love and support has meant the world … Hopefully Sally can return to ‘Los Angeles Fashion’ soon, but until then.. I love you all! It’s been the greatest year, and I will forever be thankful for my time as Sally Spectra. Being blessed to grace your homes and screens with love, light and the pursuit of dreams and truth. It’s been an honor to be apart of @boldandbeautifulcbs , and I am grateful for the memories and friendships made! God apparently has new and bigger plans for me at the moment and I can’t wait to see what those are! Again, I love you all and I hope to entertain and hangout with you again very soon! #TeamSpectraforLIFE #WeSpectrasLoveYou.”

    Don Diamont Eliminated From BALLANDO CON LE STELLE

    (3/20/18) (Video) Unfortunately, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL star Don Diamont (Bill) was eliminated in round two of the competition on BALLANDO CON LE STELLE, the Italian version of DANCING WITH THE STARS. “Heading back to Los Angeles for B&B,” the actor reported on Instagram with a selfie he snapped on his flight back to the U.S. “Thanks to everyone who supported Hanna Karttunen and me. My injuries kept me from preparing for the second dance, which was obvious last night. With time to heal, I hope for a chance for us to get back on the dance floor!”

    You can watch one of his final performances with partner Hanna Karttunen, a freestyle routine to “The Phantom of the Opera” that earned them two fives, two sixes, and one seven from the judges for a total score of 29. Unfortunately, even when combined with the audience voting, their scores weren’t enough to keep the pair in the competition, and Diamont was sent home.

    Last week, the duo was slightly more successful when they performed a paso doble to “Mentre Tutto Scorre” by Negramaro. After Diamont gave a shout-out to wife Cindy Ambuehl in the audience supporting him, they received their scores from the judges. While it was mostly in Italian, one judge did appreciate his positive attitude when faced with the challenge of ballroom dancing. The couple received three 6’s, one 7 and one 5, giving them a total score of 30.

    “Thanks for the support everyone!” Diamont shared on Instagram with some pics from the performance. “This Saturday, March 17, please go to @ballandoconlestelle and vote for team Diamont/Kartunnen!” He also reminded B&B fans in the US and the rest of the world that they can also vote as well as Italian sby going to the @ballandoconlestelle Instagram page and liking the photo of Diamont and Kartunnen. The number of likes on their Instagram pic could help add to their overall score.

    Diamont is not the first B&B star to compete on the competitive reality series, and he was thrilled to be able to follow in the dancing shoes of some of his castmates. Of course, things weren’t looking good for the actor when just a couple days before the show’s premiere, he was in an Italian clinic receiving treatment for a hip injury!

    Unfortunately, it looked like Diamont was unable to get past his injuries and continue to compete. Meanwhile, on B&B, his alter ego of Bill Spencer is lying in the hospital after being shot by a mysterious assailant. While this led some fans to fear he was leaving the soap, this was just timed to facilitate his exit to compete on BALLANDO CON LE STELLE. And on the plus side, the actor will be able to relax in a bed for a while when he returns to the show full-time!

    Talk Show Appearance


    We 3/21: Kim Matula

    Jacob Young Releases New Single

    (3/16/18) Jacob Young (Rick, B&B) has released a new song, “Fool For You.” He posted on Instagram, “ITS ARRIVED! I want to say a huge thank you to all the support y’all have given me! With out your kind words and belief in me, I’m not sure I would have had the courage to share my songs with you. I’m so blessed. I want to thank @christenyoung4 for helping me find the strength and showing me the way to happiness. A massive thank you to @thestevefreeman your amazing. @johnkennedyproductions And thank you to the big man upstairs! #foolforyou @cbstv @cbsdaytime @bold_and_the_beautiful @boldinsider.” You can download the song on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and Google Play.

    Support Don Diamont On DANCING WITH THE STARS Italy!

    (3/16/18) On Saturday, March 17, fans from anywhere in the world can support Don Diamont (Bill, B&B) and help him to advance in the DANCING WITH THE STARS Italy competition. To raise his score, visit the Instagram account @ballandoconlestelle and like the post for Team Diamont/Karttunen. The number of likes will ultimately add to his overall score on the show.

    B&B's Rome Flynn Books HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER

    (3/16/18) Rome Flynn (ex-Zende, B&B) made a surprise appearance on last night’s season finale of ABC’s HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. The actor, who opted not to renew his contract at the soap when it was up late last summer, was introduced as a mysterious new character named Gabriel Maddox. “Now y’all knoooww I’m not answering anything plot related,” he tweeted, adding, “Hey #HTGAWM fans Thank you for the warm welcome.” He also praised the series’ star, noting, “Ms Viola Davis You are the epitome of class personified. You are inspiration. Thank you.” Should the show receive a fifth season pickup, expect Flynn to play a pivotal role next season. Congratulations!

    Daytime Emmy Awards nominations announced on The Talk 3/21/18

    (3/16/18) The Talk – CBS

    Wednesday, March 21

    THE TALK announces the “45th Daytime Emmy® Awards” nominations live

    Don Diamont Survived the First Week on BALLANDO CON LE STELLE — Watch His Paso Doble!

    (3/15/18) (Video) Congratulations to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL star Don Diamont (Bill) who has made it through the first round of competition on BALLANDO CON LE STELLE, the Italian version of DANCING WITH THE STARS! He and partner Hanna Karttunen performed a paso doble to “Mentre Tutto Scorre” by Negramaro. After Diamont gave a shout-out to wife Cindy Ambuehl in the audience supporting him, they received their scores from the judges. While it was mostly in Italian, one judge did appreciate his positive attitude when faced with the challenge of ballroom dancing. The couple received three 6’s, one 7 and one 5, giving them a total score of 30. Watch his performance and judging right above!

    “Thanks for the support everyone!” Diamont shared on Instagram with some pics from the performance. “This Saturday, March 17, please go to @ballandoconlestelle and vote for team Diamont/Kartunnen!” He also reminded B&B fans in the US and the rest of the world that they can also vote as well as Italians, they just have to keep in mind they will need to vote during 11:30 pm and 12:00 am Italian time!

    Diamont is not the first B&B star to compete on the competitive reality series, and he was thrilled to be able to follow in the dancing shoes of some of his castmates. Of course, things weren’t looking good for the actor when just a couple days before the show’s premiere, he was in an Italian clinic receiving treatment for a hip injury!

    Thankfully, Diamont seems to be doing well and able to compete, so we look forward to seeing what challenging routine he and Karttunen are tasked with learning in the next episode. Meanwhile, on B&B, his alter ego of Bill Spencer is lying in the hospital after being shot by a mysterious assailant. While this led some fans to fear he was leaving the soap, this was just timed to facilitate his exit to compete on BALLANDO CON LE STELLE.

    Chad Duell and Courtney Hope Open up About Their Real-Life Love Story

    (3/12/18) ( Three years ago, GENERAL HOSPITAL star Chad Duell (Michael) met THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Courtney Hope (Sally) at a party, and he has his friend and former castmate, Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan) to thank for the introduction. Almost immediately, the pair hit it off and found they had a lot in common. “We started talking about music, agriculture — real things,” Hope recalled. “And at parties in L.A., that’s not uncommon.”

    However, after the evening came to an end, Duell found himself keeping his distance. “I wanted to hang out with her,” he confessed, “but part of me knew I would end up dating her. I guess I was scared.” Thankfully, Hope sent Duell one last silly message before giving up on him entirely, and the rest is history!

    “My parents always used to tell me love should be easy and with someone who’s your best friend,” she explained. “Growing up, I didn’t believe that existed anymore. When I met Chad, it was the first time I ever saw what they were talking about.”

    Over the past few years, the couple have built a strong relationship, and Duell wants to be as thoughtful and romantic as his beau has been when it comes to gifts. “For my birthday, Courtney got me a trip to Japan and a room at the hotel my favorite movie, Lost in Translation, took place in,” he revealed. “That was probably the coolest thing anyone’s ever done for me.”

    But Hope admitted that grand gestures aren’t as important as you might think when it comes to expressing love. “Being thoughtful is a form of being romantic,” she mused. “I’ll come home from a long day at work and he’ll bring me flowers or even just my favorite protein bar. That means something to me. He’s thinking about me.”

    As happy as the lovebirds are, however, they admit that marriage isn’t in the cards… at least not yet! “If we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together,” Hope suggested, “why rush it?”

    Patrika Darbo To Host Indie Series Awards

    (3/9/18) Patrika Darbo (Shirley, B&B) has been tapped to host the 9th Annual Indie Series Awards ceremony on April 4 at The Colony Theatre in Burbank, CA. “Patrika has always been a big part of the ISAs ceremony, and we are so excited to showcase her talent even more this year as our host,” said Producer Roger Newcomb. “We have asked Patrika to do so many random things over the years. She’s game for anything, and always elevates every idea to another level with her professionalism and enthusiasm. She will certainly do that again on April 4.” The ISAs celebrate the best in independently produced entertainment created for the Web.

    B&B's Don Diamont Injured on BALLANDO CON LE STELLE

    (3/9/18) (Video) Oh no! Don Diamont (Bill, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) hasn’t even begun to compete on BALLANDO CON LE STELLE and he’s already injured himself! The actor, who is set to hit the dance floor with partner Hanna Karttunen on Saturday, March 10, shared a video to Instagram where he explained that he was getting treatment in order to be in dancing shape by the weekend! “I’m leaving Villa Stuart,” he revealed. “I had a hip injury today at the end of rehearsal. Was concerned that there might have been a fracture or maybe a soft tissue injury. But good news — we’re good to go.”

    “This place is amazing,” Diamont added. “They take care of all the professional soccer players here in Rome. So many thanks to them!”

    (Video) Before flying to Italy to compete in the Italian version of DANCING WITH THE STARS, Diamont also prepared himself with a series of injections for his back, which he shared in another Instagram video. “For my love of, and commitment to Italy and BALLANDO CON LE STELLE!” he wrote. Just be warned — if you’re squeamish around needles, you might not want to click play on this one!

    Diamont has been flying back and forth between Los Angeles and Italy in order to tape some more scenes for B&B, but once the competition gets underway, that could prove more difficult to do. But thankfully, Bill has been shot, and is currently in the hospital, meaning that Diamont is free to dance his heart out overseas while the police try to solve the mystery of who shot him! (And once he's back on B&B full-time, if he's injured himself dancing, at least he'll be able to lay in a hospital bed on set for a while!)

    We’ll keep you updated on Diamont’s progress on BALLANDO CON LE STELLE as he continues to compete — hopefully he’ll do as well as his castmates who have also appeared on the show!

    Meet Jeremy Ray Valdez, the New Cop on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL!

    (3/9/18) ( With a dangerous shooter on the loose on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, the police are on the case. Including the brand new investigator, Detective Sanchez, played by Jeremy Ray Valdez! To find out more about this newcomer and his portrayer, we sat down with the actor to get the scoop! “This is my very first daytime job,” Valdez confided to Soaps In Depth. “It’s actually the first time I’ve ever even auditioned for a soap!” Before his daytime debut on B&B, he could be seen in films like La Mission and Line of Duty as well as primetime series like THE ROOKIE: CTU, VERONICA MARS, and THE MENTALIST.

    The storyline and Det. Sanchez’s involvement in it is what really intrigued Valdez and inspired him to read for the part. “As an actor, you’re always looking for interesting work,” he explained. “That’s what I was attracted to, as well as the chance to show up every day and tackle something new and difficult. Even on feature films, you may be on set for a couple of months, but it’s still not as intense as this.”

    And thankfully, Valdez doesn’t have to worry about accidentally spilling the secret of who shot Bill Spencer because he doesn’t even know! “The castmembers only know what’s going on that week we’re shooting because those are the scripts we get,” he revealed. “We’re left going, ‘Okay, who did it? Is Bill telling the truth?’ It’s fun. I can honestly say that I show up to work every day and have fun. We get the job done, but it is very fun.”

    Of course, as Det. Sanchez gets to know all the Spencers, Forresters, and Spectras to try and figure out who was responsible for trying to kill Bill, Valdez also has to get to know them! “I spent a lot of time asking other castmembers a lot of questions because there is a lot of backstory,” the actor confessed. “So I did have to do a lot of research about that and get caught up. There’s a lot that’s happened in B&B history!”

    With Lt. Baker determined to find the shooter as soon as possible, Det. Sanchez has his work cut out for him! “There’s definitely a sense of urgency between these characters,” Valdez teased. “The pressure is on for Detective Sanchez to figure this out and a great deal of that is coming from Deputy Chief Baker.”

    Stay tuned to see how the mystery unfolds and if Sanchez can figure out the guilty party before they make another attempt on Bill’s life.

    Reality Star To B&B

    (3/8/18) DANCE MOMS alum Nia Sioux has joined the cast of B&B. Sioux announced the news on social media, posting, “I’m on set of the world’s most watched daytime drama#BoldAndBeautiful! Tune in April 24th and see me as #Emma the #Forrester intern!!! @CBSDaytime @boldinsider @BandB_CBS.” Congrats!

    B&B’S Pierson Fodé On B&B Return

    (3/4/18) It’s been six months since BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s Pierson Fodé (Thomas) left the soap, but when he heard about the upcoming storyline Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell had in mind, he just couldn’t resist coming home for a visit. “I was super-excited about it,” Fodé confirms. For all the scoop on his first day back, who he has kept in touch with and the reaction of his co-stars when he walked through the door, check out the new issue of Soap Opera Digest, on sale now.

    B&B Preview From Bradley Bell

    (3/4/18) Digest gets all the juicy details on what Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell has in store for B&B fans. Bell dishes on past and possible couplings, addresses recast rumors and teases about the show’s next glamorous remote. Plus, he answers your burning questions! Read all about it in the new issue of Soap Opera Digest, on sale now.

    Publicists Guild Awards: Winners List

    (3/3/18) Lifetime Achievement Award: Betty White

    Don Diamont On Italy’s DANCING WITH THE STARS

    (3/2/18) BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s Don Diamont (Bill) announced via social media that he will be the next B&B star to hit the dance floor on the Italian version of DANCING WITH THE STARS. After posting the notice in Italian with his dance partner, he translated, stating, “For my non-Italian speaking fans, I’ve joined the marvelous cast of Dancing With The Stars Italy 2018 and have been partnered with brilliant, beautiful, @hanna_karttunen. It’s quite a challenge, and I’m very excited for the experience. Dancing $Bill??? Lol. Let’s find out.” Diamont mentioned the possibility to Digest last year saying, “This is something we’ve been discussing and I would love to see it come to pass. It would be really tough, but I love a challenge!” Diamont follows in the dancing shoes of fellow B&B-ers Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), Sean Kanan (ex-Deacon) and Ronn Moss (ex-Ridge), who have also vied for the prize overseas.

    Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez Cops Juicy Brooklyn Nine-Nine Role

    (3/1/18) Jane the Virgin is moonlighting, and doing it all the way up the East Coast.

    Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez is set to guest-star in an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine when the Fox comedy resumes its season later this spring.

    Though unconfirmed by Fox, Instagram posts (that have since been deleted) suggest that Rodriguez’s role will more channel her current big-screen gig in Annihilation than Jane Villanueva, in that she will be playing a romantic dalliance for bisexual Detective Rosa Diaz. If true, the pairing marks a mutual wish come true for both B99‘s Stephanie Beatriz — who once expressed her wish for Rodriguez to play a romantic interest — and Rodriguez herself, who responded to that overture in kind.

    In addition to her award-winning run as The CW’s titular (if since-deflowered) Jane the Virgin, Rodriguez’s TV credits include Rizzoli & Isles, The Mentalist, Longmire and Army Wives.

    Make-Up Artists And Hair Stylist Guild Award Winners


    The Bold and the Beautiful
    Christine Lai Johnson, Chris Escobosa, Jennifer Wittman

    The Bold and the Beautiful
    Lisa Long, Danielle Spencer, Danielle Dixon

    Gina Rodriguez Opens Up About Love, Living With Hashimoto's Disease, and More

    (2/21/18) Gina Rodriguez is opening up to Self about everything from love to being a Hashimoto's disease warrior.

    The Jane the Virgin star has been living with Hashimoto's which she calls, "the curse of a lifetime," for quite some time.

    "To the core of my being, I know what it's like to feel like there is no way I can win this, so where do I even begin," the 33-year-old star says. "[Hashimoto's] affects so many aspects of your life. I've had it for so many years...that rebellion of not taking care of myself can't exist anymore."

    Rodriguez is now starring in Annihilation, which was a highly physical role for her that required a lot of preparation and physical change.

    "I'm OK in both of those," she says. "I'm not less than because I'm 10, 15, 20 pounds more."

    Through her battle with Hashimoto's disease and mastering various roles, she has constant support from her boyfriend, Joe LoCicero.

    "[He] has really helped me have a healthier perspective on [weight], that stupid number that can destroy us and feel like it's equivalent to our self-worth," she explains. "This love is so easy," she adds, saying her relationship with LoCicero is one that is full of "respect and kindness, and generosity, and compromise, and sacrifice."

    Rodriguez has also learned how to value herself and know her worth but admits it took time.

    "I didn't know my worth [at the start of my career] because the industry had such a specific perspective on what it should be as a brown woman," she says. "I had to start saying, 'Well, I know if I work hard, I can show my worth,' and I have been doing nothing but that."

    The actress, who uses her platform to advocate for women, has set several professional goals for herself.

    "I'm ready to do my movie," she says, Rodriguez wants to direct a feature. "Whether that means success or failure, I'm ready to go for it." She also wants to create more positions, both in front and behind the camera, for women and Latinos.

    "Obviously I come from a specific lens and a very specific perspective," she says. "I, of course, would love to see Latino communities uplifted and celebrated in a positive light because our administration loves to show us in such a negative light. That's going to be a part of my fight."

    Rodriguez also opens up about her fight the symptoms related to Hashimoto's disease.

    "I just have never allowed anything to stop me in my tracks, ever," she says. "I would fight depression, and fight my body changing."

    She is now battling a new onset of increased anxiety and panic attacks.

    "I've just recently started getting debilitating panic attacks and anxiety," she explains that it's related to first-time-director nerves and the pressure to strike the right tone in her show, on stress and life changes. It's also due to "balancing reality with fiction, and reality with the bulls--t of social media, the kind of psychological change that's happening in our climate, period."

    Luckily, Rodriguez said she noticed she was taking too much thyroid medication, which was causing heart palpitations that spiraled into anxiety attacks. She then went on to lower her dosage, and the attacks went away.

    "It's really important for us to be super self-aware," she says. "I wasn't banking on that. I wasn't like, 'Hey, yea, let me get a disease that makes me have to be super aware.' I don't want to be super aware of myself all of the time."

    Oscars: Gal Gadot, Mark Hamill, Lin-Manuel Miranda Among Second Group Of Presenters

    (2/21/18) The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced the next group of presenters for the 90th Oscars telecast. They are Gal Gadot, Mark Hamill, Armie Hammer, Oscar Isaac, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Gina Rodriguez, Eva Marie Saint, Wes Studi, Kelly Marie Tran and Zendaya.

    They join previously announced Mahershala Ali, Chadwick Boseman, Viola Davis, Laura Dern, Jennifer Garner, Greta Gerwig, Tiffany Haddish, Tom Holland, Kumail Nanjiani, Margot Robbie, Emma Stone and Daniela Vega.

    Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, The Oscars will air live Sunday, March 4, on ABC.

    Pierson Fodé Back To B&B!

    (2/17/18) Six months after exiting B&B, Pierson Fodé (Thomas) is returning for a short-term story arc. The actor tells Digest that he wasn’t planning a reprisal so soon but, “This has been a fun story to come back for,” Fodé teases. “When Brad [Bell, executive producer/head writer] pitched it to me, I was super-excited about it!” For all the inside scoop about Fodé’s B&B homecoming, check out an upcoming issue of Soap Opera Digest. His first air date is March 9.

    Talk Show Appearance

    (2/16/18) The Talk – CBS

    Monday, Feb. 19


    CBS Films Sets ‘Hellfest’ Heroines: Amy Forsyth, Reign Edwards, Bex Taylor-Klaus

    (2/14/18) CBS Films has set its lead female cast for Hellfest, the Gregory Plotkin-directed, Gale Anne Hurd-produced genre film about a masked serial killer who turns a horror-themed amusement part into his own personal Halloween slaughterhouse. Amy Forsyth (The Path, Rise), Reign Edwards (MacGyver, Snowfall) and Bex Taylor-Klaus (Here And Now, Arrow) will play the three friends who race to save patrons who believe the gore is all part of a thematic scare show.

    Plotkin directed Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension and was editor on Get Out and Happy Death Day, and Hurd is the producer of The Walking Dead and Aliens.

    Hellfest is set for release on October 12 of this year.

    “We are going to take audiences on a wild and terrifying ride, and Amy, Reign, and Bex are exactly the talented energetic heroes we have been looking for to face off against our killer,” Plotkin said.

    Forsyth is repped by Gersh and David Dean Management; Edwards is repped by Management 360 and attorney Alex Kohner at Morris Yorn; Taylor-Klaus is with Hyperion Talent Agency, Curtis Talent Management and attorney Patti Felker; Plotkin is repped by ICM Partners and Circle of Confusion.

    Phillip Kobylanski is overseeing for Valhalla Entertainment and Alex Ginno and Mark Ross are overseeing for CBS Films.

    Pierson Fodé Reveals Why He Wants to Hear Your Best Pick-Up Lines

    (2/10/18) ( Fans who miss Pierson Fodé as Thomas Forrester on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL will now have the chance to get up-close and personal with the Emmy-nominated actor! Just enter the “Make a Scene” competition on the 8secondz app, and if he judges your submission the winner, you can enjoy a one-on-one mentoring session via Skype, Google Hangouts, or good old-fashioned telephone!

    “It’s actually a really cool platform,” Fodé told Soaps In Depth of the new app. “It’s kind of like Vine, but if you could interact with the followers a bit more hands-on. So I created a competition and it’s about who creates the best pick-up line or recreates their favorite version of a pick-up line. And then from there, I pick out the top two winners and we’re able to do a live interaction and mentor them and give them hands-on feedback. That’s something that I totally would’ve wanted as a kid or just anybody interacting with some form of celebrity.”

    The catch is that you only have eight seconds to make your statement! “So that’s kind of one of the main challenges,” the actor confided. “So it helps you kind of be a little more creative in making it, rather than just creating an hour-long YouTube video. This sets the canvas for what you have to create.”

    (Video) Not only did Fodé conceive of this as a way to offer his fans some advice on breaking into acting, he also wanted to interact with them. “I feel like a lot of times being on a TV show or even through social media,” he mused, “it feels like there’s a wall between us. And it’s the first time that I think I was able to get a chance to be a little more hands-on and be a little more face-to-face with my fans. And also get them involved in something that they may be passionate about as far as the arts and fine arts programs. It’s kind of a fun way to not only give back, but also interact.”

    The contest is currently running, but you only have until 2 pm EST on Saturday, March 31, to submit your entry and only one entry per user will be permitted. The 8secondz app is free to download, posted videos are free to view, and it is also free to vote. So get creative and get to chat with Fodé — Good luck!

    Sean Kanan Making New York Appearances

    (2/10/18) B&B’s Sean Kanan (Deacon) is bringing his stand-up comedy routine to Empire City Casino in Yonkers, NY for an exclusive, two-night engagement on Monday, February 12 and Tuesday, February 13. Limited tickets are available for each night and cost only $20 per person, which includes beer and wine from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Empire Club membership is required to purchase tickets; non-members can join the free Empire Club at the door while purchasing tickets. Kanan, who recently completed a major supporting role opposite Jason Patric in the feature period film Gangster Land, will meet and greet fans following each show.

    Susan Flannery Returns For B&B Cameo

    (2/9/18) Longtime fans will be getting a special treat when Susan Flannery returns to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL for a very special cameo in the Friday, Feb. 9 episode! “Don’t miss Susan Flannery’s return as the voice of Stephanie Forrester with a special message for Brooke on her wedding day!” the soap teased on Instagram.

    Flannery was best known as Dr. Laura Spencer Horton on DAYS OF OUR LIVES in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s but became beloved to soap fans as Stephanie Douglas Forrester on B&B. She debuted with the soap back in 1987, and continued playing the matriarch until she chose to retire in 2012. During her daytime career, Flannery earned four Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor — three for B&B and one for DAYS.

    When Flannery chose to retire, B&B wrote a powerful final storyline for her as Stephanie lost her battle with cancer and passed away. But now, on Brooke’s wedding day, Flannery has recorded a little cameo for Stephanie from beyond the grave as Brooke will hear her friend’s voice as she looks up at her portrait.

    While Flannery has retired from acting, she has not completely left show business. While still appearing on B&B, she directed episodes of that soap as well as fellow CBS sudser GUIDING LIGHT. Later, she directed for web soap VENICE THE SERIES and a 2017 episode of THE FOSTERS.

    While this is unfortunately not a full return for Flannery and Stephanie, it will certainly be good to hear her voice again!

    Winsor Harmon Is Starring in a New Movie!

    (2/8/18) Fans of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL who miss seeing Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester can look forward to watching him in a new movie titled Emer that he’s preparing to shoot overseas! “The dream is real,” he shared on Instagram. “Shooting in Scotland. I love my craft.”

    While it’s still too early for any details on the film by Ally McClelland, from the hashtags Harmon used, it’s a story about vikings and vampires. Which will he be playing — a viking, a vampire… or perhaps both? He used the hashtag “Faolon,” which could be the name of his character. We just want a peek inside that script to see what it's all about!

    B&B fans were upset when Harmon revealed in September of 2017 that the soap had decided to recast the role of Thorne, but he was supportive of his replacement, Ingo Rademacher, when the news broke. And he is clearly still beloved by his former castmates. Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) commented “So awesome! Yay!” on his Instagram post about the news.

    As more details regarding Emer and Harmon’s role in the film are revealed, we’ll be sure to let you know. Especially if Harmon starts sharing photos from the set in Scotland! So stay tuned as this story develops.

    Reign Edwards on MacGyver 3/2/18

    (2/6/18) “Hammock + Balcony” – MacGyver, Leanna, Riley and Bozer pose as honeymoon couples at a resort in order to gain information about a Serbian war criminal from his newly married son. Also, Bozer wonders if Matty knows about his relationship with Leanna, and Jack recruits Elwood (Billy Baldwin) to help him break into Matty’s home, on MACGYVER, Friday, March 2 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    REGULAR CAST: GUEST CAST: Billy Baldwin (Elwood Davis), Reign Edwards (Leanna), Pasha Lychnikoff (Boris).

    Talk Show Appearance

    (2/3/18) The View - ABC

    Feb 08, 2018

    congressional candidate Antonio Sabàto Jr.

    Nominees Announced For The 9th Annual Indie Series Awards

    (2/1/18) The nominees for the 9th Annual Indie Series Awards were announced today, and LADIES OF THE LAKE, the series based on the book by DAYS’s Executive Producer Ken Corday, and helmed by DAYS alum Kyle Lowder (ex-Brady, who is also nominated for Lead Actor) and Writer Michael Caruso, led the pack with 18 nominations, followed by THE BAY with 16. Since 2009, the Indie Series Award has honored the most creative and progressive talent in independent web series. The nominated actors are:

    Best Drama Series
    The Bay
    L.A. Macabre
    Ladies of the Lake
    Riley Parra
    Running With Violet

    Best Lead Actor – Drama
    Anthony Anderson, Anacostia
    Kristos Andrews, The Bay
    Aidan Bristow, L.A. Macabre
    Ryan Hellquist, L.A. Macabre
    Kyle Lowder, Ladies of the Lake
    Kyseem Roberts, Oldhead

    Best Lead Actress – Drama
    Tamieka Chavis, Anacostia
    Kate Conway, Out With Dad
    Marem Hassler, Riley Parra
    Jessica Morris, Ladies of the Lake
    Karrueche Tran, The Bay
    Corsica Wilson, L.A. Macabre

    Best Supporting Actor – Drama
    Raymond Ablack, Teenagers
    Brandon Beemer, The Bay
    Levi Jennings, At Bay
    Will Lash, Anacostia
    Eric Nelsen, The Bay
    Andreas Wyder, Or So the Story Goes

    Best Supporting Actress – Drama
    Olivia Baptista, Here We Wait
    Jillian Clare, Ladies of the Lake
    Jade Harlow, The Bay
    Lindsey Middleton, Out With Dad
    Maeve Quinlan, Riley Parra
    Brandy Redd, L.A. Macabre

    Best Guest Actor – Drama
    Tremayne Norris, Anacostia
    Thomas Calabro, The Bay
    Bruce Davison, The Bay
    Chad Duell, The Bay
    Ian Buchanan, Ladies of the Lake
    Paul Eiding, Riley Parra

    Best Guest Actress – Drama
    Jennifer Bassey, Anacostia
    Patrika Darbo, The Bay
    Patrika Darbo, Ladies of the Lake
    Dee Freeman, Anacostia
    Arianne Zucker, Ladies of the Lake
    Judi Blair, Anacostia

    Best Lead Actor – Comedy
    Andy Goldenberg, Bad Timing
    John Loos, John Loos: Too Big For This World
    Dan Pearlman, Flatbush Misdemeanors
    Wesley Taylor, Indoor Boys
    Pat Thornton, Filth City
    Alex Wyse, Indoor Boys

    Best Lead Actress – Comedy
    Lisa Ebersole, 37 Problems
    Meghan Heffern, How to Buy a Baby
    Alesha Reneé, The Rich and the Ruthless
    Paula Rhodes, The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy
    Natalie Smyka, ThreadBare
    Rachel B. Joyce, Royally

    Best Supporting Actor – Comedy
    Gastón Armagno The Amazing Hoolister Park
    Michael Colyar, The Rich and the Ruthless
    Tom Costello, ThreadBare
    Percy Daggs III, The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy
    Andy King, Filth City
    Michael Perrie Jr., F’d (another effing web series)

    Best Supporting Actress – Comedy
    Juliette Danielle, The Room Actors: Where Are They Now?
    June Diane Raphael, ThreadBare
    Kathleen Phillips, Filth City
    Victoria Rowell, The Rich and the Ruthless
    Medina Senghore, Friend Therapy
    Jacklyn Zeman, Misguided

    Best Guest Actor – Comedy
    Jim Beaver, The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy
    Devin Field, Doin’ It
    Frankie Grande, Indoor Boys
    Chris Kervick, John Loos: Too Big For This World
    Michael Litchfield, Valet
    Zac Titus, Bad Timing

    Best Guest Actress – Comedy
    Patrika Darbo, Indoor Boys
    Emma Hunter, How to Buy a Baby
    Becca Levine, John Loos: Too Big For This World
    Mindy Sterling, The Room Actors: Where Are They Now?
    Caryn Ward Ross, The Rich and the Ruthless
    Leslie Watkins, Doin’ It

    Ash Brewer confirms she's leaving Bold And The Beautiful

    (2/1/18) Former Neighbours star Ash Brewer has quit Bold and The Beautiful after three years with the soap drama.

    She broke the news this week, saying that she's walking away from the series to focus more on her acting career – she hopes to emulate the success of fellow Neighbours star and friend Margot Robbie.

    "I'm doing the acting thing in LA, onwards and upwards," Ash told The Herald Sun.

    "It's definitely time for me and I've had Margot encouraging me for so long (saying) just leave it and see what happens. So I'm throwing caution to the wind now and keeping myself open to opportunities. I've been doing soaps for 10 years now. It's daunting but so exciting."

    Ash joined the cast of Neighbours in 2009 as Kate Ramsay. She stayed on the show for five years until her character was killed in a shooting.

    In 2013, Ash joined the cast of Bold, playing the role of Ivy Forrester, Eric Forrester's niece.

    Ash hopes to walk in the footsteps of her good friend, Margot. Just last week as the news was announced of Margot's Oscar nomination for best actress in I, Tonya, Ash took to Instagram to cheer her on.

    "It's not everyday [sic] that you wake up to the news of your girl becoming an Academy Award nominee!! Mags, this is beyond deserved! What a year! (Oh and it's only January 24th..... sh-t.)," she wrote.

    It's unknown how Ash's departure will happen on Bold. Her character hasn't been part of major storylines for a little while now, so we'll have to see how it all plays out!

    For Older News Visit The Daytime Soap Operas News Archives: Here!


    1. January 1, 2004: On New Year's Day, Darla gave birth to her and Thorne's daughter, Alexandria.

    2. January 6, 2003: On this unforgettable day, Brooke sailed into Italy’s Portofino harbor wearing the showstopper bridal gown during Forrester Creations’ fashion show.

    3. January 17, 2001: Thorne and Brooke were married in the bride’s courtyard garden.

    4. January 19, 1990: Ridge wed Spencer debutante Caroline with the bride dressed in the style of Grace Kelly.

    5. February 8, 2006: Bridget miscarried Nicole, the baby she was expecting with Nick.

    6. February 10: On this day in 1992, Columbia Pictures TV hosted a tribute to Bill Bell (creator of Y&R and B&B) in honor of his 35th anniversary in daytime television.

    7. February 13, 1998: Macy agreed to marry Grant.

    8. February 14, 1990: Macy and Sally staged a feisty fashion show to catapult Macy right to the top.

    9. February 15, 2007: Squeezed out of the distribution market by Nick, the family's new company, Forrester Originals, decided to open their own boutiques.

    10. February 26, 2001: Taylor found her presumed-dead daughter, Steffy, at Morgan's house.

    11. February 1993: Eric asked Sheila to marry him.

    12. March 1, 2010: Agnes Jones learned that a fall down the stairs had caused her to miscarry Bridget and Nick's baby.

    13. March 9, 2007: Eileen Davidson debuted when she crossed her longtime Y&R character (who was supposed to have moved to Hong Kong) over to B&B to pay a visit to Rick Forrester.

    14. March 11, 2004: Sally and Amber quit Sharpe Designs

    15. March 12, 2007: The Forresters decided to debut a new fragrance named after Phoebe.

    16. March 23, 1987: The serial debuted, replacing the soap opera CAPITOL.

    17. March 25, 2004: Caitlin and Thomas shared their first kiss.

    18. April: In 1998, Grant wed Macy at Insomnia, with the bride wearing a wedding dress designed by the groom.

    19. April 1998: Rick was in a car accident and had to have a kidney transplant. Amber was Rick’s kidney donor.

    20. April 1, 1993: Eric announced his engagement to Sheila at the Forrester fashion show.

    21. April 3, 2000: Amber learned cousin Becky was dying of pancreatic cancer.

    22. April 16, 1987: Upset by seeing photos of Ridge with another woman, bride Caroline fainted at the altar.

    23. April 22, 2002: Ridge betrayed Eric by joining Marone Industries.

    24. April 29, 2003: Cancer surgery left Macy unable to bear children

    25. May 3, 2005: After finding a dummy in Taylor's grave, Ridge looked up and saw her standing there, alive!

    26. May 9, 2001: While attacking Stephanie, Morgan hit her own head and fell into the swimming pool — where Stephanie left her to die!

    27. May 17, 2007: Taylor and Nick discovered that their in vitro fertilization procedure was successful: They were pregnant!

    28. May 22, 2001: Amber and Rick married with Deacon turning up as a surprise guest.

    29. May 24, 1999: Rick tested negative for HIV.

    30. May 24, 2001: Deacon and Bridget were wed in Las Vegas.

    31. May 28, 1999, Thorne's restaurant proposal to Macy went awry when the engagement ring ended up hidden in another patron's meal!

    32. May 29, 2007: AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL judge/shutterbug Nigel Barker played himself during a two-day stint as the host of the soap's fictional reality series, EXTREME CATWALK.

    33. May 1993: Eric wed crazy Sheila, but not for long, since she was put into a sanitarium and granted him a divorce shortly thereafter.

    34. May 1998: Brooke and Ridge told Bridget and Rick that their marriage was over.

    35. June 4, 2003: Macy learned that the baby she and husband Thorne were going to adopt from Darla had actually been fathered by Thorne!

    36. June 9, 2003: Macy and Deacon forged a connection when they met at an AA meeting.

    37. June 10, 1999: Amber threw a party to celebrate Rick’s graduation.

    38. June 24. 1998: Ridge married Taylor, creating a family with her and their son, Thomas.

    39. June 29, 2006: Bridget signed papers finalizing her divorce from Nick

    40. June 1997: Rick shot his new stepdad, Grant.

    41. July 1, 2009: Thinking that Ridge would never accept her son, Rick, remaining in her life, Brooke agreed to end their relationship.

    42. July 6, 2006: Brooke married Nick in Marina Del Rey.

    43. July 18, 1997: Adrienne Frantz debuted as Amber, a precocious teen who befriended Sheila.

    44. July 18, 1999: Craig Kilborn made a guest appearance as a male nurse.

    45. July 18, 2006: Schae Harrison exited when her longtime character, Darla, was involved in a tragic accident.

    46. July: Sally's bachelorette party featured Fabio in 1993.

    47. August 1, 2008: Marcus celebrated his promotion from the Forrester Creations shipping department and made his relationship with Steffy official.

    48. August 6, 1998, Grant broke the news to wife Macy that he had cancer

    49. August 8, 2000: Phyllis Diller reprised her role of Gladys, the wacky makeup artist.

    50. August 8, 2003: Macy and Deacon were wed, despite Amber's interruption to fight for custody of her son.

    51. August 22, 2011: Hope accepted Liam's marriage proposal on the Forrester rooftop.

    52. August 28, 2002: Brooke and Whip signed annulment papers to end their marriage.

    53. August 30, 2006: Although he was still grieving for Darla, Thorne kissed Taylor for the first time.

    54. September 3, 2008: Eric finally woke up from his drug-induced-heart-attack-turned-coma just as his wife, Donna, gave in to passion with her hunky assistant, Owen.

    55. September 9, 2003: Ridge offered Samantha a job designing home fashions for Forrester Creations

    56. September 14, 2006: Just weeks after losing his wife, Darla, Thorne began romancing Taylor, whom he didn't know was the driver responsible for Darla's death.

    57. September 19, 1997: Eric and Stephanie’s supposed wedding took a dive when Sally played an incriminating tape starring Lauren and the groom.

    58. September 19, 2003: Having stolen away to Puerto Vista, Brooke became Ridge's missus — again!

    59. September 25, 2001: Amber told Deacon that she was pregnant with Rick’s child.

    60. September 30, 1999: Stephanie suffered a stroke after seeing Brooke and Thorne together.

    61. October 2 and 3, 2003: Macy suffered fatal injuries while performing at Oscar's club.

    62. October 5, 2006: expectant mom Bridget learned that the baby belonged to Dante, not Nick

    63. October 13, 2006: Taylor confessed to Thorne and the police that she was the driver responsible for Darla's death. She pled guilty on October 18.

    64. October 21, 2002: Sean Kanan (Deacon) begins taping new episodes. (He will begin airing on November 20.)

    65. October 22, 2008: While fighting with Ridge at Forrester Creations, Rick fell off the roof and became temporarily paralyzed.

    66. October 23, 1990: Thorne and Macy wed on the bride's birthday.

    67. October 26, 2006: While arguing over which of their respective sons should be with Brooke, Stephanie sent Jackie plunging over a banister!

    68. October 31, 2007: Brooke signed away her parental rights to baby Jack.

    69. November 4, 2002: Phoebe and Steffy sang at Taylor's funeral.

    70. November 4, 2003: Massimo and Jackie were married.

    71. November 12, 2001: Stephanie realized that Massimo is Ridge's biological father.

    72. November 15, 2001: Deacon asked Bridget for a divorce, claiming that his heart belonged to Amber.

    73. December 1, 2006: Betty White debuted as Stephanie Forrester's mother, Anne, and Alley Mills debuted as Stephanie's sister, Pamela Douglas.

    74. December 4, 2001: Kristen married Tony, who was HIV positive

    75. December 5, 2001: Deacon and Bridget renewed their marriage vows, Brooke realized she was pregnant with her son-in-law's baby!

    76. December 9, 2005: Sally announced her plans to close down Spectra Fashions.

    77. December 19, 2007: Storm Logan revealed that he was the person who shot Stephanie and framed his own father, Stephen Logan, for the crime.

    78. December 30, 2005: Brooke caught a scantily-clad Taylor kissing Hector while Ridge was out of town.

    79. December 1992: Brooke gave birth to her second child, Bridget, in a cabin with Ridge’s help.

    80. Bobbie Eakes (ex-Macy, B&B) was in the 1980's all girls band Big Trouble.

    81. The beautiful song from the Oct. 13, 2010 episode of BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL is called "Angels in the Light." Composed by David Kurtz, Jack Allocco and Gary Verna, it's available for purchase on iTunes.

    82. The Bold and the Beautiful has the winning number on March 22 as the show celebrated its 15th anniversary with the cast of The Price Is Right. Price host Bob Barker and Barker beauties Nikki Ziering and Claudia Jordan help introduce Amber's new fashion line, Ambrosia.

      B&B also kicks off its 15th season with two new characters. Daytime newcomer Courtnee Draper joins the cast as Erica Lovejoy, a Forrester admirer. Draper has appeared in several films, including The Duke, Hannah and the about-to-be-released The Biggest Fan. On the Disney Channel's The Jersey, Draper played series regular Morgan Hudson. All My Children alumnus Matt Borlenghi (ex-Brian) is also making his way onto the B&B canvas. He'll play Ziggy, Erica's apartment manager. Borlenghi's previous credits include A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, The Jeff Foxworthy Show and Kate's Addiction.

    83. The exterior shots of the Forrester mansion is Creator William J. Bell’s real-life estate (formerly owned by Howard Hughes). Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell’s Beverly Hills home provides the exterior shots for Brooke’s house .

    84. Bill Bell named the character Ridge after one of son Bradley’s friends, who lived near the Bells’ summer home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

    85. Although Bold And the Beautiful has won numerous technical Daytime Emmys, Ian Buchanan (ex-James) has been the only cast member awarded for performance. In 1998, he won for Outstanding Supporting Actor.

    86. In March, 1994, Hunter Tylo (Taylor) quit B&B to film a miniseries in india. A few weeks later, Hunter's husband, Micheal Tylo (ex-Blade/Rick, Y&R;ex-Quint, GL) announced they were divorcing. Hunter returned to B&B in August and the couple eventually reconciled. In a 1996 interview, Hunter hinted that their marital problems came to a boiling point during her India remote. "I wasn't possessed, but I was demonically attacked," she explained.

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